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# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_51T2_D Evaluation of tax form groups C T51T2 
2 V_51T3_A Fields of a magnetic tape for wage reporting C T51T3 
3 V_51T5_B Definition, when a form output should be done C T51T5 
4 V_51T5_C Definition, when a form output should be done C T51T5 
5 V_51T5_D Definition, when a form output should be done C T51T5 
6 V_51T8_B Correction tax form definitions C T51T8 
7 V_51T8_C Tax form definitions C T51T8 
8 V_51T8_D Tax Form Definition C T51T8 
9 V_51T8_E Tax form definitions C T51T8 
10 V_51TA_B Tax form groups for other wage types C T51TA 
11 V_520N Formats for Salary Statement in the Purpose C T520N 
12 V_521B_B Payee Key for Capital Formation C T521B 
13 V_521B_C HR-CH: Payee Key for ISR Procedure C T521B 
14 V_521B_D PA-PF-NL: Ontvangercodes Pensioen Uitvoerende Organisaties C T521B 
15 V_521B_E HR-DE: Automatic Debit Authorization for Payee Key C T521B 
16 V_521B_F Identify Recipient for Collective Bank Transfer C T521B 
17 V_521C_B Permitted Payees for Infotypes (W/out Subtype Specification) C T521C 
18 V_522T_H Help view for Forms of Address H T522T 
19 V_528B_C Positions: Organizational Assignment C T528B 
20 V_528B_D Positions: Pay Scale Assignment C T528B 
21 V_529A_B Priority List for Personnel Action Types C T529A 
22 V_52D7_B Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups C T52D7 
23 V_52G7_C Debt C T52G7 
24 V_52GH_B Calculation rule characteristics C T52GH 
25 V_52GH_C Calculation rule characteristics C T52GH 
26 V_52SPEV Process Manager: Maintaining Counterevents C T52SPEV 
27 V_52SPEV_K Process Manager: Maintaining Counterevents C T52SPEV 
28 V_530B_B Payment/Repayment Determined by Action/Absence C T530B 
29 V_530C_B Type of entitlement period C T530C 
30 V_530C_C Time Constants C T530C 
31 V_530C_D Time Data for Company Service C T530C 
32 V_530C_E Determination of Entitlement/Special Conditions C T530C 
33 V_530C_F Valuation Bases C T530C 
34 V_530C_G Process Outstanding Claims C T530C 
35 V_530C_H Detrimental Actions/Absences C T530C 
36 V_530C_I Payment/Repayment Determined by Action/Absence C T530C 
37 V_530C_J Factors Dependent on Length of Service in Company C T530C 
38 V_530C_L Cumulation Wage Types for Special Payments C T530C 
39 V_530_B Action Reason for DEUEV C T530 
40 V_530_C Reason for Abandonment for Miners' & Mine Emps Ins. DUEVO C T530 
41 V_530_D Action Indicator 'Casual Payments' C T530 
42 V_530_E Action Indicator 'Payroll Split' C T530 
43 V_533_A Leave Types for Unpaid Leave C T533 
44 V_533_B Automatic Leave Generation C T533 
45 V_535N_B Name affix C T535N 
46 V_535N_C DUEVO Permissibility of Name Affix C T535N 
47 V_536A_B Addresses C T536A 
48 V_536A_C Addresses C T536A 
49 V_538A_CN Time unit used by China D T538A 
50 V_538A_CN_1 View on time unit - CN D T538A 
51 V_539R_B Wage Maintenance C T539R 
52 V_539S_B Wage Type for Wage Maintenance C T539S 
53 V_541A_CH HR-CH: Deductions Transferred by ER for Guar.Net Amounts C T541A 
54 V_541N_CH HR-CH: Guaranteed Net Amounts C T541N 
55 V_550A_B Daily Work Schedules: Permissibility for Availability C T550A 
56 V_550X_B Daily Work Schedule Rules for Absence Recording C T550X 
57 V_551A_COR_CALE ESS Correction Scenario: Period Work Schedule for Calendar C T551A_COR_CALE 
58 V_551C_B Valuation Class for Period Work Schedule C T551C 
59 V_554C_E Absence Valuation: "As if" Principle (Regular and OC) C T554C 
60 V_554S_A Attendance: Counting and Quota Deduction C T554S 
61 V_554S_B Absence: Input Checks C T554S 
62 V_554S_C Absence: Calendar Control C T554S 
63 V_554S_D Attendance: Calendar Control C T554S 
64 V_554S_E Absence: Time Evaluation C T554S 
65 V_554S_F Attendance: Time Evaluation C T554S 
66 V_554S_G Absence: Payment Data C T554S 
67 V_554S_H Attendance: Payment Data C T554S 
68 V_554S_K Absence: Public Sector C T554S 
