View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T047I Standard Texts for Dunning Notices and Interest Calculations C T047I 
2 V_T047M Dunning Areas C T047M 
3 V_T047R Dunning Grouping C T047R 
4 V_T048 Correspondence Types C T048 
5 V_T048A Company Code Details C T048A 
6 V_T048B Allocate Program for Automatic Correspondence C T048B 
7 V_T048I Call Options of Correspondence Types C T048I 
8 V_T048K Periodic Account Statements Indicator C T048K 
9 V_T048V Correspondence Procedures C T048V 
10 V_T048X Payment mediums: Function modules C T048X 
11 V_T048Y Company Code Data for Payment Medium C T048Y 
12 V_T049A Posting Data For Autocash With Lockbox C T049A 
13 V_T049E Control Data For ISR Procedure C T049E 
14 V_T049F Cashed Checks Control C T049F 
15 V_T049L Lockboxes For Our House Banks C T049L 
16 V_T050T General Texts C T050T 
17 V_T052 Terms of Payment C T052 
18 V_T052A Known/Negotiated Leave C T052A 
19 V_T052R Known/Negotiated Leave: Rules For Issuing Invoices C T052R 
20 V_T052S Terms of Payment for Holdback/Retainage C T052S 
21 V_T052_V Terms of Payment C T052 
22 V_T053 Line Item Text Templates C T053 
23 V_T053A Selection Rules for Payment Advices C T053A 
24 V_T053C Selection Sequence for Payment Advices C T053C 
25 V_T053D Reason Codes for Clearing According to Pmt Adv C T053D 
26 V_T053E Reason Code Conversion C T053E 
27 V_T053G Payment Advice Types C T053G 
28 V_T053R Classification of Payment Differences C T053R 
29 V_T053V Reason Code Conversion Version C T053V 
30 V_T054 Recurring Entries: Run Schedules C T054 
31 V_T054A Recurring entries: Run Dates C T054A 
32 V_T055 Customer field group fields C T055 
33 V_T055F Sensitive Fields C T055F 
34 V_T055G Customer Field Groups C T055G 
35 V_T056 Interest Settlement (Calculation Type) C T056 
36 V_T056A Interest Function Table C T056A 
37 V_T056A2 Time-Dependent Interest Terms C T056A 
38 V_T056B Function Module for Determining Interest Rate C T056B 
39 V_T056C Enter Fixed Amounts for Interest Calculation C T056C 
40 V_T056D Forms For Interest Calculation C T056D 
41 V_T056F Interest References C T056F 
42 V_T056G Interest Calculation Rules C T056G 
43 V_T056I Time-Based Terms for Interest Calculation Rules C T056I 
44 V_T056J Interest Terms - Initial Screen C T056J 
45 V_T056P Reference Interest Rate Values C T056P 
46 V_T056P_IM Maintain reference interest rates C T056P 
47 V_T056R Define Reference Interest Rate C T056R 
48 V_T056R_IM Create reference interest rate C T056R 
49 V_T056S General Conditions for Interest Scale C T056S 
50 V_T056S_PS General Conditions for Interest Scale C T056S 
51 V_T056U Interest Terms C T056U 
52 V_T056UX Prepare Item Interest Calculation C T056U 
53 V_T056Y Assign New Interest Ind.to Special G/L Trans. C T056Y 
54 V_T056Z Interest Rates C T056Z 
55 V_T056_1 Int.settmt (interest calc.type) C T056 
56 V_T057 Berlin subsidy C T057 
57 V_T058A Stamp Tax (Japan) C T058A 
58 V_T058B Receipt Lot C T058B 
59 V_T058B_PH Receipt Lot by Business Place (PH) C T058B 
60 V_T059A Type of Recipient For Vendors C T059A 
61 V_T059C Vendor types of recipient for withholding tax type C T059C 
62 V_T059E Income Types C T059E 
63 V_T059F Formulas for Calculating Withholding Tax C T059F 
64 V_T059FB Formulae for calculating withholding tax (new functions) C T059FB 
65 V_T059FBH Header (Formulae for withholding tax calculation) C T059FBH 
66 V_T059ID01 Define Output Groups C T059ID01 
67 V_T059KN Withholding tax type and transaction key for net amount C T059K 
68 V_T059KT Withholding tax type and transaction key for tax amount C T059K 
69 V_T059L Minimum Amounts For 1099 Reporting C T059L 
70 V_T059M Minority Indicators C T059M 
71 V_T059MCR Minimum amounts for w/tax reporting per withholding tax code C T059MINMAX 
