SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 13
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 AD_DUPMODE Duplicate check method call mode AD_DUPMODE CHAR 
2 AD_DUPSTAT Duplicate seach result AD_DUPSTAT NUMC 
3 AD_DUP_CONTEXT Dialog Context for Calling Duplicate Check AD_DUP_CONTEXT CHAR 
4 AD_DUP_EXC Exception in duplicate check CHAR30 CHAR 
5 AD_ENCODE Desired Data Coding (E-Mail) AD_ENCODE CHAR 
6 AD_ERRBAPI Flag: Record not processed XFELD CHAR 
8 AD_ERRQU Flag: Quarterly adjustment error XFELD CHAR 
9 AD_ERRREGI Flag: Fatal Regional Structure Check Error XFELD CHAR 
10 AD_ERR_IND Table Entry to Which Message Refers SYST_LONG INT4 
11 AD_ERR_STATUS Error Status of Address AD_ERR_STATUS CHAR 
12 AD_EXTENS Extension (only for data conversion) (data line/telebox) TEXT40 CHAR 
13 AD_EXTENS1 Extension (only for data conversion) (e.g. data line) TEXT40 CHAR 
14 AD_EXTENS2 Extension (only for data conversion) (e.g. telebox) TEXT40 CHAR 
15 AD_FAXNRCL Fax number for finding sender CHAR30 CHAR 
16 AD_FIELD Key for Container (Business Address Services) ROLLNAME CHAR 
17 AD_FIELDNAME Field Name for Regional Structure CHAR10 CHAR 
18 AD_FISEL Field Selection Control Structure (Bus. Address Services) TEXT132 CHAR 
19 AD_FLADCOM Obsolete field XFELD CHAR 
20 AD_FLADPER Obsolete field XFELD CHAR 
21 AD_FLDCONV (not used) CHAR2 CHAR 
22 AD_FLDCT Container Field Contents Data Element (Bus. Addr. Services) CHAR255 CHAR 
23 AD_FLDNAM Name of a field FDNAME CHAR 
24 AD_FLDNAME Name format field name AD_FLDNAME CHAR 
25 AD_FLDSEL Field Selection for Screen Field AD_FLDSEL CHAR 
26 AD_FLDTXT Key text (Container) TEXT60 CHAR 
27 AD_FLDVAL (not used) TEXT10 CHAR 
28 AD_FLGCM02 Flag: Telephone number(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
29 AD_FLGCM03 Flag: Fax number(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
30 AD_FLGCM04 Flag: Teletex number(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
31 AD_FLGCM05 Flag: Telex number(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
32 AD_FLGCM06 Indicator: E-Mail Address(es) Maintained XFELD CHAR 
33 AD_FLGCM07 Flag: RML (remote mail) addresse(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
34 AD_FLGCM08 Flag: X.400 addresse(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
35 AD_FLGCM09 Flag: RFC destination(s) maintained XFELD CHAR 
36 AD_FLGCM10 Flag: Printer maintained XFELD CHAR 
37 AD_FLGCM11 Flag: SSF maintained XFELD CHAR 
38 AD_FLGCM12 Flag: URI/FTP address maintained XFELD CHAR 
39 AD_FLGCM13 Flag: Pager address maintained XFELD CHAR 
40 AD_FLGDFAD Flag: this address is the default address XFELD CHAR 
41 AD_FLGDFNM Flag: this name is the default name XFELD CHAR 
42 AD_FLGDFNR Standard Sender Address in this Communication Type XFELD CHAR 
43 AD_FLGGP Flag: There are more address group assignments XFELD CHAR 
44 AD_FLGGP_P Flag: There are other person group assignments XFELD CHAR 
45 AD_FLGHOME Recipient address in this communication type (mail sys.grp) XFELD CHAR 
46 AD_FLGMOB Indicator: Telephone is a Mobile Telephone AD_FLGMOB CHAR 
47 AD_FLGSMS Indicator: Telephone is SMS-Enabled AD_FLGSMS CHAR 
48 AD_FLGUSER Indicator: The person is a user XFELD CHAR 
49 AD_FLG_CP Flag: Write change pointer XFELD CHAR 
50 AD_FLNOUSE Flag: This Communication Number is Not Used XFELD CHAR 
51 AD_FLOOR Floor in building TEXT10 CHAR 
52 AD_FLPCOMM Flag: Person has personal comm. numbers (apart from Tel.) XFELD CHAR 
53 AD_FLPTEL Flag: person has personal telephone numbers XFELD CHAR 
54 AD_FLT_VAL Filter value for duplicate index CHAR20 CHAR 
55 AD_FNAME A person's first name (Addresses) TEXT35 CHAR 
56 AD_FNCTN Function TEXT40 CHAR 
58 AD_FORM_TEXT Text Element for Formatted Addresses AD_FORM_TEXT NUMC 
