View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T438M_E MRP Creation Indicator C T438M 
2 V_T438M_F Firming Schedule Lines C T438M 
3 V_T438M_G Period Split for Splitting Planned Quantities C T438M 
4 V_T438M_L Storage Location Determination in Repetitive Mfg C T438M 
5 V_T438M_P Availability Check for MRP Group C T438M 
6 V_T438M_Q External Procurement per MRP Group C T438M 
7 V_T438M_REV Evaluation Profile Ranges of Coverage C T438M 
8 V_T438M_S Strategy Group for MRP Group C T438M 
9 V_T438M_T Order Proposals in the Past C T438M 
10 V_T438M_U Convert Planned Orders into Orders C T438M 
11 V_T438M_V Consumption C T438M 
12 V_T438M_W BOM Explosion for MRP Group C T438M 
13 V_T438M_Z Requirements Grouping Indicator C T438M 
14 V_T438R Range of Coverage Profile C T438R 
15 V_T438U Periods in Profile With Different Ranges of Coverage C T438U 
16 V_T438V Period Profile for Safety Time C T438V 
17 V_T438Y Periods for Period Profile for Safety Time C T438Y 
18 V_T439B View: Scope of Planning - Header C T439B 
19 V_T439C View: Scope of Planning - Sequence C T439C 
20 V_T440C Planning File Entries for Goods Movements C T440C 
21 V_T440G Weighting Groups for Finding the Moving Average C T440G 
22 V_T440P Configuration of Forecast Profiles C T440P 
23 V_T440P_1 Maintain Forecast Profiles for CO C T440P 
24 V_T440P_3 Maintain forecast profile for EC-BP C T440P 
25 V_T441C Profile - availability check C T441C 
26 V_T441C_CL Component List Profiles C T441C 
27 V_T441C_FT ProfileMissPartsList C T441C 
28 V_T441C_VK Profile - Collective Results - Components View C T441C 
29 V_T441C_VP Profile Collective Check Results Order View C T441C 
30 V_T441R Checking Rule C T441R 
31 V_T442B Start Times of Sporadic Background Jobs in MRP C T442B 
32 V_T442C Control: Transferring Activity Reqs to Cost Center Planning C T442C 
33 V_T442M Start Times of Sporadic Background Jobs in Material Master C T442B 
34 V_T442Y Start times for sporadic vendor master background jobs C T442B 
35 V_T444A Navigation Profile for Flexible Transaction Calls C T444A 
36 V_T444B Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls C T444B 
37 V_T444C Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls for each MRP Element C T444C 
38 V_T445A Parameters for LIS Planning C T445A 
39 V_T445E Maintain Units for LIS Planning C T445E 
40 V_T445I Key Figure Parameters for LIS Planning C T445I 
41 V_T445Q Average Prices of Price Band Categories C T445Q 
42 V_T445QK Average Prices for Price Band Categories (KEY) C T445QK 
43 V_T445R Characteristic Fields Per Info Structure for Price Bands C T445R 
44 V_T445U SOP: User Settings C T445U 
45 V_T445V Configuration for Plant Distribution C T445V 
46 V_T449F Screen Sequence for Extended Header C T449F 
47 V_T450P_1 Transaction Default Values Demand Management Customizing C T450P 
48 V_T457TBLP Display Transfer Posting / Loan C T457TBLP 
49 V_T459 Availability Check: Requirement and Planning Types C T459 
50 V_T459A Requirements Types C T459A 
51 V_T459C_1 Indep.Reqmts: Default Values for Versions C T459C 
52 V_T459C_2 Indep. Reqmts: Default Values for History C T459C 
53 V_T459C_3 Indep.Reqmts: Default Val.for Reference Type C T459C 
54 V_T459C_4 Indep.Reqmts: Default Values for Consumption C T459C 
55 V_T459C_5 Planned Independent Requirements: Internal Number Assignment C T459C 
56 V_T459K Requirements Classes C T459K 
57 V_T459K_3 Indep. Reqmts: Customizing Consumption C T459K 
58 V_T459K_4 Indep. Reqmts Customizing Configuration C T459K 
59 V_T459K_5 Maintaining reqmts classes for planned independent reqmts C T459K 
60 V_T459K_K Requirements Class for Costing and Account Assignment C T459K 
