View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 VWRF_BETRWHSP View for Department Store/Shop Search Help D T001W 
2 VWRF_BWKEY Database View for Valuation Area Search Help D T001W 
3 VWRF_CATEGORY View for Category Search Help H WRF_MATGRP_STRUC 
4 VWRF_DEBI Search Help View D T001W 
5 VWRF_K001_K003 Help View for Selection of Catalogs by EAN D PRICAT_K001 
6 VWRF_K001_K004 Help View for Selection of Catalogs by EAN D PRICAT_K001 
12 VWRPLTAFV Output Sequences to Fill Field Catalog D VWRPLTFVAF 
13 VWR_DEBI View for Search Help: Shops by Customer D KNA1 
14 VWSPV Security Prices for Special Valuation C TWSPV 
16 VWTYGB01 Maintenance View for GB01 C GB01 
17 VWTY_GB01 View for GB01 C GB01 
18 VWTY_TPAER Partner Functions in Procedure H TPAER 
19 VWV_DEFDEP_PT Default Value Securities Account for Product Cat. C VWT_DEFDEP_PT 
20 VWV_DEFDEP_SEC Default Value Securities Account per ID Number C VWT_DEFDEP_SEC 
22 V_001F_B Forms For Correspondence C T001F 
23 V_001F_D Forms For Returned Bills of Exchange C T001F 
24 V_001F_E Forms For Returned Bills of Exchange C T001F 
25 V_001F_F Manual Check Deposit Forms C T001F 
26 V_001G_B Sender Details For Correspondence C T001G 
27 V_001G_D Sender Details For Returned Bills of Exchange C T001G 
28 V_001G_E Sender Details For Bill of Exchange Presentation C T001G 
29 V_001G_F Standard texts C T001G 
30 V_001G_R Sender Texts for Invoice Verification Forms C T001G 
31 V_001K_EK Set up calculation of value for the purchase account C T001K 
32 V_001K_EK2 Configure Separate Accounting Document for Purchase Account C T001K 
33 V_001K_G Valuation Areas C T001K 
34 V_001K_K Acct Determination for Val. Areas C T001K 
35 V_001K_LB Price Differences in Subcontracting for Valuation Areas C T001K 
36 V_001K_N Negative Stocks for Valuation Areas C T001K 
37 V_001L_B Activate storage location authorization for goods movements C T001L 
38 V_001N_MAB Decl. to the Authorities: INTRASTAT and EXTRASTAT ID nos C T001N 
39 V_001O_B Assign cross-system co.cde -> chrt of accts C T001O 
40 V_001P_ALL Personnel Area/Subarea: Complete View C T001P 
41 V_001P_B Personnel Subarea Grouping for Leave C T001P 
42 V_001P_C Default Value for Pay Scale Area/Pay Scale Type C T001P 
43 V_001P_D Personnel Subarea Grouping for Absence/Attendance Types C T001P 
44 V_001P_E Pers. Subarea Grouping for Substitution/Availability Types C T001P 
45 V_001P_F Personnel Subarea Grouping for Attendance/Absence Counting C T001P 
46 V_001P_G Assign Personnel Subarea to Legal Person C T001P 
47 V_001P_H Personnel Subarea Grouping for Time Recording C T001P 
48 V_001P_I Personnel Subarea Grouping for Time Quota Type C T001P 
49 V_001P_J Personnel Subarea Grouping for Premiums C T001P 
50 V_001P_K Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Type C T001P 
51 V_001P_L Personnel Subarea Grouping for Appraisals C T001P 
52 V_001P_M Assign Personnel Subarea to Public Holiday Calendar C T001P 
53 V_001P_N Personnel Subarea Grouping for Work Schedules C T001P 
54 V_001P_O Assignment of Personnel Subarea to a Statistics Group C T001P 
55 V_001W_B Activate Requirements Planning C T001W 
56 V_001W_E Default Purchasing Organization C T001W 
57 V_001W_F Factory Calendar ID/Plant C T001W 
58 V_001W_IV Stock Transport Order C T001W 
59 V_001W_JD Assignment of Tax Jurisdiction to Plant C T001W 
60 V_001W_K Activate Condition Maintenance for Plant C T001W 
61 V_001W_LE Plant-related Control Data for Vendor Declaration C T001W 
