View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TE529 Item Selection for Bill Display C TE529 
2 V_TE530 Sorting For Bill Printout C TE530 
3 V_TE535 Type of Mass Simulation C TE535 
4 V_TE537 Mass Simulation Periods C TE537 
5 V_TE538 DataSources for Mass Simulation C TE538 
6 V_TE539 Information Structures of UIS for Mass Simulation C TE539 
7 V_TE540 Quantity Statistics Group C TE540 
8 V_TE540_C Update of Quantity to CO-PA C TE540C 
9 V_TE540_U Update of Quantity to UIS C TE540U 
10 V_TE541 Amount Statistics Group C TE541 
11 V_TE541_C Update of Amount to CO-PA C TE541C 
12 V_TE541_U Update Amount to UIS C TE541U 
13 V_TE545 Grouping Criteria for Partial Bills C TE545 
14 V_TE551 Fixed Temp. C TE551 
15 V_TE610 Priority of Meter Reading Reasons for Interval Check C TE610 
16 V_TE611 Interpolation of MR Reasons C TE611 
17 V_TE633_T BB Infotexts TEXTCOPY Active C TE633 
18 V_TE643 Processing Status C TE643 
19 V_TE645 Contract Types for Franchise Contr. C TE645 
20 V_TE669 Gas Proced. D TE669 
21 V_TE672 Grouping Types of Installation Groups C TE672 
22 V_TE673 Installation Roles in an Installation Group C TE673 
23 V_TE674 Installation Roles for Grouping Type C TE674 
24 V_TE675 Maintenance View for Distribution Types of Installation Grps C TE675 
25 V_TE676 Data Exchange: Secondary Installation to Primary Inst. C TE676 
26 V_TE678 Data Exchange from Primary Installation to Secondary Inst. C TE678 
27 V_TE685 Vol. Corr. Fac. Proc. D TE685 
28 V_TE695 Gas Press. Levs C TE695 
29 V_TE761 CO-PA Posting by Consumption Month C TE761 
30 V_TE761_COKEY Control CO-PA Posting by Consumption Month C TE761_COKEY 
31 V_TE762 Unbilled Revenue Reporting: CO-PA Characteristic Derivation C TE762 
32 V_TE809 Parameter Groups for Mass Changes to MRU H TE810 
33 V_TE810 Paramter group meter reading unit C TE810 
34 V_TE907 Annual Air Pressure C TE907 
35 V_TE921 Energy Feeding Per Calorific Value District C TE921 
36 V_TE929 Fixed Vol.Correct. Factors C TE929 
37 V_TE950 Maintenance Dialog for Information Log C TE950 
38 V_TE970A Maintenance View for Processing Variants for Move-In/Out C TE970A 
39 V_TEABSTVOR Sub-Transactions for Budget Billing Amounts C TEABSTVOR 
40 V_TEABSTVOR_F4 Sub-Transactions for Budget Billing Amounts H TEABSTVOR 
41 V_TEAMS Define Event for Status "Job in Process" C TEAMS 
42 V_TEBCO_A CO/SD Interface: Conversion of Activity Types C TEBCO 
43 V_TEBCO_C CO/SD Interface: Conversion of Cost Elements C TEBCO 
44 V_TEBCO_S CO/SD Interface: Conversion of Statistical Key Figures C TEBCO 
45 V_TEBPPEXTSTATUS External description of the document C TEBPPEXTSTATUS 
46 V_TEBPPINQRES Reason of the Vendor Inquiry C TEBPPINQUIRYRES 
47 V_TEBPPINQUIRYSW Switch for vendor inquiry C TEBPPINQUIRYSW 
48 V_TEBPPPMNTDESCR Payment description per company code C TEBPPPMNTDESCR 
53 V_TECOD CO Acct Assignment Key / Allocation C TECOD 
54 V_TECOK CO Account Assignment Key - Contract C TECOK 
55 V_TECPPS Stipulate CO Version für Easy Cost Planning C TECPPS 
56 V_TEDIFFCAREA View of Note for Service Area D TEDIFFCULTAREA 
58 V_TEDWL Channel Definition for Transceiver C TEDWL 
59 V_TEE000P Easy Execution Services: Detail Control C TEE000P 
60 V_TEE000PCUST Name of Execution Services C TEE000P 
61 V_TEE000PROFIL Create Execution Profile C TEE000 
62 V_TEE000Z Assignment of Execution Services to Execution Profile C TEE000Z 
63 V_TEE000ZPROFIL Assignment of Execution Services to Execution Profile C TEE000Z 
64 V_TEEAUARTTP Assignment of Execution Profile / Order Type C T003O 
65 V_TEEBANF Easy Execution Services: Purchase Requisition C TEE001 
66 V_TEEBEST Easy Execution Services: Purchase Order C TEE003 
67 V_TEEPTP Assign Execution Profile to Project Profile C TCJ41 
68 V_TEERESV Easy Execution Services: Reservation and Goods Issue C TEE002 
