View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T850 Company maintenance C T850 
2 V_T850A Sort criteria C T850A 
3 V_T850A_A Sort criteria C T850A 
4 V_T850F Upload methods C T850F 
5 V_T850I Assign company - logical filename C T850I 
6 V_T850I_A Source ID for bundling the data import C T850I 
7 V_T850I_B Data transfer from any non-SAP system C T850I 
8 V_T850I_C Assignment of Company and Valid. Groups - Local/Corporate C T850I 
9 V_T850I_D Assignment of Company - Access Validation C T850I 
10 V_T850I_E Assignment of Company - DBase Validation Group C T850I 
11 V_T850S Tax rates C T850S 
12 V_T850_A Company: Data entry form group, validation C T850 
13 V_T850_B Company: Data entry form group, DBase validation group C T850 
14 V_T850_C Company: Validation groups C T850 
15 V_T850_D Company: Data entry form group C T850 
16 V_T850_E Company: First consolidation C T850 
17 V_T850_F Company: Sort criteria C T850 
18 V_T850_T Assignment of Company - Type of Additional Field C T850 
19 V_T851 Changes in Investments C T851 
20 V_T852P Valid periods C T852P 
21 V_T852V Subgroups (version-dependent) C T852V 
22 V_T852V_A Subgroup: Consolidation activity group C T852V 
23 V_T852_A Subgroup: Report group C T852 
24 V_T854 FS chart of accounts C T854 
25 V_T854S Selected items C T854S 
26 V_T854T Consolidation FS item texts C T854T 
27 V_T854T_A FS items: Medium and long texts C T854T 
28 V_T854U_A FS items: Short texts C T854U 
29 V_T855 Reasons for inclusion/exclusion from consolidation C T855 
30 V_T855T Reasons for exemption C T855T 
31 V_T855T_A Reasons for inclusion/exclusion: Medium/long texts C T855T 
32 V_T856 Consolidation transaction types C T856 
33 V_T856K Default Transaction Type for FI Accounts C T856K 
34 V_T856L Assignment of LO Transaction Type to FI Transaction Type C T856L 
35 V_T856T Transaction type texts C T856T 
36 V_T857 Line layout of data entry forms C T857 
37 V_T857A_2 Column layout of data entry form C T857A 
38 V_T857F_2 Data entry form group C T857F 
39 V_T857P_2 Validation check C T857P 
40 V_T857_2 Line layout of data entry forms C T857 
41 V_T858 Versions C T858 
42 V_T858T Version texts C T858T 
43 V_T858_GL Versions for Currency Translation C T858 
44 V_T859 Data entry forms C T859 
45 V_T859T Data entry form title C T859T 
46 V_T85A First additional field C T85A 
47 V_T85B Second additional field C T85B 
48 V_T85C Third additional field C T85C 
49 V_T85S1 Assignment of add. field 1 to add. field 2 C T85S1 
50 V_T85S2 Assignment of add. field 2 to add. field 3 C T85S2 
51 V_T85Y Additional Field Category C T85Y 
52 V_T862K Standard reports: Headings C T862K 
53 V_T862Q Standard reports: Column layout C T862Q 
54 V_T862S_2 Standard reports: Column layout C T862S 
55 V_T862T_2 Standard reports: Header C T862T 
56 V_T862X Standard reports: Line layout C T862X 
57 V_T862Z_2 Standard reports: Line layouts C T862Z 
58 V_T863 Consolidation reports C T863 
59 V_T863B Bundling standard reports C T863B 
60 V_T863B_2 Report group C T863B 
61 V_T863I Reports for Interactive Reporting C T863I 
62 V_T863T Report title C T863T 
63 V_T863V Valuations: Texts C T863V 
64 V_T863W Value types C T863W 
65 V_T864 Reclassifications C T864 
66 V_T866 Elimination of IC profit/loss: FS items C T866 
67 V_T866Z_1 Elimination of IC profit and loss: Product groups C T866Z 
68 V_T866Z_2 Elimination of IC P/L: Assignment of additional fields C T866Z 
