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# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T7KR35 Korea Non-taxable/Exempted Item Field Definition C T7KR35 
2 V_T7KR38 Retirement Reason C T7KR38 
3 V_T7KR39 Dependant's Type C T7KR39 
4 V_T7KR41 Privacy Data Protection Fields and Level C T7KR41 
5 V_T7KR5A Korea Infotype Subtype Repeat/Non-Repeat Setting C T7KR5A 
6 V_T7KR5B Define Structure Fields by Subtype C T7KR5B 
7 V_T7KR5C Infotype's Secondary Subtype C T7KR5C 
8 V_T7KR5D Financial Institution Code C T7KR5D 
9 V_T7KRBP Business Place C T7KRBP 
10 V_T7KRC0 National contributor C T7KRC0 
11 V_T7KRC2 Recruit method of national contributor KR C T7KRC2 
12 V_T7KRC4 Type of challenges KR C T7KRC4 
13 V_T7KRC6 Family relationship C T577 
14 V_T7KRC7 Job type for unemployment insurance KR C T7KRC6 
15 V_T7KRC8 Recruit method for unemployment insurance C T7KRC8 
16 V_T7KRD0 Disciplinary measure KR C T7KRD0 
17 V_T7KRE0 Define school career for Korea (Conversion) C T7KRE0 
18 V_T7KRE1 Define school career C T7KRE2 
19 V_T7KRF0 Family allowance maintenance C T7KRF0 
20 V_T7KRIC Korea Social Insurance Contribution C T7KRIC 
21 V_T7KRIR Korea Social Insurance Premium Rates Maintenance C T7KRIR 
22 V_T7KRL1 HR Loan Repayment Off cycle reasons KR C T7KRL1 
23 V_T7KRM0 Military Rank KR C T7KRM0 
24 V_T7KRM2 Military Service Type KR C T7KRM2 
25 V_T7KRM4 Military Job Class KR C T7KRM4 
26 V_T7KRM6 Military Primary Skill KR C T7KRM6 
27 V_T7KRMR HR Medical Insurance Premium Rate KR C T7KRMR 
28 V_T7KRNF Korea Associate Non-taxable/Exempted Allowance to Form Field C T7KRNF 
29 V_T7KRNW Korea Associate Wage Types to Non-taxable/Exempted Allowance C T7KRNW 
30 V_T7KRNW_P Korea Associate Wage Types to Non-tax/Exem Allowances (Prv.) C T7KRNW 
31 V_T7KRP0 Previous Company / Taxpayer Association C T7KRP0 
32 V_T7KRR0 Seniority allowance C T7KRR0 
33 V_T7KRR1 Seniority calculation method C T7KRR1 
34 V_T7KRR2 Define Retirement Pension Plan C T7KRR2 
35 V_T7KRR3 Define External Institution C T7KRR3 
36 V_T7KRR4 Assign Pension Plans to External Institutions C T7KRR4 
37 V_T7KRR5 Define Decision Factor C T7KRR5 
38 V_T7KRR6 Define Contribution Rate C T7KRR6 
39 V_T7KRR7 Define Contribution Calculation Method C T7KRR7 
40 V_T7KRR9 Define Participant Status C T7KRR9 
41 V_T7KRS2 Separation payment average calculation period C T7KRS2 
42 V_T7KRS3 Wage type group C T7KRS3 
43 V_T7KRS5 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups C T7KRS5 
44 V_T7KRS6 Calculation method C T7KRS6 
45 V_T7KRS8 Service period calculation method C T7KRS8 
46 V_T7KRSA Payroll grouping C T7KRSA 
47 V_T7KRSC Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups C T7KRSC 
48 V_T7KRSI Social Insurance Agency C T7KRSI 
49 V_T7KRSI_A Social Insurance Agency Data C T7KRSI 
50 V_T7KRSI_B National Pension Corporation V V_T7KRSI 
51 V_T7KRSI_C Labour Ministry V V_T7KRSI 
52 V_T7KRSI_D Compensation amount calculation method for medical insurance C T7KRSI 
53 V_T7KRSR Korea Premium Rate for NP, EI and WCI C T7KRSR 
54 V_T7KRST Simple Tax Table C T7KRST 
55 V_T7KRT1 Tax deduction items C T7KRT1 
56 V_T7KRTD Validity period for version of Tax rate table C T7KRTD 
57 V_T7KRTM Tax calculation method C T7KRTM 
58 V_T7KRTR Income tax rate table C T7KRTR 
59 V_T7KRTS Selection of deduction items in withholding tax calculation C T7KRTS 
60 V_T7KRTV Version number C T7KRTV 
61 V_T7MX01 Additional Company information C T7MX01 
62 V_T7MX02 Mexican reasons for personnel actions C T7MX02 
63 V_T7MX03 Assignment tax table to employee group/subgroup C T7MX03 
64 V_T7MX0P_A Personnel area/subarea additional information C T7MX0P 
65 V_T7MX0P_B Personnel area/subarea INFONAVIT additional information C T7MX0P 
66 V_T7MX0P_C Personnel area/subarea FONACOT additional information C T7MX0P 
67 V_T7MX11 Tax table types C T7MX11 
68 V_T7MX12 Tax tables C T7MX12 
69 V_T7MX13 Tax subsidy C T7MX13 
70 V_T7MX14 Employment subsidy for taxes C T7MX14 
71 V_T7MX15 State tax C T7MX15 
72 V_T7MX16 Tax subsidy C T7MX16 
73 V_T7MX17 Breakdown groupers for the state tax basis C T7MX17 
74 V_T7MX18 Wage types for forming the state tax basis C T7MX18 
75 V_T7MX19 State tax supplementary tax rates C T7MX19 
76 V_T7MX20 IMSS occupational hazard C T7MX20 
77 V_T7MX21 Company and employee contributions C T7MX21 
78 V_T7MX22 Exempt parts for wage integration C T7MX22 
79 V_T7MX23 Contribution types C T7MX23 
80 V_T7MX24 General IMSS employer registration information C T7MX24 
81 V_T7MX25 State tax supplementary taxes C T7MX25 
82 V_T7MX30 Annual bonus modifiers C T7MX30 
83 V_T7MX40 Additional information for absences C T7MX40 
