SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 23
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 AM_AOCSP Memory occupied by database tables and indices DEC15 DEC 
2 AM_APROF Settlement profile for assets under construction APROF CHAR 
3 AM_ARCHDEL Create archive with database changes XFELD CHAR 
4 AM_ASIGN Include / Exclude Option for DB Object Analysis INEXCL CHAR 
5 AM_AUFNR Investment Order AUFNR CHAR 
6 AM_AUGLN Current number of the clearing asset line item LNRAN NUMC 
7 AM_AVGIN Average memory of all indices per table record DEC15 DEC 
8 AM_AVGLN Average length of a table record DEC15 DEC 
9 AM_AZUJHR Valid from vintage year GJAHR NUMC 
10 AM_BBZDAT Value date valid to DATUM DATS 
11 AM_BEARB Processing ind. for dep. areas RT093 CHAR01 CHAR 
12 AM_BELET Number of document fields DEC15 DEC 
13 AM_BELKP Number of document headers DEC15 DEC 
14 AM_BELNR Document number of an asset accounting document BELNR CHAR 
15 AM_BELPO Number of line items DEC15 DEC 
16 AM_BERHZ AM: Add area for revaluation for manual revaluation XFELD CHAR 
17 AM_BGJAHR Valid to fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
18 AM_BUBTR Amount posted ANLKWERT CURR 
19 AM_BUFEX Number of buffer accesses per cursor execution DEC9_2S DEC 
20 AM_BUFFG Number of database buffer accesses DEC15 DEC 
21 AM_BZUJHR Valid to vintage year GJAHR NUMC 
22 AM_CAUSE Reason for status in screen layout of asset master record AM_CAUSE CHAR 
23 AM_CHECC Perform check AM_CHECC CHAR 
24 AM_CHECK CHECK Flag: Statistics Check AM_CHECK CHAR 
26 AM_COPUNR Indic: Copy field group from main no. to subnumber XFELD CHAR 
28 AM_CURSR Number of open database cursors   INT4 
29 AM_CURST SQL command type CHAR6 CHAR 
30 AM_DATE Analysis date (yyyymmddhhmm) CHAR12 CHAR 
31 AM_DATKF Database table (w/o index) compression factor DEC5_2 DEC 
32 AM_DBOBJ Name of Database Object AM_DBOBJ CHAR 
33 AM_DBOWN Owner of the Database Object CHAR30 CHAR 
34 AM_DEPR_RUN_TYPE Type of Depreciation Run AM_DEPR_RUN_TYPE CHAR 
35 AM_DIRPO Direct posting to General Ledger XFELD CHAR 
36 AM_DISKR Number of database blocks read from the hard disk DEC15 DEC 
37 AM_DOTYP Type of Database Object AM_DOTYP CHAR 
38 AM_DRUCK Indicator: Field should be printed in reporting XFELD CHAR 
39 AM_DSKEX Number of disk accesses per cursor execution DEC7_2S DEC 
40 AM_DURAT Estimated runtime of table analysis SYTIME TIMS 
41 AM_EINET Number of line item fields DEC15 DEC 
42 AM_EINKP Number of line item records (= line item headers) DEC15 DEC 
43 AM_EINPO Number of line item positions DEC15 DEC 
44 AM_EIS_ACQ Acquisitions and post-capitalization ANLKWERT CURR 
45 AM_EIS_REI Replacement investment value ANLKWERT CURR 
46 AM_EIS_RET Retirements for current year ANLKWERT CURR 
48 AM_ERGHB FI-AA: Balance sheet item (credit) ERGSL CHAR 
49 AM_ERGSO AA: Balance sheet item (debit) ERGSL CHAR 
50 AM_EXECT Number of database cursor executions DEC15 DEC 
51 AM_FILL_04 This field is currently not used FILL04 CHAR 
53 AM_FORM Form name for barcodes TDFORMNEW CHAR 
54 AM_F_NEW New contents CHAR20 CHAR 
55 AM_F_OLD Old contents CHAR20 CHAR 
56 AM_GAINTYPE Type of Gain/Loss from Asset Retirements AM_GAINTYPE NUMC 
57 AM_GROUP_C Characteristic value for number of master records CHAR20 CHAR 
58 AM_GTNI_XNEVER Do not display this dialog in future XFELD CHAR 
60 AM_INCOMPLETE Detailed description of incompleteness CHAR8 CHAR 
61 AM_INFID Indicator for including field in quick entry XFELD CHAR 
62 AM_INVALT Flag: old inv. area exists 'X' - yes '' - no CHAR01 CHAR 
63 AM_INVNEU Proc. Ind. inv.suppt. area RT093 - 'I'-insert 'D'-delete CHAR01 CHAR 
