View - K
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 KAKM Capacity   KAKO 
2 KAPID_BW_V Extractor View for KAPID D CRHD 
3 KART Matchcode object for cost element   CSKA 
4 KBED_AVCHK View to KBED for Availability Check P KBED 
5 KBLF Matchcodes for fixed price agreements   KBLK 
6 KBLG Matchcodes for fixed price allocations   KBLK 
7 KBLM CO funds reservations   KBLK 
8 KCR_V_APPL_D Database View: Assignment of Application/Data Type D KCR_T_APPL 
9 KCR_V_APPL_M Maintenance View: Assignment of Application/Data Type C KCR_T_APPL 
10 KHTESTTADIR DD: Headers of Tables with Short Text D DD02L 
11 KJCCSJ3VBI03 Permitted Operands for Installed Demand D TE221 
12 KKPK Find Cost Object for Process Manufacturing   CKPH 
13 KLSI01 Credit Limit: Collateral Provision   KLSI01 
14 KLSW R/3 Retail Objects in Class Tables   KLAH 
15 KL_SH_CA Help View for Search Help KL_SH_CA_SIDEXT H KLSI01 
16 KL_SH_EG Help View for Search Help KL_SH_EG_SIDEXT H KLSI01 
17 KL_SH_GS Help View for Search Help KL_SH_GS_SIDEXT H KLSI01 
18 KMAT Configurable material   MARA 
19 KMNR TRTM_SE: Corporate action number   VWKMKO 
20 KNA1VV Customer Master View KNA1 KNVV D KNA1 
21 KNB4_AEDAT BW FI: KNB4 Extraction using AEDAT D KNB4 
22 KNC1_AEDAT BW FI: KNC1 Extraction using AEDAT D KNC1 
23 KNC3_AEDAT BW FI: KNC3 Extraction usign AEDAT D KNC3 
24 KNKA_AEDAT BW FI: KNKA Extraction using AEDAT D KNKA 
25 KNKK_AEDAT BW FI: KNKK Extraction usign AEDAT D KNKK 
26 KNMT_REF Test - Search Help for KNMT D KNMT 
27 KOST Matchcode Object for Cost Centers   CSKS 
28 KRED Matchcode Object Vendor Master   LFA1 
29 KSAUSPOB View for Finding Objects, Specifying Class Nodes D AUSP 
30 KSSKAUSP View for Finding Objects in AUSP D AUSP 
31 KSSK_INOB View for Finding Objects D KSSK 
32 KVERI_CLNT View für ABAP/4 Verifikationsprogramme P VERI_CLNT 
33 K_KBUKA View for work fields for company code (vendors) D LFB1 
34 K_WF_PLOMC Help view for multistep tasks (work stn, work flw) ID D HRP1000