View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T77HCP_ADCI Additional Cost Items C T77HCP_ADCI 
2 V_T77HCP_CIKF Assignment of Statistical Key Figures to Cost Items C T77HCP_CIKF 
3 V_T77HCP_CISA Cost Items in Personnel Cost Planning C T77HCP_CISA 
4 V_T77HCP_CITM Cost Items in Personnel Cost Planning C T77HCP_CITM 
5 V_T77HCP_DPCI Dependent Cost Items C T77HCP_DPCI 
6 V_T77HCP_IFAT Method Implementation Attributes C T77HCP_IFAT 
7 V_T77HCP_IFPA Assignment of Parameters to Method Implementations C T77HCP_IFPA 
8 V_T77HCP_IFPC Parameter Attributes for Each Method Implementation C T77HCP_IFPC 
9 V_T77HCP_INTF Method Implementations Personnel Cost Planning C T77HCP_INTF 
10 V_T77HCP_LIMI Cost Item Limits C T77HCP_LIMI 
11 V_T77HCP_OGCO Organizational Grouping Cost Objects C T77HCP_OGCO 
12 V_T77HCP_PARA Method Parameters in Personnel Cost Planning C T77HCP_PARA 
13 V_T77HCP_PCON Planning Contexts C T77HCP_PCON 
14 V_T77HCP_SCEN Personnel Cost Planning Scenarios C T77HCP_SCEN 
15 V_T77HCP_VALU Valuation of Non-Valuated Cost Items C T77HCP_VALU 
16 V_T77HRFPMRA_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_RA_FIL 
17 V_T77HRFPM_AC HRFPM: View for Activating Additional Functions in HR C T77HRFPM_AC 
18 V_T77HRFPM_ACT Actions in Postion Budgeting and Control C T77HRFPM_ACTION 
19 V_T77HRFPM_AC_FI Create Filter Value for Activity BAdI C T77HRFPM_AC_FIL 
20 V_T77HRFPM_AC_GR Define Action Groups C T77HRFPM_AC_GRO 
21 V_T77HRFPM_ADTK Maintenance of Job Title Key C T77HRFPM_ADTKEY 
22 V_T77HRFPM_ADTT Maintenance of Job Title Descriptions C T77HRFPM_ADTKEYT 
23 V_T77HRFPM_BW Activate Client-Dependent Delta Update C T77HRFPM_FLAGS 
24 V_T77HRFPM_CAUSE Maintain Legal Grounds C T77HRFPM_CIL 
25 V_T77HRFPM_CD_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_CD_FIL 
26 V_T77HRFPM_CD_FV Link Variant to Filter Value C T77HRFPM_CD_FIVA 
27 V_T77HRFPM_CD_VA Maintenance of Assignment Variant for Detail Variant C T77HRFPM_CD_VARI 
28 V_T77HRFPM_CHECK HRFPM: View for Activating Additional Checks in HR C T77HRFPM_CHECK 
29 V_T77HRFPM_CHFLG Activate Change Log C T77HRFPM_FLAGS 
30 V_T77HRFPM_CH_FI Create Filter Value for BAdI C T77HRFPM_CH_FIL 
31 V_T77HRFPM_CLOSE Einstellungen für Periodenabschluss C T77HRFPM_CLOSING 
32 V_T77HRFPM_CURCY Define Currency for Document Creation C T77HRFPM_CURCY 
33 V_T77HRFPM_DC_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_DC_FIL 
34 V_T77HRFPM_DC_FV Link Detail Variant to Filter Value C T77HRFPM_DC_FIVA 
35 V_T77HRFPM_DC_VA Maintenance of Assignment Variant for Detail Variant C T77HRFPM_DC_VARI 
36 V_T77HRFPM_DC_VR Assign Report Variants for DS to PCP of a Detail Variant C T77HRFPM_DC_VAR 
37 V_T77HRFPM_DI_FD Define Global Filter Value for BAdI C T77HRFPM_DI_FD 
38 V_T77HRFPM_DI_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_DI_FIL 
39 V_T77HRFPM_DPMNT Activate Workflow for each Area of Responsibility C T77HRFPM_WF_DEP 
40 V_T77HRFPM_ENCP Define Commitment Period C T77HRFPM_ENCPER 
41 V_T77HRFPM_ENCUM Maintaining Periods for Automatic Commitment Generation C T77HRFPM_ENCUMB 
42 V_T77HRFPM_ENC_B Maintenance of Periods for Automatic Budget Creation C T77HRFPM_ENCUMB 
43 V_T77HRFPM_ENC_P Period of Data Collection for Budget Planning C T77HRFPM_ENCUMB 
45 V_T77HRFPM_EP_FD Define Global Filter Value for BAdI C T77HRFPM_EP_FD 
46 V_T77HRFPM_EP_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_EP_FIL 
47 V_T77HRFPM_ER_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_ER_FIL 
48 V_T77HRFPM_ER_FV Link Variant to Filter Value C T77HRFPM_ER_FIVA 
49 V_T77HRFPM_IM_FD Define Global Filter Value for BAdI C T77HRFPM_IM_FD 
50 V_T77HRFPM_IM_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_IM_FIL 
51 V_T77HRFPM_INF Define Infotypes Relevant for Change Log C T77HRFPM_INFTYS 
52 V_T77HRFPM_INTE Start of Automatic Commmitment Creation per Grouping C T77HRFPM_INTE 
53 V_T77HRFPM_KENO Activate Protection for Notes C T77HRFPM_FLAGS 
54 V_T77HRFPM_MGRP Maintenance of Main Job Title Groups C T77HRFPM_MGRP 
55 V_T77HRFPM_MOACT Define Start of Recording of Personnel Cost Savings C T77HRFPM_MO_ACT 
56 V_T77HRFPM_MOINT Grouping for Participation in Automatic Commitment Creation C T77HRFPM_MOINT 
57 V_T77HRFPM_MOSAL Grouping for Recording Personnel Cost Savings C T77HRFPM_MOSALSA 
