View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_MDG_MDFL1011 Master Data: Attributes at Hierarchy Edges C MDG_MDFL1011 
2 V_MDG_MDFL1015 Master Data: Template for Attributes at Network Edges C MDG_MDFL1015 
3 V_MDG_MDFL1016 Master Data: Attributes at Netzwork Edges C MDG_MDFL1016 
4 V_MDG_MDFL1035 Master Data: Local External Roles in Hierarchies C MDG_MDFL1035 
5 V_MDG_MDFL1045 Master Data: Special Enqueue Fields C MDG_MDFL1045 
6 V_MDG_MDFPARAM Master Data: General Settings C MDG_MDF0009 
7 V_MDG_MDFTRTXT Text Table for Content Translation C MDG_MDFTRTXT 
8 V_MDG_MDFTRTXT2 Text Table for Content Translation C MDG_MDFTRTXT2 
9 V_MDG_MLT_AS_CAT Multiple Assignment Categories C MDG_MLT_AS_CAT 
10 V_MDG_MLT_AS_RSN Multiple Assignment Reasons C MDG_MLT_AS_REASN 
11 V_MDG_OBJ_DETAIL Master data governance object details C MDG_OBJ_DETAIL 
13 V_MDG_REL_OBJ Related Object types C MDG_RELATED_OBJ 
14 V_MDG_SDQ_MSG_UI Maintenance of address validation decision table C MDG_SDQ_MSG_UI 
15 V_MDG_SRCH_SRV_C Search Applications for Search Services C MDG_SRCH_SRV_CNF 
16 V_MDG_T006 LORD Search Help View for Units of Measurement H T006 
17 V_MDLG MRP area: Storage location C MDLG 
18 V_MDLL MRP area: Subcontractor C MDLL 
19 V_MDLV MRP area C MDLV 
20 V_MDLW MRP area: Plant C MDLW 
21 V_MDMA Maintenance view MDMA C MDMA 
24 V_MDMOBJ obsolete C MDMXTCHK 
25 V_MDM_DATA_BP_CS Test Data - Business Partner at Complex Structure Level D MDM_TESTDATA_1 
26 V_MDRP_NODT Node Type for DRP Network C MDRP_NODT 
27 V_MDUBS Conversion: Basis Spread: Quotation Types C MDUBS 
28 V_MDUCMCPE Basic functions: Code conversion for commod.price categories C MDUCMCPE 
29 V_MDUCMDCS Basic Functions: Commodity Price Type Conversion for DCS C MDUCMDCS 
30 V_MDUCMV Basic functions: Code conversion for commod.price categories C MDUCMV 
31 V_MDUCR Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Currency Names C MDUCR 
32 V_MDUCV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Exchange Rate Types C MDUCV 
33 V_MDUDFBS Conversion: Basis Spread: Quotation Types C MDUBS 
34 V_MDUDFCR Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Currency Names C MDUCR 
35 V_MDUDFCV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Exchange Rate Types C MDUCV 
36 V_MDUDFIV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Index Types C MDUIV 
37 V_MDUDFVV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Volatility Types C MDUVV 
38 V_MDUDFWV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Security Price Types C MDUWV 
39 V_MDUHR Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Stock Exchanges C MDUHR 
40 V_MDUIR Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Index Names C MDUIR 
41 V_MDUIV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Index Types C MDUIV 
42 V_MDURR Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Interest Rate Names C MDURR 
43 V_MDUVV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Volatility Types C MDUVV 
44 V_MDUWR Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Security Names C MDUWR 
45 V_MDUWV Basic Functions: Convert Codes for Security Price Types C MDUWV 
46 V_MDVM_0 Projection View to Primary Indew of MDVM D MDVM 
47 V_MEMO View: Customizing planning type on transaction type level C AT85 
48 V_METAINFONETS HR Forms: Using MetaNets in InfoNets D TINFONET_01 
49 V_METANETSTAR HR Forms: MetaStars in MetaNets (Country-Dependent) D TMETANET_02 
50 V_METANETSTARI HR Forms: MetaStars in MetaNets (Country-Dependent) D TMETANET_02 
51 V_METASTARDIM HR Forms: Dimensions in MetaStars (Country-Dependent) D TMETASTAR_02 
52 V_METASTARDIMI HR Forms: Dimensions in MetaStars (Country-Independent) D TMETASTAR_02 
53 V_METASTARFIG HR Forms: Figures in MetaStars D TMETASTAR_02 
54 V_METASTARINETS HR Forms: Where-Used List of Metastars in Infonets D TINFONET_T_01 
56 V_MGE_T500L Display view for Countries C T500L 
61 V_MIG_BDOCTYPE BDoc Types used for Migration C MIG_BDOCTYPE 
