SAP ABAP Data Element - Index C, page 137
Data Element - C
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 CYSFAKTORN Scaling factor post-evaluation period DEC06 DEC 
2 CYSFAKTORV Scaling factor pre-evaluation period DEC06 DEC 
3 CYSIN_REQ Sum of distributed requirements in a period CYBEDARF DEC 
4 CYSLIANGE Available capacity in a period DEC8_2 DEC 
5 CYSLIBED Capacity requirements within the planning period DEC8_2 DEC 
6 CYSLIBELAS Load (%) within a period DEC3_1 DEC 
7 CYSLIDELTA Remaining available capacity within the planning period DEC8_2 DEC 
8 CYSORTDESC Descending sort sequence X CHAR 
9 CYSORTPOS Item counter for sort key INT3 NUMC 
11 CYSTATE Status of the planning table CHAR4 CHAR 
12 CYSTELL Description of position key TEXT40 CHAR 
13 CYSTEXT Description of organizational unit TEXT40 CHAR 
14 CYSUBGROUP Subgroup of objects CHAR20 CHAR 
15 CYTOTAVAIL Total available capacity for the activated periods CYPP_AVAIL DEC 
16 CYVLIWERT Value in variable overview (calculatn. controlled via table) CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
17 CY_ABSTX Operation segment CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
18 CY_ACTIV Dispatching function active KREUZ CHAR 
19 CY_AENKZ Change indicator CY_AENKZ CHAR 
20 CY_AFVGMAX Max. number of data records to be read from Table AFVG CY_MAXLIN DEC 
21 CY_ALCWRK Display distributed/undistributed work KREUZ CHAR 
22 CY_ALLTAB All central tables set up CHAR1 CHAR 
23 CY_ANADATF Start date for an evaluation CHAR10 CHAR 
24 CY_ANADATT End date for an evaluation CHAR10 CHAR 
25 CY_ANATIMT Type of entry CY_ZAPER CHAR 
26 CY_ANGEAK1 Available capacity/period (standard overview) MENG13 QUAN 
27 CY_ANGEAKT Current available capacity FLTP FLTP 
28 CY_ANGEALT old (original) available capacity FLTP FLTP 
29 CY_ANGEB Available capacity as field of type P MENG13 QUAN 
30 CY_ANGEINH Unit of the available capacity TEXT80 CHAR 
31 CY_ANPRO Evaluation profile for capacity leveling/extended evaluation CY_ANPRO CHAR 
32 CY_ANPROT Text describing an evaluation profile CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
33 CY_ANTEIL Share in % MENGEP4 DEC 
34 CY_ANVER Cumulate available capacity using work center hierarchy CY_ANVER CHAR 
35 CY_ARBEIRE Remaining work: Work for operation minus work for split ARBEIT QUAN 
36 CY_ARBEI_ALLOC Work not yet distributed or already distributed work CHAR8 CHAR 
37 CY_ARBEI_OVERALL Total work to be distributed from this operation CHAR8 CHAR 
38 CY_ARBPLTX Short text for work center TEXT40 CHAR 
39 CY_ARSTORE Indic.: AR_RANGES were saved before individual selection KREUZ CHAR 
40 CY_ART Type of distribution (continuous or discrete) CY_ART CHAR 
41 CY_ASSDISP Indicator: Simultaneous allocation and dispatching KREUZ CHAR 
42 CY_ATPCAP Take capacity load in planning period into account KREUZ CHAR 
43 CY_AUFART Category of pegged requirement AUFART CHAR 
44 CY_AUFNR Order number/planned order number CY_AUFNR CHAR 
45 CY_AUFTEXT Short text for order TEXT40 CHAR 
46 CY_AUFTX Short text for order TEXT40 CHAR 
47 CY_AUKOMAX Max. number of data records that are read from AUKO CY_MAXLIN DEC 
48 CY_AVAICAP Formula to calculate the rem.avail.cap. CY_AVAICAP NUMC 
49 CY_AWTXT User status set at order level CHAR40 CHAR 
50 CY_AWVTXT User status set at operation level CHAR40 CHAR 
51 CY_A_PERCENT Percentage of the activity work that has been distributed PRZ32 DEC 
52 CY_BALKEN Standard overview graphic: Display as horizontal bar chart KREUZ CHAR 
53 CY_BASIS Basis for distribution (factory calendar/Gregorian calend..) CY_BASIS CHAR 
55 CY_BATCHVAR Name of mass processing jobs CY_BATCHVAR CHAR 
56 CY_BDATUM Start date of the operation/activity DATUM DATS 
57 CY_BEDAKT Current capacity requirements for the periods FLTP FLTP 
58 CY_BEDAKTU Current capacity requirements/period (standard overview) MENG13 QUAN 
59 CY_BEDALT Old (original) capacity requirements FLTP FLTP 
60 CY_BEDARF Capacity requirements MENG15 QUAN 
61 CY_BEDART Requirements type (planned, remaining, actual requirements) CY_BEDART CHAR 
62 CY_BEDEINH Unit of the capacity requirements TEXT80 CHAR 
63 CY_BEDGRU Requirements grouping CY_BEDGRU CHAR 
64 CY_BEDGRUT Text describing standard requirements grouping CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