69 V_554S_L Attendance: Civil Service C T554S 
70 V_554S_M Absence: Reduction for Quota Accrual C T554S 
71 V_554S_N Attendance: General Settings C T554S 
72 V_554S_O Absence: General Settings C T554S 
73 V_554S_P Absence: Supplementary Absence Data C T554S 
74 V_554S_Q Absence: Counting and Quota Deduction C T554S 
75 V_554Y_B Time Constraint Reaction for Time Management Infotypes C T554Y 
76 V_556A_B Absence Quota Type C T556A 
77 V_556P_B Attendance Quota Type C T556P 
78 V_556R_B Deduction Rules for Absence Quotas C T556R 
79 V_556_B Reduced Hours Substitution C T556 
80 V_577_B Fam.Attrib.: Child Allowance Entitlement/Contribution (PS) C T577 
81 V_582A_B Header Structure per Infotype C T582A 
82 V_582A_C Infotype with Acct./Logictics Data C T582A 
83 V_582A_D Retroactive accounting relevance for payroll and time per IT C T582A 
84 V_588B_B Applicant Actions Menu C T588B 
85 V_588B_M Action Menu C T588B 
86 V_588B_S Dialog Window - Choose Infotype Menus C T588B 
87 V_588M_0228 T588M records for Infotype 228 V T588M 
88 V_596A HR: Work Subarea C T596A 
89 V_596AB Subapplications for SAP Cumulation Wage Types D T596A 
90 V_596A_B Subapplication C T596A 
91 V_596A_C Subapplications C T5963 
92 V_596C HR: Validity Interval for Statutory Work Subareas C T596C 
93 V_596D_B Validity Intervals for Non-Statutory Subapplications C T596D 
94 V_596G HR: Cumulation Wage Types C T596G 
95 V_596G_A Cumulation Wage Types C T596G 
96 V_596G_B Cumulation Wage Types C T596G 
97 V_596G_C Wage Type Groups C T596G 
98 V_596I_A Wage Type Assignment C T596I 
99 V_596I_B Assignment of Wage Types to Wage Type Groups C T596I 
100 V_596I_JP_SHKO Wagetype Grouping for Shukko Administration C T596I 
101 V_596J_A Assignment of Customer Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types C T596J 
102 V_596M_A Data from Personnel Area Reporting W/O Address/Administrator C T596M 
103 V_596M_A_BEW HR-DBW: View Variant T596M_A for Statements D V V_596M_A 
104 V_596M_A_BWA0 HR-DBW: View Variant V_596M_A for Statements D V V_596M_A 
105 V_596M_A_BWKR HR-DBW: View Variant BWKR for Statements D V V_596M_A 
106 V_596M_A_BWVS HR-DBW: View Variant BWVS for Statements D V V_596M_A 
107 V_596M_B Administrator via Personnel Area/Reporting C T596M 
108 V_596M_BWAT HR-DBW: View Variant V_596M for Statements D V V_T596M 
109 V_596M_C Data from Personnel Area Reporting Without Administrator C T596M 
110 V_599E_B Time-Dependent Rounding for FM "HR_CONDITIONAL_ROUND" C T599E 
111 V_5A0A_A Assignment of Employer/Address C T5A0A 
112 V_5A0A_D Assignment of Employer/Tax Number C T5A0A 
113 V_5A0A_F Assignment of Employer/Tax Office C T5A0A 
114 V_5A0A_V Assignment of Employer/Data Processing Number C T5A0A 
115 V_5A0A_Z Employer Assignment Unit C T5A0A 
116 V_5A0P_B Assignment of Personnel Subarea/State C T5A0P 
117 V_5A0P_F Assignment of Personnel Subarea/Default Values FLAF C T001P 
118 V_5A0P_G Assignment of Personnel Subarea/Municipality C T5A0P 
119 V_5A0P_L Assignment of Personnel Subarea/Employer C T5A0P 
120 V_5A0P_M Assignment of Personnel Subarea/Municipality C T5A0P 
121 V_5A0P_WP Assignment of Personnel Subarea to Place of Employment C T5A0P 
122 V_5A1B_AV Progressive Rate for Unemployment Insurance C T5A1B_AV 
123 V_5A1B_B Percentages C T5A1B 
124 V_5A1B_C Default Values for Master Data Maintenance C T5A1B 
125 V_5A1C_B Percentages C T5A1C 
126 V_5A1D_B SI Characteristics for Contribution Groups C T5A1D 
127 V_5A1T_B Address and Additional Information C T5A1T 
128 V_5A1X_B Types for Calculating Contributions C T5A1X 
129 V_5A2S_A Tax-Exempt and Tax Deductible Amounts AT C T5A2S 
130 V_5A5D_B Constants in Forms for Sickness Certificates C T5A5D 
131 V_5A6B_B Wage Types for Equalization Reasons C T5A6B 
132 V_5A6F_B Interest Calculation Types C T5A6F 
133 V_5A6F_C Interest Periods C T5A6F 
134 V_5A6F_D Item Types C T5A6F 
