SAP ABAP Data Element - Index C, page 46
Data Element - C
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 CNV_10020_SZENARIO Scenario CNV_10020_SZENARIO CHAR 
2 CNV_10020_TABLENUMBER Table number NUM6 NUMC 
3 CNV_10020_TABLESTRUC Table structure (LOR/ROR) CNV_10020_TABLESTRUC CHAR 
4 CNV_10020_TABLETYPE Table type CNV_10020_TABLETYPE CHAR 
5 CNV_10020_TABNAME Table name AS4TAB CHAR 
6 CNV_10020_TABNAME_EXT Table name (extended) CNV_10020_TABNAME_EXT CHAR 
7 CNV_10020_TASKID Task ID CNV_10020_NUM02 NUMC 
8 CNV_10020_TECH Allow initial target determination values CNV_10020_TECH CHAR 
9 CNV_10020_TEXT4 Text of length 4 CNV_10020_TEXT4 CHAR 
10 CNV_10020_TIMESTAMP Number of times other blocks were accessed CNV_10020_ENTRIES DEC 
11 CNV_10020_TOP_LEVEL Indicator for search on top level CNV_10020_XFELD CHAR 
12 CNV_10020_TRGVAL_NOT_RELV Save irrelevant target determination values CNV_10020_TRGVAL_NOT_RELV CHAR 
13 CNV_10020_TRY Indicator for try CNV_10020_XFELD CHAR 
14 CNV_10020_TYPE_OFFLEN Type Offset/Length CNV_10020_TYPE_OFFLEN CHAR 
15 CNV_10020_TYPE_PASS Type of the passed object CNV_10020_TYPE_PASS CHAR 
16 CNV_10020_UPPER_BORDER Upper limit of a block CNV_10020_DTVALS_X CHAR 
17 CNV_10020_USER_MODE User mode CNV_10020_USER_MODE CHAR 
18 CNV_10020_VAL16 Value CNV_10020_VAL16 CHAR 
19 CNV_10020_VALID Indicator for valid CNV_10020_VALID CHAR 
20 CNV_10020_VALUE Value CNV_10020_DTVALT_X CHAR 
21 CNV_10020_VIEWMODE_DTFLD Display mode for entries to be processed (DTFLD overview) CNV_10020_VIEWMODE_DTFLD CHAR 
22 CNV_10020_VIEWMODE_RCOMP Display mode for entries to be processed (RCOMP overview) CNV_10020_VIEWMODE_RCOMP CHAR 
23 CNV_10020_VLISTNAME Value list name CNV_10020_NAME CHAR 
24 CNV_10020_WORKAREA Name of a work area CNV_10020_NAME CHAR 
25 CNV_10020_XFELD Checkbox CNV_10020_XFELD CHAR 
26 CNV_10030_CLUSTER Indicator for cluster table X CHAR 
27 CNV_10030_CONF_DETECT Conflict detection CNV_10020_XFELD CHAR 
28 CNV_10030_CONTEXT CWB Program Context CNV_10030_CONTEXT CHAR 
29 CNV_10030_DELIMIT_SELECT Indicator for delimitation during selection X CHAR 
30 CNV_10030_DETERMINATION_GROUP Group number for determination NUM3 NUMC 
31 CNV_10030_EVAL_DT_DIRECT Evaluation of direct determination CNV_10020_EVAL_STYLE CHAR 
32 CNV_10030_EVAL_STYLE Evaluation style CNV_10030_EVAL_STYLE CHAR 
33 CNV_10030_IS_MSPN Indicator for main source package CNV_10020_XFELD CHAR 
34 CNV_10030_ORGDEPENDENT Indicator for org.-dependent generation X CHAR 
35 CNV_10030_PACKID_PARENT Higher-level package CNV_PACK CHAR 
36 CNV_10030_PARAMTYPE Type of parameter CNV_10030_PARAMTYPE CHAR 
37 CNV_10030_RELATION Relationship between source package and higher-level package CNV_10030_RELATION CHAR 
38 CNV_10030_SWITCH_STATUS Activation status CNV_10030_SWITCH_STATUS CHAR 
39 CNV_10100_ABAPCLASS ABAP Class which provides methods for handling of Set SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
40 CNV_10100_FLAG_A Flag for Set Class conversion CNV_10100_FLAG_A CHAR 
41 CNV_10100_FLG_PARAM Flag: Parameter exists FLAG CHAR 
42 CNV_10100_IGNORE Set class will be ignored by conversion FLAG CHAR 
43 CNV_10100_INTERVAL Set Interval handled by application package FLAG CHAR 
44 CNV_10100_LENG Length NUMC3 NUMC 
45 CNV_10100_LENGTH Length of setname for FI Set DDLENG NUMC 
46 CNV_10100_NO_USE Flag if SUBCLASS used or not FLAG CHAR 
47 CNV_10100_OFFS Offset in subclass NUMC3 NUMC 
48 CNV_10100_SETCLASS Set class CNV_10100_SETCLASS CHAR 
49 CNV_10100_SETCON_RELATION Relation of Set conversion customizing to value or key field CNV_10100_SETCON_RELATION CHAR 
50 CNV_10100_SETDESCR SLO Description of Set Class CNV_10100_CHAR60 CHAR 
51 CNV_10100_SETID Set ID technical like FI Set SETID CNV_10100_SETID CHAR 
52 CNV_10100_SETLINE FI Set line counter CNV_10100_SETLINE NUMC 
53 CNV_10100_SETNAME Setname, Set ID like SETNAMENEW CNV_10100_SETNAME CHAR 
54 CNV_10100_SETNAME_NEW New Set Name (Set ID) CNV_10100_SETNAME CHAR 
55 CNV_10100_SETNAME_OLD Old Set Name (Set ID) CNV_10100_SETNAME CHAR 
56 CNV_10100_SETTABLE Origin Table of set values AS4TAB CHAR 
57 CNV_10100_SUBCLASS Organizational Unit as Set Subclass CNV_10100_SUBCLASS CHAR 
58 CNV_10100_SUBCLFIELD Table field of origin subclass values FDNAME CHAR 
59 CNV_10100_SUBCLTABLE Origin Table of Set SUBCLASS values AS4TAB CHAR 
