View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T539J_GB_TPSA TPS View T539J Annual Salary Wage Type Valuation V V_T539J_GB 
2 V_T539J_GB_TPSU TPS View T539J Local Supplement Wage Type Valuation V V_T539J_GB 
3 V_T539R Wage Maintenance C T539R 
4 V_T539R_UI Help View for Standard Wage Maintenance H T539R 
5 V_T539R_UI_DE Database View for Standard Wage Maintenance D T539R 
6 V_T539S Wage Type for Standard Wage Maintenance C T539S 
7 V_T53G0 Jurisdiction C T53G0 
8 V_T53G1 Category of the Order C T53G1 
9 V_T53G2 Agency for Garnishments C T53G2 
10 V_T53G4 Debt Types C T53G4 
11 V_T53G5 Model for the Basis Amount C T53G5 
12 V_T53G7 Characteristics of the basis model C T53G7 
13 V_T53G8 Model for the Gross amount C T53G8 
14 V_T53GA Characteristics of the Gross amount C T53GA 
15 V_T53GB Model for the net amount C T53GB 
16 V_T53GD Characteristics of the Net amount C T53GD 
17 V_T53GE Model for the non-exempt amount C T53GE 
18 V_T53GG Characteristics Model for the non exempt amount C T53GE 
19 V_T53GH Non Exempt: Special rules C T53GH 
20 V_T53GJ Non Exempt: Characteristics Special rule C T53GJ 
21 V_T53GK Non Exempt: Level Systems C T53GK 
22 V_T53GM Non Exempt: Characteristics Level Systems C T53GM 
23 V_T53GO Model for the relationship to other debts C T53GO 
24 V_T53GQ Service Charge C T53GQ 
25 V_T53GS Service Charge Characterisitics C T53GS 
26 V_T53GT Priorities of Debts C T53GT 
27 V_T53GU Calculation Model C T53GU 
28 V_T53GW Characteristics of the Calculation Model C T53GW 
29 V_T53GX Model Rounding Amount C T53GX 
30 V_T53GX2 Characteristics of the Rounding Model C T53GX2 
31 V_T53GY Garnishments Elements C T53GY 
32 V_T541A Deductions Paid by Employer for Guaranteed Net Amounts C T541A 
33 V_T541N Guaranteed Net Amounts C T541N 
34 V_T542A Work Contract C T542A 
35 V_T543A Statistics C T543A 
36 V_T543B Statistical Exceptions C T543B 
37 V_T544A Car rule for tax C T544A 
38 V_T546T Employee Subgroup Groupings for Personnel Calculation Rules C T546T 
39 V_T547T Periods of Notice C T547T 
40 V_T547V Contract Types C T547V 
41 V_T548S Date Conversion C T548S 
42 V_T548Y Date Types C T548Y 
43 V_T549A Payroll Areas C T549A 
44 V_T549AG Texts for Payroll Area Groups C T549AG 
45 V_T549AGA Define Payroll Area Groups C T549AGA 
46 V_T549A_2 Payroll Areas - Relevant to Payroll C T549A 
47 V_T549A_DK Payroll Areas (HR-DK) C T549A 
48 V_T549L Date Modifiers C T549L 
49 V_T549P Valid Time Units for Payroll C T549P 
50 V_T549Q Payroll Periods C T549Q 
51 V_T549R Period Parameters C T549R 
52 V_T549S Period-Related Date Entries C T549S 
53 V_T549S_B Period-Related Date Entries C T549S 
54 V_T549V Default Values for Payment Model C T549V 
55 V_T549W Payment model C T549W 
56 V_T549X Payment Periods C T549X 
57 V_T549Z Calendar for payment model C T549Z 
58 V_T54C0 Start of the tax year for payroll periods C T54C0 
59 V_T54C1 Calendar for Cumulation C T54C1 
60 V_T54C2 Calendar Type C T54C2 
61 V_T54C3 Cumulation of Wage Types C T54C3 
62 V_T54C4 Valid Calendar Types C T54C4 
63 V_T54C6 Cumulation Periods C T54C6 
64 V_T54C6_A Cumulation Periods C T54C6 
65 V_T550A Daily Work Schedule C T550A 
66 V_T550P Work Break Schedule C T550P 
67 V_T550X Rules to determe variant for monthly WS rule generation C T550X 
68 V_T551A Period Work Schedule C T551A 
69 V_T551C Period Work Schedule Valuation C T551C 
70 V_T552V Dyn. Assgnmnt of DWS: Clock-in Postings C T552V 
71 V_T552W Dynamic Daily WS Assignment: Planned/Actual Overlap C T552W 
72 V_T553T Day Types Text C T553T 
73 V_T554A Breakdown of Absences After Quota Deduction C T554A 
74 V_T554C Absence Valuation C T554C 
75 V_T554D Military Service Ranks C T554D 