135 V_5A9C_A Payment Characteristics IT0527 for Payroll C T5A9C 
137 V_5ASRFSCN Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCN 
138 V_5ASRFSCNATM Possible Attachments for Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNATM 
139 V_5ASRFSCNATMMAP Mapping of Attachments Between Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNATMMAP 
140 V_5ASRFSCNAUTHGR Assign Form Scenarios to Form Scenario Group C T5ASRFSCN 
141 V_5ASRFSCNFLD Fields for Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNFLD 
143 V_5ASRFSCNGROUP Field Groups for Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNGROUP 
144 V_5ASRFSCNGRP Form Scenario Groups for Authorization Check C T5ASRFSCNGRP 
145 V_5ASRFSCNGRPFLD Assigning Fields to Field Groups C T5ASRFSCNGRPFLD 
146 V_5ASRFSCNGSMAP Field Mapping for Generic Services C T5ASRFSCNGSMAP 
147 V_5ASRFSCNGSOP Operations for Generic Services C T5ASRFSCNGSOP 
148 V_5ASRFSCNISRLNK Assignment of ISR Scenarios to Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNISRLNK 
149 V_5ASRFSCNMAP Mapping Between Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNMAP 
150 V_5ASRFSCNOPR Operations for Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNOPR 
151 V_5ASRFSCNOPRGRP Assigning Field Groups to Operations C T5ASRFSCNOPRGRP 
152 V_5ASRFSCNPAMAP Field Mapping for Infotypes (Personnel Administration) C T5ASRFSCNPAMAP 
153 V_5ASRFSCNPAOP Operations for Info Objects C T5ASRFSCNPAOP 
154 V_5ASRFSCNPAPRP RDV View for properties of PA info objects C T5ASRFSCNPAPRP 
155 V_5ASRFSCNPTMAP Field Mapping for Infotypes (Time Management) C T5ASRFSCNPTMAP 
156 V_5ASRFSCNPTOP Operations for PT Infotypes C T5ASRFSCNPTOP 
157 V_5ASRFSCNPTPRP RDV View for properties of PT info bbjects C T5ASRFSCNPTPRP 
158 V_5ASRFSCNSRV Backend Services for Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNSRV 
159 V_5ASRFSCNSRVALL Backend Services for Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNSRV 
160 V_5ASRFSCNSRVFLD Fields Used in Backend Services C T5ASRFSCNSRVFLD 
161 V_5ASRFSCNSRVLNK Assignment of Backend Services to Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNSRVLNK 
162 V_5ASRFSCNSTG Steps in Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNSTG 
163 V_5ASRFSCNSTGATM Attributes of Attachments in Steps for Form Scenario C T5ASRFSCNSTGATM 
164 V_5ASRFSCNSTGAXI Attributes of Attachments in Steps for Form Scenario C T5ASRFSCNSTGATM 
165 V_5ASRFSCNSTGFAT Field Attributes for User Interface C T5ASRFSCNSTGFAT 
166 V_5ASRFSCNSTGFLD Fields in Steps of Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNSTGFLD 
167 V_5ASRFSCNSTGLNK Use of Links in Steps of Process C T5ASRFSCNSTGLNK 
168 V_5ASRFSCNVER Versions of Form-Based Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNVER 
169 V_5ASRFSCNVER_RO Versions of Form Scenarios C T5ASRFSCNVER 
170 V_5ASRLINK Links for Additional Information C T5ASRLINK 
171 V_5ASRSHFLDXISCN Permitted XI Shadow Fields for XI Scenario C T5ASRSHFLDXISCEN 
172 V_5B0J_A Usage for SI-category employee C T5B0J 
173 V_5B6C_A Joint Commission assignment to employee category C T5B6C 
174 V_5BC0_B Rail tariff for commuting expences C T5BC0 
175 V_5BV1_A Customizing of SI parameters C T5BV1 
176 V_5C13_A HR-CH: BFS Employment Statistics for Additional Jobs C T513 
177 V_5C13_B HR-CH: BFS Wage and Salary Statistics for Additional Jobs C T513 
178 V_5CAP_A HR-CH: Document names for attribute classes C T5CAP 
179 V_5CAS_ABG HR-CH: Assignment of EE Attribute Classes to IT Fields/Adj. C T5CAS 
180 V_5CBA_ABG HR-CH: PC Evaluation Type/Adjustment PC-Schema C T5CBA 
181 V_5CBB_ABG HR-CH: PC Output Sequence for PC Evaluation Type/Adjustment C T5CBB 
182 V_5CBC_ABG HR-CH: PC Schema<>Display Results/Adjustment Compatibility C T5CBC 
183 V_5CBE_ABG HR-CH: Display Output Assignment/Adjustment C T5CBE 
184 V_5CBF_ABG HR-CH: Individual Processing of a PC Schema/Adjustment C T5CBF 
185 V_5CBM_ABG HR-CH: Display Steps of an Output Sequence/Adjustment C T5CBM 
