SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 8
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 AD01MEG3 Quantity that should be processed now MENGV8 QUAN 
2 AD01MEG4 Quantity that should be processed later MENGV8 QUAN 
3 AD01MEG5 Quantity never MENGV8 QUAN 
4 AD01MOCODE Object nodes CHAR4 CHAR 
5 AD01MVALUE User-specific value CHAR50 CHAR 
6 AD01NOC_AMT Already rejected costs WERTV8 CURR 
7 AD01NOC_MEG Already rejected quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
8 AD01NOC_WKG Already rejected costs (CO Area currency) WERTV8 CURR 
9 AD01NOC_WOG Already rejected costs (Company Code currency) WERTV8 CURR 
10 AD01NOC_WTG Already rejected costs (transaction currency) WERTV8 CURR 
11 AD01NODE Nodes/Dynamic Items Description TEXT80UEB CHAR 
12 AD01NOMNG Quantity never MENGV8 QUAN 
13 AD01NOWRT Sum never WERTV8 CURR 
14 AD01NYI1 Quantity that has not yet been processed MENGV8 QUAN 
15 AD01ONLYBA Only basis for surcharges XFELD CHAR 
16 AD01PERIOD Posting period JAHRPER NUMC 
17 AD01PROFNR Dynamic Item Processor Profile AD01PROFNR CHAR 
18 AD01PROTXT DI profile: Short text TEXT20 CHAR 
19 AD01RAMNG Quantity never MENGV8 QUAN 
20 AD01RAT1 Percentage that should be processed now PRZ32V DEC 
21 AD01RAT2 Percentage that should be processed later PRZ32V DEC 
22 AD01RAT3 Percentage that should never be processed PRZ32V DEC 
23 AD01RAT_C Percentage (internal) AD01CALPCT DEC 
24 AD01RAWRT Sum never WERTV8 CURR 
26 AD01REV_AMT Revenue to be billed WERTV8 CURR 
27 AD01REV_KSTAR Cost element for billing KSTAR CHAR 
28 AD01REV_WAERS Currency code for WIP revenue WAERS CUKY 
29 AD01REV_WKG Revenue to be billed (CO Area currency) WERTV8 CURR 
30 AD01REV_WOG Revenue to be billed (Company Code currency) WERTV8 CURR 
31 AD01REV_WTG Revenue to be billed (revenue currency) WERTV8 CURR 
32 AD01RMWRT Manual condition WERTV8 CURR 
33 AD01RRBFILTER Process Open Items BOOLE CHAR 
34 AD01RVWRT Simulation subtotal WERTV8 CURR 
35 AD01RVWRT1 Nat value of simulation WERTV8 CURR 
36 AD01SCRPTR Identification of a profile maintenance screen AD01SCRPTR CHAR 
37 AD01SDITEM No summarization XFELD CHAR 
38 AD01SELECT Field is relevant for structure of dynamic items XFIELD CHAR 
39 AD01SEPBIL Seperate billing for costs & fees enabled XFELD CHAR 
40 AD01STAT Status TEXT50 CHAR 
41 AD01SUM_FR Summarization interval for report (from level) AD01SUM_LV NUMC 
42 AD01SUM_TO Summarization interval for report (to level) AD01SUM_LV NUMC 
43 AD01TBC_AMT Not yet billed costs (WIP costs) WERTV8 CURR 
44 AD01TBC_MEG Not yet billed quantity (WIP quantity) MENGV8 QUAN 
45 AD01TBC_WKG Not yet billed costs (WIP costs) (CO Area currency) WERTV8 CURR 
46 AD01TBC_WOG Not yet billed costs (WIP costs) (Company Code currency) WERTV8 CURR 
47 AD01TBC_WTG Not yet billed costs (WIP costs) (transaction currency) WERTV8 CURR 
48 AD01USAGE Usage of the DI profile AD01USAGE NUMC 
49 AD01USERVARIANT User-specific variant BOOLE CHAR 
50 AD01VALXCL Indicator: Exclude entered value XFELD CHAR 
51 AD01VARIANT Variant   CHAR 
53 AD01VAR_APPL Variant Application AD01VAR_APPL CHAR 
54 AD01WIP_AGE Age of a WIP item (in work periods)   NUMC 
55 AD01WIP_AGE_UNIT Unit for WIP age TEXT10 CHAR 
56 AD01WIP_CATDESC WIP Revenue Category description TEXT30 CHAR 
60 AD01WXG1 Amount from source WERTV8 CURR 
61 AD01WXG2 Amount that was processed earlier WERTV8 CURR 
62 AD01WXG3 Amount that has not yet been processed WERTV8 CURR 
63 AD01WXG4 Amount that should be processed now WERTV8 CURR 
64 AD01WXG5 Amount that should be processed later WERTV8 CURR 
65 AD01WXG6 Amount that should never be processed WERTV8 CURR 
66 AD01_SAVE_WIP Indicator: Save Work in Progress Details for Reporting XFELD CHAR 
67 AD03COM Plan data handling: Include commitments CHAR1 CHAR 
68 AD03EAX Enter at execution XFLAG CHAR 
69 AD03FLG Plan data handling: Filtering group SETNR CHAR 