59 AD_FORM_TEXT_DSCR Text for Formatted Addresses (Language-Dependent) AD_FORM_TEXT_DSCR CHAR 
60 AD_FRGNLCK Flag: Foreign lock AD_FRGNLCK CHAR 
61 AD_FRSTLIN First Visible Row of the Application-Defined Subscreen Area AD_LINENUM NUMC 
62 AD_FSELECT Selection of other communication types AD_FSELECT CHAR 
63 AD_FUNC Company contact person function TEXT40 CHAR 
64 AD_FUNCAD1 Function module to get address type 1 key FUNCNAME CHAR 
65 AD_FUNCAD2 Function module to get address type 2 key FUNCNAME CHAR 
66 AD_FUNCAD3 Function module to get address type 3 key FUNCNAME CHAR 
67 AD_FUNCEX1 Duplicate index Get exception function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
68 AD_FUNCNAM Function module for finding object type and ID FUNCNAME CHAR 
69 AD_FXGRP Fax group (G3, G4, ...) AD_FXGRP CHAR 
70 AD_FXNMBR Fax number: dialling code+number CHAR30 CHAR 
71 AD_FXNMBR1 First fax no.: dialling code+number CHAR30 CHAR 
72 AD_FXNRLNG Complete number: dialling code+number+extension CHAR30 CHAR 
73 AD_FXXTNS Fax no.: Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
74 AD_FXXTNS1 First fax no.: extension CHAR10 CHAR 
75 AD_F_QUENQ Quarterly adjustment lock function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
76 AD_F_QUUPD Quarterly adjustment update function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
77 AD_GENERAT (not used) XFELD CHAR 
78 AD_GEN_KEY Master object generic key SWO_TYPEID CHAR 
79 AD_GROUP Address Group (Key) (Business Address Services) AD_GROUP CHAR 
80 AD_GROUPPT Person group description TEXT40 CHAR 
81 AD_GROUPT Address group description TEXT40 CHAR 
82 AD_GROUP_P Person Group (Key) (Business Address Services) AD_GROUP_P CHAR 
83 AD_GROUP_X Address or Person Group (Business Address Services) CHAR4 CHAR 
84 AD_GUID Address guid SYSUUID RAW 
85 AD_HANDLE Handle for Creating Addresses/Persons (Bus. Addr. Services) TEXT140 CHAR 
86 AD_HIGHVAL Counter value (highest serial number issued) CHAR3 CHAR 
87 AD_HSNM1 House Number TEXT10 CHAR 
88 AD_HSNM2 House number supplement TEXT10 CHAR 
89 AD_HSNM3 (Not supported) House Number Range TEXT10 CHAR 
90 AD_ID_CATEGORY Category of an Address ID AD_ID_CATEGORY CHAR 
91 AD_ID_CODE Short name for correspondence TEXT10 CHAR 
92 AD_IH_MAIL Int. mail postal code TEXT10 CHAR 
93 AD_INDEX Iternal table index INT4 INT4 
94 AD_INDFLDN Duplicate check: Indexable address field name FDNAME CHAR 
95 AD_INDSPPR Flag: Do not put record in duplicate index XFELD CHAR 
96 AD_INDTABN Duplicate check: Indexable address field table name AS4TAB CHAR 
97 AD_IND_ACT Flag: Duplicate index is active XFELD CHAR 
98 AD_INITS "Middle Initial" or personal initials CHAR10 CHAR 
99 AD_LANGUCR Address record creation original language SPRAS LANG 
100 AD_LASTLIN Last Visible Row of Application-Defined Subscreen Area AD_LINENUM NUMC 
101 AD_LCTN Street 5 TEXT40 CHAR 
102 AD_LENGTH APPL_KEY field object ID length SYST_SHORT INT4 
103 AD_LFDNR Field position in name format NUMC2 NUMC 
104 AD_LINE_DC Short form of the formatted address for the data medium CHAR80 CHAR 
105 AD_LINE_S One-line short form of formatted address CHAR80 CHAR 
106 AD_LINE_TP Address line type in the formatted address AD_LINE_TP CHAR 
107 AD_LNAME A person's last name (Addresses) TEXT35 CHAR 
108 AD_LOGDEST RFC logical destination RFCDEST CHAR 
109 AD_LSM_HNH House number - upper limit (LSM Workbench interface only) TEXT10 CHAR 
110 AD_LSM_HNL House number - lower limit (LSM Workbench interface only) TEXT10 CHAR 
111 AD_MAINOBJ Flag: Dominant Object Reference Type XFELD CHAR 
112 AD_MAINTTP Flag: direct maintenance ('X') or via primary object XFELD CHAR 
113 AD_MARK Selection XFLAG CHAR 
114 AD_MBISSMS Indicator: Mobile Telephones are SMS-Enabled by Default XFELD CHAR 
