View - H
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 H1_USR10 View of Base USR10 Table H USR10 
3 H440Z Help view for Table 440Z H T100 
4 HAPROG "Help View of Reference Table" H T459R 
5 HAP_V_BW_DOC_ID BW Texts - Document D HRHAP_BASIC 
6 HAP_V_BW_SUBSTA BW Texts - Substatus D T77HAP_SSTATUS_T 
7 HBKKM1 Help view for search help of bank statement no and year H BKKM1 
10 HEHS00QCATGRP Help View for Catalog Group Search Help H T7EHS00_QGROUP 
11 HELP_SEUOBJ WB object types that are subject to AUTHORITY CHECK H EUOBJ 
12 HELP_T549W (Help)View for T549W-MODEL according to period parameter H T549W 
13 HELP_T588J_HDMOD HR: Screen header header modifier search help view H T588J 
16 HIKO Matchcode Historical Orders f.Order Network   HIKO 
17 HIKOLA PM Order View of HIKO and ILOA D HIKO 
18 HIKOLA_HIVG Historic Maintenance Orders and Operations D HIKO 
19 HIKOLA_HIVGIFLOS Hist. Maintenance Orders and Operations (Altern. Indicator) D HIKO 
20 HIKOLA_IFLOS PM order view using HIKO/ILOA (adjusted to alt. indicator) D HIKO 
21 HLP_BWGRP Movement Type Groups without Groups Relevant for Revaluation H CKMLMV010 
22 HLP_BWKEY_CCS Valuation Areas with Active Actual Cost Component Split H T001K 
23 HLP_B_REGELN Help view: Naming rule selection method for procurement H CKMLMV007R 
24 HLP_LSO_COL_TMPL Search for Templates for Collaboration Room H LSO_COL_TMPL 
26 HLP_PTYP_B Process category B+ H CKMLMV009 
27 HLP_PTYP_FSCHEMA Process Categories for Material Update Structure H CKMLMV009 
28 HLP_PTYP_V_EINST Single-level process categories for consumption H CKMLMV009 
29 HLP_SCOPE_CCS Data Scope Actual Cost Component Split H TMLCCSSCOPE 
30 HLP_V_REGELN Help view: Naming rule selection method for consumption H CKMLMV007R 
31 HLP_WERKS_MGV Plants with Active Actual Costing H T001W 
32 HOI0_EVTYPE Help View for Master Data Event Type H TOI0EV 
33 HRBEN00DTTYP Benefit View for Date Types with Actual Work Hours D T548Y 
34 HRECM00CITEM_ATT Compensation Review Items with Assigned Attributes D T71ADM09 
35 HRECM00LTIPL_ATT Compensation Plans Attributed in T71LTI01 with Category LTI D T71LTI01 
36 HRECM00LTIPL_DEF Compensation Plans Defined in T71ADM02 with Category LTI D T71ADM02 
37 HRECM00OCRSN Off-Cycle Reasons with Pay Type "Bonus" D T52OCR 
38 HRECM00PA0763 BW: Employee Attributes, LTI Participant Data D PA0763 
39 HRECM00T7PM8 BW: Budget Type Text D T7PM8 
40 HRECM00T7PM9 Compensation Budget Period D T7PM9 
41 HRECM00T7PMR BW: Budget Status Text D T7PMR 
42 HRECM00TIMEUNITS Allowed Time Units from T538A D T538A 
43 HREMP_CTC1_01_A Track changes to Payroll Posting Configuration (Table T52EL) D T52EL 
44 HRF_ABSENCE_TYPE HR Forms: Absence Types D T554S 
45 HRHCPBW_DBASTEXT Data Basis Texts D T777U 
46 HRHCPBW_PLANATTR Personnel Cost Plan Attributes D HRHCP_PLAN 
47 HRHCP_PLRU_HELP Planning Runs of a Cost Plan D HRHCP_PLRU 
48 HRMS_BIW_T500T BW Texts for Country Grouping D T500T 
49 HRMS_BIW_T512T BW Texts for Wage Type D T512T 
50 HRMS_BW_T71C3T BW Texts for Compensation Area D T71C3T 
51 HRMS_BW_T71C8T BW Texts for Adjustment Reason D T71C8T 
52 HRMS_BW_T71CAT BW Texts for Adjustment Type D T71CAT 
53 HRMS_BW_T777S BW Texts for Adjustment Status D T777S 
54 HRPAD00_EMFSL Permitted Recipient Keys H T521C 
55 HRPADES_METOD Incentive method and group H T5ES3 
56 HRPADKR_8_VGLGR Selection method for search help HRPADKR_8_VGLGR H T510 
57 HRSOBJECT Lock Object for Standard Infotypes   HRSOBJECT 
58 HRV00_PNP_SEL Selection Views for Dynamic Selections in Logical DB PNP D RSDSQCAT 
59 HRV1001 View of ADATA Number of Relationships D HRP1001 
60 HRV1002A Object description D HRP1002 