84 V_T7MX50 View Administration of Savings Fund investment period C T7MX50 
85 V_T7MX62 Minimum wages of economic zones C T7MX62 
86 V_T7MX63 Municipalities C T7MX63 
87 V_T7MX64 Economic zones for municipalities C T7MX64 
88 V_T7MX70 Parts exempt from tax calculation C T7MX70 
89 V_T7MX80 Work termination type C T7MX80 
90 V_T7MX82 Payments to be made in the work termination process C T7MX82 
91 V_T7MX84 Payments corresponding to work termination types C T7MX84 
92 V_T7MX85 Time quota compensation types for work termination C T7MX85 
93 V_T7MXCEGP01 Grouping Values for IMSS employer reg. no. MX D T7MXCEGP01 
94 V_T7MXCEGP02 Grouping Values for Federal Register of Contributions D T7MXCEGP02 
95 V_T7MXCONVN Pay scales C T7MXCONV 
96 V_T7MXG1 Model gross/net C T7MXG1 
97 V_T7MXG2 Default values C T7MXG2 
98 V_T7MXPBS10 ISSSTE - Medical clinic code, name and address C T7MXPBS10 
99 V_T7MXPBS12 ISSSTE Contributions Details for Employee and Employer C T7MXPBS12 
100 V_T7MXPBS16 Pay scales and regimes C T7MXPBS16 
101 V_T7MXPBS1P Personnel area/subarea, ISSSTE Branch code and Paying agent C T7MX0P 
102 V_T7MXPBS20 Maintain Loan Types C T7MXPBS20 
103 V_T7MXPBS21 Loan Type & Wage Type Mapping C T7MXPBS21 
104 V_T7MXPBS30 SAR Report period C T7MXPBS30 
105 V_T7MXPBS31 Payment Center C T7MXPBS31 
106 V_T7NZCAT Employee Categories NZ C T7NZCAT 
107 V_T7NZCIR Company Tax Details - NZ C T7NZCIR 
108 V_T7NZCT Employee Category - NZ C T7NZCT 
109 V_T7NZGM Payroll Exception Messages NZ C T7NZGM 
110 V_T7NZGM_A Superannuation Messages NZ C T7NZGM 
111 V_T7NZIR Inland Revenue Certificates NZ C T7NZIR 
112 V_T7NZLA Leave Accrual Description NZ C T7NZLA 
113 V_T7NZLC Leave Payment Calculation Table - NZ C T7NZLC 
114 V_T7NZLE Related Leave Types NZ C T7NZLE 
115 V_T7NZLG Leave Type Grouping NZ C T7NZLG 
116 V_T7NZLL Leave Payment Calculation Table - NZ C T7NZLL 
117 V_T7NZLP Leave Payment Rules NZ C T7NZLP 
118 V_T7NZLR Leave Rules NZ C T7NZLR 
119 V_T7NZLS Country Specific Attendance and Absence Types View C T7NZLS 
120 V_T7NZLT Termination Wage Types for Leave NZ C T7NZLT 
121 V_T7NZLU Unpaid Absence Rules NZ C T7NZLU 
122 V_T7NZLV Leave Accrual Payout Rules On Termination NZ C T7NZLV 
123 V_T7NZPL View for Absencce quotas affected by parental leave C T7NZPL 
124 V_T7NZSF Superannuation Funds NZ C T7NZSF 
125 V_T7NZSS Convert Screen percentage to actual Salary Sacrifice Perc. C T7NZSS 
126 V_T7NZST Super. Coy Contri. Inflow, Outflow and Gross/Net Wage Types C T7NZST 
127 V_T7NZTC Taxation Codes Designation NZ C T7NZTC 
128 V_T7NZTE Taxation Earner Premiums NZ C T7NZTE 
129 V_T7NZTI Independent Earner Tax Credit NZ C T7NZTI 
130 V_T7NZTL Taxation Student Loans NZ C T7NZTL 
131 V_T7NZTN National Superannuitant Designation NZ C T7NZTN 
132 V_T7NZTP Taxation Extra Pay Threshold C T7NZTP 
133 V_T7NZTR Taxation Rebates NZ C T7NZTR 
134 V_T7NZTS National Superannuitant Codes NZ C T7NZTS 
135 V_T7NZTX Tax Scales New Zealand C T7NZTX 
136 V_T7NZXL Termination Wage Types for Leave NZ C T7NZXL 
137 V_T7PBS00TRF_BAS Legal Basis C T7PBS00TRF_BAS 
138 V_T7PBS00TRF_DAT Payscale Group-Dependent Data C T7PBS00TRF_DAT 
139 V_T7PBS00TRF_EVT Pay Scale Events (Such as Standard Pay Increase) C T7PBS00TRF_EVT 
140 V_T7PBSCA1A Calculation Module C T7PBSCA1A 
141 V_T7PBSCA1B Overriding of Calculation Module by Customer C T7PBSCA1B 
142 V_T7PBSCA2A Calculation Time Calculation Module C T7PBSCA2A 
143 V_T7PBSCA2B Results Calculation Times C T7PBSCA2B 
144 V_T7PBSCA2C Results of Calculation Points Customer C T7PBSCA2C 
145 V_T7PBSCA2D Indicator Public Services Regulation C T7PBSCA2D 
146 V_T7PBSCA2E Assignmt of Public Serv. Regulation to Pay Scale Type/Area C T7PBSCA2E 
147 V_T7PBSCA2F Individual Texts Notice Creation C T7PBSCA2F 
148 V_T7PBSCA2G Permitted Domains for Entering Own Fixed Value Texts C T7PBSCA2G 
149 V_T7PBSCA2H Alternative Texts for Fixed Value Domains C T7PBSCA2H 
150 V_T7PBSCA2I Permitted Data Elements for Entering Own Quick Info Texts C T7PBSCA2I 
151 V_T7PBSCA2J Definition of Quick Info Texts C T7PBSCA2J 
152 V_T7PBSCA3A Assignment of Results from Calculation Modules to Wage Types C T7PBSCA3A 
153 V_T7PBSCA3B Assgmt of Results from Calc. Modules to Customer Wage Types C T7PBSCA3B 
154 V_T7PBSDEC_COSTS XDEC: Cost Distribution Definition C T7PBSDEC_COSTS 
155 V_T7PBSDEC_WTGRP XDEC: Wage Type Group Definition C T7PBSDEC_WTGRP 
156 V_T7PBSMD1C Maintenance View for Fieldgroup definition C T7PBSMD1C 
157 V_T7PBSMD1D Maintainance view for Fields of fieldgroup C T7PBSMD1D 
158 V_T7PBSMD1E Mntn view for Assignment of Field grp to Sub process scenaio C T7PBSMD1E 
159 V_T7PBSNO1A Maintenance View for Notification definition C T7PBSNO1A 
