SAP ABAP Data Element - Index C, page 28
Data Element - C
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 CKPERFORMA Performance check or not ('Y'/'N') ? CHAR1 CHAR 
2 CKPOSKREIS Flag: check POS controller POSFLAG CHAR 
3 CKPPRDZ_BI Period of Future Cost Estimate (BTCI) CHAR3 CHAR 
4 CKPTINTVL Database checkpoint interval (s) SINT4_NOS INT4 
6 CKQS_CRUN_ID ID for Costing Run / Workset   CHAR 
8 CKQS_SEL_ID Selection ID   CHAR 
11 CKQUALKDNR Flag: check qualifier POSFLAG CHAR 
12 CKRATE Exchange Rate CKRATE DEC 
13 CKREP Test report SYCHAR08 CHAR 
14 CKRETCODE Return code of check run: 0...roger, >1...error INT2 INT2 
15 CKRFCGROUP Name of Server Group for Parallel Processing   CHAR 
16 CKRTIME Runtime NUM07 NUMC 
17 CKSEVERITY Check severity: 'A'...abort, 'E'...error, 'W'...warning DMSEVERITY CHAR 
18 CKSTATX Status of the Destination TEXT20 CHAR 
19 CKSTA_EBLB Status of the check CKSTA_EBLB CHAR 
20 CKTC_ABDAT Validity Date From CK_KADAT DATS 
21 CKTC_AENDT Last changed on DATUM DATS 
22 CKTC_AENNM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
24 CKTC_CHANCE_HW Chance (in Controlling Area Currency) WERTV8 CURR 
25 CKTC_CHANCE_OW Chance (in Object Currency) WERTV8 CURR 
26 CKTC_CMDGUID Internal Identification for CMD Objects SYSUUID RAW 
27 CKTC_CMDHCNT Internal Counter NUMC8 NUMC 
28 CKTC_CMDNAME Name for Costing Master Data CKTC_CMDNAME CHAR 
29 CKTC_CPROZ Chance (Percentage) DEC3_2 DEC 
30 CKTC_FOCUS_COSTING Cost Estimate for a Focus Node XFELD CHAR 
33 CKTC_RISIKO_HW Risk (in Controlling Area Currency) WERTV8 CURR 
34 CKTC_RISIKO_OW Risk (in Object Currency) WERTV8 CURR 
35 CKTC_RPROZ Risk (Percentage) DEC3_2 DEC 
36 CKTC_STRING Free Characteristic TEXT20 CHAR 
40 CKTIM Last tested at UZEIT TIMS 
42 CKTRACEOH Activate Explanation Facility for Overhead Calculation XFELD CHAR 
43 CKTRACETP Activate Explanation Facility to Calculate Transfer Price XFELD CHAR 
44 CKTRENNZ Data Records Divided by <CR><LF> XFELD CHAR 
45 CKTYP Infotypes to be tested SUBTY_591A CHAR 
47 CKVERS1_BI Costing Version of Future Standard Cost Estimate (BTCI) CHAR2 CHAR 
48 CKVORGDATUM Flag: check transaction date POSFLAG CHAR 
49 CKVORGZEIT Flag: check transaction time POSFLAG CHAR 
50 CKZ Top-down or bottom-up for batch where-used file reorg. KZNEB CHAR 
51 CK_18_QS Variable Portion of Cost Component CHAR17 CHAR 
52 CK_18_SQS Total Variable Costs of Cost Component CHAR17 CHAR 
53 CK_ABDAT Costing Date From CK_KADAT DATS 
54 CK_ABDATUM Interval for Costing Date From CK_KADAT DATS 
55 CK_ABDAT_OLD Previous Costing Date From CK_KADAT DATS 
56 CK_ABKDM Beginning Inventory: Single-Level Exchange Rate Differences WERTV8 CURR 
57 CK_ABKDMMO Beginning Inventory: Exch.Rate Differences from Lower Levels WERTV8 CURR 
58 CK_ABKUM Beginning Inventory: Quantity at Start of Period MENGV8 QUAN 
59 CK_ABPRD Beginning Inventory: Single-Level Price Differences WERTV8 CURR 
60 CK_ABPRDMO Beginning Inventory: Price Differences from Lower Levels WERTV8 CURR 
61 CK_ABRDAT Date of Last Successful Price Determination SYDATS DATS 
62 CK_ABRMENGE Price Determination Quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
63 CK_ABRPRS Price After Price Determination WERT11V CURR 
64 CK_ABRUHR Time of Last Sucessful Price Determination SYTIME TIMS 
65 CK_ABR_PRS Price After Material Price Determination WERT11V CURR 
66 CK_ADDI_NEU Recalculate Additive Costs XFELD CHAR 
67 CK_ADDI_UEBER Transfer Additive Costs from Reference Cost Estimate XFELD CHAR 
68 CK_ADD_CUM Add Cumulation to Revision Data XFELD CHAR 
69 CK_ADD_SPLIT_SYMB Additional Cost Component Split in Controlling Area Currency CHAR2 CHAR 
70 CK_ADHOC_EXTTX Name of Ad Hoc Cost Estimate for External Object PC_PATH CHAR 
71 CK_ADHOC_LTEXT Description of an Ad Hoc Cost Estimate TEXT40 CHAR 
72 CK_ADJUSTDAT Date on Which the Reconciliation Was Performed SYDATS DATS 
