View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T182E Last Documents for a Customer C T182E 
2 V_T184 Item Category Assignment C T184 
3 V_T184D WMS - Distribution-Relevance of Items C T184D 
4 V_T184L Delivery item category determination C T184L 
5 V_T185 Next screen process. T185: Path between processing locations C T185 
6 V_T185D Next screen processing T185D: Dialogs C T185D 
7 V_T185E Next screen processing T185E: Development support C T185E 
8 V_T185F Next screen processing T185F: Function codes C T185F 
9 V_T185V Next screen processing T185V: Processing locations C T185V 
10 V_T186 List Proflie for Shipping Due List C T186 
11 V_T186C Parameter per Profile in Delivery Process C T186C 
12 V_T186E Include/Exclude Function Codes C T186E 
13 V_T186F Functions in the Shipping Due List C T186F 
14 V_T186V Assignment of List Profiles to Scenarios C T186V 
15 V_T188 Pricing groups for customers C T188 
16 V_T189 Conditions: Price List Categories C T189 
17 V_T190 Customizing for Product Allocation C T190 
18 V_T190H SD Product Allocation Planning Structure C T190H 
19 V_T190O SD Product Allocation Objects C T190O 
20 V_T190S Product Allocation: Definition of Procedure C T190S 
21 V_T190V SD Allocation: Consumption Period in Number of Periods C T190V 
22 V_T237 Table of Formulas C T237 
23 V_T237A Key Figure Scheme C T237A 
24 V_T239 Key Figure Schemes C T239 
25 V_T242A Aspect Update Type C T242A 
26 V_T242B Master data T242B C T242B 
27 V_T242E_C Fill Report Portfolio According to Rules C T242E 
28 V_T242I_VA Allocation sender structure <-> validation C T242I 
29 V_T242Q Currency translation key --> T242Q C T242Q 
30 V_T242Q_KCD Data transfer: Currency translation keys C T242Q 
31 V_T242Q_TRM Assign Rate Categories C T242Q 
32 V_T242V Data areas C T242V 
33 V_T242W Value types C T242W 
34 V_T242X System of Origin C T242X 
35 V_T242Y Transfer Parameters C T242Y 
36 V_T242Z User group list C T242Z 
37 V_T243A Define TR-CM Subsystems and Convert Company Codes C T243A 
38 V_T243B Convert Sender Group C T243B 
39 V_T243C Convert Sender Level C T243C 
40 V_T243D Convert Sender Business Area C T243D 
41 V_T243E Time Zone of the Subsystems C T243E 
42 V_T243LC Transmission Info for Distributed TR-CM: Central TR C T243LS 
43 V_T243LS Transmission Info for Distributed TR-CM: TR Subsystem C T243LS 
44 V_T243X Set Central TR-CM System C T243X 
45 V_T258E File for Managing External Interface to CO-PA C T258E 
46 V_T258I_KE Assign Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields C T258I 
47 V_T258I_KO Assign Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields C T258I 
48 V_T258I_V Assign Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields C T258I 
49 V_T258M Assign SD Qty. Fields -> CO-PA Qty. Fields C T258M 
50 V_T258W_KE Maintain Field Assignments C T258W 
51 V_T258Z_KE Definition of CO-PA Assignment Group C T258Z 
52 V_T27NN Generated Cust.View for Primary Table T27NN C T27NN 
53 V_T300 Warehouse number control: expert view C T300 
54 V_T3000 Warehouse number control C T300 
55 V_T3001 Define warehouse number C T300 
56 V_T3002 Control Warehouse Number in Lean WM C T300 
57 V_T3003 Assign Region Code to Warehouse Number C T300 
58 V_T300T Warehouse Number Descriptions C T300T 
59 V_T301 Stor.Type Control (DISPLAY ONLY!) C T301 
60 V_T3010 Storage type definition C T301 
61 V_T3012 Storage Type Definition in Lean WM C T301 
62 V_T301S Storage type control for strategies C T301 
63 V_T301T Storage Type Descriptions C T301T 
64 V_T302 Storage Sections C T302 
65 V_T302T Storage Section Names C T302T 
