View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TBD16 Filter Objects for Receiver Determination of Methods C TBD16 
2 V_TBD16_1 Filter Objects for BAPI Parameter Filtering C TBD16 
3 V_TBD20 Segment Filters C TBD20 
4 V_TBD22 Segment Field - Change Document Field C TBD22 
5 V_TBD23 Mandatory Fields of Message Type C TBD23 
6 V_TBD30 Conversion Rule C TBD30 
7 V_TBD51 Characteristics of Inbound Function Modules C TBD51 
8 V_TBD54 View of TBD54 and TOJTB D TBD54 
9 V_TBD62 Change document items for message type C TBD62 
10 V_TBD721 View of TBD72 and TBD71 D TBD71 
11 V_TBDA2 Activate Change pointers for Message Type C TBDA2 
12 V_TBDA2X Determine Change Pointer Target for Message Type C TBDA2 
13 V_TBDBANKC Distribution of Bank Master Data C TBDBANKC 
14 V_TBDC001 Maintenance View BP: Field Grouping Cust/Vend/Company Code C TBDC001 
15 V_TBDC002 Business Partner: Data Set Field Grouping Cat. Assignment C TBDC002 
16 V_TBDLS Logical Systems C TBDLS 
17 V_TBDLT Classes in Logical System C TBDLT 
18 V_TBDME Additional Data for Message Type C TBDME 
20 V_TBDMS Assignment of Message type to IDoc Type C TBDMS 
21 V_TBDSE Serialization Groups C TBDSE 
22 V_TBE02 Business Transaction Events: P&S Interfaces C TBE02 
23 V_TBE11C Settings for Application Indicator C TBE11 
24 V_TBE11_RL Application Indicator for Retail Ledger C TBE11 
25 V_TBE34 Publish & Subscribe Interfaces C TBE34 
28 V_TBFM Bar Chart: Form Definition C TFMT 
29 V_TBH01 Maintenance View for Hierarchy Categories C TBH01 
30 V_TBH02 Condition Group Maintenance C TBH02 
31 V_TBH03 Group Hierarchy: Activate Delta Download C TBH03 
32 V_TBH04 Maintain Alternative Customer Hierarchy Type C TBH04 
33 V_TBH05 Maintain Mapping for R/3 Hier. Types and CRM Hier.Categories C TBH05 
34 V_TBHL Bar Chart: Color Definition C THLT 
35 V_TBICACT Follow-Up Actions: Batch Information Cockpit C TBICACT 
36 V_TBICACTU Assign User Group to Follow-Up Actions: BIC C TBICACTU 
37 V_TBICBRO BIC - Tables: Batch-Related Objects C TBICBRO 
38 V_TBICBROF BIC - Display Fields: Batch-Related Objects C TBICBROF 
39 V_TBICBROU BIC - Assignment Tables/User Group: Batch-Related Objects C TBICBROU 
40 V_TBICF Selection Fields for Batch Information Cockpit C TBICF 
41 V_TBICFU User-Group-Specific Selection Fields - BIC C TBICFU 
42 V_TBICS Selection Tab Titles for Batch Information Cockpit C TBICS 
43 V_TBICSEL Enhanced Selections for Batch Information Cockpit C TBICSEL 
44 V_TBICSELU Assign User Group to Enhanced Selection: BIC C TBICSELU 
45 V_TBICSU User-Group-Specific Selection Tab - BIC C TBICSU 
46 V_TBICUG Batch Information Cockpit User Groups C TBICUG 
47 V_TBILL001 Document Types for Billing Documents C TBILL001 
48 V_TBILL001CA Document Types for FI-CA Billing Documents C TBILL001 
49 V_TBILL001ENT Document Types for Entitlements C TBILL001ENT 
50 V_TBILL001REB Rebate Document Types C TBILL001REB 
51 V_TBILL001_EXT Determination of Document Types for Billing (CCM) C TBILL001 
52 V_TBILL002 Assign Tax Transaction Key C TBILL002 
53 V_TBILL003 Revenue Accounts for Billing C TBILL003 
54 V_TBILL003SRV Revenue Accounts for Billing (Service Organization) C TBILL003SRV 
55 V_TBILL004 Sales Tax Code for Billing C TBILL004 
56 V_TBILL004DEF Default Tax Code for Billing C TBILL004DEF 
57 V_TBILL004ENT View extracted ERP Tax Codes C TBILL004ENT 
58 V_TBILL004ENT_SL View extracted ERP Tax Codes - selection with language key D TBILL004ENT 
59 V_TBILL004MAP Map Tax Codes for Intercompany Payables C TBILL004MAP 
60 V_TBILL004MAP_SL Claims tax code selection D TBILL004ENT 
61 V_TBILL004S Sales Tax Code for Billing C TBILL004 
62 V_TBILL005 Account Receivable for Payment Cards C TBILL005 
63 V_TBILL005SRV Account Receivable for Payment Cards C TBILL005SRV 
64 V_TBILL006 Main and Sub-Transactions for FI-CA Billing Documents C TBILL006 