62 V_MILL_OCCUST Selection Profile for Customizing of Combination C MILLOCCUST 
63 V_MILL_PROFH Customizing maintenance view for selection profiles C MILL_CLPROFH 
64 V_MILL_SD_T160M User-Definable Error Messages: MILL SD Functions C T160M 
65 V_MILL_T160M_ALL Controllable Error Messages: MILL Products C T160M 
66 V_MILL_T161 Mill: Ref. Characteristics in Purch. Docmt Types Switch View C T161 
67 V_MILL_T399X Additional Settings for Production Orders C MILL_T399X 
68 V_MILL_TVAK_SE Automatic determination of charac. overview C TVAK 
69 V_MILL_TVAP_SE Transfer Charac. Values from Customer-Material Info Record C TVAP 
70 V_MILL_VS_FLOW Version Management C MILL_VS_FLOW 
71 V_MIRROREX CFM: Maintenance View of Initial Table for Mirror Transactns C VTBMDEX 
72 V_MIRRORIN CFM: Maintenance View Inbound Processing of Mirror Trans. C VTBMDIN 
73 V_MIRRORINFKT CFM: Maintenance View of Incoming Function for Mirror Trans. C VTBMDINFKT 
74 V_MIRRORLS CFM: Maint. View Assign. Partner - Log. System Mirror Trans. C VTBMDLS 
75 V_MIRRORMAP CFM: Maint. View Mapping Table Prod./Trans.Type Mirr.Trans. C VTBMDMAP 
76 V_MIRRORMAPCOND CFM: Maintenance View for Mapping Condition Types C VTBMDMAPKOND 
77 V_MIRRORMAPFLW CFM: Maintenance View for Mapping Flow Types C VTBMDMAPFLW 
78 V_MIRRORPART CFM: Maintenance View of Partner - Company Code Assignment C VTBMDPARTNER 
79 V_MI_MSD_NAME MI: View for MCDs and Runtime Environment D MEMSD 
80 V_MKM_ZU_KLS Characteristics Assigned to Classes of Class Type 101 D CABN 
81 V_MKM_ZU_KLS_BEZ Characteristics with Assignment to Classes D CABN 
82 V_MKPF View of MSEG and MKPF D MKPF 
83 V_MKTPL_CAUT_BW View for Causal Data Extraction for CGPL Tasks D CRMD_MKTPL_CAU 
84 V_MKTPL_CAU_BW View for causal data extraction D CRMD_MKTPL_CAU 
85 V_MLIKS View Inventory Sampling ( XBLNI) for Search Help MLIKS D LINK 
86 V_MMBSI_PRC_MODE SRM Pricing During Purchase Order Creation C MMBSI_PRC_MODE 
87 V_MMIM_BEW View of Table MBEW P MBEW 
88 V_MMIM_BS View of Purchase Orders D EKKO 
89 V_MMIM_CHA View on Table MCHA for for Real Batches D MCHA 
90 V_MMIM_CYC Materials Included in Cycle Counting P MARC 
91 V_MMIM_EN View of Sales Order Stocks D MSKA 
92 V_MMIM_EN2 View of Sales Order Stocks (Without Quantity Update) D MSKA 
93 V_MMIM_IPO View of Physical Inventory Document Items P ISEG 
94 V_MMIM_KN View of Consignment Stocks D MKOL 
95 V_MMIM_LB View of Warehouse Stocks of Split-Valuated Material D MCHB 
96 V_MMIM_LC View of Batch Material Stocks On Hand D MCHB 
97 V_MMIM_LC_MB5M View of Batch Material Stocks On Hand - MB5M Optimization D MCHB 
98 V_MMIM_LN View of Non-Batch Material Stocks On Hand D MARD 
99 V_MMIM_MKP View on Material Document Header P MKPF 
100 V_MMIM_MST Material Status P MSTA 
101 V_MMIM_ON View of Stck. of Mat. Prov. to Vendor D MSLB 
102 V_MMIM_QN View on Project Stocks D MSPR 
103 V_MMIM_REP_CUST Maintenance View Reporting Customizing C MMIM_REP_CUST 
104 V_MMIM_REP_PRINT Customizing Reporting MM-IM C MMIM_REP_PRINT 
105 V_MMIM_RES Projection View: Reservations for Material P RESB 
106 V_MMIM_STO Inv. management reporting view: cancelled documents P MSEG 
107 V_MMIM_VW View on Customer Special Stocks D MSKU 
108 V_MMIM_WB View of Valuated Stock of Value-Only Materials D MBEW 
109 V_MM_CHVW View for Archiving the Batch Where-Used List D CHVW 
110 V_MON_DBCON Oracle monitoring: search help for table ORA_MON_DBCON H ORA_MON_DBCON 
112 V_MO_HEAD_SOLUTN View of CRM Header Table and Context D CRMD_ORDERADM_H 
113 V_MPDDM_SR MPD: Customizing View for Data Mapping C MPDDM 
114 V_MPD_IL_OBJECTS MDP Initial Load Maintenance View for Object Types C MDP_IL_OBJECTS 
115 V_MPD_IL_OBJ_FLD Additional selection fields for extractor C MDP_IL_OBJ_FIELD 
116 V_MPLA_T399W View for Selection of Maintenance Plans for Call Object Type H MPLA 
117 V_MPL_C_ADAPTER Adapter for iPPE Workbench: General Data C MPL_C_ADAPTER 
118 V_MPL_C_DOCTYPES Adapter for iPPE Workbench: Document Types C MPL_C_DOCTYPES 
