SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 3
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 ABP_SLINELONG Source Line of an ABAP Program (8-Digit) SYCHAR08 CHAR 
2 ABP_SSCR Data CB index of internal table %_SSCR SYCHAR05 CHAR 
3 ABP_TIMEST Timestamp of an ABAP/4 program SYCHAR14 CHAR 
4 ABP_TYP Budget Billing Plan Category, Internal CHAR1 CHAR 
5 ABP_VERS Version no. of a program as specified in attributes (TRDIR) SYCHAR04 CHAR 
6 ABRAB Dlv. sched. valid from DATUM DATS 
7 ABRABBKZ Direct debit procedure indicator ABRABBKZ CHAR 
8 ABRABN Consumer D-tape (filled by settlement company) TEXT15 CHAR 
9 ABRABND Consumer D-tape (filled by settlement company, diskette) TEXT21 CHAR 
10 ABRABS1 Combine Budget Billing Amount Due Date and Bill ABRABS CHAR 
11 ABRABSCH Default value for allocation structure ABSCH CHAR 
12 ABRANSCHRO Forward. addr.: Pstcde, city (pstcde 4 char., city 21 char.) TEXT25 CHAR 
13 ABRANSCHRS Forwarding address: Street (street, blank, house number) TEXT25 CHAR 
14 ABRAQZIF Identifier "settlement by equivalence number" XFELD CHAR 
15 ABRAR Employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rule ABRAR CHAR 
16 ABRART IS-H: Billing Type for Patient Accounting ABRART CHAR 
17 ABRAUSLBTR Expenses amount TEXT8 CHAR 
18 ABRBEG Settlement start (start of period or move-in date) TEXT6 CHAR 
20 ABRBETRA Identifier "Settlement by amount" XFELD CHAR 
21 ABRBETRAG Amount, free for acct settlement exchange TEXT8 CHAR 
22 ABRBETRL Expenses amount (realty) TEXT9 CHAR 
23 ABRBEZAL Expense amount ID TEXT2 CHAR 
24 ABRBEZGR Description of basic components TEXT2 CHAR 
25 ABRBG Start of accounting settlement period DATUM DATS 
26 ABRBI SA rel. valid to DATUM DATS 
27 ABRBIS Settlement period until DDAT DATS 
28 ABRBLART Document type "Accounting document (FI) for CO settlement BLART CHAR 
29 ABRBLDAT Subseq. Settlement: Document date (vendor billing doc. only) DATUM DATS 
30 ABRBSCHLHA Settlement: Credit posting key BSCHL CHAR 
31 ABRBSCHLSO Settlement: Debit posting key BSCHL CHAR 
32 ABRBUDAT Subseq. settlement: Billing/posting date, settlement docs DATUM DATS 
33 ABRBUP Posting period of settlement MONAT NUMC 
34 ABRDA Payroll Date DATUM DATS 
35 ABRDAT Date of the next call DATUM DATS 
36 ABRDATE Settlement date for rebate arrangements (Purchasing) DATUM DATS 
37 ABRDATS Scheduled Billing Date DATUM DATS 
38 ABRDATSE Scheduled billing date for period-end billing order DATUM DATS 
39 ABRDATSU Scheduled billing date for suppressed billing order DATUM DATS 
40 ABRDATS_BI Scheduled billing date DATUM DATS 
41 ABRDT Delivery Schedule Date DATUM DATS 
42 ABRDT_LAST Date of Last-Transmitted (Old) Release DATS DATS 
43 ABRDT_ORG Delivery schedule date of creation DATUM DATS 
44 ABREART Settlement type for service charges ABREART CHAR 
45 ABREC Open / To be Settled / Settled (Indicator) ABREC CHAR 
46 ABRECH Not relevant to billing KENNZX CHAR 
47 ABRECHJAHR Accounting Year of Trip GJAHR NUMC 
48 ABRECHK IS-M: Settlement Type ABRECHK CHAR 
49 ABRECHK_TEXT IS-M: Text for Settlement Type TEXT60 CHAR 
50 ABRECHNR Accounting number CHAR9 CHAR 
51 ABRECHNUNGSTAGE Billing Period in Days LFDNR4 NUMC 
52 ABREC_TXT Trip Open/To be Settled/Settled - Long Text TEXT20 CHAR 
53 ABREG Derivation rule/derivation structure ABREG CHAR 
54 ABREI Display coverage ABREI CHAR 
55 ABREL Relevant for settlement ABREL CHAR 
56 ABREN End of accounting settlement period DATUM DATS 
57 ABREPUPD "Proof of origin" - Indicator XFELD CHAR 
59 ABREX External description for agreement CHAR20 CHAR 
60 ABRFAKT Billing factor ABRFAKT DEC 
61 ABRFAKT_EQ Indicator: billing factor identical for all regs of device KENNZX CHAR 
63 ABRFREIG Reason for releasing billing ABRFREIG CHAR 
64 ABRFZ Cumulative released quantity MENGV15 QUAN 
65 ABRGEMKZ Common rooms, indicator ABRGEMKZ CHAR 
66 ABRGESP Blocked area (accountancy firm tape) TEXT10 CHAR 
