View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T5ITUD Report fields mapping of DAQ fields C T5ITUD 
2 V_T5ITUD_C Report fields mapping of DAQ fields C T5ITUD_C 
3 V_T5ITUD_COPY Report fields mapping of DAQ fields C T5ITUD 
4 V_T5ITUE Classes assignment for factory reporting C T5ITUE 
5 V_T5ITUE_COPY Classes assignment for factory reporting C T5ITUE 
6 V_T5ITUF_1 Report definition C T5ITUF 
7 V_T5ITUF_H Help search for Unified Reporting Forms H T5ITUF 
8 V_T5ITUG Unified reporting: output generation C T5ITUG 
9 V_T5ITUGE Unified reporting: content types for output generation C T5ITUGE 
10 V_T5ITUI User Data Table for Report / Legal Form C T5ITUI 
11 V_T5ITUI_CUD user data for CUD C T5ITUI 
12 V_T5ITUP Report postprocessing step C T5ITUP 
13 V_T5ITUP_C Report postprocessing step C T5ITUP_C 
14 V_T5ITUP_COPY Report postprocessing step C T5ITUP 
15 V_T5ITUS Report sections C T5ITUS 
16 V_T5ITUS_COPY Report sections C T5ITUS 
18 V_T5ITW1 View to create modules in the forms C T5ITW1 
19 V_T5ITW3 View to create form sections C T5ITW3 
20 V_T5ITW3_A View to copy the customizing from year to year C T5ITW3 
21 V_T5ITW5 View to describe the characteristics of the section C T5ITW5 
22 V_T5ITW5_A View to copy the customizing from year to year C T5ITW5 
23 V_T5ITW6 View to describe the rounding methods of the sections C T5ITW6 
24 V_T5ITW6_A View to copy the customizing from year to year C T5ITW6 
25 V_T5ITW9 Table view: mapping for F24 C T5ITW9 
26 V_T5ITWB Rule attributes C T5ITWB 
27 V_T5ITWC Rule conditions C T5ITWC 
28 V_T5ITWD Rule definition C T5ITWD 
29 V_T5ITWE Generic table reader: Classes C T5ITWE 
30 V_T5ITX0 Texts for notes C T5ITX0 
31 V_T5ITX0_A Auxiliary view to copy data from year to year C T5ITX0 
32 V_T5ITX1 Legal form boxes C T5ITX1 
33 V_T5ITX1_A Auxiliary view to copy data from year to year C T5ITX1 
34 V_T5IT_99FFC View for Client's redefinition of fields C T5F99FFC 
35 V_T5J00 HR Union JP C T5J00 
36 V_T5J02 HR Union Member Category JP C T5J02 
37 V_T5J03 Employee group / subgroup (Japan specific supplements) C T503Z 
38 V_T5J05 HR Union Due Calculation Master JP C T5J05 
39 V_T5J0P Personnel Area / Subarea: Social Insurance Modifier JP C T001P 
40 V_T5J10 HR Appraisal Main Feature JPN C T5J10 
41 V_T5J12 HR Appraisal Detail Feature JPN C T5J12 
42 V_T5J14 HR Pay Scale Level for Appraisal Point Criteria JPN C T5J14 
43 V_T5J15 HR Pay Scale Level for Appraisal Rank Criteria JPN C T5J15 
44 V_T5J17 HR Combination for Income Tax Deduction JPN C T5J17 
45 V_T5J18 HR Amount for Income Tax Deduction JPN C T5J18 
46 V_T5J19 HR Combination for Family Dependant Tax Deduction JPN C T5J19 
47 V_T5J1A HR-J: Overseas pay payment rate C T5J1A 
48 V_T5J1C HR-J: Car type(T5J1C) C T5J1C 
49 V_T5J1D Nursing insurance cost (Japan) C T5J1D 
50 V_T5J1E HR Grade No. for health ins. JP C T5J1E 
51 V_T5J1F HR Grade No. for EE's pension JP C T5J1F 
52 V_T5J20 HR Amount for Family Dependant Tax Deduction JPN C T5J20 
53 V_T5J21 HR Insurance Company Name JPN C T5J21 
54 V_T5J23 HR Indicator SI Insured JPN C T5J23 
55 V_T5J25 HR Indicator of Labour Insurance Premium Rate JPN C T5J25 
56 V_T5J27 HR Indicator Social Insurance Premium Rate JPN C T5J27 
57 V_T5J29 HR Social Insurance Entitlement Acquired/Lost JPN C T5J29 
58 V_T5J31 HR Social Insurance Entitlement JPN C T5J31 
59 V_T5J33 HR Insurance Company Type JPN C T5J33 
60 V_T5J35 HR Taxation Indicator JPN C T5J35 