69 V_T867 Product groups / FS items C T867 
70 V_T867T Product group texts C T867T 
71 V_T868 Intercompany profit elimination - percentages C T868 
72 V_T868B Elimination of IC profit/loss: Inventory management co. C T868B 
73 V_T868L Elimination of IC profit/loss: Supplier data C T868L 
74 V_T869 Consolidation methods C T869 
75 V_T869T Consolidation of investments text C T869T 
76 V_T870 Assignment of consolidation of investments method C T870 
77 V_T871 Changes in investee equity C T871 
78 V_T872 Equity Holdings Adjustments C T872 
79 V_T872I Periodic data entry for associated companies C T872I 
80 V_T873 Hidden Reserves / Fair Value Adjustments C T873 
81 V_T874 Elimination of hidden reserves C T874 
82 V_T875 Asset retirements C T875 
83 V_T875C Changes in depreciation of asset transfers C T875C 
84 V_T875D Asset transfers C T875D 
85 V_T875E Changes in depreciation of asset transfers C T875E 
86 V_T876B Document types C T876B 
87 V_T876B_CT Document Types for Currency Translation C T876B 
88 V_T876T Document type texts C T876T 
89 V_T876V Validation of Consolidation document C T876V 
90 V_T876_2 Document type C T876 
91 V_T876_3 Document types C T876 
92 V_T877_2 Consolidation activity groups C T877 
93 V_T879 Standard Consolidation texts C T879 
94 V_T879_2 Standard Consolidation texts C T879 
95 V_T879_A Standard Consolidation texts C T879 
96 V_T880 Internal trading partners C T880 
97 V_T880B Valuation methods C T880B 
98 V_T880B_A Company: Translation method C T880B 
99 V_T880B_GL Assign Global Currency Translation Methods C T880B 
100 V_T880G Consolidation companies C T880G 
101 V_T880_L Read purchase order for trading partners C T880 
102 V_T881FMBL Ledger with splitting C T881 
103 V_T881IS Assignment InfoSource <-> Ledger P T881IS 
104 V_T881IS_PI Assignment DataSource <-> Ledger (PlugIn) P T881IS_PI 
105 V_T881PCA EC-PCA: Allow Balance Carryforward C T881 
106 V_T881T Ledger texts C T881T 
107 V_T881T_BW_PU BW: Extraction View for Ledger Texts D T881 
108 V_T881_A Ledger currencies C T881 
109 V_T881_CS Ledger Currency C T881 
110 V_T881_FREE_DB Only Free SL Ledgers (for Foreign Key Check) D T881 
111 V_T881_ISSR ISSR: Ledger für Versicherungsmeldewesen C T881 
112 V_T882C G/L company ledger C T882C 
113 V_T882G_GL Flexible G/L: Parallel currencies C T882G 
114 V_T882_GL Parallel currencies for G/L C T882 
115 V_T883 Fields for FI-SL User Tables C T883 
116 V_T883S FI-SL User Tables C T883S 
117 V_T884 Translation methods/texts C T884 
118 V_T884B_GL Assign Local Currency Translation Methods C T884B 
119 V_T884C Field Movement for Balance Carried Forward C T884C 
120 V_T884F Translation differences: Additional account assignments C T884F 
121 V_T884H Periods for historical translation methods C T884H 
122 V_T884H_GL Historical Currency Translation C T884H 
123 V_T884M Customizing of Currency Translation Methods/Texts C T884M 
124 V_T884MT Define Currency Translation Methods C T884M 
125 V_T884M_1 Currency Translation Methods C T884M 
126 V_T884S Sets for interactive Excel C T884S 
127 V_T884_1 Method Entries for Currency Translation C T884 
128 V_T884_GL Maintain Currency Translation Methods C T884 
129 V_T886PCA EC-PCA: System Table for Business Activities C T886PCA 
130 V_T888G_GUV Flex. G/L balance carried forward: Details of P&L accounts C T888G 
131 V_T889 Valid Document Types C T889 
132 V_T889G_ACTUAL Flexible G/L:Actual Document Types C T889G 