67 ABRGHVJ Credit previous year TEXT8 CHAR 
68 ABRGKOST Total costs for customer D-tape (acct settlement) TEXT11 CHAR 
69 ABRGKOSTD Total costs for customer D-tape (acct settlement) diskette TEXT9 CHAR 
70 ABRGNR IS-M/AM: Contract Settlement Number ABRGNR NUMC 
71 ABRGRDHZ Heating basic share TEXT6 CHAR 
72 ABRGRDHZL Heating basic share (Total for realty) TEXT8 CHAR 
73 ABRGRDSO Other basic share TEXT6 CHAR 
74 ABRGRDSOL Other basic share (Realty total) TEXT8 CHAR 
75 ABRGRDWW Hot water basic share TEXT6 CHAR 
76 ABRGRDWWL Hot wate basic share (Realty total) TEXT8 CHAR 
77 ABRGZAHL Total customer payments D-tape TEXT8 CHAR 
78 ABRGZAHLD Total customer payments D-tape (diskette) TEXT9 CHAR 
79 ABRG_POSNR IS-M: Contract Settlement - Item Number ABRG_POSNR NUMC 
80 ABRHO Scheduling Period ANZTA NUMC 
81 ABRIST Actual cost settlement/ cost of sales ABRIST CHAR 
82 ABRKAL Settlement Calendar for Vendors WFCID CHAR 
83 ABRKARTG Identifier "settlement with original cost element" XFELD CHAR 
84 ABRKDNR Customer no. used by settlement company to manage partner NUM7 NUMC 
85 ABRKENNZ Indicator (not needed) TEXT1 CHAR 
86 ABRKN Payroll constant ABRKN CHAR 
87 ABRKOVOR Default receiver object type J_OBART_LD CHAR 
88 ABRKSTAR Settlement cost element for receiver KSTAR CHAR 
89 ABRKZ IS-H: Service Can Be Billed for ABRKZ_LS CHAR 
90 ABRKZ_FALL IS-H: Billing Indicator for Case ABRKZ_FALL CHAR 
91 ABRKZ_FK IS-H: Billing Indicator for Invoice ABRKZ_FK CHAR 
92 ABRKZ_STA IS-H: Use Billability Specified in Service Master ABRKZ_STA CHAR 
93 ABRKZ_TEXT IS-H: Billing Indicator for a Case - Decription DDTEXT CHAR 
94 ABRLEI_ZWI IS-H: Interim Billing for Svces w/o Confirmation of Coverage ISH01 CHAR 
95 ABRLF Number of a settlement run (subsequent settlement) ABRLF CHAR 
96 ABRLI Internal delivery schedule number ABRLI NUMC 
97 ABRLSORT Realty location (pstcde, city) TEXT25 CHAR 
98 ABRLSSTR Realty street (street, blank, house number) TEXT25 CHAR 
99 ABRLTAG Last day of acct settlement period (MMDDYY) D-tape TEXT6 CHAR 
100 ABRLVORBTR Last advance payment amount TEXT8 CHAR 
101 ABRMAXBR Maximum number of distribution rules NUMC3 NUMC 
103 ABRMENGE Identifier "settlement by quantity" XFELD CHAR 
104 ABRMG Maximum Release Quantity per Period MENG13 QUAN 
105 ABRMM IS-M: Quantity (mm, Pages, Seconds) SAEMM QUAN 
106 ABRMONRAT Monthly advance payment installmnent TEXT6 CHAR 
107 ABRMWSTBTD Value added tax amount D-tape TEXT9 CHAR 
108 ABRMWSTBTR Value added tax amount D-tape TEXT7 CHAR 
109 ABRMWSTKZ Display value added tax (indicator) ABRMWSTKZ CHAR 
110 ABRMWSTS Value-Added Tax Rate (Amount) in Credit Card Clearing NUM5 NUMC 
111 ABRNA Name of the person who made the call USNAM CHAR 
112 ABRNAME1 1. line: user name (name of tenant, owner....) TEXT25 CHAR 
113 ABRNAME2 2nd user name (2nd line: name of tenant, owner...) TEXT25 CHAR 
114 ABRNR Sequential settlement number INT2 INT2 
115 ABRNR_VK Invoice Number ABRNR_VK NUMC 
116 ABRNZAHL New advance payment amount D-tape TEXT5 CHAR 
117 ABRNZVJ Supplementary pmnt previous year TEXT8 CHAR 
118 ABROBJNR Object (cust. classification key for bus.entity) TEXT15 CHAR 
119 ABROE ID of Billing Organizational Unit ORGID CHAR 
120 ABROEF ID of Billing Organizational Unit ISH_ABROE CHAR 
121 ABRORDNR Accountancy firm classification key TEXT9 CHAR 
122 ABRPARA Process Release Creation in Parallel XFELD CHAR 
123 ABRPC Percentage of Absences DEC3_2 DEC 
124 ABRPE Accounting settlement period ABRPE CHAR 
125 ABRPREIS Identifier for "cost component structure" XFELD CHAR 
126 ABRPROZE Identifier for "percentage-rate settlement" XFELD CHAR 
127 ABRPSHZ Flat-rate heating TEXT8 CHAR 
128 ABRPSKW Flat-rate cold water TEXT8 CHAR 
129 ABRPSKWL Flat-rate cold water (total for realty) TEXT9 CHAR 
130 ABRPSSO Flat-rate other TEXT8 CHAR 
131 ABRPSSOL Flat-rate other (total for realty) TEXT9 CHAR 
