View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_TCJ41_4 Overhead Control in Project Profile C TCJ41 
2 V_TCJ41_5 Assign Interest Profile to Project Profile C TCJ41 
3 V_TCJ41_6 Assign Results Analysis Key to Project Profile C TCJ41 
4 V_TCJ41_7 Assign Settlement Profile to Project Profile C TCJ41 
5 V_TCJ41_8 Define Plan Integration in Project Profile C TCJ41 
6 V_TCJ41_9 Assign Capital Investment Profile to Project Profile C TCJ41 
7 V_TCJED "Project Number Editing" C TCJED 
8 V_TCJO1 Object Indicator for Order Value C TCJO1 
9 V_TCJO5 Update control for sales order value C TCJO5 
10 V_TCJ_C_JOURNALS Maintain View for Cash Journals C TCJ_C_JOURNALS 
11 V_TCJ_MAX_AMOUNT Cash Journal: Amount Limit C TCJ_MAX_AMOUNT 
12 V_TCJ_NUMB_GROUP Numbering Group for Cash Documents C TCJ_NUMB_GROUP 
13 V_TCJ_PRINT Maintain Print Parameter View for Cash Journal C TCJ_PRINT 
14 V_TCJ_TRANSACT Maintain View for Cash Journal Transaction Names C TCJ_TRANSACTIONS 
15 V_TCK03_TCK01 Selection of Costing Variants for Approp. Requests D TCK03 
16 V_TCK07_TCK03 Assignment Organiz. Units <-> KLVAR Join Costing Variant D TCK07 
17 V_TCK14 Costing Overhead Groups C TCK14 
18 V_TCK19_CS Alternative Determination in Costing C TCK19 
19 V_TCK22 Reference Objects:Definition C TCK22 
20 V_TCKM2 Assignment of Material Ledger Types to Valuation Areas C TCKM2 
21 V_TCKMHDT Define material ledger type C TCKMHD 
22 V_TCKMIT Currency types and valuation types for material ledger type C TCKMIT 
23 V_TCKMLPR_EB Valuation Alternatives C TCKMLPR_EB 
24 V_TCLO Key Fields for Classifiable Objects C TCLO 
25 V_TCLOI1 Filter for Task List Usage C TCLOI1 
26 V_TCLOI10 Define filters for control key C TCLOI10 
27 V_TCLOI2 Filter for Task List Status C TCLOI2 
28 V_TCLOI3 Filter for BOM Usage C TCLOI3 
29 V_TCLOI4 Filter for BOM Status C TCLOI4 
30 V_TCLOI5 Find Planned Order via Work Centers C TCLOI5 
31 V_TCLOI6 Target System for Data Transfer C TCLOI6 
32 V_TCLOI7 Define general parameters for data transfer C TCLOI7 
33 V_TCLOI8 Select available capacity version C TCLOI8 
34 V_TCLOI9 Define filters for orders / operations C TCLOI9 
35 V_TCMAC03E Step Elements for Fee Calculation Procedure C TCMAC03E 
36 V_TCMAC03P Fee Calculation Procedure C TCMAC03P 
37 V_TCMAC03S Maintain Fee Calculation Procedure Steps C TCMAC03S 
38 V_TCMAC04D Time Limit Sequence per Time Limit Field C TCMAC04D 
39 V_TCMAC04S Date Field per Time Limit Field C TCMAC04S 
40 V_TCMAC05C Payment Card Authorization C TCMAC05C 
41 V_TCMAC05CM Assign Merchant ID C TCMAC05C 
42 V_TCMAC05S Grant Status C TCMAC05S 
43 V_TCMAC05V Statistical Document Versions C TFMCA005 
44 V_TCMAC06D Document Settings for Application Fee Requests C TCMAC06D 
45 V_TCMAC06E Define Rule Elements for CO Account Assignments C TCMAC06E 
46 V_TCMAC06R Define CO Account Assignment Rules C TCMAC06R 
47 V_TCMAC06S Rule Elements for CO Account Assignments C TCMAC06S 
48 V_TCMAC07D Due Date Schedule C TCMAC07D 
49 V_TCMAC07E Due Date Schedule Exception C TCMAC07E 
50 V_TCMAC07R Due Date Schedule Details C TCMAC07R 
51 V_TCMACCOGRPSPAS Assign COT Groupings to Appropriations C TCMACCOGRPSPASGN 
52 V_TCMACCOTYGRP Contract Object Type Groupings C TCMACCOTYGRP 
53 V_TCMACCOTYGRPAS Assign Contract Object Types to COT Groupings C TCMACCOTYGRPASGN 
54 V_TCMACFAINT04 Main Transactions and Subtransactions for Grant Evaluation C TCMACFAINT04 
55 V_TCMACGRCOND Grant Prerequisite Types C TCMACGRCOND 
56 V_TCMACPSOB Maintain Contract Object Type C TPSOB001 
58 V_TCMACSUBTYPERI CO Integration: Map Acad. Session to Subtype of IT 1759 C TCMACSUBTYPERID 
60 V_TCMAC_DEF Sample Contract Account Categories C TFICA_DEF 
61 V_TCMAC_SC Maintain Program of Study Data for Fee Calculation Test Run C TCMAC_SC 
62 V_TCMAC_SM Miantain Module Data for Fee Calculation Test Run C TCMAC_SM 
63 V_TCMAC_ST Maintain Student Data for Fee Calculation Test Run C TCMAC_ST 
64 V_TCMF1 Assignment: Area of Responsibility <-> Message C TCMF1 
65 V_TCMF3 Def. of Areas of Responsibility C TCMF3 
66 V_TCMF5 Definition of Object IDs (SAP) C TCMF5 
67 V_TCMF6 Definition of Error Management IDs (SAP) C TCMF6 
68 V_TCMF7 Definition of Breakpoints C TCMF7 
69 V_TCMF9 Definition minimal message category (SAP) C TCMF9 
70 V_TCMFUL Set Profile for Screen Layout of Confirmations C TCMFUL 
