View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TFILA_LC_002AK Assignment of Access Key to Financing Classification C TFILA_LC_002AK 
2 V_TFILA_LC_002TO Specifications for Value Transfer with Following Business C TFILA_LC_002TO 
3 V_TFILA_LC_003 Assignmt of Val. ID to Structure Fld for Financing Classif. C TFILA_LC_003 
4 V_TFILA_LDB_000 Assignment of Value IDs to Fields of Logical DB C TFILA_LDB_000 
5 V_TFILA_LDB_001 Specify Determination of Data Basis for Reports C TFILA_LDB_001 
6 V_TFILA_RE_CAT View for Category and Text C TFILA_RE_CAT 
7 V_TFILA_RE_TNR Maintenance View for Table TFILA_RE_TNR with Text C TFILA_RE_TNR 
8 V_TFIN000 Data Streams C TFIN000 
9 V_TFIN001 Rules for ID Combination C TFIN001 
10 V_TFIN002 Determination of Dimensions for Integrated Cons Types C TFIN002 
11 V_TFIN003_T Translate Integrated Consolidation Types C TFIN003 
12 V_TFIN005 Realtime Update: Ledger Selection C TFIN005 
13 V_TFIN010 Integration: Consolidation Units C TFIN010 
14 V_TFIN011 Mapping of Profit Centers to Profit Center Groups C TFIN011 
15 V_TFIN020 Assignment of Company Codes/Business Areas C TFIN020 
16 V_TFIN200 Map Charts of Accounts/Cons Charts of Accounts C TFIN200 
17 V_TFIN201 Map Secondary Cost Elements to FS Items C TFIN201 
18 V_TFIND View maintenance search and substitute string in SAPscript C TFIND 
19 V_TFIOTP001 Document Group C TFIOTP_001 
20 V_TFIOTP002 Account Determination Rule C TFIOTP_002 
21 V_TFIOTP003 Posting Control C TFIOTP_003 
22 V_TFIPR_ATFIELD Field Attribute Maintenance C TFIPR_ATTRFIELD 
23 V_TFIPR_ATFUNCT Feature Attribute Maintenance C TFIPR_ATTRFUNCT 
25 V_TFIPR_ATVALUE Field Value Attribute Maintenance C TFIPR_ATTRVALUE 
26 V_TFIPR_ATVALUE2 Two Dimensional Field Value Attribute Maintenance C TFIPR_ATTRVALUE2 
27 V_TFIPR_PRODTYPE Product Category Maintenance C TFIPR_PRODTYPE 
28 V_TFIPR_SETTCOMB Feature Combination for Products C TFIPR_SETTCOMB 
29 V_TFIS010 Biller Direct: Identification of Credit Memos and Bills C TFIS010 
30 V_TFK000SEPA SEPA: Central Settings C TFK000SEPA 
31 V_TFK001AT_BW FICA BW: Text for Clearing Reasons D TFK001AT 
32 V_TFK001C_1 Origin with Reconciliation Key for Each User Group C TFK001C 
33 V_TFK001R Rounding Rule C TFK001R 
34 V_TFK001ZM Settings for EC Sales List C TFK001ZM 
35 V_TFK001_1 Help view for all origin types that occur online H TFK001 
36 V_TFK002A Maintenance View for Field Grouping (Bus.Partner Method) C TFK002A 
37 V_TFK002AV FS-CD Contract Account Categories C TFK002A 
38 V_TFK002A_IS Maint. View for Default Values in Contract Acct FS-CD C TFK002A 
39 V_TFK003 Document Types C TFK003 
40 V_TFK003B Number Range Maintenance for Mass Processing C TFK003B 
41 V_TFK003D Number Range Maintenance for Mass Processing C TFK003D 
42 V_TFK004B Clearing Lock Reason C TFK004B 
43 V_TFK005 Select Country C T005 
44 V_TFK005A Archiving object run times C TFK005 
45 V_TFK005A_01 Archiving Object Runtimes - Payment Plans V V_TFK005A 
46 V_TFK005A_FI_MKKORDR Archiving Runtime for Requests V V_TFK005A 
47 V_TFK005A_FSC_BAINT Balance Interest Calculation Archiving Runtime V V_TFK005A 
48 V_TFK005_MDOC Archiving Runtimes for Sample Documents C TFK005_MDOC 
49 V_TFK006A Object Types for Contract Acct Search C TFK006A 
50 V_TFK006C Note to Payee - Key Words C TFK006C 
51 V_TFK006D Note to Payee - Structure C TFK006D 
52 V_TFK006F Assigned selection categories C TFK006F 
53 V_TFK006X Exception Accounts for Clarification Proposal C TFK006X 
54 V_TFK006XS Exception Accounts for Clarification Proposal: Default Vals C TFK006XS 
55 V_TFK007E Tax Key with Possible Tax Exemption C TFK007E 
56 V_TFK007F Free Tax Indicator C TFK007F 
57 V_TFK007FK Tax Item Categories for Other Tax Code C TFK007FK 
58 V_TFK007K Tax Item Categories for Other Tax Codes C TFK007K 
59 V_TFK008 Payment Lock Reasons C TFK008 
60 V_TFK009 Tax Reporting - Reporting Time/Reporting Type C TFK009 
61 V_TFK009S Definition of Report Time / Type for Other Taxes C TFK009S 
62 V_TFK010 Tax Reporting - Set of Interpretation Rules C TFK010 
