View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TRRLCGF Assignment: Condition Type to Condition Type Group C TRRLCGF 
2 V_TRRLRG Remuneration List Groups C TRRLRG 
3 V_TRRLRGF Assignment: Condition Type Group to Remuneration List Group C TRRLRGF 
4 V_TRSE1 Reset Objects (Delete before going productive) C TRSE1 
5 V_TRSET Reset Objects: Procedure Logic C TRSET 
6 V_TRSTHC View for table TRSTHC (hierarchy class directory) C TRSTHC 
7 V_TRSTHV Table TRSTHV (hierarchy directory) C TRSTHV 
8 V_TRSTHV_C Section of table TRSTHV (hierarchy directory) C TRSTHV 
9 V_TRSTHV_ECMC Hierarchy Maintenance C TRSTHV 
10 V_TRSTI BRST Sender -> Recipient Allocation C TRSTI 
11 V_TRTBF Determine by Route Schedule C TRTBF 
12 V_TRTP_US_AGE_LM Maintain age limits C TRTP_US_AGE_LIM 
13 V_TRTP_US_AMNTID Maintain amount identifiers C TRTP_US_AMNTID 
14 V_TRTP_US_AM_CAT Posting category and Amount indentifier mapping C TRTP_US_AM_CAT 
15 V_TRTP_US_BP_ED Maintain role types specific for a Coverdell ESA C TRTP_US_BP_ED 
16 V_TRTP_US_CNT_DT Maintain contribution dates C TRTP_US_CONT_DAT 
17 V_TRTP_US_CNT_LM Maintain contribution limits C TRTP_US_CONT_LIM 
18 V_TRTP_US_CNT_TP Associate type codes to contribution limit codes C TRTP_US_CONT_TYP 
19 V_TRTP_US_CONT Maintain contribution codes C TRTP_US_CONT 
20 V_TRTP_US_DIST_P Maintain distribution period C TRTP_US_DIST_PER 
21 V_TRTP_US_D_REL Associated distribution sub-code to an IRS distribution code C TRTP_US_D_REL 
22 V_TRTP_US_FSTAT Maintenance view for table trtp_us_fstat C TRTP_US_FSTAT 
23 V_TRTP_US_GEN Maintain general defaults C TRTP_US_GEN 
24 V_TRTP_US_JLIFE Maintain life expectancy (joint lifes) C TRTP_US_JLIFE 
25 V_TRTP_US_LIM_ID Maintain contribution limit codes C TRTP_US_LIM_ID 
26 V_TRTP_US_PLANTP Maintain plan type description C TRTP_US_PLANTYPE 
27 V_TRTP_US_PLAN_I Maintain number range numbers for plan types C TRTP_US_PLAN_INF 
28 V_TRTP_US_SLIFE Maintain life expectancy (single life) C TRTP_US_SLIFE 
29 V_TRTP_US_TRANS Maintain Withholding transaction type for retirement payment C TRTP_US_TRANS 
30 V_TRUG Reason for Variances C TRUG 
31 V_TRUGS Link between reason for variance and user status C TRUGS 
32 V_TRUS Confirmation as Collective Transaction C TRUS 
33 V_TRUS_40 Collective Confirmation/Preliminary Entry C TRUS 
34 V_TRVOR "Control Statements" C TRVOR 
35 V_TRWCA View for Component EXTX C TRWCA 
36 V_TRWCA_VV View for Financial Assets Management Component C TRWCA 
37 V_TRWLVH List of variants for FI-SL line item reports (header) C TRWLVH 
38 V_TRWLVL List of variants for FI-SL line item reports (fields) C TRWLVL 
39 V_TRXEC Tracking: Main Transaction Types C TRXEC 
40 V_TRXEVT Tracking: Transactions and Events C TRXEVT 
41 V_TRXIC Tracking: Code Types for Tracking IDs C TRXIC 
42 V_TRXLC Tracking: Code types for locations C TRXLC 
43 V_TRXPC Tracking: Partner code types C TRXPC 
44 V_TRXRT Tracking: Types of route C TRXRT 
45 V_TRXSEC Tracking: Types of sub-operation C TRXSEC 
46 V_TSAB Contact Persons: Standard Departments C TSAB 
47 V_TSAD2 Academic Title (Business Address Services) C TSAD2 
48 V_TSAD3 Titles (Business Address Services) C TSAD3 
49 V_TSAD3HR Conversion of Address: HR - Format - SAP Business Partner C TSAD3HR 
50 V_TSAD3HR_NEW Conversion of Form of Address: HR - SAP-BP C BBP_TSAD3HR 
51 V_TSAD4 Name Prefixes (Business Address Services) C TSAD4 
52 V_TSAD5 Name Supplements/Noble Titles (Business Address Services) C TSAD5 
53 V_TSADC Communication types C TSADC 
54 V_TSADGREC Threshold for Duplicate List in SAP Dialog Box C TSADRVGRPE 
55 V_TSADGRPC Customizing settings for logical search pools C TSADRVGRP 
56 V_TSADV International address versions C TSADV 
57 V_TSAKR Create G/L Accounts With Reference C TSAKR 
58 V_TSAN Standard Article Numbers C TSAN 