186 V_5CBN_ABG HR-CH: PC Operation Conditions/Adjustment Messages C T5CBN 
187 V_5CBO_ABG HR-CH: Additional Entry Parameter for PC Reports/Adjustment C T5CBO 
188 V_5CBT_ABG HR-CH: Control of Calculation of the Online Evaluation/Adj. C T5CBT 
189 V_5CBU_ABG HR-CH: Value Types for PC Online Evaluation Views/Adj. C T5CBU 
190 V_5CBW_ABG HR-CH: Value Characteristics for Dialog/Adjustment C T5CBW 
191 V_5CC1_ABG Output Sequence/Matching Characteristics C T5CC1 
192 V_5CE0_COP Master Data Sheets C T5CE0 
193 V_5CE2_COP HR-CH: Read Control for Master Data Sheet C T5CE2 
194 V_5CE3_ABG HR-CH: Text Element Order for Master Data Sheet/Adjustment C T5CE3 
195 V_5CE3_COP HR-CH: Order of Text Elements for Master Data Sheet C T5CE3 
196 V_5CEI_COP HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet C T5CEI 
197 V_5CEJ_COP HR-CH: SAPscript Symbols for Infotype Fields C T5CEJ 
198 V_5CEK_COP HR-CH: Derived Infotype Values for Master Data Sheet C T5CEK 
199 V_5CEL_COP HR-CH: Values from Infotype 0279 for Master Data Sheet C T5CEL 
200 V_5CEM_COP HR-CH: Attribute Classes for Master Data Sheet C T5CEM 
201 V_5CEN_COP HR-CH: Payroll Units for Master Data Sheet C T5CEN 
202 V_5CEO_COP HR-CH: Data for Payroll Units C T5CEO 
203 V_5CEP_COP HR-CH: Data For Infotype Date Specifications C T5CEP 
204 V_5CP2_A HR-CH: PC assignment of funds C T5CP2 
205 V_5CP2_B HR-CH: Control of administrator-user interface for fund C T5CP2 
206 V_5CP2_C HR-CH: Workflow output BASICPAY processing for fund C T5CP2 
207 V_5CP4_ABG HR-CH: Value Assignment for Fields (BI)/Adjustment C T5CP4 
208 V_5CP5_ABG HR-CH: Infotypes for BI/Adjustment C T5CP5 
209 V_5CP8_ABG HR-CH: Outline Text for Infotype 0279/Adjustment C T5CP8 
210 V_5CPE_OBJ Control of Infotype 0279 Calculations C T5CPE 
211 V_5CPM_ABG HR-CH: Contents of Infotype 0279 List/Adjustment C T5CPM 
212 V_5CPQ_ABG HR-CH: Value Type Selection for Input Parameter Qty/Adj. C T5CPQ 
213 V_5CPR_OBJ Infotypes for PF recalculation C T5CPR 
214 V_5CR0_PK Determination of Pension Age C T5CR0 
215 V_5CR0_R Determine Pension Age for PF C T5CR0 
216 V_5CS1_ALL HR-CH: Control of SI Calculation - General Data C T5CS1 
217 V_5CS3_ITER HR-CH: Wage Type Flow Iteration C T5CS3 
218 V_5CS4_SV HR-CH: Application Key - Social Insurance C T5CS4 
219 V_5CS5_AHV HR-CH: Reset AHV/ALV Cumulations C T5CS5 
220 V_5CS5_NETTO HR-CH: Reset Net Wages/Gross Ups C T5CS5 
221 V_5CS5_UVG HR-CH: Reset BU/NBU Cumulations C T5CS5 
222 V_5CS5_VERS HR-CH: Reset Cumulations for Insurance C T5CS5 
223 V_5D03_B Grouping for Employee Subgroup for Construction Pay C T503Z 
224 V_5D03_C Grouping of Employee Subgroups for Statistics C T503Z 
225 V_5D0A_B Supplementary Pension Indicator C T5D0A 
226 V_5D0A_C Mark Absences for Reduced Working Hours C T5D0A 
227 V_5D0A_D Indicate Absences for Construction Pay C T5D0A 
228 V_5D0A_E Supplementary Pension Indicator C T5D0A 
229 V_5D0A_F Statements: Unpaid Absences C T5D0A 
230 V_5D0A_W Absence Types for Company Pension Scheme C T5D0A 
231 V_5D0P_B Assignment of Company Features that Are Relevant for Tax C T001P 
232 V_5D0P_C Flat-Rate Church Tax C T001P 
233 V_5D0P_D DEUEV Check C T001P 
234 V_5D0P_E Supplementary Pension in Public Service C T001P 
235 V_5D0P_F Company Number: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance C T001P 
236 V_5D0P_G Exclusion of Company No. from DEUEV Company Data Maintenance C T5D0P 
237 V_5D0S_A Flag Absences for Statements C T5D0S 
238 V_5D0S_C Mark Absences as Industrial Accident C T5D0S 
239 V_5D11_C Health Insurance Fund Basic Data C T5D11 
240 V_5D13_B Default Values for DUEVO Occupational Code C T513 
241 V_5D13_C Default Vals for DUEVO Occ. Key: Miners' & Miners' Emps Ins. C T513 
242 V_5D15_B EDI File Number C T5D15 
243 V_5D1I_B Health Insurance Contribution Rates Relevant for Payroll C T5D1I 