64 AM_IOCSP Memory occupied by database indices DEC15 DEC 
65 AM_IPSNR WBS element - maintenance project PS_POSNR NUMC 
66 AM_IVPRZ Investment Portion as Percent DEC03 DEC 
67 AM_IWAERS Currency of identical area - Structure RT093 WAERS CUKY 
68 AM_JHRGR Year threshold NUMC1 NUMC 
69 AM_KFZKZ License plate no. of vehichle AM_KFZKZ CHAR 
70 AM_KZHABEN Indicator: Credit transaction XFELD CHAR 
71 AM_KZSOLL Indicator: Debit transaction XFELD CHAR 
72 AM_LAND1 Asset's country of origin LAND1 CHAR 
73 AM_LDEBIT Liability from lease contract for one year ANLKWERT CURR 
74 AM_LIFNR Account number of vendor (other key word) LIFNR CHAR 
76 AM_LIST Re-create the posting log XFELD CHAR 
77 AM_LJAHRK Annual costs of a leasing contract for selection ANLKWERT CURR 
78 AM_LRVDAT Date of last revaluation DATUM DATS 
79 AM_LTXID Long text identification CHAR4 CHAR 
80 AM_MAINTL Maintenance level in screen layout of asset master records AM_MAINTL CHAR 
81 AM_MAPPE Indicator for creating a posting session XFELD CHAR 
82 AM_MARK Select document line XFELD CHAR 
83 AM_MARK1 Time interval selection field XFELD CHAR 
84 AM_MENGE Quantity MENG13V QUAN 
85 AM_MONAT Calendar month AM_MONAT NUMC 
86 AM_NCHAI Number of lines with block pointering DEC15 DEC 
87 AM_NHISLIS Number of entries in the history list NUMC2 NUMC 
89 AM_NOCHECK No check of the report date wanted XFLAG CHAR 
90 AM_NOOPS No. of database accesses INT4 INT4 
91 AM_NOROW Number of data records accessed INT4 INT4 
92 AM_NUROW Number of lines/records in a table DEC15 DEC 
93 AM_OBJEC Object in the application monitor UDCLUID CHAR 
94 AM_OPTIO Sample Size for Collection of Statistics CHAR5 CHAR 
95 AM_PLAND Customer Flag: Customer Setting AM_PLAND CHAR 
96 AM_POSID WBS element investment project PS_POSID CHAR 
97 AM_POSID2 WBS Element (Costs for Depreciation) PS_POSID CHAR 
98 AM_POSNR WBS element investment project PS_POSNR NUMC 
99 AM_PPERC Percentage AM_PPERC DEC 
100 AM_PROKP Average number of positions per header AM_PROKP DEC 
101 AM_PROPO Fields per position AM_PROKP DEC 
102 AM_PSPID Project definition PS_PSPID CHAR 
103 AM_PSPID2 Project Definition for Depreciation PS_PSPID CHAR 
104 AM_RDEBIT Liability from lease contract acc. to period under review ANLKWERT CURR 
106 AM_RFC_GRP RFC server group for parallel processing RZLLI_ACN CHAR 
107 AM_RMVCT Consolidation transaction type RMVCT CHAR 
108 AM_RULES Type of the domain with the same name AM_RULES CHAR 
109 AM_SBTYP Substitution type in Asset Accounting CHAR2 CHAR 
110 AM_SELSET Name of selection version of a report SELSET CHAR 
111 AM_SERNR Serial number GERNR CHAR 
112 AM_SIGNI Significance for Collection of Statistics AM_SIGNI INT1 
113 AM_SIGNI2 Copy of AM_SIGNI as INT2 to be DB2 SMALLINT-conform AM_SIGNI2 INT2 
114 AM_SQLOP SQL operation in trace (application monitor) AM_SQLOP CHAR 
115 AM_STATBAUFBAU Status of a field in screen layout rule (screen selection) AM_STATBAUFBAU CHAR 
116 AM_STBLG Document number of reversal doc. or reversed doc. BELNR CHAR 
117 AM_STMET Number of master data fields DEC15 DEC 
118 AM_STMKP Number of records wirh master data (= master data headers) DEC15 DEC 
119 AM_STMPO Number of master data positions DEC15 DEC 
120 AM_SUMET Number of summary record fields DEC15 DEC 
121 AM_SUMKP Number of summary records (= summary record headers) DEC15 DEC 
122 AM_SUMPO Number of summary record positions DEC15 DEC 
124 AM_SYKAT System category AM_SYKAT CHAR 
125 AM_SYSIZ System size AM_SYSIZ CHAR 
126 AM_TABNAM Table Name   CHAR 
127 AM_TAG Calendar day AM_TAG NUMC 
129 AM_TASKID Task of the work list HROBJEC_14 CHAR 
