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# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T7AR95 Severance pay code: Code and text C T7AR95 
2 V_T7AR97 Assign. sev. pay code to grouping of sev. pay legal norms C T7AR97 
3 V_T7AR98 Grouping employees for sev. pay calculation: Code and text C T7AR98 
4 V_T7ARM10 MS: Courts and offices C T7ARM10 
5 V_T7ARM11 MS: Courts C T7ARM11 
6 V_T7ARM6 My Simplification: Nationality-country code relationship C T7ARM6 
7 V_T7ARM7 MS: Level of training - school type relationship C T7ARM7 
8 V_T7ARM8 MS: Towns C T7ARM8 
9 V_T7ARRC Classes by Contribution reduction area C T7AR73 
10 V_T7BR01 Losing leave entitlement: rules C T7BR01 
11 V_T7BR02 Additional information for absence and quota generation C T7BR02 
12 V_T7BR03 Relate wage types to old results C T7BR03 
13 V_T7BR03_B Relate wage types to old results C T7BR03 
14 V_T7BR04 Definition of circumstances C T7BR04 
15 V_T7BR05 Maintain Circumstances C T7BR04 
16 V_T7BR06 View SIAL parameter for consolidation by group C T7BR06 
17 V_T7BR07 View FCSWI parameter for consolidation by company group C T7BR07 
18 V_T7BR0P Personnel areas assignment to branches/c.sites groups C T7BR0P 
19 V_T7BR1B Union C T7BR1B 
20 V_T7BR4C_B Leave wage types in regular payroll without off-cycle C T7BR4C 
21 V_T7BR4C_O Leave wage types in off-cycle C T7BR4C 
22 V_T7BR4C_R Leave wage types in payroll C T7BR4C 
23 V_T7BR596 Application subgroups C T7BR596 
24 V_T7BR596W Wage types in application subgroups C T7BR596W 
25 V_T7BR81 Reserve area definition C T7BR81 
26 V_T7BR82 Definition of contribution codes C T7BR82 
27 V_T7BR83 Definition of reserve code C T7BR83 
28 V_T7BR84 Wage types for reserves C T7BR84 
29 V_T7BR84_A Wage types for leave reserves C T7BR84 
30 V_T7BR85 Relationship between function and contribution C T7BR85 
31 V_T7BR86 Wage types for leave reserves C T7BR86 
32 V_T7BR90 Rules for calculation of severance pay C T7BR90 
33 V_T7BR91 Percentage of INSS gross salary to consider in payment C T7BR91 
34 V_T7BR92 Combination of Third-party Agreements C T7BR92 
35 V_T7BR93 Branch, Social Information Annual List report C T7BR93 
36 V_T7BR94 Discount percentage on third-party payment C T7BR94 
37 V_T7BR95 Severance pay code: code and text C T7BR95 
38 V_T7BR97 Assignment of sev.pay code to grouping of sev.pay statutes C T7BR97 
39 V_T7BR98 Employee grouping for sev.pay calculation: code and text C T7BR98 
40 V_T7BR9A Discount percentage on third-party payment C T7BR9A 
41 V_T7BRAB Absences additional information C T7BRAB 
42 V_T7BRAB_1 Brazilian absences view for F4 Help H T7BRAB 
43 V_T7BRAB_A Absences additional information (Advances) C T7BRAB 
44 V_T7BRAB_B Additional absence information (FCSWI) C T7BRAB 
45 V_T7BRAB_C Additional absence information (Legal grouping) C T7BRAB 
46 V_T7BRAE Economic activity C T7BRAE 
47 V_T7BRAG Harmful agent exposure codes (FCSWI) C T7BRAG 
48 V_T7BRAI Inflation Adjustment C T7BRAI 
49 V_T7BRAP Branches and/or construction sites grouping C T7BRAP 
50 V_T7BRAS IAI percentage for special retirement C T7BRAS 
51 V_T7BRB1 Branch - general information C T7BRB1 
52 V_T7BRB2 Branch - Social insurance body C T7BRB2 
53 V_T7BRB2_B Branch - SI - Entry for Freight C T7BRB2 
54 V_T7BRB2_CHARGES Branch - social insurance body information C T7BRB2 
55 V_T7BRB3 Branch - SIAL C T7BRB3 
56 V_T7BRB4 Branch - WITD C T7BRB4 
57 V_T7BRB6_A Company/Branch view - HBRFICHA C T7BRB6 
58 V_T7BRB7 SEFIP: revenue Sports Event/ Sponsored Subscription C T7BRB7 
59 V_T7BRB8 SEFIP: other informations per site C T7BRB8 
60 V_T7BRBU School grade C T7BR7B 
61 V_T7BRC0 Construction site code C T7BRC0 
62 V_T7BRC1 Construction site information C T7BRC1 
63 V_T7BRC2 Company - General information C T7BRC2 
64 V_T7BRCB Brazilian Job Occupation Code C T7BRCB 
65 V_T7BRCO1 Field composition of GSW C T7BRCO1 
66 V_T7BRCO2 Collect codes of GSW C T7BRCO2 
67 V_T7BRCO3 Collect codes of GSW due to retroactive accounting reason C T7BRCO3 