65 V_TBKBC Chain of Corresponding Banks C TBKBC 
66 V_TBKCB House Bank per Currency C TBKCB 
67 V_TBKCR House Bank per Super Region and Currency C TBKCR 
68 V_TBKDC Day Difference Betw. House Bank and Partner Bank Value Date C TBKDC 
69 V_TBKFK Factory Calendar C TBKFK 
70 V_TBKK01 Bank Area Maintenance C TBKK01 
71 V_TBKK01D Maintain Accounts for Payment Transactions C TBKK01D 
72 V_TBKK01E CpD Accounts for Special Processes C TBKK01E 
73 V_TBKK01_CC Maintain Currency Conversion C TBKK01_CC 
74 V_TBKK01_CC2 Maintain Currency Conversion per Bank Area C TBKK01 
75 V_TBKK02 Check Digit Procedure C TBKK02 
76 V_TBKK03 Assignment of Check Digit Procedure C TBKK03 
77 V_TBKK030 Check Digit Method Based on Country C TBKK030 
78 V_TBKK031 Parameters for Modulo Procedure C TBKK03A 
79 V_TBKK03A Parameters Modulo Procedure C TBKK03A 
80 V_TBKK06 Maintenance View for BBAN Country Settings C TBKK06 
81 V_TBKK10 Maintain BCA Lists C TBKK10 
82 V_TBKK11 Maintain Field Catalog for List Tool C TBKK11 
83 V_TBKK12 Maintain Archiving Period C TBKK12 
84 V_TBKK13 Maintain Table Group Archiving C TBKK13 
85 V_TBKK14 Maintain Time Unit Archiving C TBKK14 
86 V_TBKK43 Maintain Reference Account Category C TBKK43 
87 V_TBKK47 Maintain Account Status Enhancements C TBKK47 
88 V_TBKK48 Old: Maintain Products per Bank Area C TBKK48 
89 V_TBKK4A Old: Display Account Types per Bank Area C TBKK48 
90 V_TBKK4EYESG_NTC Notice: Dual Control by Company Code/Group/Amount C TBKK_4EYES_G_NTC 
91 V_TBKK51 Maintain Resubmission Reasons C TBKK51 
92 V_TBKK60 Account Hierarchy: Hierarchy Types C TBKK60 
93 V_TBKK61 Table Maintenance Spec. Function Modules for Hierarchies C TBKK60 
94 V_TBKK65 Define Possible Carry Forward Types for Cash Concentration C TBKK65 
95 V_TBKK80 Condition Area Maintenance C TBKK80 
96 V_TBKK80A Bank Area-Condition Area C TBKK80A 
97 V_TBKK80B Account Type-Condition Area C TBKK80B 
98 V_TBKK81 Bank Condition Category Maintenance C TBKK81 
99 V_TBKK82 Bank Condition Type Differentiation Maintenance C TBKK82 
100 V_TBKK85 Bank Condition Group Maintenance C TBKK85 
101 V_TBKK86 Bank Condition Group Category Maintenance C TBKK86 
102 V_TBKK87 Bank Condition Class Maintenance C TBKK87 
103 V_TBKK88 Field Control - Conditions C TBKK88 
104 V_TBKK89 Internal Default Field Control Conditions C TBKK89 
105 V_TBKK8A Assignment Condition Category-Differ. Type Maintenance C TBKK8A 
106 V_TBKK8AI Maintain Transaction: TA Type for Interest Penalty Assignmnt C TBKK8AI 
107 V_TBKK8B Assignment Trans.Type-Category Maintenance (Item Counter) C TBKK8B 
108 V_TBKK8BO Bonus C TBKK8BO 
109 V_TBKK8C Assignment Medium-Category Maintenance (Item Counter) C TBKK8C 
110 V_TBKK8D Item Counter Maintenance C TBKK8D 
111 V_TBKK8DS Dynamic Balances C TBKK8DS 
112 V_TBKK8DURA Differentiation Values for Term C TBKK8DURA 
113 V_TBKK8E Item Counter Definition Maintenance C TBKK8E 
114 V_TBKK8F Categories Transaction Type Maintenance (Item Counter) C TBKK8F 
115 V_TBKK8G Categories Medium Maintenance (Item Counter) C TBKK8G 
116 V_TBKK8H Maintain Transaction-Charge Transaction Type-Assignment C TBKK8H 
117 V_TBKK8I Maintain Transaction -Interest Transaction Type-Assignment C TBKK8I 
118 V_TBKK8IW Maintenance of Interest Guarantee Periods for Offers C TBKK8IW 
119 V_TBKK8J Dispatch Expense Counter Maintenance C TBKK8J 
120 V_TBKK8K Transaction Category (Diff.Type) Maintenance C TBKK8K 
121 V_TBKK8K2 Transaction Type Category 2 Maintenance (Diff. Type) C TBKK8K2 
122 V_TBKK8L Assignment Trans. Type-Trans.Type Category Maintenance C TBKK8L 
123 V_TBKK8L2 Maintenance of Tran.Type-Trans.Cateogry 2 Assgmt (Diff.Type) C TBKK8L2 
124 V_TBKK8M Trivial Amounts Maintenance C TBKK8M 
125 V_TBKK8N Assignment Feature-Charge Transaction Type Maintenance C TBKK8N 
126 V_TBKK92 Interest Compensation Method C TBKK92 
127 V_TBKK93 Object Category for Balancing Maintenance C TBKK93 