130 AM_TDDAT Date on Which the ToDo Flag Was Set SYDATS DATS 
131 AM_TDEBIT Total liablility from lease contract ANLKWERT CURR 
132 AM_TDNAM Name of standard long text in Asset Accounting CHAR32 CHAR 
133 AM_TDNAM01 Asset Accounting: Template for gen. long text CHAR32 CHAR 
134 AM_TDNAM02 Asset Accounting: Long text template net worth valuation CHAR32 CHAR 
135 AM_TDNAM03 Asset Accounting: Long text template technical view CHAR32 CHAR 
136 AM_TDNAM04 Asset Accounting: Long text template cost-acc. view CHAR32 CHAR 
137 AM_TDNAM05 Asset Accounting: Long text template for supplier data CHAR32 CHAR 
138 AM_TDNAM06 Asset Accounting: Long text template for insurance CHAR32 CHAR 
139 AM_TDNAM07 Asset Accounting: Long text template for leasing CHAR32 CHAR 
140 AM_TFILL AM: Number of entries in a displayed table AM_TFILL NUMC 
141 AM_TNAME Table name (extended version for application monitor) CHAR30 CHAR 
142 AM_TOBDO TODO Flag: Create New Statistics AM_TOBDO CHAR 
143 AM_TOCSP Memory occupied by database tables DEC15 DEC 
144 AM_TSTASK Standard task XFELD CHAR 
145 AM_TXTART Type of long text AM_TXTART CHAR 
146 AM_T_TASK Own task XFELD CHAR 
147 AM_UFLAG Flag, if analysis results are to be written in AMDS XFELD CHAR 
148 AM_UMWKZ Reason for environmental investment AM_UMWKZ CHAR 
149 AM_VERKZ Indicator: Distribution type for sales revenue AM_VERKZ CHAR 
150 AM_VIEW View name CHAR12 CHAR 
151 AM_VWTYP Type of Usage of Table Entry AM_VWTYPE CHAR 
152 AM_WRTTP Asset-value type AM_WRTTP CHAR 
153 AM_XABGAT1 Mass retirement without revenue XFELD CHAR 
154 AM_XABGAT2 Mass retirement without revenue and with release XFELD CHAR 
155 AM_XAENDT1 Mass change XFELD CHAR 
156 AM_XAENDT2 Mass change with release XFELD CHAR 
157 AM_XAFABE Dep. area to be posted for RT093 from T093D AFABE NUMC 
158 AM_XAHK Indicator for transfer without value adjustments XFELD CHAR 
159 AM_XDEL Indicator: Entry can be deleted XFELD CHAR 
160 AM_XERLOE2 Mass retirement with revenue and release XFELD CHAR 
161 AM_XERLOES Mass retirement with revenue XFELD CHAR 
162 AM_XGTNI Is dialog box for changing time-dep. data active? XFELD CHAR 
163 AM_XHEAD Indicator: Field is assigned to a worklist header XFELD CHAR 
164 AM_XHISLIS Automatically add processed assets to history list XFELD CHAR 
165 AM_XHOLD Compressed SQL trace keep flag SYCHAR01 CHAR 
166 AM_XKZLTX Indicator: Long text exists XFELD CHAR 
167 AM_XMUS Field is a required field in screen layout rule XFELD CHAR 
168 AM_XMUSS Flag: control of req. flds. for areas CHAR01 CHAR 
169 AM_XPARAL Indicator: Deprec. area is parallel currency area XFELD CHAR 
170 AM_XTRANSF Mass transfer XFELD CHAR 
171 AM_ZINSSUM Total planned interest ANLKWERT CURR 
173 AN000 Comparison Operand to Down Payment Amount VGOPE CHAR 
174 AN050 Total Semi-Imputed Times   CHAR 
175 AN100 Total Fully Imputed Times   CHAR 
176 ANACH Payment to DEC2 DEC 
177 ANALG Identifier for "proportional settlement" XFELD CHAR 
178 ANALY Create analysis data for last arrangement processed XFELD CHAR 
179 ANALYSEART IS-H: Analysis Type for Service (DKG-NT Germany) ANALYSEART CHAR 
181 ANALYZER Analysis Program PROGRAMM CHAR 
182 ANAM Last activated by SYCHAR12 CHAR 
183 ANAME Old Routine Name CHAR40 CHAR 
184 ANAME_EB Name of receiver CHAR18 CHAR 
185 ANANR Unique Number of Analysis NUMC10 NUMC 
186 ANANT EE share, wage type LGART CHAR 
187 ANANZ No. of Assets for Pmnt Trans. Med. with Protective Asterisks TEXT10 CHAR 
188 ANAR1 Address type CHAR2 CHAR 
189 ANAREL Analyzer Release CHAR10 CHAR 
190 ANART Address Type CHAR2 CHAR 
191 ANATA Period to analyze in days BCSP3 DEC 
