View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_SOUD_P1 Projection view of SOUD for 4.0-XPRA adress management D SOUD 
2 V_SOUIADRP SAPoffice: View of SOUI and Fields of SADRP (Addresses) D SOUD 
3 V_SOUSRADR SAPoffice: View for SAP user and his/her address D SOUC 
4 V_SO_KEY View of USR21, SOUD and ADCP D USR21 
5 V_SO_SOST Send Date and Title of Transmissions D SOST 
6 V_SPCIPPROFILES View to maintain user assigment to a profile C SPCIPPROFILES 
8 V_SPHATICT SAPphone: Description of address data areas C SPH_ATICT 
9 V_SPH_ATIC SAPphone: Maintenance view address data areas w/functions C SPH_ATIC 
10 V_SPH_SERV SAPphone: Telephony server attributes C SXNODES 
11 V_SPH_SRVT SAPphone: Texts for telephony server C SPH_SERVT 
12 V_SPM_GLB_PRM Global Parameters for Supplier Performance Management C RSBCTSDPR_GLBPRM 
13 V_SPM_METRICS Define Rating Criteria for Supplier Performance Management C RSBCTSDPR_MTCID 
14 V_SPM_METRIC_CAT Define Category for Rating Criteria C RSBCTSDPR_MTCCAT 
16 V_SPM_OTDWF Weighting Factors for On-time Delivery in Quantity Algorithm C RSBCTSDPR_OTDWF 
17 V_SPM_SCALC Score Calculation Rules C SPM_SCALC 
19 V_SPM_SIGDOC Definition of Significant Document Type C RSBCTSDPR_SIGDOC 
20 V_SPPFPRPR001 Print Profile C TSPPF_PRPR_001 
21 V_SPPFPRPR002 Print Profile Data C TSPPF_PRPR_002 
23 V_SPT File system authorizations C SPTHB 
24 V_SQLRTEXT1 Projection View: Search Help for Groups D SQLRTEXT1 
25 V_SQLRTEXT2 Database View: Search Help for Functions D SQLRTEXT2 
26 V_SRCH_VTABLE Search of Vtables D CUVTAB 
27 V_SREACH_SPART DB View : Search Help for SPART D SMOTVTA 
29 V_SREACH_VTWEG DB View : Search Help for VTWEG D SMOTVTA 
30 V_SRMPATHORG Maintain Allowed Organizational Objects for Process Route C SRMPATHORG 
31 V_SRMPLOG Joint View of srmwfpthps and Text Table srmactivtt D SRMWFPTHPS 
33 V_SRM_PROD_CAT Maintenance View for SRM Product Categories in Proj. Mgmt C DPR_SRM_PROD_CA 
34 V_SRM_PROJ_CONTR Customizing for Control Table for EBP Project Success C SRM_PROJ_CONTR 
35 V_SRM_VE_CNTWEBS Maint. View for Questionnaire Determination (Vendor Eval.) C SRM_VE_CNTL_WEBS 
36 V_SRR_DEF Definition of Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings C SEND_REC_REL_DEF 
37 V_SRVGRP SPTA: View of server groups D RZLLITAB 
38 V_SSCDOCMNT_DC Definition of the Document Type C SSCDOCMNT_DC 
39 V_SSCINFTYPE_DC Assign Data Collector Class to Info Type C SSCINFTYPE_DC 
40 V_SSCPROCIDACTIV Active Self Services Processes for System C SSCSSPROCIDACTIV 
41 V_SSCPROCLOGSYS System Assignment to Process Type C SSCSSPROCTYPESYS 
43 V_SSCSSPROCTPRID Definition of Self Service Process C SSCSSPROCTYPPRID 
44 V_SSCSSPROCTYPE Maintain Self Service Process Type C SSCSSPROCTYPE 
45 V_SSC_CRMC_T077D Views for Customer account groups C CRMC_T077D 
46 V_SSUBPO Maintenance View for SSUBPOLL C SSUBPOLL 
47 V_ST04N_ANA_LF Help view: Detailed analyses monitor (only leaves) H ST04N_ANA 
48 V_STACUST Status maintenance C STACUST 
49 V_STALIGHT Traffic light allocation for status groups C STALIGHT 
50 V_STAT Status Objects (JEST and JSTO) D JSTO 
51 V_STATUSAGENCY Travel Agency Status in Travel Planning C STATUSAGENCY 
52 V_STATUS_MAPPING Maintain testcase status mapping C STATUS_MAPPING 
53 V_STCAGR_11AKT Maint.Std Comn Case Trigger Agreement, Agr.Type 24 (Active) C CACS_STCAGR 
54 V_STCAGR_11ALL Maint. Std Comn Case Trigger Agreement, Agr.Type 24 (All) C CACS_STCAGR 
55 V_STCAGR_24AKT Maint.Std Comn Case Trigger Agreement, Agr.Type 24 (Active) C CACS_STCAGR 
56 V_STCAGR_24ALL Maint. Std Comn Case Trigger Agreement, Agr.Type 24 (All) C CACS_STCAGR 
57 V_STEP View for Cross-Language Objects and Attributes D DSMOPSOLUTIONDAT 
58 V_STEPSOFSOLU Business Process Steps in a Solution D DSMOPCUSTOMIZING 