76 V_T554E Counting Classes for Absence Valuation C T554E 
77 V_T554G Types of Birth C T554G 
78 V_T554H Evaluation Type for Attendances/Absences C T554H 
79 V_T554L Absence Valuation Rules C T554L 
80 V_T554M Rule Table: Absences for Maternity Protection C T554M 
81 V_T554P Symbol for Attendance and Absence C T554P 
82 V_T554R Day Rules C T554R 
83 V_T554S Absence: Input Checks C T554S 
84 V_T554S_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of attendance/absence types C T554S_ESSEX 
85 V_T554S_GB_PS Absence Subtype Groupings C T554S 
86 V_T554S_WEB Processing Processes for Types of Leave C T554S_WEB 
87 V_T554V Defaults for Absence Types C T554V 
88 V_T554W Periods of Military Service C T554W 
89 V_T554Y Global Time Constraint Reaction C T554Y 
90 V_T555A Time Types C T555A 
91 V_T555A_WEB OBSOLETE! Time Types to Be Displayed C T555A_WEB 
92 V_T555D [OBSOLETE; USE NOW V_T705A] Att./Absence Reasons Subsystem C T555D 
93 V_T555E Time Evaluation Messages C T555E 
94 V_T555E_WLIST Message Processing: Message Types C T555E 
95 V_T555H PDC Group Assignment C T555H 
96 V_T555I PDC Master Record Information C T555I 
97 V_T555J Time Transfer Specifications: Transfer to Time Types C T555J 
98 V_T555K Time Transfer Specifications: Transfer to Wage Types C T555K 
99 V_T555L Time Transfer Specifications: Transfer to Absence Quotas C T555L 
100 V_T555O Time Profiles C T555O 
101 V_T555P Employee Time Transfer Type C T555P 
102 V_T555U_DW Time Recording IDs w/ Texts D T555U 
103 V_T555W [OBSOLETE; USE NOW V_T705K]; Ext. Wage Types from Subsystem C T555W 
104 V_T555Z Time Type Determination C T555Z 
105 V_T556 Substitution Types C T556 
106 V_T556A Absence Quota Type C T556A 
107 V_T556A_WEB Specify Display of Absence Quotas C T556A_WEB 
108 V_T556E Rule Groups for the Refinement of Absences C T556E 
109 V_T556G Rules for the Refinement of Absences C T556G 
110 V_T556G_A Coverage History: Absence Evaluation Seniority Bands C T556G 
111 V_T556M Process Partial-Day Absences Using XNAB Function C T556M 
112 V_T556P Attendance Quota Type C T556P 
113 V_T556P_WEB Specify Display of Attendance Quotas C T556P_WEB 
114 V_T556R Deduction Rules for Attendance Quotas C T556R 
115 V_T556U Quota compensation types C T556U 
116 V_T556W Assign Wage Types to Quotas to be Compensated C T556W 
117 V_T557 Availability Type C T557 
118 V_T557A_DW Reporting Time Types with Texts D T557A 
119 V_T557B Reporting Time Types C T557A 
120 V_T557BU Reporting Time Types C T557A 
121 V_T557B_DW Reporting Time Types with Texts D T557A 
122 V_T557D_DW Quota Types for Reporting w/ Texts D T557D 
123 V_T557E Reporting Quota Types C T557D 
124 V_T557E_DW Quota Types for Reporting w/ Texts D T557D 
125 V_T557G Attendances/Absences Assignment C T557G 
126 V_T557GU Attendances/Absences Assignment C T557G 
127 V_T557H Time Types Assignment C T557H 
128 V_T557HU Time Types Assignment C T557H 
129 V_T557I Wage Types Assignment C T557I 
130 V_T557IU Wage Types Assignment C T557I 
131 V_T557J Absence Quota Types Assignment C T557J 
132 V_T557K Leave Types Assignment C T557K 
133 V_T557L Attendance Quotas Assignment C T557L 
134 V_T557M Assign Time Types (Monthly Cumulations Table SALDO) C T557M 
135 V_T557PT_SP PT-SP: Maintain Reporting Time Types (Absence Planner) C T557G 
136 V_T557V Membership Function C T557V 
137 V_T558A Payroll Account Transfer C T558A 
138 V_T558D_LEG T558D: Payroll Account Transfer View C T558D 
139 V_T559D Validity/Deduction Interval for Absence Quotas C T559D 
140 V_T559E Base Entitlement for Absence Quota Generation C T559E 
141 V_T559F Processing of Absence Quota Remainders C T559F 
142 V_T559J Convert Leave Types to Quota Types C T559J 
