View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TKV01 Variance Keys C TKV01 
2 V_TKV05 Variance Variants C TKV05 
3 V_TKV09 Target Cost Versions C TKV11 
4 V_TKV13 Valuation Variants for Scrap and WIP C TKV13 
5 V_TKVS_CL CO Versions C TKVS 
6 V_TKZSL Overhead key C TKZSL 
7 V_TKZU1_CO Basis, detailed C TKZU1 
8 V_TKZU3_CO Credit, detail C TKZU3 
9 V_TKZU4_CO Base, Details - Cost Center / Activity Type C TKZU4 
10 V_TL006 Assign Units of Measure to Unit-Of-Measure Load Category C TL006 
11 V_TLAEOPT001 Determination of Option ID C TLAEOPT001 
12 V_TLAEOPT002 Determine Country-Specific Option Identifier C TLAEOPT002 
13 V_TLAEOPTID Lease Accounting Option ID C TLAEOPTID 
14 V_TLAST Maintain Warehouse Workload C TLAST 
15 V_TLDG Maintain Country Groups C TLDG 
16 V_TLDGRP Ledger Group C TLDGRP 
17 V_TLDGRP_MAP Assignment of Ledgers to Ledger Group C TLDGRP_MAP 
18 V_TLDPS_COL_CTL Process Sheet: field assignment C TLDPS_COL_CTL 
19 V_TLDPS_LAYOUT Process Sheet: header data template C TLDPS_LAYOUT 
20 V_TLDPS_TAB_CTL Process Sheet: table assignment C TLDPS_TAB_CTL 
21 V_TLGL Assignment of Countries to Country Groups C TLGL 
22 V_TLGR Routes: Loading Groups C TLGR 
23 V_TLHIOZ Assign purchasing organization C TLHIOZ 
24 V_TLHIT Define vendor hierarchy categories C TLHIT 
25 V_TLHIZU Assign account groups C TLHIZU 
26 V_TLIC Logging Tax Exemption Licenses C TLIC 
27 V_TLMGB Business area consolidation: MM assignments C TLMGB 
28 V_TLOG Maintain Logistics Handling Group C TLOG 
29 V_TLOG_ASSOC_UNI Association Management: Logical Association Units C TLOG_ASSOC_UNIT 
30 V_TLSEP Control For List Separation C TLSEP 
31 V_TLTYP VarChart Graphics: Line type C TLTYP 
32 V_TLXX004F Field status groups for insurance add. acct assignments C T004F 
33 V_TLXX004V Field status variants C T004V 
34 V_TMAB Aggregation level, sort sequence (usage levels) C TMABCUS1 
35 V_TMAB1 Aggregation level, sort sequence (aggregation level) C TMAB 
36 V_TMAB2 Aggregation level, sort sequence (fields) C TMAB1 
37 V_TMABC ABC Indicator for Materials C TMABC 
38 V_TMABCUS1 Aggregation and Sort Sequence (Application Areas) C TMABCUS1 
39 V_TMAN1 Trigger Condition - Description C TMAN1 
40 V_TMAN2 Trigger Group of Message Determination C TMAN2 
41 V_TMAN3 Assignment of Trigger Condition to Trigger Group C TMAN3 
42 V_TMATY Machine type C TMATY 
43 V_TMAWBEVENT Field Selection Goods Movement LE for Materials C TMAWBEVENT 
44 V_TMBG Authorization Groups for the Material Master C TMBG 
45 V_TMC6P View on Table V_TMC6P C TMC6P 
46 V_TMC6P_D Display View for Dependencies of Unit and Characteristic C TMC6P 
47 V_TMCLBW Derivation Maintenance for Transfer into SAP BW C TMCLBW 
48 V_TMCLVBW Transaction Key Maintenance for Transfer into BW C TMCLVBW 
49 V_TMCNV Material Number Format C TMCNV 
50 V_TMCPF Copy Control: Agency Document by Agency Document C TMCPF 
51 V_TMCPF_AB Copy control: arrangement type by vendor billing document C TMCPF 
52 V_TMCPF_VT Copy Control: Preceding Document Category to Agency Document C TMCPF 
53 V_TMCRT View to Maintain Texts for LIS Standard Analyses C TMCRT 
54 V_TMCSF Layout Reports for Evaluation Structures in Log.Controlling C TMCSF 
55 V_TMCSGR Maintain Column Sorting Group C TMCSGR 
56 V_TMCSGRF Maintain Column Sorting C TMCSGRF 
57 V_TMCW RIS Enhancement and BW Transfer C TMCW 
58 V_TMCWB Transaction key for SAP BW (Retail/CP) C TMCWB 
59 V_TMCWW Time of day class C TMCWW 
60 V_TMDRD Profile for Determining Delivery Relationships for MRP Areas C TMDRD 
61 V_TMDRD_DOCTP Delivery Relationshp: Document Types per Document Category C TMDRD_DOCTP 
62 V_TMET Maintain Unit-of-Measure Load Category C TMET 
63 V_TME_TOL Tolerance Key for Overdraw Tolerance C TME_TOL 
