View - V
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 V_T7PIQ_US_DLM Assign NSCH Degree Levels to Standard Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_DLM 
2 V_T7PIQ_US_DLS Define NSCH Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_DLS 
3 V_T7PIQ_US_EDU Assign SEVIS Education Levels to Degree Types C T7PIQ_US_AWARDM 
4 V_T7PIQ_US_ESS Define NSCH Enrollment Status for Enrolled Students C T7PIQ_US_ESS 
6 V_T7PIQ_US_ETHN Assign IPEDS Ethnic Groups to Standard Ethnic Origins C T7PIQ_US_ETHNIM 
7 V_T7PIQ_US_HISC Determine High-School Completion C T7PIQ_US_HIGHSC 
8 V_T7PIQ_US_INVRS View to maintain invalidating reasons for External Results C T7PIQINVRSN 
9 V_T7PIQ_US_MAT Define SEVIS Exchange Visitor Matriculation Codes C T7PIQ_US_MATCO 
10 V_T7PIQ_US_MATN Assign SEVIS Matriculation Codes to Standard Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_MATCO 
11 V_T7PIQ_US_NHCIM Define NSCH Privacy Levels and Confidentiality C T7PIQ_US_NHCIM 
12 V_T7PIQ_US_NHDRM Assign NSCH Enrollment Statuses to Deregistration Reasons C T7PIQ_US_NHDRM 
13 V_T7PIQ_US_NHDRS Define NSCH Enrollment Statuses for Deregistered Students C T7PIQ_US_NHDRS 
14 V_T7PIQ_US_NHESM Assign Enrol. Status for Enrolled Students to Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_NHESM 
15 V_T7PIQ_US_POS Define SEVIS Exchange Visitor Position Codes C T7PIQ_US_POSCO 
16 V_T7PIQ_US_PRGCL Main View for Possible set of Progression Results C T7PIQ_US_PRGCL 
17 V_T7PIQ_US_PRGCM Main View for Mapping Prog Results with Prog Classification C T7PIQ_US_PRGCLM 
18 V_T7PIQ_US_RACM Map Race Codes C T7PIQ_US_RACM 
19 V_T7PIQ_US_RESI Assign Residence Status C T7PIQ_US_RESDSTM 
20 V_T7PIQ_US_RSTAT External Test Result Status C T7PIQTRSTAT 
21 V_T7PIQ_US_SNOT Assign SEVIS Note Types to Standard Note Types C T7PIQ_US_SEVNM 
22 V_T7PIQ_US_STLE Assign IPEDS Student Levels to Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_STLEVM 
23 V_T7PIQ_US_STYP Sports Types for US-IPEDS Reporting C T7PIQ_US_SPORTM 
24 V_T7PIQ_US_SUBT View used to exclude subtests from Composite result calc. C T7PIQTRSUBTEST 
25 V_T7PIQ_US_TRSRC View used to flag test result sources as official/unofficial C T7PIQTRENTRYMOD 
26 V_T7PIQ_US_TR_TI Assign Training Times to Standard Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_TRG_TIM 
27 V_T7PIQ_US_TTYPE View to decide if Manual and Composite results are created. C T7PIQTRTESTTYPE 
28 V_T7PIQ_US_TY_TR Assign Types of Training to Standard Degree Levels C T7PIQ_US_TYP_TRG 
29 V_T7PIQ_US_VETST Assign Veterans' Statuses to Service Statuses C T7PIQ_US_VETE_ST 
30 V_T7PIQ_US_VISA Assign SEVIS Visa Type to Standard Visa Type C T7PIQ_US_VISACM 
31 V_T7PM0_BW Extraction of Budget Area D T7PM0 
32 V_T7PM2 Define Currency of Section of Budget C T7PM2 
33 V_T7PM2_B Reference Currency for Budget Type Group C T7PM2 
34 V_T7PM2_CMP Reference Currency for Budget Type Group V V_T7PM2_B 
35 V_T7PM3_8 Budget Structure Element Types and Texts D T7PM8 
36 V_T7PM3_A Maintain Budget Structure Element Type C T7PM3 
37 V_T7PM3_B Budget Types C T7PM3 
38 V_T7PM3_BW Extraction of BS Element Type D T7PM3 
39 V_T7PM3_H Maintain Hierarchy of Budget Structure Element Types C T7PM3_H 
40 V_T7PM3_SH Search Help Budget Structure Element Type D T7PM3 
41 V_T7PM4 Maintain Budget Unit Name C T7PM4 
42 V_T7PM4_B Budget Unit Name C T7PM4 
43 V_T7PM4_CMP Budget Unit Name V V_T7PM4_B 
44 V_T7PM5 Maintain Budget Unit Name C T7PM5 
45 V_T7PM6 Maintain Expenditure Types C T7PM6 
46 V_T7PM6_7_HELP Expenditure Types H T7PM6 
47 V_T7PM6_MO Maintain Valid Employee Grouping for Determining Commit.Item C T7PM6_MO 
48 V_T7PM6_MSG_1 Maintain Tolerance Limits for each Message in Payroll C T7PM6_MSG 
49 V_T7PM6_RFI Maintain How Commitment Items Are Determined C T7PM6_RFI 
50 V_T7PM6_RFI_01 Maintain How Commitment Items Are Determined (HR-FPM) V V_T7PM6_RFI 
51 V_T7PM8 Maintain Name of Budget Structure Element Type C T7PM8 
52 V_T7PM9 Maintain Financial Years C T7PM9 
53 V_T7PM9_B Budget Periods C T7PM9 
54 V_T7PMA Maintain Allowance Catalog C T7PMA 
55 V_T7PMC Maintain Allowances C T7PMC 
56 V_T7PMF Defining Special Pay Scale Groups C T7PMF 