60 CNV_10100_SYNTAX Set name contains special characters FLAG CHAR 
61 CNV_10100_VALUEFIELD Table field of origin set values FDNAME CHAR 
62 CNV_10210_ACTION Action for NC Mapping Customizing CNV_10210_ACTION CHAR 
63 CNV_10210_CHAR1 Dummy char1 for NC   CHAR 
64 CNV_10210_PARAM Parameter for NC Mapping Customizing DDNAME CHAR 
65 CNV_10210_PAR_V Parameter Value for NC Mapping Customizing   CHAR 
66 CNV_10210_ROOT Root for NC Mapping Customizing CNV_10210_ROOT CHAR 
67 CNV_10210_VALUE Value for NC Mapping Customizing DDNAME CHAR 
68 CNV_10310_ALIGNMENT right-al.? CNV_10310_ALIGNMENT CHAR 
69 CNV_10310_ANALYSE Determination of suggestions for intransparent fields CNV_10310_ANALYSE CHAR 
70 CNV_10310_ANALYSIS_MODE Mode for determining suggestions for intransp. fields CNV_10310_ANALYSIS_MODE CHAR 
71 CNV_10310_ANALYSIS_RULE Rule for determining suggestions for intransp. fields CNV_10310_ANALYSIS_RULE CHAR 
72 CNV_10310_COND Additional WHERE condition DDTEXT CHAR 
73 CNV_10310_DISTINGUISH Distinguishing characteristic / string CNV_10310_DISTINGUISH CHAR 
74 CNV_10310_DOMNAME Domain CNV_10310_DOMNAME CHAR 
75 CNV_10310_EMPTY_FIELD Field is empty CNV_10310_EMPTY_FIELD CHAR 
76 CNV_10310_FIELD intransparent field CNV_10310_FIELD CHAR 
77 CNV_10310_INDX Index CNV_10310_INDX NUMC 
78 CNV_10310_INTERPRET Use of the parameter CNV_10310_INTERPRET CHAR 
79 CNV_10310_IRRELEVANT Field is irrelevant CNV_10310_IRRELEVANT CHAR 
80 CNV_10310_LCHANGE Last changed by UNAME CHAR 
81 CNV_10310_LENG Length CNV_10310_LENG NUMC 
82 CNV_10310_LENG1 Length of distinguishing characteristic in intr. field CNV_10310_LENG NUMC 
83 CNV_10310_LFDNR Serial number NUM2 NUMC 
84 CNV_10310_NO_COMPARE Indicator for 'Do not execute comparison' CNV_10310_NO_COMPARE CHAR 
85 CNV_10310_NROBJ Number range object NROBJ CHAR 
86 CNV_10310_OFFS Offset in intr. fld CNV_10310_LENG NUMC 
87 CNV_10310_OFFS1 Offset of distinguishing characteristic in intr. field CNV_10310_LENG NUMC 
88 CNV_10310_OPERATOR Operator CNV_10310_OPERATOR CHAR 
89 CNV_10310_PANUM Parameter number CNV_10310_PANUM NUMC 
90 CNV_10310_PARAM Parameters CNV_10310_PARAM CHAR 
91 CNV_10310_ROLLNAME Data element CNV_10310_ROLLNAME CHAR 
92 CNV_10310_TEXT80 Text (80 characters) CNV_10310_TEXT80 CHAR 
93 CNV_10310_XFELD Checkbox CNV_10310_XFELD CHAR 
94 CNV_10400_ADZHL Internal counter for archiving objects via engin. chg. mgmt NUMC4 NUMC 
95 CNV_10400_AFTER Compare against new values CNV_10400_AFTER CHAR 
96 CNV_10400_ANZS2 Number of characters (to) CNV_10400_ANZST INT2 
97 CNV_10400_ANZST Number of characters (from) CNV_10400_ANZST INT2 
98 CNV_10400_ATEIN Single value XFELD CHAR 
99 CNV_10400_ATFEL Field name FDNAME CHAR 
100 CNV_10400_ATFOR Data type of characteristic /copy of ATFOR CNV_10400_ATFOR CHAR 
101 CNV_10400_ATINN_DE Internal characteristic CNV_10400_ATINN NUMC 
102 CNV_10400_ATINN_INIT Display option for characteristics CNV_10400_ATINN_INIT CHAR 
103 CNV_10400_ATINT Interval values allowed / copie of ATINT CNV_10400_ATXFE CHAR 
104 CNV_10400_ATKLE Case sensitive XFELD CHAR 
105 CNV_10400_ATMST Status of a characteristic / copy of ATMST CNV_10400_ATMST CHAR 
106 CNV_10400_ATNAM Characteristic name CNV_10400_ATNAM CHAR 
107 CNV_10400_ATPRF Function Module for checking values / copy of ATPRF CNV_10400_ATPRF CHAR 
108 CNV_10400_ATPRR Check program name DDREPNAME CHAR 
109 CNV_10400_ATPRT Check table UDTAB CHAR 
110 CNV_10400_ATTAB Table name UDTAB CHAR 
111 CNV_10400_ATWRT_DE Characteristic value /copy of ATWRT CNV_10400_ATWRT CHAR 
112 CNV_10400_CLINT Internal Class Number / copy of CLINT CNV_10400_CLINT NUMC 
113 CNV_10400_DEP Dependency CNV_10400_DEP CHAR 
114 CNV_10400_HIDE_CHAR Characteristic not visible in CNV_10400_SETUP CNV_10400_HIDE_CHAR CHAR 
115 CNV_10400_KNOBJ Number of Object with Assigned Dependencies / Copy CNV_10400_KNOBJ NUMC 
116 CNV_10400_KZANZ Display flag XFELD CHAR 
117 CNV_10400_LKENZ Deletion indicator XFELD CHAR 
118 CNV_10400_MAN Indicator: Changed manually CNV_10400_MAN CHAR 
119 CNV_10400_MAP Indicator: ATWRT found in mapping CNV_10400_MAP CHAR 
120 CNV_10400_MAPCHK Check ATWRTs against mapping CNV_10400_MAPCHK CHAR 
121 CNV_10400_OBJDEP Object Dependency for Characteristics CNV_10400_OBJDEP CHAR 
122 CNV_10400_OPT OPTION field for selection options CNV_10400_OPT CHAR 
123 CNV_10400_REL Relevance indicator for characteristics CNV_10400_REL CHAR 