61 V_T5J37 HR Year End Adjustment Indicator JPN C T5J37 
62 V_T5J39 HR Standard Annual Income Y.E.A. JPN C T5J39 
63 V_T5J40 HR Tax Deduction Amount Y.E.A. JPN C T5J40 
64 V_T5J41 HR Rate of Income Tax for Syoyo JPN C T5J41 
65 V_T5J42 HR Payroll Income Tax - Monthly Chart JPN C T5J42 
66 V_T5J43 HR Payroll Income Tax - Daily KOU JPN C T5J43 
67 V_T5J44 HR Payroll Income Tax - Daily OTSU JPN C T5J44 
68 V_T5J46 HR Appraisal Rank Criteria JPN C T5J46 
69 V_T5J47 HR Combination Insurance Type/Insurance Company JPN C T5J47 
70 V_T5J48 HR Payroll Income Tax for Reconstruction C T5J48 
71 V_T5J50 HR Residence Tax Change Reason JPN C T5J50 
72 V_T5J52 HR Residence Tax Collection Indicator JPN C T5J52 
73 V_T5J54 HR Insurance product type text JPN C T5J54 
74 V_T5J56 HR Weighting for Appraisal Main Feature JPN C T5J56 
75 V_T5J57 HR Special Tax Table for Retirement Income (Pension) JPN C T5J57 
76 V_T5J58 HR Combination insurance company type/product JPN C T5J58 
77 V_T5J59 HR Job promotion - pay scale level ordering JPN C T5J59 
78 V_T5J60 HR Job promotion - pay scale recreation JPN C T5J60 
79 V_T5J61 HR Address Information of Pers. Subarea for Residence Tax C T5J61 
80 V_T5J62 HR Information of Personnel Subarea for Income Tax C T5J62 
81 V_T5J63 HR Municipal City Codes JP C T5J63 
82 V_T5J64 HR Commuting Allowance - Non-taxable Amounts JPN? C T5J64 
83 V_T5J65 HR School Japan C T5J65 
84 V_T5J65X HR School Japan C T5J65 
85 V_T5J66 HR School type JPN C T5J66 
86 V_T5J68 HR Faculty JPN C T5J68 
87 V_T5J68X HR Faculty JPN C T5J68 
88 V_T5J69 HR Attributes to SYOYO payroll run JP C T5J69 
89 V_T5J70 HR Retirement Reason Category JP C T5J70 
90 V_T5J72 HR Retirement Reason <--> Allowance Calculation Formula JP C T530 
91 V_T5J72_P Supplements to reason for action(Payment category) C T530 
92 V_T5J73 HR Retirement Allowance Modifier JP C T5J73 
93 V_T5J73X HR Retirement Allowance Modifier JP C T5J73 
94 V_T5J74 HR Retirement Allowance Unit Amount JP C T5J74 
95 V_T5J75 HR Santei/Geppen Form Remark Text JP C T5J75 
96 V_T5J77 HR Katakana writing for Country Names JP C T5J77 
97 V_T5J78 HR Taxable amount reduction for retirement allowance JP C T5J78 
98 V_T5J79 HR Syoyo payemnt rate per pay scale JP C T5J79 
99 V_T5J80 HR Define Service Years Patterns for Retirement Category JP C T5J80 
100 V_T5J81 HR Associate retirement reason category to service years JP C T5J81 
101 V_T5J82 HR Associate pay scale to service years JP C T5J82 
102 V_T5J84 HR Service Years - Factor - Patterns for Reason Category JP C T5J84 
103 V_T5J85 HR Relation ship for family / related person JP C T577 
104 V_T5J86 HR-J: Taxation Type C T5J86 
105 V_T5J88 HR-J: Payment class C T5J88 
106 V_T5J98 HR Conversion IT0144 to IT0169 JP C T5J98 
107 V_T5J99 HR: Wagetype correspond Table JP C T5J99 
108 V_T5JA2 HR Weighting for Appraisal Detail Feature JPN C T5JA2 
109 V_T5JAD Company Address for HR (Japan) C T5JAD 
110 V_T5JBK Bank Key for Property Accumulation Savings (Japan) C T5JBK 
111 V_T5JL1 Branch Office Information for Labor Insurance (Japan) C T5JL1 
112 V_T5JLG Premium amount for employment insurance C T5JLG 
113 V_T5JLR HR Rate of Premium for Labour Insurance JPN C T5JLR 
114 V_T5JOCC Payroll Category for Payroll Reason C T52OCC 
115 V_T5JOCR Reasons for payroll runs C T52OCR 
116 V_T5JRA HR Collector Number for Residence Tax JP C T5JRA 
117 V_T5JSC Social insurance grade of compensation (Japan) C T5JSC 
