SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 26
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 APOOVRNLOC Override: Maximum Number of Locations from Rule Determ.   INT1 
2 APOOVRNSHP Override: Maximum Number of Confirmed Quantities/Dates NUMC3 NUMC 
3 APOPERSID Instance Number (Persistent) CHAR32 CHAR 
5 APOPSSPARAM Parameters of Parameter-Dependent ATP Safety Stock APOPSSPARAM CHAR 
6 APOQUANDIVISOR Denominator of Quotient for Unit of Measure Conversion APOQUANDIVISOR DEC 
7 APOQUANFACTOR Numerator of Quotient for Unit of Measure Conversion APOQUANFACTOR DEC 
8 APORDPRF Rounding profile in APO APORDPRF CHAR 
9 APOREQPRF ATP: Profile at Requirement Level for APO APOREQPRF NUMC 
10 APOREQPRF2 Requirement Level for APO (Char) NUMC6 NUMC 
11 APOREQPRFTEXT Description of Requirements Profile TEXT40 CHAR 
12 APORESMD Mode for Check Result APORESMD CHAR 
13 APORESTSUB Product Substitution Restriction APORESTSUB CHAR 
15 APOSCHREQ APO indicator for scheduling and requirements XFELD CHAR 
16 APOSI First item on displayed list PACK2 DEC 
17 APOSIT Invoice apportionment item DEC3 DEC 
18 APOSITION Position (Offset) in Field Where Output Begins NUMC3 NUMC 
19 APOSN BOM item number SPOSN CHAR 
20 APOSTINFO IS-M: Relevancy of Postal Data AUSPRGART CHAR 
21 APOSTOCK Initial Stock FLTP FLTP 
23 APOTRGUID ATP: GUID for Relevant Transaction in APO Server SYSUUID_22 CHAR 
24 APOTSTAMP UTC abbreviated time stamp (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) for APO APOTSTAMP DEC 
25 APOVENTYPE APO location type for vendors APOVENTYPE CHAR 
26 APOWHATBOM Indicator: Where should the BOM and task list be exploded? APOWHATBOM CHAR 
27 APO_CONKEY Concatenated key for objects with characteristic valuations CHAR100 CHAR 
28 APO_DELNR Order/MRP element number APO_DELNR CHAR 
29 APO_DELPS MRP element item DELPS NUMC 
30 APO_FIELD Local field name APO_FDNAME CHAR 
31 APO_FLDPOS Allocations: Sequence of characteristics INT1 INT1 
32 APO_KCGRP Product allocation group APO_KCGRP CHAR 
33 APO_KFDNA Name of the condition field APO_KFDNA CHAR 
34 APO_KOMTH Product allocation: Selection of product allocation methods APO_KOMTH CHAR 
35 APO_PLUID Planning object no. CHAR22 CHAR 
37 APO_UTC_TO Valid-to time in abbreviated form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) APOUTC_TMS NUMC 
38 APO_VTEXT Description TEXT40 CHAR 
39 APPAG Appointments: Deviation reason APPAG CHAR 
40 APPANRED Form of address (e.g. Mr/Mrs/Ms) ANREX CHAR 
41 APPBEGDA Date of receipt of application DATUM DATS 
42 APPBN Appointments: Document number APPBN CHAR 
43 APPBS Appointments: Confirmation key for purchase orders BSTAE CHAR 
44 APPBT Appointments: Internal document category APPBT CHAR 
45 APPBZ_AG Appointments: Description of the deviation reason TEXT20 CHAR 
46 APPBZ_VU App.: Description for party responsible for sched. deviation TEXT20 CHAR 
47 APPCA Appointments: Calendar WFCID CHAR 
48 APPD1 Appointments: Length of the activity in minutes (planned) APPDI DEC 
49 APPD2 Appointments: Length of the activity (actual) APPDI DEC 
50 APPDA Appointments: From date DATUM DATS 
51 APPDATE Creation date of appraisal DATUM DATS 
52 APPDATE_FIRST Earliest appraisal date DATUM DATS 
53 APPDATE_LAST Latest appraisal date DATUM DATS 
54 APPDA_IST Appointments: From date (actual) DATUM DATS 
55 APPDA_ORG Appointments: Planned from-date DATUM DATS 
56 APPDB Appointments: Date to DATUM DATS 
57 APPDB_IST Appointments: To-date (actual) DATUM DATS 
58 APPDB_ORG Appointments: Date to (original) DATUM DATS 
59 APPDI_1 Schedule deviation (in minutes) for unknown reason APPDI DEC 
60 APPDI_2 Appointments: Reason for deviation (in mins): own company APPDI DEC 