160 V_T7PBSNO1B Maintain Notification Groups C T7PBSNO1B 
161 V_T7PBSNO2A Assign Notification ID to notification group C T7PBSNO2A 
162 V_T7PBSNO2A_GRP Grouping of Notification ID for a Notification Group C T7PBSNO2A 
163 V_T7PBSNO2B Assign Class Name and Form to the Notification C T7PBSNO2B 
164 V_T7PBSNO2C Assign Notification Group to Business/Process Scenario C T7PBSNO2C 
165 V_T7PBSNO5A Define document types C T7PBSNO5A 
166 V_T7PBSNO5B Define of notification packages C T7PBSNO5B 
167 V_T7PBSNO6A Group notifications in packages C T7PBSNO6A 
168 V_T7PBSNO6B Assignment of Document type to package C T7PBSNO6B 
169 V_T7PBSWB1A Obsolete: Do not use C T7PBSWB1A 
170 V_T7PBSWB1B Obsolete: Do not use C T7PBSWB1B 
171 V_T7PBSWB1C Assignment of transaction code to business scenario C T7PBSWB1C 
172 V_T7PBSWB1D Specification of process scenario C T7PBSWB1D 
173 V_T7PBSWB1E Assignment of process scenario C T7PBSWB1E 
174 V_T7PBSWB2A Obsolete: Do not use C T7PBSWB2A 
175 V_T7PBSWB2B Sub process scenarios C T7PBSWB2B 
176 V_T7PBSWB2C Process status C T7PBSWB2C 
177 V_T7PBSWB2D Request modes C T7PBSWB2D 
178 V_T7PBSWB2E Process group for Sub Proc Scen and process tasks C T7PBSWB2E 
179 V_T7PBSWB2F Grouping for sub process scenarios C T7PBSWB2F 
180 V_T7PBSWB2G Grouping for status C T7PBSWB2G 
181 V_T7PBSWB2H Business rules C T7PBSWB2H 
182 V_T7PBSWB2I Process status flow rule C T7PBSWB2I 
183 V_T7PBSWB2J Process Scenarios C T7PBSWB2J 
184 V_T7PBSWB2K Grouping for process tasks C T7PBSWB2K 
185 V_T7PBSWB2L Process tasks C T7PBSWB2L 
186 V_T7PBSWB2M Appications using PWE C T7PBSWB2M 
187 V_T7PBSWB3A Grouping for sub process scenarios C T7PBSWB3A 
188 V_T7PBSWB3B Assignment of Grouping for status C T7PBSWB3B 
189 V_T7PBSWB3C Grouping for process tasks C T7PBSWB3C 
190 V_T7PBSWB4A Specification of Proc group for Sub Proc Scen and Proc task C T7PBSWB4A 
191 V_T7PBSWB4B Obsolete: Do not use C T7PBSWB4B 
192 V_T7PBSWB4C Obsolete: Do not use C T7PBSWB4C 
193 V_T7PBSWB4D Specification of sub process scenario C T7PBSWB4D 
194 V_T7PBSWB4E Specification for process tasks C T7PBSWB4E 
195 V_T7PBSWB4F Assignment of grouping for sub process scenarios C T7PBSWB4F 
196 V_T7PBSWB5A Business flow rule for process C T7PBSWB5A 
197 V_T7PBSWB5B Process status flow rule definition C T7PBSWB5B 
198 V_T7PBSWBRP1A Definition of Features for Additional Actions C T7PBSWBRP1A 
199 V_T7PBSWBRP1B Definition of Processor Grouping for Use of BAdI C T7PBSWBRP1B 
200 V_T7PBSWBRP2A Definition of Proposal Type for Next Processor C T7PBSWBRP2A 
201 V_T7PBSWBRP2A_OS Definition of Selection Type for Proposed Processor C T7PBSWBRP2A 
202 V_T7PBSWBRP2C Number of Printouts in Process Scenario C T7PBSWBRP2C 
203 V_T7PBSWBRP2D Control of Subprocesses for Background Processing C T7PBSWBRP2D 
204 V_T7PBSWBRP2D_OS Control of Subprocesses for Background Processing C T7PBSWBRP2D 
205 V_T7PBSWBRP2E Overall Status Change Based on Process and Overall Status C T7PBSWBRP2E 
206 V_T7PBSWBRP2E_OS Overall Status Change Based on Process and Overall Status C T7PBSWBRP2E 
207 V_T7PBSWBRP2G Control for Setting the Subprocess Scenario Status in SPS C T7PBSWBRP2G 
208 V_T7PBSWBRP2G_OS Control for Setting the Subprocess Scenario Status in SPS C T7PBSWBRP2G 
209 V_T7PBSWBRP2H Maintenance: Control of Infotypes Transferred from PWE to PA C T7PBSWBRP2H 
210 V_T7PBSWBRP3A Assignment Between BAdI Return Value and Next Processor C T7PBSWBRP3A 
211 V_T7PBSWBRP3A_OS Assignment Between BAdI Return Value and User Name C T7PBSWBRP3A 
212 V_T7PBSWBRP4A Define Meaning of Process Scenarios C T7PBSWBRP4A 
213 V_T7PBSWBRP4B Assignment of Business Scenario/Process Scenario to Meaning C T7PBSWBRP4B 
214 V_T7PBS_ADHOC_1 Shift Abbreviations Without Working Time Check C T7PBS_ADHOC_1 
215 V_T7PBS_ADHOC_2 Information Columns with Ad Hoc Update C T7PBS_ADHOC_2 
216 V_T7PBS_ADHOC_2A Info Column Selection and Standard Valuation C T7PBS_ADHOC_2 
217 V_T7PBS_ADHOC_3 Proposals for Abbreviations for Ad Hoc Update C T7PBS_ADHOC_3 
218 V_T7PBS_ADHOC_4 Proposals for Indicators for Ad Hoc Update C T7PBS_ADHOC_4 
219 V_T7PBS_DETAIL Shift Planning: Detail for Information Line C T7PBS_DETAIL 
220 V_T7PBS_SP_TSN_A Exam. Scheme for Educ. and Training Time Statement C T7PBS_SP_TSN_A 
221 V_T7PBS_SP_TSN_B Grouping for Practical Training C T7PBS_SP_TSN_B 
222 V_T7PBS_SP_TSN_C Assgmt of Examination Scheme to Educ. and Training IT0022 C T7PBS_SP_TSN_C 
223 V_T7PBS_SP_TSN_D Balances for Educ. and Training Time Statement C T7PBS_SP_TSN_D 
224 V_T7PBS_SP_TSN_E Layout for Educ. and Training Time Statement C T7PBS_SP_TSN_E 
225 V_T7PBS_SP_VRINF Employee Sorting: Allowed Info Columns C T7PBS_SP_VRINF 