128 V_TBKKA1 Position Types Maintenance C TBKKA1 
129 V_TBKKA2 BCA: Check Blocking Reasons Maintenance C TBKKA4 
130 V_TBKKA3 Guarantee Amount Maintenance C TBKKA3 
131 V_TBKKARCHEVENTS Events on Archiving Objects C TBKKARCHEVENTS 
132 V_TBKKARCPERIOD Archiving Period Maintenance C TBKKARCPERIOD 
133 V_TBKKAUDIT Switch off audit trail functionality C TBKKAUDIT 
134 V_TBKKAUTGRP Authorization Groups C TBKKAUTGRP 
135 V_TBKKAUTGRPOBJ Authorization Group Objects C TBKKAUTGRPOBJ 
136 V_TBKKC03 GL Processes Maintenance C TBKKC03 
137 V_TBKKC04 Maintain Actions for General Ledger Process C TBKKC04 
138 V_TBKKC05 Maintenance of Actions for Postings C TBKKC05 
139 V_TBKKC2 Assignment BCA Process to BCA General Ledger Process C TBKKC2 
140 V_TBKKCACT GL Transaction Maintenance C TBKKCACT 
141 V_TBKKCAS2 Maintain GL Acct. Assignment, Current Acct. Postprocessing C TBKKCASS 
142 V_TBKKCAS3 GL Acct. Assignment, Interest Accrual/Deferral Maintenance C TBKKCASS 
143 V_TBKKCAS4 GL Acct Assignment Maintenance, Individual Value Adjustment C TBKKCASS 
144 V_TBKKCAS5 GL Account Assignment Maintenance, Blocked Payment Items C TBKKCASS 
145 V_TBKKCASS GL Acct. Assignment, Current Acct. Posted Maintenance C TBKKCASS 
146 V_TBKKCBUSAREA Maintaining clearing account for the business area change C TBKKCBUSAREACLR 
147 V_TBKKCCLR Transfer Posting Group GL Maintenance C TBKKCCLR 
148 V_TBKKCGRP GL Group Maintenance C TBKKCGRP 
149 V_TBKKCTTP Assignment PT Tran. Type/GL Transaction Maintenance C TBKKCTTP 
150 V_TBKKCVAR GL Variant Maintenance C TBKKCVAR 
151 V_TBKKE1 Limit Categories Maintenance C TBKKE1 
152 V_TBKKE2 Reference Limits Maintenance C TBKKE2 
153 V_TBKKE_FOUR_EYS Limits: Dual Control On / Off C TBKKE_FOUR_EYES 
154 V_TBKKG1 Payment Method/Media Maintenance C TBKKG1 
155 V_TBKKG10 Maintain TBKKG10 Product Business Partner Accounts D TBKKG10 
156 V_TBKKG1_TCDPM Maintenance of Assignment - Transaction to Payment Method C TBKKG1_TCODEPM 
157 V_TBKKG1_TCODE Maintain Assignment Transaction to medium C TBKKG1_TCODE 
158 V_TBKKG2 Features Maintenance C TBKKG2 
159 V_TBKKG2_DATE Settings for Date Calculation for Periodic Feature C TBKKG2_DATE 
160 V_TBKKG2_DATE_PL View: Tolerance Days of Forward Order C TBKKG2_DATE_PL 
161 V_TBKKG3 Transaction Types Maintenance C TBKKG3 
162 V_TBKKG31 Maintain Return Reasons, Assignment Transaction Types C TBKKG31 
163 V_TBKKG32 Maintain Transaction Type Offsetting Posting C TBKKG32 
164 V_TBKKG33 Notification of Returns C TBKKG33 
165 V_TBKKG34K Payment Notes for Returns C TBKKG34K 
166 V_TBKKG34P Application of Funds Control C TBKKG34P 
167 V_TBKKG34R Application of Funds Texts C TBKKG34 
168 V_TBKKG34W Currrency Key to Display C TBKKG34W 
169 V_TBKKG3_TCODE Maintain Assignment Transaction to Transaction Type C TBKKG3_TCODE 
171 V_TBKKG3_TERM_M Transaction Type Customizing for Term Objects C TBKKG3_TERM 
172 V_TBKKG4 Function Groups Maintenance C TBKKG4 
173 V_TBKKG5 Assignment Function Group - Medium, Trans. Type Maintenance C TBKKG5 
174 V_TBKKG52 Assignment Functions -> Functions Maintenance C TBKKG52 
175 V_TBKKG6 Locking Reasons Maintenance C TBKKG6 
176 V_TBKKG7 Assignment Blocking Reason - Medium, Trans. Type Maintenance C TBKKG7 
177 V_TBKKG72 Assignment Blocking Reason -> Functions Maintenance C TBKKG72 
178 V_TBKKG8 Assignment Product -> Functions Groups Maintenance C TBKKG8 
179 V_TBKKG9 Formats for Application of Funds C TBKKG9 
180 V_TBKKH1 Products Maintenance per Bank Area C TBKKH1 
181 V_TBKKHLDAUTH Amount Authorization Perm Holds Maintenance C TBKKHLDAUTH 
183 V_TBKKHYCDA Account Hierarchy Maintenance Cat. of Change Documents C TBKKHYCDA 
184 V_TBKKI1 Assignment Medium/Payment Method for Process C TBKKI1 
185 V_TBKKI2 Assignment GL Processes to BCA Processes C TBKKI2 
186 V_TBKKIAUTH Amount Authorizations Payment Items Maintenance C TBKKIAUTH 
