SAP ABAP Data Element - Index C, page 63
Data Element - C
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 CO_CHRTAB Table for automatic characteristic value assignment CO_CHRTAB CHAR 
2 CO_CILV Copy activity allocation BOOLE CHAR 
3 CO_CINFO Information counter NUMC3 NUMC 
4 CO_CKALK Copy costings? XFELD CHAR 
5 CO_CLASSIC_TREE Display List-Based Order Progress Report XFELD CHAR 
6 CO_CLEI Copy activities BOOLE CHAR 
7 CO_CLTEXT Copy long texts XFELD CHAR 
8 CO_CNFKZ Indicator: changed configuration CO_CNFKZ CHAR 
9 CO_CNT_FUNC Counter for function preselection NUMC4 NUMC 
10 CO_COLORDPRC Collective order with/without automatic goods movement CO_COLORDPRC CHAR 
11 CO_COMMIT_BY_ORDER Indicator: System functions per order in a LUW FLAG CHAR 
12 CO_COMP_COUNTER No. of Components TABIX INT4 
13 CO_COMP_X Process step "Determine changes" executed XFELD CHAR 
14 CO_COMP_X1 Process Step: "Determine Changes" Executed TEXT8 CHAR 
17 CO_COPIES Number of printouts NUMC2 NUMC 
19 CO_COSTR Process message or process instruction category CO_COSTR CHAR 
20 CO_COUNT Counter of deviations in PI sheet CO_COUNT INT4 
21 CO_CPRIM Copy primary costs BOOLE CHAR 
22 CO_CPRIO Priority for sequence of check routines NUMC1 NUMC 
23 CO_CPROT Display Log for Actual Cost Calculation XFELD CHAR 
24 CO_CPTXT Short Text for Operator Cockpit TEXT40 CHAR 
25 CO_CPUDT Date Document Was Created DATUM DATS 
26 CO_CPUTM Time At Which Document Was Entered CTME TIMS 
27 CO_CRID Control recipe number CO_CRID NUMC 
28 CO_CRID2 Temporary Control Recipe Key CO_CRID NUMC 
29 CO_CRID3 Control recipe number CO_CRID3 CHAR 
30 CO_CRKP1 Copy records from primary cost planning? XFELD CHAR 
31 CO_CRKP2 Copy records from activity type planning? XFELD CHAR 
32 CO_CRKP2P Copy prices? XFELD CHAR 
33 CO_CRKP2Q Copy quantities? XFELD CHAR 
34 CO_CRKP3 Copy records from activity input planning? XFELD CHAR 
35 CO_CRKP4 Copy records from statistical key figure planning XFELD CHAR 
36 CO_CRKP5 Copy records from revenue planning? XFELD CHAR 
37 CO_CRKP6 Copy records from activity-dep. primary cost planning? XFELD CHAR 
38 CO_CRKP7 Copy records from activity-dep. activity input planning? XFELD CHAR 
39 CO_CRKPA Copy records from activity-dep. stat. key fig. planning XFELD CHAR 
40 CO_CRKPW Indicator: Copy other secondary cost planning? XFELD CHAR 
41 CO_CRKPX Copy activity-dependent other secondary costs XFELD CHAR 
42 CO_CRSTAT Control recipe status CO_CRSTAT CHAR 
43 CO_CRSTKTX Description of the control recipe status TEXT30 CHAR 
44 CO_CR_FLAG Show/hide "Control recipe information" overview FLAG CHAR 
45 CO_CSDES Message destination CO_CSDES CHAR 
46 CO_CSKTX Description of the Process Message or Instruction Category TEXT40 CHAR 
47 CO_CSTAT Copy statistical key figures BOOLE CHAR 
48 CO_CSTATUS User Status Indicator FLAG CHAR 
49 CO_CSTDRV Cost Driver Description TEXT40 CHAR 
50 CO_CSTYP Object type: proc.message category or proc. instr. category CO_CSTYP CHAR 
51 CO_CTAR Copy prices BOOLE CHAR 
52 CO_CTYP Currency Type for Controlling Area CURTP CHAR 
53 CO_CTYP1 Currency Type 1 in CO Standard Ledger CURTP CHAR 
54 CO_CTYP2 Currency Type 2 in CO Standard Ledger CURTP CHAR 
55 CO_CTYP3 Currency Type 3 in CO Standard Ledger CURTP CHAR 
56 CO_CTYP4 Currency Type 4 in CO Standard Ledger CURTP CHAR 
58 CO_CUST_DATE Take date from sales order FLAG CHAR 
59 CO_CWARNG Warning counter NUMC3 NUMC 
60 CO_CZUS Copy applied overhead (credit) BOOLE CHAR 
61 CO_DATB To creation date DATUM DATS 
62 CO_DATV From creation date DATUM DATS 
63 CO_DAT_REL No. of days from today's date VNZTV QUAN 
64 CO_DAUABR Teardown time DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
65 CO_DAUBEA Processing time DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
66 CO_DAUBEAP Duration of processing time (forecast) DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
