SAP ABAP Application Component SRM-EBP-WFL (Workflow)
Basic Data
Application Component AEC0000022  
Application Component ID SRM-EBP-WFL  
Short Description   Workflow  
First Release Date 19990311 
First Release   45B 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPSRM/CH_RFC_WF RFC channel for the SRM Workflow Framework 
/SAPSRM/CH_WD_UI_SO_ADV popups and messages for ADV 
/SAPSRM/PDO_SO_WF Sub-Package for SO Workflow 
/SAPSRM/WF Workflow Engine 
/SAPSRM/WF_BADI_ADAPTER adapter for line item badi workflows 
/SAPSRM/WF_BRF BRF related functionality 
/SAPSRM/WF_CFG Workflow Process Configuration 
/SAPSRM/WF_CFG_ANALYSIS Analyse Tool for Workflow Configuration 
/SAPSRM/WF_COMMON Utilities (locking, tracing, exceptions...) 
/SAPSRM/WF_COMMON_UTIL Utility Classes for Workflow Framework 
/SAPSRM/WF_CORE Workflow Engine Core 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE facades for external usage 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_ADV Facades for Approval Document View 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_APV Facades for Approval Process View 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_ARCH Archiving Facade for Workflow 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_ASV Facade for Approval Status View 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_CORE core objects for facades 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_EVT Facades for Event Framework 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_PDO Facades to the SRM PDO Layer 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_SBWF Facades for SAP Business Workflow 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_TOGGLE API surrounding old workflow 
/SAPSRM/WF_FACADE_UTIL utility facades 
/SAPSRM/WF_UPGRADE Workflow Upgrade 
BBP_EXCEPTION cross BO coding around the event/exception lifecycle 
BBP_EXCEPTION_APP BO specific coding around the event/exception lifecycle 
BBP_WFL Enterprise Buyer Professional - Workflow 
BBP_WF_BRF Business Rule Content for SRM 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in