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# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T5D84 Models for Maternity Pay Supplement C T5D84 
2 V_T5D85 Wage Types for Non-Rec. Payts of Maternity Pay Supplement C T5D85 
3 V_T5D86 Public Sector Functions C T5D86 
4 V_T5D87 Assignment of Public Sector Function Models C T5D87 
5 V_T5D87_S Asssignment of Function Models with Function Selection C T5D87 
6 V_T5D88 Function Models for Leave and Sick Pay Premium C T5D88 
7 V_T5D89 Wage Type Models for Leave and Sick Pay Premium C T5D89 
8 V_T5D89_K Manual Entry of Leave and Sick Pay Premium C T5D89 
9 V_T5D8A Occupational Code for Sideline Job C T5D8A 
10 V_T5D8AE Occupational Code for Sideline Job C T5D8AE 
11 V_T5D8B Maintenance View for Sideline Job C T5D8B 
12 V_T5D8BE Utilization of Organizations C T5D8BE 
13 V_T5D8C Approval Requirement Sideline Job C T5D8C 
14 V_T5D8CE Approval Requirement Sideline Job C T5D8CE 
15 V_T5D8D Work Indicator - Sideline Job C T5D8D 
16 V_T5D8DE Work Indicator C T5D8DE 
17 V_T5D8E Accommodation for "Non-Monetary Remuneration" Infotype C T5D8E 
18 V_T5D8F Meals for "Non-Monetary Remuneration" Infotype C T5D8F 
19 V_T5D8H Colleges C T5D8H 
20 V_T5D8I Assignmt Exceptions for Statistics (Position) Public Sector C T5D8I 
21 V_T5D8J Assignment of Exceptions for PS Statistics (Org. Key) C T5D8J 
22 V_T5D8K Assignment of Exceptions for PS Statistics (Org. Unit) C T5D8K 
23 V_T5D8L Assignmt Exceptions for Stats (Supervisor Area) Publ. Sector C T5D8L 
24 V_T5D8M Position Table for College Statistics C T5D8M 
25 V_T5D8N Table of Employment Offices for Challenge Infotype C T5D8N 
26 V_T5D8O Regional Boards C T5D8O 
27 V_T5D8Q Properties of Rehabilitation Programs C T5D8Q 
28 V_T5D8S_BANK Bank Details for Payroll Numbers C T5D8S_BANK 
29 V_T5D8S_ZAV Payroll Numbers with Connection to UWL C T5D8S_ZAV 
30 V_T5D8S_ZAV_BANK Database View Using Tables T5D8S, T5D8S_ZAV, and T5D8S_BANK D T5D8S 
31 V_T5D8S_ZWGST View for Search Help / Branch Office of PI Institution D T5D8S_ZAV 
32 V_T5D8V Function Models C T5D8V 
33 V_T5D90 Events at Start of Calc. Period for Leave/Sick Pay Premium C T5D90 
34 V_T5D91 Models for Events at Start of Premium Calculation Period C T5D91 
35 V_T5D91_S Models for Events at Start of Premium Calculation Period C T5D91 
36 V_T5D92 Models for Start of New Premium Calculation Period C T5D92 
37 V_T5D93 Employment Locations C T5D93 
38 V_T5D94 Assignment of Country Level to Employment Location C T5D94 
39 V_T5D95 Foreign Service Bonus C T5D95 
40 V_T5D95_A Foreign Service Bonus C T5D95 
41 V_T5D96 Basic Amounts: Bonus for Foreign Service Bonus C T5D96 
42 V_T5D97 Supplement for Child Living Abroad C T5D97 
43 V_T5D97_A Supplement for Child Living Abroad C T5D97 
44 V_T5DA1 Semiretirement Models C T5DA1 
45 V_T5DA2 SR Model Supplementary Percentage Rates C T5DA2 
46 V_T5DA3 SR Model Assessment Bases C T5DA3 
47 V_T5DA3_A SR Model Assessment Bases - Full Overview C T5DA3 
48 V_T5DA4 Special Rule for Semiretirment C T5DA4 
49 V_T5DA5 Block Model Phases C T5DA5 
50 V_T5DA6 Semiretirement: Value Credit According to Labor Legislation C T5DA6 
51 V_T5DA7 Dynamic Modification of Value Credit C T5DA7 
52 V_T5DB0 Construction Industry: Work Cooperatives C T5DB0 
53 V_T5DB1 Construction Industry: Trainees Remuneration C T5DB1 
54 V_T5DB2 External Data for Breakdown of Trade Tax (Construction Ind.) C T5DB2 
55 V_T5DB7 Team Description C T5DB7 
56 V_T5DB8 Team: Assignment of Workplace, Work Rules, Attributes C T5DB8 
57 V_T5DBA Social Funds in the Building Sector C T5DBA 
58 V_T5DBB Social Funds Contributions for Construction C T5DBB 
