View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 VTIVWB99 Feldstatussteuerung bei Kriterium Teil-/Zusatz-WiBe C TIVWB99 
2 VTIVZW Incoming payment method attributes C T042Z 
3 VTLIBG Person responsible for function group D TLIBG 
4 VTMA Matchcode for master agreements   VTBMA 
5 VTN2DLV_ADTYP i.s.h.med: Dispatch Control - Address Types C TN2DLV_ADTYP 
6 VTN2DLV_RECART i.s.h.med: Dispatch Control - Recipient Types C TN2DLV_RECART 
7 VTN2DLV_VSAR i.s.h.med: Dispatch Control - Dispatch Types C TN2DLV_VSART 
8 VTOF Option master data   VTIOF 
9 VTRSTHVMCS External hierarchies - LIS standard analyses C TRSTHV 
10 VTRSTHVVI External Hierarchies - LIS Standard Analyses D TRSTHV 
11 VTSC0A Source Structures C TSC0A 
12 VTSC0C Selection for Assignment C TSC0C 
13 VTSC0D Assignments C TSC0D 
14 VTSC0D_U Assignments C TSC0D 
15 VTSC0G Rules C TSC0G 
16 VTSC0I Selection for Rules C TSC0I 
17 VTSEG DB View of Time Segment D TSEGH 
18 VTTXSA Document Groups for Correspondence C TTXSA 
19 VTTZD Help view Summer time rules H TTZD 
20 VTTZR Help view time zone rules H TTZR 
21 VTTZZ Help view time zones H TTZZ 
25 VTUTYP Mass Maintenance of the Roles Price Categories C TUTYHLP 
26 VTVBFCFV Maintenance View for Assigning Calc.Cat FIMA -> CF Indicator C VTVBFCF 
27 VTVBWCFV Maintenance View: Assignment of Flow Types to Cash Flow Ind. C VTVBWCF 
28 VTVFGKOGFV Maintenance view for transaction forms in Risk Management C VTVFGKOGF 
29 VTVSZVERLV Maintenance View: Scenario Progression C VTVSZVERL 
30 VTVZ02 Flow types C TVZ02 
31 VTVZ03 Planned item search C TVZ03 
32 VTVZ05B Internal Transaction: Editing Type C TVZ05B 
33 VTWB_TPPRE Work Breakdown Structure Elements D TWB_PRODUCT 
34 VTZ21 Control of cost elements C TZ21 
35 VTZ39B Maintenance View for Table TZ39B App. 10 Circular R5/97 C TZ39B 
36 VTZ51 Address forms / Letter saluations C TZV50 
37 VTZB04 Flow Type Groups Definition for Cash Flow Display C TZB04 
38 VTZB06 Reference Flow Types per Company Code/Relationship Key C TZB06 
39 VTZB06N Securities: Flow Types Relationship Table C TZB06 
40 VTZB0A Flow types C TZB0A 
41 VTZB0AI Real Estate Flow Types C TZB0A 
42 VTZB0AN Securities: Flow Types C TZB0A 
43 VTZB0A_1 Flow Types C TZB0A 
44 VTZBBB Allocation of Programmed Flow Types C TZBBB 
45 VTZBBB_I Derive Flow Types on Flow Categories C TZBBB 
46 VTZK01 Condition types C TZK01 
47 VTZK01I Condition types C TZK01 
48 VTZK01N Securities: Condition Types C TZK01 
49 VTZK02I Condition group assignment - Condition type C TZK02 
50 VTZK02I1 Condition Group Assignment - Condition Group C TZK02 
51 VTZK041 Definition of Condition Groups C TZK04 
52 VTZK04A Create Condition Group C TZK04 
53 VTZK04N Securities: Condition Groups C TZK04 
54 VTZK06 Not Used C TZK06 
55 VTZK07 Detailed description of condition item C TZK07 
56 VTZPAB2 Status definition selection C TZPAB 
57 VTZPAB3N Securities: Status Transitions Selection C TZPAB 
58 VTZPAI Product types and condition groups C TZPA 
59 VTZPAI1 Product Types in Real Estate Management C TZPA 
60 VTZPAIF Field Selection for Product Type C TZPA 
61 VTZPAIFI Cash Flow Period C TZPA 
62 VTZPBI Product Types (CoCd Data) C TZPAB 
63 VTZPBIFI Cash Flow, Company-Code-Dependent C TZPAB 
64 VTZPLP Plausibility Checks C TZPLP 
65 VTZR4 Copy Offer Role to Lease-Out Role C TZR4 
66 VTZUNI Currency Units C TZUNI 
67 VTZW01 Resubmission (Reminder of Deadline) C TZW01 
68 VUMMAPPLIC Maintenace: list of applications using the Summarizer C SUMMAPPLIC 
69 VUPS01D ALE Distribution Unit: Object Types (Distribution) D TUPS01T 
70 VUPS01D2 ALE Distribution Unit: Distributable Object Types D TUPS01SD 
71 VUPS01H ALE Distribution Unit: HIELEV of Object Types D TUPS01H 
72 VUPS01I ALE Distribution Unit: Object Types (Source) D TUPS01SI 
73 VUPS02 ALE Distribution Unit: Packet Type H TUPS02T 
74 VUPS02D ALE Distribution Unit: Object Types per Packet Type C TUPS02D 
75 VUPS02R ALE Distribution Unit: Confirmations per Packet Type C TUPS02R 
76 VUPS02_MTN Maintenance View for TUPs02 C TUPS02 
77 VUSCRAUTH Authorization Data for Critical Authorizations C USCRAUTH 
78 VUSCRAUTHI Critical Authorizations C USCRAUTHID 
79 VUSCRCOMID Part List for Critical Combinations of Authorizations C USCRCOMID 
80 VUSER001 User data view D USR01 