71 V_TCMS_ACR_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Aircraft Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
72 V_TCMS_ACR_NR Assign Number Range to Aircraft Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
73 V_TCMS_APL_SRV Application Services C TCMS_APL_SRV 
74 V_TCMS_APPL Applications in a Transation C TCMS_APPLICATION 
75 V_TCMS_AST_ACTVT Business Activity for Asset C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
76 V_TCMS_AST_CAT Asset Category C TCMS_AST_CAT 
77 V_TCMS_AST_CR Asset Type - Change Request Types C TCMS_PCN_CR_TY 
78 V_TCMS_AST_CR_A Business Activity for Asset Change Request C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
79 V_TCMS_AST_CR_B Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
80 V_TCMS_AST_CR_F Asset: Exclusion GUI Function Codes for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_FCODE 
81 V_TCMS_AST_CR_M Asset Change Req: Message Severity for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_A_MSG 
82 V_TCMS_AST_CR_ST Status Transition for Change Request Type C TCMS_PCN_CR_ST 
83 V_TCMS_AST_CR_TY Change Request Type C TCMS_PCN_CR_TY 
84 V_TCMS_AST_CR_U User Status Transition Control C TCMS_PCN_USTTR 
85 V_TCMS_AST_FC_PL Plausibility checks for a FCODE C TCMS_BDT_FC_PL 
86 V_TCMS_AST_FLDS Asset field names (For Screen) C TCMS_AST_FLDS 
87 V_TCMS_AST_LQR Liquidation reason C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
88 V_TCMS_AST_LTYP Liquidation type C TCMS_AST_LTYP 
89 V_TCMS_AST_NR Number range details for Asset type C TCMS_AST_TYP 
90 V_TCMS_AST_SCVAR Asset type details C TCMS_AST_TYP 
91 V_TCMS_AST_SSTAT Search help: Asset System status D TJ02 
92 V_TCMS_AST_TYP Asset type details C TCMS_AST_TYP 
93 V_TCMS_AST_TYP_P Assign Process Control Keys to Asset Types C TCMS_AST_TYP 
94 V_TCMS_AST_V_PL Plausibilities for a view C TCMS_BDT_V_PL 
95 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_CT Attribute category C TCMS_ATT_ID_CT 
98 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_AST002 Insurance Coverage type V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
99 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_AST003 Physical Location for Documents V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
100 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO001 Object Condition V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
101 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO002 Macro Location V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
102 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO003 Micro Location V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
103 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO004 Transport Connection V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
104 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO005 Environmental Status V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
105 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO006 Building Parts type V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
106 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO007 Building Method - Roof V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
107 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO008 Building Method - Body V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
108 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO009 Building Method - Cellar V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
109 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO010 Accessories V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
110 V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY_REO011 Insurance type V V_TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
113 V_TCMS_BDL_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to bundles Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
114 V_TCMS_BDL_NR Assign Number Range to Object Bundle Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
115 V_TCMS_BDT_FCODE GUI Function Codes C TBZ4 
116 V_TCMS_BDT_FC_PL Plausibility checks for a FCODE C TCMS_BDT_FC_PL 
117 V_TCMS_BDT_FSTAT Maintenance View for Field Status Variant C TCMS_BDT_FSTAT 
118 V_TCMS_BDT_VAR Maintenance View for BDT Variant C TCMS_BDT_VAR 
119 V_TCMS_BDT_VIEWS Views for a BDT application C TBZ3E 
120 V_TCMS_BDT_VR_AP Maintenance View for BDT Variant-BDT Applications C TCMS_BDT_VR_AP 
