SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 32
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 AUF_STATUS Status of the Order AUF_STATUS CHAR 
2 AUGB2_KK Clearing Amount in Second Local Currency (With +/- Sign) WRTV7 CURR 
3 AUGB3_KK Clearing Amount in Third Local Currency (With +/- Sign) WRTV7 CURR 
4 AUGBD_KK Clearing document posting date DATUM DATS 
5 AUGBF_KK Reset clearing document number AUGBL_KK CHAR 
6 AUGBH_KK Clearing amount in local currency with +/- sign WRTV7 CURR 
7 AUGBH_PO Clearing Amount of Payment Order in Local Currency WRTV7 CURR 
8 AUGBL Document Number of the Clearing Document BELNR CHAR 
9 AUGBL_CA Clearing Document Number from Contract Account Document OPBEL_CA CHAR 
10 AUGBL_KK Clearing Document or Printed Document AUGBL_KK CHAR 
11 AUGBL_KK_RG Clearing Document Number of CARP Document or Print Document BEL_KK_RG CHAR 
12 AUGBL_PRQ Clearing Document From PAYRQ BELNR CHAR 
13 AUGBO_KK Clearing Amount in Open Item Currency WRTV7 CURR 
14 AUGBR_KK Clearing document number AUGBL_KK CHAR 
15 AUGBS8_KK Tax Amount in Clearing Currency WRTV8 CURR 
16 AUGBS_KK Tax amount in clearing currency WRTV7 CURR 
17 AUGBT8_KK Clearing Amount in Clearing Currency WRTV8 CURR 
18 AUGBT_CA Clearing Amount in Clearing Currency WRTV7 CURR 
19 AUGBT_F152 Clearing Amount WERTV8 CURR 
20 AUGBT_FKB4 Clearing amount WRTV7 CURR 
21 AUGBT_G Cleared Total Amount WRTV7 CURR 
22 AUGBT_KK Clearing amount in clearing currency WRTV7 CURR 
23 AUGBW_KK Clearing Amount in Transaction Currency (With +/- Sign) WRTV7 CURR 
24 AUGBW_PO Clearing Amount of Payment Order in Transaction Currency WRTV7 CURR 
25 AUGCP Clearing Entry Date DATUM DATS 
26 AUGDAT_B_KK Clearing Date (Batch Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
27 AUGDT Clearing Date DATUM DATS 
28 AUGDT_CA Clearing Date DATUM DATS 
29 AUGDT_KK Clearing date DATUM DATS 
30 AUGDT_KQST Clearing Date for Withholding Tax Form (DDMMYY) CHAR06 CHAR 
31 AUGESCH Number of basements DEC2 DEC 
32 AUGESCHBI Number of basements CHAR2 CHAR 
33 AUGGB_KK Number of Cleared Document AUGBL_KK CHAR 
34 AUGGJ Fiscal Year of Clearing Document GJAHR NUMC 
35 AUGKZ_VK Clearing Indicator XFELD CHAR 
36 AUGLT Clearing Procedure Description TEXT30 CHAR 
37 AUGLV Clearing Transaction AUGLV CHAR 
38 AUGOB_KK Item Canceled XFELD CHAR 
39 AUGOP_VK Indicator: Include Cleared Items XFELD CHAR 
40 AUGRA_KK Type of Clearing Reset AUGRA_KK CHAR 
41 AUGRDTXT_CA Clearing Reason TEXT50 CHAR 
42 AUGRD_CA Clearing Reason   CHAR 
43 AUGRD_CR_KK Exception Reasons for Cashed Checks AUGRD_CR_KK CHAR 
44 AUGRD_CR_KK_TXT Name of Exception Reasons for Check Encashment   CHAR 
45 AUGRD_KK Clearing Reason AUGRD_KK CHAR 
46 AUGRD_KK_O Clearing Reason For Clearing To Be Reset AUGRD_KK CHAR 
47 AUGRP_MD Insurance Object: Authorization Group BU_AUGRP CHAR 
48 AUGRSTXT_CA Clearing Restriction TEXT60 CHAR 
49 AUGRS_BZINS_KK Clearing Restriction for Cash Security Deposit Interest AUGRS_BZINS_KK CHAR 
50 AUGRS_CA Clearing Restriction   CHAR 
51 AUGRS_DEF_KK Clearing Restriction AUGRS_DEF_KK CHAR 
52 AUGRS_KK Clearing restriction AUGRS_KK CHAR 
53 AUGRS_SEC_KK Clearing Restriction AUGRS_KK CHAR 
54 AUGRU Order reason (reason for the business transaction) AUGRU CHAR 
55 AUGRU_BEZ Description of sales order reason TEXT40 CHAR 
56 AUGRU_GSN Order reason for retro-billing (credit memo) AUGRU CHAR 
57 AUGRU_LSN Order reason for retro-billing (debit memo) AUGRU CHAR 
58 AUGSK8_KK Discount Granted in Clearing Currency WRTV8 CURR 