133 V_T889G_PLAN Flexible G/L: Plan Document Types C T889G 
134 V_T889T Texts for Document Types C T889T 
135 V_T889_RO Valid Document Types for Rollup C T889 
136 V_T891B Validation for Special Purpose Ledger/CoCode C T891B 
137 V_T891C Validation for Spec. Purpose Ledger/Glob.Co. C T891C 
138 V_T892B Substitution for Special Purpose Ledger/CoCde C T892B 
139 V_T892C Substitution for Spec.Purpose Ledger/Glob.Co. C T892C 
140 V_T892U Rollup Substitution C T892U 
141 V_T894 Actual Versions C T894 
142 V_T894_4A Plan Versions for JVA C T894 
143 V_T894_CC Versions for currency translation C T894 
144 V_T894_ISSR ISSR: Versionen für die Währungsumrechnung C T894 
145 V_T894_PL Plan Versions C T894 
146 V_T895 Local Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters C T895 
147 V_T895C Global Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters C T895C 
148 V_T895PCA_CL Settings for Profit Center Accounting C T895PCA 
149 V_T8A00 EC-PCA: Account Determination C T8A00 
150 V_T8A00_1 Account assignment for production variances C T8A00 
151 V_T8A10 EC-PCA: Substitution for Profit Center in SD C T8A10 
152 V_T8A30 EC-PCA: Additional Balance Sheet and Profit + Loss Accounts C T8A30 
153 V_T8A40 EC-PCA: Statistical Key Figures C T8A40 
154 V_T8A50 Acct determination for charging off valuation differences C T8A50 
155 V_T8A60 Select Representative Material Numbers C T8A60 
156 V_T8A62 Activate Representative Materials C T8A62 
157 V_T8APP_ACCT EC-PCA: Revenue Accounts in Planning C T8APP_ACCT 
158 V_T8APP_ACCT_G EC-PCA: Revenue and Stock Change Account(s) in Planning C T8APP_ACCT 
159 V_T8APP_ACCT_ST EC-PCA: Change in Stock Accounts in Planning C T8APP_ACCT 
160 V_T8APP_HRKFT Values of Field HRKFT in Profit Center Planning C T8APP_HRKFT 
161 V_T8APP_KALK EC-PCA: Costing Key C T8APP_KALK 
162 V_T8A_BILANZ Control Parameter for Balance Sheet Accounts in Profit Ctrs C T8A_BILANZ 
163 V_T8A_COMPRESS EC-PCA: Maintain Summarization Fields C T8A_COMPRESS 
164 V_T8G01 Splitting method C T8G01 
165 V_T8G02 Item categories C T8G02 
166 V_T8G03 Business transaction C T8G03 
167 V_T8G031 Accounting transaction variant C T8G031 
168 V_T8G03_CL Business transaction C T8G031 
169 V_T8G10 Assignment: Transaction code- accounting transaction variant C T8G10 
170 V_T8G11 Assignment: MM movement type- accounting transaction variant C T8G11 
171 V_T8G12 Classify FI Document Type for Document Splitting C T003 
172 V_T8G16 Allocation: internal key - item category (SAP) C T8G16 
173 V_T8G17 Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting C T8G17 
174 V_T8G20 Splitting Rule: Header Data C T8G20 
175 V_T8G21 Splitting rule: Item categories to be processed C T8G21 
176 V_T8G21A Splitting rule: Base item categories C T8G21A 
177 V_T8G22 Splitting rule: Additional items C T8G22 
178 V_T8G28 Item categories permitted per accounting transaction variant C T8G28 
179 V_T8G29 Item categories permitted for each business transaction C T8G29 
180 V_T8G30A Acct determination key for doc splitting C T8G30A 
181 V_T8G30B Acct determination for document splitting - accounts C T8G30B 
182 V_T8G40 Account assignment objects for document splitting C T8G40 
183 V_T8G41A Constants C T8G41A 
184 V_T8G41A_EURO Constants V V_T8G41A 
185 V_T8G41B Values of constants C T8G41B 
186 V_T8HSPLITACT Maint. View: Activation of Online Split for FI Postproc.Csts C T8HSPLITACT 