121 V_TCMS_BDT_V_PL Plausibilities for a view C TCMS_BDT_V_PL 
122 V_TCMS_BII_DEXPR CMS-Basel II: Data Extraction Process Types C TCMS_BII_DEXPR 
123 V_TCMS_BPF Business Partner Functions C TCMS_BPF 
124 V_TCMS_BPF_BPFST Maintenance of Business Partner functions for Function sets C TCMS_BPF_BPF_SET 
125 V_TCMS_BPF_CAT Business Partner Function Category C TCMS_BPF_CAT 
126 V_TCMS_BPF_SET Business Partner Function Set C TCMS_BPF_SET 
127 V_TCMS_CAG_ACTVT Business Activity for Asset C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
128 V_TCMS_CAG_ASGR Assignment Reason C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
129 V_TCMS_CAG_BLKR Reason for blocking the portion C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
130 V_TCMS_CAG_BLKRS Reason for portion being blocked C TCMS_CAG_BLKRS 
131 V_TCMS_CAG_CAT Collateral Agreement Category C TCMS_CAG_CAT 
132 V_TCMS_CAG_CR Asset Type - Change Request Types C TCMS_PCN_CR_TY 
133 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_A Business Activity for CAG Change Request C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
134 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_B Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
135 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_F CAG: Exclusion GUI Function Codes for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_FCODE 
136 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_M CAG Change Req: Message Severity for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_A_MSG 
137 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_ST Status Transition for Change Request Type C TCMS_PCN_CR_ST 
138 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_TY Change Request Type C TCMS_PCN_CR_TY 
139 V_TCMS_CAG_CR_U User Status Transition Control C TCMS_PCN_USTTR 
140 V_TCMS_CAG_GRP Assign Agreement types to Relationship Groups C TCMS_CAG_GRP 
141 V_TCMS_CAG_MQCRT Minimum Qualitative Criterion C TCMS_CAG_MQCRT 
142 V_TCMS_CAG_MQEXP Minimum Qualtitative Exceptions C TCMS_CAG_MQEXP 
143 V_TCMS_CAG_MQR Minimum Qualititive Reason C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
144 V_TCMS_CAG_NR Number range details for Collateral Agreement type C TCMS_CAG_TYP 
145 V_TCMS_CAG_RNPER Min notice period reqd before exercising termination rights C TCMS_CAG_RNPER 
146 V_TCMS_CAG_SA_CT Special Arrangement Category C TCMS_CAG_SA_CT 
147 V_TCMS_CAG_SA_ST Special Arrangement Set C TCMS_CAG_SA_ST 
148 V_TCMS_CAG_SA_SY Special Arrangement Types in a Set C TCMS_CAG_SA_STTY 
149 V_TCMS_CAG_SA_TY Special Arrangement Types C TCMS_CAG_SA_TY 
150 V_TCMS_CAG_SCCI Scope of cover of credit insurance C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
151 V_TCMS_CAG_SCVAR Screen Variant for Collateral Agreements C TCMS_CAG_TYP 
152 V_TCMS_CAG_SSTAT Search help: CAG System status D TJ02 
153 V_TCMS_CAG_TRM Termination Reason C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
154 V_TCMS_CAG_TRTYP Termination right type C TCMS_CAG_TRTYP 
155 V_TCMS_CAG_TXTID Maintain Text ID for Collateral Agreement C TTXID 
156 V_TCMS_CAG_TYP Collateral Agreement Type C TCMS_CAG_TYP 
157 V_TCMS_CAG_TYP_P Assign CAG type to process control keys C TCMS_CAG_TYP 
158 V_TCMS_CAG_TYP_T Collateral Agreement Type and Text H TCMS_CAG_TYP 
159 V_TCMS_CALC_TYP Calculation type of collateral agreemnts C TCMS_CALC_TYP 
160 V_TCMS_CHG_TYP Asset - Collateral agreement type relationship C TCMS_CHG_TYP 
161 V_TCMS_CLM_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to claim Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
162 V_TCMS_CLM_NR Assign Number Ranges to Claim Types C TCMS_RIG_TYP 
164 V_TCMS_CORTYPGRP Correspondence type group C TCMS_COR_TYP_GRP 
165 V_TCMS_COR_GRP Correspondence Groups C TCMS_COR_GRP 
166 V_TCMS_COST_TYP Agreement Cost types C TCMS_COST_TYP 
167 V_TCMS_CPY_GRP Data groups C TCMS_CPY_GRP 
168 V_TCMS_CPY_GRP_A Assign Data groups to Application C TCMS_CPY_GRP_APL 
169 V_TCMS_CRD_SYS Credit Systems C TCMS_CRD_SYS 
170 V_TCMS_CTRL CMS Controller View C TCMS_CTRL 
171 V_TCMS_DEV_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Devices Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
172 V_TCMS_DEV_NR Assign Number Range to Devices Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
173 V_TCMS_DOC_PLOC Physical locations of document C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