62 V_001W_O Source List/Plant C T001W 
63 V_001W_R Use Regular Vendor C T001W 
64 V_001W_S Assignment of Tax Indicator to Plant C T001W 
65 V_001W_Z Assignment of Supply Region to Plant C T001W 
66 V_001W_ZV Plant Setting: Batch Status Management C T001W 
67 V_001Y LIFO Valuation Areas C T001Y 
68 V_001_0 Posting Date for Document Parking C T001 
69 V_001_B Company Code Global Data C T001 
70 V_001_C Productive Indicator Of Company Code C T001 
71 V_001_COS Cost of Sales Accounting C T001 
72 V_001_D Maximum Difference Between Exchange Rates C T001 
73 V_001_E Business Area Financial Statements C T001 
74 V_001_F Post Translations C T001 
75 V_001_G Default Fiscal Year C T001 
76 V_001_GKF Method for Determining Offsetting Account C T001 
77 V_001_H Domestic VAT Registration Numbers C T001 
78 V_001_I CC: Activate Cash Management and Forecast C T001 
79 V_001_J Allocate Co.Cd. -> Non-Taxable Transactions C T001 
80 V_001_K Company Code: Default Value Date C T001 
81 V_001_L Tax Base C T001 
82 V_001_M Cash Discount Base C T001 
83 V_001_MARV Materials Management View on Company Codes C T001 
84 V_001_MB G/L Account Authorization Check in Inventory Mgmt C T001 
85 V_001_MPUR Definition of Purchase Account Mgmt C T001 
86 V_001_N Document Entry Screen Variant C T001 
87 V_001_NP Maintain Negative Postings in Company Code C T001 
88 V_001_O Assign company code -> Cross-system company code C T001 
89 V_001_P Assign Company Code -> Field Status Variant C T001 
90 V_001_PUR1 G/L Account Authorization Check in Requisition C T001 
91 V_001_PUR2 G/L Account Authorization Check in PO/Scheduling Agreement C T001 
92 V_001_PUR3 G/L Account Authorization Check in Contract C T001 
93 V_001_Q Assign Comp.Code -> Taxes On Sls/Purch.Group C T001 
94 V_001_R Assign Comp.Code -> Posting Period Variants C T001 
95 V_001_S Assign Company Code -> Chart Of Accounts C T001 
96 V_001_T Assign Comp.Code -> Sample Acct Rule Variants C T001 
97 V_001_U Assign Comp.Code -> Fiscal Year Variant C T001 
98 V_001_V Foreign Currency Translation for Tax Items C T001 
99 V_001_W Workflow Variants C T001 
100 V_001_X Assign company code -> credit control area C T001 
101 V_001_Y Assign Company Code -> Company C T001 
102 V_001_Z Allocate Co.Cd -> Document Date For Tax Determination C T001 
103 V_003M Transaction/Event Types: Mat. Mvmt/Phys. Inv. C T003M 
104 V_005S_B Provincial Tax Codes C T005S 
105 V_005_B Country Field Checks C T005 
106 V_005_C Pmnt Periods For Bill/Exch.For Countries C T005 
107 V_005_D DEUEV Country Key C T005 
108 V_005_E Assign Country -> Calculation Procedure C T005 
109 V_006M Define Units of Measure Groups C T006M 
110 V_007F_B Taxes On Sales/Purch.Group Addresses C T007F 
111 V_008 Reasons for Blocking Payment C T008 
112 V_012E_B EDI-compatible banks C T012E 
113 V_024 Purchasing Groups C T024 
114 V_024E_T Text Names for Form Module C T024E 
115 V_024L Laboratory/Office C T024L 
116 V_024_N Printer for Messages C T024 
117 V_025K Account Category Reference C T025K 
118 V_027C Codes for Compliance with Shipping Instructions C T027C 
119 V_028H_B Check Deposit Transactions C T028H 
120 V_030_T Transport Automatic Posting C T030 
121 V_042Z_W Bill of Exchange Types C T042Z 
122 V_043_B Allocate User-->Phys. Inv. Tolerance Gr. C T043 
123 V_052_B Terms of Payment: Default Values for Payment Method C T052 
124 V_052_C Pmnt Terms: Default Values For Pmnt Block C T052 
125 V_055G_B Vendor Field Groups C T055G 