81 VUSR02_HEADER USR02 View: Header Data P USR02 
82 VUSR02_LOCK USR02 View: User Lock P USR02 
83 VUSR02_PWD USR02 View: Password P USR02 
84 VUSRCOMB Critical Combinations of Authorizations C USRCOMB 
85 VUSRCRCOMB Part List of Variants for Critical Combinations of Auths C USRCRCOMB 
86 VUSREXTID Assignment of External ID to Users C USREXTID 
87 VUSRVAR Variants for Critical Authorizations C USRVAR 
88 VUSRVARCOM Variants for Critical Combinations of Authorizations C USRVARCOM 
89 VUSRVARID Part List of Variants for Critical Authorizations C USRVARID 
90 VV1_TKA00_ER CO-PA: Active Flag for Profitability Analysis V V_TKA00_ER 
91 VV1_TKEOE Profitability Segment Characteristics V V_TKEOE 
92 VV1_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access Keys for Segment-Specific Distribution Keys V V_TKEPSZK 
93 VV1_TKEVG Assign Characteristic Groups to Actual Cycles V V_TKEVG 
94 VV2_T258I_V CO-PA: Assignment of SD Conditions to Value Fields V V_T258I_V 
95 VV2_TKA00_ER CO-PA: Active Flag for Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders V V_TKA00_ER 
96 VV2_TKEOE Distributed Profitability Analysis Characteristics V V_TKEOE 
97 VV2_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access Keys for Segment-Specific Revaluation Keys V V_TKEPSZK 
98 VV2_TKEVG Assign Characteristic Groups to Plan Cycles V V_TKEVG 
99 VV3_TKA00_ER CO-PA: Active Indicator for Profit Center Update V V_TKA00_ER 
100 VV3_TKEOE Segment Level Characteristics V V_TKEOE 
101 VV3_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access Keys for Segment-Specific Events V V_TKEPSZK 
102 VV4_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access Keys for Segment-Specific Forecast Profiles V V_TKEPSZK 
103 VV77RCF_ACT2PROC Assignment of Processes/Activity Types to Recruitment V V77RCF_ACT2PROC 
104 VV77RCF_ACT2PROC_SCP Assignment of Processes/ActivityTypes to Succession Planning V V77RCF_ACT2PROC 
105 VV77RCF_PROC2SUB Assignment of Processes to Recruitment V V77RCF_PROC2SUB 
106 VV77RCF_PROC2SUB_SCP Assignment of Processes to Succession Planning V V77RCF_PROC2SUB 
107 VV77RCF_RCD2STAT Assignment of Status Reason to Status for Recruitment V V77RCF_RCD2STAT 
108 VV77RCF_RCD2STAT_SCP Assignmt of Status Reason to Status for Succession Planning V V77RCF_RCD2STAT 
109 VV77RCF_ROLE2SUB Assignment of Roles to Recruitment V V77RCF_ROLE2SUB 
110 VV77RCF_ROLE2SUB_SCP Assignment of Roles to Succession Planning V V77RCF_ROLE2SUB 
111 VVAR_AT21_2 Treasury: View Variant Derivation Procedure Securities V V_AT21 
112 VVER1 Verification Program: Array Operations and Matchcodes D TVEU12 
113 VVER2 Verification Program: Array Operations for Views - View 2 D TVEU12 
114 VVER3 Verification Program: Array Operations for Views - View 3 P TVEU12 
115 VVERI_CLNT Verifikation der SAP-SQL-Sprachelemente aus ABAP/4-Sicht D VERI_CLNT 
116 VVERI_STRG View auf Tabelle mit Strings D VERI_STRG 
117 VVIBDOBJASS_TRG Object Assignment: Target => Source D VIBDOBJASS 
118 VVIBDOBJREL_ST View: Object-Related Arch./Usage Obj: Source -> Target Type D VIBDOBJREL 
119 VVIBDOBJREL_TS View: Object-Related Arch./Usage Obj: Target -> Source Type D VIBDOBJREL 
120 VVIEXPMFL2OR Functional Locations for Orders D AFIH 
121 VVIEXPMOR2FL Orders for Functional Locations D IFLOT 
122 VVIKOKO View via terms header (VIKOKO) - Real Estate D VIKOKO 
123 VVIMI01 View via VIMI01 with lease number from VIMI04 D VIMI01 
124 VVIMIMAPCNNR Contract Numbers - Selection Using Collective Lease-Out D VIMIMAPCNNR 
125 VVIOB09 View of rental units dependent on property/building D VIMI01 
126 VVIOB10 View of table VIOB10 C VIOB10 
127 VVIOB11_22 View for rooms and their allocation to rental units D VIOB22 
128 VVIOB23_11 View for Rooms, Allocation to RUs and Area per Room D VIOB22 
129 VVIOB40 Areas (Rental Unit) D VIMI01 
130 VVIOB41 Historic Areas (Rental Unit) D VIMI01 
131 VVISCAJSETTLREF Reference of Settlement to Adjustment Records D VISCAJSETTLREF 
132 VVISCMPSUBOBJ Subordinate Objects of Meter D VISCMPSUBOBJ 
133 VVISCROACCFIRM Settlement Company for Settlement Unit D VISCSU 
135 VVISCSUACCFIRM Settlement Unit and External Settlement Company D VISCSU 
136 VVISCSUCO Selection of SUs for BE and Type of SU D VISCSU 
137 VVISCSUPGREL Settlement Units for Participation Groups D VISCSU 