187 V_T8J01 SDS for JV billing C T8J01 
188 V_T8J0A JV Functions C T8J0A 
189 V_T8J0C JV Posting method C T8J0C 
190 V_T8J0E V_T8J0E C T8J0E 
191 V_T8J0F V_T8J0F C T8J0F 
192 V_T8J0G V_t8j0g C T8J0G 
193 V_T8J0H Billing format events C T8J0H 
194 V_T8J0I Billing Indicator Mapping C T8J0I 
195 V_T8J0I2 Billing indicator mapping C T8J0I2 
196 V_T8J0J Function item types C T8J0J 
197 V_T8J0L JV Billing levels C T8J0L 
198 V_T8J0M JV Layout sets C T8J0M 
199 V_T8J0N JV Billing events C T8J0N 
200 V_T8J0P Form routines used for billing C T8J0P 
201 V_T8J0R Billing formats C T8J0R 
202 V_T8J0S SDS protocol C T8J0S 
203 V_T8J1A Cutback rules / accounts C T8J1A 
204 V_T8J1B Cutback rules accounts C T8J1B 
205 V_T8J1C Cutback rules / cost centers C T8J1C 
206 V_T8J1D Cutback rules / cost centers C T8J1D 
207 V_T8J1E JV Project Cutback Rule C T8J1E 
208 V_T8J1F JV Project Intercompany Cutback Rule C T8J1F 
209 V_T8J1G Cutback rules / orders C T8J1G 
210 V_T8J1H Cutback rules / orders C T8J1H 
211 V_T8J1I JV Net account cutback rule C T8J1I 
212 V_T8J1J Asset intercompany cutback rule C T8J1J 
213 V_T8J1K Cutback rules: Networks C T8J1K 
214 V_T8J1L Cutback: Intercompany network mapping C T8J1L 
215 V_T8J2A JV Net profit interest group C T8J2A 
216 V_T8J2D View of CI Group Description C T8J2D 
217 V_T8J3A JV Non-operated billing form C T8J3A 
218 V_T8J3C JV Non-Operated Billing Form Line C T8J3C 
219 V_T8J5A Accounts for supplemental billing C T8J5A 
220 V_T8J5B JV Projects for supplemental billing C T8J5B 
221 V_T8J5C Recovery indicator for supplemental billing C T8J5C 
222 V_T8J5D Project types for supplemental detail C T8J5D 
223 V_T8J5E JV cost center type for supplemental detail C T8J5E 
224 V_T8J5F Billing indicator with supplemental detail C T8J5F 
225 V_T8J5G Order type for supplemental detail C T8J5G 
226 V_T8J60 JV EDI Invoice Service Codes and Descriptions C T8J60 
227 V_T8J62 JV EDI Supplemental Segment Drivers C T8J62 
228 V_T8J63 JV EDI Segment Components C T8J63 
229 V_T8J63F JV EDI Segment Component Fields C T8J63F 
230 V_T8J64 JV EDI JIBE Condition Codes and Descriptions C T8J64 
231 V_T8J66 JV EDI BI to Invoice Service Codes C T8J66 
232 V_T8J67 JV EDI Outbound: Company configuration C T8J67 
233 V_T8J68 JV EDI Terms of payment C T8J68 
234 V_T8J6A JIB/JIBE classes C T8J6A 
235 V_T8J6C JIB/JIBE subclasses C T8J6C 
236 V_T8J6E JV Master data JIB subclass B codes C T8J6E 
237 V_T8J6G JV JIB Account mapping for non-AFE C T8J6G 
238 V_T8J6H JV JIB Account mapping and class C T8J6H 
239 V_T8J6I JV JIB Class and account mapping C T8J6I 
240 V_T8J6J JV JIB account mapping for AFE C T8J6J 
241 V_T8J6K View for Mapping of Billing Ind. to EDI Codes C T8J6K 
242 V_T8J6L JV EDI Contact Function Codes C T8J6L 
243 V_T8J6M JV EDI Communication Codes C T8J6M 
244 V_T8J6N JV EDI Processed Partners/Ventures C T8J6N 
245 V_T8J6O Tubular sub-account codes C T8J6O 
246 V_T8J6P Non-Tubular sub-account codes C T8J6P 
247 V_T8J6Q JV mapping: Material - Service code C T8J6Q 
248 V_T8J7D JV Project Types C T8J7D 
249 V_T8J7E JV Cost Center Types C T8J7E 
250 V_T8J7F JV Order Type C T8J7F 
251 V_T8J8A JV special cost elements - payroll burden C T8J8A 
252 V_T8J8B V_T8J8B C T8J8B 
253 V_T8J8C JV Stepped rate thresholds C T8J8C 
254 V_T8J8D JV Project level stepped rate parameters C T8J8D 
255 V_T8J8E JV Drilling statistical ratios C T8J8E 