73 CK_ADJUSTFLAG Currency Type Reconciled with FI XFELD CHAR 
74 CK_ADJUSTUSR User Who Performed the Reconciliation SYCHAR12 CHAR 
75 CK_AEKLK Stock transfer net change costing XFELD CHAR 
76 CK_AEQUI4 Equivalence Number with 4 Places CK_AEQUI4 DEC 
78 CK_AGGREGATION Aggregation was completed XFELD CHAR 
79 CK_AKTION Action Performed CHAR10 CHAR 
80 CK_AKT_AMDAT Most Current Cost Estimate for a Given Date XFELD CHAR 
81 CK_AKT_ONL Display Lines in Current Period Only BOOLE CHAR 
82 CK_ALLMATS Select All Materials BOOLE CHAR 
83 CK_ALLROWS Display All Lines (All Periods, All Currencies) BOOLE CHAR 
84 CK_AMDAT Cost Estimate Valid On CK_KADAT DATS 
85 CK_AMPEL Light Appearing When Price Change Thresholds Are Exceeded TEXT1 CHAR 
86 CK_ANWEI Application: Unit Costing CK_AUSWAHL CHAR 
87 CK_ANWER Application: Product Costing CK_AUSWAHL CHAR 
88 CK_ANZ Number Counter CK_ANZ NUMC 
89 CK_ANZAHL Number of Objects Processed CK_INT4 INT4 
90 CK_ANZDIS Number of low-level codes costed/marked/released INT1 INT1 
91 CK_ANZOBJ_FEH Number of Materials Processed with Errors CK_INT4 INT4 
92 CK_APPS Application CHAR4 CHAR 
93 CK_ARCHDAT Create or Do not Create Archive File BOOLE CHAR 
94 CK_ART Parameter for Posting Type CHAR1 CHAR 
95 CK_ASL Cost Estimate of an Order BOM XFELD CHAR 
96 CK_AUFGEL Low-Level Code/Costing Level Already Exploded XFELD CHAR 
97 CK_AUFKZ Quantity Structure Control in Costing CK_AUFKZ CHAR 
98 CK_AUFLOESUNGS_TIEFE Explosion Level for Costed Multilevel BOM INT2 INT2 
99 CK_AUFNR Order Number for Distribution of Activity/ Inventory Diffs. AUFNR CHAR 
100 CK_AUFNR_ORG Original Order Number AUFNR CHAR 
101 CK_AUFPL Routing No. for Operations with Non-Order-Related Production AUFPL NUMC 
102 CK_AUSID Assembly/Operation Scrap Included CK_AUSID CHAR 
103 CK_AUSMG Scrap Quantity CQUA8 QUAN 
104 CK_AUSMGKO Component Scrap Quantity CQUA8 QUAN 
105 CK_AVANZ Number of Objects for Next Step in Costing Run (Worklist) CK_INT4 INT4 
106 CK_AVR_CREDITCC Indicator: Credit Cost Center using Closing Entry XFELD CHAR 
107 CK_AVR_POSTING Indicator: Valuation Relevant Run BOOLE CHAR 
108 CK_BALT_FLAG Cost Estimate for a Procurement Alternative XFELD CHAR 
109 CK_BAPI Cost Estimate Generated by BAPI XFELD CHAR 
110 CK_BASIC_VALUATION Operational Valuation VALUTYP NUMC 
111 CK_BAUGR Item Is an Assembly CHAR1 CHAR 
112 CK_BA_BES Process Category for Purchase Order CHAR1 CHAR 
113 CK_BA_FRT Process Category - Production CHAR1 CHAR 
114 CK_BA_KUP Procurement Type - Joint Production CHAR1 CHAR 
115 CK_BA_LON Process Category - Subcontracting CHAR1 CHAR 
116 CK_BA_UML Process Category - Stock Transfer CHAR1 CHAR 
117 CK_BDATJ Posting Year of the Last Closing GJAHR NUMC 
118 CK_BEDAT Requirements Date CK_KADAT DATS 
119 CK_BELNR Number of a Material Ledger Document/Price Change Document BELNR CHAR 
120 CK_BESBW Cost Component Relevant for Inventory Valuation CK_GFV CHAR 
121 CK_BESBWA Display Cost Components for Inventory Valuation XFELD CHAR 
123 CK_BIDAT Costing Date To CK_KADAT DATS 
124 CK_BIDATUM Interval for Costing Date To CK_KADAT DATS 
125 CK_BIDAT_OLD Previous Costing Date To CK_KADAT DATS 
126 CK_BRDAT Quantity Structure Date for Costing CK_KADAT DATS 
127 CK_BT_BEST Process Category Inventory Change CHAR1 CHAR 
128 CK_BUCHKRS Partner Company Code XFELD CHAR 
129 CK_BUUEFR Release Across Company Codes XFELD CHAR 
130 CK_BUUEKA Cost Across Company Codes XFELD CHAR 
131 CK_BUUEKA_SYMB Cross-Company Costing CHAR2 CHAR 
132 CK_BVKEY Include Valuation Variant in Key XFELD CHAR 
133 CK_BWDAT Valuation Date of a Cost Estimate CK_KADAT DATS 
134 CK_BWMAN Material Valuation Including Additive Costs CK_BWMAN CHAR 
135 CK_BWPRS Currency Type Is Active for Material Valuation (ML) XFELD CHAR 
136 CK_BWSEL Valuation Strategy for Internal Activities and Processes CK_BWSEL CHAR 
137 CK_BWSFH Valuation Strategy for Production Resources and Tools CK_BWSFH CHAR 