118 V_T5JSI Branch Office Information for Social Insurance (Japan) C T5JSI 
119 V_T5JSR HR Rate of Premium for Social Insurance JPN C T5JSR 
120 V_T5K0P Personnel Areas/Subareas C T001P 
121 V_T5K13 Jobs C T513 
122 V_T5K14 Positions C T528B 
123 V_T5K1A Absence/Attendance types for issuing ROE C T5K1A 
124 V_T5K1E Action types and reasons for issuing ROE C T5K1E 
125 V_T5K1R Reason codes for issuing ROE C T5K1R 
126 V_T5K6I Year-end processing form wage type maintenance. C T596I 
127 V_T5KAM Tax areas / Tax models C T5KAM 
128 V_T5KAW Employment jurisdiction and text D T5KAW 
129 V_T5KB0 Address Assignment - Registration Numbers C T5KB0 
130 V_T5KB0_A Define Registration Numbers C T5KB0 
131 V_T5KB0_B Assign Address Type to Registration Number C T5KB0 
132 V_T5KB0_CE Assign grouping value to Registration Number (CE) C T5KB0 
133 V_T5KB1 Address Assignment - Account Numbers C T5KB1 
134 V_T5KB1_A Assign Account Numbers to Registration Numbers C T5KB1 
135 V_T5KB1_K Assign Constant to Business Number C T5KB1 
136 V_T5KB2 Tax Reporting Unit assignments C T5KB2 
137 V_T5KB3 Registration Number Org Assignment, Complete view C T5KB3 
138 V_T5KB3_A Registration Number Org Assignment, Personnel Area view C T5KB3 
139 V_T5KB3_B Registration Number Org Assignment, Grouping view C T5KB3 
140 V_T5KB4 Account Number Org Assignment, Complete view C T5KB4 
141 V_T5KB4_A Account Number Org Assignment, Contract view C T5KB4 
142 V_T5KB4_B Account Number Org Assignment, Grouping view C T5KB4 
143 V_T5KB5 Define Registration/Account Number Groupings C T5KB5 
144 V_T5KB6 Define Registration/Account Number Grouping texts C T5KB6 
145 V_T5KBN Maintain Busi.No./taxation ID for CPP/EI/QPP for M&A C T5KBN 
146 V_T5KE1 View for Group types C T5KE1 
147 V_T5KE2 View for Designated groups C T5KE2 
148 V_T5KG0 Gross/net model characteristics C T5KG0 
149 V_T5KG1 Special Rule C T5KG1 
150 V_T5KG3 Special rule calculation scheme C T5KG3 
151 V_T5KG4 Non-exempt amount model characteristics C T5KG4 
152 V_T5KG5 Relationship to other debts model characteristics C T5KG5 
153 V_T5KG6 Default values C T5KG6 
154 V_T5KG9 Garnishee fee characteristics C T5KG9 
155 V_T5KIN Tax indicators - Canada C T5KIN 
156 V_T5KLUP Parents of XML tags for XML mag media reporting C T5KLUP 
157 V_T5KMX Tax model / Taxation authorities - Canada C T5KMX 
158 V_T5KNC NAICS codes C T5KNC 
159 V_T5KNO NOC codes and EEOG's C T5KNO 
160 V_T5KR2 ROE Other Monies C T5KR2 
161 V_T5KRC Derivation of HR Creditors C T5KRC 
162 V_T5KS1 Directory for short / long term disability plans C T5KS1 
163 V_T5KS2 Short / long term disability: Assign absences to illnesses C T5KS2 
164 V_T5KSN CA: Maintenance View for ROE Serial No. C T5KSN 
165 V_T5KSP Short/long term disability plan C T5KSP 
166 V_T5KT3 Fields on a tax form C T5KT3 
167 V_T5KTA Tax Areas Work / Residence C T5KTA 
168 V_T5KTO Taxation authorities - Canada C T5KTO 
169 V_T5KWA Workers' Compensation accounts C T5KWA 
170 V_T5KWB Classification group assignment C T5KWB 
171 V_T5KWC Classification groups for WCB C T5KWC 
172 V_T5KYR Pension plan wage types and registration numbers C T5KYR 
173 V_T5KYS Assign company name/address to Business Number/QC Tax ID C T5KYS 
174 V_T5L03 Employee Subgroup grouping for tax (Malaysia) C T503Z 
175 V_T5L0P Personnel SubArea grouping for tax (Malaysia) C T001P 
176 V_T5LBA Code Number for BIK ( Malaysia ) C T5LBA 