63 V_TFK011 Tax Reporting: Report Time / Type for Other Taxes C TFK011 
64 V_TFK012A Allocation pmnt methods -> Bank trans. C TFK012A 
65 V_TFK015W Instruction Key for Payment Method C TFK015W 
66 V_TFK015W1 Boleto: Instruction Keys Customizing C TFK015W1 
67 V_TFK020A Table of reconciliation accts C TFK020A 
68 V_TFK020U Regrouping accounts C TFK020U 
69 V_TFK020VB FS Preparation: Summarization Co. Codes for Reclassification C TFK020VB 
70 V_TFK020VK FS Preparation: Summarization Accounts for Reclassification C TFK020VK 
71 V_TFK021 Fields in a Line Layout Variant C TFK021 
72 V_TFK021K Subscreen Management (SAP) C TFK021K 
73 V_TFK021KC Subscreen Management (Customer) C TFK021KC 
74 V_TFK021L Account balance: List types C TFK021L 
75 V_TFK021R Field selection for list processing functions C TFK021R 
76 V_TFK021R_BUSUO V_TFK021R: Posting Totals - Sort V V_TFK021R 
77 V_TFK021R_BUSUU V_TFK021R: Posting Totals - Find V V_TFK021R 
78 V_TFK021R_MKKSE V_TFK021R: Account Balance - Find V V_TFK021R 
79 V_TFK021R_MKKSL V_TFK021R: Account Balance - Select V V_TFK021R 
80 V_TFK021R_MKKSO V_TFK021R: Account Balance - Sort V V_TFK021R 
81 V_TFK021R_MKKZU V_TFK021R: Account Balance - Additional Field V V_TFK021R 
82 V_TFK021SV Sort Variants C TFK021SV 
83 V_TFK021Z Line Layout Variants C TFK021Z 
84 V_TFK021Z_M Line Layout Variant: Account Balance V TFK021Z 
85 V_TFK021_ROLES Roles in Account Balance Maintenance View C TFK021_ROLES 
86 V_TFK028G Maint.view for classifying exter. trans. from acct statement C TFK028G 
87 V_TFK033R Account determination: Access sequence C TFK033R 
88 V_TFK042A Bank selection C TFK042A 
89 V_TFK042AK Bank selection for attached payment medium (correspondence) C TFK042A 
90 V_TFK042AX Bank Selection IDs for Payment Run C TFK042AX 
91 V_TFK042AXL Bank Selection IDs for Payment Run: Values C TFK042AXL 
92 V_TFK042B Details of Paying Company Codes C TFK042B 
93 V_TFK042C Payments/Dunning/Interest: Alternative Currency C TFK042C 
94 V_TFK042E Company Code-Specific Specifications for Payment Methods C TFK042E 
95 V_TFK042F Payment medium formats C TFK042F 
96 V_TFK042FB Event Modules for Payment Medium Formats C TFK042FB 
97 V_TFK042FE Company Code-Specific Format Details C TFK042FE 
98 V_TFK042FM Specifications for format parameters C TFK042FM 
99 V_TFK042FMI Specifications for format parameters C TFK042FM 
100 V_TFK042FV Customizing for Note to Payee: Content C TFK042FV 
101 V_TFK042FW Definition of note to payee type C TFK042FW 
102 V_TFK042FX Text Fields for Reference Details (Note to Payee) C TFK042FX 
103 V_TFK042FZ Supplements for payment medium formats C TFK042FZ 
104 V_TFK042H Own Bank Details C TFK042H 
105 V_TFK042V Value Date Determination C TFK042V 
106 V_TFK042W Permitted Currencies per Payment Method C TFK042W 
107 V_TFK042Z Payment Methods for Automatic Payment C TFK042Z 
108 V_TFK043U Assign User -> Tolerance Groups in Contract A/R+A/P C TFK043U 
109 V_TFK043V Tolerance Groups for Users in Contract A/R + A/P C TFK043V 
110 V_TFK044 FI-CA Valuation Areas C TFK044 
111 V_TFK044A Foreign Currency Valuation Methods C TFK044A 
112 V_TFK044C Valuation Variants Maintenance View C TFK044C 
113 V_TFK044D Company Code Valuation C TFK044D 
114 V_TFK044E Basic Setting for Foreign Currency Valuation C TFK044E 
115 V_TFK044F Maintenance View for Valuation Plan Variants C TFK044F 
116 V_TFK044FD Maintenance View for Periods for Valuation Plan Variants C TFK044FD 
117 V_TFK045A Return Reasons C TFK045A 
118 V_TFK045B Returns Charges C TFK045B 
119 V_TFK045C Automatic Charges Determination C TFK045C 
120 V_TFK045E Returns Activities C TFK045E 
121 V_TFK047A Dunning procedure C TFK047A 
122 V_TFK047A_C Correspondence Dunning Procedure C TFK047A 
123 V_TFK047B FICA Dunning: Dunning Levels C TFK047B 
124 V_TFK047B_C Correspondence Dunning Procedure Level C TFK047B 
125 V_TFK047C FI-CA Dunning: Cust.Min/Max Amounts C TFK047C 
126 V_TFK047E Dunning Charges Pattern C TFK047E 