226 V_T7PH0A Personnel area Personnel sub area grouping C T7PH0A 
227 V_T7PH0P Company / Employer Details - Philippines C T7PH0P 
228 V_T7PHCD Business Details C T7PHCD 
229 V_T7PHCG Company Grouping - Philippines C T7PH0P 
230 V_T7PHCH Pag-Ibig Grouping C T7PHCH 
231 V_T7PHCP Phil Health Grouping C T7PHCP 
232 V_T7PHCS SSS Grouping C T7PHCS 
233 V_T7PHCT Company Tax Grouping C T7PHCT 
234 V_T7PHRE Minimum Wages Per Region C T7PHRE 
235 V_T7PHSC SSS Contributions Table - Philippines C T7PHSC 
236 V_T7PHSM SSS Sickness and Maternity Benefit Table - Philippine C T7PHSM 
237 V_T7PHTA Tax deductions rate C T7PHTA 
238 V_T7PHTB Tax Brackets C T7PHTB 
239 V_T7PHTC Tax Status C T7PHTC 
240 V_T7PHTE Tax exemption table C T7PHTE 
241 V_T7PHTP Tax Projection Method details C T7PHTP 
242 V_T7PHTW Period tax withheld C T7PHTW 
243 V_T7PIQADRKIND_A Order of Subtypes on Address Tab Page C T7PIQADRKIND 
245 V_T7PIQAGR_OFUNC Define Object Types for Functions C T7PIQAGR_FUNCOTY 
246 V_T7PIQAGR_PFUNC Define Functions for Activities C T7PIQAGR_PROFUNC 
247 V_T7PIQAGR_TYPEL Assign Appraisal Elements to Appraisal Types C T7PIQAGR_TYPEL 
248 V_T7PIQALUMRELAT Def'n of Alumnus Relationship for De-registration Reasons C T7PIQPROCREASON 
249 V_T7PIQAPPLAREA2 Assign Function Module to a Certain Application Area C T7PIQAPPLAREA02 
250 V_T7PIQAUDDACTNC Audit: Customer Action Texts C T7PIQAUDDCSACTNT 
251 V_T7PIQAUDRSMST Booking Status/Execution Mode Assignment C T7PIQAUDR_SMSTAT 
252 V_T7PIQBW_DELTA Map Infotype and BW Data Source D T7PIQBW_DELTA 
253 V_T7PIQCALPATHTP Evaluation Paths for Specific Callup Points C T7PIQCALPATHTP 
254 V_T7PIQCGFEES Module Group Variant and Categories C T7PIQCGFEES 
256 V_T7PIQCHECKTPP Activity to Callup Point Assignments C T7PIQCHECKTPPR 
257 V_T7PIQCHECKTPPR Help View for Activity to Callup Point Assignments H T7PIQCHECKTPPR 
259 V_T7PIQCMROLE Student Statuses (Standard) C T7PIQCMROLE 
260 V_T7PIQCMROLET_C Student Status Texts (Customer) C T7PIQCMROLET_C 
261 V_T7PIQCMROLE_C Student Status Attributes (Customer) C T7PIQCMROLE_C 
262 V_T7PIQCOH_CTX01 Allowed Object Types for Cohort Context Objects C T7PIQCOH_CTXOBJ 
263 V_T7PIQCOH_CTX02 Allowed GUID Types for Cohort Context Objects C T7PIQCOH_CTXITEM 
264 V_T7PIQCOH_PROCS Cohort Activities C T7PIQCOH_PROCS 
265 V_T7PIQCOH_SEL Cohort Selection Method Groups C T7PIQCOH_SEL 
266 V_T7PIQCOH_TYPES Cohort Categories C T7PIQCOH_TYPES 
267 V_T7PIQCORRACT Correspondence Type/Activity Assignments C T7PIQCORRACT 
268 V_T7PIQCP_CONV Credit Type Conversion C T7PIQCP_CONV 
269 V_T7PIQDEGREESUB Names of Degrees for Degree Type H T7PIQDEGREESUB 
270 V_T7PIQDP01A_HLP Allowed Additional Info Structures for Object Type D T7PIQDP01A 
271 V_T7PIQDP02E Maintain Additional Export Parameters for Derivation Path C T7PIQDP02E 
272 V_T7PIQDP02I Maintain Additional Import Parameters for Derivation Path C T7PIQDP02I 
273 V_T7PIQDP02O Derivation Path: Assign Object Types C T7PIQDP02O 
274 V_T7PIQDP02OA Assign Addit'l Structure to Object Types of Derivation Path C T7PIQDP02OA 
275 V_T7PIQDP02OI Assign Infotypes to Object Types of Derivation Path C T7PIQDP02OI 
276 V_T7PIQDP02P Define Derivation Paths C T7PIQDP02P 
277 V_T7PIQDP03D Stucture: Flexible Characteristic Derivation C T7PIQDP03D 
278 V_T7PIQDP03D_C Derivation Paths C T7PIQDP03D 
279 V_T7PIQDP03E Derivation Path: Assign Export Parameters C T7PIQDP03E 
280 V_T7PIQDP03I Derivation Path: Assign Import Parameters C T7PIQDP03I 
281 V_T7PIQEXAMFUNC Assessment Functions C T7PIQEXAM_FUNC 
282 V_T7PIQHSATTR Attributes of Status Indicators C T7PIQHSATTR 
283 V_T7PIQHSATTR_H Hold Type Attributes C T7PIQHSATTR 
284 V_T7PIQHSCHECK Status/Callup Point Assignments C T7PIQHSCHECK 
285 V_T7PIQHSCHECK_H Hold Types per Callup Point and Activity C T7PIQHSCHECK 
286 V_T7PIQHSCHECK_S Assignment of Status Types to Callup Points C T7PIQHSCHECK 
287 V_T7PIQHSEARCH Search Help Settings for Statuses V V_T7PIQHSHEAD_S 
288 V_T7PIQHSGROUP Definition of System Status Groups C T7PIQHSGROUP 
290 V_T7PIQHSGROUP_S Definition of Status Groupings C T7PIQHSGROUP 
291 V_T7PIQHSHEAD_1 Search Help Settings for Status V V_T7PIQHSHEAD_S 
292 V_T7PIQHSHEAD_2 Settings for Student Data Header Subscreen V V_T7PIQHSHEAD_S 
293 V_T7PIQHSHEAD_S Maintain Status Display/Status Search C T7PIQHSHEAD 
294 V_T7PIQHSSTATUS System Status C T778U 
295 V_T7PIQHSSTATUSH Hold Types C T778U 
296 V_T7PIQHSSTATUSS Customer Status C T778U 
297 V_T7PIQHST777Z Maintain Time Constraint for System Status C T777Z 
298 V_T7PIQHST777Z_H Maintain Time Constraint for Holds C T777Z 
299 V_T7PIQHST777Z_S Maintain Time Constraint for Statuses C T777Z 