132 ABRPSWW Flat-rate warm water TEXT8 CHAR 
133 ABRRES02 Backup D-tape 2 figures (disc) TEXT2 CHAR 
134 ABRRES1 Reserve data medium exchange M-tape (accountancy firm) TEXT1 CHAR 
135 ABRRES16 Reserve L-tape (16 characters) TEXT16 CHAR 
136 ABRRES17 Reserve 17 characters (data exchange) TEXT17 CHAR 
137 ABRRES19 Reserve L-tape (19 characters) TEXT19 CHAR 
138 ABRRES2 Reserve 2 data medium exchange M-tape (accountancy firm) TEXT39 CHAR 
139 ABRRES20 Reserve L-tape (20 characters) TEXT20 CHAR 
140 ABRRES3 Reserve D-tape 3 characters (diskette) TEXT3 CHAR 
141 ABRRES39 Reserve 39 (data medium exchange) TEXT39 CHAR 
142 ABRRES4 Reserve D-tape 4 characters (diskette) TEXT4 CHAR 
143 ABRRES45 Reserve L-tape (45 characters) TEXT45 CHAR 
144 ABRRES69 Reserve 69 characters TEXT69 CHAR 
145 ABRRES8 Reserve data medium exchange M-tape (accountancy firm) 8char TEXT8 CHAR 
146 ABRRES83 Reserve L-tape (83 characters) VVTEXT83 CHAR 
147 ABRSALDO Balance or total costs (+/-) D-tape TEXT11 CHAR 
148 ABRSALDOD Balance or total costs (+/-) D-tape (diskette) TEXT9 CHAR 
149 ABRSH Indicator: hide industry sector on initial screen XFELD CHAR 
150 ABRSORT IS-H: Sort Rules for Billing ISH_SORT CHAR 
151 ABRSP Indicator: Personnel number locked for payroll XFELD CHAR 
152 ABRSPERR Reason for blocking billing ABRSPERR CHAR 
153 ABRSPERRDT Date on which schema was blocked for billing DATUM DATS 
154 ABRST Payroll hours JRSTD DEC 
155 ABRSTAT Maintenance plan call status ABRST CHAR 
156 ABRSTTAG Key-date for new payments D-tape TEXT6 CHAR 
157 ABRST_CUM Percentage ratio of payroll hours to total value CHAR20 CHAR 
158 ABRST_PLN Percentage ratio of payroll hours to planned hours CHAR20 CHAR 
159 ABRTG Payroll days TAGE4_2 DEC 
160 ABRTG_CUM Percentage ratio of payroll days to total value CHAR20 CHAR 
161 ABRTG_PLN Percentage ratio of payroll days to planned days CHAR20 CHAR 
162 ABRTG_ZINS Settlement day for interest calculation of account balance NUMC2 NUMC 
163 ABRUD Date of the call DATUM DATS 
164 ABRUE Teardown CX_ZEIT FLTP 
165 ABRUF Forecast Delivery schedule number ABRUF NUMC 
166 ABRUFANZ Number of calls ABRUFANZ DEC 
167 ABRUFDAT Date of the last call DATUM DATS 
168 ABRUFWERT Value of value contract already released ABRUFWERT CURR 
169 ABRUF_DAT IS-M: Allocation Date of Contract Assignment DATUM DATS 
170 ABRUF_PART Check partner authorizations ABRUF_PART CHAR 
171 ABRUMLWBTR Apportionment loss risk amount D-tape TEXT6 CHAR 
172 ABRUMLWKZ Calculation of apportionment loss risk ABRUMLWKZ CHAR 
173 ABRURSCH Proposal for Source Structure URSCH CHAR 
174 ABRV PM: Maintain user setting for settlement rule ABRV CHAR 
175 ABRVAR Settlement variant ABRVAR CHAR 
176 ABRVARIA Settle Variances XFELD CHAR 
177 ABRVERRKZ Advance payment settlement by settlement company ABRVERRKZ CHAR 
178 ABRVF Payroll Procedure ABRVF CHAR 
179 ABRVON Settlement period from DDAT DATS 
180 ABRVORG Billing Transaction ABRVORG CHAR 
181 ABRVORG2 Billing Transaction that Triggered Period-End Billing ABRVORG CHAR 
182 ABRVORGU Billing Transaction for a Suppressed Billing Order ABRVORG CHAR 
183 ABRVORHZ Heating advance payment or full advance payment TEXT8 CHAR 
184 ABRVORHZD Heating advance payment or full advance payment (diskette) TEXT7 CHAR 
185 ABRVORSO Other advance payment TEXT8 CHAR 
186 ABRVORSOD Other advance payment (diskette) TEXT7 CHAR 
187 ABRVORSOL Other advance payment (total for realty) TEXT9 CHAR 
188 ABRVORWW Advance payment for warm water TEXT8 CHAR 
189 ABRVORWWD Advance payment for warm water (diskette) TEXT7 CHAR 
190 ABRVP Evaluate Payroll Result for Previous Period XFELD CHAR 
191 ABRVW Usage Indicator ABRVW CHAR 
192 ABRV_D Display dialog when maintaining settlement rule KREUZ CHAR 
193 ABRV_P Always maintain settlement rule with default KREUZ CHAR 
194 ABRV_STD Standard setting for maintaining settlement rule KREUZ CHAR 
