SAP ABAP Data Element - Index C, page 47
Data Element - C
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 CNV_20201_OSUBOBJ Initial subobject (number range conversion) CHAR6 CHAR 
2 CNV_20201_PREFIX Prefix for document numbers in the form: xyz* CHAR20 CHAR 
3 CNV_20201_RULE Conversion rule for number range objects CNV_20201_RULE CHAR 
6 CNV_20211_NAME_1 Company name TEXT30 CHAR 
7 CNV_20211_RCOMP_NEW Company new CNV_20211_RCOMP_NEW CHAR 
8 CNV_20211_RCOMP_OLD Company old RCOMP CHAR 
9 CNV_20212_KKBER_NEW Credit control area new CNV_20212_KKBER_NEW CHAR 
10 CNV_20212_KKBER_OLD Credit control area old KKBER CHAR 
11 CNV_20212_KKBTX Description of the credit control area TEXT35 CHAR 
12 CNV_20305_JV_ACTIVE Indicator: JVA Active XFELD CHAR 
13 CNV_20305_JV_JIBCL JIB/JIBE Class   CHAR 
14 CNV_20305_JV_JIBSA JIB/JIBE Subclass A   CHAR 
15 CNV_20305_JV_OTYPE Joint Venture Object Type   CHAR 
16 CNV_20305_SETCLASS Set class CNV_20305_SETCLASS CHAR 
17 CNV_20305_SETLINE Set line counter CNV_20305_SETLINE NUMC 
18 CNV_20305_SETLNSEQNR Sequential number of set line CNV_20305_SETLNSEQNR INT4 
20 CNV_20305_SETSUBCLS Organizational Unit as Set Subclass CNV_20305_SETSUBCLS CHAR 
21 CNV_20305_SUBSETCLS Class of a subordinate set CNV_20305_SETCLASS CHAR 
22 CNV_20305_SUBSETNAME Subordinate set ID CNV_20305_SETNAME CHAR 
23 CNV_20305_SUBSETSCLS Subclass of a subordinate set CNV_20305_SETSUBCLS CHAR 
24 CNV_20306_ALLEW Update all currencies CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
25 CNV_20306_ANLAA Asset Accounting Active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
26 CNV_20306_AUFTR Order management active CNV_20306_RKAC2 CHAR 
27 CNV_20306_COABC Activity-Based Costing Active CNV_20306_RKAC3 CHAR 
29 CNV_20306_CO_OBLIGO Commitments management active CNV_20306_OBLACT CHAR 
30 CNV_20306_CO_OBLVB Ind. Commitment Management with Sales Orders CNV_20306_OBLVB CHAR 
31 CNV_20306_ERGBR Profitability analysis active CNV_20306_RKE_ACT CHAR 
32 CNV_20306_GLSYS General ledger system active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
33 CNV_20306_HHPLN Funds management active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
34 CNV_20306_KKALK CO product costing active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
35 CNV_20306_KOKRS_NEW Controlling Area (New) CACCD CHAR 
36 CNV_20306_KOSTS Cost Center Accounting Active CNV_20306_RKAC2 CHAR 
37 CNV_20306_MATST Cost objects active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
38 CNV_20306_PCRCH Profit Center Accounting active CNV_20306_PCRCH CHAR 
39 CNV_20306_PRJKT Projects active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
40 CNV_20306_RABWG Compute with variances CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
41 CNV_20306_RCLAC Reconciliation Ledger Active XFELD CHAR 
42 CNV_20306_RFANZ Update of down payments to projects and orders CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
43 CNV_20306_RFDIS FI financial budgeting is active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
44 CNV_20306_RFKUN FI cust.master active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
45 CNV_20306_RFZAL Update payments assigned to projects CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
46 CNV_20306_RKBUK CO company code validation CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
47 CNV_20306_RKE_KAEING Transfer received sales orders to CO-PA CNV_20306_RKE_KAEING CHAR 
48 CNV_20306_RMBST Purchasing is active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
49 CNV_20306_RMKAL Product costing is active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
50 CNV_20306_RPPER Human Resources is active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
51 CNV_20306_RVAUF SD order processing is active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
52 CNV_20306_RVFAK SD Billing is active CNV_20306_RKACT CHAR 
53 CNV_20306_XWBUK Indicator: Different Company Code Currency is Allowed XFELD CHAR 
54 CNV_20308_ACTIONLFD Consecutive number in action log CNV_20308_LFD NUMC 
55 CNV_20308_ACTIONTYPE Action log: Type of an entry CNV_20308_ACTIONTYPE CHAR 
56 CNV_20308_CMPRUN Package comparison run CNV_20308_RUN NUMC 
57 CNV_20308_CMPTEXT Description of comparison run CNV_20308_TEXT CHAR 
58 CNV_20308_CMPVARIANT Variant for package comparison CNV_20308_CMPVARIANT CHAR 
59 CNV_20308_CMP_CODING Indicator: Compare coding CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
60 CNV_20308_CMP_CONFIRMED Indicator: Comparison confirmed CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
61 CNV_20308_CODELINE Individual coding line   CHAR 
62 CNV_20308_CODELINE_LFD Number of a coding line CNV_20308_LFD NUMC 
63 CNV_20308_COMMENT_ACTION Comment in action log CNV_20308_TEXT CHAR 
64 CNV_20308_CONDITION Line of a WHERE Condition CNV_20308_CONDITION CHAR 