138 VVISCSUREL SU Subordinate to Master SU D VISCSUREL 
140 VVISCS_RENT Rental Period: Selection by Rental Object D VISCS_RENT 
141 VVISCS_RENT_DIST Rental Period and Distribution D VISCS_RENT 
142 VVISL01 View for debit position (predom. build/property usage type) D VIOB01 
143 VVIWB01 WiBe: F4-Hilfe zu Teilberechnung H VIWB01 
144 VVNVSTV Transfer Input Tax Correction Values C VVNVSTBE 
145 VVN_TNAPR_E1 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
146 VVN_TNAPR_EA Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
147 VVN_TNAPR_EF Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
148 VVN_TNAPR_EL Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
149 VVN_TNAPR_ES Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
150 VVN_TNAPR_EV Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
151 VVN_TNAPR_K1 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
152 VVN_TNAPR_M1 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
153 VVN_TNAPR_NF Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
154 VVN_TNAPR_V1 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
155 VVN_TNAPR_V2 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
156 VVN_TNAPR_V3 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
157 VVN_TNAPR_V5 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
158 VVN_TNAPR_V6 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
159 VVN_TNAPR_V7 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
160 VVN_TNAPR_W0 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
161 VVN_TNAPR_W1 Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
162 VVN_TNAPR_WA Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
163 VVN_TNAPR_WB Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
164 VVN_TNAPR_WN Processing Routine V VN_TNAPR 
165 VVN_TNAPR_WR Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
166 VVN_TNAPR_WS Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
167 VVN_TNAPR_WT Processing Routines V VN_TNAPR 
168 VVT77S0_01 View T77S0 V V_T77S0 
169 VVWPANLA_MC1 View of Search Help D VWPANLA 
170 VVZWDVL Administrator view for send table VZWDVL C VZWDVL 
171 VVZZKOP2 View via terms items (VZZKOPO) - Real Estate D VZZKOPO 
172 VV_001P_FI_WT Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Types FI V V_001P_K 
173 VV_158_P_MB Check Rule V V_158_P 
174 VV_159B_MR_RM BTCI Sessions Control V V_159B_MR 
175 VV_160M_V1 System messages V V_160M 
176 VV_160M_V2 System messages V V_160M 
177 VV_161V_VB Stock Transfer Data V V_161V 
178 VV_161V_VF Stock Transfer Data V V_161V 
179 VV_161V_VL Stock Transfer Data V V_161V 
180 VV_162_A Screen Layout: RFQ/Quotation V V_162 
181 VV_162_B Screen Layout: Purchase Requisition V V_162 
182 VV_162_F Screen Layout: Purchase Orders V V_162 
183 VV_162_I Screen Layout: Info Record V V_162 
184 VV_162_K Screen Layout: Contract V V_162 
185 VV_162_L Screen Layout: Scheduling Agreement V V_162 
186 VV_163B_T_V1 PO History Categories: Texts V V_163B_T 
187 VV_166A_VA Supplement Texts: RFQ V V_166A 
188 VV_166A_VF Supplement Texts: Purchase Order V V_166A 
189 VV_166A_VK Supplement Texts: Contract V V_166A 
190 VV_166A_VL Supplement Texts: Scheduling Agreement V V_166A 
191 VV_166A_VQ Supplement Texts: Service Entry Sheet V V_166A 
192 VV_166K_VA Message Header Texts V V_166K 
193 VV_166K_VF Header Texts: Purchase Order V V_166K 
194 VV_166K_VK Header Texts: Contract V V_166K 
195 VV_166K_VL Header Texts: Scheduling Agreement V V_166K 
196 VV_166K_VQ Header Texts: Service Entry Sheet V V_166K 
197 VV_166P_VA Message Item Texts V V_166P 
198 VV_166P_VF Item Texts: Purchase Order V V_166P 
199 VV_166P_VK Item Texts: Contract V V_166P 
200 VV_166P_VL Item Texts: Scheduling Agreement V V_166P 
201 VV_166P_VQ Item Texts: Service Entry Sheet V V_166P 
202 VV_166U_VA Headings: RFQ V V_166U 
203 VV_166U_VF Headings: Purchase Order V V_166U 
204 VV_166U_VK Headings: Contract V V_166U 
205 VV_166U_VL Headings: Scheduling Agreement V V_166U 
206 VV_166U_VQ Headings: Service Entry Sheet V V_166U 
207 VV_169G_PS Tolerance Limits V V_169G 
208 VV_42D7_B_SNHI_AL0 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups V V_52D7_B 
209 VV_460D_RS Number Ranges for Reservations V V_460D 
210 VV_503_FI_WT Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Types FI V V_503_G 