61 APPDI_3 Appointments: Reason for deviation (mins): service provider APPDI DEC 
62 APPDI_4 Appointments: Reason for deviation (in minutes): vendor APPDI DEC 
63 APPDS Default length of appointment in minutes APPDS NUMC 
64 APPDT Appointments: Long text for document category APPDT CHAR 
65 APPDX_KK Existing document supplements APPDX_KK CHAR 
66 APPENAME Formatted name (e.g. Dr Jones) TEXT40 CHAR 
67 APPENDLINE SD monitor: Continuation line INT1 INT1 
68 APPENDNAME Help for append name selection TABNAME CHAR 
69 APPENDVIEW View that appends the displayed view VIEWNAME CHAR 
70 APPEND_TAB Append New Entries to Table? KKA_YES_NO CHAR 
71 APPFD Application (path and program name) TEXT70 CHAR 
72 APPFORM Name of form of appraisal TEXT40 CHAR 
73 APPFT Appointments: Short text APPFT CHAR 
74 APPFUNC_PROCESSED Flag: Function Module Has Already Been Processed CHAR1_X CHAR 
75 APPGR Appointments with reference to rough goods receipts possible XFELD CHAR 
76 APPIC Appointments: Icon for registration CHAR06 CHAR 
77 APPID Assignment of data to an application APPID CHAR 
78 APPID_EBBE Application ID CHAR5 CHAR 
79 APPID_EBBE2 Code Separate Application CHAR5 CHAR 
80 APPID_KKBE Code Separate Application CHAR5 CHAR 
81 APPKIND Appraisal type TEXT40 CHAR 
82 APPKL IS-H: Application (always N for IS-H) APPKL CHAR 
83 APPKZ Customer and Vendor Master Data Application Authorization APPKZ_S CHAR 
84 APPLAR Application Area CHAR20 CHAR 
85 APPLB Authorization to start application XFELD CHAR 
86 APPLBS_KK Transfer Account Statement/MultiCash File to FI-CA: Applictn APPLBS_KK CHAR 
87 APPLCLASS Application class for DD objects (not used) APPLCLASS CHAR 
88 APPLCONS Applications currently connected   CHAR 
89 APPLCUSTFLAG ICF Flag: Application Customizing Settings Made CHAR1 CHAR 
90 APPLEGEND_DESCRIPTION Flag: Appraisal Legend - Descriptions CHAR1_X CHAR 
91 APPLEGEND_RATDESCRIPT Flag: Appraisal legend - proficiency descriptions CHAR1_X CHAR 
92 APPLEGEND_RATINGS Flag: Appraisal legend - proficiencies CHAR1_X CHAR 
93 APPLEVEL Level for WF role definition APPLEVEL NUMC 
94 APPLFILE_UPLOAD_EMC_JP Upload the file from Application Server LOCALFILE CHAR 
95 APPLFLAG Flag for displaying an application-specific menu option CHAR1 CHAR 
96 APPLFUNC Application-specific menu option in GUI menu CUA_TEXT CHAR 
97 APPLI Application CHAR1 CHAR 
98 APPLICATIO Application classes (long text) APPLICATIO CHAR 
99 APPLICATION Application in PDM environment CHAR10 CHAR 
100 APPLICATIONNAME Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
102 APPLICATION_ID Number of the application -Table Depenency Wizard APPLICATION_ID INT2 
103 APPLICATION_LOG_EXTERNAL_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
104 APPLICATION_LOG_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
105 APPLICATION_LOG_OBJECT_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
106 APPLICATION_LOG_SUB_OBJECT_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
107 APPLICATION_NAME Application name in Table Dependency wizard APPLICATION_NAME STRG 
108 APPLICATION_RFW Applications Calling Up Reconciliation Framework APPLICATION_RFW CHAR 
110 APPLID Application ID   CHAR 
111 APPLID2 Application ID in R/3 (2-digit) CHAR2 CHAR 
112 APPLIK Application APPLIK CHAR 
113 APPLIKAT Name of Application CHAR10 CHAR 
114 APPLIKATION Application indicator APPLIKATION CHAR 
115 APPLIKBSIS Application for Basis Programs APPLIKBSIS CHAR 
116 APPLINDB2 Applications executing in the DB2   CHAR 
117 APPLIST_BAR Flag: Appraisal List - Bar Chart CHAR1_X CHAR 
118 APPLIST_CHECKBOX Flag: Appraisal list - show scale proficiencies as checkbox NUMC1 NUMC 