69 V_TEEWABULKCUSTZ Allocation of Order Types to Service Areas C TEEWA_BULK_CUSTZ 
70 V_TEFKTVOS Payment-Relevant Transactions C TEFKTVOS 
71 V_TEFKTVOSBILL Open Items Relevant to Communication C TEFKTVOSBILL 
72 V_TEFKTVOSBILL_S Seelction view: contract A/R and A/P to be transfered D TEFKTVOSBILL 
73 V_TEIIVOR IS-U/T: Intern. Transactions for Collective Bills (Obsolete) C TEIIVOR 
74 V_TEIVV_N Assignment of Transactions to Internal Transactions C TEIVV 
75 V_TELINSEL Communication-Relevant Document Line Items C TELINSEL 
76 V_TEMCLASS IS-U migration: maintainance view for migration class C TEMCLASS 
77 V_TEMFIRMA IS-U migration: maintainance view for migration company C TEMFIRMA 
78 V_TEMPLATE_MO Templates, assigned to Monitored Object D ACCONTEXTDIR 
79 V_TEOPERFIELD Allocation of Operand to Billing-Relevant Field C TEOPERFIELD 
80 V_TEPFC Payment Frequency D TEPFC 
81 V_TEPZ Assign Schedule Line Categories C TVEPZ 
82 V_TERVH Allowed Pack.Material Types per Material Group Pack. Mat. C TERVH 
83 V_TESPT Alloc. Divis. -> Divis. Cat. C TESPT 
84 V_TESTUSER View for Generating a Maintenance Dialog C IWTESTUSER 
85 V_TETVORG Company Code and Cross-Divisional Transaction Settings C TFKTVO 
86 V_TEUBWA Allowed transaction types C TEUBWA 
87 V_TEUDES Configuration of upload files C TEUDES 
88 V_TEUPL Allocation of channels to upload files C TEUPL 
89 V_TEURA Reports Supporting Alternative Local Currencies C TEURA 
90 V_TEURB Alternative Local Currency for Certain Reports/Company Code C TEURB 
91 V_TEVPTYPE Event Period: Date Type Management C TEVPTYPE 
92 V_TEVPTYPE_APPL Event Period: Date Type Application Management C TEVPTYPE_APPL 
93 V_TEWABEHGRP Allocation of Container Category to Group Type C TEWABEHGRP 
94 V_TEWABEHGRPSD Maintain Allocation of Material Type to Group Type C TEWABEHGRPSD 
95 V_TEWABEHWASTE Allocate Container Cats. and Bulk Weight to Waste Fraction C TEWABEHWASTE 
97 V_TEWABILLTYPE Maintain Waste Billing Category C TEWABILLTYPE 
98 V_TEWABILLTYPEZ Maintain Flds + Fld Characteristics for Waste Billing Cat. C TEWABILLTYPEZ 
99 V_TEWACONFTYPE Definition of notes for confirmation C TEWACONFTYPE 
100 V_TEWACONFTYPEVA Evaulation of notes for confirmation C TEWACONFTYPEVAL 
101 V_TEWACTION Classes That Perform Subsequent Action C TEWACTION 
102 V_TEWACTION_RO Classes That Perform Subsequent Action C TEWACTION 
103 V_TEWACTION_T Read Class Descriptions D TEWACTION 
104 V_TEWADATACHECK Maintenance View for Data Check C TEWA_DATACHECK 
105 V_TEWAFLEETAREA Service areas permitted for vehicle category C TEWAFLEETAREA 
106 V_TEWAFLEETCONT Container categories permitted for vehicle category C TEWAFLEETCONT 
107 V_TEWAFLEETEMPTY Container service types for vehicle category C TEWAFLEETEMPTYP 
108 V_TEWAFRACTION Maintain Waste Fractions C TEWAFRACTION 
109 V_TEWAFRACTIONB View Maintenance of Bulk Weight for Waste Fraction C TEWAFRACTIONBEH 
110 V_TEWAGUARAAT Allocation of Billing Data for Guarantor Category C TEWAGUARANTORAAT 
111 V_TEWAGUARANTOR Guarantor Category Maintenance C TEWAGUARANTOR 
112 V_TEWAGUARANTORZ Maintenance of Guarantor Cat. Fields and Field Properties C TEWAGUARANTORZ 
115 V_TEWAPPL_T Read Texts for TEW Application D TEWAPPLICATION 
116 V_TEWAPROPFIELDS Field Control of Cleaning Object for Property C TEWAPROPFIELDS 
117 V_TEWARESULT Maintain confirmation category C TEWARESULT 
118 V_TEWARESULTS Maintain Fields and Field Properties for Vehicle/Personnel C TEWARESULTZ 
119 V_TEWARESULTW Maintain fields and field characteristics for weighing data C TEWARESULTZ 
120 V_TEWARESULTZ Maintain fields and field characteristics for conf. category C TEWARESULTZ 
121 V_TEWASERVGRPTMP Default Values for Services for Service Grouping C TEWASERVGRPTMPL 
122 V_TEWASERVICE View: Allocation Data for Service Object <-> Service Type D TEWASERVICETMPL 