59 V_T5DBC Partner in Work Cooperatives C T5DBC 
60 V_T5DBD Construction Industry: Separation Allowances C T5DBD 
61 V_T5DBE Company Number Assignm. to Social Funds Constr. Ind. (DE) C T001P 
62 V_T5DBF Construction Industry Leave C T5DBF 
63 V_T5DBH Construction Attributes C T5DBH 
64 V_T5DBH_L Construction Pay: Maintain Employee Attributes C T5DBH 
65 V_T5DBH_M Construction Pay: Maintain Employee Attributes C T5DBH 
66 V_T5DBI Effects of the Short Indicator on Transaction Data C T5DBI 
67 V_T5DBK Construction Industry: Constants C T5DBK 
68 V_T5DBL Short Indicators: Transaction Data C T5DBL 
69 V_T5DBM Construction Industry: Tax-Exempt Travel Costs C T5DBM 
70 V_T5DBN Construction Work Key C T5DBN 
71 V_T5DBO Construction Industry Expenses: Allowed Values C T5DBO 
72 V_T5DBP Construction Industry: 13th Salary C T5DBP 
73 V_T5DBR Construction Industry: Flexible Working Hours Model C T5DBR 
74 V_T5DBU Construction Industry: Statement Wage Types for Travel Costs C T5DBU 
75 V_T5DBV Construction Industry: Cost Assignment for Hostels C T5DBV 
76 V_T5DBW Construction Industry Expenses: Hostel Administration C T5DBW 
77 V_T5DBX Construction Industry: Incentive wage Connection C T5DBX 
78 V_T5DB_KTARTATTR Attributes for Absence Quota Types for IT 2006 C T5DB_KTARTATTR 
79 V_T5DB_KTARTGRP Absence Quota Types Groups for IT 2006 C T5DB_KTARTGRP 
80 V_T5DB_SKBER (SF) Contribution Areas (Entity Table for P01B_SKBER) C T5DB_SKBER 
81 V_T5DB_UREGELN Leave Regulations for IT 2006 C T5DB_UREGELN 
82 V_T5DB_ZUORDUREG Assignments for Leave Regulations for IT 2006 C T5DB_ZUORDUREG 
83 V_T5DB_ZUREG_OVW Overview of Assignments to Leave Regulations for IT 2006 C T5DB_ZUORDUREG 
84 V_T5DC0 Groups for Entitlement Infotype (0202) C T5DC7 
85 V_T5DC1 Amount Constants for Company Pension Scheme C T5DC1 
86 V_T5DC3 Pension Organizations CPS C T5DC3 
87 V_T5DC3MQ RBM: Settings for WebSphere MQ C T5DC3MQ 
88 V_T5DC4 Increase on Monetary Basis with Proportional Reduction C T5DC4 
89 V_T5DC6 Processing Steps for Pension Calculation C T5DC6 
90 V_T5DC7 CPS Groupings C T5DC7 
91 V_T5DC7_3 Reason for Capital Transfer V V_T5DC7 
92 V_T5DC7_W Define Conversion Types V V_T5DC7 
93 V_T5DCA_BE Projection View of Contribution-Based Entitlements D T5DCA 
94 V_T5DCA_BT Projection View for Reimbursable Entitlements D T5DCA 
95 V_T5DCA_GP Projection View Vested Payments for Entitlements D T5DCA 
96 V_T5DCA_UA Projection View for Qualification Check for Entitlements D T5DCA 
97 V_T5DCB Interest Calculation Method C T5DCB 
98 V_T5DCE CPS Pension Types C T591A 
99 V_T5DCF Method C T5DCF 
100 V_T5DCG CPS Indicator C T5DCG 
101 V_T5DCH Assignment of Statement Data Type to CPS Table Name C T5DCH 
102 V_T5DCI Surviving Dependent Reduction CPS C T5DCI 
103 V_T5DCJ Pension Adjustment Control C T5DCJ 
104 V_T5DCK Dynamic Field Texts for Infotype 0202 (CPS Entitlements) C T5DCK 
105 V_T5DCL Control of Transfer of Basic Data for Income C T5DCL 
106 V_T5DCO Amount Scale for Employment Period for Income C T5DCO 
107 V_T5DCP Valuation of Amount per Employment Period C T5DCP 
108 V_T5DCQ Calculation Method EMPLOYMENT PERIOD Entitlements C T5DCQ 
109 V_T5DCS Contribution Calculation Rules C T5DCS 
110 V_T5DCU Account Assignment: Basic Pension Pay C T5DCU 
111 V_T5DCV Control of Entitlement Status C T5DCV 
112 V_T5DCVACDB Basis Tables for Reduction for Pension Equalization Payment C T5DCVACDB 
113 V_T5DCVACZP Times for Benefit Reduction for Pension Equalization Payment C T5DCVACZP 
114 V_T5DCVAKLG Definition of Groupings for Benefit Reduction PEP C T5DCVAKLG 
115 V_T5DCVARGL Processing Rules for Pension Equalization Payment C T5DCVARGL 
116 V_T5DCW CPS Pension Plans C T5DCW 