177 V_T5LSC State Codes for EPF Download Formats C T5LSC 
178 V_T5LSW_ALL All Contants & Texts (as required) for MY C T5LSW_ALL 
179 V_T5LTE Tax relief information on Education (Malaysia) C T5LTE 
180 V_T5LTK_A Maintain Employer Reference Number for Tax C T5LTK 
181 V_T5LTK_B Maintain Employer's CP39 Tax Reference Number C T5LTK 
182 V_T5LTK_C Maintain details for head office tax reference number C T5LTK 
183 V_T5LTP Payee Key and Refno view. C T5LTP 
184 V_T5M03 Employee Subgroup Grouping Specific to Denmark C T503Z 
185 V_T5M03_B Employee Subgroup Grouping for Leave C T503Z 
186 V_T5M03_C Employee Subgroup Grouping for SH C T503Z 
187 V_T5M03_D DK-Specific Employee Subgroup Groupings for Norm. Times C T503Z 
188 V_T5M03_IA Employee Subgroup Grouping Specific to Denmark C T503Z 
189 V_T5M03_PAGRP Employee Grouping: Absence on PBS Remuneration Statement V V_T5M03 
190 V_T5M03_SVGRP Grouping: Addtnl Lve Days because of Leave in Summer Period V V_T5M03 
191 V_T5M03_VAGRP Employee Grouping: Leave Accumulation V V_T5M03 
192 V_T5M15 Default Values for DA Job Keys (DK) C T5M15 
193 V_T5M15_2 Second Maintenance View for T5M15 C T5M15 
194 V_T5M16 DA/DS Work Center Key C T5M16 
195 V_T5M18 Training Codes C T5M18 
196 V_T5M1A Place of Employment Keys for Tax Information S74 DK C T5M1A 
197 V_T5M1B Place of Employment Keys for DA Statistics DK C T5M1B 
198 V_T5M1C Place of Employment Keys for DS Statistics DK C T5M1C 
199 V_T5M1K No Longer Used !! [Municipal Numbers (DK)] C T5M1K 
200 V_T5M1P Assign Plant Section to Company, SE Key (HR DK) C T001P 
201 V_T5M1P_B Plant Grouping C T5M1P 
202 V_T5M1P_FIRMA Assign Plant Section to Company, SE Key (HR DK) C T001P 
203 V_T5M1P_SEKEY Assign Plant Section to SE Key (HR DK) C T001P 
204 V_T5M21 Payee Keys for Denmark C T521B 
205 V_T5M2S ATP Default C T5M2S 
206 V_T5M3U Bank Transfer Types (Denmark) C T5M3U 
207 V_T5M49 Period-Related Date Entries C T5M49 
208 V_T5M49W Payment Models for Special Model Types C T5M49W 
209 V_T5M55 ToldSkat country codes for Field 5 C T5M55 
210 V_T5M58 PBS Payroll Results C T5M58 
211 V_T5M5B_2 SAP-PBS Interface: Definition of Wage Type Intervals DK C T5M5B 
212 V_T5M5E SAP-PBS Interface: Forms (DK) C T5M5E 
213 V_T5M5F SAP-PBS Interface: Entry Values for Forms (DK) C T5M5F 
214 V_T5M5H SAP-PBS Interface: Company (DK) C T5M5H 
215 V_T5M5J SAP-PBS Interface: AGRUPPE (DK) C T5M5J 
216 V_T5M5L SAP-PBS Interface: Leave Schema, OF-CODES (DK) C T5M5L 
217 V_T5M5N SAP-PBS Interface: SE# (DK) C T5M5N 
218 V_T5M5P HR_DK: Companies Defined in the PBS System C T5M5P 
219 V_T5M5R HR_DK: Transfer of PBS Companies in Send/Import Programs C T5M5R 
220 V_T5M5R_A HR_DK: Transfer of PBS Companies in Send/Import Programs C T5M5R 
221 V_T5M5S Information to Be Sent to PBS C T5M5S 
222 V_T5M5T Conversion Options for Single Fields C T5M5T 
223 V_T5M5X Customer-Specific Description of a PBS Wage Type Interval C T5M5B 
224 V_T5M5Z Wage Types for Bringing Forward Retroactive Differences C T5M5Z 
225 V_T5M6A Link Between Leave Entitlement and Wage Type C T5M6A 
226 V_T5M6P Default Values for Payment in Lieu of Leave- IT 74, Subtype2 C T5M6P 
227 V_T5M7A Processing Possibilities in Danish Payroll Steps C T5M7A 
228 V_T5M7B Company Variant Set for Payroll Run Control C T5M7B 
229 V_T5M7E User Variant Sets for Payroll Report Variants C T5M7E 
230 V_T5M7G Tax Table for Company Variants Processing C T5M7G 