301 V_T7PIQINFOGRPAS Infotype to Infotype Group Assignments C T7PIQINFOGRPASG 
302 V_T7PIQKEYFREPMT Calculation Method for Repetitions (Key Figure Assignment) C T7PIQKEYFREPMTH 
303 V_T7PIQLEVPERVAR Help View for Program Stage Names for Stages per Variant H T7PIQLEVPERVAR 
304 V_T7PIQMPSTASE Mass Processing: Statistics Criteria C T7PIQMPSTASE 
305 V_T7PIQMSGCNTLFL Filter Values for Message Control C T7PIQMSGCNTLFLT 
306 V_T7PIQNFTABS Tab Pages for Student Master Data Maintenance C T77OMTABS 
307 V_T7PIQNFTABSBDT BDT Screen to Student Master Data Tab Page Assignment C T7PIQNFTABS 
308 V_T7PIQNFTABSINF Infotype to Tab Page Assignment C T7PIQNFTABSINFTY 
309 V_T7PIQNFTABS_C Tab Page Display for Infotype Assignment C T77OMTABS 
310 V_T7PIQNOTETEXT Enter Text for Predefined Note C T7PIQNOTECODTEXT 
311 V_T7PIQNOTETYPES Create Note Types C T778U 
312 V_T7PIQNOTETYPET Choose Note Type for Predefined Note H T7PIQNOTETYPES 
314 V_T7PIQOTTPT Help View for Academic Callup Points per Object Type H T7PIQOTTP 
315 V_T7PIQOTTPT_1 Academic Callup Points of Object Types H T7PIQCHECKOT 
316 V_T7PIQOTTPT_2 Object Types Linked to Rules H T7PIQOTTP 
317 V_T7PIQPERASGN Academic Session to Session Group Assignments C T7PIQPERASSIGN 
318 V_T7PIQPERPT Academic Session Group to Program Type Assignments C T7PIQPERPRGTYP 
319 V_T7PIQPKEY Set Up Fee Calculation Periods C T7PIQPKEY 
321 V_T7PIQPROCPATH Maintain Evaluation Paths for Academic Calendar C T7PIQPROCPATH 
322 V_T7PIQPROCREASN Activity to Reason Assignments C T7PIQPROCREASON 
323 V_T7PIQPROCRSN01 Assign Reasons To New Activities (Upgrade Rel. 4.64) V V_T7PIQPROCREASN 
324 V_T7PIQPROCRSN02 Assign Reasons to Activities (Registration Environment) V V_T7PIQPROCREASN 
325 V_T7PIQPROCRSN_H Process Reasons for Search Help H T7PIQPROCREASON 
326 V_T7PIQPROCTYPPR Process/Activity Assignment D T7PIQPROCACT 
327 V_T7PIQPROC_AUTH Authorization Checks for Activity Document Display C T7PIQPROC_AUTH 
328 V_T7PIQPROC_BASE Activities: Basic Authorization Profiles C T7PIQPROC_BASEPR 
329 V_T7PIQPROC_DISP Activity Document Display: Tab Page to Activity Assignments C T7PIQPROC_DISP 
330 V_T7PIQPROC_EVEN Activity Documents: Event Handler Registration C T7PIQPROC_EVENTH 
331 V_T7PIQPROC_TABB Change Document Object to Tab Page Assignments C T7PIQPROC_TABTB 
332 V_T7PIQPROGCPERV Maintenance View for Progress Assignment C T7PIQPROGCPERVAR 
333 V_T7PIQPROG_GR01 Maintenance View for Academic Performance C T7PIQPROG_ACST 
334 V_T7PIQPROG_GR02 Maintenance View: Academic Standing for Financial Aid C T7PIQPROG_ACSTF 
335 V_T7PIQPROG_GR03 Maintenance View: Academic Honors C T7PIQPROG_AWARD 
337 V_T7PIQPROPERVAR Text Table for Progress Class. Category/Stage Assignments H T7PIQPROGCPERVAR 
338 V_T7PIQREPMTH CM: Calculation Method for Repetitions C T7PIQREPMTH 
339 V_T7PIQREPSTAT Campus Management: Transcript Status C T7PIQREPSTATT 
340 V_T7PIQRULEMOD Subrequirement Selection D T7PIQRULEMODULE 
342 V_T7PIQSC_CGVARC Module Group Variant/Category Assignments C T7PIQSC_CGVARCAT 
344 V_T7PIQSELSCENME Selection Methods in Selection Method Group C T7PIQSELSCENMETH 
345 V_T7PIQSI2_INXCP Performance Index to Calculation Point Assignments C T7PIQ_SI2_INDXCP 
346 V_T7PIQSI2_INXFI Assign Filter to Academic Performance Index C T7PIQ_SI2_INDXFI 
347 V_T7PIQSI2_INXPA Parameter/Academic Performance Index Assignment C T7PIQ_SI2_INDXPA 
348 V_T7PIQSI_SICPSI Calculation Point/Average Grade Assignments C T7PIQ_SI_SICP_SI 
349 V_T7PIQST00TABSC Order of Tab Pages and Additional Subscreens in Student File C T7PIQST00TABS_C 
350 V_T7PIQST00TABST Text Modification on Tab Indexes C T7PIQST00TABS_T 
351 V_T7PIQSTYEARPRD Standard Academic Year/Session Assignments C T7PIQSTDYEARPRD 
352 V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL Maintenance View for General Setting Options C T7PIQSWITCHVALUE 
353 V_T7PIQSWITCH_01 Application Status for Paid Application Fees V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
354 V_T7PIQSWITCH_06 Automatic Creation and Update of Student Accounts V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
355 V_T7PIQSWITCH_33 Define Standard Grant Status V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
356 V_T7PIQSWITCH_55 RFC Destination for Automatic Creation and Update V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
357 V_T7PIQSWVAL_01 Define Country V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
358 V_T7PIQSWVAL_02 Default Business Partner Type for Related Person V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
359 V_T7PIQSWVAL_03 Save VSR Results for Module Booking via Student Self-Service V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
