View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T5UPBSPA19 Validation Value Table Access Groups per Validation Group C T5UPBSPA19 
2 V_T5UPBSPA20 Validation Field Groups C T5UPBSPA20 
3 V_T5UPBSPA21 Validation Field Group Definition C T5UPBSPA21 
4 V_T5UPBSPA22 Configured Table Access Methods C T5UPBSPA22 
5 V_T5UPBSPA23 Selection Rule Definition C T5UPBSPA23 
6 V_T5UPBSPA25 Value Table Access Groups C T5UPBSPA25 
7 V_T5UPBSPA26 Value Table Access Methods per Group C T5UPBSPA26 
8 V_T5UPBSPA27 Validation Rules C T5UPBSPA27 
9 V_T5UPBSPA28 Validation Rule Definition C T5UPBSPA28 
10 V_T5UPBSPA29 Validation Rule Lists C T5UPBSPA29 
11 V_T5UPBSPA30 Validation List Definition C T5UPBSPA30 
12 V_T5UPBSPA31 Personnel Office Identifier C T5UPBSPA31 
13 V_T5UPBSPA32 Conversion of Pay Scale Area to Federal Code for Pay Plans C T5UPBSPA32 
14 V_T5UPBSPA33 Locality Pay Areas C T5UPBSPA33 
15 V_T5UPBSPOOL Maintain Absence Pool Attributes C T5UPBSPOOLA 
16 V_T5UPBSPOOLA Create and maintain absence pools C T5UPBSPOOLA 
17 V_T5UPBSPOOLH Maintain intial Hours/Days in Absence Pools C T5UPBSPOOLA 
18 V_T5UPBSPOOLM Maintain Initial Amounts in Absence Pools C T5UPBSPOOLA 
19 V_T5UPBSPOOLN Sick Leave Pool maintenance view C T5UPBSPOOL 
20 V_T5UPBSPOOLT Sick Leave Pools - Pool Attributes (amount) C T5UPBSPOOLA 
21 V_T5UPBSSECCL Security Clearance C T5UPBSSECCL 
22 V_T5UPBSTC01 Issuing Authorities C T5UPBSTC01 
23 V_T5UPBSTC02 Certificate and License Types C T5UPBSTC02 
24 V_T5UPBSTC03 Classifications C T5UPBSTC03 
25 V_T5UPBSTC04 Areas C T5UPBSTC04 
26 V_T5UPBSTC05 Levels C T5UPBSTC05 
27 V_T5UPBSTC11 Certificate and License Categories C T5UPBSTC11 
28 V_T5UPBSTC16 Codes C T5UPBSTC16 
29 V_T5UPBSTC30 Status of Certificates/Licenses, Areas C T5UPBSTC30 
30 V_T5UPBSTC51 Duty Assignments C T5UPBSTC51 
31 V_T5URA View: Remittance Creditor Mapping - Type 5 C T5URA 
32 V_T5URB View: Remittance Creditor Mapping - Type 6 C T5URB 
33 V_T5URC Derivation of HR Creditor Taxes C T5URC 
34 V_T5URU US Establishment/Work Unit for Reporting C T5URU 
35 V_T5US0 Priority for tax wagetypes C T5US0 
36 V_T5USC U.S. Standard Industrial Classification Codes C T5USC 
37 V_T5USL States active for BSI TaxLocator C T5USL 
38 V_T5USO WC: Definition of Standard Occupational Codes C T5USO 
39 V_T5USWL WC: State Wage limits C T5USWL 
40 V_T5UT1 Tax interface table: Tax amounts out of payroll results C T5UT1 
41 V_T5UT2 Tax interface table: 3rd party remittance amounts C T5UT2 
42 V_T5UT3 Field of a tax form C T5UT3 
43 V_T5UT4 Tax Form Class Description C T5UT5 
44 V_T5UT6 Tax Form Class details C T5UT6 
45 V_T5UT7 Tax Form Class Relations C T5UT7 
46 V_T5UT8 Tax Form Class Relations C T5UT8 
47 V_T5UTD Assignment of Tax Authorities to Tax Type C T5UTD 
48 V_T5UTI Employer ID Number C T5UTI 
49 V_T5UTLA Attributes of Tax Company on Tax Authority Level C T5UTLA 
50 V_T5UTLAVK Additional Attributes of Tax Company on Tax Authority Level C T5UTLAVK 
51 V_T5UTO Assign tax wage types to tax types C T5UTO 
52 V_T5UTP Assign tax types to tax form groups C T5UTP 
53 V_T5UTQ Tax Authority Combination for Local Reciprocity C T5UTQ 
54 V_T5UTR Tax Authorities per Resident Tax Area C T5UTR 
55 V_T5UTRC Tax Reciprocity Attributes C T5UTRC 
56 V_T5UTT Tax Types C T5UTT 
57 V_T5UTV Worksites/NC-9901 establishments C T5UTV 
58 V_T5UTW Tax Authorities per Work Tax Area C T5UTW 
59 V_T5UTX Tax ceilings and rates C T5UTX 
60 V_T5UTY Tax Type Combinations C T5UTY 
61 V_T5UTZ View for Table T5UTZ C T5UTZ 
62 V_T5UTZC Additional Codes for Tax Authorities C T5UTZC 
63 V_T5UVET View to maintain tables T5UVET and T5UVETT C T5UVET 
64 V_T5UVT Veteran Status C T5UVT 
65 V_T5UVT_PS Veteran Status-US Public Sector C T5UVT_PS 
66 V_T5UWC WC: Definition of Workers' Compensation Codes C T5UWC 
67 V_T5UWE WC: Definition of Experience Rate C T5UWE 