57 V_T7PMG_2 Distribution of Default Value in Distribution Key C T7PMG_2 
58 V_T7PMG_TAR Maintain Default Values on Basis of PS Classif./Expend. Type C T7PMG 
59 V_T7PMG_TOT Maintain Default Values (Overall View) C T7PMG 
60 V_T7PMG_ZUL Maintain Default Values for Bonuses C T7PMG 
61 V_T7PMH_O Career Groups and Career Group Texts C T7PMH 
62 V_T7PMK Maintain Names of Budget Structure Elements C T7PMK 
63 V_T7PML Maintain Financing Types per Object Type C T7PML 
64 V_T7PMM_S Define Attributes of Budget Updates C T7PMM 
65 V_T7PMM_U Combinations of Reclassification Rules and BS Element Types C T7PMM 
66 V_T7PMM_V Maintain Attributes of Rules C T7PMM 
67 V_T7PMN Maintain Valuation of Absence Types C T7PMN 
68 V_T7PMN_XAWART Maintain Valuation of Absence Types + XAWART Assignment C T7PMN 
69 V_T7PMP Define Budget Carry-Forward Method C T7PMP 
70 V_T7PMQ_BW Extraction Budget Status D T7PMQ 
71 V_T7PMS Maintain Change of Execution Status C T7PMS 
72 V_T7PMT1 Maintain Events C T7PMT1 
73 V_T7PMT1_0001 Maintain System Reactions For Financing V V_T7PMT1 
74 V_T7PMT1_0002 Define System Reactions for Staffing V V_T7PMT1 
75 V_T7PMT1_0003 Maintain System Reaction for Consistency Check V V_T7PMT1 
76 V_T7PMT1_0004 Maintain System Reaction for Availability Check V V_T7PMT1 
77 V_T7PMT1_R Define System Reactions C T7PMT1 
78 V_T7PMU Defining Default Values for Teaching Hours C T7PMU 
79 V_T7PMV Maintain Reasons for Reducing Teaching Hours C T7PMV 
80 V_T7PMW Maintain Conversion Factors for Pay Scale Valuation C T7PMW 
81 V_T7PMX Maintenance Screen for FTE Ranges (Maximum) C T7PMX 
82 V_T7PMY1 Combinations of BS Element Types and Commitment Items C T7PMY1 
83 V_T7PMY2_NEW HR-FPM: Integration of HR-FPM with PD and FI-FM C T7PMY2 
84 V_T7PMY2_VAR_HHM Integration with Funds Management V V_T7PMY2_NEW 
85 V_T7PMY2_VAR_OM Consistency Check With Organizational Management V V_T7PMY2_NEW 
86 V_T7PMY4_T HR-FPM: Involved in Integration C T7PMY4 
87 V_T7PM_DIKEY_T Define Distribution Key for Default Value C T7PM_DIKEY 
88 V_T7PM_MOINT_T 'Involved in Integration With FI-FM' Grouping C T7PM_MOINT 
89 V_T7PM_MOREQ_T HR-FPM: Definition of Grouping for Origin of Funds Required C T7PM_MOREQ 
90 V_T7PM_PM003_T HR-FPM: Assign to Grouping for Origin of Funds Required C T7PM_PM003 
91 V_T7RSM00AP External Personnel Action Types Processing C T7RSM00AP 
92 V_T7RU0290CODE Document (IT0290) Code C T7RU0290CODE 
93 V_T7RU0290PRIOR Priority of Document (IT0290) for Reporting C T7RU0290PRIORITY 
94 V_T7RU0290SEPAR Document (IT0290) Series Separator C T7RU0290SERSEPAR 
95 V_T7RU1B Payee Keys of receiving orders (Russia standard) H T7RU1B 
96 V_T7RU25 V_T7RU25 C T7RU25 
97 V_T7RU2P HR-RU Forms - background C T7RU2P 
98 V_T7RU50 Personnel areas/subareas region assignment C T001P 
99 V_T7RU50B Constants for WT in Personell Area/Subarea grouping - CIS C T7RU50B 
100 V_T7RU51AV_A Calculation Rules for Averages - RU additional fields C T7RU51AV_A 
101 V_T7RU51AV_C Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values C T51AV_C 
102 V_T7RU51AV_P Link Wage Type for SI Base to Calculation Modifier C T7RU51AV_P 
103 V_T7RU51AV_PT Connection of Frozen Averages for Transitive Absences C T7RU51AV_PT 
104 V_T7RU51P Base Wage Type Valuation through seniority C T7RU51P 
105 V_T7RU51R Percent bonus according to seniorities C T7RU51R 
106 V_T7RU51S Define Special Calculation Processes for Wage Types C T7RU51S 
107 V_T7RU521B Payee Keys C T521B 
108 V_T7RU52CL Text for work condition class C T7RU52CL 
109 V_T7RU52W Percent bonus for Work Conditions C T7RU52W 
110 V_T7RU52WC Class ans Degree of Work Condition C T7RU52WC 
111 V_T7RU53 Employee Group/Subgroup Russia attributes C T503Z 
112 V_T7RU530 Mapping Table: Reasons for Personnel Actions - Russia C T7RU530 
113 V_T7RU53P Status for Time Accounting for Employee Group C T7RU53P 
114 V_T7RU554C Relation between absence type and wage type for days of abse C T7RU554C 
115 V_T7RU554S Additional Attribute for Social Insurance Absence Types C T7RU554S 
116 V_T7RU80S Basic Normal Schedules (Russia) C T7RU80S 
117 V_T7RU8P HR-RU Forms - background C T7RU8P 
118 V_T7RU9A Addresses of Organizations C T7RU9A 