360 V_T7PIQSWVAL_04 Default Business Partner Grouping for Related Person V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
361 V_T7PIQSWVAL_05 Standard Fund for Sponsoring V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
362 V_T7PIQSWVAL_06 Definition of Start Date for Object STUDENT V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
363 V_T7PIQSWVAL_07 Define Settings for Registration V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
364 V_T7PIQSWVAL_08 Registration/Re-registration Mode V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
365 V_T7PIQSWVAL_09 Check Booking Period V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
366 V_T7PIQSWVAL_10 Define Dialog Mode for Withdrawal From Module V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
367 V_T7PIQSWVAL_100 Availability Check for Module Bookings V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
368 V_T7PIQSWVAL_101 Include Waiting List Bookings in Student Accounting V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
369 V_T7PIQSWVAL_102 Default Waiting List Level and Waiting List Capacity V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
370 V_T7PIQSWVAL_104 Standard Booking Priorities V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
371 V_T7PIQSWVAL_105 Maximum priority for essential booking V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
372 V_T7PIQSWVAL_106 Minimum Priority for Waiting List Booking V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
373 V_T7PIQSWVAL_107 Save Requirements w/o Subrequirements in Audit Profile V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
374 V_T7PIQSWVAL_11 Define Module Booking Environment V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
375 V_T7PIQSWVAL_12 Use Anticipated Graduation Data V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
376 V_T7PIQSWVAL_13 Selection Group Customizing for Correspondence V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
377 V_T7PIQSWVAL_14 Standard Address Type for Correspondence V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
378 V_T7PIQSWVAL_15 Evaluation Path for Main Requirement Catalog V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
379 V_T7PIQSWVAL_16 Session Group for Module Booking V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
380 V_T7PIQSWVAL_17 Initial Status of Business Events V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
381 V_T7PIQSWVAL_18 Default Resource Type for Room and Instructor V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
382 V_T7PIQSWVAL_19 Infotype Used for Cost Distribution V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
383 V_T7PIQSWVAL_20 Define Whether Processing Should Include Event Packages V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
384 V_T7PIQSWVAL_200 Activation of Records Management V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
385 V_T7PIQSWVAL_21 Default Appraisal Scheme V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
386 V_T7PIQSWVAL_211 Activate Uniqueness Check for ID Number (1702-PRDNI) V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
388 V_T7PIQSWVAL_23 Reference User ID for Student SAP User ID V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
389 V_T7PIQSWVAL_24 Define Appraisal Element V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
390 V_T7PIQSWVAL_25 UCAS: Default Form-of-Address Key V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
391 V_T7PIQSWVAL_26 Appraisals: Default Key Figure for Grade Calculation V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
392 V_T7PIQSWVAL_30 UCAS: Qualifications for points calculation V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
393 V_T7PIQSWVAL_31 UCAS: Define actual institution (MARVIN CODE) V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
394 V_T7PIQSWVAL_32 UCAS: Default month for admission V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
395 V_T7PIQSWVAL_33 UCAS: Default variant and stage variant for program of study V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
396 V_T7PIQSWVAL_35 UCAS: Define unique identifier for institution (HESA Code) V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
397 V_T7PIQSWVAL_36 UCAS: Define current year for the allocation of student No. V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
398 V_T7PIQSWVAL_37 Default Contract Account Category for Student V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
399 V_T7PIQSWVAL_38 Default Business Partner Grouping for Student V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