58 V_T77HRFPM_OBJ Define Relevant Object Types for Change Log C T77HRFPM_OBJECTS 
59 V_T77HRFPM_OC_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_OC_FIL 
60 V_T77HRFPM_OC_FV Link Variant to Filter Value C T77HRFPM_OBJCOL 
61 V_T77HRFPM_OMWB Grouping for Activating Reassignment Lock C T77HRFPM_OMWB 
62 V_T77HRFPM_OMWBA Period for Activating Reassignment Lock C T77HRFPM_OMWBA 
63 V_T77HRFPM_OMWBD Default Value for Validity End Date of Reassignment Lock C T77HRFPM_OMWBD 
64 V_T77HRFPM_OP_FI Create Filter Value for BADI C T77HRFPM_OP_FIL 
65 V_T77HRFPM_OP_FV Link Variant to Filter Value C T77HRFPM_OP_FIVA 
66 V_T77HRFPM_PAR Define Parameter Type for Transfer to Object Collector C T77HRFPM_PARAMS 
67 V_T77HRFPM_PARA Assign Planning Context/Scenario from PCP to Detail Variant C T77HRFPM_DC_PCP 
68 V_T77HRFPM_PARF Assign Parameter Type to Filter Value C T77HRFPM_PARFIL 
69 V_T77HRFPM_PAY Activate Payroll Simulation for Detail Variant C T77HRFPM_DC_PAY 
70 V_T77HRFPM_RECL Alternative Valuation and Reclassification Notes C T77HRFPM_OM_RECL 
71 V_T77HRFPM_RESP Select Role Definition for Accounting C T77HRFPM_FLAGS 
72 V_T77HRFPM_RSTR Customizing Notes Org. Management for Public Services C T77HRFPM_1509_OM 
73 V_T77HRFPM_RTYP Relevance Types for Personnel Budget Plan C T77HRFPM_RELTYP 
74 V_T77HRFPM_SGRP Maintenance of Job Title Sub-Groups C T77HRFPM_SGRP 
75 V_T77HRFPM_STA Allowed Actions for each Budget Execution Status C T77HRFPM_POSACT 
76 V_T77HRFPM_STOV Maintenance of FTE Limits C T77HRFPM_STOV 
77 V_T77HRFPM_SU Subtypes Organization Public Services C T777Z 
78 V_T77HRFPM_SUB Assign Subtypes for DC in PCP to Detail Variant C T77HRFPM_DC_SUB 
79 V_T77HRFPM_VAR Run Variant for Automatic Commitment Creation C T77HRFPM_VARIANT 
80 V_T77HRFPM_VAR_B Run Variant for Budget Creation through the Cmmt Processor C T77HRFPM_VARIANT 
81 V_T77HRFPM_VAR_P Run Variant for BPREP Collection by Commitment Processor C T77HRFPM_VARIANT 
82 V_T77HRFPM_WDREP Position Management Reports f. Managers in the Public Sector C T77HRFPM_WD_REPS 
83 V_T77HRFPM_WF Activate Internal/External Email System C T77HRFPM_WF_SET 
84 V_T77IA HRIS: Areas per View C T77IA 
85 V_T77IA_2 HRIS: Areas per View C T77IA 
86 V_T77IC Data Views with Grouping C T77IC 
87 V_T77KV_1 Attendee-Related Checks Before Business Event Booking C T77KV 
88 V_T77KV_2 Business Event Follow-up Actions C T77KV 
89 V_T77KV_3 Output Control Options Based on Attendee Type C T77KV 
90 V_T77OCTABUS_PQ1 Tab Pages for Student Master Data Maintenance (Customer) C T77OCTABUS 
91 V_T77OD Catalog Description C T77OD 
92 V_T77OF Editing Functions C T77OF 
93 V_T77OMATTOT INTERNAL: Attribute Definition of a Scenario (Dialog) D T77OMATTR 
94 V_T77OMATTUS INTERN: Attribute Definition of a Scenario D T77OMATTR 
95 V_T77OMATTUSD INTERNAL: Scenario Attribute Definitions (DDIC) D T77OMATTR 
96 V_T77OMTABUS_PQ1 Tab Pages for Student Master Data Maintenance (SAP) C T77OMTABUS 
97 V_T77OS Structure Search C T77OS 
98 V_T77PADERD_FLDS Remove Fields from Employee Information C T77PADERD_FLDS 
99 V_T77PADERD_INFT Infotypes Without Time Connection to Legal Person C T77PADERD_INFT 
100 V_T77PADERD_ITXT Remove Infotype Texts from Employee Information C T77PADERD_ITXT 
101 V_T77PADERD_REAS Entry of Reasons for Executing Employee Information C T77PADERD_REASON 
102 V_T77PAY00_APPL Subapplications with BAdI C T77PAY00_APPL 
103 V_T77PAY00_GPA Assignment of Subapplication SPA/GPA Parameters C T77PAY00_GPA 
104 V_T77PAYMX65 Districts for IT0006 C T77PAYMX65 
105 V_T77PH Profile Definition - Header Data per Object Type and View C T77PH 
106 V_T77POSBUD_EXT Maintenance View: Extended Headcount Planning C T77POSBUD 
107 V_T77PP Profile Definition - Sub-profiles per Object Type C T77PP 
108 V_T77PP_HEAD_WWW Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance -> Configure Object Header D T77PP_HEAD_WWW 
109 V_T77PP_PART_WWW Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance -> Configure Subprofile D T77PP_PART_WWW 
110 V_T77PRNL_ADDLPD Pension Return: Additional Legal Person Data C T77PRNL_ADDLPD 
111 V_T77PRNL_BEGREL Pension Return: Determination of Pension Rel. Start Date C T77PRNL_BEGREL 
112 V_T77PRNL_EMK Pension Return AGP: External Marital Status Key C T77PRNL_EMK 
113 V_T77PRNL_FILL Pension Return Fill Table C T77PRNL_FILL 
