View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TOIAB Sales Fee Posting keys C TOIAB 
2 V_TOIAE Purchase fee account assignment C TOIAE 
3 V_TOIAF Sales fee account assignment C TOIAF 
4 V_TOIAQ Exchange Statement C TOIAQ 
5 V_TOIAU LIA Document type C TOIAU 
6 V_TOIGA TD Product Indicators C TOIGA 
7 V_TOIGAC TD Compartment Group C TOIGAC 
8 V_TOIGAP TD Product Group C TOIGAP 
9 V_TOIGARC Archiving - shipment retention time C TOIGARC 
10 V_TOIGB TD Vehicle/customer Indicator C TOIGB 
11 V_TOIGBC TD Customer Group C TOIGBC 
12 V_TOIGBV TD Vehicle Group C TOIGBV 
13 V_TOIGC TD Transport Unit Type C TOIGC 
14 V_TOIGE TD Event type C TOIGE 
15 V_TOIGED TD Event document type C TOIGED 
16 V_TOIGEG TD Event default groups C TOIGEG 
17 V_TOIGEGA TD Event default group assignment C TOIGEGA 
18 V_TOIGEX1 TD Exch. call-off determination (example for user exit) C TOIGEX1 
20 V_TOIGL TD License Type C TOIGL 
21 V_TOIGS TD Shipment Type C TOIGS 
22 V_TOIGS1 TD Intransit store location determination C TOIGS1 
23 V_TOIGS2 TD Intransit posting group C TOIGS2 
24 V_TOIGS3 TD Intransit batch/handling type determination C TOIGS3 
25 V_TOIGS4 TD Reason Code C TOIGS4 
26 V_TOIGS41 TD Reason code convert to proof of delivery C TOIGS41 
27 V_TOIGS5 TD Tolerance authorization C TOIGS5 
28 V_TOIGS6 TD Tolerance checking of Quantities C TOIGS 
29 V_TOIGS_DL Output determination - delivery confirmation C TOIGS 
30 V_TOIGS_LD Output determination - loading C TOIGS 
31 V_TOIGS_SH Output determination - scheduling C TOIGS 
32 V_TOIGS_SV Output determination - scheduling C TOIGS 
33 V_TOIGUS TD - Master data user enhancement control C TOIGUS 
34 V_TOIGV TD Vehicle Type C TOIGV 
35 V_TOIGVCLGRT Define Vehicle Classification Group C TOIGVCLGR 
37 V_TOIJNOMTYP_H Output Determination - Nomination Header C TOIJNOMTYP 
38 V_TOIJNOMTYP_I Output Determination - Nomination Item C TOIJNOMTYP 
39 V_TOIJRMOT TSW: Mode of Transport for Rack Issues C OIJTSWMOT 
40 V_TOIJRMVTY TSW: Movement Type for Rack Issues C OIJTSWMVTY 
41 V_TOIJX_01 TSW Control Data C OIJX 
42 V_TOIJX_02 Specify parameters for Stock Projection C OIJX 
43 V_TOIJX_03 Nomination settings C OIJX 
44 V_TOIJX_04 TSW Master Data settings C OIJX 
45 V_TOIJX_05 TSW Details C OIJX 
46 V_TOIJX_06 3WP Pegging-to-Stock settings C OIJX 
47 V_TOIJX_07 Berth Planning Board settings C OIJX 
48 V_TOIJX_08 Amendment Control for Location Balancing C OIJX 
49 V_TOIJ_EL_DOCSET Define transactions to display documents from ticketing C TOIJ_EL_DOC_SET 
50 V_TOIJ_EL_DOC_MM Choose screens f. TSW Details Pop-up in MM Contracts C TOIJ_EL_DOC_MM 
51 V_TOIJ_EL_DOC_SD Choose screens for TSW Details Pop-up in SD Contracts C TOIJ_EL_DOC_SD 
52 V_TOIJ_EL_EV_MM Default Events for Purchase Documents C TOIJ_EL_EV_MM 
53 V_TOIJ_EL_EV_SD Default Events into Sales Documents C TOIJ_EL_EV_SD 
54 V_TOIJ_EL_INCOMP TSW: Select Incompletion Behavior C TOIJ_EL_INCOMP 
55 V_TOIJ_EL_INC_F TSW: Specify Incompletion Fields C TOIJ_EL_INC_F 
56 V_TOIJ_EL_LT Default Laytime Term Code C TOIJ_EL_LAYT 
57 V_TOIJ_EL_LT_EV Default Laytime Terms - Start and End Events C TOIJ_EL_LAYT_EV 
58 V_TOIJ_EL_LT_INF Default Laytime Terms - Influencing Events C TOIJ_EL_LAYT_INF 
59 V_TOIJ_EL_MS_GRP Assign Function Groups for Ticketing Process C TOIJ_EL_MS_GROUP 
60 V_TOIJ_EL_MVSCEN TSW: Customize Movement Scenarios C TOIJ_EL_MVSCEN 
61 V_TOIJ_EL_SITYPE Shipping Types (SITYP) for Nomination Scheduling C TOIJ_EL_SITYPES 
62 V_TOIJ_LAYT_RELV Assign Laytime Filter to Relevance Type C TOIJ_LAYT_RELV 
64 V_TOIKCCAPGR TPI: Customer Capacity Group C TOIKCCAPGR 
65 V_TOIKCCGREL TPI: Customer Capacity group f. Relevancy type C TOIKCCGREL 
66 V_TOIKDCP Control delivery confirmation process C TOIKDCP 
