View - H
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 H_T545T Help View for Table T545T H T545T 
2 H_T546T Help View for EE Subgroup Groupings for PCRs H T546T 
3 H_T547T Help View for Periods of Notice H T547T 
4 H_T547V Contract Types H T547V 
5 H_T548S Help View for Table T548S H T548S 
6 H_T548Y Generated Help View for Check Table T548Y H T548Y 
7 H_T549A Generated Help View for Check Table T549A H T549A 
8 H_T549R Generated Help View for Check Table T549R H T549R 
9 H_T549T Help View for Payroll Areas H T549T 
10 H_T550A Help View for Daily Work Schedules H T550A 
11 H_T550P Help View for Eligibility of Work Break Schedules H T550P 
12 H_T550S Help View for Eligibility of Daily Work Schedules H T550S 
13 H_T550X Help View for Eligibility of Daily WS Selection Rules H T550X 
14 H_T551A Help View for Eligibility of Period Work Schedules H T551A 
15 H_T551C Help View for Eligibility of Counting Classes for Period WS H T551C 
16 H_T551S Help View for Eligibility of Period Work Schedules H T551S 
17 H_T553A Help View for Eligibility of Day Type Definition Rules H T553A 
18 H_T553T Help View for Day Types H T553T 
19 H_T554C Help View T554C H T554C 
20 H_T554D Help View for Table T554D H T554D 
21 H_T554G Help View for Table T554G H T554G 
22 H_T554O Helpview for Table T554O H T554O 
23 H_T554P Help View for Eligibility of Absence Categories H T554P 
24 H_T554S Help View for Absence Types H T554S 
25 H_T554S_FR Helpview Abwesenheitsarten (ABSTY <> ' ') H T554S 
26 H_T554T Help View for Eligibility of Attendances/Absences H T554T 
27 H_T554V Help View for Table T554V H T554V 
28 H_T554X Help View for Absence Counting H T554X 
29 H_T554Y Help View for Eligibility of Time Constraint Classes H T554Y 
30 H_T555A Time Transfer Specifications H T555A 
31 H_T555E Generated Help View for Check Table T555E H T555E 
32 H_T555H Generated Help View for Check Table T555H H T555H 
33 H_T555P Time Transfer Specifications H T555P 
34 H_T555R Help View for Overtime Compensation Type H T555R 
35 H_T555T Help View for Eligibility of Compensation Types H T555T 
36 H_T555V Generated Help View for Check Table T555V H T555V 
37 H_T556 Generated Help View for Check Table T556 H T556 
38 H_T556A Help View for Eligibility of Absence Quotas H T556A 
39 H_T556B Help View for Absence Quotas H T556B 
40 H_T556G Selection Of Absence Evaluation Scheme (T556G) H T556G 
41 H_T556P Help View for Eligibility of Attendance Quotas H T556P 
42 H_T556Q Help View for Eligibility of Attendance Quotas H T556Q 
43 H_T557 Help View for Availability Types (Infotype 2004) H T557 
44 H_T557V View for Membership Function - Infotype 0057 H T557V 
45 H_T564T Help View for Insurance Companies H T564T 
46 H_T572B HR Time: Description of Illness H T572B 
47 H_T572E Generated Help View for Table T572E H T572E 
48 H_T572G Generated Help View for Table T572G H T572G 
49 H_T574A Generated Help View for Check Table T574A H T574A 
50 H_T577 Help View for T577 H T577 
51 H_T578A Help View for Medical Doctors H T578A 
52 H_T578X Generated Help View for Check Table T578X H T578X 
53 H_T578Y Help View for Examination Results H T578Y 
54 H_T578Z Generated Help View for Check Table T578Z H T578Z 
55 H_T582A Generated Help View for Check Table T582A H T582A 
56 H_T582A_PA Generated Help View for Check Table T582A H T582A 
57 H_T582ITD Help View T582ITD H T582ITD 
58 H_T588R Help View for Table T588R H T588R 