68 V_T7BRCO4 Groups for GSW fill in C T7BRCO4 
69 V_T7BRCO5 Compensation balance of GSW C T7BRCO5 
70 V_T7BRCO6 Field values of GSW (FCSWI) C T7BRCO6 
71 V_T7BRCP Wage type assignment for absence double compensation C T7BRCP 
72 V_T7BRCS HBRRAIS salary type view C T503 
73 V_T7BRCT Worker categories (FCSWI) C T7BRCX 
74 V_T7BRD0 View External results transfer from payroll: profit sharing C T7BRD0 
75 V_T7BRDE Dependents eligibility for income tax C T7BRDE 
76 V_T7BRDR WITD withholding code C T7BRDR 
77 V_T7BRE1 Marit.status C T7BRE1 
78 V_T7BREM Employment relationship C T7BRMP 
79 V_T7BRES Education C T7BR7C 
80 V_T7BRFM Movement table of FGTS/HomologNet C T7BRFM 
82 V_T7BRG0 Calculation rule characteristics C T7BRG0 
83 V_T7BRG1 Calculation model characteristics C T7BRG1 
84 V_T7BRG2 Calculation model C T7BRG2 
85 V_T7BRG3 Default values C T7BRG3 
86 V_T7BRG4 Calculation unit for alimony C T7BRG4 
87 V_T7BRIS Table that contains percentages for SIB calculation C T7BRIS 
88 V_T7BRNA HBRRAIS nationality information view C T005 
89 V_T7BRNJ Legal nature of establishment C T7BRNJ 
90 V_T7BRPM0 Penalty and interest percentages C T7BRPM0 
91 V_T7BRPP Planned period wage types C T7BRPP 
92 V_T7BRPZ Planned period wage types C T7BRPZ 
93 V_T7BRQC Compensation Quota Type C T556U 
94 V_T7BRQT Absence quota type C T7BRQT 
95 V_T7BRQT_1 Brazilian quotas view for F4 Help H T7BRQT 
96 V_T7BRQT_A Time interval/unit for double payment C T7BRQT 
97 V_T7BRRA SIAL movement codes C T7BRRA 
98 V_T7BRS1 Eligible subtypes for child allowance C T7BRS1 
99 V_T7BRSA Withdrawal movement codes C T7BRSA 
100 V_T7BRSB Exclusion of movement codes for withdrawal C T7BRSB 
101 V_T7BRSS SIB table that relates value type to wage types C T7BRSS 
102 V_T7BRT0 Employee personnel action list C T7BRT0 
103 V_T7BRT0_RES Termination view C T7BRT0 
104 V_T7BRT2 Transportation type C T7BRT2 
105 V_T7BRTA Union dues C T7BRTA 
106 V_T7BRTH Third-party code C T7BRTH 
107 V_T7BRTM Punch clock codes C T7BRTM 
108 V_T7BRTR Transportation ticket C T7BRTR 
109 V_T7BRWT Assignment of wage types for absence in double C T7BRWT 
110 V_T7BRX0 Correction and interest on labor debits C T7BRX0 
111 V_T7BRX1 Labor debit and retrocalculation type C T7BRX1 
112 V_T7CCE_CUM_RT_P Specify Cumulation From PersAssign in Person Wage Type C T7CCE_CUM_RT_PER 
113 V_T7CCE_DIST_BAS Definition of the Distribution Basis C T7CCE_DIST_BASIS 
114 V_T7CCE_DIST_DIA Distribution definition with distribution application C T7CCE_DIST_DIST 
115 V_T7CCE_DIST_DIS Distribution definition C T7CCE_DIST_DIST 
116 V_T7CCE_DIST_RUL Definition of distribution rule C T7CCE_DIST_RULE 
117 V_T7CCE_GPASG Assignment of Grouping Rule to Grouping Reason C T7CCE_GPASG 
118 V_T7CCE_GPASGCM Change Country-Specific Assignm. of Grp. Rule to Grp. Reason C T7CCE_GPASGCM 
119 V_T7CCE_GPASGM Assignment of Grouping Rule to Grouping Reason C T7CCE_GPASGM 
120 V_T7CCE_GPASGSM Check Country-Specific Assignm. of Grp. Rule to Grp. Reason C T7CCE_GPASGSM 
121 V_T7CCE_PERS_WGT Determine Person Wage Types C T7CCE_PERS_WGTYP 
122 V_T7CN15 Social insurance authority institution information C T7CN15 
123 V_T7CN15X Social insurance authority institution information C T7CN15 
124 V_T7CN16 Public Housing Fund Authority Institution Information C T7CN16 
125 V_T7CN16X Public Housing Fund Authority Institution Information C T7CN16 
126 V_T7CN17 Minimum Salary C T7CN17 
127 V_T7CN28 Service Fee to Holding Location C T7CN28 
128 V_T7CN28X Service Fee to Holding Location C T7CN28 
129 V_T7CN29 Social insurance's payment idicator C T7CN29 
130 V_T7CN34 maintain view for calculation rule C T7CN34 
131 V_T7CN36 Tax grouping for company C T7CN36 
132 V_T7CN37 View for china country code C T7CN37 
133 V_T7CN39 Assign Income Category to Tax Group C T7CN39 
134 V_T7CN43 Certificate application status maintenance view C T7CN43 
135 V_T7CN63 Going abroad category maintenance view C T7CN63 
136 V_T7CN64 Expense provider category maintenance view C T7CN64 