244 V_5D1J_B Retrieval of Health Ins. Contrb. Percentages for Comparison C T5D1J 
245 V_5D1L_B Data for Deduction of Contribution Amount to HI Funds C T5D1L 
246 V_5D1L_C EDI - Payee Fund for SI Contribution Statement C T5D1L 
247 V_5D1L_D Data for Deduction of Contribution Amount to HI Funds C T5D1L 
248 V_5D1M_B Contribution for Volunt. Insured with Reduc. in CI C T5D1M 
249 V_5D1M_C HI and CI Contributions, Voluntarily Reduced C T5D1M 
250 V_5D1O_B Fixed Contributions for Health Insurance C T5D1O 
251 V_5D1U_B Constant Calculation in Lines of Social Insurance C T5D1U 
252 V_5D1Z_B Fixed Contributions for Voluntary Care Insurance C T5D1Z 
253 V_5D3B_B Hazard Pay for Workers' Compensation Association C T5D3B 
254 V_5D3O_B Process Employer Share for Capital Formation C T5D3O 
255 V_5D6B_B Wage Types for Adjustment Reasons C T5D6B 
256 V_5D6F_B Interest Calculation Types C T5D6F 
257 V_5D6F_C Interest Periods C T5D6F 
258 V_5D6F_D Dependencies C T5D6F 
259 V_5D6F_E Item Types C T5D6F 
260 V_5D6F_F Types of Seizability C T5D6F 
261 V_5DB4_B Con.Site : Workers' Comp. Assoc. and Municipality Assignment C T5DB4 
262 V_5DB4_D Construction Site: Complete View C T5DB4 
263 V_5DBD_B Construction Industry : Weekend Trips Home C T5DBD 
264 V_5DBD_C Construction Industry: Overnight Stays C T5DBD 
265 V_5DBD_D Construction Industry: Transportation Cost Refund C T5DBD 
266 V_5DBD_E Construction Industry: Meal Allowances C T5DBD 
267 V_5DBK_B Construction Industry: Parameters C T5DBK 
268 V_5DBM_B Construction Industry: Tax-Exempt Meals C T5DBM 
269 V_5DBM_C Construction Industry: Tax-Exempt Overnight Stays C T5DBM 
270 V_5DBU_B Construction Industry: Statement Wage Types for Meals C T5DBU 
271 V_5DBU_C Construction Industry: Statement Wage Types (Overn. Stays) C T5DBU 
272 V_5DC1_A Time Constants for Company Pension Scheme C T5DC1 
273 V_5DC1_B Percentage Constants for Company Pension Scheme C T5DC1 
274 V_5DC3_A Structure for Actuarial Interface C T5DC3 
275 V_5DC3_B Parameter for Pension Equalization Payment C T5DC3 
276 V_5DC4_A Attributable Period with Increase Basic Cash C T5DC4 
277 V_5DC4_B Increase on Time Basis with Proportional Reduction C T5DC4 
278 V_5DC4_C Attributable Period with Attributable Basis Time C T5DC4 
279 V_5DC4_D Without Increase with Proportional Reduction C T5DC4 
280 V_5DC4_E Increase on Time/Monetary Basis with Proportional Reduction C T5DC4 
281 V_5DC4_V Management of Views for Table T5DC4 C T5DC4 
282 V_5DC5_A Process Control Pension Calculation C T5DC5 
283 V_5DC5_B Process Control for Pension Calculation: Valid Types C T5DC5 
284 V_5DC5_C Process Control Pension Calculation C T5DC5 
285 V_5DC5_VM Process Control for Creation of Interface Data C T5DC5 
286 V_5DC7_B CPS Groupings C T5DC7 
287 V_5DC7_C Wage Type Group for Deferred Compensation H T5DC7 
288 V_5DC7_E Statement Types C T5DC7 
289 V_5DC7_U CPS Groupings C T5DC7 
290 V_5DC7_W Wage Type Group for Deferred Compensation H T5DC7 
291 V_5DCA_1 Entitlements CPS C T5DCA 
292 V_5DCA_1A Contribution Reimbursement Entitlements C T5DCA 
293 V_5DCA_1B Default Values for Entitlement C T5DCA 
294 V_5DCA_1C Entitlement Category C T5DCA 
295 V_5DCA_1D Permissibility for Pension Rights Status Statement C T5DCA 
296 V_5DCA_1E Benefit Type for Entitlements C T5DCA 
297 V_5DCA_1F Permissibility of Qual. Check/Capital Transfer Entitlements C T5DCA 
298 V_5DCA_1G Vested Payment Entitlements C T5DCA 
299 V_5DCA_1H Accounting Relevance for CPS Entitlements C T5DCA 
300 V_5DCA_1I Parameter Pension Equalization Payment C T5DCA 
301 V_5DCA_2 CPS Benefit Types C T5DCA 
302 V_5DCA_2B Default Values for Benefit Type C T5DCA 
303 V_5DCA_2G Benefit Type Category C T5DCA 
304 V_5DCA_DC Definition of Entitlements for Deferred Compensation C T5DCA 
305 V_5DCA_GP Assignment of Target Entitlement for Future Vested Rights C T5DCA 
306 V_5DCD_1 Entitlement Rules C T5DCD 
307 V_5DCD_1A Non-Forfeitability Check Rules C T5DCD 