59 AUGSK_KK Cash Discount Granted/Surcharge Levied in Clearing Currency WRTV7 CURR 
60 AUGSTICON_CA Clearing Status ICON CHAR 
61 AUGST_KK Clearing status AUGST_KK CHAR 
62 AUGST_SREP Clearing Status of Line Item AUGST_SREP CHAR 
63 AUGSU_KK_NEW Clearing Total in Local Currency After Euro Conversion WRTV7 CURR 
64 AUGSU_KK_OLD Clearing Total in Local Currency Before Euro Conversion WRTV7 CURR 
65 AUGTX_F05A Clearing Text TEXT50 CHAR 
66 AUGVD_CA Value Date for Clearing DATUM DATS 
67 AUGVD_KK Value date for clearing DATUM DATS 
68 AUGWA_CA Clearing Currency WAERS CUKY 
69 AUGWA_KK Clearing currency WAERS CUKY 
70 AUGWA_PO Account Balance: Clearing Currency of Payment Order WAERS CUKY 
71 AUIE1 Ind: Surcharge according to Insolvency Insurance Act CHAR1 CHAR 
72 AUIE2 Ind: Surcharge according to Insolvency Insurance Act CHAR1 CHAR 
73 AUKBED Indicator: Calculate capacity requirements XFELD CHAR 
74 AUKEY_KK Key for Issued Checks (Optional) CHAR40K CHAR 
75 AUKSA_KAL Use FC for Interval: Printing MR Orders to Meter Reading KENNZX CHAR 
76 AUKU1 Indicator: Chamber of Labor Contribution CHAR1 CHAR 
77 AUKU2 Indicator: Chamber of Labor Contribution CHAR1 CHAR 
78 AUKV1 Indicator for health insurance XFELD CHAR 
79 AULDT First delivery date of the equipment DATUM DATS 
80 AULEN Output length of list field AULEN DEC 
81 AULK1 Indicator: Contribution to agricultural workers' association CHAR1 CHAR 
82 AULK2 Indicator: Contribution to agricultural workers' association CHAR1 CHAR 
83 AULWE Route Schedule AULWE CHAR 
84 AULWE_BEZ Description of route schedule TEXT40 CHAR 
85 AULWE_PI Route schedule AULWE_PI CHAR 
86 AULWE_VL35 Route schedule AULWE CHAR 
87 AUMGE Unit of measure for the model quantity MEINS UNIT 
88 AUMLG Identifier for settlement to cost center XFELD CHAR 
89 AUMNG Scrap quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
90 AUMOT Apportionment reason AD01COSTYP CHAR 
91 AUMOUNT_OR Total order value gross BAPICURR DEC 
93 AUNAM_KK Name of Person to Whom Check Was Given CHAR80K CHAR 
94 AUNB1 Indicator: Nightshift Heavy Labor Regulations CHAR1 CHAR 
95 AUNB2 Indicator: Night shift heavy labor regulations CHAR1 CHAR 
96 AUNFL Indicator: Additional quantities desired? XFELD CHAR 
97 AUNIT Additional unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
98 AUNIT_FLOWCTRL ABAP Unit: Flow Control in Case of Error AUNIT_FLOWCTRL INT1 
99 AUNIT_LEVEL ABAP Unit: Severity of Check Error AUNIT_LEVEL INT1 
100 AUNIT_MEM_ID ABAP Unit Shared Memory ID   CHAR 
101 AUNKZ IS-H: Work Accident and Consequences, Occupat. Disease XFELD CHAR 
102 AUNUM Payment cards: Authorization number CHAR10 CHAR 
103 AUNUM_CA Authorization Number for Payment Cards CHAR25 CHAR 
104 AUNUM_KK Payment cards: Authorization number CHAR25 CHAR 
105 AUNUM_P Payment cards: Previous authorization number CHAR10 CHAR 
106 AUNUR Oblig. contribution for leave w/o compensation XFELD CHAR 
107 AUOBJ Object ID: Organizational Unit Assigned to Recipient CHAR45 CHAR 
108 AUORT_KK Check Given To / City CHAR40K CHAR 
109 AUOTP Object Type: Organizational Unit Assigned to Recipient OTYPE CHAR 
110 AUPFD Alternative operation sequence/path AUPFD CHAR 
111 AUPRF Profile Name for ALE Change Authorization CHAR10 CHAR 
112 AUPV1 Indicator: Pension insurance XFELD CHAR 
113 AUREF Sales document was created from reference XFELD CHAR 
114 AUREL Relevant to Allocation Table AUREL CHAR 
115 AURES Stock transfer reservation selection ANZMOD CHAR 
116 AURE_00150 Documentation for PP Monitor CHAR1 CHAR 
117 AUS60 Exception message text TEXT60 CHAR 