64 V_TME_TOLS Tolerance Key for overdraw tolerance VIEW C TME_TOLS 
65 V_TMFA Markdown type C TMFA 
66 V_TMFG Material freight groups C TMFG 
67 V_TMFK Agency Business: Billing Document Types C TMFK 
68 V_TMFK1 Field Selection for Price Change Group C TMFK1 
69 V_TMFK4 Price Change Group C TMFK4 
70 V_TMFKTG AB: Transfer Groups for Billing Type C TMFKTG 
71 V_TMFK_A Permitted vendor bill. docs for final settlemt of arrangemts D TMFK 
72 V_TMFK_B Permitted vendor bill. docs for partial settlmt of arrangemt D TMFK 
73 V_TMFK_BUSTW Assignment of Posting String to Billing Type C TMFK 
74 V_TMFK_EXP GT Expenses: Vendor Billing Document Customer/Vendor C TMFK 
75 V_TMFK_PAR Assignment of Partner Schemes to Vendor Billing Doc. Type C TMFK 
76 V_TMFK_PARI Assignment of Partner Schemes to Vendor Billing Doc. Type C TMFK 
77 V_TMFK_REL Vendor Billing Doc.: Billing Doc. Type - Remuner. List Type C TMFK 
78 V_TMFK_SP Follow-On Documents: Splitting Criteria C TMFK 
79 V_TMFK_TS Assignment: Header Texts to Billing Doc. Types C TMFK 
80 V_TMFK_TSI Assignment: Item Text to Billing Doc. Types C TMFK 
81 V_TMFK_VC AB: Billing Types C TMFK 
82 V_TMFPF Distribution Profile of Material in DC C TMFPF 
83 V_TMFS Vendor Billing Document: Blocking Reasons C TMFS 
84 V_TMFSG Field Status Groups C TMFSG 
85 V_TMFSGF Fields for Field Status Group C TMFSGF 
86 V_TMGW2 Structured material maintenance C TMGW2 
87 V_TMGW3 Change Restrictions for structured Materials C TMGW3 
88 V_TMGW5 reference handling C TMGW5 
89 V_TMIDTC Identification Object Category Customer C TMIDTC 
90 V_TMIDTV Identification Object Category Vendor C TMIDTV 
91 V_TMKE Schema Groups for Purchasing Organizations C TMKE 
92 V_TMKK Schema Groups for Vendors C TMKK 
93 V_TMKK1 Determine Tax Code: Maintain Account Assignment Indicator C TMKK1 
94 V_TMKL Scope of List for Extended Conditions C TMKL 
95 V_TMKM1 Determination of Tax Code: Maintain Material Indicator C TMKM1 
96 V_TMKR Sequence for Condition Tables in Purchasing C TMKR 
97 V_TMKS Determination of Calculation Schema in Purchasing C TMKS 
98 V_TMKSF Calculation schema determination, vendor billing document C TMKSF 
99 V_TMKSF_RE Calculation schema determination for settlement request C TMKSF 
100 V_TMKSU Maint. View: Determine Schema for Stock Transport Order C TMKSU 
101 V_TMKS_BO Determine Calculation Schema for Subsequent Settlement C TMKS 
102 V_TMKS_NA Determination of Discount-in-Kind Schema, Purchasing C TMKS 
103 V_TMKT Assign Scope of List to Conditions Maintenance Transaction C TMKT 
104 V_TMKV Calculation schemas: Transaction C TMKV 
105 V_TMKW1 Determination of Tax Indicator: Maintain Plant Indicator C TMKW1 
106 V_TMLCCSCR Actual Cost Component Split: Subset of ML Currency Types C TMLCCSCR 
107 V_TMLCCSHD ActCstCmp Split: Structure Ass. for Data Scope for Val.Area C TMLCCSHD 
108 V_TMLCCSSCOPE Actual Cost Component Split: Structure for Data Scope C TMLCCSSCOPE 
109 V_TMLFG Agency Business: Transaction Reasons C TMLFG 
111 V_TMODF Groups in Field Selection Bars C TMODF 
112 V_TMODO Positions in Field Selection Bars C TMODO 
113 V_TMPA Agency Business: Profit Analysis Type C TMPA 
114 V_TMPA1 Agency Business: Profit Analysis Profit Group C TMPA1 
115 V_TMPA2 Agency Business Profit Analysis External Status C TMPA2 
116 V_TMPA4 Agency Business: Profit Simulation Status Group C TMPA4 
117 V_TMPA5 Assignment of Application Status to Status Group C TMPA5 
118 V_TMPA5T Text Display, Status for Group H TMPA5 
119 V_TMPPF Maintenance of Profile for Manufacturer Part Processing C TMPPF 
120 V_TMPR AB: Posting Rules C TMPR 
121 V_TMPRX_DEF AB: Define a set of default organizational data C TMPRX_DEF 
122 V_TMPRX_DET AB: Assign proxy mapping group / ident. scheme to use case C TMPRX_DET 
