View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_ANLP_ACC View for Table ANLP with Doc. Number and Accounting Objects D ANLP 
2 V_ANLP_BLN View of document number D ANLP 
3 V_ANLQ_BLN Document number from ANLQ D ANLQ 
8 V_ANLV_UPD View of ANLV for Update of Insurance Values D ANLV 
9 V_ANLY_SD_SETUP Activate Functionality for SD Analytics C ANLY_SD_SETUP 
10 V_AOBJVERS ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use C AOBJVERS 
11 V_APB_ISR_CUST Scenario Customizing C APB_ISR_CUST 
12 V_APB_ISR_CUST_C Characteristics C APB_ISR_CUST_CHA 
13 V_APB_ISR_CUST_E External Data for Application C APB_ISR_CUST_EX 
14 V_APB_ISR_CUST_V Scenario Version Customizing C APB_ISR_CUST_VRS 
15 V_APB_ISR_C_F4K Characteristics with OVS C APB_ISR_CUST_F4K 
16 V_APB_ISR_C_F4L Input / Output Characteristics of OVS C APB_ISR_CUST_F4L 
17 V_APOL Automatic Assignment of Materials to LIFO Pools C TAPOL 
18 V_APPL_CODE_MASK Maintenance view for Application code C APPL_CODE_MASK 
19 V_APP_STEP gp step table D AGS_GPA_APP_STEP 
20 V_APTX Text types, allocation table item C TTXID 
21 V_ARCDEL Customizing of Cross-Archiving-Object Programs C ARCDEL_OBJ 
22 V_ARCDEL_DEV Control Cross-Object Check/Delete C ARCDEL_OBJ 
23 V_ARC_APPL Application Information Tables for Archive Files C ADMI_APPLI 
24 V_ARC_DEF Structure of an Archiving Object C ARCH_DEF 
25 V_ARC_DEL Archiving Object Tables, from which Only Deletions are Made C ARCH_DELE 
26 V_ARC_DESTR_OBJ Destruction Objects C ARC_DESTR_OBJ 
27 V_ARC_DESTR_STR Structure Definition of a Data Destruction Object C ARC_DESTR_STRUC 
28 V_ARC_GENE Exit routines for archiving programs C ARCH_GENER 
29 V_ARC_NET Node definition for archiving object network grapic C ARCH_NET 
30 V_ARC_OBJ Archiving Objects C ARCH_OBJ 
31 V_ARC_OCLA Assign Classes to an Archive Object C ARCH_OCLAS 
32 V_ARC_PM_OBJLIST Manage Archiving of History of Serial Numbers C ARC_PM_OBJLIST 
33 V_ARC_ROUT_COND Archive Routing: Conditions C ARCH_ROUT_COND 
34 V_ARC_ROUT_HEAD Archive Routing: Header Data C ARCH_ROUT_HEAD 
35 V_ARC_ROUT_RULE Archive Routing: Rules C ARCH_ROUT_RULE 
36 V_ARC_RPRG Archiving Object Read Programs C ARCH_RPRG 
37 V_ARC_TCOD Archiving object customizing transactions C ARCH_TCODE 
38 V_ARC_USR Customizing View for Archiving C ARCH_USR 
39 V_AREAS_SERVTYPE Service Areas Allocated to Service Type D TPRDCTAREASTYPE 
40 V_ASMD_BW Service Master, View for BW Extraction D ASMD 
41 V_ASPART_CONF Archive Information System: Configuration of Partitioning C ASPART_CONF 
42 V_ASS_TYPES Types for effectiveness assessment calculation C THMT_ASS_TYPES 
43 V_AT01 View of transaction categories C AT01 
44 V_AT02 View of transaction status categories C AT02 
45 V_AT10 View of transaction types C AT10 
46 V_AT10_1 View of transaction types C AT10 
47 V_AT15 View Table AT15 - Swap Rates C AT15 
48 V_AT15B Forex: Swap rates AT15B C AT15B 
49 V_AT16 Forex: Fixing Settings C AT16 
50 V_AT16B Transaction type settings for mirror transactns C AT16B 
51 V_AT200 Derivation Rules for Taxes C AT200 
52 V_AT21 Define Derivation Rules C AT21 
53 V_AT210 Maintenance View: Tax information for update flows C AT210 
54 V_AT21_2 Securities: Generate Derived Flows C AT21 
55 V_AT21_4 Foreign Exchange: Generate Derived Flows C AT21 
56 V_AT21_5 Money Market: Generate Derived Flows C AT21 
57 V_AT21_6 Define Derivation Rules C AT21 
58 V_AT22 Procedure to Generate Derived Flows C AT22 
59 V_AT22_2 Securities: Define Derivation Rules C AT22 
60 V_AT23 Procedure for Calculating Derived Flows C AT23 
61 V_AT24 Currency-Dependent Rules for Calculating Derived Flows C AT24 
62 V_AT25 Amount-Dependent Rules for Calculating Derived Flows C AT25 
63 V_AT30 Formula Table for Financial Mathematics C AT30 
64 V_AT40 FiMa calculation categories C AT40 
65 V_AT80P Printer Override Function for Correspondence Customizing C AT80P 
66 V_AT80_FIXING Int. Rate Adj. Corresp.: Maintenance View as Conversion Aid C AT80 
67 V_AT81M1 Assign SWIFT Code to Business Partner C AT81M1 