117 V_T5DCX Control Interest Calculation for Contribution Reimbursements C T5DCX 
118 V_T5DCZ Imputation Rules for CPS C T5DCZ 
119 V_T5DDE Constr. Ind. - Company Number Assignment SFP -From FYC2002/2 C T5DDE 
120 V_T5DF0 Data for Basic Settings for Statement Parameters C T5DF0 
121 V_T5DF0_A Display Basic Settings for Statement Parameters C T5DF0 
122 V_T5DF0_B Data for Basic Settings for Statement Parameters C T5DF0 
123 V_T5DF1 Data for Statement Wage Types C T5DF1 
124 V_T5DF2 Data for Controlling Statement Functions C T5DF2 
125 V_T5DF2_A Data for Controlling Statement Functions C T5DF2 
126 V_T5DF3 Table Assignment and Window/Element Control for Form C T5DF3 
127 V_T5DF3_A Table Assignment and Window/Element Control for Form C T5DF3 
128 V_T5DF4 Details for Controlling Statement Wage Types C T5DF4 
129 V_T5DF5 Data for Functional Areas for Statements C T5DF5 
130 V_T5DF6 Statement Parameters - Customer Settings C T5DF6 
131 V_T5DF6_A Assignment to Functional Area C T5DF6 
132 V_T5DF6_B Print parameters C T5DF6 
133 V_T5DF6_C Statement Types for Company Pension Scheme Germany C T5DF6 
134 V_T5DF7 Data for Wage Type Bases C T5DF7 
135 V_T5DF8 Data for Statement Functions C T5DF8 
136 V_T5DF9 Data for Permitted Tables C T5DF9 
137 V_T5DFB Assignment of Wage Type Bases to Wage Types C T5DFB 
138 V_T5DL1 Absence Events C T5DL1 
139 V_T5DL3 Rules for Absence Events C T5DL3 
140 V_T5DL5 Rule Type for Absence Events C T5DL5 
141 V_T5DP1 PAISY Interface C T5DP1 
142 V_T5DP2 Conversion of Infotype Fields -> PAISY C T5DP2 
143 V_T5DP3 Conversion of Wage Type Infotypes 0008/0011/0014 -> PAISY C T5DP3 
144 V_T5DP4 Assignment PAISY Company - Superordinate Company C T5DP4 
145 V_T5DP5 Conversion of Wage Type Infotype 0010 -> PAISY C T5DP5 
146 V_T5DP6 Conversion of Infotype 0013 -> PAISY C T5DP6 
147 V_T5DP7 Conversion of Infotype 0079 -> PAISY C T5DP7 
148 V_T5DP8 Conversion of Infotype 0026 -> PAISY C T5DP8 
149 V_T5DP9 Conversion of HI Fund Infotypes 0013/0079 -> PAISY C T5DP9 
150 V_T5DPBS06 Spec. and Non-Rec. Payts: Percentages for Cumul. Wage Types C T5DPBS06 
151 V_T5DPBS07 Special and Non-Recurring Payments: Constants C T5DPBS07 
152 V_T5DPBS08 Spec. and Non-Rec. Payts, Fixed Amts for Each Pay Scale Grp C T5DPBS08 
153 V_T5DPBS09 Spec. and Non-Rec. Payts, Cumul. WTs for Each Pay Scale Grp C T5DPBS09 
154 V_T5DPBS0A Assignment of Models for Special and Non-Recurring Payments C T5DPBS0A 
155 V_T5DPBS0A_GES Assignment of SNrP Models, Total View C T5DPBS0A 
156 V_T5DPBS0D Filter-Dependent Models of Special/Non-Recurring Payments C T5DPBS0D 
157 V_T5DPBS0E Special/Non-Recurring Payts: Pay Scale Dependent Percentages C T5DPBS0E 
158 V_T5DPBS0F Models for Controlling Annual Special Payment C T5DPBS0F 
159 V_T5DPBS1A Decision Value for Own Position C T5DPBS1A 
160 V_T5DPBS1B Decision Value for Higher Duty C T5DPBS1B 
161 V_T5DPBS1C Basis for Activity with Higher Rate of Pay C T5DPBS1C 
162 V_T5DPBS1D Selective Activation of Gross Overpayment C T5DPBS1D 
163 V_T5DPBS1E Repayment Wage Types for Gross Overpayment C T5DPBS1E 
164 V_T5DPBS1G Validity of Variable Key for Each Pay Scale Group C T5DPBS1G 
165 V_T5DPBS2A ZfA: Error Number/Error Text C T5DPBS2A 
166 V_T5DPBS2MQ ZfA: Settings for WebSphere MQ C T5DPBS2MQ 
167 V_T5DPBS3A Transfer to TVoeD: Assignment Pay Scale Type Old/New C T5DPBS3A 
168 V_T5DPBS3B Transition to TVoeD: Assignment to Internal Pay Scale Group C T5DPBS3B 
169 V_T5DPBS3C Transfer to TVoeD: Assignment EEGrp/Subgrp Old/New C T5DPBS3C 
170 V_T5DPBS3D TVoeD: Structural Adjustment C T5DPBS3D 
171 V_T5DPBS3E TVoeD/TV-L: Different Cost-of-Living Allowance Class C T5DPBS3E 