256 V_T8J8G JV Producing statistical ratios C T8J8G 
257 V_T8J9F Joint operating agreement class C T8J9F 
258 V_T8JA Billing Indicator C T8JA 
259 V_T8JAC JV Clearing Billing Indicator C T8JAC 
260 V_T8JB JV bank accounts C T8JB 
261 V_T8JBS Balance sheet accounts for splitting C T8JBS 
262 V_T8JCR JV CRP Pricing schema determination C T8JCR 
263 V_T8JD JV valuation type C T8JD 
264 V_T8JDA JV EDI Inbound: Company Configuration Table C T8JDA 
265 V_T8JDB JV EDI Inbound: Receiver's JIBE/PASC Number Table C T8JDB 
266 V_T8JDC JV EDI Inbound: Sender's JIBE/PASC Number Table C T8JDC 
267 V_T8JDD JV EDI Inbound: Property Table C T8JDD 
268 V_T8JDF JV EDI Inbound: Withhold Code Table C T8JDF 
269 V_T8JDH JV EDI Inbound: Mapping Qualifier Tables C T8JDH 
270 V_T8JDJ JV EDI Inbound: 819 Cost Object Mapping Table C T8JDJ 
271 V_T8JDK JV EDI Inbound: 819 Cost Object (Ref) Mapping Table C T8JDK 
272 V_T8JDL JV EDI Inbound: 819 Cost Object (Ref + Class) Mapping C T8JDL 
273 V_T8JDM JV EDI Inbound: 819 Cost Object (Ref, Class, Subclass A) C T8JDM 
274 V_T8JDN JV EDI Inbound: 819 Cost Object (Class) Mapping Table C T8JDN 
275 V_T8JDO JV EDI Inbound: 819 Cost Object (Class + Subclass A) Mapping C T8JDO 
276 V_T8JDP JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE Table C T8JDP 
277 V_T8JDQ JV EDI Inbound: Account Transaction Mapping Table C T8JDQ 
278 V_T8JDR JV EDI Inbound: 819 Account Transaction Mapping (Class) C T8JDR 
279 V_T8JDS JV EDI Inbound: 819 Account Transaction Mapping (Class+Subc) C T8JDS 
280 V_T8JDT JV EDI Inbound: 810 Mapping Table C T8JDT 
281 V_T8JDU JV EDI Inbound: 810 Mapping (Service code) Table C T8JDU 
282 V_T8JDV JV EDI Inbound: 810 Account Transaction Mapping (Serv.Code) C T8JDV 
283 V_T8JE JV Equity Type C T8JE 
284 V_T8JEV Joint venture event table C T8JEV 
285 V_T8JEVP Joint venture event parameters C T8JEVP 
286 V_T8JEVS Joint venture event select options C T8JEVS 
287 V_T8JFRM Maintain Farm in/out process C T8JFRM 
289 V_T8JFRM_EG Farm in/out: List of old equity groups C T8JFRM_EG 
290 V_T8JFRM_STP Farm in/out Process Step C T8JFRM_STP 
291 V_T8JHF Maintain Field Copy rules for new asset records C T8JHF 
292 V_T8JHL Maintain JV Transfer rules for accounting document C T8JHL 
293 V_T8JHM Define transaction types for line item types C T8JHM 
294 V_T8JHR Maintenance View for t8JHR C T8JHR 
295 V_T8JHT Transaction type replacement for Cutback of Assets C T8JHT 
296 V_T8JHV View of Asset Operator Ownership Transaction Types C T8JHV 
297 V_T8JI JV Intercompany ventures C T8JI 
298 V_T8JJ Recovery indicator C T8JJ 
299 V_T8JK Account table for exchange differences C T8JK 
300 V_T8JL View for Penalty Category and text C T8JL 
301 V_T8JL1 Joint Venture: Manipulation rules for recovery indicator C T8JL1 
302 V_T8JL2 Manipulation Rule Detail C T8JL2 
303 V_T8JM JV Funding group C T8JM 
304 V_T8JMD View for Dunning Customizing C T8JMD 
305 V_T8JMDET Field movement for JADE - Details C T8JMDET 
306 V_T8JMUSE Field movement for JADE - Usage C T8JMUSE 
307 V_T8JN JV Funding group assignment C T8JN 
308 V_T8JO Partner C T8JO 
309 V_T8JOA Partner addresses C T8JOA 
310 V_T8JOG Partner Process Groups C T8JOG 
311 V_T8JOH_C_KEYWDS A list of overhead keywords for each cost center C T8JOH_C_KEYLIST 
312 V_T8JOH_O_KEYWDS A list of overhead keywords for each internal order C T8JOH_O_KEYLIST 
313 V_T8JOH_P_KEYWDS A list of overhead keywords for each project C T8JOH_P_KEYLIST 