192 ANBEDNFE Trigger condition, message determination CHAR4 CHAR 
193 ANBEDNFI Trigger condition, message determination - internal ANBEDNFI CHAR 
194 ANBER Indicator: Correction of Registrations on Data Medium XFELD CHAR 
195 ANBEZ Entitlement to Payments? (PSG) XFELD CHAR 
196 ANBRES Valuated remaining value ANLKWERT CURR 
197 ANBTR Amount posted ANLKWERT CURR 
198 ANBTRSUM Total posting amount ANLKWERT CURR 
199 ANBTR_ALTD Trans. amount (legacy data transfer FI-AA) CHAR15 CHAR 
200 ANBTR_AV Remaining deduct. amnt. WRTV7 CURR 
201 ANBTW Amount posted in transaction currency ANLKWERT CURR 
202 ANBWA Asset Transaction Type BWASL CHAR 
203 ANB_FLG Indicator for relationships XFELD CHAR 
206 ANCUR Currency Key for Annual Salary WAERS CUKY 
207 ANDAT Date Record Created on DATUM DATS 
208 ANDATUM Created on DATS DATS 
209 ANDAT_BI Creation date of the record (batch input) CHAR10 CHAR 
210 ANDEC No. of decimal places to which rounding should be performed ANDEC INT2 
211 ANDERE IS-H: Psychopharmakotherapie: andere XFELD CHAR 
212 ANDFLG Logical AND Operation CHAR1_X CHAR 
213 ANDGLTGBIS IS-M: Date to Which Change Number is Valid DATUM DATS 
214 ANDGLTGVON IS-M: Date from Which Change Number is Valid DATUM DATS 
215 ANDIS Number of Days After Which the Material Must Be Planned INT2 INT2 
216 ANDOR Indicator for OR or AND link RADIO CHAR 
217 ANDPA_KK Also Select Postings for Other Partners XFELD CHAR 
218 ANDRUCK Form printout CHAR2 CHAR 
219 ANDRUCK_KK Print "Do Not Forward" XFELD CHAR 
220 ANDSJ Yrs Expired up to Fisc.Yr Start from Start of Spec.Dep. JARAF NUMC 
221 ANDSJ_ALTD Derived years from spec.dep.start date(Legacy Data Transf.AA CHAR3 CHAR 
222 ANDSP Expired useful life in periods during FY from SDep start dat PERAF NUMC 
223 ANDSP_ALTD Expired UL per.from spec.dep.start date (legacy transfer AA) CHAR3 CHAR 
224 ANDTI Acquisition date DATUM DATS 
225 AND_STR String with Text And AND_STR CHAR 
226 ANEAN Indicator: Allow alphanumeric EANs XFELD CHAR 
227 ANEQK Indicator: Historical management ANEQK NUMC 
228 ANEQK_ALTD Indicator: Historical management ANEQK_ALTD CHAR 
229 ANEQS Completeness indicator for the asset ANEQS NUMC 
230 ANF Return to initial screen when saving ANF CHAR 
231 ANFAE Bill of Exchange Payment Request Due Date DATUM DATS 
232 ANFAE_KQST Bill of Exchange Payment Request Due Date CHAR08 CHAR 
233 ANFANG_PER IS-M: Start of Copy/Publication Date Period PAM_PERIOD CHAR 
234 ANFBD Transaction call with initial screen XFELD CHAR 
235 ANFBE Indicator: Create opening balance XFELD CHAR 
236 ANFBESTAND Ind.: Take over opening balance as line item? XFELD CHAR 
237 ANFBJ Fiscal Year of the Bill of Exchange Payment Request Document GJAHR NUMC 
238 ANFBJ_BI Fiscal Year of the B/Ex. Pmnt Request Document (Batch Input) CJAHR CHAR 
239 ANFBL_KK Document number of posting made to refund clearing account OPBEL_KK CHAR 
240 ANFBN Document Number of the Bill of Exchange Payment Request BELNR CHAR 
241 ANFBU Company Code in Which Bill of Exch.Payment Request Is Posted BUKRS CHAR 
242 ANFDA Application date DATUM DATS 
243 ANFDT Date of Request for Quotation DATUM DATS 
244 ANFFRAGE Request - Questions TEXT50 CHAR 
245 ANFID Identification of a Request (Number) ANFID NUMC 
246 ANFKO Requesting cost center KOSTL CHAR 
247 ANFKOKRS Controlling area of the requesting cost center CACCD CHAR 
248 ANFMKZ Error indicator ANFMKZ CHAR 
249 ANFMV1 Error variable 1 ANFMV CHAR 
250 ANFMV2 Error variable 2 ANFMV CHAR 
251 ANFMV3 Error variable 3 ANFMV CHAR 
252 ANFMV4 Error variable 4 ANFMV CHAR 
253 ANFNA Request Type Name TEXT30 CHAR 