65 CNV_20308_CONVFUNC Conversion: Name of the routine   CHAR 
66 CNV_20308_CONVPROG Conversion: Include of the routine   CHAR 
67 CNV_20308_CONVTYPE Conversion: Type of the routine   CHAR 
68 CNV_20308_DATE Date   DATS 
69 CNV_20308_DELTRA_DEL Delta Trace: Delete data CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
70 CNV_20308_DELTRA_DEL_DL1 Delta trace: Delete download 1 CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
71 CNV_20308_DELTRA_DEL_DL2 Delta trace: Delete download 2 CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
72 CNV_20308_DFDATA_RC Cause of the difference CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
73 CNV_20308_DIFFMSGTY Message type for difference SYCHAR01 CHAR 
74 CNV_20308_DLID Download ID CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
75 CNV_20308_DLTEXT Description of download CNV_20308_TEXT CHAR 
76 CNV_20308_FIELDNAME Field name FDNAME CHAR 
77 CNV_20308_FIELDVAL Field Value CNV_20308_FIELDVAL CHAR 
78 CNV_20308_FIELDVAL_SRC Field value in reference data record CNV_20308_FIELDVAL CHAR 
79 CNV_20308_FIELDVAL_TGT Field value in check data record CNV_20308_FIELDVAL CHAR 
80 CNV_20308_FLAG_BG Indicator: Execute in background CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
81 CNV_20308_FLAG_DELTRA Indicator: Data record belongs to delta trace CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
82 CNV_20308_FLAG_DESC Indicator: Include Description Mapping Objects CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
83 CNV_20308_FLAG_ME Indicator: Include Mapping Engine Objects CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
84 CNV_20308_FLAG_NCE Indicator: Include Number Conversion Engine Objects CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
85 CNV_20308_FLAG_VAR_CMIS Indicator: Variant for CMIS Download CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
86 CNV_20308_FLAG_VAR_CWB Indicator: Variant for CWB Download CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
87 CNV_20308_FLAG_VAR_SEL Indicator: select variant for download CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
88 CNV_20308_FOLDER Folder in file system CNV_20308_MAXTEXT CHAR 
89 CNV_20308_KEYFLAG Indicator: Key field CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
90 CNV_20308_LFD Consecutive number: CNV_20308_LFD NUMC 
91 CNV_20308_LICENSE_NUMBER SAP Licence number   CHAR 
92 CNV_20308_MANDT Client CNV_20308_MANDT CHAR 
93 CNV_20308_MSGLFD Consecutive message number CNV_20308_LFD NUMC 
94 CNV_20308_MSGSTATUS Message Status CNV_20308_MSGSTATUS CHAR 
95 CNV_20308_OBJECT Comparison object CNV_20308_OBJECT CHAR 
96 CNV_20308_OBJECTTYPE Comparison Object Type CNV_20308_OBJECTTYPE CHAR 
97 CNV_20308_ORIG_PACKID_SRC Original package number of the reference package CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
98 CNV_20308_ORIG_PACKID_TGT Original package number of the check package CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
99 CNV_20308_PACKDEP Dependent package CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
100 CNV_20308_PACKFDNAME Field name PackID FDNAME CHAR 
101 CNV_20308_PACKID Package number CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
102 CNV_20308_PACKID_SRC Number of the reference package CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
103 CNV_20308_PACKID_TGT Number of the check package CNV_20308_ID CHAR 
104 CNV_20308_PACKTXT_SRC Description of the reference package CNV_20308_PACK_TEXT CHAR 
105 CNV_20308_PACKTXT_TGT Description of the check package CNV_20308_PACK_TEXT CHAR 
106 CNV_20308_PARAMNAME Parameter name CNV_20308_PARAMNAME CHAR 
107 CNV_20308_PARAMVAL Parameter value CNV_20308_PARAMVAL CHAR 
108 CNV_20308_PHASE CWB phase CNV_20308_PHASE CHAR 
109 CNV_20308_PHASE_SRC CWB phase of reference package CNV_20308_PHASE CHAR 
110 CNV_20308_PHASE_TGT CWB phase of check package CNV_20308_PHASE CHAR 
111 CNV_20308_PRGSTATUS Program status CNV_20308_PRGSTATUS CHAR 
112 CNV_20308_PS_PHASE PS: Project Phase CNV_20308_TEXTID CHAR 
113 CNV_20308_PS_PROJID PS: Project ID CNV_20308_TEXTID CHAR 
114 CNV_20308_PS_TIMESTEP PS: Point in time CNV_20308_PS_TIMESTEP CHAR 
115 CNV_20308_REPORT Report Name PROGRAMM CHAR 
116 CNV_20308_SET_AUTOEXPAND Auto expand for monitor tree   INT4 
117 CNV_20308_SET_MYOBJECTS Indicator: My objects CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
118 CNV_20308_SET_NOTASSIGNEDOBJ Indicator: Show objects that are not assigned CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
119 CNV_20308_SET_ORIGMSGTY Indicator: Display original message type CNV_20308_FLAG CHAR 
120 CNV_20308_SUBOBJECT Comparison subobject CNV_20308_OBJECT CHAR 
121 CNV_20308_TEXT Long text CNV_20308_TEXT CHAR 
122 CNV_20308_TIME Time   TIMS 
123 CNV_20310_BKZER Lock Indicator for Actual Revenue Postings YNFLG CHAR 
124 CNV_20310_BKZKS Lock Indicator for Actual Secondary Costs YNFLG CHAR 