126 V_055G_C Credit Management Field Groups C T055G 
127 V_055G_D G/L Account Field Groups C T055G 
128 V_055G_DM Sample Account Field Groups C T055G 
129 V_055G_E Bank Field Groups C T055G 
130 V_055G_F Document Field Groups C T055G 
131 V_055_B Fields Of The Vendor Field Groups C T055 
132 V_055_C Credit Management Field Group Fields C T055 
133 V_055_D G/L Account Field Group Fields C T055 
134 V_055_DM Fields of Sample Account Field Groups C T055 
135 V_055_E Bank Field Group Fields C T055 
136 V_055_F Document Field Group Fields C T055 
137 V_060O_B Specify Data Volume for A/R Info System C T060O 
138 V_060O_C Specify Data Volume for A/P Info System C T060O 
139 V_060_B A/R Info System - Select Evaluations C T060 
140 V_060_C A/P Info System - Select Evaluations C T060 
141 V_064S_1 Stock Mgmt Levels for Inventory Sampling (IM) C T064S 
142 V_064S_2 Stock Mgmt Levels for Inventory Sampling (WM) C T064S 
143 V_066 Screen Selection, Invoice Verification C T066 
144 V_066K Window Coordination Invoice Verification/Valuation - View C T066K 
145 V_076S_M EDI Parameters for MM Invoice Verification C T076S 
146 V_077D_B Assign Customer Acct Groups->Number Range C T077D 
147 V_077K_B Assign Vendor Account Groups->Number Range C T077K 
148 V_10210_DOMS Maintenance view for CNV_10210_DOMS C CNV_10210_DOMS 
149 V_10210_TNRO Maintenance view for CNV_10210_TNRO C CNV_10210_TNRO 
150 V_10940_MAPTEM view for CNV_10940_MAPTEM C CNV_10940_MAPTEM 
151 V_10992_TSTRUC Maintenance view for table CNV_10992_TSTRUC C CNV_10992_TSTRUC 
152 V_10994_TSTRUC Maintenance view for table CNV_10994_TSTRUC C CNV_10994_TSTRUC 
153 V_11011 Employee P PA0000 
154 V_130A Screen/Field Selection C T130A 
155 V_130A_F Maintain Material Master Field Selection C T130A 
156 V_130F Field Groups C T130F 
157 V_130S General Control Indicators C T130S 
158 V_130W Field Selection at Plant Level C T130W 
159 V_134 Material Types C T134 
160 V_134G Org. Unit: Business Area Determination C T134G 
161 V_134H Business Area from MM View C T134H 
162 V_134K Customer-Specific Material Types C T134K 
163 V_134W Material Types Updating C T134W 
164 V_134_CN Definition of Initial Batch Data Creation in Batch Master C T134 
165 V_134_K Account Category Reference/Material Type C T134 
166 V_134_P Price Control C T134 
167 V_134_S Price Control S T134 
168 V_134_W Quantity/Value Updating S T134W 
169 V_135A Field Selection: Initial Screen C T135A 
170 V_136 Rules for Stock Balance Display C T136 
171 V_136A Display Version: Stock Overview C T136A 
172 V_136V Detail Screen for Stock Balance Display C T136V 
173 V_141 Define Material Statuses C T141 
174 V_142 Storage Conditions C T142 
175 V_143 Temperature Conditions C T143 
176 V_144 Container Requirement(s) C T144 
177 V_148 Special Stock Indicator C T148 
178 V_148F Field Groups C T148F 
179 V_148G Field Selection: Special Stocks C T148G 
180 V_148W Field Selection at Plant Level C T148W 
181 V_148ZT Derivation: Status Key for Batches C T148Z 
182 V_149 Valuation Categories per Valuation Area C T149 
183 V_149_A Valuation Types per Valuation Area C T149A 
184 V_149_B Local Assignments C T149B 
185 V_149_C Global Valuation Categories C T149C 
186 V_149_D Global Valuation Types C T149D 
187 V_149_E Global Assignments, Valuation Types to Valuation Categories C T149E 
188 V_156B Field Selection C T156B 
189 V_156B_SS Search Procedure: Batch Determ. MM C T156B 
190 V_156B_VC Field Selection C T156B 
191 V_156F View of T156F C T156F 