68 V_T5UWL WC: Definition of Officers' Wage Limit C T5UWL 
69 V_T5UWM WC: Definition of Manual Rate C T5UWM 
70 V_T5UWS WC: Definition of WC Wage Types per WC State C T5UWS 
71 V_T5UWW WC: Definition of Workers' Compensation Wage C T5UWW 
72 V_T5UWX WC: Assignment of Experience modificator C T5UWX 
73 V_T5UX4 Assign tax form to category C T5UX4 
74 V_T5UX5 Assign attributes to tax authority C T5UX5 
75 V_T5UX6 Maintain ranges for Puerto Rico W-2/W-2C control number C T5UX6 
76 V_T5UX7 Alternate forms details C T5UX7 
77 V_T5UX9 Tax Reporting Additional Information C T5UX9 
78 V_T5UZC Zip Code Areas C T5UZC 
79 V_T5UZF COBRA Coverage Unavailability reasons C T5UZF 
80 V_T5V01 City register C T5V01 
81 V_T5V03 Employee Groups/Employee Subgroups for contracts (NO) C T503Z 
82 V_T5V0P Attributes of the Norwegian organisational structure C T001P 
83 V_T5V13 Assignment of postitional codes to job codes C T5V13 
84 V_T5V1C Period Work Schedules Codes, for statistics C T5V1C 
85 V_T5V2A Table of mun. no. C T5V2A 
86 V_T5V2B Union table C T5V2B 
87 V_T5V2C Table of <trygdek.> C T5V2C 
88 V_T5V2D Tax table no. C T5V2D 
89 V_T5V2E Norwegian organizational attributes C T5V2E 
90 V_T5V2G Connection org. numbers and rep. org. number C T5V2G 
91 V_T5V2H Remaining assessment limit (bunnfradrag) per legal org. no. C T5V2H 
92 V_T5V2I Reporting organisational number for tax and ERC reporting C T5V2I 
93 V_T5V2J NACE codes (Business area codes; Næringskoder) C T5V2J 
94 V_T5V2K Maintainance view for legal org. unit (juridisk nummer) C T5V2K 
95 V_T5V2L Entity table for Bedriftsnummer C T5V2L 
96 V_T5V2M Entity table for the legal org. no. (juridisk nummer) C T5V2M 
97 V_T5V2N Connection rep. org. no and status for ERC reporting C T5V2N 
98 V_T5V2O Orgledd number for AA register reporting C T5V2O 
99 V_T5V2Q Table of <postnr> <trynr> C T5V2Q 
100 V_T5V3A Vacation allowance calculation C T5V3A 
101 V_T5V3C Types of Vacation Allowance DK/N C T5V3C 
102 V_T5V3E Vacation allowance calculation C T5V3E 
103 V_T5V3G Leave quoata types C T5V3G 
104 V_T5V4A Control table for IT 0057 C T5V4A 
105 V_T5V4B Control table for Norwegian garnishments and union dues C T5V4B 
106 V_T5V4C Assignment of KID number to Payee Key C T5V4C 
107 V_T5V5A Norwegian occupation codes C T5V5A 
108 V_T5V5B Assignment of job to occupation code C T5V5B 
109 V_T5V6A Business sectors ("bransjer") C T5V6A 
110 V_T5V6C SSB Position Codes C T5V6C 
111 V_T5VA3 Norwegian absence valuation segments C T5VA3 
112 V_T5VA5 Norwegian absence classification C T5VA5 
113 V_T5VA6 Norwegian absence valuation rules C T5VA6 
114 V_T5VBF Assessment limit (Fribeløpet) per Reporting Rep. No C T5VBF 
115 V_T5VBP View for table T5VBP C T5VBP 
116 V_T5VCT View : Assignment of granularity to EE status/travel tax key C T5VCT 
117 V_T5VF3 Altinn Communication Framework - Computer systems view C T5VF3 
118 V_T5VF4 ACF - Computer system to Reportee - View C T5VF4 
119 V_T5VM1 Pension type C T5VM1 
120 V_T5VM2 Pension variant C T5VM2 
121 V_T5VM3 Parameters for pension variant C T5VM3 
122 V_T5VOT Overtime Limit Maintenance C T5VOT 
123 V_T5VPC Collective transfer for a payee key C T521B 
124 V_T5VPPS1A Process ID's for Norway Public Sector C T5VPPS1A 
125 V_T5VPPS1B Process ID and codes for Norway Public Sector C T5VPPS1B 
126 V_T5VPPS_510 Maintain yearly changes in T510 (Norway Public Sector) C T5VPPS_510 
127 V_T5VPPS_APRSN Additional position reason for Norway PS C T5VPPS_APRSN 
128 V_T5VPPS_AP_LGAR Wage types for the Additional positions (Norway PS) C T5VPPS_AP_LGART 
129 V_T5VPPS_CAT Eligibilty Category for Norway Public Sector C T5VPPS_CAT 
130 V_T5VPPS_ELEMENT Element Category for Norway Public Sector C T5VPPS_ELEMENT 
131 V_T5VPPS_ELG_CAT Eligibility Category with Values for Norway Public Sector C T5VPPS_ELG_CAT 
132 V_T5VPPS_ETK Etatskode C T5VPPS_ETK 