61 HRV1016A Standard Authorization Profiles D HRP1016 
62 HRV1017A PD Authorization Profiles D HRP1017 
63 HRV1018 View of Control and Table Division of Infotype 1018 D HRP1018 
64 HRV1019 View of Infotype 1019 Required Positions D HRP1019 
65 HRV1026A View: Business Event Filter D HRP1001 
66 HRV1026B View: Business Event Filter Including Location D HRP1026 
67 HRV1035A Schedule of business events D HRP1035 
68 HRV1041A Schedule of business events D HRP1041 
69 HRV1042A Schedule of business events D HRP1042 
70 HRV1210 Database View for Infotype 1210 D HRP1210 
71 HRV1211 Database View for Infotype 1211 D HRP1211 
72 HRV1212 Database View for Infotype 1212 D HRP1212 
73 HRV1213 Database View for Infotype 1213 D HRP1213 
74 HRV1214 Database View for Infotype 1214 D HRP1214 
75 HRV1218 Database View for Infotype 1218 D HRP1218 
76 HRV1218_RO Database for Rule Resolution with Responsibilities D HRP1218 
77 HRV1220 Database View for Infotype 1220 D HRP1220 
78 HRV1221 Database View for Infotype 1221 D HRP1221 
79 HRV1222A View of Attributes D HRP1222 
80 HRV1222B View of Attributes D HRP1222 
81 HRV1222OT Infotype 1222 (OTJID) D HRP1222 
82 HRV1222SC View of General Attributes: Index for Objects/Scenario D HRP1222 
83 HRV5500A EBP: Selection Help for EBP Function D HRP5500 
84 HRV5500OT EBP Function (OTJID) D HRP5500 
85 HRV5501A EBP: Selection Help for Product Responsibility D HRP5501 
86 HRV5501OT EBP Product Responsibility (OTJID) D HRP5501 
87 HRV5502A EBP Location D HRP5502 
88 HRV5502OT EBP Location (OTJID) D HRP5502 
89 HRV5550 Territories D HRP5550 
90 HRV5550A View: Table Infotype 5550 (Territories) D HRP5550 
91 HRV5551A View for Table Info Type 5551 D HRP5551 
92 HRVPAD21 Additional data 021 D HRP1001 
93 HRVPAD21A Staffing requirement D HRP1001 
94 HRVPAD21B Resource equipment D HRP1001 
95 HRVPAD22 Resource requirements D HRP1001 
96 HRVPAD23 Resource reservation D HRP1001 
97 HRVPAD25 Event Attendance D HRP1001 
98 HRVPAD27 Business event prebooking D HRP1001 
99 HRVPAD31 Additional data 031 D HRP1001 
100 HRVPAD34 Business Event Historical Recording D HRP1001 
101 HRVPAD40 Business Event Cancellation D HRP1001 
102 HRVPAD50 Appraisals D HRP1001 
103 HRVPAD51 Additional session data D HRP1001 
104 HRVPAD613 Curriculum Elements D HRP1001 
105 HRVPAD614 Course Participation D HRP1001 
106 HRVPAD77 State of Development Plan/Item D HRP1001 
107 HRVPADD2 View for Substitute Profiles in Additional Data D HRP1001 
108 HRVPADD3 View for Relationship 270 with Additional Data D HRP1001 
109 HRVPADIC Commission Contract D HRP1001 
110 HR_BW_T538T BW Texts for Units D T538T 
111 HR_BW_T71C0T_UAW BW Texts for Enterprise Awards D T71LP1 
112 HR_BW_T71CAT BW Texts for Awards D T71CAT 
113 HSMHV_STOKEY EHS: Hazard Rating for Country/Region with Description H HSMC_013 
114 HSML_MD Lock Object for Hazardous Substance   HSMT_MD 
115 HSML_MDLOG1 Lock Object for Hazardous Subs. (Log. Key - matnr/country)   HSMS_MDAPI 
116 HSML_MDLOG2 Lock Object for Hazardous Substance (Log. Key - with Region)   HSMS_MDAPI 
117 HSMVV_017 Specify Text Types V HSMV_017 
118 HSMVV_019 Specify Numeric Value Types V HSMV_019 
119 HSMV_011 Specify Storage Hazard Types C HSMC_011 
120 HSMV_013 Specify Hazard Ratings C HSMC_013 
121 HSMV_017 Specify Text Types C HSMC_017 
122 HSMV_019 Specify Numeric Value Types C HSMC_019 
123 HSMV_021 Specify Priorities for Validity Areas C HSMC_021 
124 HSMV_023 Assign Countries and Regions to Warehouse Numbers C HSMC_023 
125 HSMV_025 Assignment Source to Target Object C HSMC_025 
126 HSMV_027 Assignment Source to Target Value C HSMC_027 