114 V_T77PRNL_ICP Particularization of Income Period C T77PRNL_ICP 
115 V_T77PRNL_ICR Type of Income Relationship C T77PRNL_ICR 
116 V_T77PRNL_IN Pension Return: Indicator C T77PRNL_IN 
117 V_T77PRNL_IN_CPR Pension Return: Assignment of Ind. to CumWTs Prod. Related C T77PRNL_IN_CPR 
118 V_T77PRNL_IN_CUM Pension Return: Assignment of Cumulative Wage Types C T77PRNL_IN_CUM 
119 V_T77PRNL_IN_SUM Pension Return: Sum up indicators C T77PRNL_IN_SUM 
120 V_T77PRNL_MST Pension Return AGP: Conversion of Marital Status Key C T77PRNL_MST 
121 V_T77PRNL_OCC Code Occupation C T77PRNL_OCC 
122 V_T77PRNL_SEL Pension Return: Product Selection Table C T77PRNL_SEL 
123 V_T77PRNL_SELWT Pension Return: Selection Table APG for Wage Types C T77PRNL_SELWT 
124 V_T77PRNL_SYCHNG System Change C T77PRNL_SYCHNG 
125 V_T77PRNL_XML_IN Pension Return: XML Tags Mapping Indicator C T77PRNL_XML_IN 
126 V_T77PRNL_XML_V Pension Return: XML Versions C T77PRNL_XML_V 
127 V_T77PR_H PA-PD: DB View (Profiles - Headers) D T77PP_HEAD 
128 V_T77PR_P PA-PD: DB View (Profiles - Subprofiles) D T77PP_PART 
129 V_T77PR_V_H PA-PD: Profile View/Header Assignment C T77PR_V_H 
130 V_T77PR_V_H_P PA-PD: Profile View/Header/Subprofile Assignment C T77PR_V_H_P 
131 V_T77QC_VIEW View of Qualifications Catalog C T77QC_VIEW 
132 V_T77QC_VIEW_ID View of Qualifications Catalog C T77QC_VIEW_ID 
133 V_T77QP Selection Criteria for Persons and Applicants C T77QP 
134 V_T77R3_1 Training & Event Management: Attendee type control C T77R3 
135 V_T77RB Requirements Types for Each Shift Group C T77RB 
136 V_T77RCF_APPLSRC Application Sources C T77RCF_APPLSRC 
137 V_T77RCF_APPLSTY Application Source Types C T77RCF_APPLSTY 
138 V_T77RCF_COM_CHN Communication Channels C T77RCF_COM_CHN 
139 V_T77RCF_GRP_CAT Assignment of User Lists to User List Categories C T77RCF_GRP_CAT 
140 V_T77RCF_INFAREA Maintain Information Areas C T77RCF_INFAREA 
141 V_T77RCF_MAPVAL Assign Values to Information Fields C T77RCF_MAPVAL 
142 V_T77RCF_OIUNIT Organizational Management Integration C T77RCF_OIUNIT 
143 V_T77RCF_POSTCHN Posting Channels C T77RCF_POSTCHN 
144 V_T77RCF_SAL_CUR Currencies for Salary Ranges C T77RCF_SAL_CURR 
145 V_T77RCF_SAL_RNG Salary Ranges C T77RCF_SAL_RANGE 
146 V_T77RCF_SCALES Assign Scale Types to Scale Scenarios C T77RCF_SCALES 
147 V_T77RCF_SELANGU Languages Supported in SAP E-Recruiting C T77RCF_SELANGU 
148 V_T77RCF_SMASK Definition of Search Templates C T77RCF_SMASK 
149 V_T77RCF_SMG_ASM Search Templates of a Search Template Group C T77RCF_SMG_ASM 
150 V_T77RCF_SM_ASME Search Template Elements of a Search Template C T77RCF_SM_ASME 
151 V_T77RCF_SM_ELEM Definition of Search Template Elements C T77RCF_SM_ELEM 
152 V_T77RCF_SPT Search Profile Types C T77RCF_SPT 
153 V_T77RCF_SPT_AF Field Assignments of Search C T77RCF_SPT_AF 
154 V_T77RCF_SPT_LAN Languages of a Search Profile Type C T77RCF_SPT_LANGU 
155 V_T77RCF_SRCH Set Up Attributes for Flexible Search Applications C T77RCF_SRCH_ATTR 
156 V_T77RCF_SRCH_C Set Up Attributes for Flexible Search Applications C T77RCF_SRCH_ATTC 
157 V_T77RCF_ST2AREA Assign Structure to Information Area C T77RCF_ST2AREA 
158 V_T77RQ_ICON Set Requirements Matchup Icons C T77RQ_ICON 
159 V_T77S0 View T77S0 C T77S0 
160 V_T77S0AW View T77S0 C T77S0 
161 V_T77S0BOOKPRIO Define Booking Priorities for Bookings C T77S0 
162 V_T77S0CANCELREA Cancellation Reason for Cancellations in Learning Portal C T77S0 
163 V_T77S0CRPSP New Correspondence On/Off C T77S0 
164 V_T77S0DEFTF Specify Default Delivery Method C T77S0 
165 V_T77S0DEFTF_C Specify Default Delivery Method C T77S0 
166 V_T77S0EBO Define Learning Progress Control C T77S0 
167 V_T77S0ECFUP Follow-Up Guidelines for Curricula C T77S0 
168 V_T77S0ESIGN Confirm When Publishing Course Content C T77S0 
169 V_T77S0GDLAD Preview Period for Course Groups -> Course Types in Days C T77S0 
170 V_T77S0LPTRD Specify Preview Period for Courses in Learning Portal C T77S0 
171 V_T77S0M1C3D5 Course Preparation: Control Elements C T77S0 
172 V_T77S0MSGLA Define Notification Period for Expiring Qualifications C T77S0 
173 V_T77S0OT View T77S0 C T77S0 
174 V_T77S0PBDAT Prebooking Preview Period C T77S0 
175 V_T77S0PSHOW Display Course Participants in the Learning Portal C T77S0 
176 V_T77S0REPLA Switch On Performance Management C T77S0 