133 V_T5VPPS_ETK_TJK Maintenance for Etatskode and Tjenestestedskode C T5VPPS_ETK_TJK 
134 V_T5VPPS_SPKP Code for SPK for leave-agreement with valid years C T5VPPS_SPKP 
135 V_T5VPPS_TJK Tjenestestedskode C T5VPPS_TJK 
136 V_T5VPPS_TMA Temporary Agreement codes C T5VPPS_TMA 
137 V_T5VS0 Contract types for annual tax statements C T5VS0 
138 V_T5VS2 Tax code granularity C T5VS2 
139 V_T5VS4 Tax codes for annual tax statements C T5VS4 
140 V_T5VS6 Columns definition for tax codes C T5VS6 
141 V_T5VS7 Assignment of additional wagetypes to tax code columns C T5VS7 
142 V_T5VS8 Assignment of wage types to tax codes C T5VS8 
143 V_T5VSA Tax code category for wage types C T5VSA 
144 V_T5VST Assignment of granularity to EE status/travel tax key C T5VST 
145 V_T5VT0 Reporting status for annual tax statements C T5VT0 
146 V_T5VXI View for Tables T5VXI C T5VXI 
147 V_T5W0P UIF reference number assignment to personnel area/subarea C T001P 
148 V_T5W10 Link Pay Scale groups to occupational level C T5W10 
149 V_T5W11 Link pay scale groups to occupational level -Comp management C T5W11 
150 V_T5W13 Link Job to Occupational category - Employment equity. C T5W13 
151 V_T5W14 Obsolete (see Note 641916) C T5W14 
152 V_T5W15 Assign Job to SOC Code Allocation (South Africa) C T5W15 
153 V_T5W15_INFOTYPE Assign Job to SOC Code Allocation (South Africa) C T5W15 
154 V_T5W16 Assign position to SOC Code Allocation (South Africa) C T5W16 
155 V_T5W16_IT Assign Position to SOC Code Allocation (South Africa) C T5W16 
156 V_T5W16_OFO Assign position to SOC Code Allocation (South Africa) C T5W16 
157 V_T5W17 Standard Occupational Categories (South Africa) C T5W17 
158 V_T5W1G Social insurance exempt reason C T5W1G 
159 V_T5W1H_M Medical Aid Schemes Payment model assignment: OBSOLETE C T5W1H 
160 V_T5W1H_ME Medical Aid Schemes Payment model assignment C T5W1H 
161 V_T5W1K Pension Funds and Medical Aid Schemes (SA): OBSOLETE C T5W1K 
162 V_T5W1M Social Insurance companies ZA C T5W1M 
163 V_T5W1M_M Medical Aid companies C T5W1M 
164 V_T5W1M_P Pension fund companies C T5W1M 
165 V_T5W1N Social Insurance schemes ZA C T5W1N 
166 V_T5W1N_M Medical aid schemes C T5W1N 
167 V_T5W1N_P Pension funds C T5W1N 
168 V_T5W1O Deduction Amounts/Percentages for MA & PF: OBSOLETE C T5W1O 
169 V_T5W1Q Social insurance contribution type C T5W1Q 
170 V_T5W1U Contribution class for Social insurance ZA C T5W1U 
171 V_T5W1U_M Contribution class C T5W1U 
172 V_T5W1X Contributions for Social Insurances ZA C T5W1X 
173 V_T5W1X_M Contributions C T5W1X 
174 V_T5W1X_P Pension contributions C T5W1X 
175 V_T5W1Y View Medical Aid contributions C T5W1Y 
176 V_T5W1Z View Medical Aid Late Joiner Penalties C T5W1Z 
177 V_T5W2A (Old) Receiver of Revenue Tax Offices C T5W2A 
178 V_T5W2B (Old) Tax status indicators C T5W2B 
179 V_T5W2C (Old) RSA Tax Age Group Indicators C T5W2C 
180 V_T5W2D (Old) RSA Employment Indicators C T5W2D 
181 V_T5W2E (Old) RSA Tax Regions C T5W2E 
182 V_T5W2F (Old) RSA Tax Procedurs C T5W2F 
183 V_T5W2G (Old) RSA Tax Deductions C T5W2G 
184 V_T5W2H (Old) RSA Tax Rebates C T5W2H 
185 V_T5W2I (Old) Tax Year C T5W2I 
186 V_T5W2I_TY (Old) Tax Year Open/Closed C T5W2I 
187 V_T5W2P South African Revenue Service - Offices C T5W2P 
188 V_T5W2Q South African Tax Year Status (Open/Closed) C T5W2Q 
189 V_T5W2R South African Tax Rates C T5W2R 
190 V_T5W2S South African Tax Rebates C T5W2S 
191 V_T5W2U South African Employment Indicators C T5W2U 
192 V_T5W2V Form Names C T5W2V 
193 V_T5W30 Termination categories C T5W30 
194 V_T5W3A Wagetypes to Subtype relation C T5W3A 
195 V_T5W4A Quota parameter table - Southern Africa C T5W4A 
196 V_T5W4B Leave entitlement parameter table - Southern Africa C T5W4B 
197 V_T5W4S Abscence Types for UIF Download C T5W4S 
198 V_T5W5A View Bank ZA CDV Details C T5W5A 
199 V_T5W5B Account Type Recognition C T5W5B 