127 HSMV_086 Value Assignment Rating for Hazardous Substance C TCG86 
128 HSMV_100 Check Schema C HSMC_100 
129 HSMV_102 Check Methods C HSMC_102 
130 HSMV_104 Check Schema/Check Method Assignment C HSMC_104 
131 HSMV_105 Check Schema/WM Objects Assignment C HSMC_105 
132 HSMV_106 Determination of Hazardous Substance Check Modules D HSMC_104 
133 HSMV_110 Segregation Regulations C HSMC_110 
134 HSMV_112 Segregation Rules C HSMC_112 
135 HSMV_113 Responses for Segregation Rule Check C HSMC_113 
136 HSMV_STOKEY EHS: Hazard Rating for Country/Region D HSMC_015 
137 HSSFARGS SSF Applications with Description H SSFARGS 
138 HTNM_OBJGR_CO Training Objective Group and Training Objective Code H T77TNM_OB 
139 HVCMF3 Help View for Displaying Department Names H TCMF3 
140 HVCMF4 Help View for Table TCMF4 H TCMF4 
141 HVCM_BASELINE Help View for Baseline Data H TCM_BASELINE 
142 HVCM_BASELINE2 Help View for Baseline Data H TCM_BASELINE 
143 HVCM_DEFINITION Help View for Definition Data H TCM_PMASTER 
144 HVCM_DEFINITION2 Help View for Definition Data H TCM_PMASTER 
145 HVCM_LC_PH_TEXT Help View for Phase Selection H TCM_LC_PH_TRANS 
146 HVCM_LC_PH_TEXT2 Help View for Phase Selection H TCM_LC_PH_TRANS 
147 HVCM_PFOLDER Help View for Definition Data H TCM_PFOLDER 
148 HVCM_PFOLDER2 Help View for Definition Data H TCM_PFOLDER 
149 HVFMFGRCN_SUBTOT Reconciliation Subtotal Texts H FMFGRCN_SUBTOT 
150 HV_AUART_GEN Order Types for Transactions '0', '1', '2', '3' and '4' H TVAK 
151 HV_AUART_VAL Order Types for SD Documents with Validity H TVAK 
152 HV_BAUKLAS Help View Const. class (TE237/T) with Div. Cat. for Sel. D TE237 
153 HV_DIP_PROFILE Maintenance View DIP Profile H DPPROFH 
154 HV_ESH_RFCDEST_G Help view for RFC destinations of type G (HTTP Connection) H RFCDES 
155 HV_FMFGRCN_SAV Select stored reconciliation results H FMFGRCN_SAV 
156 HV_ISO_CURC Help View for ISO Currency H TCURC 
157 HV_LDBN Help view for LDBN H LDBN 
158 HV_LFART_C AB: Billing Document Types for Business Partner Customer H TMFK 
159 HV_LFART_LIST AB: Billing Document Types for List Documents H TMFK 
160 HV_LFART_SINGLE AB: Billing Document Types for Single Documents H TMFK 
161 HV_LFART_SO AB: Billing Document Types for Single Documents H TMFK 
162 HV_LFART_V AB: Billing Document Types for Business Partner Vendor H TMFK 
163 HV_LFART_WRART Search Help Billing Types for Payment Type H TWLF_WRART_LFART 
164 HV_PKHD Help View for Control Cycles H PKHD 
165 HV_SDOC_ITEM Searchtoll View for Sales Document Items H VBAP 
166 HV_T5DPBSZVME Help View: Valid Notifications H T5DPBSZVME 
167 HV_T8A60 Search Help: Choose Representative Material Numbers H T8A60 
168 HV_TCC02 Helpview for table TCC02 (F4 help), 2 fields too many in tab H TCC01 
169 HV_TP19 F4 Help for Information Type H TP19 
170 HV_TPAR_KU Business Partner: Roles for Customer Numbers H TPAR 
171 HV_TPAR_PE Business Partner: Roles for Personnel Numbers H TPAR 
172 HV_TPRG Date Display Format for Lean Order H TPRG 
173 HW_TEST90 Test C TVDIR 
174 HYBRID_V_USEG Data for Hybrid Method A V_USEG 
175 HYPO_TRANS Hypothetical Transactions D VTBFHA 
176 H_1AFITP Tax Categories by Account Type H J_1AFITP 
177 H_512EV Helpview for Delivery Class Specifications H T52D4 
178 H_512PV Helpview for Processing Class Specifications H T52D2 
179 H_596G_C Wage Type Groups for Multiple Checks H T596G 
180 H_5ASRISR ISR Scenarios of Application H H QISRSCENARIOAPL 
181 H_5DC5 Help View Table T5DC5 H T5DC5 
182 H_5DWH_A Wage Type Group for Deferred Compensation H T52D7 
183 H_5F2A_5A4O Absence quotas and wage type texts H T5F2A 
184 H_5ITA1 Help H T5ITA1 
185 H_5ITA2 T5ITA2 H T5ITA2 
