View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TCOMPREPS Customer-Specific Evaluations for Progress Tracking C TCOMPREPS 
2 V_TCOOPC_CBUSER OPC: Customizing Callback User C TCOOPC_CBUSER 
3 V_TCOOPC_EVTSD OPC: Event Subscription Maintenance C TCOOPC_EVTSD 
4 V_TCOOPC_EVTSDA OPC: Customizing Event Subscription Event Area C TCOOPC_EVTSDA 
5 V_TCOOPC_EVTSDC OPC: Customizing Event Subscription Event Category C TCOOPC_EVTSDC 
6 V_TCOOPC_EVTSDS OPC: Customizing Event Subscription Event Sources C TCOOPC_EVTSDS 
9 V_TCOP Field Selection C TCOP 
10 V_TCOPODIST Control of Distribution of Production Orders to an MES C TCOPODIST 
11 V_TCOPS Field selection C TCOPS 
13 V_TCOPS_CF Component List Field Selection C TCOPS 
14 V_TCOPS_CG Component List Grouping Criteria C TCOPS 
15 V_TCOPS_CS Component List Sort Criteria C TCOPS 
16 V_TCOP_CF Component List Profiles: Field Selection C TCOP 
17 V_TCOP_CG Component List Profiles: Grouping Criteria C TCOP 
18 V_TCOP_CS Component List Profiles: Sort Criteria C TCOP 
19 V_TCORU Parameters for Order Confirmation C TCORU 
20 V_TCORUPBTXT Single Screen Entry Confirmation: Text Maintenance C TCORUPBTXT 
21 V_TCORUSSDEF Single Screen Entry of Confirmations C TCORUSSDEF 
22 V_TCORU_P Confirmation Parameters C TCORU 
23 V_TCORV List Layout C TCORV 
24 V_TCO_FIELD_CHAN Order Information System: Maintenance of Changeable Fields C TCO_FIELD_CHAN 
25 V_TCO_LISTTYPES Order Information System: Maintenance of Detail Lists C TCO_LISTTYPES 
26 V_TCO_LSTTYPES Order Information System: Maintenance of Detail Lists C TCO_LISTTYPES 
27 V_TCO_VALFUNCT Order Information System: Valid MB Functions for Lists C TCO_VALFUNCT 
28 V_TCPFS1 Organization of Data Adjustment for Ext. Planning Tool C TCPFS1 
29 V_TCPFS2 External Planning Tool: Start Parameters for UNIX C TCPFS2 
30 V_TCPFS3 External Planning Tool: Lock Table C TCPFS3 
31 V_TCPFS4 Planning Tool C TCPFS4 
32 V_TCPFS5 External Planning Tool: Start Parameters for Windows NT C TCPFS5 
33 V_TCR00 Work Center - Installation Constants C TCR00 
34 V_TCRBF Determine by Ship-to Party/Storage Condition C TCRBF 
35 V_TCRCOT Alternative Activity Descriptions C TCRCOT 
37 V_TCRD_UI_ADMIN Assign Credential Types to Subroadmaps C TCRD_UI_ADMIN 
38 V_TCRD_UI_ADM_WD Assign Subroadmap Data to Credential Types C TCRD_UI_ADM_WD 
39 V_TCRH0 Hierarchy Profiles C TCRH0 
40 V_TCRIN Payment Cards: Card Types C TCRIN 
41 V_TCRSCODE Payment Cards: Selection Code C TCRSCODE 
42 V_TCS03_M Modification Parameters for BOMs C TCS03 
43 V_TCS03_V Default Values for BOMs C TCS03 
44 V_TCS15 BOMs with History Requirement C TCS15 
45 V_TCS19 BOM Item Object Types C TCS19 
46 V_TCS41 Order of Priority for BOM Usages C TCS41 
47 V_TCSCP_COMP_LVL View for material completion levels C TCSCP_COMP_LVL 
48 V_TCSCP_TDSV Activate period dependent operation parameters C TCSCP_TDSV 
49 V_TCSCR_FAUF_KO Layout Header Detail Screens for Production Order C TCSCR 
50 V_TCSCR_FAUF_VG Layout Operation Detail Screens for Production Order C TCSCR 
51 V_TCSCR_PSP Layout detail screens C TCSCR 
52 V_TCSCR_VG Layout detail screens C TCSCR 
53 V_TCSFG BOM Field Groups: Definition and Description C TCSFG 
54 V_TCSFGF Fields Assigned to Field Groups C TCSFGF 
55 V_TCSP Profile Definition C TCSP 
56 V_TCSPF Profile Determination C TCSPF 
57 V_TCSPR User Profile for BOMs C TCSPR 
58 V_TCSTR Communication strategy C TCSTR 
59 V_TCSTRP Communication types in communication strategy C TCSTRP 
60 V_TCSUB_FAUF_VG Subscreens for Activity Detail Screens C TCSUB 
61 V_TCSUB_PSP Detail screen subscreens for WBS C TCSUB 
62 V_TCSUB_VG Subscreens for activity detail screens C TCSUB 
63 V_TCTBF Determine by Ship-to Party C TCTBF 