68 V_AT90 Manual Flow Types C AT90 
69 V_ATARCHIVE00 Archiving: Minimum retention period per company code C ATARCHIVE00 
70 V_ATARCHIVE01 Archiving: Minimum retention period of transaction in system C ATARCHIVE01 
71 V_ATCVC1 Assign General Valuation Class to Product Type C ATCVC1 
72 V_ATCVC2 Assign General Valuation Class to Product Type C ATCVC2 
73 V_ATCVO Exchange rate volatilities C ATCVO 
74 V_ATDR Maintenance View for Date Rule C ATDR 
75 V_ATFTA CFM: Assign Transaction Flow Type to Update Type C ATFTA 
76 V_ATFWDUL Maintenance View C ATFWDUL 
77 V_ATIVO Interest Rate Volatilities C ATIVO 
78 V_ATKO1 View Maintenance - Correlation Types C ATKO1 
79 V_ATLA Maintenance View for Limit Types C ATLA 
80 V_ATLAM Characteristics of Limit Type C ATLAM 
81 V_ATLAM_DD03L Limit Characteristics: Permitted Fields w/o Country Risk D DD03L 
82 V_ATLAM_DD03L_LR Limit Characteristics: Permitted Fields for Country Risk D DD03L 
83 V_ATLAM_VAR3 Limit Characteristics: Display Only V V_ATLAM 
84 V_ATLAR Limit Type Filter C ATLAR 
85 V_ATLAR_VAR3 Limit Type Filter: Display Only V V_ATLAR 
86 V_ATLA_VAR1 Maintenance View Variant for TRM V V_ATLA 
87 V_ATLA_VAR2 Maintenance View Variant for Banking V V_ATLA 
88 V_ATLA_VAR3 Maintenance View Variant Display V V_ATLA 
89 V_ATLCHAR_MRA Maint. View for Analysis Characteristics Relevant for Limits C ATLCHAR_MRM 
90 V_ATLCHAR_MRM SAP Internal: Maint. View for Anal.Char. Relevant for Limits C ATLCHAR_MRM 
91 V_ATLPD Maintenance View: Program/Screen Names with Field Selection C ATLPD 
92 V_ATLPDDT Limit Mgmt: Maintain ATLPDD and ATLPDT (Screen Texts FS) C ATLPDD 
93 V_ATLPD_DD03L Limit Management: Permitted Fields for Field Selection D ATLPD 
94 V_ATLPG Maintenance View for Limit Product Groups C ATLPG 
95 V_ATLSCR Maintenance View for Field Selection Control for Limit Types C ATLSCR 
96 V_ATLSF Assign Limit Characteristics to Display Filters C ATLSF 
97 V_ATLSF0 Display Filters and Texts C ATLSF0 
98 V_ATLTKAF_BANK Global Collateral and Single Transaction Commitments C ATLTKAF 
99 V_ATLTKAF_RCID Activate Free Characteristics C ATLTKAF 
100 V_ATMA Type of Master Agreement C ATMA 
101 V_ATPNNR Definition of prima notas C TPNNR 
102 V_ATPRA Treasury: Clearing Account for Payment Requests C ATPRA 
103 V_ATPRA_FI Clearing account for payment requests C ATPRA 
104 V_ATRELE1 Transaction release: Release procedure C ATRELE1 
105 V_ATRELE2 Transaction release: Preconditions/subsequent conditions C ATRELE2 
106 V_ATRESERVATION Offer/Acceptance Reservation indicator C ATRESERVATION 
107 V_ATRF Risk Factors - Definition of Risk Factor Name C ATRF 
108 V_ATRFART Maintenance of Risk Factor Type C ATRFART 
109 V_ATRFBETA Assignment Table for Risk Factor and Beta Factor C ATRFBETA 
110 V_ATRFKORR Assignment of Risk Factor and Correlation C ATRFKORR 
111 V_ATRFVO Volatilities for Risk Factors C ATRFVO 
112 V_ATRFVOLAS Assignment of Risk Factors and Volatilities C ATRFVOLA 
113 V_ATRMO Evaluation Allocations C ATRMO 
114 V_ATSYC Risk Management Evaluation Type C JBREVAL 
115 V_ATSYCII Evaluation type C JBREVAL 
116 V_ATVMO Evaluation Allocations C ATVMO 
117 V_ATVO0 Volatilities - Definition of Volatility Name C ATVO0 
118 V_ATVO1 Volatility Type View C ATVO1 
119 V_ATVO3 View Maintenance - Statistics Type C ATVO3 
120 V_ATVO3II View Maintenance - Statistics Type C ATVO3 
121 V_ATVO4 Volatilities - Maintain Master Data C ATVO4 
122 V_ATVO5 Volatilities - Current Settings C ATVO5 
123 V_ATVO61 Assign Volatility Name to Reference Interest Rates C ATVO61 
124 V_ATVOK Price/NPV Maintenance (OTC Transactions) C ATVOK 
125 V_ATVSZ Definition of Scenario Types C ATVSZ 
126 V_ATWVO Security Price Volatilities C ATWVO 
127 V_ATXKO Maintenance View Correlations of All Instrument Categories C ATXKO 
128 V_ATXVO Index volatilities C ATXVO 
129 V_ATYP View of processing categories C AT05 
130 V_ATZVO Maintenance View Interest Volatilities with Curve Info. C ATZVO 
131 V_AUART Order Types for CS/PM D T003O 