123 V_TMPRX_MG_B AB: Define proxy mapping group for payment type C TMPRX_MG 
124 V_TMRRL Assignment of Remuneration List Groups for Billing Type C TMRRL 
125 V_TMSB Maintenance of Settlement Blocks C TMSB 
126 V_TMSFSYS TMS Configuration: System Lists C TMSFSYSL 
129 V_TMS_C_CONTROL Control Key Parameters C TMS_C_CONTROL 
130 V_TMS_C_PUR Purchase Order Transfer C TMS_C_PUR 
131 V_TMS_C_SHP Delivery Document Transfer C TMS_C_SHP 
132 V_TMS_C_SLS Sales Document Transfer C TMS_C_SLS 
133 V_TMS_C_STOHOL Define Handover Location with Supply./Receiv. Plant for STO C TMS_C_STOHOL 
134 V_TMS_C_TRA ERP Shipment Transfer C TMS_C_TRA 
135 V_TMTE AB: Transfer Events C TMTE 
136 V_TMTEFK Maintenance of Billing Types for Transfer Event C TMFKTG 
137 V_TMTG AB: Transfer Groups C TMTG 
138 V_TMTR AB: Transfer Rules C TMTR 
139 V_TMTSS AB: Source Structures for Transfer Rules C TMTSS 
140 V_TMTTS AB: Target Structures for Transfer Rules C TMTTS 
141 V_TMUSERG User groups C TMUSERG 
142 V_TMUSERG1 Assignment of user to user group C TMUSERG1 
143 V_TMVF Availability Check Control C TMVF 
144 V_TMVFP Availability Check: Checking Criteria C TMVFP 
145 V_TMVFU Scope of Availability Check (Default Values) C TMVFU 
146 V_TMVMT Category Material Number at Vendor C TMVMT 
147 V_TMW00 Default MRP Group per Material Type C TMW00 
148 V_TMW01 Maint. of Objects to be Generated (Procurement via Catalogs) C TMW01 
149 V_TMW02 Allowed Catalogs per Material Group and Plant C TMW02 
150 V_TMW03 Call Structure: Catalogs C TMW03 
151 V_TMW3T Catalog Names C TMW3T 
152 V_TMW_QUEUE Inbound Queues that should be stopped during MW Snooze Mode C TMW_QUEUE 
153 V_TMW_TDLAN Definition Set for IDs C TMW_TDLAN 
155 V_TMW_TDSUBLA Use of IDs in a Subset C TMW_TD_SUBLA 
156 V_TMW_TDTYPE Define Time Data IDs C TMW_TDTYPE 
157 V_TMW_TD_ATTRIB Set Colors of Time Data IDs for Calendar View C TMW_TD_ATTRIB 
158 V_TMZR Payment types C TMZR 
159 V_TMZWK Subsequent Settlement/Agency Business: Plant for CoCd C TMZWK 
160 V_TM_SOLUTION_F4 View for F4 help for production data models D DSMOPSOLUTIONDAT 
161 V_TN00D IS-H: Screen Sequences C TN00D 
162 V_TN00P IS-H: Maintenance View for Client Parameter Table C TN00P 
163 V_TN00Q IS-H: Maintenance View for Institution Parameter Table C TN00Q 
164 V_TN00R IS-H: Maintenance View for Institution Parameter Table C TN00R 
165 V_TN00S IS-H: Maintenance View for Client Parameter Table C TN00S 
166 V_TN01 IS-H: Institutions C TN01 
167 V_TN02E_MDP_HELP IS-H: View on Results Table with Filter for ISH_MD_PROOF H TN02E 
168 V_TN02F Is-H: Assign IS-H Events to BOR Events C TN02F 
169 V_TN02F1 IS-H: Assign IS-H Events to BOR Events (Customer) C TN02F1 
170 V_TN02K IS-H: Event -> Configuration Assignment C TN02K 
171 V_TN02S IS-H Systems and System Attributes C TN02S 
172 V_TN10A IS-H: Organizational Categories C TN10A 
173 V_TN11B IS-H: Building Categories C TN11B 
174 V_TN11D IS-H: Doors for Care Unit Graphic C TN11D 
175 V_TN11G IS-H: Facilities Key for Building Units C TN11G 
176 V_TN11N IS-H: Locking Reason Building Unit C TN11N 
177 V_TN14B IS-H: Movement Types C TN14B 
178 V_TN14D ISH: View for maintenance of discharge status / texts C TN14D 
179 V_TN14E IS-H: Status of Outpatient Visits C TN14E 
180 V_TN14P IS-H: Priority for Waiting List C TN14P 
181 V_TN15A IS-H: Case Types C TN15A 
182 V_TN15B IS-H: Case-To-Case Assignment Functions C TN15B 
183 V_TN15P IS-H: Case-To-Person Assignment Functions C TN15P 
184 V_TN16 IS-H SG: Contract Schemes C TN16 
185 V_TN16A IS-H SG: Default Values Ext. Contract Scheme C TN16A 
186 V_TN16DC IS-H SG: Medisave Claim Estimation Parameters C TN16DC 
187 V_TN16OP IS-H SG: Medisave Tables of Operation C TN16OP 
188 V_TN16P IS-H SG: Contract Scheme Items C TN16P 
189 V_TN16_DE IS-H: Contract Scheme Maintenance C TN16 