119 V_MPME_F4 View For Selecting Measuring Points for Rental Units D VIMI01 
120 V_MPNCNV Conversion Exit / Output Length of MPN-Part Number C MPNCNV 
122 V_MPN_IMATN Selection of FFF class materials D MARA 
123 V_MPTXA DB View for Search Help MPTXA D PSTX 
124 V_MPTXB DB View for Search Help MPTXB D PSTX 
125 V_MQ2 Quota Arrangement Usage C TMQ2 
126 V_MRKML_KA101_SH Characteristics, Class Type 101 D KSML 
127 V_MRMRBBW_ERR Message Log Extraction C MRMRBBW_ERR_EXTR 
128 V_MRTRS_MRGEN Define Control Parameters for Master Recipe Transformation C MRTRSC_20 
129 V_MRTRS_RFCDEST Define RFC Destination of the General Recipe C MRTRSC_10 
130 V_MSAM_BGRFC_QUE View to configure msam data object queue C MSAM_BGRFC_QUEUE 
131 V_MSAM_DESTSD Backend controlled replication C MSAM_CDEST_SD 
132 V_MSAM_EQ_TEMP Customizing view for maintaining template equipment C MSAM_CEQUI_TMP 
133 V_MSAM_FUNL_PRF MSAM functional location template profile view C MSAM_FUNCLOC_PRF 
134 V_MSAM_MUL_LANG Maintenance view for default and subset language C MSAM_CMUL_LANG 
135 V_MSGTYP_PM View for PM message categories D DD07L 
136 V_MSG_COND Message Type for the Condition Type C VDMSG_FOR_COND 
137 V_MSG_SAL Definition of Security Audit Log Messages D TSL1T 
138 V_MSG_SLG2 Definition of System Log Messages D TSL1T 
140 V_MSP_MHIS_MHIO Call Objects of Maintenance Plans D MHIS 
141 V_MSR_C_RPO_REPL Specify Settings for Replacement Materials from Vendor C MSR_C_RPO_REPL 
142 V_MSR_MM_CUST Activate Advanced Returns and Enhanced Store Returns C T161 
143 V_MSUBST_MPN07 One-Way/Restricted Interchangeabilities of Parts C MSUBST 
144 V_MTFPLA Maintain Invoicing Plan Types: Periodic Invoices C TFPLA 
145 V_MTFPLAMU Maintain Date Proposal for Invoicing Plan Type C TFPLA 
146 V_MTFPLATY Assign Date Proposal Category to Invoicing Plan C TFPLA 
147 V_MTFPLA_T Maintain Invoicing Plan Types: Partial Invoice C TFPLA 
148 V_MTFPLT Maintain Date Category for Invoicing Plan Type C TFPLT 
149 V_MTVFS Invoicing Plan: Reasons for Blocking C TVFS 
150 V_MTVRG Rule Table for Date Determination: Invoicing Plans C TVRG 
151 V_MTVTB Maintain Date Descriptions for Invoicing Plan C TVTB 
152 V_MWBFCD Database View for F4 Help for Maint. View for T77MWBK-FCODE D T77MWBFCD 
153 V_MWBS Database View for F4 Help for Maint. View for T77MWBK-SCEN. D T77MWBS 
154 V_MXTVO Define Transaction Types for Vendors C MXTVO 
155 V_MY01 Balance Sheet Valuation Sample (LIFO/FIFO) C TMY01 
156 V_MY02 LIFO/FIFO Method C TMY02 
157 V_MY03 FIFO Valuation Areas C TMY03 
158 V_MY04 LIFO/FIFO Valuation: Company Code Parameters C TMY04 
159 V_MY05 Layer Version C TMY05 
160 V_MY06 Balance Sheet Valuation: Constants for DB Commit C TMY06 
161 V_MYDELTALAUF Maintenance View: Delta Run for Balance Sheet Valuation C MYLAUFIT 
162 V_MYLAUFCUST Delta Run for Balance Sheet Valuation C MYLAUFCUST 
163 V_MYPS1 Allocation Criteria for Pool Splitting (Material -> Pool) C MYPS1 
164 V_MYPS2 Allocation Critiera for Pool Merging (Old Pool -> New Pool) C MYPS2 
165 V_MYPS3 Rule Type for Reassignment of Material Layers C MYPS3 
166 V_N1APRIT IS-H*MED: Request priorities C N1APRI 
167 V_N1APRIV Req.Prior. D N1APRI 
168 V_N1AST IS-H*MED: Request status C N1AST 
169 V_N1ATV IS-H*MED: Request Category Usage C N1ATV 
170 V_N1AUFGA IS-H*MED: Maintenance View for Task C N1AUFGA 
171 V_N1BEZY IS-H*MED: Maintenance cycle (N1BEZY,NLEI,NLEM) D N1BEZY 
172 V_N1DFO IS-H*MED: View Dispensing Form C N1DFO 
174 V_N1FST IS-H*MED: View Transport Job Status + Text C N1FST 
175 V_N1IFG IS-H*MED: View degrees of infection C N1IFG 
176 V_N1LAGRG IS-H*MED: View position types C N1LAGRG 
177 V_N1LAPP Maintenance View for n1lapp C NTPK 
178 V_N1LAUF IS-H*MED: Assignments of Service/Task C N1LAUF 
179 V_N1LSSTA IS-H*MED: Service Status C N1LSSTA 
181 V_N1MEK IS-H*MED: View Medication Catalog C N1MEK 
182 V_N1MEOPRI IS-H*MED: Priority of Order Maintenance View C N1MEOPRI 
183 V_N1MEP IS-H*MED: View Medications - Catalog Position C N1MEP 