64 V_TCTH Settings for Hierarchy Graphic/Time Scheduling C TCTH 
65 V_TCTM_ATTR Context Attribute Maintenance C TCTM_ATTR 
66 V_TCUA Assign Maintenance Authorization C TCUAU 
67 V_TCUAX Organizational Areas C TCUAX 
68 V_TCUB Maintenance Authorizations C TCUB 
69 V_TCUBASP Batch Split Customizing in Production Environment C TCUBASP 
70 V_TCUD Dependency Maintenance - Allowed Dependency Types per Object C TCUD 
71 V_TCUG Dependency Group C TCUG 
73 V_TCUO Configurable Objects C TCUO 
74 V_TCUOS Statuses for Configurable Objects C TCUOS 
75 V_TCUQD Configuration Parameter Standard Values C TCUQD 
76 V_TCURC Currency codes C TCURC 
77 V_TCURD Max.Exch.Rate Deviation for Postings in For.Curr. C TCURD 
78 V_TCURF Currencies: Translation Ratios C TCURF 
79 V_TCURM_CONS Consignment Processing C TCURM 
80 V_TCURM_CONSRET Consignment Returns with Shipping Processing C TCURM 
81 V_TCURM_ENQUEUE Customizing for Material Block C TCURM 
82 V_TCURM_MRM_ENQ Customizing Material Block for Invoice Verification C TCURM 
83 V_TCURM_SUPPSLOC Customizing: Issuing Storage Location C TCURM 
84 V_TCURN Maintenance View TCURN C TCURN 
85 V_TCURO Maintenance View for Objects of Expiring Currencies C TCURO 
86 V_TCURP Direct/Indirect Quotation Prefixes for Exchange Rate C TCURP 
87 V_TCURR Currency Exchange Rates C TCURR 
88 V_TCURS Rate Spreads C TCURS 
89 V_TCURT Database View: Currency with Text D TCURC 
90 V_TCURU Define Exceptions for Superuser C TCURU 
91 V_TCURV Currency Translation Exchange Rate Types C TCURV 
92 V_TCURY Maintenance of Warning and Error Date C TCURY 
93 V_TCUSC Country version: field contents to be converted C TCUSC 
94 V_TCUSI Contents for Converting Country Versions C TCUSI 
95 V_TCUSQ Assign project documentation types to project C TCUSQ 
96 V_TCUSTEMP STEMPLATES: Search Help View without Merged Templates D TCUSTEMPT 
97 V_TCUSTENGIEN01 Archiving Engine - Configurator C TCUSTENGIEN01 
98 V_TCUX Dependency Maintenance - Statuses C TCUX 
99 V_TCV100SWITCH Activate Enhanced Document Search C TCV100SWITCH 
100 V_TCVARID Define Types for Variable IDs C TCVARID 
101 V_TCVPROF Currency and Valuation Profiles C TCVPROF 
102 V_TCVPROFD Currency and Valuation Profile: Valuation Approaches C TCVPROFD 
103 V_TCWBCR Reasons for Complaint C TCWBCR 
104 V_TCWBCRCF Reasons for Complaint - Change Fields C TCWBCRCF 
105 V_TCWBCS Complaints Status C TCWBCS 
106 V_TCX00 Set scheduling levels (detailed, prod.rate, rough) C TCX00 
107 V_TCX00_FAUF Specify scheduling parameters C TCX00 
108 V_TCX00_PAUF Specify scheduling parameters C TCX00 
109 V_TCX00_SOP Specify scheduling parameters C TCX00 
110 V_TCX01 Control Table for Scheduling C TCX01 
111 V_TCX01_I Scheduling Parameters C TCX01 
112 V_TCX02 Lead time scheduling - planned orders C TCX02 
113 V_TCX03 SOP: Capacity Leveling C TCX03 
114 V_TCX0L Parameter scheduling long term planning C TCX0L 
115 V_TCXPS Control Parameters for WBS Scheduling C TCXPS 
116 V_TCY01 "Names for Combinations" C TCY01 
117 V_TCY03 Definition of Combinations C TCY03 
118 V_TCY06 Overall Profile C TCY06 
119 V_TCY07 Selection Profile C TCY07 
120 V_TCY08 Option Profile C TCY08 
121 V_TCY09 List Profile C TCY09 
122 V_TCY14 "Variable Overview - Column Names" C TCY14 
123 V_TCY15 "Variable Overview - Column Names" C TCY15 
124 V_TCY16 Variable Overview - Column Names. Def. C TCY16 
125 V_TCY17 "List Versions - Names" C TCY17 
126 V_TCY19 "Variant definition" C TCY19 
127 V_TCY21 Names of Graphics Profiles C TCY21 
128 V_TCY30 Capacity Leveling - Overall Profiles C TCY30 
129 V_TCY31 Definition of a Requirements Grouping C TCY31 
130 V_TCY31C Definition of charts C TCY31_C 