65 CY_BEDKZ Display requirements types CY_BEDKZ NUMC 
66 CY_BEDWERT Requirement value (requirements belonging in the period) FLTP FLTP 
67 CY_BELAST Capacity load CYKAP DEC 
68 CY_BELASTF Data element for load as F type KAPBED FLTP 
69 CY_BELEINH Unit of the capacity load CHAR1 CHAR 
70 CY_BSTKZ Indicator rqmts.record is confirmed (cap.availability check) CY_BSTKZ CHAR 
71 CY_BUCKET1 Start of search in planning direction KREUZ CHAR 
72 CY_BUCKETB Operations start or finish on point in period split KREUZ CHAR 
73 CY_BUCKETF Operation must lie entirely within a period split KREUZ CHAR 
74 CY_BUCKETU Period split for dispatching CY_BUCKETU NUMC 
75 CY_BUFONLY Use operation floats KREUZ CHAR 
76 CY_BUZEIT Start time of an operation/activity T TIMS 
77 CY_CANCDIS Cancel dispatching due to error KREUZ CHAR 
78 CY_CANCVER Terminate dispatching when rescheduling with prod.versions KREUZ CHAR 
79 CY_CAPREQ Capacity requirements CY_CAPREQ DEC 
80 CY_CAPREQR Remaining capacity requirements after creating splits CY_CAPREQ DEC 
81 CY_CAPVER Version of available capacity KAPVERSION NUMC 
82 CY_CCKEY Cost collector key CHAR23 CHAR 
83 CY_CHART Allocation of requirements to chart CY_CHART CHAR 
84 CY_CHARTN Number of chart CY_CHARTN NUMC 
85 CY_CHARTNR Number of chart in which requirements group is displayed INT1 INT1 
86 CY_CHARTTX Description of a chart CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
87 CY_CLOSGAP Close gaps when deallocating operations CY_CLOSGAP NUMC 
88 CY_COLOUR Light color for reporting CY_COLOUR NUMC 
89 CY_COPRO Control profile for capacity leveling/extended evaluation CY_COPRO CHAR 
90 CY_COPROT Text describing a control profile CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
91 CY_COUNT Counters for cap. rqmts. records (various caps. + indiv.caps CY_COUNT NUMC 
92 CY_CRHDMAX Max. number of data records that are read from Table CRHD CY_MAXLIN DEC 
93 CY_CUA_CNG CUA status for change mode GUI_STATUS CHAR 
94 CY_CUA_DIS CUA status for display mode GUI_STATUS CHAR 
95 CY_CURVE_TYPE Type of curve in capacity planning table CY_CURVE_TYPE NUMC 
96 CY_DAPER Unit in which the duration of a period is specified CY_DAPER CHAR 
97 CY_DATBIS Date until (end of period) DATUM DATS 
98 CY_DATDETL Time period of det. cap. list, regenerated CHAR1 CHAR 
100 CY_DATEBEL Date of load assignment INT4 INT4 
101 CY_DATEF Start date for output of capacity evaluations CHAR10 CHAR 
102 CY_DATET Finish date for output of capacity evaluations CHAR10 CHAR 
103 CY_DATUM Date in capacity planning DATUM DATS 
104 CY_DATVON Date from (start of the period) DATUM DATS 
105 CY_DBDATEF Start date for data base selection CHAR10 CHAR 
106 CY_DBDATET Finish date for data base selection CHAR10 CHAR 
107 CY_DBDATY Type of date specification CY_ZAPER CHAR 
108 CY_DBRDATF Start date of database selection CHAR10 CHAR 
109 CY_DBRDATT End date for database selection CHAR10 CHAR 
110 CY_DBRTIMT Type of entry database read period CY_ZAPER CHAR 
111 CY_DB_READ Indicator: data base read KREUZ CHAR 
112 CY_DCNTB Offset (in days) of end date for lists to current date DAYCNT DEC 
113 CY_DCNTV Offset (in days) of start date for lists to current date DAYCNT DEC 
114 CY_DEFLISE Default list for evaluation from leveling CY_DEFLISE CHAR 
116 CY_DELSPLT Indicator: Deleted split KREUZ CHAR 
117 CY_DELTAEN Time Difference Between Fin. Capacity and Individ. Capacity MENGV13 QUAN 
118 CY_DELTAST Time Difference Between Start Capacity and Individ. Capacity MENGV13 QUAN 
119 CY_DGPROZ Indicator: Display percentages in capacity details graphic KREUZ CHAR 
120 CY_DIRCHAN Change planning direction KREUZ CHAR 
121 CY_DISPLAY_COLOUR Display traffic light KREUZ CHAR 
122 CY_DISSORT Key for determining dispatching sequence AUFBKEY CHAR 
123 CY_DISWSTP Dispatch at best time for setup KREUZ CHAR 
124 CY_DRUCK Indicator: Print function active KREUZ CHAR 
125 CY_DSTRBW Distribute work to first/last day of the period KREUZ CHAR 
126 CY_DYNPWID Indicator, width of the screen CY_DYNPWID CHAR 
127 CY_DYTX Data element for screen texts TEXT80 CHAR 
128 CY_EARLIES Dispatch at earliest point in time KREUZ CHAR 
129 CY_EDATUM Finish date of an operation/activity DATUM DATS 