127 V_TFK047F FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Groupings C TFK047F 
128 V_TFK047G Dunning Level Categories C TFK047G 
129 V_TFK047H Charge Category C TFK047H 
130 V_TFK047I Charges C TFK047I 
131 V_TFK047J Dunning Procedure Category C TFK047J 
132 V_TFK047K Charge Categories Per Schedule C TFK047K 
133 V_TFK047L Define Dunning Activities C TFK047L 
134 V_TFK047L_C Define Dunning Activities for Correspondence Dunning C TFK047L 
135 V_TFK047M Assign Dunning Activities to Dun. Levels C TFK047M 
136 V_TFK047M_C Correspondence Dunning Activities C TFK047M 
137 V_TFK047N Define Dunning Grouping C TFK047N 
138 V_TFK047O Dunning - Minimum Amounts for Interest C TFK047O 
139 V_TFK047S Dunning Settings - Dunning Block Reasons C TFK047S 
140 V_TFK048A Write-Off Reason C TFK048A 
141 V_TFK048C_0095 Execution variants of event 5015 C TFK048C 
142 V_TFK048C_MAHN Execution Variants of Dunning Proposal Run C TFK048C 
143 V_TFK050B Collection Agencies C TFK050B 
144 V_TFK053A General Settings C TFK053A 
145 V_TFK053B Define Default Values for Payment Methods C TFK053B 
146 V_TFK053C Proccessing Variants C TFK053C 
147 V_TFK053D Follow-Up Actions: Activity Types C TFK053D 
148 V_TFK053E Follow-Up Actions: Processes C TFK053E 
149 V_TFK053F Follow-Up Actions: Assignment of Processes -> Activity Types C TFK053F 
150 V_TFK053G Follow-Up Actions: Rules C TFK053G 
151 V_TFK053H Follow-Up Actions: Rules -> Activity Variants C TFK053H 
152 V_TFK053I Follow-Up Actions: Rule Determination C TFK053I 
153 V_TFK053R02 Follow-Up Actions: Delete Variants for Activity Cat. Locks C TFK053R02 
154 V_TFK053R03 Follow-Up Actions: Activity Variants for Dunning Reversal C TFK053R03 
155 V_TFK053R04 Foll.-Up Acts: Activity Variants for Writing Off Returns Chg C TFK053R04 
156 V_TFK054A Reporting of Incorrect Bank Data: Customizing Error Reason C TFK054A 
157 V_TFK054B Assignment of Sender Institution Error Reason -> Internal C TFK054B 
158 V_TFK054C Reporting of Incorrect Bank Data: Returns Activities C TFK054C 
159 V_TFK055 Fields for a Field Group for Document Changes C TFK055 
160 V_TFK055G Field Groups for Document Changes C TFK055G 
161 V_TFK056C View maintenance for clearing reasons during int.calculation C TFK056C 
162 V_TFK056I Minimum Amounts for Interest Calculation Rule C TFK056I 
163 V_TFK058 Rules for Additional Receivables C TFK058 
164 V_TFK058A Rules for Additional Receivables (Attributes) C TFK058A 
165 V_TFK059E Withholding Tax Supplement C TFK059E 
166 V_TFK059QE Additional Withholding Tax: Characteristics C TFK059QE 
167 V_TFK070A Correspondence Types C TFK070A 
168 V_TFK070A_EVENTS Correspondence Types: Print and Generation Events C TFK070A 
169 V_TFK070A_HEAD Correspondence Types - Key and ID C TFK070A 
170 V_TFK070A_MARKS Correspondence Types: Settings C TFK070A 
171 V_TFK070A_TABSTR Correspondence Types: Settings C TFK070A 
172 V_TFK070A_TEST Frame and Tab Title Test View for TFK070a C TFK070A 
173 V_TFK070B Correspondence Procedure C TFK070B 
174 V_TFK070C Correspondence Variant C TFK070C 
175 V_TFK070D Correspondence Structures C TFK070D 
176 V_TFK070E Correspondence Data Fields C TFK070E 
177 V_TFK070F Correspondence - Application Forms C TFK070F 
178 V_TFK070L Correspondence Activities C TFK070L 
179 V_TFK070M Correspondence - Correspondence Roles C TFK070M 
180 V_TFK070N Number of Attached Payment Forms for Correspondence C TFK070N 
181 V_TFK070O Corresponence - Function Modules for Master Data Change C TFK070O 
182 V_TFK070P Correspondence - Correspondence Status C TFK070P 
183 V_TFK070QC Correspondence - Master Data Change - Define Object Class C TFK070QC 
184 V_TFK070QF_FNAME Correspondence - Master Data Change - Define Fields C TFK070QF 
185 V_TFK070Q_TNAME Correspondence - Master Data Change - Define Table C TFK070Q 
186 V_TFK070S Local Settings of Correspondence Type C TFK070S 
187 V_TFK070Z Application Areas C TFK070Z 
188 V_TFK070ZD Attributes for Application Areas C TFK070ZD 
189 V_TFK070_ADRESS Correspondence - Address Determin. for Correspondence Types C TFK070F 