115 AD_MBNMBR1 First Mobile Telephone No.: Dialing Code + Number CHAR30 CHAR 
116 AD_MBXTNS1 First Mobile Telephone No.: Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
117 AD_MC_CITY City name in upper case for search help CHAR25 CHAR 
118 AD_MC_COUNTY County name in upper case for search help CHAR25 CHAR 
119 AD_MC_NAM2 NAME2 field in upper case for matchcode CHAR25 CHAR 
120 AD_MC_NAME Name (field NAME1) in upper case for matchcode CHAR25 CHAR 
121 AD_MC_NMFI First name in upper case for search help CHAR25 CHAR 
122 AD_MC_NMLA Last name in upper-case for search help CHAR25 CHAR 
123 AD_MC_STRT Street name in upper case for search help CHAR25 CHAR 
124 AD_MC_TWSHP Township name in upper case for search help CHAR25 CHAR 
125 AD_MNTMD Maintenance operation mode AD_MNTMD CHAR 
126 AD_MOBILE Indicator: Telephone is a Mobile Telephone AD_MOBILE CHAR 
127 AD_NAMCONV Status of Field 'Full Name' NAME_TEXT AD_NAMCONV CHAR 
128 AD_NAMCTRY Country for name format rule LAND1 CHAR 
129 AD_NAME1 Name 1 TEXT40 CHAR 
130 AD_NAME1_C Company name TEXT40 CHAR 
131 AD_NAME2 Name 2 TEXT40 CHAR 
132 AD_NAME2_P Name of person at birth TEXT40 CHAR 
133 AD_NAME3 Name 3 TEXT40 CHAR 
134 AD_NAME4 Name 4 TEXT40 CHAR 
135 AD_NAMECPL Complete name with address and title TEXT80 CHAR 
136 AD_NAMEFIR First name TEXT40 CHAR 
137 AD_NAMELAS Last name TEXT40 CHAR 
138 AD_NAMEMID Middle name or second forename of a person TEXT40 CHAR 
139 AD_NAMETXT Converted name field (with form of address) TEXT50 CHAR 
140 AD_NAME_CO c/o name TEXT40 CHAR 
141 AD_NAME_P Formatted Name of Person (with Title; and form of address) CHAR80 CHAR 
142 AD_NAMFORM Name format key AD_NAMFORM CHAR 
143 AD_NAMLAS2 Second surname of a person TEXT40 CHAR 
144 AD_NAMTEXT Full Name of Person TEXT80 CHAR 
145 AD_NATION Version ID for International Addresses AD_NATION CHAR 
146 AD_NATTEXT International address version name TEXT16 CHAR 
147 AD_NICKNAM Nickname or name used TEXT40 CHAR 
148 AD_NOOWNER Flag: No owner information available XFELD CHAR 
149 AD_NO_USE Not Deliverable Flag AD_NO_USE CHAR 
150 AD_NO_USEP PO Box Address Undeliverable Flag AD_NO_USE CHAR 
151 AD_NO_USES Street Address Undeliverable Flag AD_NO_USE CHAR 
152 AD_NUMBER Address or Person Number (10 Character BAS Key) CHAR10 CHAR 
153 AD_OBJKEY Address owner object ID SWO_TYPEID CHAR 
155 AD_OBJKEY2 Contact person reference object ID SWO_TYPEID CHAR 
156 AD_OBJTYPE Object type (Address, Person or Assignment) CHAR1 CHAR 
157 AD_OFFSET Object ID offset in field APPL_KEY SYST_SHORT INT4 
158 AD_OP_CODE Change operation code ('I'nsert, 'U'pdate, 'D'elete) AD_OP_CODE CHAR 
159 AD_ORIGIN Source for address/personal data (key) AD_ORIGIN CHAR 
160 AD_ORIGINA (Not Supported) Address Data Source (Key) AD_ORIGIN CHAR 
161 AD_ORIGINP Personal data source (key) AD_ORIGIN CHAR 
162 AD_ORIGINT Address/Personal data source name TEXT40 CHAR 
163 AD_OWNER Flag: Adress owner object reference XFELD CHAR 
164 AD_OWNERT1 Owner object type OJ_NAME CHAR 
165 AD_OWNERT2 Contact person reference object type OJ_NAME CHAR 
166 AD_OWNERTP Address owner object type OJ_NAME CHAR 
167 AD_PAGDSCR Pager service description TEXT40 CHAR 
168 AD_PAGNMBR Pager number TEXT30 CHAR 
169 AD_PAGNRCL Pager number for finding sender CHAR30 CHAR 
170 AD_PAGSERV Pager Service CHAR4 CHAR 
171 AD_PAGUSE Usage of Pager Service AD_PAGUSE CHAR 
172 AD_PARAMETER Business Address Services Context Parameter Name CHAR30 CHAR 
173 AD_PCKGNO1 Package number for reading quarterly adjustment data NUMC10 NUMC 
174 AD_PCKGNO2 Quarterly adjustment data return package number NUMC10 NUMC 
175 AD_PC_SIZE Package Size for Quarterly Adjustment INT4 INT4 
176 AD_PERCENT (Obsolete) Percentage: Similarity in Duplicate Check DEC2_1 DEC 
177 AD_PERCNT3 Percentage: Similarity in Duplicate Check DEC3_1 DEC 