172 V_T5DPBS3F Absence Categories for Pay Scale Level Increase C T5DPBS3F 
173 V_T5DPBS3G Assignment of Absence to Absence Category C T5DPBS3G 
174 V_T5DPBSZVAB Maintain Validity of Deregistration Reasons C T5DPBSZVAB 
175 V_T5DPBSZVAG Employer-Specific Settings C T5DPBSZVAG 
176 V_T5DPBSZVAGE Define Permitted Employers C T5DPBSZVAGE 
177 V_T5DPBSZVAV Ring-Fencing of Supplementary Pension Institute C T5DPBSZVAV 
178 V_T5DPBSZVBG SP Assessment and BAT-I Thresholds C T5DPBSZVBG 
179 V_T5DPBSZVER Valid Events Relevant for Notification C T5DPBSZVER 
180 V_T5DPBSZVME Valid Notifs: Events Relevant for Notif. and Notif. Types C T5DPBSZVME 
181 V_T5DPBSZVMTSA Events Relevant for Notif. -> Reasons for Notif., Rec. Types C T5DPBSZVMTSA 
182 V_T5DPBSZVPY Payroll Control C T5DPBSZVPY 
183 V_T5DPBSZVPZ Percentages and Contract Models C T5DPBSZVPZ 
184 V_T5DPBSZVRZ Data Center Information C T5DPBSZVRZ 
185 V_T5DPBSZVST Notification Record Structures for Data Medium C T5DPBSZVST 
186 V_T5DPBSZVTY Valid Notification Types C T5DPBSZVTY 
187 V_T5DPBSZVZG Grouping of Supplementary Pension Institutes C T5DPBSZVZGE 
188 V_T5DPBSZVZVE Supplementary Pension Institute C T5DRB 
189 V_T5DPBS_VA_UB Maint. Payment (Req. Entry) for Entry Reason/Pension Scheme C T5DPBS_VA_UB 
190 V_T5DPS PAISY Sequential Record Numbers for Subrecord Type 15 C T5DPS 
191 V_T5DR1 AVmG: Investment Types C T5DR1 
192 V_T5DR2 AVmG: Modules C T5DR2 
193 V_T5DR2_A AVmG: Modules C T5DR2 
194 V_T5DR3 AVmG: Contract Models C T5DR3 
195 V_T5DR4 AVmG: Specifications of Modules C T5DR4 
196 V_T5DR4_A AVmG: Specifications of Modules (BVV) C T5DR4 
197 V_T5DR4_B Public Sector: ER Suppl. Benefits, Dir. Ins., GR, Psn Fund C T5DR4 
198 V_T5DR5 AVmG: Instances of Contract Models C T5DR5 
199 V_T5DR6 AVmG: Processing Routines C T5DR6 
200 V_T5DR7 AVmG: Processing Rules C T5DR7 
201 V_T5DR8 AVmG: Processing Types C T5DR8 
202 V_T5DR9 AVmG: Conversion Wage Type Groups C T5DR9 
203 V_T5DRA AVmG: Assignment of Wage Types to Conversion Groups C T5DRA 
204 V_T5DRB AVmG: Investment Institute C T5DRB 
205 V_T5DRB_A AVmG: Investment Institutions BVV C T5DRB 
206 V_T5DRC AVmG (BVV): Assignment Pay Scale to Contract Model C T5DRC 
207 V_T5DRD AVmG: Permitted Supplementary Modules for Contract Models C T5DRD 
208 V_T5DRE BVV: Conversion Table for AVmG C T5DRE 
209 V_T5DTM_BAU Attributes for Absence Quota Types for IT 2006 C T5DTM_URL 
210 V_T5DTM_URL Absence Quota Type Is Leave C T5DTM_URL 
211 V_T5DV1 Value Types of CPS C T5DV1 
212 V_T5DV2 Entitlement Assignment for Value Types C T5DV2 
213 V_T5DV2_UI_DE Help View for Assignment of Value Types to Entitlements H T5DV2 
214 V_T5DVA Value Type Properties of CPS C T5DVA 
215 V_T5DVB PEP: Calculation Control Pension Equalization Payment C T5DVB 
216 V_T5DVL PEP: Calculation of Costs Pension Equalization Payment C T5DVL 
217 V_T5DVN Definition of DC Conversion Models C T5DVN 
218 V_T5DVO Availability of Conversion Models C T5DVO 
219 V_T5DVP Default Values for Conversion Models C T5DVP 
220 V_T5DW0 Special Functions for Contribution Calculation C T5DW0 
221 V_T5DW1 CPS Rules C T5DW1 
222 V_T5DW3 Statements: Header, Footer, Logo, Signature (Benefits Prov.) C T5DW3 
223 V_T5DW4 Rules for Calculation of Basis Amount C T5DW4 
224 V_T5DW5 Processing Types for Pension Calculation C T5DW5 
225 V_T5DW5_VM Processing Types for Creation of Interface Data C T5DW5 
226 V_T5DW6 Wage Type Filter for Calculation of Basis Amount C T5DW6 
227 V_T5DW6_A Wage Type Filter for Calculation of Basis Amount V V_T5DW6 
228 V_T5DW7 Permissibility of Pension Calculation Actions C T5DW7 
229 V_T5DW8 Bonus/Deduction Rules C T5DW8 