119 V_T7RU9A_GRP Assignment Group to the Organization C T7RU9A_GRP 
120 V_T7RU9GP Assignment Parameters to the Group C T7RU9GP 
121 V_T7RU9GRP Group of Parameters Definition C T7RU9GRP 
122 V_T7RU9P HR-RU Forms - background C T7RU9P 
123 V_T7RU9PAR Parameters Definition C T7RU9PAR 
124 V_T7RU9PAR_VAL Values of the Parameter C T7RU9PAR_VAL 
125 V_T7RUAA KLADR: Cities C T7RUAA 
126 V_T7RUAB KLADR: Boroughs (City districts) C T7RUAB 
127 V_T7RUAD KLADR: Streets C T7RUAD 
128 V_T7RUADV ADV-6-2 external sums C T7RUADV 
129 V_T7RUADVN Additional Amounts for Form ADV-6-2 C T7RUADVN 
130 V_T7RUAVN Average number of workers C T7RUAVN 
131 V_T7RUB1 Bonus Models C T7RUB1 
132 V_T7RUB2 Personal Modifiers C T7RUB2 
133 V_T7RUB3 Scale Selection by Bonus Model and Personal Modifier C T7RUB3 
134 V_T7RUB4 Bonus Model Scale C T7RUB4 
135 V_T7RUB5 Scale Values C T7RUB5 
136 V_T7RUCATS Payer categories C T7RUCATS 
137 V_T7RUCOUNTY KLADR: Counties (Regional districts) C T7RUCOUNTY 
138 V_T7RUD1 Group of deductions C T7RUD1 
139 V_T7RUD2 Wage Types of deductions for limiting C T7RUD2 
140 V_T7RUD3 Limit Rules C T7RUD3 
141 V_T7RUDATAFORMAC Data Output Format for Reports C T7RUDATAFORMATC 
142 V_T7RUDATAFORMAT Data Output Format for Reports C T7RUDATAFORMAT 
144 V_T7RUFA Flexible Employee Payroll Data (Totals) C T7RUFA 
145 V_T7RUFB Flexible Employee Data (Contants) C T7RUFB 
146 V_T7RUFC Flexible Employee Payroll Data Form Name View C T7RUFC 
147 V_T7RUFORMCONST Initial Values for Russian Forms C T7RUFORMCONST 
148 V_T7RUG0_PA HR: Garnishment Order Types V T7RUG0 
149 V_T7RUG0_PY HR: Garnishment Order Types V T7RUG0 
150 V_T7RUG2 OBSOLETE: Garnishmetn Document Category (Russia). C T7RUG2 
151 V_T7RUG9 Fee for Payment Method C T7RUG9 
152 V_T7RUGB Fee for Payment Method C T7RUGB 
153 V_T7RUM0 Military Card Information Catalog C T7RUM0 
154 V_T7RUMATST OKIN: Marital Status Designators C T7RUMATST 
155 V_T7RUN1 V_T7RUN1 C T7RUN1 
156 V_T7RUN7 Tax privileges C T7RUN7 
157 V_T7RUN8 Assignment wage's groups & codes to reports C T7RUN8 
158 V_T7RUNATIO OKIN: Nationality C T7RUNATIO 
159 V_T7RUOC1 Content of Employee Selection Process C T7RUOC1 
160 V_T7RUOC2 Define the Process for Employees Selection C T7RUOC2 
161 V_T7RUOKFS OKFS directory C T7RUOKFS 
164 V_T7RUOKINDOCU OKIN: Educational document C T7RUOKINDOCU 
169 V_T7RUOKSO_QC OKSO Qualifications C T7RUOKSO_QC 
170 V_T7RUOSFT HR-RU: Output Form Type (Reporting) C T5F99OSFT 
171 V_T7RUP0 Tax's schemas C T001P 
172 V_T7RUP1 Tax's schema C T7RUP1 
173 V_T7RUP2 View for T7RUP2 C T7RUP2 
174 V_T7RUP3 View of T7RUP3 C T7RUP3 
177 V_T7RUPAYCAT Employee Categories C T7RUPAYCATEGORY 
180 V_T7RUPFRULE1 HR Valuation rules for Superannuation Fund of Russia (PFR) C T7RUPFRULE1 
183 V_T7RUPU KLADR: Cities political units C T7RUPU 
184 V_T7RUR2 Maintain Meaning of Statuses of IT 0048 (Residence status) C T591A 
185 V_T7RUR3 Residence Type Identifier C T7RUR3 
186 V_T7RUREGION KLADR: Regions (Provinces) C T7RUREGION 
187 V_T7RURK Regional Coefficient for Region and County C T7RURK 
188 V_T7RURPTCST00 Report Customizing Data C T7RURPTCST00 
189 V_T7RURPTCST_LOG Switch Off Logging for Reports in Background C T7RURPTCST00 
190 V_T7RUSCHOOL Educational institution C T7RUSCHOOL 
191 V_T7RUSCHOOLOKIN OKIN: Educational institution link C T7RUSCHOOLOKIN 
192 V_T7RUSTAFF Staff PD objects C T7RUSTAFF 
193 V_T7RUSTATUS Package Status C T7RUSTATUS 
194 V_T7RUT1 Taxes and Social Insurance Payments C T7RUT1 
195 V_T7RUT1_EXT Tax Wage Type Splitting During Data Transfer (Russia) C T7RUT1_EXT 
196 V_T7RUT3 Tax Privileges C T7RUT3 
197 V_T7RUT4 Minimum pay C T7RUT4 
198 V_T7RUT5 Social Insurance C T7RUT5 
199 V_T7RUT5_1 Social Insurance C T7RUT5 
200 V_T7RUT5_PAID Social Insurance - Paid days of illness C T7RUT5_PAID 
201 V_T7RUT6 Help view for T5YT6 H T7RUT6 
202 V_T7RUT7 Help view for T5yT7 H T7RUT7 
203 V_T7RUT8 Conversion of Social Group C T7RUT8 
204 V_T7RUTA Tax's method C T7RUTA 
205 V_T7RUTAHED Type of the afterhiger education C T518C 
206 V_T7RUTS Time Schedule Report Customizing Table C T7RUTS 
208 V_T7RUWCS Working Conditions Environment C T7RUWCS 
209 V_T7RU_005S_Y KLADR: Regions - territorial entity C T7RU_005Y 