119 APPLIST_MIDDLE_BAR Flag: Appraisal List - Deviation from Reference Value CHAR1_X CHAR 
120 APPLIST_NOTELINES Flag: Appraisal list - number of lines per note NUMC1 NUMC 
121 APPLIST_PARAMETER Appraisal systems: print parameters CHAR20 CHAR 
122 APPLIST_SHEET Flag: Appraisal sheet CHAR1_X CHAR 
123 APPLIST_TEXT Flag: Appraisal list - display as text CHAR1_X CHAR 
124 APPLIST_WITH_NOTES Flag: Appraisal list - with notes CHAR1_X CHAR 
126 APPLI_SFIL Application area APPLI_TR01 CHAR 
127 APPLI_TR01 Application area APPLI_TR01 CHAR 
128 APPLI_VEDA Application CHAR2 CHAR 
129 APPLK Application Indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
130 APPLKC_KK Application area APPLK_KK CHAR 
131 APPLKFLG Include Applicants CHAR1_X CHAR 
132 APPLKTEXT Application short texts (program attributes) APPLKTEXT CHAR 
133 APPLKZ Application Indicator APPLKZ CHAR 
134 APPLK_BA Application Flag for BTE APPLK_BA CHAR 
135 APPLK_BF Application Indicator APPLK_BF CHAR 
137 APPLK_CA FI-CA Application Area   CHAR 
138 APPLK_DOPR Application Indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
139 APPLK_FI FI Application Identification APPLK_FI CHAR 
140 APPLK_ICA Application Area APPLK_ICA CHAR 
141 APPLK_KK Application area APPLK_KK CHAR 
142 APPLK_KK2 Application Area APPLK_KK2 CHAR 
143 APPLK_TFBUF Application that Saves Entry Screen Data APPLK_TFBUF CHAR 
145 APPLNAME Application program name   CHAR 
147 APPLOBJTYP Object type for application objects generated OJ_NAME CHAR 
148 APPLOG Application Log SYSUUID_22 CHAR 
149 APPLOG_SAVE Save Messages in Application Log XFELD CHAR 
150 APPLPART Application Part (e.g. Component) APPLPART CHAR 
151 APPLSERVER Application server CHAR20 CHAR 
152 APPLSTATUS Application status   CHAR 
153 APPLTEXT Application Texts (Program Attributes) APPLTEXT CHAR 
154 APPLTXT Application texts (program attributes) APPLTEXT CHAR 
155 APPLY_CDEVAL Apply the CD Evaluation Algorithm to the Selected Periods CHAR1 CHAR 
157 APPL_CODE Terminologie: Application ID CHAR20S CHAR 
158 APPL_CUST ApplMon; customer key STA_C80K CHAR 
159 APPL_D Application APPL CHAR 
160 APPL_EVENT Event: Application object to be processed further SWC_ELEM CHAR 
161 APPL_FLAG ApplMon; selection flag STA_CHOICE CHAR 
162 APPL_ID_SOCM External Application of SAP Change Manager APPL_ID_SOCM CHAR 
163 APPL_INFO Application Information APPL_INFO CHAR 
164 APPL_LIMD ApplMon; limit value for number of dialog steps STA_DEC6 DEC 
165 APPL_LIMR ApplMon; limit value for response time in seconds STA_DEC6 DEC 
166 APPL_OKKG Applications for Results Analysis APPL_OKKG CHAR 
167 APPL_OKKK Application Parameters for Reference Object APPL_OKKK CHAR 
168 APPL_OKKV Applications for Variance Calculation APPL_OKKV CHAR 
169 APPL_PROP Application Proposal for Transfer Rules FUNCNAME CHAR 
170 APPL_SRV Name of the application server SVR_NAME CHAR 
171 APPL_TEXT Application program long text APPLTEXT CHAR 
172 APPL_UPOS Calling application of sub-item processing APPL_UPOS CHAR 
173 APPL_VAR Variable to be used by application as required SWC_VALUE CHAR 
174 APPL_ZIEL Target address of MONI download to operating system level STA_C80K CHAR 
175 APPMATCHUP_AVERAGE Flag: Appraisal Matchup - with Average CHAR1_X CHAR 
176 APPMATCHUP_BASE Flag: Appraisal Matchup - with Reference Appraisal CHAR1_X CHAR 
177 APPMATCHUP_ROUND_AVERAGE Flag: Average - round results to fit scale CHAR1_X CHAR 
178 APPMATCHUP_SHOW_APPEE Flag: Display appraisees for appraisal matchup CHAR1_X CHAR 
179 APPMATCHUP_SHOW_APPOR Flag: Display appraisers for appraisal matchup CHAR1_X CHAR 
180 APPMO Appointments: matchcode object APPMO CHAR 
181 APPMODE Application Mode flag APPMODE NUMC 