179 AD_PERS_HD First pers. address: internal key, if number not yet issued TEXT140 CHAR 
180 AD_PGNRLNG Normalized pager search field CHAR30 CHAR 
182 AD_POBXCTY PO box country LAND1 CHAR 
184 AD_POBXNUM Flag: PO Box without number XFELD CHAR 
185 AD_POBXREG Region for PO Box (Country, State, Province, ...) REGIO CHAR 
186 AD_POOLTXT Logical search pool name TEXT60 CHAR 
187 AD_POSITIO Position of an address in a list CHAR10 CHAR 
190 AD_PREFIX Name Prefix (Key) AD_PREFIX CHAR 
191 AD_PREFIX2 2nd name prefix (key) AD_PREFIX CHAR 
192 AD_PREFIXL Name prefix (long) TEXT20 CHAR 
193 AD_PREFIXM Name prefix (medium) TEXT10 CHAR 
194 AD_PREFIXS Name prefix (short) TEXT5 CHAR 
195 AD_PREFIXT Name prefix TEXT20 CHAR 
196 AD_PREFX2T 2nd name prefix TEXT20 CHAR 
197 AD_PRFCOMM Preferred Telephone Type AD_PRFCOMM CHAR 
198 AD_PRIOR Address formatting line priority CHAR25 CHAR 
199 AD_PROCUREMENT_DOC Communication type is used in document exchange XFELD CHAR 
200 AD_PROFESS Profession TEXT40 CHAR 
201 AD_PRSADDR Flag: This is a personal address XFELD CHAR 
202 AD_PST1XT (Not Supported)City Postal Code Extension, e.g. ZIP+4+2 Code CHAR10 CHAR 
203 AD_PST2XT (Not Supported) PO Box Postal Code Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
204 AD_PST3XT (Not Supported) Major Customer Postal Code Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
205 AD_PSTCD1 City postal code CHAR10 CHAR 
206 AD_PSTCD2 PO Box postal code CHAR10 CHAR 
207 AD_PSTCD3 Company postal code (for large customers) CHAR10 CHAR 
208 AD_PSTLAR (Not Supported) Post Delivery District TEXT15 CHAR 
209 AD_R3_USER Flag: Connected to an SAP System XFELD CHAR 
210 AD_RCCHECK Address data check return code (yes-no) CHAR1 CHAR 
211 AD_RCCHNGE Address data change return code CHAR1 CHAR 
212 AD_RCERROR Return code: Address data check error (E,W,I, SPACE) AD_RCERROR CHAR 
213 AD_RCREAD Address data read return code CHAR1 CHAR 
214 AD_RCVRTYP Recipient type (not currently used) CHAR1 CHAR 
215 AD_READALLFLAG Flag: Read All Street Keys XFELD CHAR 
216 AD_REFDFLT Flag: Dummy reference for addresses w/o primary object XFELD CHAR 
217 AD_REFNUM Where-used list serial number NUMC10 NUMC 
218 AD_REFPERS Flag: Personal address used for person XFELD CHAR 
219 AD_REFTYPE Flag: active or passive reference? AD_REFTYPE CHAR 
220 AD_REF_TY1 Flag: Uses typ1 addresses XFELD CHAR 
221 AD_REF_TY2 Flag: Uses type 2 addresses XFELD CHAR 
222 AD_REF_TY3 Flag: Uses type 3 addresses XFELD CHAR 
224 AD_REMARK1 Address notes TEXT50 CHAR 
225 AD_REMARK2 Communication link notes TEXT50 CHAR 
226 AD_RETCODE Return code: Address data check error (E,W,I, SPACE) AD_RCERROR CHAR 
227 AD_ROOMNUM Room or Appartment Number TEXT10 CHAR 
228 AD_ROUTING Int. mail postal code TEXT10 CHAR 
229 AD_RSACCPT Accept regional structure check errors as warnings XFELD CHAR 
230 AD_SAVE Indicator: Save Address? XFELD CHAR 
231 AD_SCDEFFR Communication data: Start date default flag SYDATS DATS 
232 AD_SCDEFTO Communication data: End date default flag SYDATS DATS 
233 AD_SCDFROM Communication data: Start date SYDATS DATS 
234 AD_SCDTO Communication data: End date SYDATS DATS 
235 AD_SCHOMFR Communication data: Start date flag 'Home Address' SYDATS DATS 
236 AD_SCHOMTO Communication data: End date flag 'Home Address' SYDATS DATS 
237 AD_SCMDEF Communication data: More periods exist as default number XFELD CHAR 
238 AD_SCMHOM Comm. data: More periods exist as home address XFELD CHAR 
239 AD_SCMODE Indicator: Automatic Cursor Positioning Permitted AD_SCMODE CHAR 
240 AD_SCRTYPE Screen type: Full screen (F), Popup (P), Sub-screen (S) AD_SCRTYPE CHAR 
241 AD_SCR_VAR Country-dependent address screen variant AD_SCR_VAR CHAR 
242 AD_SEX Gender key AD_SEX CHAR 