125 CNV_20310_BKZOB Lock Indicator for Commitment Update YNFLG CHAR 
126 CNV_20310_CCA_TEMPL_CPD Template for Activity-Dependent Formula Planning CHAR10 CHAR 
127 CNV_20310_CCA_TEMPL_CPI Template for Activity-Independent Formula Planning CHAR10 CHAR 
129 CNV_20310_KHINR Standard Hierarchy Area CHAR12 CHAR 
130 CNV_20310_KOSTL_NEW New Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
131 CNV_20310_KSKOM Completion flag for the cost center master record YNFLG CHAR 
132 CNV_20310_PKZER Lock Indicator for Planning Revenues YNFLG CHAR 
133 CNV_20310_PKZKS Lock Indicator for Plan Secondary Costs YNFLG CHAR 
134 CNV_20310_STAKZ Indicator. object is statistical CHAR1 CHAR 
135 CNV_20317_DATBI_MODE Edit Mode for Application CNV_20317_DATBI_MODE CHAR 
136 CNV_20317_DATBI_PRIO Priority Indicator for DATBI Entries CNV_20317_DATBI_PRIO CHAR 
137 CNV_20317_DELTA Delta Entry - inserted in Downtime AS4FLAG CHAR 
138 CNV_20317_OVERWRITE Entry to be overwritten AS4FLAG CHAR 
139 CNV_20317_STRUC Structure Name of Mapping Content AS4TAB CHAR 
140 CNV_20320_KSTTY CNV Valid Cost Center Categories CNV_20320_KSTTY CHAR 
141 CNV_20320_LARK1 CNV Indicator for component relevancy CO CNV_20320_LARKK CHAR 
142 CNV_20320_LARK2 CNV Indicator: Component Relevance, HR CNV_20320_LARKK CHAR 
143 CNV_20320_LSTAR_NEW Activity Type (New) LSTAR CHAR 
144 CNV_20320_LSTAR_OLD Activity Type (Old) LSTAR CHAR 
145 CNV_20320_SPRKZ CNV Lock Indicator YNFLG CHAR 
146 CNV_20325_STAGR_NEW Statistical key figure (New) STAGR CHAR 
147 CNV_20332_OBJID_AO_NEW Reconciliation Object Number new J_OBJID CHAR 
148 CNV_20332_OBJID_AO_OLD Reconciliation Object Number old J_OBJID CHAR 
149 CNV_20333_COMPNAME Component of table field CKRCO-VARHIEBG CNV_20333_COMPNAME CHAR 
150 CNV_20333_OBJID_VD_NEW Summarization Object Number new J_OBJID CHAR 
151 CNV_20333_OBJID_VD_OLD Summarization Object Number old J_OBJID CHAR 
152 CNV_20335_ABC_CLASS CNV Valid Environments CNV_20335_COTPL_CLASS CHAR 
153 CNV_20335_ABC_TEMPL_BPP CNV Template for Formula Planning on Business Processes CNV_20335_ABC_TEMPL CHAR 
154 CNV_20335_ABC_TEMPL_SBP CNV Template: Allocation of Business Processes CNV_20335_ABC_TEMPL CHAR 
155 CNV_20335_CB_ATTRI CNV Business Process Attributes/CO Tasks CNV_20335_CB_ATTRI CHAR 
157 CNV_20335_CHECK_PRZNR Business Process CO_PRZNR CHAR 
158 CNV_20335_CO_BPTYP CNV CO-ABC: Business Process Type CNV_20335_CO_BPTYP NUMC 
159 CNV_20335_PRZNR_NEW Business Process (New) CO_PRZNR CHAR 
160 CNV_20340_KSCYC Cycle: Per. Reposting, Assessment, Distrib., Ind.Act .Alloc. CHAR6 CHAR 
161 CNV_20340_KSCYC_NEW Cycle: Per. Reposting, Assessment, Distrib., ... (New) CHAR6 CHAR 
162 CNV_20345_ABTEIL CNV Department ABTEI CHAR 
163 CNV_20345_ACTI1 FI-SL business activity CNV_20345_ACTIVITY CHAR 
164 CNV_20345_AFABE_D Real depreciation area CNV_20345_AFABE NUMC 
166 CNV_20345_CHECK_PRCTR CNV Check: Profit Center PRCTR CHAR 
167 CNV_20345_CSPRED Distribution key for currency amounts SPRED CHAR 
168 CNV_20345_DAT_0_BIS Posting date up to which the object is valid for act.postngs DATUM DATS 
169 CNV_20345_DAT_0_VON Posting date frm which the objct is valid for act.postings DATUM DATS 
170 CNV_20345_DAT_1_BIS Posting date up to which the objct is valid for plan postngs DATUM DATS 
171 CNV_20345_DAT_1_VON Posting date frm which the objct is valid for plan postings DATUM DATS 
172 CNV_20345_FDMERKMAL CNV Field name of CO-PA characteristic FDNAME CHAR 
173 CNV_20345_GOBJNR Object number for FI-SL tables CNV_20345_OBJNR CHAR 
174 CNV_20345_HOART Type of origin object (EC-PCA) CNV_20345_HOART NUMC 
175 CNV_20345_HSLXX_PCA Total transactions for the period in company code curr. WERTV8 CURR 
176 CNV_20345_JV_JIBCL JIB/JIBE Class   CHAR 
177 CNV_20345_JV_JIBSA JIB/JIBE Subclass A   CHAR 
178 CNV_20345_JV_OTYPE Joint Venture Object Type   CHAR 
179 CNV_20345_KALSM_D CNV Procedure (pricing, output control, acct. det., costing, CNV_20345_KALSM CHAR 
180 CNV_20345_KAPPL CNV Application CNV_20345_KAPPL CHAR 
181 CNV_20345_KSLXX_PCA Total transactions for the period in pctr local currency WERTV8 CURR 
182 CNV_20345_KVEWE CNV Usage of the condition table CNV_20345_KVEWE CHAR 
183 CNV_20345_LOCK_IND CNV Lock indicator TEXT1 CHAR 
184 CNV_20345_MSLXX Total of the transactions of period in units of measure MENGV8 QUAN 
185 CNV_20345_NPRCTR CNV Successor profit center PRCTR CHAR 
186 CNV_20345_OCLNT Original client NUM3 NUMC 
187 CNV_20345_PCA_TEMPLATE CNV Template for Formula Planning in Profit Centers CNV_20345_ABC_TEMPL CHAR 
188 CNV_20345_PCDNAM CNV Printer name for profit center CNV_20345_DRNAM CHAR 
189 CNV_20345_PHINR Profit center area SETNR CHAR 
190 CNV_20345_PRCTR_NEW Profit Center (New) PRCTR CHAR 
191 CNV_20345_QSPRED Distribution key for quantities SPRED CHAR 
192 CNV_20345_RACCT Account number SAKNR CHAR 