211 VV_510A_FI_PARAKE Identify Parake Structure by Internal Pay Scale Type '02' V V_510A_B 
212 VV_511K_BE_DFCON Viewvariant for constant DFCON V V_T511K 
213 VV_511K_BE_DMFST Viewvariant for constant DMFST V V_T511K 
214 VV_511K_BE_INSRE Viewvariant for constant INSRE V V_T511K 
215 VV_511K_BE_MAXBT Viewvariant for constant MAXBT V V_T511K 
216 VV_511K_BE_PPPRO Viewvariant for constant PPPRO V V_T511K 
217 VV_511K_BE_RTDH1 Viewvariant for payroll constant RTDH1 V V_T511K 
218 VV_511K_B_402G8_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
219 VV_511K_B_415PE_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
220 VV_511K_B_457PE_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
221 VV_511K_B_A2000_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
222 VV_511K_B_AABSA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
223 VV_511K_B_AABSE_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
224 VV_511K_B_AABSO_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
225 VV_511K_B_AABSU_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
226 VV_511K_B_ABBTL_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
227 VV_511K_B_ABFLA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
228 VV_511K_B_AC0_SSCHT Optional SSCHT Flat Rate (Higher Rate) - 39% V V_511K_B 
229 VV_511K_B_AC0_SSCWT ESCT Flat Rate (Lower Rate) - 33% V V_511K_B 
230 VV_511K_B_AC0_TXARD1 Minimum Weekly Tax Arrear Deduction Amount V V_511K_B 
231 VV_511K_B_AC0_TXARR1 Minimum Weekly Salary for Minimum Tax Arrear Deduct V V_511K_B 
232 VV_511K_B_ADDIA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
233 VV_511K_B_ADVRT_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
234 VV_511K_B_AF65N_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
235 VV_511K_B_AF65X_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
236 VV_511K_B_AFBTR_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
237 VV_511K_B_AFPER_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
238 VV_511K_B_AFT0N_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
239 VV_511K_B_AFT0X_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
240 VV_511K_B_AFT1B_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
241 VV_511K_B_AFT1G_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
242 VV_511K_B_AFT1N_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
243 VV_511K_B_AFT1X_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
244 VV_511K_B_AHVPR_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
245 VV_511K_B_AKTFB_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
246 VV_511K_B_ANABA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
247 VV_511K_B_APPEL_AL0 Calculation Constants V V_511K_B 
248 VV_511K_B_ARTDS_470 Maintain Standard Tax Rate at Company Level V V_511K_B 
249 VV_511K_B_ASFAA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
250 VV_511K_B_ASVMA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
251 VV_511K_B_ASVMP_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
252 VV_511K_B_ASVMR_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
253 VV_511K_B_ASVMS_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
254 VV_511K_B_ASYLS_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
255 VV_511K_B_AT_V2KAR Maintain Constant V2KAR for Dynamic Modification V V_511K_B 
256 VV_511K_B_AV651_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
257 VV_511K_B_AVT0V_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
258 VV_511K_B_AVT1B_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
259 VV_511K_B_AVT1G_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
260 VV_511K_B_AVT1O_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
261 VV_511K_B_BCFS1_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
262 VV_511K_B_BCFS2_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
263 VV_511K_B_BCFS3_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
264 VV_511K_B_BCFS4_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
265 VV_511K_B_BNCON_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
266 VV_511K_B_BND01_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
267 VV_511K_B_BND02_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