59 H_T588S Help View for Screen Types H T588S 
60 H_T591A Help View for Subtypes H T591A 
61 H_T591A_CH_UI Help View for Search Helps for Subtype in Swiss Infotypes H T591A 
62 H_T5A1A Help View for SI Groups (Austria) H T5A1A 
63 H_T5A1B Help View for T5A1B for Infotype 0044 H T5A1B 
64 H_T5A1E Help View for Search Help S_T5A1E H T5A1E 
65 H_T5A1R Help View for ELDA - Austria H T5A1R 
66 H_T5A1T Help View for Social Insurance Bodies H T5A1T 
67 H_T5A2C Help View for Tax Exemption H T5A2C 
68 H_T5A2D Help View for Tax Procedure/Tax Exemption H T5A2D 
69 H_T5A2F Help View for Tax Offices (A) H T5A2F 
70 H_T5A2G Municipalities H T5A2G 
71 H_T5A2S View for Tax Deductible Amounts H T5A2S 
72 H_T5A2T Help View for Tax Procedure H T5A2T 
73 H_T5A4P_T5F2A Absence Type Codes and Quota Codes H T5A4P 
74 H_T5A5F Technical Control for Sickness Certificates H T5A5F 
75 H_T5A6A Help View for T5A6A H T5A6A 
76 H_T5A6B Help View for Table T5A6B H T5A6B 
77 H_T5A6C Help View for Table T5A6C H T5A6C 
78 H_T5A6E Help View for T5A6E H T5A6E 
79 H_T5A6F Help View for T5A6F H T5A6F 
80 H_T5B01 Helpview for SI Employee Category (B) H T5B01 
81 H_T5B02 SI Categories Employers (B) H T5B02 
82 H_T5B06 Text Table for Country Codes SI/"BELGOTAX" (Belgium) H T5B06 
83 H_T5B0B Text Table SI Categories Employers (B) H T5B0B 
84 H_T5B0C Text Table SI Specifications Employees (B) H T5B0C 
85 H_T5B0D Text Table SI Notifications Employees (B) H T5B0D 
86 H_T5B0E Texttable Function-SI Hourly Paid Regulation (B) H T5B0E 
87 H_T5B0F Country Codes & Nationalities (B) H T5B0F 
88 H_T5B0G Text Table Profession Groups (B) H T5B0G 
89 H_T5B0H Text Table Nationalities (B) H T5B0H 
90 H_T5B0I Text Table Deduction of SI Contribution Employer (B) H T5B0I 
91 H_T5B0J Usage for Employee Category SI H T5B0J 
92 H_T5B1A Text Table Type Tax Calculation (B) H T5B1A 
93 H_T5B1B Text Table Spouse's Professions (B) H T5B1B 
94 H_T5B1C Text Table Leave Regulation Taxes (B) H T5B1C 
95 H_T5B1D Text Table Marital Status (B) H T5B1D 
96 H_T5B51 Text Table Postal Codes (B) H T5B51 
97 H_T5B5C Postal Codes Villages (B) H T5B5C 
98 H_T5B62 Text Table Collective Agreements (B) H T5B62 
99 H_T5B63 Labor Commissions (B) H T5B63 
100 H_T5B6B Collective Agreements (B) H T5B6B 
101 H_T5B7A Text Table Systems Work Schedules (B) H T5B7A 
102 H_T5B7B Text Table Weekly Workdays "Regime" (B) H T5B7B 
103 H_T5B7C Text Table for Work Schedule Regulations (B) H T5B7C 
104 H_T5B94 Help view on legal document & sequence H T5B94 
105 H_T5B96 Form for legal document H T5B96 
106 H_T5B9A Institutions (B) H T5B9A 
107 H_T5B9B Text Table Institutional Groups (B) H T5B9B 
108 H_T5BCI10 Complementary Indemnity: Debtor Type Code List H T5BCI10 
109 H_T5BCI11 Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code List H T5BCI11 
110 H_T5BCI12 Complementary Indemnity: Payment adjustment type code list H T5BCI12 
111 H_T5BCI13 Complementary Indemnity: Justification for Incomplete month H T5BCI13 
112 H_T5BCI14 Complementary Indemnity: Payment Types code list H T5BCI14 
113 H_T5BCI15 Complementary Indemnity: Allowance Subgroup code list. H T5BCI15 
114 H_T5BDRY Job Card Codes H T5BDRY 
115 H_T5BPBS27XD Working regimes (Code NACE) (ONSSAPL/RSZPPO 76) H T5BPBS27XD 
116 H_T5BPC Postal Code (Belgium) H T5BPCT 
117 H_T5BX4 Belgium tax declaration, assign wages to zone H T5BX4 
118 H_T5C19_UI Help View for Search Help for Fam. Equal. Fund: P0036 FAMKA H T5C19 