190 V_TN17K IS-H: Change Reasons for Protectable Fields C TN17K 
191 V_TN18 IS-H: Insurance Provider Types C TN18 
192 V_TN18B IS-H: Propose Contract Scheme by Ins. Prov. Type C TN18B 
193 V_TN18C IS-H: INACTIVE - will be deleted after 4.72 C TN18C 
194 V_TN18F IS-H: Definition of Hospital Types C TN18E 
195 V_TN18I Maint. View: Institution-Dep. Ins. Provider Type Attributes C TN18I 
196 V_TN18R IS-H NL: Business partner function indicator - activity C TN18R 
197 V_TN18S _ C TN18R 
198 V_TN18_1 IS-H SG: Insurance Provider Types C TN18 
199 V_TN19A IS-H: Certificate Categories C TN19A 
200 V_TN19B IS-H: Certificate Types C TN19B 
201 V_TN19C IS-H: Certificate Status C TN19C 
202 V_TN19G IS-H: Reasons for Coverage Rejection C TN19G 
203 V_TN19S IS-H: Insurance Verification Sort Procedure C TN19S 
204 V_TN1ESTATUS IS-H*MED: Maintenance View Status for Drug Event C TN1ESTATUS 
205 V_TN1LINTYP IS-H*MED: Maintenance View for Line Type C TN1LINTYP 
206 V_TN1LST IS-H*MED: Service Facility Categories C TN1LST 
207 V_TN1M20L IS-H MM: Hierarchy for material input facility (end node) D TNM20L 
208 V_TN1MELOC IS-H*MED: Maintenance View Localization of Medication C TN1MELOC 
210 V_TN1OSTATUS IS-H*MED: Maintenance View Status for Drug Order C TN1OSTATUS 
211 V_TN1OTYPE i.s.h.med: Maintenance View for Order Type C TN1OTYPE 
212 V_TN1TC_GLOB_SET Treatment Auth. Global Settings C TN1TC_GLOB_SET 
213 V_TN1TC_OU_RESP Treatment Auth. Definition of OU Jurisdictions C TN1TC_OU_RESP 
214 V_TN1TC_OU_RP_OU Treatment Auth. OU Constellations for OU Jurisdictions C TN1TC_OU_RESP_OU 
215 V_TN1TC_RESP_ROL Treatment Auth. Assignment of OU Jurisdictions to Roles C TN1TC_RESP_ROLE 
216 V_TN1TC_TIMES_IN Treatment Auth. Periods for OU Jurisdictions C TN1TC_TIMES_INST 
217 V_TN1TC_TIMES_OU Treatment Auth. Periods for OU Constellations C TN1TC_TIMES_OU 
218 V_TN21 IS-H: Billing Types C TN21 
219 V_TN21M IS-H: Customer-Specific Message Control C TN21M 
220 V_TN22D IS-H: Steuerungstabelle für Art der ambulanten Zuzahlung C TN22D 
221 V_TN22E Verwendungen der ambulanten Zuzahlung ermitteln C TN22E 
222 V_TN22F IS-H: Parameter amb. Zuzahlungsanforderung C TN22F 
223 V_TN22G IS-H: Steuerungsparameter FI-Buchung amb. Zuzahlung C TN22G 
224 V_TN22K IS-H: Copayment Amount per Ins. Provider/Ins. Provider Type C TN22K 
225 V_TN22P IS-H: Down Payment Parameters C TN22P 
226 V_TN22Q IS-H: Parameters for Copayment Request C TN22Q 
227 V_TN22R IS-H: Control Params FI Posting Copayment/Copay.Cred.Memo C TN22R 
228 V_TN22S IS-H: Down Payment Request Parameters C TN22S 
229 V_TN23F IS-H: BDT Format Field Table C TN23F 
230 V_TN23R IS-H: BDT Format Rule Table C TN23R 
231 V_TN23S IS-H: BDT Format Versions C TN23S 
232 V_TN23V IS-H: Fixed Values for BDT Format (OU-Related) C TN23V 
233 V_TN24 IS-H: Treatment Categories C TN24 
234 V_TN24F IS-H: Case Classification By Treatment Category C TN24F 
235 V_TN24L IS-H: Services By Treatment Category C TN24L 
236 V_TN26A IS-H*MED: Diagnosis Assignment Type C TN26A 
237 V_TN26B IS-H*MED: View of TN26B (priority) with TN26U (text table) C TN26B 
238 V_TN26C IS-H: Diagnostic Certainty C TN26C 
239 V_TN26D IS-H*MED: Diagnostic Supplement C TN26D 
240 V_TN26E IS-H: Localization C TN26E 
241 V_TN27 IS-H: Accrual Posting Parameters C TN27 
242 V_TN29 IS-H: Procedure for Calculating Estimated Bill C TN29 
243 V_TN2BIACT Base Items: Base Item Type Actions C TN2BIACT 
244 V_TN2BIGROUP Base Items: Groups C TN2BIGROUP 
245 V_TN2BIPROPS Base Items: Base Item Type - Supported Functions C TN2BIPROPS 
246 V_TN2BITYPE Base Items: Base Item Type C TN2BITYPEF 
247 V_TN2BIUSE Base Items: Usage Area Base Item Type C TN2BITYPUSE 
248 V_TN2CATC Categories C TN2CATC 
249 V_TN2CATCM Main Categories C TN2CATCM 