138 CK_BWSFL Valuation Strategy for Subcontracting CK_BWSFL CHAR 
139 CK_BWSMA Valuation Strategy for Material Component CK_BWSMA CHAR 
140 CK_BWSMR Valuation Strategy for Raw Materials and Purchased Parts CK_BWSMA CHAR 
141 CK_BWSMX Material Valuation Strategy Excluding Manual Costs CK_BWSMA CHAR 
142 CK_BWST3 Valuation with Standard Price of Make-to-Stock Inventory XFELD CHAR 
143 CK_BWSTRAT Price for Activity Valuation BWSTRAT CHAR 
144 CK_BWSVW Valuation Strategy for External Processing in Operation CK_BWSVW CHAR 
145 CK_BWSVX Valuation Strategy: Externally Performed Service CK_BWSVX CHAR 
146 CK_BWVA1 Valuation variant for the future standard cost estimate CK_BWVAR CHAR 
147 CK_BWVA2 Valuation variant for the current standard cost estimate CK_BWVAR CHAR 
148 CK_BWVA3 Valuation variant for past standard cost estimate CK_BWVAR CHAR 
149 CK_BWVAR Valuation Variant in Costing CK_BWVAR CHAR 
150 CK_BWVAR_BA Valuation Variant of Procurement Alternative CK_BWVAR CHAR 
151 CK_BWVAR_KONZ Valuation Variant for Group Valuation CK_BWVAR CHAR 
152 CK_BWVAR_PC Valuation Variant for Profit Center Valuation CK_BWVAR CHAR 
153 CK_CCOMPTYPE Type of Cost Component Split CK_CCOMPTYPE CHAR 
154 CK_CHANCE_RISK Prospects-Risk-Costing XFELD CHAR 
155 CK_CHANGE_RATE Conversion Factor UKURS DEC 
156 CK_CHARACT_LOGIC Costing: Characteristic Logic CK_CHARACT_LOGIC CHAR 
157 CK_CHARA_OBSOLETE EasyCostPlanning: Characteristic Obsolete XFLAG CHAR 
158 CK_CHAR_FILE_CAT Costing: Characteristic Storage Type CK_CHAR_FILE_CAT CHAR 
159 CK_CKFR Release of Materials XFELD CHAR 
160 CK_CKOR Organizational Measure XFELD CHAR 
161 CK_CKSO Release of Other Prices XFELD CHAR 
162 CK_CKVO Marking of Standard Cost Estimates XFELD CHAR 
163 CK_CLCKFLD Clicked Field (Replacement for LVC_FNAME_WAO) CHAR30 CHAR 
164 CK_CMDATE Costing Model: Date on Which Model Was Created DATUM DATS 
165 CK_CMUSERNAME Costing Model: Created By UNAME CHAR 
166 CK_COMPONENT_ID Unique Pointer to the Itemization Line (Persistent)   NUMC 
167 CK_CONTAINER_ID Costing Model: ID for Characteristic Storage CK_CONTAINER_ID CHAR 
168 CK_CONTFIXPRICE Cost Estimate Contains Fixed-Price Co-Products FLAG CHAR 
169 CK_COSESTI With, w/o, with and w/o qty structure, additive cost est CK_COSESTI NUMC 
171 CK_COSTING_BOM_FACTOR Base Quantity/Lot Size   DEC 
173 CK_COSTMODELT Name of Costing Model TEXT30 CHAR 
174 CK_COSTMODELT2 Name of Costing Model TEXT30 CHAR 
177 CK_COUNT Continuous Counter for Differentiating Database Entries CK_COUNT NUMC 
178 CK_COUNT_ERROR Number of Materials Whose Prices were Determined with Errors CKML_COUNT INT4 
179 CK_COUNT_SUCCESS Number of Materials with Successful Price Determination CKML_COUNT INT4 
180 CK_COUNT_WARN Number of Materials with Warnings from Price Determination CKML_COUNT INT4 
181 CK_CPROJ_EXTDESCR External Description of a cProjects Project CK_CPROJ_EXTDESCR CHAR 
182 CK_CPUDM Date on Which Additive Cost Estimate Was Saved DATUM DATS 
183 CK_CPUDT Date on Which Cost Estimate Was Created DATUM DATS 
184 CK_CROSSR Mixing Ratio DEC10_3 DEC 
185 CK_CRPERDSP Display Field for Mixing Ratio DEC3_1 DEC 
186 CK_CTYP_BU Currency Type of Company Code ("10" Company Code Currency) CURTP CHAR 
187 CK_CTYP_KONZERN_VALUATION Currency Type for Group Valuation CURTP CHAR 
188 CK_CTYP_PROFCTR_VALUATION Currency Type of Profit Center Valuation CURTP CHAR 
189 CK_CUMULATE_SPLIT Flag: cumulate actual cost component split XFELD CHAR 
190 CK_CUOBJ Object Number for Conf. Objects CUOBJ NUMC 
191 CK_CUOBJID Indicator for Configurable Objects CK_CUOBJID CHAR 
192 CK_CURRENY Cost Comp. Split in Object Currency/Controlling Area Curr. CK_CURRENY NUMC 
193 CK_CURR_AND_VAL_TEXT Currency and Valuation TEXT60 CHAR 
194 CK_CUR_ONL Only Lines with a Specific Currency BOOLE CHAR 
195 CK_CYCLENR Cycle Number Within a Run NUMC5 NUMC 