124 CNV_10400_RMODE Start mode for CNV_10400_ANALYZE CNV_10400_RMODE CHAR 
125 CNV_10400_SIGN SIGN field for selection options CNV_10400_SIGN CHAR 
126 CNV_10400_STATE Status of characteristics for conversion CNV_10400_STATE CHAR 
127 CNV_10400_STATUS Status of characteristics for conversion CNV_10400_STATUS CHAR 
128 CNV_10400_STATUS_ICON Symbol with status information CNV_10400_ICON CHAR 
129 CNV_10400_TABLE_INIT Display option for empty tables CNV_10400_TABLE_INIT CHAR 
130 CNV_10400_TS_CHAR Trouble Shooter Flag CNV_10400_TS_CHAR CHAR 
131 CNV_10400_USE Indicator: Use table during conversion CNV_10400_USE CHAR 
132 CNV_10400_USETAB Table where Characteristic is used CNV_10400_USETAB CHAR 
133 CNV_10500_BX0064 0064-Byte RFC Data Transport Container CNV_10500_BX0064 CHAR 
134 CNV_10500_BX0256 256-Byte RFC Data Transport Container CNV_10500_BX0256 CHAR 
135 CNV_10500_BX1024 1024-Byte RFC Data Transport Container CNV_10500_BX1024 CHAR 
136 CNV_10500_BX4096 4096-Byte RFC Data Transport Container CNV_10500_BX4096 CHAR 
137 CNV_10500_BX8000 8000-Byte RFC Data Transport Container CNV_10500_BX8000 CHAR 
138 CNV_10510_BWBER FI depreciation areas CNV_10510_BWBER CHAR 
139 CNV_10510_BWSHB Valuation Difference CNV_10510_WRTV8 CURR 
140 CNV_10510_CONV Convert flag CNV_10510_CONV CHAR 
141 CNV_10510_DEP_VAL Dependent object CNV_MBT_ME_MAPPING_VALUE CHAR 
142 CNV_10510_PRIO Priority Flag FLAG CHAR 
143 CNV_10510_REVERS Reversed by Run ID NUMC2 NUMC 
144 CNV_10510_RUNID Run ID NUMC2 NUMC 
145 CNV_10510_UMBWM Revaluation methods in FI CNV_10510_UMBWM CHAR 
146 CNV_10520_CONFIG_CLASS Name of ABAP class with config information SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
147 CNV_10520_FIELDNAME Field name in DFKKSUM to be converted FDNAME CHAR 
148 CNV_10520_FIKEY Reconciliation Key for General Ledger CNV_10520_FIKEY CHAR 
149 CNV_10520_KHASH Hash Code Using Account Determination Fields CHAR10 CHAR 
150 CNV_10520_KONTL Acct assnmnt string for industry-specific account assngments CHAR50 CHAR 
151 CNV_10520_OPBEL Number of Contract Accts Rec. & Payable Doc. CNV_10520_OPBEL CHAR 
152 CNV_10520_OPUPK Item number in contract account document CNV_10520_OPUPK NUMC 
153 CNV_10520_SUMSZ Number of Summary Records for Reconciliation Key INT4 INT4 
154 CNV_10940_ACTIVITY_ID Activities CNV_10940_ACTIVITY_ID CHAR 
155 CNV_10940_AEDATE Last modified date SYDATS DATS 
156 CNV_10940_AETIME Last modified time SYTIME TIMS 
157 CNV_10940_CAND_FLAG Candidate Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
158 CNV_10940_CAND_STRING Candidate String CNV_10940_CAND_STRING CHAR 
159 CNV_10940_CLIENT RFC Client CNV_10940_CLIENT NUMC 
160 CNV_10940_CNVPACK_STATUS Status of Conversion/Deletion Package (X= active) CHAR1 CHAR 
161 CNV_10940_CONV_PACK Conversion / Deletion Package CNV_PACK CHAR 
162 CNV_10940_COUNTER Counter for reports and variants CNV_10940_COUNTER INT4 
163 CNV_10940_DATUM Date CNV_10940_DATUM DATS 
164 CNV_10940_DESC Description of search run CNV_10940_DESC CHAR 
165 CNV_10940_DISPLAY_FLAG Display Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
166 CNV_10940_DOMADTEL Domain - Data Elements CNV_10940_DOMADTEL CHAR 
167 CNV_10940_EXCLUDE Excluded inconsistent variants CNV_10940_EXCLUDE CHAR 
168 CNV_10940_FLAG Used for Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
169 CNV_10940_HAS_CHANGE Consistency check state CNV_10940_HAS_CHANGE1 CHAR 
170 CNV_10940_HAS_CHANGE1 Consistency check status for variant CNV_10940_HAS_CHANGE CHAR 
171 CNV_10940_HIGH Selection value- high RSSELVALUE CHAR 
172 CNV_10940_ICON Status ICON CHAR 
173 CNV_10940_ICON_NAME Icon Name CNV_10940_ICON_NAME CHAR 
174 CNV_10940_INCLUDE Include inconsistent variants CNV_10940_INCLUDE CHAR 
175 CNV_10940_JOB_COUNT Job Count CHAR8 CHAR 
176 CNV_10940_JOB_NAME Job name CHAR32 CHAR 
177 CNV_10940_JOB_STATE Job State CHAR2 CHAR 
178 CNV_10940_LENGTH Length CHAR8 CHAR 
179 CNV_10940_LOW selection value-low RSSELVALUE CHAR 
180 CNV_10940_NO_MAPPING No mapping flag (X = No mapping for Template Handle) FLAG CHAR 
181 CNV_10940_NUM_INDEX Number of Indexes CNV_10940_NUM_INDEX INT4 
182 CNV_10940_OPT selection option SYCHAR02 CHAR 
183 CNV_10940_OPT_FLAG Optimize Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
184 CNV_10940_PACKID Pack Id CNV_10940_PACKID CHAR 