61 V_T459K_V Availability and Transfer of Requirements by Req. Type C T459K 
62 V_T459R Indep. Reqmts: Version Default Values for Reference C T459R 
63 V_T459S Automatic Splitting C T459S 
64 V_T459V Indep. Reqmts: Versions C T459V 
65 V_T460Q Special Procurement Types for Quota Arrangement C T460Q 
66 V_T461P Strategy Groups C T461P 
67 V_T461S Strategy C T461S 
68 V_T462 Define Selection Rule C T462 
69 V_T462A Destinations for Parallel Processing C T462A 
70 V_T462T Header of Selection Rule C T462T 
71 V_T463 Define Display Filter C T463 
72 V_T464 Maintenance View for Order Report Profile C T464 
73 V_T465 Evaluation Profile Range of Coverage Data C T465 
74 V_T466 Maintenance View: Extraction Mode Planning Information C T466 
75 V_T46AC Action control for planned orders C T46AC 
76 V_T46AS Action Code for Planned Orders C T46AS 
77 V_T46PR_CL List Layout and Print Parameters C T46PR 
78 V_T476 Parameterization of the Configuration Editor C T476 
79 V_T482 Scheduling Types C T482 
80 V_T482_PI Scheduling Types C T482 
81 V_T496B "Reference Order Types" C T496B 
82 V_T496D "Spool Parameters for Users" C T496D 
83 V_T496F Forms C T496F 
84 V_T496N Names of Lists C T496N 
85 V_T496P "Printer Specification" C T496P 
86 V_T496R "Print Reports" C T496R 
87 V_T496T "List Control for Transactions" C T496T 
88 V_T496V "Flow Control for Transactions" C T496V 
89 V_T496Z "Table Accesses" C T496Z 
90 V_T499Q Reduction strategies C T499Q 
91 V_T499R "Reduction Levels for Reduction Strategies" C T499R 
92 V_T499S Locations C T499S 
93 V_T500L_CUST Help View H T500L_CUST 
94 V_T500L_INTCA Only ISO Country Codes assigned to molgas D T500L 
95 V_T500L_SUBCOMP Assignment MOLGA -> Subcomponent C T500L_SUBCOMP 
96 V_T500P Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code C T500P 
97 V_T502T Marital Status Designations C T502T 
98 V_T503Z Country Assignment for Employee Group/Subgroup C T503Z 
99 V_T505K Disciplinary Levels C T505K 
100 V_T505M Military Status C T505M 
101 V_T505M_PIQ Service Statuses C T505M 
102 V_T505O Reasons for Grievence C T505O 
103 V_T505R Ethnic Origin C T505R 
104 V_T505U Residence Status C T505U 
105 V_T505U_PIQ1 Residency Status C T505U 
106 V_T505X Tax Authority C T505X 
107 V_T505Z Bond Purchases C T505Z 
108 V_T505Z_A Bond Purchases with wage types C T505Z 
109 V_T506A Loan Categories C T506A 
110 V_T506A_VC Loan Types C T506A 
111 V_T506D Conditions for Employee Loans C T506D 
112 V_T506P Assignment of Wage Types to Payment Types C T506P 
113 V_T506S HR Loans: Define Value Date for Each Payroll Area C T506S 
114 V_T507A Red. Working Hours/Winter Comp.: Delimit Employees Affected C T507A 
115 V_T508A Work Schedule Rule C T508A 
116 V_T508T Text for Work Schedule Grouping C T508T 
117 V_T509F ID Type C T509F 
118 V_T509H Type of work permit C T509H 
119 V_T50BA B2A: Valid Transfer Formats and Classes C T50BA 
120 V_T50BB B2A: Standard Transfer Format C T50BB 
121 V_T50BC B2A: Transfer Format for Customer C T50BC 
122 V_T50BD HR-B2A: Valid Status C T50BD 
123 V_T50BE HR:B2A Maintenance of Return Code Groups C T50BE 
124 V_T50BE2 HR-B2A: External Return Codes C T50BE2 
125 V_T50BF HR-B2A: Maintain Method Table for Statuses/Substatuses C T50BF 
126 V_T50BFC HR-B2A: Cust. Maint. Method Table for Stasuses/Substatuses C T50BFC 
127 V_T50BG HR-B2A: Valid Manual Status Change C T50BG 
128 V_T50BK HR-B2A: Constants C T50BK 
129 V_T50BK_A HR-B2A: Constants C T50BK 
130 V_T50BV Maintenance View for Distributed Reporting C T50BV 
131 V_T50C_XML Conversion rules C T50C_XML 
132 V_T50F0 Assignment of Standard Texts to Forms C T50F0 