200 V_T5W5C South African Banks C T5W5C 
201 V_T5W66 SARS Interface : PAYE Reference Number Attributes C T5W66 
202 V_T5W67 SARS Interface : Definition of Electronic Tax Certificate C T5W67 
203 V_T5W67_2009 Table T5W67 2009 C T5W67 
204 V_T5W68 SARS Interface : Record Types C T5W68 
205 V_T5W71 UIF reference numbers C T5W71 
206 V_T5W7A Salary packaging: Salary components C T5W7A 
207 V_T5W7B Salary packaging C T5W7B 
208 V_T5W7C Salary packaging: Eligible salary components C T5W7C 
209 V_T5W7E Salary packaging: Standard categories C T5W7E 
210 V_T5W7F Salary packaging: ZA receiver rates C T5W7F 
211 V_T5W7H Salary packaging: Categories for salary components C T5W7H 
212 V_T5W81 Regional Services Councils C T5W81 
213 V_T5W8A NQF Field Definition C T5W8A 
214 V_T5W8B NQF Subfields definitions C T5W8B 
215 V_T5W8C Qualification type text C T5W8C 
216 V_T5W8FUNC NQF specific function modules: OBSOLETE C T5W8FUNC 
217 V_T5W8H Maintain appraisal template C T5W8H 
218 V_T5W8I NQF Appraisal template attributes C T5W8I 
219 V_T5W8K Appraisal template - followup function modules C T5W8K 
220 V_T5W8L Link profile views to allowed NQF appraisal C T5W8L 
221 V_T5W8P Strategic Skills Priorities (ZA) C T5W8P 
222 V_T5W9C Categories for Labour Relations C T5W9C 
223 V_T5W9O Outcome Types of Labour Relation Interventions C T5W9O 
224 V_T5W9P Participants/Roles of Labour Relations Interventions C T5W9P 
225 V_T5W9PR Responsibility per Labour Relations Role C T5W9PR 
226 V_T5W9R Reasons for Labour Relations Interventions C T5W9R 
227 V_T5W9S Status of Labour Relations Interventions C T5W9S 
228 V_T5W9T Possible Object Types of Lab.Rel participants C T5W9T 
229 V_T5WA Electronic Fund Transfer Codes (Southern Africa) C T5WA 
230 V_T5WAT Electronic Fund Transfer Texts C T5WAT 
231 V_T5WER IRP5 Company Level Details C T5WER 
232 V_T5WOC OFO: Mapping Occupation to Alt. Title C T5WOC 
233 V_T5WOCT Alternative Title / Specialization Text (South Africa) C T5WOCT 
234 V_T5WOCX OFO: Alternative Title / Specialization C T5WOX 
235 V_T5WOF OFO Codes C T5WOF 
236 V_T5WOFT OFO Codes Description C T5WOFT 
237 V_T5WOFT_MAJOR List of all majors D T5WOFT 
238 V_T5WOFT_OCCP List of all Occupations D T5WOT 
239 V_T5WOM OFO: Link Major Codes with Skill Level C T5WOM 
240 V_T5WOT OFO Codes Descriptions (South Africa) C T5WOT 
241 V_T5WOX_TITLE List all Titles D T5WOC 
242 V_T5WRTW Retro wage types configuration C T5WRTW 
243 V_T604 Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number C T604 
244 V_T604A Preference: Tariff Alternation C T604A 
245 V_T604C Preference: Preference Procedure Code C T604C 
246 V_T604F Import Processing: Control Code C T604F 
247 V_T604G Preference:Preference Zone C T604G 
248 V_T604I Foreign Trade: Preference - Input Table for Collect.Calcul. C T604I 
249 V_T604L Foreign Trade: Preference: Single-plant control data VD C T604L 
250 V_T604P Preference:Preference Zone/Rule C T604P 
251 V_T604R Preference: Preference Rule / Percentages C T604R 
252 V_T604S Preference: Determine Preference Zone in Export C T604S 
253 V_T604STW Foreign Trade: Keywords for commodity codes C T604STW 
254 V_T604U Foreign Trade: Convert Commodity Code/Import Code No. C T604U 
255 V_T604V Preference: Preference Determination / Procedure C T604V 
256 V_T604W Foreign Trade: Sections With Regard to Customs Law C T604W 
257 V_T604WG Preference determination: Cross-plant grouping C T604WG 
258 V_T604WGG Preference determination: Assignment of plants C T604WGG 
259 V_T604Y Foreign Trade: Sections/Chapters With Regard to Customs Law C T604Y 
260 V_T604_PREFMTART Preference Control: Exclusion Material Type C T604_PREF_MTART 
261 V_T604_PREFPARAM Preference Control: Parameters for BOM Expl.and Calculation C T604_PREF_PARAM 
262 V_T605 Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type C T605 