192 V_156K_F Check account assignment C T156K 
193 V_156M View on T156M C T156M 
194 V_156N_VC Reverse/Follow-On Movements C T156N 
195 V_156Q_ML Assign ML Movement Type Groups C T156Q 
196 V_156Q_SNBWG Maintenance of Movement Type Group for Serial Numbers C T156Q 
197 V_156Q_VC Deactivate Movement Type for QM Inspection / Delivery Type C T156Q 
198 V_156S FIFO/LIFO Movement Types C T156SC 
199 V_156SC_VC Update Control C T156SC 
200 V_156S_D Dynamic Availability Check C T156SC 
201 V_156S_F Checking Rule: Missing Parts C T156SC 
202 V_156S_GR Movement type group for stock analysis C T156Q 
203 V_156S_W Dynamic Availability Check C T156SC 
204 V_156S_WM Reference Movement Types for Warehouse Management C T156SC 
205 V_156T_VC Short Texts for Movement Types C T156T 
206 V_156X_KO Account Grouping C T156X 
207 V_156X_VC Account Grouping C T156X 
208 V_156_AB Automatic creation of purchase orders at goods receipt C T156 
209 V_156_BF Stock determination rule per movement type C T156 
210 V_156_C Classify Batches Within Goods Movement C T156 
211 V_156_CN Definition of initial data creation for batch per mvmnt type C T156 
212 V_156_D Document Printout: Goods Receipt C T156 
213 V_156_D_WA Document Printout: Goods Movement C T156 
214 V_156_G Control: Reason for Movement C T156 
215 V_156_I Create Physical Inventory Document C T156 
216 V_156_K Manual account assignment C T156 
217 V_156_MHD Expiration Date per Movement Type C T156 
218 V_156_OA Activate Storage per Movement Type C T156 
219 V_156_R For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice C T156 
220 V_156_VC Definition of New Movement Types C T156 
221 V_156_X Autom. Creation of Stor. Loc. for Mvt C T156 
222 V_157D Reason for Movement C T157D 
223 V_157D_VC Reason for Movement C T157D 
224 V_157F Fields for Display Rule C T157F 
225 V_157H_VC Help Texts for Movement Types - Transactions C T157H 
226 V_157O Selection Rule C T157O 
227 V_157P Display Rules C T157P 
228 V_158 Document Type: Inv. Mngmt/Phys. Inv. C T158 
229 V_158B_VC Allowed Transactions C T158B 
230 V_158G_HELP Help View of Table T158G H T158G 
231 V_158V Trans./Ev. Types - General C T158V 
232 V_158_2D Transaction assignment - doc. type for split FI document C T158 
233 V_158_A Suggest Item Preselected C T158 
234 V_158_ALL Overall Maintenance T158 C T158 
235 V_158_D Version Print Indicator C T158 
236 V_158_E Suggest Item Preselected C T158 
237 V_158_I Suggest Item Preselected C T158 
238 V_158_OA Activate Storage per Transaction C T158 
239 V_158_P Checking Rule C T158 
240 V_158_R Suggest Item Preselected C T158 
241 V_159A Test Data for Data Transfer C T159A 
242 V_159B BTCI Session Control: Phys. Inv. C T159B 
243 V_159B_MR BTCI Sessions Control C T159B 
244 V_159C Settings for Cycle Counting C T159C 
245 V_159E Determ. No. of Copies for Label Printout C T159E 
246 V_159G Inventory Sampling Profile C T159G 
247 V_159I Test Data for Phys. Inv. Data Transfer C T159I 
248 V_159L General plant settings in Inventory Management C T159L 
249 V_159L_C Batch Where-Used List C T159L 
250 V_159L_E Default: "Delivery-Completed" Indicator C T159L 
251 V_159L_EI Settings for Physical Inventory C T159L 
252 V_159L_F Missing Parts C T159L 
253 V_159L_I Phys. Inv. Settings C T159L 
254 V_159L_ICHNRKWE Internal Batch Number Assignment for Assigned Goods Receipt C T159L 
255 V_159L_MHD Activate Exp. Date View per Plant, Mvmt Type C T159L 
256 V_159L_N Negative Stock for Special Stocks in Plant C T159L 