250 V_TN2DWSWL_AVAIL Completion and Lifetime of Situations C TN2DWSWL_AVAIL 
251 V_TN2GL_INFOCOMP i.s.h.med: pathways - Information Units D TN2GL_INFO_COMP 
252 V_TN2GL_INFOC_C i.s.h.med: pathways - Maintain Information Units C TN2GL_INFO_COMP 
253 V_TN2GL_INFOC_U i.s.h.med: pathways - Override Information Units C TN2GL_INFO_COMPU 
254 V_TN2GL_PLAN IS-H*MED: Reasons for Re-Planning Patient Pathway C TN2GL_PLAN 
255 V_TN2KUM02 IS-H*MED: C TN2KUM02 
256 V_TN2KUM06 IS-H*MED: Assignment of doc.categs -> cumul.findings C TN2KUM06 
257 V_TN2KUM07 IS-H*MED: Assignment of svce group -> cumul.findings C TN2KUM07 
258 V_TN39 IS-H: Risk Information Catalog C TN39A 
259 V_TN39RAD IS-H*MED: Maintenance View of the Risk Factors for Radiology C TN39A 
260 V_TN42A IS-H: Waiting Lists C TN42A 
261 V_TN42B IS-H: Reasons for Removal from Waiting List C TN42B 
262 V_TN42C IS-H: Preregistration/Waiting List Status C TN42C 
263 V_TNA21A IS-H: Determine flat rate types - outpat. accounting (AT) C TNA21A 
264 V_TNA21P IS-H: Flat rate types - outpatient accounting (AT) C TNA21P 
265 V_TNA30A IS-H: Hospital statistics - Austria C TNA30A 
266 V_TNA30C IS-H: Selection procedure - Accomodation class C TNA30C 
267 V_TNA30E IS-H: Location definition (AT) C TNA30E 
268 V_TNA30S IS-H: Selection procedure - age group texts C TNA30S 
269 V_TNA30V IS-H: Statistics for insurances (AT) C TNA30V 
270 V_TNAD1 Print Parameters for Sales Organization C TNAD1 
271 V_TNAD2 Print Parameters for Sales Organization/Dist.Chan./Division C TNAD2 
272 V_TNAD3 Print Parameters for Sales Office C TNAD3 
273 V_TNAD4 Print Parameters for Sales Group C TNAD4 
274 V_TNAD5 Print Parameters for Shipping Point C TNAD5 
275 V_TNAD7 Print Parameters C TNAD7 
276 V_TNAD8 Transport Scheduling Point Printing Parameter C TNAD8 
277 V_TNAD9 Printer Determination per Plant/SLOc/User Group C TNAD9 
278 V_TNADP WFMC: Edit printing parameters C TNADP 
279 V_TNADU Printer Determination per User C TNADU 
280 V_TNAPN Output Control: Output By Partner Function C TNAPN 
281 V_TNAPR Messages: Output Programs C TNAPR 
282 V_TNATI NAST: Mail Title C TNATI 
283 V_TNC301AS IS-H EDI: Assign Service Indicators C TNC301AS 
284 V_TNC301C0 IS-H: Control/Options Table for EDI Procedure C TNC301C0 
285 V_TNC301EE IS-H: EDI error messages (external) C TNC301EE 
286 V_TNC301EX IS-H EDI: Message Exclusions for Insurance Providers C TNC301EX 
287 V_TNC301F0 IS-H: Table for EDI File Name Composition C TNC301F0 
288 V_TNC301G0 IS-HCM EDI Procedures C TNC301G0 
289 V_TNC301GC IS-HCM EDI Procedures Checks C TNC301GC 
290 V_TNC301GE IS-HCM: EDI procedure events C TNC301GE 
291 V_TNC301GF IS-HCH: EDI procedure function calls C TNC301GF 
292 V_TNC301GI IS-HCM EDI Procedure in Institution C TNC301GI 
293 V_TNC301GS IS-H EDI: Assign Standards to Procedures C TNC301GS 
294 V_TNC301MX IS-H EDI: Message Exclusions for Insurance Providers C TNC301MX 
295 V_TNC301SA IS-H EDI: Application Status for Communication C TNC301SA 
296 V_TNC301SC IS-H EDI: Texts for Detailed Communication Status C TNC301SC 
297 V_TNC301VER IS-H: EDI - Version Validity Period C TNC301VER 
298 V_TNC301X IS-HCM: EDI - Connection Data Transfer System C TNC301X 
299 V_TNC301XI IS-H EDI: Institution-Specific Transmission Data C TNC301XI 
300 V_TNC301X_ACC IS-HCM: EDI - Connection Data Transfer System C TNC301X 
301 V_TNCATD Specify Discharge Date for Catalog Determination C TNCATD 
302 V_TNCD0 IS-HCM: Express Communication Options C TNCD0 
303 V_TNCD1 IS-HCM Dispatch Control for Direct Communication C TNCD1 
304 V_TNCDALE DALE-UV: Einstellungen C TNCDALE 
305 V_TNCDF0 IS-H: DRG System Master Data C TNCDF0 
306 V_TNCDF1 IS-H: DRG System Agreements C TNCDF1 
307 V_TNCDF2 IS-H: DRG System Directory and File Names C TNCDF2 