195 ABRV_W_P Always maintain settlement rule without default KREUZ CHAR 
196 ABRWERTE Read Actual Settlement Data KKACHR1 CHAR 
197 ABRWT Value of payroll constants DEC7_2 DEC 
198 ABRWZT Residential period in settlement period (MMDDYYMMDDYY) TEXT12 CHAR 
199 ABRZET Time at Which Worklist was Last Processed UZEIT TIMS 
200 ABRZO_B_KK Upper Limit Of Billing Period (Batch Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
201 ABRZO_CA Upper Limit of the Calculation Period DATUM DATS 
202 ABRZO_KK Upper Limit of the Billing Period DATUM DATS 
203 ABRZTL Settlement period for realty (MMDDYYMMDDYY) TEXT12 CHAR 
204 ABRZU_B_KK Lower Limit of Billing Period (Batch Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
205 ABRZU_CA Lower Limit of Calculation Period DATUM DATS 
206 ABRZU_KK Lower Limit of Settlement Period DATUM DATS 
207 ABRZU_VK Invoicing Period Lower Limit DATUM DATS 
208 ABRZW Indicator: settlement to be effected as interim settlement XFELD CHAR 
209 ABR_APPL Application for Settlement Processor ABR_APPL CHAR 
210 ABR_AUFGR Order Group for Incorrect Orders During CO Settlement GRPNAME CHAR 
211 ABR_DAT IS-H: Billing Date RI_DATUM DATS 
212 ABR_EMP General settlement receiver ABR_EMP CHAR 
213 ABR_FND Results Analysis Data Was Settled KKACHR1 CHAR 
214 ABR_GJAHR Settlement Year GJAHR NUMC 
215 ABR_INTERV IS-H: Interim Billing Interval (Weeks/Days/Quarter) ISH_INTERV NUMC 
216 ABR_INTROW Purchase order: Release order line INTROW NUMC 
217 ABR_KTEXT IS-H: Short Text for Billing Type TEXT12 CHAR 
218 ABR_NR Accounting number NUM05 NUMC 
219 ABR_ORGID IS-H: Indicator whether OU is Authorized to Bill Indepndtly XFELD CHAR 
220 ABR_PACKNO Purchase order: Release order package number PACKNO NUMC 
221 ABR_PERIO Settlement Period PERBL NUMC 
222 ABR_PROTO Blocking Reason Appears in Billing Log ABR_PROTO CHAR 
223 ABR_REL IS-H:Head Office for HC Smart Card, not Relevant for Billing XFELD CHAR 
224 ABR_STATUS IS-M: Contract Settlement Status ABR_STATUS CHAR 
225 ABR_TAGE IS-H: Interim Billing After x Days as of Admission ISH_TAGE NUMC 
226 ABR_TEXT IS-H: Description of Billing Type TEXT30 CHAR 
227 ABR_TYP_OL IS-M: Settlement Category for Online Items ABR_TYP_OL CHAR 
228 ABR_UKV Settle to Cost-of-Sales Accounting KKACHR1 CHAR 
229 ABR_ZSTAT IS-M: Settlement Status of the Assignment ABR_ZSTAT CHAR 
230 ABR_ZWI IS-H: Ind. Specifying if Int. Bill. is to be Performed ISH01 CHAR 
231 ABS01 Devaluation 1 for value adjustment (pool LIFO) WERT13 CURR 
232 ABS02 Devaluation 2 for value adjustment (pool LIFO) WERT13 CURR 
233 ABS03 Devaluation 3 for value adjustment (pool LIFO) WERT13 CURR 
234 ABS3_ALL_KK All company codes CHKBOX_KK CHAR 
236 ABSAI Sales (actual) FLTP FLTP 
237 ABSAK Settlement to G/L account ABREMPKZ CHAR 
238 ABSART Processed document type BSART CHAR 
240 ABSBE Display total requirments in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
241 ABSBETRG Control of budget billing amount calculation ABSBETRG CHAR 
242 ABSBETRW Budget billing amount in transaction currency WRTV7 CURR 
243 ABSBT Credit Management: Hedged Amount WERT7 CURR 
244 ABSBT_SUM Total Secured Receivables WERTV8 CURR 
245 ABSBT_X8 Credit Management: Hedged Amount (Absolute) WERT8 CURR 
246 ABSBU Sending company code BUKRS CHAR 
247 ABSCALDAYS Calendar days CHAR20 CHAR 
248 ABSCH Indicator that plan is completed CHAR1 CHAR 
249 ABSCHLDAT Start date for budget billing payment DATS DATS 
250 ABSCHLE Date of first budget billing amount of the period DATUM DATS 
251 ABSCHLL Date of last budget billing amount of the period DATUM DATS 
252 ABSCHLPAN Adjust budget billing plan KENNZX CHAR 
253 ABSCHLT_KK Tolerance Days for Budget Billing in Account Balance Display HISTT_KK NUMC 
254 ABSCHLUS_J Year of Cutoff Period GJAHR NUMC 
255 ABSCHLUS_M Month of Cutoff Period KKANUM3 NUMC 
256 ABSCHLZEIT IS-M: Standard Validity Period for Contracts (in Months) SYNUM02 NUMC 