131 V_TCY31D Capacity Leveling - Description of Groupings C TCY31_D 
132 V_TCY31E Capacity leveling - definition of groupings C TCY31_E 
133 V_TCY31F Capacity leveling - description of the sorts C TCY31_F 
134 V_TCY31G Definition of layouts C TCY31_G 
135 V_TCY31H Capacity leveling - definition of the sorts C TCY31_H 
136 V_TCY31_S Definition of the groups within a requirements grouping C TCY31_S 
137 V_TCY32 Capacity Leveling - Selection Profiles C TCY32 
138 V_TCY33 Capacity Leveling - Time Profile C TCY33 
139 V_TCY33_PS Capacity Leveling Time Profiles PS C TCY33 
140 V_TCY34 Capacity Leveling - Evaluation Profiles C TCY34 
141 V_TCY35 Capacity Leveling - Profiles for Period Layout C TCY35 
142 V_TCY37 Capacity Leveling - Strategy Profiles C TCY37 
143 V_TCY38 Layout key C TCY38 
144 V_TCY38_D Data structures per layout key C TCY38_D 
145 V_TCY38_M TCY38_M / TCY38MT - maintain sort key C TCY38_M 
146 V_TCY38_T Layout Key TYPE 1 C TCY38 
147 V_TCY39_S Layout Key with Text Description D TCY38 
148 V_TCY40 Control table for flow control C TCY40 
149 V_TCY40K "Definition of a Control Table (With Text)" C TCY40K 
150 V_TCY41 "States of a Flow Control (With Text)" C TCY41 
151 V_TCY42 Actions of Flow Control (With Text) C TCY42 
152 V_TCY43 Messages for flow control (with text) C TCY43 
153 V_TCY44 Graphical Object Type: Fields C TCY44 
154 V_TCY45 "Object Representation - Graphical Element Category" C TCY45 
155 V_TCY45K Object Representation C TCY45K 
156 V_TCY46 Customizing Graphic Object Type Selection C TCY46 
157 V_TCY46K Graphical Object Type Selection C TCY46K 
158 V_TCY47 Object Representation Selection - Decision Steps C TCY47 
159 V_TCY47K Object Representation Selection C TCY47K 
160 V_TCY48 Planning Table Profile C TCY48 
161 V_TCY49 Capacity leveling - control profiles C TCY49 
162 V_TCY50 "Chart Position" C TCY50 
163 V_TCY50K Chart Sequence C TCY50K 
164 V_TCY52 Line Representation in Table Section C TCY52 
165 V_TCY53 Drag and Drop C TCY53 
166 V_TCY54D Scale Time Axis C TCY54D 
167 V_TCY54H Help View for scale H TCY54D 
168 V_TCY55 Graphical Object Type C TCY55 
169 V_TCY56 Capacity Leveling - Profiles for Planning Table C TCY56 
170 V_TCY58 Time scale profile in planning table C TCY58 
171 V_TCY60 Capacity leveling - list profile C TCY60 
172 V_TCY61 "Line Representation Selection - Decision Steps" C TCY61 
173 V_TCY61K Line Representation Selection C TCY61K 
174 V_TCY62 Representatin profile C TCY62 
175 V_TCY62K Representation Profile C TCY62K 
176 V_TCY63 Axis Representation Selection - Decision Steps C TCY63 
177 V_TCY63K Axis Representation Selection C TCY63K 
178 V_TCY64 Axis Representation C TCY64 
179 V_TCY65 Curve Representation - Decision Steps C TCY65 
180 V_TCY65K Curve Representation Selection C TCY65K 
181 V_TCY66 Curve Representation C TCY66 
182 V_TCYD Capacity Planning: Profile for List Variant C TCYD 
183 V_TCYMI Definition of Transition Matrix C TCYMI 
184 V_TCYMPP Workforce Planning C TCYMPP 
186 V_TCYTM Setup Matrix C TCYTM 
187 V_TCYTM_PI Transition Identifications for Resources C TCYTM 
188 V_TCZ01 Source Files for Application C TCZ01 
189 V_TCZ01_1 Source Files for Application C TCZ01 
190 V_TCZ02 ALT !!!! (View for copy templates) C TCZ02 
191 V_TCZ02_1 View for copy templates C TCZ02 
192 V_TD01 Collateral keys with texts C TD01 
193 V_TD03 Assign Loan Types to Product Types C TD03 
194 V_TD03A Define Loan Types C TD03A 
195 V_TD03AT Loan Type per Product Type with Text H TD03 
196 V_TD03_F4 F4 Help for TD03 D TD03 
197 V_TD05_AT_FS Define OeNB Target Groups C TD05_AT_FS 
198 V_TD06 Document types with texts C TD06 
199 V_TD061 Customizing-File type indicator view C TD061 