68 V_TOIKGRTYPA OIL - TPI Group type assignment C TOIKGRTYPA 
70 V_TOIKLIDG Load Id Function Group Definition C TOIKLIDG 
71 V_TOIKLIGF TAS Functiongroup Function Assignment C TOIKLIDGF 
72 V_TOIKLRSS Selection fields f. release/revise LIDs C TOIKLRSS 
73 V_TOIKOWC Time frame C TOIKOWC 
75 V_TOIKTPIREL TPI: Transportation Planning Point for Relevancy Type C TOIKTPIREL 
76 V_TOIKTPP OIL-TPI: Transportation Planning Point / Trip planning C TTDS 
77 V_TOIKTRFS TAS Relevance Field Ranking - Shipment C TOIKTRVFS 
78 V_TOIKTRV TAS Relevance Pickup C TOIKTRV 
79 V_TOIKTRVF TAS Relevance Field Ranking C TOIKTRVF 
80 V_TOIKTRVS TAS Relevance shipment C TOIKTRVS 
81 V_TOIKTWS TPI: Time window settings C TOIKTWS 
82 V_TOIKUSF TAS - User Field Definition C TOIKUSF 
83 V_TOIK_RFC_ID Mapping RFC Destinations to Oil Web App. Scenarios C TOIK_RFC_ID 
84 V_TOJMB SAP Objects: Methods C TOJMB 
85 V_TOLE Maintenance view for OLE applications C TOLE 
86 V_TOPDEVV Deviation Recording - Selection Variants C TOPDEVV 
87 V_TORB1 Orders Received: Assign OR Cost Elements C TORB1 
88 V_TORB2 Incoming Orders: Settings for Key C TORB2 
89 V_TORS0 Activate Time Dependency for System Status C TORS0 
90 V_TP01 Business Partner: Form of Address C TP01 
91 V_TP016 Maintenance View for Liability Risks C TP016 
92 V_TP017 Maintenance View for Liability Amounts C TP017 
93 V_TP018 Relationship: Legal Form<>Legal Form of a Company C TP018 
94 V_TP019 Define Permitted Values for Customizable Group Categories C TP019 
95 V_TP01U BP: Conversion Form of Address TZV01 - TP01 C TZV01 
96 V_TP01_U BP: Conversion of Forms of Address TP01 - TSAD3 C TP01 
97 V_TP02 Business Partner: Salutation C TP02 
98 V_TP02T_HLP Salutation H TP02 
99 V_TP02U BP: Convert Salutation C TZV02 
100 V_TP03 Business Partner: Marital Status C TP03 
101 V_TP038M1 Industry Mapping SAP BP to TR BP / Customer C TP038M1 
102 V_TP038M2 Industry Mapping TR BP / Customer to SAP GP C TP038M2 
103 V_TP03_U BP: Conversion of Marital Statuses TP03 TP27 C TP03 
104 V_TP04 Business Partner: Marital Property Regime C TP04 
105 V_TP05 Business Partner: Employee Group C TP05 
106 V_TP05U BP: Convert Employee Position C TZV06 
107 V_TP06 Business Partner: Rating C TP06 
108 V_TP06U BP: Convert Rating C TZ01 
109 V_TP07 Business Partner: Credit Rating Institute C TP07 
110 V_TP07U BP: Convert Credit Standing Info. C TIV61 
111 V_TP08 Business Partner: Legal Form C TP08 
112 V_TP08U BP: Convert Legal Form C TW04 
113 V_TP08_U BP: Convert Legal Forms TP08 TP19 C TP08 
114 V_TP09 Business Partner: Legal Entity C TP09 
115 V_TP09U BP: Convert Legal Entity C TZ02 
116 V_TP09_U BP: Conversion of Legal Entities TP09 - TB032 C TP09 
117 V_TP10 Business Partner: Loan to Manager C TP10 
118 V_TP103 Business Partner: Field Modification - Role Category C TP103 
119 V_TP105 Business Partner: Field Modification - Activity C TP105 
120 V_TP10U BP: Convert Loan to Manager Indicator C TZD1 
121 V_TP11 Business Partner: Employment Status C TP11 
122 V_TP12 Business Partner: German Banking Law Credit Information C TP12 
123 V_TP12U BP: Convert German Banking Law Information C TZV15 
124 V_TP13 Business Partner: Target Group C TP13 
125 V_TP13U BP: Convert Target Group to Partner Group C TD05 
126 V_TP14 Business Partner: Address ID C TP14 
127 V_TP14_U BP: Conversion of Address ID TP14 - TB009 C TP14 
128 V_TP15 Business Partner: Function C TP15 
129 V_TP15_U BP: Conversion of Function TP15 TB912 C TP15 
130 V_TP16 Business Partner: Department C TP16 
131 V_TP16_U BP: Conversion of Department TP16 TB910 C TP16 
132 V_TP17U_U BP: Conversion of Industries t016 tb023 C TP17U 
133 V_TP19 Allocate Information Type to Information Category C TP19 
134 V_TP22 Define Values for F4 Input Help C TP22 
