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# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T5P2U HR-PT: Social Security Contributor C T5P2U 
2 V_T5P2V HR-PT: Social Security Institutions C T5P2V 
3 V_T5P3E HR-PT: Legal entities for issuing disability documents C T5P3E 
4 V_T5P3L HR-PT: Disability levels C T5P3L 
5 V_T5P4G HR-PT: Vacation and Christmas allowance groupings C T5P4G 
6 V_T5P6P HR-PT: Parishes C T5P6P 
7 V_T5PA0 HR-PT: Assignment of coverage rules C T5PA0 
8 V_T5PA1 HR-PT: Coverage rules C T5PA1 
9 V_T5PA2 HR-PT: Splitting rules C T5PA2 
10 V_T5PA3 HR-PT: Counting rules C T5PA3 
11 V_T5PA4 HR-PT: Influence of absence types in counting rules C T5PA4 
12 V_T5PA5 HR-PT: Map WTs in absence evaluation rule C T5PA5 
13 V_T5PA9 HR-PT: Splits in splitting rules C T5PA9 
14 V_T5PAB HR-PT: Absence/Attendance types - Reporting classification C T554S 
15 V_T5PBSR1A National Service Type & Unit C T5PBSR1A 
16 V_T5PBSR1B National Service Status C T5PBSR1B 
17 V_T5PBSR1C Rank at ORD / Reservist C T5PBSR1C 
18 V_T5PBSR1D Vocation C T5PBSR1D 
19 V_T5PBSR1E Commendation C T5PBSR1E 
20 V_T5PBSR1F Performance Rating C T5PBSR1F 
21 V_T5PBSR1G Conduct Rating C T5PBSR1G 
22 V_T5PBSR1H Mobilisation Code C T5PBSR1H 
23 V_T5PBSR1J Clearance Level C T5PBSR1J 
24 V_T5PBSR1K Status Of Clearance C T5PBSR1K 
25 V_T5PBSR1L Types Of Voluntary Service / ECA C T5PBSR1L 
26 V_T5PBSR1M Position Held C T5PBSR1M 
27 V_T5PBSR1N Representation Code C T5PBSR1N 
28 V_T5PBSR1O Subject C T5PBSR1O 
29 V_T5PBSR1Q Dialect Group C T5PBSR1Q 
30 V_T5PBSR1T Link Between Absence Type and NS Type C T5PBSR1T 
31 V_T5PBSR2A Employer's MediSave reference number C T5PBSR2A 
32 V_T5PBSR2B CPF contribution rates for public sector - Pensionable Eyees C T5PBSR2B 
33 V_T5PBSR2C CPF contribution rates for public sector (PR) C T5PBSR2C 
34 V_T5PBSR2D CPF contr. rates for public sector - Non-Pensionable Eyees C T5PBSR2D 
35 V_T5PBSR2E CPF contr. rates for public sector - Non-pensionable PR C T5PBSR2E 
36 V_T5PBSR2F View for maintaining Special MSO bonus rules C T5PBSR2F 
37 V_T5PBSR3A Leave scheme C T5PBSR3A 
38 V_T5PBSR3B Leave entitlement and encashment C T5PBSR3B 
39 V_T5PBSR3BI Group identifier for leave entilement C T5PBSR3BI 
40 V_T5PBSR3C PS leave quota entitlement C T5PBSR3C 
41 V_T5PBSR3CI Group for leave quota C T5PBSR3CI 
42 V_T5PBSR3D Leave allowance and daily rate of make up leave - scheme 73 C T5PBSR3D 
43 V_T5PBSR3DI Group for leave quota C T5PBSR3DI 
44 V_T5PBSR3G Division C T5PBSR3G 
45 V_T5PBSR3H Salary group C T5PBSR3H 
46 V_T5PBSR3I Maintain max num of days for absence type allowed w/o pro. C T5PBSR3I 
47 V_T5PBSR3J Define Proration Functions C T5PBSR3J 
48 V_T5PBSR4A Appointment type C T5PBSR4A 
49 V_T5PBSR4B Tenure of office C T5PBSR4B 
50 V_T5PBSR6A Scheme of services C T5PBSR6A 
51 V_T5PBSR6B Salary Code C T5PBSR6B 
52 V_T5PBSR6C Assignment between Scheme Code and Salary Code C T5PBSR6C 
53 V_T5PBSR6D Eligibility for Scheme code C T5PBSR6D 
54 V_T5PBSR6E Annual wage adjustment for Basic component C T5PBSR6E 
55 V_T5PBSR6F Monthly Salary Scale C T5PBSR6F 
56 V_T5PBSR6G Basic Component C T5PBSR6G 
57 V_T5PBSR6H NPVP Increment Detail C T5PBSR6H 
58 V_T5PBSR6HI Eligibility Group for NPVP Adjustment C T5PBSR6HI 
59 V_T5PBSR6I Guidline for Salary Components C T5PBSR6I 
60 V_T5PBSR6J Annual wage adjustment for MVC Component C T5PBSR6J 
61 V_T5PBSR6M Assignment between Pay Scale Types and Scheme Code C T5PBSR6M 
62 V_T5PBSR6N Assignment between Pay scale area and division C T5PBSR6N 
63 V_T5PCP HR-PT: Postal codes C T5PCP 