123 V_TEWASERVICEPOS Allocate Subitem for Service Product to Service Type C TEWASERVICEUPOS 
124 V_TEWASERVICETMP Default Values for Service Type for Service Product C TEWASERVICETMPL 
125 V_TEWASERVZUS Definition of Service Interval Grouping C TEWASERVZUS 
126 V_TEWASSOCHECK Classes That Perform Checks By Association C TEWASSOCHECK 
127 V_TEWAUPOSADMSBL Permissable Waste for Subitem C TEWAUPOSADMISBLE 
128 V_TEWAWASTE Define Material Group as Waste Fractions C TEWAWASTE 
129 V_TEWAWASTEFRACT Allocation of Waste to Waste Fractions C TEWAWASTEFRACT 
130 V_TEWA_EL_001 Maintain Transaction Type for Waste Disposal Facilities C TEWA_EL_001 
131 V_TEWA_EL_002 Maintain Measurement Procedure C TEWA_EL_002 
132 V_TEWA_EL_003 Maintenance of Measurement Procedure C TEWA_EL_003 
133 V_TEWA_EL_004 Maintenance: Type of Waste Disposal Facility C TEWA_EL_004 
134 V_TEWA_EL_005 Maintain Allocation of PM Notification to Operations Log C TEWA_EL_005 
135 V_TEWA_EL_007 Maintenance: Order Types for Waste Disposal Facility C TEWA_EL_007 
136 V_TEWA_WA_002 TEWA_WA_002 Without Strings P TEWA_WA_002 
137 V_TEWBUSSTAT Business process step status C TEWBUSSTAT 
138 V_TEWBUSSTAT_T Business process step status: Description C TEWBUSSTATT 
139 V_TEWCHECK Classes That Perform Checks C TEWCHECK 
140 V_TEWDEFAULTSTEP Default Business Process Step C TEWDEFAULTSTEP 
141 V_TEWDOC2DATATYP Mapping from Document Category to Data Type C TEWDOC2DATATYPE 
142 V_TEWENHANCE Classes for Data Enhancement C TEWENHANCE 
143 V_TEWENHANCE_H Enhancement Classes for Business Process Step D TEWSTEP 
144 V_TEWFILTER Classes That Filter Out Documents Before Display C TEWFILTER 
145 V_TEWFILTER_H Filter Class for Business Process Step D TEWSTEP 
146 V_TEWGROUP Grouping of Business Process Steps C TEWGROUP 
147 V_TEWGROUP_T Texts for Group of Business Process Steps D TEWGROUP 
148 V_TEWMODE Mode of the Step of a Business Process C TEWMODE 
149 V_TEWMODE_T Text for Mode D TEWMODE 
150 V_TEWOCODE View Order Code and Maintenance Planning Plant D TEWOCODE 
151 V_TEWSCEN2ACK Assignment of Association Check Classes C TEWSCEN2ACK 
153 V_TEWSCEN2ENH Assign Enhancement Classes to Operation C TEWSCEN2ENH 
154 V_TEWSCEN2FLT Mapping of Scenario to Filter Class C TEWSCEN2FLT 
156 V_TEWSCENARIO_T Business Scenario: Texts D TEWSCENARIO 
157 V_TEWSELECT Initial Step in Data Selection C TEWSELECT 
158 V_TEWSTEP Business Process Step C TEWSTEP 
159 V_TEWSTEP2CL Assignment to Classes that Perform Action C TEWSTEP2CL 
160 V_TEWSTEP2ENH Assignment of Enhancement Classes to Business Process Step C TEWSTEP2ENH 
161 V_TEWSTEP2FLT Mapping of Step to Filter Class C TEWSTEP2FLT 
162 V_TEWSTEP2OP Classification of an Operation C TEWSTEP2OP 
164 V_TEWSTEP2OP_RO Classification of an Operation C TEWSTEP2OP 
165 V_TEWSTEP2OP_T Texts for Preceding Business Process Step in TEWSTEP2OP D TEWSTEP2OP 
166 V_TEWSTEP2PARA Parameters for Action C TEWSTEP2PARA 
167 V_TEWSTEPGROUP Grouping of Business Process Steps C TEWSTEPGROUP 
168 V_TEWSTEP_T Texts for Business Process Steps D TEWSTEP 
169 V_TEWTARGETSEL Initial Step of Data Selection for Target Documents C TEWTARGETSEL 
170 V_TEWTCGROUP Trading Contract Groups C TEWTCGROUP 
171 V_TEWTYPE Trading Execution Workbench Type C TEWTYPE 
172 V_TEWTYPE_EXP GT Expense: Help View for TEW Type C TEWTYPE 
173 V_TEWTYPE_RO Trading Execution Workbench Type C TEWTYPE 
174 V_TEWTYPE_T Text for TEW Type D TEWTYPE 
175 V_TEWVTCODE Variant Transactions of an Action Class C TEWVTCODE 
176 V_TEWVTCODE_H Possible Variant Transactions for Action Class D TEWTYPE 
177 V_TEXT1 Projection View: Search Help for Groups D SQLRTEXT1 
178 V_TEXT2 Database View: Search Help for Functions D SQLRTEXT2 
179 V_TF001 Global System Settings C TF001 