133 V_T50F0BBEW_AT HR: Assignment of Standard Texts to BEW Forms V V_T50F0_B_AT 
134 V_T50F0CBEW_AT HR-A: Archiving of Forms (Statements) V V_T50F0_C 
135 V_T50F0_B HR-DE-BW: Assignment of Standard Texts to Forms C T50F0 
136 V_T50F0_B_AT HR-DE-BW: Assignment of Standard Texts to Forms C T50F0 
137 V_T50F0_C HR-DBW: Archive Indicator for Forms C T50F0 
138 V_T50F0_C_01BAV HR-D: Forms Archiving (CPS) V V_T50F0_C 
139 V_T50F0_C_01BEW HR-D: Forms Archiving (Statements) V V_T50F0_C 
140 V_T50F2 Data for Controlling Statement Functions C T50F2 
141 V_T50F2_A Data for Controlling Statement Functions C T50F2 
142 V_T50F8 Data for Statement Functions C T50F8 
143 V_T50F9 Data for Permitted Tables C T50F9 
144 V_T50FA HR: Notification Type C T50FA 
145 V_T50FB HR: Mapping Program Fields to Structure C T50FB 
146 V_T50FC HR: Conversion Mapping of Program Fields to Structure C T50FC 
147 V_T50FD HR: Versions C T50FD 
148 V_T50FE HR: Mapping Internal and External Structure C T50FE 
149 V_T50FF HR: Change in Field Content C T50FF 
150 V_T50G_XML Global Structures C T50G_XML 
151 V_T50L_XML Local Structures C T50L_XML 
152 V_T50V_XML Versions C T50V_XML 
153 V_T50X1 Expatriate types C T50X1 
154 V_T510 Pay Scale Groups C T510 
155 V_T510A Pay Scale Type C T510A 
156 V_T510B Appraisal Constants C T510B 
157 V_T510C Adjust Bases for Calculating Average Values acc. to PScale C T510C 
158 V_T510D Dynamic Pay Scale Increase C T510D 
159 V_T510E Dynamic Standard Pay Increase (Valuation pay scale gp/level) C T510E 
160 V_T510F Assign Pay Scale --> Time Unit, Currency (Overall View) C T510F 
161 V_T510F_B Assign Pay Scale --> Currency C T510F 
162 V_T510G Pay Scale Area C T510G 
163 V_T510H Payroll Contstants for Time Unit C T510H 
164 V_T510I Standard Working Hours C T510I 
165 V_T510J Constant Valuations C T510J 
166 V_T510K View T510K (Constant Valuation of Wage Types) C T510K 
167 V_T510L Step Table C T510L 
168 V_T510M Ind. Valuatioin Using the Hire Date C T510M 
169 V_T510N Pay Scales for Annual Salaries C T510N 
170 V_T510P Premium Table C T510P 
171 V_T510Q Cost-of-Living Allowance Elements PSG C T510Q 
172 V_T510QN Guaranteed Payments: COLA/Family-Related Bonus C T510QN 
173 V_T510R Pay Scale Reclassification C T510R 
174 V_T510S Time Wage Type Selection Rule C T510S 
175 V_T510U Pay Scale Groups C T510U 
176 V_T510V Processing Type C T510V 
177 V_T510W Pay Scale > Period Parameter Assignment C T510W 
178 V_T510X WTs Permitted for Transfer from Time Evaluation to MM-SRV C T510X 
179 V_T510_ANSAL Annual Salary Functionality (Infotype 0008) C T510_ANSAL 
180 V_T510_B Pay Scale Groups with Wage Types C T510 
181 V_T510_C Pay Scale Groups (All) C T510 
182 V_T510_PSRCL Pay Scale Reclassification C T510_PSRCL 
183 V_T511 Wage Type Characteristics C T511 
184 V_T511A Calculation Rules for Averages C T511A 
185 V_T511B Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values C T511B 
186 V_T511C Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values C T511C 
187 V_T511K Payroll Parameters C T511K 
188 V_T511KZFG Payroll Parameter for HI Income Threshold C T511K 
189 V_T511K_A HR-BE: Payroll constants for Tax calculation C T511K 
190 V_T511K_B HR-BE: Payroll constants for Social Insurance C T511K 
191 V_T511K_BE_SI Social insurance Belgium V V_T511K 
192 V_T511K_BE_TAX Tax constants - Belgium V V_T511K 
193 V_T511K_C HR-CH: PF: Payroll accounting parameters C T511K 
194 V_T511K_CAR_DK Tax Rate, Reduction Factor, Rule Change for Company Car V V_T511K 
195 V_T511K_D HR-BE: Payroll constants for Belcotax declaration C T511K 
197 V_T511K_GB HR-GB: Statutory Payroll Constants (not modifiable) C T511K 