66 V_T303 Storage Bin Types C T303 
67 V_T303T Names of Storage Bin Types C T303T 
68 V_T304 Storage Section Indicators C T304 
69 V_T304T Texts for Storage Section Indicators C T304T 
70 V_T305 Storage Type Indicators C T305 
71 V_T305T Texts for Storage Type Indicators C T305T 
72 V_T306 Special Movement Indicators C T306 
73 V_T306T Descriptions of Special Movement Indicators C T306T 
74 V_T307 Storage Unit Types C T307 
75 V_T307T Descriptions of Storage Unit Types C T307T 
76 V_T308 Requirements Categories C T308 
77 V_T3081 Requirement Types of Delivery Documents C T308 
78 V_T308T Texts for Requirement Types C T308T 
79 V_T309 Fire-Containment Sections C T309 
80 V_T309T Names for Fire-Containment Sections C T309T 
81 V_T30A Picking Area C T30A 
82 V_T30A2 Picking Areas in Lean WM C T30A 
83 V_T30AD Printer for Picking Area C T30A 
84 V_T30AT Names of Picking Areas C T30AT 
85 V_T30B Doors C T30B 
86 V_T30C Material Staging Areas C T30C 
87 V_T30CXYZ X, Y, Z Coordinates in Staging Zones C T30C 
88 V_T310 Pre-Allocated Stock C T310 
89 V_T311 Definition of Group C T311 
90 V_T311A Cross-Reference for Reference Number for Documents C T311A 
91 V_T312 Performance data control C T312 
92 V_T312A Profile for performance data C T312A 
93 V_T312B Profile for Transfer Order Split C T312B 
94 V_T312R Setup Time for Planned Processing in Transfer Order C T312R 
95 V_T312S Profile for Sorting C T312S 
96 V_T312S1 Profile for Sorting during TO Print Processing C T312S 
97 V_T312S2 Profile for Sorting during TO Processing C T312S 
98 V_T312W Time for Planned TO Processing C T312W 
99 V_T3130A Menu Selection C T3130A 
100 V_T3130C Screen Management C T3130C 
101 V_T3130E Logical Screens C T3130E 
102 V_T3130F Control for Enter on RF Screens: Categorization C T3130F 
103 V_T3130G Control for Enter on RF Screens: Function Code Sequence C T3130G 
104 V_T313A Verification Profile Search C T313A 
105 V_T313B Definition of Verification Profile C T313B 
106 V_T313C Assignment of application identifier type C T313C 
107 V_T313D Definition of Application Identification C T313D 
108 V_T313F Definition of User Profile for Portable Data Capture C T313F 
109 V_T313G General Parameters for Bar Code Type Definition C T313G 
110 V_T313H Maintenance of EAN128 bar code profiles C T313H 
111 V_T313L Specify Label Categories C T313L 
112 V_T313M Delimiter for Variable Bar Code Lengths C T313M 
113 V_T318 Picking Wave Profile C T318 
114 V_T319 Control of Automatic Pick HU Creation C T319 
115 V_T319A Assignment of automatic pick-HU creation C T319A 
116 V_T320 MM-IM Storage Location <-> LE-WM Warehouse Number C T320 
117 V_T3201 Control of Assignment "Plant / Stor.Loc. - Whse Number" C T320 
118 V_T3202 Lean WM: Control of Assignment "Plant / Stor.Loc - Whse No." C T320 
119 V_T3203 Reference to ERP System C T320 
120 V_T320A Stor. Location Control in Warehouse Mgmt C T320A 
121 V_T321 Assignment Movement Type MM-IM to Movement Type LE-WM (LVS) C T321 
122 V_T3211 Delivery-Relevant Parameters for Reference Movement Type C T321 
123 V_T321B Stock Types and Special Stocks for External Systems C T321B 
124 V_T321D Movement Type Decentral. MM-WM -> Host Transaction (R2) C T321D 
125 V_T321K Accumulated Messages for the Host (R/2) C T321K 
126 V_T322 MM-IM Movement Types for Clearing Inventory C T322 
127 V_T323 Mail Control in Decentralized Systems when Error Occurs C T323 
128 V_T323M Logical Error Recovery Decentr. Whse Mgmt (R/2-ECC Link) C T323M 
129 V_T323P Parameters for Generating Logs and Mail Messages (R/2->ECC) C T323P 