130 CY_EIGBDIS Date determination for dispatching of internal production CY_EIGBDIS NUMC 
131 CY_EINSTRU Structure which have caused the requirement (e.g.KBED) CY_STRUKT CHAR 
132 CY_EINZELK Planning to individual capacities XFELD CHAR 
133 CY_ENQUEUE Immediate locking of all objects in change mode CY_ENQUEUE CHAR 
134 CY_EUZEIT Finish time of an operation/capacity planning T TIMS 
135 CY_EXDDAT File name of EXCEL table for detailed capacity list PC_FNAME CHAR 
136 CY_EXINQ Query for file name in case of download? KREUZ CHAR 
137 CY_EXOVER Query before overwriting an existing file KREUZ CHAR 
138 CY_EXUDAT File name of EXCEL table for standard overview PC_FNAME CHAR 
139 CY_EXVDAT File name of EXCEL table for variable overview PC_FNAME CHAR 
140 CY_FEINSEL Switch: Individual Selection of Work Center Is Active KREUZ CHAR 
141 CY_FELD Field according to which groupings are made FDNAME CHAR 
142 CY_FELDD Field which is taken over from the structure FDNAME CHAR 
143 CY_FELDT Time of day field for date field FDNAME CHAR 
144 CY_FIELD Unique name for a selection field FDNAME CHAR 
145 CY_FIFELD Filter field (field whose value should be selected) FDNAME CHAR 
146 CY_FILGRU Filter group NUMC2 NUMC 
147 CY_FIL_SET Set for filtering objects SETNAME CHAR 
148 CY_FISTRU Filter structure (structure of value to be filtered CYFI1) TABNAME CHAR 
149 CY_FITEX Description of a combination CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
150 CY_FLGBEG Indicator time is the start time for an operation KREUZ CHAR 
151 CY_FLGKBED Index is capacity requirements index X CHAR 
152 CY_FLGLATE Earliest/latest dates KREUZ CHAR 
153 CY_FLG_STA Enter start or finish date or both CY_FLG_STA CHAR 
154 CY_FREI Data element for the remaining available capacity KAPBED FLTP 
155 CY_FSAVD Earliest scheduled start: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
156 CY_FSAVZ Earliest scheduled start: Execution (time) ATIME TIMS 
157 CY_FSEDD Earliest scheduled finish: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
158 CY_FSEDZ Earliest scheduled finish: Execution (time) ATIME TIMS 
159 CY_FSELD Earliest scheduled finish: Wait (date) DATUM DATS 
160 CY_FSELZ Earliest scheduled finish: Wait (time) ATIME TIMS 
161 CY_FSSAD Earliest scheduled start: Teardown (date) DATUM DATS 
162 CY_FSSAZ Earliest scheduled start: Teardown (time) ATIME TIMS 
163 CY_FSSBD Earliest scheduled start: Processing (date) DATUM DATS 
164 CY_FSSBZ Earliest scheduled start: Processing (time) ATIME TIMS 
165 CY_FSSLD Earliest scheduled start: Wait (date) DATUM DATS 
166 CY_FSSLZ Earliest scheduled start: Wait (time) ATIME TIMS 
167 CY_FTYPE Type of graphic object field CY_FTYPE CHAR 
168 CY_FUNCT Distribution function CY_FUNC CHAR 
169 CY_FUNCT_1 Functions for operation change in user exit CY_FUNCT_1 CHAR 
170 CY_FUNKTAF Function to be carried out for object "order operation" CY_FUNKTAF CHAR 
171 CY_FUNKTAR Function to be carried for object "work center" CY_FUNKTAR CHAR 
172 CY_FUNKTAU Function to be carried out for object "order master data" CY_FUNKTAU CHAR 
173 CY_FUNKTBG Function to be carried out for requirements group/combinat. CY_FUNKTBG CHAR 
174 CY_FUNKTKA Function to be carried out for object "Capacity" CY_FUNKTKA CHAR 
175 CY_FUNKTKB Function to be carried out for obj. "cap. rqmts. records" CY_FUNKTKB CHAR 
176 CY_FUNKTMA Function to be carried out for object "mat.master (gen data) CY_FUNKTMA CHAR 
177 CY_FUNKTPE Function to be executed for object person CY_FUNKTPE CHAR 
178 CY_FUNKTPJ Function to be carried out for object "project definition" CY_FUNKTPJ CHAR 
179 CY_FUNKTPL Function to be carried out for object "planned order" CY_FUNKTPL CHAR 
180 CY_FUNKTPR Function to be carried out for the object (WBS element) CY_FUNKTPR CHAR 
181 CY_FUNKTSO Function to be carried out for object a "SOP order" CY_FUNKTSO CHAR 
182 CY_GAMNG Order quantity MENG13 QUAN 
183 CY_GAUF Ind: Take whole orders into account for the basic load XFELD CHAR 
184 CY_GESPROF Overall profile for capacity leveling CY_PROFIL CHAR 
185 CY_GRAPHIK Indicator: graphics function active KREUZ CHAR 
186 CY_GROUPIN Description of a grouping per layout and chart CY_GROUPIN CHAR 
