SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 31
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 ATTINDEX Shift Planning: Counter for enhanced requirements record SYST_LONG INT4 
2 ATTISARCHIVE Flag for Archived Attachments CHAR1 CHAR 
3 ATTISDEFAULT Default Flag for Attachments CHAR1 CHAR 
4 ATTISLINKALLOWED Attachments : Is Link Allowed   CHAR 
5 ATTISMASSGENLINK Attachment : Link or Copy during Mass Gen   CHAR 
6 ATTISPRIVATE Private Flag for Attachments   CHAR 
7 ATTKD DUEVO Activity Key (Old) CHAR3 CHAR 
8 ATTKK Activity for Miners' Insurance (Old) CHAR5 CHAR 
9 ATTLB Tolerance to FLTP FLTP 
10 ATTLBI Tolerance To CHAR22 CHAR 
11 ATTLOC Attachment location ATTLOC CHAR 
12 ATTLV Tolerance from FLTP FLTP 
13 ATTLVI Tolerance From CHAR22 CHAR 
14 ATTNR Position on line NUM6 NUMC 
15 ATTOL Indicator for Allowed Tolerances ATXFE CHAR 
16 ATTR1 Country indicator at beginning of table key XFELD CHAR 
17 ATTR2 Wage type at another position in table XFELD CHAR 
18 ATTR3 Table without country indicator XFELD CHAR 
19 ATTRDATTYP Data type of attribute of a link ATTRDATTYP CHAR 
20 ATTRFORMAT Object relationship format of the attribute of the link TABNAME CHAR 
21 ATTRHY Frequency in Days NUMC03 NUMC 
22 ATTRH_BI Number of days acc. to frequency CHAR3 CHAR 
23 ATTRIBS ID for attribute output AUSWAHL CHAR 
24 ATTRIBUT Attribute value TEXT30 CHAR 
25 ATTRIBUTE20_KK Attribute For Official Document Number CHAR20 CHAR 
26 ATTRIBUTE40_KK Attribute for Digital Signature CHAR40 CHAR 
27 ATTRIBUTE_KK Attribute For Official Document Number CHAR8 CHAR 
29 ATTRIBUTE_SEARCH Search Method: Attribute CHAR1_X CHAR 
30 ATTRIBUTE_VALUE Attribute Value   DEC 
31 ATTRIB_255 Output field for report RBM_OBJECT_LIST   CHAR 
32 ATTRIB_AFILL Attribute is Filled Automatically   CHAR 
33 ATTRIB_EXPORT Attribute Intended for Export   CHAR 
35 ATTRIB_MAINT Attribute Cannot be Manually Changed   CHAR 
36 ATTRIB_MUST Attribute Required Yes/No ATTRIB_MUST CHAR 
38 ATTRIB_NR Attribute Number   NUMC 
39 ATTRIB_ORIGIN Attribute Origin   CHAR 
40 ATTRIB_TYP Attribute name for RBM_OBJECT structure   CHAR 
42 ATTRIB_VALUE Attribute Value   CHAR 
44 ATTRMODE Object relationship : mode of the attribute ATTRMODE CHAR 
45 ATTRN_AD Account Determination: Attribute Value WERTN_AD CHAR 
47 ATTRSOURCE5 Attribute Source CHAR30 CHAR 
49 ATTRTABIX Index in attribute list SYST_LONG INT4 
50 ATTRTABLE Object relationship database table for attribute TABNAME CHAR 
51 ATTRTYP Attribute type for attribute store ATTRTYP CHAR 
52 ATTR_BEZ Attribute name TEXT30 CHAR 
53 ATTR_DESCRIPTION Description for Dynamic Attributes TEXT50 CHAR 
54 ATTR_FILTER Filter for document exchange ATTR_FILTER CHAR 
55 ATTR_ID_CA FI-CA Dispute: Attribute ID CHAR30 CHAR 
56 ATTR_KEY Attribute for Selection of Business Transaction Events CHAR24 CHAR 
57 ATTR_SEP Separator for Service Attribute String CHAR5 CHAR 
58 ATTR_TYP Roadmap Attribute: Type ATTR_TYP CHAR 
59 ATTR_TYPE Attribute type ATTR_TYPE CHAR 
60 ATTR_VALUE_CA FI-CA Dispute: Attribute Value CHAR132 CHAR 
61 ATTST Category of structured material CHAR1 CHAR 
62 ATTSTATUS Attendance status ATTSTATUS CHAR 
63 ATTTP Attachment type ATTTP CHAR 
64 ATTTXT Attachment description TEXT40 CHAR 