185 V_N1PFABSG IS-H*MED: Termination Reasons C N1PFABSG 
186 V_N1PLST IS-H*MED: Positions C N1PLST 
187 V_N1POBJECTTYPE IS-H*MED: Registered Object Types and Text Maintenance C N1POOBJECTTYPE 
188 V_N1POBKL IS-H*MED: View planning object classes C N1POBKL 
189 V_N1POOBJCTDISP IS-H*MED: Display Classe for Object Types in PatOrg and Text C N1POOBJCTTYPDISP 
190 V_N1PTI IS-H: Sched. Types for Inpatient Appts C N1PTI 
191 V_N1QUAL IS-H*MED: Qualifications C N1QUAL 
192 V_N1STGR IS-H: Cancellation Reasons C N1STGR 
193 V_N1TA IS-H*MED: Transport Types C N1TA 
194 V_N1TPORD IS-H*MED: Medication; Template - Order + Text D N1TPMEORDER 
195 V_N1TPP IS-H*MED: View for planning object class D N1TPP 
196 V_N1VPPF4 IS-H*MED: Input Help (F4) for Vital Signs C N1VPPF4 
197 V_N1VPST IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Master Data (and Texts) C N1VPS 
198 V_N1ZPI IS-H*MED: View time interpretation + description D N1ZPI 
199 V_N2BK IS-H*MED: Basic Nursing Catalog C N2BK 
201 V_N2DGAIUM Maintenance View Convert Field Contents for Data Export DGAI C N2DGAIUM 
202 V_N2DGAIVR Maintenance View Vaild Versions Data Export DGAI C N2DGAIVR 
203 V_N2DL1 Service-Related Document Profile C N2DL1 
204 V_N2DL2 Service-Document Category Assignments C N2DL 
205 V_N2DO1 OU-Related Document Profile C N2DO1 
206 V_N2DO2 OU-Document Category Assignments C N2DO 
207 V_N2DSDVSART i.s.h.med View of Dispatch Types C TN2DSDVSART 
208 V_N2ET2 IS-H*MED: View for tables N2ET and N2ETT D N2ET 
209 V_N2F4SIMPLETREE Simple F4 Help as Tree D N2F4SIMPLETREE 
210 V_N2GL_NOTECAT IS-H*MED: Category of Note C TN2GL_NOTECAT 
211 V_N2GL_PROF ISHMED Occupational Groups C TN2GL_PROFESSION 
212 V_N2GL_PROF_AUFG i.s.h.med View to Occupational Groups and Tasks D TN2GL_PROFESSION 
213 V_N2GL_PROPERTY IS-H*MED: System Properties of Graphical Editor C TN2GL_PROPERTY 
214 V_N2GL_SMARTFORM IS-H*MED: Customer Smart Form for Pathways C TN2GL_SMARTFORM 
215 V_N2GT IS-H*MED: Classification areas catalog C N2GT 
216 V_N2KA1 Cardio: Proposal Values for Text Fields in CORD Components C N2KA 
217 V_N2MAPS IS-H*MED: Employees for positions D N1MAPS 
218 V_N2PS IS-H*MED: Nursing standard catalog C N2PS 
219 V_N2SAMPLE_LABOR Test Laboratory D N2LABOR001 
220 V_N2TBS_SET View of Text Module as Set D N2TBS_SET 
221 V_N2TBS_SET_HEAD Header Data for Text Module Set D N2TBS_SET_HEAD 
222 V_N2TEAM IS-H*MED: View team for a service D N1LSTEAM 
223 V_N2ZTPDEF IS-H*MED: View for defining the time with texts C N2ZTPDEF 
224 V_NAMES_AI DD: Supplies TNMAP entries with stauts A,I and instances D ASGRP 
225 V_NAPR Form (Layout Set) for Messages C TNAPR 
226 V_NBEW IS-H: Movements with respective case and patient D NBEW 
227 V_NC301B IS-H: EDI - Agreements with Data Collection Points C NC301B 
228 V_NC301KTR IS-H EDI: Data Cllct. Point - Ins. Provider Asgmt C NC301KTR 
229 V_NC301P IS-H EDI Data Collection Point Master Data C NC301P 
230 V_NC301P_ACC IS-H EDI Data Collection Point Master Data C NC301P 
231 V_NC302KTR IS-H EDI Annahmestellen Kostenträger Zuordnung §302 C NC302KTR 
232 V_NCE_KB Maintenance view for NCE Knowledge Base C CNV_NCE_KB 
233 V_NCE_SQL WHERE conditions C CNV_NCE_SQL 
234 V_NCH10 IS-H CH: Service Breakdown C NCH10 
235 V_NCH43A IS-H CH: Rollenumschlüsselung für Arztzuordnungen C NCH43A 
236 V_NCH44A IS-H CH: Leistungsregeln OPS C NCH44A 
237 V_NCH53 IS-H CH: Billing Agreement Per Case C NCH53 
238 V_NCH60 IS-H CH: Kriterien für Sammelaufträge C NCH60 
239 V_NCH61 IS-H CH: Sammelaufträge C NCH61 
240 V_NCH62 IS-HCO CH: Kriterien für Sammelaufträge C NCH62 
241 V_NCMON IS-HCM: Function Modules for HCM Monitor C NCMON 
242 V_NETEWACONFTYPE View for Note for Negative Confirmation D TEWACONFTYPE 
243 V_NET_LEVEL View: Level Definition for Networks C NET_LEVEL 
244 V_NFAM IS-H: Messages for billing (view NFAM) C NFAM 
245 V_NFCPD Nota Fiscal: One-Time Customer Accounts D J_1BNFDOC 
246 V_NFDOC Nota Fiscal Header D J_1BNFDOC 