59 V_STOP_ACTION_A Maintenance View for Assignment of Stop Action to Stop C TDSTOP_ACTION_A 
60 V_STORNO Reversal Reasons C TZST 
61 V_STORTA Selection View: Search Help ESTORTA D T499S 
62 V_STTCRU_24AKT Maint.Std Comn Case Trigger Rules, Agreemnt Cat. 24 (Active) C CACS_STTCRU 
63 V_STTCRU_24ALL Maint.Std Comn Case Trigger Rules, Agreement Cat. 24 (All) C CACS_STTCRU 
64 V_STTYPTGT Displays all site types for initial download D SMW1SPRVDR 
66 V_SUB_2_CRM1 View of Subject by CRM with crmd_srv_osset D CRMD_ORDERADM_H 
67 V_SUB_2_CRM2 View of Subject by CRM without crmd_srv_osset D CRMD_ORDERADM_H 
69 V_SURAPPLICATION Survey: register application C SUR_APPLICATION 
70 V_SURAPPLINT Application interface: read, check, read modules C SURAPPLINT 
71 V_SURAPPLSYST Assignment: application - system C SURLOGSYS 
72 V_SURAPPLVECTOR Survey: SAP fields: body (posting arrays) C SURAPPLVECTOR 
74 V_SURQUESTQ Survey structure (EHS) question list D T7EHS00_QUESTQ 
75 V_SURREFS Survey: posting arrays C SURREFS 
76 V_SUS_PROD_EXT SUS: View for product extension maint. C SUS_PROD_EXT 
77 V_SUS_SUPP_CONT SUS: Supplier specific content settings C SUS_SUP_SCHEME 
78 V_SUS_TARG_SYS SUS: Target business systems in product scenarios C SUS_TARGET_SYST 
79 V_SXADDRTY SAPconnect: Maintenance view - communication methods C SXADDRTYPE 
80 V_SXCONV SAPconnect: Maintenance view - conversion C SXCONVERT 
81 V_SXCOS SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Send Attribute Classes C SXCOS 
82 V_SXDEVTYPL SAPconnect: Language-Dependent Device Types C SXDEVTYPL 
83 V_SXFORMAT SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Format Groups C SXFORMATG 
84 V_SXMSAGGDATA SAP XI Status Overview: Header Aggregated Data P SXMSAGGDAT 
85 V_SXMSAGGERRLBL Database View on PI Status Details D SXMSAGGERRLABEL 
86 V_SXMSAGGRAW SAP XI Status Overview: Raw Data Message Attributes P SXMSAGGRAW 
87 V_SXMSSYERR Integration Engine System Error C SXMSSYERR 
88 V_SXNODES SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Nodes C SXNODES 
89 V_SXROUTE SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Routes C SXROUTE 
90 V_SXSERV SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Node Attributes C SXSERV 
91 V_SXTELIN SAPconnect: Maint. view: Telephone modification (incoming) C SXTELMOIN 
92 V_SXTELOUT SAPconnect: Maint. View: Telephone Modification (outgoing) C SXTELMOOUT 
93 V_SYAW Directory of the views D DSYAW 
95 V_SYSTEM_F4 View for F4 help for systems in landscape D ACCONTEXTDIR 
96 V_SZKKO Scenario Header C VTVSZKO 
97 V_S_FCODE View for internal tables in SE18/19/20 D SXS_FCODE 
98 V_S_SCRN View for an internal table for SE18/19/20 D SXS_SCRN 
99 V_S_TABLE for editing internal tables in SE18/19/20 D SXS_TABLE 
100 V_T000CM FI-AR-CR Settings for all Clients C T000CM 
101 V_T000F_1 Activation: "Plants Abroad" C T000F 
102 V_T000F_2 Activation: "Business Area Display Authorization Check" C T000F 
103 V_T000F_3 Activation: "Document Types Display Authorization Check" C T000F 
104 V_T000F_4 Activation: "Alternative Local Currency" C T000F 
105 V_T000GL Activation of New General Ledger Accounting C T000GL 
106 V_T001 Company Code C T001 
107 V_T001A Additional Local Currencies For Company Code C T001A 
108 V_T001B Posting Periods: Specify Time Intervals C T001B 
109 V_T001B_COFI Posting Periods: Specify Time Intervals C T001B 
110 V_T001B_GL Local Posting Periods C T001B 
111 V_T001B_PL Local Plan Periods C T001B 
112 V_T001B_PS Acct Assmnt Elements in General Ledger C T001B_PS 
113 V_T001B_PS_PER Posting Periods: Specify Time Intervals C T001B_PS_PER 
114 V_T001C Global Posting Periods C T001C 
115 V_T001C_PL Global Plan Periods C T001C 
116 V_T001D Validation of Accounting Documents C T001D 
117 V_T001E Company Code-Dependent Address Data C T001E 