230 V_T5DW9 Imputation Groups for Benefit Types C T5DW9 
231 V_T5DWA CPS Pension Plans C T5DWA 
232 V_T5DWB Entitlements of a Pension Plan C T5DWB 
233 V_T5DWB_DACV Projection View Entitlements for Cyclical Pension Rights D T5DWB 
234 V_T5DWC Entitlements and Benefit Types for Pension Plan C T5DWC 
235 V_T5DWC_1 Entitlements and Benefit Types C T5DWC 
236 V_T5DWC_DACV Projection View for Benefit Types for Cyclical Pens. Rights D T5DWC 
237 V_T5DWD Deductions/Payments for Reimbursements C T5DWD 
238 V_T5DWE_UI Help View for Calculation Variants H T5DWE 
239 V_T5DWE_UI_DE Help View for Calculation Variants H T5DWE 
240 V_T5DWF CPS Currency Key C T5DWF 
241 V_T5DWH Entitlement Control for Deferred Compensation C T5DWH 
242 V_T5DWI Payment of Difference Amount for Full Testator Pension C T5DWI 
243 V_T5DWJ Assignment of Text Elements to Statements C T5DWJ 
244 V_T5DWK Permitted Structure Names in CPS Statements C T5DWK 
245 V_T5DWM Payroll Control of Income Calculation C T5DWM 
246 V_T5DWN Assignment of Statement Elements to CPS Structure Fields C T5DWN 
247 V_T5DWO Annuitization Table C T5DWO 
248 V_T5DWOG Annuitization Table C T5DWOG 
249 V_T5DWP Rules for final processing C T5DWP 
250 V_T5DWQ Control of Periodic Transfer of Contributions C T5DWQ 
251 V_T5DWR Control of Pension Adjustment Period C T5DWR 
252 V_T5DWS Form Groups for Statements C T5DWS 
253 V_T5DWT Text Modules for Pension Calculation C T5DWT 
254 V_T5DWU Check of Method in Deferred Compensation Infotype C T5DWU 
255 V_T5DWV CPS Membership Status C T5DWV 
256 V_T5DWV_UI Help View for Membership Status H T5DWV 
257 V_T5DWW Wage type control C T5DWW 
258 V_T5DWX Texts for Payment Control C T5DWX 
259 V_T5DWY CPS Functions C T5DWY 
260 V_T5DWZ CPS Bonuses C T5DWZ 
261 V_T5E01 Personnel area/subarea - Social Insurance data C T001P 
262 V_T5E02 Company tax data C T5E02 
263 V_T5E03 IA/ID and NID healthcare companies C T5E03 
264 V_T5E05 Social Insurance branch offices C T5E05 
265 V_T5E07 Health services amounts for company contributing to S.I. C T5E07 
266 V_T5E08 Time-dependent characteristics of CACs C T5E08 
267 V_T5E10 Extension of pay scales C T5E10 
268 V_T5E11 Assignation of head office to corporate group C T5E11 
269 V_T5E12 Assignment of Social Insurance center C T5E12 
270 V_T5E12_A Assignment of Social Insurance center C T5E12 
271 V_T5E20 Tax modifier assignment to province C T5E20 
272 V_T5E2T Contract types for Social Insurance C T5E2T 
273 V_T5E30 Adjust Social Insurance reasons and actions C T5E30 
274 V_T5E31 Actions and situations for affiliation messages C T5E31 
275 V_T5E32 Healthcare company codes according to Social Insurance Adm. C T5E32 
276 V_T5E33 Assign countries to Social Insurance and IRS key C T5E33 
277 V_T5E34 Pay scale codes C T5E34 
278 V_T5E35 Postal codes and towns according to INEM C T5E35 
279 V_T5E36 Reasons for legal situation of unemployment C T5E36 
280 V_T5E37 Estimation of annual income C T5E37 
281 V_T5E38 Reasons for IRPF percentage change C T5E38 
282 V_T5E3A Pay scale codes C T5E3A 
283 V_T5E3T Keys for Social insurance contribution groups C T5E3T 
284 V_T5E40 Employment tax deduction percentages C T5E40 
285 V_T5E41 Payment keys and subkeys C T5E41 
286 V_T5E42 Contract types for Social Insurance C T5E42 
287 V_T5E43 Contribution bases for non-industrial risks C T5E43 
288 V_T5E45 Social Insurance contribution types C T5E45 
289 V_T5E46 Social Insurance epigraphs C T5E46 
290 V_T5E48 Professional categories/SI contribution groups C T5E48 
291 V_T5E4A Contribution limits by non-industrial risks C T5E4A 
292 V_T5E4C Employment C T5E4C 
293 V_T5E4C_SHLP Help view for T5E4C/T5E4B + T5E4G H T5E4G 