247 V_NFLIN Nota Fiscal Line Item D J_1BNFDOC 
248 V_NFNAD Nota Fiscal Partner D J_1BNFDOC 
249 V_NFSTX Nota Fiscal Tax per Item D J_1BNFDOC 
250 V_NF_MESSAGES Nota Fiscal: Messages D J_1BNFDOC 
251 V_NGLM_ANA Analysis Results for SAP G/L Monitor D NGLM_ANA_HD 
252 V_NINSI Maint. View for Institution-Dep. Ins. Provider Master Data C NINSI 
253 V_NIW3 Document Types C TNIW3 
254 V_NIW4 Movement Types C TNIW4 
255 V_NIW4_NG Lowest Value: Movement Types for Non-Movement C TNIW4 
256 V_NIW4_RW Lowest Value: Mvt Types for Exception Rules, Rng of Coverage C TNIW4 
257 V_NIW5 Lowest Value: Devaluation by Range of Coverage C TNIW5 
258 V_NIW5W Lowest Value: Devaluatn by Range of Cov. for Each Val. Area C TNIW5W 
259 V_NIW6 Lowest Value: Deval. by Slow/Non-Movement C TNIW6 
260 V_NIW6W Lowest Value: Devaluation by Slow/Non-movement (Valn Area) C TNIW6W 
261 V_NIW7N Weighting Factors for Material Movements (Movement Rate) C TNIW7 
262 V_NIW7R Weighting Factors for Consumption Values (Range of Coverage) C TNIW7 
263 V_NIW8 Weighting of Stock Quantities C TNIW8 
264 V_NIW8N Weighting of Stock Quantities (Movement Rate) C TNIW8H 
265 V_NIW8R Weighting of Stock Quantities (Range of Coverage) C TNIW8H 
266 V_NIW9 Reduction of Sales Prices (Lowest Value) C TNIW9 
267 V_NKDI IS-H: Database View for Diagnosis Table NKDI for EIS D NKDI 
268 V_NKIP_1 IS-H: Pre-Approved Insurance C NKIP 
269 V_NKIP_2 IS-H: Insurance Verification Default Values C NKIP 
270 V_NLAU IS-H: Service Exclusions C NLAU 
271 V_NLAZ IS-H: Assign IS-H Service to CO Activity Type C NLAZ 
272 V_NLBSN_ACT Pflege view BSN werte übername C TNLBSN_ACT 
273 V_NLBSN_ID_STAT Pflege view ausweis status C TNLBSN_ID_STAT 
274 V_NLBSN_PARAM Pflege viewBSN algemeines parameters C TNLBSN_PARAM 
275 V_NLBSN_SOURCE Pflege view burger service nummer quelle C TNLBSN_SOURCE 
276 V_NLBSN_STATUS Pflege view burger service nummer status C TNLBSN_STATUS 
277 V_NLEI_HCO_A IS-H: Services Still to Be Transferred D NLEI 
278 V_NLEI_HCO_B IS-H: Partially Transferred Services D NLEI 
279 V_NLEI_HCO_C IS-H: Completely Transferred, Changed Services D NLEI 
281 V_NLGGZ_CO_HOUR Pflege view kostpreis stunde zeit C TNLGGZ_CO_HOUR 
282 V_NLGGZ_CO_STAY Pflege view Kostpreis Aufenthaltskosten C TNLGGZ_CO_STAY 
284 V_NLGR IS-H: Dyn. Service Groups C NLGR 
285 V_NLOP IS-H: Surgery Data with Service Date D NLEI 
288 V_NMARM IS-H MM: View for Unit of Measure Input Help D MARA 
289 V_NMATLEI Define Default Material Service C TNMATLEI 
290 V_NMHIT IS-H MM: Material Proposal C NMHIT 
291 V_NMKAO IS-H MM: Assign Material Catalogs -> OU C NMKAO 
292 V_NMKAO2 IS-H: Assign Material Catalogs to OU (Access with OU) C NMKAO 
293 V_NMKAP IS-H MM: Maintain Material Catalog Items C NMKAP 
294 V_NMKAP2 IS-H MM: Maintain Material Catalog Items C NMKAP 
296 V_NMKAT IS-H MM: Define Material Catalogs C NMKAT 
297 V_NMSEO IS-H MM: Assign Material Sets to OU C NMSEO 
298 V_NMSEP IS-H MM: Maintain Material Set Items C NMSEP 
299 V_NMSET IS-H MM: Maintain Material Set C NMSET 
300 V_NMSTOR IS-H MM: Maintain OU-Related Closets C NMSTOR 
301 V_NMSTORL IS-H MM: Maintain Storage Locations C NMSTORL 
302 V_NNK1 IS-H NL: Kostenträger Zusatz Daten C NNK1 
303 V_NNK1_N IS-H NL: Kostenträger Zusatz Daten C NNK1 
304 V_NNK2 IS-H NL: Dummy view, NICHT VERWENDEN!!!! C NNK1 
305 V_NNPER IS-H NL: Assign Physician -> Insurance Provider C NNPER 
306 V_NNPW _ C NNPW 
307 V_NNTF IS-H NL: Service Catalog Determination C NNTF 
309 V_NOBTY IS-H: Maintenance View Object Types C NOBTY 
310 V_NODES Projection View: Node Info ENODE P ENODE 
311 V_NOTA Conversion: Memo IDs C BPUNOTA 
312 V_NPACT Selection view activities belonging to network D AFKO 
313 V_NPLANC Statistical Occupancy Characteristics C NPLANC 
314 V_NRES_MODC View Between Activities and Resources D PNODID 
315 V_NRES_MODD View Between Activities and Resources D PNODID 
316 V_NTFI IS-H: Service Catalog Determination C NTFI 
317 V_NTPKD IS-H: Add. Fields for Service Master Germany C NTPKD 