186 H_5ITA3 Family member indicator for family allowance H T5ITA3 
187 H_5ITAE WTs of recalculated differences cumulation - Help View H T5ITAE 
188 H_5ITAT Family indicator H T5ITAT 
189 H_5ITC1 View T5itc1 H T5ITC1 
190 H_5ITC2 Negative tax bases H T5ITC2 
191 H_5ITCG Help view Contribution settlement indicator H T5ITCG 
192 H_5ITCH Help View contribution settlement types H T5ITCH 
193 H_5ITCS Contribution indicator H T5ITCS 
195 H_5ITD3 Help family member indicator for tax deduction H T5ITD3 
196 H_5ITDG Help settlement request for deductions H T5ITDG 
197 H_5ITDQ Help view Deduct.charges types H T5ITDQ 
198 H_5ITDR Employment deduction expenses type H T5ITDR 
199 H_5ITDS Family member type H T5ITDS 
200 H_5ITDT Deduction indicator description H T5ITDT 
201 H_5ITF1 help t5itf1 H T5ITF1 
202 H_5ITF5 Severance indemnity provision and revaluation H T5ITF5 
203 H_5ITFT Provision indicator H T5ITFT 
204 H_5ITI3 Percentage table H T5ITI3 
205 H_5ITL1 Other taxations H T5ITL1 
206 H_5ITL5 Help view decontribution settlement H T5ITL5 
207 H_5ITMC Leaving reasons H T5ITMC 
208 H_5ITMO WT grouping indicators for overviews H T5ITMO 
209 H_5ITMS Local sections H T5ITMS 
210 H_5ITNB INPS Registration Numbers H T5ITNB 
211 H_5ITNM Form indicators table H T5ITNM 
212 H_5ITNQ Form sections indicators H T5ITNQ 
213 H_5ITNS Help view - Special status regions and districts H T5ITNS 
214 H_5ITP3 Payment schedule H T5ITP3 
215 H_5ITPC CAAF table H T5ITPC 
216 H_5ITQ1 View t5itq1 H T5ITQ1 
217 H_5ITQ3 Help view Conditions - T5ITQ3 H T5ITQ3 
218 H_5ITQT Help - Settlement indicator H T5ITQT 
219 H_5ITR5 Help View - Local tax indicators H T5ITR5 
220 H_5ITR8 Help view-Local tax settlement H T5ITR8 
221 H_5ITST Pay scale jumps due to age H T5ITST 
222 H_5ITSV Pay scale jump evaluation type H T5ITSV 
223 H_5ITT1 Help view -IRPEF table H T5ITT1 
224 H_5ITTS IRPEF contribution indicator H T5ITTS 
225 H_5J47 Help view for table T5J47 H T5J47 
226 H_5J58 Help view for table T5J58 H T5J58 
227 H_5N1F Help View for T5N1F H T5N1F 
228 H_5N1F_ESS Help View for T5N1F H T5N1F 
229 H_5UPBSTC16 Help View for Classification, Subject/Area and Level H T5UPBSTC16 
230 H_5UPBSTC51 Help View for Duty Assignments H T5UPBSTC51 
231 H_706B1 Travel Expense Types H T706B1 
232 H_706B1_FIRMA Travel Expense Types H T706B1 
233 H_706B1_PAID Travel Expense Types Paid By Company H T706B1 
234 H_706B4 Service Provider per Expense Type H T706B4 
235 H_7CN28 Help View of Table T7CN28 & TCN28T H T7CN28 
236 H_7ID2C Help view for tax constants H T7ID2C 
237 H_7ID2T Help view for constant levels H T7ID2T 
238 H_7JPSK_PARTNER Help View for Shukko Contract Type and Partner H T7JPSK_CONTT 
239 H_7RU2P Search help H T7RU2P 
240 H_7RUINN View Table for Search Help of INN Code (RU) D PA0000 
241 H_7RUMN View Table for Search Help HRPADRUMN D PA0002 
242 H_7UN_DS1P_1 Duty Station Help View for Rental Subsidy Percentage H T7UNPAD_DS1P 
243 H_7UN_DS1P_2 Duty Station Help View for Rental Subsidy Amount H T7UNPAD_DS1P 
244 H_7UN_T502T Help View T502T (Marital Status) H T502T 
245 H_ADJMVARINTPOL Variable Name for Interpolation D TIVAJADJMVAR 
246 H_AGENT_MED IS-H*MED: Material Selection Using Agents H N1FOAGENTA 
247 H_AMHDT_AMHD ST30: View Between AMHDT and AMHD H AMHDT 
248 H_APADEF Obsolete H APADEF 
249 H_ARCH_CLA Definition of Archive Classes C ARCH_CLASS 
250 H_ARCH_CLB Definition of Archive Classes H ARCH_CLASS 
251 H_ARC_EVNT ABAP/4 events for archiving generation program C ARCH_EVENT 
252 H_ARC_EVNU ABAP/4 events for archiving generation program H ARCH_EVENT 
253 H_AT08 Help view for allocation of applic.to cat.of flows and cond. H AT08 