143 V_T559L Absence Quota Type Selection C T559L 
144 V_T559L_PBS Absence Quota Type Selection (Public Sector - AU) C T559L 
145 V_T559M_PBS Reduction Rules for Absence Quota Generation-(HR:AU:PBS) C T559M 
146 V_T559P Limits for Time Balances C T559P 
147 V_T559QT Transfer Remaining Quota to New Quotas C T559QT 
148 V_T559R Rounding Rule C T559R 
149 V_T564T Insurance Companies C T564T 
150 V_T569R Earliest Recalculation Dates for Time Management C T569R 
151 V_T569T Control Record Texts C T569T 
152 V_T569U Logs for Control Records C T569U 
153 V_T569V Control Records C T569V 
154 V_T56C1 Parameter for Cumulation Types C T56C1 
155 V_T56C2 Permitted Cumulation Types C T56C2 
156 V_T56C3 Date for the Cumulation Intervals C T56C3 
157 V_T56C4 Period Date Relevant for Cumulations C T56C4 
158 V_T56C5 Time-Based Window for Cumulation Table Entries C T56C5 
159 V_T56C8 Country-Specific Cumulation Tables C T56C8 
160 V_T56E1 HR-XX: Exception Reporting - Tolerance Grouping C T56E1 
161 V_T56E2 HR-XX: Exception Reporting - Rule Description C T56E2 
162 V_T56E3 HR-XX: Exception Reporting C T56E3 
163 V_T56E4 HR-XX: Exception Repoting - Sub Rules C T56E4 
164 V_T56E5 HR-XX: Exception Reporting - Table list C T56E5 
165 V_T56E6 HR-XX: Exception Reporting - Table Field list C T56E6 
166 V_T572B Description of Sickness C T572B 
167 V_T572E Control table for additional absence data C T572E 
168 V_T572G Permitted Values for Events C T572G 
169 V_T577 Family Characteristics C T577 
170 V_T577_A Familieneigenschaften C T577 
171 V_T577_C Family Characteristics C T577 
172 V_T577_UI Help View for Table T577 H T577 
173 V_T578A Medical Doctors C T578A 
174 V_T578T Areas of Examination C T578T 
175 V_T578W Permissible Values for Areas of Examination C T578W 
176 V_T578X Permissible Values for Areas of Examination C T578X 
177 V_T578Y Examination Results C T578Y 
178 V_T578Z Internal Medical Service C T578Z 
179 V_T582A Infotype attributes (Customizing) C T582A 
180 V_T582B Infotypes That Are Created Automatically C T582B 
181 V_T582G Infotype/Subtype Assignment - Grouping Reason C T582G 
182 V_T582ITD Infotype - Dialog Module (CE) C T582ITD 
183 V_T582ITOPER Infotype Operations C T582ITOPER 
184 V_T582ITVCHCK Verification Class for a Version Flag C T582ITVCHCK 
185 V_T582ITVCLAS Classes for Determining Version IDs and Infotype Containers C T582ITVCLAS 
186 V_T582ITVOPER Permissibility of Infotype Operations C T582ITVOPER 
187 V_T582L Infotypes - country-specific settings C T582L 
188 V_T582S Infotype Texts C T582S 
189 V_T582V Assignment of Infotypes to Views C T582V 
190 V_T582W Assigns Infotype View to Primary Infotype C T582W 
191 V_T584A Test Procedures - Infotype Assignment C T584A 
192 V_T585A HR Documents: Infotypes To Be Logged C T585A 
193 V_T585B HR Documents: Field Group Definition C T585B 
194 V_T585C HR Documents: Field Group Characteristics C T585C 
195 V_T585O HR Optical Archiving: Configuration Table for PREL and PAPL C T585O 
196 V_T587A Detail View: Personnel Assignments - Categories C T587A 
197 V_T587B View for information category text C T587B 
198 V_T587C_D Personnel Assignment Details C T587C 
199 V_T587C_O Personnel Assignments Overview C T587C 
200 V_T587C_T Personnel Assignments - Texts C T587C 
201 V_T588AUTO_MAP Mapping for Conversion of Repeat Structure/Tables C T588AUTO_MAP 
202 V_T588AUTO_TABLE Mapping for Conversion of Repeat Structure/Tables C T588AUTO_TABLE 
203 V_T588AUTO_TEXT Assignment of Text Fields for Generic Text Reader C T588AUTO_TEXT 
204 V_T588AUTO_TEXTC Maint. View: Assgmt Text Flds for Gen. TextReader (Customer) C T588AUTO_TEXTC 
205 V_T588B Infotype Menu C T588B 