137 V_T7CN71 Maintain GB code for Chinese region C T005S 
138 V_T7CN82 Define Relevant Absence Types C T7CN82 
139 V_T7CNDC Disability Classification C T7CNDC 
140 V_T7CNDE Employee Grouping of Disability C T7CNDE 
141 V_T7CNDG Disability Grade C T7CNDG 
142 V_T7CNDX Tax Policy for Disability Employee Groups C T7CNDX 
143 V_T7CNRA Assign Tax Calculation Rule to Income Category C T7CNRA 
144 V_T7CNRX Configure Tax Calculation Rule C T7CNRX 
145 V_T7CNTC Tax Calculation Rule C T7CNTC 
146 V_T7CNTX Tax Rate or Amount Paid by Employer C T7CNTX 
147 V_T7DEPBS25TR Reason for Time Specification Type C T525TR 
148 V_T7DEPBSNV01 Calculation Types Retroactive Pension Insurance C T7DEPBSNV01 
149 V_T7DEPBSNV02 Calculation Reasons for Retroactive Pension Insurance C T7DEPBSNV02 
150 V_T7DEPBSNV03 Employment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance C T7DEPBSNV03 
151 V_T7DEPBSNV04 Deferment Reasons Retroactive Pension Insurance C T7DEPBSNV04 
152 V_T7DEPBSNV05 Suspension Types: Entitlement Periods - Retroact. Pens. Ins. C T7DEPBSNV05 
153 V_T7DEPBSNV06 Deferment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance C T7DEPBSNV06 
154 V_T7DEPBSNV07 Booking of Retroactive Pension Insurance Results C T7DEPBSNV07 
155 V_T7DEPBSNV08 Control of Program for Paying/Posting/Printing RPI C T7DEPBSNV08 
156 V_T7DEPBSNV0A Assignment of Calculation Types to Process Scenarios C T7DEPBSNV0A 
157 V_T7DEPBSNV0B Assignment of Calculation Reasons to Calculation Types C T7DEPBSNV0B 
158 V_T7DEPBSNV0C Assignment Class for Generation Infotype 0883 C T7DEPBSNV0C 
159 V_T7DEPBSNV0D Assignment of Absence Types to Suspension Types C T7DEPBSNV0D 
160 V_T7DEPBSVAVG01 Current Pension Value C T7DEPBSVAVG01 
161 V_T7DEPBSVAVG02 Conversion Factor Pension C T7DEPBSVAVG02 
162 V_T7DEPBSVAVG03 Annual Maximum Remuneration Point Values C T7DEPBSVAVG03 
163 V_T7DEPBSVAVG04 Average Remuneration C T7DEPBSVAVG04 
164 V_T7DEPBSVAVG05 Legal Basis for Reimbursements C T7DEPBSVAVG05 
165 V_T7DEPBSVAVG06 Overriding of Values from Table T5D80 C T7DEPBSVAVG06 
166 V_T7DEPBSVAVGAGA Grouping of Calculation Rules for Age Limit C T7DEPBSVAVGAGA 
167 V_T7DEPBSVAVGAGR Retirement Age Limit Calculation Rule C T7DEPBSVAVGAGR 
168 V_T7DEPBSVLT01 Calculation Types for Severance Pay for Change of Employer C T7DEPBSVLT01 
169 V_T7DEPBSVLT02 Calculation Reasons for Severance Pay (Change of Employer) C T7DEPBSVLT02 
170 V_T7DEPBSVLT03 Control of Payment/Posting/Print for VersStaatsV C T7DEPBSVLT03 
171 V_T7DEPBSVLT04 Posting of Severance Payments for VersStaatsV C T7DEPBSVLT04 
172 V_T7DEPBSVLT0A Assignment of Calculation Reasons to Calculation Types C T7DEPBSVLT0A 
173 V_T7DEPBSVLT0B Assign Accounting Offices to Public Sector Employer C T7DEPBSVLT0B 
174 V_T7DEPBSXXAWE01 Empfängerarten Personalteilvorgang Abweichende Empfänger C T7DEPBSXXAWE01 
175 V_T7DEPBSXXAWE0A Zuordnung Empfängerarten je Personalvorgang C T7DEPBSXXAWE0A 
176 V_T7DEPBSXXZUS1A Gruppierungen für Textbausteine für PTV zusätzliche Daten C T7DEPBSXXZUS1A 
177 V_T7DEPBSXXZUS2A Zuordnung der Textbausteine von zus.Daten in Gruppen C T7DEPBSXXZUS2A 
178 V_T7DEPBSXXZUS3A Zuordnung von Textbausteingruppen zu Vorgangsart und Vorgang C T7DEPBSXXZUS3A 
179 V_T7F99TQ Termination: Time quota settlement types C T7F99TQ 
180 V_T7FI01 Tax offices (Finland) C T7FI01 
181 V_T7FI02 Pension insurance contract (Finland) C T7FI02 
182 V_T7FI07 Help for accident insurance contract (Finland) H T7FI07 
183 V_T7FI09 Type of establishment (Finland) C T7FI09 
184 V_T7FI0P Additional information for personnel area/subarea (Finland) C T001P 
185 V_T7FI11 Place of business related info (Finland) C T7FI11 
186 V_T7FI12 Time Dependant information at Personnel area/sub area level C T7FI12 
187 V_T7FI13 Maintain the fields for Statistics file C T7FI13 
188 V_T7FI15 Maintain Statistical branch C T7FI15 
189 V_T7FI17 Maintain the Statistics file format for different industries C T7FI17 
190 V_T7FI1P Time-dependent information for personnel area/subarea (FI) C T7FI1P 