257 V_159L_NEG Negative Stock for Special Stocks in Plant C T159L 
258 V_159L_R Setting: Reservation C T159L 
259 V_159L_V Create Physical Inventory Document C T159L 
260 V_159L_W Setting: Goods C T159L 
261 V_159L_X Autom. Creation of SLoc per Plant C T159L 
262 V_159L_XA GR/GI Slip Number C T159L 
263 V_159M Allocate Label Object to Program C T159M 
264 V_159N Layout Set Versions C T159N 
265 V_159O Alloc. Label Name, Layout Set to Text Object C T159O 
266 V_159P Print control C T159P 
267 V_159Q Printing Document Items C T159Q 
268 V_159R Archiving - Document Lives C T159R 
269 V_159S_E Printer for Labels C T159S 
270 V_159S_W Printer for GR/GI Slip C T159S 
271 V_159X GR/GI Slip Number C T159X 
272 V_159Z GR/GI Slip Number C T159Z 
273 V_160B TCODE/Selection List Parameters: Purchasing C T160B 
274 V_160BL TCODE/Scope of List: Purchasing C T160B 
275 V_160BS TCODE/Selection Parameters: Purchasing C T160B 
276 V_160C TCODE/FCODE/Scope of List: Purchasing C T160C 
277 V_160L Scope of List: Purchasing Lists C T160L 
278 V_160M System Messages C T160M 
279 V_160MVA System Messages C T160M 
280 V_160MVL Controllable Error Messages Shipping Processing C T160M 
281 V_160MVL2 Controllable Error Messages Shipping Processing C T160M 
282 V_160MVL_SYS Controllable Error Messages: System View C T160M 
283 V_160M_KORRSSP Define System Message Attributes C T160M 
284 V_160M_PM PM/SM message control C T160M 
285 V_160M_POD Define System Message Attributes C T160M 
286 V_160M_WPS WPS Message Control C T160M 
287 V_160S Selection Parameters: Purchasing Lists C T160S 
288 V_161B Default Business Transaction Type, Import C T161B 
289 V_161E Release Codes C T161E 
290 V_161F_SIM Release Points: Prerequisites C T161F 
291 V_161G Assign Release Indicators C T161G 
292 V_161I Determination of Release Strategy C T161I 
293 V_161R_A Document Archiving C T161R 
294 V_161R_B Document Archiving C T161R 
295 V_161R_F Document Archiving C T161R 
296 V_161R_K Document Archiving C T161R 
297 V_161R_L Document Archiving C T161R 
298 V_161R_R Reorganization: Outline Agreements C T161R 
299 V_161S Release Indicator C T161S 
300 V_161V Stock Transfer Data C T161V 
301 V_161VN Stock Transfer Data with Issuing Storage Location C T161VN 
302 V_161V_L Subcontracting Data: Delivery Type f. Provision of Materials C T161V 
303 V_161Z Reorganization: Outline Agreements C T161Z 
304 V_161Z_K Archiving C T161Z 
305 V_161Z_L Archiving C T161Z 
306 V_161_L Settings for Subcontracting C T161V 
307 V_161_N Number Range Maintenance: Purchasing Documents C T161 
308 V_161_NB Number Range Maintenance: Purchase Requisition C T161 
309 V_161_WVV Further Processing of Summarized Documents C T161 
310 V_162 Field Selection at Document Level C T162 
311 V_162K Field Selection at Account Assignment Level C T162K 
312 V_163A Check Item Category/Account Assignment Category C T163A 
313 V_163B_N Order History Categories for Subsequent Debit C T163B 
314 V_163B_T PO History Categories: Texts C T163B 
315 V_163K Account Assignment Categories C T163K 
316 V_166A Messages: Supplement Texts C T166A 
317 V_166K Message Header Texts C T166K 
318 V_166P Message Item Texts C T166P 
319 V_166PS Messages, Entry Sheet C T166P 
320 V_166T Messages: Change Texts C T166T 
321 V_166U Messages: Headings C T166U 
322 V_167F Formula Definition for Service Lines C T167F 
323 V_167V Variable Definition for Formulas in Service Lines C T167V 