119 H_T5C1D Helpview for Insurance Types H T5C1D 
120 H_T5C1N Helpview for Family Equalization Funds H T5C1N 
121 H_T5C1O Helpview for Cantons/Municipalities (CH) H T5C1O 
122 H_T5C1R Helpview for Company Department H T5C1R 
123 H_T5C1U_UI Help View for Search Help for Prof. Categy ASM: P0039-BERKA H T5C1U 
124 H_T5C1X Helpview for Paying Offices H T5C1X 
125 H_T5C2C HR-CH: Help View for T5C2C H T5C2C 
126 H_T5C2F Tax Cantons H T5C2F 
127 H_T5C2K_UI Help View for Search Help for W/h Tax Scale P0038-QSTAB H T5C2K 
128 H_T5CA2 HR-CH: Value types H T5CA2 
129 H_T5CP1 HR-CH: Pension funds H T5CP1 
130 H_T5CPBS01 Employment Activity Key and Texts H T5CPBS01 
131 H_T5CPBS04 Assgt Municipality (Distr) -> Cost-of-Living Level Allow.Lvl H T5CPBS04 
132 H_T5CPBS05 Cost-of-Living Allowance Levels and Amounts H T5CPBS05 
133 H_T5CZM HR-CH: Reduction Rules for Family Equalization Fund H T5CZM 
134 H_T5D0O Help View for Table T5D0O H T5D0O 
135 H_T5D0P Help View for T5D0P H T5D0P 
136 H_T5D0T Help View: Pay Scale Area Groupings H T5D0T 
137 H_T5D11 Health Insurance Funds H T5D11 
138 H_T5D12 Social Insurance: Reasons for Exemption H T5D12 
139 H_T5D1F Help View: Reasons for Exemption from SI Contributions H T5D1F 
140 H_T5D1G Help View for SI Additional Insurance H T5D1G 
141 H_T5D1H Help View for SI-Supplementary Insurance Texts H T5D1H 
142 H_T5D1K Help View for Health Insurance Fund Texts H T5D1K 
143 H_T5D1T Grouping of Assessment Thresholds H T5D1T 
144 H_T5D1Z Help View for Voluntary Nursing Insurance Contributions H T5D1Z 
145 H_T5D2A Help View for Tax Office Key H T5D2A 
146 H_T5D2B Municipality Key H T5D2B 
147 H_T5D2D Help View for Tax Features D H T5D2D 
148 H_T5D2K Help View Family Fund H T5D2K 
149 H_T5D2L Help View Church Tax Areas H T5D2L 
150 H_T5D2N Help View T5D2N H T5D2N 
151 H_T5D3A_UI Help View for Workers' Compensation Associations H T5D3A 
152 H_T5D3B_UI Help View for Hazard Pay Scales H T5D3B 
153 H_T5D3C Help View for Workers' Compensation Associations H T5D3C 
154 H_T5D3D Help View for Hazard Pay Areas H T5D3D 
155 H_T5D3E Generated Help View for Check Table T5D3E H T5D3E 
156 H_T5D3F Help View for Pension Institutions H T5D3F 
157 H_T5D3G Investment Type for Capital Formation H T5D3G 
158 H_T5D3I Help View for Variants for Reduced Hours Compensation H T5D3I 
159 H_T5D3K Help View for Capital Formation Variants H T5D3K 
160 H_T5D3N Possible Entries for the Valuation of Pay Scales H T5D3N 
161 H_T5D3O Special Rules for Capital Formation H T5D3O 
162 H_T5D3O_UI Special Rules for Capital Formation H T5D3O 
163 H_T5D4A DEUEV Occupational Code H T5D4A 
164 H_T5D4C Help View for Pensioner/Applicant (DUEVO) H T5D4C 
165 H_T5D4E DUEVO: Nationality H T5D4E 
166 H_T5D4G DEUEV Activity Keys for Miners' and Mine Employees' Ins. H T5D4G 
167 H_T5D4I DEUEV reason for change: miners' and mine employees' ins. H T5D4I 
168 H_T5D4J DUEVO special key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance H T5D4J 
169 H_T5D5F Help View for Case Groups H T5D5F 
170 H_T5D5K Case Group Catalogs H T5D5K 
171 H_T5D6A Help View for Table T5D6A H T5D6A 
172 H_T5D6B Help View for Table T5D6B H T5D6B 
173 H_T5D6C Help View for Table T5D6C H T5D6C 
174 H_T5D6F Help View for Table T5D6F H T5D6F 
175 H_T5D83 Help View for Payroll Number H T5D83 
176 H_T5D8A Help View for Table T5D8A H T5D8A 
177 H_T5D8B Utilization H T5D8B 
178 H_T5D8C Help View for Table T5D8C H T5D8C 