70 AD03FORMU Formula apply to calculate plan cost for parameter 2 AD03FORMU CHAR 
71 AD03PLV Plan data handling: Plan version COVERSI CHAR 
72 AD03PRO Plan data handling profile ID AD03PRO CHAR 
73 AD03RCR Plan data handling: Source for recalculation version XFLAG CHAR 
74 AD03RCS Plan data handling: Recalculate surcharges XFLAG CHAR 
75 AD03RCV Plan data handling: Recalculation version COVERSI CHAR 
76 AD03RTF Total revaluation: Function to calculate factor AD03RTF CHAR 
77 AD03RTG Total revaluation: Percentage ABPRC NUMC 
78 AD03RTR Plan data handling: Method for total revaluation XFLAG CHAR 
79 AD03RVI Plan data handling: Revaluate internal activities XFLAG CHAR 
80 AD03RVR Plan data handling: Source for revaluation version XFLAG CHAR 
81 AD03RVT Plan data handling: Total revaluation XFLAG CHAR 
82 AD03RVV Plan data handling: Revaluation version COVERSI CHAR 
83 AD03SRC Plan data handling: Source for copying XFLAG CHAR 
84 AD03VTYPE version type CHAR2 CHAR 
85 AD04ADJIND Correction indicator AD04ADJIND CHAR 
86 AD04CNTNO Contract number CHAR24 CHAR 
87 AD04FAREG Rule for billing AD04FAREG CHAR 
88 AD04HRKGR Set of origin groups SETNR CHAR 
89 AD04LVCHNR Last voucher number AD04VCHNR NUMC 
90 AD04NMCTG Number category element AD04NMCTG CHAR 
91 AD04NUMFLG Document type relevant for numbering XFELD CHAR 
92 AD04ORATFR Origin object activity type LSTAR CHAR 
93 AD04ORATGR Origin object activity type group HNAME CHAR 
94 AD04ORATTO Origin object activity type LSTAR CHAR 
95 AD04ORKLFR Origin object cost center KOSTL CHAR 
96 AD04ORKLGR Origin object cost center group HNAME CHAR 
97 AD04ORKLTO Origin object cost center KOSTL CHAR 
98 AD04PAATFR Partner object activity type KOSTL CHAR 
99 AD04PAATGR Partner object activity type group HNAME CHAR 
100 AD04PAATTO Partner object activity type KOSTL CHAR 
101 AD04PAKLFR Partner object Cost center KOSTL CHAR 
102 AD04PAKLGR partner object cost center group HNAME CHAR 
103 AD04PAKLTO Partner object cost center to KOSTL CHAR 
104 AD04STGRSW Switch for processing st.k.figs. from costs AD04STGRSW CHAR 
105 AD04STUFE WBS level for rollup INT1 INT1 
106 AD04VALXCL Indicator: exclude entered values XFELD CHAR 
107 AD04VCHNR Voucher Number AD04VCHNR NUMC 
108 AD23_CUST_VALU BPP: value field for customer use WERTV8 CURR 
109 AD23_LAYTYPE BPP: alternative layout type (may be initial) AD23_LAYTYPE CHAR 
110 AD23_LINTYP BPP: type of output structure line AD23_LINTYP CHAR 
111 AD23_PRICE BPP: unit price from price condition WERTV6 CURR 
112 AD23_PRICE1 BPP: calculated unit price from subtotal 1 WERTV6 CURR 
113 AD23_PRICE2 BPP: calculated unit price from subtotal 2 WERTV6 CURR 
114 AD23_PRICEN BPP: calculated unit price from net value WERTV6 CURR 
115 AD23_TETYPE BPP: text element type for output AD23_TETYPE CHAR 
116 AD23_TETYPE_HEADER BPP: text element type for output - header line AD23_TETYPE CHAR 
117 AD23_TETYPE_LT BPP: text element type for output - long text line AD23_TETYPE CHAR 
118 ADACH30000 SAP DB: Text of SQL statement ADACH30000 CHAR 
119 ADACN Aircraft registration number ADACN CHAR 
122 ADAPT Generate: Adjust Application Forms RF_KENNZX CHAR 
123 ADAT Meter reading date relevant to billing DATUM DATS 
124 ADAT1 Current date DATUM DATS 
125 ADAT2 Current date DATUM DATS 
126 ADATA Additional Relationship Data CHARA600 CHAR 
128 ADATAR General Additional Data Field ADATAR RAW 
129 ADATA_OLD ADATA Old Length (Rel. 2.2/3.0/3.1) CHAR180 CHAR 
130 ADATBIS Meter reading date (upper limit) DATUM DATS 
131 ADATE Processing date DATUM DATS 
132 ADATERZ Meter reading date of implausible meter reading result DATUM DATS 
133 ADATE_021F Fast Entry: Activation Date DATUM DATS 
134 ADATE_KK Screen variants: Activation date DATUM DATS 
135 ADATM Valid-from date of production version DATUM DATS 