174 V_TCMS_DOC_SET Maintenance of Document sets C TCMS_DOC_SET 
175 V_TCMS_DOC_TYP Document type Description C TCMS_DOC_TYP 
176 V_TCMS_DOC_TYPST Maintenance of Document types for each Document set C TCMS_DOC_TYP_SET 
177 V_TCMS_FOB_TYP Financed object: Asset type - Product id relationship C TCMS_FOB_TYP 
178 V_TCMS_FSBP_ADR Address type definition for FSBP C TCMS_FSBP_ADRTYP 
179 V_TCMS_FSBP_MROL Invalid / Replaced in Rel3.0 by V_TCMS_FSBP_R2F C TCMS_FSBP_MROLE 
180 V_TCMS_FSBP_R2F Mapp FSBP Partner Role to CMS Partner Function C TCMS_FSBP_R2F 
181 V_TCMS_IFL_MCLAS View for product category and class maintenance C TCMS_IFL_MCLASS 
183 V_TCMS_IFL_MORGU Maintenance OrgUnit Mapping C TCMS_IFL_MORGU 
184 V_TCMS_IFL_MPROD View for cml product linking C TCMS_IFL_MPROD 
185 V_TCMS_INS_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Insurance Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
186 V_TCMS_INS_NR Assign Number Ranges to Insurance Types C TCMS_INS_TYP 
187 V_TCMS_INS_OSYS Object Systems linking to Insurance C TCMS_INS_OSYS 
188 V_TCMS_INS_PORT Insurance Portfolio C TCMS_INS_PORT 
189 V_TCMS_INS_REB Insurance Rebate Method C TCMS_INS_REB 
190 V_TCMS_INS_RSKTY Insured Risk Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
191 V_TCMS_INS_SCVAR Assign Object Screens to Insurance Types C TCMS_INS_TYP 
192 V_TCMS_INS_SET Insurance Sets C TCMS_INS_SET 
193 V_TCMS_INS_SRSN Reasons for Inactivating insurance C TCMS_INS_SRSN 
194 V_TCMS_INS_STAT Insurance Status C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
195 V_TCMS_INS_STLTY Settlement Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
196 V_TCMS_INS_TYP Insurance Types C TCMS_INS_TYP 
197 V_TCMS_INS_TYPST Assign Inusrance Types -> Insurance Sets C TCMS_INS_TYP_SET 
198 V_TCMS_INS_TYP_P Assign INS type to process control keys C TCMS_INS_TYP 
199 V_TCMS_INV_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Inventory Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
200 V_TCMS_INV_NR Assign Number Range to Inventory Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
201 V_TCMS_LIQD_MODE Modes of Liquidation decision C TCMS_LIQD_MODE 
202 V_TCMS_LIQ_C_TYP Cash Flow Types C TCMS_LIQ_C_TYP 
204 V_TCMS_LIQ_P_RLT Result of Foreclosure Sale C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
205 V_TCMS_LIQ_P_TYP Process Date Types C TCMS_LIQ_P_TYP 
206 V_TCMS_LIQ_SCVAR Assign Object Screen C TCMS_LIQ_TYP 
207 V_TCMS_LIQ_TYP Liquidation Types C TCMS_LIQ_TYP 
208 V_TCMS_LOC_SA Search Application Details C TCMS_LOC_SA 
209 V_TCMS_LR_DE_CT2 View for Section II Category C TCMS_LR_DE_CT2 
210 V_TCMS_LR_DE_CT3 View for Section III Category C TCMS_LR_DE_CT3 
211 V_TCMS_LR_DE_CTA View for Section A Category C TCMS_LR_DE_CTA 
212 V_TCMS_LR_DE_TY2 Section II Non-Monetory Charge Types C TCMS_LR_DE_TY2 
213 V_TCMS_LR_DE_TY3 View for Section III Type C TCMS_LR_DE_TY3 
214 V_TCMS_LR_DE_TYA View for Section A C TCMS_LR_DE_TYA 
215 V_TCMS_MOV_BNKID Bank's Own Identification Type C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
216 V_TCMS_MOV_CLS Classification Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
217 V_TCMS_MOV_LOC_D Location Description C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
220 V_TCMS_MOV_SCVAR Assign Object Screens to Movable Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
221 V_TCMS_MOV_STPLC Stock Exchange Places C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
222 V_TCMS_MOV_STXCG Stock Exchange Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
223 V_TCMS_MOV_TYP Movable type C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
224 V_TCMS_MOV_TYP_P Assign MOV type to process control keys C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
226 V_TCMS_MVTY_PRTY Object Types->Part types C TCMS_MVTY_PRTY 
227 V_TCMS_OBJ_SYS Object Systems C TCMS_OBJ_SYS 
228 V_TCMS_OMS_CAT Obejct Categories C TCMS_OMS_CAT 
229 V_TCMS_OMS_FEAT Object Classification C TCMS_OMS_FEAT 
230 V_TCMS_OMS_FLDS Screen Field names C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
231 V_TCMS_OMS_ID_CT Attribute category C TCMS_OMS_ID_CT 
232 V_TCMS_OMS_LIQ_V Select Value Type for Liqudiation Value Category C TCMS_OMS_LIQ_V 
233 V_TCMS_OMS_VALOR Origin of value C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
236 V_TCMS_OMS_VL_ST Value Maintenance Set C TCMS_OMS_VL_VLST 