72 V_T059MTR Minimum amounts per w/tax type for reporting withholding tax C T059MINMAX 
73 V_T059M_C Minimum/maximum amounts per withholding tax code C T059MINMAX 
74 V_T059M_T Minimum/maximum amounts per withholding tax type C T059MINMAX 
75 V_T059O Official withholding tax key - Descriptions C T059O 
76 V_T059P Quellensteuertypen C T059P 
77 V_T059PCURR Alternative Exch.Rate Type for Withholding Tax Calculation C T059P 
78 V_T059PI Define withholding tax type: Posting at time of invoice C T059P 
79 V_T059PK Withholding tax types: Condition type C T059P 
80 V_T059PP Withholding tax type definition - posting at time of payment C T059P 
81 V_T059PR Maintain Dependencies of Withholding Tax Types C T059P 
82 V_T059PS Formulae for withholding tax certificates C T059P 
83 V_T059P_BRASIL Withholding Tax with Conditions C T059P 
84 V_T059Q Withholding Tax C T059Q 
85 V_T059R Recipient Code C T059R 
86 V_T059REXT Recipient code C T059REXT 
87 V_T059V Withholding tax type: Reasons for exemption C T059V 
88 V_T059Z Withholding tax code C T059Z 
89 V_T059ZZINS Withholding tax code for interest calculation C T059ZZINS 
90 V_T059Z_AR Maintain Withholding Tax Keys for Argentina C T059Z 
91 V_T059Z_CO Assign Withholding Tax Key to Withholding Tax Code C T059Z 
92 V_T059Z_WITHCD2 Define Withholding Tax Keys C T059Z_WITHCD2 
93 V_T060 Rules for A/R and A/P Information System C T060 
94 V_T060A Evaluation Types for A/R and A/P Info System C T060A 
95 V_T060K FI constants C T060K 
96 V_T060M FI constant values C T060M 
97 V_T060O Evaluation Views for A/R and A/P Info System C T060O 
98 V_T068 Customizing Rate Types C T068A 
99 V_T068A Treasury: Rate Types C T068A 
100 V_T070 Document Archiving: Document Life C T070 
101 V_T071 Document Archiving: Account Life C T071 
102 V_T074A Special G/L Transaction Types C T074A 
103 V_T074U_FDM_REL Activate Process Integration of Documents with Spec. G/L Ind C FDM_AR_UMSKZ 
104 V_T076A Assign Payment Advice Notes to Posting Rules C T076A 
105 V_T076B EDI: Assign Name in the Invoice <-> Company Code C T076B 
106 V_T076E FI-EDI: Assignment Pymt Method - External Pymt Method (Bank) C T076E 
107 V_T076I FI-EDI: G/L Accounts C T076I 
108 V_T076K FI-EDI: Additional Account Assignments C T076K 
109 V_T076S EDI-INVOIC: Program Parameters C T076S 
110 V_T077D Customer Account Groups C T077D 
111 V_T077DF Posting for Customer Groups to FI-CA C T077DF 
112 V_T077D_NA Customer Account Groups: Output Determination C T077D 
113 V_T077D_V Customer Account Groups C T077D 
114 V_T077K Vendor Account Groups C T077K 
115 V_T077K_M Vendor Account Groups C T077K 
116 V_T077K_MP Assignment of Partner Schemas to Account Groups C T077K 
117 V_T077K_P Assignment of Partner Schemas to Account Groups C T077K 
118 V_T077K_W Default values for account group for customer creation C T077K 
119 V_T077S G/L Account Groups C T077S 
120 V_T077S_B G/L Account Record: Assign Layout for Individual Processing C T077S 
121 V_T078D Customer Activity-Dependent Field Selection C T078D 
122 V_T078D_VW Transaction-Dependent Field Selection C T078D 
123 V_T078K Transaction-Dependent Field Selection (Vendor) C T078K 
124 V_T078K_M Transaction-Dependent Field Selection (Vendor) C T078K 
125 V_T078S Field Selection by Activity (G/L Accts) C T078S 
126 V_T078W Transaction-Dependent Field Selection C T078W 
127 V_T079D Field Selection per Co. Code (Custs) C T079D 
128 V_T079K Field Selection per Co. Code (Vends) C T079K 
129 V_T079M Vendor Field Selection for Purch. Org. C T079M 
130 V_T079M_M Vendor Field Selection for Purchasing Organization C T079M 
131 V_T079V Customer Field Selection per Sales Org. C T079V 
132 V_T080A Define structure of worklist container C T080A 
133 V_T082A FI-AA: Screen layout C T082A 