177 V_T77S0SC Variable View for T77S0 C T77S0 
178 V_T77S0TEMPL Define Form C T77S0 
179 V_T77S0TRACK Automatic Learning Progress On/Off C T77S0 
180 V_T77S0TRCAN Cancel Participation -> Guidelines C T77S0 
181 V_T77S0TRFIX Firmly Book/Cancel -> Move-Up Policy C T77S0 
182 V_T77S0VK View T77S0 C T77S0 
183 V_T77S0WFSTO Specify Cancellation Reason for Participation Rejection C T77S0 
184 V_T77S0ZW View T77S0 for Time Management Integration C T77S0 
185 V_T77S0_ALTSCALE Define Alternative Academic Scales for Rules V V_T77S0 
186 V_T77S0_P3PR View T77S0 V V_T77S0 
187 V_T77S0_PIQ01 Credit Type for Internal Academic Achievements V V_T77S0 
188 V_T77S0_PIQ02 User-Defined Application Types V V_T77S0 
189 V_T77S0_PIQ03 Settings for Student Number Validation/Generation V V_T77S0 
190 V_T77S0_PIQ04 Personnel Action: Create Student V V_T77S0 
191 V_T77S0_PIQ05 Method for Student Number Assignment V V_T77S0 
192 V_T77S0_PIQ07 Settings for Combined Admission Application V V_T77S0 
193 V_T77S0_PIQ10 Settings for Display of Student Photos V V_T77S0 
194 V_T77S0_PIQ11 Top Organizational Unit of Campus Management V V_T77S0 
195 V_T77S0_PIQGB01 UCAS: Qualifications for points calculation V V_T77S0 
196 V_T77S0_PIQGB02 UCAS: Define actual institution (MARVIN CODE) V V_T77S0 
197 V_T77S0_PIQGB03 UCAS: Default month for admission V V_T77S0 
198 V_T77S0_PIQGB04 UCAS: Default variant and stage variant for program of study V V_T77S0 
199 V_T77S0_PIQGB05 UCAS: Default academic session for relation 530 ST-SC V V_T77S0 
200 V_T77S0_PIQGB06 UCAS: Define unique identifier for institution (HESA Code) V V_T77S0 
201 V_T77S0_PIQWAITL Waiting List Capacity at Business Event Level C T77S0 
202 V_T77S0_PP Work Center - Installation Constants C T77S0 
203 V_T77S0_PS_GB View Of T77S0 C T77S0 
204 V_T77S0_SCALE Academic Scales: Universal Values and Scales V V_T77S0 
205 V_T77S0_TRANS Create New Descriptions for Averages C T77S0 
206 V_T77SK Scale C T77SK 
207 V_T77SP_1 Proficiencies on a Quality Scale C T77SP 
208 V_T77SP_1_DESCR Proficiency Descriptions for a Quality Scale C T77SP_DESCR 
209 V_T77SP_1_X Values of a (Non-Sequential) Quality Scale C T77SP 
210 V_T77SP_2 Proficiencies on a Quantity Scale C T77SN 
211 V_T77SP_CD Rules for Abbreviation Sequence C T77SP_CD 
212 V_T77SP_CE Definition for Abbreviation Sequence C T77SP_CE 
213 V_T77SP_DAYMARK Select Days for Special Indicator C T77SP_DAYMARK 
214 V_T77SP_STYLE Color and Character Formatting for Shift Planning C T77SP_STYLE 
215 V_T77TIM_AQGRP Absence Quota Groups C T77TIM_AQGRP 
216 V_T77TMCAESFIELD Appraisal Templates C T77TMCAESFIELD 
218 V_T77TMCAES_F_G Assignment of AES Fields to Field Groups C T77TMCAES_F_G 
220 V_T77TMCAREATORE Assignment of Regions to Areas of Country C T77TMCAREATORE 
221 V_T77TMCCAREERLV Levels of Career Types C T77TMCCAREERLV 
224 V_T77TMCCOUGRTOC Assignment of Countries to Country Groups C T77TMCCOUGRTOC 
226 V_T77TMCDRCAT Specify Object Types for a Category C T77TMCDRCAT 
227 V_T77TMCDRCNF Edit Configurations for Data Retrieval C T77TMCDRCNF 
228 V_T77TMCDRCNFFLD Add Fields to a Configuration C T77TMCDRCNFFLD 
229 V_T77TMCDRCNFFLD_GRP Add Fields to a Configuration V V_T77TMCDRCNFFLD 
230 V_T77TMCDRCNFFLD_SEQ Add Fields to a Configuration V V_T77TMCDRCNFFLD 
231 V_T77TMCDRCNFTY Create Configuration Types C T77TMCDRCNFTY 
232 V_T77TMCDRCNF_GRP Edit Configuration V V_T77TMCDRCNF 
233 V_T77TMCDRCNF_SEQ Edit Configuration V V_T77TMCDRCNF 
234 V_T77TMCDRFLDS Create Fields for Data Retrieval C T77TMCDRFLDS 
235 V_T77TMCDRFLDSF4 F4 Help for Field Names D T77TMCDRFLDS 
236 V_T77TMCDRFLTCNF Edit Filter Configuration C T77TMCDRFLTCNF 
237 V_T77TMCDRFLTFLD Add Fields to a Filter Configuration C T77TMCDRFLTFLD 
240 V_T77TMCPARAMS_DOC KPro Settings for Documents and Notes V V_T77TMCPARAMS 
242 V_T77TMCPARAMS_ORG Organizational Settings V V_T77TMCPARAMS 
246 V_T77TMCPPPERIOD Edit Analysis Period C T77TMCPPPERIOD 
247 V_T77TMCPPTARGET Maintain Key Dates of Target Periods C T77TMCPPTARGET 
248 V_T77TMCPRDCTX Contexts of Definition of Recurring Periods C T77TMCPRDCTX 
249 V_T77TMCQ_CATT Qualification Categories C T77TMCQ_CAT 
250 V_T77TMCQ_CAT_Q Assignment of Qualifications to Categories C T77TMCQ_CAT_Q 
251 V_T77TMCRANKING Ranking of Successors C T77TMCRANKING 