59 V_TSAPPLS Maintenance Registration for App.-Defined Subscreen Area C TSAPPLSUB 
60 V_TSAV International address versions C TSAV 
61 V_TSC0C Selection Table C TSC0C 
62 V_TSCGR_CUSTOMER Screen Group Maintenance for Customer Master Data Enhancemt C TVENDCUST_SCGR 
63 V_TSCGR_VENDOR Screen Group Maintenance for Vendor Master Data Enhancement C TVENDCUST_SCGR 
64 V_TSDOC_01 User Parameters for Documentation C TSDOC 
65 V_TSEGDURA Logical Duration of Time Segment C TTSEGDURA 
67 V_TSEGLOCA Time Segments for Locations C TTSEGLOCA 
68 V_TSEGMAPP Time Segment Mapping to Inline Times C TTSEGMAPP 
69 V_TSEGOBJE Objects (Tables/Structures) in Time Segment C TTSEGOBJE 
70 V_TSEGPROJ Projects in Time Segment C TTSEGPROJ 
72 V_TSEGTPLD Time Segment: Default Template for Object C TTSEGTPLD 
73 V_TSEGTPLE Time Segment Event Template C TTSEGTPLE 
74 V_TSEGTPLH Time Segment Template Header C TTSEGTPLH 
75 V_TSEGTPLR Time Segment Template for Application Relationship C TTSEGTPLR 
76 V_TSEGTPLV Time Segment Views Template C TTSEGTPLV 
77 V_TSEGVERT Time Segment Version Types C TTSEGVERT 
78 V_TSEQ02 Replenishment Strategy SeqJC External Procurement C TSEQ02 
79 V_TSFG Forwarding Agent - Freight Groups C TSFG 
80 V_TSKD Customer Taxes C TSKD 
81 V_TSKM Material Taxes C TSKM 
82 V_TSMT_APPL Application C TSMT_APPL 
84 V_TSMT_CHECK_C Client-Dependent: Field Check C TSMT_CHECK_C 
85 V_TSMT_CHECK_RO Field-Check, Read Only V V_TSMT_CHECK 
86 V_TSMT_CHKEY Key Fields of a Change Structure C TSMT_CHKEY 
89 V_TSMT_EVENT_C Event, Client-Dependent C TSMT_EVENT_C 
90 V_TSMT_EVENT_RO Event: Not Changeable V V_TSMT_EVENT 
91 V_TSMT_MAPPING Group of Field Assignments C TSMT_MAPPING 
92 V_TSMT_MAPPING_C Client-Dependent: Group of Field Assignments C TSMT_MAPPING_C 
93 V_TSMT_MAPPING_RO Group of Field Assignments, Read Only V V_TSMT_MAPPING 
94 V_TSMT_PACKAGES Packages of a Package Group C TSMT_PACKAGES 
96 V_TSMT_TR Call-Up of a Transformation C TSMT_TR 
97 V_TSMT_TRCP Parameter of a Condition C TSMT_TRCP 
98 V_TSMT_TRCP_C Client-Dependent: Parameter of a Condition C TSMT_TRCP_C 
99 V_TSMT_TRCP_RO Parameter of a Condition, Read Only V V_TSMT_TRCP 
100 V_TSMT_TRP Parameter of a Transformation C TSMT_TRP 
101 V_TSMT_TRP_C Client-Dependent: Parameter of a Transformation C TSMT_TRP_C 
102 V_TSMT_TRP_RO Parameter of a Transformation, Read Only V V_TSMT_TRP 
103 V_TSMT_TR_C Client-Dependent: Call-Up of a Transformation C TSMT_TR_C 
104 V_TSMT_TR_RO Call-Up of a Transformation, Read Only V V_TSMT_TR 
105 V_TSMW3STOP1 Stop behavior of Flow Control in Error Situations C TSMW3STOP1 
106 V_TSMW3STOP2 Stop behavior for BDoc Type Selections C TSMW3STOP2 
107 V_TSOBJECT View: Check Table for Standard Tasks D HRSOBJECT 
108 V_TSOPCFAV Maintenance of View for PC Favorites C TSOPCFAV 
109 V_TSP0F Maintain View for Archive Device C TSP0F 
110 V_TSPA Divisions C TSPA 
111 V_TSPG0 Customizing View: Visualization Profile C TSPG0 
112 V_TSPG1 Maintenance for Table TSPG1 C TSPG1 
113 V_TSPG2 Customizing for Sequencing: Order Characteristics C TSPG2 
114 V_TSPG3 Customizing for sequencing: Job profile C TSPG3 
115 V_TSPG4 Customizing for Sequencing: Color Assignment C TSPG4 
116 V_TSPG5 Maint. View for Default Visualization Profile (Sequencing) C TSPG5 
117 V_TSPP0 Maintenance View for Sequencing Planning Profile C TSPP0 
118 V_TSPP1 Maintenance View for Procedure Profile for Sequencing C TSPP1 
119 V_TSPP1_HEIJ Maintenance View for Procedure Profile for Sequencing C TSPP1 
120 V_TSPP2 Maintenance View for Default Planning Profile (Sequencing) C TSPP2 
121 V_TSR01 Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules C TSR01 
122 V_TSR0E Strategy for Automatic Settlement Rule Generation C TSR0E 
123 V_TSRTB Sort strings C TSRTB 
124 V_TSTATUSCALC Status Calculation Methods C TSTATUSCALC 