182 APPMULTI_AUTOCALC Flag: Calculate overall appraisal automatically CHAR1_X CHAR 
183 APPMULTI_SOURCE Flag: Multisource appraisal CHAR1_X CHAR 
184 APPMULTI_STEXT Individual appraisal, overall appraisal, or subappraisal CHAR25 CHAR 
185 APPNAME Name of an append structure AS4TAB CHAR 
186 APPND Appointments can be created without reference to a document XFELD CHAR 
187 APPNO Appointments: Number APPNO CHAR 
188 APPNR Application number 1 or 2 APPNR CHAR 
189 APPPK Application from which a kanban is to be printed APPPK CHAR 
190 APPPO Appointments with reference to purchase orders are possible XFELD CHAR 
191 APPPR Appointments profile APPPR CHAR 
192 APPR Approval indicator for Fast Pay APPR CHAR 
193 APPRAISAL_ACTIVE Flag: Appraisal Being Held CHAR1_X CHAR 
194 APPRAISAL_APPROVED Flag: Appraisal Approved CHAR1_X CHAR 
195 APPRAISAL_HISTO Flag: Appraisal Completed CHAR1_X CHAR 
196 APPRAISAL_PLANNED Flag: Appraisal in Preparation CHAR1_X CHAR 
197 APPRAISAL_PROCESSING Flag: Follow-up Processing Possible (Indiv./Overall Apprsl.) CHAR1_X CHAR 
198 APPRAISAL_REJECTED Flag: Appraisal Rejected CHAR1_X CHAR 
199 APPRAISAL_RESULT Final result of appraisal CHAR19 CHAR 
200 APPRAISAL_STATUS Appraisal Status Text CHAR25 CHAR 
201 APPRAISEE_ID ID of Appraisee CHAR45 CHAR 
202 APPRAISEE_OTEXT Object type of appraisees TEXT25 CHAR 
203 APPRAISEE_OTYPE Object type of appraisees OTYPE CHAR 
204 APPRAISEE_SHORT Last name of appraisees TEXT12 CHAR 
205 APPRAISEE_TEXT Names or Descriptions of Appraisee(s) TEXT40 CHAR 
206 APPRAISOR_ID ID of appraiser CHAR45 CHAR 
207 APPRAISOR_OTEXT Object type of appraiser TEXT25 CHAR 
208 APPRAISOR_OTYPE Object type of appraiser OTYPE CHAR 
209 APPRAISOR_SHORT Last name of appraiser TEXT12 CHAR 
210 APPRAISOR_TEXT Name or Description of Appraisers TEXT40 CHAR 
212 APPROVALNR Device inspection number CHAR15 CHAR 
214 APPROVAL_STATE The state of an approval step APPROVAL_STATE CHAR 
216 APPROVE_PS Approval Required XFELD CHAR 
217 APPRZ Percentage variance for adjustment to be made APPRZ NUMC 
218 APPR_BUDVAL Budget against approved orders WERTV9 CURR 
219 APPR_INDEX General Programming Guidelines: Appropriate Indexes   CHAR 
220 APPR_TXT Text for Approval Status of a Trip CHAR15 CHAR 
221 APPSA Appointment length determined automatically from workload SELKZ CHAR 
222 APPSCHEME_ID Object ID of appraisal model NUM08 NUMC 
223 APPSELECT_ACTIVE Flag: Appraisal status 'In process' CHAR1_X CHAR 
224 APPSELECT_AND_OR Flag: Appraisers and/or appraisees CHAR1_X CHAR 
225 APPSELECT_APPROVED Flag: Appraisal Status 'Approved' CHAR1_X CHAR 
226 APPSELECT_EXISTING Flag: Display Existing Appraisals CHAR1_X CHAR 
227 APPSELECT_HISTO Flag: Appraisal status 'Completed' CHAR1_X CHAR 
228 APPSELECT_PART Flag: Subappraisal selection CHAR1_X CHAR 
229 APPSELECT_PLANNED Flag: Appraisal status 'In preparation' CHAR1_X CHAR 
230 APPSELECT_REJECTED Flag: Appraisal Status 'Rejected' CHAR1_X CHAR 
231 APPSELECT_RESULT Flag: Selection of Individual and Overall Appraisals CHAR1_X CHAR 
232 APPSELECT_SET_BEGDA Creation Period of Appraisal DATUM DATS 
233 APPSELECT_SET_ENDDA Creation Period of Appraisal DATUM DATS 
234 APPSELECT_WITHOUT Flag: Appraisal Status - Without Appraisal CHAR1_X CHAR 
235 APPSF Appointments: Factor in determining waiting time APPSF DEC 
236 APPSFX File suffix for application TEXT3 CHAR 
237 APPSK Appointments: Length in seconds APPSK DEC 
238 APPSN Appointments referencing inbound deliveries possible XFELD CHAR 
239 APPSORT Define sorting NUM4 NUMC 
240 APPTAB Name of appending table AS4TAB CHAR 
241 APPTF Appointments: Work time from APPUA TIMS 
242 APPTG Period pattern for appointments in minutes APPTG NUMC 