314 V_T8JOVR View for Overhead rate type and text C T8JOVR 
315 V_T8JP Project in suspense C T8JP 
316 V_T8JPT1 Cutback Payment Terms per Recovery Indicator C T8JPT1 
317 V_T8JPT2 Cutback Payment Terms per RI and Original Payment Terms C T8JPT2 
318 V_T8JPTS Payment Term Schema C T8JPTS 
319 V_T8JR List of jobs/reports in JV Reporting C T8JR 
320 V_T8JRI JV Recovery indicator determination method C T8JRI 
321 V_T8JS Billing Structures C T8JS 
322 V_T8JS_SD Billing structures in supplemental detail C T8JS 
323 V_T8JT Venture class C T8JT 
324 V_T8JTPM Production month with accounting objects D T8JTPM 
325 V_T8JU Joint Operating Agreement (temporary maintenance) C T8JU 
326 V_T8JVBA Table Entries for VBA Switching C T8JVBA 
327 V_T8JVBCC_HB Housebanks for direct cash call billing C T8JVBCC_HB 
328 V_T8JVLVH Line report list variants C T8JVLVH 
329 V_T8JVLVL Line item report variant definition C T8JVLVL 
330 V_T8JW View for T8JW C T8JW 
331 V_T8JX JV Conditional Code C T8JX 
332 V_T8JXC CO/JV cross company reconciliation C T8JXC 
333 V_T8JXCP JV/CO/FI reconciliation C T8JXCP 
334 V_T8JY Billing Format C T8JY 
335 V_T8JZ JV Global company parameters C T8JZ 
336 V_T8JZ1 JV Configuration table C T8JZ 
337 V_T8JZA Company code global parameters C T8JZ 
338 V_T8JZC JV company code parameter (corporate data) C T8JZ 
339 V_T8JZD Company code (detailed data) C T8JZ 
340 V_T8JZFAGL Maintenance view for table T8JZ_FAGL C T8JZ_FAGL 
341 V_T8JZSUB Substitution C T8JZSUB 
342 V_T8JZVAL Validation for JVA documents C T8JZVAL 
343 V_T8JZ_NEW JVA company code C T8JZ 
344 V_T8JZ_PM Production month customizing view C T8JZ 
345 V_T8J_GJCB_REV T8J_GJCB_REV - cutback control C T8J_GJCB_REV 
346 V_T8J_PE Mainatin error documents C T8J_POST_ERROR 
347 V_T8J_PEC Mainain and display clearing record with error C T8J_POST_ERROR_C 
348 V_T8J_SUS_CC JV Cost Center suspense C T8J_SUS_CC 
349 V_T8J_SUS_ORD JV Order suspense C T8J_SUS_ORD 
350 V_T8J_SUS_VE JV Ventures suspense C T8J_SUS_VENTURE 
351 V_T8PL00_F4_1 Search Help View for T8PL00 D T8PL00 
352 V_T8PSAJVT Help view for PSC Venture Assignment table H T8PSA_JV 
353 V_T8PSA_ADJUST Adjustment Volumes C T8PSA_ADJUST_VOL 
354 V_T8PSA_ADJ_RSN PSA Reason Code for Adjustment C T8PSA_ADJ_REASON 
355 V_T8PSA_ARML_PRC Arms Length Price C T8PSA_ARML_PRICE 
356 V_T8PSA_CAL Calculation Scheme C T8PSA_CAL 
357 V_T8PSA_CONFIG PSA Master Data Configuration C T8PSA_CONFIG 
358 V_T8PSA_CSA Calculation Scheme Assignment to PSC C T8PSA_CSA 
359 V_T8PSA_CURR_TYP Currency Information per Company Code C T8PSA_CURR_TYPE 
360 V_T8PSA_EG PSA Equity Group C T8PSA_EG 
362 V_T8PSA_INPUT Production Volume Input C T8PSA_INPUT 
363 V_T8PSA_INPUT_PL Production Volume Input for Plan Data C T8PSA_INPUT 
364 V_T8PSA_JV Venture Assignment to PSC C T8PSA_JV 
365 V_T8PSA_JVT Help view for PSC Venture Assignment table H T8PSCJV 
366 V_T8PSA_LIFT_ASM PSA Lifting Partner Group to Partner Assignment C T8PSA_LIFT_ASSGN 
367 V_T8PSA_LIFT_GRP Lifting Partner Group Master Data C T8PSA_LIFT_GROUP 
368 V_T8PSA_LIFT_L Daily Lifting Data Entry (Terminal) C T8PSA_LIFT_VOL 
369 V_T8PSA_LIFT_P Daily Lifting Data Entry (PSC) C T8PSA_LIFT_VOL 
370 V_T8PSA_LIFT_TRM Lifting by terminal C T8PSA_LIFT_TERM 
371 V_T8PSA_PA Product Assignment C T8PSA_PA 
372 V_T8PSA_PI_COEP COEP Percentage for Production Interface C T8PSA_PI_COEP 
373 V_T8PSA_PRICE Prices for Volumes C T8PSA_PRICE_VOL 