67 CO_DAUDRF Duration of execution time (setup + processing + teardown) DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
68 CO_DAUER Calculated actual duration between start and finish message MENG13 QUAN 
69 CO_DAULIE Wait time DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
70 CO_DAURUE Setup time DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
71 CO_DAUTRA Duration of move time DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
72 CO_DAUWAR Queue time DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
73 CO_DBNUM Archiving: Block size for database access INT4_NOS INT4 
74 CO_DBSKZ_D Direct procurement indicator for dialog display CO_DBSKZ_D CHAR 
75 CO_DDISP Print control: MRP group CHAR3 CHAR 
76 CO_DEAKT Indicator: Cost element deactivated CO_DEAKT CHAR 
77 CO_DELBZ Number of deleted line items BUZEI NUMC 
78 CO_DELKZ Indicator: Delete line CHAR1 CHAR 
79 CO_DELTA Indicator: Add up New and Existing Values XFELD CHAR 
80 CO_DISPO MRP controller for the order DISPO CHAR 
81 CO_DLTST Archiving: Indicator start deletion program as test run XFELD CHAR 
82 CO_DNREL Indicator: Order item not relevant for MRP CHAR1 CHAR 
83 CO_DPLEX Detail planning available for combination? XFELD CHAR 
84 CO_DPLUP Detailed planning was changed XFELD CHAR 
85 CO_DPRIO Sequence priority for printing NUMC2 NUMC 
86 CO_DPROBC Indicator: Detail screen check of comp. during BOM explosion KREUZ CHAR 
87 CO_DPROBO Indicator: Check of op. dtl screens during routing transfer KREUZ CHAR 
88 CO_DRART Original printouts, partial printouts, or reprints DRART CHAR 
89 CO_DRARTN Indicator: Reprint FLAG CHAR 
90 CO_DRARTO Indicator: Original printout FLAG CHAR 
91 CO_DRVTP Business Process Attribute: Allocation Category (CO-OM-ABC) CO_DRVTP CHAR 
92 CO_DRVTP_ALLOC Indicator: Allocatable Process Attribute, Cost Behavior FLAG CHAR 
93 CO_DRVTP_MDATA Indicator: Maintainable Process Attribute, Cost Behavior FLAG CHAR 
94 CO_DSADR Address of the message destination CHAR32 CHAR 
95 CO_DSKTX Description of the Message Destination TEXT40 CHAR 
96 CO_DSPARA Destination-specific target field CO_DSPARA CHAR 
97 CO_DSPKZ Indicator: Use of the characteristic in the layout CO_123 NUMC 
98 CO_DSTYP Type of the message destination CO_DSTYP CHAR 
100 CO_ECP_ARCH_BZOBJ Planning Object for Archiving CO_ECP CO_ECP_ARCH_BZOBJ CHAR 
101 CO_EDISPO Substitute MRP controller DISPO CHAR 
102 CO_EFEVOR Substitute production scheduler FEVOR CHAR 
103 CO_EMATNR Receiving Material MATNR CHAR 
104 CO_EMPF Number of Receivers NUMC6 NUMC 
105 CO_ENMNG Quantity withdrawn MENGV13 QUAN 
106 CO_EPARVAL Variable name for export parameters CHAR30 CHAR 
107 CO_ERLKZ Indicator: costs/revenues allowed for acct asst object CO_ERLKZ CHAR 
108 CO_EROFHM Creation control when PRTs are not available CO_EROFHM CHAR 
109 CO_EROKAPA Creation control if capacity is missing CO_EROKAPA CHAR 
110 CO_EROMAT Creation control for availability check material CO_EROMAT CHAR 
111 CO_ERRCT Number of messages SYST_LONG INT4 
112 CO_ERRKZ Processing status of the process message/the control recipe CHAR1 CHAR 
113 CO_ERRMX Maximum Category of Message CHAR20 CHAR 
114 CO_ERROR Indicator: Errors in processing KREUZ CHAR 
115 CO_ERROR_CO Indicator: Incorrect Actual Costs XFELD CHAR 
116 CO_ERROR_COUNTER Number of failed attempts (change process) NUMC4 NUMC 
117 CO_ERROR_GM Indicator: Goods movements with errors exist XFELD CHAR 
118 CO_ERUVG Select operations with status "confirmed" XFELD CHAR 
119 CO_ETRMP Opening date of the planned order DATUM DATS 
120 CO_EVERID Production version of receiver material VERID CHAR 
121 CO_EWERKS Plant for receiver material WERKS CHAR 
122 CO_EWM_PROC Goods Movements for EWM Storage Locations Using Deliveries BOOLEAN CHAR 
123 CO_EXPND Procurement elements already searched for CO_EXPND CHAR 
124 CO_EXPPAR Export parameter name EXPORTIN_3 CHAR 
125 CO_EXSTAT Execution status of a control recipe CO_CRSTAT CHAR 
126 CO_EXUVS Exclusive Use of Version CO_EXUVS NUMC 