268 VV_511K_B_BND03_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
269 VV_511K_B_BND04_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
270 VV_511K_B_BND05_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
271 VV_511K_B_BND06_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
272 VV_511K_B_BND07_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
273 VV_511K_B_BND08_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
274 VV_511K_B_BND09_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
275 VV_511K_B_BND10_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
276 VV_511K_B_BND11_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
277 VV_511K_B_BNEXN_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
278 VV_511K_B_BNJUP_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
279 VV_511K_B_BNST2_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
280 VV_511K_B_BNTAB_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
281 VV_511K_B_BRP1A_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
282 VV_511K_B_BSL1A_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
283 VV_511K_B_BSL2A_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
284 VV_511K_B_BTRFB_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
285 VV_511K_B_CADTR_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
286 VV_511K_B_CC3BC_AL0 Payroll constants V V_T511K 
287 VV_511K_B_CCLMA_AC0 Maximum Age of Child for Child Care Leave Eligibility V V_511K_B 
288 VV_511K_B_CCLMS_AC0 Minimum Seniority of Employee for Leave Eligibility V V_511K_B 
289 VV_511K_B_CHILD_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
290 VV_511K_B_CHILT_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
291 VV_511K_B_CHREG_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
292 VV_511K_B_CIKOK_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
293 VV_511K_B_CINSS_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
294 VV_511K_B_CLAIM_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
295 VV_511K_B_CNMRT_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
296 VV_511K_B_CONTR_AL0 Calculation Constants V V_511K_B 
297 VV_511K_B_COT30_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
298 VV_511K_B_CRPRK_PCO Rate of Perquisite for COCS V V_511K_B 
299 VV_511K_B_CUTOF_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
300 VV_511K_B_DAYSW Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
301 VV_511K_B_DBVVG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
302 VV_511K_B_DEC1P_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
303 VV_511K_B_DECPR_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
304 VV_511K_B_DECSE_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
305 VV_511K_B_DEFER_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
306 VV_511K_B_DEFI0_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
307 VV_511K_B_DGFL1_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
308 VV_511K_B_DGFL2_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
309 VV_511K_B_DGFL3_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
310 VV_511K_B_DGFL4_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
311 VV_511K_B_DGFL5_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
312 VV_511K_B_DGFL6_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
313 VV_511K_B_DGFL7_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
314 VV_511K_B_DGFL8_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
315 VV_511K_B_DGFL9_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
316 VV_511K_B_DGFLA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
317 VV_511K_B_DGIPR_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
318 VV_511K_B_DIACS_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
319 VV_511K_B_DIARS_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
320 VV_511K_B_DIFFE_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
321 VV_511K_B_DMWCT_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
322 VV_511K_B_DNUFO Disable Union Fee Optimization V V_T511K 
323 VV_511K_B_DOPZF_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
324 VV_511K_B_DPVWB_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
325 VV_511K_B_DPVWT_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
326 VV_511K_B_DUKZG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