64 V_T5PED HR-PT: Education Levels C T518D 
65 V_T5PFD HR-PT: (Entities) Properties C T5PFD 
66 V_T5PFN HR-PT: (Entities) Properties C T5PFN 
67 V_T5PIT HR-PT: Infotype subtype - Classification C T591A 
68 V_T5PLA HR-PT: Lunch allowance valuation rules C T5PLA 
69 V_T5PNC HR-PT: Nationality Codes C T5PNC 
70 V_T5PP1 HR-PT: Professional categories assignment C T5PP1 
71 V_T5PP2 HR-PT: Professional Categories C T5PP2 
72 V_T5PP3 HR-PT: Professional classification (CNP or CPP) C T5PP3 
73 V_T5PP4 HR-PT: Professional Category designation C T5PP4 
74 V_T5PP5 HR-PT: Functional Structure designation C T5PP5 
77 V_T5PPBS1N SIADAP: Object Nature C T5PPBS1N 
80 V_T5PPBS1S SIADAP: Scale Ranges C T5PPBS1S 
81 V_T5PPBS1T SIADAP: Templates C T5PPBS1T 
82 V_T5PPBS2F Family Allowances Data C T5PPBS2F 
83 V_T5PPBS3B Assignment/competency for Jobs objects C T5PPBS3B 
84 V_T5PPBS3D Functional comp. level/manager level based on pay scale C T5PPBS3D 
85 V_T5PPBS3V Check values for PD infotype fields C T5PPBS3V 
86 V_T5PPBS510 View of T510 for Valuation Module (PPS) C T510 
87 V_T5PPBS5CC Maintain Performance Classification Values C T5PPBS5CC 
88 V_T5PPBS5P Career Path C T5PPBS5P 
89 V_T5PPBS6G ADSE Treatment Groups C T5PPBS6G 
90 V_T5PPBS6T ADSE Treatment Types C T5PPBS6T 
91 V_T5PPBS7I Standard Mobility Types C T5PPBS7I 
92 V_T5PPBS7O Organizations C T5PPBS7O 
93 V_T5PPBS7P Standard Special Mobility Phases C T5PPBS7P 
94 V_T5PPBS8A Maintain Index Values C T5PPBS8A 
95 V_T5PPBS8B Maintain Pay Scale Types C T5PPBS8B 
96 V_T5PPBS9B BDAP Scenarios / Social Balance Legal Relationship C T5PPBS9B 
97 V_T5PPBS9B_A SIOE and Social Balance Legal Relationship C T5PPBS9B 
98 V_T5PPBS9C BDAP Scenario Information C T5PPBS9C 
99 V_T5PPBS9D Nationalities C T5PPBS9D 
100 V_T5PPBS9FA Functional Areas C T5PPBS9FA 
101 V_T5PPBS9FG Functional Groups C T5PPBS9FG 
102 V_T5PPBS9GS Service Codes C T5PPBS9GS 
103 V_T5PPBS9GW Workplace Codes C T5PPBS9GW 
104 V_T5PPBS9L Work Models and Schedules C T5PPBS9L 
105 V_T5PPBS9M Legal Relationships C T5PPBS9M 
106 V_T5PPBS9N Professional Categories C T5PPBS9N 
107 V_T5PPBS9NC Career Codes C T5PPBS9NC 
108 V_T5PPBS9NG Professional Groups C T5PPBS9NG 
109 V_T5PPBS9NR Role Codes C T5PPBS9NR 
110 V_T5PPBS9NT BDAP Category Codes C T5PPBS9NT 
111 V_T5PPBS9N_A Categorias profissionais C T5PPBS9N 
112 V_T5PPBS9O Employee Education Data C T5PPBS9O 
113 V_T5PPBS9O_A Employee Education Data C T5PPBS9O 
114 V_T5PPBS9P Education Data Mapping C T5PPBS9P 
115 V_T5PPBS9PA Subject Areas C T5PPBS9PA 
116 V_T5PPBS9PG Subject Area Groups C T5PPBS9PG 
117 V_T5PPBS9PS Subject Area Subgroups C T5PPBS9PS 
118 V_T5PPBSAB Absence/Attendance Data C T5PPBSAB 
120 V_T5PPBSRM Reasons for Actions C T5PPBSRM 
121 V_T5PPBSRM_A Reasons for Actions C T5PPBSRM 
122 V_T5PPS HR-PT: Pay scale types additional information C T5PPS 
123 V_T5PRC HR-PT: Reasons for changes C T530E 
124 V_T5PRM HR-PT: Reasons for actions C T530 
125 V_T5PRM_A HR-PT: Consequence of event C T530 
126 V_T5PS1 HR-PT: Professional categories assignment C T5PS1 
127 V_T5PS2 HR-PT: Professional Categories C T5PS2 
128 V_T5PS4 HR-PT: Professional Category designation C T5PS4 
129 V_T5PSC HR-PT: Pay scale types additional information C T5PSC 
130 V_T5PSS Wage types for social protection regime calculation C T5PSS 
131 V_T5PTC HR-PT: Time objects classification C T5PTC 
132 V_T5PTV HR-PT: Time object values C T5PTV 
133 V_T5PV1 HR-PT: Assingment of quota type selection rule C T5PV1 
134 V_T5PV2 HR-PT: Classification of absence quota types C T556A 