254 H_AT10 Help View: Product Types/Transaction Types H AT10 
255 H_AT72 Help View for Unit Types H AT72 
256 H_ATR1 Help View for Link Types for Treasury Objects H ATR1 
257 H_BCONTACT Helpview for Business Partner Contact H BCONT 
258 H_BICSU View as Selection Method for Search Help H_BICSU H TBICSU 
259 H_BICU Help View for TBICU H TBICU 
260 H_BIC_FIELDS View of Table Fields - SAP Repository Information System D DD03L 
261 H_BKK21 Business Partner According to Alias D BKK21 
262 H_BKKPAYNTTYPE Search Help for Payment Note Type H TBKK_PAYNT_TYP 
263 H_BKKSO Help View: Standing Order Number H BKKSO 
264 H_BPID001 OBSOLETE: Help View for Search Help FSBP_BP_IDNUM H BPID001 
265 H_BTXCOMP Helpview for Table BTXCOMP H BTXCOMP 
266 H_BUAVC_ALDNR Help view for availability control ledger (AVC) using T881 H BUAVCLDGR 
267 H_BUMANAGER View for search help BUCU_VERSION H TKVS 
268 H_BUMANAG_FREEZE View for search help BUCU_VERSION H TKVS 
269 H_BUPAI Help View for Search Help BUPA-I(BP According to ID Numbers) H BUT0ID 
270 H_BUPAT Help View for Search Help BUPA-T(BP According to tax Detail) H DFKKBPTAXNUM 
271 H_BUPA_ROLE View for Searching for Business Partners via Role H TBZ0 
272 H_CASPA_PLTYPE Potential analysis H TVKK 
273 H_CCS_BUKRSACTIV DB View: Company Code w/ Active Actual Cost Component Split D T001 
274 H_CCS_WERKSACTIV DB_View: Plants with Active Actual Cost Component Split D T001W 
275 H_CEPC_BUKRS Assign Profit Center to Company Code H CEPC_BUKRS 
276 H_CEPC_FS Financial services: Help view for profit center & branch H CEPC_FS 
277 H_CICCCONFH CIC Components (hidden) H CICCCONF 
278 H_CICCCONFV CIC Components (visible) H CICCCONF 
279 H_CKCM Costing Characteristics H CKCM 
280 H_CKCM_CKCMTR Costing Models H CKCM 
281 H_CKPHS Help View for CKPHS and CKPST H CKPHS 
282 H_CMFK_CKML Input Help for Material Ledger Logs H CMFK 
284 H_CNVHCM_CPARAM TDMS4HCM: Help filtering out non-Customer Table Groups H CNVHCM_PARAMS 
285 H_CNVHCM_SMOLGA TDMS4HCM: Help filtering out Customer "MOLGAs" H CNVHCM_MOLGAS 
286 H_CNVHCM_SWITCH TDMS4HCM: Help filtering out Customer "MOLGAs" H CNVHCM_SWITCH 
287 H_CONF_EVAL Help View for Configuration Objects in Solar_Eval H DFBUFF01 
288 H_CONTTYPE Search Help View for Container Category P ETYP 
289 H_CORP Help View: "Evaluation Versions" H CORP 
290 H_COTPL Helpview for Template Environment with Text H COTPL 
292 H_CRMV_APPL Help for application names H CRMC_BLUEPRINT 
293 H_CRMV_BSP_EVENT Help view for events H CRMC_BSP_EVENT 
294 H_CRM_BSP_BY Search Help for "by" shuffler H CRMC_BL_BY 
295 H_CRM_BSP_FGROUP Help view for Field Group H CRMC_FIELDGRE 
296 H_CRM_BSP_SHOW Search Help for "Show" shuffler H CRMC_BL_SHOW 
297 H_CRM_BSP_SOURCE Help view for seach query sources H CRMC_BL_SOURCE 
298 H_CRM_MKTPL_COS0 Trade Spend - Spent category help view H CRMC_MKTPL_COS0 
299 H_CRM_MKTPL_COS1 Trade Spend - Spend method help view H CRMC_MKTPL_COS1 
303 H_CRM_MKTPL_COS5 Trade Spend - Related volume help view H CRMC_MKTPL_COS5 
304 H_CRM_MKTPL_COST Trade Spend - Spend type help view H CRMC_MKTPL_COST 
305 H_CRM_MKTPL_DISC Trade Spend - Discount method help view H CRMC_MKTPL_DISC 
306 H_CSKB_PCA EC-PCA: Cost Elements in the Controlling Area D CSKB 
307 H_CSKB_PCA_42 EC-PCA: Cost Elements in the Controlling Area D CSKB 
308 H_CUA_SYS CUA: Assignment of Systems to Users D USZBVSYS 
310 H_DD03L_LVS View via DD031 DD04T: Field Texts (WM: TO Control) D DD03L 
311 H_DEVGRP Search help view for device group D EDEVGR 
312 H_DM02L Help view entity types H DM02L 
313 H_DM42S DM help view for a relationship H DM42S 
314 H_DM45L DM help view for a specialization category H DM45L 