179 H_T5D8D Work Indicator View Infotype 0329 (Sideline Job) H T5D8D 
180 H_T5D8E Help View T5D8E for Infoty. 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration) H T5D8E 
181 H_T5D8F Help View Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remun.) 'Meals' Field H T5D8F 
182 H_T5DB0 Input Help for Work Cooperatives H T5DB0 
183 H_T5DB7 Teams H T5DB7 
184 H_T5DBA Supplementary Pension Funds H T5DBA 
185 H_T5DBC Work Cooperatives H T5DBC 
186 H_T5DBD Construction Pay Expenses H T5DBD 
187 H_T5DBH Attributes H T5DBH 
188 H_T5DBK Construction Pay Constants H T5DBK 
189 H_T5DBL Short Indicators: Transaction Data H T5DBL 
190 H_T5DBO Permitted Expenses H T5DBO 
191 H_T5DBR Flexible Working Hours Models H T5DBR 
192 H_T5DBV Permitted Hostels for Construction Pay Expenses H T5DBV 
193 H_T5DBW Construction Pay Residence Management H T5DBW 
194 H_T5DC0 Help View for Screen Types H T5DC0 
195 H_T5DC1 Help View: Constants for Company Pension Schemes H T5DC1 
196 H_T5DC3 Help View: Pension Organizations H T5DC3 
197 H_T5DC7 Help View Groupings H T5DC7 
198 H_T5DCA Help View Entitlements H T5DCA 
199 H_T5DCA_BE Help View: Contribution-Oriented Entitlements H T5DCA 
200 H_T5DCA_BT Help View: Reimbursable Entitlements H T5DCA 
201 H_T5DCA_GP Help View: Vested Payment for Entitlements H T5DCA 
202 H_T5DCA_PA Help View: Entitlements H T5DCA 
203 H_T5DCA_SA Help View: Benefit Types H T5DCA 
204 H_T5DCA_UA Help View: Qualification Check for Entitlements H T5DCA 
205 H_T5DCE Help View for Pension Types H T5DCE 
206 H_T5DCG Help View Indicators H T5DCG 
207 H_T5DCS Help View for Contribution Rules H T5DCS 
208 H_T5DCU Help View, Table T5DCU H T5DCU 
209 H_T5DCV Help View for Entitlement Status H T5DCV 
210 H_T5DCW Help View: Pension Plans H T5DCW 
211 H_T5DR8 Help View for Table T5DR8 (VROUT = Space) H T5DR8 
212 H_T5DR8_A Help View for Table T5DR8 H T5DR8 
213 H_T5DVB Help View for Calculation Control Pension Equalization Paymt H T5DVB 
214 H_T5DW0 Help View for Annuitization Factor Rules H T5DWO 
215 H_T5DW1 Help View T5DW1 H T5DW1 
216 H_T5DW5 Help View for Table T5DW5 H T5DCA 
217 H_T5DWA Help View: Pension Plans H T5DWA 
218 H_T5DWB Help View Entitlements to Pension Plan H T5DWB 
219 H_T5DWB2 Help View: Benefit Types for Pension Plan H T5DWC 
220 H_T5DWC Help View: Benefit Types for Pension Plan H T5DWC 
221 H_T5DWH Entitlement Control for Deferred Compensation H T5DCA 
222 H_T5DWM Help View for Table T5DWM H T5DWM 
223 H_T5DWOG Help View: Annuitization Table H T5DWOG 
224 H_T5DWP Help View T5DWP H T5DWP 
225 H_T5DWW Help View Table T5DWW H T5DWW 
226 H_T5DWX Texts for Payment Control H T5DWX 
227 H_T5DWY Help View Table T5DWY H T5DWY 
228 H_T5DWY_2 Help View Table T5DWY H T5DWY 
229 H_T5E03 Help view T5E03 H T5E03 
230 H_T5E05 View table T5E05 H T5E05 
231 H_T5E11 Help view for field GROUP_ID in table T5E11 H T5E11 
232 H_T5E20 Spanish provinces H T5E20 
233 H_T5E31 Actions and situations for affiliation messages H T5E31 
234 H_T5E33 Countries acc.to authorities (SI, Internal Revenue Service) H T5E33 
235 H_T5E38 Tax reasons Spain H T5E38 
236 H_T5E3T View T5E3T H T5E3T 
237 H_T5E42 View of table T5E42 H T5E42 
238 H_T5E48 Help view T5E48 H T5E48 
239 H_T5E52 Calculation methods, seniority in the company H T5E52 
240 H_T5E6T View T5E6T H T5E6T 
241 H_T5E8M Help view T5E8M H T5E8M 
242 H_T5EAE Helpview for table T5EAE - Economic Activities (Spain) H T5EAE 