135 V_TP23 Define Differentiation Criterion C TP23 
136 V_TP23S Set Differentiation Criterion C TP23S 
137 V_TP24 Define Grouping Characteristic C TP24 
138 V_TPAER_ABH Partner Roles in Agency Document Header Scheme C TPAER 
139 V_TPAER_ABI Partner Roles in Agency Document Item Scheme C TPAER 
140 V_TPAER_I Partner Schemas Project System: Partner Roles C TPAER 
141 V_TPAER_KO Partner Functions in Sales Activities Procedure C TPAER 
142 V_TPAER_PM Define Transfer of Partner Functions in Movement Data C TPAER 
143 V_TPAER_QM Partner Functions in Partner Determination Procedure C TPAER 
144 V_TPAER_SD Partner Functions in Procedure C TPAER 
145 V_TPAER_TCK Partner Function in Schema 'Trading Contract Header' C TPAER 
146 V_TPAER_TCP Partner Functions in Procedure C TPAER 
147 V_TPAER_VK Partner Functions in Sales Document Header Procedure C TPAER 
148 V_TPAKD_SD Account Groups: Function Assignment C TPAKD 
149 V_TPAKL Permissible Partner Roles per Account Group C TPAKL 
150 V_TPAMA Search String Maintenance C TPAMA 
151 V_TPAR Definition of Partner Roles C TPAR 
152 V_TPARA_VARIANTS Parallel Processing Variants Retail/Merchandise Distribution C TPARA_VARIANTS 
153 V_TPARU Control Parallelized Confirmation Procedures PP/PM/PS/PP-PI C TPARU 
154 V_TPARU_1 Control Parallel Confirmation Procedures PP-Rep C TPARU 
155 V_TPAR_PS Definition of Partner Roles C TPAR 
156 V_TPAR_PT Definition of Partner Roles C TPAR 
157 V_TPAR_QM Partner Functions C TPAR 
158 V_TPAR_SD Partner Functions C TPAR 
159 V_TPAR_VUV Incompletion Procedures for Partner Functions C TPAR 
160 V_TPATT VarChart Graphics: Pattern C TPATT 
161 V_TPAUM Language-Dependent Key Reassignment for Partner Roles C TPAUM 
162 V_TPAUM_SD Partner Function Conversion C TPAUM 
163 V_TPAYBLKBNK Reservation for Cross-Payment Run Payment Media C TFIBLMPAYBLOCK 
164 V_TPCAACTIV Maintenance of Payment Card Variants (Obsolete) C TPCAACTIV 
165 V_TPCA_ALE Assignment: Company Code - Field Transfer Rule PCA (ALE) C TPCA_ALE 
166 V_TPEXT_A Profile maint. f. PM Ext. Processing C TPEXT 
167 V_TPEXT_PM Default Value Profile for PM External Operation Data C TPEXT 
168 V_TPFK Contact Person: Functions C TPFK 
169 V_TPFO_OBJECT Maint.View for S-Table - Object Kinds of PFO for DB Tables C TPFO_OBJECT 
170 V_TPFO_OBT_GO Portfolio Assignment: Business Object Categories D TPFO_OBT_PROC 
171 V_TPFO_OBT_PROC Maintenance View for Process Table for Creating Object Type C TPFO_OBT_PROC 
172 V_TPFO_ROL_GZO All Business Object Assignment Roles in TPFO_ROL D TPFO_ROL 
173 V_TPFO_ROL_SZO All Business Object Assignment Roles in TPFO_ROL D TPFO_ROL 
174 V_TPGAC GG Product Eligibility: view for PG customizing table TPGAC C TPGAC 
175 V_TPGP Maintain tables TPGP and TPGPT C TPGP 
176 V_TPGPRF Grouping/Pegging profile maintenance view C TPGPRF 
177 V_TPGPROFIL Distribution profile C TPGPRF 
178 V_TPHCNV View for Table TPHCNV C TPHCNV 
179 V_TPI01 Interest profile C TPI01 
180 V_TPI02 Project Interest Calculation C TPI02 
181 V_TPI04 Interest relevant: costs/finances C TPI04 
182 V_TPIBA Production Requirements C PIBA 
183 V_TPIBZ Production Commitments C PIBZ 
184 V_TPIF3 View Maintenance: Commitment Item -> Value Category Assgt C TPIF3 
185 V_TPIK3 View Maintenance: Cost Element -> Value Category Assgt C TPIK3 
186 V_TPIR2 Value Category View Maintenance C TPIR2 
187 V_TPIR2_PM View maintenance value categories PM C TPIR2 
188 V_TPIRX Control RPSCO update C TPIRX 
189 V_TPIS3 View Maintenance: Stat.Key Figure -> Value Category Assgt C TPIS3 
190 V_TPK01 Replenishment Strategy In-House Production C TPK01 
191 V_TPK02 Replenishment Strategy for External Procurement C TPK02 
192 V_TPK03 Control Key; Stock Transfer C TPK03 
193 V_TPKAL Alert Generation: Exclude Messages C TPKAL 