210 V_T7RU_005Y KLADR: Regions - territorial entity C T7RU_005Y 
211 V_T7RU_521B Payee Keys C T521B 
212 V_T7RU_554T Absence and Attendance Long Texts C T554S 
213 V_T7RU_556B Absence Quota Type Texts C T556A 
214 V_T7RU_558B Payroll Account Transfer: Payroll Periods (Russia) C T558B 
215 V_T7RU_558D Payroll Account Transfer: Wage Types (Russia) C T558D 
216 V_T7RU_558D_TAX Payroll Account Transfer: Taxes (Russia) C T7RU_558D_TAX 
217 V_T7RU_99F0 Forms - Russian Attributes C T7RU_99F0 
218 V_T7RU_99FF View for T7RU_99FF C T5F99FF 
219 V_T7RU_99FFC View for Client's redefinition of fields C T5F99FFC 
220 V_T7RU_99FFC_R Customer-Specific Redefinition of Fields C T5F99FFC 
221 V_T7RU_99FF_R Forms: Field definition C T5F99FF 
222 V_T7RU_STAT_VAR Variant Name of Statistical Report C T7RU_STAT_VAR 
223 V_T7RU_STAT_VFLD View Variant Fields C T7RU_STAT_VFLD 
224 V_T7RU_T005Y KLADR: Regions - territorial entity C T7RU_005Y 
225 V_T7RU_T596F CIS - View for table T596F C T596F 
226 V_T7TH03 Provident Fund EG/ESG Grouping for PF THAILAND C T503Z 
227 V_T7TH0P PA/Subarea Groupings for SS PF and Tax (Complete View)-TH C T001P 
228 V_T7TH0P_A PA/Subarea Groupings for Tax Calc Method - Thailand C T001P 
229 V_T7TH0P_B PA/Subarea Grouping for Social Security Rates - Thailand C T001P 
230 V_T7TH0P_C PA/Subarea Grouping for Provident Fund - Thailand C T001P 
231 V_T7TH0P_D PA/Subarea Groupings for SS Branches - Thailand C T001P 
232 V_T7THBR Company Branch Codes C T7THBR 
233 V_T7THMC Social Security Modifier table for Company C T7THMC 
234 V_T7THMP Personal Area/Sub area groupings for Provident Fund C T7THMP 
235 V_T7THMS Personal Area/Sub Area groupings for SS Branches C T7THMS 
236 V_T7THMX Personal Area/Sub Area grouping for Tax Calc. Method C T7THMX 
237 V_T7THPC Provident Fund Company Rates THAILAND C T7THPC 
238 V_T7THPM Provident Fund EG/ESG Modifier THAILAND C T7THPM 
239 V_T7THSB Social Security Branches C T7THSB 
240 V_T7THSP Form of Address/ Prefix Codes C T7THSP 
241 V_T7THSR Social Security Contribution - Company Rates C T7THSR 
242 V_T7THSS Social Security Statutory Rates THAILAND C T7THSS 
243 V_T7THTE Termination tax rates - TH C T7THTE 
244 V_T7THTM Tax Calculation Method C T7THTM 
245 V_T7THTR Tax Rates - TH C T7THTR 
246 V_T7TIM_BRLM_S_P Arrange Business Rules in Steps C T7TIM_BURULM 
247 V_T7TIM_BRL_DIST Assignment of Distribution Methods to Steps of Business Rule C T7TIM_BURULM 
248 V_T7TIM_BRL_SORT Assignment of Sort Options to Steps of Business Rule C T7TIM_BURULM 
249 V_T7TIM_BSB_KTAA Assignment of Absence Quota to Business Subject C T7TIM_BSB_KTARTA 
250 V_T7TIM_BSB_KTAP Assignment of Attendance Quota to Business Subject C T7TIM_BSB_KTARTP 
251 V_T7TIM_BSB_LGA Assignment of Business Subject to Wage Type C T7TIM_BSB_LGART 
252 V_T7TIM_BSB_MSG Assignment of Message Type to Business Subject C T7TIM_BSB_MESSG 
253 V_T7TIM_BSB_ZTA Assignment of Time Type to Business Subject C T7TIM_BSB_ZTART 
254 V_T7TIM_BURULE Business Rules of Time Evaluation C T7TIM_BURULE 
255 V_T7TIM_BURULM Arrange Business Rules in Steps C T7TIM_BURULM 
256 V_T7TIM_BUSUBGR Assignment of Business Subjects to Grouping Reasons C T7TIM_BUSUBGR 
257 V_T7TIM_BUSUBRU Use of Business Rules C T7TIM_BUSUBRU 
258 V_T7TIM_BUSUBR_D Use of Business Rules C T7TIM_BUSUBRU 
259 V_T7TIM_COPERA Customer Implementation of Time Evaluation Operations C T7TIM_COPERAS 
260 V_T7TIM_E_M_OPT Defintion of Optional Attributes in Native Interface C T7TIM_EVAL_MAP 
262 V_T7TIM_OPERA Implementation of Time Evaluation Operation and Interface C T7TIM_OPERATIONS 
263 V_T7TIM_PCR_BUSU Assignment of Personnel Calculation Rule to Business Subject C T7TIM_PCR_BUSUB 
264 V_T7TIM_RGR_GWT Rule Groups in Processing Step Under GWT C T7TIM_GWT_STEP 
265 V_T7TIM_RGR_LIMI Rule Groups in Processing Step Under LIMIT C T7TIM_LIMIT_STEP 
266 V_T7TIM_RGR_QUOT Rule Groups in Processing Step Under QUOTA C T7TIM_QUOTA_STEP 
267 V_T7TIM_TIGRP_EN Return Value of Feature TIRUG C T7TIM_TIGRP_ENT 
268 V_T7TW0A Taiwan ZIP code C T7TW0A 
269 V_T7TW0AX Taiwan ZIP code C T7TW0A 
270 V_T7TW0P Personal Areas/Subareas (Taiwan) C T001P 
271 V_T7TW0Z Define Taiwan ZIP Code C T7TW0Z 