327 VV_511K_B_DYSMN_470 Maintain Number of Working Days in a Month V V_511K_B 
328 VV_511K_B_DZVPR_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
329 VV_511K_B_EHESW_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
330 VV_511K_B_EHEXT_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
331 VV_511K_B_ESC01_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
332 VV_511K_B_ESC02_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
333 VV_511K_B_ESC03_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
334 VV_511K_B_ESC04_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
335 VV_511K_B_ESC05_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
336 VV_511K_B_ESC06_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
337 VV_511K_B_ESC07_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
338 VV_511K_B_ESC08_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
339 VV_511K_B_ESC09_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
340 VV_511K_B_ESC10_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
341 VV_511K_B_ESC11_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
342 VV_511K_B_EXPAT_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
343 VV_511K_B_F24QT_L7D Constant for Printing Form 24Q Based on Company Code V V_511K_B 
344 VV_511K_B_FCP13 Constant FCP13 V V_511K_B 
345 VV_511K_B_FGPSM Constant FGPSM V V_511K_B 
346 VV_511K_B_FGTSD_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
347 VV_511K_B_FIXRT_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
348 VV_511K_B_FLAGF_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
349 VV_511K_B_FLAGG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
350 VV_511K_B_FREIA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
351 VV_511K_B_GENAU_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
352 VV_511K_B_GLMAX_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
353 VV_511K_B_GLMIN_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
354 VV_511K_B_GRDRR_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
355 VV_511K_B_GRFED_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
356 VV_511K_B_GRTYR_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
357 VV_511K_B_GWOGA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
358 VV_511K_B_GWP1A_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
359 VV_511K_B_GWUGA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
360 VV_511K_B_GZOEC_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
361 VV_511K_B_HDAPP_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
362 VV_511K_B_HMIMP_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
363 VV_511K_B_HRDFP_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
364 VV_511K_B_IA86R_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
365 VV_511K_B_IDRMN_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
366 VV_511K_B_ILTDI_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
367 VV_511K_B_ILTME_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
368 VV_511K_B_IMPCC_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
369 VV_511K_B_IMPEE Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
370 VV_511K_B_IMPES Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
371 VV_511K_B_IMP_1_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
372 VV_511K_B_INF01_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
373 VV_511K_B_INF02_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
374 VV_511K_B_INF03_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
375 VV_511K_B_INF04_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
376 VV_511K_B_INF05_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
377 VV_511K_B_INF06_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
378 VV_511K_B_INF07_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
379 VV_511K_B_INF08_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
380 VV_511K_B_INF09_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
381 VV_511K_B_INF10_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
382 VV_511K_B_INF11_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
383 VV_511K_B_INSSR IMG view - rounding control SS V V_511K_B 
384 VV_511K_B_IPISU_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