65 ATTTY Attendance type for assigning employee to requirements CHAR4 CHAR 
66 ATTTYFLAG Inficator that assignment is recorded as absence PROPERTY CHAR 
67 ATTXT Object Type Description TEXT30 CHAR 
68 ATTXT_KK Description of Splitting Type TEXT60 CHAR 
69 ATTYP Material Category ATTYP CHAR 
70 ATTYP_EINS Material category ATTYP_EINS CHAR 
71 ATTYP_FLAG Material category XFELD CHAR 
72 ATTYP_STAT_FLAG Article Category Check FLAG CHAR 
73 ATUDF Data Type CHAR18 CHAR 
74 ATUE1 First Line of Heading TEXT30 CHAR 
75 ATUE2 Second line of heading TEXT30 CHAR 
76 ATUER Number of doors DEC2 DEC 
77 ATUNS Entry Required in Configuration ATXFE CHAR 
78 ATUSETOOL How is the tool used? ATUSETOOL CHAR 
80 ATVGLART Comparison Type for Char. Value: " " .. "7": Incl./Excl. ATVGLART CHAR 
81 ATVIE Characteristic Not to be Displayed ATXFE CHAR 
82 ATVOR Value with Plus or Minus Sign XFELD CHAR 
83 ATVPL Relevant to Planning XFELD CHAR 
84 ATVSC Indicator: Display Template When Assigning Values ATXFE CHAR 
85 ATVWB Use of a Characteristic in Object Dependencies XFELD CHAR 
86 ATVWC Characteristic is Used in a Class XFELD CHAR 
87 ATVWE Restrict Use of a Characteristic to Certain Class Types XFELD CHAR 
88 ATVWK Use of a Characteristic in Classes XFELD CHAR 
89 ATVWO Characteristic is Used in an Assignment XFELD CHAR 
90 ATVWP Use of a Characteristic in Process Manufacturing XFELD CHAR 
91 ATVWV Use of Characteristic in Standard Value Calculation XFELD CHAR 
92 ATW15 Language-independent value, 15 characters TEXT15 CHAR 
93 ATWCA Values Checked Against Catalog Characteristics XFELD CHAR 
94 ATWFB Values Checked by Function Module XFELD CHAR 
95 ATWHI Indicator that Subordinate Values Exist XFELD CHAR 
96 ATWME Values in more than one language XFELD CHAR 
97 ATWRD Display Allowed Values Defined in Characteristic ATXFE CHAR 
98 ATWRI Indicator: Keep Sequence in Value Assignment XFELD CHAR 
99 ATWRT Characteristic Value ATWRT CHAR 
100 ATWRT1 Characteristic value ATWRT CHAR 
101 ATWRT2 To characteristic value ATWRT CHAR 
102 ATWRT_B Value Before Which You Want to Insert ATWRT CHAR 
103 ATWRT_I Value You Want to Insert ATWRT CHAR 
104 ATWRT_WS Planned value for unit of meas. (planned proport./convers.) ATWRT CHAR 
105 ATWSO Display of Allowed Values ATSOR CHAR 
106 ATWTA Values Checked Against Check Table XFELD CHAR 
107 ATWTB Characteristic value description TEXT30 CHAR 
108 ATWTB60 Characteristic value description with length 60 TEXT60 CHAR 
109 ATWZU Values Checked Against Allowed Values in Characteristic XFELD CHAR 
110 ATW_D_OBJECT_TYPE Object type for template wizard ATW_D_OBJECT_TYPE CHAR 
111 ATXAC Indicator for Multiple Table Assignments XFELD CHAR 
112 ATXKZ Info memo text in relevant language exists FIXIE CHAR 
113 ATXT1 Notes on applicant activity CHAR20 CHAR 
114 ATXTF Long text for payment reason TEXT50 CHAR 
115 ATXTKEY Subkey for entries in the application text log ATXTKEY CHAR 
116 ATXTKEY4 Key for application text log ATEXTKEY4 CHAR 
117 ATXXSTATUS Status of component(Instance)from configuration perspective CHAR2 CHAR 
118 ATXYSTATUS Installed base (IBase) status from configuration perspective CHAR2 CHAR 
119 ATYAC Indicator: Align Characteristic Values to the Right ATXFE CHAR 