315 H_DRUGN_MED IS-H*MED: Material Selection Using Drug Name H N1FORMULARYT 
316 H_DSYBA List of non-global note types H DSYBA 
317 H_DSYLI Link Type Name H DSYLI 
318 H_DTYP Data Carrier Type Help View H TDWE 
319 H_EDEXCOMMFRMTXT Search Help View for Communication Type D EDEXCOMMFORMAT 
320 H_EDEXPROC Search help for Data Exchange Process D EDEXPROC 
321 H_EEAG Search Help View for Input/Output Group D EEAG 
322 H_EFCL Help View for Form Class H EFCL 
323 H_EGER Search help view for IS-U devices D EGERS 
324 H_EGER_H Search Help View for Latest Time Slice of Installed Devices D EGERH 
325 H_EHS00AGENT Help View for Agents H T7EHS00_AGENT 
326 H_EHS00AGENTREF Help View for Agent Reference Values H T7EHS00_AGENTREF 
327 H_EHS00EXAM DB View for Examinations (without Service Agent) D T7EHS00_EGROUP 
328 H_EHS00PROT00 Help View for Search Help for Protocols H T7EHS00_PROT 
329 H_EHS00PROT01 Help View for Search Help for Protocols H T7EHS00_PROT 
330 H_EHS00PROTEXAM Help View for Protocol Frequencies H T7EHS00_PROTFREQ 
331 H_EHS_T777I EHS object types (selected using infotype 1403) H T777I 
332 H_EKOG Search help view for command group D EKOG 
333 H_EMMAC_CCAT Help View for Automatic Clarification Case Categories H EMMAC_CCAT_HDR 
334 H_EMMAC_CCAT_MAN Help View for Manual Clarification Case Categories H EMMAC_CCAT_HDR 
335 H_EPROFHEAD Search Help View for EDM Profile D EPROFHEAD 
336 H_EPROP Owner Allocation H EPROP 
337 H_EPSS_DHB Dialog Help Button H IWREFERENC 
338 H_ERKO Event Header and Text H ERKO 
339 H_ESTST_T778O EHS: Object Type for the Person Resp. for a Status Entry H T778O 
340 H_ETYP Search help view for device category P ETYP 
341 H_EVBS Help View for Table EVBS H EVBS 
342 H_EWAHEAD Help View for Action Manager Header Table H EWAHEAD 
343 H_EXP_BENTYPEGRP Help View for Expenses Type Groups H ICL_CBENTYPEGRP 
344 H_EZWG Search help for register group D EZWG 
345 H_EZWG_MEINS Search Help for Register Group D TE270EZWG_DIM 
347 H_FCC_SEQUENCE2 Help View for Workflows H SCMASEQUENCES 
348 H_FCC_TRANSACT2 Help View for Transactions H SCMATRANSACT 
349 H_FEHGR Error Group H TVUV 
350 H_FERC_C7 Regulatory indicators H FERC_C7 
351 H_FE_R0 Execution history H FERC_R0 
352 H_FILENAME Help View for File Names H FILENAME 
353 H_FILEPATH Logical File Path H FILEPATH 
354 H_FILESYS File Description Syntax Groups H FILESYS 
355 H_FMACTIVPER View for search help FMCU_VERSION_OPER (period control) H FMACTIVPER 
356 H_FMAVC_RBE_FEXP Help View for RBE Filter for Expenditure Budget H FMAVC_RBE_FDE 
357 H_FMAVC_RBE_FREV Help View for RBE Filter for Revenue Budget H FMAVC_RBE_FDE 
358 H_FMBUDCATT Help view for search help FM budget categories (text) H FMBUDCAT 
361 H_FMCEBUDCAT Help View for Budget Category for Cover Eligibility H FMBUDCAT 
363 H_FMFIGR Budget Structure Help View - Schema H FMFIPGRT 
364 H_FO05 Dummy view for deleting obsolete view H_FO05 S TFO05 
365 H_FOPCASTYPE Case Type and Categories H SCMGATTR_CATEGO 
366 H_FUNKLAS Help View: Funct. Class (TE055/T) H TE055 
367 H_GB02 Boolean Class Help View H GB02 
368 H_GB03 Validation: Help View for Val/Sub Application Area H GB03 
369 H_GB31 Validation and Substitution Callup Points H GB31 
370 H_GB90 Rule Help View H GB90 
371 H_GB90T Help View with Text for Boolean Rules H GB90T 
372 H_GB92 Substitution Help View H GB92 
373 H_GB93 Help View for Validations H GB93 
374 H_GB93T Validation: Validation Description H GB93T 
377 H_GM_T821S Generated Help View for Check Table T821S H T821S 
378 H_GRPCASTYPE Case Type and Categories H SCMGATTR_CATEGO 
379 H_HKPSTP Trading Contract: Display Help Item Category H TB2BK 
