SAP ABAP Data Element - Index C, page 138
Data Element - C
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 CY_UHRBIS Time to (end of the period) UZEIT TIMS 
2 CY_UHRVON Time from (start of the period) UZEIT TIMS 
3 CY_UHRZEIT Time in capacity planning T TIMS 
4 CY_UNITSRC Origin of unit of measure for available cap. and cap.reqmts KREUZ CHAR 
5 CY_UPDATE Carry out changes in the database XFELD CHAR 
6 CY_UVORN Sub-operation CHAR4 CHAR 
7 CY_VARUEB Indicator: Generate data for variable overview KREUZ CHAR 
8 CY_VERIST Distribution of the actual requirements (indicator) XFELD CHAR 
9 CY_VERRES Distribution of the remaining requirements XFELD CHAR 
10 CY_VERSCH Shift of start date (in work days) CHAR11 CHAR 
11 CY_VERSOL Distribution of the scheduled requirements XFELD CHAR 
12 CY_VGWCNG Indicator: Standard values changed KREUZ CHAR 
13 CY_VGWERT Comparison value (value of the field which is compared CHAR30 CHAR 
14 CY_VGWNUMB Number of standard values of capacity processed INT1 INT1 
15 CY_VGWRTRE Remaining standard value CY_VGWRTRE QUAN 
16 CY_VGWT1 Actual requirements for operation segment setup PARAMID CHAR 
17 CY_VGWT2 Actual requirements for operation segment processing PARAMID CHAR 
18 CY_VGWT3 Actual capacity requirements for operation segment teardown PARAMID CHAR 
19 CY_VGWTN Actual capacity requirements for in-house processing PARAMID CHAR 
20 CY_VGWVAL Indicator: Standard values in table valid KREUZ CHAR 
21 CY_VORNR Operation number CHAR4 CHAR 
22 CY_WEOPE Operator for processing a value CY_WEOPE CHAR 
23 CY_WERT Values for list processing FLOAT1 FLTP 
24 CY_WERTP Requirements in a period CYPP_AVAIL DEC 
25 CY_WETYP Value type (type of value in column / TCY14) CY_WETYP CHAR 
26 CY_ZABIS Finish date for output of capacity evaluations CHAR10 CHAR 
27 CY_ZAPER Type of date specification CY_ZAPER CHAR 
28 CY_ZAVON Start date for output of capacity evaluations CHAR10 CHAR 
29 CZAEHL Number of records for batch where-used file reorganization CSTUFE CHAR 
30 CZEITFLAG Time Flag for Variable Exit CHAR1_X CHAR 
31 CZLENR Document Item Number CHAR3 CHAR 
32 CZUABKZ Batch where-used file reorganization: receipt or issue XFELD CHAR 
33 CZUMNG Quantity received for period CHAR14 CHAR 
34 CZUWRT Value of receipts for period CHAR14 CHAR 
35 CZ_BLART Document Type BLART CHAR 
36 CZ_INTERAL_INVOICE Internal Invoice used for EC-List   CHAR 
37 CZ_TRANS_TYPE Transaction Type used for EC-List   CHAR 
38 C_30 char 30   CHAR 
39 C_ANZBON Number of transactions based on cashier statistics BCSP6 DEC 
40 C_ANZCOND Number of conditions based on cashier statistics BCSP6 DEC 
41 C_ANZPOS Number of items based on cashier statistics BCSP6 DEC 
42 C_APPLICATION Short ID for the Application to be Accessed CHAR10 CHAR 
43 C_BEG Bank code start range BANKL CHAR 
44 C_BMEON Foreign Trade: Service: Special Unit of Measure only CHAR1 CHAR 
45 C_BUCH Check completion of accounts XFELD CHAR 
46 C_CASE Foreign Trade: Service: Upper/Lower Case CHAR1 CHAR 
47 C_CDAY Calculation of Planned Delivery Time in Calendar Days   CHAR 
48 C_CODE Modification Group SCRPCHA3 CHAR 
49 C_CONTTAX Flag: Tax Included in Sale (Cashier) W_CONTTAX CHAR 
50 C_DBAS Check Residence Time in Document Flow XFELD CHAR 
51 C_DESCRIPTION Desciption of Individual Snapshot/Version/Folder CHAR40 CHAR 
52 C_DOC Document Number of Credit Card Receipt TEXT20 CHAR 
53 C_DYN_REDUC Activate Dynamic Reduction FLAG CHAR 
54 C_FIELDNAME Origin Field with CO-PA Characteristic Descrip. of Customer FDNAME CHAR 
55 C_FIELDNAME_KK Origin Field with CO-PA Characteristic Descrip. of Customer FDNAME CHAR 
56 C_FLAG Customer Entry FLAG CHAR 
58 C_INFOS Number of Info Records per Session INT6 NUMC 
59 C_IN_SEQN5 Customizing info. ID C_IN_SEQN5 NUMC 
60 C_ISCAN Interval Scanner/Logic Using Assortment List Pointer Tables X CHAR 
61 C_ITYPE Ignore Assortment List Type X CHAR 