118 V_T001F Forms C T001F 
119 V_T001F2 PDF Forms C T001F 
120 V_T001F_FK Maintenance view C T001F 
121 V_T001F_RP Forms C T001F 
122 V_T001F_TR Maintenance view for bill of exchange transaction record C T001F 
123 V_T001G Sender Details C T001G 
124 V_T001G_AG Sender Text for Forms from Agency Business C T001G 
125 V_T001G_FK Issuer Specifications for Shipment Credit Memos C T001G 
126 V_T001G_QM Company-code dependent sender details (QM) C T001G 
127 V_T001G_RP Sender Details C T001G 
128 V_T001I Parameter types for additional company code specifications C T001I 
129 V_T001K Valuation Areas (V_T001K) P T001K 
130 V_T001KML Activation of Material Ledger C T001K 
131 V_T001K_ASSIGN Assignment Plant - Company Code C T001K 
132 V_T001K_CCS Activate Actual Cost Component Split C T001K 
133 V_T001K_LK Assignment of Plants to Company Codes (Valuation Area) C T001W 
134 V_T001K_PR Dynamic release of planned price changes C T001K 
135 V_T001K_W Valuation at Sales Prices (Retail Method) C T001K 
136 V_T001L Storage locations C T001L 
137 V_T001L_D Storage Location MRP C T001L 
138 V_T001L_I Storage Locations C T001L 
139 V_T001L_L Create Delivery (Default Values for Storage Location) C T001L 
140 V_T001L_MES Maintenance of MES Business System for Storage Location C T001L 
141 V_T001L_N Negative Stock in Storage Loc. C T001L 
142 V_T001M Company Data For FTR Report Z5A (FRG) C T001M 
143 V_T001N Foreign VAT Registration Numbers C T001N 
144 V_T001O Cross-System Company Codes C T001O 
145 V_T001P Personnel Area/Subarea C T001P 
146 V_T001P_HRF Personnel Areas/Subareas (DB View for HR Forms) D T001P 
147 V_T001Q Substitution in Accounting Documents C T001Q 
148 V_T001Q_FI_0006 Substitution for Cost-of-Sales Accounting V V_T001Q 
149 V_T001R Rounding Rules for Currencies C T001R 
150 V_T001RWT Withholding Tax Rounding Rules C T001RWT 
151 V_T001S Accounting Clerks C T001S 
152 V_T001S_KORRSP Define Accounting Clerks C T001S 
153 V_T001T Company Code-Dependent Texts C T001T 
154 V_T001TR Company codes C T001 
155 V_T001U Control of Import Data Screens C T001 
156 V_T001URL Maintenance of Company Code URL Addresses C T001URL 
157 V_T001W Plants C T001W 
158 V_T001WMIN Mini View to T001W P T001W 
159 V_T001WT Withholding tax information for company code per w/tax type C T001WT 
160 V_T001W_BWKEY View of Plants Through Valuation Key (BWKEY) D T001W 
161 V_T001W_CORE Plants C T001W 
162 V_T001W_DR Allocation of Node Type C T001W 
163 V_T001W_EXT Logical System for Plants (Execution) C T001W_EXT 
164 V_T001W_EXT_ADR View of ADRC and T001W_EXT for External Plants D T001W_EXT 
165 V_T001W_EXT_DR Allocation of Node Type C T001W_EXT 
166 V_T001W_EXT_IV Organizational Units for Internal Costing Per Plant C T001W_EXT 
167 V_T001W_EXT_XLO Assign Customer Number to an External Plant C T001W_EXT 
168 V_T001W_I Allocation of PlanPlants to MaintPlants C T001W 
169 V_T001W_IV Organizational Units for Internal Costing Per Plant C T001W 
170 V_T001W_L Create Delivery (Default Values for Plant) C T001W 
171 V_T001W_LI Vendor plant assignments C T001W 
172 V_T001W_MV Qty structure tool: Assignment of naming structure to plant C T001W 
173 V_T001W_PC Default Values for Variance Keys C T001W 
174 V_T001W_PI Batch Record: Type of Document Management System C T001W 
175 V_T001W_RE Plants/Subsidiaries - Delivery Data C T001W 
176 V_T001W_RP Price reference plant Valuation flag C T001W 
177 V_T001W_SITE Dummy View for plausibility check for ALE Distr. for Sites C T001W 
178 V_T001W_SITE_EXT Dummy View ALE Sites (Additional Fields) C T001W 
179 V_T001W_SO Plant Table C T001W 
180 V_T001W_SRC Supplying Plant Assignment via Availability Check C T001W 
181 V_T001X Configuration of External Receiving Comp.Codes C T001X 