193 CNV_20345_REP_MATNR Representative material for Profit Center Accounting MATNR CHAR 
194 CNV_20345_RLDNR Ledger RLDNR CHAR 
195 CNV_20345_RPMAX Period CNV_20345_RPMAX NUMC 
196 CNV_20345_RRCTY Record type CNV_20345_RRCTY CHAR 
197 CNV_20345_RTCUR Currency key WAERS CUKY 
199 CNV_20345_SCOPE_CV Object class CNV_20345_SCOPE_CV CHAR 
200 CNV_20345_SFKBER Partner Functional Area FKBER CHAR 
201 CNV_20345_SHOART Type of receiver object CNV_20345_HOART NUMC 
202 CNV_20345_S_BUKRS Sending company code BUKRS CHAR 
203 CNV_20345_TSLXX Total transactions of the period in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
204 CNV_20345_VERAPC CNV Person Responsible for Profit Center VERAK CHAR 
205 CNV_20345_VERSN_ABGR Results Analysis Version CNV_20345_VERSN_ABGR CHAR 
206 CNV_20375_CO_DEAKT CNV Indicator: Cost element deactivated CNV_20375_CO_DEAKT CHAR 
207 CNV_20375_CO_LOEFL CNV Indicator: Cost element is flagged for deletion XFELD CHAR 
208 CNV_20375_KSTAR_NEW Cost Element (New) KSTAR CHAR 
209 CNV_20375_PLAOR CNV Indicator for the planning location CNV_20375_WERC1 CHAR 
210 CNV_20375_PLAUS CNV Indicators for planning user CNV_20375_WERC2 CHAR 
211 CNV_20375_PLAZU CNV Indicator for planning access CNV_20375_WERC1 CHAR 
212 CNV_20375_SETCLASS Set class CNV_20375_SETCLASS CHAR 
213 CNV_20375_SETLINE Set line counter CNV_20375_SETLINE NUMC 
214 CNV_20375_SETLNSEQNR Sequential number of set line CNV_20375_SETLNSEQNR INT4 
215 CNV_20375_SETNAMENEW Set name CNV_20375_SETNAME CHAR 
216 CNV_20375_SETSUBCLS Organizational unit as set subclass CNV_20375_SETSUBCLS CHAR 
217 CNV_20375_SETVALMAX To value CNV_20375_SETVAL CHAR 
218 CNV_20375_SETVALMIN From value CNV_20375_SETVAL CHAR 
219 CNV_20380_ENUMKR External number range CHAR2 CHAR 
220 CNV_20380_INUMKR Internal number range CHAR2 CHAR 
221 CNV_20380_REF REF-Flag FLAG CHAR 
222 CNV_20400_DOCU Documentation Object CNV_20400_DOCU CHAR 
224 CNV_20400_IGNORE Ignore entry   CHAR 
225 CNV_20410_ERKRS_NEW New operating concern ERKRS CHAR 
226 CNV_20410_ERKRS_OLD Old operating concern ERKRS CHAR 
227 CNV_20551_ADD_MODE Add; otherwise replace CNV_20551_ADD_MODE CHAR 
228 CNV_20551_ANALYSIS_MODE Mode for determining suggestions for intransp. fields CNV_20551_ANALYSIS_MODE CHAR 
229 CNV_20551_ANALYSIS_RULE Rule for determining suggestions for intransp. fields CNV_20551_ANALYSIS_RULE CHAR 
230 CNV_20551_ATINN_VL Int. characteristic (variable list) CNV_20551_ATINN_VL NUMC 
231 CNV_20551_AWREF_HRTR_PDOC AWREF with content: number range HRTR_PDOC AWREF CHAR 
232 CNV_20551_CHAR50 char50 CNV_20551_CHAR50 CHAR 
233 CNV_20551_COMPOS_PANUM Parameter number (0: actual field; 1,2,3,4 actual param.) NUM2 NUMC 
234 CNV_20551_COND Additional WHERE condition DDTEXT CHAR 
235 CNV_20551_COND_132 WHERE condition CNV_20551_COND_132 CHAR 
236 CNV_20551_CONSTRAINT Condition/distinguishing characteristic of the intr. field CNV_20551_CONSTRAINT CHAR 
237 CNV_20551_COUNTED Counter flag XFELD CHAR 
238 CNV_20551_COUNTER Sequence number CNV_20551_COUNTER CHAR 
239 CNV_20551_CO_APLZL General counter for order CNV_20551_CO_APLZL NUMC 
240 CNV_20551_CREATED Indicator: FIND routine was created CNV_20551_CREATED CHAR 
241 CNV_20551_DELETED Conversion: Number of deleted table records INT4 INT4 
242 CNV_20551_DEL_FLAG Deletion indicator ( X = relevant for deletion) CNV_20551_DEL_FLAG CHAR 
243 CNV_20551_DESC Description CNV_20551_DESC CHAR 
244 CNV_20551_DISJOINT Disjoint indicator CNV_20551_DISJOINT CHAR 
245 CNV_20551_DISTINGUISH Distinguishing characteristic / string CNV_20551_DISTINGUISH CHAR 
246 CNV_20551_DOMNAME Domain CNV_20551_DOMNAME CHAR 
247 CNV_20551_DRAD_PORDER_OBJKY Document management object key CHAR50 CHAR 
248 CNV_20551_DTEL_APLNO Applicant number CNV_20551_APLNO NUMC 
249 CNV_20551_DTEL_KNUMH Condition record number CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
250 CNV_20551_DTEL_KNUMV Number of the document condition CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMV CHAR 
251 CNV_20551_DTEL_MBLNR Number of material document BELNR CHAR 
252 CNV_20551_EMPTY Filling status of a table (E=empty; F=filled) CNV_20551_EMPTY CHAR 
253 CNV_20551_EMPTY_FIELD Field is empty CNV_20551_EMPTY_FIELD CHAR 
254 CNV_20551_EMPTY_ROWS Empty rows   CHAR 
255 CNV_20551_ESLH_EBELN ESLH-EBELN : Document number dependent from ESLH-BSTYP CNV_20551_ESLH_EBELN CHAR 
256 CNV_20551_EXCLUDE Exclude XFELD CHAR 
257 CNV_20551_EXCL_INCL Conversion: Exclusion indicator CNV_20551_EXCL_INCL CHAR 
258 CNV_20551_FIELD intransparent field CNV_20551_FIELD CHAR 
259 CNV_20551_FILLED Table filled (X=yes) CNV_20551_FILLED CHAR 
260 CNV_20551_FLAG Indicator (active, inactive) CNV_20551_FLAG CHAR 
261 CNV_20551_GLS2IDX_KEYFD GLS2IDX-KEYFD ( = table key of GLS2) CHAR120 CHAR 
262 CNV_20551_HARD_CODED_CHK Hard-coded check routine CNV_20551_HARD_CODED_CHK CHAR 