135 V_T5PVA HR-PT: Processing variants for VA C T5PVA 
136 V_T5PVA_A HR-PT: Processing variants for VA (estimation and adjust.) C T5PVA 
137 V_T5PVA_D HR-PT: Processing variants for VA (allowance determination) C T5PVA 
138 V_T5PVA_G HR-PT: Processing variants for VA (payment data generation) C T5PVA 
139 V_T5PWS HR-PT: Work Schedules - Classification C T5PWS 
140 V_T5Q0P Australian Country Modifiers (Assignment of company feat.) C T5Q0P 
141 V_T5Q30 Reason for Termination Action C T5Q30 
142 V_T5QGM Message text (Australia) C T5QGM 
143 V_T5QGP Australian Country Modifiers (Assignment of company feat.) C T5QGP 
144 V_T5QGT Message area Check table Australia C T5QGT 
145 V_T5QIA PS Specific characteristic for absence type C T5QIA 
146 V_T5QIG International Leave Groupings C T5QIG 
147 V_T5QIT Calculation rule for transfer frequency C T5QIT 
148 V_T5QLA Australian Leave Accrual Unpaid Absence Rules C T5QLA 
149 V_T5QLG Leave Grouping C T5QLG 
150 V_T5QLK Leave Liability Constants C T5QLK 
151 V_T5QLL Australian/International Leave Loading C T5QLL 
152 V_T5QLP Leave Provisions - Australia C T5QLP 
153 V_T5QLR Leave Accrual Rules Australia C T5QLR 
154 V_T5QLT Leave Accrual id description C T5QLT 
155 V_T5QPBS0A Industry within a HR country C T5QPBS0A 
156 V_T5QPBS1A Minimum number of days C T5QPBS1A 
157 V_T5QPBS1B Reason for performing Higher duties C T5QPBS1B 
158 V_T5QPBS1C Contributor Status C T5QPBS1C 
159 V_T5QPBS1D Superannuation funds for Public Sector C T5QPBS1D 
160 V_T5QPBS1E National Wage Case (NWC) increase for Superannuation C T5QPBS1E 
161 V_T5QPBS1F Work schedules for Shifts/Non-shifts for Superannuation C T5QPBS1F 
162 V_T5QPBS1G EPSC Contribution Table C T5QPBS1G 
163 V_T5QPBS1H Priority Table used in calculating HDA super salary comp C T5QPBS1H 
164 V_T5QPBS1J Additional contribution table for Public sector C T5QPBS1J 
165 V_T5QPBS2A Parameter setting for Prior Service and Leave Management C T5QPBS2A 
166 V_T5QPBS2B To determine and differentiate the nature of each leave type C T5QPBS2B 
167 V_T5QPBS2C Master leave code and their characteristic C T5QPBS2C 
168 V_T5QPBS2D Mapping business rules between PS Infotype 0573 and 2001 C T5QPBS2D 
169 V_T5QPBS2E Parallel deduction sequence of quota types C T5QPBS2E 
170 V_T5QPBS2F LWOP/UNAL impact on individual leave type C T5QPBS2F 
171 V_T5QPBS2G Accrual transfer freqeuncy rules C T5QPBS2G 
172 V_T5QPBS2H Flexible Accrual Transfer Rules (check table for 13TRF) C T5QPBS2H 
173 V_T5QPBS2I Calculation rule for transfer frequency C T5QPBS2I 
174 V_T5QPBS2J PS Specific Characteristic for absence type C T5QPBS2J 
175 V_T5QPBS2K Popup field output control C T5QPBS2K 
176 V_T5QPBS2L Leave Provision for Australia - Public sector C T5QPBS2L 
177 V_T5QPBS2N Impact of Organizational change in Absence Quotas C T5QPBS2N 
178 V_T5QPBS2N_A Assign Simulation Quota type for Leave booking C T5QPBS2N 
179 V_T5QPBS2P Absence records prior to Hiring C T5QPBS2P 
180 V_T5QPBS2R Grouping for LWOP/UNAL impact on leave accrual C T5QPBS2R 
181 V_T5QPBS3A Eligibility Criteria for Increment C T5QPBS3A 
182 V_T5QPBS3A_HDA Eligibility Criteria for Increment C T5QPBS3A 
183 V_T5QPBS4A Payment Type for terminations & redundancies C T5QPBS4A 
184 V_T5QPBS4B Termination Payment Type C T5QPBS4B 
185 V_T5QPBS4C Assignment between payment formula and payment rule group C T5QPBS4C 
186 V_T5QPBS4D Termination payment rules C T5QPBS4D 
187 V_T5QPBS4E Leave Payment Rules C T5QPBS4E 
188 V_T5QPBS4F Attribute for calculation of flexible rules C T5QPBS4F 
189 V_T5QPBS4I Payment Formula for termination and redundancy C T5QPBS4I 