136 ADATMAX Date of maximum meter reading DATUM DATS 
137 ADATPREV Date of Previous Meter Reading for Register DATUM DATS 
138 ADATPRGDUE End of Forecast Period DATUM DATS 
139 ADATPROG Meter reading date from which forecast is made DATUM DATS 
140 ADATREAL [JBP] Real Meter Reading Date DATUM DATS 
141 ADATS Scheduled meter reading date DATUM DATS 
142 ADATSOLL Scheduled meter reading date DATUM DATS 
143 ADATSOLLU Scheduled MR date of suppressed meter reading order DATUM DATS 
144 ADATSOLL_UPL Planned Meter Reading Date (for Upload) DATS DATS 
145 ADATTATS Actual meter reading date DATUM DATS 
146 ADATU Date for beginning of validity DATUM DATS 
147 ADATUM Output date for document DATUM DATS 
148 ADATUM_BI Issue date of document - batch input CHAR10 CHAR 
149 ADATVON Meter reading date (lower limit) DATUM DATS 
150 ADATX Short description of recipient group TEXT40 CHAR 
151 ADAT_SUG Meter reading date proposed by user DATUM DATS 
152 ADAYS Effective business event duration in days ADAYS DEC 
153 ADA_ADATE SAP DB: Analysis Date DATS DATS 
154 ADA_ATIME SAP DB: Analysis Time TIME TIMS 
155 ADA_CCNT SAP DB: Counter for command calls DEC20 DEC 
156 ADA_CRATE Collision rate for region accesses ADADEC7_2 DEC 
157 ADA_CTIME SAP DB: Time measurement from DB console DEC20_4 DEC 
158 ADA_CVAL Character value from system tables; Char 64 CHAR64 CHAR 
159 ADA_CVALUE Char(3); statistical value from SYSDBA.SERVERDBSTATISTICS CHAR3 CHAR 
160 ADA_DBM Database Manager version CHAR40 CHAR 
161 ADA_DESCR Description of SYSDBA monitor CHAR40 CHAR 
162 ADA_DIAG SDB: Parameters for Diagnostic Monitor INT2 INT2 
164 ADA_DTIM SAP DB: Execution time of SQL command CHAR26 CHAR 
165 ADA_FCAL SAP DB: Number of get calls DEC20 DEC 
167 ADA_GROWTH SAP DB: Table Growth in KB DEC20 DEC 
169 ADA_HIT SDB: Hit Rate for Performance Database HITRATE INT4 
170 ADA_HOME DBROOT directory CHAR128 CHAR 
171 ADA_HOST Name of database host CHAR128 CHAR 
172 ADA_INR ADABAS: Internal row number for table control NUMC4 NUMC 
173 ADA_KERNEL DB kernel version CHAR40 CHAR 
175 ADA_LFLAG SAP DB: Indicator of Whether Table Has Long Columns CHAR1 CHAR 
178 ADA_LZU Version of runtime environment CHAR40 CHAR 
181 ADA_NVAL Numeric value from system tables (char 10) CHAR10 CHAR 
182 ADA_NVALUE Numerical statistical value from SYSDBA.SERVERDBSTATISTICS NUMC10 NUMC 
183 ADA_OP SAP DB: SQL operation CHAR10 CHAR 
184 ADA_OSIZE SAP DB: Object Size in KB DEC20 DEC 
185 ADA_OSTYPE Operating system type CHAR30 CHAR 
186 ADA_OTYPE SAP DB: Object Type (Table, Index, Total) CHAR5 CHAR 
188 ADA_PHIO SAP DB: Counter for physical I/O access DEC20 DEC 
189 ADA_PNAME Database parameter name CHAR40 CHAR 
190 ADA_PVALUE Database parameter value CHAR64 CHAR 
191 ADA_QUAL SAP DB: Counter for qualified rows DEC20 DEC 
192 ADA_READ SAP DB: Counter for rows read DEC20 DEC 
193 ADA_REQS SAP DB: Counter for subrequests DEC20 DEC 
194 ADA_RESC SAP DB: Indicator whether result should be phys. built CHAR3 CHAR 
195 ADA_RFET SAP DB: Counter for "gotten" rows DEC20 DEC 
196 ADA_ROOT SAP DB: Root of a DB index INT4 INT4 
197 ADA_RQPE SAP DB: Qualified rows per execution DEC20 DEC 
198 ADA_RTIM SAP DB: SQL command runtime in seconds DEC20_3 DEC 
199 ADA_SELTY SAP DB: Ratio of qualified to read rows DEC3_2 DEC 
200 ADA_SESS SAP DB: Session ID (hexadecimal) CHAR16 CHAR 
201 ADA_SLEAF SAP DB: Size of all Leaf Pages in KB in the B* Tree DEC20 DEC 
202 ADA_SLONG SAP DB: Size of Short Long Column Files in KB in B* Tree DEC20 DEC 
203 ADA_SNUM Number of Statements DEC_10 DEC 
204 ADA_SSTMT SAP DB: Start of SQL command CHAR80 CHAR 
205 ADA_STRA SAP DB: Strategy of SQL optimizer CHAR40 CHAR 
206 ADA_SWITCH SDB: Diagnosis Monitor On/Off Switch CHAR3 CHAR 
208 ADA_TABLE_COMMENT Field COMMENT from domain.tables TEXT200 CHAR 
210 ADA_TFLAG Flag: Kernel trace activated/deactivated CHAR3 CHAR 