196 CK_DEFAULT_MSGTY Default Message Type CK_MSGAR CHAR 
197 CK_DEFAULT_PLABEL_VIEW Default View for Price Update in Price Table CK_SICHT NUMC 
199 CK_DELETE Deletion Indicator XFELD CHAR 
200 CK_DELIVERY_FROM_VAL_STOCK SD Goods Delivery from Valuated Stock XFLAG CHAR 
201 CK_DELTA_ART Type of Variance CK_DELTA_ART CHAR 
202 CK_DELTA_C_FIXED PCP: Value Fixed Delta Profit - Legal View WERTV8 CURR 
203 CK_DELTA_C_TOTAL PCP: Value Delta Profit - Legal View WERTV8 CURR 
204 CK_DELTA_PC_FIXED PCP: Fixed Value Delta Profit - Profit Center View WERTV8 CURR 
205 CK_DELTA_PC_TOTAL PCP: Total Value Delta Profit - Profit Center View WERTV8 CURR 
206 CK_DEL_NO_BSEG Delete Item Without Accounting View XFELD CHAR 
207 CK_DEL_NO_KSEG Delete Item Without Costing View XFELD CHAR 
208 CK_DEL_PLAN_PRC Indicator: Delete Marked Price CK_DEL_PLAN_PRC CHAR 
209 CK_DERZK Procedure When Creating Material Cost Estimate CK_DERZK CHAR 
210 CK_DEST Logical Destinations for Parallel Costing Run RFCDEST CHAR 
211 CK_DIPA Direct Partner Characteristic CK_DIPA CHAR 
212 CK_DIPER Interval Between Planned Periods POPER NUMC 
213 CK_DIR_PART_BUCHKRS Direct Partner Company Code XFELD CHAR 
214 CK_DIR_PART_GESCHBER Direct Partner Business Area XFELD CHAR 
215 CK_DIR_PART_PROFCTR Direct Partner Profit Center XFELD CHAR 
216 CK_DIR_PART_WERK Direct Partner Plant XFELD CHAR 
217 CK_DISPLAY Status of Transaction CHAR1 CHAR 
218 CK_DMKEY Include Date in Key of Additive Cost Estimate CK_DTKEY CHAR 
219 CK_DR1KZ List Output Sorted by Low-Level Code XFELD CHAR 
220 CK_DR2KZ List Output Sorted by Material XFELD CHAR 
221 CK_DR3KZ Standard List Output XFELD CHAR 
222 CK_DR4KZ Print Log XFELD CHAR 
223 CK_DR5KZ Cost Report 1 XFELD CHAR 
224 CK_DR6KZ Cost Report 2 XFELD CHAR 
225 CK_DR7KZ Cost Report 3 XFELD CHAR 
226 CK_DRUUSR1 Print Parameter: List Output of Cost Report 1 FLAG CHAR 
227 CK_DRUUSR2 Print Parameter: List Output of Cost Report 2 FLAG CHAR 
228 CK_DRUUSR3 Print Parameter: List Output of Cost Report 3 FLAG CHAR 
229 CK_DTKEY Add Date to Costing Key CK_DTKEY CHAR 
230 CK_EBKDMEA Single-level Adjustment to Ending Inv. Due to Exch.Rate Diff WERTV8 CURR 
231 CK_EBKDMMA Multilevel Adjustment to Ending Inv. Due to Exch. Rate Diff. WERTV8 CURR 
232 CK_EBPRDEA Single-Level Adjustm. to End. Inv. Due to Price Differences WERTV8 CURR 
233 CK_EBPRDMA Multilevel Adjustment to End. Inv. Due to Price Differences WERTV8 CURR 
234 CK_EB_DIF Ending Inventory: Price and Exchange Rate Differences WERTV8 CURR 
235 CK_ECP_NODE_KEY Business Key of the Node CHAR255 CHAR 
236 CK_ECP_NODE_TYPE Node Type in Easy Cost Planning GUI CHAR4 CHAR 
237 CK_EGRUP_2 Cost Component Group CK_EL_GRUP CHAR 
238 CK_EIBDATJ Year in Which the Ending Inventory Price Is Valid GJAHR NUMC 
239 CK_EIGEN_T149 Material Segment was Updated Through T149 Logic XFELD CHAR 
240 CK_EINBE Requirements Date Ready for Input XFELD CHAR 
241 CK_EINBR Quantity Structure Date Is Ready for Input XFELD CHAR 
242 CK_EINBW Valuation Date Is Ready for Input XFELD CHAR 
243 CK_EINSTUFIG Post Only Single-Level Price Determination XFELD CHAR 
245 CK_EINVE Costing Date To Is Ready for Input XFELD CHAR 
246 CK_EINVO Costing Date From Is Ready for Input (Date Control) XFELD CHAR 
247 CK_EINZELS Ignore Product Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure XFELD CHAR 
248 CK_EIPOPER Period for Which the Ending Inventory Price Is Valid POPER NUMC 
249 CK_EIPRICE Price for Ending Inventory Valuation WERT11 CURR 
250 CK_EKALREL Material Is Costed with Quantity Structure XFELD CHAR 
251 CK_EKKDM Receipts: Exchange Rate Differences from POs (From-Value) WERTV8 CURR 
252 CK_EKKDM_A Receipts: Settld Exch.Rate Differences from POs (From-Value) WERTV8 CURR 
253 CK_EKKDM_OST Receipts: Non Inv.-Rel.ERDs from Purchase Orders (Fr.Value) WERTV8 CURR 
254 CK_EKKUM Receipts: Quantity from Purchase Orders (From-Value) MENGV8 QUAN 