385 VV_511K_B_JLCON_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
386 VV_511K_B_JP_CMPCM Payroll constants: Comp. calc. option of commuter allowance V V_511K_B 
387 VV_511K_B_JP_WGCCM Payroll constants: Wage calc. option of commuter allowance V V_511K_B 
388 VV_511K_B_JUAGE_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
389 VV_511K_B_JUB01_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
390 VV_511K_B_JUB02_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
391 VV_511K_B_JUB03_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
392 VV_511K_B_JUB04_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
393 VV_511K_B_JUB05_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
394 VV_511K_B_JUHIG_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
395 VV_511K_B_JULOW_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
396 VV_511K_B_KDAB1_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
397 VV_511K_B_KDAB2_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
398 VV_511K_B_KDABX_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
399 VV_511K_B_KEKIN_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
400 VV_511K_B_KGPJ0_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
401 VV_511K_B_KITAX_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
402 VV_511K_B_KOVMX_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
403 VV_511K_B_KOVPC_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
404 VV_511K_B_KRGEB_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
405 VV_511K_B_L4H_LFRRT Tax Rate for Low-income Foreigners V V_511K_B 
406 VV_511K_B_L4H_NPNHI Activate Checking Amount of NHI and NP V V_511K_B 
407 VV_511K_B_L7D_TXVAD Start Day for Tax Cumulation V V_511K_B 
408 VV_511K_B_LAFDM Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
409 VV_511K_B_LANPA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
410 VV_511K_B_LBST1_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
411 VV_511K_B_LBST2_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
412 VV_511K_B_LBSTB_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
413 VV_511K_B_LDMNA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
414 VV_511K_B_LDPIN_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
415 VV_511K_B_LDPPA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
416 VV_511K_B_LDPRE_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
417 VV_511K_B_LEAVE_AC0 Maintain Constant for Parental Leave Payout Claim V V_511K_B 
418 VV_511K_B_LFACT_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
419 VV_511K_B_LHRDY Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
420 VV_511K_B_LIDEF_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
421 VV_511K_B_LIEEP_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
422 VV_511K_B_LIERP_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
423 VV_511K_B_LIFRT_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
424 VV_511K_B_LINHI_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
425 VV_511K_B_LIRIM_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
426 VV_511K_B_LIRTE_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
427 VV_511K_B_LJMAX_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
428 VV_511K_B_LLHDA_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
429 VV_511K_B_LLMAX_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
430 VV_511K_B_LLRND_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
431 VV_511K_B_LMB65_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
432 VV_511K_B_LMNL1_470 Maximum number of loans allowed at a time V V_511K_B 
433 VV_511K_B_LMNL2_470 Maximum number of loans allowed V V_511K_B 
434 VV_511K_B_LOHNF_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
435 VV_511K_B_LOHNG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
436 VV_511K_B_LOHNP_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
437 VV_511K_B_LONPI_470 Maintain Penal Amount Percentage for Special Repayment V V_511K_B 
438 VV_511K_B_LOSTV Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
439 VV_511K_B_LP165_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
440 VV_511K_B_LPER1_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
441 VV_511K_B_LPER2_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