254 ANFNG_SET Name of the work center-set for the initial screen SETNAME CHAR 
256 ANFNR_EXT Purchasing document number EBELN CHAR 
257 ANFOE IS-H: Departmental Org. Unit Requesting Service ORGID CHAR 
258 ANFOEFA IS-H: Requesting departmental organizational unit ORGID CHAR 
259 ANFOEPF IS-H: Requesting nursing organizational unit ORGID CHAR 
260 ANFOE_MARK IS-H: Sort Order for the OU Requesting the Service SORT_RANGF NUMC 
261 ANFORDERKK Number of intial screen CFANFORRKK CHAR 
262 ANFORD_AUT IS-H: Automatic Borrowing Request at Admission/Transfer XFELD CHAR 
263 ANFOTYP IS-H: Med. Rec. Request Type: Create or Borrow Med. Record ANFTYP CHAR 
265 ANFPS Item Number of RFQ EBELP NUMC 
267 ANFRA Inquiry Type CHAR1 CHAR 
268 ANFRF Itinerary for regular route ANFRF NUMC 
269 ANFST Inquiry Status ANFST CHAR 
270 ANFSTIN Internal Request Status ANFSTIN CHAR 
271 ANFTX Inquiry Status Text AS4TEXT CHAR 
272 ANFTXT IS-H: Text of request for medical grounds TEXT80 CHAR 
273 ANFTY Request Type ANFTY CHAR 
274 ANFUZ Application time UZEIT TIMS 
275 ANF_RF_KZ Indicator: itinerary exists XFELD CHAR 
276 ANGAB Deadline for Submission of Bid/Quotation DATUM DATS 
277 ANGBF Key date DATUM DATS 
278 ANGDT Quotation Validity Date DATUM DATS 
279 ANGDT_BI Quotation validity date (quotation valid from ...) BTCI CHAR10 CHAR 
280 ANGDT_V Quotation/Inquiry is valid from DATUM DATS 
281 ANGEB Selection quotation exists SWEPO CHAR 
282 ANGNR Quotation Number ANGNR CHAR 
283 ANGPN Quotation Item Number (SD) POSNR NUMC 
284 ANGRP Trigger Group Message Determination CHAR2 CHAR 
285 ANG_MAX Maximum available capacity ANG_KAPA FLTP 
286 ANG_MIN Minimum capacity commitment ANG_KAPA FLTP 
287 ANG_UNIT Unit for available capacity MEINS UNIT 
288 ANHBTR Request amount: Local currency BTRA_BETRG CURR 
289 ANHNG_011 Item key that represents notes to financial statements ERGSL CHAR 
290 ANHTXT Name for cutoff value key TEXT50 CHAR 
291 ANHWSL Cutoff value key ANHWSL CHAR 
292 ANHWSL_IN Cutoff value key created by copying ANHWSL CHAR 
293 ANHWSL_VON Cutoff value key to be copied ANHWSL CHAR 
294 ANING Name of Person Reponsible for System USNAM CHAR 
295 ANINV No. of phys. inventories per fiscal year for cycle counting NUM3 NUMC 
296 ANJHR Annuity year GJAHR NUMC 
297 ANKAR Layout set name for asset history TDFORMNEW CHAR 
298 ANKEN Number of selected key figures NUM4 NUMC 
299 ANKEY Address key ANSSL CHAR 
300 ANKEY_CA Reference Number for Payment Notification CHAR30 CHAR 
301 ANKEY_KK Payment Notification ANKEY_KK CHAR 
302 ANKON Employee Contribution, Constant ABRKN CHAR 
303 ANKOT Attendance quota type texts TEXT25 CHAR 
304 ANKREUZ Field for Selecting an Entry ANKREUZ_CL CHAR 
306 ANKR_KK Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
307 ANKUEN Notification until (for renewal of contract) NUMC2 NUMC 
308 ANKUEN_BI Notification until (for renewal of contract) CHAR2 CHAR 
309 ANKUN Border Crossing Entry for Trip Out PTRV_ANKUN CHAR 
310 ANLAA Asset Accounting Active RKACT CHAR 
311 ANLAG BAT appendix CHAR4 CHAR 
312 ANLAG2 CAFPS Info (to) CHAR4 CHAR 
313 ANLAGE Installation ANLAGE CHAR 
314 ANLAGEN Enclosures with correspondence CHAR1 CHAR 
315 ANLAGENKZ Installations must match KENNZX CHAR 
316 ANLAGERAD Installation Billing/Simulation KENNZX CHAR 
317 ANLAGE_AUF IS-H: Create Medical Record at Admission/Transfer XFELD CHAR 
318 ANLAGE_AUT IS-H: Create Medical Record Automatically at Admiss./Trans. XFELD CHAR 
319 ANLAGE_LI IS-H: Create Medical Record via Movements Made XFELD CHAR 
320 ANLAGE_T Choose installation KENNZX CHAR 
321 ANLAGE_TX Installation Text KENNZX CHAR 
322 ANLAR Asset types CHAR5 CHAR 