211 ADA_TONAME Kernel trace option name CHAR40 CHAR 
212 ADA_TRCMD Database kernel trace command CHAR30 CHAR 
213 ADA_TROPT Database kernel trace options TEXT255 CHAR 
214 ADA_TYPE Type of monitor information from SYSDBA.MONITOR CHAR8 CHAR 
217 ADA_VERSID Database version ID CHAR6 CHAR 
218 ADA_VRDS SAP DB: Counter for virtual reads DEC20 DEC 
219 ADA_VRPE SAP DB: Number of page accesses per execution DEC20 DEC 
220 ADA_VRPL SAP DB: Number of page accesses per row DEC20_2 DEC 
221 ADA_VSTATE domain.show_stat_state.value CHAR40 CHAR 
222 ADA_VSUS SAP DB: Counter for task suspensions DEC20 DEC 
223 ADA_VWAI SAP DB: Counter for SQL waits DEC20 DEC 
224 ADBADICALL Indicator for Controlling the BAdI Call ADBADICALL CHAR 
225 ADBEZ Job Index - University Statistics CHAR3 CHAR 
226 ADBKZ Selection independent of processing indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
227 ADBOS_UV Service line without price (at least one) CHAR1 CHAR 
228 ADBOS_UVM Service line without quantity (at least one) CHAR1 CHAR 
229 ADBOS_UVMG Service Line Without Material Group (at Least One) CHAR1 CHAR 
230 ADBOS_ZUSCHLAG_PROZ Percent Addition or Deduction ADBOS_PERCENTAGE52 DEC 
231 ADBOS_ZUSCHLAG_WERT Value of Addition or Deduction WERTV8 CURR 
232 ADBTH Actual Birth Date of Child DATUM DATS 
233 ADB_KUMSL Average Daily Balance: Cumulated WERTV9 CURR 
234 ADB_PFROM Period From (Average Daily Balance) DATUM DATS 
235 ADB_PTO Period To (Average Daily Balance) DATUM DATS 
236 ADB_UMPER Average Daily Balance of Period WERTV9 CURR 
237 ADCHK Boycott lists: Check partner addresses for legal control XFELD CHAR 
240 ADCS2KFFP_VALUE_BUFFERING Flat File Parser: Is Value Buffering Active? BOOLE CHAR 
241 ADCSN Location Authorization field TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') ADCSN CHAR 
242 ADCSTRSTAT Communication strategy table status flag ADCSTRSTAT CHAR 
243 ADD Additional Indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
244 ADDAA Additional Acct Assignments for Split: Cash Disc. Exch. Difs ADDAA CHAR 
245 ADDADR Adress of move-in customer is adjusted KENNZX CHAR 
246 ADDAMOUNT Additional flat-rate amount for a streetlight WRTV7 CURR 
247 ADDAT PM Order: Reference Date DATUM DATS 
248 ADDATR Reference Date VNZTV QUAN 
249 ADDCHARACT Special Characteristics Select in Integration Model ATNAM CHAR 
250 ADDCK Financial document processing: Check submission of document XFELD CHAR 
251 ADDCO Additional Condition for Time Constraint 3 ADDCO CHAR 
253 ADDCOTXT Name of Additional Condition for Time Constraint 3 TEXT30 CHAR 
254 ADDCS Additional insurance premium WERT3 CURR 
255 ADDDETAILINFO More Detail Information Available XFELD CHAR 
256 ADDEC Employer - additional insurance premium WERT3 CURR 
257 ADDELEMENT Display Additional Receipt Data in the Order Report XFELD CHAR 
258 ADDFIELD Additional Fields for later enhancement ADDFIELD CHAR 
259 ADDFIELD_PUR Further Fields for Selection When Transaction Is Invoked ADDFIELD_PUR CHAR 
260 ADDFLD RC: Additional field from T804B? (X=yes) XFELD CHAR 
261 ADDFL_KK Selection of Clearing for Partial Clearing ADDFL_KK CHAR 
262 ADDFS Financial document processing: Fld ctrl - Submission of doc. FAAKK CHAR 
263 ADDHEADER Additional header entry X CHAR 
264 ADDI1 Additional No. 1 in the communication structure MATNR CHAR 
265 ADDI1_CALC Additional No. 1: Indicator for price calculation ADDI_CALC CHAR 
266 ADDI2 Additional No. 2 in the communication structure MATNR CHAR 
267 ADDI2_CALC Additional No. 2: Indicator for price calculation ADDI_CALC CHAR 
268 ADDI3 Additional No. 3 in the communication structure MATNR CHAR 
269 ADDI3_CALC Additional No. 3: Indicator for price calculation ADDI_CALC CHAR 
270 ADDIFARCH Flag: Difference Data Archived ADDIFFLAG CHAR 
271 ADDIFCAMUP Flag: Addresses Already Compared ADDIFFLAG CHAR 