238 V_TCMS_OTH_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Other Valuables Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
239 V_TCMS_OTH_NR Assign Number Range to Other Valuable Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
240 V_TCMS_PAT_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Patent Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
241 V_TCMS_PAT_NR Assign Number Ranges to Patent/Right Types C TCMS_RIG_TYP 
242 V_TCMS_PCN_ACTVT Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
243 V_TCMS_PCN_AC_PR Activity category for a process object D TCMS_PCN_SSTTR 
244 V_TCMS_PCN_AMSG Search help: Messages for a activity based on plausiset D TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
245 V_TCMS_PCN_AREA Process Control Area C TCMS_PCN_AREA 
246 V_TCMS_PCN_ASTB1 Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
247 V_TCMS_PCN_AST_B Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
248 V_TCMS_PCN_AST_F Exclusion GUI Function Codes for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_FCODE 
249 V_TCMS_PCN_AST_G Activity Group C TCMS_PCN_A_GRP_T 
250 V_TCMS_PCN_AST_M Message Severity for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_A_MSG 
251 V_TCMS_PCN_AST_U User Status Transition Control C TCMS_PCN_USTTR 
252 V_TCMS_PCN_A_1 Business Activity (Normal Process Mode) C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
253 V_TCMS_PCN_A_CAT Activity Category C TCMS_PCN_A_CAT 
254 V_TCMS_PCN_A_CTM Activity Categories for Process Mode C TCMS_PCN_A_CTM 
255 V_TCMS_PCN_A_GRP Activity Group C TCMS_PCN_A_GRP_T 
256 V_TCMS_PCN_A_G_1 Activity Group (Normal Process Mode) C TCMS_PCN_A_GRP_T 
257 V_TCMS_PCN_A_MSG Message Severity for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_A_MSG 
258 V_TCMS_PCN_A_SST System Status Transition C TCMS_PCN_A_SSTTR 
259 V_TCMS_PCN_CAGB1 CAG:Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
260 V_TCMS_PCN_CAG_B CAG:Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
261 V_TCMS_PCN_CAG_F Exclusion GUI Function Codes for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_FCODE 
262 V_TCMS_PCN_CAG_G Activity Group C TCMS_PCN_A_GRP_T 
263 V_TCMS_PCN_CAG_M Message Severity for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_A_MSG 
264 V_TCMS_PCN_CAG_U User Status Transition Control C TCMS_PCN_USTTR 
265 V_TCMS_PCN_CKY Process Control Key C TCMS_PCN_CKY 
266 V_TCMS_PCN_CKY_B Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
267 V_TCMS_PCN_CR_1 Control Key - CR Type Assignments C TCMS_PCN_CR_TY 
268 V_TCMS_PCN_CR_CT Change Request Category C TCMS_PCN_CR_CT 
269 V_TCMS_PCN_CR_RA Foreign Key: Release Activities for a Change Request D TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
270 V_TCMS_PCN_CR_RT Search Help: Release Activities for a Change Request D TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
271 V_TCMS_PCN_CR_ST Status Transition on Release for a Change Request Type C TCMS_PCN_CR_ST 
272 V_TCMS_PCN_CR_TY Change Request Type C TCMS_PCN_CR_TY 
273 V_TCMS_PCN_FC Search help:Function code for a application object D TBZ4 
274 V_TCMS_PCN_FCODE Exclusion GUI Function Codes for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_FCODE 
275 V_TCMS_PCN_FC_T Search help:Function code for a application object D TBZ4 
276 V_TCMS_PCN_F_1 Exclusion GUI Function Codes for a Business Activity(Normal C TCMS_PCN_FCODE 
277 V_TCMS_PCN_M_1 Message Severity for a Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_A_MSG 
278 V_TCMS_PCN_OBJ Process Object C TCMS_PCN_OBJ 
279 V_TCMS_PCN_OBJ_M Process Control Object: Mode Attributes C TCMS_PCN_OBJ_M 
280 V_TCMS_PCN_OBJ_S System Status C TCMS_PCN_OBJ_S 
281 V_TCMS_PCN_OMSB1 Process Control Key Behavior C TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
282 V_TCMS_PCN_O_ACT Business Activities for a Process Object (Fast Entry) C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
283 V_TCMS_PCN_O_SST Additional System Status for a Process Object D TCMS_PCN_OBJ_S 
284 V_TCMS_PCN_PL Plausibility Checks C TCMS_PCN_PL 
285 V_TCMS_PCN_PLMSG Plausibility Check: Messages C TCMS_PCN_PLMSG 
286 V_TCMS_PCN_PLPRC Plausibility processor C TCMS_PCN_PLPRC 
288 V_TCMS_PCN_PLSPL Plausibility Set: Plausibility Checks C TCMS_PCN_PLSPL 
289 V_TCMS_PCN_PLSTD Plausibility Checks C TCMS_PCN_PL 
290 V_TCMS_PCN_SSTAT Search help:System status D TJ02 