190 V_TFK070_ARCHIVE Correspondence Runtimes C TFK070G 
191 V_TFK070_DOC_ARC Correspondence - Archiving Object for Outgoing Documents C TFK070H 
192 V_TFK070_FRMCLS Correspondence - Form Classes for Correspondence Types C TFK070H 
193 V_TFK071_PS Inbound Correspondence: Settings for Shortened Periods C TFK071 
194 V_TFK080B Blocking types C TFK080B 
195 V_TFK080C Lock Processes C TFK080C 
196 V_TFK080E Assgn. Funct. Mod. to Activities for Conditional Bus. Locks C TFK080E 
197 V_TFK080R1 Lock Reasons for Invoice Creation C TFK080R1 
198 V_TFK080R2 Lock Reasons for Scheduling C TFK080R2 
199 V_TFK080R3 Lock Reasons for Correspondence Dunning Locks C TFK080R3 
200 V_TFK090A_TABSTR Maintain Mass Activity Parameters C TFK090A 
201 V_TFK090_ACTIV Mass activities - basic entry C TFK090A 
202 V_TFK090_ADJUST Mass Activities: Maintain Version Adjustment Modules C TFK090A 
203 V_TFK090_ALL Mass Activities - Overall Maintenance C TFK090A 
204 V_TFK090_AUTH Define authorizations for activities C TFK090A 
205 V_TFK090_CORR Define correspondence for activities C TFK090A 
206 V_TFK090_COUNTER Define Counter Definitions for Activities C TFK090_COUNTER 
207 V_TFK090_EVENTS Define events for activities C TFK090A 
208 V_TFK090_FIELDS Define field status list for activities C TFK090A 
209 V_TFK090_FIKEY Define reconciliation key for activities C TFK090A 
210 V_TFK090_FS_FLDS Define Fields for Free Selection C TFK090E 
211 V_TFK090_FS_TAB Define Tables for Free Selection C TFK090A 
212 V_TFK090_JOBTYPE Define job types for activities C TFK090A 
213 V_TFK090_LAYOUT Mass Activities: Maintenance of Related Layout C TFK090A 
214 V_TFK090_MENU Mass Activities: Entries in Environment Menu C TFK090B 
215 V_TFK090_MODIF Define synchronization object for activities C TFK090D 
216 V_TFK090_OBJECT Define synchronization object for activities C TFK090C 
217 V_TFK090_PARAM Mass Activities: Maintain Parameter Control C TFK090A 
218 V_TFK090_PERIOD Define period control for activities C TFK090A 
219 V_TFK090_STRUCT Define Structures for Activities C TFK090A 
220 V_TFK090_TCODE Define transactions for activities C TFK090A 
221 V_TFK100A Settings for Cash Desk/Cash Journal C TFK100A 
222 V_TFK100B Curreny Units for Currency Unit Sheet C TFK100B 
223 V_TFK100C Role-Specific Activities in Cash Journal C TFK100C 
224 V_TFK100C_S Standard Settings for Cash Journal Roles C TFK100C_S 
225 V_TFK100D Cash Desk: Cash Desk Clearing Accounts C TFK100D 
226 V_TFK110 Maintain Clearing Type C TFK110 
227 V_TFK110_R Clearing Type Invoicing C TFK110 
228 V_TFK113 Clearing: Clearing Type Specifications C TFK113 
229 V_TFK113A Clearing Category-Specific Clearing Variants C TFK113A 
230 V_TFK113E Clearing: Customer Enhancements C TFK113E 
231 V_TFK113F Due Date Intervals for OI Selections C TFK113F 
232 V_TFK113G Write-Off Statistical Items C TFK113G 
233 V_TFK113Z Use of Payments That Cannot be Allocated C TFK113Z 
234 V_TFK115 Clearing variant (steps) C TFK115 
235 V_TFK115G Alternate Grouping of Characteristic Values C TFK115G 
236 V_TFK115K Clearing Variant C TFK115K 
237 V_TFK115S Alternate Sorting of Characteristic Values C TFK115S 
238 V_TFK116 Clearing: Definition of Grouping and Sorting Characteristics C TFK116 
239 V_TFK119 Amount Check Group C TFK119 
240 V_TFK122 Payment Run: Assign Payment Block Reason to Item Indicator C TFK122 
241 V_TFK123 Payment Run: Assign General Grouping Variant C TFK123 
242 V_TFK123A Clearing Type-Dependent Grouping Variant C TFK123A 
243 V_TFK125 Grouping Variant (Steps) C TFK125 
244 V_TFK125G Payment Run: Extended Grouping of Characteristic Values C TFK125G 
245 V_TFK125K Grouping Variant C TFK125K 
246 V_TFK126 Payment Run: Definition of Grouping Characteristics C TFK126 
247 V_TFK2600 Number Ranges for Individual Processing C TFK2600 
248 V_TFK2600A Number Range Objects C TFK2600A 
249 V_TFK2600B Check Objects C TFK2600B 
250 V_TFK2600M Number Range for Mass Processing C TFK2600M 
251 V_TFK2600S Number Ranges for Individual Processing C TFK2600S 