125 V_TSTATUSCL_TEW Open Order/Delivery Control C TSTATUSCALC_TEW 
126 V_TSTATUSCUST Trading Contract: Status Calculation C TSTATUSCUST 
128 V_TSTATUSCUST_PR Trading Contract: Status Calculation C TSTATUSCUST_PROF 
129 V_TSTATUSFIELDS Trading Contract: Status Fields C TSTATUSFIELDS 
131 V_TSTCS External Transaction Start with skip-first-screen Allowed C TSTCS 
132 V_TSTDEV_CP Component Events C TSTDEV 
133 V_TSTDEV_NV Events for Networks C TSTDEV 
134 V_TSTDEV_PO Events for Orders C TSTDEV 
135 V_TSTDEV_PR Events for WBS C TSTDEV 
136 V_TSTEXT View: Text Table for Standard Tasks D HRS1000 
137 V_TSTGC Consolidation test data C TSTGC 
138 V_TSTL Taxes: Tax Categories by Country C TSTL 
139 V_TSTNTY_CP Status Info Type for Progress Tracking Component C TSTNTY 
140 V_TSTNTY_NV Status Info Type for Progress Tracking Network C TSTNTY 
141 V_TSTNTY_PO Status Info Type for Progress Tracking Order C TSTNTY 
142 V_TSTNTY_PR Status Info Type for Progress Tracking WBS C TSTNTY 
143 V_TSTRIDSD View: Work Times D TTSTRSD 
144 V_TSTRK VarChart Graphics: Strikethrough type C TSTRK 
145 V_TSUM02 Replenishment Strategy: Ext. Procurement for SumJC C TSUM02 
146 V_TSUM03 Replenishment Strategy Stock Transfer for SumJC C TSUM03 
147 V_TSUMSCP Scheduling Profile Production Supply C TSUMSCP 
148 V_TSYST Maintenance View for Transport Systems C TSYST 
149 V_TTCTYP2HEDGE Assignment of Trading Contract Type - Hedge Type C TTCTYP2HEDGE 
150 V_TTDS Transportation planning points C TTDS 
151 V_TTDS_CUS Maintain View: Transport. Planning Point Pricing Procedure C TTDS 
152 V_TTDS_STA Statistics Units for Shipment Documents C TTDS 
153 V_TTDS_TPL Transportation Planning Point: Transport. Planning System C TTDS 
154 V_TTDS_TPS Transportation Planning Point: Transport. Planning System C TTDS 
155 V_TTEM_BUSPRTYP Mapping: Business Process Types C TTEM_BUSPRTYP 
157 V_TTEM_PATXGRP Mapping: Partner Taxability Groups C TTEM_PATXGRP 
158 V_TTEM_PATXTYP Mapping: Partner Taxability Type C TTEM_PATXTYP 
160 V_TTEM_PRTXGRP Mapping: Product Taxability Groups C TTEM_PRTXGRP 
161 V_TTEM_PRTXTYP Mapping: Product Taxability Type C TTEM_PRTXTYP 
162 V_TTEM_ROLE Mapping: Partner Roles C TTEM_ROLE 
163 V_TTEM_TAXTYP Mapping: Tax Types C TTEM_TAXTYPE 
164 V_TTEM_USAGE Mapping: Usage Codes C TTEM_USAGE 
165 V_TTEV_TAXDET Tax Event Determination C TTEC_TAXDET 
166 V_TTEV_TAXDET_EU Tax Determination in the EU C TTEC_TAXDET_EU 
167 V_TTE_PROPERTY Assign Property Types to Tax Types C TB070 
168 V_TTGR Delivery Scheduling: Transport Groups C TTGR 
169 V_TTOOL01 View for Test Tool Parameters C TTOOL01 
170 V_TTP_COND Deactivation of Conversion of TP Condition Values C TTP_COND 
171 V_TTRCD Minimum and Maximum Amounts per Bank Account C TTRCD 
172 V_TTREVCHA Versions: Structure Comparison View; All Values D TTREV_COMP 
173 V_TTREVCHD Versions: Structure Comparison View D TTREV_COMP 
174 V_TTREV_HA Versions: Comparison Management View; All Values D TTREV_HEAD 
175 V_TTREV_HD Versions: Comparison Management View D TTREV_HEAD 
176 V_TTSG Shipment Blocking Reason C TTSG 
177 V_TTSTRSD Work Times from SD View (Time Bar) C TTSTR 
179 V_TTXAD Correspondence: Definition Dialog Box C TTXAD 
180 V_TTXADD Correspondence: Definition Dialog Box C TTXAD 
181 V_TTXBFD Correspondence Interface: Letters C TTXBF 
182 V_TTXBSD Correspondence Interface: Letter-Module Relationship C TTXBS 
183 V_TTXC_ABA Assignment of External Tax System to Logical Destination C TTXC 
184 V_TTXD Jurisdiction Code Structure C TTXD 
185 V_TTXD_ABA Jurisdiction Code Structure C TTXD 
186 V_TTXER_N Maintain Text Determination Procedure C TTXERN 
187 V_TTXG Maintenance View for Text Determination Procedures C TTXG 
188 V_TTXG_N Text Determination Procedure for Object C TTXG 
189 V_TTXID View maintenance of text ID's and associated texts C TTXID 