200 V_TD061N Customizing-File type indicator view C TD061 
201 V_TD06G Document groups C TD06G 
202 V_TD11 Home statement with texts C TD11 
203 V_TD12T Storage location of original documents C TD12 
204 V_TD13 Type of offer acceptance (of contact) C TD13 
205 V_TD14 Customizing posting special treatment indicator C TD14 
206 V_TD16 Customizing view for security types C TD16 
207 V_TD17 Branch office C TD17 
208 V_TD18 Customizing business region C TD18 
209 V_TD19 Organizational Units (Condition-Determining Parameters) C TD19 
210 V_TD21_WAIVE Clearing Category for Waiver D TD21 
211 V_TD22 Customizing View for Special Arrangements C TD22 
212 V_TD30 Distribution Channels (Condition-Determining Parameters) C TD30 
213 V_TD47D Forms for Legal Dunning Procedure C T047D 
214 V_TD47E Forms for Dunning Notices C T047E 
215 V_TDA5 Loans: Non-Acceptance C TDA5 
216 V_TDACC_PRINCIP Maintain Accounting Principles C TDACC_PRINCIPLE 
217 V_TDAPPLBUDAT Permitted Deafult Settings for Posting Date in Application C TDAPPLBUDAT 
218 V_TDB08 Additional Manual Posting Data C TDB08 
219 V_TDB1 Flow Types IP/Rejections C TDB1 
220 V_TDB1D Flow Types IP/Rejections C TDB1 
221 V_TDB1I Flow Types IP/Rejections C TDB1 
222 V_TDB23 Activity type - control of requirements C TDB23 
223 V_TDB23P Rollover: Requirement to Assign Clerks C TDB23 
224 V_TDBAFINGP Define Partner Roles Relevant for Reg. Reporting for GBA 24c C TDBAFINGP 
225 V_TDBBB Mainten.view: Flow categ.- Flow type alloc. C TDBBB 
226 V_TDBILL_CATEG Billing Categories C TDBILL_CATEG 
227 V_TDBILL_CAT_HLP Help View for Filtering Billing Categories H TDBILL_CATEG 
229 V_TDBILL_INFO Billing Information D VDBILL_HIST 
230 V_TDBILL_PAR Define Parameters for Billing C TDBILL_PAR 
231 V_TDBLF Form Categories C TDBL 
232 V_TDBLN Form individual items C TDBL 
233 V_TDBO_BALANCE Flow Type Grouping for Interest on Arrears Calculation C TDBO_BALANCE 
234 V_TDCAPTR_GSTEER Capital Transfer General Control Data C TDCAPTR_GSTEER 
235 V_TDCAPTR_POSTPR Reasons for the Manual Postprocessing of a Capital Transfer C TDCAPTR_POSTPR 
236 V_TDCAPTR_REASON Capital Transfer Reasons C TDCAPTR_REASON 
237 V_TDCAPTR_REPCH Maintenance View Repayment Change Capital Transfer C TDCAPTR_REPCH 
238 V_TDCAPTR_TEMPL Template for Capital Transfer C TDCAPTR_TEMPL 
239 V_TDCAPTR_TRANSB Transfer Procedure for the Capital Transfer C TDCAPTR_TRANSB 
240 V_TDCBRSTSMA Assign Field for Credit Bureau to Status Profile C TDCBRSTSMA 
241 V_TDCLI_OCCUP Occupational Groups for Credit Life Insurance V TDCLI_OCCUP 
243 V_TDCOND_PROP Set Default Currency-Dependent Rounding Unit C TDCOND_PROP 
244 V_TDCORRESP General Control Parameters for Correspondence C TDCORRESP 
245 V_TDCOTYP_ACT_CL Assignment Business Operation/Role ---> Correspondence Type C TDCOTYP_ACT 
246 V_TDCO_OPT_TEXT Optional Text Modules (Correspondence Tool) C TDCO_OPT_TEXT 
247 V_TDCO_USER_TEXT Custom Text for Correspondence Tool C TDCO_USER_TEXT 
248 V_TDCUSTFIELDST Define Field Status for Organization Profiles C TDCUSTFIELDST 
249 V_TDDEBTTR_GSTEE General Control Data for the Borrower Change C TDDEBTTR_GSTEER 
250 V_TDDEBTTR_REASO Reasons for the Borrower Change C TDDEBTTR_REASON 
251 V_TDDEFCMETH Edit Counter Methods C TDDEFCMETH 
252 V_TDDEFPROD Control Dunning Using Product Type C TDDEFPROD 
253 V_TDDG3 Loans group key 3 C TDDG3 
254 V_TDDG4 Loans group key 4 C TDDG4 
255 V_TDDISB_GSTEER General Control Data for Disbursement C TDDISB_GSTEER 
256 V_TDDISB_REASON Reasons for Manual Postprocessing C TDDISB_REASON 
258 V_TDDISB_TEMPL Templates for Disbursement C TDDISB_TEMPL 
259 V_TDDUNN_CORRESP Control Parameters for Dunning Letter Creation C TDDUNN_CORRESP 