323 ANLART Installation type ANLART CHAR 
324 ANLARTTEXT Text for installation type TEXT30 CHAR 
325 ANLAZ System Condition ANLAZ CHAR 
326 ANLAZT System Condition Text TEXT40 CHAR 
327 ANLBD Date until which the system is available DATUM DATS 
328 ANLBZ Time until which the system is available UHRZT TIMS 
329 ANLEDATUM IS-M: Relevancy of End Date for Subsequent Delivery AUSPRGART CHAR 
330 ANLEUHRZEI IS-M: Relevancy of End Time for Subsequent Delivery AUSPRGART CHAR 
331 ANLGR Group asset ANLN1 CHAR 
332 ANLGR2 Subnumber of group asset ANLN2 CHAR 
333 ANLGRTXT Text for the group asset TXT50 CHAR 
334 ANLHTXT Asset main number text TEXT50 CHAR 
335 ANLIEFERZI Actual Goods Arrival Time UZEIT TIMS 
336 ANLIEFERZS Planned Goods Arrival Time UZEIT TIMS 
337 ANLIEFERZT Goods Arrival Time UZEIT TIMS 
338 ANLIEFTAGI Actual Goods Arrival Date DATUM DATS 
339 ANLIEFTAGS Planned Goods Arrival Date DATUM DATS 
340 ANLIEFVORL Goods Arrival Lead Time in Days NUMC3 NUMC 
341 ANLKL Asset Class ANLKL CHAR 
342 ANLKL_ABW Different asset class ANLKL CHAR 
343 ANLKL_JA Year-end closing: Selection of asset classes for AuC ANLKL CHAR 
344 ANLKZ Creation indicator XFELD CHAR 
345 ANLN0 Reporting: Asset main number ANLN1 CHAR 
346 ANLN1 Main Asset Number ANLN1 CHAR 
347 ANLN1_ABG Asset number for gain/loss account assgmt. for retirement ANLN1 CHAR 
348 ANLN1_ET Asset number ANLN1 CHAR 
349 ANLN1_EXT Main Asset Number   CHAR 
350 ANLN1_P Main Asset Number of Partner ANLN1 CHAR 
351 ANLN1_TRACE Main Asset Number ANLN1 CHAR 
352 ANLN2 Asset Subnumber ANLN2 CHAR 
353 ANLN2_4 New asset subnumber, 4 characters ANLN2_4 CHAR 
354 ANLN2_ABG Asset subnumber for gain/loss account assignment retirement ANLN2 CHAR 
355 ANLN2_EXT External Representation for Asset Subnumber   CHAR 
356 ANLN2_P Asset Subnumber of Partner ANLN2 CHAR 
357 ANLN2_TRACE Asset Subnumber ANLN2 CHAR 
358 ANLNR Car Asset Number ANLNR CHAR 
359 ANLRES String to control the check analysis ANLRES CHAR 
360 ANLSTAT Installation Status ANLSTAT CHAR 
361 ANLSTATTXT Text for technical status of installation ANLSTATTXT CHAR 
362 ANLTP Asset Category ANLTP NUMC 
363 ANLTX Asset type text TEXT20 CHAR 
364 ANLU1 Asset number acquiring/retiring asset in transfer ANLN1 CHAR 
365 ANLU2 Subnumber of receiving/sending asset in transfer ANLN2 CHAR 
366 ANLUE Asset super number ANLUE CHAR 
367 ANLUE_TXT Text for asset group number / asset group TXT50 CHAR 
368 ANLVD Date from which the system is available DATUM DATS 
369 ANLVZ Time from Which System is Available UHRZT TIMS 
370 ANLX1 IS-H: Country text for 1st contact person TEXT15 CHAR 
371 ANLX2 IS-H: Country text for 2nd contact person TEXT15 CHAR 
372 ANLZE System Condition After Completion of Task ANLAZ CHAR 
373 ANLZN System Condition After Malfunction ANLAZ CHAR 
374 ANLZU Syst.Condition ANLZU CHAR 
375 ANLZUX Operation Status Text TEXT40 CHAR 
376 ANLZU_OPERATION Asset Condition - Operation Level ANLZU CHAR 
377 ANLZU_WPOS Asset Status Maintenance Item ANLZU CHAR 
378 ANLZV System Condition Before Malfunction ANLAZ CHAR 
379 ANL_OPERAND Installation Facts Operand E_OPERAND CHAR 
380 ANMAT Number of materials BCSP3 DEC 
381 ANMAX Maximum value in wage type number field ANZHL DEC 
382 ANMEL Indicator: Registrations on Data Medium XFELD CHAR 
383 ANMIN Minimum value in wage type number field ANZHL DEC 
384 ANMNG RFQ Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
385 ANMNT Months to Be Imputed for Assessing Special Payment ANMNT NUMC 
386 ANMOD Transaction Call in New Session XFLAG CHAR 
387 ANNAHMEBIS IS-M: Order Deadline Date DATS DATS 