120 ATYPE Type of sett. re condition rec.: reb. arrangements (Purch.) ATYPE CHAR 
121 ATYPETXT Text on settlement type CHAR28 CHAR 
122 ATYPX Description of material category TEXT40 CHAR 
123 ATZH1 Internal counter NUMC1 NUMC 
124 ATZHH Int. counter for value hierarchy ATZHL NUMC 
125 ATZHL Int counter ATZHL NUMC 
126 ATZIS Instance counter NUMC3 NUMC 
127 ATZUS Indicator: Values Can Be Assigned to Ref. Characteristics XFELD CHAR 
128 AT_AMOUNT Amount as a Character String   CHAR 
129 AT_AMOUNT_68 Annual Return: Amount for Field 068 (Sales Representatives)   CHAR 
130 AT_AMOUNT_69 Annual Return: Amount for Field 069 (Restaurants)   CHAR 
131 AT_AMOUNT_78 Annual Return: Amount for Field 078 (Food Retailers)   CHAR 
132 AT_AMOUNT_79 Annual Return: Amount for Field 079 (Artists)   CHAR 
133 AT_AMOUNT_84 Annual Return: Amount for Field 084 (Estimation Para. 14)   CHAR 
134 AT_AMOUNT_85 Annual Return: Amount for Field 085 (Chemists)   CHAR 
135 AT_AMOUNT_86 Annual Return: Amount for Field 086 (Specific Companies)   CHAR 
136 AT_ARE Application for Use of Refund   CHAR 
138 AT_COUNTRY Values for attribute type "country" in attribute store LAND1 CHAR 
139 AT_FASTNR Company's ID (Austria)   NUMC 
140 AT_FINANZAMT_NR Tax Office Number   CHAR 
141 AT_GET_CONTRACT Contract Determination Allocation Table XCHAR CHAR 
142 AT_IDENTIFBEGRIFF Sender's ID (Austria)   NUMC 
143 AT_KUE Contribution to Employee Association   CHAR 
144 AT_KUNDENINFO Own Customer Information   CHAR 
145 AT_KUP Obligation to Contribute to Employee Association XFELD CHAR 
146 AT_NUMORGAN Number of affiliated companies   NUMC 
147 AT_PAKETNR Package Number for Identification   NUMC 
148 AT_PROFILE Profile of Commitment Types AT_PROFILE CHAR 
149 AT_REPO Copy of the Invoices   CHAR 
150 AT_SATZNR Record Number for Identification   NUMC 
151 AT_STEUER_NR Tax Number   CHAR 
152 AT_VERWE IS-H: Industrial acc. indicator (AT) CHAR1 CHAR 
153 AT_VORSTEUER Input Tax Deduction   CHAR 
154 AT_XORGAN Affiliated companies existing XFELD CHAR 
155 AT_YEARMONTH_FROM Fiscal Year From (YYYY-MM)   CHAR 
156 AT_YEARMONTH_TO Fiscal Year To (YYYY-MM)   CHAR 
157 AU691 Payments in Acc. with Sec. 69 (2) EStG XFELD CHAR 
158 AUAKH Auto Update Application Component Hierarchy UFPS_POSID CHAR 
159 AUAR2 Order type for process order AUFART CHAR 
160 AUARA Proposal for order type for the subsequent function AUART CHAR 
161 AUARA_PAM IS-M: Proposed Sales Document Type for Subsequent Function AUART_PAM CHAR 
162 AUARG Sales Document Type for Credit Memo Request AUART CHAR 
163 AUART Sales Document Type AUART CHAR 
164 AUARTN_GRP Group referencing requirement: Target sales document type AUART CHAR 
167 AUARTV_GRP Group referencing requirement: Source sales document type AUART CHAR 
168 AUART_ADD IS-M: Order Type for Subsequent Delivery AUART CHAR 
169 AUART_B1 Order type for final settlement credit memo request AUART CHAR 
170 AUART_B2 Order type for making corrections to a rebate agreement AUART CHAR 
171 AUART_B3 Order type for partial rebate settlement AUART CHAR 
172 AUART_B4 Order type for manual accruals for a rebate agreement AUART CHAR 
173 AUART_BACK IS-M: Order Type for Returns AUART CHAR 
174 AUART_BEZ Description of sales order type TEXT20 CHAR 