191 V_T7FI1P_2003 Time-dependent information for personnel area/subarea (FI) C T7FI1P 
192 V_T7FI43B Statistical Exceptions (Finland) C T7FI43B 
193 V_T7FI43F Assign IT0033 4-char. exceptions to 10-digit POB IDs (FI) C T7FI43F 
194 V_T7FI503 Finnish vacation factor groups C T7FI503 
195 V_T7FI510 TVR Relevant Payscale group/level C T510 
196 V_T7FI549Q Payroll Periods with additional attributes C T549Q 
197 V_T7FI549Q_A Payroll Periods with Additional Annual Attributes C T549Q 
198 V_T7FI549Q_Q Payroll Periods with Additional Quarterly Attributes C T549Q 
199 V_T7FIA Maintain the Statistics file format for blue collar EE C T7FIA 
200 V_T7FIA0 Record Identifiers (ATS) C T7FIA0 
201 V_T7FIA1 Tax Codes (ATS Data Collector) C T7FIA1 
202 V_T7FIA2TC Tax Code Assignment to Record Identifier (ATS) C T7FIA2 
203 V_T7FIA3 Assign Structure Fields to Tax Codes (ATS Data Presentation) C T7FIA3 
204 V_T7FIA4 Wage Type Assignment to Tax Codes (ATS Data Collector) C T7FIA4 
205 V_T7FIA5 Categories (ATS) C T7FIA5 
206 V_T7FIA6 Payer ID Assignment to Contact Persons (ATS) C T7FIA6 
207 V_T7FIAG Absence Grouping Finland C T7FIAG 
208 V_T7FIAG_MULTI Absence Grouping Finland (multiple) C T7FIAG_MULTI 
209 V_T7FIAWT1 Mapping of subgrp to maingrp annual working time C T7FIAWT1 
210 V_T7FIAWT2 Mapping of time wage types to subgroups C T7FIAWT2 
211 V_T7FIAWTM Maingroups for annual working time reporting C T7FIAWTM 
212 V_T7FIB Maintain the fields for Statisitcs file for Blue Collar EE C T7FIB 
213 V_T7FIB0 Wage Type Assignment to Payment Type (ATS) C T7FIB0 
214 V_T7FIB1 Default Tax Card Type Assignment to Payment Type (ATS) C T7FIB1 
215 V_T7FIB2 Payment Types (ATS) C T7FIB2 
216 V_T7FIB3 Payment Type Cumulation (ATS) C T7FIB2 
217 V_T7FIC0 Age groups for company car (Finland) C T7FIC0 
218 V_T7FID0 TE Wage Type Assignment to Tax Keys (ATS) C T7FID0 
219 V_T7FID1 TE Tax keys (ATS) C T7FID1 
220 V_T7FIE0 Customer ID's for eLetters C T7FIE0 
221 V_T7FIE2 Fonts for eLetters C T7FIE2 
222 V_T7FIE3 eLetter Template C T7FIE3 
223 V_T7FIE5 eLetter Format C T7FIE5 
224 V_T7FIE7 Images for eLetters C T7FIE7 
225 V_T7FIE9 Images used in a eLetter form C T7FIE9 
226 V_T7FIEA Channel for eLetter Template C T7FIEA 
227 V_T7FIEB Line of channel for eLetter Template C T7FIEB 
228 V_T7FIEC Field definitions for channel for eLetter Template C T7FIEC 
229 V_T7FIETYPE Maintain Employee Type for HPA C T7FIETYPE 
230 V_T7FIHPA1 Holiday Pay Accrual reporting C T7FIHPA1 
231 V_T7FIPF Attributes of reserves posted to Financials (Finland) C T7FIPF 
232 V_T7FIPRT Reserves type (Finland) C T7FIPR 
233 V_T7FISL Maintain Rules for Finnish XNAB adaption C T7FISL 
234 V_T7FIT0 Finnish Trade Unions C T7FIT0 
235 V_T7FITU View of Trade Unions / Locals Finland C T7FITU 
236 V_T7FITUP View of Trade Unions / Locals Assignment to Payees Finland C T7FITUP 
237 V_T7FIU0 Unemployment percentages (Finland) C T7FIU0 
238 V_T7FIV0 Vacation Bonus Handling Types C T7FIV0 
239 V_T7FIV1 Assignment of Vacation Quota Types to Wage Types C T7FIV1 
240 V_T7FIV2 Assignment of Annual Vacation Averages to Wage Types C T7FIV2 
241 V_T7FIV3 Vacation Bonus Handling Types C T7FIV3 
242 V_T7FIVAC Wage types, constants and rules for Vacation statement C T7FIVAC 
243 V_T7FIVF Finnish vacation factor definition C T7FIVF 
244 V_T7FIWT Matrix for free shift calculation in worktime equalisation C T7FIWT 
245 V_T7GP_CC_DATE_R Date Rule for Currency Conversion C T7GP_CC_DATE_R 
246 V_T7GP_CURR_CONV Currency Conversion Rules C T7GP_CURR_CONV 
247 V_T7GP_PERMO_MAP Assign Period Parameters for Global Payroll C T7GP_PERMO_MAP 
248 V_T7GP_WGTYP_MAP Assign Wage Types for Global Payroll C T7GP_WGTYP_MAP 
249 V_T7HK01 Family members' occupations C T7HK01 
250 V_T7HK03 Notice period in time units C T7HK03 
251 V_T7HK04 EOY Payment Control Table C T7HK04 
252 V_T7HK0P Extension of T001P C T7HK0P 
253 V_T7HK1A Nature of Quarter C T7HK1A 
254 V_T7HK1C Tax grouping for report C T7HK1C 