388 ANNAM User Who Created Record USNAM CHAR 
389 ANNEE Fiscal year P06_AATTR NUMC 
390 ANNSCHART Type of Order Deadline (for Order Processing) ANNSCHART CHAR 
391 ANNSCHBIS To-Date of Order Deadline Limit DATUM DATS 
392 ANNSCHDIFF Indicator: Different Time Offset for Inserts XFELD CHAR 
393 ANNSCHLUSS IS-M: Order Deadline (Duration before Publication Date) ANNSCHLUSS QUAN 
394 ANNSCHL_EH IS-M: Time Unit for Order Deadline MEINS UNIT 
395 ANNSCHT0 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Non-Dailies NUMC2 NUMC 
396 ANNSCHT0B Number of Offset Days for Non-Dailies (Insert Publication) NUMC2 NUMC 
397 ANNSCHT1 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Mondays NUMC2 NUMC 
398 ANNSCHT1B Number of Time Offset Days for Mondays (Insert Publication) NUMC2 NUMC 
399 ANNSCHT2 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Tuesdays NUMC2 NUMC 
400 ANNSCHT2B Number of Time Offset Days for Tuesdays (Insert Publication) NUMC2 NUMC 
401 ANNSCHT3 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Wednesdays NUMC2 NUMC 
402 ANNSCHT3B Number of Time Offset Days for Wednesdays (Insert Publ.) NUMC2 NUMC 
403 ANNSCHT4 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Thursdays NUMC2 NUMC 
404 ANNSCHT4B Number of Time Offset Days for Thursdays (Insert Publ.) NUMC2 NUMC 
405 ANNSCHT5 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Fridays NUMC2 NUMC 
406 ANNSCHT5B Number of Time Offset Days for Fridays (Insert Publication) NUMC2 NUMC 
407 ANNSCHT6 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Saturdays NUMC2 NUMC 
408 ANNSCHT6B Number of Time Offset Days for Saturdays (Insert Publ.) NUMC2 NUMC 
409 ANNSCHT7 Order Deadline Limit in Days for Sundays NUMC2 NUMC 
410 ANNSCHT7B Number of Time Offset Days for Sundays (Insert Publication) NUMC2 NUMC 
411 ANNSCHVON From-Date of Order Deadline Limit DATUM DATS 
412 ANNSCHZ0 Limit Time for Non-Dailies UZEIT TIMS 
413 ANNSCHZ0B Offset Time for Non-Dailies (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
414 ANNSCHZ1 Limit Time for Monday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
415 ANNSCHZ1B Offset Time for Mondays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
416 ANNSCHZ2 Limit Time for Tuesday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
417 ANNSCHZ2B Offset Time for Tuesdays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
418 ANNSCHZ3 Limit Time for Wednesday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
419 ANNSCHZ3B Offset Time for Wednesdays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
420 ANNSCHZ4 Limit Time for Thursday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
421 ANNSCHZ4B Offset Time for Thursdays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
422 ANNSCHZ5 Limit Time for Friday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
423 ANNSCHZ5B Offset Time for Fridays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
424 ANNSCHZ6 Limit Time for Saturday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
425 ANNSCHZ6B Offset Time for Saturdays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
426 ANNSCHZ7 Limit Time for Sunday (Order Publication) UZEIT TIMS 
427 ANNSCHZ7B Offset Time for Sundays (for Insert Publications) UZEIT TIMS 
428 ANNSUCHFLG IS-M: Search Sequence Number for Order Deadline NUM3 NUMC 
430 ANNUALCONSUMPTION_UI Utilities: Annual Consumption   NUMC 
433 ANNUITY_KK Annuity (repayment + interest) for a due item WRTV7 CURR 
434 ANN_DELDAT IS-M: Date from Which Order Deadline Entries are Deleted DATUM DATS 
435 ANN_OBJC Annual value in object currency (BAPI interface) BAPICURR1 DEC 