243 H_T5EDH View help for table T5EDH - Tax offices (Spain) H T5EDH 
244 H_T5EG1 Special rule H T5EG1 
245 H_T5EVP Help view T5EVP H T5EVP 
246 H_T5F1A Help view T5F1A H T5F1A 
247 H_T5F1B SI contributions (France) H T5F1B 
248 H_T5F1C_0064 Help view T5F1C (IT 0064) H T5F1C 
249 H_T5F1G Help view T5F1G H T5F1G 
250 H_T5F3A Help view T5F3A H T5F3A 
252 H_T5FPBS1W Positions administratives H T5FPBS1W 
253 H_T5FPBS2D Modalité d´activité H T5FPBS2D 
255 H_T5FPBS3B Affectation de la commune à une zone de résidence H T5FPBS3B 
256 H_T5FPBS3C Helpview for BUILD H T5FPBS3C 
257 H_T5FPBS4A Echelle + Hors-échelle H T5FPBS4A 
258 H_T5FPBS4G Aide contextuelle, corps, grade, et libellés H T5FPBS4G 
259 H_T5FPBS5E Exercice H T5FPBS5E 
260 H_T5FPBS5G Statut existant H T5FPBS5G 
261 H_T5FPBS5Q Etapes d'un processus de promotion H T5FPBS5Q 
267 H_T5G08 Generated Help View for Check Table T5G08 H T5G08 
268 H_T5G22 Help View for Qualifying Day Pattern (GB) H T5G22 
269 H_T5G61 Helpview T5G61 H T5G61 
270 H_T5GPBS20 Help View For T5GPBS20 H T5GPBS20 
271 H_T5GPBS21 Help View For T5GPBS21 H T5GPBS21 
272 H_T5GPBS22 Help View For T5GPBS22 H T5GPBS22 
273 H_T5GPBS27_1 Help View For T5GPBS27 H T5GPBS27 
274 H_T5GPBS27_2 Help View For T5GPBS27 H T5GPBS27 
275 H_T5GPBS27_3 Help View For T5GPBS27 H T5GPBS27 
276 H_T5GPBS27_4 Help View For T5GPBS27 H T5GPBS27 
277 H_T5GPBS27_5 Help View For T5GPBS27 H T5GPBS27 
278 H_T5GPBS27_6 Help View For T5GPBS27 H T5GPBS27 
279 H_T5GPBS28 Help View for T5GPBS28 H T5GPBS28 
280 H_T5GPBS30 Help View For T5GPBS30 H T5GPBS30 
281 H_T5J61 HR Address Information of Pers. Subarea for Residence Tax H T5J61 
282 H_T5J63 HR Municipal City Codes JP H T5J63 
283 H_T5J65 Help view for school information H T5J65 
284 H_T5J67 Help view school type Japan H T5J67 
285 H_T5J68 Help view for faculty information Japan H T5J68 
286 H_T5J73 HR Retirement Allowance Modifier JP H T5J73 
287 H_T5J73T Help view of T5J73 and T5J73T H T5J73 
288 H_T5JL1 Help view for T5JL1 H T5JL1 
289 H_T5JSI Help view for T5JSI H T5JSI 
290 H_T5K0Q Industry sectors H T5K0Q 
291 H_T5KG1 Special rule H T5KG1 
292 H_T5KTL Tax company H T5KTL 
293 H_T5M1A F4 Help for T5M1A H T5M1A 
294 H_T5M1B F4 Help for T5M1B H T5M1B 
295 H_T5M1C F4 Help for T5M1C H T5M1C 
296 H_T5M1K Municipality Number H T5M1K 
297 H_T5M5N Help View for T5M5N: Company (DK) H T5M5N 
298 H_T5M7N Help T5M7N H T5M7N 
299 H_T5N0A General Data H T5N0A 
300 H_T5N1A Social Insurance Indicators H T5N1A 
301 H_T5N1C Health Insurance Companies H T5N1C 
302 H_T5N1D Employer HI Contributions for Privately Insured Employees H T5N1D 
303 H_T5N1D_UI Employer's HI Contrib. for Privately Insured Employees (NL) H T5N1D 
304 H_T5N1E Help View for Validation Table T5N1E H T5N1E 
305 H_T5N1M Social Insurance Group Texts H T5N1M 
306 H_T5N1R Help View for Infotype 0110 Pensions H T5N1R 
307 H_T5N2A Wage tax [LH] Conversion Rule Indicators H T5N2A 
308 H_T5N2C Marital Status for Wage Tax [Loonheffing] H T5N2C 
309 H_T5N2D Wage Tax [Loonheffing] Table Category H T5N2D 
310 H_T5N2F Income Indicators H T5N2F 
311 H_T5N2G Tax Classes for Wage Tax [Loonheffing] H T5N2G 
312 H_T5N2M Period for Tax Table H T5N2M 
313 H_T5N2Q Wage Tax [Loonheffing] Exemptions H T5N2Q 
314 H_T5N2R Help View T5N2R for IT060 H T5N2R 
315 H_T5N2S Special Indicators (Netherlands) H T5N2S 
316 H_T5N3A Social Fund Decisions H T5N3A 