252 V_TFK2600_BILL Document Types for Billing Documents V V_TFK2600 
253 V_TFK2600_INVO Document Types for Invoicing Documents V V_TFK2600 
254 V_TFK2602 Invoicing Processes C TFK2602 
255 V_TFK2602F Invoicing Functions C TFK2602F 
256 V_TFK2602G Determination of Grouping Variant (Invoicing Cat.-Specific) C TFK2602G 
257 V_TFK2602S Assignment of Source Document Types to Invoicing Process C TFK2602S 
258 V_TFK2603 Invoicing Types C TFK2603 
259 V_TFK2603F Invoicing Functions (Exceptions) C TFK2603F 
260 V_TFK260S Assignment of Source Document Types to Invoicing Process C TFK2602S 
261 V_TFK2610 CO-PA Characteristic Derivation C TFK2610 
262 V_TFK2613 Invoicing: Key for Tax Display C TFK2613 
263 V_TFK2613G Key for Tax Display: Assignment of Grouping Fields C TFK2613G 
264 V_TFK2613GE Key for Tax Display: Alternative Grouping Values C TFK2613GE 
265 V_TFK2615 Invoicing: Grouping Variant C TFK2615 
266 V_TFK2615C Define Grouping Fields C TFK2615C 
267 V_TFK2615G Grouping Variant: Assignment of Grouping Characteristics C TFK2615G 
268 V_TFK2615GE Grouping Variant: Alternative Grouping Values C TFK2615GE 
269 V_TFK2617 Discounts/Surcharges C TFK2617 
270 V_TFK2617R Calculation Rules for Calculating Charges/Discounts C TFK2617R 
271 V_TFK2618 Invoice Rounding C TFK2618 
272 V_TFK2618R Calculation Rules for Invoice Rounding C TFK2618R 
273 V_TFK2618RXX Calculation Rules for Invoice Rounding C TFK2618R 
274 V_TFK2618XX Invoice Rounding C TFK2618 
275 V_TFK2660 Basic Settings for Invoicing Reversal C TFK2660 
276 V_TFK2680 Maintenance of Key for Application Form C TFK2680 
277 V_TFK4EYE Check Reasons for Dual Control Principle C TFK4EYE 
278 V_TFK880 Mapping of CRM Business Partner and ERP Trading Partner C TFK880 
279 V_TFKAWM001 Foreign Trade Reporting: Report Key Directory per Country C TFKAWM001 
280 V_TFKAWM001B Test C TFKAWM001 
281 V_TFKAWM002 Foreign Trade Reporting: Directory of Report Keys C TFKAWM002 
282 V_TFKAWM003 Foreign Trade Reporting: Report Key C TFKAWM003 
283 V_TFKAWM004 Foreign Trade Reporting: Alternative Report Key C TFKAWM004 
284 V_TFKAWM005 Foreign Trade Reporting: Report Types per Country C TFKAWM005 
285 V_TFKB Functional areas C TFKB 
286 V_TFKBOL_BANKID Boleto: Bank ID Determination Customizing C TFKBOL_BANKID 
287 V_TFKBOL_BOLEXT Boleto: External Boleto number range C TFKBOL_BOLEXT 
288 V_TFKBOL_BOLXT Boleto: External Boleto number ranges C TFKBOL_BOLXT 
289 V_TFKBOL_ICODE Boleto: Mapping internal and external codes C TFKBOL_ICODE 
290 V_TFKBOL_ICODET Boleto: internal code - description C TFKBOL_ICODET 
291 V_TFKBOL_INSTR Boleto: Customizing instruction keys and instruction code C TFKBOL_INST_CODE 
292 V_TFKBW Maintenance View for Extraction Field Customizing C TFKBW 
293 V_TFKBWC Define Fields for the Extraction C TFKBWC 
294 V_TFKBWD_FIELDS Define Fields for the Extraction D TFKBWD01 
295 V_TFKBWT01 Maintain Interval C TFKBWT01 
296 V_TFKB_015W View description Boleto Instruction Keys C TFKB_015W 
297 V_TFKB_015W1 Instructions in Payment Transactions C TFK015W1 
298 V_TFKB_TREX Master Data View Functional Area D TFKB 
299 V_TFKCOD CO Acct Assignment Key / Allocation C TFKCOD 
300 V_TFKCOK CO Account Assignment Key C TFKCOK 
301 V_TFKCVS_ELOC External Payment Collector C TFKCVS_ELOC 
303 V_TFKDMC_EXT Dispute Case: Dispute Types for Biller Direct C TFKDMC_EXT 
305 V_TFKDO_TYP Maintenance view for table TFKDO_TYP C TFKDO_TYP 
306 V_TFKFBC Installation-specific function modules C TFKFBC 
307 V_TFKFBM Standard function modules C TFKFBM 
308 V_TFKFBMH Standard Function Modules - Assignment to Search Terms C TFKFBMH 
309 V_TFKFBMK Search Terms for Events C TFKFBMK 
310 V_TFKFBS Standard function modules C TFKFBS 
311 V_TFKHVO FI-CA: Main Transactions C TFKHVO 
312 V_TFKHVO_ISCD FS-CD: Main Transactions C TFKHVO 
313 V_TFKHVO_ISCD_DS FS-CD: Main Transactions - Display Only C TFKHVO 
314 V_TFKHVO_N External Main Transactions C TFKHVO 
315 V_TFKIHVOR Internal Main Transactions C TFKIHVOR 
316 V_TFKITVOR Internal Sub-Transactions C TFKITVOR 