190 V_TTXIDI Text IDs allowed C TTXID 
191 V_TTXID_BPAR Notes for Business Partner (Role-Dependent) C TTXID 
192 V_TTXID_BPAR_ALL Notes for Business Partner (General) C TTXID 
193 V_TTXID_BPAR_I1 Notes for Business Partner (General) C TTXID 
194 V_TTXID_FTR Memos for Financial Transaction C TTXID 
195 V_TTXID_LV Limit Management: Maintenance View for Limit Notes C TTXID 
196 V_TTXID_LV2 Limit Management: View Maintenance for Reservation Notes C TTXID 
197 V_TTXID_LV3 View Maintenance: Limit Transfer Notes C TTXID 
198 V_TTXID_MA Memos for Master Agreement C TTXID 
199 V_TTXID_MM Purchasing Texts C TTXID 
200 V_TTXID_MM_UPD Purchasing Texts C TTXID 
201 V_TTXID_N Maintain Text ID for Object C TTXID 
202 V_TTXID_SD Maintenance View: Text Types for Given Text Object C TTXID 
203 V_TTXID_WCOCOH Maintenance of Text ID for Header C TTXID 
204 V_TTXID_WCOCOI Text ID Maintenance for Entitled Partner C TTXID 
205 V_TTXID_WCOCOP Text ID Maintenance for Partner C TTXID 
206 V_TTXJ Tax Jurisdiction C TTXJ 
207 V_TTXJ_CORE Tax Jurisdiction C TTXJ 
208 V_TTXJ_CORE_ABA Define Tax Jurisdictions C TTXJ 
209 V_TTXM_X View on TTXM and TTXX D TTXM 
210 V_TTXOBI Valid Text Objects C TTXOB 
211 V_TTXOB_U View Maintenance of Text Objects C TTXOB 
212 V_TTXP Product Codes (External Interface) C TTXP 
213 V_TTXS View for Texts in Determination Procedure C TTXER 
214 V_TTXS_TC Text Types in Text Schema H TTXERN 
215 V_TTXVR_N Access Sequence for Text ID C TTXVR 
216 V_TTXZI_N Maintain Accesses C TTXZI 
217 V_TTXZ_N Access Sequence for Text Determination Procedure C TTXZ 
218 V_TTYPS FI Summarization: Document Fields Allowed C TTYPS 
219 V_TTYPV FI Summarization Dependent on the Object Type C TTYPV 
220 V_TTYPVX Enhanced Document Summarization in FI C TTYPVX 
221 V_TTYPV_JFBR IS-M/SD: Document Summarization for Bank Returns Transfer V V_TTYPV 
222 V_TTYPV_JFCP IS-M/SD: Doc. Summ. for Collective and Field Coll. Transfer V V_TTYPV 
223 V_TTYPV_JFRA IS-M/SD: Doc. Summarization for Revenue Accrual Transfer V V_TTYPV 
224 V_TTYPV_JFRK IS-M/SD: Doc. Summ. for Individual and Payment Card Transfer V V_TTYPV 
225 V_TTYPV_JKAT IS-M/SD: Doc. Summarization for Liability Account Transfer V V_TTYPV 
226 V_TTYPV_JLRK IS-M/SD: Doc. Summ. for Home Del. and Comm. Sett. Transfer V V_TTYPV 
227 V_TTZ5 Assign Time Tones to Countries C TTZ5 
228 V_TTZ5S Assignment of time zones to countries / regions C TTZ5S 
229 V_TTZ5SX Assignment of time zones to countries / regions C TTZ5S 
230 V_TTZ5X Assign Time Tones to Countries C TTZ5 
231 V_TTZ5Z Assignment of Time Zones to Postal Codes C TTZ5Z 
232 V_TTZD Summer time rules C TTZD 
233 V_TTZDF Fixed summer time rules (year-specific) C TTZDF 
234 V_TTZDV Variable Summer time rules C TTZDV 
235 V_TTZEX Convert time zone ID ext. -> SAP C TTZEX 
236 V_TTZR Time zone rules C TTZR 
237 V_TTZZ Time zones C TTZZ 
238 V_TUPROF Assgmnt of Purchase Value Change Prof. to Revaluation Prof. C TUPROF 
239 V_TURLTYPE Entry and Maintenance of URL Types for T001URL C TURLTYPE 
240 V_TUWS_LDAPKEY View for Table tuws_ldapkey C TUWS_LDAPKEY 
241 V_TUWS_LDAPVAR View for Table tuws_ldapkey C TUWS_LDAPKEY 
243 V_TVAG Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons C TVAG 
244 V_TVAK Maintain Sales Order Types C TVAK 
245 V_TVAKU Maintain Sales Order Types - Overview C TVAK 
246 V_TVAKZ Sales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org. C TVAKZ 
247 V_TVAKZ_GG Sales Documents: Allowed DocTypes per SArea & Avail.Period C TVAKZ 
248 V_TVAKZ_W Allowed order types per sales organization C TVAKZ 
249 V_TVAK_CON Legal Control: Order Types C TVAK 
250 V_TVAK_DEF Default Contract Restrictions per Contract Type C TVAK 
251 V_TVAK_FCS Sales Document Types: Full Text Search for Customer C TVAK 
252 V_TVAK_FPL Maintain Assignment of Billing Plan Type to Sales Doc.Type C TVAK 