187 V_TBKKICTR Amount Authorization Payment Items Maintenance C TBKKICTR 
188 V_TBKKIDC Document Types Maintenance C TBKKIDC 
189 V_TBKKIDF BCA: Transaction Default Maintenance C TBKKIDF 
190 V_TBKKIDT Maintenance Transactions C TBKKIDT 
191 V_TBKKIHB1 In-House Bank ID from Payment Notes in Bank Statement C TBKKIHB1 
192 V_TBKKIHB4 Assignment for Outgoing Payment Inhouse Bank C TBKKIHB4 
193 V_TBKKIHB5 Data for Automatic Payments from Subsidiary C TBKKIHB5 
194 V_TBKKIHB6 Dispatcher per Account Number C TBKKIHB6 
195 V_TBKKIHB7 Assign External Business Transaction Code Posting Category C TBKKIHB7 
196 V_TBKKIO1 Posting Day Shift for Automatic Forward Orders C TBKKIO1 
197 V_TBKKIPRC BCA: Payment Transaction Processes Maintenance C TBKKIPROC 
198 V_TBKKIRCV Account Identification Variants C TBKKIRCV 
199 V_TBKKI_02A Assign Function Variants C TBKKI_02A 
200 V_TBKKI_03 Field Groups Maintenance C TBKKI_03 
201 V_TBKKI_04 Maintenance of Field Status Resulting from Activity C TBKKI_04 
202 V_TBKKI_05 Maintenance of Field Status Resulting from Document Type C TBKKI_05 
203 V_TBKKI_06 Field Modifications for Payment Order C TBKKI_06 
204 V_TBKKI_RCV Recipient Account Identification C TBKKI_RCV 
205 V_TBKKI_VDAT Value Date Limit Details C TBKKI_VDAT 
206 V_TBKKM2 Maintain posting categories for balancing postings C TBKKM2 
207 V_TBKKM3 Assignment Posting Categories <-> Trans. Types Maintenance C TBKKM3 
208 V_TBKKM5 Dispatch Types for a Bank Statement C TBKKM5 
209 V_TBKKM6 Blocking Reasons for End of Day Processing C TBKKM6 
210 V_TBKKM7 Details on Blocking Reasons C TBKKM7 
211 V_TBKKM8 Business Transaction Code C TBKKM8 
212 V_TBKKM9 Bank Statement Formats C TBKKM9 
213 V_TBKKMCHAIN End of Day Processing Chains Maintenance C TBKKMCHAIN 
214 V_TBKKMDIS BCA: Interval Size for Balanc. Parall. Process. Maintenance C TBKKMDISP 
215 V_TBKKMETHOD Methods Maintenance C TBKKMETHOD 
216 V_TBKKMEVENT Events in Parallel Processing Maintenance C TBKKMEVENT 
217 V_TBKKMHOST Server Used for Parallel Processing C TBKKMHOST 
218 V_TBKKMINDEP Maintenance of Products for Minimum Deposit C TBKKTRMMINDEP 
219 V_TBKKMLOCKAPPL Relevant Application Types C TBKKMLOCKAPPL 
220 V_TBKKMNEXTDT Specification: Increase Next Date for Bank Statement C TBKKMNEXTDT 
221 V_TBKKMOBJECTS Parallel Processing Objects Maintenance C TBKKMOBJECTS 
222 V_TBKKMPAAPPL Maintenance of Application Cats. in Parallel Proc. C TBKKMPAAPPL 
223 V_TBKKMPAEVENT Maintain Events for Parallel Processing C TBKKMPAEVENT 
224 V_TBKKMREPCHAIN Sequence of Reports in End of Day Processing C TBKKMREPCHAIN 
225 V_TBKKMREPORTS Reports to be Concatenated in End of Day Processing C TBKKMREPORTS 
226 V_TBKKNTC_RETXT Notice: Maintenance of Notice Reasons C TBKKNTC_REKEY 
227 V_TBKKNUMRG Control of Parallel Number Range of Payment Item C TBKKNUMRG 
228 V_TBKKOAUTH Amount Authorization Payment Order Maintenance C TBKKOAUTH 
229 V_TBKKOBJECT Object Maintenance C TBKKOBJECT 
230 V_TBKKOBJMETH Maintenance Object Methods Assignment C TBKKOBJMETH 
231 V_TBKKOCTR Amount Authorization Payment Order Maintenance C TBKKOCTR 
232 V_TBKKS1 BCA: Qualifier for Payment Notes Maintenance C TBKKS1 
233 V_TBKKSOAUTH Maintenance of Standing Order Amount Authorization C TBKKSOAUTH 
234 V_TBKKTIME Time Units (For Archiving) C TBKKTIME 
235 V_TBKKTRMMINDE Maintain Minimum Deposit for Each Term C TBKKTRMMINDEP 
236 V_TBKK_4EYES_NTC Notice: Dual Control On/Off C TBKK_4EYES_NTC 
237 V_TBKK_AKT2 Field Modification Account Status C TBKK_AKT 
238 V_TBKK_BKS Define Assignment of Bank Control Key C TBKK_BKS 
239 V_TBKK_CTRY_ZERO Accountidentification with leading zeros for ext. accounts C TBKK_CTRY_ZERO 
240 V_TBKK_DC_NTC_AU Notice: Amount Authorization C TBKK_DC_NTC_AUTH 
241 V_TBKK_EMP_OBM Mainten. Object Methods Checked for Authoriz. Employee Accts C TBKK_EMP_OBJMTH 