318 V_NTPV IS-H: Assign Service to Base Planning Object C NTPV 
319 V_NTPZ IS-H: View for Maintenance Transaction NTPZ C NTPZ 
320 V_NTSI IS-H: Define Service Catalog Columns C NTSI 
321 V_NULL_ONOFF Maint. Fld Deactivated (for Hiding Zero Recs of Logical DBs) C FTI_NULL_ONOFF 
322 V_NWATINTENS IS-H AT: Intensivdokumentation - Patientenadministration C NWATINTENS 
323 V_NWATPHYS IS-H AT: Intensivdokumentation - Physiologische Daten C NWATPHYS 
324 V_NWATTISS28 IS-H AT: Intensivdoku. - Pflege- u. Therapiedoku. (TISS-28) C NWATTISS28 
325 V_NWATTRISS IS-H AT: Intensivdoku. - Erfass. traumatologischer Patienten C NWATTRISS 
326 V_NWBUTTON IS-H / IS-H*MED: Texts for Pushbuttons in Toolbar D NWBUTTON 
327 V_NWCH90 IS-H CH: Honorarleistungen C NWCH90 
328 V_NWFVAR IS-H / IS-H*MED: Texts for Function Variant D NWFVAR 
329 V_NWFVARP IS-H / IS-H*MED: Texts for Functions Under Pushbuttons D NWFVARP 
330 V_NWPG Maintenance View NWBP V NWPG 
331 V_NWPLACE IS-H / IS-H*MED: View for Texts of Work Environment D NWPLACE 
332 V_NWPUSZ IS-H*MED: Assign Work Environment to User(Role) + Text D NWPUSZ 
333 V_NWPUSZT IS-H / IS-H*MED: Assign Work Environment to User (Role) C NWPUSZ 
334 V_NWPVZ IS-H / IS-H*MED: View for Texts of Work Env.-to-View Asgmt D NWPVZ 
335 V_NWVIEW IS-H / IS-H*MED: View/ Texts for Views D NWVIEW 
336 V_N_MD_FAS IS-H: View for Search Help Dept Status Basic Medical Doc. D TJ30 
337 V_N_MD_STATUS IS-H: View for Search Help Med. Basic Documentation Statuses D TJ30 
338 V_OBJECTID Search Help for Contract Number D LAE_CRM_HEADER 
339 V_OBJLINK_CLI Object Links for Checklist Item D DPR_OBJLINK 
340 V_OBJLINK_CL_O Object Links for Checklist Header D DPR_OBJLINK 
341 V_OBJLINK_CL_T Object Links for Checklist Template D DPR_OBJLINK 
342 V_OBJLINK_MTG Object Links for Role D DPR_OBJLINK 
343 V_OBJLINK_PHA Object Links for Phase D DPR_OBJLINK 
344 V_OBJLINK_PRO Object Links for Project D DPR_OBJLINK 
345 V_OBJLINK_TSK Object Links for Task D DPR_OBJLINK 
346 V_OBJ_H Object: Header Data C OBJH 
347 V_OBJ_M Object: Methods C OBJM 
348 V_OBJ_S Object: Piece List C OBJS 
349 V_OBJ_SL Object: Object List - Logical Object C OBJSL 
350 V_OBJ_SUB Object: Sub-objects C OBJSUB 
351 V_OBL_TYPES Maintenance of Object Link types C RPM_OBL_OBTYP 
352 V_OBTAB_IDENT Maintenance of Object Table Identification C TCL_OBTAB_IDENT 
353 V_OFFGRPFLDS Maintain Grouping Characteristics C TCACS_OFFGRPFLDS 
354 V_OFFGRPRULE Maintain Grouping Rule in Remuneration Clearing C TCACS_OFFGRPRULE 
355 V_OFFNUM_CN Assign Number group and Prefix to comp. code and doc. class C OFFNUM_CN 
356 V_OFFNUM_IT Assign Number Ranges to Doc. Classes C OFNUM_IT_1 
357 V_OFF_NUM_ID Settings for Official Document Numbering Indonesia C OFF_NUM_ID 
358 V_OFF_NUM_LV Obsolete: Number Groups for Official Document Numbering (LV) C OFF_NUM_LV 
359 V_OFF_NUM_LV2 Assign Number Ranges to Document Class, Number Group, Date C OFF_NUM_LV2 
360 V_OFF_NUM_LV_ACT Obsolete: Assignment of Active Number Group C OFF_NUM_LV_ACT 
361 V_OFNUM_BG Enable ODN for Cancellation Invoices per Vendor C OFNUM_BG 
362 V_OFNUM_ES Enable ODN for Correction Invoices per Vendor (ES) C OFNUM_ES 
363 V_OFNUM_MX Assign Official Numbering with Approval Number C OFNUM_MX 
364 V_OFNUM_PH Assign Number Ranges to Business Places - PH C OFNUM_TW_2 
365 V_OFNUM_TW_2 Assign Number Ranges to Business Places C OFNUM_TW_2 
366 V_OFX_BPM_FIEB All Supported Message Sets C OFX_BP_MSGS_FIEB 
367 V_OFX_BUS_FIEB Function Modules for the Business Processes C BUSPROC_FCT_FIEB 
369 V_OFX_LAMS_FIEB Assignment of Message Sets to Business Processes C OFX_LA_MSGS_FIEB 
370 V_OFX_STS_FIEB Status Values for OFX Applications (OFX Customizing) C FIEB_STATUSV 
371 V_OFX_VER_FIEB OFX Versions (Technical OFX Customizing) C OFX_VERSION_FIEB 
372 V_OI001 IS Oil Company Code Parameters C OI001 
373 V_OI001P OIL Company Code Parameters: Production order C OI001 