243 APPTP Application Type APPTP CHAR 
244 APPTT Appointments: Work time to APPUB TIMS 
245 APPTTYPE Appointment Type CHAR12 CHAR 
246 APPTX Text for Area TEXT40 CHAR 
247 APPTYPEX Application Type APPTYPEX CHAR 
250 APPUA Appointments: Time from APPUA TIMS 
251 APPUA_IST Appointments: Time from (actual) APPUA TIMS 
252 APPUA_ORG Appointments: Time from (original) APPUA TIMS 
253 APPUB Appointments: Time to APPUB TIMS 
254 APPUB_IST Appointments: Time to (actual) APPUB TIMS 
255 APPUB_ORG Appointments: Time to (actual) APPUB TIMS 
256 APPUN Appointments: Sequence number CHAR04 CHAR 
257 APPUV Appointments: Time from APPUV TIMS 
258 APPVIEW View for Generating 'To-Do' List (Appraisal) CHAR1_X CHAR 
259 APPVIEWNAM Name of the appending view DBOBJ_NAME CHAR 
260 APPVU Appointments: Party responsible for the schedule deviation APPVU CHAR 
261 APPWB Default start time in selections APPUA TIMS 
262 APPWE Default end time in selections APPUB TIMS 
263 APP_BEGDA Start date of period to be appraised DATUM DATS 
264 APP_CALC_RESULT Result Calculated (= Weighting * Rating) DEC16_3 DEC 
265 APP_COMP Application Component APP_COMP CHAR 
266 APP_DOMA Name of Domain with Fixed Value Appends DOMNAME CHAR 
267 APP_ENDDA End Date of Period To Be Appraised DATUM DATS 
268 APP_FB_AVE Flag: Calculate appraisal result (average) CHAR1_X CHAR 
269 APP_FB_NO Flag: Determine appraisal result (no automatic calculation) CHAR1_X CHAR 
270 APP_FB_OTH Flag: Calculate appraisal result (user-specific) CHAR1_X CHAR 
271 APP_FB_PER Flag: Calculate appraisal result (percentage) CHAR1_X CHAR 
272 APP_FB_SUM Flag: Calculate appraisal result (total) CHAR1_X CHAR 
273 APP_INPUT Flag: Type of input option for appraisal result APP_INPUT CHAR 
274 APP_INP_D Flag: Appraisal result (required entry field) CHAR1_X CHAR 
275 APP_INP_M Flag: Appraisal result (no entries) CHAR1_X CHAR 
276 APP_INP_O Flag: Appraisal result (optional entry) CHAR1_X CHAR 
277 APP_LAND1_LF Appointments: Vendor country LAND1 CHAR 
278 APP_LAND1_SP Appointments: Service provider country LAND1 CHAR 
279 APP_LAND1_WL Appointments: Country of the goods supplier LAND1 CHAR 
280 APP_MODEL_SEARK Appraisal Model TEXT12 CHAR 
281 APP_MODEL_STEXT Text: Appraisal Model TEXT40 CHAR 
282 APP_NAME1_LF Appointments: Name of vendor TEXT30 CHAR 
283 APP_NAME1_SP Appointments: Name of service provider TEXT30 CHAR 
284 APP_NAME1_WL Appointments: Name of the goods supplier TEXT30 CHAR 
285 APP_NUMB Flag: Type of numbering used for an appraisal level APP_NUMB CHAR 
286 APP_NUMB_O Flag: Appraisal (no numbering) CHAR1_X CHAR 
287 APP_NUMB_S Flag: Appraisal (standard numbering) CHAR1_X CHAR 
288 APP_NUMB_X Flag: Appraisal (user-specific) CHAR1_X CHAR 
289 APP_ORT01_LF Appointments: Location of vendor TEXT25 CHAR 
290 APP_ORT01_SP Appointments: Location of service provider TEXT25 CHAR 
291 APP_ORT01_WL Appointments: Location of the goods supplier ORT01 CHAR 
292 APP_PROG ABAP/4 Editor: EDITOR-CALL for program TDBOOL CHAR 
293 APP_PROT DD: flag if log should be added DDFLAG CHAR 
294 APP_PSTLZ_LF Appointments: Postal code of vendor PSTLZ CHAR 
295 APP_PSTLZ_SP Appointments: Postal code of service provider PSTLZ CHAR 
296 APP_PSTLZ_WL Appointments: Postal code of the goods supplier PSTLZ CHAR 
297 APP_RCODE Returncode for Approve/Reject document APP_RCODE NUMC 
298 APP_SIGN_F Numbering of appraisal element: character placed in front TEXT1 CHAR 
299 APP_SIGN_L Numbering of appraisal elements: character placed after TEXT1 CHAR 
300 APP_SIGN_S Numbering of appraisal elements: don't set last character CHAR1 CHAR 
301 APP_STEXT Name of Appraisal CHAR40 CHAR 
302 APQ_APPL Queue target application CHAR8 CHAR 