175 AUART_CA Payment Cards: Authorization Type   CHAR 
176 AUART_DEF IS-M: Standard Sales Document Type for Transfer Interface AUART_PAM CHAR 
177 AUART_DEFSBI Default sales document category AUART CHAR 
178 AUART_EXT Enterprise Search :- External format   CHAR 
179 AUART_GS Sales document type for credit memo request AUART CHAR 
180 AUART_ISP IS-M/SD: Sales Document Types AUART_ISP CHAR 
181 AUART_KK Payment cards: Authorization type AUART_KK CHAR 
182 AUART_KO Contract type AUART CHAR 
183 AUART_LS Sales document type for debit memo request AUART CHAR 
184 AUART_NACH Copying control: Target sales document type AUART CHAR 
185 AUART_NF IS-M: Subsequent Sales Document Type for Offers AUART_ISP CHAR 
186 AUART_OF IS-M/SD: Sales Document Type for Renewal Offer AUART_ISP CHAR 
187 AUART_PAM IS-M: Sales Document Type AUART_PAM CHAR 
188 AUART_REKL Sales Document Type for Complaint AUART_ISP CHAR 
189 AUART_REM Sales Document Type for Return AUART_ISP CHAR 
190 AUART_SPR Language key for sales document type AUART_SPR CHAR 
191 AUART_UNV Sales document type (not converted) CHAR4 CHAR 
192 AUART_VON Copying control: Reference document type AUART CHAR 
193 AUAV1 Indicator: Unemployment insurance XFELD CHAR 
194 AUBED Requirements for the order to be delivered BEDNG NUMC 
195 AUBEL Automatic debit creation on goods issue XFELD CHAR 
196 AUBEL_KK Document Number Of Document To Be Triggered OPBEL_KK CHAR 
197 AUBET Payment amount WERTV6 CURR 
198 AUBETR_B_KK Clearing Amount (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
199 AUBET_CR_KK Issue Amount WRTV7 CURR 
200 AUBFG UIF Exemption Reason CHAR1 CHAR 
201 AUBG1 Social insurance contribution group (Austria) CHAR4 CHAR 
202 AUBGR Technical Contribution Group in Social Insurance PB03_AUBGR CHAR 
203 AUBID_KK Write-Off Preselection ID OPBEL_KK CHAR 
204 AUBLG Share of individual receipt AUBLG DEC 
205 AUBRBFKT IS-M: Authorization Group for Order Processing Functions AUBRBFKT CHAR 
206 AUBST Purchase requisition with delivery scheduling XFELD CHAR 
207 AUBV1 Indicator: Bonus for civil servants CHAR1 CHAR 
208 AUBV2 Indicator: Bonus for civil servants CHAR1 CHAR 
209 AUBXX Posted output quantity MENGV8 QUAN 
210 AUCHECK Field for saving an activity for authorization object AUCHECK INT1 
211 AUCOST Costing activities indicator AUCOST CHAR 
212 AUDAT Document Date (Date Received/Sent) DATUM DATS 
213 AUDAT_AB From order date (agreement date) DATUM DATS 
214 AUDAT_BIS To order date (agreement date) DATUM DATS 
215 AUDAT_B_KK Payment Cards: Date of Authorization (Batch Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
216 AUDAT_CC Payment cards: Authorization date DATUM DATS 
217 AUDAT_N Document Date (Date Received/Sent) DATUM DATS 
218 AUDAT_P Payment cards: Previous date of authorization DATUM DATS 
219 AUDAT_POS SD document item date (incoming or outgoing date) DATUM DATS 
220 AUDAT_VANG Quotation Date DATUM DATS 
221 AUDAT_VAUF Sales order date DATUM DATS 
222 AUDAT_VL Delivery note date DATUM DATS 
223 AUDD_D16D TO: DECFLOAT (don't use/change it) - DF16_DEC AUDD_D16D D16D 
224 AUDD_D16R TO: DECFLOAT (don't use/change it) - DF16_RAW AUDD_D16R D16R 
225 AUDD_D16S TO: DECFLOAT (don't use/change it) - DF16_SCL AUDD_D16S D16S 