436 ANN_PRGC Annual value in inv.program currency (BAPI interface) BAPICURR1 DEC 
437 ANOBJTYP Object types for triggering message determination ANOBJTYP CHAR 
438 ANOE Requesting Org. Unit ORGID CHAR 
439 ANONYM Anonymization Indicator for ISKD Statistics XFELD CHAR 
440 ANONYMOUS Flag: Anonymous appraiser CHAR1_X CHAR 
441 ANONYMOUS_COUNT Number of anonymous appraisers NUMC2 NUMC 
443 ANPAF Allocation profile, adjust allocation table ANPAF CHAR 
444 ANPASS Quantity Adjustment for Contract Validity Period Change JNFELD CHAR 
446 ANPASSUNGSSTORNO Billing documents in print document are reversed for adjust. ANPASSUNGSSTORNO CHAR 
447 ANPASS_BBP Type of automatic adjustment of budget billing plans ANPASS_BBP NUMC 
448 ANPASS_EPP Type of Automatic Adjustment of Payment Plans ANPASS_EPP NUMC 
449 ANPDAT Budget billing plan adjustment date DATS DATS 
450 ANPER Annuity period PABRP NUMC 
451 ANPER1 IS-H: Contact Person, e.g. Inpatient ISH30 CHAR 
452 ANPER2 IS-H: Contact Person, e.g. Outpatient ISH30 CHAR 
453 ANPLN Planned asset record ANPLN CHAR 
454 ANPOE IS-H: Nursing Org. Unit Requesting Service ORGID CHAR 
455 ANPOS Number of items ANPOS NUMC 
456 ANPRF Adjustment profile VEPRF CHAR 
457 ANPRZ Employee Percentage SVPRZ DEC 
458 ANP_ABR_BEL Number of Billing Doc. as Basis of BB Amounts for Adjustment E_BELNR CHAR 
459 ANRBF Form of address in letter (Dear letter form of address) TEXT50 CHAR 
460 ANRBV Industrial Insurance Board [BV] Registration Number CHAR20 CHAR 
461 ANRDE Form-of-Address Key ANRDE CHAR 
462 ANRED Title TEXT15 CHAR 
463 ANREDE Form-of-Address Key ANRDE CHAR 
464 ANREDE02 Form of Address Text Infotype 0002 ANREX CHAR 
465 ANRED_AP Form of address for contact person (Mr, Mrs...etc) TEXT30 CHAR 
466 ANRED_VP Form of address ANRED CHAR 
467 ANREK Addresses: Form of address key ANREK CHAR 
468 ANREX Form of address text ANREX CHAR 
469 ANREX_PER IS-H: Form-of-Address Text ANREX CHAR 
470 ANRFNA Field in read table for automatic import FDNAME CHAR 
471 ANRLT Long Text: Form of Address TEXT15 CHAR 
472 ANRTAB Read table for automatic import TABNAME CHAR 
473 ANRTE Annuity installment P_AMT07 CURR 
474 ANRTG Days credited for continued pay TAGE4_2 DEC 
475 ANRVB Type of Imputation on Benefits Payment SUBTY_591A CHAR 
476 ANR_JAHR IS-M: Publication Year and Issue Number ANR_JAHR CHAR 
477 ANSAL Annual salary WERT6 CURR 
478 ANSAL_15 Annual salary P_AMT08V CURR 
479 ANSAM Office Address   CHAR 
480 ANSAZ Down payments on asset ANLKWERT CURR 
481 ANSBV Industrial Insurance Board [BV] Registration Number NUM15 NUMC 
483 ANSCHKAR Interval (in days) for notification and MRO creation ANSCHKAR DEC 
484 ANSCHREI Notification control for MR announcement/request ANSCHREI CHAR 
485 ANSCH_FORM Form for meter reading announcement FORMKEY CHAR 
486 ANSCH_KAL Use FC for Interval: MR Announcement to Order Creation KENNZX CHAR 
487 ANSDT Date of Change of Address DATUM DATS 
488 ANSHKZ Default posting indicator SHKZV CHAR 
489 ANSKGZV Entitlm. to Child Allowance (SP Notifs) (Obsolete with ZVMP) ANSKGZV CHAR 
490 ANSPF Pension Fund Registration Number DEC15 DEC 
491 ANSPLITDAT Date on Which Order Deadline Period is Split DATUM DATS 
492 ANSPPART Contact person TEXT30 CHAR 
493 ANSPR_NAME IS-M: Name of the Contact Person NAME CHAR 
494 ANSSA Address Record Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
495 ANSSATXT Address Type TEXT40 CHAR 
496 ANSSZ Employee's Entitlement to Special Payment ANSSZ CHAR 
497 ANST0 Pre-retirement qualification code CHAR1 CHAR 
498 ANSTA Employment status NUM1 NUMC 
499 ANSTD Number of Hours ANSTD NUMC 
500 ANSTL Employment status NUML NUMC