231 V_T5M7I Tax Table for Single Payroll Steps C T5M7I 
232 V_T5M7M Single Step Control in User Variant Set C T5M7M 
233 V_T5M7N Pension Types (HR DK) C T5M7N 
234 V_T5M7P Garnishment Types (HR DK) C T5M7P 
235 V_T5M7U Retrieval of DA-DS Statistics C T5M7U 
236 V_T5M7U_2 Retrieval of DA-DS Statistics C T5M7U 
237 V_T5M7X_2 Entries for Form X1 - Special Payment Days C T5M7X 
238 V_T5M7X_3 Entries for Form X1 - Special Payment Days C T5M7X 
239 V_T5M8A Entry Fields for Own Statistics IT0204 (DK) C T5M8A 
240 V_T5M8C Input Values for Company's Own Statistics (Denmark) C T5M8C 
241 V_T5M8F SAP-PBS Interface: Assign SAP PBS Wage Types (DK) C T5M8F 
242 V_T5M8I PBS Error Types C T5M8I 
243 V_T5M8I_2 PBS Message Characterization: Warnings (W) or Errors (E) C T5M8I 
244 V_T5M8O Pension Institutions DK C T5M8O 
245 V_T5M8Q Assign PBS-SAP leave entitlement and deduction C T5M8Q 
246 V_T5M8T Danish Postal Codes C T5M8T 
247 V_T5M8W End of Year Corrections for PBS Accumulators C T5M8W 
248 V_T5M8X Interfacing of SAP Constants to PBS Constants from T511K C T5M8X 
249 V_T5M9D Wage Types PBS Must be Activated For C T5M9D 
250 V_T5M9E Standard Account Assignment for PBS Wage Types C T5M9E 
251 V_T5M9F PBS_Accumulator C T5M9F 
252 V_T5M9I End of Year Runs C T5M9I 
253 V_T5M9J New Year Runs C T5M9J 
254 V_T5MF0 Place of Employment Key for FA C T5MF0 
255 V_T5MF1 Work Functions for FA Statistics C T5MF1 
256 V_T5MF2 Position Key According to FA Statistics C T5MF2 
257 V_T5MF3 FA Statistics: Training Key C T5MF3 
258 V_T5MF5 Pay Scale Level for FA C T5MF5 
259 V_T5MF6 Conversion of Company Pay Scale Structure to FA PS Structure C T5MF6 
260 V_T5MF7 SAP-PBS Interface: PBS Input Values C T5MF7 
261 V_T5MF8 Default Values for Work Function, Work and Management Level C T5MF8 
262 V_T5MF9 Action is Hiring/Leaving in the Sense of FA Statistics C T5MF9 
263 V_T5MFA Error Areas in the Validation Routines for FA Statistics C T5MFA 
264 V_T5MFB FA Statistics: Values for Validation C T5MFB 
265 V_T5MFD Creation and Reporting of Statistics for DA, FA, and DS C T5MFD 
266 V_T5MFD_FA Amendment of Wage/Salary and Absence Statistics for FA C T5MFD 
267 V_T5MFE Financial Sector Pay Scale Types for FA Statistics C T5MFE 
268 V_T5MFF Pay Scale Groups for FA Statistics C T5MFF 
269 V_T5MFF_SEL Pay Grade D T5MFF 
270 V_T5MFG Pay Scale Levels for FA Statistics C T5MFG 
271 V_T5MFH Special Transfer Days for Wage Types C T5MFH 
272 V_T5MFI Wage Bonus Types C T5MFI 
273 V_T5MLTR Maintain Transfer Leave Types C T5MLTR 
274 V_T5MP1 General Messages for the PBS Remuneration Statement C T5MP1 
275 V_T5MY0 Year-End Activities for PBS C T5MY0 
276 V_T5M_ABSCD Absence Codes C T5M_ABSCD 
277 V_T5M_ABSTY_ABSC Link: Absence Types and Employer Org. to Absence Codes C T5M_ABSTY_ABSCD 
278 V_T5M_ABS_TREATM Absence Processing C T5M_ABS_TREATMNT 
279 V_T5M_ABS_TRE_AS Absence Handling: Leave Accumulation Status V V_T5M_ABS_TREATM 
280 V_T5M_ABS_TRE_PA Document Absence on PBS Remuneration Statement V V_T5M_ABS_TREATM 
281 V_T5M_LO_INTERFA Loans: Relationship: WT & Pseudo-Split and Generated WT C T5M_LO_INTERFACE 
282 V_T5M_SUMMER_PER Extra Vacation Days due to Vacation in the Summer Period C T5M_SUMMER_PER 
283 V_T5M_VASTA Leave Accumulation Status C T5M_VASTA 
284 V_T5N05 Act Stimulating Labor Participation of Ethnic Minorities C T5N05 
285 V_T5N0E Link Between Difference Wage Types and Wage Types C T5N0E 