257 ABSCHLZEIT_CHAR IS-M: Standard Validity Period for Contracts (in Months) CHAR02 CHAR 
258 ABSCHL_BEG IS-M: Rule for Contract Start ABSCHL_BEG CHAR 
259 ABSCHL_END IS-M: Rule for Contract End ABSCHL_END CHAR 
260 ABSCHL_KNZ IS-M: Item is Assigned to Several Contracts XFELD CHAR 
261 ABSCHL_PER Cutoff Period KKANUM7 NUMC 
262 ABSCHL_PER_PLAN Cutoff Period for Planned Results Analysis KKANUM7 NUMC 
263 ABSCHL_REL IS-H: Relevant for §8 BPflV Discount (Chief/Ext. Physician) XFELD CHAR 
264 ABSCHL_TOL IS-M: Contract Tolerance Quantity for Non-Fulfillment (in %) NUMC03 NUMC 
265 ABSCHL_TOL_CHAR IS-M: Contract Tolerance Quantity for Non-Fulfillment (in %) CHAR03 CHAR 
266 ABSCH_ERN IS-M: Indicator: Automatic Contract Renewal JNFELD CHAR 
267 ABSCH_KK Component for Reconciling Check Encashment ABSCH_KK CHAR 
268 ABSDA Completion date for call object DATUM DATS 
269 ABSDAT Print date for BB requests or generation of partial bill DATUM DATS 
270 ABSDATE Factory calendar: Absolute date HFDATE DEC 
271 ABSDAT_ANF Valid print date of a budget billing plan item DATUM DATS 
272 ABSDAT_INV Selection date of a budget billing plan item DATUM DATS 
273 ABSDAY Total absence days TAGE4_2 DEC 
274 ABSDAY_CUM Percentage ratio of abs./att. days to cumulated value CHAR20 CHAR 
275 ABSDIFFKZ Differentiate budget billing amount due dates KENNZX CHAR 
276 ABSDRUCK Screen text: print/debit entry date CHAR1 CHAR 
277 ABSDT Close date DATUM DATS 
278 ABSDY Duration of absence NUM6 NUMC 
279 ABSELPERNR Number of Personnel Numbers with Attendance/Absence Hours ANZHL DEC 
280 ABSEN Print sender XFELD CHAR 
281 ABSENABRST Payroll hours CHAR20 CHAR 
282 ABSENABRTG Payroll days CHAR20 CHAR 
283 ABSENCDAYS Absence/attendance days CHAR20 CHAR 
284 ABSENCE Absence CHAR40 CHAR 
285 ABSENCEHRS Absence/attendance hours CHAR20 CHAR 
286 ABSENCEREC Number of attendance/absence records CHAR20 CHAR 
287 ABSERMIT Type of budget billing amount determination ABSERMIT CHAR 
288 ABSET SAP Selection Filter: Releases Instead of Schedule Lines ABSET CHAR 
289 ABSFAELLIG Screen text: due on CHAR1 CHAR 
290 ABSFOBE_CM Description for form of payment guarantee TEXT60 CHAR 
291 ABSFORM_CM Form of payment guarantee ABSFORM_CM CHAR 
292 ABSFZ Allowed deviation in quantity (absolute) MENG13 QUAN 
293 ABSGR Reason for Cancellation NUMC02 NUMC 
294 ABSHRS_CUM Percentage ratio of hours to cumulated value CHAR20 CHAR 
295 ABSHRS_PLN Percentage ratio of att./abs. hours to planned time CHAR20 CHAR 
296 ABSKV Attendance/Absence Category for Coll.Contract/Company Agrmnt ABSTY CHAR 
297 ABSKZ Rejection Indicator XFELD CHAR 
298 ABSLANFO Budget billing request for debtor ABSLANFOAB CHAR 
299 ABSLANFOAB Budget billing request for debtor ABSLANFO NUMC 
300 ABSLANFOBZ Budget billing request for cash payer ABSLANFO NUMC 
301 ABSLBETR Upper limit of budget billing amount for rounding VABSLBTR CURR 
302 ABSLE Number of days between billing and first budget billing amt ABSLE DEC 
303 ABSLFDNR Consecutive number of budget billing amount ABSFLDNR NUMC 
304 ABSLKZ Billing Line Item for Budget Billing Amount Determination KENNZX CHAR 
305 ABSLL Interval between last budget billing amount and billing ABSLL DEC 
306 ABSLM Number of Months Between Invoicing and First BB Amount ABSLM NUMC 
307 ABSLT Assign Receipt in Absolute Amounts XFELD CHAR 
308 ABSL_KZ Display budget billing dates KENNZX CHAR 
309 ABSMNANP Do not adjust budget billing amount automatically AS4FLAG CHAR 
310 ABSN7_EB Sender name TEXT7 CHAR 
311 ABSNAME IS-H Name of the Organizational Unit Making a Request TEXT30 CHAR 
312 ABSND_EB Sending bank (electronic bank statement) CHAR50 CHAR 
313 ABSNM User ID of the person who closed the cost estimate USNAM CHAR 
314 ABSNM_EB Sender name CHAR18 CHAR 
315 ABSNT BAT section/subsection CHAR6 CHAR 
316 ABSNT2 CAFPS Section/Sub-Section (to) CHAR6 CHAR 
317 ABSNUMMER Screen text: number CHAR1 CHAR 