190 V_T5QPBS4J Payment Rule Group for termination and redundancy C T5QPBS4J 
191 V_T5QPBS4K Termination Payment Rules (check table for fetaure 13RIP) C T5QPBS4K 
192 V_T5QPBS4L Leave Payment Rules (check table for fetaure 13RIL) C T5QPBS4L 
193 V_T5QPBS4M Redundancy Model (check table for fetaure 13RDN) C T5QPBS4M 
194 V_T5QPBS5A HR AU PS:Leave Loading C T5QPBS5A 
195 V_T5QPBS5B HR AU PS:Leave Loading for varying percentage C T5QPBS5B 
196 V_T5QPBS5C HR AU PS:Australian absence type grouping C T5QPBS5C 
197 V_T5QPBS6A Type of data for Equity and Diversity C T5QPBS6A 
198 V_T5QPBS6B PSMPC codes for Equity and Diversity C T5QPBS6B 
199 V_T5QPBS6C Assigment of APS Classification Structure C T5QPBS6C 
200 V_T5QPBS6D Mapping SAP events to APSC movement codes C T5QPBS6D 
201 V_T5QPC ETP Payment Codes C T5QPC 
202 V_T5QPR Aust. Leave Provision for international leave C T5QPR 
203 V_T5QRA Redundancy LWOP Absences Australia C T5QRA 
204 V_T5QRB Taxation - Rebate (Australia) C T5QRB 
205 V_T5QRP Redundancy Packages Australia C T5QRP 
206 V_T5QRR Term. Rules for Long Serv. Leave & Leave Loading Australia C T5QRR 
207 V_T5QRS Terminations Redundancy Payments Australia C T5QRS 
208 V_T5QRX Taxation - Rebate Amounts (Australia) C T5QRX 
209 V_T5QSD Superannuation Fund Designation Australia C T5QSD 
210 V_T5QSF Superannuation Fund Code Details Australia C T5QSF 
211 V_T5QSG Superannuation Guarantee Contrib Admin Australia C T5QSG 
212 V_T5QSM Superannuation Fund Highlight Messages Australia C T5QSM 
213 V_T5QSR Superannuation Fund Rules Australia C T5QSR 
214 V_T5QSS Superannuation Defined Salary C T5QSS 
215 V_T5QSW Superannuation Wage Type Assignment Australia C T5QSW 
216 V_T5QSZ Superannuation Modifiers Check Table Australia C T5QSZ 
217 V_T5QTC Tax Scales - Australia C T5QTC 
218 V_T5QTK State / Territory - Australia C T5QTK 
219 V_T5QTM Taxation Australia - Medicare Levy C T5QTM 
220 V_T5QTP Payroll Tax and Workers Compensation C T5QTP 
221 V_T5QTR Rules for quota payment on termination. C T5QTR 
222 V_T5QTT Termination Leave Payments (Australia) C T5QTT 
223 V_T5QTX Tax Scale Australia C T5QTX 
224 V_T5R01 Award C T5R01 
225 V_T5R03 Residency type C T5R03 
226 V_T5R05 Type of Identification C T5R05 
227 V_T5R05_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of subtypes for PIDs ( IT 0185 ) C T5R05_ESSEX 
228 V_T5R0P Extras for Personnel Area / Personnel Subarea C T001P 
229 V_T5R0P_PS Extras for Singapore PS Personnel Area / Personnel Subarea C T5R0P_PS 
230 V_T5R13 Jobs and Category C T513 
231 V_T5R1A Institution of Social Insurance C T5R1A 
232 V_T5R1B Social Insurance Fund Indicators C T5R1B 
233 V_T5R1C CPF Contribution rates C T5R1C 
234 V_T5R1D Types of Foreign Worker C T5R1D 
235 V_T5R1E Contribution rates for FWL C T5R1E 
236 V_T5R1F Contribution Rates for Addititonal Funds C T5R1F 
237 V_T5R1G Conversion rates from FWL to CPF C T5R1G 
238 V_T5R1H SDF Fund C T5R1H 
239 V_T5R1I Type of PR/NRIC Rate- Graduated/Full Rate C T5R1I 
240 V_T5R1M Membership fee rate (Singapore) C T5R1M 
241 V_T5R1P Rate for lump payment and CPF in case of semimonthly payroll C T5R1P 
242 V_T5R2A Pro-rate types for Annual Wage Supplement C T5R2A 
243 V_T5R2C Rate for CPF deduction by festival advance payment C T5R2C 
244 V_T5R2D Reason for NRS C T5R2D 
245 V_T5R3A HR-SG: AWS Union Subscription Rates C T5R3A 
246 V_T5R8A_CAP View for defining capping for IR8A BIK wagetypes C T5R8A_CAP 
247 V_T5RCPF_SCH Maintain CPF Scheme types C T5RCPF_SCH 
248 V_T5RPBS10A Disciplinary act C T5RPBS10A 