255 CK_EKKUM_A Receipts: Quantity Settled from Purchase Orders (From-Value) MENGV8 QUAN 
256 CK_EKPRD Receipts: Price Differences from Purchase Orders (From-Val.) WERTV8 CURR 
257 CK_EKPRD_A Receipts: Price Differences Settled from POs (From-Value) WERTV8 CURR 
258 CK_ELEMENT Cost Component Number CK_ELEMENT NUMC 
259 CK_ELEMENTHS Cost Component Number of Main Cost Component Split CK_ELEMENT NUMC 
260 CK_ELEMENTNS Cost Component Number of Auxiliary Cost Component Split CK_ELEMENT NUMC 
261 CK_ELERES2 Reserve Field for Cost Component Structure CK_ELESMHK CHAR 
262 CK_ELESMAB Cost Component Structure for Variances CK_ELESMHK CHAR 
263 CK_ELESMHK Cost Component Structure - CGM and Sales/Administr. Costs CK_ELESMHK CHAR 
264 CK_ELESMNS Cost Component Structure for Auxiliary Cost Component Split CK_ELESMHK CHAR 
265 CK_ELESMPK Cost Component Structure for Primary Costs CK_ELESMPK CHAR 
266 CK_ELESMSK Cost Component Structure for Statistical Costs CK_ELESMSK CHAR 
267 CK_ELESMSM Cost Component Structure for Statistical Quantities CK_ELESMSM CHAR 
268 CK_ELESMVV Cost Component Structure for Sales and Administration Costs CK_ELESMVV CHAR 
269 CK_ELSE Other Errors BOOLE CHAR 
270 CK_EL_AUSS Separate COGM Cost Components for Scrap XFELD CHAR 
271 CK_EL_GRUP Cost Component Group CK_EL_GRUP CHAR 
272 CK_EL_GUTS Separate COGM Cost Components for Credits XFELD CHAR 
275 CK_EL_LOSU Separate COGM Cost Components for Lot-Size-Independent Costs XFELD CHAR 
276 CK_ERASE Indicator: Delete Database XFELD CHAR 
277 CK_ERFMA User ID of Person Who Created Additive Cost Estimate USNAM CHAR 
278 CK_ERFVLGE Entry Tool for Additive Cost Estimate XFELD CHAR 
279 CK_ERROR Error in Price Update XFELD CHAR 
280 CK_ERZKA Cost Estimate Created with Product Costing XFELD CHAR 
281 CK_ERZKALK Price from Standard Cost Estimate XFELD CHAR 
282 CK_ERZKALKULATION Cost Estimate Is Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure CHAR2 CHAR 
283 CK_ERZKALK_L Costing already released in the period XFELD CHAR 
284 CK_ERZKA_REO With Quantity Structure CHAR2 CHAR 
285 CK_ES_ART Type/Usage of Cost Component Structure CK_ES_ART CHAR 
287 CK_EWAHR Usage Probability with Version Control CK_EWAHR DEC 
288 CK_EWKNZ Indicator for Entry Currency CK_EWKNZ NUMC 
289 CK_EXBUALT Value based on the periodic unit price (only with pr.ctrl S) WERTV8 CURR 
290 CK_EXBZ Extract Name TEXT40 CHAR 
292 CK_EXCLLOCK Indicator: an exclusive block is required for movement XFELD CHAR 
293 CK_EXDATA Information on MiniALV Extract CHAR60 CHAR 
294 CK_EXECUTED Organizational Measure Was Executed CHAR1 CHAR 
295 CK_EXECUTIONTXT Name of Execution Service TEXT30 CHAR 
296 CK_EXECUTION_OBART Permitted Object Types for Execution Services CK_EXECUTION_OBART CHAR 
298 CK_EXPROFILE Execution Services Profile CK_EXPROFILE CHAR 
299 CK_EXPROFILETXT Name of Execution Service Profile TEXT30 CHAR 
300 CK_EXTR Extract Name CHAR12 CHAR 
301 CK_E_NEU Revaluate Internal Activity Items XFELD CHAR 
302 CK_F1_18 Total Costs Cost Component CHAR18 CHAR 
303 CK_F1_18_S Grand Total Cost Component CHAR18 CHAR 
304 CK_FAKTORF Factor for Relevancy to Costing: Fixed CK_FAKTOR DEC 
305 CK_FAKTORV Factor for Relevancy to Costing: Variable CK_FAKTOR DEC 
306 CK_FAKTOR_P Internal Computational Field (Type P)   DEC 
307 CK_FBBANZ Number of Materials in Material Ledger Document NUMC4 NUMC 
308 CK_FBB_ANZ Number of Materials in an Accounting Document CK_FBB_ANZ NUMC 
309 CK_FEHLKZ Error Indicator XFELD CHAR 
310 CK_FEHLST Parameters for Error Management CK_FEHLST NUMC 
311 CK_FEH_ANK Number of System Messages in Costing CK_INT4 INT4 
312 CK_FEH_ANZ No. System Messages in Selection/Qty Structure Determination CK_INT4 INT4 
313 CK_FEH_STA Costing Status CK_STATUS CHAR 
314 CK_FEH_STF Costing Status for Marked/Released Objects CK_STATUS CHAR 
316 CK_FEWMATS Select Only Certain Materials BOOLE CHAR 