182 V_T001_CESSION Accounts Receivable Pledging Active C T001 
183 V_T001_CORE Company code C T001 
184 V_T001_DEF Assign Deferred Tax Rules to Company Codes C T001 
185 V_T001_EXT Enhanced withholding tax functions active C T001 
186 V_T001_FM Assigning Company Codes to FM Areas C T001 
187 V_T001_FM1 Activate Cash Budget Management C T001 
188 V_T001_FM2 Activate Funds Management C T001 
189 V_T001_FM3 Activate Funds Management and HR C T001 
190 V_T001_FMACT Activate Funds Management C T001 
191 V_T001_IMP Foreign Trade: Import - Extended Document Control C T001 
192 V_T001_LK Assignment of company codes to internal trading partners C T001 
193 V_T001_MF Help view: Company code selection C T001 
194 V_T001_PS Activate Project Cash Management C T001 
195 V_T001_UMKRS Time-Dep. Assignment of Comp. Codes to Sales/Purch. Tax Grp C T001_UMKRS 
196 V_T001_UMKRS_Z Activate Time-Dep. Sls/Pur.Tax Grps / Assign Selection Date C T001_UMKRS_Z 
197 V_T002C Help View for All Languages Installed in the System H T002C 
198 V_T002_SUBST Preferred Language Sequence for Presentation of Objects C T002_SUBSTITUTE 
199 V_T003 Document Types C T003 
200 V_T003O Order Types C T003O 
201 V_T003O_40 Maintain Process Order Types C T003O 
202 V_T003O_BC MCB Budget check customizing C T003O_BC 
203 V_T003O_CO Order Types C T003O 
204 V_T003O_DS Digital Signature for Order Operations C T003O_DS 
205 V_T003O_I Maintenance Order Types C T003O 
206 V_T003O_I1 Assign invest. profile to model order C AUFK 
207 V_T003O_I2 Assign capitalization key to model order C AUFK 
208 V_T003O_IS Status Profile f. MaintOrders C T003O 
209 V_T003O_N0 Activate Network Type Classification C T003O 
210 V_T003O_N1 Assign Settlement Profil to Network Type C T003O 
211 V_T003O_N2 Assign Object Class to Network Type C T003O 
212 V_T003O_PP "Maintain Production Order Types" C T003O 
213 V_T003O_PS Maintain Network Types C T003O 
214 V_T003O_S Maintain Order Types: Fast Entry C T003O 
215 V_T003O_SC PM Status Change Control C T003O_SC 
216 V_T003O_SD Order Types for Shipping Deadlines C T003O 
217 V_T003R Number Ranges for Log. Invoice Verification Transactions C T003R 
218 V_T003_B Assignment: Document Type - Info Official Document Numbering C T003 
219 V_T003_B_2 Assignment: Document type - Document class per country C T003_I 
220 V_T003_B_I Assign Document Classes to Document Types C T003_I 
221 V_T003_CORE Document Types C T003 
222 V_T003_FS Document types (Flag for deriving posting date) C T003 
223 V_T003_FXR Activate Currency Translation with Market Data Exch. Rates C T003 
224 V_T003_MCA Allow Postings to Position and Equivalent Accounts C T003 
225 V_T003_PP Currency Differences for Partial Payments C T003 
226 V_T003_USFG Document types C T003 
227 V_T003_XUACPA Uniqueness of Assignment to Accounting Principles C T003 
228 V_T004 List of All Charts of Accounts C T004 
229 V_T004F Groups for Field Status Definition C T004F 
230 V_T004I Charts of Accounts C T004 
231 V_T004M Rules for sample accounts C T004M 
232 V_T004R Sample Account Rules Variants C T004R 
233 V_T004V Field Status Variants C T004V 
234 V_T004_01 FIAA: Choose chart of accounts C T004 
235 V_T004_B G/L Account Record: Assign Layout for Individual Processing C T004 
236 V_T004_CORE Directory of Charts of Accounts C T004 
237 V_T005 Country Global Parameters C T005 
238 V_T005A Asset Accounting: Country information C T005 
239 V_T005BU Business Transaction Event for Bank Data Transfer C T005BU 
240 V_T005E County C T005E 
241 V_T005G City C T005G 
242 V_T005I Communication: country dialling code exceptions (Telex) C T005I 
243 V_T005J Communication: country dialling code exceptions (Telephone) C T005J 
244 V_T005J_EXT Enhancement of Table T005J C T005J_EXT 