272 ADDIFCPCOD Previous District Key CITYP_CODE CHAR 
273 ADDIFCPNAM Previous District Name TEXT40 CHAR 
275 ADDIFCTNAM Previous City Name TEXT40 CHAR 
276 ADDIFDATE Date of Difference Table Quarterly Comparison Entry   DATS 
277 ADDIFHNHGH Previous Upper House Number Range Limit NUMC10 NUMC 
278 ADDIFHNIND Previous House Number Flag (even/odd/all) HSN_IND NUMC 
279 ADDIFHNLOW Previous Lower House Number Range Limit NUMC10 NUMC 
280 ADDIFINIT Flag: Regional Structure Initialized ADDIFFLAG CHAR 
281 ADDIFNMBR Unique Sequential Number for Creating Difference Data NUMC10 NUMC 
282 ADDIFORIGN Record Creation Type (Difference Table) ADDIFORIGN CHAR 
283 ADDIFPCODE Previous Postal Code POST_CODE CHAR 
284 ADDIFPOHGH Previous Upper PO Box Range Limit PO_BOX CHAR 
285 ADDIFPOIND Previous PO Box Number Flag (even/odd/all) PO_BOX_IND NUMC 
286 ADDIFPOLOW Previous Lower PO Box Range Limit PO_BOX CHAR 
287 ADDIFSPRAS Creation Language for Updating Regional Structure SPRAS LANG 
288 ADDIFSTCOD Previous Street Key STRT_CODE CHAR 
289 ADDIFSTNAM Previous Street Name TEXT60 CHAR 
290 ADDIFSUPH Previous House Number Supplement - Upper Limit TEXT4 CHAR 
291 ADDIFSUPL Previous House Number Supplement - Lower Limit TEXT4 CHAR 
292 ADDIFTIME Time of Entry in Difference Tables for Quarterly Adjustment   TIMS 
293 ADDIFUSER User Who Changed the City File XUBNAME CHAR 
294 ADDINFO Frame: Further information TEXT25 CHAR 
295 ADDINFO_KM Additional Trip Segment Information XFELD CHAR 
296 ADDINFTY Further infotype data XFELD CHAR 
297 ADDIS_BAPI Status of request for additionals IDoc via BAPI ADDIS_1 CHAR 
298 ADDIS_BAPI_AM Additionals: BAPI request for additionals IDoc CHAR2 CHAR 
299 ADDIS_DEL Deletion status of the reference document item ADDIS_1 CHAR 
300 ADDIS_DEL_AM Additionals status: Reference document item deleted CHAR2 CHAR 
301 ADDIS_FRMCUST Status of the SLS service ADDIS_1 CHAR 
302 ADDIS_FRMCUST_AM Supplementary logistics service: status CHAR2 CHAR 
303 ADDIS_IDOC Creation status for additionals IDoc ADDIS_1 CHAR 
304 ADDIS_IDOCFB Additionals: IDoc status in the sub-system ADDIS_2 CHAR 
305 ADDIS_IDOCFB_AM Additional: IDoc status in the sub-system CHAR2 CHAR 
306 ADDIS_IDOC_AM Additionals: Indicates whether IDoc was created CHAR2 CHAR 
307 ADDIS_ORDP Status of inclusion of additionals data in PO printout ADDIS_1 CHAR 
308 ADDIS_ORDP_AM Additionals: Indicator for purchase order printout CHAR2 CHAR 
309 ADDIS_POOK Status of purchase order for additionals ADDIS_POOK CHAR 
310 ADDIS_POOK_AM Additionals: Indicates whether external PO generated CHAR2 CHAR 
311 ADDIS_SUPP Status for determination of additionals vendor ADDIS_SUPP CHAR 
312 ADDIS_SUPP_AM Additionals: Indicator for vendor determination CHAR2 CHAR 
313 ADDIS_WEKZ Status for goods receipt for higher-level material ADDIS_2 CHAR 
314 ADDIS_WEKZ_AM Additionals: Indicator for goods receipt CHAR2 CHAR 
315 ADDIT Factory calendar: Number of days added ADDSUB NUMC 
316 ADDITIONAL1 Additional field for output of summary reports   CHAR 
317 ADDITIONAL_INFO Additional Vendor information CHAR1 CHAR 
318 ADDITIONAL_INFO_DELE Additional information ADD_INFO_DOM CHAR 
319 ADDITION_DATA Additional functions for object links active XFELD CHAR 
320 ADDITIV_CONSUMPTION_LOGIC Additive Consumption Logic of Earmarked Funds CHAR1_X CHAR 
321 ADDIT_AMNT Additional Amount of a Trip (Taxable for Employee) BAPICURR DEC 
322 ADDIT_EXIST Indicator: Additionals available for item XFELD CHAR 
323 ADDI_APPL Application for triggering follow-up actions for additionals ADDI_APPL CHAR 
324 ADDI_APPLTXT Additionals: Application CHAR40 CHAR 
325 ADDI_APPL_LOG_IDOC Additionals: generate application log for IDoc XFELD CHAR 
326 ADDI_ASLI Copy additionals to assortment list XFELD CHAR 
327 ADDI_BELNR Document number for additional ADDI_BELNR CHAR 