260 V_TDEBBB Allocation Flow Category - Flow Type C TWBBB 
261 V_TDESC_REASON Reasons for Opening and Closing an Escrow Account C TDESC_REASON 
262 V_TDEVC Packages C TDEVC 
263 V_TDFIELDCATALOG Field Catalog - Maintenance of System Table C TDFIELDCATALOG 
264 V_TDFLOW_EXT Exclude Flow Types from Billing C TDFLOW_EXT 
265 V_TDFLOW_EXT_DEF Define Flow Types for Determining Charges C TDFLOW_EXT 
266 V_TDHIERKRIT Incoming Payments: Evaluation Criteria C TDHIERKRIT 
267 V_TDHIERKRITPRIO Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria C TDHIERKRITPRIO 
268 V_TDHIERKRITSORT Incoming Payment: Assignment Table C TDHIERKRITSORT 
269 V_TDHIEROVER US Incoming Payment: Settings for Overpayment Hierarchy C TDHIERSET 
270 V_TDHIERPLAN Incoming Payment: Hierarchy Plan C TDHIERPLAN 
271 V_TDHIERSHORT US Incoming Payment: Settings for Underpayment Hierarchy C TDHIERSET 
272 V_TDHIERUNDER US Incoming Payment: Settings for Underpayment Hierarchy C TDHIERSET 
273 V_TDIA_OPAY_ORD Outgoing Payment: Sequence of Evaluation Criteria Assignment C TDIA_OPAY_ORD 
274 V_TDIA_ORD_ASSIG Outgoing Payment: Assignment Table C TDIA_ORD_ASSIGN 
275 V_TDIA_ORD_CRIT Outgoing Payment: Selection Criteria C TDIA_ORD_CRIT 
276 V_TDIBP View: context C TDIBP 
277 V_TDIBP_T View: language-dependent description of context C TDIBP_T 
278 V_TDICO View: copy type C TDICO 
279 V_TDICO_S DB view: type of copy D TDICO 
280 V_TDICO_T View: language-dependent description of copy type C TDICO_T 
281 V_TDICT View: communication type C TDICT 
282 V_TDICT_T View: language-dependent description for comm. type C TDICT_T 
283 V_TDIEV View: context - event allocation C TDIEV 
284 V_TDIEX View: user exits for communication types C TDIEX 
285 V_TDIFFCULT Definition of Notes C TEDIFFCULT 
288 V_TDIFFCULTVALUE Evaluation of Notes (regional) C TEDIFFCULTVALUES 
290 V_TDIM View: medium C TDIM 
291 V_TDIMCT Search help: medium per communication type D TDIMCT 
292 V_TDIMP_RULES Assign Payment Rules to Payment Plan C TDIMPLEMENTRULES 
293 V_TDIM_CT View: possible media for communication type C TDIMCT 
294 V_TDIM_T View: language-dependent description for medium C TDIM_T 
295 V_TDIOA_BAL_COND Condition Type for Flow Type Grouping C TDIOA_BAL_COND 
296 V_TDIOA_BO Interest on Arrears Calculation for Business Operation Cats C TDIOA_BO 
297 V_TDIOA_FT_BAL Flow Types for Flow Type Grouping C TDIOA_FT_BALANCE 
298 V_TDIOA_GSTEER General Control Data for Interest on Arrears Calculation C TDIOA_GSTEER 
299 V_TDIOA_NOPOSTCA Migration Flow Types Without Recalculation C TDIOA_NOPOSTCALC 
300 V_TDIOA_SCHEMDEF Calculation Profile for Interest on Arrears C TDIOA_SCHEME_DEF 
301 V_TDIOA_SCHEME Flow Type Groupings for Calculation Profiles C TDIOA_SCHEME_BAL 
302 V_TDIOA_TEMPL Template for Interest on Arrears Calculation C TDIOA_TEMPL 
303 V_TDIOA_TRIV_AMT Trivial Amount Limits for Calculation Profiles C TDIOA_TRIV_AMT 
304 V_TDIPDPLAN Incoming Payment: Payment Plan Hierarchy C TDIPDPLAN 
305 V_TDIPDRULES Define Payment Rules C TDIPDRULES 
306 V_TDIPR View: definition of plotters C TDIPR 
307 V_TDKK1 Loans: Define Correspondence Class C TDKK1 
308 V_TDKK2 Predefine Correspondence Class Assignment for Partner C TDKK2 
309 V_TDL1 LI Special Treatment ID C TDL1 
310 V_TDL2 Customizing view guarantee type I C TDL2 
311 V_TDL21 Customizing View Guarantee Type II C TDL21 
312 V_TDL3 Customizing view for pledge status C TDL3 
313 V_TDLOANFKO Maintenance View for Table TDLOANFKO C TDLOANFKO 
314 V_TDLOANFUNC Assign Flow Types to Application Subfunction Loans C TDLOANFUNC 
315 V_TDLOANREPLACE Bank Numbers for Discharge of Loan C TDLOANREPLACE 