374 V_T8PSA_PROD Daily Production Data Entry C T8PSA_PROD_VOL 
375 V_T8PSA_PROD_VOL Production Volumes C T8PSA_PROD_VOL 
378 V_T8PSA_PSC View PSC Master Data C T8PSA_PSC 
379 V_T8PSA_PSC_WAP Weighted Average Price C T8PSA_PSC_WAP 
381 V_T8PSA_SRC_CT Source Calc. Type Assignment C T8PSA_SRC_CT 
382 V_T8PSA_SRC_PROD Source Assignment to Product C T8PSA_SRC_PROD 
383 V_T8PSA_T894 Plan Version for PSA C T894 
384 V_T8PSA_T895 Planversions in PSA C T895 
385 V_T8PSA_TERM Terminal Master C T8PSA_TERM 
386 V_T8PSA_TERM_PRC Terminal Prices C T8PSA_TERM_PRICE 
387 V_T8PSA_TERM_PSC Assignment PSC to Terminal C T8PSA_TERM_PSC 
388 V_T8PSA_VIEW_AUT PSA View Authorities C T8PSA_VIEW_AUTH 
389 V_T8PSCCAL Calculation Scheme C T8PSCCAL 
390 V_T8PSCCALCT Calculation Type Master C T8PSCCALCT 
391 V_T8PSCCAL_X Calculation Scheme C T8PSCCAL 
392 V_T8PSCCONVERT Volume Conversion Factors C T8PSCCONVERT 
393 V_T8PSCCSA PSC Calculation Scheme Assignment C T8PSCCSA 
394 V_T8PSCCTCG PSC Calculation Type Category C T8PSCCTCG 
396 V_T8PSCINPUT Production information input C T8PSCINPUT 
397 V_T8PSCJV Venture Assignment to PSC C T8PSCJV 
398 V_T8PSCJVT Help view for PSC Venture Assignment table H T8PSCJV 
400 V_T8PSCPA PSC Product Assignment C T8PSCPA 
401 V_T8PSCPA_OVERVW PSC Data Entry Overview C T8PSCPA 
403 V_T8PSCPROF PSC display profile for documents C T8PSCPROF 
404 V_T8PSCPROFD PSC display profile details C T8PSCPROFD 
406 V_T8PSCSRC PSC Source Master C T8PSCSRC 
407 V_T8PSCSRCA Rule Assignment C T8PSCSRCA 
408 V_T8PSCSRCCC PSC Source Company Code Assignment C T8PSCSRCCC 
409 V_T8PSCSRCCT Source Assignment to Calc Type C T8PSCSRCCT 
410 V_T8PSCSRCLA PSC Source Ledger Assignment C T8PSCSRCLA 
411 V_T8PSCSRCPROD Source Assignment to Product C T8PSCSRCPROD 
412 V_T8PSCV PSC Venture C T8PSCV 
413 V_T8PSC_ADJUST PSC Adjustment Data C T8PSC_ADJUST 
414 V_T8PSC_LIFT PSC Lifting Data C T8PSC_LIFT 
417 V_T8PSC_PRICE PSC Production Prices C T8PSC_PRICE 
418 V_T8PSC_PROD PSC Production Data C T8PSC_PROD 
420 V_TA1MZ_01 Define values for line item schema C TA1MZ 
421 V_TA1M_01 Define line item schema C TA1M 
422 V_TA1TV Define transfer variant C TA1TV 
423 V_TA1TVB_01 Determination of the asset transfer method C TA1TVB 
424 V_TA1TV_01 Choose transfer variant C TA1TV 
425 V_TA20A Access Parameter Amadeus/API Server C TA20A 
426 V_TA20B Grouping for Travel Planning Control C TA20B 
427 V_TA20BA User Grouping for Travel Planning C TA20BA 
428 V_TA20BH Hotel Rates of User Groups C TA20BH 
429 V_TA20B_1 Access Parameters User Groups-Travel Planning C TA20B 
430 V_TA20B_2 User Group-Specific Strategies C TA20B 
431 V_TA20C Enterprise-Specific Service Categories C TA20C 
432 V_TA20CORPID Contracts for Enterprise-Specific Airfares C TA20CORPID 
433 V_TA20C_LOCID Enterprise-Specific Service Categories C TA20C 
434 V_TA20DB Access Parameters for German Railway C TA20DB 
435 V_TA20HH Maximum Amounts for Hotel Stay C TA20HH 
436 V_TA20K Reason Code C TA20K 
437 V_TA20LB Trees (Current Settings for Travel Planning) C TA20LB 
438 V_TA20LBEZ Tree structure C TA20LBEZ 
439 V_TA20LE Tree Entries (Current Settings for Travel Planning) C TA20LE 
440 V_TA20LOGGDS Logical Systems of Global Reservation Systems C TA20LOGGDS 
441 V_TA20LT Tabs (Current Settings for Travel Planning) C TA20LT 
442 V_TA20NC Negotiated Car Rental Rates C TA20NC 
443 V_TA20NCR Negotiated Car Rental Rates C TA20NCR 