286 V_T5N0F Link incoming wage types to outgoing wage types C T5N0F 
287 V_T5N0G Control Table for Guaranteed Net Amounts C T5N0G 
288 V_T5N0_FEATURE Table transfer values for features C T5N0_FEATURE 
289 V_T5N13 Sector Risk Group C T5N13 
290 V_T5N14 Additional Legal Person Data for Wage Return C T5N14 
291 V_T5N14_C Link Legal Person to a Corporate Group C T5N14 
292 V_T5N14_WCR Additional Legal Person Data for the Work Cost Regulation C T5N14 
293 V_T5N15 Sectors C T5N15 
294 V_T5N16 Social Security Types C T5N16 
295 V_T5N17 Calculation Methods for Social Insurance Calculation C T5N17 
296 V_T5N18 Control Table for Mapping SI Variables to Wage Types C T5N18 
297 V_T5N19 Group C T5N19 
298 V_T5N1A Social Insurance Indicators C T5N1A 
299 V_T5N1C Health Insurance Companies C T5N1C 
300 V_T5N1E Health Insurance Companies: Contributions C T5N1E 
301 V_T5N1G Valuation of Absences C T5N1G 
302 V_T5N1L Social Insurance Calculation of Contribution Amount Data C T5N1L 
303 V_T5N1O Social Insurance Groups - Payroll Data C T5N1O 
304 V_T5N1Q Pension Types C T5N1Q 
305 V_T5N1Q_F Pension Schemes (NL) C T5N1Q 
306 V_T5N1S SI Contributions (Selectn via SI Group and Repr. Leg. Pers.) C T5N1S 
307 V_T5N1S_O Social Insurance Contribution Data (Overview) C T5N1S 
308 V_T5N1S_R SI Contributions (Selection via SI Group and SI Scheme) C T5N1S 
309 V_T5N1T NSI: Retroactive Data Record Notifications C T5N1T 
310 V_T5N1U Employer C T5N1U 
311 V_T5N20 Table for Age-dependent Employment Rebate (NL) C T5N20 
312 V_T5N21 Final levy C T5N21 
313 V_T5N22 Deviant final levy percentages for special employee groups C T5N22 
314 V_T5N23 Assign Wage Tax Return Indicator to Annual Employee Statem. C T5N23 
315 V_T5N24 Additional Amount Percentage Private Use of Car C T5N24 
316 V_T5N2A Wage tax [LH] Conversion Rule Indicators C T5N2A 
317 V_T5N2C Marital Status for Wage Tax [Loonheffing] C T5N2C 
318 V_T5N2F Income Indicators C T5N2F 
319 V_T5N2H Special Payments Table [Bijzondere Beloningen] (NL) C T5N2H 
320 V_T5N2I Special Payments Compensat. (Prem. Transf.) Allowance [OT] C T5N2I 
321 V_T5N2J Conversion Rules for Wage Tax (Loonheffing) C T5N2J 
322 V_T5N2O Premium Reduction C T5N2O 
323 V_T5N2O_B Premium Reductions (NL) C T5N2O 
324 V_T5N2Q Wage Tax [Loonheffing] Exemptions C T5N2Q 
325 V_T5N2S Special Indicator Codes (Tax Authority) C T5N2S 
326 V_T5N2W Special Tax Indicators for Yearly Statement C T5N2S 
327 V_T5N2X Overview for Final Levies C T5N2X 
328 V_T5N2X_B Detail View for Final Levies C T5N2X 
329 V_T5N2Y Final Levies for Special Employee Groups C T5N2Y 
330 V_T5N2Z Table Childcare Taxable Allowances C T5N2Z 
331 V_T5N2Z_B Tabel for Taxed Childcare Allowance C T5N2Z 
332 V_T5N3A Social Fund Decisions C T5N3A 
333 V_T5N4A Transportation Indicators for Commuting C T5N4A 
334 V_T5N4D Commuter Allowance C T5N4D 
335 V_T5N5A Primary Insurance Cover/Capacity of the Insured C T5N5A 
336 V_T5N5B Professional Group Code C T5N5B 
337 V_T5N5C Pay Scale Indicator C T5N5C 
338 V_T5N5D NSI: Data Record Notifications C T5N5D 
339 V_T5N5D_S NSI: Data Record Notifications Sent C T5N5D 
340 V_T5N5E Special Indicators (UVI) C T5N5E 
341 V_T5N5G Primary Insurance Cover/Capacity of the Insured (NL) (New) C T5N5G 
342 V_T5N5H Correct Combinations of Social Security Schemes (NL) C T5N5H 
343 V_T5N5M Calculation Methods for Pensions (NL) C T5N5M 
344 V_T5N5N Check Table for Pension Schemes (NL) C T5N5N 
345 V_T5N5P Pension Fund C T5N5P 