374 V_OI0BW_OIGSPA View for BW Extractor OI0BW_TD_OIGSPA D OIGS 
375 V_OI0BW_OIGSV View for BW Extractor OI0BW_TD_OIGSV D OIGS 
376 V_OI0BW_OIGSVD View for BW Extractor OI0BW_TD_OIGSVD D OIGS 
377 V_OI0BW_T005E View for county code texts (BW) D T005F 
378 V_OI0BW_T005H View for City code Texts (BW) D T005H 
379 V_OI0_T685A Pricing ConditionTypes - IS-Oil Control C T685 
380 V_OI0_TVAK Sales Document Types - IS-Oil Control C TVAK 
381 V_OI0_TVFK Billing Document Types - IS-Oil Control C TVFK 
382 V_OIA8L View for search help OIA8U P OIA08H 
383 V_OIAH Permitted fee account assignment strings C TOIAH 
384 V_OIANA View for search help OIANA D OIA10H 
385 V_OIAQB Exchange Movements Index - uncleared items D OIAQB 
386 V_OIASB View for search help OIASB D OIAQA 
387 V_OIASC View for search help OIASC D OIAQA 
388 V_OIA_EWU_EKPO Euro Conversion: Database View for Changing EKPO D EKPO 
389 V_OIA_EWU_OIAF7 EMU Conversion: Database view for changing OIAF7 D OIAF7 
390 V_OIA_EWU_OIAFE Euro Conversion: Database View for Changing OIAFE D OIAFE 
391 V_OIA_EWU_OIANF EMU Conversion: Database view for changing OIANF D OIANF 
392 V_OIA_TVLP Delivery Item Categories - Exchange Assignment C TVLP 
393 V_OIB01 Conversion Group + Texts C OIB01 
394 V_OIB02 Define Conversion Mode C OIB02 
395 V_OIB02_CALCTIME Customizing Table OIB02 C OIB02 
396 V_OIB04 FM definition (API/AGA/Customer functions) C OIB04 
397 V_OIB05 UoM group assignment C OIB05 
398 V_OIB06 Customizing tables OIB06/OIB06T C OIB06 
399 V_OIB07 Parameter of the Quantity Conversion Interface C OIB07 
400 V_OIB07_HELP Help fields for QCI parameters C OIB07_HELP 
401 V_OIB_ACT_NTGAS Acitvate SAP natural gas conversion routines C OIB_DEF 
402 V_OIB_ANA_CNTRL Silo Mgmt. Cust.: Dip - MM analysis C OIB_ANALYS_CNTRL 
404 V_OIB_AROM_VCF Aromatics VCF table C OIB_AROM_VCF 
405 V_OIB_CONV_RDGRP Assign Reading group to Conversion group C OIB_CONV_RDGRP 
407 V_OIB_CONV_UOM Assignment of Units between QCI and T006 C OIB_CONV_UOM 
408 V_OIB_DEF Choose default table/transaction for QCI: C OIB_DEF 
409 V_OIB_DIP_WL_ENT Silo Management WL entries C OIB_DIP_WORKLIST 
410 V_OIB_DIP_WL_IND Silo Mgmt: Worklist Table C OIB_DIP_WL_INDEX 
411 V_OIB_DIP_WL_USR Silo Mgmt: Worklist user assignment C OIB_DIP_WL_USER 
412 V_OIB_MIGO_DEF QCI Default Determination Date (MIGO) C OIB_DEF 
413 V_OIB_PPP_DATA Physical properties data: details C OIB_PPP_DATA 
414 V_OIB_PPP_HEADER Physical properties data: header C OIB_PPP_HEADER 
415 V_OIB_QTCD_RESID Residence Time QCI Defaults C OIB_QTCD_RESID 
416 V_OIB_RDGGROUP Details: Reading group entries C OIB_READINGGROUP 
417 V_OIB_RDGRDEF Reading Group: Definition C OIB_RDGRDEF 
418 V_OICDC Differential Reference Code C OICDC 
419 V_OICGN Gross/Net Pricing Rule Defaults C OICGN 
420 V_OICMI Metropolitan Indicator C OICMI 
421 V_OICNU Gross/Net Volume UoM Relationships C OICNU 
422 V_OICPL Customer Price List - Material C OICPL 
423 V_OICQC Quotations (Origin, Type) for Prices C OICQC 
424 V_OICQCNTL F&A Repository Control Parameters C OICQCNTL 
425 V_OICQP Price Quotations - Formula and Average Price C OICQP 
426 V_OICQS Origin of Quotation (Prices) C OICQS 
427 V_OICQT View for Quotaton Types C OICQT 
428 V_OICRD Report line definition C OICRD 
429 V_OICSL State license fee zone C OICSL 
430 V_OICWA Wide area pricing zone C OICWA 
431 V_OIC_KONV_EWU EMU Conversion: Database view for changing OIC_KONV D OIC_KONV 
432 V_OIC_LSMW_PROJ Maintain LSMW Project for Data exchange C OIC_LSMW_PROJ 
433 V_OIC_OIANF_EWU EMU Conversion: Database view for changing OIC_OIANF D OIC_OIANF 
434 V_OIC_VMVAK Contract number by sold-to party D VBAK 
435 V_OID9I Remapping Default Item Categories C OID9I 
436 V_OIDAP Alternative Supply Plant Table C OIDAP 
437 V_OID_MEBEO PO History Records per Bill of Lading Number D EKBE 
438 V_OIFAAMCS Subscreen Assignments C OIFAAMCSA 
439 V_OIFBPBLT Location Type - Business Partner Roles C OIFBPBLT 
440 V_OIFBRD1 Link Dialogs Supported for Technical Category C OIFBRD1 