198 V_T511K_M Payroll Parameters for Minimum Wages C T511K 
199 V_T511K_NL_AK PY NL: Premium Reduction Constants V V_T511K 
200 V_T511K_NL_WWV PY NL: Allowance per Kilometre V V_T511K 
201 V_T511K_NZ_DONAT Donation Tax Credit V V_T511K 
202 V_T511K_ZG Payroll Parameters for Calculation of Sick Pay C T511K 
203 V_T511M Wage type model C T511M 
204 V_T511P Payroll Parameters C T511P 
205 V_T511P_A HR-GB: Court Order Processing Fee H T511P 
206 V_T511P_BE_SI Social Insurance constants - Belgium V V_T511P 
207 V_T511P_BE_TAX Constant tax amounts - Belgium V V_T511P 
208 V_T511P_CAR_DK Maximum and Minimum Values for Company Cars V V_T511P 
209 V_T512C Wage Types to be Distributed C T512C 
210 V_T512C_DE Wage Types to Be Distributed C T512C 
211 V_T512D Line Layout in Window C T512D 
212 V_T512E Form-Related Control of Wage Types C T512E 
213 V_T512ES Cumulation Wage Types in T512E C T512E 
214 V_T512F Form Windows C T512F 
215 V_T512G Supplementary Group Texts C T512G 
216 V_T512N Rule Table for Form C T512N 
217 V_T512P Form Background C T512P 
218 V_T512Q Information in Fixed Positions C T512Q 
219 V_T512R_T HR Forms: Cumulation Wage Types with Text from T512T D T512R 
220 V_T512T Wage Type Texts C T512T 
221 V_T512W_CUMUL All cumulation wage types from T512W H T512W 
222 V_T512X Eligibility of Wage Types for External Payments C T512X 
223 V_T512Z Permitted Wage Types C T512Z 
224 V_T512Z_ESSEX ESS: Deactivate Wage Types per Infotype C T512Z_ESSEX 
225 V_T512Z_ESSEX_01 ESS: Deactivate Wagetypes - ext. Bank Transfers Australia V V_T512Z_ESSEX 
226 V_T513A Assignment: User - Personnel Number C T513A 
227 V_T513C Secondary Employment Activities C T513C 
228 V_T513F Appraisal Criteria C T513F 
229 V_T513H Weighting of Appraisal Criteria C T513H 
230 V_T513P Pension Reserve Groups C T513P 
231 V_T513S Job Title C T513S 
232 V_T514B Permissible Page Types C T514B 
233 V_T514B_A Permitted Page Types (Without Restrictions) C T514B 
234 V_T514C Permitted Conversions C T514C 
235 V_T514C_A Permitted Conversions (Without Restrictions) C T514C 
236 V_T514D Form Directory C T514D 
237 V_T514F Permitted Form Classes and Attributes C T514F 
238 V_T514F_A Permitted Form Classes (Without Restrictions) C T514F 
239 V_T514K Permitted Table Names C T514K 
240 V_T514K_A Permitted table names (without restrictions) C T514K 
241 V_T514N Permitted Field Names C T514N 
242 V_T514N_A Permitted Field Names (Without Restrictions) C T514N 
243 V_T514X F4 Help Routines for PE51 C T514X 
244 V_T514X_A Input Help for PE51 Identifiers - No Restrictions C T514X 
245 V_T514Z View for Table T514Z C T514Z 
246 V_T515R Tables in Payroll Results C T515R 
247 V_T515S Relationships Between Tables in Payroll Results C T515S 
248 V_T515T_A Splits in Payroll Results C T515T 
249 V_T515U Hierarchy of Tables in Payroll Results C T515U 
250 V_T515V Element Tables in Payroll Results Tables C T515V 
251 V_T515W Group Together Table Fields in the Payroll Results C T515W 
252 V_T515Y Sign Reversal for Table Fields in the Payroll Results C T515Y 
253 V_T516T Religious Denominations C T516T 
254 V_T517A Educational Establishment Types/Final Certificates C T517A 
255 V_T517T Educational Establishment Type Designations C T517T 
256 V_T517Z Education Establishment Types/Branches of Study C T517Z 
257 V_T518A_SE Maintain view for Education and SUN code (Sweden) C T518A 
258 V_T518E Education/Training Categories/E&T C T518E 
259 V_T519T Final Certificates C T519T 
260 V_T51A1 HR: Final Date for HR Postings (Accruals) C T51A1 
261 V_T51AV_2P Assignment of Partial Period Parameters to Average Bases C T51AV_2P 