243 AD_SMTPAD2 E-Mail Address Search Field CHAR20 CHAR 
245 AD_SORT1 Search Term 1 CHAR20 CHAR 
246 AD_SORT1UL Search Term 1 TEXT20 CHAR 
247 AD_SORT2 Search Term 2 CHAR20 CHAR 
248 AD_SORT2UL Search Term 2 TEXT20 CHAR 
249 AD_SORTOLD (Not Supported) Search Term CHAR20 CHAR 
250 AD_SO_KEY SAP-Office key AD_SO_KEY CHAR 
252 AD_SRTPHN (Not Supported) Phonetic Search Sort Field CHAR20 CHAR 
253 AD_SSFID SSF signatory/recipient name AD_SSFID LCHR 
254 AD_SSFID2 SSFID search field CHAR20 CHAR 
255 AD_SSFID_1 SSF name signatory/recipient: Parts 1-8 AD_SSFID_1 CHAR 
256 AD_SSFID_9 SSF name signatory/recipient - part 9 TEXT48 CHAR 
257 AD_SSFLNG SSFID field length AD_SSFLNG INT2 
258 AD_SSFSCR SSFID field for screen display AD_SSFSCR CHAR 
259 AD_STRABBR (Not Supported) Abbreviation of Street Name STRTYPEAB CHAR 
261 AD_STRHN Street/House number (dummy screen text field) CHAR1 CHAR 
262 AD_STRHNA House no./Street (dummy fld for screen text fld (America)) CHAR1 CHAR 
263 AD_STRHNB House Number/Street (Dummy Field for Text Field (Japan)) CHAR1 CHAR 
264 AD_STRNUM Street Number for City/Street File STRT_CODE CHAR 
265 AD_STRPBOX Flag: Street address (S) or PO Box address (P) AD_STRPBOX CHAR 
266 AD_STRPRIO Flag: Street has priority over PO box AD_STRPRIO CHAR 
267 AD_STRRULE Street row composition rule AD_STRRULE CHAR 
268 AD_STRSPP1 Street 2 TEXT40 CHAR 
269 AD_STRSPP2 Street 3 TEXT40 CHAR 
270 AD_STRSPP3 Street 4 TEXT40 CHAR 
271 AD_STR_OLD Street TEXT40 CHAR 
272 AD_SUFFIX Name supplement, e.g. noble title (key) AD_TITLES CHAR 
273 AD_SYMBDST Symbolic destination CHAR10 CHAR 
274 AD_TABTYPE Table COMM_TABLE structure name AS4TAB CHAR 
275 AD_TDSRCH Indicator: Time-dependent search XFELD CHAR 
276 AD_TELDMOD Filter for Telephone Dialog AD_TELDMOD CHAR 
277 AD_TELNRCL Telephone number for determining caller CHAR30 CHAR 
278 AD_TELNRLG Complete number: dialling code+number+extension CHAR30 CHAR 
279 AD_TENCODE Desired text data coding (X.400) AD_TENCODE CHAR 
280 AD_TEXTFIELD Text Field (Converted to Uppercase Letters) CHAR40 CHAR 
281 AD_TEXT_CS Text Field (in Uppercase and Lowercase) TEXT40 CHAR 
282 AD_THRESH2 Percentage: Threshold for duplicate check in dialog AD_THRESHD DEC 
283 AD_THRESHD Percentage: Threshold for duplicate check in BAPI AD_THRESHD DEC 
284 AD_TIMEDEP Indicator: Time Validity for Communication Data XFELD CHAR 
285 AD_TITLE Form-of-Address Key AD_TITLE CHAR 
286 AD_TITLE1 Academic Title: Key AD_TITLE1 CHAR 
287 AD_TITLE1D Academic title description TEXT40 CHAR 
288 AD_TITLE1T Academic Title: Written Form TEXT20 CHAR 
289 AD_TITLE2 Second academic title (key) AD_TITLE1 CHAR 
290 AD_TITLE2T 2nd academic title: written form TEXT20 CHAR 
291 AD_TITLES Name supplement, e.g. noble title (key) AD_TITLES CHAR 
292 AD_TITLESD Name suffix/noble title description TEXT40 CHAR 
293 AD_TITLEST Name supplement, e.g. noble title (written form) TEXT20 CHAR 
294 AD_TITLETX Title text TEXT30 CHAR 
295 AD_TITLE_T Form of address text TEXT20 CHAR 
296 AD_TLNMBR Telephone no.: dialling code+number CHAR30 CHAR 
297 AD_TLNMBR1 First telephone no.: dialling code+number CHAR30 CHAR 
298 AD_TLXNMBR Telex number TEXT30 CHAR 
299 AD_TLXTNS Telephone no.: Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
300 AD_TLXTNS1 First Telephone No.: Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
301 AD_TNEF6 Flag: Receiver can receive TNEF coding via SMTP XFELD CHAR 
302 AD_TNEF8 Flag: Receiver can receive TNEF coding via X.400 XFELD CHAR 
304 AD_TRNSPZN Transportation zone ZONE CHAR 
306 AD_TTXNMBR Teletex number TEXT30 CHAR 
307 AD_TWSHPNUM Township code for Township TWSHP_CODE CHAR 
308 AD_TXJCD Tax Jurisdiction AD_TXJCD CHAR 
309 AD_TYPE1 Flag: Organization address (Type 1) XFELD CHAR 
310 AD_TZONE Address time zone TZNZONE CHAR 