308 V_TNCDF3 IS-H: DRG User-Specific Agreements C TNCDF3 
309 V_TNCF0 IS-HCM Message Fields C TNCF0 
310 V_TNCH14B IS-H CH: Movement Types C TN14B 
311 V_TNCH18 IS-H CH: Insurance Provider Types C TN18 
312 V_TNCH21Y IS-H CH: Billing Categories for Ind. Control of Billing C TN21Y 
313 V_TNCH50 IS-H CH: Billing Agreements C TNCH50 
314 V_TNCH51 IS-H CH: Billing Agreement Items C TNCH51 
315 V_TNCHDRG IS-H Abrechnungsparameter DRG-Abrechnung C TNDRG 
316 V_TNCHP01 IS-H CH: Patient Classes C TNP01 
317 V_TNCI0 IS-HCM: Receipt Options SAP C TNCI0 
318 V_TNCI1 IS-HCM: Receipt Control Without Reference C TNCI1 
319 V_TNCMAPP IS-H EDI: Mapping Table Internal/External Codes C TNCMAPP 
320 V_TNCO0 IS-HCM: Normal Dispatch Options SAP C TNCO0 
321 V_TNCO1 IS-HCM: Dispatch Control Without Dependency C TNCO1 
322 V_TNCO2 IS-HCM: Dispatch Control With OU Dependency C TNCO2 
323 V_TNCS0 IS-HCM Message Segments C TNCS0 
324 V_TNCS2 IS-HCM Message Segment-Field-Assignments C TNCS2 
325 V_TNCS3 IS-HCM: Group Segment -> Message Segment Assignments C TNCS3 
326 V_TNCST IS-HCM Communication Standards C TNCST 
327 V_TNCT0 IS-HCM Message Types C TNCT0 
328 V_TNCT2 IS-HCM Message Type-Segment-Assignments C TNCT2 
329 V_TNDBG IS-H: User Groups Screen Modification C TNDBG 
330 V_TNDRG IS-H Billing Parameters - DRG Billing C TNDRG 
331 V_TNDRST_CAR Domain constant for tender status for forwarding agents D DD07L 
332 V_TNDRST_SHP Domain constants for tender status for shippers D DD07L 
333 V_TNF01 IS-H: Work Organizer Types: ID Keys/Texts C TNF01 
334 V_TNF03 IS-H: Work Organizers: Keys/Texts/Type Asgmt C TNF03 
335 V_TNF04 IS-H: Work Org. Type: Event Asgmt SAP Values C TNF04 
336 V_TNF05 IS-H: Form Windows and Elements for Work Organizers C TNF05 
337 V_TNF06 IS-H: Work Org.Type: Event Asgmt Customer C TNF06 
338 V_TNF07 IS-H: Assign Output Device to Input Device C TNF07 
339 V_TNF08 IS-H: Work Organizer-to-Printer Assignment C TNF08 
340 V_TNF10 IS-H: Work Organizer - Org. Unit Assignment C TNF10 
341 V_TNF11 IS-H: Event - Technical Work Org. Filter C TNF11 
342 V_TNF30 IS-H: Work Organizer Control w/o Conditions C TNF30 
343 V_TNF31 IS-H: Work Org. Control with Ins.Prov./Type C TNF31 
344 V_TNF32 IS-H: Work Org. Control with Billing Type/Ins.Prov.Type C TNF32 
345 V_TNGRP0 IS-H: Set Parameters for DRG Documentation C TNGRP0 
346 V_TNGRP1 IS-H: DRG Grouper Assignment C TNGRP1 
347 V_TNGRP2 IS-H: DRG Grouper C TNGRP2 
348 V_TNGRP3 IS-H: DRG Grouper File Conventions C TNGRP3 
349 V_TNHCO IS-H: Basic Settings HCO C TNHCO 
350 V_TNHCO_COLORD HCO: Maint. View Def. Coll. Orders for Outp.Case-Based Order C TNHCO_COLORD 
351 V_TNHCO_COLO_SEL HCO: View on Collective Order Definition and Select. Def. D TNHCO_COLORD 
352 V_TNHCO_CORD_SEL HCO: Maint. View for Characteristic Sel. Collective Orders C TNHCO_CORD_SEL 
353 V_TNHL7 IS-HCM Conversion HL7 Customer Values C TNHL7 
354 V_TNKAV1 IS-H: Additional Medical Records incl.in Borrowing Episode C TNKAV1 
355 V_TNKIV IS-H: Insurance Provider Attributes - Integrated Care C TNKIV 
356 V_TNKLA IS-H: Case Classification Types C TNKLA 
357 V_TNKTY IS-H: Case Classification Categories C TNKTY 
358 V_TNLONGTERMSVC IS-H: Maintain Long-Term Accommodation Services C TNLONGTERMSVC 
359 V_TNLS Nielsen ID C TNLS 
360 V_TNM01 IS-H MM: Assign Plants to Institution C TNM01 
361 V_TNM20H IS-H MM: Hierarchy for Material Input Help C TNM20H 
362 V_TNM20L IS-H MM: Hierarchy for material input facility (end node) C TNM20L 
363 V_TNM20N IS-H MM: Hierarchy for material input facility (node) C TNM20N 
364 V_TNNA1 IS-H NL: Billing Parties per Service (Group) C TNNA1 
365 V_TNNA2 _ C TNNA2 
366 V_TNNA3 _ C TNNA3 
367 V_TNNC1 _ C TNNC1 
368 V_TNNC2 _ C TNNC2 
369 V_TNND2 IS-H NL: Assign Requests to Business Partner and Category C TNND2 