444 V_TA20NCR_2 Negotiated Car Rental Rates C TA20NCR 
445 V_TA20NEGOF Negotiated Airfares C TA20NEGOF 
446 V_TA20NEGOF_2 Negotiated Airfares C TA20NEGOF 
447 V_TA20NF Negotiated Airfares C TA20NF 
448 V_TA20NH Negotiated Hotel Rates (Corporate Nego Rates) C TA20NH 
449 V_TA20NHC Negotiated Hotel Rates C TA20NHC 
450 V_TA20NHS Negotiated Hotel Rates with Catalog Hotels C TA20NHS 
451 V_TA20NRF Discount Agreement for Flights C TA20NRF 
452 V_TA20NRH Discount Agreement for Hotels C TA20NRH 
453 V_TA20NRHS Discount Agreement for Hotels (Individual) C TA20NRHS 
454 V_TA20O Sales Offices C TA20O 
455 V_TA20OFFICE Define sales offices per reservation system C TA20OFFICE 
456 V_TA20OFFICE2 Define Sales Offices for Reservation Systems C TA20OFFICE 
457 V_TA20OFFICE_AS0 Assign fulfillment sales offices to processing types C TA20OFFICE_AS0 
458 V_TA20OFFICE_ASW Assign Different Company ID C TA20OFFICE_AS0 
459 V_TA20OZ Resubmission for Ticket Issue C TA20OZ 
460 V_TA20O_FIND Groupings for Determining Sales Offices C TA20OFFICE_FIND 
461 V_TA20O_FIND_2 Sales Offices and Technical Settings Per Grouping C TA20OFFICE_FIND 
462 V_TA20P Travel Profiles C TA20P 
463 V_TA20PF Enterprise-Specific Methods of Payment C TA20PF 
464 V_TA20PHC Assignment of Hotel Catalog Items to Travel Profiles C TA20PHC 
465 V_TA20PIC Car Rental Trip Rules C TA20PIC 
466 V_TA20PIF Flight Trip Rules C TA20PIF 
467 V_TA20PIF_LCC Trip Rules for Flight, Low-Cost Carrier View C TA20PIF 
468 V_TA20PIH Hotel Trip Rules C TA20PIH 
469 V_TA20PI_C Definition of Car Rental Trip Rules C TA20PI 
470 V_TA20PI_F Definition of Flight Trip Rules C TA20PI 
471 V_TA20PI_H Definition of Trip Rules - Hotel C TA20PI 
472 V_TA20PPI Assignment Profile-Trip Rule-Activity-Class Rule-Prio. C TA20PPI 
473 V_TA20PPP Priorities of Trip Rules C TA20PPP 
474 V_TA20PPT Assignment Profile-Trip Provision-Class Rule-Activity-Prio C TA20PPT 
475 V_TA20PPT_2 Assign Travel Profile for Filtering bef. Availability Query C TA20PPT 
476 V_TA20PPT_3 Profile - Class Rules - Activity Assignment for Rail C TA20PPT 
477 V_TA20PPZ Message Handling of Priorities C TA20PPZ 
478 V_TA20PSC Car Rental Class Rules C TA20PSC 
479 V_TA20PSF Flight Class Rules C TA20PSF 
480 V_TA20PSH Hotel Class Rules C TA20PSH 
481 V_TA20PST Rail Class Rules C TA20PST 
482 V_TA20PS_C Definition of Trip Rules (Car Rental) C TA20PS 
483 V_TA20PS_F Definition of Class Rules (Flight) C TA20PS 
484 V_TA20PS_H Definition of Class Rules (Hotel) C TA20PS 
485 V_TA20PS_T Class Rule Definition (Rail) C TA20PS 
486 V_TA20PVP Settings for Lowest Fare Search C TA20PVP 
487 V_TA20R Trip Activity Types - Travel Planning C TA20R 
488 V_TA20REBF Discount Agreement for Flights C TA20REBF 
489 V_TA20REBF_2 Discount Agreement for Flights C TA20REBF 
490 V_TA20ROUTE Routes for Airfares and Discounts C TA20ROUTE 
491 V_TA20ROUTING Routings for Airfares and Discounts C TA20ROUTING 
492 V_TA20RTG Route Segments for Airfares and Discounts C TA20RTG 
493 V_TA20RTG_1 Route Segments for Airfares and Discounts C TA20RTG 
494 V_TA20RTG_G Geographical Settings for Route Segments C TA20RTG_G 
495 V_TA20RTG_P Airlines for Flight Routes C TA20RTG_P 
496 V_TA20RTG_R Booking Codes for Flight Routes C TA20RTG_R 
497 V_TA20WWW Information Catalog C TA20WWW 
498 V_TA21CA Rental Car Classes C TA21CA 
499 V_TA21CAZ Assignment: Car Rental Classes - Vehicle Specifications C TA21CAZ 
500 V_TA21H Hotel Rates C TA21H