242 V_TBKK_PAR_MODE Method for Assigning the Numbers C TBKK_PAR_MODE 
243 V_TBKK_PAYNT_OFF Offsetting Payment Notes Category Maintenance C TBKK_PAYNT_TYP 
244 V_TBKK_PAYNT_TYP Payment Notes Category Maintenance C TBKK_PAYNT_TYP 
245 V_TBKK_PO_AUTO View: Online Behavior for Automatic Forward Order C TBKK_PO_AUTO 
246 V_TBKK_REP_OBM Object Method Maintenance Checked for Authorization /Reports C TBKK_REP_OBJMTH 
247 V_TBKK_SCRN_FLDS Customizable text assignment for screen fields of BCA C TBKK_SCRN_FLDS 
248 V_TBKLA Maximum Payment Amount per House Bank C TBKLA 
249 V_TBKPD Day difference betw. payment run and house bank value date C TBKPD 
250 V_TBKPV Number of days between pyt run and value date at house bank C TBKPV 
251 V_TBKRL Bank Role C TBKRL 
252 V_TBKS Super Regions C TBKS 
253 V_TBKSP Special Payments According to SWIFT Format MT199 C TBKSP 
254 V_TBKSR Super Region of Countries C T005 
255 V_TBKWT Maintain Processing Time Per Country C TBKWT 
256 V_TBKZW Payment Method Group Dependency C TBKZW 
257 V_TBMOT Maintenance interface for accounting indicator C TBMOT 
258 V_TBNK_AUT_PAYM Rules for automatic payments C TBNK_RULE 
260 V_TBNK_GRP_ADDCR Additional criteria for payment grouping C TBNK_RULE 
261 V_TBNK_MSG_TYP Maintain message types causing status change C TBNK_MSG_TYP 
262 V_TBNK_PAYMEDOPT Paymedium creation options C TBNK_PAYMED_OPT 
264 V_TBNK_STAT_SET Set status based on transactions C TBNK_STAT_SET 
265 V_TBNK_XST_2_IST Map external status to internal statu C TBNK_XST_2_IST 
266 V_TBOS165A Variable Condition/Pricing Procedure for Sales Services C TBOS165A 
267 V_TBOS165B Variable Condition Procedure for Services of Billing Docs C TBOS165B 
268 V_TBOSART Determine BOS Type C TBOSART 
269 V_TBOSECP1 Assign Price Determtn Schema to Cost Component Structure C TBOSECP2 
270 V_TBOSECP2 Cost Elements for Condition Types C TBOSECP2 
271 V_TBOSFAC Define Additions and Deductions C TBOSFAC 
272 V_TBOSFSH Assign Addition / Deduction to a Schema C TBOSFSH 
273 V_TBOSFSHS Assignment of Additions/Deductions to A/D procedure C TBOSFSHS 
274 V_TBOSGRP Service Line: Subcontractor Group C TBOSGRP 
275 V_TBOSKLSH Assignment of Costing Variants to Addition/Deduction Proc C TBOSKLSH 
276 V_TBOSSC01 Subcontracting: Copying Rule for Conditions (MM -> SD) C TBOSSC02 
277 V_TBOSSC02 Subcontracting: Copying Rule for Conditions (MM -> SD) C TBOSSC02 
278 V_TBOSSUPPLE BOS Line: Subsequent Status C TBOSSUPPLE 
279 V_TBP1C_AP Financial Budgeting Planning Profile C TBP1C 
280 V_TBP1C_BB Event Management Budget Profile C TBP1C 
281 V_TBP1C_CE Cost Center Budget Profile C TBP1C 
282 V_TBP1C_FB Funds Management Budget Profile C TBP1C 
283 V_TBP1C_FP Billing plan data in plan profile C TBP1C 
284 V_TBP1C_FPART Default Value for Billing Plan Type (WBS) C TBP1C 
285 V_TBP1C_I1 Inv. program type for budget profile for order/project C TBP1C 
286 V_TBP1C_IA Plan Profile for Appropriation Requests, Cost Planning C TBP1C 
287 V_TBP1C_IB Budget Profile Investment Program C TBP1C 
288 V_TBP1C_IP Planning Profile Investment Program C TBP1C 
289 V_TBP1C_OB Budget Profile for CO Orders C TBP1C 
290 V_TBP1C_OP Cost Planning for CO Orders: Plan Profile C TBP1C 
291 V_TBP1C_PB Budget Profile for Projects C TBP1C 
292 V_TBP1C_PF Financial Profile Projects C TBP1C 
293 V_TBP1C_PP Planning Profile: Cost and Revenue Planning for Projects C TBP1C 
294 V_TBP1C_PR Planning Profile: Revenue Planning Projects C TBP1C 
295 V_TBP1C_SD Adopt Plan Values from Sales Document C TBP1C 
296 V_TBP3A Versions C TBP3A 
297 V_TBP3A_BW_PU BW: Extraction View for Budget Versions D TBP3A 
298 V_TBP3B_BW_PU Bw: Extraction View for Texts for Budget Versions D TBP3B 
299 V_TBP4A Define Budget Subtypes C TBP4A 
300 V_TBP4B Assign Budget Subtypes C TBP4B 
301 V_TBP4C Select Budget Types for Subdivision C TBP4C 