263 CNV_20551_HARD_CODED_FIND Hard-coded determination routine CNV_20551_HARD_CODED_FIND CHAR 
264 CNV_20551_HISTO Historical record flag CNV_20551_HISTO CHAR 
265 CNV_20551_HR_VERSN Version Number (Plan Scenario = Plan Version + Version No.) HR_VERSN CHAR 
266 CNV_20551_IBOBJKEY_T371G IB: Key of a referencing object (type has check table T371G) CHAR50 CHAR 
267 CNV_20551_INDX Index CNV_20551_INDX NUMC 
268 CNV_20551_INTERPRET Use of the parameter CNV_20551_INTERPRET CHAR 
269 CNV_20551_INTNUM_J_OBJNR Object number (with internal numbering) J_OBJNR CHAR 
270 CNV_20551_IRRELEVANT Field is irrelevant CNV_20551_IRRELEVANT CHAR 
271 CNV_20551_KNUMH_A Number of condition record (KVEWE=A,E) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
272 CNV_20551_KNUMH_B Number of condition record (KVEWE=B) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
273 CNV_20551_KNUMH_C Number of condition record (KVEWE=C) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
274 CNV_20551_KNUMH_D Number of condition record (KVEWE=D) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
275 CNV_20551_KNUMH_F Number of condition record (KVEWE=F) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
276 CNV_20551_KNUMH_G Number of condition record (KVEWE=G) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
277 CNV_20551_KNUMH_H Number of condition record (KVEWE=H) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
278 CNV_20551_KNUMH_I Number of condition record (KVEWE=I) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
279 CNV_20551_KNUMH_N Number of condition record (KVEWE=N) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
280 CNV_20551_KNUMH_P Number of condition record (KVEWE=P) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
281 CNV_20551_KNUMH_R Number of condition record (KVEWE=R) CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB CHAR 
282 CNV_20551_KOMBI_KZ Type of combination of check routines CNV_20551_KOMBI_KZ CHAR 
283 CNV_20551_KOND_NR Condition number CNV_20551_OBJECT10 CHAR 
284 CNV_20551_KSCHL_A Condition type (KVEWE=A) KSCHL CHAR 
285 CNV_20551_KSCHL_B Condition type (KVEWE=B) KSCHL CHAR 
286 CNV_20551_KSCHL_C Condition type (KVEWE=C) KSCHL CHAR 
287 CNV_20551_KSCHL_D Condition type (KVEWE=D) KSCHL CHAR 
288 CNV_20551_KSCHL_E Condition type (KVEWE=E) KSCHL CHAR 
289 CNV_20551_KSCHL_F Condition type (KVEWE=F) KSCHL CHAR 
290 CNV_20551_KSCHL_G Condition type (KVEWE=G) KSCHL CHAR 
291 CNV_20551_KSCHL_H Condition type (KVEWE=H) KSCHL CHAR 
292 CNV_20551_KSCHL_I Condition type (KVEWE=I) KSCHL CHAR 
293 CNV_20551_KSCHL_N Condition type (KVEWE=N) KSCHL CHAR 
294 CNV_20551_KSCHL_P Condition type (KVEWE=P) KSCHL CHAR 
295 CNV_20551_KSCHL_R Condition type (KVEWE=R) KSCHL CHAR 
296 CNV_20551_KVEWE Usage of the condition table CNV_20551_KVEWE CHAR 
297 CNV_20551_LCHANGE Last changed by UNAME CHAR 
298 CNV_20551_LEADING_ZEROES Leading zeros XFELD CHAR 
299 CNV_20551_LENG Length CNV_20551_LENG NUMC 
300 CNV_20551_LENG1 Length of distinguishing characteristic in intr. field CNV_20551_LENG NUMC 
301 CNV_20551_LFDNR serial number NUM2 NUMC 
302 CNV_20551_MJAHR Material doc. year GJAHR NUMC 
303 CNV_20551_NKOAR Account type KOART CHAR 
304 CNV_20551_NKULI Customer or vendor number CHAR10 CHAR 
305 CNV_20551_NOCONS0 Reason for modifying definition of deletion criteria CNV_20551_NOCONS0 CHAR 
306 CNV_20551_NO_COMPARE Indicator for 'Do not execute comparison' CNV_20551_NO_COMPARE CHAR 
307 CNV_20551_NR Counter NUMC2 NUMC 
308 CNV_20551_NROBJ Number range object NROBJ CHAR 
309 CNV_20551_NUM Seq. number (0: actual field; 1,2,3,4 for parameter fields) CNV_20551_NUM CHAR 
310 CNV_20551_OBART General object number type (for CO object numbers) CNV_20551_OBART CHAR 
311 CNV_20551_OBJECT Object/doc. number CNV_20551_OBJECT CHAR 
312 CNV_20551_OBJECT10 Parameter for object/document number CNV_20551_OBJECT10 CHAR 
313 CNV_20551_OBJECT4 Parameter for object/document number CNV_20551_OBJECT4 CHAR 
314 CNV_20551_OBJECTA Object/document number (50 digits) CNV_20551_OBJECTA CHAR 
315 CNV_20551_OBJNUM_AUSP_KSSK Key of object for classification (in AUSP, KSSK) OBJEKT CHAR 
316 CNV_20551_OBJNUM_LKSSK Key of object for classification (in LKSSK) OBJEKT CHAR 
317 CNV_20551_OBJTY Object type CNV_20551_OBJTY CHAR 
318 CNV_20551_OFFS Offset in non-transparent field CNV_20551_LENG NUMC 
319 CNV_20551_OFFS1 Offset of distinguishing characteristic in intr. field CNV_20551_LENG NUMC 
320 CNV_20551_OPERATOR Operator CNV_20551_OPERATOR CHAR 
321 CNV_20551_OPTIO Option CNV_20551_OPTIO CHAR 
322 CNV_20551_OPTIO2 Option for table name CNV_20551_OPTIO2 CHAR 
323 CNV_20551_PANUM Parameter number CNV_20551_PANUM NUMC 
324 CNV_20551_PARAM Condition/distinguishing characteristic of parameter fields CNV_20551_CONSTRAINT CHAR 
325 CNV_20551_PARAMNUM Parameter number CNV_20551_PARAMNUM CHAR 