206 V_T588C User Groups Dependency on Menus and Info Groups C T588C 
207 V_T588D Info Group C T588D 
208 V_T588F4_TEXT Maintenance View for Table T588F4_TEXT C T588F4_TEXT 
209 V_T588FIX_TEXT Assignment of Data Elements to Determine Fixed Texts C T588FIX_TEXT 
210 V_T588G Field-Specific Retroactive Accounting Recognition C T588G 
211 V_T588I Header Modifier C T588I 
212 V_T588M View for Infotype Screen Control C T588M 
213 V_T588MFPROPC HR: Field Properties C T588MFPROPC 
214 V_T588MFPROPS HR: Field Properties C T588MFPROPS 
215 V_T588M_ESS Control of Screen Fields for ESS Scenarios C T588M_ESS 
216 V_T588N Screen Modification for Account Assignment Block C T588N 
217 V_T588UICONVCLAS Maintenance View for Table T588UICONVCLAS C T588UICONVCLAS 
218 V_T588Z Dynamic Actions C T588Z 
219 V_T591A Subtype Characteristics C T591A 
220 V_T591A_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of Subtypes C T591A_ESSEX 
221 V_T591A_LR Subtypes for Labour Relations (South Africa) C T591A 
222 V_T591A_NOA Nature of Action Codes C T591A 
223 V_T591A_UI_DE Help View for Permissible Subtypes H T591A 
224 V_T591B Wage-type-dependent retroactive accounting trigger C T591B 
225 V_T591C Recipient Type for Communication Type C T591A 
226 V_T5961 Areas C T5961 
227 V_T5963 Assign Areas to Subapplications C T5963 
228 V_T5963_A Assign Areas to Subapplications C T5963 
229 V_T596A Subapplications C T596A 
230 V_T596C Validity Interval for Statutory Subapplications C T596C 
231 V_T596D Validity Intervals for Non-Statutory Subapplications C T596D 
232 V_T596D_VADM Validity Periods of Subapplications C T596D 
233 V_T596G Specification for Cumulation Wage Types for Subapplications C T596G 
234 V_T596G_B Specification for Cumulation Wage Types for Subapplications C T596G 
235 V_T596I Assignment of Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types C T596I 
236 V_T596I_AR View Argentina for table T596I C T596I 
237 V_T596I_IT C T596I 
238 V_T596J Assignment of Wage Types to Cumulation WTs (Customer Table) C T596J 
239 V_T596J_AR View Argentina for table T596J C T596J 
240 V_T596J_T5C23 Calculation Formula for Comments C T5C23 
241 V_T596K HR-PAY: View for Country-Specific Table Names C T596K 
242 V_T596L Determination of Personnel Area Reporting C T596L 
243 V_T596L_BEW HR-DBW: View Variant V_T596L for Statements V V_T596L 
244 V_T596L_BEW_FR Statements/Cert.: define personnel area V V_T596L 
245 V_T596L_LSTA HR-DST: View Variant V_T596L for Employment Tax Notification V V_T596L 
246 V_T596L_LSTB HR-DST: View Variant V_T596L for Employment Tax Statement V V_T596L 
247 V_T596L_LSTD HR-DST: View Variant V_T596L for Data Provider V V_T596L 
248 V_T596L_VBA HR-DBW: View Variante V_T596L for BEW (E-mail Procedure) V V_T596L 
249 V_T596M Data from Personnel Area Reporting C T596M 
250 V_T596MD Screens/Structures of Subscreens from T596M C T596MD 
251 V_T596N Summary Personnel Area Reporting C T596N 
252 V_T596NV Summary Personnel Area Reporting C T596NV 
253 V_T596N_BEW HR-DBW: View Variant T596N for Statements D V V_T596N 
254 V_T596N_BEW_AT HR-BW: View Variant T596N for Statements AT V V_T596N 
255 V_T596N_BEW_FR View variant for French statement T596N V V_T596N 
256 V_T596N_VBA HR-DBW: View Variant T596N for BEW (E-mail Procedure) V V_T596N 
257 V_T596U Conversion Table C T596U 
258 V_T596X Dynamic assignment of cumulation wage types to fields C T596X 
259 V_T599C_F pnp 900 C T599F_PY 
260 V_T599C_PY Time Selection C T599C_PY 
261 V_T599E Time-Dependent Rounding for Operation RNDC in Payroll Rule C T599E 
262 V_T599F Report Category - Select Options C T599F 
263 V_T599F_PY_2 Organizational Selections (Superset) C T599F_PY 
264 V_T599I Parameters that Control Logical Views for T512W C T599I 