272 V_T7TW1B Primary view for T7TW1B C T7TW1B 
273 V_T7TW1C Primary view for T7TW1C C T7TW1C 
274 V_T7TW1D NHI exempt reason C T7TW1D 
275 V_T7TW1G Insurer Name and Address C T7TW1G 
276 V_T7TW1I LI Occupational Risk C T7TW1I 
277 V_T7TW1I_T LI Occupational Risk C T7TW1I 
278 V_T7TW1K LI Occupational Risk Percentage C T7TW1K 
279 V_T7TW1K_T LI Occupational Risk Percentage C T7TW1K 
280 V_T7TW1P LI Country Code C T7TW1P 
281 V_T7TW2D Tax Authority Code C T7TW2D 
282 V_T7TW2G Maintain tax media filing sequence number reservation C T7TW2G 
283 V_T7TW2J Tax agreement codes maintenance C T7TW2J 
284 V_T7TW3A Employment Stabilization Fund C T7TW3A 
285 V_T7TW4Y Ethnic Group of Taiwan Aborigines (Text) C T7TW4B 
286 V_T7TW50 Rate for multiple payment C T7TW50 
287 V_T7UNAAP_ADDTAB PAAP Maintenance View for additional tables C T7UNAAP_ADDTAB 
290 V_T7UNAAP_ATTR_C PAAP Switch checking Payroll / Tiime Evaluation Run C T7UNAAP_ATTRIBS 
291 V_T7UNAAP_ATTR_D PAAP Switch checking Time Evaluation Run C T7UNAAP_ATTRIBS 
292 V_T7UNAAP_CPERNR Helpview for copied Persons C T7UNAAP_CO_PERNR 
293 V_T7UNAAP_INFO Non relevent infotypes for PAAP C T7UNAAP_INFO 
294 V_T7UNAAP_T529A PAAP Maintenance View Actiontype C T7UNAAP_T529A 
295 V_T7UNAAP_TSTC PAAP Maintenance View for relevant Transaction(s) C T7UNAAP_TSTC 
296 V_T7UNBEN_T5UBA NPO Benefit Plan Cost Rule Variant Maintanance View C T7UNBEN_T5UBA 
297 V_T7UNBEN_T5UBH NPO Benefit Cost Rule Maintenance View C T7UNBEN_T5UBH 
298 V_T7UNBEN_T5UBI NPO Benefit Cost Rule Settings Maintenance View C T7UNBEN_T5UBI 
299 V_T7UNCMT_XREF CMT Maintenance View Duty Station Crossreference C T7UNCMT_XREF 
300 V_T7UNOBJAS View for search help for NPO table T7UNOBJAS D T7UNOBJAS 
301 V_T7UNOM_CCOCCG Relationship Between CCOG and OCCG Functional Code D T7UNOM_CCOCCG 
304 V_T7UNOM_FD_PS Fund Position Maintenance view C T7UNOM_FUND_POS 
305 V_T7UNOM_FD_PS_2 Dependencies Fund ID Position Type D T7UNOM_FUND_POS 
307 V_T7UNOM_OCCG OCCG Functional Code C T7UNOM_OCCG 
308 V_T7UNOM_OUTYPE Organisational Unit Type Maintenance View C T7UNOM_OUTYPE 
310 V_T7UNPAD503_B EE Subgroup Grouping for PCR/CollAgrmtProv. C T503Z 
311 V_T7UNPAD503_E EE Subgroup Grouping for Rental Eligibility Check C T503Z 
313 V_T7UNPAD_AREA Duty Station Area/Zone Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_AREA 
314 V_T7UNPAD_CEBCNT NPO: Education Grant CEB Country Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_CEBCNT 
315 V_T7UNPAD_CEBDS PY-NPO: Education Grant CEB Duty Station Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_CEBDS 
316 V_T7UNPAD_CEBGRD EG CCAQ Staff Grade Mapping table C T7UNPAD_CEBGRD 
317 V_T7UNPAD_DPAC Dependency allowance maintenance view C T7UNPAD_DPAC 
318 V_T7UNPAD_DS Duty Station Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DS 
319 V_T7UNPAD_DS0G Maintenance View Duty Station Relation to Payscale Area C T7UNPAD_DS0G 
320 V_T7UNPAD_DS0P Duty Station Relation to Personnel Area/Subarea Maint. View C T7UNPAD_DS0P 
321 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P Duty Station Main Time-Dependent Info Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DS1P 
322 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P_E PY-NPO: Duty Station time dep. info Educatio Grant C T7UNPAD_DS1P 
323 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P_R Duty Station Time-Dependent Info Rental Subsidy Maint. View C T7UNPAD_DS1P 
324 V_T7UNPAD_DSCA Duty Station Category Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSCA 
325 V_T7UNPAD_DSDA Duty Station Dependency Allowance Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSDA 
326 V_T7UNPAD_DSHE Duty Station Hardship Element Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSHE 
327 V_T7UNPAD_DSLC Duty Station Home Leave Cycle Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSLC 
328 V_T7UNPAD_DSME Duty Station Mobility Element Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSME 
329 V_T7UNPAD_DSPA Post Adjustment Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSPA 
330 V_T7UNPAD_DSPT NPO: PTA Personnel Transition Allowance Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSPT 