194 V_TPKALEK Delete Event-Driven Kanbans C TPKLEK 
195 V_TPKBP Kanban Calculation Profile C TPKBP 
196 V_TPKBU Adjustment of Control Cycle At Time of Kanban Calculation C TPKBU 
197 V_TPKGP_01 Activate Addl Functions for Control Cycles C TPKGP 
198 V_TPKRQ Consideration of Further Requirement Types for Kanban Calc. C TPKRQ 
199 V_TPKRQDIS Distribution of Requirements to PSAs for Kanban Calculation C TPKRQDIS 
200 V_TPKSA Authorization for Status Change, Kanban C TPKSA 
201 V_TPKSB Kanban Board Status C TPKSB 
202 V_TPKSF Status Sequences Kanban C TPKSF 
203 V_TPLZB Define Country Indicator in Accordance with German Fed. Bank C TPLZB 
204 V_TPMA_DERIV_ASS Assignment of Derivation Categories C TPMA_DERIV_ASSGN 
205 V_TPMIM Capital investment program assignment: Relevant fields C TPMIM 
206 V_TPMP User-Specific Profiles in Maintenance C TPMP 
207 V_TPMP_A Screen Ref. Object, General Profiles, Task List Presettings C TPMP 
208 V_TPNN Customizing prima nota groups C TPNNR 
209 V_TPNNR Customizing prima nota C TPNNR 
210 V_TPOFOA Portfolio: Define Responsibility C TPOFOA 
211 V_TPOFOB Define Responsiblity Group C TPOFOB 
212 V_TPOFOC Portfolio: Assign Responsibility Groups C TPOFOC 
213 V_TPOHB Choice of Valuation for Calculation Base Values C TKA01 
214 V_TPORLIST Fields for List Output C TPORLIST 
215 V_TPORRFC RFC Destinations C TPORRFC 
216 V_TPOST Portfolio Determination: Control Table C TPOST 
217 V_TPR1 Assignment Categories C TPR1 
218 V_TPR10 Maintenance View for TPR10 C TPR10 
219 V_TPR1_TEL Business partner: Activate application for incoming calls C TPR1 
220 V_TPR1_U Business Partner: Conversion VZGPO C TPR1_U 
221 V_TPR2 Partner Object- Relationship: Applic. Cat. - Assignment Cat. C TPR2 
222 V_TPR4 Partner-Object Relationship: Modules > Events C TPR4 
223 V_TPR5 Partner Object Relationship: Application Role Cat. Assignmnt C TPR5 
224 V_TPR6 Partner Object Relationship: Application Role Cat. Assignmnt C TPR6 
225 V_TPR9 Partner Object Relationship: Usage of Role Type Grouping C TPR9 
226 V_TPRBO Business Objects with ALE Change Authorizations C TPRBO 
227 V_TPRCD Automatic Translation for Subsequent Processes C TPRCD 
228 V_TPRDCTAREA Maintain view for service area C TPRDCTAREA 
229 V_TPRDCTAREAADD Allocate of service area to confirmation category C TPRDCTAREAADD 
230 V_TPRF EAN Prefixes C TPRF 
231 V_TPRFL Field Groups per Change Authorization Profile C TPRFL 
232 V_TPRG Date Display Format C TPRG 
233 V_TPRIO Customers: Delivery Priorities C TPRIO 
234 V_TPRO Profile Names for ALE Change Authorizations C TPRO 
235 V_TPROFIT2_CALC Profit Simulation Field Assignment C TPROFIT2_CALC 
236 V_TPROFIT2_CUST Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields C TEWSTEP 
237 V_TPROFIT2_CUST2 Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields C TPROFIT2_CUST 
238 V_TPROFIT_POPUP Define exchange rate index for Profit Simulation C TPROFIT_POPUP 
239 V_TPROFIT_POPUP2 Define Index Simulation in Profit Simulation C TPROFIT_POPUP2 
240 V_TPROFSIM_GR Profit Simulation Group C TPROF_SIM_GROUP 
241 V_TPROF_CEP Customizing View for CEP Profile C TPROF_CEP 
242 V_TPROF_CEP2 Customizing View for CEP Profile C TPROF_CEP 
243 V_TPROF_SIM_TYP2 Define Profit Simulation Type C TPROF_SIM_TYPE2 
244 V_TPROF_SIM_TYPE Assignment of Condition Type to Profit Simulation Type C TPROF_SIM_TYPE 
246 V_TPROO Sequence of Change Authorization Profiles C TPROO 
247 V_TPRRU_1 Process Control of Confirmation for PM/PP/PP-PI/PS Orders C TPRRU 
248 V_TPRRU_2 Process control of confirmation for PP repetitive C TPRRU 
249 V_TPRZ1 Partner-Object Rel'ship: Assignment Applic. Cat Prod.Categ. C TPRZ1 
250 V_TPS02 Business Transaction Events: Process Interfaces C TPS02 
251 V_TPSOB001 Contract Object Types C TPSOB001 