187 CY_GROUPTX Text describing a grouping CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
188 CY_GROUSET Set for defining a group SETNAME CHAR 
189 CY_GROUTXT Text describing a group CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
190 CY_GRUPPE Requirements group NUMC2 NUMC 
191 CY_GRUPPEG Allocation of sort keys to group CY_GRUPPEG NUMC 
192 CY_GRUPPES Allocation of sort keys or sort layout key for group CY_GRUPPES NUMC 
194 CY_GRWERT Value of the field according to which items are grouped CHAR30 CHAR 
195 CY_GSABS Indicator: Display operation segments in Gantt chart KREUZ CHAR 
196 CY_GSAUART Priority of sort criterion "order type" in Gantt chart CY_GSORT NUMC 
197 CY_GSAUFNR Priority of sort criterion "order no." in Gantt chart CY_GSORT NUMC 
198 CY_GSFR Switch: Display of Earliest Dates in Gantt Chart KREUZ CHAR 
199 CY_GSFSTA Priority of sort crit. "earliest start date" in Gantt chart CY_GSORT NUMC 
200 CY_GSIST Indicator: Display actual dates in Gantt chart KREUZ CHAR 
201 CY_GSMATNR Priority of sort criterion "material number" in Gantt chart CY_GSORT NUMC 
202 CY_GSPRIO Priority of sort criterion "order priority" in Gantt chart CY_GSORT NUMC 
203 CY_GSSEND Priority of sort crit. "latest finish date" in Gantt chart CY_GSORT NUMC 
204 CY_GSSP Indicator: Display of latest dates in Gantt chart KREUZ CHAR 
206 CY_HIESEL Work center selection from hierarchy active? KREUZ CHAR 
207 CY_HIGH Value to (upper value to be filtered) CHAR40 CHAR 
208 CY_HILFFKT Indicator: PF1 or PF4 pressed in a list KREUZ CHAR 
209 CY_IARBID Actual work center ID NUM08 NUMC 
210 CY_IBEDAKT Actual capacity requirements for period FLTP FLTP 
211 CY_IBEDAKTU Actual capacity requirements per period (standard overview) MENG13 QUAN 
212 CY_IBEDARF Actual cap. reqmts MENG15 QUAN 
213 CY_IBEDKZ Display actual capacity requirements in extended evaluation KREUZ CHAR 
214 CY_IBELAS Capacity load per period due to actual capacity requirements CHAR5 CHAR 
215 CY_IDELTA Remaining avail. capacity after deducting actual cap. reqmts MENG13V QUAN 
217 CY_IEBD Actual finish: Processing (date) DATUM DATS 
218 CY_IEBZ Actual finish processing (time) ATIME TIMS 
219 CY_IEDD Actual finish: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
220 CY_IEDZ Actual finish: Execution (time) ATIME TIMS 
221 CY_IERD Actual finish: Setup (date) DATUM DATS 
222 CY_IERZ Actual finish: Setup (time) ATIME TIMS 
223 CY_IIKBED Regenerate IKBED (new primary selection) CHAR1 CHAR 
226 CY_IKSTAT Status / order header (internal) J_ISTAT CHAR 
228 CY_INDBED Index referring to pegged requirement SYST_LONG INT4 
229 CY_INDBEDG Index to table BED_GRU combination indicator TABIX INT4 
230 CY_INDCUMC Indicator: Cumulation of available caps. via indiv. caps. KREUZ CHAR 
231 CY_INDCUMR Indicator: Rqmts. cumulation via individual capacities KREUZ CHAR 
232 CY_INDEX Index in the period table INT4 INT4 
233 CY_INDEXAF Index to object order operation SYST_LONG INT4 
234 CY_INDEXAR Index for object "work center" SYST_LONG INT4 
235 CY_INDEXAU Index to object "order master data" SYST_LONG INT4 
236 CY_INDEXKA Index to object "capacity header" SYST_LONG INT4 
237 CY_INDEXKB Index to object : "capacity requirements records" SYST_LONG INT4 
238 CY_INDEXMA Index to object material master (general data) TABIX INT4 
239 CY_INDEXPE Index for object person SYST_LONG INT4 
240 CY_INDEXPJ Index to object "project definition" SYST_LONG INT4 
241 CY_INDEXPL Index to object: planned order SYST_LONG INT4 
242 CY_INDEXPR Index to object WBS element SYST_LONG INT4 
243 CY_INDIEIA Indicator: update table CHAR1 CHAR 
244 CY_INDIEIP Indicator : maintain table CHAR1 CHAR 
245 CY_INDNACH Index to dependent object SYST_LONG INT4 
246 CY_INDPEBE Index to period requirements table "PER_BED" SYST_LONG INT4 
247 CY_INDVON Index to output object SYST_LONG INT4 
249 CY_IND_OBJ Index to object SYST_LONG INT4 
252 CY_INITIAL Initial setup state CHAR03 CHAR 
253 CY_INLIVAR Regenerate list version in INTSPAL CHAR1 CHAR 
254 CY_INSOPR Insert operation KREUZ CHAR 
256 CY_IPERTAB Index to period table "PER_TAB" SYST_LONG INT4 
257 CY_ISAD Actual start: Teardown (date) DATUM DATS 
258 CY_ISAZ Actual start: Teardown (time) ATIME TIMS 
259 CY_ISBD Actual start: Processing (date) DATUM DATS 