263 V_T605K Foreign Trade: Combination Bus. Transaction Type - Procedure C T605K 
264 V_T605U Foreign Trade: Convert Export/Import Bus. Trans. Type C T605U 
265 V_T605Z Foreign Trade: Proposal for Bus. Transaction Type in Export C T605Z 
266 V_T606 Legal Control: License Types C T606 
267 V_T606A Legal Control: Departure Country / Legal Regulations C T606A 
268 V_T606AS Legal Control: Export Control Class - Commodity Code C T606AS 
269 V_T606A_IMK Legal Control: Importing country / Legal regulation C T606A 
270 V_T606A_SLS Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Departure Ctry/SLS C T606A 
271 V_T606B Legal Control: Grouping Materials C T606B 
272 V_T606C Legal Control: Import code numbers for approval C T606C 
273 V_T606D Legal Control: Special Characteristic Code for Goods C T606D 
274 V_T606E Legal Control: Grouping Destination Countries C T606E 
275 V_T606G Legal Control: Legal Regulations - Export C T606G 
276 V_T606G_IMK Legal Control: Legal regulations for Import C T606G 
277 V_T606G_SLS Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Legal Regulations C T606G 
278 V_T606H Legal Control: Export Control Classes C T606H 
279 V_T606I Legal Control: Export Control Class / Grouping C T606I 
280 V_T606K Legal Control: Control Situation of Dest.Ctry. C T606K 
281 V_T606L Legal Control: Country Classification by Destination Ctry C T606L 
282 V_T606M Legal Control: Product Classification by Destinat. Ctry C T606M 
283 V_T606N Legal Control: Product Classification by Country Grouping C T606N 
284 V_T606O Legal Control: Embargo - Dependent on Departure Country C T606O 
285 V_T606P Legal Control: Grouping Partners C T606P 
286 V_T606PG Legal Control: Partner Functions for Grouping Partners C T606PG 
287 V_T606W Legal Control: Materials for approval C T606W 
288 V_T606X Legal Control: Countries for Licence C T606X 
289 V_T606Y Legal Control: Exp. Ctrl Classes for License C T606Y 
290 V_T606Z Legal Control: Partners for License C T606Z 
291 V_T606ZK Legal Control: Partner - Vendors for approval C T606ZK 
292 V_T606_IMK Legal control: Import: License types C T606 
293 V_T606_TXT Access sequence: Legal Control: License Types C T606 
294 V_T607A Documentary Payments: Financial Document Type C T607A 
295 V_T607B Documentary Payments: Bank Functions C T607B 
296 V_T607D Documentary Payments: Documents to be Presented C T607D 
297 V_T607E Documentary Payments: Control Documents per Indicator C T607E 
298 V_T607F Documentary Payments: Indicators - Field Ctrl/Doc.Check C T607F 
299 V_T607F_TXT Access sequence: Documentary Payments: Indicators - Field Ct C T607F 
300 V_T607G Documentary Payments: Reasons for Change C T607G 
301 V_T607I Documentary Payments: Financial Document Control C T607I 
302 V_T607K Documentary Payments: Bank Indicators C T607K 
303 V_T607S Documentary Payments: Fld Ctrl for Banks in Financial Doc. C T607S 
304 V_T608 Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List - Scope of Check C T608 
305 V_T608A Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List - Aliases C T608A 
306 V_T608D Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List: Delimiter C T608D 
307 V_T608E Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List - Exclusion Texts C T608E 
308 V_T608L Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List - List Type C T608L 
309 V_T608N Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List: Normalization C T608N 
310 V_T608P Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: Phonetics C T608P 
311 V_T608R Legal Control: Sanctioned Party List - Reference C T608R 
312 V_T609A Periodic Declarations: Exclusion/Inclusion Indicator C T609A 
313 V_T609BK FT: Incompletion: Document Pricing Procedure - Header C T609B 
314 V_T609BP FT: Incompletion: Document Pricing Procedure - Item C T609B 