180 V_TF010 Selection Screen Generation C TF010 
181 V_TF011 Selection Screen Generation C TF011 
182 V_TF020 Textinformation for Domains C TF020 
183 V_TF030 Integrated Entry: Investment/Equity C TF030 
184 V_TF040 Default Values for Characteristics C TF040 
185 V_TF040_DEP Default Values for Characteristics C TF040 
186 V_TF100_I FS Items C TF100 
187 V_TF100_T Translate FS Items C TF100 
188 V_TF100_TL Translation of FS Item Long Texts C TF102 
189 V_TF103 Breakdown Categories C TF103 
190 V_TF103A Breakdown Categories: Breakdowns per Subassignment C TF103A 
191 V_TF103_I Breakdown Categories C TF103 
192 V_TF103_T Translate Breakdown Categories C TF103 
193 V_TF105J FS Item Categories C TF105 
194 V_TF105_T Translate FS Item Categories C TF105 
195 V_TF110_I Subitem Categories C TF110 
196 V_TF110_T Translate Subitem Categories C TF110 
197 V_TF115_I Subitems C TF115 
198 V_TF115_T Translate Subitems C TF115 
199 V_TF115_TL Translation of Subitem Long Texts C TF117 
200 V_TF120_I Consolidation Charts of Accounts C TF120 
201 V_TF120_T Translate Cons Charts of Accounts C TF120 
202 V_TF123 Additional Rules For Automatic Clearing C TF123 
203 V_TF130J FS Item Hierarchies C TF130 
204 V_TF130_T Translate FS Item Hierarchies C TF130 
205 V_TF140 Selected FS Items C TF140 
206 V_TF140_6 Selected Items for Consolidation of Investments C TF140 
207 V_TF141_D Special Document Type-Specific FS Items C TF141 
208 V_TF150_T Translate Dimensions C TF150 
209 V_TF155 Assign Task Groups C TF155 
210 V_TF160_T Translate Consolidation Units C TF160 
211 V_TF164 Cons Units: Assign Financial Data Types C TF164 
212 V_TF166 Validation Assignments C TF166 
213 V_TF166_I Cons Units: Assign Validations C TF166 
214 V_TF167_1 Cons Units: Assign Currency Translation Method C TF167 
215 V_TF168 Fiscal Year Variant Assignments C TF168 
216 V_TF169 Cons Units: Assign Tax Rate C TF169 
217 V_TF170J Position of Contact Person C TF170 
218 V_TF170_T Translate Position of Contact Person C TF170 
219 V_TF172 Assign Contact Persons C TF172 
220 V_TF173J Reasons for Inclusion C TF173 
221 V_TF173_T Translate Reasons for Inclusion C TF173 
222 V_TF173_TL Translation of Reasons for Inclusion (Long Texts) C TF175 
223 V_TF175 Reasons for Inclusion: Long Texts C TF175 
224 V_TF180_T Translate Consolidation Groups C TF180 
225 V_TF183 Validation Assignments C TF183 
226 V_TF183_I Cons Groups: Assign Validation and Rollup CU Recordability C TF183 
227 V_TF188 Consolidation Groups: Task Group Assignments C TF188 
228 V_TF189A Inactive Consolidation Units per Consolidation Group C TF189A 
229 V_TF190_T Translate Hierarchies C TF190 
230 V_TF194 Hierarchy: Cons. Task Assignments C TF194 
231 V_TF195J Hierarchy Levels C TF195 
232 V_TF195_T Translate Hierarchy Levels C TF195 
233 V_TF197 Hierarchy: Hierarchy Level Assignments C TF197 
234 V_TF197J Hierarchy: Hierarchy Level Assignments C TF197 
235 V_TF198J Hierarchy Level Relationships C TF198 
236 V_TF199AJ Organizational Elements of the Hierarchies C TF199A 
237 V_TF199CJ Characteristic Values of Org. Elements C TF199C 
238 V_TF199EJ Organizational Element Relationships C TF199E 
239 V_TF200 Consolidation Versions C TF200 
240 V_TF200_T Translate Consolidation Versions C TF200 
241 V_TF202 Structure Versions C TF202 
242 V_TF202_T Translate Versions of Structures C TF202 
243 V_TF204 Data Entry Versions C TF204 
244 V_TF206 Currency Translation Method Versions C TF206 
245 V_TF208 Exchange Rate Versions C TF208 
246 V_TF210 Ledger Versions C TF210 
247 V_TF212 Versions for Selected FS Items C TF212 
248 V_TF214 Tax Rate Versions C TF214 
249 V_TF216 Consolidation of Investment Method Versions C TF216 
250 V_TF218 Investment Versions C TF218 
251 V_TF220 Equity Versions C TF220 
252 V_TF222 Hidden Reserve (Fair Value Adjustment) Versions C TF222 