62 C_KWAER ID: Controlling area currency is leading currency for costs XFELD CHAR 
63 C_LENGTH Output length in character format SYCHAR03 CHAR 
64 C_LEVEL Maximum Hierarchy Level APPLI NUMC 
65 C_LIGHT Condition Hierarchy Analysis X CHAR 
66 C_LINE_NUMBER Line Number (CHAR Format)   NUMC 
67 C_MODELID Model Name in Supply Chain Network C_MODELID CHAR 
68 C_MODULE C modules (file/member) C_MODULE CHAR 
69 C_NM_PSNGR_CODE Passenger Classification Code   CHAR 
70 C_NUM Credit Card Number TEXT19 CHAR 
71 C_OBJECT CO-PA: Customizing Monitor Customizing Object C_OBJECT CHAR 
72 C_OBJTYP Object Type CHAR10 CHAR 
73 C_OVERLAP Check trip overlaps CHAR1 CHAR 
74 C_OWAER ID: Object currency is leading currency for costs XFELD CHAR 
75 C_O_EMATNR_NEW Receiver material (new) MATNR CHAR 
76 C_O_EMATNR_OLD Receiver material (old) MATNR CHAR 
77 C_O_EVERID_NEW Production version of receiver material (new) VERID CHAR 
78 C_O_EVERID_OLD Production version of receiver material (old) VERID CHAR 
79 C_O_EWERKS_NEW Plant of receiver material (new) WERKS CHAR 
80 C_O_EWERKS_OLD Plant of receiver material (old) WERKS CHAR 
81 C_PASS_ID Passenger Number   NUMC 
82 C_PDIFF Cashier: price difference between R/3 -> and POS rtl price WERTV10 CURR 
83 C_PDM_COMPLETE Filter is complete CHAR4 CHAR 
84 C_PDM_COMPRESS Explosion status of branch in browser CHAR1 CHAR 
88 C_PDM_FILTERTEXT Description of filter for Product Structure Browser TEXT40 CHAR 
89 C_PDM_INVISIBLE Node is hidden CHAR1 CHAR 
90 C_PDM_ITEM_TYPE Object type of BOM item in product structure ITEM_TYPE CHAR 
91 C_PDM_LIST_LINE Number of line in list INT4 INT4 
92 C_PDM_NODE_TEXT Descrip. of relationship node in Product Structure Browser CHAR30 CHAR 
93 C_PDM_ORIGINAL Original application file exists CHAR1 CHAR 
94 C_PDM_PALTID_EXTERN External Format for Alternative in PSB CHAR75 CHAR 
95 C_PDM_PM_ACTIVE Indicator: PM object is active/inactive CHAR1 CHAR 
96 C_PDM_POSVID_EXTERN External Format for Component Variant in PSB CHAR72 CHAR 
97 C_PDM_SELECTED Node has been selected CHAR1 CHAR 
98 C_PDM_SEPARATOR Separator for Functions in the Toolbar XFELD CHAR 
99 C_POSITION Sequence of Individual Snapshot/Version/Folder... CHAR01 CHAR 
100 C_PREIS_MANDT Price Reference Client Yes/No FLAG CHAR 
101 C_PREIS_REF Price Reference Yes / No FLAG CHAR 
102 C_PREIS_VL Price Reference for Distribution Chain Yes/No FLAG CHAR 
103 C_PRESCAN Prescanner for Assortment List Change Message FLAG CHAR 
104 C_PRSNLS Price reduction based on cashier statistics WERTV10 CURR 
105 C_PSTA Direct input: field MARC-PSTAT (maintenance status) PSTAT CHAR 
106 C_QUEUE_CATEGORY_NR Queue Category (CHAR Format)   CHAR 
107 C_QUEUE_NR Sequential Queue Number (CHAR Format)   CHAR 
108 C_SAVE Store Changed Objects Temporarily FLAG CHAR 
109 C_SHOW Display control status (user-specific)   CHAR 
110 C_SHOW_SY Display control status (system default)   CHAR 
111 C_STATUS_KK Cash security deposit status C_STATUS_KK NUMC 
112 C_SUP Switch off control status display   CHAR 
113 C_SUP_SY Switch off control status display   CHAR 
114 C_SYSTEM System default   CHAR 
115 C_TEXTPOOL_KEY field KEY for structure textpool with ID = 'I'   CHAR 
116 C_TIME Time created UZEIT TIMS 
117 C_TWAER ID: Transaction currency is leading currency for costs XFELD CHAR 
118 C_TXT Delivered Description of a Credit Card Transaction TEXT50 CHAR 
119 C_TYPE Allowed types for IT0442 C_TYPE CHAR 
120 C_UMSATZ Sales (Cashier) WERTV10 CURR 
121 C_UMSTAX Amount of Sales Tax (Cashier) WERTV10 CURR 
122 C_UMSVPM Retail price with tax from cashier statistics WERTV10 CURR 
123 C_UMSVPO Retail price without tax from cashier statistics WERTV10 CURR 
124 C_VAL Value passed in character format RSSCR_DBFI CHAR 
125 C_WDAY Calculation of Planned Delivery Time in Working Days   CHAR 
127 C_ZOLLTXT Foreign Trade: Service: Additinal Customs Description CHAR1 CHAR 
128 C_ZUSTAND Object Status CHAR01 CHAR