252 V_TPSOB001FSTAT Maintenace View for Contract Object Field Status C TPSOB001 
253 V_TPSOB001_FACT Fact Set Assignment to Contract Object Type C TPSOB001 
254 V_TPSOB_DEF Samples for Contract Object Types C TPSOB_DEF 
255 V_TPSOB_DEF_SHLP Contract Objects With Reference Values H TPSOB_DEF 
256 V_TPTM Materials: Item Category Groups in Material Master C TPTM 
257 V_TPT_WLIST_AREA Message Processing: Functional Area C TPT_WLIST_AREA 
258 V_TPU1 Conversion: Definition Conversion Project C TPU1 
259 V_TPU2 Conversion: Assignment Modules > Time Periods C TPU2 
260 V_TPU3 Conversion: Definition of Time Periods C TPU3 
261 V_TPU4 Conversion: Subprojects, Status C TPU4 
262 V_TPU5 Conversion: Define Subprojects and Sequence C TPU5 
263 V_TPU6 Conversion: Define Fields to be Converted C TPU6 
264 V_TPVAR1 Variants for Transfer Pricing C TPVAR1 
265 V_TPVAR2 Variants for Transfer Pricing: Assign Pricing Procedures C TPVAR2 
266 V_TPVD Customer Procedure for Product Proposal C TPVD 
267 V_TPVH Source Texts for Product Proposal C TPVH 
268 V_TPVMS Sorting of Materials in Product Proposal C TPVMS 
269 V_TPVSB Batch Determination Procedure for Product Proposal C TPVSB 
270 V_TPVSM Procedure Definition for Product Proposal C TPVSM 
271 V_TPVSMD Product Proposal Determination Procedure - Definition C TPVSM 
272 V_TPVSO Online Determination Procedure for Product Proposal C TPVSO 
273 V_TPVV Document Procedure for Product Proposal C TPVV 
274 V_TPVZU Product Proposal - Access Sequences C TPVZU 
275 V_TPZ1 Business Partner: Phonetic Search C TPZ1 
276 V_TPZ10 Business Partner: Screen-View Assignment C TPZ10 
277 V_TPZ11 Business Partner: Relationship Type C TPZ11 
278 V_TPZ11_NEU Business Partner: Relationship Type C TPZ11 
279 V_TPZ11_U BP: Conversion of Relationship Type TPz11 TB905 C TPZ11 
280 V_TPZ12 Business Partner: Application C TPZ12 
281 V_TPZ12D Business partner: Application C TPZ12 
282 V_TPZ12_R2 Business Partner: Application C TPZ12 
283 V_TPZ13 Business Partner: Application Role Category Assignment C TPZ13 
284 V_TPZ13I Business Partner: Applic. Role Category Allocation Real Est. C TPZ13 
285 V_TPZ13I_NEU Business Partner: Applic. Role Category Allocation Real Est. C TPZ13 
286 V_TPZ13_1 Business Partner: Default Values Role Categories Loans C TPZ13 
287 V_TPZ14 Business Partner: Assign Role Category - Text ID C TPZ14 
288 V_TPZ14_NEU Business Partner: Assign Role Category - Text ID C TPZ14 
289 V_TPZ14_U BP Conversion: TR BP Role - Text ID to SAP BP Role - Text ID C TPZ14 
290 V_TPZ16 Business Partner, Archiving: Tables C TPZ16 
291 V_TPZ16_2 Business Partner, Archiving: Tables C TPZ16 
292 V_TPZ17 Business Partner, Archiving: Tables C TPZ17 
293 V_TPZ18 Set Group Category C TPZ18 
294 V_TPZ18T Business Partner: Customizing Additional Data Fields C TPZ18 
295 V_TPZ1_NEU Business Partner: Phonetic Search C TPZ1 
296 V_TPZ1_NEW FSBP: Replacement Template for Phonetic Search C TPZ1 
297 V_TPZ2 Business Partner: Grouping C TPZ2 
298 V_TPZ20 Set Information Category C TPZ20 
299 V_TPZ21 Rating Procedure C TPZ21 
300 V_TPZ22 Ratings for Rating Procedure C TPZ22 
301 V_TPZ24 Allocate Business Partner Role to Information Category C TPZ24 
302 V_TPZ2U BP: Conversion of Groupings TPZ2 - TB001 C TPZ2 
303 V_TPZ2_NEU Business Partner: Grouping C TPZ2 
304 V_TPZ3 Business Partner: Role Category C TPZ3 
305 V_TPZ3R BP: Business Partner Field/Field Group Assignment C TPZ3R 
306 V_TPZ3S BP: Business Partner Field Groups - View Assignment C TPZ3S 
307 V_TPZ3W View Business Partner Field Groups C TPZ3W 
308 V_TPZ3_I Business Partner: Role Category C TPZ3 
309 V_TPZ3_I1 Business Partner: User-Defined Role Categories C TPZ3 
310 V_TPZ3_U BP: Conversion of Role Categories TPZ3 TBZ0 C TPZ3 