311 AD_UCABTEI Department in upper case (Addresses) CHAR25 CHAR 
312 AD_UCFNAME A person's first name in upper case (Addresses) CHAR25 CHAR 
313 AD_UCLNAME A person's last name (Addresses) CHAR25 CHAR 
314 AD_UCNAMCP Company name in upper case (addresses) CHAR25 CHAR 
315 AD_UMAND RML- Client (Remote Mail, SAP - SAP - Communication) CHAR3 CHAR 
316 AD_UNAME RML Name (Remote Mail, SAP - SAP - Communication) CHAR12 CHAR 
317 AD_UNIQUEU Comm. usage can be assigned once only for each comm. type XFELD CHAR 
318 AD_UPDFLAG Address transfer structure change flag AD_UPDFLAG CHAR 
319 AD_URI Universal Resource Identifier (URI) AD_URI LCHR 
320 AD_URI2 URI address search field CHAR50 CHAR 
321 AD_URILNG URI field length AD_URILNG INT2 
322 AD_URISCR URI, e.g. Homepage or ftp Address AD_URISCR CHAR 
324 AD_URI_1 Universal Resource Identifier (URI): Parts 1-8 AD_URI_1 CHAR 
325 AD_URI_9 Universal Resource Identifier (URI) - Part 9 TEXT48 CHAR 
326 AD_URI_BW URI field to pass to BW AD_URI_BW CHAR 
327 AD_USERWIN User Parameter has Priority XFELD CHAR 
328 AD_USE_TX Description of Communication Usage TEXT40 CHAR 
329 AD_USRTYPE Flag: Person is internal SAP user XFELD CHAR 
330 AD_UUID UUID Used in the Address SYSUUID RAW 
331 AD_UUID_BELATED Indicator: UUID was generated later AD_UUID_BELATED CHAR 
332 AD_UVFCOMM Usage is Allowed for this Communication Type XFELD CHAR 
335 AD_VALUE Business Address Services Context Parameter Value CHAR10 CHAR 
336 AD_VERTPRZ Distribution % (error-tolerant search) AD_VERTPRZ NUMC 
337 AD_VER_MNT Address Version Maintained CHAR1 CHAR 
338 AD_X4ADMIN X.400 administration domain CHAR16 CHAR 
339 AD_X4CNTRY X.400 country code LAND1 CHAR 
340 AD_X4DDAT1 X.400 domain defined attribute, type 1 TEXT8 CHAR 
341 AD_X4DDAT2 X.400 domain defined attribute, type 2 TEXT8 CHAR 
342 AD_X4DDAT3 X.400 domain defined attribute, type 3 TEXT8 CHAR 
343 AD_X4DDAT4 X.400 domain defined attribute, type 4 TEXT8 CHAR 
344 AD_X4DDAV1 X.400 domain defined attribute, value 1 TEXT128 CHAR 
345 AD_X4DDAV2 X.400 domain defined attribute, value 2 TEXT128 CHAR 
346 AD_X4DDAV3 X.400 domain defined attribute, value 3 TEXT128 CHAR 
347 AD_X4DDAV4 X.400 domain defined attribute, value 4 TEXT128 CHAR 
348 AD_X4FNAME X.400 first name CHAR16 CHAR 
349 AD_X4GENER X.400 generation CHAR3 CHAR 
350 AD_X4INI X.400 Initials CHAR5 CHAR 
351 AD_X4LNAME X.400 last name CHAR40 CHAR 
352 AD_X4ORG X.400 organization CHAR64 CHAR 
353 AD_X4ORG1 X.400 organizational unit 1 CHAR32 CHAR 
354 AD_X4ORG2 X.400 organizational unit 2 CHAR32 CHAR 
355 AD_X4ORG3 X.400 organizational unit 3 CHAR32 CHAR 
356 AD_X4ORG4 X.400 organizational unit 4 CHAR32 CHAR 
357 AD_X4PRIVD X.400 private domain CHAR16 CHAR 
358 AD_X4TRMID X.400 Terminal ID CHAR24 CHAR 
359 AD_X4TRMTP X.400 terminal type CHAR1 CHAR 
360 AD_X4UANID X.400 user agent numeric ID CHAR32 CHAR 
361 AD_X4X121 X.400 X.121 network address CHAR15 CHAR 
362 AD_XGROUP Indicator: Form of Address for Group XFELD CHAR 
363 AD_XORGA Flag: Organization/Company title XFELD CHAR 
364 AD_XPCPT Business Purpose Completed Flag AD_XPCPT CHAR 
365 AD_XPERS Flag: Title for natural personen XFELD CHAR 
366 AEANZ Number of allocated object management records NUMC6 NUMC 
367 AEART Adjustment Type AEART CHAR 
369 AEBEJ Initial Year for Old-Age Exemption Amount NUMC4 NUMC 
370 AEBHB Maximum Amount for Old-Age Exemption WERT5 CURR 
371 AEBKT Cumulated Old-Age Exemption Amount PRBETRG CURR 
372 AEBKZ Indicator showing equipment category with change documents XFELD CHAR 
373 AEBKZ_INS Equipment Type with Change Documents During Creation XFELD CHAR 
374 AEBPS Percentage Rate for Old-Age Exemption Amount DEC3_2 DEC 
375 AECLT Engin. chg. mgmt: characteristic/class mtce/classif. indic. AECLT CHAR 