370 V_TNNL1 _ C TNNL1 
371 V_TNNL2 _ C TNNL2 
372 V_TNNL3 _ C TNNL3 
373 V_TNNL4 _ C TNNL4 
382 V_TNNL_GRPMSGMAP Pflege View Grouper Msg Id nach SAP meldung Mapping C TNNL_GRPMSG_MAP 
383 V_TNNP1 _ C TNNP1 
384 V_TNNP2 _ C TNNP2 
385 V_TNNR1 _ C TNNR1 
386 V_TNNR2 _ C TNNR2 
387 V_TNNR3 _ C TNNR3 
388 V_TNNR4 _ C TNNR4 
389 V_TNODE01 Transport Nodes from View D TNODE01 
390 V_TNP00 IS-H: Customizing view for parameter maintenance C TNP00 
391 V_TNPC1 IS-H: Coding of Occupancy Characteristics C TNPC1 
392 V_TNPEPP0 IS-H: Define Parameters for PEPP Documentation C TNPEPP0 
393 V_TNPGR IS-H: Nursing Acuity Levels C TNPGR 
394 V_TNPROC_MAT_REL IS-H: Assign Single-Quantity PC to Material and Summary PC C TNPROC_MAT_REL 
395 V_TNR00 IS-H: Report Applications C TNR00 
396 V_TNR01T IS-H: Report Groups C TNR01T 
397 V_TNRS1 IS-H: Assign Service Rule Types to Callup Points C TNRS1 
398 V_TNRS2 IS-H: Check Procedure for Service Rules C TNRS2 
399 V_TNRS2_CT Check Proc. for Rules - Case Category Restriction C TNRS2_CT 
400 V_TNRSF IS-H: Risk Factor Catalog (Compatibiliy <4.01) D TN39A 
401 V_TNSRVF01 IS-H: Forms for Service Entry C TNSRVF01 
402 V_TNSTA0 Medical Basic Documentation Status Profiles to Be Used C TNSTA0 
403 V_TNT0 IS-H*MED: Service Grouping Types C TNT0 
404 V_TNT0_1 IS-H: Assignment Types for Service Groups C TNT0 
405 V_TNT3 IS-H: Definition of Procedure Rule Types C TNT3 
406 V_TNT3A IS-H: Use of Service Rule Types C TNT3A 
407 V_TNTP Number Categories/EAN Categories C TNTP 
408 V_TNTRARCHIVE Set Residence Time for Archiving C TNTRARCHIVE 
409 V_TNUSR IS-H: User Groups C TNUSR 
410 V_TNWAT14B IS-H AT: Bewegungsarten C TN14B 
412 V_TNWATINTENS Intensivdokumentation - Intensivmodelladministration C TNWATINTENS 
413 V_TNWATLROPGR IS-H AT: Leistungsregel - Höherreihung OP-Gruppen C TNWATLROPGR 
414 V_TNWATLROPLST IS-H AT: Leistungsregel - Höherreihung OP-Gruppen C TNWATLROPLST 
415 V_TNWATLRTKGR IS-H AT: Lregel - Höherreihung Tagesklinik - TK-Gruppen C TNWATLRTKGR 
416 V_TNWATLRTKLST IS-H AT: Lregel - Höherreihung Tagesklinik - spez. Leistung C TNWATLRTKLST 
418 V_TNWATRDNOT IS-H AT: ELDA Codes für Rückmeldung-Entlassung C TNWATRDNOT 
420 V_TNWAT_DEKADE_H IS-H AT: Dekaden (Kopfdaten) C TNWAT_DEKADE_H 
421 V_TNWAT_DEKADE_P IS-H AT: Dekaden (Positionsdaten) C TNWAT_DEKADE_P 
422 V_TNWAT_DEK_KOST IS-H AT: Dekaden (Kostenträgerdaten) C TNWAT_DEK_KOST 
423 V_TNWAT_GIN_PORT IS-H AT: GINA Portdefinition (log. Port für GINA-Proxy) C TNWAT_GIN_PORTS 
424 V_TNWAT_GIN_PVP IS-H AT: GINA Port-Vertragspartnernummerzuordnung C TNWAT_GIN_PORTVP 
425 V_TNWAT_LEIKOM_H IS-H AT: Leistungskombinationen umschlüsseln - Header C TNWAT_LEIKOM_HDR 
426 V_TNWAT_LEIKOM_P IS-H AT: Leistungskombinationen umschlüsseln - Position C TNWAT_LEIKOM_POS 
427 V_TNWAT_NKRS_NEW IS-H AT: neue Nummernkreise für jährliche Umstellung via Job C TNWAT_NKRS_NEW 
428 V_TNWAT_SCO_HGRS IS-H AT: Höchstgrenzen für Scoring C TNWAT_SCO_HGRS 
429 V_TNWCH101 IS-H CH: Pools C TNWCH101 
430 V_TNWCH102 IS-H CH: Pools C TNWCH102 
431 V_TNWCH21 IS-H CH: Radiologie-Gruppendefinition C TNWCH21 
432 V_TNWCH75 IS-H CH: Zuordnung KÜ-Verfahren - Kantonstarif C TNWCH75 
433 V_TNWCH78 IS-H CH: Zuordnung KÜ-Verfahren - Klasse C TNWCH78 
434 V_TNWCH79 IS-H CH: Zuordnung KÜ-Verfahren Klasse - Kantonstarif C TNWCH79 
435 V_TNWCH90 IS-H CH: Honorarrelevanz C TNWCH90 
436 V_TNWCH91 IS-H CH: Honorarrelevanzpositionen C TNWCH91 
437 V_TNWCH92 IS-H CH: Honorararten C TNWCH92 
438 V_TNWCH93 IS-H CH: Honoraruntergruppen C TNWCH93 
439 V_TNWCH94 IS-H CH: View für Verbindung TNWCH94->NGPA H TNWCH94 
440 V_TNWCH94L IS-H CH: View zu Limitierungen C TNWCH94L 
441 V_TNWCH94LC IS-H CH: Zuordnung Aufteilungscode zu Limit C TNWCH94LC 