127 CO_FAUF Indicator for selecting production orders XFELD CHAR 
128 CO_FCMEF Distribution Key: Fixed Plan Quantity SPRED CHAR 
129 CO_FCMEG Distribution Key: Total Planned Quantity SPRED CHAR 
130 CO_FCMEV Distribution Key: Variable Plan Quantity SPRED CHAR 
131 CO_FCT_DD Ind.: Function can be called in display mode FLAG CHAR 
132 CO_FCWKF Distribution Key: Plan Fixed Costs SPRED CHAR 
133 CO_FCWKG Distribution Key: Total Plan Costs SPRED CHAR 
134 CO_FCWKV Distribution Key: Variable Plan Costs SPRED CHAR 
135 CO_FCXXX Distribution key SPRED CHAR 
136 CO_FELDNAM Field name on the screen of the field ready for input DDFLDNAME CHAR 
137 CO_FGNAM Name of Field Group in Database DATA_FIELD CHAR 
138 CO_FHMSAVEKZ Indicator: Check PRT availability when saving order XFELD CHAR 
139 CO_FHWTEXT Indicator: Production memo exists CO_FHWTEXT CHAR 
140 CO_FILFLD Field to which filter criterium is applied FDNAME CHAR 
141 CO_FILVAL Amount of filter criterium DEC15_2 DEC 
142 CO_FIXVO Predistribution of fixed costs for acty type/bus. process XFELD CHAR 
143 CO_FIX_VAL Indicator: Characteristic value is fixed value FLAG CHAR 
145 CO_FLGBTCH Indicator: Execute batch determination XFELD CHAR 
146 CO_FLGCAPA Indicator: Recreate capacity requirements XFELD CHAR 
147 CO_FLGCLOS Indicator: Close XFELD CHAR 
148 CO_FLGCOST Indicator: Carry out standard costing XFELD CHAR 
149 CO_FLGLOEK Indicator: Activate Deletion Indicator XFELD CHAR 
150 CO_FLGLOEV Indicator: Activate deletion flag XFELD CHAR 
151 CO_FLGLVS Indicator: Material staging XFELD CHAR 
152 CO_FLGMD FAUF: Reading of master data executed COFLGMD NUMC 
153 CO_FLGOCM Trigger order change management CO_FLGOCM CHAR 
154 CO_FLGPRNT Indicator: Print order XFELD CHAR 
155 CO_FLGRELE Indicator: Execute release XFELD CHAR 
156 CO_FLGREP Indicator: Repeated process data request FLAG CHAR 
157 CO_FLGSMPL Indicator: Simple process data request FLAG CHAR 
158 CO_FLGSTAT Indicator: Statistical order KREUZ CHAR 
159 CO_FLGTECL Indicator: Complete technically XFELD CHAR 
160 CO_FLGTECR Indicator: Reverse "technically close" XFELD CHAR 
161 CO_FLGTERM Indicator: Carry out scheduling XFELD CHAR 
162 CO_FLGVERF Indicator: Check material availability XFELD CHAR 
163 CO_FLG_COM Indicator to confirm available partial quantity XFELD CHAR 
164 CO_FLG_COMP Indicator: Only make comparison CHAR1 CHAR 
165 CO_FLG_DOC Indicator: creation of change documents active FLAG CHAR 
166 CO_FLG_HIER Key: Order is part of a collective order CHAR1 CHAR 
167 CO_FLG_KBZ Indicator: Display headings of object fields XFELD CHAR 
168 CO_FLG_MEH Indicator: No update of yield surplus XFELD CHAR 
169 CO_FLG_MIN Indicator: No update of yield deficit XFELD CHAR 
170 CO_FLG_NOWIPB Indicator: Create Entry for COWIPB-CHVW Only XFELD CHAR 
171 CO_FLG_ONLYCLASS Indicator: Exists as Classification Characteristic Only XFELD CHAR 
172 CO_FLG_SIM Indicator: Selection of a Simulation Order CHAR1 CHAR 
173 CO_FLG_SPL Indicator: individual capacities exist XFELD CHAR 
174 CO_FLG_UPD Adjustment of Operation/Component Quantities to Act. Values XFELD CHAR 
175 CO_FLG_WIPBDEV Indicator: Display Orders with Different WIP Batches Only XFELD CHAR 
176 CO_FLG_WIP_BATCH Indicator: Batch is of Type "WIP Batch" XFELD CHAR 
177 CO_FMENG Shortfage MENGV13 QUAN 
178 CO_FMMEF Formula Number Fixed Plan Quantity FORML CHAR 
179 CO_FMMEG Formula Number Total Planned Quantity FORML CHAR 
180 CO_FMMEV Formula Number: Planned Variable Quantity FORML CHAR 
181 CO_FMOD Field transfer rule FELDMODIF CHAR 
182 CO_FMST Indicator: Progress confirmation executed XFELD CHAR 
183 CO_FMWKF Formula Number Planned Fixed Costs FORML CHAR 
184 CO_FMWKG Formula Number Total Planned Costs FORML CHAR 
185 CO_FMWKV Formula Number: Planned Variable Costs FORML CHAR 
186 CO_FNAM Name of the function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
187 CO_FOMRL Form Name for SAPScript Form TDFORM CHAR 