185 CNV_10940_PROGRAMM ABAP Program Name CNV_10940_PROGRAMM CHAR 
186 CNV_10940_REFERENCE Reference CNV_10940_REFERENCE CHAR 
187 CNV_10940_REF_TYPE Reference Type CNV_10940_REF_TYPE CHAR 
188 CNV_10940_RELEV Status change from uncertain to relevant CNV_10940_RELEV CHAR 
189 CNV_10940_RUNID Search Run ID in Report Variant Analysis CNV_10940_RUNID CHAR 
190 CNV_10940_RUNS Conversion: Program phase CNV_10940_RUNS CHAR 
192 CNV_10940_SEQNUM Sequence number CNV_10940_SEQNUM INT1 
193 CNV_10940_SEVERITY Severity ICON CHAR 
194 CNV_10940_SIGN sign-include/exclude value SYCHAR01 CHAR 
195 CNV_10940_SSTATUS Single-Character Indicator CNV_10940_SSTATUS CHAR 
196 CNV_10940_STATU Conversion status CNV_10940_STATU CHAR 
197 CNV_10940_STATUS Status CNV_10940_STATUS CHAR 
198 CNV_10940_STAT_DESCR Status description CHAR50 CHAR 
200 CNV_10940_SYUNAME User Name CNV_10940_SYUNAME CHAR 
201 CNV_10940_TIMS Field of type TIMS CNV_10940_TIMS TIMS 
202 CNV_10940_TOS_FLAG Type of Search CHAR1 CHAR 
203 CNV_10940_TYPE Type CHAR2 CHAR 
204 CNV_10940_VALUE ABAP/4: Selection value (LOW or HIGH value, external format) CNV_10940_VALUE CHAR 
205 CNV_10940_VARIABLE Variable Name CNV_10940_VARIABLE CHAR 
206 CNV_10940_VARIANT Variant Name CNV_10940_VARIANT CHAR 
207 CNV_10940_VTEXT Program variant short text CNV_10940_VTEXT CHAR 
208 CNV_10992_DOMNAME Domain CNV_10992_DOMNAME CHAR 
209 CNV_10992_IRRELEVANT Field is irrelevant CNV_10992_IRRELEVANT CHAR 
210 CNV_10992_LCHANGE Last changed by UNAME CHAR 
211 CNV_10992_LEN Length in field TDNAME AS4POS NUMC 
212 CNV_10992_LENG Length CNV_10992_LENG NUMC 
213 CNV_10992_NCHK Exclude domain check and data element check CHAR1 CHAR 
214 CNV_10992_OFFS Offset in field TDNAME CNV_10992_LENG NUMC 
215 CNV_10992_POS Pos. in field TDNAME CNV_10992_POS NUMC 
216 CNV_10992_PREFIX Prefix in field TDNAME in tables STXB, STXH, STXL CHAR10 CHAR 
217 CNV_10992_PROPERTY Analysis mode for text objects CNV_10992_PROPERTY CHAR 
218 CNV_10992_ROLLNAME Data element CNV_10992_ROLLNAME CHAR 
219 CNV_10992_TEXT80 Text (80 characters) CNV_10992_TEXT80 CHAR 
220 CNV_10992_VBELN_VBUK SD document number VBELN CHAR 
221 CNV_10992_XFELD Checkbox CNV_10992_XFELD CHAR 
223 CNV_10993_ACTIVITY_PROGNAME Name of the program for the activity CNV_10993_PROGRAM CHAR 
224 CNV_10993_ACTIVITY_STATUS Status of an activity CNV_10993_ACTIVITY_STATUS CHAR 
225 CNV_10993_ACTIVITY_TEXT Short Description for the activity CNV_10993_NODE_TEXT CHAR 
226 CNV_10993_ACTIVITY_TYPE Activity Type (Executable / Non-Executable) CNV_10993_ACTIVITY_TYPE CHAR 
227 CNV_10993_ALL_CUST_DEV All Custom Developments CNV_10993_ALL_CUST_DEV CHAR 
228 CNV_10993_ALL_CUST_ENH All Customer enhancements CNV_10993_ALL_CUST_ENH CHAR 
229 CNV_10993_ALL_SAP_MOD All SAP modifications CNV_10993_ALL_SAP_MOD CHAR 
230 CNV_10993_AUTHOR Author CNV_10993_AUTHOR CHAR 
231 CNV_10993_BOOL_CLASS Bool class CNV_10993_BOOL_CLASS CHAR 
232 CNV_10993_BOOL_EXP Bool exp CNV_10993_BOOL_EXP CHAR 
233 CNV_10993_BOOL_ID Bool ID CNV_10993_BOOL_ID CHAR 
234 CNV_10993_CDATE Date of Change CNV_10993_UDATE DATS 
235 CNV_10993_CHDATE Date of Change CNV_10993_CHDATE DATS 
236 CNV_10993_CHNAME Name of Change User CNV_10993_CHNAME CHAR 
237 CNV_10993_CHTIME time of last changed CNV_10993_CHTIME TIMS 
238 CNV_10993_CLIENT Client CNV_10993_CLIENT NUMC 
239 CNV_10993_CNAME Change User CNV_10993_UNAME CHAR 
240 CNV_10993_CNVPACK_STATUS Status of Conversion/Deletion Package (X= Active) CHAR1 CHAR 
242 CNV_10993_COMMENT Comments CNV_10993_COMMENTS CHAR 
243 CNV_10993_COMMENTS Comments CNV_10993_COMMENTS CHAR 
244 CNV_10993_COMMENT_FLAG Comment Flag CNV_10993_COMMENT_FLAG CHAR 
245 CNV_10993_CONTEXT_S_FLAG Flag for context based Search CNV_10993_CONTEXT_S_FLAG CHAR 
246 CNV_10993_CONV_PACK Conversion / Deletion Package CNV_PACK CHAR 
247 CNV_10993_CORR_STATUS Correction Status CNV_10993_CORR_STATUS CHAR 
248 CNV_10993_CUSTOM_SEARCH Custom Search Flag CNV_10993_CUSTOM_SEARCH CHAR 
249 CNV_10993_DESCRIPTION Description for FORM hits CNV_10993_DESCRIPTION CHAR 
250 CNV_10993_DEVCLASS Dev. Class for Coding Scan CNV_10993_DEVCLASS CHAR 
251 CNV_10993_DOMADTEL Domain - Data Elements CNV_10993_DOMADTEL CHAR 
252 CNV_10993_EXEC_MODE Execution mode of an activity CNV_10993_EXEC_MODE CHAR 
253 CNV_10993_EXEC_TARGET Role of the system on which the activity executes CNV_10993_EXEC_TARGET CHAR 