324 V_169 Invoice Verification Transaction Control Display C T169 
325 V_169A Posting String for Invoice Verification C T169A 
326 V_169B PO Text Supplement C T169B 
327 V_169D Invoice Verification: Amount Check C T169D 
328 V_169E Tolerance Keys C T169E 
329 V_169F Document Types Invoice Verification/Valuation C T169F 
330 V_169F_EINKK Document Type for Separate Purchasing Account Document C T169F 
331 V_169G Tolerance Limits C T169G 
332 V_169H Entry Profile for Logistics Invoice Verification C T169H 
333 V_169HKONT Activate Direct Posting to Alternative G/L Accounts C T169HKONT 
334 V_169K Default Account Maintenance C T169K 
335 V_169L Vendor-Specific Tolerances C T169L 
336 V_169O Account Assignment Block: Fields To Be Excluded from IV C T169O 
337 V_169P PO Supplement C T169P 
338 V_169P_A Mail to Purchasing When Price Variances Occur C T169P 
339 V_169P_B Posting Delivery Costs C T169P 
340 V_169P_DC Duplicate Invoice Check C T169P 
341 V_169P_IRTAX Tax Treatment in Invoice Reduction C T169P 
342 V_169P_K Automatic Change in Status of Correct Invoices C T169P 
343 V_169P_LOGO Display Start Logo C T169P 
344 V_169P_MB PO Supplement C T169P 
345 V_169P_PA "Activate Block Due To Item Amount" C T169P 
346 V_169P_PK Treatment of Exch. Rate Differences C T169P 
347 V_169P_PR Price Change in Previous Period, not in Current Period C T169P 
348 V_169P_RET Control Parameters for Retention C T169P 
349 V_169P_S "Stochastic Block: Values" C T169P 
350 V_169P_SA Stochastic Block: Activation C T169P 
351 V_169P_SV Tax Version C T169P 
352 V_169Q Differential Invoicing Process C T169Q 
353 V_169R MR Document Archiving - Document Life C T169R 
354 V_169S Tolerance Keys C T169S 
355 V_169V "Incoming Invoice Default Values" C T169V 
356 V_169V_ST Tax Defaults in Invoice Verification C T169V 
357 V_169W Posting Strings (Values) for SAPMM08R C T169W 
358 V_169X Transaction Texts: Invoice Verification C T169X 
359 V_17087 Personnel country grouping D T500L 
360 V_17173 Benefits Plan - Savings D T74FD 
361 V_17326 Daily work schedule selection rule - att./absence counting D T550X 
362 V_17408 Wage Type D T512W 
363 V_17438 Wage Type - Cumulation Wage Type - Assignment P T512W 
364 V_17439 Wage Type - Derived Wage Type - Assignment P T512W 
365 V_1A030IF G/L Accounts for Inflation Postings C J_1A030IF 
366 V_1AACT Activity Code for Social Insurance C J_1AACT 
367 V_1ABKTC Tax Category Data - Company Code (Debit Side) C J_1AT001TC 
368 V_1ABKTC1 Tax Category Data - Company Code (Credit Side) C J_1AT001TC 
369 V_1ACHRDET Identification Letter C J_1ACHRDET 
370 V_1ACI_LIMIT Limits for Credit Invoice C J_1ACI_LIMIT 
371 V_1ACI_MSG_RATES Assignment of Output Types to Installment Numbers C J_1ACI_MSG_RATES 
372 V_1ADISDOC Configuration for Automatic Generation of Cash Discount Doc. C J_1ADISDOC 
373 V_1ADOCCLS Document Classes C J_1ADOCCLS 
374 V_1ADRVER Versions: Daily Journal VAT (Argentina) C J_1ADRVER 
375 V_1ADTYP Distribution Types C J_1ADTYP 
376 V_1AFITPA Tax Type: Assignment to Customers C J_1AFITP 
377 V_1AFITPA2 Tax Type: Assignment to Vendors C J_1AFITP 
378 V_1AFITPV Tax Type: Possible Entries C J_1AFITPV 
379 V_1AFRID Tax Codes for Foreign Nationals C J_1AFRID 
380 V_1AGILTS Gross Income Tax Forms C J_1AGILTS 
381 V_1AGIPER Gross Income Tax Rates C J_1AGIPER 
382 V_1AINFSKS Inflation Keys C J_1AINFSKS 
383 V_1AMACOF Gross Income Tax Coefficients C J_1AMACOF 
384 V_1AMINFCL Material Inflation Classes C J_1AMINFCL 