303 APQ_BLCK Queue data block number CDINT2 INT2 
304 APQ_CORR Queue correction system CHAR1 CHAR 
305 APQ_COUNT Queue count NUM04 NUMC 
306 APQ_CRDA Queue creation date DATUM DATS 
307 APQ_CRTI Queue creation time UZEIT TIMS 
308 APQ_DEST Queue target system HOST_ID CHAR 
309 APQ_DTYP Queue data type CHAR4 CHAR 
310 APQ_FRGT Batch input release text CHAR10 CHAR 
311 APQ_GRPN Group name: Batch input session name CHAR12 CHAR 
312 APQ_HTXT Text field for screens TEXT20 CHAR 
313 APQ_INAC Queue GETQ active flag CHAR1 CHAR 
314 APQ_INAP Queue GETQ application CHAR8 CHAR 
315 APQ_INBL Queue GETQ sum of logical blocks CDINT4 INT4 
316 APQ_INDA Queue GETQ date last GETQ or error DATUM DATS 
317 APQ_INEN Queue GETQ last error number CHAR5 CHAR 
318 APQ_INID Queue PUTQ Process ID CDINT4 INT4 
319 APQ_INRE Queue GETQ record counter CDINT4 INT4 
320 APQ_INSY Queue GETQ system name HOST_ID CHAR 
321 APQ_INTI Queue GETQ time last GETQ or error UZEIT TIMS 
322 APQ_INTR Queue GETQ transaction counter CDINT4 INT4 
323 APQ_LDAT Queue data length of user data CDINT2 INT2 
324 APQ_MANDT Queue client MANDT CLNT 
325 APQ_MAPN Queue user ID / for historical reasons CHAR12 CHAR 
326 APQ_MODP Queue module/unique CHAR30 CHAR 
327 APQ_OUAC Queue PUTQ active flag CHAR1 CHAR 
328 APQ_OUAP Queue PUTQ application CHAR8 CHAR 
329 APQ_OUBL Queue PUTQ sum of logical blocks CDINT4 INT4 
330 APQ_OUDA Queue PUTQ date of last PUTQ or error DATUM DATS 
331 APQ_OUEN Queue PUTQ last error number CHAR5 CHAR 
332 APQ_OUID Queue PUTQ Process ID CDINT4 INT4 
333 APQ_OURE Queue PUTQ record counter CDINT4 INT4 
334 APQ_OUSY Queue PUTQ system name HOST_ID CHAR 
335 APQ_OUTI Queue PUTQ time last PUTQ or error UZEIT TIMS 
336 APQ_OUTR Queue PUTQ transaction counter CDINT4 INT4 
337 APQ_PASS Queue password XUBCODE CHAR 
338 APQ_PROG Queue program PROGNAME CHAR 
339 APQ_QATT Queue attribute (unique or append) CHAR1 CHAR 
340 APQ_QDEL Queue deletion indicator for processed sessions CHAR1 CHAR 
341 APQ_QUID Queue identification (unique key) CHAR20 CHAR 
342 APQ_RECO Message counter: Batch input, statistics CDINT4 INT4 
343 APQ_SEGM Queue data segmentation number CDINT2 INT2 
344 APQ_STAT Queue status HSTAT CHAR 
345 APQ_STDA Queue start date DATUM DATS 
346 APQ_STRT Queue start mode CHAR1 CHAR 
347 APQ_STTI Queue start time UZEIT TIMS 
348 APQ_TEXT Queue PUTQ / GETQ message text TEXT80 CHAR 
349 APQ_TRAN Transaction counter: Batch input, statistics CDINT4 INT4 
350 APQ_TREI Queue driver program CHAR40 CHAR 
351 APQ_TYPE Queue type appendable / unique APQ_TYPE CHAR 
352 APRDT Approved date for awards DATUM DATS 
353 APREF Reference to original activity XFELD CHAR 
354 APREI Old price PREIS CURR 
355 APREIKZ Proration of price and price adjustment clauses KENNZX CHAR 
356 APREMAIN_TP Retention period   DEC 
357 APRICES Only Current Valid Prices ALL_PRICES CHAR 
358 APRIO Priority of Vacancy Assignment SUBTY CHAR 
359 APRNR Value for the assignment to areas CHAR18 CHAR 
360 APROF Settlement profile APROF CHAR 
361 APROG Reference type APROG CHAR 
362 APROP Variable depreciation portion DEC3_4 DEC 
363 APROP_ALTD Variable depreciation portion (legacy data transfer AA) CHAR8 CHAR 
364 APROVNUM Official document numbering: Approval number APROVNUM CHAR 
365 APROVYEAR Official document numbering: Approval Year APROVYEAR NUMC 
366 APROZ Percentage Transfer of Principal DEC2_2 DEC 
367 APROZENT Work percentage INT1 INT1 
368 APROZ_KK Percentage Part of Tax-Relevant Write-Off PROZENT100 NUMC 
369 APRUE Check schema, allocation table APRUE CHAR 
371 APSERV Name of application server for communication TEXT30 CHAR 
372 APSRV_D Indicator: file on application server or front end XFELD CHAR 