254 CNV_10993_ICON_L4 Icon for Status View ICON CHAR 
255 CNV_10993_JOBNAME Job Name CNV_10993_JOBNAME CHAR 
256 CNV_10993_JOB_COUNT Job count CHAR8 CHAR 
257 CNV_10993_JOB_NAME Job name CHAR32 CHAR 
258 CNV_10993_JOB_STATE Job State Name CNV_10993_JOB_STATE CHAR 
259 CNV_10993_LINE_NUMBER Line number CNV_10993_LINE_NUMBER NUMC 
260 CNV_10993_MAIL_DATE Date of Last Change DATS DATS 
261 CNV_10993_MAIL_TIME Time of Last Change TIME TIMS 
262 CNV_10993_MSG_ID Message ID CNV_10993_MSG_ID CHAR 
263 CNV_10993_MSG_NO message number CNV_10993_MSG_NO CHAR 
264 CNV_10993_MSG_TEXT Message Text CNV_10993_MSG_TEXT CHAR 
265 CNV_10993_NODE_TEXT Node text CNV_10993_NODE_TEXT CHAR 
266 CNV_10993_OBJECT_COUNT Object Count CNV_10993_OBJECT_COUNT INT4 
267 CNV_10993_OBJECT_DESCR Object Description CNV_10993_OBJECT_DESCR CHAR 
268 CNV_10993_OBJECT_NAME Object Name CNV_10993_OBJECT_NAME CHAR 
269 CNV_10993_OBJECT_STATUS Status of the object CNV_10993_OBJECT_STATUS CHAR 
270 CNV_10993_OBJECT_TYPE Object type CNV_10993_OBJECT_TYPE CHAR 
272 CNV_10993_OPTION Range Option CNV_10993_OPTION CHAR 
273 CNV_10993_PACK_ID Package id CNV_10993_PACK_ID CHAR 
274 CNV_10993_PROCESSOR Processor CNV_10993_PROCESSOR CHAR 
275 CNV_10993_PROGNAME Program Name CNV_10993_PROGNAME CHAR 
276 CNV_10993_PROJECT_DESCR Project Description CNV_10993_PROJECT_DESCR CHAR 
277 CNV_10993_PROJECT_ID Project id CNV_10993_PROJECT_ID CHAR 
278 CNV_10993_RESTARTABLE Is the activity restartable ? CNV_10993_RESTARTABLE CHAR 
279 CNV_10993_RUN_STAT Status of Search run id CNV_10993_RUN_STAT CHAR 
280 CNV_10993_SEARCH_RUN_ID Search run id CNV_10993_SEARCH_RUN_ID CHAR 
281 CNV_10993_SEARCH_RUN_ID_DESCR Search Run id Description CNV_10993_SEARCH_RUN_ID_DESCR CHAR 
283 CNV_10993_SEQUENCE_NO sequence Number CNV_10993_SEQUENCE_NO INT4 
284 CNV_10993_SEQ_NO sequence number CNV_10993_SEQ_NO CHAR 
285 CNV_10993_SIGN Range Sign CNV_10993_SIGN CHAR 
286 CNV_10993_SOURCE_CODE Line of Source Code CNV_10993_SOURCE_CODE CHAR 
287 CNV_10993_STATUS Status   CHAR 
288 CNV_10993_STATUS_DESCR status description CNV_10993_COMMENTS CHAR 
289 CNV_10993_STAT_DESCR Status description for the icon CNV_10993_STAT_DESCR CHAR 
290 CNV_10993_STRING_S_FLAG Flag for string based search CNV_10993_STRING_S_FLAG CHAR 
291 CNV_10993_STR_FLAG Flag to check String Based Selection CNV_10993_STR_FLAG CHAR 
292 CNV_10993_SYUNAME User name CNV_10993_SYUNAME CHAR 
294 CNV_10993_UDATE Search Date CNV_10993_UDATE DATS 
295 CNV_10993_UNAME User Name CNV_10993_UNAME CHAR 
296 CNV_10993_UTIME Search time CNV_10993_UTIME TIMS 
298 CNV_10993_VASU_TYPE vasu type CNV_10993_VASU_TYPE CHAR 
299 CNV_10993_WORD_S_FLAG Flag for word based search CNV_10993_WORD_S_FLAG CHAR 
300 CNV_10994_ACTIVE 'Active' indicator for change document objects CHAR1 CHAR 
301 CNV_10994_DOMNAME Domain CNV_10994_DOMNAME CHAR 
302 CNV_10994_FIELD intransparent field CNV_10994_FIELD CHAR 
303 CNV_10994_IRRELEVANT Field is irrelevant CNV_10994_IRRELEVANT CHAR 
304 CNV_10994_J_OBART Object type CNV_10994_J_OBART CHAR 
305 CNV_10994_LCHANGE Last changed by UNAME CHAR 
306 CNV_10994_LEN Length in field OJBECTID and TABKEY AS4POS NUMC 
307 CNV_10994_LENG Length CNV_10994_LENG NUMC 
308 CNV_10994_LFDNR Serial number CNV_10994_LFDNR NUMC 
309 CNV_10994_NCHK Exclude domain check and data element check CHAR1 CHAR 
310 CNV_10994_OFFS Offset in intr. fld CNV_10994_LENG NUMC 
311 CNV_10994_PARAM1 Parameter 1 CNV_10994_PARAM1 CHAR 
312 CNV_10994_PARAM2 Parameter 2 CNV_10994_PARAM2 CHAR 
313 CNV_10994_PARAM3 Parameter 3 CNV_10994_PARAM3 CHAR 
314 CNV_10994_POS Pos. in field OJBECTID and TABKEY CNV_10994_POS NUMC 
315 CNV_10994_PROPERTY Analysis mode for change document objects CNV_10994_PROPERTY CHAR 
316 CNV_10994_ROLLNAME Data element CNV_10994_ROLLNAME CHAR 
317 CNV_10994_TEXT80 Text (80 characters) CNV_10994_TEXT80 CHAR 
318 CNV_10994_VBELN_VBUK SD document number VBELN CHAR 
319 CNV_10994_XFELD Checkbox CNV_10994_XFELD CHAR 
320 CNV_10996_ADDED Flag: Record was added CNV_10996_ADDED CHAR 
321 CNV_10996_DTOBJ Determination object CNV_10996_DTOBJ CHAR 
322 CNV_10996_DTOBJ_S Source determination object CNV_10996_DTOBJ CHAR 
323 CNV_10996_DTOBJ_T Target determination object CNV_10996_DTOBJ CHAR 
324 CNV_10996_DTTYPE_S Object type of source object CNV_10996_DTTYPE_S CHAR 
325 CNV_10996_DT_OBJ_S Source field/object CNV_10996_DT_OBJ_S CHAR 