385 V_1ANUMGR1 Number Groups for Official Document Numbering C J_1ANUMGR1 
386 V_1AOFNR1 Number Determination for Officially Numbered Documents C J_1AOFNR1 
387 V_1AOFNR4 Business Partner Role used for printing char. determination C J_1AOFNR4 
388 V_1AOFTP Official Document Types C J_1AOFTP 
389 V_1AOTDET Determination of Official Document Category C J_1AOTDET 
390 V_1AOTDETR Determination of official document category per report C J_1AOTDETR 
391 V_1AOUM Maintain Official unit of measure C J_1AOUM 
392 V_1APACD Enter Printing Authorization Code C J_1APACD 
393 V_1APAYMN Determine AFIP Payment Means C J_1APAYMN 
394 V_1APRTCHR Capital letters for Argentine official documents C J_1APRTCHR 
395 V_1ARFZ Reasons for Zero VAT C J_1ARFZ 
396 V_1ARZTX Reasons for Zero VAT per Tax Code C J_1ARZTX 
397 V_1ASNRDT1 Branch Determination for Deliveries C J_1ASNRDT1 
398 V_1ASNRDT2 Branch determination for material movements C J_1ASNRDT2 
399 V_1ATAXID Process Key-Tax Class Assignment C J_1ATAXID 
400 V_1ATIDSW Withholding Tax Number Types for Self-Withholding C J_1ATIDSW 
401 V_1ATODC Type of Tax Number 1 C J_1ATODC 
402 V_1ATPKOF Assignment of Official Tax Codes to Transaction Keys C J_1ATPKOF 
403 V_1ATVFK Copy branch from delivery C TVFK 
404 V_1ATVKO Determine numbering time for delivery C TVKO 
405 V_1ATXMIN Minimum Amount per Transaction Key (Tax Insp. Argentina) C J_1ATXMIN 
406 V_1ATXOFF Official Tax Codes (Reporting) C J_1ATXOFF 
407 V_1ATXREL Classify tax relevance C J_1ATXREL 
408 V_1AVGICD Activity Codes for Gross Income Tax Returns C J_1AGICD 
409 V_1AZFSCHL Definition of Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code C J_1AZFSCHL 
410 V_1A_WS_BRANCH AR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point) View C J_1A_WS_BRANCH 
411 V_20000_TABLES CNV: Maintain the LIS tables of a package C CNVTABLES 
412 V_20100_CFUNC Conversion functions and their type C CNV_20100_CFUNC 
413 V_20100_TABCHK Table fields to be analyzed C CNV_20100_TABCHK 
414 V_20200_SP_FNC Maintenance View for Table cnv_20200_sp_fnc C CNV_20200_SP_FNC 
415 V_20200_SP_TAB Maintenance View for Table cnv_20200_sp_tab C CNV_20200_SP_TAB 
416 V_20201_NRIV_A Indicators for shifting and tracking C CNV_20201_NRIV_A 
417 V_20201_NRIV_A2 only tracking indicators can be maintained C CNV_20201_NRIV_A 
418 V_20201_NRIV_N Target number ranges C CNV_20201_NRIV_N 
419 V_20201_REF Subobjects and reference indicators C CNV_20201_REF 
420 V_20201_RNMB Conversion rules for number ranges C CNV_20201_RNMB 
421 V_20600_BUKRS Assignment of company codes C CNVRENAME 
422 V_21S23L Read Flag about the Type of Matchcode Analysis D DD23L 
423 V_351_DB DB view for selected fields of the strategy table D T351 
424 V_351_DB1 DB view for selected fields of the strategy table D T351 
425 V_390 PM: Shop Papers C T390 
426 V_390_O PM: Shop Papers Allowed by PM Application C T390_O 
427 V_390_U PM: User-Specific Print Control C T390_U 
428 V_399D_A Planning Horizon for Plant C T399D 
429 V_399D_AH MRP for Promotion Period - Plant C T399D 
430 V_399D_E Processing Time: Purchasing C T399D 
431 V_399D_F Error Handling in the Planning Run C T399D 
432 V_399D_L Run-Time Statistics C T399D 
433 V_399D_NB Number Ranges for Purchase Requisitions C T399D 
434 V_399D_ND Number Ranges for MRP Lists C T399D 
435 V_399D_NP Number Ranges for Planned Orders C T399D 
436 V_399D_NR Number Ranges for Reservations C T399D 
437 V_399D_O Item Numbers C T399D 
438 V_399D_P Number of Planned Orders C T399D 