134 V_T082AVIEW1_M View Authorization for Asset Master Data Fields (Internal) C T082AVIEW1 
135 V_T082AVIEW_01 Asset Views C T082AVIEW0 
136 V_T082AVIEW_02 Authorization for Asset View (Tab Layout) C T082AVIEW1 
137 V_T082AVIEW_03 Asset Views for Depreciation Areas C T082AVIEWB 
138 V_T082AVIEW_04 Assignment of Transaction Group to Asset View C T082AVIEWTRANSG 
139 V_T082A_01 Asset Accounting: Screen layout for master record C T082A 
140 V_T082A_10 Asset Accounting: Screen Layout for Asset Master Data C T082A 
141 V_T082B "Table T082B/T082T" C T082B 
142 V_T082F View for T082F C T082F 
143 V_T082G_01 FI-AA: Screen layout rule C T082G 
144 V_T082G_10 Field group rules C T082G 
145 V_T082I_01 Specify transfer of fields for asset master data C T082I 
146 V_T082J_01 Specify Field Copying for Field Grps in Cross-Sys. Dep.Areas C T082J 
147 V_T082L View for maintaining log. field groups and validations C T082L 
148 V_T082L_10 Logical Field Groups C T082L 
149 V_T082S View for T082S C T082S 
150 V_T082_01 FI-AA: "Authorization for logical field groups" C T082 
151 V_T083L Leasing Types C T083L 
152 V_T085 Define investment support measures C T085 
153 V_T085P_01 Investment support: Specifications for checks and proposals C T085P 
154 V_T085Z_01 Time-Dependent Data of Investment Support Measure C T085Z 
155 V_T086 Sort Versions for Asset Reporting C T086 
156 V_T086A Call up of reports versions from asset value display C T086A 
157 V_T086N Sort Versions for Asset Reporting C T086 
158 V_T087 Evaluation Groups for Asset Accounting C T087 
159 V_T087G "Evaluation Group 8 places" C T087G 
160 V_T087I Reason for investment C T087I 
161 V_T087K Maintenance view for environmental investments C T087K 
162 V_T087U Asset group number / asset group C T087U 
163 V_T089_01 View for One-Time Revaluation on Key Date C T089 
164 V_T090A_01 Dep. key for time-dep. period control T090A level 3 C T090A 
165 V_T090C Customizing view for maintenance of exactness in rounding C T090C 
166 V_T090I Simulation versions with texts and attributes C T090I 
167 V_T090L_01 Number of units C T090L 
168 V_T090M Maximum base value C T090M 
169 V_T090NA Depreciation Key C T090NA 
170 V_T090NA_01 View for Unit-of-Production Depreciation C T090NAZ 
171 V_T090NA_02 Dep. Key for Time-Dep. Period Control T090A (Level 2) C T090NA 
172 V_T090NA_1 Assignment of Depreciation Keys to Calculation Methods C T090NAZ 
173 V_T090ND Declining-Balance Method C T090ND 
174 V_T090NH_1 Maximum Amount Method C T090NH_METH 
175 V_T090NH_2 Allowed Values for Maximum Amount C T090NH 
176 V_T090NP Period Control Method C T090NP 
177 V_T090NR Base Method C T090NR 
178 V_T090NS Multilevel Method C T090NSG 
179 V_T090NSK Multi-Level Method for Interest C T090NSK 
180 V_T090NS_1 Multi-Level Method C T090NS 
181 V_T090NS_XKALE Multi-Level Method C T090NSG 
182 V_T090R Period Control C T090R 
183 V_T090RZ Period Control for Compound Interest C T090R 
184 V_T090W View for T090w C T090W 
185 V_T090X Substitutions for simulation version C T090X 
186 V_T090X_00 Define simulation versions C T090X 
187 V_T090Y Asset Accounting: Weighting of periods C T090Y 
188 V_T090Z "Maint. of period control" C T090Z 
189 V_T090ZZ Period control maintenance for compound interest calculation C T090Z 
190 V_T091C Translation Methods in Asset Accounting C T091C 
191 V_T091P Cutoff Value Key: Percentages C T091P 
192 V_T091_01 Maintenance of Cutoff Value Key C T091 
193 V_T092 Property classification keys and texts C T092 
194 V_T093A_01 "Actual depreciation areas: area type" C T093A 
195 V_T093A_02 Depreciation area: currency type C T093A 
196 V_T093A_03 Depreciation areas: Rules for value takeover C T093A 
197 V_T093A_04 Depreciation areas: Rules for takeover of deprec. terms C T093A 