226 AUDD_D34D TO: DECFLOAT (don't use/change it) - DF34_DEC AUDD_D34D D34D 
227 AUDD_D34R TO: DECFLOAT (don't use/change it) - DF34_RAW AUDD_D34R D34R 
228 AUDD_D34S TO: DECFLOAT (don't use/change it) - DF34_SCL AUDD_D34S D34S 
229 AUDD_EUFCT TO: DTEL with values (don't use/change it) AUDD_EUFCT CHAR 
230 AUDD_STRING TO: String (don't use/change it)   STRG 
231 AUDESCRIPTION Description for general use in Autoupdate CU_DESCRIPTION CHAR 
232 AUDIFZ JIT cumulative quantity difference - Audi XFELD CHAR 
233 AUDISP Ind: Reservation applicable to MRP;Purc. req. is created XFELD CHAR 
234 AUDISP_MINUS Reservation Relevance/Generation of Purchase Requisition XFELD CHAR 
235 AUDISP_PLUS Reservation Relevance/Generation of Purchase Requisition AUDISP CHAR 
236 AUDIT Content version XFELD CHAR 
238 AUDIT_DATE Creation date of IDocs for audit statistic DATUM DATS 
239 AUDIT_LAST Time, up to which IDocs are included UZEIT TIMS 
240 AUDLM Employee's AUD contribution NUM5 NUMC 
241 AUDPR_KK Key for check log AUDPR_KK CHAR 
242 AUEF1 Indicator for continued pay contribution CHAR1 CHAR 
243 AUEF2 Indicator for continued pay contribution CHAR1 CHAR 
244 AUERU Activation of Final Confirmation AUERU_VS CHAR 
245 AUERU_VS Partial/Final Confirmation AUERU_VS CHAR 
246 AUEST Estimated Costs Are a Copy of Planned Costs XFELD CHAR 
247 AUEVE Automated Monitoring Process for Import Processing AUEVE CHAR 
248 AUFAB Markup/markdown (e.g. discount, rate) as separate rate KENZG CHAR 
249 AUFABKRS Processing group AKREIS NUMC 
250 AUFAB_KK Expense acct for write-offs SAKNR CHAR 
251 AUFAB_VK Flag: Sort in Descending Order BOOLE CHAR 
252 AUFAD Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Ordering Party Address CHAR35 CHAR 
253 AUFAEDAT Change date for Order Master DATUM DATS 
254 AUFAENAM Last changed by USNAM CHAR 
255 AUFAK Order Type for Billing Request AUART CHAR 
256 AUFAK_BI Scrap factor (batch input) CHAR6 CHAR 
257 AUFANFNR Requesting order AUFNR CHAR 
258 AUFAR Allocation Table Type AUFAR CHAR 
261 AUFAUS IS-H: Aufenthalt nach Austritt AUFAUS CHAR 
262 AUFAUSTXT IS-H: Textfeld für Aufenthalt nach Austritt AUFAUSTXT CHAR 
263 AUFAV Order Operation AUFAV CHAR 
264 AUFAZ_KZ IS-H: Indicator, Whether Admission Notification Is Needed XFELD CHAR 
265 AUFBE Foreign Payment Order Amount (Netherlands) NUM15 NUMC 
266 AUFBERNA Group Box Item for the Order Master Layout AUFBERNA CHAR 
267 AUFBILD Tab Page Number in the Order Layout AUFBILD CHAR 
269 AUFBKEY2 Format key for sorting AUFBKEY CHAR 
270 AUFBKEYART Type of format key AUFBKEYART CHAR 
271 AUFBN Foreign Payments; Ordering Party Bank Number (Netherlands) NUM10 NUMC 
272 AUFBUC Indicator for posting of cost-accounting revaluation XFELD CHAR 
273 AUFBZ_KK Name of Payer Registered at Bank TXT50 CHAR 
274 AUFCHGKZ Indicator 'Status change documents' XFELD CHAR 
275 AUFCYCLE Allocation cycle CYCLE CHAR 
276 AUFDAT Date on which revaluation takes place DATUM DATS 
278 AUFDATE IS-M: Date at Which Order Acceptance Ends DATUM DATS 
279 AUFDB IS-H: Admission Date (To) RI_DATUM DATS 
280 AUFDEFST Default status XFELD CHAR 
281 AUFDT_LAST IS-H: Latest Admission Date RI_DATUM DATS 
282 AUFDV IS-H: Admission Date (From) RI_DATUM DATS 