118 AUSA1 Evaluation type AUSA1 CHAR 
119 AUSAN Family Allowance Card Issued To CHAR1 CHAR 
120 AUSAN_RAPS Total Excluded from Imputation   CHAR 
121 AUSAR Evaluation type AUSAR CHAR 
122 AUSART Expenditure type AUSART CHAR 
123 AUSBAU Remove device AUSBAU CHAR 
124 AUSBDAT Device removal date DATUM DATS 
125 AUSBE Issuing authority CHAR8 CHAR 
126 AUSBG DEUEV Education/Training AUSBG CHAR 
127 AUSBI Education/training AUSBI NUMC 
128 AUSBILD IS-H: in Ausbildung (Schule, Lehre, Studium) XFELD CHAR 
129 AUSBK Source Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
130 AUSBL Indicator whether field is to be shown or hidden XFLAG CHAR 
131 AUSBL_VK Document Number that Triggers Dunning (Leading) Document OPBEL_KK CHAR 
132 AUSBR Evaluation Area for Statistics AUSBR CHAR 
133 AUSBS End of Malfunction (Date) DATUM DATS 
134 AUSBT Only Accept Changes to Amount of Maternity Pay Allowance XFELD CHAR 
135 AUSBU Clear Open Reservations XFELD CHAR 
136 AUSB_KK Write-Offs WRTV7 CURR 
137 AUSCH Bid invitation number EBELN CHAR 
139 AUSCH_LTXT Long description of alignment key TEXT30 CHAR 
140 AUSCH_STXT Short description of the alignment key TEXT10 CHAR 
141 AUSD1 Issue Date for Payslip L16 DATUM DATS 
142 AUSDA Customs exemption - Validity start date DATUM DATS 
143 AUSDAT Date of Issue DATUM DATS 
144 AUSDAT_KK Issue Date of Check DATUM DATS 
145 AUSDT Effective-out date DATUM DATS 
146 AUSDT_BI Effective-Out Date (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
147 AUSDT_CA Date of Issue DATUM DATS 
148 AUSDT_F150 Dunning date DATUM DATS 
149 AUSDT_KK Date of issue DATUM DATS 
150 AUSEH Output Unit MEINS UNIT 
151 AUSEHM Output Unit (without Conversion Exit for Master Data Maint.) CCMEH CHAR 
152 AUSEH_EXT Output Unit (External) MSEH3 CHAR 
153 AUSEH_ISO Output Unit According to ISO ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
154 AUSFD Due date of the paid items DATUM DATS 
155 AUSFD_INDPAY Payment Specification: Execution Date DATUM DATS 
156 AUSFD_INDPAY_CA Payment Specification: Execution Date DATUM DATS 
157 AUSFE Indicator: Execute CHAR1_X CHAR 
158 AUSFK Output factor AUSFK DEC 
159 AUSFKC Output Factor CHAR1 CHAR 
160 AUSFR Outgoing freight WERT7 CURR 
161 AUSFT Z1: Deadline for Execution DATUM DATS 
162 AUSFU Exporter for import processing in foreign trade LIFNR CHAR 
163 AUSFUNAME Exporter name CHAR75 CHAR 
164 AUSFUNATI Nationality ID of exporter CHAR3 CHAR 
165 AUSFUORTE City of exporter CHAR20 CHAR 
166 AUSFUPOST Postal code of exporter CHAR06 CHAR 
167 AUSFUSTRA Street of exporter CHAR25 CHAR 
168 AUSFUZOLL Customs number of exporter FIRMENNUM NUMC 
169 AUSFVM_KK Execution Variant of Dunning Proposal Run AUSFVM_KK CHAR 
170 AUSFV_KK Execution Variant Of A Function Module AUSFV_KK CHAR 
171 AUSF_KK Planned execution time for job CHAR17 CHAR 
172 AUSGA Export from customs area of European Community FLAG CHAR 
173 AUSGABE Test run output AUSGABE CHAR 
174 AUSGABE_L DMC: Flag, Entry Option for Output Length BOOLEAN CHAR 
175 AUSGANG Output to which the command is allocated LFDNR2 NUMC 
176 AUSGB Edition of Service Type NUMC4 NUMC 
178 AUSGD Export permit valid until DATUM DATS 
179 AUSGDT Issue date DATUM DATS 
181 AUSGG_KK Cleared Collective Bill XFELD CHAR 
182 AUSGL Authorization Reason for Adjustment Amount Sec. 50.3 BeamtVG AUSPR CHAR 
183 AUSGLZA Settlement payment WERTV7 CURR 
184 AUSGLZAW Currency of settlement payment WAERS CUKY 
185 AUSGL_CA Installment Plan is Cleared XFELD CHAR 
186 AUSGL_KK Installment Plan has Been Cleared XFELD CHAR 