317 CK_FINAL Indicator for Final Result of Balance Sheet Valuation CK_FINAL CHAR 
318 CK_FIXEDCO Fixed Price of a PRT (Independent of Lot Size) WERTV8 CURR 
319 CK_FIXPRKU Fixed-Price Co-Product XFELD CHAR 
320 CK_FI_DELTA Delta for Inventory Value WERTV8 CURR 
321 CK_FK_S1 Fixed Costs for Selected View 1 WERTV8 CURR 
322 CK_FLD30 Character Field of Length 30 (Replacement for LVC_FNAME_WAO) CHAR30 CHAR 
323 CK_FLDMAP Input for a Screen Input Field TEXT132 CHAR 
324 CK_FMENGE Valuated Quantity in the Field Group MENGV8 QUAN 
325 CK_FRAME Costing Data CHAR20 CHAR 
326 CK_FREI Standard Cost Estimate (Legal Valuation) Was Released XFELD CHAR 
327 CK_FREIDAT Date on Which Cost Estimate Released in Material Master DATUM DATS 
328 CK_FREIG Release of Standard Cost Estimate XFELD CHAR 
329 CK_FREIG_KONZ Standard Cost Estimate (Group Valuation) Was Released XFELD CHAR 
330 CK_FREIG_PC Std Cost Estimate (Profit Center Valuation) Was Released XFELD CHAR 
331 CK_FREIKZ Proceed with Release CHAR1 CHAR 
332 CK_FREIUSR User Who Released Cost Estimate in Material Master Record USNAM CHAR 
333 CK_FREI_ALL Standard Cost Estimate Was Released XFELD CHAR 
334 CK_FROPER First Valid Period (from Period) POPER NUMC 
335 CK_FR_APLA Routing CHAR20 CHAR 
336 CK_FR_BEWE Valuation CHAR20 CHAR 
337 CK_FR_BTY Process Category CHAR20 CHAR 
338 CK_FR_DRUC Print Parameters CHAR20 CHAR 
339 CK_FR_EIME Note Settings CHAR20 CHAR 
340 CK_FR_HEAD Header Data of Procurement Alternative CHAR30 CHAR 
341 CK_FR_KALK Print Parameters for Cost Estimate CHAR70 CHAR 
342 CK_FR_KOBE Cost Base for Detail Screen CHAR70 CHAR 
343 CK_FR_KOSI Costs on Detail Screen for View CHAR20 CHAR 
345 CK_FR_KUPP Joint Production CHAR20 CHAR 
346 CK_FR_MATNR Material Number CHAR20 CHAR 
347 CK_FR_MERK Frame Characteristics CHAR30 CHAR 
348 CK_FR_MISCH Mixing Ratio CHAR20 CHAR 
349 CK_FR_MIXC Mixed Costing Frame CHAR30 CHAR 
350 CK_FR_MNGG Quantity Structure CHAR20 CHAR 
351 CK_FR_PICK Choosing the View Branches to Existing Cost Display CHAR20 CHAR 
352 CK_FR_PROC Process Data Frame CHAR30 CHAR 
353 CK_FR_PROCESS Processing Options CHAR1 CHAR 
354 CK_FR_SELE Print Parameters for Selection/qty Structure Determination CHAR70 CHAR 
355 CK_FR_SOBE Special Procurement CHAR70 CHAR 
356 CK_FR_STUE Bill of Material CHAR20 CHAR 
357 CK_FR_UEB Transfer Control CHAR30 CHAR 
358 CK_FR_UKLV Costing Variant Overview CHAR30 CHAR 
359 CK_FR_VERB Update Parameters CHAR20 CHAR 
360 CK_FR_VOFR Marking/Release CHAR20 CHAR 
361 CK_FUT_STD_PRICE Future Planned Price BAPICURR DEC 
362 CK_FV Fixed, Variable and Total CK_FV CHAR 
363 CK_F_NEU Revaluate External Activity Items XFELD CHAR 
364 CK_GELESEN Objects Already Imported from Database XFELD CHAR 
365 CK_GENTYP Generation Type of Item CK_GENTYP CHAR 
366 CK_GESAMT Total Entries CHAR3 CHAR 
367 CK_GESCHBE Partner Business Area XFELD CHAR 
368 CK_GESFIX Total Costs or Fixed Costs CK_GESFIX CHAR 
369 CK_GES_FIX Switch Total/Fixed FCODE CHAR 
370 CK_GES_VAR Switch Total/Variable FCODE CHAR 
371 CK_GEWBK Cost Component for Delta Profit (Company Code) XFELD CHAR 
372 CK_GEWBKA Delta Profit for Company Code XFELD CHAR 
373 CK_GEWPC Cost Component for Delta Profit (Profit Center) XFELD CHAR 
374 CK_GEWPCA Delta Profit, Profit Center XFELD CHAR 
375 CK_GEWZS Cost Component for Transfer Price Surcharge XFELD CHAR 
376 CK_GEWZSA Display Cost Components for Transfer Price Surcharge XFELD CHAR 
377 CK_GKSICHT View on Itemization for Overhead CK_SICHT NUMC 
378 CK_GK_S1 Total Costs for Selected View 1 WERTV8 CURR 
379 CK_GMK_KWF Fixed Portion of Overhead in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
380 CK_GMK_KWT Overhead in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
381 CK_GMK_OWF Fixed Portion of Overhead in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