262 V_T51AV_2W Assignment of Primary Wage Types to Average Bases C T51AV_2W 
263 V_T51AV_A Calculation Rules for Averages C T51AV_A 
264 V_T51AV_B Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values C T51AV_B 
265 V_T51AV_C Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values C T51AV_C 
266 V_T51AV_E Final Processing Rules for Averages C T51AV_E 
267 V_T51AV_P Assignment of Wage Types to Average Calculation Rules C T51AV_P 
268 V_T51AV_R Relevance Rule for Calculating Averages C T51AV_R 
269 V_T51AV_ROC Off-cycle reasons not relevant for calculation of averages C T51AV_ROC 
270 V_T51AV_W Comparison Rules for Calculating Averages C T51AV_W 
271 V_T51C3 Car model definition table C T51C3 
272 V_T51C5 Common car attributes C T51C5 
273 V_T51C8 Car maintenance rule C T51C8 
274 V_T51CB Wagetypes for payrollfunction p0442 C T51CB 
275 V_T51CC Car unavailability reason C T51CC 
276 V_T51CE Pollution Category C T51CE 
277 V_T51CF Leasing Category C T51CF 
278 V_T51CG Leasing Company C T51CG 
279 V_T51D1 Limits for Deductions C T51D1 
280 V_T51D2 Assignment of Wage Type Classes C T51D2 
281 V_T51D4 Limit Rules C T51D4 
282 V_T51D5 Start Time Point C T51D5 
283 V_T51D6 Intervals C T51D6 
284 V_T51DT Wage Type Class C T51D3 
285 V_T51P1 Wage Type Assignment C T51P1 
286 V_T51P3 Indicator for Wage Type Assignment C T51P3 
287 V_T51P6 Characteristics of Arrears Deductions: Overall View C T51P6 
288 V_T51R1 Remittance evaluation run data C T51R1 
289 V_T51R5 Remittance Total C T51R5 
290 V_T51R6 Offsetting Entry for Remittance C T51R6 
291 V_T51RA Derivation HR Creditor Wage Types C T51RA 
292 V_T51RD HR Accumulator for Immediate Transfer C T51RD 
293 V_T51RH Assign HR Creditor C T51RH 
294 V_T51RK Bank Transfer Rule for HR Creditor C T51RK 
295 V_T51RL HR payee link derived from HR payee C T51RL 
296 V_T51RM HR Accumulators C T51RM 
297 V_T51RS Remittance rule details for HR payees C T51RS 
298 V_T51T0 Assign wage types to tax form groups C T51T0 
299 V_T51T2 Evaluation of tax form groups for interface tables C T51T2 
300 V_T51T3 Fields of a magnetic tape for wage reporting C T51T3 
301 V_T51T4 Last issuing date of tax form C T51T4 
302 V_T51T5 Definition, when a form output should be done C T51T5 
303 V_T51T5T View for Text table T51T5T C T51T5 
304 V_T51T6 Dates up to which tax form wage types were evaluated C T51T6 
305 V_T51T8 Tax form definitions C T51T8 
306 V_T51T9 Dates of payroll execution and remittance amounts C T51T9 
307 V_T51TA Tax form groups C T51TA 
308 V_T51TC Tax attributes C T51TC 
309 V_T51TD Subjects for tax calculation and reporting C T51TD 
310 V_T520M Currency Table Denomination of Currency Units C T520M 
311 V_T520S Text Key for Data Carrier C T520S 
312 V_T521A Bank Details: Relevance of Special Fields C T521A 
313 V_T521B Payee Keys C T521B 
314 V_T521C Payee Authorization for Infotypes C T521C 
315 V_T522N HR Name Format C T522N 
316 V_T522N_A HR Name Format with Infotype Views V V_T522N 
317 V_T523T Challenge Types C T523T 
318 V_T525A HR Valuation Rules for Employee Data C T525A 
319 V_T525A_A Selection Rules for Employee Data C T525A 
320 V_T525E Rounding Rule for Time Intervals C T525E 
321 V_T525I Infotype Selection Condition C T525I 
322 V_T525I_A Selection Condition: Infotype Selection C T525I 
323 V_T525K Definition of Infotype Selection Condition C T525K 
324 V_T525K_A Selection Condition: Definition C T525K 
325 V_T525L Valuation Models for Employee Data C T525L 
326 V_T525MC Grouping of Selctn Classes for Collective Selection Classes C T525MC 
327 V_T525M_A Assignment of Selection Rules to Selection Classes C T525M 
328 V_T525NJ Assignment of Selection Class to Indicator C T525NJ 