316 V_TDLOAN_CPPART Maintain Permitted Roles and Role Types for Partner Copy C TDLOAN_CPPART 
317 V_TDLOC_ACTIVE Activate Localization C TDLOC_ACTIVE 
318 V_TDLOC_FEAS_F Definition of Country-Specific Function C TDLOC_FEAS_FUNC 
319 V_TDLOC_FEAS_FUN Define Country-Specific Functions C TDLOC_FEAS_FUNC 
320 V_TDLOC_FEAS_FUT Descriptions of Country-Specific Functions C TDLOC_FEAS_FU_T 
321 V_TDLOS_CONTROL Edit Control Information for Loan Origination Process C TDLOS_CONTROL 
322 V_TDMAHNS_MAN Manual Dunning Levels C TDMAHNS_MAN 
323 V_TDMAZNB Tolerances for Automatic Payoffs C TDMAZNB 
324 V_TDMODEL_FLDTXT Field Texts for Consumer Loans C TDMODEL_FIELDTXT 
325 V_TDNONDUEITEMS US Incoming Payment: "Billed but Not Due" Charges C TDNONDUEITEMS 
326 V_TDNOTEP_REFTYP Assignment Note to Payee Categories C TDNOTEP_REFTYPFP 
327 V_TDNOTICE_INTAC Receivables Interim Account for Business Operation Notice C TDNOTICE_INTACC 
328 V_TDNOTIC_GSTEER General Control Data for Notice C TDREPAY_GSTEER 
329 V_TDNOTIC_TEMPL Template for Notice C TDREPAY_TEMPL 
330 V_TDO10 Indicator for Condition of Object (Description) C TDO10 
331 V_TDO11 Indicator for Collateral Object Fixtures and Fittings C TDO11 
332 V_TDO12 Indicator: Area Description for Object C TDO12 
333 V_TDO2T Name of Building Part Type C TDO2T 
334 V_TDO8 Property Conditions for Collateral Objects C TDO8 
335 V_TDO9_I Heritable Building Right C TDO9 
338 V_TDORGPROFILE Define Organization Profiles C TDORGPROFILES 
339 V_TDORGUNIT Assign Organization Profiles to Company Codes C TDORGUNIT 
340 V_TDP0 Customizing selection/modification fields C TDP0 
341 V_TDP0O Customizing selection/modification fields C TDP0 
342 V_TDP1 Customizing register definition C TDP1 
343 V_TDP1O Register Definition for File Management C TDP1 
344 V_TDP2 Customizing report functions for rollover C TDP2 
345 V_TDP2O Customizing report functions for file C TDP2 
346 V_TDP2TA Customizing transaction functions for rollover C TDP2 
347 V_TDP2TO Customizing transaction functions for file C TDP2 
348 V_TDP3 Customizing register/function allocation C TDP3 
349 V_TDP3O Customizing register/function allocation C TDP3 
350 V_TDP4 Variant-relevant condition types C TDP4 
351 V_TDP4K Variant-relevant condition types C TDP4 
352 V_TDP4K_N Condition Types for New Business Table V V_TDP4K 
353 V_TDP6N Maintain Activity Type C TDP6 
354 V_TDP6NO Maintain Activity Type C TDP6 
355 V_TDPAYMS Assign Payment Status and Stops to Dunning Levels C TDPAYMS 
356 V_TDPAYM_PLAN PPM: Condition Types for Payment Plans C TDPAYM_PLAN 
357 V_TDPLANNRSUSP U.S. I.P.: Suspense Codes That Result in Qual. Overpayments C TDPLANNRSUSP 
358 V_TDPREPKRIT US Incoming Payment: Prepayment Criteria C TDPREPKRIT 
359 V_TDPREPKRITFT US Incoming Payment: Flow Type for Prepayment Criteria C TDPREPKRITFT 
360 V_TDPREPKRITPRIO US Incoming Payment: Priority of Prepayment Criteria C TDPREPKRITPRIO 
361 V_TDPRODPLAN US IP: Standard Plan Determination Using Product Type C TDPRODPLAN 
362 V_TDPRODPROFILE Assign Profiles to Products C TDPRODPROFILE 
363 V_TDPROFILE Define Profiles C TDPROFILE 
364 V_TDPROFILEFIELD Define Field Status for Profiles C TDPROFILEFIELD 
365 V_TDPR_ATTRTYPE Maintain Attribute Type C TDPR_ATTRTYPE 
366 V_TDPR_ATTR_CUST Maintain Approved Structure and Field Names C TDPR_ATTR_CUST 
367 V_TDPR_PRODTYPE Maintenance View for Product Category C TDPR_PRODTYPE 
368 V_TDPR_PRODV Help View for Product Version H TDPR_PRODV 
369 V_TDPR_VA_PRTYPE Maintain Assignment of Transaction to Product Category C TDPR_TA_PRTYPE 
370 V_TDPZ6 CML Correspondence Role Types C TDPZ6 
371 V_TDPZB Parameters for manual posting C TDPZB 