315 V_T609F Foreign Trade: Incompletion - Documents Fields C T609F 
316 V_T609G Foreign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Production Statistics) C T609G 
317 V_T609I Declarations to Authorities: Control/Incompleteness C T609I 
318 V_T609II Declarations to Authorities: Special Rules Country / Region C T609II 
319 V_T609IS Foreign Trade: Declarations to Auth.: Data Selection Control C T609IS 
320 V_T609L Foreign Trade: Incompletion: Country Schemes C T609L 
321 V_T609P Communication: Control Foreign Trade Output C T609P 
322 V_T609PO FT: Communication: Assignment form fields - Characteristics C T609PO 
323 V_T609PP Communication: Change Form Data Function Control C T609PP 
324 V_T609R Foreign Trade: Export/Import Conversion - Reference Country C T609R 
325 V_T609S Foreign Trade: Foreign Trade Data - Control System Response C T609S 
326 V_T609S_LAENGE Foreign Trade: Length of Commodity Code / Import Code No. C T609S 
327 V_T609UK Foreign Trade: Incompleteness: Combination Country - Country C T609UK 
328 V_T609UKK FT: Incompletion: Combination Country - Document Header C T609UK 
329 V_T609UKP FT: Incompletion: Combination Country - Document Item C T609UK 
330 V_T609V Foreign Trade: Incompletion Procedures for Document Data C T609V 
331 V_T610A Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code C T610A 
332 V_T610B Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Numbers C T610B 
333 V_T610C Import Processing: CAS Number for Pharmaceutical Products C T610C 
334 V_T610D Import Processing: Pharmaceutical Products Code C T610D 
335 V_T610FA Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code Determination C T610FA 
336 V_T610FD Import Processing: Pharmaceut. Products Code Determination C T610FD 
337 V_T610FE Import Processing: Import Verification Doc. Determination C T610FE 
338 V_T610FK Import Processing: Customs Quota Code Determination C T610FK 
339 V_T610FL Import Processing: Third-country Duty Rate Determination C T610FL 
340 V_T610FP Import Processing: Preferential Duty Rate Determination C T610FP 
341 V_T610FS Import Processing: Customs Exemption Determination C T610FS 
342 V_T610K Import Processing: Customs Quota Codes C T610K 
343 V_T610KPK Foreign Trade: Import Processing: Customs Quota Number C T610KP 
344 V_T610KPP Foreign Trade: Import Processing: Customs Ceiling Number C T610KP 
345 V_T610LG Foreign Trade: Country Groups for Import Processing C T610LG 
346 V_T610LGZ Foreign Trade: Assignment of Countries to Country Groups C T610LGZ 
347 V_T610NA Foreign Trade: Verification Documents C T610NA 
348 V_T610O Foreign Trade: Authorities C T610O 
349 V_T610PA Foreign Trade: Preference Type C T610PA 
350 V_T610R Import Processing: Control C T610R 
351 V_T610U Foreign Trade: Upload: Customs Duty Rate Types C T610U 
352 V_T610VA Foreign Trade: Preliminary Import Docs / Export Docs C T610VA 
353 V_T610W Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Numbers per Plant C T610W 
354 V_T610ZK Foreign Trade: Customs Identification Numbers - Customer C T610Z 
355 V_T610ZL Foreign Trade: Customs Identification Numbers - Vendor C T610Z 
356 V_T612A Foreign Trade/Customs: Electronic Procedure: Duty Types C T612A 
357 V_T612B FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of Means of Transport C T612B 
358 V_T612G Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. procedures: Duty type group. C T612G 
359 V_T612K FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Duty Type - Condition type C T612K 
360 V_T612N FT/Customs: Electr. procedures: Type of identity of goods C T612N 
361 V_T612P FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of Shipping Unit C T612P 
362 V_T612S Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Status C T612S 
363 V_T612V Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. Procedure C T612V 
364 V_T615 Foreign Trade: Customs Offices C T615 