317 V_TFKIVV Assignment of External Transactions to Internal Transactions C TFKIVV 
318 V_TFKIVVN Assignment of Transactions to Internal Transactions C TFKIVV 
320 V_TFKMDC_ORIGIN View for Maintenance of Origins C TFKMDC_ORIGIN 
321 V_TFKMDC_TYPE View for Maintenance of Change Types C TFKMDC_TYPE 
322 V_TFKOPBW Maintenance View for Extraction Field Customizing C TFKOPBW 
323 V_TFKOPBWC Define Fields for the Extraction of Open Items C TFKOPBWC 
324 V_TFKPKC Item Indicators for Clarification C TFKPKC 
325 V_TFKPKS Scope of Exception List C TFKPKS 
326 V_TFKSEPA_V SEPA: Visibility of Mandate Fields C TFKSEPA_V 
327 V_TFKTAXNUMTYPE Tax Number Categories of Business Partner C TFKTAXNUMTYPE 
328 V_TFKTAXNUMTYPEC Maintain Tax Number Categories C TFKTAXNUMTYPE_C 
329 V_TFKTVO FI-CA: Sub-transactions C TFKTVO 
330 V_TFKTVO_ISCD FS-CD: Partial Transactions C TFKTVO 
331 V_TFKTVO_ISCD_KY FS-CD: Sub-Transactions, Key Fields Only C TFKTVO 
332 V_TFKTVO_N External Sub-Transactions C TFKTVO 
333 V_TFKZRGR Define Resetting Reasons C TFKZRGR 
334 V_TFKZVAR Value Adjustment Variants - Days C TFKZVAR 
335 V_TFKZVARI Value Adjustment Variants C TFKZVARI 
336 V_TFK_BPRATING Valuation of Business Partner Duplicates C TFK_BPRATING 
337 V_TFK_ODNGRP Grouping for Official Document Number (ODN) C TFK_ODNGRP 
338 V_TFK_REPDS_HU Define Reporting Date Type for Domestic Sales Hungary C TFK_REPCONF 
339 V_TFK_REPT1 Reasons for (Repeat) Print C TFK_REPT1 
340 V_TFK_RRULES Replacement Rules for Duplicate Search for Business Partner C TFK_RRULES 
341 V_TFK_SAFT_BUKRS Company code for SAF-T H T001 
342 V_TFK_TAXTYPE_HU Assign Tax category for Domestic Sales C TFK_TAXTYPE_HU 
343 V_TFK_VATCODE_HU VAT code for Domestic Sales Hungary C TFK_VATCODE_HU 
344 V_TFM18 Assignment of functions to transactions C TFM18 
345 V_TFMA Adjustment profiles per processing method C TFMA 
346 V_TFMC Search Fields for Customers C TFMC 
347 V_TFMCA001 Maintenance View Status: Generating Inbound Correspondence C TFMCA001 
348 V_TFMCA002 Definition: Tolerance for Inbound Correspondence Due Date C TFMCA002 
349 V_TFMCA003 Maintenance View: Invoice Types C TFMCA003 
350 V_TFMCA004 Parameters for Main/Sub-Transactions C TFKTVO 
351 V_TFMCA005 Versions for Plan and Sample Documents C TFMCA005 
352 V_TFMCA006 Interpretation Selections Application of Funds C TFMCA006 
353 V_TFMCA008 Company Code-Dependent Indicator for Subtransactions C TFMCA008 
354 V_TFMCA_COV_001 Business Partner Overview:Definition of Additional Functions C TFMCA_COV_001 
355 V_TFMCA_COV_002L Business Partner Overview: Config. List of Addnl Functions C TFMCA_COV_002L 
356 V_TFMCA_COV_002T Business Partner Overview: Tab Configuration C TFMCA_COV_002T 
357 V_TFMCA_COV_CLUB Access View for Customer Information Cluster Builder D TFMCA_COV_CLUB 
358 V_TFMCA_ECMD_DEF Definition of Templates for ECMD C TFMCA_ECMD_DEF 
359 V_TFMCA_ECMD_ENT Templates for Simplified Master Data Creation (ECMD) C TFMCA_ECMD_ENT 
360 V_TFMCA_OI Public Sector-Specific Trigger Filtering C TFMCA_OI 
361 V_TFMIG01 Allocation: Ledger -> Ledger C TFMIG01 
362 V_TFMIG02 Allocation: Company -> Consolidation Unit C TFMIG02 
363 V_TFMIG03 Allocation: Subgroup -> Consolidation Group C TFMIG03 
364 V_TFMIG04 Allocation: FS Item -> FS Item C TFMIG04 
365 V_TFMIG05 Allocation: Transaction Type -> Subitem C TFMIG05 
366 V_TFMIG06 Assignment: Version -> Legacy Data Version C TFMIG06 
367 V_TFMIG10 Migration: Processing Options C TFMIG10 
368 V_TFMT Network/Hierarchy: Form Definition C TFMT 
369 V_TFPFPRP Reference Invoicing Plan for Invoicing Plan Type (Network) C TFPLA 
370 V_TFPFPRP_TRANS Date Date on Invoicing Plan Type (Network) (Transport) V V_TFPFPRP 
371 V_TFPFPWBS Reference Invoicing Plan for Billing Plan Type (WBS Element) C TFPLA 
372 V_TFPFPWBS_TRANS Date suggestion for billing plan type (transportable) V V_TFPFPWBS 
373 V_TFPLA Maintain Billing Plan Types for Periodic Billing C TFPLA 
374 V_TFPLABRP Read Invoicing Plan Types (Network and Component) D TFPLA 