400 V_T7PIQSWVAL_39 Default Business Partner Type for Student V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
401 V_T7PIQSWVAL_40 Set Up Standard Prefix for Business Partner Number V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
402 V_T7PIQSWVAL_41 Set Up Unit for Module Value V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
403 V_T7PIQSWVAL_42 Standard Relationship Between Sponsor and Contract Account V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
404 V_T7PIQSWVAL_43 Set Up Standard Relationship Between ST and Contract Account V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
405 V_T7PIQSWVAL_44 Standard RFC group V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
406 V_T7PIQSWVAL_45 Credit Type for Internal Academic Achievements V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
407 V_T7PIQSWVAL_46 Settings for Student Number Validation/Generation V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
408 V_T7PIQSWVAL_47 Method for Student Number Assignment V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
409 V_T7PIQSWVAL_48 View Variant V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL for Student Photo Maintenance V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
410 V_T7PIQSWVAL_49 Top Organizational Unit of Campus Management V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
411 V_T7PIQSWVAL_50 Academic Scales: Standard Scales V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
412 V_T7PIQSWVAL_51 System Response: Internal or External Number Assignment V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
413 V_T7PIQSWVAL_511 IPEDS Ethnicity:Functionality ON-OFF V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
414 V_T7PIQSWVAL_512 IPEDS Ethnicity: Multiple Race Code V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
415 V_T7PIQSWVAL_52 Academic Scales: System Scale Settings V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
416 V_T7PIQSWVAL_55 CRM Integration: Default Role for Student in CRM System V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
417 V_T7PIQSWVAL_60 Default package size in fee calculation parallel processing V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
418 V_T7PIQSWVAL_61 Default Session for Full Academic Years V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
419 V_T7PIQSWVAL_62 Selection Method Group for Correspondence Mass Transactions V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
420 V_T7PIQSWVAL_63 Allow Grant Assignment for Full Academic Years V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
421 V_T7PIQSWVAL_64 Standard Company Code Group for Student Accounts V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
422 V_T7PIQSWVAL_65 Save Price per Item V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
423 V_T7PIQSWVAL_70 VSR Performance Checks V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
424 V_T7PIQSWVAL_71 Evaluation Path for Event Offering V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
425 V_T7PIQSWVAL_80 Evaluation of Academic Calendar for Top Organizational Unit V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
426 V_T7PIQSWVAL_85 Define Standard Grade Calculation Method V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
427 V_T7PIQSWVAL_86 Standard Key Figure for Grade Calculation Methods V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
428 V_T7PIQSWVAL_90 UCAS: Define UCAS admission category V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
429 V_T7PIQSWVAL_91 UCAS: Define Address Usage for UCAS Addresses V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
430 V_T7PIQSWVAL_92 UCAS : Send Decisions to UCAS After Check C T7PIQSWITCH 
431 V_T7PIQSWVAL_AP0 Standard Settings for Appraisal Calculation V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
432 V_T7PIQSWVAL_AP1 Standard Authorization Profile for Appraisals V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
433 V_T7PIQSWVAL_AP2 Automatic Assignment of Creating Appraiser V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
434 V_T7PIQSWVAL_AP3 Automatic Creation Date Assignment V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
435 V_T7PIQSWVAL_AP4 Define Default Calculation Method for Repetition Attempt V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
436 V_T7PIQSWVAL_CA1 General Evaluation of Academic Calendars V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
437 V_T7PIQSWVAL_CA2 Mandatory Time Limits for Academic Calendar V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
438 V_T7PIQSWVAL_EX1 Session Group for Assessments V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
439 V_T7PIQSWVAL_EX2 Assessment Coverage V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