329 V_T525OT Period-Dependent Properties of an Assignment C T525OT 
330 V_T525O_A Assignment of Selection Classes to Valuation Models C T525O 
331 V_T525O_B Assignment of Selection Classes to Valuation Models C T525O 
332 V_T525P Calculation Process for Employment Period Calculation C T525P 
333 V_T525Q Calculation Process Empl. Period Calculation (Customer) C T525Q 
334 V_T525R Process Step for Employment Period Calculation C T525R 
335 V_T525S Assignment of Valuation Model and Rounding Rule C T525S 
336 V_T525TD Time Dependent Characteristics of Time Specification Type C T525TD 
337 V_T525Z Permissibility of Infotype Selection in Empl.Period Calc. C T525Z 
338 V_T527X Organizational Units C T527X 
339 V_T528B_NYK Maintenance view for NYK and JOB codes C T5S8B 
340 V_T528B_SE Maintain View for ISCO code and SSYK code C T5S8B 
341 V_T528B_SSYK Maintenance view for SSYK , NEW C T5S8B 
342 V_T528C Wage Type Catalog C T528C 
343 V_T528C_B Wage type catalog C T528C 
344 V_T528T Position Texts C T528T 
345 V_T529A_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of Personnel Action Types C T529A_ESSEX 
346 V_T529A_HRF Action Type/Reason (DB View for HR Forms) D T529A 
347 V_T529U Status Values C T529U 
348 V_T529U_1 Status Values for Status 1 (Customer-specific) D T529U 
349 V_T529U_2 Status Values for Status 2 (Employment Status) D T529U 
350 V_T529U_3 Status Values for Status 3 (Special Payments) D T529U 
351 V_T52B1 Object Classes C T52B1 
352 V_T52B2 Object Attributes C T52B2 
353 V_T52B4 Valid Attribute Values C T52B4 
354 V_T52BW Input/Output Parameters for Log C T52BW 
355 V_T52CLST Display Order for Payroll Tables in PC_PAYRESULT C T52CLST 
356 V_T52CODIST Cost Distribution C T52CODIST 
357 V_T52CODI_RETRO Wage Types for Distributing Retro.Acntg With Inflow Princ. C T52CODIST_RETRO 
358 V_T52CT Text Elements C T52CT 
359 V_T52D1 Processing Classes C T52D1 
360 V_T52D2 Processing Class Values C T52D2 
361 V_T52D3 Evaluation Classes C T52D3 
362 V_T52D4 Evaluation Class Values C T52D4 
363 V_T52D5 Wage Type Groups for T512W Views C T52D5 
364 V_T52D7 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups C T52D7 
365 V_T52D7_GB Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups C T52D7 
366 V_T52D7_GB_ABS1 View T52D7: (OSP Payment Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
367 V_T52D7_GB_ABS2 View T52D7: (OMP Payment Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
368 V_T52D7_GB_ABS3 View T52D7: (OAP Payment Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
369 V_T52D7_GB_ABS4 View T52D7: (OPP Payment Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
370 V_T52D7_GB_ABS5 View T52D7: (OAP Payment Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
371 V_T52D7_GB_ABS6 View T52D7: (OPP Payment Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
372 V_T52D7_GB_ABS9 View T52D7: (OxP Information Only Wage Types) V V_T52D7_GB 
373 V_T52D7_GB_TPEH TPS View T52D7 Special Education Needs Allowance Higher Rate V V_T52D7_GB 
374 V_T52D7_GB_TPEL TPS View T52D7 Special Education Needs Allowance Lower Rate V V_T52D7_GB 
375 V_T52D7_GB_TPFL TPS View T52D7 Fringe London Allowance V V_T52D7_GB 
376 V_T52D7_GB_TPIL TPS View T52D7 Inner London Allowance V V_T52D7_GB 
377 V_T52D7_GB_TPM1 TPS View T52D7 Management Allowance Level 1 V V_T52D7_GB 
378 V_T52D7_GB_TPM2 TPS View T52D7 Management Allowance Level 2 V V_T52D7_GB 
379 V_T52D7_GB_TPM3 TPS View T52D7 Management Allowance Level 3 V V_T52D7_GB 
380 V_T52D7_GB_TPM4 TPS View T52D7 Management Allowance Level 4 V V_T52D7_GB 
381 V_T52D7_GB_TPM5 TPS View T52D7 Management Allowance Level 5 V V_T52D7_GB 