318 ABSONST IS-H: Other setup beds of an org. unit BETTANZ NUMC 
319 ABSOR City of the Sending Company Code TEXT25 CHAR 
320 ABSORGEH IS-HCM Sending org. unit ORGID CHAR 
321 ABSP Left limit of field section CHAR3 CHAR 
322 ABSPERDAT Block date of budget billing payment DATS DATS 
323 ABSPL Indicator: Scope of list of condition data for arrangement XFELD CHAR 
324 ABSPLN Indicator: Scope of List Output (Subsequent Settlement) XFELD CHAR 
325 ABSPS Absolute Position for Class. Horizontal Table of Chars CLH1 INT2 
326 ABSPW Currency of rebate arrangement WAERS CUKY 
327 ABSPWN Currency of arrangement in case of conversion (Euro) WAERS CUKY 
328 ABSPW_ABR Rebate arangement currency WAERS CUKY 
329 ABSPZ Scope of verification level of rebate agreement ABSPZ CHAR 
330 ABSRATE_KK Installment Interval ABSRATE_KK NUMC 
331 ABSREC_CUM Percentage ratio of number of records to cumulated value CHAR20 CHAR 
332 ABSSCBE_CM Description of payment guarantee procedure TEXT60 CHAR 
333 ABSSCHE_CM Payment Guarantee Procedure ABSSCHE_CM CHAR 
334 ABSSTEU Budget billing control ABSSTEU CHAR 
335 ABSSTEUB Indicator: Amount-Based Budget Billing Calculation KENNZX CHAR 
336 ABSSTEUTT Indicator: budget billing control from rate category KENNZX CHAR 
337 ABSSTEUV Indicator: consumption-based budget billing calculation KENNZX CHAR 
338 ABSSTOPANFO Final request date for BB requests for move-in/out DATUM DATS 
339 ABSSTOPDAT Stop date for budget bill. requests in the case of move-out DATUM DATS 
340 ABSSTOPKAR Final Budget Billing Interval ANZAHL3 NUMC 
341 ABSSTOPKZ Stop budget billing plan KENNZX CHAR 
343 ABSTA Release status (current release, old release) ABSTA CHAR 
344 ABSTAG Sch. print date of BB request or generation of partial bill ABSTAG NUMC 
346 ABSTANDKZ Distance to Easter CHAR1 CHAR 
347 ABSTA_BEZ Rejection status description TEXT20 CHAR 
348 ABSTA_VB Rejection status for SD item STATV CHAR 
349 ABSTB_KK Calculation type for taxes during write-off ABSTB_KK CHAR 
350 ABSTD Absence hours JRSTD DEC 
351 ABSTD_SUM Total absence hours JRSTD DEC 
352 ABSTERM Interval between business event dates CHAR12 CHAR 
353 ABSTEXT Text: period text CHAR1 CHAR 
354 ABSTIMM_KK Reconcilation accounts in Contract A/R & A/P (incl.VAT) SAKNR CHAR 
355 ABSTK Overall rejection status of all sales document items STATV CHAR 
356 ABSTO Indicator: Reversal of Deregistrations on Data Medium XFELD CHAR 
357 ABSTOP Indicator: maintenance plan locked against calls XFELD CHAR 
358 ABSTOPDAT Stop date of budget billing payment DATS DATS 
359 ABSTP Absence/attendance category ABSTP CHAR 
360 ABSTT Status of transf./settlmt. of line item in cap.inv. measure ABSTT CHAR 
361 ABSTX Name of the Sending Company Code TEXT25 CHAR 
362 ABSTXT Text for attendance/absence categories TEXT30 CHAR 
363 ABSTY Attendance/absence type ABSTY CHAR 
364 ABSTYP_CM Payment guarantee category ABSTYP_CM CHAR 
366 ABSUB Generic key for subtype table CHAR15 CHAR 
367 ABSUMME IS-H: Total of all Setup Beds in Organizational Unit BETTANZ NUMC 
368 ABSUN Time unit ABSUN CHAR 
369 ABSUZ Display total production in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
370 ABSVERKZ Items from Budget Billing Clearing XFELD CHAR 
371 ABSVER_BBP List of Budget Billing Procedures to Be Used DDTEXT CHAR 
372 ABSVZ Absence Indicator for Supplementary Pension ABSVZ CHAR 
373 ABSWH_KK Interval Between Repetitions In Months Or Days ABSWH_KK NUMC 
374 ABSZS Indicator for Additional Period XFELD CHAR 
375 ABSZU Display other receipts CHAR1 CHAR 
376 ABSZYK Budget billing cycle ABSZYK NUMC 
377 ABSZYKTER Allowable budget billing cycles ABSZYKTER CHAR 
378 ABSZYKTSL Actual budget billing cycle ABSZYK NUMC 
379 ABSZYKV Overrriding BB cycle on contract level ABSZYKV CHAR 
380 ABSZYKZT Budget Billing Cycle (in Months) ABSZYK NUMC 
381 ABSZYK_TEXT Budget billing cycle CHAR20 CHAR 