346 V_T5N5Q View for Cumulation Table T5N5Q C T5N5Q 
347 V_T5N5Q_B Calculation Method and Rounding T5N5Q C T5N5Q 
348 V_T5N5Q_G Pensionable Salaries T5N5Q C T5N5Q 
349 V_T5N5Q_O Pension Indicators C T5N5Q 
350 V_T5N5Q_OF Increments and Free Allowances T5N5Q C T5N5Q 
351 V_T5N5Q_P Contributions T5N5Q C T5N5Q 
352 V_T5N5V Marital Status for Evaluations C T5N5V 
353 V_T5N5W Professional Group Code C T5N5W 
354 V_T5N6A Additional Terms of Employment C T5N6A 
355 V_T5N6B Kinds of Calculation Components C T5N6B 
356 V_T5N6C Relationship between Regulations and Kinds of Calculation C T5N6C 
357 V_T5N6D Calculation Codes for Regulations C T5N6D 
358 V_T5N6E Calculation Data for Entitlements C T5N6E 
359 V_T5N6F Calculation Data for Reservations C T5N6F 
360 V_T5N6G Calculation Data for Pay-out and Forwarding C T5N6G 
361 V_T5N71 Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Indicator C T5N71 
362 V_T5N72 Work Relationship Type Code C T5N72 
363 V_T5N73 "CAO" (Collective Agreement) Code C T5N73 
364 V_T5N74 Insurance Obligation Influence Code C T5N74 
365 V_T5N75 Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Indicator C T5N75 
366 V_T5N76 "GBA" Codes C T005 
367 V_T5N81 Employer Contribution Grouping for Life-Course Sav. Scheme C T5N81 
368 V_T5N82 Employer Contribution for Life-Course Savings Scheme C T5N82 
369 V_T5N9A Addresses of Authorities C T5N9A 
370 V_T5N9D Notifications Annual Statements C T5N9D 
371 V_T5N9F Occurrences C T5N9F 
372 V_T5N9H Assign Events to Pers. Actions and Reasons f. Pers. Actions C T5N9H 
373 V_T5N9I External Agency C T5N9I 
374 V_T5N9I_EIR Search Help view for external instances within EIR H T5N9I 
375 V_T5N9P Representing Legal Persons (for External Agencies) C T5N9P 
376 V_T5N9R Relationship Repr. Legal Person and External Agencies C T5N9R 
377 V_T5NA1 GBA status C T5NA1 
378 V_T5NA2 Autorisatietabel C T5NA2 
379 V_T5NA3 Land conversie tabel C T5NA3 
380 V_T5NA4 Constante tabel voor GBA interface C T5NA4 
381 V_T5NA5 Definitie van adhoc aanvragen C T5NA5 
382 V_T5NA7 Teksten voor ad-hoc aanvragen C T5NA7 
383 V_T5NA8 Triggering van rubrieken C T5NA8 
384 V_T5NA9 Triggering van gebeurtenissen C T5NA9 
385 V_T5NA9_A Overzichtsview T5NA9 C T5NA9 
386 V_T5NAA Triggering van velden C T5NAA 
387 V_T5NAB Triggering van processen C T5NAB 
388 V_T5NAB_A Overzichtsview T5NAB C T5NAB 
389 V_T5NAC Toewijzing van waarden C T5NAC 
390 V_T5NAD Conversie van infotype velden naar dynpro velden C T5NAD 
391 V_T5NBC C T5NBC 
392 V_T5NBF Prioriteitsbepaling gebeurtenissen (ALM/FAS interface) C T5NBF 
393 V_T5NBG Berekeningsmethode (FAS/ALM interface) C T5NBG 
394 V_T5NBH Omschrijving gebeurtenis (ALM/FAS interface) C T5NBH 
395 V_T5NBI Pensioenprodukt (ALM/FAS interface) C T5NBI 
396 V_T5ND3 OBSOLET Please use V_T5NDJ instead C T5ND3 
397 V_T5ND3_A Definitie van events C T5ND3 
398 V_T5ND5 Action per Event for retroactive Acc. for NL Pensions C T5ND5 
399 V_T5NDA HR-NL: Log Table for Euro-conversion of IT0279 Value Types C T5NDA 
400 V_T5NDB HR-NL: Log Table for Euro-conversion of Table T5ND1 C T5NDB 
401 V_T5NDC HR-NL: Log Table for Euro-conversion of T5NE3 VK Reporting C T5NDC 
402 V_T5NDD HR-NL: Log Table for Euro-conversion of T5NEA VK Reporting C T5NDD 
403 V_T5NDE PA-PF-NL: Log Table voor Euro-conversie van IT0665 C T5NDE 
404 V_T5NDF HR-NL: Output-groeperingen C T5NDF 
405 V_T5NDG HR-NL: Output-sequentie voor output-groepering C T5NDG 