188 CO_FORM_LO Formula line CHAR30 CHAR 
189 CO_FORM_SH Formula (max. 132 characters) CHAR132 CHAR 
190 CO_FRAME CO actual postings: Frame heading FRAME79 CHAR 
191 CO_FRBATCH Release Control for Materials Handled in Batches FRBATCH CHAR 
192 CO_FRDLB Indicator: Externally processed op. with subcontracting CHAR1 CHAR 
193 CO_FREI Indicator: Order released/partially released (for MRP) CHAR1 CHAR 
194 CO_FREIKZ Indicator: Release order immediately XFELD CHAR 
195 CO_FRKAPA Release control availability check capacities FRCAPA CHAR 
196 CO_FRMAT Release control for material FRMAT CHAR 
197 CO_FSFLD Base field for foreign key definition of char. values FDNAME CHAR 
198 CO_FSTAB Structure for foreign key validation of charact. values AS4TAB CHAR 
199 CO_FTGRP Process instruction group CO_FTGRP CHAR 
200 CO_FTL_PROF Profile display missing parts list VF_PROF_DT CHAR 
201 CO_FTL_PROF_NETZ Profile display missing parts list collective orders VF_PROF_DT CHAR 
202 CO_FTREF Ind.: Process instruction category is referenced FLAG CHAR 
203 CO_FTRMI Actual release date DATUM DATS 
204 CO_FTRMP Planned release date DATUM DATS 
205 CO_FTRMS Scheduled release date DATUM DATS 
206 CO_FTRPS Scheduled release date (forecast) DATUM DATS 
207 CO_FTTYP Type of process instruction FTTYP CHAR 
208 CO_FUNCT Function to be carried out by system CO_FUNCT CHAR 
209 CO_FUNCTNAME Description of function to be carried out DDTEXT CHAR 
210 CO_FUNCTPRIO Sequence numbers of functions to be carried out NUMC2 NUMC 
211 CO_FWDAT Date when the error first arose DATUM DATS 
212 CO_FWZET Time when the error first arose UZEIT TIMS 
213 CO_GCANC Termination of Confirmation if Incorrect Goods Movements XFELD CHAR 
214 CO_GENKZ Indicator: Order generated CHAR1 CHAR 
215 CO_GENUMF Key: Objects for which proc. instruct. are to be generated CO_GENUMF NUMC 
216 CO_GETRI Confirmed Order Finish Date DATUM DATS 
217 CO_GEUZI Confirmed order finish (time) UHRZT TIMS 
218 CO_GIAMG Expected variance from planned qty to be delivered to stock MENG13 QUAN 
219 CO_GJPER Fiscal Year * 1000 + Three-Place Period NUM7 NUMC 
220 CO_GLOBVAR Indicator: global variable (valid for entire process order) FLAG CHAR 
221 CO_GLTINT Archiving: Delivery date exceeded in calendar days NUM4 NUMC 
222 CO_GLTINTA Exceeding delivery date in calendar days NUM3 NUMC 
223 CO_GLTPP Finish date (forecast) DATUM DATS 
224 CO_GLTPS Scheduled forecast finish DATUM DATS 
225 CO_GLTRI Actual finish date DATUM DATS 
226 CO_GLTRP Basic finish date DATUM DATS 
227 CO_GLTRS Scheduled finish DATUM DATS 
228 CO_GLUPP Forecast finish (time) UHRZT TIMS 
229 CO_GLUPS Scheduled forecast finish time UHRZT TIMS 
230 CO_GLUZP Basic finish (time) UHRZT TIMS 
231 CO_GLUZS Scheduled finish time UHRZT TIMS 
232 CO_GMEIN Common unit of measure for all order items MEINS UNIT 
233 CO_GPROT Provide error handling for goods movements XFELD CHAR 
234 CO_GRDTX Text describing the reason for a variance in a confirmation TEXT30 CHAR 
235 CO_GRKTX Description of the Process Instruction Group TEXT40 CHAR 
236 CO_GROUP Number of grouping of function preselections NUMC10 NUMC 
237 CO_GRSTAT Indicator: Goods Receipt Status CO_GRSTAT CHAR 
238 CO_GSBTR Overall commitment date DATUM DATS 
239 CO_GSTPP Forecast start date DATUM DATS 
240 CO_GSTPS Scheduled forecast start DATUM DATS 
241 CO_GSTRI Actual start date DATUM DATS 
242 CO_GSTRP Basic start date DATUM DATS 
243 CO_GSTRS Scheduled start DATUM DATS 
244 CO_GSUPP Forecast start (time) UHRZT TIMS 
245 CO_GSUPS Scheduled start time (Forecast) UHRZT TIMS 
246 CO_GSUZI Actual start time UHRZT TIMS 
247 CO_GSUZP Basic start time UHRZT TIMS 
248 CO_GSUZS Scheduled Start (Time) ATIME TIMS 
249 CO_GWEMG Delivered quantity MENG13 QUAN 
250 CO_HIART CO-PC Hierarchy Type CO_HIART CHAR 
253 CO_HKEY Indicator: Characteristic for column group XFELD CHAR 
254 CO_IAMNG Expected surplus/deficit for goods receipt MENG13V QUAN 