249 V_T5RPBS10B Offences Code C T5RPBS10B 
250 V_T5RPBS10C Outcome grouping C T5RPBS10C 
251 V_T5RPBS10D Outcome Code C T5RPBS10D 
252 V_T5RPBS10E Type of Representation C T5RPBS10E 
253 V_T5RPBS10F Offence grouping C T5RPBS10F 
254 V_T5RPBS10G Interdict/Stop pay type C T5RPBS10G 
255 V_T5RPBS10H Blacklist Category C T5RPBS10H 
256 V_T5RPBS10I Exit Mode C T5RPBS10I 
257 V_T5RPBS10J Blacklist Reason C T5RPBS10J 
258 V_T5RPBS11A Maintain Type of Property C T5RPBS11A 
259 V_T5RPBS11B Maintain Type of Company C T5RPBS11B 
260 V_T5RPBS11C Maintain Type of Business Firm C T5RPBS11C 
261 V_T5RPBS1P Employee Suggestion Category C T5RPBS1P 
262 V_T5RPBS1Q Evaluator Identification C T5RPBS1Q 
263 V_T5RPBS1R Evaluation Criteria for ES Scheme C T5RPBS1R 
264 V_T5RPBS1T Weighting of Evaluation Criteria C T5RPBS1T 
265 V_T5RPBS1U Evaluation Status C T5RPBS1U 
266 V_T5RPBS1W Evaluation Authority and Weighting Based on Evaluator C T5RPBS1W 
267 V_T5RPBS1X Employee Suggestion Scheme Ranking C T5RPBS1X 
268 V_T5RPBS1Y Definition of Rank Table C T5RPBS1Y 
269 V_T5RPBS8A Define Superannuation Scheme C T5RPBS8A 
270 V_T5RPBS8B Define Payment Option C T5RPBS8B 
271 V_T5RPBS8C View for Pensions Scheme Payment Option Eligibility Criteria C T5RPBS8C 
272 V_T5RPBS8D View for Absences not counted as Pensionable Service C T5RPBS8D 
273 V_T5RPBS8E View for Pensions Scheme Constants Table C T5RPBS8E 
274 V_T5RPBS8F Pay Change Reasons Considered for APE Averaging C T5RPBS8F 
275 V_T5RPBS8G View to specify Calculation Process for LOS for Pensions Sch C T5RPBS8G 
276 V_T5RPBS8H Assign Options, Components, Val. Model to Elig. Grouping C T5RPBS8H 
277 V_T5RPBS8I Define Eligibility Grouping for Superannuation Scheme C T5RPBS8I 
278 V_T5RPBS8K Pensions Scheme Option Component Code C T5RPBS8K 
279 V_T5RPBS8L Pensions Scheme Discount Value C T5RPBS8L 
280 V_T5RPBS8M Maintain Interest rates C T5RPBS8M 
281 V_T5RPBS8N Interest Rate Eligibility Grouping C T5RPBS8N 
282 V_T5RPBS8O Define Superannuation Scheme Option Component Code C T5RPBS8O 
283 V_T5RPBS8P Exit Modules for Pension Calculations C T5RPBS8P 
284 V_T5RPBS8Q Absence type for proration of Past salary for CPF refund C T5RPBS8Q 
285 V_T5RPBS8R Maintain Formula Module for Generic APE Calculation C T5RPBS8R 
286 V_T5RPBS8S Maintain Formula Module for Average APE Calculation C T5RPBS8S 
287 V_T5RPBS8T Maintain Pensions Act C T5RPBS8T 
288 V_T5RPBS8U Define Superannuation Option C T5RPBS8U 
289 V_T5RPBS8V Assignment of Superannuation Option to Superannuation Scheme C T5RPBS8V 
290 V_T5RPBS8W Maintain Approval of Retirement C T5RPBS8W 
291 V_T5RPBS9A Maintain Status Group C T5RPBS9A 
292 V_T5RPBS9B Maintain status C T5RPBS9B 
293 V_T5RPBS9C Assign status to status group C T5RPBS9C 
294 V_T5RPBSE1 To Define Standard Divisional Ratios for ERA. C T5RPBSE1 
295 V_T5RPBSE2 Priority of ERA Deductions C T5RPBSE2 
296 V_T5RPBSG0 Maintenance View for GNP Code (Golden Number Principle) C T5RPBSG0 
297 V_T5RPBSG1 Maintenance view for salary conversions for GNP C T5RPBSG1 
298 V_T5RPBSG2 Golden Number Entries for Golden Number Principle C T5RPBSG2 
299 V_T5RSOP_PLAN Define Types of Schemes (ERIS) C T5RSOP_PLAN 
300 V_T5RSOP_PL_SCH Maintain Plan Scheme Assignment C T5RSOP_P_SCHEME 
301 V_T5RSOP_SCHEME Maintain ESOP Stock Option Plans C T5RSOP_SCHEME 
302 V_T5RSOP_SCH_ESW Maintain ESOW Stock Option Plans C T5RSOP_SCH_ESOW 
303 V_T5RTEXT_KEY Maintain key fields for text management C T5RTEXT_KEY 
304 V_T5S03 Employee Groups/Employee Subgroups C T5S03 
305 V_T5S0A Leave year periods C T5S0A 