130 V_T324 Storage Loc. Ref. C T324 
131 V_T324T Names of Storage Location References C T324T 
132 V_T325 WM/QM Interface: Sample Processing C T325 
133 V_T326A Two-step Picking: Control Transfer Requirements C T326 
134 V_T326B 2-Step Picking: Control of Transfer Requirements C T326 
135 V_T326L 2-Step Picking: Control Deliveries C T326 
136 V_T327 Link Warehouse Management <-> Warehouse Control C T327 
137 V_T327A Control of Interface to Subsystem C T327A 
138 V_T327B Definition of Func.Modules for IDOC Setup: Link WM - Subsys. C T327B 
139 V_T327T Description of Variant for Link WM -> Sub-system C T327T 
140 V_T327V Variants for WM Link -> Subsystem C T327V 
141 V_T32801_C Unconfirmed transfer orders C T328 
142 V_T32802_C Open transfer requirements C T328 
143 V_T32803_C Open Posting Change Notices C T328 
144 V_T32804_C Deliveries C T328 
145 V_T32805_C Negative Stocks C T328 
146 V_T32806_C Stocks in Interim Storage Types C T328 
147 V_T328A Warehouse Act. Monitor Objects: Activation C T328A 
148 V_T328B Whse Activity Monitor: Display Variants C T328B 
149 V_T328C Names of Display Variants C T328C 
150 V_T329A Printer Pool Definition for SU-Managed Warehouses C T329A 
151 V_T329D Transfer Order Printer Control C T329D 
152 V_T329D2 Transfer Order Printer Control with Storage Unit Management C T329D 
153 V_T329DF Forms for Warehouse Movements C T329D 
154 V_T329E Printer Definition for Labels C T329A 
155 V_T329F Transfer Order Print Indicators C T329F 
156 V_T329F2 Transfer Order Print Codes for Storage Unit Management C T329F 
157 V_T329FF Forms for Print Codes C T329F 
158 V_T329P Spool Parameters for Transfer Order Printing C T329P 
159 V_T329S Print Control Table for Coll.Proc. C T329S 
160 V_T329SD Print Program for Multiple Processing Runs C T329S 
161 V_T329T Descriptions of Print Codes C T329T 
162 V_T330 Blocking Reasons C T330 
163 V_T330T Texts for Blocking Reasons C T330T 
164 V_T331B Storage type control for bulk storage C T331B 
165 V_T331C Storage Type Control for Putaway Strat. "K" C T331C 
166 V_T331D Negative Stocks by Storage Type C T331 
167 V_T331DI Forbid Clearing of Differences in Inventory Management C T331 
168 V_T331E Unit-of-Measure Type Search C T331 
169 V_T331IM Do not allow goods receipt, goods issue, and posting changes C T331 
170 V_T331L Storage Classes Allowed per Storage Type C T331L 
171 V_T331M Define Replenishment Control for Storage Type C T331 
172 V_T331N PP Interface: Storage Type View C T331 
173 V_T331R Replenishment Method for Storage Type C T331 
174 V_T331S Block/Unblock Storage Type for Annual Inv. C T331 
175 V_T331T Block/unblock storage type C T331 
176 V_T331XYZ X, Y, Z Coordinates in Storage types C T331 
177 V_T331_A Printer per Storage Type C T331 
178 V_T331_B Confirmation per Storage Type C T331 
179 V_T331_C Inventory by Storage Type C T331 
180 V_T331_F Warehouse Management: View T331 Stock Placement Strategy C T331 
181 V_T331_I Exclusion of Storage Types from Stringent FIFO C T331 
182 V_T331_J Storage section check and haz.material mgmt per storage type C T331 
183 V_T333 Movement Types in the Warehouse Management System C T333 
184 V_T3331 Movement Type Control in WM: View Batch Control C T333 
185 V_T3332 Movement Types in Lean WM C T333 
186 V_T3333 Movement Type Control in WM: Shipping View C T333 
187 V_T3334 Movement Type Control in WM: Stock Determination View C T333 
188 V_T333A Shipment Types C T333A 
189 V_T333A2 Transfer Types in Lean WM C T333A 
190 V_T333B Transfer Type Descriptions C T333B 
191 V_T333C Transport Type Control in 2-Step Picking C T333A 