252 V_T77TMCREADINES Readiness of Successors C T77TMCREADINES 
253 V_T77TMCREASONCR Reasons for Nomination or Approval C T77TMCREASONCR 
254 V_T77TMCREASONCR_ASSIGNJOBF Reasons for Nomination/Approval of Job Family Assignments V V_T77TMCREASONCR 
255 V_T77TMCREASONCR_ASSIGNSUCC Reasons for Nomination/Approval of Successor Assignments V V_T77TMCREASONCR 
256 V_T77TMCREASONCR_ASSIGNTAL Reasons for Nomination or Approval for Talent Groups V V_T77TMCREASONCR 
257 V_T77TMCREASONCR_KEYPOSIT Reasons for Nomination/Approval of Key Indications V V_T77TMCREASONCR 
258 V_T77TMCREASONDL Reasons for Rejection C T77TMCREASONDL 
259 V_T77TMCREASONDL_ASSIGNJOBF Reasons for Rejecting Assignments to Job Family V V_T77TMCREASONDL 
260 V_T77TMCREASONDL_ASSIGNSUCC Reasons for Rejecting Successor Assignments to Position V V_T77TMCREASONDL 
261 V_T77TMCREASONDL_ASSIGNTAL Reasons for Rejecting an Assignment to Talent Group V V_T77TMCREASONDL 
262 V_T77TMCREASONDL_KEYPOSIT Reasons for Rejecting Key Indications V V_T77TMCREASONDL 
263 V_T77TMCRECPRD Recurring Periods C T77TMCRECPRD 
264 V_T77TMCTB Talent Groups C T77TMCTB 
265 V_T77TMCTB_DLREASON Reasons for Delimiting Talent Groups V V_T77TMCTB 
266 V_T77TMC_ACC_TYP Accomplishment Types C T77TMC_ACC_TYP 
267 V_T77TMC_CONTTY Work Contract Types C T77TMC_CONTTY 
268 V_T77TMC_DEGREE Degree Levels C T77TMC_DEGREE 
269 V_T77TMC_EDUFLD Educational Institutes C T77TMC_EDUFLD 
270 V_T77TMC_EDUTYP Education Types C T77TMC_EDUTYP 
271 V_T77TMC_FUNC Functional Areas C T77TMC_FUNC 
272 V_T77TMC_HIER Hierarchy Levels C T77TMC_HIER 
273 V_T77TMC_INDU Industries C T77TMC_INDU 
274 V_T77TMC_S_COMB Assignment of Appraisal Status to Contexts C T77TMC_S_COMB 
275 V_T77TMC_S_CTX Contexts for Data Retrieval from Appraisal Processes C T77TMC_S_CTX 
276 V_T77TNMFR_CA Cost attributes C T77TNMFR_CA 
277 V_T77TNMFR_FC TNM: Mapping 2483 financing categories C T77TNMFR_FC 
278 V_T77TNMFR_FS TNM: maintenance view table type E C T77TNMFR_FS 
279 V_T77TNMFR_LR Classification of legal typologies C T77TNMFR_LR 
280 V_T77TNMFR_PC Plan type/legal type mapping C T77TNMFR_PC 
281 V_T77TNMFR_TE Employee grouping training/CSP 2483 mapping C T77TNMFR_TE 
282 V_T77TNMFR_TY Training type/legal type mapping C T77TNMFR_TY 
283 V_T77TNM_AB V_T77TNMAB: temporary deduction records C T77TNM_AB 
284 V_T77TNM_CA Cost Attributes: Maintenance View C T77TNM_CA 
285 V_T77TNM_CC Cost Category: Maintenance View C T77TNM_CC 
287 V_T77TNM_CG Cost Category Group: Maintenance View C T77TNM_CG 
289 V_T77TNM_DC TNM Decoupling Class: Maintenance View C T77TNM_DC 
290 V_T77TNM_DE TNM: deduction table C T77TNM_DE 
291 V_T77TNM_FA TNM: view C T77TNM_FA 
292 V_T77TNM_FC Training fund category: maintenance view C T77TNM_FC 
293 V_T77TNM_HIC Maintenance view for table T77TNM_HIC C T77TNM_HIC 
294 V_T77TNM_IV Compensation Indirect Valuation: Maintenance View C T77TNM_IV 
295 V_T77TNM_LR Training Legal Reference: maintenance view C T77TNM_LR 
296 V_T77TNM_OB View for Table Training Needs Objective Code C T77TNM_OB 
297 V_T77TNM_OG View Table for Training Needs Objective Group C T77TNM_OG 
298 V_T77TNM_PC Training plan category: maintenance view C T77TNM_PC 
299 V_T77TNM_QU TNM: quota management customizing table C T77TNM_QU 
300 V_T77TNM_RE View Table for Training Needs Reason C T77TNM_RE 
301 V_T77TNM_RS Absence Reason: Maintenance View C T77TNM_RS 
302 V_T77TNM_S0 Maintainence view for TNM settings C T77TNM_S0 
303 V_T77TNM_ST View Table for Training Status Code C T77TNM_ST 
304 V_T77TNM_TAC Handle tabstrip display: system table (custo) C T77TNM_TAC 
305 V_T77TNM_TAS Handle tabstrip display: system table C T77TNM_TAS 
306 V_T77TNM_TE Training Employee Group: Maintenance View C T77TNM_TE 
307 V_T77TNM_TY Training type: maintenance view C T77TNM_TY 
308 V_T77TNM_TYFCM Training type/fund category mapping: maintenance view C T77TNM_TYFCM 
309 V_T77TNM_VA TNM: view for system table T77TNM_VA C T77TNM_VA 
310 V_T77TNM_VAC TNM: view for customizing table T77TNM_VAC C T77TNM_VAC 
311 V_T77TNM_VAC_D TNM: view for customizing table T77TNM_VAC (TP display view) C T77TNM_VAC 
312 V_T77TNM_VAC_T TNM: view for custo table T77TNM_VAC (transaction val.) C T77TNM_VAC 
313 V_T77TNM_VA_D TNM: view for system table T77TNM_VA (TP display view) C T77TNM_VA 