265 V_T599J Text Table for Logical Views C T599J 
266 V_T599R HR Report Attributes C T599R 
267 V_T599R_B HR Report Attributes - Flow Control for Logical Database C T599R 
268 V_T599SFE Required infotypes for feature structure C T599SFE 
269 V_T599Y Convert External Wage Types C T599Y 
270 V_T599Z Time Wage Types to Third-Party Systems C T599Z 
271 V_T5A03 Employee Subgroup Grouping for Continued Pay C T503Z 
272 V_T5A1D Contribution Groups per SI Characteristic C T5A1D 
273 V_T5A1F Values for Characteristic Types of Contribution Groups C T5A1F 
274 V_T5A1O_REF Display View for Reference Number C T5A1O_REF 
275 V_T5A1S Employer Account Numbers with Social Insurance Bodies C T5A1S 
276 V_T5A1T Social Insurance Bodies C T5A1T 
277 V_T5A1U Company Employee Pension Fund C T5A1U 
278 V_T5A1X Wage Types for Determining SI Contributions C T5A1X 
279 V_T5A1Z_P Maintenance View T5A1Z: AGRD and EBSV Check C T5A1Z 
280 V_T5A1Z_PBS_P Maintenance View T5A1Z_PBS - AGRD and EBSV Check C T5A1Z_PBS 
281 V_T5A2A Proportionate Calculations of Deduction Amounts C T5A2A 
282 V_T5A2D Tax Procedure/Reasons for Tax Exemption C T5A2D 
283 V_T5A2D_VAL_HLP Value Help for Tax Procedure and Exemption Reason H T5A2D 
284 V_T5A2E Income Tax Rates C T5A2E 
285 V_T5A2G_AD Assignment of Addresses to Municipalities C T5A2G_AD 
286 V_T5A2G_NEW Municipality Code and Municipality Status C T5A2G_NEW 
287 V_T5A2G_NEW_PLZ Postal Codes of Municipality C T5A2G_NEW_PLZ 
288 V_T5A2H Transfer Wage Types to Small or Large Relation Wage Type C T5A2H 
289 V_T5A2I Relation-Forming Wage Types C T5A2I 
290 V_T5A2J_SZ Scaling for Spec. Payment Taxation StabG C T5A2J 
291 V_T5A2L Total Number L16 C T5A2L 
292 V_T5A2M Damaging Actions/Reasons C T5A2M 
293 V_T5A2S_PP Commuter Rate: Kilometer Limits C T5A2S_PP 
294 V_T5A3A Family allowance C T5A3A 
295 V_T5A4D Time-Dependent Entitlement Quotas C T5A4D 
296 V_T5A4H View for Date Specifications (Continued Pay) C T5A4H 
297 V_T5A4P_GB_PS Absence Groupings C T5A4P 
298 V_T5A4Q Characteristics of Attendance/Absence Categories C T5A4P 
299 V_T5A4S Assgmt Job/Pos. to Heavy Labor Pos. in Acc. with Sec. 5 Reg. C T5A4S 
300 V_T5A5D Variables in Forms for Sickness Certificates C T5A5D 
301 V_T5A5F Technical Control for Sickness Certificates C T5A5F 
302 V_T5A5K Forms for Domestic Sickness Certificates C T5A5K 
303 V_T5A5T Print Item Texts for Sickness Certificates C T5A5T 
304 V_T5A5U Forms for Foreign Sickness Certificates C T5A5U 
305 V_T5A5Z System Responses for Master Data Maintenance C T5A5Z 
306 V_T5A6B Equalization Reasons C T5A6B 
307 V_T5A6D Fields for Special Cases C T5A6D 
308 V_T5A6F Interest Types C T5A6F 
309 V_T5A6H Rules of a Garnishment Group C T5A6H 
310 V_T5A7A Field Properties of Payslip Fields C T5A7A 
311 V_T5A7D Payslip Checking Rules C T5A7D 
312 V_T5A7E Payslip Validation Rules C T5A7E 
313 V_T5A7F Define Comparison Condition C T5A7F 
314 V_T5A7I Transfer Payslip Tax Domestic (L16) C T5A7I 
315 V_T5A7J Transfer Payslip Tax Domestic (L16) (Customer Table) C T5A7J 
316 V_T5A7L Payslip: Actions/Reasons for Payslip Creation C T5A7L 
317 V_T5A7V Payslip: Employer Assignment for Variants for RPUELDA0 C T5A7V 
318 V_T5A7W Payslip: Employer Assignment to Company C T5A7W 
319 V_T5A8AB Maintenance View for Civil Servant Group C T5A8A 
320 V_T5A8C Maintenance View for Calculation Period C T5A8C 
321 V_T5A8D Maintenance View for Revaluation Factor/Revaluation Number C T5A8D 
322 V_T5A8EF Maintenance View for Retirement Reason C T5A8E 
323 V_T5A8G Maintenance View for Deduction for Early Retirement C T5A8G 
324 V_T5A8H Maintenance View for PRAT Customizing Constant C T5A8H 