192 V_T333M Mail Control for Background Processing C T333M 
193 V_T333N Control of Automatic Transfer Order Creation C T333N 
194 V_T333O Texts for Automatic TO Creation C T333O 
195 V_T333T Texts for Movement Types C T333T 
196 V_T333U Movement Type Control for Posting Changes in WM/IM C T333U 
197 V_T333_A Movement Type Print Indicators C T333 
198 V_T333_B Confirmation per Movement Type C T333 
199 V_T333_C Reference for Type Search per Movement Type C T333 
200 V_T334B Storage Section Search C T334B 
201 V_T334E Storage Unit Type Check C T334E 
202 V_T334P Storage Bin Type Search C T334P 
203 V_T334T Storage Type Search C T334T 
204 V_T334TQ WM Interim Storage Type Search (Putaway Control) C T334T 
205 V_T334U Access Strategy for Storage Type Search C T334U 
206 V_T335 Default values for inventory C T335 
207 V_T336 Difference Indicators C T336 
208 V_T3362 Difference Indictor in Lean WM C T336 
209 V_T336T Texts for Difference Indicators C T336T 
210 V_T337A Division of Storage Bins into Sections C T337A 
211 V_T337B Bulk storage sectioning C T337B 
212 V_T337C Srch Width per Level C T337C 
213 V_T337D Assignment Aisle to Shelf C T337D 
214 V_T337Z Bin Sectioning per Storage Bin Type and SUT C T337Z 
215 V_T338 Bulk Storage Indicators with Text C T338 
216 V_T338T Texts for Bulk Storage Indicators C T338T 
217 V_T339 Comment on TO Execution C T339 
218 V_T340 Warehouse Management Transactions C T340 
219 V_T3401 Inventory Control Warehouse Number C T300 
220 V_T3402 Batch Search Method Warehouse Management: Warehouse Number C T300 
221 V_T3403 Default Values RF Monitor D T300 
222 V_T340A Parameters for transactions in Warehouse Management C T340 
223 V_T340DA Number Ranges for Whse Management C T340D 
224 V_T340DB Inventory number ranges per whse number C T340D 
225 V_T340DC Shipping Control per Warehouse Number C T340D 
226 V_T340DD Print Program per Warehouse Number C T340D 
227 V_T340DE Link Method per Warehouse Number C T340D 
228 V_T340DF Search Method for Interim Storage Bins (R/2-ECC Link) C T340D 
229 V_T340DG Activation of SLED per whse no. C T340D 
230 V_T340DH Warehouse Number Control for PP Interface C T340D 
231 V_T340DI SU Number Range Management C T340D 
232 V_T340DJ Delivery split by warehouse number C T340D 
233 V_T340DK Comparison Time for Picking Wave Creation C T340D 
234 V_T340DL Default Values WMS (Delivery-Relevant Data for Whse No.) C T340D 
235 V_T340DL_CH Controlling Change Management for Deliveries C T340D 
236 V_T340DM Decentralized WMS C T340D 
237 V_T340DN WMS Number Ranges C T340D 
238 V_T340DO WM Movement Type for Floor Ready Merchandise C T340D 
239 V_T340DP WM Movement Type for Repacking onto HUs C T340D 
240 V_T340DQ HUM Separate Confirmation of Pick and Transfer C T340D 
241 V_T340DQ1 Separate Confirmation of Pick and Transfer C T340D 
242 V_T340DT Assign Site to Warehouse C T340D 
243 V_T340DU Storage Type and Bin for Packing/Unpacking HUs C T340D 
244 V_T340D_AP Assignment of profile to warehouse number C T340D 
245 V_T340D_W Comparison Time for Picking Wave Creation C T340D 
246 V_T340WME Assign Warehouse No. to Warehouse No. of Decentr. SCM Sys. C T340D 
247 V_T340WME_HELP Assign Warehouse No. to Warehouse No. of Decentr. SCM Sys. H T340D 
248 V_T341 Standard Field Selection in Warehouse Management C T341 
249 V_T342 Subsequent Screen Control in Warehouse Management C T342 
250 V_T342T Assignment of Title Bar to PF Status C T342T 
251 V_T343 Storage Bin Structure for Automatic Creation C T343 
252 V_T343I Definition of Sort Field in Storage Bin C T343I 