255 V_T7HK1D Tax year control table C T7HK1D 
256 V_T7HK1E IR56 Tax Form Original Sheet Number C T7HK1E 
257 V_T7HK2 Contribution plan C T7HK2 
258 V_T7HK23 Retirement plan status C T7HK23 
259 V_T7HK2B Contribution plan attributes C T7HK2B 
260 V_T7HK2C Contribution plan eligibility rules C T7HK2C 
261 V_T7HK2D Contribution plan transfer rules C T7HK2D 
262 V_T7HK2E Contribution Plan Contribution Rules C T7HK2E 
263 V_T7HK2F Contribution plan special rules C T7HK2F 
264 V_T7HK2G Fund type C T7HK2G 
265 V_T7HK2H Provider Attributes C T7HK2H 
266 V_T7HK2I Contribution plan eligibility grouping C T7HK2I 
267 V_T7HK2J Rule details for each contribution rule grouping C T7HK2J 
268 V_T7HK2K Contribution Rules for Retirement Plans C T7HK2K 
269 V_T7HK2N Sources of pre-prorated calc. base for retirement plan C T7HK2N 
270 V_T7HK2Q Salary Grouping for Retirement plan C T7HK2Q 
271 V_T7HK2R Length of Service Grouping for Retirement plan C T7HK2R 
272 V_T7HK2S Age Grouping for Retirement plan C T7HK2S 
273 V_T7HK2Y Employee Group Criteria ID for Retirement Plan C T7HK2Y 
274 V_T7HK2Z Contribution Rule details for each contribution rule C T7HK2Z 
275 V_T7HK3 Entitlement Plan C T7HK3 
276 V_T7HK3B Entitlement Plan Attributes C T7HK3B 
277 V_T7HK3C Entitlement plan eligibility rules C T7HK3C 
278 V_T7HK3D Entitlement plan transfer rules C T7HK3D 
279 V_T7HK3E Withdrawal type for entitlement plan C T7HK3E 
280 V_T7HK3F Scheme type for entitlement plan C T7HK3F 
281 V_T7HK3G Vesting Schedule and multiplier C T7HK3G 
282 V_T7HK3G_A Vesting Multiplier C T7HK3G 
283 V_T7HK3I Entitlement plan eligibility grouping C T7HK3I 
284 V_T7HK3J Entitlement plan withdrawal attributes C T7HK3J 
285 V_T7HK3K Entitlement output texts C T7HK3K 
286 V_T7HK4A Events & reasons for LSP/Severance payments C T7HK4A 
287 V_T7HK4B Factor & constants for LSP/severance payments C T7HK4B 
288 V_T7HK4C Maximum amounts and reckonable YOS for LSP/severance pay C T7HK4C 
289 V_T7HK4D Proration for long service payment C T7HK4D 
290 V_T7HK5 Appraisal Type C T7HK5 
291 V_T7HK5A Appraisal main criteria C T7HK5A 
292 V_T7HK5C Appraisal detail criteria C T7HK5C 
293 V_T7HK5E Appraisal criteria assignment C T7HK5E 
294 V_T7HK5F Weighting of appraisal types C T7HK5F 
295 V_T7HK5G Weighting of appraisal detail criteria C T7HK5G 
296 V_T7HK5H Weighting of appraiser C T7HK5H 
297 V_T7HK5I Weighting of appraisal main criteria C T7HK5I 
298 V_T7HK5J Conversion of appraisal points to ranking per main criteria C T7HK5J 
299 V_T7HK5K Conversion of appraisal point to ranking per appraiser C T7HK5K 
300 V_T7HK5L Conversion of appraisal point to ranking per appraisal type C T7HK5L 
301 V_T7HK5M Conversion of appraisal point to ranking per detail criteria C T7HK5M 
302 V_T7HK5N Appraisal ranking C T7HK5N 
303 V_T7HK5Q Appraiser C T7HK5Q 
304 V_T7HK5R Appraiser Type C T7HK5R 
305 V_T7ID01 Jamsostek Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea C T7ID01 
306 V_T7ID01_A Jamsostek Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea (one step) C T7ID01 
307 V_T7ID02 Tax Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea C T7ID02 
308 V_T7ID0A Absence Split Assignment C T7ID0A 
309 V_T7ID0I Identity Type C T7ID0I 
310 V_T7ID0K Loan Category based on interest calculation method - ID C T7ID0K 
311 V_T7ID0L Absence Linking Indonesia C T7ID0L 
312 V_T7ID0P HR Organizational Structure (Indonesia) C T001P 
313 V_T7ID11 Indonesia Insurance Schemes and texts C T7ID11 
314 V_T7ID13 Indonesia Insurance Contributions and Limits C T7ID13 
315 V_T7ID15 Entity table for Calculation Rules for Insurances, Indonesia C T7ID15 
316 V_T7ID1A Jamsostek Office - Indonesia C T7ID1A 
317 V_T7ID1M Personnel Subarea grouping for JAMSOSTEK Purposes C T7ID1M 
318 V_T7ID2B Bracket type C T7ID2B 
319 V_T7ID2C Tax Constants (Indonesia) C T7ID2C 
320 V_T7ID2G Tax or Grsup grouping C T7ID2G 
321 V_T7ID2L Indonesia Tax Levels C T7ID2L 
322 V_T7ID2M Personnel Subarea grouping for TAX Purposes C T7ID2M 