383 ABS_ATT_DAYS Attendance/Absence Days HRDAYS DEC 
384 ABS_ATT_HOURS Absence/Attendance hours JRSTD DEC 
385 ABS_ATT_TYPE Attendance or absence type ABS_ATT_TYPE CHAR 
386 ABS_BEDNR IS-M/AM: Key for a Requirement in the Contract ABS_BEDNR CHAR 
387 ABS_BEDNR1 IS-M: Contract Requirement That Implies Another ABS_BEDNR CHAR 
388 ABS_BEDNR2 IS-M: Contract Requirement that is Implied by Others ABS_BEDNR CHAR 
389 ABS_BEDNR_TEXT IS-M/AM: Text for Requirement Key in Contract TEXT50 CHAR 
390 ABS_CONST Adjust Promotion Sales Price, Retain Absolute Variance FLAG CHAR 
391 ABS_ERF_AE IS-M/AM: Degree of discount fulfillment from orders accepted DECV3_2 DEC 
392 ABS_ERF_FK IS-M/AM: Degree of Discount Fulfillment from Billed Orders DECV3_2 DEC 
393 ABS_FLAG Flag for absolute threshold value (X = allowed) XFELD CHAR 
394 ABS_FVTNR IS-M: Number of Follow-On Contract ABS_VTNR NUMC 
395 ABS_GP IS-M: Business Partner Number BP in Contract GPNR CHAR 
396 ABS_KOLI IS-M: Contract Condition List PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
397 ABS_LVEWE IS-M/AM: List Tool Application (for Display Variants) ABS_LVEWE CHAR 
398 ABS_MARGIN_OK Absolute minimum margin was reached   CHAR 
399 ABS_MENGE1 IS-M/AM: Agreed Quantity to be Sold ABS_MENGE QUAN 
400 ABS_MENGE2 IS-M/AM: Agreed Quantity to be Sold ABS_MENGE QUAN 
401 ABS_MULHR Multiplier for Absence Hours   DEC 
402 ABS_NACHB IS-M: Post-Editing Reason NATXT CHAR 
403 ABS_POSNR IS-M: Contract, Item Number ABS_POSNR NUMC 
404 ABS_PROZ IS-M: Limit in Percent of Contract-Relevant Involvement PROZBEZ DEC 
405 ABS_REQ_POSS_TIL ESS Leave Request: Earliest Date for Request DATUM DATS 
406 ABS_STZART IS-M: Record Types for Data Transfer from Contract ABS_STZART CHAR 
407 ABS_TEXT IS-M: Freely Definable Text FREITEXT CHAR 
408 ABS_TYP IS-M/AM: Contract Category ABS_TYP CHAR 
409 ABS_VBSTAT IS-M: Assignment Not Updated in Contract Standing ABS_VBSTAT CHAR 
410 ABS_VTNR IS-M: Contract Number ABS_VTNR NUMC 
411 ABS_VTNRTX IS-M: Contract Number (Text) TEXT50 CHAR 
412 ABS_VVTNR IS-M: Predecessor to Current Contract ABS_VTNR NUMC 
413 ABS_ZUST IS-M: Person Responsible XUBNAME CHAR 
414 ABTAR IS-H: Identification Key of Service Catalog (Billing) ISH_ABTAR CHAR 
415 ABTEI Department ABTEI CHAR 
416 ABTEIL Department ABTEI CHAR 
417 ABTEILUNG Organizational Area CHAR10 CHAR 
418 ABTEI_PA Contact person's department at customer ABTEI CHAR 
419 ABTEL Department Indicator CHAR1_X CHAR 
420 ABTEXT Text for menu bar SF_C20 CHAR 
421 ABTIM Indicator for valuation ABTIM CHAR 
422 ABTKZ Addressee Area ABTKZ CHAR 
423 ABTL_ACTION_BOOLEAN Yes/No for action in response to ITF Conversion Rule   CHAR 
424 ABTL_END_FORMAT Target end-format for ITF Conversion Rules ABTL_TEXT120 CHAR 
425 ABTL_FMT_ACTION A formatting action in response to an ITF conversion rule ABTL_TEXT256 CHAR 
426 ABTL_ITF_FORMAT ITF Character Format for ITF Conversion Rules   CHAR 
427 ABTL_LIST_FMT_TYPE Type of list in an ITF conversion rule - bullet, numbered... ABTL_LIST_FORMAT_TYPE NUMC 
428 ABTL_NXT_HFORMAT An target format in the key to an ITF conversion rule ABTL_TEXT10 CHAR 
429 ABTL_PRV_HFORMAT A target format in the key to an ITF conversion rule ABTL_TEXT10 CHAR 
430 ABTL_RULES Key for sets of ITF conversion rules for ABAP Tools Docu   CHAR 
431 ABTL_TABLE_FLAG Indicator for active table when set - ITF Conversion Rules   CHAR 
432 ABTL_TABLE_LIST List level in a table for ITF to HTML Conversion Rules ABTL_LIST_FORMAT_TYPE NUMC 
433 ABTL_TGT_FORMAT Target character start-format for ITF conversion rules ABTL_TEXT120 CHAR 
434 ABTNR Department number ABTNR CHAR 
435 ABTNR_CL Department Number ABTNR_CL CHAR 
436 ABTNR_DESC Department Number (CVI) ABTNR CHAR 
437 ABTNR_PA Contact person department ABTNR CHAR 
438 ABTPO_F150 Number of the first table entry displayed PACK3 DEC 
439 ABTRG Adjustment Amount for Transfer of Repayment Amounts PRBETRG CURR 