253 V_T343J Definition of Sequence Field in Storage Bin C T343J 
254 V_T343XYZ Storage Bin Structure for X, Y, Z assignment to Storage bins C T343XYZ 
255 V_T345 Client-Dependent Control Table for WM->PP Staging C T345 
256 V_T346 RF queue definitions C T346 
257 V_T346L Assign areas and activities to queues C T346L 
258 V_T346T Queue master data & language-dependent long text D T346 
259 V_T347A Control of link WM - TRM for Transfer Orders C T347A 
260 V_T350 MaintActivType Default f. Order Types C T350 
261 V_T350E Access sequence addresses for address proposal purch. data C T350E 
262 V_T350I Valid Maintenance Activity Types for Each Order Type C T350I 
263 V_T350W Valid Order Types by Planning Plant C T350W 
264 V_T350W_K Settlement Parameters for Maintenance Orders C T350W 
265 V_T350W_S Control Key Default C T350W 
266 V_T350_BEZZT Proposed reference time for order completion C T350 
267 V_T350_ES External Scheduling for Order Types C T350 
268 V_T350_HE Time for Settlement Rule, Distribution Rule for Sub-Order C T350 
269 V_T350_IMZS Investment management assignment key C T350 
270 V_T350_IV Investment Order Indicator C T350 
271 V_T350_IW Object Info for Order Type C T350 
272 V_T350_NOTDAT Maintain notification data in the order header C T350 
273 V_T350_P Default Planning Indicator for Order Types C T350 
274 V_T350_PA Auftragsarten für Paging einrichten C T350 
275 V_T350_PAGE Maintenance of standard texts for the order types C T350 
276 V_T350_PAR Assignment of Partner Determination Procedure to Order C T350 
277 V_T350_PRI Priority type per order type C T350 
278 V_T350_PZ Default project C T350 
279 V_T350_RSORD Indicator to show order is a refurbishment order C T350 
280 V_T350_SM Service order indicator C T350 
281 V_T351 Maintenance Strategies C T351 
282 V_T351P Maintenance Packages C T351P 
283 V_T352B Catalog Profile C T352B 
284 V_T352B_B Catalog profile C T352B 
285 V_T352B_F Unit for defect valuation C T352B 
286 V_T352B_S Catalog Profile C T352B 
287 V_T352C_B Catalogs and code groups for catalog profile C T352C 
288 V_T352R Maintenance revisions C T352R 
289 V_T352T Maintain Permit Categories C T352T 
290 V_T353I Maintenance activity types C T353I 
291 V_T354A Allocation of Prog. and Function Code to Business Trans. C T354A 
292 V_T354B Maintenance View for Table T354B C T354B 
293 V_T355E Response Profile C T355E 
294 V_T355R Service Window C T355R 
295 V_T356 Priorities for Each Priority Type C T356 
296 V_T356A Priority Types C T356A 
297 V_T357 Plant Sections C T357 
298 V_T357A Effects on Operating Function C T357A 
299 V_T357G Maintain Permits C T357G 
300 V_T357G_GR Permit Groups C T357G_GR 
301 V_T357M Operating Condition C T357M 
302 V_T357Z System Condition C T357Z 
303 V_T362 Service Category C T362 
304 V_T362O Org. Status: Service Category C T362O 
305 V_T365 Maintenance View for Table T365 C T365 
306 V_T365A_E Start values of the transactions for notifications C T365A 
307 V_T365_A Notification Type Default for Transactions C T365 
308 V_T365_S Transaction Start Values for MaintNotifications C T365 
309 V_T370B Technical Object Authorization Group C T370B 
310 V_T370C ABC Indicator for Technical Objects C T370C 
311 V_T370CLC Fleet Consumption Calculation Keys C T370CLC 
312 V_T370CON Fleet Consumption Unit Group C T370CON 
313 V_T370CONV Fleet Consumption Units C T370CONV 
314 V_T370CON_TOL Tolerance for Usage Control C T370CON_TOL 
315 V_T370DMP Default Measuring Point For Technical Object C T370DMP 
316 V_T370ENG Engine Type C T370ENG 