306 V_T5S0C Absence exceptions rule detail - SE C T5S0C 
307 V_T5S0P_A Swedish org. structure - Tax C T5S0P 
308 V_T5S0P_ALL Swedish org. structure - ALL C T5S0P 
309 V_T5S0P_B Swedish org. structure - Employer contribution C T5S0P 
310 V_T5S0P_C Swedish org. structure - Pensions C T5S0P 
311 V_T5S0P_D Swedish org. structure - Union dues C T5S0P 
312 V_T5S0P_E Swedish org. structure - Statistics C T5S0P 
313 V_T5S0P_F Swedish org. structure - Org. no. C T5S0P 
314 V_T5S0P_SE Swedish org. structure - OLD C T5S0P 
315 V_T5S0Q Unpaid leave parameters - SE C T5S0Q 
316 V_T5S1C Period Work Schedule Valuation C T551C 
317 V_T5S1S Statistic codes leave - SE C T5S1S 
318 V_T5S3A Tax Table (SE) C T5S3A 
319 V_T5S3B Tax columns - SE C T5S3B 
320 V_T5S3H One-off Tax - SE - Obsolete from 01.01.2005 C T5S3H 
321 V_T5S3I Extra Taxes - SE C T5S3I 
322 V_T5S3J Tax Adjustment - SE C T5S3J 
323 V_T5S3L Employer's Contribution Type (SE) C T5S3L 
324 V_T5S3N One-Off Tax Percentage (SE) C T5S3N 
325 V_T5S3Q EE Tax Type (SE) C T5S3Q 
326 V_T5S4A Insurance rule (SE) C T5S4A 
327 V_T5S5A Order of deduction C T5S5A 
328 V_T5S6C OPIS premium (SE) C T5S6C 
329 V_T5S7A Absence Exception Rule - SE C T5S7A 
330 V_T5S8A Education and SUN code C T518A 
331 V_T5SAC View for absence code and limit maintenance C T5SAC 
332 V_T5SC3 Swedish specific car attributes C T5SC3 
333 V_T5SCJ Maintenance view for JOB code + text C T5SCJ 
334 V_T5SCN Maintenance view for NYK code + text C T5SCN 
335 V_T5SCS Maintenance view SSYK entries + text C T5SCS 
336 V_T5SIA_SE Maintain view for ISCO jobcode C T5SIA 
337 V_T5SKS Annual tax statement - specifications (text) C T5SKS 
338 V_T5SMT View for mapping old and new absence types C T5SMT 
339 V_T5SPA_SE Maintain view for pensions C T5SPA 
340 V_T5SPP HR-SE: SPP information reported to Alecta C T5SPP 
341 V_T5SUA_SE Maintain view SUN code C T5SUA 
342 V_T5SUL SUN Code level C T5SUL 
343 V_T5SUS SUN code subject C T5SUS 
344 V_T5SVA Vacation and Compensation debt C T5SVA 
345 V_T5SXM Payslip field mapping to XML nodes C T5SXM 
346 V_T5SYA_SE Maintain SSYK jobcode + txt C T5SYA 
347 V_T5U0P Personnel Areas/Subareas C T001P 
348 V_T5U13 Jobs C T513 
349 V_T5U13_B Infotype 1610: US Job Attributes C T513 
350 V_T5U13_C Infotype 1610: US Job Attributes C T513 
351 V_T5U25 WC: Definition of job attributes C T5U25 
352 V_T5U25_A WC: Definition of job attributes C T5U25 
353 V_T5U25_S WC: Definition of job attributes(State Specific) C T5U25 
354 V_T5U26 WC: Definition of WC to Organizational Unit C T5U26 
355 V_T5U26_A WC: Definition of WC to Organizational Unit C T5U26 
356 V_T5U27 Organizational Units C T527X 
357 V_T5U28 WC: Definition of position attributes C T5U28 
358 V_T5U28_B View maintenance: WC code assignment at position level C T5U28 
359 V_T5U28_C View maintenance: WC state specific attr. at position level C T5U28 
360 V_T5U28_D View maintenance: WC state specific attr. at position level C T5U28 
361 V_T5U29 EEO/AAP: Position Attributes for US C T528B 
362 V_T5U8A Transfer ext. payroll result: Tax and arrears data (USA) C T5U8A 
363 V_T5U8C Transfer external payroll results (USA) C T5U8C 
364 V_T5UA0 View T5UA0 C T5UA0 
365 V_T5UAA AAP Occupational Categories C T5UAA 
366 V_T5UAP Address for personnel subarea C T5UAP 
367 V_T5UB1 Benefit Plan Type C T5UB1 
368 V_T5UB2 Benefit Plan Status C T5UB2 
369 V_T5UB3 Benefit Area C T5UB3 
370 V_T5UB4 Benefits Eligibility Grouping C T5UB4 
371 V_T5UB5 Benefit Cost Grouping C T5UB5 
372 V_T5UB6 Benefit Standard Health Selection C T5UB6 