132 V_AUDIT_AREA Audit Area C LRM_T_PT 
133 V_AUFK2 Network header: AUFNR/OBJNR D AFKO 
134 V_AUF_RESB Evaluation View Order/Reservation D AFKO 
135 V_AUKO Order with correspondign routing - independent of order type D AUFK 
136 V_AUKVB View for Search Help AUKVB D VSAUFK_CN 
137 V_AUKVC View for Search Help AUKVC D VSPROJ_CN 
138 V_AUKVE View for Search Help AUKVE D VSAFKO_CN 
139 V_AUKVF View for Search Help AUKVF D VSPRPS_CN 
140 V_AUKVG View for Search Help AUKVG D VSAUFK_CN 
141 V_AUKWB View for Search Help AUKVB D VSAUFK_CN 
142 V_AUKWC View for Search Help AUKWC D VSPROJ_CN 
143 V_AUKWE View for Search Help AUKVE D VSAFKO_CN 
144 V_AUKWF View for Search Help AUKWF D VSPRPS_CN 
145 V_AUKWG View for Search Help AUKVG D VSAUFK_CN 
146 V_AUT_ARCH_H_ASS Write Assignment of STXH <-> STXL Record for Archiving P AUT_STXH_ARCH 
147 V_AUT_ARCH_L_ASS Write Assignment of STXH <-> STXL Record for Archiving P AUT_STXL_ARCH 
148 V_AVCHANA_OR_GE Database View for Report RAVCHANA_ORD D AUFK 
149 V_AVCHANA_OR_JA Database View for Report RAVCHANA_ORD D AUFK 
150 V_AVCHANA_PR_GE Database View for Report RAVCHANA_WBS D PRPS 
151 V_AVCHANA_PR_JA Database View for Report RAVCHANA_WBS D PRPS 
152 V_AVORRAT Worklist for Object Type, Object Usage, ID C AVORRAT 
153 V_AVORRAT_MN00 Worklist for Object Type Arrangements, Purchasing C AVORRAT 
155 V_AXT_EXTTYPE Extension Types C AXT_EXTTYPE 
157 V_AXT_EXTTYPEFLG Flags of Extension Types C AXT_EXTTYPE_FLAG 
158 V_AXT_EXTTYPE_OB AXT Object Type per Extension Type C AXT_EXTTYPE_OBJ 
159 V_AXT_EXTTYPE_OP Object Type Parameter C AXT_EXTTYPE_OBJP 
160 V_AXT_LOG_OBJTYP Logical object types C AXT_LOG_OBJTYPE 
161 V_AXT_LOG_OBJT_P Parts of a logical objects C AXT_LOG_OBJT_PRT 
162 V_AXT_NR_DEF Number Range Definition C AXT_NR_DEF 
163 V_AXT_OBJTYPE Generation Object Types C AXT_OBJTYPE 
164 V_AXT_REG_APPGRP Application Group C AXT_REG_APPGRP 
165 V_AXT_REG_BO Extensible BOs C AXT_REG_BO 
167 V_AXT_REG_BOPRTB Assignment of BOL Objects to BO Parts C AXT_REG_BO_P_BOL 
168 V_AXT_REG_BO_DTL Generation Details C AXT_REG_BO_DTL 
169 V_AXT_REG_BO_GEN Generated Objects C AXT_REG_BO_GEN 
170 V_AXT_REG_BO_PRT Parts of extensible BOs C AXT_REG_BO_PART 
171 V_AXT_REG_BO_SRC Searches for extensible BO Parts C AXT_REG_BO_SRCH 
172 V_AXT_REG_BO_UI UI Assignment (obsolete) C AXT_REG_BO_UI 
176 V_AXT_REG_NA_OBJ Navigational objects C AXT_REG_NAV_OBJ 
178 V_AXT_REG_P_BOL Assignment of BOL objects to places C AXT_REG_P_BOL 
179 V_AXT_REG_RELAT Registry Relations C AXT_REG_RELATION 
180 V_AXT_REG_RELOTP Registry Relation object types C AXT_REG_REL_OTYP 
182 V_AXT_REG_SPLCUI Search Place UI association C AXT_REG_SPLACEUI 
183 V_AXT_REG_SP_BOL Assignment of BOL objects to searches C AXT_REG_SP_BOL 
185 V_AXT_REG_TPLACE Technical table extension place C AXT_REG_TPLACE 
186 V_AXT_REG_TP_BOL BOL Object assignment for table places C AXT_REG_TP_BOL 
187 V_AXT_SYSTAB Extensibility Tool System Info C AXT_SYSTAB 
190 V_BALDAAG_RESID Data Aging: Residence Times of Application Logs C BALDAAG_RESID 
191 V_BALSUB Application log: sub-object maintenance view C BALSUB 
192 V_BAMRESBM Projection View to RESB for PP Monitor (Using Index M) P RESB 
193 V_BAM_CAUFV Analysis View of PPS/RK Order Headers D AFKO 
194 V_BAM_KNVP Application Analysis: Projection on KNVP P KNVP 
195 V_BAM_KONV Application Analysis: Projection on KONV P KONV 
196 V_BAM_LIKP Application Analysis: Projection on LIKP P LIKP 
197 V_BAM_LIPS Application Analysis: Projection on LIPS P LIPS 
198 V_BAM_MARA Application Analysis: Projection on MARA P MARA 
199 V_BAM_MARC Minimum View of MARC P MARC 
200 V_BAM_NAST Application Analysis: Projection on NAST P NAST 
201 V_BAM_RESB Projection View to RESB for PP Monitor P RESB 
202 V_BAM_STXH Application Analysis: Projection on STXH P STXH 
203 V_BAM_T001 Relationship Plant/Currency D T001K 
204 V_BAM_VBAK Application Analysis: Projection to VBAK P VBAK 
205 V_BAM_VBAP Application Analysis: Projection to VBAP P VBAP 