382 V_T52D7_GB_TPOL TPS View T52D7 Outer London Allowance V V_T52D7_GB 
383 V_T52D7_GB_TPPH TPS View T52D7 Social Priority Allowance HIgher Rate V V_T52D7_GB 
384 V_T52D7_GB_TPPL TPS View T52D7 Social Priority Allowance Lower Rate V V_T52D7_GB 
385 V_T52D7_GB_TPR1 TPS View T52D7 Retention Allowance Level 1 V V_T52D7_GB 
386 V_T52D7_GB_TPR2 TPS View T52D7 Retention Allowance Level 2 V V_T52D7_GB 
387 V_T52D7_GB_TPR3 TPS View T52D7 Retention Allowance Level 3 V V_T52D7_GB 
388 V_T52D7_GB_TPR4 TPS View T52D7 Retention Allowance Level 4 V V_T52D7_GB 
389 V_T52D7_GB_TPR5 TPS View T52D7 Retention Allowance Level 5 V V_T52D7_GB 
390 V_T52D7_GB_TPSL TPS View T52D7 London Supplement Allowance V V_T52D7_GB 
391 V_T52D7_GB_USC1 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
392 V_T52D7_GB_USC2 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
393 V_T52D7_GB_USC3 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
394 V_T52D7_GB_USC4 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
395 V_T52D7_GB_USC5 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
396 V_T52D7_GB_USC6 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
397 V_T52D7_GB_USC7 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
398 V_T52D7_GB_USS1 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Contributions) V V_T52D7_GB 
399 V_T52D7_GB_USS2 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: AVCs) V V_T52D7_GB 
400 V_T52D7_GB_USS3 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Continued AVCs) V V_T52D7_GB 
401 V_T52D7_GB_USS4 View T52D7: (USS Contributions Interface: Exceptions) V V_T52D7_GB 
402 V_T52D7_GB_USS5 View T52D7: (USS Salary Changes Interface: Exceptions) V V_T52D7_GB 
403 V_T52D7_GB_WTD1 Working Time Directive Overtime Wage Types V V_T52D7_GB 
404 V_T52DN Name Range for Processing and Evaluation Classes C T52DN 
405 V_T52DZ Assign Customizing Wage Type to Model Wage Type C T52DZ 
406 V_T52E1 Sort Sequence RPCIPO00 C T52E1 
407 V_T52E2 Posting to Accounting: Posting Variants C T52E2 
408 V_T52E2_UN Posting to Accounting: Posting Variants C T52E2 
409 V_T52E3 Attributes of HR Evaluation Types C T52E3 
410 V_T52E4 Status of HR Evaluation Types C T52E4 
411 V_T52EK Symbolic Accounts C T52EK 
412 V_T52EL Wage Type Posting C T52EL 
413 V_T52EL_COMP Posting Wage Types (Special View with Fixed End Date) C T52EL 
414 V_T52EL_NOFM Posting wage types without FM account assignment V V_T52EL 
415 V_T52EM Employee Grouping for Account Determination C T52EM 
416 V_T52EP Account Assignment Type C T52EP 
417 V_T52EV Payroll Reporting Types C T52EV 
418 V_T52EZ Time Dependency of Wage Type Posting C T52EZ 
419 V_T52E_ARFC Transfer FI/CO: Run Variants for Parallel Processing C T52E_ARFC 
420 V_T52E_FIX Employee Grouping Standard Accounting FM/GM C T52E_FIX 
421 V_T52G0 Jurisdiction C T52G0 
422 V_T52G2 Garnishment category C T52G2 
423 V_T52G4 Agency C T52G4 
424 V_T52G6 Remittance rule C T52G6 
425 V_T52G7 Debt C T52G7 
426 V_T52G9 Model for the gross/net C T52G9 
427 V_T52GB Model for the non-exempt amount C T52GB 
428 V_T52GD Model for the relationship to other debts C T52GD 
429 V_T52GF Calculation rule C T52GF 
430 V_T52GH Calculation rule characteristics C T52GH 
431 V_T52GI Garnishee fee C T52GI 
432 V_T52GK General gross and net C T52GK 
433 V_T52GL Definition of types affecting the gross and net C T52GL 
434 V_T52GM Adjustments to the gross and net C T52GM 
435 V_T52IA Define Evaluation Wage Types C T52IA 
436 V_T52IB View C T52IB 
437 V_T52IC View for T52IC C T52IC 
438 V_T52ID view C T52ID 
439 V_T52IE Assign Wage Types to Evaluation Wage Types C T52IE 