302 V_TBP4T_BW_PU BW: Extraction View for Texts for Budget Subtypes D TBP4T 
303 V_TBPAS_FTYPE Budget Subtypes for Availability Control Per Fund Type C TBPAS_FTYPE 
304 V_TBPAS_FUND Budget Subtypes for Availability Control Per Fund C TBPAS_FUND 
305 V_TBPBWRET_01 Plan Data Transfer: Used Queries C TBPBWRET00 
306 V_TBPBWRET_01BCS Plan Data Transfer: Used Queries C TBPBWRET00 
307 V_TBPBWRET_02 Plan Data Transfer: Cross-Query Field Assignment C TBPBWRET02 
308 V_TBPBWRET_02BCS Plan Data Transfer: Cross-Query Field Assignment C TBPBWRET02 
309 V_TBPBWRET_03 Plan Data Transfer: Query-Dependent Field Assignment C TBPBWRET03 
310 V_TBPBWRET_03BCS Plan Data Transfer: Query-Dependent Field Assignment C TBPBWRET03 
311 V_TBPCA Budget Surcharges C TBPCA 
312 V_TBPCEP Cover Eligibility Profile Funds Management C TBPCEP 
313 V_TBPCEPV Maintain Cover Eligibility Profile C TBPCEPV 
314 V_TBPFC Tolerance Limits for Availability Control C TBPFC 
315 V_TBPFD_O Order Availability Control: Tolerance Limits C TBPFD 
316 V_TBPFD_P Project Availability Control: Tolerance Limits C TBPFD 
317 V_TBPFE_M Funds Management Availability Control: Tolerance Limits C TBPFE 
318 V_TBPFK Exempt Cost Element Availability Control C TBPFK 
319 V_TBPFM_1 Availability Control: Specific Tolerances C TBPFMX 
320 V_TBPFP Funds Management Commitment Type Profile C TBPFP 
321 V_TBPFPV Maintain Commitment Type Profile C TBPFPV 
322 V_TBPID OBSOLETE: Set Identification Number Category C TBPID 
323 V_TBRC Industry Sector Code (Customer Master) C TBRC 
324 V_TBRF130 BRF: Expression in Three Operand Arithmetic (for TBRF150) D TBRF150 
325 V_TBRF131 BRF: Switchlike Expression D TBRF150 
326 V_TBRF142 BRF: Value Request from Structures and Internal Tables D TBRF150 
327 V_TBRF143 BRF: Constant D TBRF150 
328 V_TBRF145 BRF: General Arithmetical Expressions (Formula) D TBRF150 
329 V_TBRF146 BRF: Function Module for Value Procurement D TBRF150 
330 V_TBRF147 BRF: Truth Table Basic Data D TBRF150 
331 V_TBRF150 BRF: Expressions - General Data D TBRF150 
332 V_TBRF310_1 BRF: Rule Sets and Active Rule Sets D TBRF310 
333 V_TBRF311_1 BRF: Rule Sets and Active Rule Sets D TBRF311 
334 V_TBRG "PRT Authorization Group" C TBRG 
335 V_TBRG_CO Authorization Groups C TBRG 
336 V_TBRG_CO_KVS Authorization Groups: Versions V V_TBRG_CO 
337 V_TBRG_DIS Table Authorization Groups for S_TABU_DIS D TBRG 
338 V_TBSFC001 Facts Capture: Question with Long Text D TBSFC001 
339 V_TBSFC002 Facts Capture: Answer with Long Text D TBSFC002 
340 V_TBSG Reasons for Ordering C TBSG 
341 V_TBSL Posting keys C TBSL 
342 V_TBUPA_BIP Maintenance of URL's C TBUPA_BIP 
343 V_TBVZ To be deleted S TKEB1 
344 V_TBZ0 Object parts C TBZ0 
345 V_TBZ0A Applications C TBZ0A 
346 V_TBZ0A_RE RE-FX: BDT Applications C TBZ0A 
347 V_TBZ0C Assign Object Part -> Calling Application C TBZ0C 
348 V_TBZ0D Differentiation Types C TBZ0D 
349 V_TBZ0F Assign Object Part -> Views C TBZ0F 
350 V_TBZ0G Object Part Grouping C TBZ0G 
351 V_TBZ0I Assign Object Part -> Object Part Grouping C TBZ0I 
352 V_TBZ0J Assign Object Part Grouping --> Screen Sequences C TBZ0J 
353 V_TBZ0M Activities C TBZ0M 
354 V_TBZ0M_RE RE-FX: BDT Activities C TBZ0M 
355 V_TBZ0O Field Grouping Activities C TBZ0O 
356 V_TBZ0O_2 Field Grouping Activities C TBZ0O 
357 V_TBZ0Q Data Sets C TBZ0Q 
358 V_TBZ0S Assign Object Part -> Data Sets C TBZ0S 
359 V_TBZ0U Assign Object Part --> Screen Sequences C TBZ0U 
360 V_TBZ0_01 Screen Layout C TBZ0 
361 V_TBZ1 Application Obj. C TBZ1 
362 V_TBZ1A Events C TBZ1A 
363 V_TBZ1A_RO Events (read only) C TBZ1A 
364 V_TBZ1C Assign Screen Fields -> Database Fields C TBZ1C 
365 V_TBZ1D Assign Application Object -> Setting Transactions C TBZ1D 
366 V_TBZ1E Application transactions C TBZ1E 
367 V_TBZ1F Assign Event -> Function Module C TBZ1F 
368 V_TBZ1G Assign Appl.Object to Diff. Types C TBZ1G 