253 V_TF224 Versions of Eliminated Hidden Reserves (FVA) C TF224 
254 V_TF226 Retained Earnings Versions C TF226 
255 V_TF228 Versions of Goodwill C TF228 
256 V_TF230 Task Version for IU Elimination C TF230 
257 V_TF230_T Translate Versions of Tasks C TF230 
258 V_TF232 Reclassifications Version C TF232 
259 V_TF234 Versions for Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory C TF234 
260 V_TF236 Versions: Attributes C TF236 
261 V_TF240 Consolidation Frequencies C TF240 
262 V_TF242 Consolidation Periods C TF242 
263 V_TF245 Consolidation Cycles C TF245 
264 V_TF247 Assignment of Cons Frequency to Cons Cycles C TF247 
265 V_TF248 Assignment of Consolidation Cycles C TF248 
266 V_TF280 Custom Tasks: Assigned Program C TF280 
267 V_TF285 Log Archiving C TF285 
268 V_TF290 Copy Tasks C TF290 
269 V_TF291 Cons Groups to be Copied C TF291 
270 V_TF292 Cons Units to be Copied C TF292 
271 V_TF293 Assignment of Source Tasks to Copy Task C TF293 
272 V_TF310 Data Entry Group C TF310 
273 V_TF320J Financial Data Types C TF320 
274 V_TF320_T Translation of Financial Data Types C TF320 
275 V_TF325 Period Categories C TF325 
276 V_TF325_T Translate Period Categories C TF325 
277 V_TF330 Data Entry Groups: Layout Assignments C TF330 
278 V_TF335 Scaling Factor for Online Entry C TF335 
279 V_TF340 Data Entry Profile C TF340 
280 V_TF350 Assign Directory to Receiver Cons Group C TF350 
281 V_TF360 Selection Criteria for Specific Downloads C TF360 
282 V_TF361 Selection Criteria for General Downloads C TF361 
283 V_TF362 Maintain Selection Parameters for Downloading Financial Data C TF362 
284 V_TF370 Validation: Equivalency Table C TF370 
285 V_TF380 Upload Methods C TF380 
286 V_TF380_T Translate Upload Methods C TF380 
287 V_TF390391 Items to be Carried Forward C TF390 
288 V_TF390392 Items Not to be Carried Forward C TF390 
289 V_TF400 Translation Methods C TF550 
290 V_TF400_T Translate Currency Translation Methods C TF400 
291 V_TF410 Method Entries for Currency Translation C TF410 
292 V_TF415 FS Items for Posting Trans. Diffs with Effect on Earnings C TF415 
293 V_TF420 Exchange Rate Indicators C TF420 
294 V_TF420_T Translate Exchange Rate Indicators C TF420 
295 V_TF425 Exchange Rate Indicators: Exchange Rate Type Assignments C TF425 
296 V_TF500 Document Types C TF500 
297 V_TF500_T Translate Document Types C TF500 
298 V_TF503 Chart-Based Document Type Attributes C TF503 
299 V_TF505 Version-Based Document Type Attributes C TF505 
300 V_TF505_6 C/I Relevance of Document Types C TF505 
301 V_TF506 Document Types: Control of Subassignments C TF506 
302 V_TF510 Validation of Consolidation Documents C TF510 
303 V_TF515 Journal Entry Layouts C TF515 
304 V_TF515_T Translate Journal Entry Layouts C TF515 
305 V_TF517 Journal Entry Layout: Structure C TF517 
306 V_TF530_1 Task Groups C TF530 
307 V_TF530_T Translate Task Groups C TF530 
308 V_TF532_1 Task Groups: Task Assignments C TF532 
309 V_TF533 Task Groups: Preceding Tasks C TF533 
310 V_TF540_01 Tasks for Carrying Forward Balances C TF540 
311 V_TF540_02 Tasks for Data Collection C TF540 
312 V_TF540_03 Tasks for Validating Reported Financial Data C TF540 
313 V_TF540_04 Tasks for Manual Posting C TF540 
314 V_TF540_05 Consolidation Tasks: Currency Translation C TF540 
315 V_TF540_06 Tasks for Validating Standardized Data C TF540 
316 V_TF540_07 Tasks for Contra Items/Retained Earnings C TF540 
317 V_TF540_08 Tasks for Preparation for Cons Group Changes C TF540 
318 V_TF540_09 Tasks for Rolling Up Standardized Data C TF540 
319 V_TF540_0A Consolidation Tasks: Apportionment C TF540 
320 V_TF540_1 Tasks for Interunit Elimination C TF540 
321 V_TF540_20 Consolidation Tasks: Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory C TF540 