308 V_5DCD_1B Display Entitlements C T5DCD 
309 V_5DCD_1C Waiting Period Check Entitlements C T5DCD 
310 V_5DCD_1D Assign Increase Group to Entitlement C T5DCD 
311 V_5DCD_1E Assignment of Valuation Group to Entitlement C T5DCD 
312 V_5DCD_1F Deductions/Bonuses for Bonuses/Deductions C T5DCD 
313 V_5DCD_1V Parameter for Pension Equalization Payment C T5DCD 
314 V_5DCD_1Z Assignment of bonus type C T5DCD 
315 V_5DCD_2 Secondary Benefit Rules C T5DCD 
316 V_5DCD_2A Waiting Period Check for Benefit Types C T5DCD 
317 V_5DCD_2C Rules for Benefit Types: Final Processing C T5DCD 
318 V_5DCD_2D Qualification Check: Minimum Age C T5DCD 
319 V_5DCD_2E Benefit Type Rules C T5DCD 
320 V_5DCD_2F Qualification Check: Minimum Age for Benefit Types C T5DCD 
321 V_5DCD_2G Qualification Check: Minimum Age C T5DCD 
322 V_5DCE_A CPS Pension Types C T591A 
323 V_5DCM_1 Calculation Method INCOME for Entitlements C T5DCM 
324 V_5DCM_1B Calculation Method CONTRIBUTION for Entitlements C T5DCM 
325 V_5DCM_1C Payroll Control CONTRIBUTION Entitlements C T5DCM 
326 V_5DCM_1D Payroll Control for Deferred Compensation C T5DCM 
327 V_5DCM_1F Payroll Control CONTRIBUTION Entitlements C T5DCM 
328 V_5DCM_2 Calculation Method INCOME for Benefit Types C T5DCM 
329 V_5DCM_2B Calculation Method CONTRIBUTION for Entitlements C T5DCM 
330 V_5DCM_3 Calculation Procedure, Pension Modules Entitlements C T5DCM 
331 V_5DCM_4 Calculation Method, Pension Modules for Benefit Types C T5DCM 
332 V_5DCM_5 Calculation Method, Capital Account Plan C T5DCM 
333 V_5DCM_6 Calculation Method for Salary Conversion C T5DCM 
334 V_5DCN_1 Calculation Method Employment Period/Income Entitlements C T5DCN 
335 V_5DCN_2 Calc. Method for Employment Period/Income Benefit Types C T5DCN 
336 V_5DCP_A Percentage for Service Valuation C T5DCP 
337 V_5DCQ_1 Calculation Method Entitlements C T5DCQ 
338 V_5DCQ_2 Calculation Method Benefits Types C T5DCQ 
339 V_5DCR_1 One-Time Payment Entitlements C T5DCR 
340 V_5DCR_2 One-Time Payment Benefit Types C T5DCR 
341 V_5DCU_1 Account Assignment: Basic Pension Pay C T5DCU 
342 V_5DCV_A Assignment of Reimbursement Status to Entitlement Status C T5DCV 
343 V_5DCV_C Control of Entitlement Status C T5DCV 
344 V_5DCX_AG Existing Pension Plans C T591A 
345 V_5DCY_A CPS System Parameters C T5DCY 
346 V_5DC_591A Definition of Pension Plans C T591A 
347 V_5DF4_A Details for Controlling Statement Wage Types C T5DF4 
348 V_5DL5_B Rule Set for Absence Event C T5DL5 
349 V_5DW1_A Imputation Groups C T5DW1 
350 V_5DW1_V Identification for Availability Data V V_T5DW1 
351 V_5DW3_1 Auth.Signatures and Logo per Benefit Provider/Statement Type C T5DW3 
352 V_5DW3_2 Statement Types for Pension Organizations C T5DW3 
353 V_5DW4_1 Rules for Calculation of Basis Amount C T5DW4 
354 V_5DW5_1 Processing Types for Pension Calculation C T5DW5 
355 V_5DWB_A Assignment of Surviving Dependent Pension Payments C T5DWB 
356 V_5DWC_1 Entitlements and Benefit Types for Pension Plan C T5DWC 
357 V_5DWC_2 Imputation Types for Benefit Types C T5DWC 
358 V_5DWC_A Assignment of Surviving Dependent Pension Payments C T5DWC 
359 V_5DWE_1 Calculation Variants Entitlements C T5DWE 
360 V_5DWE_2 Calculation Variants for Benefits Types C T5DWE 
361 V_5DWL_A Forms in CPS Statements C T5DWL 
362 V_5DWL_B Page Control for CPS Statement Forms C T5DWL 
363 V_5DWM_A Income Basis for Salary Conversion C T5DWM 
364 V_5DWO_A Annuitization Table C T5DWO 
365 V_5DWQ_1 Control of Periodic Transfer of Contributions C T5DWQ 
366 V_5DWW_A Wage Type Control C T5DWW 
367 V_5DWY_1 Classes in the Company Pension Scheme C T5DWY 
368 V_5DWY_B Determine Imputation Amount C T5DWY 
369 V_5E01_B Personnel areas/subareas - professional categories C T001P 
370 V_5E01_C Personnel rea/ubarea - regions (old) C T001P 
371 V_5E01_D Personnel area/subarea - Social Insurance category C T001P 
372 V_5E01_E Personnel srea/subarea - provinces C T001P 