206 V_BAM_VBPA Application Analysis: Projection to VBPA P VBPA 
207 V_BAM_VBRK Application Analysis: Projection to VBRK P VBRK 
208 V_BAM_VBRP Application Analysis: Projection to VBRP P VBRP 
209 V_BAM_WKBP Application Analysis: Projection to WKBP P WKBP 
210 V_BANK_PMID_EXT View of External Package Administrator ID D BANK_PACKMANIDT 
211 V_BANK_WORKL_OBJ Objects in Worklists D BANK_WORKL_OBJ 
212 V_BBAS_ALL Help View for Calculation Bases H KLBBASID 
213 V_BBAS_AR Auxiliary View for Calculation Bases in Default Risk H KLBBASID 
214 V_BBAS_LR Auxiliary View for Calculation Bases in Country Risk H KLBBASID 
215 V_BBAS_SEL Help View for Calculation Bases H KLBBASID 
216 V_BBP_BP_CP Global control for temporary contact person creation C BBP_BP_CP 
217 V_BBP_BWREP_HEAD Description BW Reports C BBPD_BWREP_HDR 
218 V_BBP_BWREP_VAL Description BW Reports Parameter Values C BBPD_BWREP_DET 
219 V_BBP_CAT Catalog Names C BBP_CAT_ENTITY 
220 V_BBP_CATDET Indicators and Technical Details for Catalog C BBP_CAT_ENTITY 
222 V_BBP_CAT_TEXTS Catalog Descriptions in B2B C BBP_CAT_TEXT 
223 V_BBP_CAT_VALUES Call Structure for Catalog Applications C BBP_CAT_VALUES 
224 V_BBP_CAT_VAL_FR Internal Call Structure for Catalogs (in Frame) C BBP_CAT_VAL_FRA 
225 V_BBP_CONF Customizing of the BBP Basis System C BBP_CONTROL_TAB 
226 V_BBP_CU_TRACK Status Tracking: Call Structure C BBP_CU_TRACK 
228 V_BBP_DET_ACCT Determination of G/L Using Product Categories C BBP_DET_ACCOUNT 
229 V_BBP_DET_LOGSYS Determination of Target System using Product Categories C BBP_DET_LOGSYS 
230 V_BBP_DTL_MSG Suppress Detailed Error or Success Messages C BBP_DTL_MSG 
231 V_BBP_ES_KALSM Maintaining Calculation Procedures C T683 
232 V_BBP_ES_KALSMSR Maintaining Calculation Procedures for services C T683 
233 V_BBP_ES_KSCHL Maintain Mapping between SAP ERP and SAP Sourcing Conditions C BBP_ES_COND_MAP 
234 V_BBP_ES_KSCHLSR Maintain Mapping between ERP and ES Conditions for Services C BBP_ES_CNDMAPSRV 
235 V_BBP_ES_SETTGS Settings for Integration of SAP Sourcing and SAP ERP C BBP_ES_SETTINGS 
236 V_BBP_EXTPO_GL Global Control for Extended Classic Scenario C BBP_EXTPO_GL 
237 V_BBP_FUNCTION_M View for Function Map C BBP_FUNCTION_MAP 
238 V_BBP_GOA_G_DIST Global control for grouping logic of GOA C BBP_GOA_G_DIST 
239 V_BBP_MDG_FLDMAP Field Name Mapping: MDG StagingArea <-> Primary Persistence C BBPD_MDG_FLDMAP 
240 V_BBP_MENU Maintenance of Menu Entries C BBP_MENU 
241 V_BBP_SP_ALERT SP: Alerts from SUS: Conditions C BBP_SP_ALERT 
242 V_BBP_STD_T001 Company Code C BBP_STD_T001 
244 V_BBP_TARGET_OBJ Maintenance of Objects to be generated in the Target System C BBP_TARGET_OBJ 
245 V_BBP_VDSYNC_CUS Settings for Vendor Synchronization per Backend C BBP_VDSYNC_CUST 
246 V_BBP_VDSYNC_UPD Global Settings for the Vendor Synchronization C BBP_VDSYNC_UPD 
247 V_BCA_CONDGROUP Condition Groups Help View H BCA_CONDGROUP 
248 V_BCONTCAOR Control of Object Roles in Relationships C BCONTCAOR 
249 V_BCS_REC BCS: View for Recipient Selection D BCST_RE 
250 V_BCS_SND BCS: View for Sender Selection (Address) D BCST_CAM 
251 V_BCS_SND2 BCS: View for Sender Selection (Internal Users) D BCST_SU 
253 V_BDOC_TYP Bdoc Type of a Bdoc D SMW3_BDOC 
254 V_BDS_CL BDS: Maintainance View for Class Names C BDS_CLASS 
255 V_BENTREA Treasury: User master data supplements C AT100 
256 V_BET5F99IE View for the Belgium Institutions C T5F99IE 
257 V_BETBEW IS-H: View of NBAU and NBEW - beds for movements D NBAU 
258 V_BETRL View for Search Help BETRL D T001W 
259 V_BEWARTEN Flow Types C TZB0A 
260 V_BEWART_C Movement type texts for Swiss specifics C BEWART 
261 V_BEWART_EX_MAHN Flow Types Excluded from the Dunning Procedure C TZB0A 
262 V_BEWKLA4 Forex: Valuation Classes C TZRCL 
263 V_BEWKLA5 Money Market: Valuation Classes C TZRCL 
264 V_BEWKLA6 Treasury: Valuation Classes C TZRCL 
265 V_BEWRT4 Forex: Valuation C AT10B 
266 V_BEWRT5 Money Market: Valuation C AT10B 
267 V_BEWRT6 Derivatives: Valuation C AT10B 