294 V_T5E4E CNAE: National Business Activities Classification C T5E4E 
295 V_T5E4F CNAE used C T5E4F 
296 V_T5E4G CNAE ocupational permissibility C T5E4G 
297 V_T5E4I Contribution limits according to full remunerations C T5E4I 
298 V_T5E4J Contribution groups C T5E4J 
299 V_T5E4L Configuration of wage type processing C T5E4L 
300 V_T5E50 Minimum bases for part-time contracts C T5E50 
301 V_T5E55 Social Insurance office types C T5E55 
302 V_T5E60 Contract entity according to the company C T5E60 
303 V_T5E61 Transformation of company contracts C T5E61 
304 V_T5E64 Length of temporary contracts according to Soc. Ins. Admin. C T5E64 
305 V_T5E65 Work schedule in part-time contracts according Soc. Ins. Ad. C T5E65 
306 V_T5E66 Contracts acccording to the Social Insurance Administration C T5E66 
307 V_T5E67 Special contracts according to the Social Insurance Admin. C T5E67 
308 V_T5E68 Assignment of contracts to groups C T5E68 
309 V_T5E6A Contract set C T5E6A 
310 V_T5E6B Contract groupers C T5E6B 
311 V_T5E6D Contribution calculation for sets of contracts C T5E6D 
312 V_T5E6F Calculation methods C T5E6F 
313 V_T5E70 INEM offices C T5E70 
314 V_T5E75 Work center commitment code view C T5E75 
315 V_T5E76 Discount group code view C T5E76 
316 V_T5E77 Academic qualifications according to INEM code view C T5E77 
317 V_T5E8M Reasons for IRPF percentage change C T5E8M 
318 V_T5E8S Professional categories C T5E8S 
319 V_T5E8T Modifiers for professional categories C T5E8T 
320 V_T5E91 Assignation of customer subtypes to legal classes C T5E91 
321 V_T5E92 Garnishment deduction groups C T5E92 
322 V_T5EA0 Seniority calculation procedures C T5EA0 
323 V_T5EA1 Seniority payment methods C T5EA1 
324 V_T5EA2 Seniority payment symbols C T5EA2 
325 V_T5EA3 Seniority valuation methods C T5EA3 
326 V_T5EA4 Associate valuation wage type with valuation method C T5EA4 
327 V_T5EA5 Seniority payment sequences C T5EA5 
328 V_T5EA6 Actions and reasons that affect seniority negatively C T5EA6 
329 V_T5EB1 Attributes to retirement plans for template 345 C T5EB1 
330 V_T5ED1 Place type C T5ED1 
331 V_T5ED2 Variance C T5ED2 
332 V_T5ED3 Work environment C T5ED3 
333 V_T5ED4 Specific physical activity C T5ED4 
334 V_T5ED5 Contact method C T5ED5 
335 V_T5ED6 Injured body part C T5ED6 
336 V_T5ED7 Description of the injury C T5ED7 
337 V_T5ED8 Material agents C T5ED8 
338 V_T5ED9 National Classification of Occupations C T5ED9 
339 V_T5EDH Local tax offices/authorities C T5EDH 
340 V_T5EF1 Infotypes used to calculate DAQ fields view C T5EF1 
341 V_T5EF6 Data structures for logical forms C T5EF6 
342 V_T5EF7 Definition extension for DAQ fields and sections C T5EF7 
343 V_T5EFI Severance pay calculation C T5EFI 
344 V_T5EG0 Gross/Net form features C T5EG0 
345 V_T5EG1 Special Rule C T5EG1 
346 V_T5EG3 Special rule calculation schema C T5EG3 
347 V_T5EG4 Non-exempt form features C T5EG4 
348 V_T5EG5 Features of relationship with other debts model C T5EG5 
349 V_T5EG6 Default values C T5EG6 
350 V_T5EG9 Garnishee fee features C T5EG9 
351 V_T5EI1 Complete view of employment tax deductions C T5EI1 
352 V_T5EI2 Wage exempt of employment tax deduction C T5EI2 
353 V_T5EI3 Employment tax control constants C T5EI3 
354 V_T5EI4 Employment tax amount constants C T5EI4 
355 V_T5EI5 Payroll results reading Form 190 C T5EI5 
356 V_T5EI6 Arrears by period and grouper C T5EI6 
357 V_T5EI7 Default behaviour for arrears groupers C T5EI7 
358 V_T5EI8 Lowering of deduction type for challenged persons C T5EI8 
359 V_T5EIA Payment keys C T5EIA 
360 V_T5EL2 Protected data logical files C T5EL2 
361 V_T5EL4 Protected TemSe fields C T5EL4 