325 V_T5A8HRAT_FIL Maintenance View for Pension Calculation BAdI Filter C T5A8HRAT_CLCP_FV 
326 V_T5A8I Maint. View for Key Date for Total Pensionable Empl. Period C T5A8I 
327 V_T5A9B Payment Characterisics of Default Wage Types for IT 0527 C T5A9B 
328 V_T5A9D_A Validity of Retirement Age Groupings C T5A9D 
329 V_T5A9E_A Retirement Age Based on Date of Birth C T5A9E 
330 V_T5A9F_A Time-Dependent Factors for Severance Pay C T530D 
331 V_T5A9G Company Number of Union C T5A9G 
332 V_T5A9M Multiple Assignment for Municipal Tax C T5A9M 
333 V_T5AE1 Enter Absence Types for Illness Notification C T5AE1 
334 V_T5AE2 Align Absence Types for Illness Notification C T5AE2 
335 V_T5AE3 Convert Absence Types in Event of Missing Illness Notif. C T5AE3 
336 V_T5AGR Projection Rules (Income Report) C T5AGR 
337 V_T5AK0 Wage Groups C T5AK0 
338 V_T5AK1 Standard Working Hours C T5AK1 
339 V_T5AK2 Flat Rates for Hours Lost C T5AK2 
340 V_T5AKB Reference No. for Short-Time Work C T5AKB 
341 V_T5APBS01 Insurer C T5APBS01 
342 V_T5APBS02 Type of Cash Benefits C T5APBS02 
343 V_T5APBS03 Joint Taxation: Assignment of Fields for Import C T5APBS03 
344 V_T5APBS04 Joint Taxation: Assignment of Wage Types to Infotypes C T5APBS04 
345 V_T5APBS05 Joint Taxation: Assignment of Wage Types for Export C T5APBS05 
346 V_T5APBS06 Pay Scale Reclassification C T5APBS06 
347 V_T5APBS07 Correction Wage Types for SI Public Sector C T5APBS07 
348 V_T5APBS08 Maximum and Minimum Contribution Bases C T5APBS08 
349 V_T5APBS09 Variable SI Percentages C T5APBS09 
350 V_T5APBS10 Properties of Attendance/Absence Types for SI Public Sector C T5APBS10 
351 V_T5APBS11 SI Public Sector: Sequence Tax Calculation Special Payment C T5APBS11 
352 V_T5APBS12 SI Public Sector: Absence - Contribut. Type Group Assignment C T5APBS12 
353 V_T5APBS14 SI Public Sector: SI Modifier - Percentages Assignment C T5APBS14 
354 V_T5APBS14II SI Public Sector: SI Modifier - Percentages Assignment C T5APBS14 
355 V_T5APBS15 Technical Form Control of RPCSVBA2PBS C T5APBS15 
356 V_T5APBS16 Percentages for Indirect Valuation via APSV2 C T5APBS16 
357 V_T5APBS17 Correction Wage Types for SI Public Sector C T5APBS17 
358 V_T5APBS18 Maximum and Minimum Contribution Bases C T5APBS18 
359 V_T5APBS19 Assignment of SCB Point Wage Types to Subtypes C T5APBS19 
360 V_T5APBS20 Properties for Absence Types for FRSC C T5APBS20 
361 V_T5APBS21 Key Date Calculation C T5APBS21 
362 V_T5APBS_F_APORG Return Values for Feature APORG C T5APBS_F_APORG 
363 V_T5APF Class Name for Dynamic Instance Generation C T5APF 
364 V_T5APG Customer Layer f. Dynamic Instance Generation (Analog T5APF) C T5APG 
365 V_T5ARL Assignment of Organizations to Base Wage Types C T5ARL 
366 V_T5AS0 Usage Groups (Income Statistics) C T5AS0 
367 V_T5AS1 Function Groups (Income Statistics) C T5AS1 
368 V_T5AS2 Remuneration Type (Income Stat. Acc to Equal Treatment Act) C T5AS2 
370 V_T5ASRADDCRIT Groupings for Reports C T5ASRADDCRIT 
371 V_T5ASRAUTHACTVT Methods of Authorization Check for Activities C T5ASRAUTHMETHOD 
372 V_T5ASRAUTHCONT Methods of Authorization Check for Activities C T5ASRAUTHMETHOD 
374 V_T5ASRDPFANCHOR Number of Node Attribute "Anchor" C T5ASRDPFANCHOR 
375 V_T5ASRDPFARDOCS Assignment of Document Types to Category of Files C T5ASRDPFARDOCS 
376 V_T5ASRDPFCAT Category of Personnel Files C T5ASRDPFCAT 
377 V_T5ASRDPFDOCU Assignment of Anchor to Attachment Type C T5ASRDPFDOCUMENT 
378 V_T5ASRDPFFORMS Assignment of Anchor to Form Scenario C T5ASRDPFFORMS 
380 V_T5ASRFSCNXI Form Scenario for XI Inbound Processing C T5ASRFSCNXI 
381 V_T5ASRGR2PRAUTH Assignment of Process to Process Group for Auth. Check C T5ASRGRP2PRCAUTH 