322 V_TF540_4 Tasks for Consolidation of Investments C TF540 
323 V_TF540_5 Tasks for Reclassifications C TF540 
324 V_TF540_60 Tasks for Rollups C TF540 
325 V_TF540_70 Tasks for Validating Consolidated Values C TF540 
326 V_TF540_C Copy Tasks C TF540 
327 V_TF540_N Consolidation Tasks: Simple Tasks C TF540 
328 V_TF540_T Translate Tasks C TF540 
329 V_TF540_U Consolidation Tasks: Custom Tasks C TF540 
330 V_TF542 Tasks: Task Version Assignments C TF542 
331 V_TF542_1 Tasks: Task Version Assignments C TF542 
332 V_TF542_2 Task Versions C TF542 
333 V_TF543 Tasks: Method and Document Type Assignments C TF543 
334 V_TF543_1 Tasks: Method and Document Type Assignments C TF543 
335 V_TF544 Tasks: Task Group Exceptions C TF544 
336 V_TF545 Tasks: Exceptions for CUs and CGs C TF545 
337 V_TF550_1 Methods for Interunit Elimination C TF550 
338 V_TF550_50 Methods for Reclassification C TF550 
339 V_TF550_T Translate Methods C TF550 
340 V_TF555_1 IU Elimination: Control Options C TF555 
341 V_TF556_1 IU Elimination: FS Item Sets C TF556 
342 V_TF556_2 IU Elimination: FS Item Sets C TF556 
343 V_TF557 Threshold for Posting Differences during IU Elimination C TF557 
344 V_TF558_1 Reclassification for Proportional Consolidation C TF558 
345 V_TF560 Methods for Reclassification C TF560 
346 V_TF562 Assign Method, Document Type to Task C TF562 
347 V_TF570 Tasks for Manual Posting - Document Type Assignments C TF570 
348 V_TF575 Tasks for Prep. for CG Changes: Document Type Assignments C TF575 
349 V_TF580 Product Groups C TF580 
350 V_TF583 Assignment of Inventory Items to Product Groups C TF583 
351 V_TF584 Assignment of Inventory Items to Product Groups C TF584 
352 V_TF584_S Assignment of Inventory Items to Product Groups C TF584 
353 V_TF585 Inventory Data for Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory C TF585 
354 V_TF586 Supplier Data for Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory C TF586 
355 V_TF591 Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: FS Items C TF591 
356 V_TF592_A Product Group-Dependent Posted Items C TF592 
357 V_TF592_B Inventory Item-Dependent Posted Item C TF592 
358 V_TF593 Subassignments of Inventory Items C TF593 
359 V_TF595 Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Task Settings C TF595 
360 V_TF599 Global Settings for Elim. of IU P/L in Inventory C TF599 
361 V_TF600 Consolidation of Investments Methods C TF550 
362 V_TF602 C/I Methods: Cons Chart of Accounts-Based Settings C TF602 
363 V_TF610 C/I Tasks: Activity and Accounting Technique Assignments C TF610 
364 V_TF615 C/I Tasks: Assignment of Document Types C TF615 
365 V_TF615_I C/I Tasks: Assignment of Document Types C TF615 
366 V_TF616 C/I Activities/Acctg Techniques: Document Type Assignments C TF616 
367 V_TF635 Goodwill/Neg.Goodwill C TF635 
368 V_TF635A Goodwill/Negative Goodwill C TF635A 
369 V_TF635A_1 Goodwill/negative goodwill C TF635A 
370 V_TF635_1 Goodwill/negative goodwill C TF635 
371 V_TF640 Fair Value Adjustments C TF640 
372 V_TF641 Fair Value Adjustments: Subnumber C TF641 
373 V_TF643 Fair Value Adjustments: Version/Date-Sensitive C TF643 
374 V_TF644 Fair Value Adjustments: Cons Chart of Accounts-Sensitive C TF644 
375 V_TF645 Reported Data for Fair Value Adjustments C TF645 
376 V_TF655 C/I Entry of Activities: Default Values C TF655 
377 V_TF656 Activities - Default Sequence C TF656 
378 V_TF657 Activities: Goodwill Treatment C TF657 
379 V_TF658 Reported Items for Changes in Equity C TF658 
380 V_TF659 Reported Items for Push-down Accounting C TF659 
381 V_TF660 Equity Holdings Adjustments C TF660 
382 V_TF665 Scope of Reported Data for the Equity Method C TF665 
383 V_TF667 Reported Items for Equity Holdings Adjustments C TF667 
384 V_TF690 C/I - System Utilization C TF690 