382 CK_GMK_OWT Overhead in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
384 CK_GRC_COSTING Goods Receipt Costing CHAR1 CHAR 
385 CK_GTEIL Costing: Handling of Nonvariable Parts in Configuration CK_GTEIL NUMC 
386 CK_GUI_CURRENCY Entry Currency Indicator in Unit Costing CK_EWKNZ NUMC 
387 CK_G_NEU Recalculate Overhead Cost Items XFELD CHAR 
388 CK_HERKO Cost Component for Cost of Goods Manufactured XFELD CHAR 
389 CK_HERKOA Display Cost Components for Cost of Goods Manufactured XFELD CHAR 
390 CK_HIST Counter for Costing Run History NUMC3 NUMC 
392 CK_HKGES Cost of Goods Manufactured WERTV8 CURR 
394 CK_ICON4 Icon ICON_4 CHAR 
395 CK_INFORECORD Substrategy for Material Valuat. with Purchasing Info Record CK_PSMINF CHAR 
396 CK_INGJ Period in Fiscal Year XFELD CHAR 
397 CK_INGJWK Period in Fiscal Year with Plant Change XFELD CHAR 
398 CK_INIKONT Offsetting Acct for Stock Correction in Foreign Currencies SAKNR CHAR 
399 CK_INITDAT Date on Which Valuation Area Went Live SYDATS DATS 
400 CK_INITUSR User Who Set Valuation Area to Live SYCHAR12 CHAR 
401 CK_INT_HIERARCHY PCP: Cost Estimate Contains Internal Hierarchy CHAR1 CHAR 
402 CK_INVHR Cost Component for Inventory Based on Commercial Law CK_GFV CHAR 
403 CK_INVHRA Display Cost Components for Inventory Based on Commerc. Law XFELD CHAR 
404 CK_INVSR Cost Component for Inventory Based on Tax Law CK_GFV CHAR 
405 CK_INVSRA Display Cost Components for Inventory Based on Tax Law XFELD CHAR 
406 CK_IPPE_ACTIVITY_NAME Indicator for the iPPE Activity PVS_PNODE CHAR 
407 CK_IPPE_COSTING Costing for a Material with iPPE Quantity Structure CHAR1 CHAR 
408 CK_IPPE_HEADER_NAME Indicator for the iPPE Product Stucture PVS_PNODE CHAR 
409 CK_IPPE_RESOURCE_NAME Indicator for the iPPE Resource PVS_PNODE CHAR 
410 CK_KADAM Costing Date for Manual Cost Estimate CK_KADAT DATS 
411 CK_KADKY Costing Date (Key) CK_KADAT DATS 
412 CK_KALABEZ Name of Costing Run CK_KALABEZ CHAR 
413 CK_KALADAT Costing Run Date DATUM DATS 
414 CK_KALAID Name of Costing Run CHAR8 CHAR 
415 CK_KALANZ Number of Objects Costed CK_INT4 INT4 
416 CK_KALART Costing Method CK_KALART CHAR 
417 CK_KALASTEP Costing Run: Step for Costing Run CK_KALASTEP CHAR 
418 CK_KALFLG List Cost Estimate Information XFELD CHAR 
419 CK_KALKA Costing Type CK_KALKA CHAR 
420 CK_KALKKZ Costing Level Anticipated for Cost Estimate CHAR1 CHAR 
421 CK_KALKUSR Costed by User USNAM CHAR 
423 CK_KALNR Cost Estimate Number for Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure CK_KALNR NUMC 
424 CK_KALNR1 Cost Estimate Number - Product Costing CK_KALNR NUMC 
425 CK_KALNR_BVALT Cost Estimate Number for Procurement Alt./Consumption Alt. CK_KALNR NUMC 
426 CK_KALNR_PROC Cost Estimate Number for Process CK_KALNR NUMC 
427 CK_KALNR_TYPE Type of Cost Estimate Number Issued in the Material Ledger CK_KALNR_TYPE CHAR 
428 CK_KALSEL Restrict Material Selection Through Cost Estimates XFELD CHAR 
429 CK_KALSM Costing Sheet for Calculating Overhead KALSM CHAR 
430 CK_KALSM_RAW Costing Sheet for Applying Overhead to Raw Materials KALSM CHAR 
431 CK_KALST Costing Level CK_KALST NUMC 
432 CK_KALVAR Costing Variant for Postprocessing with Unit Costing KLVAR CHAR 
433 CK_KALVAR_NETZ Cost Estimate Without Dialog for Configurable Materials KLVAR CHAR 
434 CK_KALVZAE Numerator for Costing Run Tables (KAL*) INT4 INT4 
435 CK_KAOHREF Cost Estimates Not Marked or Released XFELD CHAR 
436 CK_KDFRZUS Overhead Only for Raw Materials Assigned to Sales Order XFELD CHAR 
437 CK_KDFSCHD Pass On Costing Sheet XFELD CHAR 
438 CK_KFOVER Cost Fields That Overflowed During Summarization CK_ELEMENT NUMC 
439 CK_KIS1_POINTER Unique Pointer to Itemization Line (Transient) NUMC8 NUMC 
440 CK_KIS1_REFERENCE Unique Number to Identify the Itemization Line   NUMC 
441 CK_KJAHR Material Ledger Document/Price Change Document: Storage Year GJAHR NUMC 