323 V_T7ID2R Tax Brackets C T7ID2R 
324 V_T7ID2T Indonesia Tax Constants and Levels C T7ID2T 
325 V_T7IDRC Definition of Region Codes C T7IDRC 
326 V_T7IDRM Linking of Region Codes with Tax modifiers C T7IDRM 
327 V_T7IDRW Region Codes and their minimum wages C T7IDRW 
328 V_T7IE2 Irish Tax Table C T7IE2 
329 V_T7IE3 PRSI C T7IE3 
330 V_T7IE4 Emergenxy Tax Table C T7IE4 
331 V_T7IEA Irish PRSI Calculation and Absence Valuation C T7IEA 
332 V_T7IEP Ireland Pensions C T7IEP 
333 V_T7IEPS_ALL All Contants & Texts (as required) C T7IEPS_ALL 
334 V_T7INA1 Pay scale grouping for allowances C T7INA1 
335 V_T7INA3 Associating pay parameters to pay scale grouping C T7INA3 
336 V_T7INA5 Wage type model for pay scale grouping for allowances C T7INA5 
337 V_T7INA7 Reimbursements Allowances and Perks - base slabs C T7INA7 
338 V_T7INA9 Reimbursement allowances perks - eligibility and calculation C T7INA9 
339 V_T7INAA Salary year for pay scale grouping for allowances C T7INAA 
340 V_T7INAPRGP_REIM IPS-Claims:Map Reimbursement Type to approver Group C T7INAPRGRP_REIMB 
341 V_T7INAPRLVL_GRN View to maintain Granted Amount indicator for each approver C T7INAPRLVL_GRNT 
342 V_T7INAPRLVL_LN View to map loan type to approvers C T7INAPRLVL_LOAN 
343 V_T7INAPRR_LVL View for maintaining Approval Levels C T7INAPRR_LVL 
344 V_T7INAPRVR_GRP IPS-Claims: Maintain Approver Groups & substitutes C T7INAPRVR_GRP 
345 V_T7INAPRVR_PREV IPS-Claims: Approver privileges C T7INAPRVR_PREVL 
346 V_T7INB1 Basic Wages C T7INB1 
347 V_T7INB3 Basic codes C T7INB3 
348 V_T7INB4 Basic Codes C T7INB3 
349 V_T7INB5 Basic Codes for Allowance Groups C T7INB5 
350 V_T7INB7 Basic slabs C T7INB7 
351 V_T7INB8 Appraisal Criteria C T7INB8 
352 V_T7INB9 Increment criteria C T7INB9 
353 V_T7INC1 Car types master C T7INC1 
354 V_T7INC3 Type and age eligibility for car schemes(COCS/OYCS) C T7INC3 
355 V_T7INC5 Perk valuation for cars C T7INC5 
356 V_T7INC7 Amount and number eligibility for car schemes(COCS/OYCS) C T7INC7 
357 V_T7INC9 Conveyance allowance eligibilty C T7INC9 
358 V_T7INCA Codes for Conveyance types C T7INCA 
359 V_T7INCTRY_FM View to define FM names based on country grouping C T7INCTRY_FM 
360 V_T7IND1 Dearness allowance consumer price index master C T7IND1 
361 V_T7IND3 Dearness allowance consumer price index value C T7IND3 
362 V_T7IND5 Dearness allowance basic slab details C T7IND5 
363 V_T7IND7 Dearness allowance calculation rules C T7IND7 
364 V_T7IND9 Dearness allowance consumer price index slabs C T7IND9 
365 V_T7INDA_DISACT Type of Disciplinary Action C T7INDA_DISACT 
366 V_T7INDA_OFFCOD To Store Offence code and their details C T7INDA_OFFCODO 
367 V_T7INDA_OFFGRP To Define Offence code groups C T7INDA_OFFGRP 
368 V_T7INDA_OUTC Maintain Outcome Codes C T7INDA_OUTCOMC 
369 V_T7INDA_OUTG Maintain Outcome Code Grouping C T7INDA_OUTCOMEG 
370 V_T7INDA_REPCOM Maintain classification of Representation Commitee C T7INDA_REPCOMO 
371 V_T7INDA_SOURCE Maintain Source of Offence Details C T7INDA_SOURCE 
372 V_T7INDA_STATUS Maintain Statuses of the DA Proceeding C T7INDA_STATUS 
373 V_T7INDA_TYLET Maintain Possible Correspondance in DA C T7INDA_TYLET 
374 V_T7INDERSV_RSN View for maintaining De-reservation reasons C T7INDERSV_RSN 
375 V_T7INE1 Personnel area / subarea grouping for employees' state ins. C T7INE1 
376 V_T7INE3 Employees' state insurance contribution rates C T7INE3 
377 V_T7INEM_DSABLTY View for maintaining Employee Disability C T7INEM_DSABLTY 
378 V_T7INETH_CATGRY View for maintaining categories per Ethnic Origin C T7INETH_CATGRY 
379 V_T7INETH_CTGRY View for maintaining categories per Ethnic Origin C T7INETH_CTGRY 
380 V_T7INEX_SRVCMAN View for maintaining Ex-Serviceman attribute C T7INEX_SRVCMAN 
381 V_T7INF1 Trust Master C T7INF1 
382 V_T7INF3 Statutory rates for Provident fund C T7INF3 
383 V_T7INF5 Company rates for Provident Fund C T7INF5 
384 V_T7INF7 Trust details C T7INF7 
385 V_T7INFLD_OUTLK IPS-Claims:Screen Field Outlook for Claims & Advance C T7INFLD_OUTLK 