373 V_5E02_A Company tax data C T5E02 
374 V_5E04_A Registered company and work center names C T5E04 
375 V_5E07_A Master data for Forcem C T5E07 
376 V_5E11_A Company group/grouping definition C T5E11 
377 V_5E30_A Adjust Social Insurance reasons and actions C T5E30 
378 V_5E40_A Fast data entry for deduction types C T5E40 
379 V_5E41_B Payment keys and subkeys - infotype 0090 C T5E41 
380 V_5E42_B Contract types for Social Insurance C T5E42 
381 V_5E42_C Association of contract categories for Social Insurance C T5E42 
382 V_5E43_B Social Insurance contribution groups C T5E43 
383 V_5E46_B Social Insurance epigraphs C T5E46 
384 V_5E60_A Assign company contracts valid for Social Insurance C T5E60 
385 V_5E60_A1 Assign valid company contracts by SI (WERKS/BTRTL) C T5E60 
386 V_5E60_A2 Assign valid company contracts by SI (TRFAR/TRFGB) C T5E60 
387 V_5E60_B Assign type/mode/groupings to company contracts C T5E60 
388 V_5E60_B1 Assign type/mode/groupings to contracts (WERKS/BTRTL) C T5E60 
389 V_5E60_B2 Assign type/mode/groupings to contracts (TRFAR/TRFGB) C T5E60 
390 V_5E60_C Assign special processing and management methods C T5E60 
391 V_5E60_C1 Assign special processing and managemnt methds (WERKS/BTRTL) C T5E60 
392 V_5E60_C2 Assign special processing and managemnt methds (TRFAR/TRFGB) C T5E60 
393 V_5E6C_A Sets of contracts and associated wage types C T5E6C 
394 V_5EG4_B Form for non-exempt amount (deductible) C T52GB 
395 V_5EG5_B Debt relationship form C T52GD 
396 V_5EI3_A Employment Tax: Payroll constants C T5EI3 
397 V_5EI4_A Tax: payroll constants for amounts C T5EI4 
398 V_5ES1_A Category for marine employees C T5E01 
399 V_5ES1_B Contribution bases with inverse contribution group C T5ES1 
400 V_5F03_B EE groups/EE statuses - Supp. employment category C T503Z 
401 V_5F1C_C Assignment of Employee Groups to Contributions C T5F1C 
402 V_5F1LI_A Definition client base deletion groups C T5F1LI 
403 V_5F1P_B HR-F: Personnel Area/Subarea - TDS Modifier C T001P 
404 V_5F1P_C HR-F: Personnel Area/Subarea - CRC Modifier C T001P 
405 V_5F1P_D HR-F: Personnel Area/Subarea for Continued Pay Modifier C T001P 
406 V_5F1P_E HR-F: Personnel Area/Subarea - Profit Sharing Modifier C T001P 
407 V_5F1P_F HR-F: personnel area/subarea DDTEFP C T001P 
408 V_5F1P_G Employment category per area/sub-area modifier C T001P 
409 V_5F1P_H Location Modifier for Garnishment C T001P 
410 V_5F1P_I Electoral domains C T5F1P 
411 V_5F1P_J Personnel area/subarea location C T5F1P 
412 V_5F30_A Classification of actions and reasons C T5F30 
413 V_5F3B_2 Interest Rates for Profit Sharing C T5F3B 
414 V_5F3B_A Profit Sharing: Modifier Wage Types C T5F3B 
415 V_5F41_A Challenged C T5F41 
416 V_5F99FC_1 Forms: Conditions C T5F99FCI 
417 V_5F99FC_2 Forms: Conditions C T5F99FCI 
418 V_5F99FC_A Forms: Conditions C T5F99FC 
419 V_5F99FF_A Forms: Field definition C T5F99FF 
420 V_5F99FGI_A Forms: Group identity C T5F99FGI 
421 V_5F99FG_A Forms: Source field groups C T5F99FG 
422 V_5F99FV_A Wage type source groups C T5F99FV 
423 V_5F99FW_A Forms: Wage type source group description C T5F99FW 
424 V_5F99FX_A Wage type source group customer extension C T5F99FX 
425 V_5F99OCFG_A Form Groups: Customer settings C T5F99OCFG 
426 V_5F99OCFG_B Form Groups: Customer settings C T5F99OCFG 
427 V_5F99OCFT_A Customer Form Settings C T5F99OCFT 
428 V_5F99OCFT_B Customer Form Settings by Country Group C T5F99OCFT 
429 V_5F99OEFG_B Form Groups by country group C T5F99OEFG 
430 V_5F99OMFG_A SAP Forms C T5F99OMFG 
431 V_5F99OSFG_A Form Group Setting C T5F99OSFG 
432 V_5F99OSFG_B SAP Form Groups by Country Group C T5F99OSFG 
433 V_5F99OSFT_A Form Output Type C T5F99OSFT 
434 V_5F99OSFT_B SAP Form Setting by Country Group C T5F99OSFG 
435 V_5F99OSFT_M Form Output Type C T5F99OSFT 
436 V_5F99TM_A Termination: Severance model for a termination type C T5F99TM 