311 V_TPZ3_U_NEW BP: Conversion of Role Types TPZ3 TB003 C TPZ3 
312 V_TPZ4 Business Partner: View C TPZ4 
313 V_TPZ5_1 Business Partner: Role Category View Assignment C TPZ5 
314 V_TPZ5_I Business Partner: Role Category View Assignment C TPZ5 
315 V_TPZ6_1 Business Partner: Role Type C TPZ6 
316 V_TPZ6_2 Business Partner: Maintenance of Role Types C TPZ6 
317 V_TPZ6_I OBSOLETE Business Partner: Role Type C TPZ6 
318 V_TPZ6_IMMO Business Partner: Role Type C TPZ6 
319 V_TPZ6_N Business Partner: Maintenance of Role Types C TPZ6 
320 V_TPZ6_NEW Business Partner: Role Types C TPZ6 
321 V_TPZ6_NI Business Partner: Maintenance of Role Types C TPZ6 
322 V_TPZ6_S Business Partner: Role Type C TPZ6 
323 V_TPZ7 Business Partner: Relationship Category C TPZ7 
324 V_TPZ7U BP: Convert Relationship Category C TZV11 
325 V_TPZ7U_U BP: Conversion of Relationship Categories TPZ7 TBZ9 C TPZ7U 
326 V_TPZ7_TBZ9_H Help View for Search Help Relationship Categories Old/New H TPZ7 
327 V_TPZ7_U BP: Conversion of Relationship Categories TPZ7 TBZ9 C TPZ7 
328 V_TPZ9 Business Partner: Screen C TPZ9 
329 V_TPZ_CONST FS BP Constants Table: Possible Values (Internal) C TPZ_CONST_VAL 
330 V_TPZ_CONST_DEF FS BP Constants Table: Texts C TPZ_CONST_DEF 
331 V_TPZ_LZB Define Country Indicator in Accordance with German Fed. Bank C TPZ_LZB 
332 V_TQ01B Material authorization group for QM area C TQ01B 
333 V_TQ01E Authorization groups for QM master data C TQ01D 
334 V_TQ01G Selection of Implementation (SAP or Customer) C TQ01G 
335 V_TQ02 Target QM system C TQ02 
336 V_TQ02A Assignment of QM systems (actual-requested) C TQ02A 
337 V_TQ02B Actual QM system C TQ02B 
338 V_TQ04A "Block Functions" C TQ04A 
339 V_TQ05 Certificate types C TQ05 
340 V_TQ051 Certificate types as viewed from certifcate creation func. C TQ05 
341 V_TQ06 Function Module for Quality Scores C TQ06 
342 V_TQ07 Follow-up actions C TQ07 
343 V_TQ07A "Function Modules for Follow-up Actions" C TQ07A 
344 V_TQ08 Control key for QM in Procurement C TQ08 
345 V_TQ09 Document types C TQ09 
346 V_TQ11 Inspector qualifications C TQ11 
347 V_TQ12 External numbering of test units C TQ12 
348 V_TQ15 Catalog types C TQ15 
349 V_TQ15_KAT Catalogs C TQ15 
350 V_TQ17 Defect classes C TQ17 
351 V_TQ17A Characteristic weighting C TQ17A 
352 V_TQ27 "View Maintenance for Characteristic Control Indicators" C TQ27 
353 V_TQ29 Tolerance key C TQ29 
354 V_TQ29A Nominal values for tolerance key extension C TQ29A 
355 V_TQ30 Inspection types C TQ30 
356 V_TQ31 Maintenance of Inspection Lot Origins C TQ31 
357 V_TQ32 "Assignment Inspection Type - Origin" C TQ32 
358 V_TQ32A Assignment of User Status (Supply Rel.) to Insp. Type C TQ32A 
359 V_TQ32B Inspection type for delivery category C TQ32B 
360 V_TQ32T Help View: Inspection Types for Origin H TQ32 
361 V_TQ33 "Relevant Fields - Origin" C TQ33 
362 V_TQ34 Default values for the inspection type C TQ34 
363 V_TQ39 Maintenance of dynamic modification criteria C TQ39 
364 V_TQ39A Definition of dynamic modification level C TQ39A 
365 V_TQ39B Activate reference for dynamic modification level C TQ39B 
366 V_TQ41 Maintain physical sample location C TQ41 
367 V_TQ42 Maintain physical sample containers C TQ42 
368 V_TQ43 Maintenance of Storage Conditions C TQ43 
369 V_TQ44 Maintenance of Physical-Sample Categories C TQ44 
370 V_TQ45 Maintenance of Primary Packaging C TQ45 
371 V_TQ46 Maintenance of Screen Control Key for Sample Types C TQ46 
372 V_TQ55 Assign inspection lot origin for update group C TQ55 
373 V_TQ56 Definition of quality score class limits C TQ56 
374 V_TQ57 Assign quality score classes for info structure C TQ57 
375 V_TQ61 Result value origin for certificates C TQ61 
376 V_TQ62 Output strategy for skip characteristics C TQ62 