380 H_IBKK_F4_ACEXT Help View for Search Help External Account Number H BKK42 
381 H_ICL_CRESPROF Multiple Insurance: Reserve Types H TICL020 
382 H_ICL_CRESPROF_C Multiple Insurance: Reserve Types H TICL020 
383 H_ICL_TBZ3N Screen Sequence Acc. to Screen Sequence Category H TBZ3N 
384 H_ICNV DD: Selection of indexes for specified table H DD12L 
385 H_IFW_BILLTP_N Provisional billing types H TVFK 
386 H_IFW_BILLTP_O Final billing types H TVFK 
387 H_IFW_COND_TYPE Calculation Scheme and Condition Texts H T683S 
388 H_IMP_ALT Transaction Types for Revaluation of Prior-Yr Acquisitions H TABW 
389 H_IMP_NEU Transaction Types for Revaluation of Current-Yr Acquisitions H TABW 
390 H_INM_KFM_OTYP Object Types for Key Figures C INM_KFM_OTYP 
392 H_JBD15 Help view yield curve reference interest rates and texts H JBD15 
393 H_JBRKNZTYPTAB Display Only External Key Figure Categories in Search Help H JBRKNZTYPTABT 
394 H_JBRMBM IS-B: RM Help View for Characteristics of an RM area H JBRRMBM 
396 H_JBRSIM Assign Characteristics to View H JBRSIM 
397 H_JBRSVST RM: Help View for Saved Datasets (Drilldown Reporting) H JBRSVSTATE 
398 H_JPV_MAT_TITLE View for Search Help MJP_MAT_TITLE D MARA 
399 H_JVTBRGL IS-M/SD: Postal Packing Rule Type H JVTBRGLART 
400 H_K7KR2 Help View for T7KR21 H T7KR21 
401 H_KALC Help View for Table KALC H KALC 
402 H_KALT Help View for Table KALT H KALT 
403 H_KLARRZU02 Selection of Contract Category 7 Only H TZPA 
404 H_KLBESTZU Only Reading of Securities and Tradable Derivatives H TZPA 
405 H_KLEGZU Selection of Values for OTC Options, Money Market, Swaps H TZPA 
406 H_KLORDERZU Selects all Transactions Besides Sec., Accts., and OTC Opt. H TZPA 
407 H_KLSI05 Credit Limit: Single-Transaction-Related Collateral H VWPANLA 
408 H_KL_KNZTYP Key Figure Categories H JBRKNZTYPTAB 
409 H_KL_KNZTYP_VAR2 Key Figure Categories for Variable 2 H JBRKNZTYPTAB 
410 H_KL_KNZTYP_VAR3 Key Figure Categories H JBRKNZTYPTAB 
411 H_KMKPF Help View for KMKPF H KMKPF 
412 H_KOSTOU Generated View for Matchcode ID KOST-N D CSKS 
413 H_KO_BELNR Help View Account Maintenance Document Number D RBKP 
414 H_KO_STBLG Help View - Reversible Account Maintenance Document Number D RBKP 
415 H_KSCHL_KOTABNR All Permitted Portfolio Types for a Condition Table D T685 
416 H_K_WF_TASK Multistep Task Types H T778O 
417 H_LFART_EXP GT Expenses: Help View of Vendor Billing Doc. Expenses H TWBEXP 
418 H_LRMEI_WS Help view for proportion/product units for material H MARM 
419 H_LSOSTRAT_S_C Micro Strategy/Macro Strategy Combinations H LSOSTRAT_C 
420 H_MARC Help View for Material/Plant H MARC 
421 H_MARD Help View for Material Number/Plant/Storage Location H MARD 
422 H_MASSC6_MEINS Search help for register group D T006 
423 H_MBEW Help View for Material Number/Valuation Key/Valuation Type H MBEW 
424 H_MCHA Help View for Material Number/Plant/Batch H MCHA 
425 H_MCLI Help view on table MCLI H MCLI 
426 H_MCLIN Help View on Table MCLIN H MCLIN 
427 H_MDIP Generated Help View for Check Table MDIP H MDIP 
429 H_MGTYP_CROSS Help view: Quantity structure types for mixed costing H CKMLMV006 
430 H_MKAL Help View of Production Version H MKAL 
431 H_MLGN Help View for Material Number/Warehouse Number H MLGN 
432 H_MLGT Help View for Material Number/Warehouse Number/Storage Type H MLGT 
433 H_ML_BUKRS_AKTIV DB_View: Company Codes with the Material Ledger = Active D T001 
434 H_ML_BUKRS_PROD DB_View: Company Codes with Material Ledger = Productive D T001 
435 H_ML_WERKS_ACTIV DB_View: Plants with the Material Ledger = Active D T001W 
436 H_ML_WERKS_PROD DB_View: Plants with Material Ledger = Productive D T001K 