198 V_T093A_05 Depreciaton areas: Gross asset transfer (betw. affil. co.) C T093A 
199 V_T093A_06 Depreciation areas: Calculation sequence for depreciation C T093A 
200 V_T093A_QUANTITY Setting Depreciation Area for Quantity Update C T093A 
201 V_T093A_T093_ALL Complete View of Depreciation Area in Chart of Depreciation C T093A 
202 V_T093A_V1 Assign capitalization version to deprec. area C T093A 
203 V_T093BSN_PARVAL Customizing Switch for BF FIN_AA_PARALLEL_VAL C T093_BSN_FUNC 
204 V_T093B_01 Reverse year-end closing for deprec. area C T093B 
205 V_T093B_02 Remove Year-End Closing for Company Code C T093B 
206 V_T093B_03 Assignment of fiscal year versions to areas C T093B 
207 V_T093B_04 FIAA: Change closed fiscal year C T093B 
208 V_T093B_05 FI-AA: Specify the currency of the depreciation area C T093B 
209 V_T093B_06 FI-AA: Determine memo value C T093B 
210 V_T093B_07 FI-AA: Specify changeover amount C T093B 
211 V_T093B_08 FI-AA: Amount for low value assets C T093B 
212 V_T093B_09 FI-AA: Individual weighting of periods (4-4-5 rule) C T093B 
213 V_T093B_10 FI-AA: Allow group assets for depreciation area C T093B 
214 V_T093B_11 FI-AA: Assign versions for balance sheet/P&L to area C T093B 
215 V_T093B_12 FI-AA: Rounding rules for depreciation area C T093B 
216 V_T093B_13 FI-AA: Capitalization of down payments C T093B 
217 V_T093B_KZRBWB Area Posts Net Book Value for Retirement C T093B 
218 V_T093B_RSL Default for Depreciation Key in Depreciation Area C T093B_RSL 
219 V_T093CE Limit transaction types C T093CE 
220 V_T093CK "Specify Retention Period (Archiving)" C T093C 
221 V_T093CT "Maint. of field TTECH in T093C" C T093C 
222 V_T093C_00 Maintain company code in Asset Accounting C T001 
223 V_T093C_01 FI-AA: "Document type for posting depreciation" C T093C 
224 V_T093C_02 FI-AA: Net worth area for company code C T093C 
225 V_T093C_03 FI-AA: "Assignmt. to company code providing number range" C T093C 
226 V_T093C_04 FI-AA: "Posting remaining value" C T093C 
227 V_T093C_05 FI-AA: "Assign input tax indicator" C T093C 
228 V_T093C_06 FI-AA: Fiscal year version for company code C T093C 
229 V_T093C_07 FI-AA: Half-monthly data for company code C T093C 
230 V_T093C_08 FI-AA: Date of Legacy Data Transfer C T093C 
231 V_T093C_09 FI-AA: Set status of the company code C T093C 
232 V_T093C_10 Selection screen for company code C T093C 
233 V_T093C_11 FI-AA: Legacy data transfer, entry of net book value C T093C 
234 V_T093C_12 FI-AA: Legacy data transf., recalculate base insurable value C T093C 
235 V_T093C_13 FI-AA: Settlement profile C T093C 
236 V_T093C_14 Cost center check across company codes C T093C 
237 V_T093C_15 Assign value date variants to company codes C T093C 
238 V_T093C_16 Time-dependent management of organizational units C T093C 
239 V_T093C_17 FI-AA Selection Screen for Company Code with * C T093C 
240 V_T093C_18 Alternative Fiscal Year Variants C T093C 
241 V_T093C_99 FI-AA: Technical Specifications for Company Code C T093C 
242 V_T093C_APER Document Types for Periodic Posting of Asset Values C T093C 
243 V_T093C_KZRBWB FI-AA: Net Book Value Posting C T093C 
244 V_T093C_NOSKONTO Prevent Subsequent Capitalization of Discounts C T093C 
245 V_T093C_REVDMETH Revenue Distribution Method in Company Code C T093C 
246 V_T093C_RSL Default Values for Depreciation Key in Company Code C T093C_RSL 
247 V_T093D_00 Depreciation posting rules C T093D 
248 V_T093D_03 Post special reserves net/gross C T093D 
249 V_T093F View for T093F (NO longer used!) C T093F 
250 V_T093G Define Cross-System Depreciation Areas C T093G 
251 V_T093G_01 Choose Cross-System Depreciation Areas C T093G 
252 V_T093H Assignment to line item schema C T093H 
253 V_T093S Value field text for depreciation areas C T093S 