386 V_T7INFORM_SUBTY View to map adobe form per subtype of infotype 0906 C T7INFORM_SUBTY 
387 V_T7ING1 Gratuity Details Maintenance C T7ING1 
388 V_T7ING3 Gratuity ID Maintenance C T7ING3 
389 V_T7ING5 Gratuity ID and Related Wage Types C T7ING5 
390 V_T7INGROUP View for maintaining Groups of Posts for Rosters C T7INGROUP 
391 V_T7INI0 Investment category limits C T7INI0 
392 V_T7INI2 Investment technical description and text C T7INI2 
393 V_T7INI4 Investment details C T7INI4 
394 V_T7INI5 Sub section description C T7INI5 
395 V_T7INI7 Sub section limit C T7INI7 
396 V_T7INI8 Sub division description C T7INI8 
397 V_T7INI9 Sub division details C T7INI9 
398 V_T7INIA Deduction wage type for Sec 88 C T7INIA 
399 V_T7INIC Deduction wage type for Sec 80 C T7INIC 
400 V_T7INJ1 Section 24 Deduction Details Maintenance C T7INJ1 
401 V_T7INJ3 HR-IN: Loans Eligibility checks and limits C T7INJ3 
402 V_T7INJ5 HR-IN: Loans Dusbursement Schedule C T7INJ5 
403 V_T7INJ6 HR-IN : Loan Tranche Disbursement: Text for Events Code C T7INJ6 
404 V_T7INL1 Leave validation for LTA C T7INL1 
405 V_T7INLEM_WT_MAP Maint. view to map leave enca. meth. and WT of 267 infotype C T7INLEMET_WT_MAP 
406 V_T7INLN_PY_TY Maintain Payment Types for ESS C T7INLOAN_REPY_TY 
407 V_T7INLN_REPY_TY Maintain Payment Types for ESS C T7INLOAN_REPY_TY 
408 V_T7INLN_TYP Maintain Loan Types and Corresponding Conditions for ESS C T7INLOAN_TYPE 
409 V_T7INLOAN_SBTMD IPS-Claims: Map Loan payment subtye - Advaance/Claim payment C T7INLOAN_SBT_MD 
410 V_T7INLOAN_TYP Maintain Loan Types and Corresponding Conditions for ESS C T7INLOAN_TYPE 
411 V_T7INLOAN_WF View to define WF template ID based on molga and loan type C T7INLOAN_WF 
412 V_T7INMAP_PA Map Roster Action Types to Customer Specific Action Types C T7INMAP_PA 
413 V_T7INMAP_PA_CL Map Corr.Letter Action Types to Customer Sp. Action Types C T7INMAP_PA_CL 
414 V_T7INMDLROS_DET View for maintaining Model Roster Details C T7INMDLROS_DET 
415 V_T7INMDLROS_TD Time dependent view for Model Roster C T7INMDL_RSTR 
416 V_T7INO1 One day salary deduction C T7INO1 
417 V_T7INOFFCYCL_DT IPS: Maintain Offcycle payment date for Reimbursement type C T7INOFFCYCL_DT 
418 V_T7INP1 Professional tax grouping details C T7INP1 
419 V_T7INP3 Method and form layout for states C T7INP3 
420 V_T7INP4 Professional tax slab amounts C T7INP4 
421 V_T7INR1 Housing code for taxation C T7INR1 
422 V_T7INR3 Percentage/amount for housing related constant C T7INR3 
423 V_T7INR5 Housing related statutory constants for taxation C T7INR5 
424 V_T7INR7 Codes for Housing Types C T7INR7 
425 V_T7INR9 City category for housing type C T7INR9 
426 V_T7INRCTPRM_TYP View for maintaining Recruitment/Promotion types C T7INRCTPRM_TYP 
427 V_T7INREIMB_ADP IPS-Claims: Map Reimbursement Type to Additional Pay subtype C T7INREIMB_ADDPY 
428 V_T7INREIMB_TYP IPS Claims:Characterstics of Reimbursement Types C T7INREIMB_TYP 
429 V_T7INREIMTY_GRP IPS-Claims: Group Reimbursement type as single work item C T7INREIMBTYP_GRP 
430 V_T7INREIM_TMFRM IPS-Claims: Time Frame - club Reimbursement type- Single WI C T7INREIMB_TMFRM 
431 V_T7INREM_ADOFPY IPS-Claims:Map Reimbursement type to Addtnl Offcycle Pay sub C T7INREIM_ADOFPY 
432 V_T7INRG View for India Region Codes C T7INRG 
433 V_T7INRIMB_LNSTP IPS-Claims:Map Loan subtype to Reimbursement Type C T7INREIMB_LNSTYP 
434 V_T7INRIMB_PMODE IPS-Claims: Payment mode of Reimbursement Type C T7INRIMB_PMODE 
435 V_T7INRIM_EXMSTY IPS Claims: Map Reimbursement type to Exemption subtype C T7INRIMB_EXMSTY 
436 V_T7INRSTR_CTGRY View for maintaining Reservation Categories in a Roster C T7INRSTR_CTGRY 
437 V_T7INRSTR_GRP View for maintaining Groups applicable to a Roster C T7INRSTR_GRP 
438 V_T7INRSTR_PT View for maintaining Roster Point category C T7INRSTR_PT 
439 V_T7INRSTR_REG View for maintaining Regions applicable to a Roster C T7INRSTR_REG 
440 V_T7INRSTR_REM View for maintaining Remarks for Roster Points C T7INRSTR_REM 