326 CNV_20551_PCL_TAB PCL table (PCLx) CNV_20551_PCL_TAB CHAR 
327 CNV_20551_PERCENT Percentage of table content that is relevant for deletion CNV_20551_PERCENT NUMC 
328 CNV_20551_PERCENT1 Percentage of deleted table records CNV_20551_PERCENT NUMC 
329 CNV_20551_POOL_FLAG Specific deletion program for pool table CNV_20551_POOL_FLAG CHAR 
330 CNV_20551_POTYP Object class CNV_20551_POTYP CHAR 
331 CNV_20551_PS_POSNR Project (item) number (in PRTX, ...) dependnt of PS_OBTYP CNV_20551_PS_POSNR NUMC 
332 CNV_20551_REFFIELDNAME Field in reference table CNV_20551_REFFIELDNAME CHAR 
333 CNV_20551_REFTABNAME Reference table AS4TAB CHAR 
334 CNV_20551_RELID Relid in a PCLx table CHAR2 CHAR 
335 CNV_20551_ROLLNAME Data element CNV_20551_ROLLNAME CHAR 
336 CNV_20551_SCOB_FLAG Character field of length 1 CNV_20551_SCOB_FLAG CHAR 
337 CNV_20551_SDATE Starting date CNV_20551_SDATE DATS 
338 CNV_20551_SEQNUM Determination: Sequence number CNV_20551_SEQNUM CHAR 
339 CNV_20551_SEQSTAT Status of CNVTABLES-SEQNUM adjustment CNV_20551_SEQSTAT CHAR 
340 CNV_20551_SPACES No. of empty fields DEC15 DEC 
341 CNV_20551_STATUS Status CNV_20551_STATUS CHAR 
342 CNV_20551_SUBOBJTY Subobject type CNV_20551_SUBOBJTY CHAR 
343 CNV_20551_SYMSGV1 Message variable 1 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
344 CNV_20551_SYMSGV2 Message variable 2 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
345 CNV_20551_SYMSGV3 Message variable 3 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
346 CNV_20551_SYMSGV4 Message variable 4 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
347 CNV_20551_T811F_ELEMENT1 element CNV_20551_SETVALUE CHAR 
348 CNV_20551_TABCLASS Table type CNV_20551_TABCLASS CHAR 
349 CNV_20551_TABNAME TABNAME in table pools CHAR10 CHAR 
351 CNV_20551_TEXT80 Text (80 characters) CNV_20551_TEXT80 CHAR 
352 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN01 Function field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
353 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN02 Function field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
354 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN03 Function field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
355 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN04 Function field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
356 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN05 Function field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
357 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN06 Function field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
358 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY01 Key field 1 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
359 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY02 Key field 2 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
360 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY03 Key field 3 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
361 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY04 Key field 4 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
362 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY05 Key field 5 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
363 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY06 Key field 6 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
364 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY07 Key field 7 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
365 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY08 Key field 8 for account determination CHAR12 CHAR 
366 CNV_20551_TOTAL_ROWS Total rows   CHAR 
367 CNV_20551_TS_EXEC Troubleshooting execution number CNV_20551_TS_EXEC CHAR 
369 CNV_20551_VARKEY VARKEY in table pools CNV_20551_VARKEY CHAR 
370 CNV_20551_VBELN_OIJ Sales or purchasing document number depending on VBTYP VBELN CHAR 
371 CNV_20551_VBELN_RV_BELEG Sales document (NoRg RV_BELEG with VBTYP) VBELN CHAR 
372 CNV_20551_VBELN_VA Sales document VBELN CHAR 
375 CNV_20551_VBELN_VBUK Document number (general) VBELN CHAR 
376 CNV_20551_VBELN_VF Billing document VBELN CHAR 
377 CNV_20551_VBELN_VL Delivery VBELN CHAR 
378 CNV_20551_VKOAR Account type KOART CHAR 
379 CNV_20551_VKULI Customer or vendor number CHAR10 CHAR 
380 CNV_20551_XFELD Checkbox CNV_20551_XFELD CHAR 
381 CNV_20551_XUBNAME User name in the user master XUBNAME CHAR 
382 CNV_20600_ABUKR Company Code which will be Cleared Against BUKRS CHAR 
383 CNV_20600_ADD_MODE Add; otherwise replace CNV_20600_ADD_MODE CHAR 
384 CNV_20600_BUKRSN_DTEL Company code for number assignment CNV_20600_BUKRSN CHAR 
385 CNV_20600_BUKRSN_NEW New company code for number assignment CNV_20600_BUKRSN CHAR 
386 CNV_20600_BUKRSN_OLD Old company code for number assignment CNV_20600_BUKRSN CHAR 
387 CNV_20600_BUKRS_NEW New company code CNV_20600_BUKRS_NEW CHAR 