440 V_T52IF Payroll ITs to Receive Data Automatically C T52IF 
441 V_T52LIDI Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types C T52LIDI 
442 V_T52LIDIBASE Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle C T52LIDIBASE 
443 V_T52MCD Default Values for Multiple Checks C T52MCD 
444 V_T52MCGR Assignment of Wage Type Groups to Off-Cycle Reasons C T52MCGR 
445 V_T52MENU View: Assign Menu Transaction to Symbolic Module Name C T52MENU 
446 V_T52OCA Off-Cycle Reasons for Absence Types C T52OCA 
447 V_T52OCAP Payroll in Advance - Default Values for Number of Periods C T52OCAP 
448 V_T52OCB Default Value for Payment Method - Off-Cycle Workbench C T52OCB 
449 V_T52OCC Categories for Off-Cycle Reasons C T52OCC 
450 V_T52OCF Permitted Functions for the Off-Cycle Workbench per Country C T52OCF 
451 V_T52OCP Default Wage Types For Displaying Payroll Results C T52OCP 
452 V_T52OCP1 Check Management Grouping C T52OCP1 
453 V_T52OCP2 Check Management Grouping - Assigned Administrators C T52OCP2 
454 V_T52OCP3 Check Management Grouping - Assign Report and Variants C T52OCP3 
455 V_T52OCR Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs C T52OCR 
456 V_T52OCV Variants for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs C T52OCV 
457 V_T52OCW Default Wage Types for Bonus Run C T52OCW 
458 V_T52OCZ Off-Cycle: Payment Methods for Transfer and Check C T52OCZ 
459 V_T52PLOG Properties of the Payroll Log C T52PLOG 
460 V_T52POST_PAY View for Table t52post_payment C T52POST_PAYMENT 
461 V_T52RELID Maintenance View for the Cluster Description in PCLx C T52RELID 
462 V_T52SE Program Category C T52SE 
463 V_T52SEIOC Process Manager: Processed Objects C T52SEIOC 
464 V_T52SEOCT Process Manager: Processed Objects C T52SEOCT 
465 V_T52SES Default Values for Program Categories C T52SES 
466 V_T52SES_C Default Values for Customer Program Categories C T52SES_C 
467 V_T52SWCODIST Activating Cost Distribution C T52SWCODIST 
468 V_T530 Reason for Action C T530 
469 V_T530B Detrimental Actions/Absences C T530B 
470 V_T530C Type of Special Payment C T530C 
471 V_T530D Factors Dependent on Length of Service in Company C T530D 
472 V_T530E Reason for Change C T530E 
473 V_T530E_B Reasons for Changes C T530E 
474 V_T530E_UI_DE Help View for Change Reasons H T530E 
475 V_T530L Cumulation Wage Types C T530L 
476 V_T530_ALL Action reasons: Overall view C T530 
477 V_T531 Deadline Types C T531 
478 V_T533 Leave Types C T533 
479 V_T535N Name Affixes C T535N 
480 V_T535R PI Area Numbers C T535R 
481 V_T535T DUEVO: Professional Status C T535T 
482 V_T536A Addresses C T536A 
483 V_T536C Addresses via Address Management C T536C 
484 V_T536C_B Addresses via BAS for Belgium C T536C 
485 V_T536C_BANK Bank Details for Public Sector Employer C T536C_BANK 
486 V_T536C_C Addresses via Address Management C T536C 
487 V_T536C_N Addresses via Address Management C T536C 
488 V_T536D Address Types C T536D 
489 V_T536T DUEVO: Education C T536T 
490 V_T538A Time/Measurement Units C T538A 
491 V_T538A_DW Time/Measurement Units C T538A 
492 V_T538A_DW_HD Time/Measurement Units C T538A 
493 V_T538C Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes C T538C 
494 V_T539A Default Wage Types for Basic Pay C T539A 
495 V_T539J Base Wage Type Valuation C T539J 
496 V_T539J_B Base Wage Type Valuation C T539J 
497 V_T539J_GB Base Wage Type Valuation C T539J 
498 V_T539J_GB_TPAD TPS View T539J Additional Contribution Wage Type Valuation V V_T539J_GB 
499 V_T539J_GB_TPAL TPS View T539J Other Allowances Wage Type Valuation V V_T539J_GB 
500 V_T539J_GB_TPRE TPS View T539J Additional Contributions as Refund Valuation V V_T539J_GB