245 V_T005K Communication: country dialling code C T005K 
246 V_T005K_1 Communication: Mobile Telephone Properties C T005K 
247 V_T005K_EXT Enhancement of Table T005K C T005K_EXT 
248 V_T005O Table T005O (name format fields) maintenance view C T005O 
249 V_T005P Fiscal Regional Codes (Italy, Spain) C T005P 
250 V_T005Q Country Keys For Withholding Tax C T005Q 
251 V_T005S Regions C T005S 
252 V_T005SEPA SEPA country settings C T005SEPA 
253 V_T005Z Reporting Country Indicator C T005Z 
254 V_T005ZR Rules for Assignment of Reporting Country Indicators C T005ZR 
255 V_T005_01 Country Selection C T005 
256 V_T005_ADR Country table: Fields for the address management C T005 
257 V_T005_BAS Global Parameters of Countries (New Dimension Systems) C T005 
258 V_T005_MAB Foreign Trade: Countries C T005 
259 V_T005_SRV Selection of Country for Tax Calculation at Service Level C T005 
260 V_T006D Dimensions for units of measure C T006D 
261 V_T006E System for Units of Measurement C T006E 
262 V_T006EE Systems for Units of Measurement (Entities) C T006EE 
263 V_T006EEC Assignment of Unit of Measurement Family to Countries C T006EEC 
264 V_T006EER Assignment of Unit of Measurement Family to Countries C T006EER 
265 V_T006I ISO units C T006I 
266 V_T006_EXP View for T006 with Selection Dimension Exponent D T006 
267 V_T006_L View for Determination of Units of Measurement for LENGTH D T006 
268 V_T006_T View for Determination of Units of Measurement for Time D T006 
269 V_T007A Transfer for Deferred Tax Code C T007A 
270 V_T007AC Tax Code Selection for Transactions C T007AC 
271 V_T007A_CORE Tax on Sales/Purchases Code C T007A 
272 V_T007A_DEF Transfer for Deferred Tax Code C T007A 
273 V_T007B Tax Processing in Accounting C T007B 
274 V_T007BE Bill of exchange customizing for deferred tax C T007BE 
275 V_T007C Tax Categories C T007C 
276 V_T007DT Define Deferred Tax Rules C T007DT 
277 V_T007F Taxes on Sales/Purchases Groups C T007F 
278 V_T007I Group Numbers for the Tax on Sales/Purch.Advance Pmnt C T007I 
279 V_T007J Tax on Sales/Purchases Advance Payment C T007J 
280 V_T007K Grouping of Tax Base Balances C T007K 
281 V_T007K_LU Grouping of Tax Base Balances C T007K_LU 
282 V_T007L Grouping of Tax Balances C T007L 
283 V_T007L_LU Grouping of Tax Balances Luxembourg C T007L_LU 
284 V_T007R External Group No. for Tax Amnts for Sal/Purch.Tax Reporting C T007R 
285 V_T007Z Assign Time-Dependent Tax Group Version C T007Z 
286 V_T007Z_LU Tax grouping version Luxembourg C T007Z_LU 
287 V_T007_EU Specify Tax Codes for Acquisition Tax Accruals C T007_IT 
288 V_T008 Payment Block Reasons C T008 
289 V_T009B Period assignment C T009B 
290 V_T009C Period texts C T009C 
291 V_T009Y Shortened fisc.year C T009Y 
292 V_T009_A Fiscal year variants C T009 
293 V_T010O Posting Periods: Define Variants C T010O 
294 V_T011 Financial Statement Versions C T011 
295 V_T011A FI Financial Calendar - Task Description C T011A 
296 V_T011E FI Financial Calendar - Person Responsible for Unit C T011E 
297 V_T011V FI Financial Calendar Task-Schedule Link C T011V 
298 V_T011_XBRL Financial Statement Versions from XBRL Taxonomies C T011_XBRL 
299 V_T012 House Banks C T012 
300 V_T012A Assign Payment Method -> Bank Transactions C T012A 
301 V_T012C Value Date Rules for Bank Transactions C T012C 
302 V_T012D Parameters for DMEs and Foreign Payment Transactions C T012D 
303 V_T012D_CORE Parameters for DMEs and foreign pmnt transactions C T012D 
304 V_T012E EDI-compatible payment methods C T012E 
305 V_T012K House Bank Accounts C T012K 
306 V_T012K_CORE House bank accounts C T012K 
307 V_T012K_D Bank Details for Returned Bills of Exchange Payable C T012K 
308 V_T012K_IN Purpose of Bank Account C T012K 
309 V_T012K_W Bank Details for Bill Of Exchange Presentation C T012K 