187 AUSGN Number of the export permit AUSGN CHAR 
188 AUSGP Indicator: export permit required AUSGP CHAR 
189 AUSGR Education/training categories AUSGR NUMC 
190 AUSGRUP Outsorting check group for billing AUSGRUP CHAR 
191 AUSGRUPBEZ Description of outsorting check group TEXT30 CHAR 
192 AUSGRUP_IN Outsorting Check Group for Invoicing AUSGRUP_IN CHAR 
193 AUSGSPR Output language CHAR1 CHAR 
194 AUSGTYP Field display type AUSGTYP CHAR 
195 AUSHT Object Abbrev.: Organizational Unit Assigned to Recipient TEXT12 CHAR 
196 AUSID IS-H: Facilities Key of an Organizational Unit AUSID CHAR 
197 AUSIS Customs exemption - Validity end date DATUM DATS 
198 AUSKI Statistics Exception Indicator AUSKI CHAR 
199 AUSKN Date control AUSKN CHAR 
200 AUSKT Exception message number AUSKT CHAR 
201 AUSKZ Exceptions in column CHAR1 CHAR 
202 AUSKZL Line indicator for corp.std reports AUSKZL CHAR 
203 AUSLA Employment Abroad XFELD CHAR 
204 AUSLANG Langs. that can be exchanged LANG60 CHAR 
205 AUSLF Discontinuation type AUSLF CHAR 
206 AUSLT Exception message text TEXT40 CHAR 
207 AUSL_FOLGE Follow-up action after error (material discontinuation) AUSL_FOLGE CHAR 
209 AUSME Unit of issue MEINS UNIT 
210 AUSME_ISO Unit of issue in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
211 AUSMG Reason for leaving company MASSG CHAR 
212 AUSMN Action for leaving company MASSN CHAR 
213 AUSMW Input VAT Indicator 0 Percent MWSKZ CHAR 
214 AUSNA Exception message bar TEXT30 CHAR 
215 AUSNFMTPLZ IS-M: Alternative Format for Postal Codes NUM2 NUMC 
216 AUSNG Group of exception messages CHAR8 CHAR 
217 AUSNM Exception Message CHAR2 CHAR 
218 AUSNPLZLNG IS-M: ZEBU Exceptional Length for Postal Codes NUM2 NUMC 
219 AUSNR Bank statement number AUSNR NUMC 
220 AUSNS Special Employee Groups AUSNS CHAR 
221 AUSOB Key Fields of Source Object KEYFD CHAR 
222 AUSOK Status: Document data in foreign trade complete (system) XFELD CHAR 
223 AUSOPERA01 Output operand E_OPERAND CHAR 
224 AUSOPERA02 Output operand E_OPERAND CHAR 
225 AUSOPERA03 Output operand E_OPERAND CHAR 
226 AUSOPERA04 Output operand E_OPERAND CHAR 
227 AUSOPERA05 Output operand E_OPERAND CHAR 
229 AUSOPTYP Category of output operand for a variant program E_OPTYP CHAR 
230 AUSOP_KK Simulated contract account line item in a clearing document XFELD CHAR 
231 AUSOR Post open reservations XFELD CHAR 
232 AUSPA Specification of evaluation class AUSPA CHAR 
233 AUSPR Specification for family characteristic AUSPR CHAR 
234 AUSPRSK Sort criteria characteristic SORTFKA CHAR 
235 AUSPS Item on the selection screen NUM02 NUMC 
236 AUSPT Specification text CHAR1 CHAR 
237 AUSPV Specification for Processing Class AUSPV CHAR 
238 AUSP_PRUEF Check for Same Classification CHAR01 CHAR 
239 AUSR Output MENGV8 QUAN 
240 AUSRESO Pushbutton: Presettings: Resource Types/Resources CHAR4 CHAR 
242 AUSSCH Scrap Variance WERTV8 CURR 
243 AUSSCH_K Scrap in Controlling Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
244 AUSSCH_O Scrap in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
245 AUSSK Instance of Control Indicator Pension Reference CHAR2 CHAR 
246 AUSSK_ERST Reimbursor CHAR2 CHAR 
247 AUSSL Exception message key AUSSL CHAR 
248 AUSSP Signal locking time in minutes AUSSP NUMC 
249 AUSSS Assembly scrap in percent DEC3_2 DEC 
251 AUSSTE Name of Issuer NACHN CHAR 
253 AUSST_EB Check issuer TEXT14 CHAR 
254 AUSSZEIT Send time of switch-off command URZEITHHMM TIMS 
255 AUST1_CC Payment cards: Status regarding requirements AUST1_CC CHAR 