317 V_T370F Functional Location Category C T370F 
318 V_T370FLD Fluid Types C T370FLD 
319 V_T370FLD_GMOVE Goods Movement and Account Assignment for Usage Transaction C T370FLD_GMOVE 
320 V_T370FLD_MAT Material Assignment to Aux.Materials & Consumables (Vehicle) C T370FLD_MAT 
321 V_T370FLD_STN Gas Stations C T370FLD_STN 
322 V_T370FLT Fleet Types C T370FLT 
323 V_T370FLT_R Fleet Types: Reference to Technical Object Types (Equi/FL) C T370FLT_R 
324 V_T370K Types of Technical Objects C T370K 
325 V_T370L Technical object default category on transaction start C T370L 
326 V_T370M Technical Object Default Category on Transaction Start C T370M 
327 V_T370N Object link category C T370N 
328 V_T370POS Valid Measuring Point Positions C T370POS 
329 V_T370POS_USG Fleet Objects: Counter Usage C T370POS_USG 
330 V_T370R Status of Reference Functional Location C T370R 
331 V_T370S Functional Location Structure Indicators C T370S 
332 V_T370T EquipCategories C T370T 
333 V_T370T_A Selection of Editing Options C T370T 
334 V_T370T_D Fixed Screen Sequence C T370T 
335 V_T370T_M Multilingual Text Maintenance C T370T 
336 V_T370T_P Installation at FunctLoc. Dependent on EquipCategory C T370T 
337 V_T370T_S Status Profile for Equipment C T370T 
338 V_T370T_SER_ENQ Lock for Internal Assignment of Serial Numbers C T370T 
339 V_T370T_V PartDetermProf./Functions for EQSE/EQUI/EQUZ Stock Removal C T370T 
340 V_T370T_Z Usage History for Each Equipment Category C T370T 
341 V_T370USG Fleet Usage C T370USG 
342 V_T370Z History-Related Fields C T370Z 
343 V_T370_T Category Default for Technical Object for Transaction Start C T370 
344 V_T371A IB: Maintenance view for T371A (IBase types) C T371A 
345 V_T371B IB: Maintenance View for T371b (Database Tables) C T371B 
346 V_T371C IB: Maintenance View for Table T371c (Authorizations) C T371C 
347 V_T371D IB: Maintenance View for Table T371D (Object Types) C T371D 
348 V_T371F IB: Maintenance View for T371F (Owner/Observer Types) C T371F 
349 V_T371G IB: Maintenance View for T371G (Structure Reference Type) C T371G 
350 V_T371I IB: IB: Maintenance View for T371I (Installation Rules) C T371I 
351 V_T371K IBase Maint. View: Assign Object Families to IB category C T371K 
352 V_T371L IBase Maintenance View: Characteristics of Object Families C T371L 
353 V_T371P IBase: Maintenance View T371P C T371P 
354 V_T371P_CRM IB: - Not Used Anymore - View T371p_crm(Partner Determ.Proc) C T371P_CRM 
355 V_T371P_CRM2 IB: Maintenance View PartnerDeterminationProc.per IBase Cat. C T371P_CRM2 
356 V_T371S_VIEW iBase: Dynpros je UI Typ C T371S 
357 V_T371U IB: Maintenance View for T371U (Obj.Cat.for each IBase Cat.) C T371U 
358 V_T371X IBase: Maintenance View for Table T371X (Function Modules) C T371X 
359 V_T371Z IBase: Maintenance View for Table T371Z C T371Z 
360 V_T372I Network ID (View) C T372I 
361 V_T372M Link Medium (View) C T372M 
362 V_T377 Serialization Procedures for Serial Number Profile C T377 
363 V_T377G Serialization Attributes for Movement Types C T377G 
364 V_T377P Serial Number Profiles C T377P 
365 V_T377X Test C T377X 
366 V_T390 Shop Papers C T390 
367 V_T390J Shop Papers for Job Card C T390 
368 V_T390_O Shop Papers Allowed by Order Type or NotifType C T390_O 
369 V_T390_U User-Specific Print Control C T390_U 
370 V_T392 Print Diversion Structures C T392 
371 V_T392_V Detailed Selection for Print Diversion C T392_V 
372 V_T399A_MP View: Maintain Table T399A from maintenance plan perspective C T399A 
373 V_T399A_SD View: SD maintenance of table T399A C T399A 