253 V_TVAK_GT Sales Document Types: GTIN Mapping C TVAK 
254 V_TVAK_HI Hierarchy Type for Pricing C TVAK 
255 V_TVAK_IV Sales Order Types for Inter-Company Billing C TVAK 
256 V_TVAK_KRE Sales Document Types - Credit Limit Check C TVAK 
257 V_TVAK_LOC Risk Management: Document Control C TVAK 
258 V_TVAK_LS Sales Document Types: Material Listing and Exclusion C TVAK 
259 V_TVAK_MEV Billing Type for Period-End Posting to Sales Doc. Type C TVAK 
260 V_TVAK_NAC Sales Document Types - Output Assignment C TVAK 
261 V_TVAK_OPA Document Types for Late Entry Using Barcode C TVAK 
262 V_TVAK_PGR Sales Documents: Types - Checking Group C TVAK 
263 V_TVAK_PR Sales Document Types: Document Pricing Procedures C TVAK 
264 V_TVAK_PTR Default Partner Function for Order Type C TVAK 
265 V_TVAK_PV Sales Documents: Types - Product Proposal C TVAK 
266 V_TVAK_RPL Assign Paym. Card Plan Types to Sls Doc. Types C TVAK 
267 V_TVAK_SD Assignment: Partner Determination Procedure to Order Type C TVAK 
268 V_TVAK_STG Sales Documents: Types: Statistics Group C TVAK 
269 V_TVAK_SU Sales Document Types: Material Substitution C TVAK 
270 V_TVAK_T1 Maintain TVAK Test C TVAK 
271 V_TVAK_TER Sales Documents: Types - Scheduling C TVAK 
272 V_TVAK_TXT Textprocedure assignement C TVAK 
273 V_TVAK_VB Sales Documents Types - Shipping Conditions C TVAK 
274 V_TVAK_VUV Error Logs for Sales Document Header C TVAK 
275 V_TVAK_VW Sales Order - Listing for Version Change C TVAK 
276 V_TVAK_W Maintain Promo./Receiving Pnt Deter. Per Sales Doc. Type C TVAK 
277 V_TVAK_WRF Scheduling with route schedule for sales document type C TVAK 
278 V_TVAP Maintain Item Categories C TVAP 
279 V_TVAPR Maintain Item Categories: Revenue Recognition C TVAP 
280 V_TVAP_BOS Assign Bill of Service Type to Item Category C TVAP 
281 V_TVAP_CH Automatic Batch Determination for Sales Order Item Cats. C TVAP 
282 V_TVAP_CON Legal Control: Order Item Categories C TVAP 
283 V_TVAP_CS Alternative Determination in SD C TVAP 
284 V_TVAP_D Display of Item Categories Assigned to Document Type C TVAP 
285 V_TVAP_EIU FT: Item types sales: Document pricing procedure incompl. C TVAP 
286 V_TVAP_FPL Maintain Assignment of Billing Plan Type to Item Category C TVAP 
287 V_TVAP_KRE Item Categories - Credit Limit Check C TVAP 
288 V_TVAP_MAB Declarations to the Authorities: Assign Exclusion Indicators C TVAP 
289 V_TVAP_NAC Output View TVAP C TVAP 
290 V_TVAP_PR Sales Documents: Pricing for Item Categories C TVAP 
291 V_TVAP_SD Assignment: Partner Determination Procedure to Item Category C TVAP 
292 V_TVAP_STG Sales Documents: Item Categories: Statistics Group C TVAP 
293 V_TVAP_TXT Text procedure assignement C TVAP 
294 V_TVAP_VR Sales Documents: Determine Costs for Item Categories C TVAP 
295 V_TVAP_VUV Error Logs for Sales Document Item Categories C TVAP 
296 V_TVARA Archiving Control for Sales Documents C TVARA 
297 V_TVARC Variant Conditions C TVARC 
298 V_TVARK Archiving Control for Sales Activities C TVARK 
299 V_TVARL Archiving Control for Deliveries C TVARL 
300 V_TVARN Central Archiving Control C TVARN 
301 V_TVARR Archiving Control for Billing Documents C TVARR 
302 V_TVARS Archiving Control for Shipments C TVARS 
303 V_TVAS Sales Documents: Blocking Reasons C TVAST 
304 V_TVASB Action procedure C TVAS 
305 V_TVASP Sales Document Blocks C TVASP 
306 V_TVAT001_A Changeable tax base amount C TVAT001 
307 V_TVAT001_B Tax conversion between document and local currency C TVAT001 
308 V_TVAU Sales Documents: Order Reasons C TVAU 
309 V_TVAUK Cost Center Determination C TVAUK 
310 V_TVAV Contact Person: Buying Habits C TVAV 
311 V_TVBO Rebate Groups C TVBO 
312 V_TVBPROC ATP: Business Transaction C TVBPROC 
313 V_TVBR Contact Person: Call Frequency C TVBR 
314 V_TVBST SD Documents: Processing Status: Texts C TVBST 