382 V_T5ASRITFORDER Sequential Order for Update of Infotypes C T5ASRITFORDER 
384 V_T5ASRPROC Processes C T5ASRPROC 
385 V_T5ASRPROCCHK Link Processes with Process Groups (Collision Check) C T5ASRPROCCHK 
386 V_T5ASRPROCCONT Group Processes for UI Control and Collision Check C T5ASRPROCCONT 
388 V_T5ASRPROCGRPA Start Object for Process Groups C T5ASRPROCGRPA 
389 V_T5ASRPROCGRVAL Group-Dependent Process Selection for Start Application C T5ASRPROCGRVAL 
390 V_T5ASRPROCPAID Assign Sample for Reference Numbers to Processes C T5ASRPROCPAID 
391 V_T5ASRPROCPROP Attributes for Processes in Start Application C T5ASRPROCPROP 
393 V_T5ASRPROCVALID Valid Processes for Start Applications C T5ASRPROCVALID 
394 V_T5ASRPRSCFORM Configuration Data For Start of Processes with Form C T5ASRPRSCFORM 
395 V_T5ASRPRSCXI Configuration for Processes for XI Inbound Processing C T5ASRPRSCXI 
396 V_T5ASRPRSCXIMSG Workflow Template for XI Message Type C T5ASRPRSCXIMSG 
397 V_T5ASRRFNUMPAID Define Pattern for Reference Numbers of Processes C T5ASRREFNUMPAID 
398 V_T5ASRSEARCH Assignment of Variant for Search Fields for User Group C T5ASRSEARCH 
400 V_T5ASRSEARCHVAR Variants for Employee Search C T5ASRSEARCHVAR 
401 V_T5ASRSELFLDDF Prefill Selection Fields for Reports: Dyn. Field Selection C T5ASRSELFLDDF 
402 V_T5ASRSELFLDID Specify Reports with Default Field Values C T5ASRSELFLDID 
403 V_T5ASRSELFLDSF Prefill Selection Fields for Reports: Stat. Field Selection C T5ASRSELFLDSF 
404 V_T5ASRSELFLDVAR Specify Variants for Reports C T5ASRSELFLDVAR 
405 V_T5ASRSHADOWFLD Shadow Fields for XI Inbound Processing C T5ASRSHADOWFLDS 
406 V_T5ASRSHFLDATRD Permitted XI Fields for XI Scenario C T5ASRSHFLDXISCEN 
407 V_T5ASRSHFLDATTR XI Shadow Field - Attributes C T5ASRSHFLDATTR 
408 V_T5ASRSWNEXOBJ Objects To Be Excluded for Work Item Notification C T5ASRSWNEXOBJ 
409 V_T5ASRSWNEXUSER Users To Be Excluded for Work Item Notification C T5ASRSWNEXUSER 
410 V_T5ASRSWNEXWFTS Workflow Tasks for Suppresion of Work Item Notification C T5ASRSWNEXWFTS 
411 V_T5ASRWITHDRAW Permission for Withdrawal of Process C T5ASRWITHDRAW 
412 V_T5ASRXI2ATTMAP Mapping XI Inbound Attachments to Form Attachments C T5ASRXI2ATTMAP 
413 V_T5ASRXI2FLDMAP Mapping XI Inbound Processing Fields to Form Fields C T5ASRXI2FLDMAP 
414 V_T5ASRXIFSCN Form Scenario for XI Message Type C T5ASRXIFSCN 
415 V_T5ASRXIMAPATT Mapping XI Msg. Attachments According to Form Attachment Ty. C T5ASRXIMAPATT 
416 V_T5ASRXIMAPFLD Mapping XI Message Fields According to Form Fields C T5ASRXIMAPFLD 
418 V_T5ASRXISCENPG Process Group for XI Scenario C T5ASRPRSCXI 
419 V_T5ASRXISCPROP Attributes for XI Scenario Types C T5ASRXISCPROP 
420 V_T5AU0 Specify Usage Types for Simulation Results C T5AU0 
421 V_T5B01 SI Categories Employees (B) C T5B01 
422 V_T5B02 SI Categories Employers (B) C T5B02 
423 V_T5B03 SI Specifications Employees (B) C T5B03 
424 V_T5B04 SI Notifications Employees (B) C T5B04 
425 V_T5B05 Function SI for Employee Paid on Tips (B) C T5B05 
426 V_T5B06 Obsolete: Text Table Country Codes SI/"BELCOTAX" (B) C T5B0F 
427 V_T5B07 Profession Groups (B) C T5B07 
428 V_T5B08 Obsolete: Nationalities (B) C T5B08 
429 V_T5B09 Type deduction of SI-contribution employer (B) C T5B09 
430 V_T5B0A SI Categories Employees (B) (obsolete) C T5B0A 
431 V_T5B0B SI Categories Employers (B) (obsolete) C T5B0B 
432 V_T5B0J Usage for SI Category Employee C T5B0J 
433 V_T5B11 Type of tax Calculation (B) C T5B11 
434 V_T5B12 Spouse's Professions (B) C T5B12 
435 V_T5B13 Leave Regulation Taxes (B) C T5B13 
436 V_T5B14 Marital Status (B) C T5B14 
437 V_T5B17 BELCOTAX 281. activity code. C T5B17 
438 V_T5B17_BOW BELCOTAX 281. activity code. BOW: use V_T5BX3 for Print out C T5B17 