374 V_T399D Maintenance View Control Parameters for MRP C T399D 
375 V_T399D_A BOM/Routing Selection C T399D 
376 V_T399D_B Default Values for Direct Procurement C T399D 
377 V_T399D_C Period Grouping C T399D 
378 V_T399D_CS Alternative Determination in MRP C T399D 
379 V_T399D_D Reference Plant for Accessing Central Master Data Tables C T399D 
380 V_T399D_E Conversion Planned Order -> Prod.Order, MRP Customizing C T399D 
381 V_T399D_I Available Stocks C T399D 
382 V_T399D_J Availability Check C T399D 
383 V_T399D_K Checking Rule for Updating Backorders C T399D 
384 V_T399D_L Missing Parts MRP Controller C T399D 
385 V_T399D_NC Number Ranges for Total Requirements C T399D 
386 V_T399D_NS Number Range for Sim. Dependent Requirements C T399D 
387 V_T399D_P Performance: Aggregation of MRP List C T399D 
388 V_T399D_R Calculation of Days' Supply C T399D 
389 V_T399D_REV Evaluation Profile Ranges of Coverage C T399D 
390 V_T399D_S BOM Explosion C T399D 
391 V_T399D_SB Performance: BOM Buffering in Shared Buffer C T399D 
392 V_T399D_T Order Proposals in the Past C T399D 
393 V_T399G Maintenance Plan Sort Field C T399G 
394 V_T399I Planning Plants C T399I 
395 V_T399I_E Operation units for duration/work C T399I 
396 V_T399I_T Current Date Default for Basic Dates in Maintenance Order C T399I 
397 V_T399J_A BOM application C T399J 
398 V_T399J_D Print Control PM/QM (Client) C T399J 
399 V_T399J_IBASE Synchronization IBASE/Technical System Structuring C T399J 
400 V_T399J_M Special Function for Maintenance Planning C T399J 
401 V_T399J_P Priority Type for Orders C T399J 
402 V_T399J_S "Statistics Currency" C T399J 
403 V_T399J_SD Serial Number Parameters C T399J 
404 V_T399J_V Default value BOM usage for free material allocation C T399J 
405 V_T399Q_1 Indep.Reqmts: Def.Values for Splitting Values C T399Q 
406 V_T399Q_2 Indep.Reqmts: Def.Val. for Reorganizing Interval C T399Q 
407 V_T399Q_3 Indep. reqmts: Default Values for Fixing C T399Q 
408 V_T399Q_4 Reqmts Type: Maintenance of Messages C T399Q 
409 V_T399U PM/SM central settings C T399U 
410 V_T399W_I Maintenance plan scheduling type C T399W 
411 V_T399X Order Type-Dependent Parameters: Overview C T399X 
412 V_T399X_40 Order Type-Dependent Parameters C T399X 
413 V_T399X_4C Search Procedure for Batch Determination in Process Orders C T399X 
414 V_T399X_4N Search Structure for Batch Determination in Network C T399X 
415 V_T399X_CO Default Values for Order Cost Estimate C T399X 
416 V_T399X_CS Alternative Determination in Production C T399X 
417 V_T399X_K Calculation Parameters for MaintOrders C T399X 
418 V_T399X_MB Goods movements documentation for order C T399X 
419 V_T399X_N0 Assign Settlement Rule to Network Type C T399X 
420 V_T399X_N1 Assign Results Analysis Key to Network Type C T399X 
421 V_T399X_N2 Assign Plan Costing Variant to Network Type C T399X 
422 V_T399X_NN Network type parameters: Overview C T399X 
423 V_T399X_OI IS-OIL parameters for production order C T399X 
424 V_T399X_OLC OLC: Define Costs at Operation Level f. Order Types, Plants C T399X 
425 V_T399X_PC Default Values for Order Cost Estimate C T399X 
426 V_T399X_PC_PKOSA Default Values for Order Cost Estimate V V_T399X_PC 
427 V_T399X_PD "Parameter Order Category: PPIS" C T399X 
428 V_T399X_QM Default values for QM product cost accounting C T399X 
429 V_T399X_QP Assign inspection types PM/SM order types C T399X 
430 V_T399X_S Increment for Automatic Operation Number C T399X 
431 V_T399X_SD Control Parameters Network Type for Shipping Deadlines C T399X 
432 V_T409 Assignment of Material Types C T409 