441 V_T7INRSTR_SPL Replacement Matrix for Mini / L-Shaped Roster C T7INRSTR_SPL 
442 V_T7INRSV_CTGRY View for maintaining Reservation Categories C T7INRSV_CTGRY 
443 V_T7INRSV_TYPE View for maintaining reservation types C T7INRSV_TYPE 
444 V_T7INS1 Superannuation Details Maintenance C T7INS1 
445 V_T7INS3 Superannuation ID C T7INS3 
446 V_T7INS5 Superannuation-Wagetype Details C T7INS5 
447 V_T7INT1 Slab codes for taxation C T7INT1 
448 V_T7INT3 Taxation slabs C T7INT3 
449 V_T7INT5 Personnel subarea grouping for Tax C T7INT5 
450 V_T7INT7 Tax codes for tax exemptions C T7INT7 
451 V_T7INT9 Taxability of wage types C T7INT9 
452 V_T7INU1 State for Universal Grouping C T7INU1 
453 V_T7INU3 Slab Codes for States C T7INU3 
454 V_T7INU5 Contribution Value for Each Slab C T7INU5 
455 V_T7INW1 Personnel area/subarea grouping for LWF C T7INW1 
456 V_T7INW3 Labour welfare fund rates C T7INW3 
457 V_T7INWTY_BASICP Maintainance view for Basic Pay wage types C T7INWTY_BASICPAY 
458 V_T7INY1 Recovery of rounding off amounts C T7INY1 
459 V_T7INZ1 Factor for retiral benefits C T7INZ1 
460 V_T7INZ3 Period of notice codes C T547T 
461 V_T7INZ3_OLD Period of notice codes ( Old ) C T7INZ3 
462 V_T7JPEI_PERACTC Define Condition of Permission on Activities Beyond Scope C T7JPEI_PERACTC 
463 V_T7JPEI_PERSTAY Define Period of Stay C T7JPEI_PERSTAY 
464 V_T7JPEI_RESSTA Define Residence Status C T7JPEI_RESSTA 
465 V_T7JPEI_WKRES Define Work Restriction C T7JPEI_WKRES 
466 V_T7JPLA_COVRT Define OT Accu. Target & Time Off Conversion Rate C T7JPLA_COVRT 
467 V_T7JPLA_OTGRP Define Employee Group for Overtime Accounting C T7JPLA_OTGRP 
468 V_T7JPLA_OTLIM Define overtime extension limits C T7JPLA_OTLIM 
469 V_T7JPLA_VADPD Define Leave Quota Validity for Time Off from Overtime C T7JPLA_VADPD 
470 V_T7JPLA_WKHRS Define Hours of Time Off from Overtime C T7JPLA_WKHRS 
471 V_T7JPLA_WTASN Assign Wage Types for Overtime Accumulation C T7JPLA_WTASN 
472 V_T7JPLA_WTGRP Define Wage Type Group C T7JPLA_WTGRP 
473 V_T7JPSI_INR_ASN Assign Health Insurance Insurer to Social Insurance Modifier C T7JPSI_INR_ASN 
474 V_T7JPSK_CCPRL Shukko Cost Charging Prorating Rule C T7JPSK_CCPRL 
475 V_T7JPSK_CCRL Maintenance View for Shukko Cost Charging Rule C T7JPSK_CCRL 
476 V_T7JPSK_CCRL_C Shukko Cost Charging Rule C T7JPSK_CCRL_C 
477 V_T7JPSK_CCWT Shukko Cost Charging Wagetype C T7JPSK_CCWT 
478 V_T7JPSK_CONTT Maintenance View for Shukko Contract Template C T7JPSK_CONTT 
479 V_T7JPSK_CONTTY Maintenance View for Shukko Contract Type C T7JPSK_CONTTY 
480 V_T7JPSK_PARTNER Maintenance View for Shukko Partner C T7JPSK_PARTNER 
481 V_T7JP_CHARRNG Range of characters in a character set C T7JP_CHARRNG 
482 V_T7JP_CHARSET Character set C T7JP_CHARSET 
483 V_T7KR0P HR Personnel Area/Subarea KR : Business Place & Section Code C T001P 
484 V_T7KR0P_A Pers Area / Subarea KR C T001P 
485 V_T7KR0P_B Assignment of SI Institution to Personnel Subareas V V_T7KR0P_A 
486 V_T7KR0P_E Korea Personnel Subarea Grouping for Social Insurance C T001P 
487 V_T7KR21 Korea Combination of SI Entitlement Reason & SI Code C T7KR21 
488 V_T7KR21_A Korea Combination of SI Entitlement Reason & SI Code V V_T7KR21 
489 V_T7KR21_B Korea Combination of SI Entitlement Reason & SI Code V V_T7KR21 
490 V_T7KR21_C Korea Combination of SI Entitlement Reason & SI Code V V_T7KR21 
491 V_T7KR23 Korea Social Insurance(SI) Code given from SI Authorities C T7KR23 
492 V_T7KR23_A HR SI code given from SI authorities KR V V_T7KR23 
493 V_T7KR25 Korea Social Insurance(SI) Entitlement Reason C T7KR25 
494 V_T7KR27 Version number C T7KR27 
495 V_T7KR28 Validity period for version of SI grade table C T7KR28 
496 V_T7KR29 SI monthly standard compensation amounts C T7KR29 
497 V_T7KR31 Allowance cumulation according to Medical Insurance assoc. C T7KR31 
498 V_T7KR32 SI standardized compensation C T7KR32 
499 V_T7KR33 Korea Social Insurance Premium Types Definition C T7KR33 
500 V_T7KR34 Korea Non-taxable/Exempted Allowance Definition C T7KR34