331 V_T7UNPAD_DSRE Duty Station Removal/Non-Removal Element Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_DSRE 
332 V_T7UNPAD_EG03 NPO: EE Grouping for EG Eligibility C T503Z 
333 V_T7UNPAD_EG05 NPO: EG Country settings C T005 
334 V_T7UNPAD_EG30 NPO: Eligibility reason for EG C T530E 
335 V_T7UNPAD_EGAMT NPO: EG Maintenance view for entitlements C T7UNPAD_EGAMT 
336 V_T7UNPAD_EGAMTA NPO: EG Maintenance view for entitlements all C T7UNPAD_EGAMT 
337 V_T7UNPAD_EGAPL NPO: Exp. MM. Application Switch Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_EGEXPAPL 
338 V_T7UNPAD_EGCA NPO: EG Maintenance view Category Classification C T7UNPAD_EGCA 
339 V_T7UNPAD_EGCAQ Mt. View for EG Expense Type Classes for CCAQ C T7UNPAD_EGCAQ 
340 V_T7UNPAD_EGCEB Duty Station CEB Relation to SAP Entity Duty Station C T7UNPAD_EGCEB 
341 V_T7UNPAD_EGCL NPO: EG Maintenance view Category Classes C T7UNPAD_EGCL 
342 V_T7UNPAD_EGCOS NPO: EG Maintenance view expense types C T7UNPAD_EGCOS 
343 V_T7UNPAD_EGCOSC EG Maintenance view expense types for CCAQ C T7UNPAD_EGCOS 
344 V_T7UNPAD_EGCTR NPO: EG Entitlement Countries C T7UNPAD_EGCTR 
345 V_T7UNPAD_EGCURC NPO: Help View For Currency D TCURC 
346 V_T7UNPAD_EGEUC NPO: EG Database view EU Country D T005 
347 V_T7UNPAD_EGPSH NPO: EG Maintenance view expense types flat rates C T7UNPAD_EGPSH 
348 V_T7UNPAD_EGRS NPO: EG Maintenance view Boarding reasons C T7UNPAD_EGRS 
349 V_T7UNPAD_EGSG NPO: EG Maintenance view School Grade Text C T7UNPAD_EGSG 
350 V_T7UNPAD_EGSN NPO: EG School Maintenance view C T7UNPAD_EGSN 
351 V_T7UNPAD_EGST NPO: EG Maintenance view School Types Text C T7UNPAD_EGST 
352 V_T7UNPAD_EGTCUR Education Grant Maintenance View for Currency C TCURC 
353 V_T7UNPAD_GA PY-NPO: Pay Grade Grouping and Rental Subsidy Increase C T7UNPAD_GA 
354 V_T7UNPAD_GA_MH PY-NPO: Pay Grade Grouping and Rental Subsidy Increase C T7UNPAD_GA 
355 V_T7UNPAD_GA_RS PY-NPO: Pay Grade Grouping and Rental Subsidy Increase C T7UNPAD_GA 
356 V_T7UNPAD_HSFA Maintenance view for Hardship flat amounts C T7UNPAD_HSFA 
357 V_T7UNPAD_HSFA_A Maintenance view for Hardship flat amounts - All Entries C T7UNPAD_HSFA 
358 V_T7UNPAD_MBFA Mobility Flat amounts Maintenance view C T7UNPAD_MBFA 
359 V_T7UNPAD_MBFA_A Mobility Flat amounts Maintenance view All Entries C T7UNPAD_MBFA 
360 V_T7UNPAD_NRFA Non-Removal Flat amounts Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_NRFA 
361 V_T7UNPAD_NRFA_A Non-Removal Flat amounts Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_NRFA 
362 V_T7UNPAD_PFST Pension Fund Status Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_PFST 
363 V_T7UNPAD_PFSV Pension Fund Schema Values Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_PFSV 
364 V_T7UNPAD_PFUN Pension Fund Schemes C T7UNPAD_PFUN 
365 V_T7UNPAD_PSGR Pay Grade Grouping Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_PSGR 
366 V_T7UNPAD_RGST Repatriation Grant Number Translation Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RGST 
367 V_T7UNPAD_RS502 Rental Subsidy Marital Status Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RS502 
368 V_T7UNPAD_RSACR Maintenance View Rental Subsidy Average Commercial Rent C T7UNPAD_RSACR 
369 V_T7UNPAD_RSCH Rental Subsidy Scheme Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RSCH 
370 V_T7UNPAD_RSDA Rental Subsidy Entitlements Amount Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RSDA 
371 V_T7UNPAD_RSDE Rental Subsidy Entitlements Percentage Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RSDE 
372 V_T7UNPAD_RSDR Rental Subsidy Dwelling Rent Type Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RSDR 
373 V_T7UNPAD_RSMA Rental Subsidy Maximum Amount Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RSMA 
374 V_T7UNPAD_RSMAG Maintenance View Rental Subsidy Max. Amount Grade Grp. C T7UNPAD_RSMAG 
375 V_T7UNPAD_RSRR Rental Subsidy Reimbursement Percentage Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_RSRR 
376 V_T7UNPAD_SLGR NPO: Sick Leave Grouping C T7UNPAD_SLGR 
377 V_T7UNPAD_SLQU NPO: Sick Leave Quota Values C T7UNPAD_SLQU 
378 V_T7UNPAD_T502_T Rental Subsidy Marital Status Relation Maintenance View C T7UNPAD_T502_T 
379 V_T7UN_ATTRIBS_A NPO: General Attributes Personnel Administration C T7UN_ATTRIBS 