442 CK_KKZMA Costs Entered Manually in Additive or Automatic Cost Est. XFELD CHAR 
443 CK_KKZMA_REO Additive Costs CHAR2 CHAR 
444 CK_KLVAF Marked Costing Variant (Release Standard Cost Estimate) KLVAR CHAR 
445 CK_KLVAR Costing Variant KLVAR CHAR 
446 CK_KLVAR_0 Costing Variant for Legal Valuation KLVAR CHAR 
447 CK_KLVAR_1 Costing Variant for Group Valuation KLVAR CHAR 
448 CK_KLVAR_2 Costing Variant for Profit Center Valuation KLVAR CHAR 
449 CK_KLVAR_NETZPLKOMP Costing Variant for Network Component KLVAR CHAR 
450 CK_KLVAR_NETZPL_KOSTVORG Costing Variant for General Costs Activity KLVAR CHAR 
451 CK_KOAKZ Cost Element Checked XFELD CHAR 
452 CK_KOKRS_ALL_EMBRACING Costing Across Controlling Areas XFELD CHAR 
453 CK_KONZERN Group Valuation XFELD CHAR 
454 CK_KOREKRS Controlling Area (CHECK Button) XFELD CHAR 
455 CK_KOSGR Costing overhead group CK_KOSGR CHAR 
456 CK_KOSMNG Base for Cost Display (Quantity) MENG13 QUAN 
457 CK_KPEINH Price Unit of Prices in Controlling Area Currency PACK3 DEC 
458 CK_KPF Fixed Price in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
459 CK_KPT Price in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
460 CK_KRDIF Value of Exchange Rate Difference Posting WERTV8 CURR 
461 CK_KURST Exchange Rate Type for Production Startup of Material Ledger KURST CHAR 
462 CK_KVERU Do Not Update Moving Price XFELD CHAR 
463 CK_KWAER Controlling Area Currency WAERS CUKY 
464 CK_KWF Fixed Value in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
465 CK_KWT Value in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
466 CK_KZANW 'X' = Do Not Calculate Overhead Costs CK_KZANW CHAR 
467 CK_KZLB 'X' = Header Material Is Subcontracted CK_KZANW CHAR 
468 CK_KZROH Material Component XFELD CHAR 
469 CK_LAKA Current Standard Cost Estimates XFELD CHAR 
470 CK_LBKAFT Inventory Quantity After the Transaction MENGV8 QUAN 
471 CK_LBKDIF Change in Inventory Quantity Caused by the Transaction MENGV8 QUAN 
472 CK_LBKUM Total valuated stock MENGV8 QUAN 
473 CK_LBKUMD Quantity by which the total valuated inventory has changed MENGV8 QUAN 
474 CK_LBSTD Ending inventory at the standard price WERTV8 CURR 
475 CK_LBWST Val. strat. for current plan price, sales order/proj. stock CK_BWST CHAR 
476 CK_LEGAL Legal Valuation XFELD CHAR 
477 CK_LFDKALK Current cost estimate exists in the period XFELD CHAR 
478 CK_LFDNR Consecutive number for additional ML types - no longer used CK_LFDNR NUMC 
479 CK_LINKFLD Clicked Field (Replacement for LVC_FNAME_WAO) CHAR30 CHAR 
480 CK_LISTAU List Output with Material Overview XFELD CHAR 
481 CK_LIST_SPOOL Create Spool Request for Output List XFELD CHAR 
482 CK_LLCLOG Log in Costing Run for Each Costing Level XFELD CHAR 
483 CK_LOBEZUS Overhead on Subcontracted Materials XFELD CHAR 
484 CK_LOEKZ Deletion Indicator for Product Costing XFELD CHAR 
485 CK_LONGLST Detailed list XFELD CHAR 
486 CK_LOSAU Lot Size Taking Scrap into Account MENG13 QUAN 
488 CK_LOSFIX Link Field for Currency Type XFELD CHAR 
489 CK_LOSGR Costing lot size MENG13 QUAN 
490 CK_LOSMA Lot Size of Calculated Yield MENG13 QUAN 
491 CK_LPLPR Current Planned Price WERT11 CURR 
492 CK_LPLPX Fixed Portion of Current Planned Price WERT11V CURR 
493 CK_LREKV Subcontracting: Total Valuated IR Quantity (Carryforward) MENGV8 QUAN 
494 CK_LREWV_1 Subcontracting: Total Invoice Receipt Value (Carryforward) WERTV8 CURR 
495 CK_LREWV_2 Subcontracting: Total Invoice Receipt Value (Carryforward) WERTV8 CURR 
496 CK_LREWV_3 Subcontracting: Total Invoice Receipt Value (Carryforward) WERTV8 CURR 
497 CK_LSQTY Last Settlement Amount in Current Period (Production Order) MENGV8 QUAN 
498 CK_LSQTY_R3 Last Settlement Amount in the Curr. Period (Production Order MENGV8 QUAN 
499 CK_LVABW_1 Subcontrac.: var. from planned value of mat. to be provided WERTV8 CURR 
500 CK_LVABW_2 Subcontrac.: var. from planned value of mat. to be provided WERTV8 CURR