291 V_TCMS_PCN_SSTTR Activity categories for a process object C TCMS_PCN_SSTTR 
292 V_TCMS_PCN_ST_PF Search help: User status profile D TCMS_PCN_OBJ_M 
293 V_TCMS_PCN_S_1 System Status Transition (Normal Process) C TCMS_PCN_A_SSTTR 
294 V_TCMS_PCN_TRAN Search help: Business transactions for a status object D TJ05 
295 V_TCMS_PCN_UIACT Search help:UI activity (BDT activity) D TCMS_PCN_OBJ_M 
296 V_TCMS_PCN_USTTR User Status Transition Control C TCMS_PCN_USTTR 
297 V_TCMS_PCN_UST_T Search help:User status for a status profile D TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
298 V_TCMS_PCN_U_1 User Status Transition Control(Normal process) C TCMS_PCN_USTTR 
299 V_TCMS_PCN_U_ST Search help:User status for a status profile D TJ20 
300 V_TCMS_PLPRC Process Object-Plausibility processor relation C TCMS_PCN_PLPRC 
301 V_TCMS_PRD Products C TCMS_PRD 
302 V_TCMS_PRD_CAG Product type -Collateral Agreement type Relationship C TCMS_PRD_CAG 
303 V_TCMS_PRD_CAT Product Category C TCMS_PRD_CAT 
304 V_TCMS_PRD_PRDST Product set for product combinations C TCMS_PRD_PRD_SET 
305 V_TCMS_PRD_SET Product sets C TCMS_PRD_SET 
306 V_TCMS_PROC_AREA Process Control area for search helps D TCMS_PCN_CKY_B 
309 V_TCMS_RBL_PROD Receivable Products C TCMS_RBL_PROD 
310 V_TCMS_RBL_SYS_A Maintenance view for TCMS_RBL_SYS_A C TCMS_RBL_SYS_A 
311 V_TCMS_REL Relationship type Maintainance C TCMS_REL_TYP 
312 V_TCMS_REL_CAT Relationship Category C TCMS_REL_CAT 
313 V_TCMS_REL_GRP Define Relationship Group C TCMS_REL_GRP 
314 V_TCMS_REL_OBJ Relationship Object C TCMS_REL_OBJ 
315 V_TCMS_REL_TYP Define Relationship Types C TCMS_REL_TYP 
316 V_TCMS_REL_T_GRP Assign Relationship Types to Relationship Groups C TCMS_REL_TYP_GRP 
317 V_TCMS_RE_ACS_ST Acs Typ-Sub Ast types C TCMS_RE_ACS_SAS 
318 V_TCMS_RE_ACS_TY Accessory Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
319 V_TCMS_RE_ACTVT RE: Business Activity C TCMS_PCN_ACTVT 
320 V_TCMS_RE_APPL Applications C TCMS_RE_APPL 
321 V_TCMS_RE_APP_AC Application -Acs types C TCMS_RE_ACS_SAS 
322 V_TCMS_RE_APP_PR Application - Building Part types C TCMS_RE_PRT_SAS 
323 V_TCMS_RE_APP_RL Application-Business Partner functions C TCMS_RE_EX_BPRL 
324 V_TCMS_RE_APP_TY Application-External types C TCMS_RE_EX_TYP 
325 V_TCMS_RE_AST Real Estate Types - Asset Types C TCMS_RE_EX_TYP 
326 V_TCMS_RE_AST_SH Asset Types (RE category) H TCMS_AST_TYP 
327 V_TCMS_RE_BLDSEC Building Section C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
328 V_TCMS_RE_BPRL Business partner roles C TCMS_RE_BPRL 
331 V_TCMS_RE_ENV_ST Environmental Status C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
333 V_TCMS_RE_EX_TYP Object Type - Asset Type C TCMS_RE_EX_TYP 
334 V_TCMS_RE_FLDS Maintain Screen Field Names for Real Estate Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
335 V_TCMS_RE_FX_FIT Fixtures and Fittings C TCMS_RE_FX_FIT 
336 V_TCMS_RE_INS_TY Insurance type C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
337 V_TCMS_RE_LOC_MA Macro Location Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
338 V_TCMS_RE_LOC_MI Micro Location Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
339 V_TCMS_RE_MODREN Modernization/Renovation Measures C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
340 V_TCMS_RE_NR Assign Number Range to Real Estate Types C TCMS_RE_TYP 
341 V_TCMS_RE_OBJ_AC Object - Accessory relationship C TCMS_RE_OBJ_ACS 
342 V_TCMS_RE_OBJ_PR Object - Building Parts relationship C TCMS_RE_OBJ_PRT 
343 V_TCMS_RE_PRC_CT Price Category C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
344 V_TCMS_RE_PRT_ST Bld prt-Sub Ast types C TCMS_RE_PRT_SAS 
345 V_TCMS_RE_PRT_TY Building Part Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
346 V_TCMS_RE_RAG_TY Rental Agreement Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
347 V_TCMS_RE_SCVAR Real Estate Types C TCMS_RE_TYP 
348 V_TCMS_RE_SP_TYP Building Part Types C TCMS_RE_SP_TYP 
349 V_TCMS_RE_STR Building Structure Types C TCMS_RE_STR 
350 V_TCMS_RE_STR_BD Building method Types - Body C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
351 V_TCMS_RE_STR_CL Building method Types - Cellar C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
352 V_TCMS_RE_STR_RF Building method Types - Roof C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
353 V_TCMS_RE_ST_CAT Status Categories C TCMS_RE_ST_CAT 