362 V_T5EL6 Fields protected by LOPD C T5EL6 
363 V_T5EMA Legal application message texts, Spain, view C T5EMA 
364 V_T5EMUPROT Log table C T5EMUPROT 
365 V_T5EP1 Form management C T5EP1 
366 V_T5EP2 Form management: Form types C T5EP2 
367 V_T5ER1 Employment regulation files C T5ER1 
368 V_T5ER2 ERE calendar management C T5ER2 
369 V_T5ES1 Marine employees: Canary Is. record C T5ES1 
370 V_T5ES2 Allowance/reduction calculation formulas C T5ES2 
371 V_T5ES3 Contribution calculation methods C T5ES3 
372 V_T5ES4 Legal regulations C T5ES4 
373 V_T5ES5 Calculation method keys C T5ES5 
374 V_T5ES6 Time-dependent allowance formula C T5ES6 
375 V_T5ES7 Incentive groups C T5ES7 
376 V_T5ES8 CAC type C T5ES8 
377 V_T5EU1 Payroll results containers C T5EU1 
378 V_T5EU2 Generic table of situations and possible options C T5EU2 
379 V_T5EU3 Assignation of options to situations C T5EU3 
380 V_T5EU4 Situations C T5EU4 
381 V_T5E_NRIV_P0887 Garnishment identifier interval (Spain) C NRIV 
382 V_T5F03 Employee groups/statuses (Extras) C T503Z 
383 V_T5F03_A Employee Groups / Employee Statuses (Suppl. Continued Pay) C T503Z 
384 V_T5F03_B Employee categories/statuses (Public sector supplement) C T5F03 
385 V_T5F1AC Payroll offset check for contribution accounting C T5F1AC 
386 V_T5F1ACI Payroll offset modifiers for contribution accounting C T5F1ACI 
387 V_T5F1AF Official organization codes C T5F1AF 
388 V_T5F1B Social contributions for insurance/pension companies C T5F1B 
389 V_T5F1BA Contribution attributes for insurance companies C T5F1BA 
390 V_T5F1BAP Attributes of pension contracts with pension companies C T5F1BAP 
391 V_T5F1BAR Atrributes of the contribution assessment bases C T5F1BAR 
392 V_T5F1BAS Attributes of policies with insurance companies C T5F1BAS 
393 V_T5F1BC Contribution basis type code mapping C T5F1BC 
394 V_T5F1BD Contribution basis type code by application C T5F1BD 
395 V_T5F1BM Contribution basis type code mapping C T5F1BM 
396 V_T5F1BN Contribution basis type code C T5F1BN 
397 V_T5F1BS Contribution basis type code C T5F1BS 
398 V_T5F1C Contributions C T5F1C 
399 V_T5F1C1 Contributions rates C T5F1C1 
400 V_T5F1C2 Contributions types C T5F1C2 
401 V_T5F1C3 Contribution rate modifier C T5F1C3 
402 V_T5F1C4 Contributions conditions C T5F1C4 
403 V_T5F1C5 Contributions conditions C T5F1C5 
404 V_T5F1C6 Contribution rule modifiers C T5F1C6 
405 V_T5F1C7 Contribution rules C T5F1C7 
406 V_T5F1C8 Contribution rules C T5F1C8 
407 V_T5F1D Contribution funds : default values C T5F1D 
408 V_T5F1E SI Organizations - Addresses C T5F1E 
409 V_T5F1F Default contrib. fund model C T5F1F 
410 V_T5F1G Contributions assessment bases C T5F1G 
411 V_T5F1G1 Contribution assessment bases C T5F1G1 
412 V_T5F1G2 Resume contribution basis C T5F1G2 
413 V_T5F1H Change Calculation Basis for Amounts C T5F1H 
414 V_T5F1I Create contribution model C T5F1I 
415 V_T5F1K Contracts with special contribution exemptions C T5F1K 
416 V_T5F1KD Desc. special contribution exempt. modifier C T5F1KD 
417 V_T5F1L Deletion of bases for the contributions of organizations C T5F1L 
418 V_T5F1LI Definition of base deletions groupers C T5F1LI 
419 V_T5F1M Attribution to contribution model C T5F1M 
420 V_T5F1O Contribution attribute modifiers C T5F1O 
421 V_T5F1P Personnel Area/Subarea (Extras) C T001P 
422 V_T5F1Q1 Industrial accident rate attributes C T5F1Q1 
423 V_T5F1U_A CRC : Wage Type Links and Fields in Declaration C T5F1U 
424 V_T5F1U_B TDS : Wage Type Links and Fields in Declaration C T5F1U 
425 V_T5F21 IJSS calculation methods C T5F21 
426 V_T5F22 IJSS calculation method management C T5F22 
427 V_T5F2A Continued Pay Periods C T5F2A 