372 V_TDPZZ Loans: Installation Parameters at Client Level C TDPZZ 
373 V_TDPZZ_P Settings for Optimzing Performance C TDPZZ 
374 V_TDREMIT Define Remittance Code C TDREMIT 
375 V_TDREMIT_ZIP Assign Remittance Code to Postal Code C TDREMIT_ZIP 
376 V_TDREPAY_CS Define Communication Status C TDREPAY_COMSTATU 
377 V_TDREPAY_GSTEER General Control Data for the Payoff C TDREPAY_GSTEER 
379 V_TDREPAY_REASON Maintenance View for Table TDREPAY_REASON (Payoff Reasons) C TDREPAY_REASON 
380 V_TDREPAY_REJECT Reasons for Payoff Rejection C TDREPAY_REJECT 
381 V_TDREPAY_RF Determine Flow Type Groups for Receivables List C TDREPAY_RLFLOWS 
382 V_TDREPAY_RL Determine Subcategories for Receivables List C TDREPAY_RECLIST 
383 V_TDREPAY_TEMPL Sample for the Payoff C TDREPAY_TEMPL 
384 V_TDREPCL_GSTEER General Control Data for the Payoff C TDREPAY_GSTEER 
385 V_TDREPCL_TEMPL Sample for the Payoff C TDREPAY_TEMPL 
386 V_TDROUND_ACT_WA Definition of Currencies for Which Rounding is Activated C TDROUND_ACT_WAER 
387 V_TDRP_COND Repayment Plan: Relevant Condition Types C TDRP_COND_TYPE 
388 V_TDRP_FLOW Repayment Plan: Relevant Flow Types C TDRP_FLOW_TYPE 
389 V_TDRVEV Assignment of Search Procedures to Derivation Events C TDRVEV 
390 V_TDS1 Customizing assignees C TDS1 
391 V_TDS1N Assignment Creditor C TDS1 
392 V_TDSEPA_CUST SEPA - Activation per Company Code C TDSEPA_CUST 
393 V_TDSETBUDAT Default Setting of Additional Posting Information per Applc. C TDSETBUDAT 
394 V_TDSPECPAYMENT Assignment and Prioritizing of Flow Types to Payment Cat. C TDSPECPAYMENT 
395 V_TDSTOP Maintenance View for Defining Stops C TDSTOP 
396 V_TDST_STD Internal Tranportation Planning Point (No TPS) D TTDS 
397 V_TDST_TPS Transportation planning points for external TranspPlanningSy D TTDS 
398 V_TDSUBROLE Business Partner: Role Type C TDSUBROLE 
399 V_TDTRLE_PARAM Loans: Activation Parallel Position Mgmt per Company Code C TDTRLE_PARAMETER 
400 V_TDTTXBF Correspondence Interface: Real Estate Letters C TTXBF 
401 V_TDTTXBSCOPY Correspondence Interface: Letter-Module Relationship C TTXBS 
402 V_TDTZPA_EXT Activate Country-Specific Functions C TDTZPA_EXT 
403 V_TDV07 Allocation of Application/Role Category/Dunning Parameters C TDV07 
404 V_TDV08 Assignment of Application / Role Category / Limit Currency C TDV08 
405 V_TDVZL Dunnable Incoming Payment Methods C T042Z 
406 V_TDWA Document Types C TDWA 
408 V_TDWAT Description of document type C TDWAT 
409 V_TDWAT_1 Description for document type (multi-lingual) C TDWAT 
410 V_TDWA_1 Document types C TDWA 
411 V_TDWC CAD - Systems C TDWC 
412 V_TDWD_A Data Carrier C TDWD 
413 V_TDWD_A1 Vault C TDWD 
414 V_TDWD_B Frontends C TDWD 
415 V_TDWD_B1 Front-ends C TDWD 
416 V_TDWD_C Server C TDWD 
417 V_TDWD_D Archive C TDWD 
418 V_TDWD_E1 External DMS C TDWD 
419 V_TDWE Data Carrier Type C TDWE 
420 V_TDWE_1 Data Carrier Types for External DMS C TDWD 
421 V_TDWE_A1 Data carrier type (vault) C TDWE 
422 V_TDWE_C1 Data carrier (server) C TDWE 
423 V_TDWE_D1 Data Carrier Type C TDWE 
424 V_TDWE_E1 Data carrier C TDWE 
425 V_TDWI Maintenance view for document search via internet C TDWI 
426 V_TDWIU Maintenance view - user allocation for IAC DMS C TDWIU 
427 V_TDWN Mount Points and Logical Drives in Network C TDWN 
428 V_TDWN_1 Mount Points and Logical Drives in Network C TDWN 
429 V_TDWO Document Link C TDWO 
430 V_TDWOD Maintenance View for Screens to DMS Object Links C TDWOD 
431 V_TDWOT Document Link Text C TDWOT 
432 V_TDWOT_1 Document Link Text C TDWOT 
433 V_TDWO_1 Document link C TDWO 
434 V_TDWP Workstation application C TDWP 
435 V_TDWP_1 Workstation application C TDWP 
436 V_TDWS Document Status C TDWS 
437 V_TDWSEXIT Function Module for User Exits C TDWSEXIT 