314 V_T77TNM_VA_T TNM: view for system table T77TNM_VA (transaction val.) C T77TNM_VA 
315 V_T77USPAYCOBASE Cost distribution base C T77USPAY_COBASE 
316 V_T77WWW_CDE ESS Deactivate Catalog and Change Menu Item C T77WWW_CDE 
317 V_T77WWW_CLAGAPA Assign Approvers to Approver Group C T77WWW_CLAGAPA 
318 V_T77WWW_CLAPRGR Create Approver Group C T77WWW_CLAPRGRP 
319 V_T77WWW_CLAPRPR Mapping Approver Group with Privileges Group C T77WWW_CLAPRPRV 
320 V_T77WWW_CLCNFML Customize Mail Configuration C T77WWW_CLCNFIGML 
321 V_T77WWW_CLDCLTX Assigning Document ID for the Declaration Text C T77WWW_CLDCLTXT 
322 V_T77WWW_CLDPVC Visibility Control of Dependent Details C T77WWW_CLDPVC 
323 V_T77WWW_CLFLTYP To Maintain the Attachment File Types allowed on ESS C T77WWW_CLFLTYP 
324 V_T77WWW_CLHLDC Customize Header Fields C T77WWW_CLHLC 
325 V_T77WWW_CLHLDCO Maintain F4 / Drop-Down Values for Header Fields C T77WWW_CLHLCO 
326 V_T77WWW_CLLNPMT Map Payment mode to Loan Payment Sub-Type C T77WWW_CLLNPMT 
327 V_T77WWW_CLLTCSC LTC Schemes Customizing C T77WWW_CLLTCSCHM 
328 V_T77WWW_CLMLDC Customize Multiple Line Fields C T77WWW_CLMLC 
329 V_T77WWW_CLMLDCO Maintain F4 / Drop-Down Values for Multiple Line Fields C T77WWW_CLMLCO 
330 V_T77WWW_CLMLSEL LTC Schemes mapping with Allowance Grouping C T77WWW_CLMLSELIG 
331 V_T77WWW_CLOFPYD Configure the Off-Cycle Payment Days C T77WWW_CLOFPYDC 
332 V_T77WWW_CLPDFMT PDF File Format for the Request C T77WWW_CLPDFLFMT 
333 V_T77WWW_CLPRVLG Privileges Group C T77WWW_CLPRVGRP 
334 V_T77WWW_CLRECH Define Reimbursement Payment Type characteristics C T77WWW_CLRETYPCH 
335 V_T77WWW_CLREIM Reimbursement on Employee Self Service(ESS) C T77WWW_CLREIM 
336 V_T77WWW_CLRQCH Define Request Type Characteristics C T77WWW_CLRQTYPCH 
337 V_T77WWW_CLRSNCD Maintain Reasons C T77WWW_CLRSNCD 
338 V_T77WWW_CLRSNCT Database View to Fetch Values D T77WWW_CLRSNCD 
339 V_T77WWW_CLSTFL View to Maintain the Status Flow Validation C T77WWW_CLSTFL 
340 V_T77WWW_DV_HLC Database view for Header Level Customizing D T77WWW_GACHLC 
341 V_T77WWW_DV_HLCF Database View for Header Level Field Configuration D T77WWW_CLHLDC 
342 V_T77WWW_DV_HLDC Database View for Header Level Field Configuration D T77WWW_CLHLC 
343 V_T77WWW_DV_HLDV Database View : F4 Help/Drop down Options for Header Fields D T77WWW_CLHLCO 
344 V_T77WWW_DV_HLV Database view for Value Set for Header Custom Fields D T77WWW_GACHLV 
345 V_T77WWW_DV_MLC Database view for Multiple Line Level Customizing D T77WWW_GACMLC 
346 V_T77WWW_DV_MLDC Multiple line item level dynamic content configuration table D T77WWW_CLMLC 
347 V_T77WWW_DV_MLDV DB view for F4 Help/Drop down Options for Multiple Line Flds D T77WWW_CLMLCO 
348 V_T77WWW_DV_MLV Database view for Value Set for Multiple Line Custom Fields D T77WWW_GACMLV 
349 V_T77WWW_DV_SFC Database View for Standard Field Properties D T77WWW_GACSFC 
350 V_T77WWW_GACHR Maintain Attributes for Application Type C T77WWW_GACCHR 
351 V_T77WWW_GACML Generic Application: Configure Mails C T77WWW_GACCML 
352 V_T77WWW_GADEF Generic Application Definition C T77WWW_GACDEF 
353 V_T77WWW_GADPV Dependent Field Visibility for Generic Application C T77WWW_GACDPV 
354 V_T77WWW_GAHLC Maintain Header Level Customizing Fields C T77WWW_GACHLC 
355 V_T77WWW_GAHLV Value Set for Header Custom Fileds C T77WWW_GACHLV 
356 V_T77WWW_GAMLC Maintain Multiple Line Level Customizing Fields C T77WWW_GACMLC 
357 V_T77WWW_GAMLV Value Set for Multiple Line Custom Fileds C T77WWW_GACMLV 
358 V_T77WWW_GASFC Standard Field Properties C T77WWW_GACSFC 
359 V_T77WWW_GATSR Generic Application Screen Rendering Fields C T77WWW_GACTSR 
360 V_T77WWW_GATYP Maintain Generic Application Types C T77WWW_GACTYP 
361 V_T77WWW_SDE ESS Deactivate Service and Change Catalog Item C T77WWW_SDE 
362 V_T77WWW_SDE_HE ESS Deactivate Service and Change Catalog Item: HireE. V V_T77WWW_SDE 
363 V_T78NR_TA Join for TADIR and T78NR D TADIR 
364 V_T790 Master Warranty - Start Transaction C T790 
365 V_T790G Warranty Types C T790G 
366 V_T790T_C Warranty Categories C T790T_C 
367 V_T790_C Initial Transactions: Default Values C T790_C 
368 V_T791Z General Warranty Counter C T791Z 
369 V_T799BATTRIB00 HR Attribute Types C T799BATTRIB00 
370 V_T799BATTRIB01 Define HR Attributes C T799BATTRIB01 
371 V_T799BATTRIB02 Define Fixed Values for HR Attributes C T799BATTRIB02 