385 V_TF691 C/I - Global Settings C TF691 
386 V_TF692 C/I - Global Chart of Account-Based Settings C TF692 
387 V_TF693 Subitems for Equity Aging Report C TF693 
388 V_TF695101 Distribution of Dividends C TF695 
389 V_TF695102 Directors' Bonus C TF695 
390 V_TF695_1 Minority Interest Items C TF695 
391 V_TF695_2 Appropriation Items for the Group C TF695 
392 V_TF695_3 Appropriation Items for Minority Interest C TF695 
393 V_TF695_4 Statistical Shareholders' Equity C TF695 
394 V_TF695_5 Other Comprehensive Income C TF695 
395 V_TF695_6 Other Comprehensive Income, Offsetting Items C TF695 
396 V_TF696 Posting Items for the Equity Method C TF696 
397 V_TF697 Posting Items for Push-down Accounting C TF697 
398 V_TF810 Top Groups, Organizational Changes C TF810 
399 V_TF820 Organizational Change Numbers C TF820 
400 V_TF822 Organizational Changes: Version/Time-Dependent C TF822 
401 V_TF823 Organizational Changes: Group Assignment C TF823 
402 V_TF90QS Characteristics: System Attributes C TF90QS 
403 V_TF90S Characteristics: System Fields C TF90S 
404 V_TF90SD Characteristics: Dependencies of System Fields C TF90SD 
405 V_TF9N1 Maint.View for Generated Char. Table of Consolidation C TF9N1 
406 V_TFAAC_ACI_DT View for TFAAC_ACI_DT: Document Type from Operational Doc. C TFAAC_ACI_DT 
407 V_TFACT_SET Fact Set Definition C TFACT_SET 
408 V_TFACT_SETABTYP Fact Set Maintenance. Revenue type assignments C TFACT_SET_ABTYP 
409 V_TFACT_SET_PART Fact Set Maintenance C TFACT_SET_PART 
410 V_TFACT_TYPE Fact Type Definition C TFACT_TYPE 
411 V_TFACT_TYPEPART Fact Type Parts Maintenance View C TFACT_TYPE_PART 
412 V_TFAG Define Clearing Rules C TFAG 
413 V_TFAGM Maintenance View for Assigning FI Clearing Rules C TFAGM 
414 V_TFAGS View for Defining FI Clearing Rules C TFAGS 
415 V_TFAT Network/Hierarchy: Field Definition C TFAT 
416 V_TFAWT Screen group texts in screen title C TFAWT 
417 V_TFBW0 Destination and Target InfoCube for Data Transfer from BW C TFBW0 
418 V_TFBW1 Data Stream for Data Transfer into BW C TFBW1 
419 V_TFBW2 Mapping InfoObjects -> Field Names C TFBW2 
420 V_TFBW3 Data Streams from BW C TFBW3 
421 V_TFBW4 Additional Selections C TFBW4 
422 V_TFBWD Personal Customizing for Returned Bills/Exch.Payable (FBWD) C TFBWD 
423 V_TFBWE Personal Customizing for Bill of Exchange Presentation(FBWE) C TFBWE 
425 V_TFC_RT_JOB Join JOBID and Status D TFC_RT_JOBID 
426 V_TFC_SREP_INST Attributes of Task List D TFC_INST_HDR 
427 V_TFC_SREP_INSTT Texts of Task List D TFC_INST_HDR 
428 V_TFC_TYPE_DOC Document Type C TFC_TYPE_DOC 
429 V_TFDM_001 Company Codes C T001 
430 V_TFDM_BDREASON Dispute Case Reasons for Biller Direct C TFDM_BDREASON 
431 V_TFDM_CUSTDISP Customer-Disputed Objects in Dispute Cases C TFDM_CUSTDISP 
432 V_TFDM_DEFCC Default Values for Company Code C TFDM_DEFCC 
433 V_TFDM_DEFRC Default Values for Deduction Reason C TFDM_DEFRC 
434 V_TFDM_DEFREF Valid Fields for Reference Default Values C TFDM_DEFREF 
435 V_TFDM_MAPPING FSCM-DM: Maint. View for Determination of Values for Synchr. C FDM_AR_MAPPING 
436 V_TFDM_P2PCC Settings for Promise to Pay C TFDM_P2PCC 
437 V_TFDM_RSTGR Reason Codes for Integration with CRM Claims Management C TFDM_RSTGR 
438 V_TFDM_SOURCEFLD FSCM-DM: Maintenance View for Sel. of Synch. Source Fields C FDM_AR_SOURCEFLD 
439 V_TFDM_SYNC FSCM-DM: Overview Screen: Determination of Attribute Values C FDM_AR_SYNC 
440 V_TFDM_UMSKZ Special G/L Indicator for Integration with CRM Claims Mgt C TFDM_UMSKZ 
441 V_TFDM_WRITEOFF1 Cost Center for Writing Off Dispute Cases C TFDM_WRITEOFF01 
442 V_TFDM_WRITEOFF2 G/L Account for Writing Off Dispute Case C TFDM_WRITEOFF02 
443 V_TFE01 BDF: Currency Key C TFE01 
444 V_TFE02 BDF: Countries C TFE02 
445 V_TFE05 BDF State Central Bank Indic. C TFE05 