441 V_OIFBRD1T Link dialogs supported for BPR-technical cat. type D OIFBRD1 
442 V_OIFBRD2 Business Partner Role - Add.SET/GET Parameters C OIFBRD2 
443 V_OIFBRF1 Business Partner Roles C OIFBRF1 
444 V_OIFBRF2 Bussines Partner Roles - Technical Categories C OIFBRF2 
445 V_OIFBRFX Help view for accessing partner roles by location type D OIFBPBLT 
446 V_OIFBRT1 Business Partner Roles - Technical Category C OIFBRT1 
447 V_OIFBRTX Help view for accessing role technical categories by role D OIFBRF2 
448 V_OIFCHRS2 Retail Network Contract service hours type C OIFCHRS2 
449 V_OIFCOPT1 Retail Network Contract Option Type C OIFCOPT1 
450 V_OIFOLD1 Link Dialogs for Object Link Type C OIFOLD1 
451 V_OIFOLD1T Link dialog supported per object link type with text D OIFOLD1 
452 V_OIFOPBLT Location type - permissible object links C OIFOPBLT 
453 V_OIFORACO Activation of Oil-Retail Integration Components C OIFORACTIV 
454 V_OIFORACR Activate Oil-Retail Integrat. Components C OIFORACTIV 
455 V_OIFORCAM Conversion Article to Material (ALE) C OIFORCAM 
456 V_OIFORCPR Customer expected price to sales cond. record C OIFORCPR 
457 V_OIFSBLCD Business Location Blocking Codes C OIFSBLCD 
458 V_OIFSCTCAPT SSR BASE: Screen Configuration - Caption settings C OIFSCTCAPT 
460 V_OIFSCTFDDEFC1 Field Definition (Screen Configuration Tool) C OIFSCTFDDEFC1 
461 V_OIFSFSELAMC Customer Enhancement Fields for Field Select. C OIFSCTFDDEFC 
462 V_OIFSPBLS Business location type - language dependent D OIFSPBLT 
463 V_OIFSPBLT Physical business location type C OIFSPBLT 
464 V_OIFSPBLTAPPL Assignment Business Loc. Type - Application type C OIFSPBLTAPPL 
465 V_OIFSPBLTCR Physical business location type C OIFSPBLT 
466 V_OIFSPBLTDTSECT Business Loc. Data Section per Location Type C OIFSCTDSDEFC 
467 V_OIFSPBLTFSEL Business Location field selection - Location Type C OIFSCTFDCONFC 
468 V_OIFSPBLTSC Physical Business Location screens - Location Type C OIFSCTSNDEFC 
469 V_OIFSPBLTSCCONF Physical Business Loc. main screens - Data Sections C OIFSCTSNCONFC 
470 V_OIFWBSEL Help view for accessing WBS elements by project D PRPS 
471 V_OIFXC_1 System Control - General and Top Level C OIFXCON 
472 V_OIFXC_4 System Control - Business Partners Roles C OIFXCON 
473 V_OIFXC_6 System Control - Links to OLTP Reporting C OIFXCON 
474 V_OIFXST Object status (IS-Oil MRN) D OIFXST 
475 V_OIFXST_C Object Status Codes C OIFXST 
476 V_OIF_TVAK Sales Document Types C TVAK 
477 V_OIGSCM TD Veh. meter view OIGCMH - OIGS for veh. meter archiving D OIGCMH 
478 V_OIGSDOCS TD View (Del.& Sh.Not.) for Document Selection Report D LIKP 
479 V_OIGSDS View Shipments assigned to driver D OIGS 
480 V_OIGSRES TD View (Reservations) for Document Selection Report D RKPF 
481 V_OIGSRM TD Rack meter view OIGRMH - OIGS for rack meter archiving D OIGRMH 
482 V_OIGSVC TD Transport Unit History D OIGSVC 
483 V_OIGT001L Define TD intransit storage location C T001L 
484 V_OIGTVFTK Determination: Doc.Type specific Valuation class C OIG_TVFTK 
485 V_OIGVT TD Vehicle Selection View - scheduling transaction D OIGV 
486 V_OIH01 Excise duty external rates C OIH01 
487 V_OIH01A Excise duty external rates Region based C OIH01A 
488 V_OIH02 Excise duty tax group C OIH2 
489 V_OIH03 Excise duty / tax status C OIH03 
490 V_OIH04 Excise duty tax status C OIH4 
491 V_OIH05 Excise duty handling type C OIH5 
492 V_OIH07 Combination of ED Grouping and Handling Type C OIH07 
493 V_OIH07A Combination of ED Grouping and Handling Type Region based C OIH07A 
494 V_OIH08 Excise duty defaults for purchasing C OIH08 
495 V_OIH08A Excise duty defaults for purchasing Region based C OIH08A 
496 V_OIH10 Excise duty handling type / tax status C OIH10 
497 V_OIH10A Excise duty handling type / tax status Region based C OIH10A 
498 V_OIH11 Excise duty defaults for sales C OIH11 
499 V_OIH11A Excise duty defaults for sales Region based C OIH11A 
500 V_OIH16 Excise duty pricing indicator C OIH16