315 V_TVBUR Sales offices C TVBUR 
316 V_TVBUR_CORE Sales Offices C TVBUR 
317 V_TVBUR_NA Sales Offices - Output Determination C TVBUR 
318 V_TVBVK_ASSIGN Assignment Sales Office - Sales Groups C TVBVK 
319 V_TVBVK_LK Assignment of Sales Group to Sales Offices C TVBVK 
320 V_TVBX_CBATP Maintenance View: Characteristics-Based ATP C TVBX_CBATP 
321 V_TVBX_MAT_CBATP Maintenance View: Materials for Characteristics-Based ATP C TVBX_MAT_CBATP 
322 V_TVC1 Sales Activity Outcome C TVC1 
323 V_TVC2 Reasons for Sales Activities C TVC2 
324 V_TVC3 Sales Activity Status C TVC3 
325 V_TVC4 Sales Activity Outcome Analysis C TVC4 
326 V_TVC5 Sales Activities: Allowed Statuses by Status Group C TVC5 
327 V_TVC6 Sales Activity Status Groups C TVC6 
328 V_TVC7 Assigning Outcome Analysis to Activity Outcome C TVC7 
329 V_TVCA Sales Activity Description 01 C TVCA 
330 V_TVCAA_01 Payment Cards: Checking Groups - Sales Doc. C TVCAA 
331 V_TVCB Sales Activity Description 02 C TVCB 
332 V_TVCC Sales Activity Description 03 C TVCC 
333 V_TVCD Sales Activity Description 04 C TVCD 
334 V_TVCE Sales Activity Description 05 C TVCE 
335 V_TVCF Sales Activity Description 06 C TVCF 
336 V_TVCG Sales Activity Description 07 C TVCG 
337 V_TVCH Sales Activity Description 08 C TVCH 
338 V_TVCI Activity Description C TVCI 
339 V_TVCIN Payment Card Type C TVCIN 
340 V_TVCIN_AU Payment Card Type: Validity Period of Auth. C TVCIN 
341 V_TVCIN_W Payment card type C TVCIN 
342 V_TVCJ Sales Activity Description 10 C TVCJ 
343 V_TVCLK Blocking reason C TVCLK 
344 V_TVCPAAE Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document C TVCPA 
345 V_TVCPAAK Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document C TVCPA 
346 V_TVCPAAP Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document C TVCPA 
347 V_TVCPAFE Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document C TVCPA 
348 V_TVCPAFK Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document C TVCPA 
349 V_TVCPAFP Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document C TVCPA 
350 V_TVCPA_PR Sales document: Copying control - bus.trans.types (pricing) C TVCPA 
351 V_TVCPFAK Copying Control: Sales Document to Billing Document C TVCPF 
352 V_TVCPFAP Copying Control: Sales Document to Billing Document C TVCPF 
353 V_TVCPFFK Copying Control: Billing Document to Billing Document C TVCPF 
354 V_TVCPFFP Copying Control: Billing Document to Billing Document C TVCPF 
355 V_TVCPFLK Copying Control: Delivery to Billing Document C TVCPF 
356 V_TVCPFLP Copying Control: Delivery to Billing Document C TVCPF 
357 V_TVCPF_PR Billing Document: Copying Control - Pricing Type C TVCPF 
358 V_TVCPK Copying Control for Sales Activities C TVCPK 
359 V_TVCPKKK Copy control sales activity to sales activity C TVCPK 
360 V_TVCPLAK Copying Control: Sales Document to Delivery Document C TVCPL 
361 V_TVCPLAP Copying Control: Sales Document to Delivery Document C TVCPL 
362 V_TVCTD Payment Cards: Determine Categories C TVCTD 
363 V_TVCTY Payment card category C TVCTY 
364 V_TVC_FOLLOW_UP Assigning Follow-Up Activities to the Action Box C TVC_FOLLOW_UP 
365 V_TVD01 Prefilter Pmnt Distrib./ Clearing OP/AP C TVZ01 
366 V_TVDC Maintain Delivery Times C TVDC 
368 V_TVDSG Profile for Groups of Deliveries, Subsequent Deliv. Split C TVDSG 
369 V_TVDSP Profile for Subsequent Outbound Deliv. Split per Deliv. Type C TVDSP 
370 V_TVDSP1 Subsequent Delivery Split Control - Overview Screen C TVDSP 
371 V_TVDSS Profiles for Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split C TVDSS 
372 V_TVDST Default Values for Dunning Block and Payment Method C TVDST 
373 V_TVDSTX Default Texts for Document Item C TVDSTX 
374 V_TVDTX Company Code-Specific Texts C TVDTX 
375 V_TVE1 Shipping Unit Group 1 C TVE1 
376 V_TVE2 Shipping Unit Group 2 C TVE2 