328 ADDI_BSART Order type for ordering additionals from an external source BSART CHAR 
329 ADDI_BSTYP Order cat. for ordering additionals from an external source BSTYP CHAR 
330 ADDI_BUYDOC Additionals: Document number of the PO for additionals CHAR16 CHAR 
331 ADDI_BUYDT Date on which purchase order generated for the additional DATS DATS 
332 ADDI_CALC Price calculation control ADDI_CALC CHAR 
333 ADDI_CALCT Text for price calculation indicator CHAR60 CHAR 
334 ADDI_CENPR ID for central generation of additionals FLAG CHAR 
335 ADDI_CHNG Additionals: Filter for analyzing changes DDOBJNAME CHAR 
336 ADDI_CLASS Class with additionals assigned to its elements KLASSE CHAR 
337 ADDI_CLINT Internal class number for assigning additionals CLINT NUMC 
338 ADDI_CNDHC Condition for handling costs (additionals) KSCHL CHAR 
339 ADDI_CNDMC Condition for material costs (additionals) KSCHL CHAR 
340 ADDI_CPFLD Field name for a change document FDNAME CHAR 
341 ADDI_CUFMCHK Additional: check customer/method assignment? XFELD CHAR 
342 ADDI_DATE Execution date for follow-up action DATS DATS 
343 ADDI_DATE1 Date on which the data record was inserted DATS DATS 
344 ADDI_DATE2 Date on which the data record was last changed DATS DATS 
345 ADDI_DELID Additionals: Delivery date DATS DATS 
346 ADDI_DELIK Additional is relevant for delivery XFELD CHAR 
347 ADDI_DELIP Additional is relevant for delivery item XFELD CHAR 
348 ADDI_EBELN Additionals: Document number for purchasing document EBELN CHAR 
349 ADDI_EBELP Additionals: Item number of purchasing document EBELP NUMC 
350 ADDI_EDI_DOCNUM Number for additionals IDoc EDI_DOCNUM NUMC 
351 ADDI_EKORG Additionals: Purchasing organization EKORG CHAR 
352 ADDI_EVENT Event that triggers follow-up actions for additionals ADDI_EVENT CHAR 
353 ADDI_EXE_DIA Additional: generate IDoc in dialog! XFELD CHAR 
354 ADDI_FM Procedure for Additionals ADDI_FM CHAR 
355 ADDI_FMCU Customer procedure for additionals ADDI_FM CHAR 
356 ADDI_FMCU_X Checkbox for the assignment that is to be saved CHAR1 CHAR 
357 ADDI_FMTXT Additionals: Description for the procedure for additionals TEXT40 CHAR 
358 ADDI_FRM_CARE Follow-up action relevant to SLS XFELD CHAR 
359 ADDI_GR_COUNC Additionals: County Code of the Ship-to Party COUNC CHAR 
360 ADDI_GR_LAND1 Additionals: Country of the ship-to party LAND1 CHAR 
361 ADDI_GR_NAME1 Additionals: Name of the ship-to party TEXT30 CHAR 
362 ADDI_GR_NAME2 Additionals: Name of the ship-to party TEXT30 CHAR 
363 ADDI_GR_ORT01 Additionals: Location of the ship-to party TEXT25 CHAR 
364 ADDI_GR_PARTN Additionals: Partner number of the ship-to party LIFNR CHAR 
365 ADDI_GR_PARVW Additionals: Partner function for the ship-to party PARVW CHAR 
366 ADDI_GR_PFACH Additionals: Post office box of the ship-to party PFACH CHAR 
367 ADDI_GR_PSTLZ Additionals: Postal code of the ship-to party PSTLZ CHAR 
368 ADDI_GR_STRAS Additionals: Street where ship-to party is located TEXT30 CHAR 
369 ADDI_HANDLECO Additionals: indicator for calculated handling costs XFELD CHAR 
370 ADDI_IDOC Indicator which refers to separate additionals IDoc CHAR1 CHAR 
371 ADDI_IDOCD Additionals IDoc: Usage date for data DATS DATS 
372 ADDI_IDOCFB Additionals: function module for generating IDocs FUNCNAME CHAR 
373 ADDI_IDOCN Additional: IDoc number EDI_DOCNUM NUMC 
374 ADDI_IDOCSUB Additionals IDoc: sub-system status update XFELD CHAR 
375 ADDI_IDOC_01_KUNNR Customer who has requested the additionals KUNNR CHAR 
376 ADDI_IDOC_01_LIFNR Vendor who supplies the additionals LIFNR CHAR 
377 ADDI_IDOC_01_SPRAS Language according to ISO 639 LAISO CHAR 
378 ADDI_IDOC_02_BASME ISO code for base unit of measure of the material MEINS UNIT 
379 ADDI_IDOC_02_INHME ISO code for the content unit MEINS UNIT 
380 ADDI_IDOC_02_VRKME ISO code for sales unit of the material MEINS UNIT 