354 V_TCMS_RE_TR_CON Transport Connection Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
355 V_TCMS_RE_TYP Real Estate Types C TCMS_RE_TYP 
356 V_TCMS_RE_TY_CKY Assign Real Estate Types to Process Control Keys C TCMS_RE_TYP 
357 V_TCMS_RE_T_CAT Object Categories C TCMS_RE_T_CAT 
358 V_TCMS_RE_U_CAT Usage Categories C TCMS_RE_U_CAT 
359 V_TCMS_RE_U_TYP Usage Types C TCMS_RE_U_TYP 
360 V_TCMS_RE_VAL_OV Origin of Value C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
363 V_TCMS_RIG_ADPRC Additional Protective Right Types C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
364 V_TCMS_RIG_SCVAR Assign Object Screens to Right Types C TCMS_RIG_TYP 
366 V_TCMS_RIG_TYP_P Assign RIG type to process control keys C TCMS_RIG_TYP 
367 V_TCMS_RISKCODE Asset type RiskCode definitions C TCMS_RISKCODE 
368 V_TCMS_SAS_TYP Sub-Asset details C TCMS_SAS_TYP 
369 V_TCMS_SEC_AST Asset details (Asset type and BPF) for Securities accounts C TCMS_SEC_AST 
370 V_TCMS_SEC_CL_TY Securities classification types C TCMS_SEC_CL_TYP 
371 V_TCMS_SHP_CL_CO Classification Company C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
372 V_TCMS_SHP_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Ship Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
373 V_TCMS_SHP_FSTAT Ship Type - Field Status Assignment C TCMS_SHP_TYP 
376 V_TCMS_SHP_IN_TY Insurance type C TCMS_ATT_ID_TY 
377 V_TCMS_SHP_NR Number range details for Asset type C TCMS_SHP_TYP 
378 V_TCMS_SHP_SCVAR Ship Type Details C TCMS_SHP_TYP 
379 V_TCMS_SHP_TYP Ship Type Details C TCMS_SHP_TYP 
380 V_TCMS_SHP_TYP_P Assign Process Control Keys to Ship Types C TCMS_SHP_TYP 
386 V_TCMS_VAL_COMP Valuation components C TCMS_VAL_COMP 
387 V_TCMS_VAL_PARAM View for valuation parameters C TCMS_VAL_PARAM 
388 V_TCMS_VAL_PARGP View for valuation parameter groups C TCMS_VAL_PARGP 
389 V_TCMS_VAL_RES Value Calculation methods C TCMS_VAL_RES 
390 V_TCMS_VEH_FLDS Assign Screen Field Names to Vehicle Types C TCMS_OMS_FLDS 
391 V_TCMS_VEH_NR Assign Number Range to Vehicle Types C TCMS_MOV_TYP 
392 V_TCM_APPL_MEM Memory Block Size C TCM_CUS_MEM 
393 V_TCM_CUS_APPL Customizing parameter CM application C TCM_CUS_APPL 
394 V_TCM_CUS_CBAS Baseline: General settings C TCM_CUS_CBAS 
395 V_TCM_CUS_CDEF Configuration definition: general settings C TCM_CUS_CDEF 
396 V_TCM_CUS_CFOL Configuration folder: general settings C TCM_CUS_CFOL 
397 V_TCM_LC_PHASE Life Cycle Phase C TCM_LC_PHASE 
398 V_TCM_LC_PH_TRAN Phase transistion C TCM_LC_PH_TRANS 
399 V_TCM_LC_PH_USGE CM: Selected usage during Baselining C TCM_LC_PH_USAGE 
400 V_TCM_LIFECYCLE Life cycle profile C TCM_LIFECYCLE 
401 V_TCN00 User fields C TCN00 
402 V_TCN01 Field keys and field names C TCN00 
403 V_TCN02 "Relationships in Network" C TCN02 
404 V_TCN03 PS Text Types C TCN03 
405 V_TCN07 Priorities C TCN07 
406 V_TCN08 Strategies for Settlement Rule C TCN08 
407 V_TCN41 Network Defaults C TCN41 
408 V_TCN41_FPART Default Value for Invoicing Plan Type (PS) C TCN41 
409 V_TCN41_PM Default Values for PM/CS Orders C TCN41 
410 V_TCN41_SD Default Values for Shipping Deadlines C TCN41 
411 V_TCN51 Version Profile C TCN51 
412 V_TCN52 User Status C TCN52 
413 V_TCN53 System Status C TCN53 
414 V_TCN54 Simulation profile C TCN54 
415 V_TCNA Project Information System: Summarization Criteria (Aggr.) C TCNA 
416 V_TCNB "Schedule Info System: Graphic Options" C TCNB 
417 V_TCNC Network/Hierarchy: Frames C TCNC 
418 V_TCND Project Info System: Overview Settings C TCND 
419 V_TCNDB Project Info System: Database settings C TCNDB 
420 V_TCNDS Structure view in Project Info System C TCNDS 
421 V_TCNEG Project Information System: Fields Displayed in the Graphic C TCNEG 
422 V_TCNF Project Info System: Displayed Fields C TCNF 
423 V_TCNG Network/Hierarchy: Graphics Profile C TCNG 
424 V_TCNL Network/Hierarchy: Links C TCNL 
425 V_TCNMF Material flow in the network C TCNMF 
426 V_TCNMMPR Profile for ProMan Exceptions C TCNMMPR 
427 V_TCNMMPR_DATES Overview Exceptions: Dates C TCNMMPR_DATES 
428 V_TCNMMPR_DOCS Overview Exceptions: Documents/Orders C TCNMMPR_DOCS 
429 V_TCNMMPR_EKBE Overview Exceptions: Purchase Order History C TCNMMPR_EKBE 
430 V_TCNMMPR_EKES Overview Exceptions: Order Confirmation C TCNMMPR_EKES 
431 V_TCNMMPR_EKET Overview Exceptions: Purchase Order Delivery Schedule Line C TCNMMPR_EKET 