377 V_TVE3 Shipping Unit Group 3 C TVE3 
378 V_TVE4 Shipping Unit Group 4 C TVE4 
379 V_TVE5 Shipping Unit Group 5 C TVE5 
380 V_TVEGR Material Group: Packaging Materials C TVEGR 
381 V_TVEP Maintain Schedule Line Categories C TVEP 
382 V_TVEPZ Assign Schedule Line Categories C TVEPZ 
383 V_TVEPZ_V Assignment of Requirement Types to Transaction C TVEPZ 
384 V_TVEP_LB Define One-Step Stock Transfer for Subcontract Order C TVEP 
385 V_TVEP_V Rel.Requirements and Availability for Sched.Line Categories C TVEP 
386 V_TVEP_VUV Error Logs for Sales Document Schedule Line Categories C TVEP 
387 V_TVEP_W Define schedule line categories C TVEP 
388 V_TVET Schedule Line Types for Scheduling Agreements C TVET 
389 V_TVFAP Shipment Cost Information Profile C TVFAP 
390 V_TVFAW Shipment Cost Info Profile: Planning Profile Assig. (VT04) C TVFAW 
391 V_TVFBWA Minimum weights for shipping units C TVFBWA 
392 V_TVFBWAF Bulkiness factors C TVFBWAF 
393 V_TVFBWG Bulkiness Groups C TVFBWG 
394 V_TVFBWG_DB View for F4-Help on Bulkiness Groups D TVFBWG 
395 V_TVFCD Service Agent Procedure Group for Shipment Costs C TVFCD 
396 V_TVFCG Item Procedure Group for Shipment Costs C TVFCG 
397 V_TVFCSF Maintain Pricing Procedure C TVFCSF 
398 V_TVFCV Shipping Type Procedure Group for Shipment Costs C TVFCV 
399 V_TVFK Billing: Document Types C TVFK 
400 V_TVFKD Billing Document: Billing Date by Number Range C TVFKD 
401 V_TVFK_ABKTO Billing doc: Billing type - G/L account determination proc. C TVFK 
402 V_TVFK_BON Billing: Document Types C TVFK 
403 V_TVFK_COKTO Billing doc: Billing type - G/L account determination proc. C TVFK 
404 V_TVFK_EIU FT: Billing type: Document pricing procedure incompl. C TVFK 
405 V_TVFK_IVCOKONT Billing document: Switch for acc. elements of IV to CO C TVFK 
406 V_TVFK_KAKTO Billing document: Billing type - Cash settlement acc. det. C TVFK 
407 V_TVFK_KKKTO Billing doc: Billing type - G/L account determination proc. C TVFK 
408 V_TVFK_KON Billing: Document Types - Account Determination C TVFK 
409 V_TVFK_MEV Bill. Type f. Period-End Reset to Bill. Type for Posting C TVFK 
410 V_TVFK_NAC Billing Document Types - Output Determination C TVFK 
411 V_TVFK_PR Billing Types - Billing Procedures C TVFK 
412 V_TVFK_REL Billing: Document Types - Invoice List Type C TVFK 
413 V_TVFK_SD Assignment: Partner Determination Procedure to Billing Doc. C TVFK 
414 V_TVFK_STF Billing Document Types: Statistic Groups C TVFK 
415 V_TVFK_TXT Access sequence: Billing Document Types C TVFK 
416 V_TVFM Export/Import Material Group C TVFM 
417 V_TVFM_01 View of Requirements 01 C TFRM 
418 V_TVFO_01 Criteria for Creating Requirements (Availability) for Order C TVFO 
419 V_TVFO_02 Req. for Creating Purch. Requisition/Assembly for Order C TVFO 
420 V_TVFO_04 Requirement for Creating Delivery Due Index from Order C TVFO 
421 V_TVFO_11 Requirement for Picking a Delivery C TVFO 
422 V_TVFO_12 Packing Requirements in Delivery C TVFO 
423 V_TVFO_13 Requirement for Goods Issue from a Delivery C TVFO 
424 V_TVFO_14 Conditions for Delivery Distribution C TVFO 
425 V_TVFP Assignment of Purchasing Data for Shipment Costs C TVFP 
426 V_TVFPTZ01 Header Data for Tariff Zone Assignment C TVFPTZH 
427 V_TVFPTZ02 Detail Data for Tariff Zone Assignment C TVFPTZ 
428 V_TVFP_SD Assignment: Partner Determination Procedure to Billing Item C TVFK 
429 V_TVFRDR Rounding Rules C TVFRDR 
430 V_TVFRFQ Scale Bases C TVFRFQ 
431 V_TVFS Billing: Blocking Reasons C TVFS 
432 V_TVFSCB_DB View for F4 Help on Scale Bases D TVFRFQT 
433 V_TVFSCB_DB_2 View for F4 Help on Calculation Types D TVFRFQT 
434 V_TVFSP Billing: Blocking Reasons C TVFSP 
435 V_TVFT Shipment Cost Item Categories C TVFT 
436 V_TVFTK Determination: Shipment Cost Item Categories C TVFTK 