317 H_T5N4B Texts for Fixed Commuter Allowances (Netherlands) H T5N4B 
318 H_T5N71 Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Indicator H T5N71 
319 H_T5N72 Indicator of Type of Work Relationship for Wage Return H T5N72 
320 H_T5N73 COA Code for Wage Return H T5N73 
321 H_T5N74 Insurance Obligation Influence Code H T5N74 
322 H_T5N75 Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Indicator H T5N75 
323 H_T5N82 ER Contribution Group. Selection for Life-Course Sav. Scheme H T5N82 
324 H_T5NII Income Indicators (NL) H T5NII 
325 H_T5NM2 MOMI: Return only the signals of MOMI Search Help H T5NM2 
326 H_T5R1A RP-SG: View for P0186 SI/SG H T5R1A 
327 H_T5R1B HR-SG: Help view for table T5R1B H T5R1B 
328 H_T5R1D HR-SG: Help view of table T5R1D H T5R1D 
329 H_T5R1S HR-SG: Help view of table T5R1S H T5R1S 
330 H_T5R1T HR-SG: View help H T5R1T 
331 H_T5RTEXT_KEY Help View for table T5RTEXT_KEY H T5RTEXT_KEY 
332 H_T5S3I Extra taxes - SE H T5S3I 
333 H_T5S3J Tax Adjustment - SE H T5S3J 
334 H_T5S3L Employer's Contribution Type H T5S3L 
335 H_T5S4A Insurance rule (SE) H T5S4A 
336 H_T5S6A OPIS Cover H T5S6A 
337 H_T5S7A Absence Exception Rule - SE H T5S7A 
338 H_T5S91 Subtype - SE H T591S 
339 H_T5U94 Document ID (HR ID and Work Permit) H T5U94 
340 H_T5UAA Helpview - Affirmative Action Planning Category H T5UAA 
341 H_T5UAD Help View for Address Table T5UAD H T5UAD 
342 H_T5UEE Generated Helpview for Check Table T5UEE H T5UEE 
343 H_T5UG0 Garnishment Order H T5UG0 
344 H_T5UG1 Garnishment Document Category H T5UG1 
345 H_T5UG3 Model for the Calculation of the Non-exempt Amount H T5UG3 
346 H_T5UG4 Rules for Calculation of the Nonexempt Amount H T5UG4 
347 H_T5UG5 Disposable Net Model H T5UG5 
348 H_T5UGA Special Rule H T5UGA 
349 H_T5UGC Service Charge Rule H T5UGC 
350 H_T5UGD Filing Status H T5UGD 
351 H_T5UGE Figuring Amount Exempt from Levy H T5UGE 
352 H_T5UGF Figuring Additional Exempt Amount H T5UGF 
353 H_T5UGH Levy Statement H T5UGH 
354 H_T5UGL Function Exit for Garnishment Letters H T5UGL 
355 H_T5UGM Originator H T5UGM 
356 H_T5UPBS10 1042S Country Code H T5UPBS10 
357 H_T5UPBS11 Help view for visa type H T5UPBS11 
358 H_T5UPBS12 Help view for visa subtype H T5UPBS12 
359 H_T5UPBS14_VISAS Visa Subtypes H T5UPBS14 
360 H_T5URU Help View for US Reporting Unit H T5URU 
361 H_T5USC Help view for Standard Industry Code H T5USC 
362 H_T5UT3 Tax form fields H T5UT3 
363 H_T5UT4 Tax Form Class Description H T5UT4 
364 H_T5UTA Helpview for Resident Tax Area (USA) H T5UTA 
365 H_T5UTB Helpview for Work Tax Area (USA) H T5UTB 
366 H_T5UTK Helpview for Marital Status per Tax Authorities H T5UTK 
367 H_T5UTL Tax compny H T5UTL 
368 H_T5UTT Tax types H T5UTT 
369 H_T5UTZ Helpview for Tax Authorities (USA) H T5UTZ 
370 H_T5V01 Help view for city register H T5V01 
371 H_T5V2A Help view for table of municip. # H T5V2A 
372 H_T5V2C Help view for <trygdekontotabell> H T5V2C 
373 H_T5W1F SA: Exemption Reason H T5W1F 
374 H_T5W1M_M Help view for T5w1M, ZA medical aid schemes H T5W1M 
375 H_T5W1N Help view for T5w1N, ZA social insurance schemes H T5W1N 
376 H_T5W1N_M Help view for T5w1N, ZA social insurance schemes H T5W1M 
377 H_T5W1P UIF Indicator H T5W1P 
378 H_T5W2P South African Receiver of Revenue Offices H T5W2P 
379 H_T5W3A Wagetypes to Subtype relation H T5W3A 
380 H_T5W81 Regional Service Councils H T5W81 
381 H_T604 Helpview Generated for Check Table T604 H T604 