428 V_T5F2A_A C T5F2A 
429 V_T5F2B Payroll period calculation methods C T5F2B 
430 V_T5F2B_A Processing parameters for payroll period C T5F2B 
431 V_T5F2B_B Subrogation C T5F2B 
432 V_T5F2B_C Process seniority calculation C T5F2B 
433 V_T5F2D Process grace period for continued pay C T5F2D 
434 V_T5F2E Process continued pay modifiers C T5F2E 
435 V_T5F2F Wage types used for IJSS calculation C T5F2F 
436 V_T5F2F_A Wage types for calculating IJSS sickness C T5F2F 
437 V_T5F2F_B Wage types for calculating IJSS maternity C T5F2F 
438 V_T5F2F_C Wage Types for Calculating IJSS ATT C T5F2F 
439 V_T5F2G Process Change of Continued Pay Modifier C T5F2G 
440 V_T5F2H Extension of payroll period calculation methods C T5F2H 
441 V_T5F2I Criteria for modifying reference period C T5F2I 
442 V_T5F2J Desc. of criteria select. indic. (ref. period calc.) C T5F2J 
443 V_T5F2Q Absence quota type for France C T5F2Q 
444 V_T5F30 Classification of actions and reasons C T5F30 
445 V_T5F30_A C T5F30 
446 V_T5F30_B Classification of actions and reasons C T5F30 
447 V_T5F31 Categories of actions/reasons C T5F31 
448 V_T5F3B Calculation Bases for Profit Sharing C T5F3B 
449 V_T5F3C Contributions and Profit Sharing Agencies C T5F3C 
450 V_T5F3G Upper limits for garnishment C T5F3G 
451 V_T5F3I Casual labor ASSEDIC statement agreement number C T5F3I 
452 V_T5F41 Challenged C T5F41 
453 V_T5F42 Work Contract C T5F42 
454 V_T5F43 Infotype 34 subtype C T5F43 
455 V_T5F44 Special employment group or status C T5F44 
456 V_T5F45 Special employment group C T5F45 
457 V_T5F45_A C T5F45 
458 V_T5F4A INSEE Code C T5F4A 
459 V_T5F4C Qualification C T5F4C 
461 V_T5F4E1 DDTEPP address C T5F4E1 
463 V_T5F4F Electoral domains C T5F4F 
464 V_T5F4G Electoral colleges C T5F4G 
465 V_T5F4J Socio-professional codes C T5F4J 
466 V_T5F4L PCS supplement C T5F4L 
467 V_T5F4LI PCS supplement C T5F4LI 
468 V_T5F4N Maintain Indicators for SI Bodies C T5F4N 
469 V_T5F4O Social Protection Agency (OPS) C T5F4O 
470 V_T5F4OC Contributions by Social Protection Agency (OPS) C T5F4OC 
471 V_T5F4Q Maintain Employee Groups C T5F4Q 
472 V_T5F4QA Personnel type maintenance C T5F4QA 
473 V_T5F4S Assign Employee Groups to SI Contribution Models C T5F4S 
474 V_T5F4T Assign wage types to personnel types. C T5F4T 
475 V_T5F4UD Declared Unit C T5F4UD 
476 V_T5F4UM "Declared unit" modifier by Soc.Prot.Agy (OPS)/Place of Work C T5F4UM 
477 V_T5F4V Assignment of contributions to employee types C T5F4V 
478 V_T5F4W Assignment of contributions to personnel types C T5F4W 
479 V_T5F5C Tables of 'Bilan Social' indicators. C T5F5C 
480 V_T5F5F Set criteria parameters C T5F5F 
481 V_T5F5G Socio-professional categories C T5F5G 
482 V_T5F5H 'Bilan Social' Tables C T5F5H 
483 V_T5F5I 'Bilan Social' Indicators C T5F5I 
484 V_T5F5J Selection criteria C T5F5J 
485 V_T5F5K Maintain Employee Groups C T5F5K 
486 V_T5F5L 'Bilan Social' Types C T5F5L 
487 V_T5F5N Business Areas C T5F5N 
488 V_T5F5P Codes for numeric data C T5F5P 
489 V_T5F5Q Numeric data C T5F5Q 
490 V_T5F5R DADS-U check: Hierarchy and attributes of ALV nodes C T5F5R 
491 V_T5F5R1 DADS-U check: Additional fields (nodes) C T5F5R1 
492 V_T5F5R2 DADS-U check: Origin of ALV nodes data C T5F5R2 
493 V_T5F5RA DADS-U check: Attributes of time-independent ALV nodes C T5F5RA 
494 V_T5F7A Contribution group for insurance policies C T5F7A 
495 V_T5F7B Insurance/pension contribution modifier C T5F7B 
496 V_T5F8A Personnel grouping for pension contracts C T5F8A 
497 V_T5F99A0 View Awards C T5F99A0 
498 V_T5F99A1 View Motifs C T5F99A1 
499 V_T5F99A2 View authority levels C T5F99A2 
500 V_T5F99A3 View titles C T5F99A3