254 V_T093SB Master Data Substitution (Asset Accounting) C T093SB 
255 V_T093SB_1 Asset Retirement Substitution C T093SB 
256 V_T093SB_2 Substitution in Mass Changes C T093SB 
257 V_T093SB_3 Substitution for transfer of organiz. units C T093SB 
258 V_T093S_01 Value field text for depreciation areas C T093S 
259 V_T093U_01 Transfer of legacy assets data: Date depreciation was posted C T093U 
260 V_T093U_02 Legacy data transfer: entry of foreign currency area C T093U 
261 V_T093U_03 Legacy data transfer: Depreciation area sequence C T093U 
262 V_T093U_04 Legacy data transfer: calculate accumulated depreciation C T093U 
263 V_T093U_05 Legacy data transfer: calculate replacement value C T093U 
264 V_T093V "Validation for Master Data (Asset Accounting)" C T093V 
265 V_T093Y_01 FI-AA: Rules for reduction in shortened fiscal year C T093Y 
266 V_T093_00N Define Depreciation Areas C T093 
267 V_T093_01 Real and derived depreciation areas C T093 
268 V_T093_02 Specify depreciation areas for ordinary depreciation C T093 
269 V_T093_03 Specify depreciation areas for special depreciation C T093 
270 V_T093_04 Asset Accounting: Define if unplanned deprec. pos/neg C T093 
271 V_T093_05 Asset Accounting: Define if transfer of reserves pos/neg C T093 
272 V_T093_06 Asset Accounting: Define management of interest C T093 
273 V_T093_07 Asset Accounting: Management of investment support C T093 
274 V_T093_08 Asset Accounting: Management of replacement values C T093 
275 V_T093_09 Asset Accounting: View authorization C T093 
276 V_T093_11 FI-AA Depreciation Areas w/Acct Assignment Allowed C T093 
277 V_T093_ACCOBJ Account Assignment Elements for Asset Accounting C T093_ACCOBJ 
278 V_T093_ACCOBJ_M Account Assignment Elements for Asset Accounting (Internal) C T093_ACCOBJ 
279 V_T093_BSN_FUNCM Activate Config. Input Screen When Creating Multiple Assets C T093_BSN_FUNC 
280 V_T093_G Assignment of depr. area to cross-system depreciation area C T093 
281 V_T093_JV Maintenance Negative Depreciation Areas C T093 
282 V_T093_MAP_01 FI-AA Mapping: Maintain Control Data V V_T093_MAP_BASIC 
283 V_T093_MAP_02 FI-AA Mapping: Set Control Indicator V V_T093_MAP_BASIC 
284 V_T093_MAP_BASIC Maintain Posting Settings C T093_MAP_ACC 
285 V_T094A Asset Accounting index series C T094A 
286 V_T094B "Definition of Index Series" C T094B 
287 V_T094B_I Def. of Possible Base Years for Index Series with Base Year C T094B 
288 V_T094P "Index Figures" C T094P 
289 V_T094P_B Index Points for Index Series with Base Year C T094P 
290 V_T094P_I Index Points for Index Series Without Base Year C T094P 
291 V_T095A Account Allocation H T095A 
292 V_T095A_01 FI-AA: Account determination C T095A 
293 V_T095B_01 FI-AA: Account control C T095B 
294 V_T095B_02 Maintenance of Accounts for Investment Support C T095B 
295 V_T095B_AAFA Account Assignment for Unplanned Depreciation V V_T095B_MASTER 
296 V_T095B_AUFW FI-AA: Maintenance of Revaluation Accounts V V_T095B_MASTER 
297 V_T095B_MASTER Master View für Deprec. and Inv. Supp. Accounts (T095B) C T095B 
298 V_T095B_NAFA Account Maintenance for Ordinary Depreciation V V_T095B_MASTER 
299 V_T095B_RUECK Account Assignment for Reserves V V_T095B_MASTER 
300 V_T095B_SAFA Account Assignment for Special Depreciation V V_T095B_MASTER 
301 V_T095B_ZINS Account Assignment for Interest V V_T095B_MASTER 
302 V_T095P_01 FI-AA: Account Determination C T095P 
303 V_T095P_MASTER Account Maintenance for Special Items C T095P 
304 V_T095_01 FI-AA: Account allocation C T095 
305 V_T095_02 FI-AA: Account control C T095 
306 V_T095_03 FI-AA: Account control (No longer active!) C T095 
307 V_T095_ACI Technical Clearing Account for Integrated Acquisition C T095_ACI 
308 V_T095_ACI_EX Define Different Technical Clearing Account C T095_ACI 