369 V_TBZ1H Tables C TBZ1H 
370 V_TBZ1I External applications C TBZ1I 
371 V_TBZ1K Assign Direct Input Fields -> Database Fields C TBZ1K 
372 V_TBZ1_DC BDT DC: Registration of BDT Application Object in DC C TBZ1 
373 V_TBZ1_RE RE-FX: BDT Application Objects C TBZ1 
374 V_TBZ1_SEARCH BDT Search Help: Configuration C TBZ1 
375 V_TBZ3 Screen sequences C TBZ3 
376 V_TBZ3A Screens C TBZ3A 
377 V_TBZ3A_01 Assign Screen->Screen Container C TBZ3A 
378 V_TBZ3A_GEN Screens to be Regenerated C TBZ3A_GEN 
379 V_TBZ3A_RE RE-FX: BDT Screens C TBZ3A 
380 V_TBZ3A_TD1 Assign Screens to Subscreen Containers D TBZ3A 
381 V_TBZ3C Sections C TBZ3C 
382 V_TBZ3C_RE RE-FX: BDT Sections C TBZ3C 
383 V_TBZ3E Views C TBZ3E 
384 V_TBZ3E_RE RE-FX: BDT Views C TBZ3E 
385 V_TBZ3G Views: Further checks C TBZ3G 
386 V_TBZ3H Assign Section -> Views C TBZ3H 
387 V_TBZ3H_RE RE-FX: BDT Assign Section -> Views C TBZ3H 
388 V_TBZ3I Assign Screen -> Sections C TBZ3I 
389 V_TBZ3I_RE RE-FX: BDT Assign Screen -> Sections C TBZ3I 
390 V_TBZ3J BDT: Additional Function Modules for Field Modification C TBZ3J 
391 V_TBZ3K Assign Screen Sequence -> Screen C TBZ3K 
392 V_TBZ3L Screen Sequence Categories C TBZ3L 
393 V_TBZ3L_RE RE-FX: BDT Screen Sequence Categories C TBZ3L 
394 V_TBZ3N Assign Screen Sequence Category -> Screen Sequences C TBZ3N 
395 V_TBZ3P Field grouping using BP cat. C TBZ3P 
396 V_TBZ3P_2 Field grouping using BP cat. C TBZ3P 
397 V_TBZ3Q Field Grouping Criteria C TBZ3Q 
398 V_TBZ3Q_RE RE-FX: BDT Field Modification Criteria C TBZ3Q 
399 V_TBZ3R Assign Fields -> Field Groups C TBZ3R 
400 V_TBZ3R_BD SAP BP: Assign BAPI Fields --> Field Groups C TBZ3R_BD 
401 V_TBZ3R_C BDT Search Help: Search Fields C TBZ3R_C 
402 V_TBZ3R_SEARCH BDT Search Help: Search Fields C TBZ3R 
403 V_TBZ3R_SEARCH_C BDT Search Help: Search Fields-Maint.Selectivity and TrLPos C TBZ3R 
404 V_TBZ3S Assign View -> Field Groups C TBZ3S 
405 V_TBZ3W Field Groups C TBZ3W 
406 V_TBZ3W_RE RE-FX: BDT Field Groups C TBZ3W 
407 V_TBZ3_RE RE-FX: BDT Screen Sequences C TBZ3 
408 V_TBZ4 GUI Standard Functions C TBZ4 
409 V_TBZ4A GUI Standard Functions: Active per View C TBZ4A 
410 V_TBZ4A_01 GUI Additional Functions: Active per View C TBZ4A 
411 V_TBZ4B GUI Standard Functions: Active per View/Scr.Seq.Var. (Obs.) C TBZ4B 
412 V_TBZ4B_01 GUI Add. Functions: Active per View/ScrnSeqVar. (Obsolete) C TBZ4B 
413 V_TBZ4C GUI Standard Functions: Active per View/Scrn Seq Cat C TBZ4C 
414 V_TBZ4C_01 GUI Additional Functions: Active per View/Scrn Seq Cat C TBZ4C 
415 V_TBZ4_01 GUI Additional Functions C TBZ4 
416 V_TBZ4_01_RE RE-FX: BDT Additional GUI Functions C TBZ4 
417 V_TBZ5 BDT Object Usage: View of Structure Table C TBZ5 
418 V_TBZ5A Where-Used List: Assign Transaction --> View C TBZ5A 
419 V_TBZ5B BDT Where-Used List: Application Objects C TBZ5B 
420 V_TBZ5D Assgnmnt Appl.Obj. Where-Used List -> Setting Transactions C TBZ5D 
421 V_TBZ5E Where-Used List: Views C TBZ5E 
422 V_TBZ5S BDT: Shadow Table for Transport Link Where-Used List C TBZ5S 
423 V_TBZ6S VCT: Where-Used List (Shadow Table) C TBZ6S 
424 V_TBZ7A BDT DC: Wizard Registration in DC C TBZ7A 
425 V_TBZ7B BDT DC: Texts Describing Wizard Screens C TBZ7B 
426 V_TBZ7C BDT DC: Programming Models C TBZ7C 
427 V_TBZ7D BDT DC: Templates for Programming Models C TBZ7D 
428 V_TBZ9 Relationship Categories C TBZ9 
429 V_TBZ9B Allocate relationship cat. -> responsible application C TBZ9B 
430 V_TBZ9B_RF Allocate role definition category -> responsible application C TBZ9B 
431 V_TBZ9E Assign Differentiation Type -> Diff.Type Element C TBZ9E 
432 V_TBZ9F Generic diff.type element per relationship cat. C TBZ9F 
433 V_TBZ9F_RF Generic diff.type element per role definition category C TBZ9F 
434 V_TBZ9G Assign Relationship Category -> Text Function Module C TBZ9G 