260 CY_ISBZ Actual start: Processing (time) ATIME TIMS 
261 CY_ISDD Actual start: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
262 CY_ISDZ Actual start: Execution/setup (time) ATIME TIMS 
263 CY_ISELKBE Regenerate SEL_KBED (selection of cap.reqmts.) CHAR1 CHAR 
264 CY_ISTABRUE Actual capacity requirements for operation segment teardown KAPBED FLTP 
265 CY_ISTBEARB Actual requirements for operation segment processing KAPBED FLTP 
266 CY_ISTBEDKZ Calculation of actual capacity requirements CY_ISTBEDKZ CHAR 
267 CY_ISTRUEST Actual requirements for operation segment setup KAPBED FLTP 
268 CY_IVERKBE Regenerate VER_KBED (Distrib. of cap. reqmts.) CHAR1 CHAR 
269 CY_IVSTAT Status / order operation or network activity (internal) J_ISTAT CHAR 
270 CY_JOBNAME Name of an evaluation which takes place in the background CY_JOBNAME CHAR 
271 CY_JOBSTAT Status of an evaluation carried out in the background CY_JOBSTAT CHAR 
272 CY_JOBTXT Descriptive text for a background evaluation CY_JOBTXT CHAR 
273 CY_KABRRES Remaining capacity requirements for op. segment "tear down" KAPBED FLTP 
274 CY_KABRSOL Scheduled cap. requirements for the op. segment teardown KAPBED FLTP 
275 CY_KAKOMAX Max. number of data records that are read from Table KAKO CY_MAXLIN DEC 
276 CY_KAPARTX Short text for capacity category TEXT40 CHAR 
277 CY_KAPPROF ID of an overall profile for capacity availability check CY_PROFIL CHAR 
278 CY_KAPSUM Total of the capacity requirements CYKAP DEC 
279 CY_KAPTERM Finite scheduling in the capacity availability check CY_KAPTERM CHAR 
280 CY_KAP_ART Capacity category (PERS/CAPHEAD) CHAR1 CHAR 
281 CY_KBEARES Remaining capacity rqmts.for operation segment "Processing" KAPBED FLTP 
282 CY_KBEASOL Process target capacity requirements for operation segment KAPBED FLTP 
283 CY_KBEDMAX Max. number of data records read from Table KBED CY_MAXLIN DEC 
284 CY_KBEDMEH Unit of measure of a split MEINS UNIT 
285 CY_KBEDMG Quantity for a split MENG13 QUAN 
286 CY_KBEDRES Remaining capacity requirements scheduled for operation CY_KBED_P QUAN 
287 CY_KBEDSOL Capacity requirements scheduled for the operation/activity CY_KBED_P QUAN 
288 CY_KBERU Sel.button: Take selected rqmts. into account for basic load XFELD CHAR 
289 CY_KBSTA Status of a capacity requirements (object number) J_OBJNR CHAR 
290 CY_KDAUF Sales order number for planned order VBELN CHAR 
291 CY_KEINH Unit of of measure for displaying capacity requirements MEINS UNIT 
292 CY_KENTF Selection button: Remove selected rqmts. from basic load XFELD CHAR 
293 CY_KERMI Selection button: Determine number of requirements affected XFELD CHAR 
294 CY_KOMBI Combination within a requirements group INT2 INT2 
295 CY_KOMBIKZ Indicator "Type of combination formation" XFELD CHAR 
296 CY_KOMBINR Set combination number for variable list NUMC3 NUMC 
297 CY_KREUZ Indicator: Allocation labor-work center desired XFELD CHAR 
298 CY_KRUERES Remaining capacity rqmts. for operation segment "Setup" KAPBED FLTP 
299 CY_KRUESOL Scheduled cap. requirements for the op. segment "setup" KAPBED FLTP 
300 CY_KZEINPL Indicator: Sufficient capacity to process op. in plan.period KREUZ CHAR 
301 CY_LAGE Distribution between earliest/latest dates CY_LAGE CHAR 
302 CY_LAGETX Displayed dates of the operation or network activity CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
303 CY_LAYOUT Grouping of layout keys CY_LAYOUT CHAR 
304 CY_LAYTXT Text describing a layout CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
305 CY_LEVFINE Scheduling level detailed KREUZ CHAR 
306 CY_LEVMIDD Scheduling level rate-based KREUZ CHAR 
307 CY_LEVROUG Scheduling level: Rough-cut KREUZ CHAR 
308 CY_LIDATUB Date up to which data is displayed in the list DATUM DATS 
309 CY_LIDATUV Date from which data is to be displayed in the list DATUM DATS 
310 CY_LIEINTX Text for capacity unit CHAR20 CHAR 
311 CY_LINENUM Line numbers for period splits   NUMC 
312 CY_LINIEN Standard overview graphic: Display as lines graph KREUZ CHAR 
313 CY_LIPRO List profile CY_LIPRO CHAR 
314 CY_LIPROT Description of a list profile CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
315 CY_LIVAB Description of a version of the variable overview CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