381 ADDI_IDOC_05_ADDIMAKTX Material description for the additional TEXT40 CHAR 
382 ADDI_IDOC_05_ADDIMATKL Material group of the additional MATKL CHAR 
383 ADDI_IDOC_05_ADDINUM Control of the number of additionals to be generated ADDI_NUM CHAR 
384 ADDI_IDOC_05_ADDINUMBERT Total number of additionals INT4 INT4 
385 ADDI_IDOC_08_KUNNR Customer who is to receive the additional KUNNR CHAR 
386 ADDI_IDOC_08_LAND Country ISO code INTCA CHAR 
387 ADDI_IDOC_08_WAERS ISO code for the currency ISOCD CHAR 
388 ADDI_IDOC_10_BSTME ISO code for the order unit MEINS UNIT 
389 ADDI_INVDF Default value for the bill-to party for additionals ADDI_INVOC CHAR 
390 ADDI_INVOC Bill-to party for additional ordered from an external source ADDI_INVOC CHAR 
391 ADDI_INVOCTXT Additionals: bill-to party for PO for additionals CHAR40 CHAR 
392 ADDI_INVRQ Bill-to party for additionals must be specified FLAG CHAR 
393 ADDI_INVT Additionals: text field for bill-to party AS4TEXT CHAR 
394 ADDI_IR_COUNC Additionals: County code of the bill-to party COUNC CHAR 
395 ADDI_IR_LAND1 Additionals: Country of the bill-to party LAND1 CHAR 
396 ADDI_IR_NAME1 Additionals: Name of the bill-to party TEXT30 CHAR 
397 ADDI_IR_NAME2 Additionals: Name of the bill-to party TEXT30 CHAR 
398 ADDI_IR_ORT01 Additionals: Location of the bill-to party TEXT25 CHAR 
399 ADDI_IR_PARTN Additionals: partner number of the bill-to party LIFNR CHAR 
400 ADDI_IR_PARVW Additionals: Partner function of the bill-to party PARVW CHAR 
401 ADDI_IR_PFACH Additionals: Post office box of the bill-to party PFACH CHAR 
402 ADDI_IR_PSTLZ Additionals: Postal code of the bill-to party PSTLZ CHAR 
403 ADDI_IR_STRAS Additionals: Street where bill-to party is located TEXT30 CHAR 
404 ADDI_KAPPL Additionals: Application for conditions KAPPL CHAR 
405 ADDI_KLART Class type displayed when editing additionals KLASSENART CHAR 
406 ADDI_KNTTP Account assignment category for POs for additionals KNTTP CHAR 
407 ADDI_KOSTL Cost center for additional ordered KOSTL CHAR 
408 ADDI_KSCHL Additionals: Message type for deliveries CHAR4 CHAR 
409 ADDI_KUNNR Additionals: Customer to whom the reference document belongs KUNNR CHAR 
410 ADDI_LGTYP Storage type for additionals processing LGTYP CHAR 
411 ADDI_LIFNR Additionals vendor LIFNR CHAR 
412 ADDI_MAKTM Text for additional per unit of measure of a material TEXT40 CHAR 
413 ADDI_MAMI_TL Status of an additional in the database CHAR4 CHAR 
414 ADDI_MAMI_X Save additional CHAR1 CHAR 
415 ADDI_MATCU External description of the additional IDNEX CHAR 
416 ADDI_MATKL Material group for an additional MATKL CHAR 
417 ADDI_MATMS Additionals: Unit of measure of the material MEINS UNIT 
418 ADDI_MATNR Material number for additional MATNR CHAR 
419 ADDI_MATNRCO Additionals: calculated material costs indicator XFELD CHAR 
420 ADDI_MATQU Quantity of material used in the reference document MENG13 QUAN 
421 ADDI_MATRQ Additional required FLAG CHAR 
422 ADDI_MEINS Unit of measure for quantity of the additional used MEINS UNIT 
423 ADDI_MEINS_ISO ISO unit of measure for used quantity of additional MEINS UNIT 
424 ADDI_MES Additionals: logical message type for reduction EDI_MESTYP CHAR 
425 ADDI_NUM Additionals: Number control ADDI_NUM CHAR 
426 ADDI_NUMBER Number of additionals INT4 INT4 
427 ADDI_ON Additional active in the system ADDI_ON CHAR 
428 ADDI_OPER Follow-up action for procedure for additionals CHAR2 CHAR 
429 ADDI_OPERTXT Additionals: Description of the follow-up action CHAR40 CHAR 
430 ADDI_OPER_TXT Additionals: Description of the follow-up action DDTEXT CHAR 
431 ADDI_ORDQU Quantity of the additional used MENG13 QUAN 
432 ADDI_POACT Additionals: Vendor selection for purchase orders ADDI_POACT CHAR 
433 ADDI_POSNR Item number of an additional NUM6 NUMC 
434 ADDI_POTYP Additionals: Document category for POs for additionals VWWSBTYPVO CHAR 