442 V_TNWCH94LD IS-H CH: View zu Gültigkeit der Limitierungen C TNWCH94LD 
443 V_TNWCH94LS IS-H CH: View zu Stufe der Limitierungen C TNWCH94LS 
444 V_TNWCH95 IS-H CH: Honorarberechtigungen C TNWCH95 
445 V_TNWCH96 IS-H CH: Zuordnung Honorarberechtigung - Honorararten C TNWCH96 
446 V_TNWCH97 IS-H CH: View zu Honoraraufteilungscodes C TNWCH97 
447 V_TNWCH97S IS-H CH: View zu Honoraraufteilungscodes (mit Limitstufen) C TNWCH97S 
448 V_TNWCH98 IS-H CH: Honorarlimitierung C TNWCH98 
449 V_TNWCH98S IS-H CH: View zu Limitstufen zu Auft.codes C TNWCH98S 
450 V_TNWCH99 IS-H CH: Honoraraufteilungsschlüssel C TNWCH99 
451 V_TNWCH99S IS-H CH: View Auft.schlüssel zu Limitstufen zu Auft.codes C TNWCH99S 
452 V_TNWCHDRG IS-H CH: DRG-Abrechnungsparameter C TNWCHDRG 
453 V_TNWCHKTRGR IS-H CH: Dynamische Kostenträgergruppen C TNWCHKTRGR 
454 V_TOABA Bar Code Types C TOABA 
455 V_TOACO Link Tables C TOACO 
456 V_TOADD ArchiveLink: Document classes C TOADD 
457 V_TOAER Administration: Storage system error messages C TOAER 
458 V_TOAERB20 Administration: Storage system error messages C TOAER 
459 V_TOAKPRO Maintenance View for TOAKPRO C TOAKPRO 
460 V_TOAPA Parameter Definition Workflow C TOAPA 
461 V_TOAVK Definition of Object Link Types C TOAVK 
462 V_TOGCF Organizational area control C TOGCF 
463 V_TOGM PLM profile view D TOGM4 
464 V_TOGM3 SMP 'push' material list view C TOGM3 
465 V_TOI0EV Master Data Event Types C TOI0EV 
466 V_TOI0_CCG_VAL IS-OIL: Define valid relevance types C TOI0_REL_VAL 
467 V_TOI0_CPGRP_ATR Assignment of Compatibility group with compatibility attribu C TOI0_CP_GRATR 
468 V_TOI0_CP_ATTR Define Compatibility Attributes C TOI0_CP_ATTR 
469 V_TOI0_CP_GRP Define Compatibility Group C TOI0_CP_GRP 
470 V_TOI0_CP_OP Define Compatibility Operators C TOI0_CP_OP 
471 V_TOI0_J Define junctions C TOI0_J 
472 V_TOI0_JFUNC Define functions applicable in junctions C TOI0_JFUNC 
473 V_TOI0_JG Define groups applicable in junctions C TOI0_JG 
474 V_TOI0_JGF Assign functions to groups C TOI0_JGF 
475 V_TOI0_MM_RANK Define ranking of relevance fields for MM C TOI0_REL_MM_RANK 
476 V_TOI0_NOM_RANK Define ranking of relevance fields for nominations C TOI0_REL_NOM_RNK 
477 V_TOI0_PL_RANK Define ranking of Planned Order relevance fields C TOI0_REL_PL_RANK 
478 V_TOI0_PP_RANK Define ranking of PP relevance fields C TOI0_REL_PP_RANK 
479 V_TOI0_REL_CCG Relevancy C TOI0_REL_SD 
480 V_TOI0_REL_DNOM Define relevant nominations C TOI0_REL_DOCS 
481 V_TOI0_REL_DOCMM Define relevant MM document types C TOI0_REL_DOCS 
482 V_TOI0_REL_DOCPL Define Relevant Planning Document Types C TOI0_REL_DOCPR 
483 V_TOI0_REL_DOCPP Define relevant PP document types C TOI0_REL_DOCPR 
484 V_TOI0_REL_DOCSD Define relevant SD document types C TOI0_REL_DOCS 
485 V_TOI0_REL_DRES Define Relevance of Reservations C TOI0_REL_DOCS 
486 V_TOI0_REL_MM Define relevance for MM documents C TOI0_REL_MM 
487 V_TOI0_REL_NOM Define relevance for nominations C TOI0_REL_NOM 
488 V_TOI0_REL_PL Define relevance for Planned Order documents C TOI0_REL_PL 
489 V_TOI0_REL_PP Define relevance for PP documents C TOI0_REL_PP 
490 V_TOI0_REL_RES Define relevance for Reservations C TOI0_REL_RES 
491 V_TOI0_REL_SD Define relevance for SD documents C TOI0_REL_SD 
492 V_TOI0_REL_VAL IS-OIL: Define valid relevance types C TOI0_REL_VAL 
493 V_TOI0_RES_RANK Define ranking of relevance fields for Reservations C TOI0_REL_RES_RNK 
494 V_TOI0_SD_RANK Define ranking of relevance fields for SD C TOI0_REL_SD_RANK 
495 V_TOIA10 Invoicing cycle numbers C TOIA10 
496 V_TOIA11 Invoice filter types C TOIA11 
497 V_TOIA2 Exchange types C TOIA2 
498 V_TOIA3 Exchange breakdown indicator/description C TOIA3 
499 V_TOIA8 Purchase copy control table C TOIA8 
500 V_TOIA9 Goods Receipt Copy Rules C TOIA9