377 V_TQ63 Origin of insp. specs for certificates C TQ63 
378 V_TQ64 Origin of characteristic short text for certificates C TQ64 
379 V_TQ65 Certificates: Combinations allowed for origins, specs/values C TQ65 
380 V_TQ67 Certificate-Relevant Output Types (Delivery Item) C TQ67 
381 V_TQ68 Configuration of Characteristics Field C TQ68 
382 V_TQ681 Text Elements for Configuration of Characteristics Field C TQ681 
383 V_TQ682 Fields for Configuration of Characteristics Fields C TQ682 
384 V_TQ70 Control table for results recording C TQ70 
385 V_TQ70C Function codes for navigation from the char.overview screen C TQ70C 
386 V_TQ70E Screen-based processing tables C TQ70E 
387 V_TQ70F Navigation during results recording C TQ70F 
388 V_TQ70S Characteristic overview screen for results recording C TQ70S 
389 V_TQ71 Input Processing - Determine Parameters C TQ71 
390 V_TQ72 "Share Estimate for Inspection Characteristics" C TQ72 
391 V_TQ73 Origin of results data C TQ73 
392 V_TQ75 QM formula parameters C TQ75 
393 V_TQ75F View for field name definitions C TQ75F 
394 V_TQ78 Processing modes for results recording C TQ78 
395 V_TQ79 Inspection point/user field combination C TQ79 
396 V_TQ80_A Order Type by Notification Type C TQ80 
397 V_TQ80_B MaintCatalog by Notification Type C TQ80 
398 V_TQ80_C Catalogs for notification types C TQ80 
399 V_TQ80_CM Partner C TQ80 
400 V_TQ80_D Priority Types per Notification Type C TQ80 
401 V_TQ80_DS Digital Signature in Notifications C TQ80_DS 
402 V_TQ80_E Initial Screen - Quality Notifications C TQ80 
403 V_TQ80_ESC Response time monitoring for notification type C TQ80 
404 V_TQ80_I Object Information Allocation to Notification C TQ80 
405 V_TQ80_K Note of available notifications C TQ80 
406 V_TQ80_L Format notification long text C TQ80 
407 V_TQ80_LB Valuation of quality notifications for vendor evaluation C TQ80 
408 V_TQ80_M Notification Types C TQ80 
409 V_TQ80_PA Partner Functions for Notification Type C TQ80 
410 V_TQ80_PAGE Maintenance of standard texts for the notification types C TQ80 
411 V_TQ80_PAR Partner Determination Procedure for Notification Type C TQ80 
412 V_TQ80_PR Definition of QM Process C TQ80_PR 
413 V_TQ80_SM Special Parameters for Service Notifications C TQ80 
414 V_TQ80_T Status profile of notifications C TQ80 
415 V_TQ82 Allowed Changes of Notification Type C TQ82 
416 V_TQ83 Partner Functions for Codes C TQ83 
417 V_TQ84 Confirmation profile C TQ84 
418 V_TQ85 Follow-Up Functions C TQ85 
419 V_TQ85R Allowed Follow-Up Functions C TQ85R 
420 V_TQ86 Report type for defects recording C TQ86 
421 V_TQ86A Assignment of workplace to catalog type C TQ86A 
422 V_TQ8CO Account assignment data for QM order for quality notific. C TQ8CO 
423 V_TQ8T Notification Type C TQ8T 
424 V_TQ8T_FB Error Classification C T352B 
425 V_TQ8T_K Catalogs by NotifCategory C TQ8T 
426 V_TQ8T_L Error Classification C TQ8T 
427 V_TQ8T_P Priority Types by NotifCategory C TQ8T 
428 V_TQ8T_S Status Profile f. Notifications C TQ8T 
429 V_TQ90 Mobile Applications C TQ90 
430 V_TQBT PM/SM/QM: Reference Object Control C TQBT 
431 V_TQCOM Communication Number -> Logical Queue Id (APPQ) C TQCOM 
432 V_TQEC30 Settings for Copy Inspection Results Function C TQEC30 
433 V_TQEC30_OC Settings for Operation Completion C TQEC30 
434 V_TQHU1 QM Authorized Goods Movements C TQHU1 
435 V_TQMS1 Maintenance View for MS Object Types C TQMS1 
436 V_TQMS2 Maintenance View for Multiple Specification Objects C TQMS2 
437 V_TQN8DCAT Assignment of codegroups to disciplines C TQN8DCAT 
438 V_TQREO QM: Archiving Parameter C TQREO 
439 V_TQREOS Residence Time for Physical Samples C TQREOS 
440 V_TQSCR Notification: Tabstrip view maintenance C TQSCR 