373 APSTA Overall status of applicant APSTA CHAR 
374 APSTAT Processing Status at Material Level APSTAT CHAR 
375 APSTP Item category of allocation table APSTP CHAR 
376 APSTT Status of applicant APSTA CHAR 
377 APSTV Status of applicant's vacancy assignment APSTA CHAR 
378 APS_FLG Order item indicator FLG_OBJ CHAR 
379 APTAB Database Table for Applicant Data AS4TAB CHAR 
380 APTEXT27 Description of Asset-Side/Liability-Side Transaction CHAR27 CHAR 
381 APTFD Path for source files TEXT70 CHAR 
382 APTIME Time   TIMS 
383 APTIM_KK Time at which the object was applied UZEIT TIMS 
384 APTOL_KK Number of Days for Selection of Open Budget Billing Items NUM03 NUMC 
385 APTXT Exclusion reason validity text APTXT CHAR 
386 APTYP Applicant range APTYP CHAR 
387 APVA IS-M: Relevancy of Edition AUSPRGART CHAR 
388 APVERWETXT Description of the work center category TEXT20 CHAR 
389 APVRKME Sales Unit of Order MEINS UNIT 
390 APWAERK Document Currency for Order WAERS CUKY 
391 APWEEKDAY Day of Week   NUMC 
392 APXNR IS-H: Appendixnummer APXNR CHAR 
393 APYEAR Year   NUMC 
394 APZAE Counter for additional file NUM2 NUMC 
395 APZKZ Indicator: Work center APZKZ CHAR 
396 APZNR PC205 assignment PRSPL RAW 
397 APZNR_CHAR PC205 Assignment: Character Field CHAR2 CHAR 
398 APZTX PC205 assignment CHAR02 CHAR 
399 AP_ANCEST Add-on Support Package predecessor TRKORR CHAR 
400 AP_AREACODE Area code of telephone number CHAR20 CHAR 
401 AP_CITYCODE City code (for telephone number) CHAR20 CHAR 
402 AP_COUNTRY Country Code CHAR4 CHAR 
403 AP_DEFAULT Indicator: Work center for default values XFELD CHAR 
404 AP_EXTENSION Telephone extension (optional) CHAR20 CHAR 
405 AP_FOI_FAILED Flag: Analysis Parameters Contain Errors CHAR1 CHAR 
407 AP_FORM_C1 Formula key for costing AP_FORMEL CHAR 
408 AP_FORM_K1 Formula for setup capacity requirements AP_FORMEL CHAR 
409 AP_FORM_K2 Formula for processing capacity requirements AP_FORMEL CHAR 
410 AP_FORM_K3 Formula for teardown capacity requirements AP_FORMEL CHAR 
411 AP_FORM_KN Formula for cap. reqmts. for other types of int. processing AP_FORMEL CHAR 
412 AP_FORM_P1 Formula key for process costs AP_FORMEL CHAR 
413 AP_FORM_T1 Formula for setup time AP_FORMEL CHAR 
414 AP_FORM_T2 Formula for the duration of processing time AP_FORMEL CHAR 
415 AP_FORM_T3 Formula for teardown time AP_FORMEL CHAR 
416 AP_FORM_TN Formula for the duration of other types of int. processing AP_FORMEL CHAR 
418 AP_FRMLTXT Short text for the formula TEXT20 CHAR 
419 AP_KTEXT Short text for the work center TEXT40 CHAR 
420 AP_KZHR Work center only resides in HR XFELD CHAR 
421 AP_KZREF Field is referenced XFELD CHAR 
422 AP_KZREF_PRZ Indicator: process is referenced XFELD CHAR 
423 AP_LINENUMBER Reference line number of telephone element of PNR FTPD_LINENUMBER INT2 
424 AP_LOEVORM Deletion flag for work center FLAG CHAR 
425 AP_MDCUA Reference category for CUA status AP_VERWE CHAR 
426 AP_MDFAW Work center category for field selection AP_VERWE CHAR 
427 AP_PAR01 First work center parameter (for formulas) PARAMID CHAR 
428 AP_PAR02 Second work center parameter (for formulas) PARAMID CHAR 
429 AP_PAR03 Third work center parameter (for formulas) PARAMID CHAR 
430 AP_PAR04 Fourth work center parameter (for formulas) PARAMID CHAR 
431 AP_PAR05 Fifth work center parameter (for formulas) PARAMID CHAR 
432 AP_PAR06 Sixth work center parameter (for formulas) PARAMID CHAR 
433 AP_PARUNIT Parameter unit MEINS UNIT 
434 AP_PARVAL Parameter value VGWRT QUAN 
435 AP_PHONE_NUMBER Telephone Number CHAR40 CHAR 
436 AP_PLANV Key for task list usage AP_PLANV CHAR 
437 AP_PROZ_KA Percentage share of available capacity AWAHR NUMC 