309 V_T095_ACQ Maintain Aquisition Accounts V V_T095_MASTER 
310 V_T095_AUFW Revaluation V V_T095_MASTER 
311 V_T095_COAB FI-AA Account Control: KTCOAB V V_T095_MASTER 
312 V_T095_KTNAIB FI-AA Account Control: KTNAIB V V_T095_MASTER 
313 V_T095_KTOGR FI-AA: Account Allocation C T095A_MAP 
314 V_T095_KTOPL FI-AA: Chart of Accounts C T004 
315 V_T095_MASTER FI-AA: Master View for All Asset Accounting Accounts C T095 
316 V_T095_RET Maintain Retirement Accounts V V_T095_MASTER 
317 V_T096_00 Chart of depreciation: Specify name C T096 
318 V_T097 Property indicator C T097 
319 V_T098 Reason for manual property valuation C T098 
320 V_T099 "Insurance Types" C T099 
321 V_T099A "For Insurance Companies" C T099A 
322 V_T099B "For Insurance Premiums" C T099B 
323 V_T0KBA1 SDB: Customizing Problem Type C T0KBA 
324 V_T0KBB SDB: Customizing Solution Type C T0KBB 
325 V_T0KBC SDB: Customizing Problem Subtype C T0KBC 
326 V_T0KBD SDB: Customizing Application Area C T0KBD 
327 V_T0KBE SDB: Customizing Validation Category C T0KBE 
328 V_T0KBF SDB: Customizing Solution Subtype C T0KBF 
329 V_T0KBG Priorities for Each Priority Type C T0KBG 
330 V_T0KBH Priority Types C T0KBH 
331 V_T100C Message Control by User C T100C 
332 V_T100C_AA FI-AA Customizing Messages C T100C 
333 V_T100C_JV Control Of Messages By The User for JVA C T100C 
334 V_T100C_M8CUST Logistics Invoice Verification: Message Control V V_T100C 
335 V_T100SA Application Areas for Configurable Messages C T100SA 
336 V_T100S_AA FI-AA Customizing Messages H T100S 
337 V_T110_ACT Activate Country-Specific Payment Algorithm in F110 C T110_ACT 
338 V_T130A Field Selection in Material Master C T130A 
339 V_T130A_FLREF Field Selection for Data Screens C T130A 
340 V_T130F_FIXRE "Lock-Relevant" Indicator C T130F 
341 V_T130S Control Ind. Required Fields Data Transfer / ALE MatMaster C T130S 
342 V_T130W Plant Parameters for Maintaining Master Data C T130W 
343 V_T133C Subscreens C T133C 
344 V_T133D Maintenance of Logical Screens C T133D 
345 V_T133E Maintenance of Masking for Table T133D C T133E 
346 V_T133S Maintenance of Screen Sequences C T133S 
347 V_T133S_REIHF Screen Order C T133S 
348 V_T133S_VISUAL Maintenance of Screen Sequences C T133S 
349 V_T133S_ZUORD Assignment of Secondary Screens C T133S 
350 V_T134G_LK Allocation of Business Areas/Divisions/Plants C T134G 
351 V_T134G_WS Org. Unit: Business Area Determination C T134G 
352 V_T134M_BW Control of Stock Value Update for BW D T134M 
353 V_T134W_IC Initial status of a new batch C T134W 
354 V_T134_B Material Type Screen Reference C T134 
355 V_T134_DOCUBATCH Documentary Batch - Control per Material Type C TCUDB_PRODUCT 
356 V_T134_IC Initial status of a new batch C T134 
357 V_T134_V Default Value for Material Item Category Group C T134 
358 V_T134_W Maintain material types C T134 
359 V_T137_B Industry Sector Screen Reference C T137 
360 V_T138Z Common Fields for Interchangeable Parts C T138Z 
361 V_T147 Control of Vendor Evaluation per Purchasing Organization C T147 
362 V_T147A Main Criteria per Purchasing Organization C T147A 
363 V_T147C Help View for Subcriteria C T147C 
364 V_T147E Weighting Keys per Purchasing Organization C T147E 
365 V_T147G Main Criteria C T147G 
366 V_T147H Grid with On-time Delivery Windows C T147H 
367 V_T147I Subcriteria C T147I 
368 V_T147J Vendor Evaluation: Weighting Keys C T147J 
369 V_T147K Assignment of Points Scores C T147K 
370 V_T147L Grid for Quantity Reliability C T147L 
371 V_T147M Scope of List for Vendor Evaluation C T147M 
372 V_T147O Scope of List: Vendor Evaluation C T147O 
373 V_T148F_BATCH Batch Master Screen Field Cntrl: Assgmt Fields <-> Field Gr. C T148F 
374 V_T148G_BATCH Field Selection Control for Batch Master Record Transactions C T148G 