255 CO_IASMG Scrap confirmed for order MENG13 QUAN 
256 CO_ICOKA Insert KS-COKA record? CHAR1 CHAR 
257 CO_IDAUV Actual Duration of the Activity DAUER_4_1 QUAN 
258 CO_IDPOS Word processing ID for operations in orders TDID CHAR 
259 CO_IGMNG Yield confirmed from order confirmation MENG13 QUAN 
260 CO_IMMD Indicator: Print list immediately XFELD CHAR 
261 CO_IMPPAR Import parameter name IMPORTIN_3 CHAR 
262 CO_INFOS Indicator: do not display notification messages KREUZ CHAR 
263 CO_INPCHAR Indicator: Input value FLAG CHAR 
264 CO_INPVAL_FNCT Ind.: Input validation using check function CHAR1 CHAR 
265 CO_INPVAL_FORM Ind.: Input validation using check formula CHAR1 CHAR 
266 CO_INPVAL_NO Ind.: No input validation FLAG CHAR 
267 CO_INSTR Control instruction CHAR30 CHAR 
268 CO_INS_TIME Time created UZEIT TIMS 
269 CO_IN_VAR Variable name to which the characteristic value is written ATWRT CHAR 
270 CO_IO_TYPE Processing type of the message characteristic or variables TEXT15 CHAR 
271 CO_IPARVAL Source of values for import parameters TEXT30 CHAR 
272 CO_IPRZS Confirmed quantity/work for business process MENGV13 QUAN 
273 CO_IPUPD Transaction-Based Revaluation at Actual Prices FLAG CHAR 
274 CO_ISMNG Activity currently to be confirmed MENG13 QUAN 
275 CO_ISMNGEH Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmed MEINS UNIT 
276 CO_ISMNW Actual work MENG13 QUAN 
277 CO_IVRGNG Process Period Lock for Actual Transactions XFELD CHAR 
278 CO_KAABS Account assignment type: reconciliation object CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
279 CO_KAAUF Account assignment type: Order CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
280 CO_KAERG Business segment account assignment type CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
281 CO_KAGRU_S Cost Element Group SETNR CHAR 
282 CO_KAIMO Account Assignment Type: Real Estate Object CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
283 CO_KAINT Cost Element Classification (Primary/Secondary) NUM01 NUMC 
284 CO_KAKDA Account Assignment Type: Sales Order CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
285 CO_KAKST Account Assignment Type: Cost Center CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
286 CO_KAKTR Account Assignment Type: Cost Object CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
287 CO_KALNR Cost Estimate Number CO_KALNR NUMC 
288 CO_KANPL Account Assignment Type: Network CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
289 CO_KAPKS Account Assignment Type: Product Cost Collector CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
290 CO_KAPRO Project account assignment type CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
291 CO_KAPRZ Account Assignment Type: Business Process CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
292 CO_KAPSAVEKZ Indicator: Check capacity availability when saving XFELD CHAR 
293 CO_KASAT Account Assignment Type Not Used CO_KONTKZ NUMC 
294 CO_KDAUF Sales order number VBELN CHAR 
295 CO_KDPOS Sales order item POSNR NUMC 
296 CO_KEEP Indicator: Hold list in spool XFELD CHAR 
297 CO_KEEP_D Spool retention period NUMC4 NUMC 
298 CO_KKART Costing variant CO_KKART CHAR 
299 CO_KONSI Selection: Consignment stock CHAR1 CHAR 
300 CO_KONTI Account assignment KREUZ CHAR 
301 CO_KORRK Order conversion with the possibility of making corrections XFELD CHAR 
302 CO_KSTEMPF Indicator: Direct cost collector CO_KSTEMPF CHAR 
303 CO_KSTRG Cost Object CHAR12 CHAR 
304 CO_KZHL Indicator: column characteristic XFELD CHAR 
305 CO_KZHLSTA Activity Type Group XFLAG CHAR 
306 CO_KZHSTRG Cost Object Group XFLAG CHAR 
307 CO_KZIDZ Reference cost center is identical to target cost center XFELD CHAR 
308 CO_KZKAGRU Cost Element Group XFLAG CHAR 
309 CO_KZKOSTL Cost center XFELD CHAR 
310 CO_KZKSGRU Cost center group XFELD CHAR 
311 CO_KZKSTAR Specified Cost Element XFELD CHAR 
312 CO_KZKSTRG Specific Cost Object XFELD CHAR 
313 CO_KZLSTAR Specific Activity Type XFELD CHAR 