373 V_T5UB7 Benefit Standard Insurance Selection C T5UB7 
374 V_T5UB8 Benefits Payment Model Assignment C T5UB8 
375 V_T5UB9 Benefit Second Program Grouping C T5UB9 
376 V_T5UBB Benefit Health Plan C T5UBB 
377 V_T5UBE Benefit Health Plan Option C T5UBE 
378 V_T5UBF Benefit Dependent Coverage C T5UBF 
379 V_T5UBG Benefit Flexible Spending Account C T5UBG 
380 V_T5UBJ Benefit Age Group for Calculating Imputed Income C T5UBJ 
381 V_T5UBK Benefit Salary Group C T5UBK 
382 V_T5UBL Benefit Age Group C T5UBL 
383 V_T5UBM Benefit Seniority Group C T5UBM 
384 V_T5UBN Benefit Investment C T5UBN 
385 V_T5UBO Benefit Investment Group C T5UBO 
386 V_T5UBP Benefit Investment/Investment Group Assignment C T5UBP 
387 V_T5UBQ Benefit Calculation Factor for Imputed Income C T5UBQ 
388 V_T5UBR Benefit Vesting Rule C T5UBR 
389 V_T5UBS Benefit Vested Portion C T5UBS 
390 V_T5UBT Benefit First Program Grouping C T5UBT 
391 V_T5UBU Benefit Program C T5UBU 
392 V_T5UBV Benefit Eligibility Rule C T5UBV 
393 V_T5UBW Benefit Provider C T51RH 
394 V_T5UBY Benefits Parameter Group C T5UBY 
395 V_T5UCP_COMPM Common Paymaster Relationship C T5UCP_COMPM 
396 V_T5UCP_CPCFI Common Paymaster: Map posting wage types under CP tax cmpny C T5UCP_CPCFI 
397 V_T5UCP_STATE Common Paymaster Acknowledgement for States C T5UCP_STATE 
398 V_T5UD3 Benefit Currency C T5UD3 
399 V_T5UDB COBRA Beneficiary C T5UDB 
400 V_T5UDC COBRA Maximum Coverage Period C T5UDC 
401 V_T5UDD COBRA Administrative Data C T5UDD 
402 V_T5UDE COBRA Events / Personnel Action Assignment C T5UDE 
403 V_T5UDF COBRA Early Termination Reason C T5UDF 
404 V_T5UDL Benefit Payment Receipt Type C T5UDL 
405 V_T5UDO Benefit Credit Grouping C T5UDO 
406 V_T5UDR To be deleted - no longer used! C T5UDR 
407 V_T5UDS Benefit Termination Rule C T5UDS 
408 V_T5UDT Benefit termination grouping C T5UDT 
409 V_T5UDU Benefit Termination Rule Variant C T5UDU 
410 V_T5UDV Benefit Eligibility Rule Variant C T5UDV 
411 V_T5UEFFR_ATTR Maintain Effort Reporting Attributes C T5UEFFR_ATTR 
412 V_T5UEFFR_BUNDLE Maintenance view for Bundled Period C T5UEFFR_BUNDLE 
413 V_T5UEFFR_EMPPAR Maintain Participating Employees C T5UEFFR_EMPPARTC 
414 V_T5UEFFR_LGA US Effort Reporting : Valid Wage type for Eff Certification C T5UEFFR_LGA 
415 V_T5UEFFR_VAL01 Activate Bundling for Effort Certification C T5UEFFR_VALUES 
416 V_T5UEFFR_VAL02 Effort Certification Percentages / Cost Distribution Percent C T5UEFFR_VALUES 
417 V_T5UEFFR_VAL03 Maintain Tolerance for the Variance Code C T5UEFFR_VALUES 
418 V_T5UEFFR_VRCD US Effort Reporting : Maintain Variance Codes C T5UEFFR_VRCD 
419 V_T5UF2 HR-US: ADP Interface, possible fields per Interface C T5UF2 
420 V_T5UF3 HR-US: ADP Interface, field sort C T5UF3 
421 V_T5UF5 HR-US: ADP Interface, C T5UF5 
422 V_T5UF6 HR-US: ADP Interface, Mapping information C T5UF6 
423 V_T5UFA ADP Interface: Mapping between ADP and SAP Wage types C T5UFA 
424 V_T5UFB Mapping table for SAP to ADP tax authorities C T5UFB 
425 V_T5UFD Values for ADP System variables C T5UFD 
426 V_T5UFE ADP system variables C T5UFE 
427 V_T5UFF Personnel area to ADP company code mapping (US ADP only) C T5UFF 
428 V_T5UG0 Garnishment Order Types C T5UG0 
429 V_T5UG1 Garnishment Document Category C T5UG1 
430 V_T5UG2 Adjustment to the Disposable Net C T5UG2 
431 V_T5UG3 Model for the Calculation of the Non-exempt Amount C T5UG3 
432 V_T5UG4 Rules for Calculation of the Non-Exempt Amount C T5UG4 
433 V_T5UG6 Service Charge Government C T5UG6 
434 V_T5UG7 Government Remittance Rule C T5UG7 
435 V_T5UG8 Company Remittance Rule C T5UG8 