256 AUST2_CC Payment cards: Totals status - Call external system CCALL CHAR 
257 AUST3_CC Payment cards: Overall status - Responses from ext. system REACT_SD CHAR 
258 AUST4_CC Payment cards: Reserve CHAR1 CHAR 
259 AUST5_CC Payment cards: Authorization block XFELD CHAR 
260 AUSTA Training status NUM1 NUMC 
261 AUSTAMP Payment cards: Authorization status as stoplight CHAR80 CHAR 
262 AUSTAT Determine Status ID Automatically XFELD CHAR 
263 AUSTD Date of issue DATUM DATS 
264 AUSTEXT Extension for Exchange Tables CHAR2 CHAR 
265 AUSTG Bank Statement Date DATUM DATS 
266 AUSTG_EB Bank statement date DATE_EB DATS 
267 AUSTO_042E Place of Issue TEXT30 CHAR 
268 AUSTR Leaving Date DATUM DATS 
269 AUSTREL Exchange Release SAPRL CHAR 
270 AUSTRI IS-H: Entscheidend für Austritt AUSTRI CHAR 
271 AUSTRITT Selection of terminations XFELD CHAR 
272 AUSTRIT_RP Print former employees? CHAR1 CHAR 
273 AUSTX Name of the sort criteria/characteristic TEXT30 CHAR 
274 AUSTXT Exception Text TEXT30 CHAR 
275 AUSTX_042E Issuer on the Form TEXT35 CHAR 
276 AUSTX_PAY Issuer Details on the Payment Medium TEXT35 CHAR 
277 AUSUB Indicator: Financing replaced BOOLE CHAR 
278 AUSV1 Social insurance institute (Austria) AUSVA CHAR 
279 AUSV3 Social insurance institute (Austria) AUSVA CHAR 
280 AUSV4 Social insurance institute (Austria) AUSVA CHAR 
281 AUSVA Social Insurance Body AUSVA CHAR 
282 AUSVF Exclusion procedure AUSVF CHAR 
283 AUSVG 2nd part of SI number (birthdate) NUM8 NUMC 
284 AUSVG_ABA 2nd Part of SI Number (Birth Date) NUM8 NUMC 
285 AUSVL 1st part of SI number (sequential number) NUM4 NUMC 
286 AUSVL_ABA 1st Part of SI Number (Sequential Number) NUM4 NUMC 
287 AUSVN Start of Malfunction (Date) DATUM DATS 
288 AUSW1 Indicator: Bad Weather Pay Compensation CHAR1 CHAR 
289 AUSW3 Indicator: Bad Weather Pay Compensation CHAR1 CHAR 
290 AUSWA Type of selection via F keys CHAR1 CHAR 
291 AUSWAHL Selection indicator XFELD CHAR 
292 AUSWAHL1 Text: Please make selection CHAR1 CHAR 
293 AUSWAHL2 Text: Please select an editing mode CHAR1 CHAR 
294 AUSWANZ Number of identifications AUSWANZ NUMC 
295 AUSWBEGR Form selection dialog for welcome letter KENNZX CHAR 
296 AUSWEIS Control code CHAR2 CHAR 
297 AUSWFORM Move-Out Confirmation, Form Selection Dialog Requested KENNZX CHAR 
298 AUSWG Selection group (classifies screens) CHAR2 CHAR 
299 AUSWGR Logical screen (within a screen sequence) AUSWGR CHAR 
300 AUSWHLMASK Selection screen FAUS140 CHAR 
301 AUSWJ_AVMG Evaluation Year GJAHR NUMC 
302 AUSWK Effect on Operation AUSWK CHAR 
303 AUSWKT Text - Effect on Operation TEXT40 CHAR 
304 AUSWL_D Field attribute for field control AUSWL CHAR 
305 AUSWL_EB Checkbox FLAG CHAR 
306 AUSWSPR Logon Language CHAR1 CHAR 
307 AUSW_ALV WCA List: Display Using ALV XFELD CHAR 
308 AUSW_AONLY WCA List: Evaluate Current Results Only XFELD CHAR 
309 AUSW_ART Evaluation type AUSW_ART CHAR 
310 AUSW_BASJA Base year selection AUSW_BASJA CHAR 
311 AUSW_CFW WCA List: Display With CFW XFELD CHAR 
312 AUSW_CODOCOMP WCA List: Ignore Cost Assignment XFELD CHAR 
313 AUSW_DEBUG WCA List: Print Debugging Information XFELD CHAR 
314 AUSW_GTDOCOMP WCA List: Aggregate Hazard Pay Scales XFELD CHAR 
315 AUSW_INDXA Index types selection AUSW_INDXA CHAR 
316 AUSW_INST Identification number for installer license AUSW_INST CHAR 
317 AUSW_JAHR WCA List: Evaluation Year GJAHR NUMC 
318 AUSW_KK Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
319 AUSW_NOCOMP WCA List: Do not Compress Output List XFELD CHAR 
320 AUSW_PNNOCOMP WCA List: Do not Compress Personnel Numbers XFELD CHAR 