375 V_TFPLABWBS Read Billing Plan Types (WBS Element) D TFPLA 
376 V_TFPLARP Invoicing Plan Types for Networks C TFPLA 
377 V_TFPLARP_SI Invoicing Plan Type for Network Activity / Component C TFPLA 
378 V_TFPLARP_TRANS Invoicing Plan Types for Network (Can Be Transported) V V_TFPLARP 
379 V_TFPLAWBS Billing plan type for WBS element C TFPLA 
380 V_TFPLAWBS_SI Billing Plan Type for Billing Plan for WBS Element C TFPLA 
381 V_TFPLAWBS_TRANS Billing plan types for WBS element (transportable) V V_TFPLAWBS 
382 V_TFPLA_C Payment Cards: Payment Card Plan Type C TFPLA 
383 V_TFPLA_MU Date Proposal Maintenance for Billing Plan Type C TFPLA 
384 V_TFPLA_MU_TRANS Maintain date proposal for billing plan type without RFPLN V V_TFPLA_MU 
385 V_TFPLA_T Maintaining Billing Plan Types for Milestone Billing C TFPLA 
386 V_TFPLA_TY Assign Date Category Proposal for Billing Plan C TFPLA 
387 V_TFPLA_T_TRANS Maintain Billing Plan Types Partial Billing w/o RFPLN V V_TFPLA_T 
388 V_TFPLT Maintain Date Category for Billing Plan Type C TFPLT 
389 V_TFPLTRP Maintain Date Category for Invoicing Plan Type (Network) C TFPLT 
390 V_TFPLTWBS Maintain Date Category for Invoicing Plan Type (WBS Element) C TFPLT 
391 V_TFPM042FB Payment medium events C TFPM042FB 
392 V_TFPM042FB_C Payment Medium: Customer-Specific Event Modules C TFPM042FBC 
393 V_TFPM042FG Format with text and level of detail C TFPM042F 
394 V_TFPM042FG_C Payment Medium: Customer Settings for Formats C TFPM042F 
395 V_TFPM042FM Required fields for format parameters C TFPM042FM 
396 V_TFPM042FM_C Payment Media: Customer's Required Fields C TFPM042FMC 
397 V_TFPM042FV Text fields for format reference information C TFPM042FV 
398 V_TFPM042FZ Format supplement with text C TFPM042FZ 
399 V_TFPM042VA Note to payee C TFPM042VA 
400 V_TFPM042VI Note to payee - Line layout C TFPM042VI 
401 V_TFPM042VJ Payment Media: Content of Note to Payee Lang. Independent C TFPM042VJ 
402 V_TFPROF_CEP View for field selection CEP C TFPROF_CEP 
403 V_TFPTTRP Assign Default Date Category to Invoice Plan C TFPLA 
404 V_TFPTTWBS Assign date category proposal for billing plan C TFPLA 
405 V_TFRM VOFM: FORM routines for Requirements/Formulae/Data Transfer C TFRM 
406 V_TFRSP VarChart Graphics: Frame shape C TFRSP 
407 V_TFSBD View: Sequence of Procedure for Batch Determination C TFSBD 
408 V_TFSCD_COV_CLUB Access View for Customer Information Cluster Builder D TFSCD_COV_CLUB 
409 V_TFSCHVTV Values for Transactions in Company Codes and Divisions C TFSCHVTV 
410 V_TFTBY VarChart Graphics: Font style C TFTBY 
411 V_TFTE_BSM_CUST FTE-BSM: Settings for Bank Statement Monitor C TFTE_BSM_CUST 
412 V_TFW_API TFW: Control Table for TFW Object-Specific API Classes C TFWS_API 
413 V_TFW_DX_JOB TFW: Schedule Data Exchange Changes to (Mini-) Templates C TFW_DX_JOB 
415 V_TFW_MINITP TFW: Mini-Templates C TFW_MINITP_S 
416 V_TFW_MTPTYPE TFW: Mini-Template Types C TFW_MTPTYPE 
417 V_TFW_OBJECT TFW: Application Object C TFW_OBJECT 
419 V_TFW_STRATEGY01 TFW: Assignment of Methods to Read Strategies C TFW_STRATEGY01 
420 V_TFW_STRAT_D TFW: Default Read Strategy C TFW_STRATEGY_D 
421 V_TFW_TP TFW: Templates C TFW_TP_S 
422 V_TFW_TP01 TFW: Assignment of Mini-Templates to Templates C TFW_TP01_S 
423 V_TFW_TPTYPE TFW: Template Types C TFW_TPTYPE 
424 V_TFW_TPTYPE01 TFW: Assignment of Mini-Template Types to Template Types C TFW_TPTYPE01 
425 V_TFW_TPTYPE01_1 TFW: Texts of Mini-Template Types Assigned to Template Type D TFW_TPTYPE01 
426 V_TFW_UI TFW: Control Table for TFW Object-Specific UI Classes C TFWS_UI 
428 V_TGAF Freight Code Determination C TGAF 
429 V_TGAR Freight Codes C TGAR 
430 V_TGAR2 Define and assign freight classes C TGAR 
431 V_TGAR3 Define and assign freight classes C TGAR 
432 V_TGAR4 Define and assign freight classes C TGAR 
433 V_TGAV Freight Code Sets C TGAV 
434 V_TGAVF Determine Freight Code Set C TGAVF 
435 V_TGCD_REPORTER Global Common Data Reporter C TGCD_REPORTER 
436 V_TGCD_VER Global Common Data Revision Data C TGCD_VER 