375 V_T149C_W Standard Retail Valuation Category C T149C 
376 V_T151 Customer groups C T151 
377 V_T156Q Deactivate movement types for QM inspection processing C T156Q 
378 V_T156SC_OIA Reversal movement types (EXG) C T156SC 
379 V_T156SY View for Table T156SY C T156SY 
380 V_T156_MHD Shelf Life per Movement Type C T156 
381 V_T159L Alternative Determination in Inventory Mgmt C T159L 
382 V_T160 Default Purchasing Document Type in Transactions C T160 
383 V_T160AT_ALLOC System Message Settings: Allocation Table C T160AT 
384 V_T160D Function Authorizations: Purchase Order C T160D 
385 V_T160EX Maintenance view for Table T160EX C T160EX 
386 V_T160I Control of Intrastat Reports C T160I 
387 V_T160L_W Scope of Purchasing Lists C T160L 
388 V_T160M Message Control: Purchasing C T160M 
389 V_T160ML Control of System Messages in Warehouse Management C T160M 
390 V_T160M_ADPIC MPN: Controllable Error Messages C T160M 
391 V_T160M_C5 Message Control: Purchasing - C5 C T160M 
392 V_T160M_CONS Message Control for Consignment Stock Processing C T160M 
393 V_T160M_CS Message control BOM C T160M 
394 V_T160M_J1JP Maintain Message Attributes C T160M 
395 V_T160M_MILL Controllable Error Messages for Message Class MILL C T160M 
396 V_T160PR Maintenance view for table T160PR C T160PR 
397 V_T160Q Scope of List, Buyer's Negotiation Sheet C T160Q 
398 V_T160S_W Selection Parameter for Purchasing Lists C T160S 
399 V_T160V Default Values for Purchasing C T160V 
400 V_T160V_H PP/MRP Customizing C T160V 
401 V_T160X Assign List Scope -> Form for Buyer's Negotiation Sheet C T160X 
402 V_T161 View of Purchasing Document Types C T161 
403 V_T161A View of Requisition Link in Purchasing Documents C T161A 
404 V_T161C Settings for Documents from CRM C T161C 
405 V_T161M Fine-Tuned Message Control, Purchasing C T161M 
406 V_T161N Assignment of Message Determination Schemas to Applications C T161N 
407 V_T161P View Allowed Item Categories for Document Type C T161P 
408 V_T161PH Activate Park and Hold in Purchasing Documents C T161PH 
409 V_T161SN Maintenance View Serial Numbers in Purchasing Documents C T161SN 
410 V_T161V_W Returns to vendor C T161V 
411 V_T161V_WF Store returns C T161V 
412 V_T161W Order Types for Stock Transport Order C T161W 
413 V_T161W_MAB Foreign Trade: Data Proposals for Stock Transport Orders C T161W 
414 V_T161W_W Configure stock transfer orders C T161W 
415 V_T161_EKS Assign Update Group at Header Level C T161 
416 V_T161_P Assignment of Partner Schema to Document Type C T161 
417 V_T161_W Assign hierarchy category per order document type C T161 
418 V_T162S Customizing View for Service: Field Selection C T162S 
419 V_T163 Customizing: Statistics Update: Item C T163 
420 V_T163D Internal Confirmation Categories C T163D 
421 V_T163D_W Assignment of Del. Type to Int./Ext. Order Confirmation Cat. C T163D 
422 V_T163E Confirmation Categories C T163E 
423 V_T163E_W Definition Order Confirmation Categories C T163E 
424 V_T163G Confirmation Control C T163G 
425 V_T163G_W Control Confirmation Sequence C T163G 
426 V_T163K Account Assignment Categories C T163K 
427 V_T163KS Assignment of Tax Indicator to Account Assignment Category C T163KS 
428 V_T163L Confirmation Control Keys C T163L 
429 V_T163LV Confirmation Control: Inbound Delivery C T163LV 
430 V_T163P Release Creation Profile C T163P 
431 V_T163Q Profile: Quantity Differences Shipping Notif./Inb. Delivery C T163Q 
432 V_T163Q_B Relevant Movement Types for Shipping Notif./Inb. Delivery C T163Q_B 
433 V_T163R Control of Parallel Processing: SA Release Creation/Output C T163R 
434 V_T163RC Definition of Final Account Assignment Reasons C T163RC 
435 V_T163Y Item Categories C T163 
436 V_T164A SAPcomm: System Parameters C T164A 
437 V_T164O SAPcomm: destination location C T164O 