372 V_T799BATTRIB03C Customize Value for HR Attribute Groups C T799BATTRIB03C 
373 V_T799BATTRIB05 Define HR Attributes of Attribute Class C T799BATTRIB05 
374 V_T799BATTRIB06C Define HR Attribute Group C T799BATTRIB06C 
375 V_T799BCFG Form Group - Output Type - Customizing C T799BCFG 
376 V_T799BCFT System Name - Output Type - Customizing C T799BCFT 
377 V_T799BEFG Entry Form Group C T799BEFG 
378 V_T799BFOR Output Form Type C T799BFOR 
379 V_T799BMFG Logical Form Name C T799BMFG 
380 V_T799BRNDFC Field Dependent Rounding (customer specific settings) C T799BRNDFC 
381 V_T799BRNDFS Field Dependent Rounding (SAP-delivery) C T799BRNDFS 
382 V_T799BRNDM Rounding Methods C T799BRNDM 
383 V_T799BSFG Form Group - Output Type C T799BSFG 
384 V_T799BSFT System Name - Output Type C T799BSFT 
385 V_T799L00 Dismissal Protection Property maintenance view C T799L00 
386 V_T799L02 Dismissal Protection: Event definition maintenance view C T799L02 
387 V_T799L04 Dismissal Protection: Event grouping maintenance view C T799L04 
388 V_T799L05 Dismissal Protection: Prot.Property view for view cluster C T799L05 
389 V_T799L06 Dismissal Protection: Org. grouping view for view cluster C T799L06 
390 V_T799L07 Dismissal Protection: Event grouping view for view cluster C T799L07 
391 V_T799L08 Dismissal Protection: Law definition view for view cluster C T799L08 
392 V_T799L0A Dismissal Protection: Rule grouping view C T799L0A 
393 V_T799L0B Dismissal Protection: Rule definition maintenance view C T799L0B 
394 V_T799L10 Number of Days in Divisor 30 C T799L10 
395 V_T799L11 Day Type in Divisor 30 C T799L11 
396 V_T799L13 Assign priorities to adjust to Day types in Divisor 30 C T799L13 
397 V_T799L14 Day Subtype in Divisor 30 C T799L14 
398 V_T799L15 Absence Grouping for Day Type in Divisor 30 C T799L15 
399 V_T799L20 Retroactive Accounting Reasons C T799L20 
400 V_T799L21 Define Retroactive Accounting Types C T799L21 
401 V_T799L22 Retroactive Accounting Areas C T799L22 
402 V_T799L23 Define Valid Retro Acctg Methods for Countries C T799L23 
403 V_T799L24 Define Valid Retro Acctg Methods for Retro Acctg Areas C T799L24 
404 V_T799L25 Define Bases for Retro Acctg Areas C T799L25 
405 V_T799L26 Define Valid Cumulation Freezing C T799L26 
406 V_T799L27 Determine Cumulation Freezing C T799L27 
407 V_T799L28 Calculations to be Excluded C T799L28 
408 V_T799L29 Exclusion Groupings C T799L29 
409 V_T799L2D Define Wage Types for Calculations to be Excluded C T799L2D 
410 V_T799L2E Define Exclusion Criteria Groupings C T799L2E 
411 V_T799L2X Retroactive Accounting Types C T799L2X 
412 V_T799L30 HCM Log display structure enhancements C T799L30 
413 V_T799L40 Legal categories for absence types C T799L40 
414 V_T799L42 Asignment between absence types and legal categories C T799L42 
415 V_T799L_ADDON Add-on Latinamerican Countries C T799L_ADDON 
416 V_T7AR01 CIIU activity code: Code and text C T7AR01 
417 V_T7AR02 Activity code by Company C T7AR02 
418 V_T7AR02B View for bank description for Social insurance contrib. payt C T7AR02B 
419 V_T7AR02_A Last benefit-related deduction deposit data C T7AR02 
420 V_T7AR04 ART company data C T7AR04 
421 V_T7AR05 Additional information by Company C T7AR05 
422 V_T7AR05_A Company data related to ART C T7AR05 
423 V_T7AR05_B Entitlement to contribution reductions by Company C T7AR05 
424 V_T7AR05_C Determination of the tax calculation base C T7AR05 
425 V_T7AR06 Ministry of Labor activity code: Code and text C T7AR06 
426 V_T7AR08 Position held: Code and text C T7AR08 
427 V_T7AR0P Personnel area/subarea additional information C T001P 
428 V_T7AR0P_A Business addresses by Personnel area/subarea C T001P 
429 V_T7AR0P_B Personnel area/subarea information with ID Dir. C T001P 
430 V_T7AR10 Schooling assistance allocation by type of institution C T7AR10 
431 V_T7AR11 Additional family member information by subtype C T591A 
432 V_T7AR11_A Additional data for family allowances by subtype C T591A 
433 V_T7AR11_B Additional data for ANSeS Census by subtype C T591A 
434 V_T7AR1P Contribution reduction zones: Code and text C T7AR1P 
435 V_T7AR20 Date for final settlement of income for financial year C T7AR20 
436 V_T7AR21 Contract category for SIJP: Code and text C T7AR21 
437 V_T7AR23 Assignment of contract category to AR contract C T7AR23 