442 VV_511K_B_LPER3_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
443 VV_511K_B_LPREM_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
444 VV_511K_B_LSCH1_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
445 VV_511K_B_LSCH2_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
446 VV_511K_B_LSK0A_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
447 VV_511K_B_LSMD1_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
448 VV_511K_B_LSMD2_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
449 VV_511K_B_LSMPA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
450 VV_511K_B_LTB65_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
451 VV_511K_B_LVACR_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
452 VV_511K_B_LVELD_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
453 VV_511K_B_LWOPC_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
454 VV_511K_B_LWOPL_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
455 VV_511K_B_MAX13_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
456 VV_511K_B_MEDIF_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
457 VV_511K_B_MESAY_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
458 VV_511K_B_MESLI_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
459 VV_511K_B_MINSD Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
460 VV_511K_B_MNPPR_470 Maintain Minimum Wage Factor V V_511K_B 
461 VV_511K_B_MO2HR_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
462 VV_511K_B_MSCHG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
463 VV_511K_B_MSCHT_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
464 VV_511K_B_MSVRT_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
465 VV_511K_B_N0001_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
466 VV_511K_B_NDSFM Payroll constant NDSFM V V_511K_B 
467 VV_511K_B_NETAX_L7D Maintain NE State Tax Exemption Constant V V_511K_B 
468 VV_511K_B_NHADJ_AL0 NHI Adjustment Percentage Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
469 VV_511K_B_NHAVE_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
470 VV_511K_B_NHMAX_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
471 VV_511K_B_NHPCT_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
472 VV_511K_B_NHSBM_AL0 NHI Subsidy Percentage for Medium Incomer V V_511K_B 
473 VV_511K_B_NPCMT_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
474 VV_511K_B_OPTAA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
475 VV_511K_B_OTFEM_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
476 VV_511K_B_OTMAN_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
477 VV_511K_B_P68AM_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
478 VV_511K_B_P77GR Exemption Limit Acc. to EStG Sec. 77, Sentence 4 V V_511K_B 
479 VV_511K_B_PADIA_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
480 VV_511K_B_PBONP_AL0 Payroll Constants V V_511K_B 
481 VV_511K_B_PCIEN Payroll constant PCIEN V V_T511K 
482 VV_511K_B_PERER PERER constant V V_511K_B 
483 VV_511K_B_PERIC_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
484 VV_511K_B_PERND_AL0 Payroll constants V V_511K_B 
485 VV_511K_B_PEURO Payroll Parameter - Commuter Deduction V V_511K_B 
486 VV_511K_B_PFAG1_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
487 VV_511K_B_PFAG2_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
488 VV_511K_B_PFAG3_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
489 VV_511K_B_PFAG4_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
490 VV_511K_B_PFAG5_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
491 VV_511K_B_PFB0M Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
492 VV_511K_B_PFB1M Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
493 VV_511K_B_PFB2M Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
494 VV_511K_B_PFBEV_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
495 VV_511K_B_PFDIS Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
496 VV_511K_B_PFDKO_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
497 VV_511K_B_PFGLG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
498 VV_511K_B_PFMAG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
499 VV_511K_B_PFMBA_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B 
500 VV_511K_B_PFMBG_AL0 Payroll Parameters V V_511K_B