438 V_T164P SAPcomm: Destination selection C T164P 
439 V_T164U SAPcomm: Destination exceptions C T164U 
440 V_T165 Default Values: Services C T165 
441 V_T165A Variable Condition Schema for External Services C T165A 
442 V_T165E Default Values for Ext. Services per Purchasing Organization C T165E 
443 V_T165K Copying Options: Header Texts C T165K 
444 V_T165P Copying Options: Item texts C T165P 
445 V_T165R Definition of Reasons for Cancellation C T165R 
446 V_T165S External Services Management Functions: Direct Call C T165S 
447 V_T165_N External Services Management: Number Ranges C T165 
448 V_T166P Print-Relevant Item Texts C T166P 
449 V_T169BP Maintenance View for Partner Role as Payee C T169BP 
450 V_T169B_ASSIGN Assignment Company Code -> PO Text Types C T169B 
451 V_T169DC_ERS Automatic Settlement of Planned Delivery Costs C T169DC 
452 V_T169E_NEW Tolerance Key (Replaces View V_169E) C T169E 
453 V_T169R MR Document Archiving - Document Life C T169R 
454 V_T169RETENTION Tax Handling for Retentions C T169RETENTION 
455 V_T169RETTIME Warranty Duration for Retention C T169RETTIME 
456 V_T16CA Version Management: Purchasing Document C T16CA 
457 V_T16CA_B Version Management: Purchase Requisition C T16CA 
458 V_T16CC View: Reason for Change C T16CC 
459 V_T16CD Control of Selection in Buyer Approval C T16CD 
460 V_T16CE Output Control: Display of Change Documents in Purchasing C T16CE 
461 V_T16CR Version-Relevant Fields of Purchase Requisition C T16CR 
462 V_T16FB Release Indicator: Purchasing Document C T16FB 
463 V_T16FC Release Codes C T16FC 
464 V_T16FG Release Groups C T16FG 
465 V_T16FG_1 Release Groups: Purchase Requisition V V_T16FG 
466 V_T16FG_2 Release Groups: External Purchasing Document V V_T16FG 
467 V_T16FG_3 Release Groups: Service Entry Sheet V V_T16FG 
468 V_T16FL Release Indicator of Entry Sheet C T16FL 
469 V_T16FS Release Strategies C T16FS 
470 V_T16FW Assignment of Role to Release Code C T16FW 
471 V_T16LA Texts on Requisition Processing Status C T16LA 
472 V_T16LB Scope of List: Purchase Requisitions C T16LB 
473 V_T16LD Line Structure Routines: Requisition Lists C T16LD 
474 V_T16LF Routines for Data Retrieval in Purchase Requisition Lists C T16LF 
475 V_T16LH Default Scope of List for Requisitions in Transactions C T16LH 
476 V_T16LI Routines for Data Retrieval for Requisition Lists C T16LI 
477 V_T16LL Lines of List Scope: Purchase Requisitions C T16LL 
478 V_T16SA External Services Management: Routines for Scope of List C T16SA 
479 V_T16SC External Services Management: Scope of List C T16SC 
480 V_T171 Customers: Sales Districts C T171 
481 V_T173 Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping Type C T173 
482 V_T173_COM Shipping types C T173 
483 V_T173_FRK Shippping Type Scheme for Shipping Type C T173 
484 V_T173_VSA Maintain Shipping Type Procedure Group C T173 
485 V_T175DP Down Payment Categories C T175DP 
486 V_T175DP_TEXT Down Payment Texts C T175DP_TEXT 
487 V_T175SOA Contextual Service Output C T175ESOA 
488 V_T176 Sales Documents: Customer Order Types C T176 
489 V_T178 Conditions: Groups for Materials C T178 
490 V_T179 Materials: Product Hierarchies C T179 
491 V_T180 Next screen processing T180: Proposals per transaction C T180 
492 V_T180A Possible Fields for Reporting C T180A 
493 V_T180P View for Additional Selection Criteria C T180P 
494 V_T180V Maintain Default Values for Display Variants C T180V 
495 V_T182B Maintain Views for an Evaluation C T182B 
496 V_T182B_EXT Maintain Views for an Evaluation C T182B 
497 V_T182C Maintain the Report Views for a User C T182C 
498 V_T182C_EXT Maintain the Report Views for a User C T182C 
499 V_T182D Maintain Report Views C T182D 
500 V_T182D_EXT Maintain Report Views C T182D