326 CNV_10996_ICON ICON for status CNV_10996_ICON CHAR 
327 CNV_10996_MARK Flag: Record is selected FLAG CHAR 
328 CNV_10996_OBJCHK Flag: Object was checked FLAG CHAR 
329 CNV_10996_ORGDEP Org. dependence CNV_10996_ORGDEP CHAR 
330 CNV_10996_ORGDEPS Org. dependence CNV_10996_ORGDEPS CHAR 
331 CNV_10996_ORG_LOGIC Org. determination logic CNV_10996_ORG_LOGIC CHAR 
332 CNV_10996_ORG_LOGICS Org. determination logic CNV_10996_ORG_LOGICS CHAR 
333 CNV_10996_PATHID Determination path CNV_10996_PATHID CHAR 
334 CNV_10996_PATHTYPE Determination path type CNV_10996_PATHTYPE CHAR 
335 CNV_10996_PRIO Priority (numeric 2-digit) NUM02 NUMC 
336 CNV_10996_REL Relevance flag FLAG CHAR 
337 CNV_10996_STATUS Status of the archiving session for the conversion CHAR30 CHAR 
338 CNV_10996_STATXT Status text CHAR35 CHAR 
339 CNV_10996_STRUC Structure AS4TAB CHAR 
340 CNV_10996_ZAEHL Number of archive files NUM03 NUMC 
341 CNV_12000_3200 char 3200   CHAR 
342 CNV_12000_CONV Indicator for Mapping Values CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
343 CNV_12000_DEL_FLAG Deletion Indicator for a Row CNV_12000_DEL_FLAG CHAR 
344 CNV_12000_DEP_MAP_ID Interface ID for Mapping Engine SYSUUID_C CHAR 
345 CNV_12000_DET_LOG Detailed Log needed CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
346 CNV_12000_DICT Field in Dictionary FDNAME CHAR 
347 CNV_12000_EXIT Exit Flag CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
348 CNV_12000_FIELD Field Header for DDIC Field FDNAME CHAR 
349 CNV_12000_FIELDNAME Fieldname for Text field to be converted FDNAME CHAR 
350 CNV_12000_FIX_VALUE Fix Value for Selection in Short Text Conversion Interface CNV_12000_FIX_VALUE CHAR 
351 CNV_12000_FLAG Flag for 12000 CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
352 CNV_12000_HIER_SEL Indicator for Hierarchy Selection CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
353 CNV_12000_INF Information about Exception Scenario CNV_12000_INF CHAR 
354 CNV_12000_INFO_SEQ Information Sequence for a type CNV_12000_NUMC2 NUMC 
355 CNV_12000_INFO_TYPE Information Type for Text Conversion Interface CNV_12000_INFO_TYPE CHAR 
356 CNV_12000_LANG_DEP Language Dependency Indicator CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
357 CNV_12000_LRAW LRAW for CNV12000   LRAW 
358 CNV_12000_OBJ_STAT Actual Status (''=initial, 'C'=consistent, 'I'=inconsistent) CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
359 CNV_12000_OLD_NEW Old_New_Indicator CNV_12000_OLD_NEW CHAR 
360 CNV_12000_SEL_FIELD Selection Field in Table for Short Text Conversion Interface FDNAME CHAR 
361 CNV_12000_SEL_SEQ Selection Sequence for Short Text Conversion Interface CNV_12000_NUMC2 NUMC 
362 CNV_12000_SEL_TABLE Selection Table for Short Text Conversion Interface AS4TAB CHAR 
363 CNV_12000_SEQ_SEL Sequence in Table for selection in Text Conversion Interface CNV_12000_NUMC2 NUMC 
364 CNV_12000_SOU_SEQ Sequence of source field for Short Text Conversion Interface CNV_12000_NUMC2 NUMC 
365 CNV_12000_TEXT_TAB Text Table which has to be converted AS4TAB CHAR 
366 CNV_12000_TX_INF Interface ID for Short Text Conversion   CHAR 
367 CNV_12000_UPD_STAT Update Status of Object CNV_12000_FLAG CHAR 
368 CNV_20000_ADJUST Adjust of NRIV CHAR1 CHAR 
369 CNV_20000_FYSCN_HELP Data element for F4 help in FY scenario change CNV_20000_FYSCN_HELP CHAR 
370 CNV_20000_IBLNR Physical inventory document BELNR CHAR 
371 CNV_20000_LDGRP Ledger Group CHAR4 CHAR 
372 CNV_20000_LDGRPR Relevant Ledger Group XFELD CHAR 
373 CNV_20000_LEVELP Participation Level of company codes in FYC CNV_20000_LEVELP CHAR 
374 CNV_20000_PLEVEL Participation Level of a c.code and Ledger in FY convesion CNV_20000_PLEVEL CHAR 
375 CNV_20000_QUANT Flag for quantifying participating units CNV_20000_QUANT CHAR 
376 CNV_20000_RBLGP Document item in invoice document NUMC6 NUMC 
377 CNV_20000_RE_BELNR Document number of an invoice document BELNR CHAR 
378 CNV_20000_RLDNR Ledger RLDNR CHAR 
379 CNV_20000_RLDNRR Relevant Ledger XFELD CHAR 
380 CNV_20000_RLDNRT Ledger Name TEXT30 CHAR 
381 CNV_20000_RRLDNR Representative Ledger in Group CHAR2 CHAR 
382 CNV_20000_STATUS Status of Fiscal year Variant in Analysis ICON CHAR 
383 CNV_20000_VGART Transaction/event type CNV_20000_VGART CHAR 
384 CNV_20100_ASPRA Alternative languages CHAR10 CHAR 