310 V_T012O ORBIAN Details C T012O 
311 V_T012_CORE House banks C T012 
312 V_T012_INC Maintain: Value Date in the Past C T012 
313 V_T014 "Credit Control Areas" C T014 
314 V_T014_SEGMENT Credit Control Area and Segment C T014 
315 V_T015L SCB Indicators C T015L 
316 V_T015M "Names Of The Months" C T015M 
317 V_T015V Application Area for Instructions in Payment Transactions C T015V 
318 V_T015W Instruction Keys C T015W 
319 V_T015W0 List of Permitted Instruction Flds for each Application Area C T015W0 
320 V_T015W1 Instructions in Payment Transactions C T015W1 
321 V_T015W_URG Urgent Payment in Instruction Key C T015W 
322 V_T015X Message destinations C T015X 
323 V_T015Z "Digits And Numbers In Words" C T015Z 
324 V_T016 Industry Keys C T016 
325 V_T018C Concentration: Interim Account and Amount Stipulations C T018C 
326 V_T018D Cash Management and Forecast Forms C T018D 
327 V_T018P Postal Giro Offices C T018P 
328 V_T018V Acct Transfer: Determine Receiving Bank's Clearing Account C T018V 
329 V_T018Z Cash Transfer: Payment Method Determination Payment Requests C T018Z 
330 V_T020R Program selection for program transactions C T020R 
331 V_T021A Forms For Additional Information C T021A 
332 V_T021M Interactive Characteristics for Flexible Balance Display C T021M 
333 V_T021S Line Layout Variant Special Fields C T021S 
334 V_T021STDF Fast Entry: Standard Variant Fields C T021STDF 
335 V_T021STDV Fast Entry: Standard Variants C T021STDV 
336 V_T021V Default Values For Display Variants C T021V 
337 V_T022_CO CO transactions C T022 
338 V_T023 Material Groups C T023 
339 V_T023T Other languages for material groups C T023T 
340 V_T023_A Default Asset Class C T023 
341 V_T024A Maintenance planner group C T024A 
342 V_T024A_F Production scheduler C T024A 
343 V_T024B Credit Management: Credit Representative Groups C T024B 
344 V_T024C "Planner Group for Standard Value Calculation" C T024C 
345 V_T024D MRP Controllers C T024D 
346 V_T024E Purchasing Organizations C T024E 
347 V_T024E_ASSIGN Assign Purchasing Organization -> Company Code C T024E 
348 V_T024E_BP PO Price History Update Type C T024E 
349 V_T024E_LK Assignment of Company Codes to Purchasing Organizations C T024E 
350 V_T024E_NTR Company Code, Subsequent Settlement for Purch. Organization C T024E 
351 V_T024E_SG Assignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization C T024E 
352 V_T024E_SM Assignment of Market Price Calculation Schema to Purch. Org. C T024E 
353 V_T024F Production Scheduler C T024F 
354 V_T024I Maintenance planner groups C T024I 
355 V_T024I_W Default Order Type for Maintenance Items C T024I 
356 V_T024P Credit Representative C T024P 
357 V_T024W_CCP Plant/Supplying Plant Assignment for Extended Source Determ. C T024W_CCP 
358 V_T024W_LK Assignment of Plants to Purchasing Organizations C T024W 
359 V_T024Z Assignment of Purchasing Organizations C T024Z 
360 V_T026 Maintain purchasing area C T026 
361 V_T026Z Purchasing area determination C T026Z 
362 V_T028B Allocate Banks to Transaction Types for Electronic Banking C T028B 
363 V_T028D Keys for posting rules C T028D 
364 V_T028G External Transactions for Electronic Bank Statement C T028G 
365 V_T028H Manual Bank Statement Transactions C T028H 
366 V_T028L EB: Sender Bank - CM Data C T028L 
367 V_T028M Group Currency Keys into Currency Classes C T028M 
368 V_T028O Create currency classes C T028O 
369 V_T028P Assignment of Bank Statement Transactions to Search Strings C T028P 
370 V_T028R Repetitive funds transfer transaction groupings C T028R 
371 V_T028RTRANS Insert repetitive details - bank to bank transfers C T028RTRANS 
372 V_T028R_KNBK Insert repetitive partner details - customers C T028RTRANS 
373 V_T028R_LFBK Insert repetitive partner details - vendors C T028RTRANS 