438 AP_PRZ Percentage for Requirement to Capitalize KKGPROZENT DEC 
439 AP_SEARCH Search Term TEXT12 CHAR 
440 AP_SELKZ Selection indicator FLAG CHAR 
441 AP_STAND Work center location AP_STAND CHAR 
442 AP_STATUS Work center status AP_STATUS CHAR 
443 AP_SUBTY Capacity category/relationship to work center CHAR4 CHAR 
444 AP_TYPE Telephone number type (business/private) FTPD_AP_PHONE_TYPE CHAR 
445 AP_VERAN Person responsible for the work center AP_VERAN CHAR 
446 AP_VERWE Work Center Category AP_VERWE CHAR 
447 AP_VERWEV Reference category for screen sequence and verification AP_VERWE CHAR 
448 AP_VGW_MES Rule for standard value maintenance AP_VGW_FLG CHAR 
449 AP_XKOST Indicator: Work center is maintained for costing XFELD CHAR 
450 AP_XSPRR Indicator: Work center is locked XFELD CHAR 
451 AP_XTERM Indicator: Work center is maintained for scheduling XFELD CHAR 
452 AQADHADDCN Add counter automatically FLAG CHAR 
453 AQADHCURR Reference currency for statistics and ranked list WAERS CUKY 
454 AQADHCURRD Currency translation date   DATS 
455 AQADHCURRT Type of currency translation KURST CHAR 
456 AQADHEVAL Reporting set   CHAR 
457 AQADHOUT Object quantity issued   CHAR 
458 AQADHRANKS Number of rankings for ranked list   INT4 
459 AQADHRESLT Resulting set of set operation   CHAR 
460 AQADHSETA Object set A   CHAR 
461 AQADHSETB Object set B for set operations   CHAR 
462 AQADHUNIT Reference unit for stats. and ranked list MEINS UNIT 
463 AQADHUSESO Use selection conditions FLAG CHAR 
464 AQADHVIASS Start via selection screen FLAG CHAR 
465 AQADHVTDEF Default when selecting a field FLAG CHAR 
467 AQARROWSTY Style of an Arrowhead AQARROWSTY CHAR 
470 AQATTRIBUT Object Attribute(s) in Network   INT4 
471 AQBWCLIENT Client Information for BW Extractor (SAP Query) AQS_C3 CHAR 
472 AQCHECKBOX Checkbox in Network AQCHECKBOX INT2 
473 AQCRPNAME Crystal report path and file name   CHAR 
474 AQCRPNEW Automatic generation of Crystal report FLAG CHAR 
475 AQCRPTEMPL Export data to existing Crystal Report FLAG CHAR 
476 AQEVENTPAR Event Parameter(s) CHAR32 CHAR 
477 AQHIERLEVL Row Hierarchy Level in Table of Network INT2 INT2 
478 AQH_ER_ART SAP Query (H): Error type in the error table AQS_C1 CHAR 
479 AQH_ER_KL SAP Query (H): Error class in structure AQERROR AQS_C1 CHAR 
480 AQH_ER_NEW SAP Query (H): Identifies the beginning of a new error AQS_C1 CHAR 
481 AQH_ER_NR SAP Query (H): Current numbering of the error lines AQS_N4 NUMC 
482 AQH_ER_TXT SAP Query (H): Error text in the error table (AQERROR) AQS_C132K CHAR 
483 AQH_LINE SAP Query (H): Line for error texts AQS_C132K CHAR 
485 AQLINETYPE Line Type for Links in Network AQLINETYPE INT2 
486 AQLINSTYLE Edge Style in Network Graphic AQLINSTYLE CHAR 
487 AQLINWIDTH Edge Width in Network Graphic (1/1000mm)   INT4 
488 AQL_ACCNR SAP Query (L): Max. number of times the database is accessed AQS_N9 NUMC 
489 AQL_ALVC ALV Counter   INT4 
490 AQL_ALVG SAP Query (L): Handle for ALV-Grid CL_GUI_ALV_GRID REF 
491 AQL_BOOL SAP Query (L): Boolean Value AQS_BOOL CHAR 
492 AQL_CVAL SAP Query (L): Value of a cell in a table AQS_C255K CHAR 
493 AQL_DBACC SAP Query (L): Number of times the database is accessed AQS_I INT4 
494 AQL_DFORM SAP Query (L): Data format AQL_DFORM CHAR 
495 AQL_DKIND SAP Query (L): Data type AQL_DKIND CHAR 
496 AQL_FADD SAP Query (L): Internal field AQS_C1 CHAR 
497 AQL_FCOL SAP Query (L): One-line original field header AQS_C30K CHAR 
498 AQL_FCONT SAP Query (L): Number of next line AQS_N1 NUMC 
499 AQL_FCUR SAP Query (L): Currency specification AQS_C1 CHAR 
500 AQL_FCURPO SAP Query (L): Field start position in list line AQS_N3 NUMC