382 H_T605 Helpview generated for check table T605 H T605 
383 H_T606 Help View Generated for Check Table T606 H T606 
384 H_T606B Help View Generated for Check Table T606B H T606B 
385 H_T606E Help View Generated for Check Table T606E H T606E 
386 H_T606G Help View Generated for Check Table T606G H T606G 
387 H_T606H Help View Generated for Check Table T606H H T606H 
388 H_T607G Financial Document Processing: Help View T607G H T607G 
389 H_T607I Financial Document Processing: T607I Help H T607I 
390 H_T615 Generated help view for check table T615 H T615 
391 H_T616 Helpview Generated for Check Table T616 H T616 
392 H_T618 Help View Generated for Check Table T618 H T618 
393 H_T646A Generated Help View for Check-Table T646A H T646A 
394 H_T646G Generated Help View for Check-Table T646G H T646G 
395 H_T646L Generated Help View for Check-Table T646L H T646L 
396 H_T646R Generated Help View for Check-Table T646R H T646R 
397 H_T646V Generated Help View for Check-Table T646U H T646V 
398 H_T681 Helpview Generated for Check Table T681 H T681 
399 H_T681A Helpview Generated for Check Table T681A H T681A 
400 H_T681A_EXP Conditions: Application SD/MM H T681A 
401 H_T681S Helpview Generated for Check Table T681S H T681S 
402 H_T681V Helpview Generated for Check Table T681V H T681V 
403 H_T681Z Helpview T681Z H T681Z 
404 H_T682 Helpview Generated for Check Table T682 H T682 
405 H_T685 Helpview Generated for Check Table T685 H T685 
406 H_T685B Helpview T685B H T685B 
407 H_T686A Helpview Generated for Check Table T686A H T686A 
408 H_T686C Helpview generated for check table T686C H T686C 
409 H_T687 "Help View Generated For Check Table T687" H T687 
410 H_T691A "Help View For Credit Management Risk Category" H T691A 
411 H_T691B Help view for credit management groups H T691B 
412 H_T702C Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type H T702C 
413 H_T702E Vehicle Type H T702E 
414 H_T702G Statutory Trip Types H T702G 
415 H_T702O Trip Country/Trip Region/Trip Country Group H T702O 
416 H_T702Q Name: Reimburs.Group for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types H T702Q 
417 H_T702R Trip Activity Types H T702R 
418 H_T702W Vehicle Classes H T702W 
419 H_T702X Enterprise-Specific Trip Type H T702X 
420 H_T703L Help View for Time Ticket Types H T703L 
421 H_T703S Help View for Premium Formulas H T703S 
422 H_T703W Help View for Parameters and Result Types H T703W 
423 H_T703Z Help View for Allowed Parameters and Result Types H T703Z 
424 H_T704E Helpview for Entity Table H T704E 
425 H_T705D View for Function Code Texts H T705D 
426 H_T706B Travel Expense Types H T706B 
427 H_T706C Names for Travel Expense Types H T706C 
428 H_T706E Names for Vehicle Types H T706E 
429 H_T706FORM_CLMBL Help View Columns in Form Block H PTRV_F_FBLK 
430 H_T706FORM_COLDP Help View Color Display H PTRV_F_COLDEP 
431 H_T706FORM_VAR Help View Form Variant H T706FORM_VAR 
432 H_T706FORM_VAR2 Help View Form Variant H T706FORM_VAR 
433 H_T706G Names for Statutory Trip Types H T706G 
434 H_T706I Name for Statutory Reimbursement Group for Meals/Accomm. H T706I 
435 H_T706J Name for Enterprise-Specific Reimburs.Group for Meals/Acc. H T706J 
436 H_T706O Name for Trip Country, Trip Country Group, Trip Region H T706O 
437 H_T706Q Names for Period Indicator for Miles/Kms Accumulation H T706Q 
438 H_T706R Names for Trip Activity Types H T706R 
439 H_T706S Trip Schema H T706S 