374 V_T028R_TRTM Insert repetitive partner details - treasury partners C T028RTRANS 
375 V_T028V Transaction types C T028V 
376 V_T028X Assign Internal Return Reasons to External C T028X 
377 V_T028Y Returns Activities C T028Y 
378 V_T028Y_SEPA Change Mandate Status C T028Y_SEPA 
379 V_T028Z Returns Activities: Change Open Items C T028Z 
380 V_T030B Standard posting keys C T030B 
381 V_T030C Global Retained Earnings Accounts C T030C 
382 V_T030F Receivables Provision: Methods C T030F 
383 V_T030H Acct Determination For OI Exch.Rate Differences C T030H 
384 V_T030HB Account Determination C T030HB 
385 V_T030Q Clearing Accounts for Distributed Systems C T030Q 
386 V_T030V Account Conversion C T030V 
387 V_T030_ACI Technical Clearing Account for Integrated Acquisition C T030 
388 V_T030_GL Local Retained Earnings Accounts C T030 
389 V_T031 Bill Discount Note - Default Values C T031 
390 V_T031S Bill of Exchange Status C T031S 
391 V_T033 FI Valuation Area C T033 
392 V_T033F_EBST Posting Specifications C T033F 
393 V_T033G_EBST Accounts C T033G 
394 V_T033I_EBST Account Symbols C T033I 
395 V_T033O Allocate Levels for MM and SD Transactions C T036Q 
396 V_T034 Cash Mgmt: Determine Account Assignments/Document Splitting C T034 
397 V_T035 Planning Groups C T035 
398 V_T035D Cash Management Account Names C T035D 
399 V_T035Z Liquidity Forecast: Payment Date Determination/Assignments C T035Z 
400 V_T036 Planning levels C T036 
401 V_T036M Level Assignment for Earmarked Funds C T036M 
402 V_T036M2 Earmarked Funds: Group Assignment If Account Missing C T036M2 
403 V_T036O Allocate Levels for MM and SD Transactions C T036Q 
404 V_T036R Payment Request Levels C T036R 
405 V_T036S Planning Levels with Payment Blocks C T036S 
406 V_T036V Allocation of Planning Levels for Financial Assets Mgmt C T036V 
407 V_T036VD Allocation of Planning Levels for Financial Assets Mgmt C T036V 
408 V_T036VN Treasury: Assign Planning Levels C T036V 
409 V_T036V_RE Allocation of Planning Levels for Financial Assets Mgmt C T036V 
410 V_T036W Allocation of planning levels for Financial Assets Mgmt C T036V 
411 V_T037 View Obsolete -> V_T037_1 Is Relevant C T037 
412 V_T037A Archiving Categories for Cash Management & Forecast C T037A 
413 V_T037S Customizing account assignment reference C T037S 
414 V_T037SN Securities: Account Assignment Reference C T037S 
415 V_T037_1 Planning types C T037 
416 V_T038 Cash Management: Grouping Structure C T038 
417 V_T038P Cash Management: Groupings and Their Headers C T038P 
418 V_T038T Replaced by View V_T038P (from Release 4.6A) C T038T 
419 V_T038V % Distribution for Cash Position and Liquidity Forecast C T038V 
420 V_T039 Source Symbols for Cash Management C T039 
421 V_T040 Dunning Keys C T040 
422 V_T040S Dunning Block Reasons C T040S 
423 V_T041AR Residual Item Additional Functions C T041AR 
424 V_T041B Company Code Allocation For Manual Payments C T041B 
425 V_T042 Company Codes C T042 
426 V_T042A Bank selection for payment program C T042A 
427 V_T042A_RE Permit House Bank for Automatic Payment C T042A 
428 V_T042B Paying Company Codes C T042B 
429 V_T042BD Paying Company Codes C T042B 
430 V_T042B_Z Forms for Paying Company Codes (Pmnt Program) C T042B 
431 V_T042D Available Amounts for Payment Program C T042D 
432 V_T042D_RE Available Amounts C T042D 
433 V_T042E Maintenance of Company Code Data for a Payment Method C T042E 
434 V_T042EA ALE-Compatible Payment Methods C T042EA 
435 V_T042ECT Letter for Payment Correspondence (PDF) C T042ECT 
436 V_T042E_Z Forms for Payment Methods in Company Code (Pmnt Program) C T042E 
437 V_T042F Payment Method Supplements C T042F 
438 V_T042F_FMFG_TC Payment Method Supplement maps to ALC and Payment Office C T042F 
439 V_T042G Groups of company codes C T042G 