437 V_TGCD_XBRL Global Common Data Version C TGCD_XBRL 
438 V_TGDRD Delivery Relationships for External or Internal Matl Group C TGDRD 
439 V_TGMF VarChart Graphics: Files for including symbols C TGMF 
440 V_TGPM Graphic control: Customer-specific product management ! C TGPM 
441 V_TGPN Graphic control product management C TGPN 
442 V_TGSB Business areas C TGSB 
443 V_TGSBG Cross-System Business Areas C TGSBG 
444 V_TGSBK Consolidation Business Areas C TGSBK 
445 V_TGSBLK Local Business Areas -> Consolidation Business Areas C TGSB 
446 V_TGTMCOND Sales Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM C TGTMCOND 
447 V_TGTMCOND_M Purchasing Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM C TGTMCOND 
448 V_TGTY Graphic type C TGTY 
449 V_TGUMS Convert FI-SL tables C TGUMS 
450 V_THIOZ Customer Hierarchy: Allowed Sales Area Assignments C THIOZ 
451 V_THIT Customer Hierarchy Types C THIT 
452 V_THIZU Allowed Acct. Grp. Assign. for Cust. Hier. C THIZU 
453 V_THKON Permitted Alternative Reconciliation Accounts C THKON 
454 V_THLT Network/Hierarchy: Color Definition C THLT 
457 V_THMEX_TRANS LDB Hedge: Exposure Transactions D THMEXT_TRANS 
458 V_THMH_EFF_VAL LDB Hedge: Effectiveness Results D THMT_HEDGE_ITEM 
459 V_THM_HEDGE_REL LDB Hedge: Hedge Plan - Hedge Item - Hedge Relationship D THMT_HEDGE_ITEM 
460 V_THM_TRANS_FX LDB Hedge: FX Exposure Transactions D THMEXT_TRANS 
461 V_THM_TRANS_IR LDB Hedge: IR Exposure Transactions D THMEXT_TRANS 
462 V_THRFORMS_FLWTR HRFORMS: Reference Table for Switch Wage Types C THRFORMS_R4FLWTS 
464 V_THUWBBWART Maint. View for Goods Movement Types per HU Gds Mvmnt Event C THUWBBWART 
465 V_THUWBEVENT Maintenance View for Goods Movement Events C THUWBEVENT 
466 V_TIA01 Settlement Variants C TIA01 
467 V_TIA02 Settlement Periods C TIA02 
468 V_TIANP Minimum Amounts for Advance Payment/Flat-Rate Adjustment C TIANP 
469 V_TIARS Archiving Control Shipment Costs C TIARS 
470 V_TIBAN IBAN Maintenance C TIBAN 
471 V_TIBRACTIVITY Broker Collections - Define Activities C TIBRACTIVITY 
472 V_TIBRCLARACT Broker Collections - Activities for Clarif.Code C TIBRCLARACT 
473 V_TIBRCLARREAS Customizing Clarification Code Broker Report C TIBRCLARREAS 
474 V_TIBRDEFAULTS Broker Collections-Maintain Default Values for Broker Report C TIBRDEFAULTS 
475 V_TIBRPOSGRP Broker Collections - Broker Report Item Grouping C TIBRPOSGRP 
476 V_TIBRPOSGRPS Broker Collections - Report Item Grouping Criteria C TIBRPOSGRPS 
477 V_TIBRPOSTRULE Broker Collections-Posting Rules C TIBRPOSTRULE 
478 V_TICL001A Database View for Claim Bundle Type and Long Text D TICL001 
479 V_TICL002A Database View for Claim Bundle Subtype with Long Text D TICL002 
480 V_TICL005_004 Permitted Coverage Types for Internal Claim Type D TICL005 
481 V_TICL007 Database View: D TICL007 
482 V_TICL008 Database View: Cause of Loss with Text D TICL008 
483 V_TICL009_008 Database View: Permitted Causes of Loss per Claim Type Vers. D TICL009 
484 V_TICL015 Database View: Complexity with Text D TICL015 
485 V_TICL020 Reserve Types C TICL020 
486 V_TICL021T ICL: View with Permitted Evaluation Categories D TICL021 
487 V_TICL026 ICL: View with Permitted Evaluation Bases D TICL026 
488 V_TICL031 Claim Documents C TICL031 
489 V_TICL032 Roles Assigned to Claim Document C TICL032 
490 V_TICL039 TICL039 and TICL038 and TICL038T D TICL039 
491 V_TICL040_SH Screen Sequence for Damaged Object (Searchhelp) D TBZ3N 
492 V_TICL043 View for F4 Help for Rejection Reason D TICL022 
493 V_TICL044 ICL: Permitted Future Activity D TICL045 
494 V_TICL044_2 Claims Management Activity or Prompting Message - BRF D TICL044 
495 V_TICL045_044T Permitted Manual Tasks D TICL045 
496 V_TICL053 Assign Coverage Type to Reserve Type D TICL020 
497 V_TICL055_055T Benefit Types with Name D TICL055 
498 V_TICL055_056 View: TICL055 and TICL056 for Reporting D TICL055 
499 V_TICL056 ICL: View with Permitted Benefit Types D TICL056 
500 V_TICL058_079T Permitted Coverage Referrals with Description D TICL058