438 V_T7AR24 Locality for SIJP: Code and text C T7AR24 
439 V_T7AR26 Employee grouping for SI contributions: Code and text C T7AR26 
440 V_T7AR2P Percentage of contributions reduction by zone C T7AR2P 
441 V_T7AR30 Allocation of legal contract types to general contract types C T7AR30 
442 V_T7AR31 Social Insurance employee subgroups: Allocations C T7AR31 
443 V_T7AR32 Percentage of contribution reduction by contract type C T7AR32 
444 V_T7AR33 Contribution reduction percentage by employee subgroups C T7AR33 
445 V_T7AR34 Welfare Fund data C T7AR34 
446 V_T7AR36 AFJP: Code and text C T7AR36 
447 V_T7AR38 Employee activity: Code and text C T7AR38 
448 V_T7AR40 Work contract type: Code and text C T7AR40 
449 V_T7AR42 Social Insurance subgroup grouping: Code and text C T7AR42 
450 V_T7AR44 Scale for Welfare Fund distribution percentages C T7AR44 
451 V_T7AR45 Additional absence information for SAC and ART calculations C T7AR45 
452 V_T7AR45_A Additional absence information for average calculation C T7AR45 
453 V_T7AR45_B Additional absence information - overview situation C T7AR45 
454 V_T7AR45_C Additional absence information - adjustment type C T7AR45 
455 V_T7AR45_D Additional absence information for Cert. Service time calc. C T7AR45 
456 V_T7AR46 Plan by Welfare Fund C T7AR46 
457 V_T7AR47 Assign comp. limit grouping to collective group agreement C T7AR47 
458 V_T7AR48 Grouping for compansation limits C T7AR48 
459 V_T7AR4P Allocation reduction zones to personnel area/subarea C T7AR4P 
460 V_T7AR4P_A Personnel area/subarea: Family allowances data C T7AR4P 
461 V_T7AR4P_B Assignment of locality for SIJP to personnel area/subarea C T7AR4P 
462 V_T7AR50 Income tax category codes C T7AR50 
463 V_T7AR52 Wage type allocation to income tax category C T7AR52 
464 V_T7AR53 Limits and values by income tax category C T7AR53 
465 V_T7AR54 Income tax scales C T7AR54 
466 V_T7AR55 Income tax deduction destination entities C T7AR55 
467 V_T7AR56 Income Tax - Deductions reduction C T7AR56 
468 V_T7AR59 Assign coll. agreement (II) to coll. work agreement class C T7AR59 
469 V_T7AR5P Family allowance areas: Codes and texts C T7AR5P 
470 V_T7AR60 Relationship between family memb. cat. and fam. allow. cat. C T7AR60 
471 V_T7AR61 Generation rules for family allowance wage types C T7AR61 
472 V_T7AR61C Generation rules for family allowance wage types C T7AR61C 
473 V_T7AR62 Grouping of Social Insurance contribution percentages C T7AR62 
474 V_T7AR63 Descriptions grouping of Social Insurance contribution pct C T7AR63 
475 V_T7AR64 Conversion coefficients of monetary units C T7AR64 
476 V_T7AR65 Identification of pay scale category C T7AR65 
477 V_T7AR66 Internal Revenue (DGI) agency: Code and text C T7AR66 
478 V_T7AR68 Rule groups for guaranteed net amounts C T7AR68 
479 V_T7AR69 Leave provision: Wage types for its calculation C T7AR69 
480 V_T7AR70 Social Insurance contributions: percentages C T7AR70 
481 V_T7AR71 Contribution reduction area categories C T7AR71 
482 V_T7AR72 Contribution reduction area class descriptions C T7AR72 
483 V_T7AR73 Classes by Contribution reduction area C T7AR73 
484 V_T7AR74 Contribution percentages according to grouping and class C T7AR74 
485 V_T7AR75 SAC: Off-cycle payroll run data C T7AR75 
486 V_T7AR76 Guaranteed net amounts - Wage types f/transfer of differnces C T7AR76 
487 V_T7AR80 Employer data for contingent workers C T7AR80 
488 V_T7AR82 Assignment of ANSeS document type C T5R05 
489 V_T7AR83 Assignment of ANSeS province code C T005S 
490 V_T7AR83_A Assigning provincial code SICORE-3 C T005S 
491 V_T7AR84 Assignment of ANSeS nationality code C T005 
492 V_T7AR85 Assignment of ANSeS marital status code C T7AR85 
493 V_T7AR87 Additional information for SIJP reasons for action C T7AR87 
494 V_T7AR87_A Additional information for ANSeS reasons for action C T7AR87 
495 V_T7AR87_B Personnel action reason information: My Simplification C T7AR87 
496 V_T7AR88 Service character: Code and text C T7AR88 
497 V_T7AR90 Rules for calculating compensation C T7AR90 
498 V_T7AR91 Assign. collective agreement to collective work agree. type C T7AR91 
499 V_T7AR92 Collective work agreement: Code and text C T7AR92 
500 V_T7AR94 Basic standard wage limit for seniority severance pay C T7AR94