440 V_T042I Account determination C T042I 
441 V_T042ICC Account Determination for Payment Cards C T042ICC 
442 V_T042ICC_HKONT The Receivables Accounts for Payment Cards D T001 
443 V_T042IY0 Account Determination with Subaccounts for F110 C T042IY 
444 V_T042I_RE Accounts for Automatic Postings Payment Program C T042I 
445 V_T042J "Bank Charges Determination" C T042J 
446 V_T042JB Define Bank Group for Merged Banks (Japan) C T042JB 
447 V_T042JB1 Define Branch Group for Merged Banks (Japan) C T042JB1 
448 V_T042K Accounts For Bank Charges C T042K 
449 V_T042M User Numbers At The Bank C T042M 
450 V_T042N "Bank Transaction Codes" C T042N 
451 V_T042OFI Events for MT100 and other DME Formats C T042OFI 
452 V_T042P Bank Selection by Postal Code C T042P 
453 V_T042Q Permitted Destination Lands for Payment Method C T042Q 
454 V_T042R Building Society C T042R 
455 V_T042S Charges/Expenses for Automatic Payment Transactions C T042S 
456 V_T042T Sender Details C T042T 
457 V_T042T_Z Sender details (Payment program) C T042T 
458 V_T042V Value Date for Automatic Payments C T042V 
459 V_T042W Permitted currencies for payment method and country C T042W 
460 V_T042Y Account Determination for G/L Account Payments C T042Y 
461 V_T042YP Account Determination for Bank Clearing A/C for HR Payments C T042YP 
462 V_T042ZA Maint. of Note to Payee Text for Ctry, Pymt Mthd, & Origin C T042ZA 
463 V_T042ZD Definition of Additional Payment Method Classifications C T042ZD 
464 V_T042ZEBPP Maintenance of EBPP Payment Methods C T042ZEBPP 
465 V_T042ZF Allocation: Branch - (Paying) Company Code C T042ZF 
466 V_T042ZFCL Additional Payment Method Classes C T042ZFCL 
467 V_T042ZL Payment Program: Payment Methods per Country C T042Z 
468 V_T042Z_XEINZ Incoming Payment Methods in Company Code D T042E 
469 V_T042Z_Z Payment methods (Payment program) C T042Z 
470 V_T043 Assign Users-->Tolerance Groups C T043 
471 V_T043G Customer/Vendor Tolerances C T043G 
472 V_T043I Tolerance Groups for Persons Processing Inventory Diff. C T043I 
473 V_T043K Control Of Payment Notices To Customers/Vendors C T043K 
474 V_T043S Tolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts in Local Currency C T043S 
475 V_T043T FI Tolerance Groups For Users C T043T 
476 V_T044A Foreign Currency Valuation Methods C T044A 
477 V_T044AB Time-Dependent Attributes C T044AB 
478 V_T044D Acc.Bal.Audit Trail: Extract Workfiles C T044D 
479 V_T044E Hedged Foreign Currency Items C T044E 
480 V_T044G Maintain Accumulated Depreciation Key C T044G 
481 V_T044I FI Valuations: Determine Base Value C T044I 
482 V_T044LA Sorted List of Open Items C T044LH 
483 V_T044L_CRE Sorted List of Open Items Callup Point C T044L 
484 V_T044L_DEB Sorted List of Open Items Callup Point C T044L 
485 V_T045B Expense/Bank Accounts and Tax Codes for Bill Presentation C T045B 
486 V_T045D Available amount for bill of exchange presentation C T045D 
487 V_T045DTA File Check Table for Bill of Exchange Presentation C T045DTA 
488 V_T045E Presentation to Bank C T045E 
489 V_T045F Bank Allocation for Bill of Exchange Presentation C T045F 
490 V_T045G Charges for bill of exchange presentation (bank fees) C T045G 
491 V_T045L Charges for Bill Presentation (Country-Dependent) C T045L 
492 V_T045P Bill of Exchange Portfolios C T045P 
493 V_T045T User IDs for Bank Transactions C T045T 
494 V_T045W Bill Of Exchange Usage Bank SubAccounts C T045W 
495 V_T046 Bill of Exchange Tax C T046 
496 V_T046A Define Returned Bills of Exchange Account C T046A 
497 V_T046S Decline Reason Codes for Returned Bills of Exchange Payable C T046S 
498 V_T047A_MV Dunning procedure C T047A 
499 V_T047D Form selection for legal dunning procedure C T047D 
500 V_T047E Form selection for dunning notices C T047E