380 V_T7UN_ATTRIBS_B NPO: General Attributes Organizational Management C T7UN_ATTRIBS 
381 V_T7UN_ATTRIBS_E NPO: General Attributes Education Grant C T7UN_ATTRIBS 
382 V_T7UN_ATTRIBS_P NPO: General Attributes Education Grant C T7UN_ATTRIBS 
383 V_T7UN_T52E2 Posting to Accounting: Posting Variants C T52E2 
384 V_T7UN_T577 Disability Characteristic NPO C T577 
385 V_T7UN_T577_1 Dependent Characteristic NPO C T577 
386 V_T7UN_T577_2 Disability Characteristic NPO C T577 
387 V_T7UN_T577_3 Living with S/M Characteristic NPO C T577 
388 V_T7UN_T577_4 Dependency Characteristic NPO C T577 
389 V_T7UN_T577_5 Allowance Characteristic NPO C T577 
390 V_T7US3PRTXSYMKO Posting of tax wage types C T7US3PR_TXSYMKO 
391 V_T7US3PR_V0T Assign Account ID, HR Payee Number to Wage Type (V0 split T) C T7US3PR_V0TYPE_T 
392 V_T7USBEN01_1 Saving plans compensation model name and text C T7USBEN01 
393 V_T7USBEN02_1 Saving plans compensation model setup C T7USBEN02 
394 V_T7USBEN03 Catch-up contribution for Savings plan C T7USBEN03 
395 V_T7USBEN04 High Deductible Health Plan Contributions C T7USBEN04 
396 V_T7US_ETA_OVMTH View for US Employee Tax Arrangement Override Method C T7US_ETA_OVMTH 
397 V_T7US_ETA_TXOVM Override Method per Tax Authority & Tax Type C T7US_ETA_TXOVM 
398 V_T7US_FMLA_AB Assign Absence Types to FMLA Reasons C T7US_FMLA_AB_ADM 
399 V_T7US_FMLA_DETR Relationship: FMLA Rule Group to FMLA Rule C T7US_FMLA_DETRUL 
400 V_T7US_FMLA_DETW Link betw. EE Grp for Week Converter and Week Converter Rule C T7US_FMLA_DETWWK 
401 V_T7US_FMLA_PROF FMLA Workbench: Profile Settings C T7US_FMLA_PROF 
402 V_T7US_FMLA_R2R Relationship of FMLA Rules to FMLA Reasons C T7US_FMLA_RU2RE 
404 V_T7US_FMLA_RULE Definition of FMLA Rules C T7US_FMLA_RULE 
405 V_T7US_FMLA_WWK Rule for Determining Week Converter C T7US_FMLA_WRKWK 
406 V_T7VE01 Additional company information C T7VE01 
407 V_T7VE02_A Additional time-dependent company information C T7VE02 
408 V_T7VE02_B Company information for profit share payment C T7VE02 
409 V_T7VE02_C Company information for severance payment C T7VE02 
410 V_T7VE03 SUDEBAN code C T7VE03 
411 V_T7VE04 Contract assignment C T7VE04 
412 V_T7VE0P Additional information on personnel area/subarea C T001P 
413 V_T7VE10 Assignment of date class to absence quota C T7VE10 
414 V_T7VE90 Rules for calculating compensation C T7VE90 
415 V_T7VE95 Severance pay code: Code and text C T7VE95 
416 V_T7VE97 Assign. sev. pay code to grouping of sev. pay legal norms C T7VE97 
417 V_T7VE98 Grouping employees for sev. pay calculation: Code and text C T7VE98 
418 V_T7VEAB Absence category attributes C T7VEAB 
419 V_T7VEQP Absence quota attributes C T7VEQP 
420 V_T7VES3 Function code relationship (Company/IVSS) C T513 
421 V_T7XAS0 Wagetype assignment to claim plan C T7XAS0 
422 V_T7XAS2 Assign claim variant/base wagetype to Program C T7XAS2 
423 V_T7XAS3 Claim variant for Program C T7XAS3 
424 V_T7XAS5 Claim rule for Program C T7XAS5 
425 V_T7XAS6 Claim variant for Plan C T7XAS6 
426 V_T7XAS8 Claim rule for plan C T7XAS8 
427 V_T7XAS9 Assignment of Claim Variant and Panel of Doctors to Plan C T7XAS9 
428 V_T7XASA Dependent cover C T7XASA 
429 V_T7XASC Assign family members to dependent cover C T7XASC 
430 V_T7XASD Doctor details C T7XASD 
431 V_T7XASF Grouping of Doctors to Panel C T7XASF 
432 V_T7XASH Panel of Doctors C T7XASH 
433 V_T7XASI Claims groupings for plan C T7XASI 
434 V_T7XASK Claim groupings for program C T7XASK 
435 V_T7XP_DETAIL Detail Screen Type C T7XP_DETAIL 
436 V_T7XP_DET_POS Assignment of Expert Profile Element to Detail Screen Type C T7XP_DETAIL_POS 
437 V_T7XP_ELEM Expert Profile Element C T7XP_ELEM 
438 V_T7XP_ELEM_VAL Value for Expert Profile Element C T7XP_ELEM_VAL 
439 V_T7XP_GROUP Expert Profile Element Group C T7XP_GROUP 
440 V_T7XP_GROUP_POS Assignment of Expert Profile Element to Group C T7XP_GROUP_POS 
442 V_T7XP_HLIST_POS Assignment of Expert Profile Element to Hit List Type C T7XP_HITLIST_POS 
443 V_T7XP_PROF Expert Profile Types C T7XP_PROF 
444 V_T7XP_PROF_POS Assignment of Expert Profile Element to Expert Profile Type C T7XP_PROF_POS 
445 V_T7XP_SCENARIO Search Scenario C T7XP_SCENARIO 