440 ABTTX Description for a group of assortment list groups TEXT20 CHAR 
441 ABTXKZ Texts maintained in the agreement XFELD CHAR 
442 ABTXT Short text for EE subgroup grouping for personnel calc.rules ABTXT CHAR 
443 ABTXT_KK Name of Write-Off Reason TXT50 CHAR 
444 ABTXT_VK Invoicing Type Text CHAR30 CHAR 
445 ABTYP Employee subgroup grouping for primary wage tpyes CHAR1 CHAR 
446 ABTYPE ABAP data type (nametab interface coded) NTABSHORT RAW 
447 ABTYPT_PS Revenue Type CHAR30 CHAR 
448 ABTYP_KK Type of Interval (e.g. Month) ABTYP_KK CHAR 
449 ABTYP_PS Revenue Type ABTYP_PS CHAR 
450 ABTYP_VK Origin Area of a Payment Form ABTYP_VK CHAR 
451 ABTYV Employee subgroup grouping for standard wage maintenance ABTYZ CHAR 
452 ABTYZ EE subgroup grouping-primary wage types & wage maintenance ABTYZ CHAR 
453 ABTZK Permissibility of EE subgroup grouping for primary wage type PAD_ABTYP CHAR 
454 ABT_ARZT IS-H: EA Abteilungsbezeichnung oder Arztname TEXT50 CHAR 
455 ABT_LIEF Department of contact person at vendor ABTEI CHAR 
456 ABUEB Release Creation Profile ABUEB CHAR 
457 ABUEZ Display the user exit row in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
458 ABUKR Company Code which will be Cleared Against BUKRS CHAR 
459 ABUKR_KK Company Code which will be Cleared Against BUKRS CHAR 
460 ABUNT Absence Less Than 1 Day P034_ABUNT CHAR 
461 ABVAR Differing variant CHAR1 CHAR 
462 ABVER Display availability CHAR1 CHAR 
463 ABVERTRAG IS-H: Setup Contractual Beds in Organizational Unit BETTANZ NUMC 
464 ABVOR Prepopulate Standard Release Order Quantity in Contract ABVOR CHAR 
465 ABVORZ +/- Sgn of real dep. area in screen layout rule of der. area VORZEI CHAR 
466 ABVPB Display planned independent reqmts in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
467 ABVST Notification status (DC) ASTAB CHAR 
468 ABVTX_KK Text for Outgoing Bank Details TEXT140 CHAR 
469 ABVTY_EXT_KK Bank ID in External System for Outgoing Payments CHAR20 CHAR 
470 ABVTY_KK Bank Details ID for Outgoing Payments CHAR4 CHAR 
471 ABWADR IS-M: Multiple Usage of Partner Role in Order ABWADR CHAR 
472 ABWAE Settlement currency for bank transfers WAERS CUKY 
473 ABWAR Absence type TEXT25 CHAR 
474 ABWART_HR IS-M: Absence Type (HR) AWART CHAR 
475 ABWAS Scrap Variance MENG15 QUAN 
476 ABWASL Diff. transaction type BWASL CHAR 
477 ABWBD_KK Alternative Posting Date for Clarification Posting DATUM DATS 
478 ABWBETRAG IS-M: Bank Return Amount WERTV7 CURR 
479 ABWBEZR_RH Alternative Delivery Round for Total Market Coverage BEZRUNDE CHAR 
480 ABWBEZR_VT Delivery Round for Ad Insert Distribution BEZRUNDE CHAR 
481 ABWBK Alternative Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
482 ABWBL_CA Number of Summarizing Object ABWBL_CA CHAR 
483 ABWBL_KK Number of the substitute FI-CA document ABWBL_KK CHAR 
484 ABWBP_KK Alternative Business Partner BU_PARTNER CHAR 
485 ABWBTR Request amount: Transaction currency BTRA_BETRG CURR 
486 ABWBUDAT_KK FI Transfer: Alternative Posting Date for Summary Records DATUM DATS 
487 ABWBU_AV Alternative Company Code (Payment Advice Management) BUKRS CHAR 
488 ABWBW Absence valuation VBL VBLAK CHAR 
489 ABWCHKZ Indicator for charging of variances ABWCHKZ CHAR 
490 ABWCH_DF05 Deviation between Desired Amount and Amount Found WRTV7 CURR 
491 ABWD1 End of processing 1 (run payroll for up to) DATUM DATS 
492 ABWD2 End of processing (do not run payroll for after) DATUM DATS 
494 ABWDT Validity period of cond.records can differ from agreement XFELD CHAR 
495 ABWEI Percentage Variance: Inventory Count Result/Book Quantity NUM3 NUMC 
496 ABWEIC Deviation (calculated) FLTP FLTP 
497 ABWEICH Permissible deviation (in months) for gas data control ABWEICH NUMC 
498 ABWEICHUNG Exception to shift times TEXT7 CHAR 
499 ABWEICHUNG_TR Variance in transaction currency WERT8 CURR 
500 ABWEICH_FK Variance in FM area currency WERT8 CURR