376 AEDAM Date on which the AMPL record was changed DATS DATS 
377 AEDAT Last Changed On DATUM DATS 
378 AEDATA Date on which the release order was last changed DATUM DATS 
379 AEDATAB From Change Date DATUM DATS 
380 AEDATUM Date of the last change made to the task list DATUM DATS 
382 AEDAT_BI Change date (batch input) CHAR10 CHAR 
383 AEDAT_BKPF Date of the Last Document Change by Transaction DATUM DATS 
384 AEDAT_CA Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
385 AEDAT_CM Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
386 AEDAT_KK Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
387 AEDCK Financial document processing: Check date of receipt XFELD CHAR 
388 AEDFS Financial doc. processing: Fld selection - Date of receipt FAAKK CHAR 
389 AEDICHGCRE ECH for Creating/Changing Classification XFELD CHAR 
390 AEDICLSCHANGE ECH for Changing (Characteristics of) Classes XFELD CHAR 
391 AEDICLSCREATE ECH for Creating/Changing (Characteristics of) Classes XFELD CHAR 
392 AEDICLSFROMSTATUS Engineering Change Management Possible from Class Status XFELD CHAR 
393 AEDIFROMSTATUS Engineering Change Management Required from Class Status XFELD CHAR 
394 AEDIKZCLS ECH for (Characteristics of) Classes XFELD CHAR 
395 AEDTD Indicator: allocated to an alternative date XFELD CHAR 
396 AEDTE Indicator: Assignment to the Displayed Alternative Date XFELD CHAR 
397 AEDTI Change date for info records DATUM DATS 
398 AEDTM Changed on DATUM DATS 
399 AEDTN Alternative date external key CHAR18 CHAR 
400 AEDTO Indicator: objects allocated XFELD CHAR 
401 AEDTQ Changes to quota arrangement DATUM DATS 
402 AEDTW Changes to source list DATUM DATS 
403 AEDTZ Engineering change management: alternative date counter NUMC03 NUMC 
404 AEDT_VBKPF Date of the Last Document Change DATUM DATS 
405 AEERL Indicator: object type active for change number XFELD CHAR 
406 AEERROR Counter for errors in SD sales orders NUM2 NUMC 
407 AEFLG Status allows changes XFELD CHAR 
408 AEGRU Reason for change TEXT40 CHAR 
409 AEGUL Date from which change is valid DATUM DATS 
410 AEKNZ Change indicator FLAG CHAR 
411 AEKORG Purchasing organization functionality EKORG CHAR 
412 AEKZWI1_D Gross incoming orders - delta updating WERTV9 CURR 
413 AEKZWI2_D Net incoming orders 1 - delta updating WERTV9 CURR 
414 AEKZWI3_D Net incoming orders 2 - delta updating WERTV9 CURR 
415 AEKZWI4_D Incoming orders (freight) - delta updating WERTV9 CURR 
416 AEKZWI5_D Incoming orders PrSub 5 - delta updating WERTV9 CURR 
417 AEKZWI6_D Incoming orders PrSub 6 - delta updating WERTV9 CURR 
418 AEMENG Incoming order quantity (for component supplier) FLTP FLTP 
419 AEMENGB Qty. incoming orders based on confirm. date of sched. line MENGV15_3 QUAN 
420 AEMENGB_D QtyIO based on confirmation date of sched. line - DeltaUpdat MENGV15_3 QUAN 
421 AEMENGE_D Quantity of incoming orders - delata updating MENGV15_3 QUAN 
422 AEMPP Actual end date of statutory absence pay period DATUM DATS 
423 AEN01 Total change indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
424 AENA Name of user who changed object USNAM CHAR 
425 AENAI Name of person whose changes are to be displayed USNAM CHAR 
426 AENAL Change indicator for explosion XFLAG CHAR 
427 AENAM Name of Person Who Changed Object USNAM CHAR 
428 AENAME Last Changed By UNAME CHAR 
429 AENAM_CA Last Changed By USNAM CHAR 
430 AENAM_CM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
431 AENAM_KK Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
432 AENAM_REQ_KK Name of Person Responsible for Changing Object USNAM CHAR 
433 AENBD DUEVO Date (Dy/Mnth) End of Emplymnt w/ Ins. Liability (Old) CHAR4 CHAR 
434 AENBE Authorization group for change master record BEGRU CHAR 
435 AENBH DUEVO Year End of Insurance Liability (Old) CHAR2 CHAR 