321 AUSW_PPACT WCA List: Month of This Wage Statement P01S_MONAT NUMC 
322 AUSW_PPBIS WCA List: Last Evaluation Month P01S_MONAT NUMC 
323 AUSW_PPRR WCA List: Month of Last Wage Statement P01S_MONAT NUMC 
324 AUSW_PPVON WCA List: First Evaluation Month P01S_MONAT NUMC 
325 AUSW_RALSO WCA List: Evaluate Retroactive Accounting XFELD CHAR 
326 AUSW_RP Selection criterion CHAR1 CHAR 
327 AUSW_VJNOCOMP WCA List: Keep Year of For-Period XFELD CHAR 
329 AUSZ1_D Exception group MRP list no. 1 CHAR2 CHAR 
330 AUSZ2_D Exception group MRP list no. 2 CHAR2 CHAR 
331 AUSZ3 Exception group MRP list no. 3 CHAR2 CHAR 
332 AUSZ4 Exception group MRP list no. 4 CHAR2 CHAR 
333 AUSZ5 Exception group MRP list no. 5 CHAR2 CHAR 
334 AUSZ6 Exception group MRP list no. 6 CHAR2 CHAR 
335 AUSZ7 Exception group MRP list no. 7 CHAR2 CHAR 
336 AUSZ8 Exception group MRP list no. 8 CHAR2 CHAR 
337 AUSZABGSCH Move-out document completed KENNZX CHAR 
338 AUSZAHLEN Reimburse to Employee XFELD CHAR 
339 AUSZAKON Master Record Recon. Account SAKNR CHAR 
340 AUSZAUSW Item Selection (1-3) CHAR1 CHAR 
341 AUSZBELEG Consecutive number of move-out document AUSZBELEG CHAR 
342 AUSZBVAR Move-out processing variant BVAR CHAR 
344 AUSZDAT_NEU New move-out date DATUM DATS 
345 AUSZF Statement File TEXT128 CHAR 
346 AUSZGSPL Sort by Business Area XFELD CHAR 
348 AUSZSOMD Sort by Reconciliation Account XFELD CHAR 
349 AUSZSOT1 1st Sort Indicator (1-8) CHAR1 CHAR 
350 AUSZSOT2 2nd Sort Indicator (1-8) CHAR1 CHAR 
351 AUSZSTAT Status of move-out processing AUSZSTAT CHAR 
352 AUSZSTATT Text for status of move-out processing AS4TEXT CHAR 
353 AUSZT Breakdown Duration FLTP FLTP 
354 AUSZX Exception group in the MRP list CHAR2 CHAR 
355 AUSZ_LGA Payment wage type CHAR4 CHAR 
356 AUS_DAT Leaving date CHAR8 CHAR 
357 AUS_FLG_FL Indicator: Short form for line layout in reports X CHAR 
358 AUS_LTYPE List type for corporate standard reports AUS_LTYPE NUMC 
359 AUS_NULLP Indicator: Print items with zero value X CHAR 
360 AUS_PCDO Indicator: Download for spreadsheet analysis X CHAR 
361 AUS_PROCMP Indicator: Execute totals report for each company X CHAR 
362 AUS_RSUBD Subgroup(s) for corporate standard reports CHAR_40 CHAR 
363 AUS_SKAL Scaling for standard reports AUS_SKAL CHAR 
364 AUS_SPUNT Column suppression CHAR10 CHAR 
365 AUTBASI Request cash deposit automatically KENNZX CHAR 
366 AUTBBP Create budget billing plan E_BBPMOD CHAR 
367 AUTBE Payment cards: Requirement for authorization GRPNO NUMC 
368 AUTBEGR Create welcome letter automatically KENNZX CHAR 
369 AUTBEST Move-out confirmation created automatically KENNZX CHAR 
370 AUTBN_CUS Automatic batch number allocation active/inactive CHAR1 CHAR 
371 AUTCH Financial document processing: Check partial delivery ind. XFELD CHAR 
372 AUTCHANGED Flag: Was field or screen changed automatically? CHAR1 CHAR 
373 AUTCK Infotype authorization check CHAR1 CHAR 
374 AUTEG Usage in automatic MRP AUTEG CHAR 
375 AUTEIGEINZ Automatic Owner Move-In KENZX CHAR 
376 AUTEN Period ind. for automatic splitting of reqmts quantity PRGBZ CHAR 
377 AUTENDRU Automatic final confirmation XFELD CHAR 
378 AUTET Source List Usage in Materials Planning AUTET CHAR 
379 AUTEX Object Name: Organizational Unit Assigned to Recipient TEXT40 CHAR 
380 AUTEXT Name of expenditure type TEXT25 CHAR 
381 AUTFLG Derive automatically? XFELD CHAR 
382 AUTFS Financial doc. procg: Field selection for partial dlv. ind. FAAKK CHAR 
383 AUTGR Authorization group for reporting TEXT2 CHAR 