433 V_T409_PI Assignment of Material Types C T409 
434 V_T410 Engineering Workbench: Working area C T410 
435 V_T411 Usage C T411 
436 V_T412 Task list status C T412 
437 V_T413 Spare Part Indicators C T413 
438 V_T415A Alternative BOM Determination C T415A 
439 V_T415M_K Material Types Allowed in BOM Header C T415M 
440 V_T415M_P Material Types Allowed in BOM Items C T415M 
441 V_T415S BOM Statuses C T415S 
442 V_T416 BOM Usage - Item Statuses C T416 
443 V_T416K Defaults for Copying Item Statuses C T416K 
444 V_T416V Copy defaults for BOM usage - item statuses C T416V 
445 V_T417 Material Provision Indicators C T417 
446 V_T418 Item Categories C T418 
447 V_T418F Variable-Size Item Formulas C T418F 
448 V_T418V Item category default values for component assignment C T418V 
449 V_T419S Change Master Status C T419S 
450 V_T421 Wage Groups C T421 
451 V_T423 Suitability C T423 
452 V_T425 Setup group keys C T425 
453 V_T426 Setup group category C T426 
454 V_T428 Setup Type Key C T428 
455 V_T429 Standard Value Determination Type C T429 
456 V_T430 Control Keys for Operations C T430 
457 V_T430_CN Activity Control Key C T430 
458 V_T430_PM Control Keys for Operations C T430 
459 V_T433 Milestone Usage C T433 
460 V_T433_PP Usage for Trigger Points C T433 
461 V_T434G Stock Determination Group C T434G 
462 V_T434K Stock Determination Header Table C T434K 
463 V_T434P Stock Determination Item Table C T434P 
464 V_T434R Stock Determination Rule C T434R 
465 V_T434R_APP Assign Stock Determination Rules C T434R 
466 V_T435C Configuration Information for a Table Control C T435C 
467 V_T435I ID for Program - Table Control - TC Context C T435I 
468 V_T435W Pull List Control C T435W 
469 V_T435W_BF Pull List Control: Stock Determination Rule View C T435W 
470 V_T435W_CH Pull List Control: Batch Search Procedure View C T435W 
471 V_T436A Margins for scheduling C T436A 
472 V_T437A_B General Settings for Repetitive Manufacturing C T437A 
473 V_T437A_R Customize Visible Rows in REM Planning Table C T437A 
474 V_T437A_S Entry Parameters for REM Planning Table C T437A 
475 V_T437D_B Production Order Type C T437D 
476 V_T437D_C Goods Movements C T437D 
477 V_T437D_D Planning Periods C T437D 
478 V_T437D_E Distribution Function for the Planning Table C T437D 
479 V_T437D_F Repetitive Manufacturing: Cost Log C T437D 
480 V_T437D_G Number Range for Backlogs C T437D 
481 V_T437D_H Number Range for Document Log C T437D 
482 V_T437E Withdrawal Sequence for Repetitive Manufacturing C T437E 
483 V_T437P Repetitive Mfg: Planning IDs C T437P 
484 V_T437S_A Repetitive Mfg Profile C T437S 
485 V_T437S_B Repetitive Mfg: Control Data for Repetitive Mfg Profile C T437S 
486 V_T437S_BEW Repetitive Manufacturing: Movement Types C T437S 
487 V_T437S_BF Repetitive Manufacturing: Stock Determination Rule View C T437S 
488 V_T437S_C Repetitive Manufacturing: Movement Types C T437S 
489 V_T437S_CH Repetitive Manufacturing: Batch Search Procedure C T437S 
490 V_T437S_GES Overall Maintenance of Repetitive Manufacturing Profile C T437S 
491 V_T437S_KO Repetitive Manufacturing Profile C T437S 
492 V_T437S_ST1 Repetitive Mfg: Control Data for Repetitive Mfg Profile C T437S 
493 V_T437U Repetitive Mfg: Transferring Goods Receipts C T437U 
494 V_T437V_A Define Distribution Functions and Types C T437V 
495 V_T437X_A Cost Collector Strategy C T437X 
496 V_T437Z Line Texts for Planning Table C T437Z 
497 V_T438A_DISPO Extractor for MRP Procedure D T438A 
498 V_T438M_B Direct Procurement C T438M 
499 V_T438M_C Maximum MRP Period C T438M 
500 V_T438M_D Planning Time Fence C T438M