446 V_T7XP_SEMANTIC Semantic Attributes of Expert Profile Elements C T7XP_SEMANTIC 
447 V_T7XP_SETTINGS General Settings for Expert Finder C T7XP_SETTINGS 
448 V_T7XP_SMASK Search Template Type C T7XP_SMASK 
449 V_T7XP_SMASK_POS Assignment of Expert Profile Element to Search Template Type C T7XP_SMASK_POS 
450 V_T7XSSPERSTRUCT ESS PersInfo, view for infotype structure C T7XSSPERSTRUCT 
451 V_T7XSSPERSUBTYP Specify Use Case and Active Subtypes C T7XSSPERSUBTYPE 
452 V_T7XSSREUSEUISN Reuse of Screen Structure Name for New Country Version C T7XSSREUSEUISN 
453 V_T7XSSSERAR Assign Subareas to Areas (Find Entries) C T7XSSSERAR 
454 V_T7XSSSERARB Define Area Pages (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERARB 
455 V_T7XSSSERARBC Define Area Pages (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERARBC 
456 V_T7XSSSERARC Assign Subareas to Areas (Add and Change Entries) C T7XSSSERARC 
457 V_T7XSSSERARG Assign Areas to Area Group Pages (Find Entries) C T7XSSSERARG 
458 V_T7XSSSERARGB Define Area Group Pages (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERARGB 
459 V_T7XSSSERARGBC Define Area Group Pages (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERARGBC 
460 V_T7XSSSERARGC Assign Areas to Area Group Pages (Add and Change Entries) C T7XSSSERARGC 
461 V_T7XSSSERHEB Define Headers (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERHEB 
462 V_T7XSSSERHEBC Define Headers (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERHEBC 
463 V_T7XSSSERLNK Confirmation Screen Links C T7XSSSERLNK 
464 V_T7XSSSERRES Define Resources (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERRES 
465 V_T7XSSSERRESC Define Resources (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERRESC 
466 V_T7XSSSERSAR Assign Services to Subareas (Find Entries) C T7XSSSERSAR 
467 V_T7XSSSERSARB Define Subareas (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERSARB 
468 V_T7XSSSERSARBC Define Subareas (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERSARBC 
469 V_T7XSSSERSARC Assign Services to Subareas (Add and Change Entries) C T7XSSSERSARC 
471 V_T7XSSSERSRV Define Services (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERSRV 
472 V_T7XSSSERSRVC Define Services (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERSRVC 
473 V_T7XSSSERSRVCG Define Country-Specific Services (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERSRVCG 
474 V_T7XSSSERSRVCGC Define Country-Specific Services (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERSRVCGC 
475 V_T7XSSSERSRVG Define Service Groups (Add Entries) C T7XSSSERSRVG 
476 V_T7XSSSERSRVGC Define Service Groups (Change Entries) C T7XSSSERSRVGC 
477 V_T7XSSSERSRVHLP View for search help for Helper Services in XSS H T7XSSSERSRV 
478 V_T7XSS_GRT_IFR View to maintain the dimensions of the IFrame C T7XSS_GRT_IFR_D 
479 V_T7XSS_SER_RFW ESS rep.framwork: Mapping of Application id to abap class C T7XSS_SER_RFW 
480 V_T800A FI-SL Table Directory C T800A 
481 V_T800AIS View of FI-SL table directory: InfoSource structure P T800AIS 
482 V_T800AIS_PI View of FI-SL Table Directory: BW Transfer Structure P T800AIS_PI 
483 V_T800A_ICRC Activate Intercompany Reconciliation Process Tables C T800A 
484 V_T800D Fields for Master Data Check C T800D 
485 V_T800HIST Log Tables for Program Runs in FI-GL or FI-SL D T800HISTH 
486 V_T800M Fixed Field Movements C T800M 
487 V_T804I Report Writer: Supported Languages C T804I 
488 V_T80D Client-Specific User Exits in FI-SL C T80D 
489 V_T80D_GL Client-Dependent User Exits in General Ledger V V_T80D 
490 V_T80D_SL Client-Specific User Exits in FI-SL V V_T80D 
491 V_T80D_VSR Client-Dependent User Exits in Substitutions C T80D 
492 V_T80I Cross-Client User Exits in FI-SL C T80I 
493 V_T811H Data Fields for Allocation C T811H 
494 V_T811I Field Usage for Allocation C T811I 
495 V_T811IA Customizing Field Attributes: Allocation C T811IA 
496 V_T811J Field Groups for Allocation C T811J 
497 V_T811M Allocation: Texts for Data Fields C T811M 
498 V_T811T Allocation System Information C T811T 
499 V_T811U Partner object update C T811U 
500 V_T811_C_L View of Cycles and Texts D T811C