314 CO_KZNOKOA Exclude Cost Elements? XFLAG CHAR 
315 CO_KZNOKST Exclude Cost Centers? XFLAG CHAR 
316 CO_KZNOLST Exclude Activity Types? XFLAG CHAR 
317 CO_KZNOPRZ Exclude Business Processes? XFLAG CHAR 
318 CO_KZPHINR Indicator: Business Process Group XFLAG CHAR 
319 CO_KZPRZNR Specific Business Process XFELD CHAR 
320 CO_KZQKST Copy a reference cost center XFELD CHAR 
321 CO_KZRKPAL Copy all planning transactions XFELD CHAR 
322 CO_KZRKPSL Copy selected business transactions XFELD CHAR 
323 CO_KZVARIA Selection Variant XFELD CHAR 
324 CO_KZ_SF Indicator: Sort/filter in Table TCOSF CHAR1 CHAR 
325 CO_LAUFNR Leading order in current processing AUFNR CHAR 
326 CO_LAUFNR_EXT External representation Leading order in current processing   CHAR 
327 CO_LBL_TXT Short text to be displayed in the PI sheet TEXT30 CHAR 
328 CO_LEER1 Blanks (Length 1) CHAR1 CHAR 
329 CO_LEER2 Blanks (length 2) CHAR2 CHAR 
330 CO_LEER3 Blanks (length 3) CHAR3 CHAR 
331 CO_LEER4 Blanks (length 4) CHAR4 CHAR 
332 CO_LEER5 Blanks (lenght 5) CHAR5 CHAR 
333 CO_LEER6 Blanks (length 6) CHAR6 CHAR 
334 CO_LEER7 Blanks (length 7) CHAR7 CHAR 
335 CO_LEIHG Selection: Returnable packaging CHAR1 CHAR 
336 CO_LEIKZ Indicator: No remaining activity expected XFELD CHAR 
337 CO_LKNOT Left node in collective order AUFNR CHAR 
338 CO_LOCKGR Sending of Process Messages: Lock Group   CHAR 
339 CO_LOCVAR Indicator: local variable FLAG CHAR 
340 CO_LOEFL Indicator: Cost element is flagged for deletion XFELD CHAR 
341 CO_LOGONLY Indicator: Delete only message logs FLAG CHAR 
342 CO_LOGWRIT Indicator: Create deletion log FLAG CHAR 
343 CO_LSTAG Plan reconciliation: Total new plan activity MENGV8 QUAN 
344 CO_LSTAV Plan reconcil.: Variable plan activity MENGV8 QUAN 
345 CO_LSTDT Plan reconcil.: Difference betw. plan and reconc. activity MENGV8 QUAN 
346 CO_LSTPF Fixed plan activity MENGV8 QUAN 
347 CO_LSTPG Total plan activity MENGV8 QUAN 
348 CO_LSTPV Variable plan activity MENGV8 QUAN 
349 CO_LSTWG Target=Actual Allocation: Total Actual Activity MENGV8 QUAN 
350 CO_LSTWV Target=Actual Allocation: Variable Actual Activity MENGV8 QUAN 
351 CO_LTEXT Long text exists XFELD CHAR 
352 CO_LTRMI Actual delivery/finish date DATUM DATS 
353 CO_LTRMP Delivery date from planned order DATUM DATS 
354 CO_LTXT_II Warning Note for Failed Check DUMMY CHAR 
355 CO_MANIST Indicator: Confirm quantity manually in actual XFELD CHAR 
356 CO_MANPLAN Indicator: Plan quantity manually set. XFELD CHAR 
357 CO_MASCHK Mandatory fields for detailed account assignments CO_MASCHK CHAR 
358 CO_MASTER_TYPE Object Type for Document Link CO_MASTER_TYPE CHAR 
359 CO_MATNR Material Number for Order MATNR CHAR 
360 CO_MATXT Material description TEXT40 CHAR 
361 CO_MAXPI Maximum Number of PI Sheets Selected NUM06 NUMC 
362 CO_MAXSEL Maximum Number of Messages to Be Selected NUM06 NUMC 
363 CO_MAX_REC Maximum Display of Data Records   INT4 
364 CO_MAX_WAIT Maximum synchronization queue time NUMC8 NUMC 
365 CO_MBAUGR Superior assembly MATNR CHAR 
366 CO_MCODE Matchcode for possible entries of characteristics   CHAR 
367 CO_MEHRF Indicator: Multi-level production KREUZ CHAR 
368 CO_MEINB_A Posted output unit MEINS UNIT 
369 CO_MEINB_L Posted Activity Unit MEINS UNIT 
370 CO_MEINH Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
371 CO_MEINH_L Activity unit MEINS UNIT 
372 CO_MEINH_R Unit of Measure: Statistical Key Figure MEINS UNIT 
373 CO_MELDG Process Message Category CO_COSTR CHAR 
374 CO_MENGE Requirement quantity of the component MENGV13 QUAN 
375 CO_MENGEV Required quantity of component - base unit of measure MENGV13 QUAN 
376 CO_MESPRI Print Messages from Background Processing XFLAG CHAR 
377 CO_MESS_ID PI assistant: Allocating mess. category to mess. charact. NUMC4 NUMC 
378 CO_MES_ACTIVE Status of Integration to Manufacturing Execution System CO_MES_ACTIVE CHAR 