435 V_TBZ9G_RF Assign Role Definition Category -> Text Function Module C TBZ9G 
436 V_TBZ9H_API Relationships: Assignment of Rel. Category, Tables and APIs D TBZ9H 
437 V_TBZ9I Allocate relationship cat. -> calling application C TBZ9I 
438 V_TBZ9I_RF Allocate role definition category -> calling application C TBZ9I 
439 V_TBZ9J Allocate relationship cat. -> views C TBZ9J 
440 V_TBZ9J_RF Allocate role definition category -> Views C TBZ9J 
441 V_TBZ9K BP Relationship Categories: Assign BP Role Cat. -> BP Roles C TB920 
442 V_TBZ9_RF Role definition categories C TBZ9 
443 V_TBZJ1 SAP BP Dialog: Subheader IDs for Additional Header Data C TBZJ1 
444 V_TBZJ1C SAP GP Dialog: Sequence of Dialog Extensions C TBZJ1C 
445 V_TBZJ1_READ SAP GP Dialog: Read Access to Active Subheader IDs D TBZJ1C 
446 V_TBZJ2 SAP BP Dialog: Assignment of Subheader IDs to Roles C TBZJ2 
447 V_TBZJ4 SAP GP Dialog: Define Extensions C TBZJ4 
448 V_TBZJ4C SAP GP Dialog: Sequence of Dialog Extensions C TBZJ4C 
449 V_TBZJ4_READ SAP GP Dialog: Read Access to Active Implementations D TBZJ4 
450 V_TBZS1 BDT Search Help: Table Alias Names (Internal Usage) C TBZS1 
451 V_TBZS2 BDT Search Help: Join Connections C TBZS2 
452 V_TBZS3 BDT Search Help: View Alias Names (Internal Usage) C TBZS3 
453 V_TBZS5 BDT Search Help: Tree of Tables Containing Search Fields C TBZS5 
454 V_TC04 Application-Specific Criteria for Altern. Determination C TC04 
455 V_TC20 Parameters C TC20 
456 V_TC21 Standard Value Key Formula C TC21 
457 V_TC22 Field Name of Value from Transport Structure C TC22 
458 V_TC23 Work Center Usage C TC23 
459 V_TC23A Assignment of Task List Type to Usage C TC23A 
460 V_TC24 Person Responsible for Work Center C TC24 
461 V_TC25 Formula Definition C TC25 
462 V_TC26 Capacity category C TC26 
463 V_TC27 Capacity Planners C TC27 
464 V_TC28 Location group C TC28 
465 V_TC28A Move Time Matrix C TC28A 
466 V_TC29 Names of Distribution Types C TC29 
467 V_TC29F Define Distribution Function C TC29F 
468 V_TC29S "Distribution Strategy" C TC29S 
469 V_TC29V Key for Distribution Function C TC29V 
470 V_TC30 Work center category C TC30 
471 V_TC30A Assignment of Work Center Cat. to Applications C TC30A 
472 V_TC30C Screen Selection per Work Center Category C TC30C 
473 V_TC31 Performance Efficiency Rate Key C TC31 
474 V_TC31A Date-related Performance Efficiency Rate Key C TC31A 
475 V_TC35 Period Pattern Key C TC35 
476 V_TC35A Definition of Period Patterns C TC35A 
477 V_TC36 Available Capacity Versions C TC36 
478 V_TC37A Shift definition C TC37A 
479 V_TC37ASD Shift definition C TC37A 
480 V_TC37A_GL Time Slots for Rough Preview of Workload C TC37A 
481 V_TC37A_W Maintain Time Slots C TC37A 
482 V_TC37P Break schedule C TC37P 
483 V_TC37PSD Break schedule C TC37P 
484 V_TC38A Shift sequence C TC38A 
485 V_TC38ASD Work Times from SD View (Shift Group 'SD') C TC38A 
486 V_TC38A_W Maintain Timeslot Group for Wave Pick C TC38A 
487 V_TC39A Grouping shift definitions and shift sequences C TC39A 
488 V_TC50A Assign Message Charac./Dest.-Spec. Target Fields (Obsolete) C TC50A 
489 V_TC50C_1 Assign Characteristics to Process Message Categories C TC50C 
490 V_TC50C_2 Assign Characteristics to Process Instruction Categories C TC50C 
491 V_TC50D Assign Destinations to Message Categories C TC50D 
492 V_TC50E_1 Assign Chars to Process Message Categories (Obsolete) C TC50E 
493 V_TC50E_2 Assign Chars to Process Instruction Categories (Obsolete) C TC50E 
494 V_TC50P Assign Message Characteristics to Dest.-Spec. Target Fields C TC50P 
495 V_TC50_1 Process Message Categories C TC50 
496 V_TC50_2 Process Instruction Categories C TC50 
497 V_TC51 Message Destinations C TC51 
498 V_TC52 Control Recipe Destinations C TC52 
499 V_TC52A Automatically Generated Process Instructions C TC52A 
500 V_TC52_N Change Control Instructions/Recipe Destination C TC52