365 V_T615U Foreign Trade: Import/Export Customs Office Conversion C T615U 
366 V_T616 Foreign Trade: Procedure C T616 
367 V_T616U Foreign Trade: Import/Export Procedure Conversion C T616U 
368 V_T616Z Foreign Trade: Proposal for Procedure in Export C T616Z 
369 V_T617 Foreign Trade: Proposal for Foreign Trade Header Data C T617 
370 V_T618 Foreign Trade: Modes of Transport C T618 
371 V_T618EM Foreign Trade: MO - Mat.Components Relevant for Market Org. C T618EM 
372 V_T618G EU Market: EU Market Products Group C T618G 
373 V_T618K Foreign Trade: Valid Comb. f. Mode of Transp./Customs Office C T618K 
374 V_T618M CAP: Number of CAP products list C T618M 
375 V_T618ME Foreign Trade: MO: Mat.Components Relevant for Market Org. C T618ME 
376 V_T618MS Components of EU Market Products C T618MS 
377 V_T618O EU Market: Market Organization C T618O 
378 V_T618U Foreign Trade: Conversion of Import/Export Mode of Transport C T618U 
379 V_T618W EU Market: Market Organization Number C T618W 
380 V_T620 Allocation table types C T620 
381 V_T620_NAC Assign Schema to Document Type C T620 
382 V_T621 Item categories of allocation table C T621 
383 V_T622 Allocation rule types C T622 
384 V_T623 Allocation rule transaction control C T623 
385 V_T624 Allocation rule determination C T624 
386 V_T625 Assignment of RIS fields to key figures types C T625 
387 V_T625S Define key figure category C T625S 
388 V_T626 Notif. categories of allocation table C T626 
389 V_T627 Allocation strategies C T627 
390 V_T628 Split Criteria for Alloc Tbl Follow-On Document Generation C T628 
391 V_T629 Reasons for rejection C T629 
392 V_T630 Stock split for under/overdeliveries C T630 
393 V_T630L Delivery Scheduling: Shipping Time Specifications C T630L 
394 V_T630R Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials C T630R 
395 V_T633K R/2-R/3 Coupling: Conversion of Customer Key C T633K 
396 V_T646A Aggregate States C T646A 
397 V_T646B Descriptions of Aggregate States C T646B 
398 V_T646G Hazardous Material Warnings C T646G 
399 V_T646H Descriptions of Hazardous Material Warnings C T646H 
400 V_T646L Storage Classes C T646L 
401 V_T646M Descriptions of Storage Classes C T646M 
402 V_T646R Region Codes C T646R 
403 V_T646S Descriptions for Region Codes C T646S 
404 V_T646V Haz.Material Stor.Warnings C T646V 
405 V_T646W Descriptions of Hazardous Material Warnings C T646W 
406 V_T661K Assign Int. and Ext. Conditions for Self-Billing C T661K 
407 V_T661T Difference Tolerances for External and Internal Conditions C T661T 
408 V_T661W Determine Sold-to Pty for EDI Forecast/JIT Delivery Schedule C T661W 
409 V_T663 Distribution Functions: Delivery Intervals for Comp.Supplier C T663 
410 V_T663A Sales Document: Dealing with Errors in SchedAgr w.Dlv.Scheds C T663A 
411 V_T664A Schedule Special Processing for Ext.Agent Deliveries C T664A 
412 V_T665A Special Features for Self-Billing C T665A 
413 V_T665D SD Self-Billing Procedure: Sold-To Party Parameters C T665D 
414 V_T665E SD Self-Billing Procedure: Percentage Tolerances C T665E 
415 V_T665F SD Self-Billing Procedure: Abosolute Tolerance Settings C T665F 
416 V_T665G SD Self-Billing Procedure: Tolerance Groups C T665G 
417 V_T671 Conditions: Views C T671 
418 V_T672 Conditions: View Sequence C T672 
419 V_T681 Database View for T681 D T681 
420 V_T681A Conditions: Application C T681A 
421 V_T681COMP Maintain T681COMP C T681COMP 
422 V_T681F Field Catalog (&1 &2) C T681F 
423 V_T681F_B_JM Field Catalog (&1 &2) V V_T681F 
424 V_T681F_JA Field Catalog (&1 &2) V V_T681F 
425 V_T681H Conditions: Archiving Control C T681H 
426 V_T681O Allowed Document Types for Condition Index C T681O 
427 V_T681V Conditions: Usage C T681V 
428 V_T681Y_BMEN View Maintenance: T681Y_BMEN C T681Y_BMEN 
429 V_T681Y_BMEN_USR View Maintenance: T681Y_BMEN C T681Y_BMEN 