379 CO_MES_DIST_DET_METH Determination Method for Logical System of Distribution CO_MES_DIST_DET_METH CHAR 
380 CO_MES_DIST_STATUS Distribution Status of Production Order CO_MES_DIST_STATUS CHAR 
381 CO_MES_INT_CONFID Key for a Confirmation from an ME System CHAR40 CHAR 
383 CO_MES_INT_OPERID Key of an Operation from an ME System CHAR48 CHAR 
384 CO_MES_INT_ROUTINGID Key of a Routing from an ME System CHAR64 CHAR 
385 CO_MES_INT_SFCID SFC Number from the ME System CHAR60 CHAR 
386 CO_MES_INT_STEPID Key of a Step in a Routing (SAP ME) CHAR6 CHAR 
387 CO_MES_INT_URL ME Integration: URL for Accessing ERP Objects CHAR255 CHAR 
388 CO_MES_MAX_GAMNG Maximum Value of Total Order Quantity After Distribution MENG13 QUAN 
393 CO_MES_ME_SITE Production Site (SAP ME) CHAR6 CHAR 
394 CO_MES_PROPOSE_BACKFLUSH Propose Components for Backflush XFELD CHAR 
395 CO_MES_RESERVATION_ADD Indicator: Determine Reservation Data XFELD CHAR 
396 CO_MES_SECOND_CONF_FLAG Indicator: Rework Confirmed from SAP ME for Operation XFELD CHAR 
397 CO_MES_SECOND_CONF_QTY Rework Quantity Confirmed from SAP ME MENGV13 QUAN 
399 CO_MES_SERNR_DELETE Message Type in Case of Deletion of a Distributed Serial No. CO_MES_SEVERITY CHAR 
400 CO_MES_SERNR_DUPLICATE Mess. Type in Case of Serial Nos in Other Distr. Prodn Order CO_MES_SEVERITY CHAR 
401 CO_MES_SERNR_OVER Message Type in Case of Overserialization in Distr. Orders CO_MES_SEVERITY CHAR 
402 CO_MIMEZ Expected yield variance MENGV13 QUAN 
403 CO_MISS_PART Indicator that capacities or material not available XFELD CHAR 
404 CO_MKMZL Characteristic counter NUMC4 NUMC 
405 CO_MLTPS Order with multiple items KREUZ CHAR 
406 CO_MODUS Session in Which Transaction Is Running MODUS CHAR 
407 CO_MRFLG Check of operation sequence in order CO_MRFLG CHAR 
408 CO_MSAGE Age of a message in days NUMC5 NUMC 
409 CO_MSCL2 Process message category CO_MSCL2 CHAR 
410 CO_MSEHI Unit of Measurement (for Cost Element Change Document) MEINS UNIT 
411 CO_MSID Number of the Process Message CO_MSID NUMC 
412 CO_MSID2 Temporary Process Message Key CO_MSID2 NUMC 
413 CO_MSMKM Name of a message characteristic ATNAM CHAR 
414 CO_MSRI Message Identification in the Process Message Record CO_MSRI NUMC 
415 CO_MSSTAT Detailed Send Status of a Process Message TEXT25 CHAR 
416 CO_MS_FLAG Show/hide "Message information" overview FLAG CHAR 
417 CO_MVFLG Quantity Complete/Incomplete CO_MVFLG CHAR 
418 CO_M_VERF Message Category in Availability Log MSGAR CHAR 
419 CO_NAUCOST Indicator: Do not cost automatically KREUZ CHAR 
420 CO_NAUTERM Indicator: Do not schedule automatically KREUZ CHAR 
421 CO_NBEWE Indicator: Revaluate price indicator YNFLG CHAR 
422 CO_NDISR Ind.: Material in order item is not relevant for MRP CHAR1 CHAR 
423 CO_NEWSTEP New screen ID (screen ID controlling the screen sequence) CHAR5 CHAR 
424 CO_NEXTSTP Indicator: next screen exists FLAG CHAR 
425 CO_NKAUFPL Number range of operations in the order CHAR2 CHAR 
426 CO_NOHRP No data transfer from PP to HR XFELD CHAR 
427 CO_NOLOCK Sending of Process Messages: Do not Lock Send Job   CHAR 
428 CO_NOPCOST Do not calculate planned costs for order XFELD CHAR 
429 CO_NOSTO Indicator "Document cannot be canceled" FLAG CHAR 
431 CO_NOTST Indicator: Productive Message or Ctrl Recipe, Not a Test XFLAG CHAR 
432 CO_NOTUPD Do not overwrite existing data? XFELD CHAR 
433 CO_NOUPDAT Reset/Overwrite Existing Data or Do Not Change? XFELD CHAR 
434 CO_NO_PRESEL Archive/Delete Without Preselection BOOLE CHAR 
435 CO_NO_VAL Indicator: No value has been assigned to characteristic FLAG CHAR 
436 CO_NSTATE Indicator: Object status has 'not' state FLAG CHAR 
437 CO_NVVRG Transaction for CO Document Number Assignment J_VORGANG CHAR 
438 CO_OBART Object Type Within a CO-PC Hierarchy CO_OBART CHAR 
439 CO_OBJCNT Object counters NUMC4 NUMC 
440 CO_OBJCT Object name CHAR30 CHAR 
441 CO_OBJID Cost Object (Cost Accounting Object) TEXT40 CHAR 
442 CO_OBJNR Object in edited format J_OBJNR_ED CHAR 