268 V_BFOD_AB EC-PCA: Valuation Differences D BFOD_A 
269 V_BFOD_KNA Receivables/customer data D BFOD_A 
270 V_BFOK_AB EC-PCA: Valuation Differences for Payables D BFOK_A 
271 V_BF_MARD DB View for Stock Determin. - Materials Valuated Materials D MCHB 
272 V_BF_MKOL DB View for Stock Determin. Special Stock K - Valuated D MKOL 
273 V_BF_MSKA DB View for Stock Determination Special Stock E - Valuated D MSKA 
274 V_BF_MSLB DB View for Stock Determin. Special Stock O - Valuated D MSLB 
275 V_BF_MSPR DB View for Stock Determin. Special Stock K - Valuated D MSPR 
276 V_BICU Data copying: View for job name and texts etc. C TBICU 
277 V_BIWTAI1 IM -> BW Conversion of Program Name C BIWTAI1 
278 V_BI_KONA View for Agreement Master Data BI Extraction D KONA 
279 V_BI_KONREC View for Condition Record Master Data BI Extraction D KONH 
280 V_BKK404284 account masterdata and individual conditions D BKK84 
281 V_BKK42 Bank Key Selection from Account Data D BKK42 
282 V_BKK42E1 View: Join Limit in Account Currency (Tolerated Overdraft) D BKKE1 
283 V_BKK42E1E2 View: Reference Limits of Accounts (Tolerated Overdrafts) D BKKE1 
284 V_BKK4550_BUT000 View: Acct Balances According to Special BP Categories D BKK45 
285 V_BKK45_BUT000 View: Accounts of Business Partners with Special BP Category D BKK45 
286 V_BKK81 Bank Conditions D BKK81 
287 V_BKKA1 Access to Position D BKKA1 
288 V_BKKA4 Access to Position Type Settings Per Account D BKKA4 
289 V_BKKA8 Access to Locations for Search Help D BKKA7 
290 V_BKKAS View for Search Help BBKKAS D BKK40 
291 V_BKKC01C General Ledger: View Counter to FI Key D BKKC01 
292 V_BKKCORRCOTYP View for Corresponce Types within BCA D TFK070A 
293 V_BKKSIMMD Maintenance of Non-Time-Based Products for Minimum Deposit C BKK_MIN_DEP 
294 V_BKKSIMMINDEP Maintenance of Minimum Deposit for Products C BKK_MIN_DEP 
295 V_BKKTRMMINDE2 Maintenance of Minimum Deposit for Each Term by Product C BKK_MIN_DEP 
296 V_BKKTRMMINDEP Maintenance of Minimum Deposit for Each Term by Product C BKK_MIN_DEP 
297 V_BKK_4042 View of BCA Account Master Data D BKK40 
298 V_BKK_404245 View of BCA Account Master Data and Business Partner D BKK40 
299 V_BKK_40424546 View of BCA Account Master Data and Business Partner D BKK40 
300 V_BKK_404245_P View of BCA Account Master Data and Business Partner D BKK40 
301 V_BKK_404246 View of BCA Account Master Data D BKK40 
302 V_BKK_4245 View of BCA Account Master Data and Business Partner D BKK42 
303 V_BKK_424546 View of BCA Account Master Data and Business Partner D BKK42 
304 V_BKK_4246 View of BCA Account Master Data D BKK46 
305 V_BKK_4EYES_CLOS Account Closure: Principle of Dual Control on/off C BKK_4EYES_CLOS 
306 V_BKK_ACCL_DC_RE Account Closure: Rejection Reasons C BKK_ACCL_DC_REAS 
307 V_BKK_DC_DCL_REA Release Procedure: Rejection Reasons C TBKK_DC_DCL_REA 
308 V_BKTYP View Category of Flows and Conditions C AT07 
309 V_BLACCCLASS Source Classification of Accounts C FMBLCLASS 
310 V_BLEXCLACCWSOT Exclude Accounts from Automatic Offset/Deletion Procedure C FMBLEXCLACCWSHOT 
311 V_BLK_REASON Blocking Reason in Purchase Order C BLK_REASON 
312 V_BLK_REASON_TX Texts for Blocking Reason in Purchase Order C BLK_REASON_TX 
313 V_BLPTYPECOUNTRY Maintainance View for Country Implementation in BLP C PTBLPTPCLCOUNTRY 
314 V_BMA_CH OLD CFM Benchmarking: Maintenance of Characteristics C BMA_CH 
315 V_BMA_CHVAL OLD CFM Benchmarking: Maintenance of Characteristic Values C BMA_CHVAL 
316 V_BNKA Assignment Check Digit Method -> Bank Key C BNKA 
317 V_BNKAADR1 Projection View for Importing Bank Address Number (Conv.) P BNKA 
318 V_BNKA_APP SWIFT and Routing Parameters C BNKA 
320 V_BNK_RULE_MAINT View for Rule maintenance C TBNK_RULE 
321 V_BNK_SIGN_USER Users for signing the Batch approval log C BNK_SIGN_USER 
322 V_BNK_TIMEOUT Timeout for Batch between two status C BNK_TIMEOUT 
323 V_BOART_M_CUST Settlement types (customer arrangements) in purchasing H T6B1 
324 V_BOART_M_VEND Settlement types (vendor arrangements) in purchasing H T6B1 