437 V_TVFTR Date Rules for Shipment Costing (Definition) C TVFTR 
438 V_TVFTRP Date Rules for Shipment Costing (Detail) C TVFTRP 
439 V_TVFTZ Tariff Zones for Shipment Costs C TVFTZ 
440 V_TVFT_ZUO Assigne Item Procedure Group to Item Category C TVFT 
441 V_TVGA_C Maintain and display record types C TVGA 
442 V_TVGF Legal Status (Customer Master) C TVGF 
443 V_TVGRPB Group Referencing Requirement: Sales Document Type C TVGRPB 
444 V_TVGRPF Group Referencing Requirement: Fields C TVGRPF 
445 V_TVGRPS Group referencing requirement: Procedures C TVGRPS 
446 V_TVHB Maintain Field Selection Groups C TVHB 
447 V_TVHB_KPF Screen Sequence Groups C TVHB 
448 V_TVHB_POS Maintain Group for Field Selection at Item Level C TVHB 
449 V_TVHF Group for Field Selection at Header Level C TVHF 
450 V_TVIMF FORM routines to be called from view maintenance C TVIMF 
451 V_TVIND Indices for SD Lists C TVIND 
452 V_TVIP Contact Person: VIP Indicator C TVIP 
453 V_TVK0 Customer Attribute 10 C TVK0 
454 V_TVK1 Customer Attribute 1 C TVK1 
455 V_TVK2 Customer Attribute 2 C TVK2 
456 V_TVK3 Customer Attribute 3 C TVK3 
457 V_TVK4 Customer Attribute 4 C TVK4 
458 V_TVK5 Customer Attribute 5 C TVK5 
459 V_TVK6 Customer Attribute 6 C TVK6 
460 V_TVK7 Customer Attribute 7 C TVK7 
461 V_TVK8 Customer Attribute 8 C TVK8 
462 V_TVK9 Customer Attribute 9 C TVK9 
463 V_TVKB Authorizations for Partner in Sales Activity C TVKB 
464 V_TVKBZ_ASSIGN Assignment Sales Office - Sales Area C TVKBZ 
465 V_TVKBZ_LK Assignment of Sales Offices to Sales Areas C TVKBZ 
466 V_TVKD Customer Pricing Procedures C TVKD 
467 V_TVKG Sales documents: Contract data: Reasons for termination C TVKG 
468 V_TVKGG Customer Condition Groups (Customer Master) C TVKGG 
469 V_TVKGR Sales Groups C TVKGR 
470 V_TVKK Sales Activity Types C TVKK 
471 V_TVKK_NAC Sales Activity Document Types - Output Determination C TVKK 
472 V_TVKK_NAD View for Assigning Address Number Range to TVKK C TVKK 
473 V_TVKK_NKO View for Assigning Address Number Range to TVKK C TVKK 
474 V_TVKK_PAR Partner Procedures for Sales Activity Types C TVKK 
475 V_TVKK_PA_PLTYPE Assign Planning Table per Sales Activity Type C TVKK 
476 V_TVKK_STATGRP Assign Statistics Group per Sales Activity Type C TVKK 
477 V_TVKK_STG Sales Activities: Sales Activity Types: Status Group C TVKK 
478 V_TVKK_TXT Access sequence: Sales Activity Types C TVKK 
479 V_TVKK_VUV Error Logs for Sales Activities C TVKK 
480 V_TVKM Materials: Account Assignment Groups C TVKM 
481 V_TVKN Routes: Transportation Connection Points C TVKN 
482 V_TVKN_ADR Transportation Connection Point Addresses D TVKN 
483 V_TVKN_COM Transportation connection point C TVKN 
484 V_TVKO Sales organizations C TVKO 
485 V_TVKOL Picking Location Determination C TVKOL 
486 V_TVKOS_ASSIGN Assignment Sales Organization - Division C TVKOS 
487 V_TVKOS_AU Divisions by SalesOrg - Assign Order Type C TVKOS 
488 V_TVKOS_CORE Org.Unit: Divisions per Sales Org.- Assign Master Data C TVKOS 
489 V_TVKOS_LK Assignment of Divisions to Sales Organizations C TVKOS 
490 V_TVKOS_ST Org.Unit: Divisions per Sales Org.- Assign Master Data C TVKOS 
491 V_TVKOV_ASSIGN Assignment Sales Organization - Distribution Channel C TVKOV 
492 V_TVKOV_AU DistribCh by SalesOrg - Assign Order Type C TVKOV 
493 V_TVKOV_CORE Org.Unit: Dist.Channel per Sales Org.- Assign Master Data C TVKOV 
494 V_TVKOV_LK Assignment of Distribution Channels to Sales Organizations C TVKOV 
495 V_TVKOV_ST Org.Unit: Dist.Channel per Sales Org.- Assign Master Data C TVKOV 
496 V_TVKOV_W Distribution Chain Control C TVKOV 
497 V_TVKO_1A Sales Organization: Extended settings - Argentina C TVKO 
498 V_TVKO_ASSIGN Assignment Sales Organization - Company Code C TVKO 
499 V_TVKO_AU Sales Organizations - Assign Order Type C TVKO 
500 V_TVKO_BON Sales Organizations - Rebate C TVKO