316 CY_LIVAR List version of variable overview CY_LIVAR CHAR 
317 CY_LIVARBA Calling up ELKV to prepare background processing KREUZ CHAR 
318 CY_LIVAREX Call of the variable overview for the EXCEL interface KREUZ CHAR 
319 CY_LIVARXL Calling up of variable overview for the XXL listviewer KREUZ CHAR 
320 CY_LOW Lower limit of the interval for filtering CHAR40 CHAR 
321 CY_LVARI Version of the detailed capacity list CHAR2 CHAR 
322 CY_MARK Selection of selection fields KREUZ CHAR 
323 CY_MARKSPL Line selected with a split KREUZ CHAR 
324 CY_MATRIXTXT Definition of transition matrix CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
325 CY_MATTX Material description TEXT40 CHAR 
326 CY_MAX_ALW Indicator that data base can be read until maximum no. rec's KREUZ CHAR 
327 CY_MAX_NUM Maximum no. of records to be read CY_MAXLIN DEC 
328 CY_MGVRGRE Remaining quantity of an operation after creating split CY_MGVRGRE QUAN 
329 CY_MIXED_PERIODS Mixed period types KREUZ CHAR 
330 CY_MODMODE Calling up capacity leveling in change mode KREUZ CHAR 
331 CY_MPPPRO Profile for work force planning CY_MPPPRO CHAR 
332 CY_MPPPRT Profile for work force planning CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
334 CY_NAME1 Name of the customer for the customer order NAME CHAR 
335 CY_NEWSELECT Redefine selection XFELD CHAR 
336 CY_NOBREAK Planning in non-work periods KREUZ CHAR 
337 CY_NOINIT Indicator: Do not initialize any more KREUZ CHAR 
338 CY_NOSORT No sorting in Gantt chart KREUZ CHAR 
339 CY_NO_REQ No further requirements for operation segment possible XFELD CHAR 
340 CY_NUM_OBJ Number of records selected from data base CY_MAXLIN DEC 
341 CY_OBJECT Name of object to be read from data base CY_OBJECT CHAR 
342 CY_OBJIND Index to related object (e.g. index to capacity) SYST_LONG INT4 
343 CY_OBJSTRU Structure of a manipulated object CY_STRUKT CHAR 
344 CY_OBJ_SET Set for selection of objects SETNAME CHAR 
345 CY_OFIELD Name of a selection field in its origin structure FDNAME CHAR 
346 CY_OLDSPLI Indicator: Already existing split KREUZ CHAR 
347 CY_OUTLEN Width of planning periods   NUMC 
348 CY_OUTPUT Writing all of the interface tables in output XFELD CHAR 
349 CY_PAART Type of planned order PAART CHAR 
350 CY_PARTCON Split partially confirmed KREUZ CHAR 
351 CY_PEAVCA Display working time for personnel resource KREUZ CHAR 
352 CY_PEDTR Basic date in planned order DATUM DATS 
353 CY_PEOVLD Display total load for a personnel resource KREUZ CHAR 
354 CY_PEPRO Period profile for capacity leveling/extended evaluation CY_PEPRO CHAR 
355 CY_PEPROT Text describing a profile for period-specific display CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
356 CY_PERCENT Load on personnel resource in % PRZ32 DEC 
357 CY_PEREX Entry in KPER exists for this split KREUZ CHAR 
358 CY_PERNUMB Number of periods in a period unit   NUMC 
360 CY_PERSONS Allow selection of other personel resources for assignments KREUZ CHAR 
361 CY_PERTEXT Period description CHAR10 CHAR 
362 CY_PLADATB End of planning period DATUM DATS 
363 CY_PLADATF Start date for planning period CHAR10 CHAR 
364 CY_PLADATT Finish date for planning period CHAR10 CHAR 
365 CY_PLADATV Start of planning period DATUM DATS 
366 CY_PLAFMAX Max. number of data records that are read from Table PLAF CY_MAXLIN DEC 
367 CY_PLANORD Capacity requirements from planned orders are read KREUZ CHAR 
368 CY_PLATIMT Type of entry planning period CY_ZAPER CHAR 
369 CY_POOLKAP Indicator: Cumulated view of the rqmts of pooled capacity KREUZ CHAR 
370 CY_POOLKZ Ind: Take into account all rqmts for pool.caps affected XFELD CHAR 
371 CY_POSI Position of columns in variable overview INT4 INT4 
372 CY_POSID Work breakdown structure element (WBS element) PS_POSID CHAR 
373 CY_PRESTYP Type of presentation or data format CY_PRESTYP CHAR 
374 CY_PROFAPP Identifier for an application CY_PROFAPP NUMC 
375 CY_PROFID Neutral ID of profiles in resource planning CY_PROFID CHAR 
376 CY_PROFTXT Text describing an overall profile for capacity leveling CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
377 CY_PROFVAL Value of a profile field CHAR30 CHAR 
378 CY_PSTTR Basic start in planned order DATUM DATS 