406 V_T5NDH HR-NL: Output-groepering voor gebeurtenis C T5NDH 
407 V_T5NDI HR-NL: Eigenschappen van gebeurtenissen C T5NDI 
408 V_T5NDJ Mapping van gebeurtenissen C T5NDJ 
409 V_T5NDL C T5NDL 
410 V_T5NE1 Groepsdefinitie voor VK-rapport C T5NE1 
411 V_T5NE3 Standentabel (VK rapport) C T5NE3 
412 V_T5NE4 Definitie van VK rapport C T5NE4 
413 V_T5NE6 Berekeningsmethode (VK rapport) C T5NE6 
414 V_T5NE7 Variabele definitie (VK rapport) C T5NE7 
415 V_T5NF1 Pensioen producten C T5NF1 
416 V_T5NF3 Veldtoewijzing voor infotype 0279 C T5NF3 
417 V_T5NF4 C T5NF4 
418 V_T5NG1 Status per subtyp voor waardeoverdracht C T5NG1 
419 V_T5NG3 Verloop toelaatbare status i.v.m. waardeoverdracht C T5NG3 
420 V_T5NG3_B Verloop toelaatbare status i.v.m. waardeoverdracht C T5NG3 
421 V_T5NG4 Waardevelden voor waardeoverdracht C T5NG4 
422 V_T5NG6 Circuits voor waardeoverdracht C T5NG6 
423 V_T5NG8 C T5NG8 
424 V_T5NGA C T5NGA 
425 V_T5NGA_B C T5NGA 
426 V_T5NH1 C T5NH1 
427 V_T5NH2 C T5NH2 
428 V_T5NH3 C T5NH3 
429 V_T5NH4 C T5NH4 
430 V_T5NH5 C T5NH5 
431 V_T5NH6 C T5NH6 
432 V_T5NH7 C T5NH7 
433 V_T5NH8 C T5NH8 
434 V_T5NH9 C T5NH9 
435 V_T5NI1_D Detailed PW Activities C T5NI5 
436 V_T5NI2 PW Plans C T5NI2 
437 V_T5NI3 Default PW Plan C T5NI3 
438 V_T5NI3_O Allocate PW Activities to PW Plan C T5NI3 
439 V_T5NI4 PW Absence Types C T5NI4 
440 V_T5NII Income Indicators (NL) C T5NII 
441 V_T5NK1 C T5NK1 
442 V_T5NK2 C T5NK2 
443 V_T5NK3 C T5NK3 
444 V_T5NK4 C T5NK4 
445 V_T5NK5 C T5NK5 
446 V_T5NK6 C T5NK6 
447 V_T5NKB C T5NKB 
448 V_T5NKC C T5NKC 
449 V_T5NKD C T5NKD 
451 V_T5NKF C T5NKF 
452 V_T5NKG C T5NKG 
453 V_T5NKH C T5NKH 
454 V_T5NKI C T5NKI 
455 V_T5NKJ C T5NKJ 
456 V_T5NKK C T5NKK 
457 V_T5NKL C T5NKL 
458 V_T5NKM C T5NKM 
459 V_T5NKN C T5NKN 
461 V_T5NKO C T5NKO 
462 V_T5NKP C T5NKP 
463 V_T5NKQ C T5NKQ 
464 V_T5NKR C T5NKR 
465 V_T5NKS C T5NKS 
467 V_T5NKU C T5NKU 
468 V_T5NKV C T5NKV 
469 V_T5NKW C T5NKW 
470 V_T5NKX C T5NKX 
471 V_T5NKY C T5NKY 
472 V_T5NKZ C T5NKZ 
473 V_T5NL0 C T5NL0 
474 V_T5NL2 C T5NL2 
475 V_T5NL2_AA C T5NL2 
476 V_T5NL3 C T5NL3 
477 V_T5NM1 MoMi Task Groups C T5NM1 
478 V_T5NM2 MoMi Task Settings C T5NM2 
479 V_T5NM3 MoMi Task Assignment C T5NM3 
480 V_T5NP0 C T5NP0 
481 V_T5NP1 C T5NP1 
482 V_T5NP2 C T5NP2 
483 V_T5NP3 HR-Garn: Mapping Table VALTY- LGART for Simulation (all) C T5NP3 
484 V_T5NP3_A HR-Garn: Mapping of Value type on wage type C T5NP3 
485 V_T5NP3_B HR-Garn: Mapping of wage type on value type C T5NP3 
486 V_T5NRE Retirement Age (AOW Age) C T5NRE 
487 V_T5NU1 C T5NU1 
488 V_T5P03 HR-PT: Employee Groups / Subgroups - Classification C T503 
489 V_T5P0P HR-PT: Personnel Subarea Supplements C T001P 
490 V_T5P1F View for the customizing of tax offices C T5P1F 
491 V_T5P1J HR-PT: Grouping and characteristics of legal entity (JUPER) C T5P1J 
492 V_T5P1P HR-PT: Update of tax tables C T5P1P 
493 V_T5P1S HR-PT: View for the customizing of tax status C T5P1S 
494 V_T5P1U HR-PT: Relation of reference amount WTs for tax calculation C T5P1U 
495 V_T5P1W HR-PT: Relation of wage types in tax calculation C T5P1W 
496 V_T5P2E HR-PT: Social Security Contributor C T5P2E 
497 V_T5P2I HR-PT: Social Security Institutions C T5P2I 
498 V_T5P2P HR-PT: Social Security Regimes - Payroll Processing C T5P2P 
499 V_T5P2R HR-PT: Social Security - Master Data Regimes C T5P2R 
500 V_T5P2S HR-PT: Assignment to Social Security Regimes C T5P2S