437 H_MNABA IS-H: Employer by Address Data (New Address Table) D NGPA 
438 H_MNABB IS-H: Find Employer by Name D NGPA 
439 H_MNBEA IS-H: Helpview Building Units - Name, Category H NBAU 
440 H_MNDEA IS-H: Customer by Name and Indicators D NGPA 
441 H_MNEOAG IS-H: Search for External Order - Order Placer D NGPA 
442 H_MNG2A IS-H: Find Physicians D NGPA 
443 H_MNG2B IS-H: Find Employees D NGPA 
444 H_MNGPA IS-H: Find Business Partner by Address Data D NGPA 
445 H_MNGPB IS-H: Find Business Partner by Name and Sex D NGPA 
446 H_MNGPD IS-H: Find Physicians D NGPA 
447 H_MNGPE IS-H: Find Employees D NGPA 
448 H_MNKRA IS-H: Find Hospital by Address Data D NGPA 
449 H_MNKTA IS-H: Find Insurance Provider by Address Data New (NADR) D NGPA 
450 H_MNKTB IS-H: Find Insurance Provider by Indicators D NGPA 
451 H_MNNFA IS-H: Case Selection Header Data D NFAK 
452 H_MNNFB IS-H: Case Selection Item Data D NFAP 
453 H_MNOEA IS-H: Helpview Organizational Units - Name, Category H NORG 
454 H_MNPEA IS-H: Find Physicians by Name D NGPA 
455 H_MNPEB IS-H: Find Employee by Name D NGPA 
456 H_MNPEC IS-H: Find Persons by Address Data New (NADR) D NGPA 
457 H_MNPED IS-H: Find Persons by Start/End Date D NGPA 
458 H_MNPEE IS-H: Find External Physicians by Name D NGPA 
459 H_MNPEF IS-H: Find RP Person by Name D NGPA 
460 H_MNTPA IS-H: Help View NTPK - Service Text H NTPK 
461 H_MNTPB IS-H: Help View NTPK - Service Indicators H NTPK 
462 H_MNTPC IS-H: Help View NTPK - Service Code (ID) H NTPK 
463 H_MPRP Generated Help View for Check Table MPRP H MPRP 
464 H_MVKE Help View for Material No./Sales Org./Distribution Channel H MVKE 
465 H_N1IFG IS-H*MED: Help-view for Degree of Infection (f4) H N1IFG 
466 H_N1STGRT IS-H: Reason for Canceling Invoices H N1STGRT 
467 H_N1ZPI IS-H*MED: Help-view for data interpretation (F4) H N1ZPI 
468 H_NAKRD IS-H AT: Helpview für Datenträgernummer H NAKRD 
469 H_NORG IS-H: Help view for org. units H NORG 
470 H_NWCH_EA_KUNNR IS-H CH: F4-Hilfe Ext. Auftrag - Kundennummer H KNA1 
471 H_OBCT Help view for authorization objects H TOBCT 
472 H_OIC_ANALLVL Pattern analysis levels H OIC_ANALLVL 
474 H_OIJFCPRF OIL-TSW: Help view for rack issue forecast profile H OIJFCPRF 
475 H_OIJRRA TSW Search Partner Roles H OIJRRA 
480 H_OIJTGTYP OIL-TSW:Search for Target stock calculation type H OIJTGTYP 
481 H_OIJ_EL_DEALGR OIL TSW: Help view for deal group (trading system) H OIJ_EL_DEALGROUP 
482 H_OIJ_EL_DEALTYP OIL TSW: Help view for deal type H OIJ_EL_DEALTYPE 
483 H_OIJ_EL_TICKET TSW Search Ticket by Nomination Details H OIJ_EL_TICKET_I 
484 H_OPSYSTEM Operating Systems H OPSYSTEM 
485 H_ORPORSOBJTYPE Reservation Object Type for Continuous Occupancy H TIVORRSOBJTYPE 
486 H_P08P_CLSC_1 Standard CLASS Interface runs (that can be re-run) H P08P_CLSC 
487 H_PACK_MAT_LEINT Help View for packaging materials H MAKT 
488 H_PC26U_LGART PBS Accumulators H T512W 
489 H_PKOSA_AUART Help View for Order Type of Product Cost Collector H T003O 
490 H_PLSC Help View for PLanning Scenario H PLSC 
491 H_PREISKLA Search help view for price class D TE431 
492 H_PRTP Subprojects H PRTP 
493 H_PSFORMAT Help View for F4 Help from PS Text Format H TTXPSFORMAT 
494 H_PTRV_F_FBLKATT Limited Help View for Form Blocks H PTRV_F_FBLK 
495 H_PVE_FUCOD Help View for the Data Element PVE_FUCOD H T7VES2 
496 H_QDBM QSS: Customizing QDBM/QDBMT Help View H QDBM 
497 H_QDDR Dynamic Modification Rule Help View H QDDR 
498 H_QDEP QSS: Customizing QDEP/QDEPT Help View H QDEP 
499 H_QDFB QSS: Customizing QDFB/QDFBT Help View H QDFB 
500 H_QDFM QSS: Customizing QDFM/QDFMT Help View H QDFM