379 CY_PS_PSP_PRO Project definition CY_PS_PSPNR NUMC 
380 CY_QUEUETI Treatment of queue time on dispatching CY_QUEUETI NUMC 
381 CY_RBEDAKT Remaining capacity requirements for period FLTP FLTP 
382 CY_RBEDAKTU Remaining capacity reqmts per period (standard overview) MENG13 QUAN 
383 CY_RBEDARF Remaining capacity requirements MENG15 QUAN 
384 CY_RBEDKZ Display remaining capacity reqmts in extended evaluation KREUZ CHAR 
385 CY_RBELAS Capacity load per period due to remaining capacity reqmts CHAR5 CHAR 
386 CY_RDATE Date of backlog dispatching CHAR10 CHAR 
387 CY_RDATETY Type of date specification CY_ZAPER CHAR 
388 CY_RDELTA Remaining avail.cap.after deducting remaining cap.reqmts MENG13V QUAN 
389 CY_REDAUNO Remaining duration after creation of splits DAUER_4_1 QUAN 
390 CY_REDLEV Reduction level of queue time REDST NUMC 
391 CY_REQVIEW Reqmts to be displayed on cap.planning table (table form) CY_REQVIEW NUMC 
392 CY_RESAMOU Quantity of load assignment KAPBED FLTP 
393 CY_RESDATB Start date for load assignment DATUM DATS 
394 CY_RESDATE Finish date for load assignment DATUM DATS 
395 CY_RES_KNZ Indicator: Resources X CHAR 
396 CY_RUECK Completion confirmation number for the operation CO_RUECK NUMC 
397 CY_RWQTOT Capacity requirements within the planning period DEC8_2 DEC 
398 CY_RWQVER Capacity rqmts. from planned order or works order in period DEC8_2 DEC 
399 CY_SAEULEN Standard overview graphic: Display as vertical bar chart KREUZ CHAR 
400 CY_SBART Requirements category (scheduled or remaining) CY_SBART CHAR 
401 CY_SBED Total capacity requirements CYKAP DEC 
402 CY_SBEDAKT Planned capacity requirements per period FLTP FLTP 
403 CY_SBEDAKTU Planned capacity requirements per period (standard overview) MENG13 QUAN 
404 CY_SBEDARF Planned capacity requirements MENG15 QUAN 
405 CY_SBEDKZ Display planned capacity requirements in extended evaluation KREUZ CHAR 
406 CY_SBEL Total capacity load CYKAP DEC 
407 CY_SBELAS Load per period due to plan.cap.reqmts CHAR5 CHAR 
408 CY_SBREI Column width CY_SBREI DEC 
409 CY_SBTEXT Description of the requirements category CHAR20 CHAR 
410 CY_SCHELEV Scheduling level CY_SCHELEV NUMC 
411 CY_SCHETIM Dispatch time used in rescheduling CY_SCHETIM TIMS 
412 CY_SCHIBIS Shift to (finish of period) NUM01 NUMC 
413 CY_SCHIVON Shift from (start of period) NUM01 NUMC 
414 CY_SDELTA Remaining avail.cap. after deducting plan.capacity reqmts MENG13V QUAN 
415 CY_SEANZ Indicator: Display set values CY_SEANZ CHAR 
416 CY_SEDATUB Finish date for data base selection DATUM DATS 
417 CY_SEDATUV Start date for data base selection DATUM DATS 
418 CY_SELOVER Indic.: The max. record no. has been reached during a SELECT KREUZ CHAR 
419 CY_SELSET Set with selection criteria for capacity planning SETNAM_INT CHAR 
420 CY_SEPRO Selection profile for capacity leveling/extended evaluation CY_SEPRO CHAR 
421 CY_SEPROT Text describing a selection profile CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
422 CY_SEQNR Seq. number order CY_SEQNR NUMC 
423 CY_SEQNRV Sequence number operation CY_SEQNR NUMC 
424 CY_SEQVAL Indicator: Change sequence number of table CHAR1 CHAR 
425 CY_SETUPAD Adjust setup time when dispatching/deallocating KREUZ CHAR 
426 CY_SHOPORD Capacity requirements of work orders are read KREUZ CHAR 
427 CY_SHOWPROT Display error log after online execution XFELD CHAR 
428 CY_SHOW_NETWORK Display network KREUZ CHAR 
429 CY_SLIDELTA Remaining available capacity within the planning period MENG13 QUAN 
430 CY_SOPORD Capacity requirements from SOP orders are read KREUZ CHAR 
431 CY_SORT Sort number for planning table sort INT4 INT4 
432 CY_SORT1 Sort accord. to sort criterion "order number" CY_SORT NUMC 
433 CY_SORT2 Sort accord. to start date CY_SORT NUMC 
434 CY_SORT3 Sort accord. to finish date CY_SORT NUMC 
435 CY_SORT4 Sort according to sort criterion "delivery date" CY_SORT NUMC 
436 CY_SORT5 Sorting acc. to sort criterion "priority" CY_SORT NUMC 
437 CY_SORTALW Sort lines after every change KREUZ CHAR 
438 CY_SORTING Description of a sort per layout and chart CY_SORTING CHAR 
439 CY_SORTNR No. used to sort production orders and planned orders CY_SORTNR CHAR 
440 CY_SORTTXT Text describing a sort CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