441 V_TQSCR_2 Simplified Notification: Subscreen Maintenance C TQSCR 
442 V_TQSCR_3 Simplified Notification: Subscreen Maintenance C TQ80 
443 V_TQSS "QM Client Settings" C TQSS 
444 V_TQSS1 Plant-Dependent QM Settings C TQSS1 
445 V_TQSUB Notification C TQSUB 
446 V_TQTABS Notification: Tabstrip control, text table C TQTABS 
447 V_TQVLK Assignment deliv.type (SD) - insp.lot origin (QM) C TVLK 
448 V_TRAIN_AFUNCT Additional Functions (Training Program) C TRAIN_AFUNCT 
449 V_TRAIN_FUNCT Functions (Training Program) C TRAIN_FUNCT 
450 V_TRAIN_IDS_DEF Training Pool Definition C TRAIN_IDS_DEF 
451 V_TRAIN_PLAN Planning Data per Training Item C TRAIN_PLAN_VAL 
452 V_TRAIN_PROG Training Programs C TRAIN_PROG 
453 V_TRAIN_STAT Status (Training Program) C TRAIN_STAT 
454 V_TRAIN_TRNGS Training Definition C TRAIN_TRNGS 
455 V_TRALAN Language Transport: View of TADIR, TDEVC D TADIR 
458 V_TRANSGROUP0 View Transgroup0 C TRANSGROUP0 
459 V_TRANSGROUP_01 Maintenance of Transaction Groups C TRANSGROUP0 
460 V_TRANSGROUP_02 Maintenance of Assignments of Transactions to Trans.Groups C TRANSGROUP1 
461 V_TRAS Interval for Days in Arrears C TRAS 
462 V_TRBRG Maintain Authorization Group for Treasury Transactions C TRBRG 
463 V_TRCV_FILTERID BAdI Filter Values for Dynamic Recipient Determination C TRCV_FILTERID 
464 V_TRCV_FILTERIDC Client-Dep. BAdI Filter Values for Dynamic Recipient Determ. C TRCV_FILTERID_CS 
465 V_TRCV_FINDING Recipient Determination: Control C TRCV_FINDING 
466 V_TRCV_RELCHIP Recipient Determination: Possible Relat. Categories C TRCV_RELCHIP 
467 V_TRE01 View: Fields for the Funds Reservation Copying Template C TRE01 
468 V_TRE03 View: Variants for Copy Template in Earmarked Funds C TVA01 
469 V_TREAS Maintain Reasons for Decisions in Funds Reservations C TREASONS 
470 V_TREFST Field Selection String for Funds Reservations C TREFST 
471 V_TREFSTFD View: Maintain Field Status for Funds Reservation Display C TREF 
472 V_TREG View: Field Status Group for Funds Reservations C TREG 
473 V_TREQPRF Requirements Profile C TREQPRF 
474 V_TRERI Additional Days for Remaining Risk C TRERI 
475 V_TRESN Naming Conventions in the ABAP Workbench C TRESN 
476 V_TREV View: Field Status Variant for Funds Reservations C TREV 
477 V_TREVBUKRS Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code C T001 
478 V_TREVGFST View: Assignment of Field Status String to Variant/Group C TREVG 
479 V_TREWF View: Group Key for Workflow-Relevant Fields in Funds Resvtn C TREWF 
480 V_TRFCPROFILE RFC Destinations and Respective ERP Project Profiles C TRFCPROFILE 
481 V_TRILC_DFT_ASSG Assign Update Types for Hedge Accounting C TRILC_DFT_ASSGN 
482 V_TRKB1U "Customizing settings" in drilldown reporting C TRKB1U 
483 V_TRNSPACE Repository Namespaces C TRNSPACET 
484 V_TRN_REG_APPL Registration of Applications C TRN_REG_APPL 
485 V_TRN_REG_CRTN Creation Defaults C TRN_REG_CRTNDEF 
486 V_TRN_REG_RQSTS Requests/Tasks for a Service Group C TRN_REG_REQUESTS 
489 V_TRN_REG_TASKS Tasks of Request C TRN_REG_TASKS 
490 V_TROADMVM Link between R/3 Roadmap and R/3 ProcModel work package C TROADMAPVM 
491 V_TROAL Allowed Actual Routes for Delivery C TROAL 
492 V_TROAZ Route Determination in Sales Documents C TROAZ 
493 V_TROLZ Route Determination in Deliveries C TROLZ 
494 V_TROLZ00 Route Determ.: Ctry/zone of depart. and ctry/zone of destin. C TROIZ 
495 V_TROLZ01 Route Determination Without Weight Group (Order) C TROLZ 
496 V_TROLZ02 Route Determination with Weight Group (Delivery) C TROLZ 
497 V_TROLZI Routes: Determination in Inbound Deliveries C TROLZI 
498 V_TROR_SELECT Selection view transport orders D E070 
499 V_TRRBF Determination via Route Schedule/Storage Condition C TRRBF 
500 V_TRRLCG Condition Type Group C TRRLCG