435 ADDI_PRASS Usage indicator for additionals in promotions ADDI_PRASS CHAR 
436 ADDI_PRAST Text field for additionals usage in promotions AS4TEXT CHAR 
437 ADDI_RBD Additionals: Date of the reference document DATS DATS 
438 ADDI_RDAM Additionals: Whole reference document number CHAR22 CHAR 
439 ADDI_RDID Additionals: Header document no. of the reference document CHAR10 CHAR 
440 ADDI_REL Relevant for additionals XFELD CHAR 
441 ADDI_ROWNR Line number in a text for an additional ADDI_ROWNR NUMC 
442 ADDI_SCLNT Class for which additionals-related activities are triggered CLINT NUMC 
443 ADDI_SCLSS Additionals: Class for a sender KLASSE CHAR 
444 ADDI_SKLRT Additionals: Class type for sender KLASSENART CHAR 
445 ADDI_STATUS Status of an additional ADDI_STATUS INT4 
446 ADDI_STUNR Additionals: step number NUM4 NUMC 
447 ADDI_SUPFMCHK Additional: check vendor/method assignment? XFELD CHAR 
448 ADDI_TIME1 Time at which the data record was inserted TIME TIMS 
449 ADDI_TIME2 Time at which data record was last changed TIME TIMS 
450 ADDI_TXTFL Supplementary text exists FLAG CHAR 
451 ADDI_UNITR Additionals: Unit of measurement from reference document MEINS UNIT 
452 ADDI_USEDAT Date of use for additional DATS DATS 
453 ADDI_USER1 Additionals: User who created data record XUBNAME CHAR 
454 ADDI_USER2 Additionals: User who has changed data record XUBNAME CHAR 
455 ADDI_VKME Sales unit of the material MEINS UNIT 
456 ADDI_WERKS Additionals: Plant to which the reference document belongs WERKS CHAR 
457 ADDI_WTKEY Key for transaction data for additionals ADDI_WTKEY NUMC 
458 ADDJN Bonus indicator for time leveling and time sheet ADDJN CHAR 
459 ADDKN Addibility of transaction type XFELD CHAR 
460 ADDKO Additive constant for conversion to SI unit ADDKO DEC 
461 ADDKONST Accumulated constant for interest reference DECV4_3 DEC 
463 ADDMATERIAL Display Additional Material Data in Order Report XFELD CHAR 
464 ADDNL Previous Agreement(s) Exhausted XFELD CHAR 
465 ADDNO Address Sequence Number ADDNO CHAR 
467 ADDONID Name of an Add-On Product ADDONID CHAR 
468 ADDONRL Version of an "Add-On" Product CHAR12 CHAR 
469 ADDR100 Address in Abbreviated Form (Char 100)   CHAR 
470 ADDRCHANGE 'X'=Address Fields Were Changed by Geo-Coding XFLAG CHAR 
471 ADDREC_KK Addit.Receivab. XFELD CHAR 
472 ADDREF_ITAGCY Additional Reference XBLNR_KK CHAR 
473 ADDRESS4096 Address for Communication (e.g. URL) Length 4096 CHAR4096 CHAR 
474 ADDRESSLINE_AG IS-M: Name and Address of Sold-to Party CHAR50 CHAR 
475 ADDRESSLINE_WE IS-M: Name and Address of Ship-to Party CHAR80 CHAR 
478 ADDRESS_DETAIL Address Detail   CHAR 
480 ADDRESS_FI Complete Address ADDRESS_FI CHAR 
482 ADDRESS_LINES Fact Sheet: Address Line LINES CHAR 
483 ADDRESS_MATCH_KK Matching of Address of Object and Sanctioned Party List (%) MATCH_PERCENT_KK NUMC 
484 ADDRESS_PRIVACY_STATUS IS-M: Status of Address As Regards Data Protection ADDRESS_PRIVACY_STATUS CHAR 
485 ADDRESS_TEXT_KK Complete Address Details TEXT80 CHAR 
486 ADDRESS_UNDELIVERABLE_CODE_CO Undeliverable Address Code   CHAR 
487 ADDRGP_KK Name and Address of Business Partner TEXT132 CHAR 
488 ADDRPRIMHIGH IS-M: Primary House Number (Upper Limit) HAUSNUMMER CHAR 
489 ADDRPRIMLOW IS-M: Primary House Number (Lower Limit) HAUSNUMMER CHAR 
490 ADDRPRIMODDEVEN Even/Odd ID for Primary Address Number ODDEVENCODE CHAR 
491 ADDRSECABBR IS-M: Secondary Address Text TEXT10 CHAR 
495 ADDRSECNUMLOW IS-M: Secondary Address Number (Lower Limit) ADDRSECNUMBER CHAR 
496 ADDRSECODDEVEN IS-M: Odd/Even Indicator for Secondary Address Number ODDEVENCODE CHAR 
497 ADDRS_005 Formatting routine key for printing addresses ADDRS CHAR 
498 ADDRS_TYPE Addresses: Address Type ADDRS_TYPE CHAR 
499 ADDRTINT Additional Interest Installments ADDRTINT CHAR 
500 ADDRTYPE Address Type CHAR3 CHAR