437 V_5FPB4C_B C T5FPBS4C 
438 V_5FPB4G_B C T5FPBS4G 
442 V_5G10_B Flat Rate Pension Fund: OBSOLETE C T5G10 
443 V_5G10_C Percent Pension Fund: OBSOLETE C T5G10 
444 V_5G10_D Mixed Value Pension Fund: OBSOLETE C T5G10 
445 V_5G10_E Bespoke Pension Funds: OBSOLETE C T5G10 
446 V_5G10_F Pension Funds SCON Number: OBSOLETE C T5G10 
447 V_5ITNG1 View table - data O1 / M - Section B C T5ITNG 
448 V_5ITO1 Association Employee type / Supplementary Fund Code C T5ITO1 
449 V_5J0P_B Personnel Area / Subarea: Labour Insurance Modifier JP C T001P 
450 V_5J0P_C Personnel Area / Subarea: Residence Tax Modifier JP C T001P 
451 V_5J0P_D Personnel Area / Subarea: Income Tax Modifier JP C T001P 
452 V_5J0P_E Personnel Area / Subarea: Retirement Allowance Modifier JP C T001P 
453 V_5J61_B Data Medium Exchange for Residence Tax Payment C T5J61 
454 V_5J80_B HR Define Service Years Patterns for Pay scale modifier JP C T5J80 
455 V_5J84_B HR Service Years - Factor - Patterns for Pay Scale JP C T5J84 
456 V_5KG4_B Non-exempt amount model C T52GB 
457 V_5KG5_B Relationship to other debts model C T52GD 
458 V_5KRC_A Tax Wage Types for HR Creditor Grouping C T5KRC 
459 V_5KTA_B Tax Areas C T5KTA 
460 V_5KVE_V Vacation pay: Inclusion/Exclusion Indicator C T5KVE 
461 V_5KVE_W Workers' Compensation - include/exclude indicator C T5KVE 
462 V_5KWB_ALL Classification group assignment - maintain all types C T5KWB 
463 V_5KYS_A Assign Registration Numbers to Tax Reporting Units C T5KYS 
464 V_5KYS_B Assign Bus.No to reduced EI premium rate C T5KYS 
465 V_5L03_B Employee Subgroup grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) C T503Z 
466 V_5L03_C Employee Subgroup grouping for EPF (Malaysia) C T503Z 
467 V_5L0P_B Personnel SubArea grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) C T001P 
468 V_5L0P_C Grouping of Personnel SubAraeas for EPF (Malaysia) C T001P 
469 V_5M7O Pension Institutions (AMP Institutions) C T5M7O 
470 V_5N14_CATT Maintenance View for T5N14 (CATT) C T5N14 
471 V_5N14_E Own Risk Bearer for the "WGA" and/or "WAO" C T5N14 
472 V_5N2J_B Conversion Rules for Deductions for Special Payments C T5N2J 
473 V_5N2J_C Maximum National Insurance Contribution/Conversion Rule OT C T5N2J 
474 V_5N2Q_B Special Employee Groups Exemption Table C T5N2Q 
475 V_5R05_CN View on visa type D T5R05 
476 V_5R05_CN_M Maintain IC Type C T5R05 
477 V_5R05_JP_M Define Types of Identifications C T5R05 
478 V_5R05_P HR-PT: Type of identification card C T5R05 
479 V_5R2B_F Assign. fixed allowance to WT payable by MDEF C T5R2B 
480 V_5R2B_V Assign. variable allowance to WT payable by MDEF C T5R2B 
481 V_5U0P_B Personnel Areas/Subareas C T001P 
482 V_5UB1_ESS Benefit Employee Self-Service Information on Plan Type C T5UB1 
483 V_5UB3_1 Benefit Area Administrative Parameter C T5UB3 
484 V_5UB3_COB Benefit area COBRA processing parameter C T5UB3 
485 V_5UB3_ESS Benefit Area Parameters for ESS Scenarios C T5UB3 
486 V_5UB3_ESS_1 Benefit Area Parameters for ESS Scenarios C T5UB3 
487 V_5UBA_1 Benefit Credit Plan General Data C T5UBA 
488 V_5UBA_A Benefit Health Plan General Data C T5UBA 
489 V_5UBA_A_JP Benefit Health Plans General Data (Japan) V V_5UBA_A 
490 V_5UBA_B Benefit Insurance Plan General Data C T5UBA 
491 V_5UBA_B_JP Benefit Insurance Plans General Data (Japan) V V_5UBA_B 
492 V_5UBA_C Benefit Savings Plan General Data C T5UBA 
493 V_5UBA_CLM Claims plan general data C T5UBA 
494 V_5UBA_COB To be deleted - no longer used! C T5UBA 
495 V_5UBA_COB_A Benefits COBRA Parameter of Health Plans C T5UBA 
496 V_5UBA_COB_D Benefits COBRA Parameter of Flexible Spending Accounts C T5UBA 
497 V_5UBA_C_JP Benefit Savings Plans General Data (Japan) V V_5UBA_C 
498 V_5UBA_D Benefit Flexible Spending Account General Data C T5UBA 
499 V_5UBA_DB Benefits Assignment of Dep./Ben. Eligibility Variant C T5UBA 
500 V_5UBA_E Benefit Miscellaneous Plan General Data C T5UBA