325 V_BOL_INST_KEY Boleto: Maintenance view for instruction keys/code C TFKBOL_INSTR 
326 V_BOM_HANA_EXPL Determine Explosion Mode for BOM in HANA system C BOM_HANA_EXPL 
327 V_BON_ENH_T6B1 Rebate Agreement Types in Sales H T6B1 
332 V_BORGR_FUNCT View for borgr_funct C BORGR_FUNCT 
333 V_BORGR_UGROUP User Group in GR Dialog Automotive C BORGR_UGROUP 
334 V_BOR_CONFIG_PRO Configuration Settings for GR Dialog C BORGR_PROFILE 
335 V_BOR_FC_PROF Function Contexts for Profiles C BORGR_PROFCODE 
336 V_BOR_FC_PROF_H Functions in the Profile for GR Dialog Automotive C BORGR_PROFCODE_H 
338 V_BOR_PROFILE Goods Receipt Automotive: Profiles C BORGR_PROFILE 
339 V_BOR_PROF_OBJ Display of Objects in GR Dialog Automotive C BORGR_PROFOBJ 
340 V_BOR_PROF_OBJ_H Object Representation in GR Dialog Automotive C BORGR_PROFOBJ_H 
341 V_BOR_PROF_SEL Selection Conditions in GR Dialog Automotive C BORGR_PROF_SEL 
342 V_BOR_PROF_SELH Selection Conditions in GR Dialog Automotive Header Data C BORGR_PROF_SEL_H 
343 V_BOR_PRO_COL2 Column Profile: General Column Settings C BORGR_TREE_COL 
344 V_BOR_PRO_COLUMN Settings for Column Profiles C BORGR_TREE_COLFD 
345 V_BOR_PRO_COL_H Settings for Column Profiles C BORGR_TREE_COL_H 
346 V_BOR_PRO_FILTER View for Filter Settings for Configuration C BORGR_PROFILE 
347 V_BOR_USR_GROUP View for Borgr_usr_group C BORGR_USR_GROUP 
348 V_BPARTNER_BS Participant in Collective Subrogation/Recovery D ICLCCEVENT 
349 V_BPCONSTANTS FS BP Constants Table: Adopted Values (Internal) C BPCONSTANTS 
350 V_BPC_FIL_ROLE Define Business Partner Roles to Be Ignored C BPC_FIL_ROLE 
351 V_BPID003_E OBSOLETE: Define Identification Number Category C BPID003_E 
352 V_BPREF View for Selecting Reference Billing Plans H FPLA 
354 V_BPREP_HRFPMBCS Budgeting Info for Data Transfer from PBC C BPREP_HRFPM_BCS 
355 V_BPSEARCH1 Business Partner: Search View D BP000 
356 V_BPSEARCH2 Business Partner: Search View D BP000 
357 V_BPSEARCH3 Business Partner: Search View D BP000 
358 V_BPSEARCH4 Business Partner: Search View D BP000 
359 V_BPSEARCH5 Business Partner: Search View D BP000 
360 V_BPUM Control Table Conversion for Business Partners C BPUM 
361 V_BPUM_CTL Business Partner: Control Parallel Maintenance TR BP, SAP BP C BPUM_CTL 
362 V_BPUM_CTL2 Business Partner: Control Parallel Maintenance TR BP, SAP BP C BPUM_CTL 
363 V_BPUM_CTL_ALLG Business Partner: Control Parallel Maintenance TR BP, SAP BP C BPUM_CTL 
364 V_BPUM_DEVCL Business Partner Conversion: Development Classes C BPUM_DEVCL 
365 V_BPUM_DOM Conversion: Domains C BPUM_DOM 
366 V_BPUM_E Exceptions for Table Conversion C BPUM 
367 V_BPUM_FUNC Conversion: C BPUM_FUNC 
368 V_BPUM_ROL Business Partner Conversion: List of Data Elements C BPUM_ROL 
369 V_BPUM_TAB Conversion: Old tables C BPUM_TAB 
370 V_BPWBS View Billing Paln <-> WBS D FPLA 
371 V_BP_FRG1 Business Partner: Release Parameters C TZFSP 
372 V_BP_FRG2 Business Partner: Release Procedure C TZFO 
373 V_BP_SPC Business Partner ID for Service Provider Customers C BUT000 
374 V_BRANCH_DAYS Maintain calendar information for branch C J_1BBRANCH 
375 V_BRANCH_HOLI Maintain Special local holidays for the branch C J_1BBRANCH_HOLI 
376 V_BRFMIG_ICLC Maintenance: Assignment of Interfaces f.Implementing Classes C BRFMIG_ICLC 
377 V_BRFMIG_ICLS Maintenance: Assignment of Interfaces f.Implementing Classes C BRFMIG_ICLS 
378 V_BRG Table view for TBRG C TBRG 
379 V_BRG_54 Authorization groups for tables and views C TBRG 
380 V_BSIUDTA HR-US: View for BSI-US-TAX test data (employee record) D BSIUDTA 
381 V_BSIUDTT HR-US: View for BSI-US-TAX test data (tax record) D BSIUDTT 
382 V_BSSOAPRXMSGGRP Assignment Message Category Group to Proxy C BSSOA_PRX2MSGGRP 
383 V_BSSOA_CATMSGNO Assignment Error Category To Message Number C BSSOA_CAT2MSGNO 
384 V_BSSOA_MSGGRP Assignment Message ID to Message Category Group C BSSOA_MSGGRP 
385 V_BSSOA_PRIO2CAT Assignment Priority to Error Category C BSSOA_PRIO2CAT 
386 V_BSSOA_PROXY Maintenance View: SOA-Services in Error Categorizer C BSSOA_PROXY 