439 V_T5B1E Employee Grouping Modifiers C T5B1E 
440 V_T5B1H Relationships Betw. Companies and Institutions C T5B1H 
441 V_T5B1P Personnel area/subareas C T5B1P 
442 V_T5B1R Relationships Betw. Pers. Subareas and Institutions C T5B1R 
443 V_T5B1S Companies C T5B1S 
444 V_T5B1T Relationships Betw. Companies and Institutions C T5B1T 
445 V_T5B1U Relationships Betw. Pers. Subareas and Institutions C T5B1U 
446 V_T5B1V Correspondence of customer entries in TSADV C T5B1V 
447 V_T5B31 Translation Table-View Educational Leave Quotums (Be) C T5B31 
448 V_T5B41 Belgian specific date types for IT 41. C T5B41 
449 V_T5B53 Postal Codes for Taxes (B) C T5B53 
450 V_T5B5A Fusion Postal Codes (B) C T5B5A 
451 V_T5B5C Postal Codes (B) C T5B5C 
452 V_T5B5D Match Belgium Postal codes to region C T5B5D 
453 V_T5B62 Text Table Collective Agreements (B) C T5B6B 
454 V_T5B63 Joint Commissions (B) C T5B6C 
455 V_T5B71 Work Periods SI (B) C T5B71 
456 V_T5B72 Weekly Workdays "Regime" (B) C T5B72 
457 V_T5B73 Regulations Work Schedules (B) C T5B73 
458 V_T5B94 View for legal document C T5B94 
459 V_T5B95 View for legal document C T5B95 
460 V_T5B96 View legal document and form C T5B96 
461 V_T5B9A Institutions (B) C T5B9A 
462 V_T5B9B Institutional Groups (B) C T5B92 
463 V_T5B9G Employee Groups/Subgroups (B) C T503Z 
464 V_T5B9P Personnel Areas/Personnel Subareas (B) C T001P 
465 V_T5BAL Activation allowances C T5BAL 
466 V_T5BC0 Client specific home-work expenses C T5BC0 
467 V_T5BC0A zz C T5BC0 
468 V_T5BC0_ALL Rail tariff for commuting expenses - overview sceen C T5BC0 
469 V_T5BCI10 HR-Belgium: Complementary Indemnity- Debtor Type Code List. C T5BCI10 
470 V_T5BCI11 Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code List C T5BCI11 
471 V_T5BCI12 HR-Belgium: Complementary Indemnity - CI amount adjustment C T5BCI12 
472 V_T5BCI13 HR-Belgium: CI: Justification for Incomplete month code list C T5BCI13 
473 V_T5BCI14 Complementary Indemnity: Capitalization code list C T5BCI14 
474 V_T5BCI15 Complementary Indemnity: Allowance Type code list text C T5BCI15 
475 V_T5BCISIC Complementary Indemnity: Social Insurance Contributions C T5BCISIC 
476 V_T5BCISIC_ALL Complementary Indemnity: Social Insurance Contributions C T5BCISIC 
477 V_T5BD1 Local Unit ID view C T5BD1 
478 V_T5BD3 Additional Social Insurance Contributions (obsolete) C T5BD3 
479 V_T5BD4 Definition of modifiers for additional contributions C T5BD4 
480 V_T5BD5 Inherently dangerous activities C T5BD5 
481 V_T5BD6 Assignment of premium rates to risk activities C T5BD6 
482 V_T5BD7 Groupings of premium rates for risk activities C T5BD7 
483 V_T5BD8 DMFA Service Codes C T5BD8 
484 V_T5BD9 DMFA Remuneration Codes C T5BD9 
485 V_T5BDA Additional Social Insurance Contributions C T5BDA 
486 V_T5BDA_ALL Additional Social Insurance Contributions - Overview of all C T5BDA 
487 V_T5BDI0 HR-BE: Dimona Central Table C T5BDI0 
488 V_T5BDR Deductions codes for DMFA C T5BDR 
489 V_T5BDRJ Job Card Codes C T5BDRJ 
490 V_T5BDRM Grouping of deductions for DMFA C T5BDRM 
491 V_T5BDRO Grouping of deductions for DMFA C T5BDRO 
492 V_T5BDRX Activa - SI Reductions C T5BDRX 
493 V_T5BDRY Job Card Codes, Activa Allowances and SI Reductions C T5BDRY 
494 V_T5BDRZ Activa - Allowances C T5BDRZ 
495 V_T5BFA Assign pollution category to fuel type C T5BFA 
496 V_T5BFB CO2 coefficient per pollution category C T5BFB 
497 V_T5BFB_5DEC CO2 coefficient per pollution category C T5BFB 
498 V_T5BFB_REF CO2 Reference Value by Pollution Category C T5BFB 
499 V_T5BFC Assignment of Car Models to Fiscal HP (Extension of T5C3) C T5BFC 
500 V_T5BFCN Fusion Postal Codes (entity) C T5BFCN