441 CY_SPALS Name of a logical column in the variable overview CY_SPALS CHAR 
442 CY_SPALT Number of the column CY_SPALT NUMC 
443 CY_SPALT_L Column position in the list CY_SPALT_L NUMC 
444 CY_SPLDISP Indicator: Split dispatched KREUZ CHAR 
445 CY_SPLIT Split number INT1 INT1 
446 CY_SPLITNO Number of splits SPLITTANZ DEC 
447 CY_SPLIT_CHAR Split Number (CHAR)   CHAR 
448 CY_SPLTAIC Indicator: Allocation to individual capacities possible KREUZ CHAR 
449 CY_SPLTAPE Indicator: Allocation to labor is possible KREUZ CHAR 
450 CY_SPLTAPL Application that uses split logic CY_SPLTAPL NUMC 
451 CY_SPLTDYN Number of split subscreens for view DYNNR CHAR 
452 CY_SPLTDYP Number of the pushbutton subscreen for view DYNNR CHAR 
453 CY_SPLTINI Indicator: Initial view of splits in partic. constellation KREUZ CHAR 
454 CY_SPLTVWC View for definition of splits CY_SPLTVW NUMC 
455 CY_SPLTVWN ID of next split-view CY_SPLTVW NUMC 
456 CY_SPLTVWP ID of previous split-view CY_SPLTVW NUMC 
457 CY_SPTEX Name of the column CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
458 CY_SPUEB Column heading CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
459 CY_SPZAE Counter for terms in a column definition for the var. overv. CY_SPZAE NUMC 
460 CY_SSAVD Latest scheduled start: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
461 CY_SSAVZ Latest scheduled start: Execution (time) ATIME TIMS 
462 CY_SSEDD Latest scheduled finish: Execution (date) DATUM DATS 
463 CY_SSEDZ Latest scheduled finish: Execution (time) ATIME TIMS 
464 CY_SSELD Latest scheduled finish: Wait time (date) DATUM DATS 
465 CY_SSELZ Latest scheduled finish: Wait time ATIME TIMS 
466 CY_SSSAD Latest scheduled start: Teardown (date) DATUM DATS 
467 CY_SSSAZ Latest scheduled start: Teardown (time) ATIME TIMS 
468 CY_SSSBD Latest scheduled start: Processing (date) DATUM DATS 
469 CY_SSSBZ Latest scheduled start: Processing (time) ATIME TIMS 
470 CY_SSSLD Latest scheduled start: Wait time (date) DATUM DATS 
471 CY_SSSLZ Latest scheduled start: Wait time ATIME TIMS 
472 CY_STPRO Strategy profile for capacity leveling CY_STPRO CHAR 
473 CY_STPROT Text describing a strategy profile CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
474 CY_STRAT Distribution strategy for capacity planning CY_STRAT CHAR 
475 CY_STRUKT Structure used to define grouping CY_STRUKT CHAR 
476 CY_STRUKT1 Structure of the pegged requirement (e.g.KBED) CY_STRUKT CHAR 
477 CY_STRUNA Structure of relevant (dependent) object CY_STRUKT CHAR 
478 CY_STRUVON Structure of the initial object CY_STRUKT CHAR 
479 CY_SUVERTI Std.overv.: Display as hor. or vert. bar chart or line graph CY_SUDARST CHAR 
480 CY_SWERT Value/content of a column CHAR34 CHAR 
481 CY_TBSTKZ Confirm capacity of operations with available capacity CY_TBSTKZ CHAR 
482 CY_TERMTX Scheduling indicator on legend window for cap.planng.graphic CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
483 CY_TIME Time T TIMS 
485 CY_TIMETYP Data layout type CY_TIMETYP CHAR 
486 CY_TIPRO Time profile for capacity leveling/extended evaluation CY_TIPRO CHAR 
487 CY_TIPROT Text describing a time profile CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
488 CY_TKSTAT Status / order header (text) TEXT4 CHAR 
489 CY_TPPRO Profile for planning table (tabular form) in cap. leveling CY_TPPRO CHAR 
490 CY_TPPROT Text describing a profile for the planning table (tab. form) CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
491 CY_TTARBPL Switch: Branch to work center - change or display CY_TRANSTY CHAR 
492 CY_TTFAUFT Indicator: Branch to production order - change or display CY_TRANSTY CHAR 
493 CY_TTPAUFT Indicator: Branch to planned order display or maintenance CY_TRANSTY CHAR 
494 CY_TVSTAT Status of an operation in an order (Text) TEXT4 CHAR 
495 CY_TWERTP Overall requirements value CYPP_AVAIL DEC 
496 CY_TYPKZ Type of object causing the load (order category) TYPKZ CHAR 
497 CY_UEBERKZ Indicator: Heading group X CHAR 
498 CY_UEBERL Capacity requirements greater (field overflow) XFELD CHAR 
499 CY_UFLOATA Use float after production in finite scheduling KREUZ CHAR 
500 CY_UFLOATB Use float before production in finite scheduling KREUZ CHAR