446 V_TFE18 BDF: Identif. of Offsett. Accounts C TFE18 
447 V_TFE19 BDF: Identif. of Offsett. Accounts C TFE19 
448 V_TFIBLHBG Group of house bank accounts: Definition C TFIBLHBG 
449 V_TFIBLHBG1 House bank accounts: Assignment C TFIBLHBG1 
450 V_TFIBLMPAYBLOCK Reservation for Cross-Payment Run Payment Media C TFIBLMPAYBLOCK 
451 V_TFIBLOPDOCTYPE Permitted Document Types for Online Payments C TFIBLOPDOCTYPE 
454 V_TFIBLORIGIND Assignment of origin to overriding origin C TFIBLORIGIND 
455 V_TFIBLSCREEN Country-Dependent Field Control C TFIBLSCREEN 
456 V_TFIBLSCREEN1 Definition of Contents of SCREEN Groups C TFIBLSCREEN1 
457 V_TFICA_DEF Samples for Contract Account Types C TFICA_DEF 
458 V_TFIEH_GF_001 Handling Methods C TFIEH_GF_001 
459 V_TFIEH_GF_002 Methods for Retrieval of Object Data C TFIEH_GF_002 
460 V_TFILAFM_IRCM Interest Calculation Methods C TFILAFM_IRCM 
461 V_TFILAGF007CFA Assignment of Payment Schedule to Value IDs C TFILA_GF_007CFA 
462 V_TFILA_ACCRULE Acct Principle for Classification in CRM Pricing C TFILA_ACCRULE 
463 V_TFILA_EXPL_001 Structure of Tree Control/Table LAE_CRM_ITEMS C TFILA_EXPL_001 
464 V_TFILA_FA_001 Assignment of CRM Transaction Types to Trans. Types C TFILA_FA_001 
465 V_TFILA_FA_002 Assign Accounting Principles to Depreciation Areas C TFILA_FA_002 
466 V_TFILA_FA_003 Specify Adjustment of Useful Life for Upgrades C TFILA_FA_003 
467 V_TFILA_GF_000C Closed Posting Periods for Lease Accounting Engine C TFILA_GF_000C 
468 V_TFILA_GF_000R Define Reasons for Change C TFILA_GF_000R 
469 V_TFILA_GF_001 Help View: Assign Reference Value IDs C TFILA_GF_001 
470 V_TFILA_GF_001C Changeable Value IDs C TFILA_GF_001C 
471 V_TFILA_GF_001CE Define Change Processes C TFILA_GF_001CE 
472 V_TFILA_GF_001E Change Processes C TFILA_GF_001E 
473 V_TFILA_GF_001S Subprocesses C TFILA_GF_001S 
474 V_TFILA_GF_003 Maintenance View Tfila_GF_003 C TFILA_GF_003 
475 V_TFILA_GF_003AL Value Determ. Using Method/Formula/Assignment of Constants C TFILA_GF_003 
476 V_TFILA_GF_003M For Later Use of Value IDs for Retrieval C TFILA_GF_003M 
477 V_TFILA_GF_003MV Assignment Value ID <-> Processing Method C TFILA_GF_003MV 
478 V_TFILA_GF_003R Value IDs Referenced from Method C TFILA_GF_003R 
479 V_TFILA_GF_003RB Assignment of Methods to Reference Value IDs C TFILA_GF_003RB 
480 V_TFILA_GF_003RM Help View: Assign Reference Value IDs C TFILA_GF_003R 
481 V_TFILA_GF_004 Assignment of Value IDs to Accrual Types C TFILA_GF_004 
482 V_TFILA_GF_004BT Assignmt of Value IDs to Accrual Types for Determ. Balances C TFILA_GF_004BT 
483 V_TFILA_GF_004CF Assignment of Payment Schedule C TFILA_GF_004CF 
484 V_TFILA_GF_005 Assignment Acct Assignment Rule/Doc.Grouping Characteristic C TFILA_GF_005 
485 V_TFILA_GF_006 Assign Accounting Principle C TFILA_GF_006 
486 V_TFILA_GF_007 Value Transfer from Condition Types C TFILA_GF_007 
487 V_TFILA_GF_007CF Definition of Payment Schedules C TFILA_GF_007CF 
488 V_TFILA_GF_008 Group Company Codes C TFILA_GF_008 
489 V_TFILA_GF_008G Company Code Groups C TFILA_GF_008G 
490 V_TFILA_GF_009 Assgnmt of Value ID to Structure Fld - Value Determination C TFILA_GF_009 
491 V_TFILA_GF_009F Field Assignment of Two Structures C TFILA_GF_009F 
492 V_TFILA_GF_009V Field Transfer for Value IDs: All Fields C TFILA_GF_009V 
493 V_TFILA_GF_011 Option IDs C TFILA_GF_011 
494 V_TFILA_GF_020S Maintenance View TFILA_GF_020S C TFILA_GF_020S 
495 V_TFILA_GF_020T Maintenance View C TFILA_GF_020T 
496 V_TFILA_GF_100 Assignment of Derivations C TFILA_GF_100 
497 V_TFILA_GF_110 Maintenance of VSR Check Sequences for Lease Accounting C TFILA_GF_110 
498 V_TFILA_GF_111 Maintenance of VSR Check Steps for Lease Accounting C TFILA_GF_111 
499 V_TFILA_LC_001 Financing Classification Groups C TFILA_LC_001 
500 V_TFILA_LC_002 Financing Classes C TFILA_LC_002