387 V_BSSOA_PRXPRCAT Assignment Priority to Error Category per Proxy C BSSOA_PRX_PRICAT 
388 V_BSSP0010 Side Panel Tags C BSSP0010 
389 V_BSSP1010 Fields for Document Relationship Browser C BSSP1010 
390 V_BTXCUTX BSI: View for Custom Tax Data C BTXCUTX 
391 V_BTXEGRP Employee Group C BTXEGRP 
392 V_BTXFORM View BSI: Tax Formula Description C BTXFORM 
393 V_BTXOVER Employee Overrides C BTXOVER 
394 V_BTXOVFR Override Formulas C BTXOVFR 
395 V_BTXRATE BSI: Company Experience Rate C BTXRATE 
396 V_BTXTAX View BSI: Grouping Tax Authority Tax Category C BTXTAX 
397 V_BTXTAXC BSI: Grouping BSI Tax Authorities to SAP Tax Authorities C BTXTAXC 
398 V_BTXTAXT View BSI: Tax Category C BTXTAXT 
399 V_BUAVCACTGRP Define Activity Groups for Availability Control C BUAVCACTGRP 
400 V_BUAVCEVENT Maintain Events for Availability Control C BUAVCEVENT 
401 V_BUAVCLDGR Maintain ledger for availability control C BUAVCLDGR 
402 V_BUAVCSRC Maintain data sources for availability ledger C BUAVCSRC 
403 V_BUAVCTOLASS Assign Tolerance Limits for Availability Control C BUAVCTOLASS 
404 V_BUAVCTOLASS_CT Assign Tolerance Limits for All Ceiling Types C BUAVCTOLASS 
405 V_BUAVCTPRO Maintain tolerance profiles for availability control C BUAVCTPRO 
406 V_BUBUDCAT Budget categories D BUBUDCAT 
407 V_BUDGET_ACTUALS Posting Type Classification of Accounts C FMBUDACT 
408 V_BUILDING Rental Object With Criteria From Superior Tables D VIBDBU 
409 V_BUKF_CAT Key Figures - View for categories C BUKF_CAT 
410 V_BUKF_CATDSRC Key Figures - View for categories/Data sources C BUKF_CATDSRC 
411 V_BUKF_CAT_FIELD Key Figures - Checks data source terms fields values per cat C BUKF_FIELD_VALUE 
412 V_BUKF_DSRC Key Figures - View for data source C BUKF_DSRC 
413 V_BUKF_DSRC_FIEL Key Figures - View for data source fields C BUKF_DSRC_FIELD 
414 V_BUKF_FG Key Figures - View for field group C BUKF_FG 
415 V_BUKF_FG_FIELD Key Figures - View for field group fields C BUKF_FG_FIELD 
416 V_BUKUSTXH SAPScript Long Text C STXH 
417 V_BUKUTEXTCAT Define Text Categories C BUKUTEXTCAT 
419 V_BULKYCUST View of all Data for Bulk Waste Order Type D TEEWA_BULKY_CUST 
420 V_BUPAEXST View of but000 for PD-Org-Link D BUT000 
421 V_BUPA_HIER_BW SAP BP: Hierarchies for BW Extraction D BUT_HIER_TREE 
422 V_BUPA_ROLE SAP BP: Search Help View for Roles D TBZ0 
423 V_BUPROCESST_BW BW: Extraction View for Budgeting Transaction Texts D BUPROCESST 
424 V_BUPSYS0_BW BP Status Extract.: View for Txts for BWSTBUPSYS0 (Arch/Del) D BUTBWCVSYSTAT 
425 V_BUPSYS1_BW BP Status Extraction: View for Texts for BWSTBUPSYS1 (Lock) D BUTBWCVSYSTAT 
426 V_BUPSYS2_BW BP Status Extraction: View for Texts for BWSTBUPSYS2/Release D BUTBWCVSYSTAT 
427 V_BURBCALCRULES Maintain Calculation Formulas for RIB C BURBCALCRULES 
429 V_BUSOP Post Business Operation: Parameters C TZPAB 
430 V_BUSUB_DB Database View for Business Subject D T7TIM_BUSUBE 
431 V_BUT000 Help view Business Part. Bank Account: Search by search term D BUT000 
432 V_BUT000_ALL Selection View for General Partner Data D BUT000 
433 V_BUT000_GUID BP: View for Reading PARTNER_GUID P BUT000 
434 V_BUT000_READ Projection View for Reading Address Transfer to Addr.Cat.2 P BUT000 
435 V_BUT000_TR Business Partner (Treasury): Drilldown Reporting D BUT000 
436 V_BUT000_WRITE Projection View for Writing Address Transfer to Addr.Cat.2 P BUT000 
437 V_BUT020 Help view Bus. Part. Bank Account: Search by address details D BUT020 
438 V_BUT020_BW BW Extraction: BP Standard Address (Extended) D BUT000 
439 V_BUT020_BW_VER BW Extraction: BP Standard Address (Address Vesions) D BUT000 
440 V_BUT021_FS_BW SAP BP: Standard Address for BW D BUT000 
441 V_BUT021_FS_BW2 SAP BP: Standard Address for BW D BUT020 
442 V_BUT052_BW BW Extraction: Address for Contact Person (Extended) D BUT052 
443 V_BUT0BK_BW BP: Bank Details D BUT0BK 
444 V_BUT0CC_BW BP: Payment Cards D BUT0CC 
445 V_BUT0CC_CC Migration Credit Cards P BUT0CC 