436 V_T5UGB Calculation Scheme for Special Rule C T5UGB 
437 V_T5UGC Service Charge C T5UGC 
438 V_T5UGD Filing Status C T5UGD 
439 V_T5UGE Figuring Amount Exempt from Levy C T5UGE 
440 V_T5UGF Figuring Additional Exempt Amount C T5UGF 
441 V_T5UGG Service Charge Rule Company C T5UGG 
442 V_T5UGI Garnishment Letters C T5UGI 
443 V_T5UNC NAICS codes C T5UNC 
444 V_T5UOC Occupational Classification Code C T5UOC 
445 V_T5UOCG Occupational Classification Groups C T5UOCG 
446 V_T5UP1 Minimum and cash wages for tip credit C T5UP1 
447 V_T5UP2 Establishment/stores for tip processing C T5UP2 
448 V_T5UP4 Establishment level adjusted gross receipts C T5UP4 
449 V_T5UP5 Distribution Code Mapping C T5UP5 
450 V_T5UP6 Distribution codes C T5UP6 
451 V_T5UPBS01ACTION View forthe Maintenance of the Table T5UPBS01ACTION C T5UPBS01ACTION 
452 V_T5UPBS01APPL View for Maintaining the Application Field. C T5UPBS01APPL 
453 V_T5UPBS01FIELDS View for CPDF Fields Configuration C T5UPBS01FIELDS 
454 V_T5UPBS10 Form 1042-S Country Codes C T5UPBS10 
455 V_T5UPBS11 Maintenance view for visa type C T5UPBS11 
456 V_T5UPBS12 Maintenance view for visa subtype C T5UPBS12 
457 V_T5UPBS13 View table for tax treaty C T5UPBS13 
458 V_T5UPBS14 Visa Subtype (Country-Specific) C T5UPBS14 
459 V_T5UPBS20DS Drug screening substance test type C T5UPBS20DS 
460 V_T5UPBS20DSM Drug screening test method C T5UPBS20DSM 
461 V_T5UPBS20DSN Drug screening substance test unit C T5UPBS20DSN 
462 V_T5UPBS20DSR Drug screening test reason C T5UPBS20DSR 
463 V_T5UPBS20DSS Drug screening test site C T5UPBS20DSS 
464 V_T5UPBS20DSU Drug screening test result C T5UPBS20DSU 
465 V_T5UPBSB1 Compnay ID by FRB C T5UPBSB1 
466 V_T5UPBSB2 Location ID C T5UPBSB2 
467 V_T5UPBSCMPLV Competitve Level C T5UPBSCMPLV 
469 V_T5UPBSDEF_WT Maintenance View for Wage Types for Deferred Pay Report C T5UPBSDEF_WT 
472 V_T5UPBSDSSTATE Duty Station State or Country C T5UPBSDSSTATE 
473 V_T5UPBSEEOAGAC EEO Complaint Agency Actions Maintenance View C T5UPBSEEOAGAC 
474 V_T5UPBSEEOCBAIS EEO Complaint Bases and Issues C T5UPBSEEOCBAIS 
475 V_T5UPBSEEOCLTP EEO Complaint Closure Types Maintenance View C T5UPBSEEOCLTP 
476 V_T5UPBSEEOMTYP EEO Complaint Agency Actions Maintenance View C T5UPBSEEOMTYP 
477 V_T5UPBSNOAAUTH Nature of Action Legal Authority C T5UPBSNOAAUTH 
478 V_T5UPBSNOARMK Nature of Action Remarks C T5UPBSNOARMK 
479 V_T5UPBSNOARMKR Remarks Text and Fields Definitions C T5UPBSNOARMKR 
481 V_T5UPBSOCCAT Occupational Category C T5UPBSOCCAT 
482 V_T5UPBSOCCSE Occupational Series C T5UPBSOCCSE 
483 V_T5UPBSPA01 Nature of Action Code C T5UPBSPA01 
484 V_T5UPBSPA02 Nature of Action Attributes C T5UPBSPA02 
485 V_T5UPBSPA03 Legal Authority Code C T5UPBSPA03 
486 V_T5UPBSPA04 Legal Authority Attributes C T5UPBSPA04 
487 V_T5UPBSPA05 Remark Codes C T5UPBSPA05 
488 V_T5UPBSPA06 Remark Code Attributes C T5UPBSPA06 
489 V_T5UPBSPA07 Assign Remarks to NoA Codes C T5UPBSPA07 
490 V_T5UPBSPA08 Assign Legal Authorities to NoA Codes C T5UPBSPA08 
491 V_T5UPBSPA09 Functional Classification C T5UPBSPA09 
492 V_T5UPBSPA10 Supervisory Status C T5UPBSPA10 
493 V_T5UPBSPA11 Annuitant Indicator C T5UPBSPA11 
494 V_T5UPBSPA12 Retirement Plan C T5UPBSPA12 
495 V_T5UPBSPA13 Bargaining Unit C T5UPBSPA13 
496 V_T5UPBSPA14 Federal Work Schedule C T5UPBSPA14 
497 V_T5UPBSPA15 Federal Health Plan C T5UPBSPA15 
498 V_T5UPBSPA16 Federal Health Plan Mapping C T5UPBSPA16 
499 V_T5UPBSPA17 Validation Groups C T5UPBSPA17 
500 V_T5UPBSPA18 Validation Field Groups per Validation Group C T5UPBSPA18