440 H_T706T Names for Trip Schema H T706T 
441 H_T706W Names for Vehicle Classes H T706W 
442 H_T706X Names for Enterprise-Specific Trip Types H T706X 
443 H_T706Y Names for Employee Groupings for Travel Management H T706Y 
444 H_T710F Helpview T710F without Hourly/Daily H T710F 
445 H_T710S Helpview T710S H T710S 
446 H_T710_8 Helpview T710 (IT 0008) H T710 
447 H_T71C0 Help View for T71C0 without Stock Components H T71C0 
448 H_T71C0_L Help View for T71CO only for Long-Term Incentives H T71C0 
449 H_T71C7 Helpview for Table T71C7 with Texts H T71C7 
450 H_T71CA Helpview for t71CA only long-term incentives H T71CA 
451 H_T71LB1 Help view for T71LB1 H T71LB1 
452 H_T71LE2 Allowed Exercise Methods for an Award H T71LE2 
453 H_T71LL2 Help View for Life Events H T71LL2 
454 H_T750B Helpview for Table T750B H T750B 
455 H_T750C Helpview for T750C H T750C 
456 H_T750D Generated Helpview for Check Table T750D H T750D 
457 H_T750F Helpview for Table T750F H T750F 
458 H_T750K Helpview for T750K H T750K 
459 H_T751C Helpview for Table T751C H T751C 
460 H_T770A Helpview for Table 770A H T770A 
461 H_T770B Helpview for Table T770B H T770B 
462 H_T777A Helpview for Table T777A H T777A 
463 H_T777M Helpview for Table T777M H T777M 
464 H_T778A Helpview for Table T778A H T778A 
465 H_T778C Generated Helpview for Check Table T778C H T778C 
466 H_T778G Generated Helpview for Check Table T778G H T778G 
467 H_T778M Helpview for Actions H T778M 
468 H_T778O Generated Helpview for Check Table T778O H T778O 
469 H_T778P Generated Helpview for Check Table T778P H T778P 
470 H_T778Q Generated help view for check table T778Q H T778Q 
471 H_T778S Generated Helpview for Check Table T778S H T778S 
472 H_T778T Generated Helpview for Check Table T778T H T778T 
473 H_T778U Generated Helpview for Check Table T778U H T778U 
474 H_T778V Generated Helpview for Check Table T778V H T778V 
475 H_T778W Generated Helpview for Check Table T778W H T778W 
476 H_T778X Generated Helpview for Check Table T778X H T778X 
477 H_T77AP Generated Helpview for Check Table T77AP H T77AP 
478 H_T77ED Check Table View for Shifts and Descriptions H T77ED 
479 H_T77FC Helpview for Table T77FC H T77FC 
480 H_T77IV Helpview for Table T77IV H T77IV 
481 H_T77KD Scenario Groups in Personnel Cost Planning H T77KD 
482 H_T77KL Generated Helpview for Wage Elements (Table T77KL) H T77KL 
483 H_T77KT Plan Scenario Texts H T77KT 
484 H_T77MB Helpview for Table T77MB H T77MB 
485 H_T77OC Possible Entries For Catalogs H T77OC 
486 H_T77PR Helpview for Table T77PR H T77PR 
487 H_T77PRNL_EMK Pension Return AGP: External Marital Status Key H T77PRNL_EMK 
488 H_T77PRNL_ICP Particularization of Income Period H T77PRNL_ICP 
489 H_T77PRNL_ICR Type of Income Relationship H T77PRNL_ICR 
490 H_T77PRNL_OCC Code Occupation H T77PRNL_OCC 
491 H_T77R1 Helpview for Table T77R1: Reservation Type H T77R1 
492 H_T77R2 Help view for table T77R2: Lunch times H T77R2 
493 H_T77R3 Help view for table T77R3: Allowed Companies/Moderators H T77R3 
494 H_T77S4 Helpview for Table T77S4 H T77S4 
495 H_T7BRC0 Construction site Helpview H T7BRC0 
496 H_T7CN20 Helpview T7CN20 for Contribution Group/level H T7CN20 
497 H_T7FIA2 Help for pension insurance contract (Finland) H T7FI02 
498 H_T7FIA2_OLD Help for pension insurance contract (Finland) H T7FI02 
499 H_T7HK1C HR-HK: Help view for table t7hk1c H T7HK1C 
500 H_T7HK3K Entitlement output texts H T7HK3K