446 V_BUT0ID_BW Business Partners: Identification Numbers D BUT0ID 
447 V_BUT0IS_ALL_BW SAP BP: Industry Sectors D BUT0IS 
448 V_BUT0IS_BW BW Extraction: BP Industry (Default) D BUT0IS 
449 V_BUT0IS_CUST Standard Industry for All Business Partners with Customer D BD001 
450 V_BUT0IS_VEND Standard Industry for All Business Partners with Customer D BC001 
451 V_BUT100_BW SAP BP: Extraction of Partner Roles for SAP BW D BUT100 
452 V_BUT100_BW_ORG BW: Partners That Have Certain Roles (for User/Org. Unit) D BUT000 
453 V_BUTBWCVSYSTAT Maintenance View: BW Status Objects for System Status C BUTBWCVSYSTAT 
454 V_BUTBWCVUSSTAT Maintenance View: BW Status Objects for User Status C BUTBWCVUSSTAT 
455 V_BUTBWSYSTATGRP BP: Customizing of BW Status Object Groups C BUTBWSYSTATGRP 
456 V_BUTBWSYSTATOBJ SAP BW: Customizing of BW Status Objects - System Status C BUTBWSYSTATOBJ 
457 V_BUTBWUSSTATGRP BP: Customizing of BW Status Object Groups C BUTBWUSSTATGRP 
458 V_BUTBWUSSTATOBJ BP: Customizing of BW Status Objects C BUTBWUSSTATOBJ 
459 V_BUTECHORG_ALL Complete view for table BUTECHORG C BUTECHORG 
460 V_BUTECHORG_AVC Enable Availability Control Checks C BUTECHORG 
461 V_BUTECHORG_BUD Enable creation of additional lines C BUTECHORG 
462 V_BUTEOPAPP Define and Store Application Names for EOP Check C BUTEOPAPP 
463 V_BUTEOPARV Define and Store Application Rule Variants for EOP Check C BUTEOPARV 
464 V_BUTEOPCONS Store the EOP Details of Consolidation System ID C BUTEOPCONS 
465 V_BUTEOPFM Application Function Modules Registered for EOP Check C BUTEOPFM 
466 V_BUTEOPFM_UNBLK Application Function Modules registered for Unblock Check C BUTEOPFM_UNBLK 
467 V_BUTNXTCHK Maintain the Minimum and Maximum Check Period and Dates C BUTNXTCHK 
468 V_BUTREGSYS_REM RFC Destination of Systems Connected to the Master System C BUTREGSYS_REMOTE 
469 V_BUTRELCHK Store the Relationship Categories C BUTRELCHK 
470 V_BUTROLECHK Store the Business Partner Roles C BUTROLECHK 
471 V_BUT_CALL_FU Data Exchange: Activation of Function Modules C CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU 
472 V_BUT_DUAL_APRJ Unblocking reference table for four eye principle C BUT_DUAL_APRJ 
473 V_BUT_HIER_ND_BW Extraction BW: Hierarchy Nodes D BUT_HIER_NODE 
474 V_BUT_HIER_NT_BW Extraction BW: Hierarchy Nodes (Texts) D BUT_HIER_NODE_D 
475 V_BUT_LOCA_APPL Locator Applications C BUT_LOCA_APPL 
476 V_BUT_LOCA_CSAP Locator Search Applications C BUT_LOCA_CSAP 
478 V_BUT_LOCA_CSTY Locator Search Categories C BUT_LOCA_CSTY 
479 V_BUT_NODE_SHLP Search Help at the Data Element ( bu_node_search_term ) D BUT_HIER_NODE 
480 V_BUT_NODE_SHLP4 Elementary Search Help for Date Element(bu_node_search_term) D BUT_HIER_NODE 
481 V_BUT_TREE_SHLP Search Help at the Data Element ( bu_tree_search_term ) D BUT_HIER_TREE 
482 V_BUT_UNBLK_RESN Reasons of Unblocking Business Partners C BUT_UNBLK_REASON 
483 V_BUVERSION Budgeting versions C TKVS 
484 V_BUVORGA Assignment Rules for Budgeting Process C BUVORGA 
485 V_BUWRTTP Assignment Rules for Value Type C BUWRTTP 
486 V_BWCVSYST Maintenance View: BW Status Objects for System Status C BWCVSYSTAT 
487 V_BWCVUSST Maintenance View: BW Status Objects for User Status C BWCVUSSTAT 
488 V_BWFIAA_TRANSTY FI-AA <-> BW Connection: Trans.Types in Asset Accounting D TABW 
489 V_BWGART2 Securities: Flow Types C TZB0A 
490 V_BWGART4 Forex: Flow Types C TZB0A 
491 V_BWGART5 Money Market: Flow Types C TZB0A 
492 V_BWGART6 Derivatives: Flow Types C TZB0A 
493 V_BWOM_RHIER Maintenance View: Report Row Hierarchies C BWOM_RHIER 
494 V_BWOM_RHIER_LIN Maintenance View: Report Row Hierarchies - Rows C BWOM_RHIER_LINE 
495 V_BW_ADVERT BW Advertisement Attributes D T750B 
496 V_BW_CAU_TYPES View to get causal types from TPM type using causal profile. D CRMC_MKTPL_TPCTL 
497 V_BW_ORGUNIT BW Texts for Organization Unit D HRP1000 
498 V_BW_PA0001_ENM BW: Texts for Employee/Person D PA0001 
499 V_BW_PA0002_ID BW: Attribute, Personnel ID D PA0002 
500 V_BW_PA0016 BW: Attributes, Contract Elements D PA0016