436 AENBJ DUEVO Year End of Insurance Liability (Old) CHAR2 CHAR 
437 AENBL Create Change Documents XFELD CHAR 
438 AENBT DUEVO Date (Dy/Mnth) End of Emplymnt w/ Ins. Liability (Old) CHAR4 CHAR 
439 AEND Program last changed by CHAR12 CHAR 
441 AENDATE Date of Last Change DATUM DATS 
442 AENDB After entry,partner can no longer be changed in the document XFELD CHAR 
443 AENDBEL Indicator: do not write change documents KENNZX CHAR 
444 AENDB_VEKP Handling Unit Can No Longer Be Changed XFELD CHAR 
445 AENDDA End Date of Business Event Offered DATUM DATS 
446 AENDDATE Change date DATUM DATS 
447 AENDE End Record - Contains only Nines NUMC128 NUMC 
448 AENDERUNG IS-M: Change Indicator XFELD CHAR 
449 AENDGRUND Financial document processing: Reason for change CHAR1 CHAR 
450 AENDLFDNR Sequence Number of Change on Change Number AENDLFDNR NUMC 
451 AENDLFDNRA Sequence Number of Currently Operative Change Number AENDLFDNR NUMC 
452 AENDLFDNRI Sequence Number of Initiating Change Number AENDLFDNR NUMC 
453 AENDLFDNRN Sequence Number of Change Number Used for Transfer AENDLFDNR NUMC 
454 AENDLFDNRV Sequence Number of Change Number Used for Transfer AENDLFDNR NUMC 
455 AENDNAM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
456 AENDNR Change Number AENDNR CHAR 
457 AENDNRAB Change Number for From-Date of Structure Change AENDNR CHAR 
458 AENDNRABD Date of Change Number Used to Change From-Date AENDNRARTD CHAR 
459 AENDNRAKT Change Number in Process AENDNR CHAR 
460 AENDNRBIS Change Number for To-Date of Structural Change AENDNR CHAR 
461 AENDNRBISD Date of Change Number Used to Change To-Date AENDNRARTD CHAR 
462 AENDNRINIT Initiating Change Number AENDNR CHAR 
463 AENDNRNACH Change Number Used to Transfer to Another Assignment AENDNR CHAR 
464 AENDNRVON Change Number Used for Transfer FROM Another Assignment AENDNR CHAR 
465 AENDP Item in Current Packing Object Cannot be Packed XFELD CHAR 
466 AENDSTATUS Status of Structure Changes AENDSTATUS CHAR 
467 AENDT Date of last change DATUM DATS 
468 AENDTSTLV Last change to standard service catalog DATUM DATS 
469 AEND_FLAG Indicator for various upgrade/activation variants AEND_FLAG NUMC 
470 AEND_INS Asset accounting, change report: Display new assets? XFELD CHAR 
472 AEND_VERS Change statuses AENNR CHAR 
473 AENETWR_D Net value of incoming orders - delta updating WERTV10 CURR 
474 AENFL Indicator: engineering change management active for BOMs XFELD CHAR 
475 AENGR Budget Billing Plan: Reason for Change AENGR CHAR 
476 AENKZ Change indicator AENKZ CHAR 
477 AENND Phantom change number AENNR CHAR 
478 AENNM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
479 AENNR Change Number AENNR CHAR 
480 AENNR_TREX Change Number CHAR12 CHAR 
481 AENOB Object CHAR43 CHAR 
482 AENPROG Program that Made Last Change PROGRAMM CHAR 
483 AENRA Change Number To AENNR CHAR 
484 AENRL Last change number AENNR CHAR 
485 AENR_UR Source Schedule Line AENR NUMC 
486 AENR_VG Preceding Schedule Line AENR NUMC 
487 AENSP Indicator: object type locked for changes XFELD CHAR 
488 AENST Status of change number AENST NUMC 
489 AENTG DUEVO Remuneration (Old) CHAR5 CHAR 
490 AENTIME Time of Last Change UZEIT TIMS 
491 AENTL Identifier: Old-Age Exemption XFELD CHAR 
492 AENTP Change category AENTP CHAR 
493 AENTR Number of entries DEC03 DEC 
494 AENUHR Time of last change UZEIT TIMS 
495 AENUS Last user to make a change XUBNAME CHAR 
496 AENUSER Last Changed By USNAM CHAR 
497 AENVERS_NR IS-M: Last Change Version for Technical System AENVERS_NR NUMC 
498 AENVERS_NR_OL_LAST IS-M/AM: Last Change Version Number for Technical System AENVERS_NR NUMC 
499 AENZT Changed At TIME TIMS 
500 AEN_STATUS Status of Reporting Point on Change Date (Before/After) CHAR1_VN CHAR