438 V_TDWSEXITT Find Document: Function Module for User Exits C TDWSEXITT 
439 V_TDWST Document Status Texts C TDWST 
440 V_TDWST_1 Document Status Text C TDWST 
441 V_TDWST_2 Document status text C TDWST 
442 V_TDWSWITCH Browser ACL Customizing Switch C TDWSWITCH 
443 V_TDWS_1 Document Status C TDWS 
444 V_TDWX Workstation Applications in Network C TDWX 
445 V_TDWX_1 Workstation application in network C TDWX 
446 V_TDZW Customizing pmnt method with adjustment days C TDZW 
447 V_TE001 Alloc. of Co. Code - Division C TE001 
448 V_TE003 Maintenance Number Range for Individual Processing C TE003 
449 V_TE003B Maintenance Number Range for Mass Processing C TE003B 
450 V_TE003C Check Object C TE003C 
451 V_TE003E Maintain Number Range Objects C TE003E 
452 V_TE003_ERCC Maintain Document Types for Billing Document V V_TE003 
453 V_TE026_DAT_FELD IS-U Archiving: Linking Object -> Date Field Selection C TE026C 
454 V_TE026_TEXT IS-U Archiving: Linking Object -> Text C TE026A 
455 V_TE026_VERWDAUR IS-U Archiving: Maintaining Retention Periods C TE026A 
456 V_TE026_ZUS_VD IS-U Archiving: Maintaining Additional Retention Periods C TE026B 
457 V_TE067 Rate Fact Groups C TE067 
458 V_TE125 Alloc. Data for Gas C TE125 
459 V_TE221 Operands D TE221T 
460 V_TE227_A Search Help View: All Political Regional Structure Elements D TE227 
461 V_TE227_C Search Help View: Political Region. Struc. Elements for City D TE227 
462 V_TE227_S Search Help View: Polit. Reg. Structure Elements for Street D TE227 
463 V_TE241 Franchise Tax Texts H TE241 
464 V_TE247 Fixed Temp. Values C TE247 
465 V_TE272 Reason for Reversal C TE272 
466 V_TE272_BILL Permitted Reasons for Reversal from TE272 for Billing D TE272 
467 V_TE272_INV Permitted Reasons for Reversal from TE272 for Invoicing D TE272 
468 V_TE303 Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule-Thomson Effect C TE303 
469 V_TE305_N Values for Transactions in Company Codes and Divisions C TE305 
470 V_TE307 Temperature Area C TE307 
471 V_TE309 Air Press. Area C TE309 
472 V_TE327 Automatic Outsorting Checks Billing C TE327 
473 V_TE328 Automatic Outsorting Checks Invoicing C TE328 
474 V_TE339 Monthly Measured Air Pressure C TE339 
475 V_TE340 Daily Air Pressure Values C TE340 
476 V_TE341 MsdPress. C TE341 
477 V_TE345 Gas Press. Per Gas Pr. Area C TE345 
478 V_TE348 Average Energy Feedings per Calorific Val. District C TE348 
479 V_TE401 Transact.Rsns C TE401 
480 V_TE414 View: Validation and Parameters of Validation Group C TE414 
481 V_TE434 Cat. of Enhanced Interval Procedure C TE434 
482 V_TE435 Type of Enhanced Interval Procedure C TE435 
483 V_TE443 View TE443 C TE443 
484 V_TE445 Gas Law Deviation Factor per Pressure and Temp. C TE445 
485 V_TE447 Measured Gas Temperature (Monthly Values) C TE447 
486 V_TE448 Measured Gas Temperature (Daily Values) C TE448 
487 V_TE449 Cal. Vals per Cal.Val. District (Monthly Values) C TE449 
488 V_TE450 Cal. Vals per Cal. Val. District (Daily Values) C TE450 
489 V_TE453 CalVal.Districts C TE453 
490 V_TE480 Maintenance View C TE480 
491 V_TE481 Maintenance View TE481 C TE481 
492 V_TE511P Incoming Payment Clearing Type C TE511 
493 V_TE513 Clearing Control: Allocation of Clearing Variant C TE513 
494 V_TE513P Clearing Type Specifications C TE513P 
495 V_TE513PS Control Data: Payment on Account C TE513PS 
496 V_TE514 Selection Restrictions at Transaction Level C TE514 
497 V_TE514A Selection Restrictions at Transaction Level C TE514 
498 V_TE515K Clearing Variant C TE515K 
499 V_TE518G Alternate Grouping of Characteristic Values C TE518G 
500 V_TE518S Alternate Sorting of Characteristic Values C TE518S