384 AUTGRP_D Standard Table Maintenance Authorization Group AUTGRP CHAR 
385 AUTGRP_DEL Delete authorization group assignment XFELD CHAR 
386 AUTH Author of program CHAR12 CHAR 
387 AUTH1 Issuing authority TEXT30 CHAR 
388 AUTHAMOUNT_CA Authorization Amount WRTV7 CURR 
389 AUTHAREA Authorization Area for Business Processes AUTHAREA CHAR 
390 AUTHCHCK_ACTIVE Deregulation Setting: Authorization Check IDEX KENNZX CHAR 
391 AUTHCLASS_ Activation type AUTHCLASS NUMC 
392 AUTHC_D Authorization level CHAR1 CHAR 
393 AUTHF Operation and "Old Status" AUTHF CHAR 
394 AUTHFNAME Author, First Name   CHAR 
395 AUTHGR Authorization group BRGRU CHAR 
396 AUTHG_LSEP Authorization group printer CHAR2 CHAR 
397 AUTHID Authorization id   CHAR 
398 AUTHLNAME Author, Surname   CHAR 
399 AUTHOBJNAM Start Check: Object Name SOBJ_NAME CHAR 
400 AUTHOBJTYP Start Check: Object Type OBJECT CHAR 
401 AUTHOBJ_OLD_PS Check Old Authorization Objects (Documents) XFELD CHAR 
402 AUTHOR Author of the Repository object AS4USER CHAR 
403 AUTHOR3 Person responsible for a package AS4USER CHAR 
404 AUTHOR4 Person responsible AS4USER CHAR 
405 AUTHORID Authorization class AUTHORID CHAR 
406 AUTHORITY_CHECK Activate Authorization Check BOOLE CHAR 
407 AUTHORITY_KK Authorization Check AUTH_KK CHAR 
408 AUTHORIZED_AMOUNT_C_UI Authorized Amount Test CHAR_5 CHAR 
410 AUTHO_LSEP Value for the authorization check CHAR12 CHAR 
411 AUTHP Personnel Number Check AUTHP CHAR 
412 AUTHPGMID Start Check: Program ID PGMID CHAR 
413 AUTHPHASE Internal order authorization: Authorization phase AUTHPHASE CHAR 
414 AUTHR Form name of authorization exit FORMNAME CHAR 
415 AUTHS "New Status" When Saving Trip Data AUTHS CHAR 
416 AUTHTITLE BSI: Authority title TEXT15 CHAR 
417 AUTHTYPE BSI: Authority category CHAR1 CHAR 
418 AUTHU Payment Cards: Authorization Used CHAR1 CHAR 
419 AUTHWLIST Display Authorization for Agent Worklist AUTHWLIST CHAR 
420 AUTHXEXIT Func. Module Exit for Maintaining Authorization Field Data FUNCNAME CHAR 
422 AUTH_ASS Assign authorization group to table or view SYCHAR01 CHAR 
424 AUTH_CRPO_KK Authorization for Credit Processing AUTH_CRPO_KK CHAR 
425 AUTH_FCT01 Protected Functions in Patient Routing System AUTH_FCT01 CHAR 
426 AUTH_FCT02 Protected Functions in Service Entry AUTH_FCT02 CHAR 
427 AUTH_FCT03 Protected Functions in Service Request AUTH_FCT03 CHAR 
428 AUTH_FCT04 Protected Functions in the Preregistration AUTH_FCT04 CHAR 
429 AUTH_ID Identification of the Critical Authorization AUTH_ID CHAR 
430 AUTH_MNT Maintain table maintenance dialog authorization groups SYCHAR01 CHAR 
431 AUTH_REL Authorization and Release Flag CHAR8 CHAR 
433 AUTH_SET Alternative Authorization Hierarchy GRPNAME CHAR 
434 AUTH_USE_ADD1 Use First Alternative Hierarchy for Authorizations CHAR1 CHAR 
435 AUTH_USE_ADD2 Use Second Alternative Hierarchy for Authorizations CHAR1 CHAR 
436 AUTH_USE_NO_STD Do Not Use Standard Hierarchy for Authorizations CHAR1 CHAR 
437 AUTH_____3 Authorization ID AUTH_____3 CHAR 
438 AUTIM Payment cards: Authorization time UZEIT TIMS 
440 AUTIM_B_KK Payment Cards: Time of Authorization (Batch Input) CHAR6 CHAR 
441 AUTIM_P Payment cards: Previous authorization time UZEIT TIMS 
442 AUTKOR Automatic creation of correction dates in billing plan XFELD CHAR 
443 AUTKZ Indicator: Order XFELD CHAR 
444 AUTLF Complete delivery defined for each sales order? XFELD CHAR 
445 AUTMOD Indicator: automatic output CHAR1_X CHAR 
446 AUTO Indicator: automatically generated entry XFELD CHAR 
447 AUTO1 Automatic indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