385 CNV_20100_BUKRS_DEPENDENT Not all company codes of the CoA are selected FLAG CHAR 
386 CNV_20100_CONFL_STAT Status of conflict handling (of new account fields) CNV_20100_CONFL_STAT CHAR 
387 CNV_20100_CSTNO Constellation number NUMC3 NUMC 
388 CNV_20100_ENTRSUM Number of entries INT4 INT4 
389 CNV_20100_ICSPACETOX Item Category changes from '' to X BOOLE CHAR 
390 CNV_20100_ICXTOSPACE Item Category changes from X to '' BOOLE CHAR 
391 CNV_20100_ICXTOY Item Category changes from X to Y BOOLE CHAR 
392 CNV_20100_INCL_VERSN Indicator for balance sheet / P&L structure conversion X CHAR 
393 CNV_20100_IS_ACCOUNTFUNC Routine Converts an Account / Cost Element BOOLE CHAR 
394 CNV_20100_IS_KTOPLFUNC Routine Converts a Chart of Accounts BOOLE CHAR 
395 CNV_20100_IS_SETNAMEFUNC Routine Converts a Setname BOOLE CHAR 
396 CNV_20100_KKTPL Group chart of accts KTOPL CHAR 
397 CNV_20100_KLTXT_NEW New Description TEXT40 CHAR 
398 CNV_20100_KLTXT_OLD Old Description TEXT40 CHAR 
399 CNV_20100_KONTO_CHANGE Indicator: G/L accounts and cost elements are changed FLAG CHAR 
400 CNV_20100_KONTO_NOT_UNIQUE G/L accounts NOT unique across all charts-of-accounts CNV_20100_KONTO_NOT_UNIQUE CHAR 
401 CNV_20100_KSTAR_MASK Masked Cost Element CHAR10 CHAR 
402 CNV_20100_KTEXT_NEW New General Name TEXT20 CHAR 
403 CNV_20100_KTEXT_OLD Old General Name TEXT20 CHAR 
404 CNV_20100_KTOPL_011 Financial statement version uses only one chart of accounts KTOPL CHAR 
405 CNV_20100_KTOPL_CHANGE Indicator: Chart-of-Accounts name will be changed FLAG CHAR 
406 CNV_20100_KTPLT_NEW New Chart of Accounts Description TEXT50 CHAR 
407 CNV_20100_MEFXXX Fixed quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
408 CNV_20100_MEGXXX Total quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
409 CNV_20100_MUVXX Quantities incomplete XFELD CHAR 
410 CNV_20100_MUVXXX Scheduled usage with incomplete quantity XFELD CHAR 
411 CNV_20100_NVERWEND Indicator if G/L accounts do NOT need to be converted CNV_20100_NVERWEND CHAR 
412 CNV_20100_OBJECTNAME Set name (for object type SETVAL) CNV_20100_OBJECTNAME CHAR 
413 CNV_20100_OBJECTTYPE Object type (SETNAME=Set name; SETVAL=Value in sets) CNV_20100_OBJECTTYPE CHAR 
414 CNV_20100_OBJTY Object type (KNMH, KONV) CNV_20100_OBJTY CHAR 
415 CNV_20100_OBSOLETE_FLAG Obsolete field: Not used anymore FLAG CHAR 
416 CNV_20100_ORG_UNIT Company code / controlling area CNV_20100_ORG_UNIT CHAR 
417 CNV_20100_ORIGIN Identification where an entry comes from CNV_20100_ORIGIN CHAR 
418 CNV_20100_OTHERS_NEW Additional NEW accounts CHAR10 CHAR 
419 CNV_20100_OTHERS_OLD Additional OLD accounts CHAR10 CHAR 
420 CNV_20100_OVERRULE Document Splitting: Override Internal Item Categ. Derivation XFELD CHAR 
421 CNV_20100_OVSPACETOX X_OVERRULE changes from '' to X BOOLE CHAR 
422 CNV_20100_OVXTOSPACE X_OVERRULE changes from X to '' BOOLE CHAR 
423 CNV_20100_PAGXXX Total price variance in CO area currency WERTV8 CURR 
424 CNV_20100_POSTING Account has postings BOOLE CHAR 
425 CNV_20100_PROGNR Program number CNV_20100_PROGNR CHAR 
426 CNV_20100_REPORTS Conversion of reports XFELD CHAR 
427 CNV_20100_RKE_HZSTMP Time created (Greenwich Meantime) CNV_20100_RKE_TSTMP DEC 
428 CNV_20100_SAKLN Significant length of the G/L account number CNV_20100_SAKLN NUMC 
429 CNV_20100_SEVERITY Severity CNV_20100_SEVERITY CHAR 
430 CNV_20100_SPRAS Maintenance language for the chart of accounts CNV_20100_SPRAS CHAR 
431 CNV_20100_SPRAS_004 Maintenance language for the chart of accounts SPRAS LANG 
432 CNV_20100_TXT20_SKAT G/L account- or cost element short text TEXT20 CHAR 
433 CNV_20100_TXT20_SKAT_NEW G/L Account- or Cost Element: New Short Text TEXT20 CHAR 
434 CNV_20100_TXT20_SKAT_OLD G/L Account- or Cost Element: Old Short Text TEXT20 CHAR 
435 CNV_20100_TXT50 Text TEXT50 CHAR 
436 CNV_20100_TXT50_SKAT G/L account- or cost element long text TEXT50 CHAR 
437 CNV_20100_TXT50_SKAT_NEW G/L Account- or Cost Element: New Long Text TEXT50 CHAR 
438 CNV_20100_TXT50_SKAT_OLD G/L Account- or Cost Element: Old Long Text TEXT50 CHAR 
439 CNV_20100_TYPE S=G/L account/primary cost element; K=secondary cost element CNV_20100_TYPE CHAR 
440 CNV_20100_VBELN_NACH Subsequent sales and distribution document VBELN CHAR 
441 CNV_20100_VERSN_011 Financial statement version CNV_20100_VERSN_011_DOM CHAR 