440 V_T7PIQSWVAL_FSM Equivalency Determination for Failed Academic Work V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
441 V_T7PIQSWVAL_SU_REP Handle method for repeated subjects in ED V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
442 V_T7PIQSW_US_01 Maintain Generic Parameter Values V V_T7PIQSWITCHVAL 
443 V_T7PIQSYSCHECKT System Status Type to Callup Point Assignments C T7PIQSYSCHECKTP 
444 V_T7PIQT100S Overridable Messages in Message Classes C T7PIQT100S 
445 V_T7PIQT100SA Message Classes C T7PIQT100SA 
446 V_T7PIQT100S_F4 Database View for Overridable Messages D T7PIQT100S 
447 V_T7PIQT100_F4 Overridable Messages for Infotype 1749 D T100 
448 V_T7PIQTLCORR Time limit sequence used for address determination C T7PIQTIMELMTCORR 
449 V_T7PIQTLGP Assign Time Limits to Time Limit Sequence C T7PIQTIMELIMITGP 
450 V_T7PIQTLGP2 Address Type Assigned to the Time Limits C T7PIQTIMELMTADDR 
451 V_T7PIQTLUP Time Limit Sequences C T7PIQTIMELIMITUP 
452 V_T7PIQTL_HLP Time Limit within Time Limit Sequence H T7PIQTIMELIMITGP 
453 V_T7PIQTPAC Academic Callup Point H T7PIQCHECKTP 
454 V_T7PIQTPNOAC Non-Academic Callup Point H T7PIQCHECKTP 
455 V_T7PIQTPVSR Help View for Callup Points (Academic and Non-Academic) H T7PIQCHECKTP 
456 V_T7PIQTRAVG Create New Descriptions for Averages C T7PIQTRAVG 
457 V_T7PIQTRAVG_INT Create New Descriptions for Averages C T7PIQTRAVG 
459 V_T7PIQVARIDYR Special Academic Year/Session Assignments H T7PIQYEARPRD 
460 V_T7PIQYEARPRD Special Academic Year/Session Assignments H T7PIQYEARPRD 
461 V_T7PIQYEARPRD2 Assign Acad. Years/Sessions to Fee Calculation Periods C T7PIQYEARPRD 
463 V_T7PIQ_ACADOBJS Table HRP1000 (Selection Conditions: Acad. Object Types) H HRP1000 
464 V_T7PIQ_ACT_STAT Set User Status Through Activity (ISR) C T7PIQ_ACT_STATUS 
466 V_T7PIQ_GB_ABLSU Maintenance View for UCAS ABL Subject C T7PIQ_GB_ABLSUB 
467 V_T7PIQ_GB_ADD Maintenance View for Address location C T7PIQ_GB_MAP_ADD 
468 V_T7PIQ_GB_BORES UCAS: Mapping Exam Board Code -> Exam qualification C T7PIQ_GB_BORDRES 
469 V_T7PIQ_GB_CHALM UCAS: Mapping table UCAS Disabilities->SAP Challenge C T7PIQ_GB_CHALLM 
470 V_T7PIQ_GB_CONDM UCAS: Mapping table Marvin Course Id -> Default Conditions C T7PIQ_GB_CON_DM 
471 V_T7PIQ_GB_COUNM GB: Mapping SAP Country/Region/County codes to UCAS/HESA C T7PIQ_GB_COUNTYM 
472 V_T7PIQ_GB_COURM UCAS: Mapping table Marvin Course Id -> SAP Prog. of Study C T7PIQ_GB_COURSEM 
473 V_T7PIQ_GB_CRSIN UCAS: Offered Prog. of Study per institution C T7PIQ_GB_CRS_INS 
474 V_T7PIQ_GB_ENTPN UCAS: Mapping UCAS point of entry -> SAP program stage C T7PIQ_GB_ENT_PN 
475 V_T7PIQ_GB_ERR Maintenance View for Error codes C T7PIQ_GB_REF_ERR 
476 V_T7PIQ_GB_ETHCM UCAS: Mapping table UCAS Ethnic Origin -> SAP Ethnic Group C T7PIQ_GB_ETHNICM 
477 V_T7PIQ_GB_EXLVL View For Maintaining UCAS Exam Level Code C T7PIQ_GB_EXLVLCD 
478 V_T7PIQ_GB_INST UCAS: Institution Codes C T7PIQ_GB_INST 
479 V_T7PIQ_GB_INSTO UCAS: Organization of Universities C T7PIQ_GB_INST_OR 
480 V_T7PIQ_GB_OCCSO Maintenance View for Parental OCC C T7PIQ_GB_OCC_SOC 
481 V_T7PIQ_GB_OCCUM UCAS: Mapping table SAP Activity to UCAS Occupational Group C T7PIQ_GB_OCCUPM 
482 V_T7PIQ_GB_OFFER UCAS: Student Offer Level C T7PIQ_GB_OFFRLEV 
483 V_T7PIQ_GB_OFSUB Maintenance view for UCAS Offer Subject C T7PIQ_GB_OFFSUB 
484 V_T7PIQ_GB_POINT UCAS: Grades and Points per Qualification C T7PIQ_GB_POINTS 
485 V_T7PIQ_GB_RESUL UCAS: Selection View for Search help D T7PIQ_GB_BORDRES 
486 V_T7PIQ_GB_SCHOM UCAS: Schools Mapping table Marvin -> SAP C T7PIQ_GB_SCHOOLM 
487 V_T7PIQ_GB_SCHTY UCAS: Maintain School Type C T7PIQ_GB_SCHTYP 
488 V_T7PIQ_GB_SOCIM UCAS: Mapping table SAP Social Class -> UCAS Social Class C T7PIQ_GB_SOCIALM 
489 V_T7PIQ_GB_SWI01 Maintenance View to Activate Personalid C T7PIQ_GB_SWITCH 
491 V_T7PIQ_GB_TITLE UCAS: Mapping table UCAS Title -> SAP Title/Form of Address C T7PIQ_GB_TITLE 
493 V_T7PIQ_SI_CPPAR Calculation Point Parameters C T7PIQ_SI_CPOINTP 
494 V_T7PIQ_US_ACST Maint View for Progression: Acad Stndgn with Good Student C T7PIQ_US_ACST 
495 V_T7PIQ_US_APPFR Define the Form that needs to be used for Reporting Year C T7PIQ_US_APPFRM 
496 V_T7PIQ_US_AWAR Assign IPEDS Award Levels to Degree Types C T7PIQ_US_AWARDM 
497 V_T7PIQ_US_CRULE View to maintain calculation rules for composite results C T7PIQCALCRULE 
498 V_T7PIQ_US_DEPD Define SEVIS Dependent Codes C T7PIQ_US_DEPEND 
499 V_T7PIQ_US_DEPEN Assign SEVIS Dependent Codes to Standard Relationship Types C T7PIQ_US_DEPENM 
500 V_T7PIQ_US_DEREG Assign Standard Deregistration Reason to IPEDS Deregd Reason C T7PIQ_US_GRSDER