448 AUTOAUFDT Reschedule with production versions KREUZ CHAR 
449 AUTOAUFKT Period split when dispatching CY_STRAPER CHAR 
450 AUTOB Automatic purchase order CHAR001 CHAR 
451 AUTOFCVER_DELE Automatic forecast version COVERSI CHAR 
452 AUTOFILL IS-HCM: Automatic Data Retrieval Parameter XFELD CHAR 
453 AUTOGR Automatic Goods Receipt on Receipt of Shipping Notification AUTOGR CHAR 
454 AUTOK Indicator for automatic price calculation XFELD CHAR 
455 AUTOLEN_KK Info-Module: Automatic column length amendment BOOLE CHAR 
456 AUTOM Indicator: Automatic posting lines TEXT1 CHAR 
457 AUTOMATAV Enter date and work center when dispatching KREUZ CHAR 
458 AUTOMAT_UPD Process Automatically XFIELD CHAR 
459 AUTOMO Special rules for automobile industry AUTOM CHAR 
460 AUTOM_CONT Automatic Contract Determination XFELD CHAR 
461 AUTOR Author CHAR12 CHAR 
462 AUTOREMARK Automatic Remark CHAR10 CHAR 
463 AUTOREVDAYS IS-M/SD: Number of Offset Days for FI Rev. Relev. in IS-M/SD NUMC3 NUMC 
464 AUTOSAVE Indicator: Save Assignments without Prompt   CHAR 
465 AUTOSHIFT_KK Info-Module: Automatic amount fields optimization BOOLE CHAR 
466 AUTOSUB 'Automatic substitution' indicator XFELD CHAR 
467 AUTOVAL 'Automatic validation' indicator XFELD CHAR 
468 AUTO_ACTL_COST_DELE Calculated actual cost WERTV8 CURR 
469 AUTO_COM_COST_DELE Calculated total cost WERTV8 CURR 
470 AUTO_DELETE Delete Operands After a Certain Date (Installation Facts) KENNZX CHAR 
471 AUTO_GENER Indicator: Suppress automatic regeneration? XFELD CHAR 
472 AUTO_GENERATED Endpoint was generated automatically BOOLEAN CHAR 
473 AUTO_INSERT Insert automation data KENNZX CHAR 
474 AUTO_MERGE Suppress Proration of Identical Time Slices KENNZX CHAR 
475 AUTO_PRFZ Indicator: Determine check digit for EAN automatically XFELD CHAR 
476 AUTO_REM_COST_DELE Calculated remaining cost WERTV8 CURR 
477 AUTO_REM_QTY_DELE Calculated remaining quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
478 AUTO_USE Activate automation data KENNZX CHAR 
479 AUTPL Automatic start of make-to-order in background mode XFELD CHAR 
480 AUTRA Payment cards: Authoriz. reference code of clearing house CHAR15 CHAR 
481 AUTRA_CA Payment Cards: Reference Number for Authorization CHAR25 CHAR 
482 AUTRA_KK Payment Cards: Authorization Reference Number CHAR25 CHAR 
483 AUTRA_P Payment cards: Previous auth. ref. no. of clearing house CHAR15 CHAR 
484 AUTREP Entry Automatically Repaired AUTREP CHAR 
485 AUTRU Reset forecast model automatically XFELD CHAR 
486 AUTSICHWARN Warning for automatic save KENNZX CHAR 
487 AUTTD Autom. Date Creation in Billing/Invoicing Plan Maintenance AUTTD CHAR 
488 AUTTE Billing/invoice creation in advance XFELD CHAR 
489 AUTTEXT Standard table maintenance authorization group name TEXT40 CHAR 
490 AUTUEBAP Copy move-out BB plan automatically KENNZX CHAR 
491 AUTWE Indicator: Post goods receipt automatically XFELD CHAR 
492 AUTWR Payment cards: Authorized amount WERTV8 CURR 
493 AUTWR_B_KK Payment Cards: Authorized Amount (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
494 AUTWR_CA Payment Cards: Authorized Amount WERTV8 CURR 
495 AUTWS Payment cards: Total of open authorizations WERTV8 CURR 
496 AUTWV Payment cards: Amount to be authorized WERTV8 CURR 
497 AUTX1 Text for equalization type TEXT30 CHAR 
498 AUTXT Text for Equalization Payment Type TEXT30 CHAR 
499 AUTYPTEXT Display field for order category description TEXT40 CHAR 
500 AUT_ARCHIVES Evaluation of Archived Data or Data in System   CHAR