442 CNV_20100_VERSN_PROCESSED Fin. Statem. Version processed? X CHAR 
443 CNV_20100_VSTXT_011T Financial statement version name TEXT50 CHAR 
444 CNV_20100_WKFXXX Fixed value in CO area currency WERTV8 CURR 
445 CNV_20100_WKGXXX Total value in CO area currency WERTV8 CURR 
446 CNV_20100_WOGXXX Total value in object currency WERTV8 CURR 
447 CNV_20100_WTGXXX Overall value in transaction currency WERTV8 CURR 
448 CNV_20100_ZINDT Key date of the last interest calculation DATUM DATS 
449 CNV_20100_ZINRT Interest calculation frequency in months CNV_20100_ZINRT NUMC 
450 CNV_20100_ZUAWA Key for sorting according to allocation numbers CNV_20100_ZUAWA CHAR 
451 CNV_20110_BUKRS Company code for which the chart of accts should be changed BUKRS CHAR 
452 CNV_20110_COANEW 'New' chart of accounts CNV_20110_COA CHAR 
453 CNV_20110_COAOLD 'Old' chart of accounts KTOPL CHAR 
454 CNV_20110_DESCR Description CNV_20110_DESCR CHAR 
455 CNV_20110_SCENARIO Scenario name CHAR1 CHAR 
456 CNV_20200_ACCGRP Securities Account Group CNV_20200_ACCGRP CHAR 
457 CNV_20200_ACCGRP_NEW Securities Account Group new CNV_20200_ACCGRP CHAR 
458 CNV_20200_ACCGRP_OLD Securities Account Group old CNV_20200_ACCGRP CHAR 
459 CNV_20200_ADD_MODE Add; otherwise replace CNV_20200_ADD_MODE CHAR 
460 CNV_20200_AFTLF Run ID for Balance Sheet Adjustment   NUMC 
461 CNV_20200_APZNR PC205 assignment CNV_20200_PRSPL RAW 
462 CNV_20200_BRANCH Business place CNV_20200_J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
463 CNV_20200_CJNR Cash journal number CNV_20200_CJNR CHAR 
464 CNV_20200_CJNR_NEW Cash journal number new CNV_20200_CJNR CHAR 
465 CNV_20200_CJNR_OLD Cash journal number old CNV_20200_CJNR CHAR 
466 CNV_20200_CJTRANS Number of Cash Journal Business Transaction CNV_20200_CJTRANS CHAR 
467 CNV_20200_CJTRANSTXT_NEW Cash Journal Business Transaction   CHAR 
468 CNV_20200_CJTRANSTXT_OLD Cash Journal Business Transaction   CHAR 
469 CNV_20200_CJTRANS_NEW Number of Cash Journal Business Transaction new CNV_20200_CJTRANS CHAR 
470 CNV_20200_CJTRANS_OLD Number of Cash Journal Business Transaction old CNV_20200_CJTRANS CHAR 
471 CNV_20200_HBKID Short key for a house bank HBKID CHAR 
472 CNV_20200_HBKID_NEW Short key for a house bank new CNV_20200_HBKID_NEW CHAR 
473 CNV_20200_HBKID_OLD Short key for a house bank old HBKID CHAR 
474 CNV_20200_HKTID House bank acct ID HKTID CHAR 
475 CNV_20200_HKTID_NEW ID for account details new CNV_20200_HKTID_NEW CHAR 
476 CNV_20200_HKTID_OLD ID for account details old HKTID CHAR 
477 CNV_20200_J_1BBRANCH_NEW Business place new CNV_20200_J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
478 CNV_20200_J_1BBRANCH_OLD Business place old CNV_20200_J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
479 CNV_20200_LEADING_ZEROES Leading zeros XFELD CHAR 
480 CNV_20200_OIUH_OR_LVL_1_NO_NEW Company Level 1 - (ORG1) new CNV_20200_OIUH_OR_LVL_1_NO CHAR 
481 CNV_20200_OIUH_OR_LVL_1_NO_OLD Company Level 1 - (ORG1) old CNV_20200_OIUH_OR_LVL_1_NO CHAR 
482 CNV_20200_POSTINGS_EXIST Postings exist indicator XFELD CHAR 
483 CNV_20200_PRIORITY_VALUE Determines the required field value that a record gets prio   CHAR 
484 CNV_20200_RLDEPO Securities account CNV_20200_RLDEPO CHAR 
485 CNV_20200_RLDEPO_NEW Securities account new CNV_20200_RLDEPO CHAR 
486 CNV_20200_RLDEPO_OLD Securities account old CNV_20200_RLDEPO CHAR 
487 CNV_20200_STCEG_NEW VAT registration number new STCEG CHAR 
488 CNV_20200_STCEG_OLD VAT registration number old STCEG CHAR 
489 CNV_20200_TPM_ACC_CODE_NEW Accounting code new CNV_20200_TPM_ACC_CODE CHAR 
490 CNV_20200_TPM_ACC_CODE_OLD Accounting code old CNV_20200_TPM_ACC_CODE CHAR 
491 CNV_20200_UMRWRT Net book value for changeover of depreciation method CNV_20200_WERT13 CURR 
492 CNV_20200_VVSMIVE Lease Out Number CNV_20200_VVSMIVE CHAR 
493 CNV_20201_ACCEPTING_DUP_KEYS Tracking: Insert-Option 'Accepting Duplicate Keys' CNV_20201_ACCEPTING_DUP_KEYS CHAR 
494 CNV_20201_FROMYEAR From fiscal year for conversion rule GJAHR NUMC 
495 CNV_20201_LEN Length NUM2 NUMC 
496 CNV_20201_NRACTIVE 'Active' indicator for no. range obj. CNV_20201_NRACTIVE CHAR 
497 CNV_20201_NRDESCR Description of number range object TEXT50 CHAR 
498 CNV_20201_NRDOM_SOBJ Domäne of subobject DOMNAME CHAR 
499 CNV_20201_NROBJ Name of number range object CNV_20201_NROBJ CHAR 
500 CNV_20201_OPERATOR Operator CNV_20201_OPERATOR CHAR