443 CO_OBJTYPE PI assistant: object type CO_OBJTYPE CHAR 
444 CO_OBJ_A Object type J_OBART_LD CHAR 
445 CO_OBJ_K Sender-/Receiver Object CHAR25 CHAR 
446 CO_OBJ_TYPE_ICON Symbol for the object type CHAR80 CHAR 
447 CO_OBLIGO Commitments Management Active OBLACT CHAR 
448 CO_OBLIGOX Commitments Management Active XFELD CHAR 
449 CO_OBLKZ Indicator: Required Characteristic XFLAG CHAR 
450 CO_OBLVB Ind. Commitment Management with Sales Orders OBLVB CHAR 
451 CO_OBMNG Open requirement quantity MENG13 QUAN 
452 CO_OFFSET Date shift CFQUAN3 QUAN 
453 CO_OFORD Only confirm open orders in collective order XFELD CHAR 
454 CO_OKCODE OK code controlling the screen sequence CHAR4 CHAR 
455 CO_OKLOCK Sending of Process Messages: Lock Send Job   CHAR 
456 CO_OLDERPI PI Sheets/Work Instructions Older Than NUMC4 NUMC 
457 CO_OLDSTEP Old screen ID (screen ID controlling the screen sequence) CHAR5 CHAR 
458 CO_ON1_ART Object type 1 auxiliary account assignment J_OBART_LD CHAR 
459 CO_ON2_ART Object type 2. auxiliary accout assignment J_OBART_LD CHAR 
460 CO_ON3_ART Object type 3. auxiliary account assignmnet J_OBART_LD CHAR 
461 CO_OPRC Operation Data CHAR35 CHAR 
462 CO_OPR_COUNTER Number of operations TABIX INT4 
463 CO_ORDERPRE Predecessor Order Number AUFNR CHAR 
464 CO_ORDER_ACTION Action in Production Order CO_ORDER_ACTION CHAR 
465 CO_ORDER_STATUS Order Status for Reorganization CO_ORDER_STATUS NUMC 
466 CO_ORDNUM Maximum number of orders INT4_NOS INT4 
467 CO_ORGVG Original CO business transaction ACTIVITY CHAR 
468 CO_ORGVORG Original CO Transaction J_VORGANG CHAR 
469 CO_OTASK Indicator: Print online KREUZ CHAR 
470 CO_OUTCHAR Indicator: Output value FLAG CHAR 
471 CO_O_FUNCT Reason for Initiating Object Record in OCM Process TEXT8 CHAR 
472 CO_PAR1_A Partner object type J_OBART_LD CHAR 
473 CO_PARAM Parameters (basis criteria for processing) XFLAG CHAR 
476 CO_PARAM_ACTION_SIM Create simulation order COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
478 CO_PARAM_AUTH_DELETE Delete Initiating Object Record Without Proc. Elements COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
479 CO_PARAM_CDATE_B Procurement element change record: Creation date DATUM DATS 
480 CO_PARAM_CDATE_V Initiating object record: Creation date DATUM DATS 
482 CO_PARAM_CHGNR Select Initiating Object Records for Change Numbers COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
484 CO_PARAM_CLOSE_DELETE Delete Init. Object Record with Completed Change Process COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
485 CO_PARAM_COLORD Search all orders in the collective order COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
486 CO_PARAM_COMPL Change process has been completed for at least NUMC2 NUMC 
487 CO_PARAM_FUNC_10 Reason for change: "Sales order change" COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
488 CO_PARAM_FUNC_20 Reason for Change: "Release of Change Number" COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
489 CO_PARAM_FUNC_30 Reason for change: "Change package supplement" COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
490 CO_PARAM_FUNC_40 Reason for change: "Date shift leading change master record" COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
491 CO_PARAM_FUNC_50 Reason for change: "Direct assignment" COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
492 CO_PARAM_HORIZ Creation period related to date NUMC3 NUMC 
493 CO_PARAM_NORES Unrestricted Search for Initiating Object Records COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
494 CO_PARAM_ORDER Procurement element change records for purchase orders COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
496 CO_PARAM_PERIODE Processing not possible since COCM_PERIODE NUMC 
498 CO_PARAM_PLORD Procurement element change records for planned orders COCM_CHOICE CHAR 
500 CO_PARAM_PPORD Procurement element change records for production orders COCM_CHOICE CHAR