388 CNV_20600_BUKRS_OLD Old company code BUKRS CHAR 
389 CNV_20600_LEADING_ZEROES Leading zeros XFELD CHAR 
390 CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE Accounting Code CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE CHAR 
391 CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE_NEW Accounting code new CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE CHAR 
392 CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE_OLD Accounting code old CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE CHAR 
393 CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE_TXT Name of Accounting Code TEXT60 CHAR 
394 CNV_20600_XFDIS Indicator: Cash Management activated? XFELD CHAR 
395 CNV_20600_XGSBE Indicator: Business area financial statements required? XFELD CHAR 
396 CNV_20700_DB_MATNR_NEW Display DB view of new material CHAR18 CHAR 
397 CNV_20700_DB_MATNR_OLD Material Old CHAR18 CHAR 
398 CNV_20700_MATNR_NEW New Material Number CNV_20700_MATNR CHAR 
399 CNV_20700_MATNR_OLD Old Material Number CNV_20700_OLD_MATNR CHAR 
400 CNV_20800_ABTEI_PA Contact person's department at customer ABTEI CHAR 
401 CNV_20800_ABTNR Department number CNV_20800_ABTNR CHAR 
402 CNV_20800_ADRND Business address ADRNR CHAR 
403 CNV_20800_ADRNP Home address ADRNR CHAR 
404 CNV_20800_AKVER Buying habits CNV_20800_AKVER CHAR 
405 CNV_20800_BEDIAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Tuesday morning from... UHRZT TIMS 
406 CNV_20800_BEDIAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Tuesday afternoon from.. UHRZT TIMS 
407 CNV_20800_BEDIBI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Tuesday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
408 CNV_20800_BEDIBI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Tuesday afternoon until ... UHRZT TIMS 
409 CNV_20800_BEDOAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Thursday morning from .... UHRZT TIMS 
410 CNV_20800_BEDOAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Thursday afternoon from... UHRZT TIMS 
411 CNV_20800_BEDOBI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Thursday morning until .... UHRZT TIMS 
412 CNV_20800_BEDOBI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Thursday afternoon until .. UHRZT TIMS 
413 CNV_20800_BEFRAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Friday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
414 CNV_20800_BEFRAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Friday afternoon from .... UHRZT TIMS 
415 CNV_20800_BEFRBI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Friday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
416 CNV_20800_BEFRBI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Friday afternoon until ... UHRZT TIMS 
417 CNV_20800_BEMIAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Wednesday morning from... UHRZT TIMS 
418 CNV_20800_BEMIAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Wednesday afternoon from .. UHRZT TIMS 
419 CNV_20800_BEMIBI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Wednesday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
420 CNV_20800_BEMIBI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Wednesday afternoon until.. UHRZT TIMS 
421 CNV_20800_BEMOAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Monday morning from ... UHRZT TIMS 
422 CNV_20800_BEMOAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Monday afternoon from ... UHRZT TIMS 
423 CNV_20800_BEMOBI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Monday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
424 CNV_20800_BEMOBI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Monday afternoon until ... UHRZT TIMS 
425 CNV_20800_BESAAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Saturday morning from ... UHRZT TIMS 
426 CNV_20800_BESAAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Saturday afternoon from ... UHRZT TIMS 
427 CNV_20800_BESABI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Saturday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
428 CNV_20800_BESABI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Saturday afternoon until .. UHRZT TIMS 
429 CNV_20800_BESOAB1 Contact person's visiting hours: Sunday morning from ... UHRZT TIMS 
430 CNV_20800_BESOAB2 Contact person's visiting hours: Sunday afternoon from ... UHRZT TIMS 
431 CNV_20800_BESOBI1 Contact person's visiting hours: Sunday morning until ... UHRZT TIMS 
432 CNV_20800_BESOBI2 Contact person's visiting hours: Sunday afternoon until ... UHRZT TIMS 
433 CNV_20800_BRYTH Call frequency CNV_20800_BRYTH CHAR 
434 CNV_20800_CHAR60 Description   CHAR 
435 CNV_20800_FAUSA_077D Customer master record field status def.for general data CNV_20800_FA040 CHAR 
436 CNV_20800_FAUSF_077D Customer master record field status def.for comp.code data CNV_20800_FA040 CHAR 
