SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-BTX (Business Transactions)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000039  
Application Component ID CRM-BTX  
Short Description   Business Transactions  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-BTX-ACT Activity Management  PFC0000031 
CRM-BTX-ACT-ACS Activity Scheduling  A5C0000156 
CRM-BTX-ACT-ARE Activity Journals  A5C0000157 
CRM-BTX-ACT-TR Tours  XCQ0000001 
CRM-BTX-ANA Operative Reporting and BW Analyses  PFC0000078 
CRM-BTX-ANA-BW BW Data Exchange  A4C0000091 
CRM-BTX-ANA-CFA Customer Fact Sheet  A4C0000089 
CRM-BTX-ANA-OR Operative Reporting  A4C0000090 
CRM-BTX-ANA-RFW Reporting Framework  A4C0000088 
CRM-BTX-ANA-SRQ ITSM Analytics  PNE0000011 
CRM-BTX-BF Basic Functions for Business Transactions  PFC0000073 
CRM-BTX-BF-ACI Actions/Output Determination for Business Transactions  A4C0000271 
CRM-BTX-BF-AL Application Log  PFC0000075 
CRM-BTX-BF-ATP Availability Check  PFC0000076 
CRM-BTX-BF-AU Authorization Check  AEC0000343 
CRM-BTX-BF-BA BAPIs for Business Transactions  PFC0000080 
CRM-BTX-BF-BPL Billing Plan  AEC0000364 
CRM-BTX-BF-BRF Integration Business Rules Framework in the Bus. Transaction  A5C0000189 
CRM-BTX-BF-BTT Business Transaction Template  A4C0000131 
CRM-BTX-BF-CAT Categorization and Reference Object in Transactions  A5C0000260 
CRM-BTX-BF-CD Campaign Determination, Multiple Promotions  A5C0000187 
CRM-BTX-BF-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000077 
CRM-BTX-BF-CPE CPE in the Business Transaction  A5C0000281 
CRM-BTX-BF-CRE Credit  A5C0000257 
CRM-BTX-BF-CU Customizing for Business Transactions  PFC0000074 
CRM-BTX-BF-DUP Deduplicate One Order Objects  PNE0000021 
CRM-BTX-BF-EBI ERP Interface for Billing  A5C0000262 
CRM-BTX-BF-ENT Integration of Entitlement Management  A5C0000288 
CRM-BTX-BF-FCP Calculation-Free Periods  A5C0000259 
CRM-BTX-BF-FIN Financing  AEC0000365 
CRM-BTX-BF-GTS Integration of Global Trade Services  A5C0000190 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF R/3 Interface for Business Transactions  PFC0000081 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF-HIF High Performance Application Interface  AG30000033 
CRM-BTX-BF-INV Investigation  A5C0000286 
CRM-BTX-BF-LI Integration of Lists in the Business Transaction  A5C0000188 
CRM-BTX-BF-LOG ERP Interface for Logistics Integration  A5C0000261 
CRM-BTX-BF-MF Business Transaction Maintenance Framework  A6G0000036 
CRM-BTX-BF-MLC Multiple Level Categories  A0G0000293 
CRM-BTX-BF-PP Product Proposal  PNE0000022 
CRM-BTX-BF-PR Pricing Interface  PIC0000033 
CRM-BTX-BF-SC Integration Solution Configurator to Business Transactions  A6G0000035 
CRM-BTX-BF-STA Status Management in the Business Transaction  A5C0000287 
CRM-BTX-BF-SVY Survey  PLC0000121 
CRM-BTX-BF-TA Transaction Analyzer  A9G0000051 
CRM-BTX-BF-VOL Usage Volumes  A5C0000258 
CRM-BTX-BF-XIF External Interface Business Transaction  AEC0000545 
CRM-BTX-BRQ Billing Request  A5C0000264 
CRM-BTX-COI Controlling Integration  AEC0000502 
CRM-BTX-COI-SAL Controlling Integration Sales  A4C0000232 
CRM-BTX-COI-SRV Controlling Integration Service  A4C0000233 
CRM-BTX-COM Complaints / Returns / In-House Repair  AEC0000349 
CRM-BTX-CTR Contracts  AEC0000344 
CRM-BTX-CTR-CB Consumption Billing  AG30000071 
CRM-BTX-CTR-CCO Sales Contract  AEC0000345 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO Pool Contract  PLC0000037 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO-CHP Change Processes  A5C0000273 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO-PCL Pool Assignment  A5C0000272 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO-PRI Pricing  A5C0000271 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SAA Sales Agreement  A5C0000192 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO Service Contract  AEC0000346 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO-CHP Change Processes  PNE0000151 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO-QUT Service Contract Quotation  A0G0000034 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SRA Service Agreement  A0G0000035 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO Usage-Based Service Contract  A5C0000266 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-CHP Change Processes  A5C0000269 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-LAE Revenue Accrual and Asset Management  A5C0000270 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-PCL Pool Assignment  A5C0000268 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-PRI Pricing  A5C0000267 
CRM-BTX-DSD Direct Store Delivery Enhancements  A4C0000291 