439 V_399D_U Plant Rescheduling C T399D 
440 V_399D_W Default Values Purchasing/MRP C T399D 
441 V_3RF_WRK_GROUP Assignment Material Group to Fixed Asset Class D J_3RF_WRK_GROUP 
442 V_40107_MAINT Pflegeview für Zuordnungstabelle C CNVRENAME 
443 V_40305_TABMAP Mapping Scenarios for tables C CNV_40305_TABMAP 
444 V_405 Default Values: Material Master C T405 
445 V_438M_A Planning Horizon for MRP Group C T438M 
446 V_438M_S Safety Stock Availability C T438M 
447 V_438M_U Rescheduling per MRP Group C T438M 
448 V_440G Weighting Groups C T440G 
449 V_441R Checking Rule C T441R 
450 V_441V Availability Check Control C T441V 
451 V_457J Layout for MPS Evaluation C T457J 
452 V_457L Hierarchy Elements for MPS Evaluation C T457L 
453 V_460D Number Ranges for Reservations C T460D 
454 V_460D_N Number Ranges C T460D 
455 V_460D_NP Item Number of Order Type C T460D 
456 V_502T_H Help view for Marital Status Designators H T502T 
457 V_503_ALL Employee Group/Subgroup: Complete View C T503Z 
458 V_503_B EE Subgroup Grouping for PCR/CollAgrmtProv. C T503Z 
459 V_503_C Employee Subgroup Grouping f. Activities/Employment/Training C T503Z 
460 V_503_D Employee Subgroup Grouping for Work Schedule C T503Z 
461 V_503_E Employee Subgroup Grouping for Time Quotas C T503Z 
462 V_503_F Employee Subgroup Grouping for Appraisals C T503Z 
463 V_503_G Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Type C T503Z 
464 V_503_H ESG for Activity/Employment/Education & Training/Statistics C T503Z 
465 V_503_I ESG Grouping for Incentive Wages Participation C T503Z 
466 V_506P_B Make Payment Type Valid for One Interval C T506P 
467 V_507A_B RHC: Delimitation of Special Rules C T507A 
468 V_507A_C RHC: Delimitation of Allowance Variants C T507A 
469 V_508A_B Work Schedule Rule: Availability C T508A 
470 V_510A_B Pay scale type - PSG C T510A 
471 V_510D_B Dynamic Pay Scale Increase C T510D 
472 V_510U_B Pay Scale Groups C T510U 
473 V_510U_C HR Job promotion - pay scale group ordering JPN C T510U 
474 V_511K_B Payroll Parameters C T511K 
475 V_511K_C Payroll Parameters C T511K 
476 V_511K_D Payroll Constants by Grouping C T511K 
477 V_511K_E Payroll Constants by Grouping (Amounts) C T511K 
478 V_511K_OT_M Payroll Parameters for Max. OT C T511K 
479 V_511K_OT_PV Payroll Parameter for OT Percentages C T511K 
480 V_511K_PBS HR-DK: PBS Payroll Constants C T511K 
481 V_511P_B Payroll Parameters C T511P 
482 V_511_B Permissibility of Wage Types C T511 
483 V_512E_B Form-related Control of Time Types C T512E 
484 V_512R_S Cumulation Wage Type Texts in HR Forms C T512R 
485 V_512W_B Valuation Bases C T512W 
486 V_512W_C Averages C T512W 
487 V_512W_D Processing Classes, Cumulations, and Evaluation Classes C T512W 
488 V_512W_D_NL_MOMI Check Wage Types For MoMi V V_512W_D 
489 V_512W_O Complete View T512W C T512W 
490 V_512W_T Wage Type Texts C T512W 
491 V_513A_B First Signatory for Statements C T513A 
492 V_513A_C Person Responsible C T513A 
493 V_513A_D Second Signatory for Statements C T513A 
494 V_516T_H Help view for Religious Denomination Texts H T516T 
495 V_51P6_B Characteristics of arrears deductions: priority, character. C T51P6 
496 V_51P6_C Characteristics of arrears deductions: retro-Accounting C T51P6 
497 V_51RA_A Wage Types for HR Payee Grouping C T51RA 
498 V_51T0_B Assign wage types to tax form groups C T51T0 
499 V_51T2_B Evaluation of tax form groups C T51T2 
500 V_51T2_C Evaluation of tax form groups for generic tax authorities C T51T2