432 V_TCNMMPR_QUANS Overview Exceptions: Quantities C TCNMMPR_QUANS 
433 V_TCNN Network/Hierarchy: Nodes C TCNN 
434 V_TCNO Network/Hierarchy: Option Profile C TCNO 
435 V_TCNP Project Info System: Grouping Criteria C TCNP 
436 V_TCNRFP Reference point for BOM transfer C TCNRFP 
437 V_TCNRPIP Reference point for relationship between IPPE & PS C TCNRPIP 
438 V_TCNS Project Info System: Sort Criteria C TCNS 
439 V_TCNS_APPL Create Applications that Generate Change Pointers C TCNS_APPL 
440 V_TCNS_BASIC_CUS Make Export Object Type Settings C TCNS_BASIC_CUST 
441 V_TCNS_EXPOBJ Create Export Object Types C TCNS_EXPOBJ 
442 V_TCNS_EXP_REC Assign Allowed Export Object Types C TCNS_EXP_REC 
443 V_TCNS_EXP_REC_H CNS: Help View - Export Object Type for Recipient Comb. H TCNS_EXP_REC 
444 V_TCNS_MAPP_CUST Register Applications that Receive Change Pointers C TCNS_MAPPIN_CUST 
446 V_TCNS_RECEIVERS Create Applications that Receive Change Pointers C TCNS_RECEIVERS 
447 V_TCNS_RECV_CUS Activate Receiver(s) for Change Notification Service C TCNS_RECV_CUST 
448 V_TCNS_SET_EXPOB OBSOLETE: Maintenance of Participants in CNS C TCNS_SET_EXPOBJ 
449 V_TCNS_SET_RECV OBSOLETE: Maintenance View for Receiver Setting C TCNS_SET_RECV 
450 V_TCNT Project Info System: Overall Profile C TCNT 
451 V_TCNTM01F Reference Dates for Date Types of an Event C TCNTM01F 
452 V_TCNTMPR Profile for Monitoring Dates C TCNTMPR 
453 V_TCNTMSCHD Event Proposal for Scheduling C TCNTMSCHD 
454 V_TCNU Project Information System: Unit Conversion C TCNU 
455 V_TCNVA Variable Overviews: Applications C TCNVA 
456 V_TCNVD Variable Overviews: Data Fields C TCNVD 
457 V_TCNVF Variable Overviews: Displayed Fields C TCNVF 
458 V_TCNVG Project Information System: Version Comparison Criteria C TCNVG 
459 V_TCNVL Variable Overviews: List Variants C TCNVL 
460 V_TCNVO Variable Overviews: Objects C TCNVO 
461 V_TCNVS Variable Overviews: Sub-applications C TCNVS 
462 V_TCNVSC Input template for version numbers C TCNVSC 
463 V_TCNVSCT View of Customizing tables for versions D TCNVSC 
464 V_TCNVZ Variable Overviews: Displayed Objects (lines) C TCNVZ 
465 V_TCO10 Valuation variants for order costing C TCO10 
466 V_TCO11 Order control C TCO11 
467 V_TCO11_PS "Control Capacity Availability" C TCO11 
468 V_TCO12 Goods movement stock/batch determination C TCO12 
469 V_TCO41 Default values for generation of operations C TCO41 
470 V_TCO43 Production Scheduling Profile C TCO43 
471 V_TCO43_40 Production Scheduling Profile C TCO43 
472 V_TCO43_CH Production Scheduling Profile for Batch Handling C TCO43 
473 V_TCO47_PP Change profile Order Change Management C TCO47 
474 V_TCO47_PS Change profile Order Change Management C TCO47 
475 V_TCO48 Total change profile order change management C TCO48 
476 V_TCO63 Screen sequence for maintaining components C TCO63 
477 V_TCOA Order Information Sytem: Overall Profiles C TCOA 
478 V_TCOAD Order information system: Object profiles C TCOAD 
479 V_TCOAD_FT Documented goods movements C TCOAD 
480 V_TCOAD_PL "Commissioning List: Profiles" C TCOAD 
481 V_TCOAF Maintenance view overall profile order progress report C TCOAF 
482 V_TCOAO View for maintaining table names in order info system C TCOAO 
483 V_TCOAOB Maintenance view subprofile order progress report C TCOAOB 
484 V_TCOBALE Local Check of Additional Account Assignments C TCOBALE 
485 V_TCOCOMAP Mapping Fields: Remote <-->SEM C TCOCOMAP 
486 V_TCOCOMAP2 Mapping Fields: Remote <-->SEM C TCOCOMAP2 
487 V_TCOCOMAPTYPES Assignment Object Types: Remote System <--> SEM C TCOCOMAPTYPES 
488 V_TCOCORFC RFC Destinations for Concurrent Costing C TCOCORFC 
489 V_TCOF Maintain missing parts info system (main profile) C TCOF 
490 V_TCOFF Missing parts information system: Fields displayed C TCOFF 
491 V_TCOFG Missing parts information system: Grouping criteria C TCOFG 
492 V_TCOFS Missing parts information system: Sort criteria C TCOFS 
493 V_TCOKO Movement Types C TCOKO 
494 V_TCOKO_PS Project System Transaction Types C TCOKO 
495 V_TCOKT Account Assignment Types for Order C TCOKT 
496 V_TCOKT_PI Account Assingment Categories for Process Orders C TCOKT 
497 V_TCOKT_PM Account assignment categories for PM/SM order C TCOKT 
498 V_TCOKT_PS Account assignment categories for order C TCOKT 
499 V_TCOM Commodity Definition C TCOM 
500 V_TCOMA Material - Commodity Assignment C TCOMA