CRM-BTX-ERP BSP for ERP Sales Order  A5C0000191 
CRM-BTX-ES Enterprise Search OneOrder  PNE0000023 
CRM-BTX-ESA ESA Services for Business Transactions  A6G0000039 
CRM-BTX-GWI Groupware Integration (Client)  A7G0000048 
CRM-BTX-INS Inspection Confirmation  A5C0000296 
CRM-BTX-KA Knowledge Article  PNE0000024 
CRM-BTX-LEA Lead Management  AEC0000473 
CRM-BTX-OPP Opportunities  PFC0000040 
CRM-BTX-PRO Project  PIC0000078 
CRM-BTX-PRV Provider Transactions  A6G0000037 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI Provider Transactions  A6G0000038 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI-SEA Account Identification  A9G0000001 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI-SLO Sales Order  A9G0000002 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI-SUM Sales Summary  A9G0000003 
CRM-BTX-PSL Product Service Letter  A4C0000132 
CRM-BTX-SCO Service Confirmation  AEC0000501 
CRM-BTX-SLO Sales Transaction  PFC0000041 
CRM-BTX-SLO-QUT Customer Inquiries / Quotations  AEC0000348 
CRM-BTX-SLO-QUT-PMM Quotations Price and Margin Management Integration  A2G0000021 
CRM-BTX-SPL Service Plan  A5C0000263 
CRM-BTX-SRQ Service Request  PNE0000025 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-BF Basic Functions  PNE0000026 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-BF-CKL Checklist for Services  A0G0000133 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-INC Incident Management  PNE0000027 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-LOB Linked Object for Service Request Management  A0G0000096 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-PRB Problem Management  PNE0000028 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-RFC Change Management  PNE0000029 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-SLA Service Level Management  PNE0000030 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-SM Solution Manager Integration  PNE0000141 
CRM-BTX-SVO Service Order  PFC0000042 
CRM-BTX-SVO-QUT Service Inquiries / Quotations  A4C0000087 
CRM-BTX-TOU Route Planning  A5C0000158 
CRM-BTX-VD Volume Document  PLC0000036 
CRM-BTX-WCL Warranty Claim  A5C0000265 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CDB_ORDER CRM Order: CDB Objects for General Sales Order Processing 
CRM_1O_TOOLS Special Functions in the Business Transaction 
CRM_ACSIL Package for Activity Scheduling GENIL implementation 
CRM_ARCHIVE One Order Archiving 
CRM_BILLING CRM billing data 
CRM_BSP_MODEL_IL_1O Model Implementation: Business Transaction 
CRM_BSP_MODEL_IL_CALE Model Implementation: CRM Calendar 
CRM_BTIL Business Transaction Interaction Layer 
CRM_BTIL_CORE Interaction Layer of Business Transaction - Base Objects 
CRM_BTIL_CUST Customizing Transaction Object Model 
CRM_BTIL_OBJ Objects of the Transaction Interaction Layer 
CRM_CANCEL CRM cancellation dates 
CRM_CUMULAT_H Set up Header Totals (Volumes, Weights, Net Value etc.) 
CRM_ESOA_MAP_BT Mapping Functions for Enterprise Services (Business Trxs.) 
CRM_ES_1O_AUTHORIZATION Enterprise Search: One Order Authorization 
CRM_EXT_PARTS_1O handling of external parts in OneOrder 
CRM_LOG_MGMT Action Log für CRM Transaction 
CRM_OPTOOLS PMI Monitoring CRM Order 
CRM_ORDERADM_H CRM Sales Order: General Header Processing 
CRM_ORDERADM_I CRM Sales Order: General Item Processing 
CRM_ORDER_INDEX CRM Sales Order: Index Adminstration 
CRM_ORDER_SC CRM Integration of SC into 1O 
CRM_PRICING Pricing-Relevant Data from CRM Document (Pricing Set) 
CRM_PRICING_I Pricing Results 
CRM_PROCESS_MANAGER CRM 5.1 Process Control: Basis and Framework 
CRM_SCENARIOTABLE Package for Scenario Table Maintenance 
CRM_SOURCING Sourcing Module for Distributed Order Management 
CRM_STATUS_H Header Total Status 
CRM_TOOLS General Services for Transaction Processing 
CRM_UIU_BT unified user interface for business transaction 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_APPROVAL UI Package for reusable Approval SET within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_CANCELLATION UI package for reusable Cancellation within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_DOCFLOW UI package for reusable docflow set within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_EXTENSIONS Extensions of CRM Business Transactions 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_SHIPPING UI package for reusable Shipping within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_SALES_WCC Package for Sales Workcenter Components 
CRM_UIU_COMMON CRM common package for WebClient UI 
CRM_WP_SALES Role Definition 
CRM_XI_SERVICE_PROCESSING XI: CRM Proxies for Service Processes 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A