430 V_T681Z Conditions: Usage/Application C T681Z 
431 V_T681_IND Conditions: Condition Index C T681 
432 V_T682 Access Sequences (&1 &2) C T682 
433 V_T682A Access Sequences (&1 &2) C T682 
434 V_T682I Accesses (&1 &2) C T682I 
435 V_T682IA Accesses (&1 &2) C T682IA 
436 V_T682V Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2) C T682V 
437 V_T682VA Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2) C T682VA 
438 V_T682Z Fields in the Access (&1 &2) C T682Z 
439 V_T682ZA Fields in the Access (&1 &2) C T682ZA 
440 V_T683 Procedures (&1 &2) C T683 
441 V_T683A Procedures (&1 &2) Exclusion Procedure C T683 
442 V_T683C Search Procedure for Batches: Determination in Sales Docs. C T683C 
443 V_T683S Schema (&1 &2) C T683S 
444 V_T683S_CO Costing Sheet: Rows C T683S 
445 V_T683S_CR Rows C T683S 
446 V_T683S_EL Pricing Procedures: Revenue Account Determination C T683S 
447 V_T683S_EXP GT Expenses: Calculation Schema By Condition H T683S 
448 V_T683S_REPL Procedure (&1 &2) C T683S 
449 V_T683S_XX Procedure (&1 &2) C T683S 
450 V_T683V Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs. C T683V 
451 V_T683V_BB Determination of Calculation Schema for Bonus Buys C T683V 
452 V_T683V_CMP Campaign Determination Procedure: Sales Doc. Determination C T683V_CMP 
453 V_T683V_NA Determining Free Goods Procedure in Sales C T683V 
454 V_T683_01 Pricing Procedures - Profitability analysis C T683 
455 V_T683_02 Costing Sheet Lines - Profitability Analysis C T683S 
456 V_T683_CO Costing Sheets C T683 
457 V_T683_COR Costing Sheets C T683 
458 V_T683_REPL Procedures (&1 &2) C T683 
459 V_T684 Condition Exclusion Groups C T684 
460 V_T684G Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types C T684G 
461 V_T684S Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment C T684S 
462 V_T685 Conditions: Types C T685 
463 V_T685A Conditions: Condition Types C T685 
464 V_T685A_01 Conditions: Condition Types - Control C T685 
465 V_T685A_CB WCB: Maintenance of Condition Contract Creation + Copy Ctrl C T685 
466 V_T685A_EXP Conditions: Condition Types H T685 
467 V_T685A_TP Conditions: Condition Types - Control C T685 
468 V_T685A_TS Assignment Texts/Condition Type C T685 
469 V_T685B Output Types C T685 
470 V_T685B_B_JM Output Types V V_T685B 
471 V_T685B_CFP Output Types D T685 
472 V_T685H Strategy types (&1 &2) C T685 
473 V_T685M Define Portfolio Types C T685 
474 V_T685P WFMC: Edit printing parameter assignment C T685P 
475 V_T685PD WFMC: Edit printing parameter assignment (database view) D T685P 
476 V_T685S Scales for condition types C T685S 
477 V_T685T_PRC Condition Type Texts - for Pricing D T685T 
478 V_T685W testing for t685w C T685 
479 V_T685Z Condition Types: Lower/Higher Pricing Boundaries C T685Z 
480 V_T685_BB Condition Types: Bonus Buys C T685 
481 V_T685_CO1 Costing Sheet: Basis C T685 
482 V_T685_CO2 Percentage Overhead C T685 
483 V_T685_CO3 Quantity-Based Overhead C T685 
484 V_T685_CO4 Costing sheet: Percentage overhead C T685 
485 V_T685_CO5 Basis Output Quantity C T685 
486 V_T685_CO6 Costing Sheet: Base Overview KOSTL / LSTAR C T685 
487 V_T685_COR Resource Prices: Condition Type C T685 
488 V_T685_CR1 Calculation base C T685 
489 V_T686A Conditions: Exclusion Indicator C T686A 
490 V_T686C Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution C T686C 
491 V_T686E Customizing Processing Status C T686E 
492 V_T687 Account Key C T687 
493 V_T687_CO Overhead credits C T687 
494 V_T687_COR Costing Sheet: Credits C T687 
495 V_T688 Copying Rules for Conditions C T688 
496 V_T688K Copying Rule for Condition Types C T688K 
497 V_T691A Credit Management Risk Categories C T691A 
498 V_T691D Credit Groups Transaction Types C T691D 
499 V_T691F View for Maintenance of Automatic Credit Control C T691F 
500 V_T691H Document Value Classes for Credit Management C T691H