437 CNV_20800_FAUSV_077D Customer master record field status def.for sales fields CNV_20800_FA040 CHAR 
438 CNV_20800_FAUSW_077D Field status bar, plant master for IS-R data CNV_20800_FA040 CHAR 
439 CNV_20800_KALSMB Output determination procedure KALSM CHAR 
440 CNV_20800_KLIMK Credit limit data XFELD CHAR 
441 CNV_20800_KUNNR_NEW New Customer Number KUNNR CHAR 
442 CNV_20800_KUNNR_OLD Old Customer Number KUNNR CHAR 
443 CNV_20800_KZHERK Internal indicator for origin of the CP: Customer or Vendor XFELD CHAR 
444 CNV_20800_MGRP Merge group number TEXT10 CHAR 
445 CNV_20800_NMAIL Advertising material indicator XFELD CHAR 
446 CNV_20800_NRIV_CNV Automatic modification of vendors after NRIV changes XFELD CHAR 
447 CNV_20800_PAAT1 Contact person: Attribute 1 CNV_20800_PARHO CHAR 
448 CNV_20800_PAAT2 Contact person: Attribute 2 CNV_20800_PAAT2 CHAR 
449 CNV_20800_PAAT3 Contact person: Attribute 3 CNV_20800_PAAT3 CHAR 
450 CNV_20800_PAAT4 Contact person: Attribute 4 CNV_20800_PAAT4 CHAR 
451 CNV_20800_PAAT5 Contact person: Attribute 5 CNV_20800_PAAT5 CHAR 
452 CNV_20800_PAAT6 Contact person: Attribute 6 CNV_20800_PAAT6 CHAR 
453 CNV_20800_PAAT7 Contact person: Attribute 7 CNV_20800_PAAT7 CHAR 
454 CNV_20800_PAAT8 Contact person: Attribute 8 CNV_20800_PAAT8 CHAR 
455 CNV_20800_PAAT9 Contact person: Attribute 9 CNV_20800_PAAT9 CHAR 
456 CNV_20800_PAFKT Contact person function CNV_20800_PAFKT CHAR 
457 CNV_20800_PARAM_KEY Additional information for a parameter CNV_20800_PARAM_KEY CHAR 
458 CNV_20800_PARAM_NAME Name of a parameter (indicator) CNV_20800_PARAM_NAME CHAR 
459 CNV_20800_PARAM_VAL Value for a parameter CNV_20800_PARAM_VAL CHAR 
460 CNV_20800_PARAU Notes about contact person TEXT40 CHAR 
461 CNV_20800_PARTNER Name of partner XFELD CHAR 
462 CNV_20800_PARVO Partner's power of attorney CNV_20800_PARVO CHAR 
463 CNV_20800_PAVIPN VIP Partner CNV_20800_PAVIP CHAR 
464 CNV_20800_SPNAMN Nickname TEXT10 CHAR 
465 CNV_20800_UEPARN Higher-level contact person CNV_20800_UEPAR NUMC 
466 CNV_20800_VBPA Sales documents for partner XFELD CHAR 
467 CNV_20800_VTRNRN Representative number CNV_20800_VTRNRN NUMC 
468 CNV_20800_XCPDS Indicator: Account group for one-time accounts? XFELD CHAR 
469 CNV_20900_DURAS Copy Default Values for Material from Vendor Master CNV_20900_DURAS CHAR 
470 CNV_20900_FAUSA_077K Vendor Master Record Field Status Def.for General Data CHAR40 CHAR 
471 CNV_20900_FAUSF_077K Vendor master record field status def.for company code data CHAR40 CHAR 
472 CNV_20900_FAUSM_077K Vendor Master Record Field Status Def.for Purchasing Fields CHAR40 CHAR 
473 CNV_20900_FAUST_077K Field status bar, vendor master record, for IS-R data CHAR40 CHAR 
474 CNV_20900_FAUSW_077K Field status bar, vendor master record, for IS-R data CHAR40 CHAR 
475 CNV_20900_KTOKD_MM Default value for customer account group KTOKD CHAR 
476 CNV_20900_LIFNR_NEW New Vendor Number LIFNR CHAR 
477 CNV_20900_LIFNR_OLD Old Vendor Number LIFNR CHAR 
478 CNV_20900_LTSNA Indicator: vendor sub-range relevant XFELD CHAR 
479 CNV_20900_MGRP Merge group number TEXT10 CHAR 
480 CNV_20900_NRIV_CNV Automatic modification of customers after NRIV changes XFELD CHAR 
481 CNV_20900_PARAM_KEY Additional information for a parameter CNV_20900_PARAM_KEY CHAR 
482 CNV_20900_PARAM_NAME Name of a parameter (indicator) CNV_20900_PARAM_NAME CHAR 
483 CNV_20900_PARAM_VAL Value for a parameter CNV_20900_PARAM_VAL CHAR 
484 CNV_20900_PARGR_E Partner schema: purchasing organization level CNV_20900_PARGR CHAR 
485 CNV_20900_PARGR_T Partner schema, sub-range CNV_20900_PARGR CHAR 
486 CNV_20900_PARGR_W Partner schema: plant level CNV_20900_PARGR CHAR 
487 CNV_20900_VBPA Sales documents for partner XFELD CHAR 
488 CNV_20900_WERKR Indicator: plant level relevant XFELD CHAR 
489 CNV_20900_XCPDS Indicator: Account group for one-time accounts? XFELD CHAR 
490 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABRAR Employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rule CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABRAR CHAR 
491 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABRST Payroll hours JRSTD DEC 
492 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABSTD Absence hours JRSTD DEC 
493 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABWTG Attendance and Absence Days CNV_21500_DUMMY_TAGE4_2 DEC 
494 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABZNO Absence assignment CNV_21500_DUMMY_PRSPL RAW 
495 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABZNR Pointer to absences RAW1 RAW 
496 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ADIVI Individual divisor for workdays DEC3_2 DEC 
498 CNV_21500_DUMMY_AHVPF AHV/UI obligation CNV_21500_DUMMY_AHVPF CHAR 
499 CNV_21500_DUMMY_AKTIVJN Indicator: Active XFELD CHAR 
500 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ALTCD Age code (SI CH) CHAR1 CHAR