283 AUFEB Field for positioning on overview screen BNFPO NUMC 
284 AUFEND End of explosion indicator XFELD CHAR 
285 AUFENT IS-H: Aufenthalt vor dem Eintritt AUFENT CHAR 
286 AUFEP Field for Positioning Within Overview Screen EBELP NUMC 
287 AUFEP1 Positioning on overview screen EBELP NUMC 
288 AUFEP2 Field for positioning within overview screen BNFPO NUMC 
289 AUFER A sales order is required as basis for delivery VOERF CHAR 
292 AUFERLPLAN Current order revenue plan WERTV8 CURR 
293 AUFERLPLANOC Current Order Revenue Plan in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
294 AUFERLPLN2 Order revenue plan (version 2) WERTV8 CURR 
295 AUFERLPLN2OC Order Revenue Plan (Version 2) in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
296 AUFES Residence status CHAR4 CHAR 
297 AUFESTNR Status reached so far AUFSTNR NUMC 
298 AUFEX External order number AUFEX CHAR 
299 AUFGA_011V Task from calendar AUFGA_011V CHAR 
303 AUFGR10 Order Group CHAR10 CHAR 
304 AUFGRFK Authorization group for data entry forms CHAR2 CHAR 
305 AUFGRFK_AW Authorization group for reporting CHAR2 CHAR 
306 AUFGT Determination of tasks to be performed for orders AUFGT CHAR 
307 AUFHSTNR Highest order status AUFSTNR NUMC 
308 AUFIDAT1 Release date DATUM DATS 
309 AUFIDAT2 Technical completion date DATUM DATS 
310 AUFIDAT3 Close date DATUM DATS 
311 AUFIS Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Ordering Party ISO-Code CHAR3 CHAR 
312 AUFKALSM Costing Sheet KALSM CHAR 
313 AUFKB IS-H: Short Text for Admitting Facility TEXT12 CHAR 
314 AUFKH_KZ IS-H: Indicator for Admission Type 'From External Hospital' XFELD CHAR 
315 AUFKM Bill of Material component in order AUFKM NUMC 
316 AUFKN Extra Pay Indicator AUFKN CHAR 
317 AUFKO Derive other fields from input XFELD CHAR 
318 AUFKOSTL Cost center for basic settlement KOSTL CHAR 
319 AUFKOSTV Responsible cost center KOSTL CHAR 
320 AUFKOSTV_EXT Enterprise Search Cost center   CHAR 
321 AUFKP_KK Recording Header Item CHAR009 CHAR 
322 AUFKP_VK Recording Header Item CHAR009 CHAR 
323 AUFKSTAR Settlement cost element KSTAR CHAR 
324 AUFKSTPLAN Current order cost plan WERTV8 CURR 
325 AUFKSTPLANOC Current Order Cost Plan in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
326 AUFKSTPLN2 Order cost plan (version 2) WERTV8 CURR 
327 AUFKSTPLN2OC Order Cost Plan (Version 2) in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
328 AUFKZ Indicator for allocation of activity-independent costs AUFKZ CHAR 
329 AUFLA Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Ordering Party Country CHAR35 CHAR 
330 AUFLAY Layout for Master Data Maintenance Orders AUFLAY CHAR 
331 AUFLA_ANLA Date of conveyance DATUM DATS 
332 AUFLDSTG Heating installation charging control AUFLDSTG CHAR 
333 AUFLHOE No. of copies AUFLHOE NUMC 
334 AUFLOEKZ Deletion flag XFELD CHAR 
335 AUFLOESEN IS-H: Explode Occupancy Statistics (Yes/No) XFELD CHAR 
336 AUFLOEVM Indicator "Setting delete flag is allowed" XFELD CHAR 
337 AUFLS IS-H: Services that Are to Be Performed in the Order TEXT30 CHAR 
338 AUFLTEXT Long Text Exists XFELD CHAR 
339 AUFL_BST Cancellation of WIP Allowed KKA_YES_NO CHAR 
340 AUFL_PRO OK to Cancel Reserves for Cost of Complaints/Commissions KKA_YES_NO CHAR 
341 AUFL_RDV Cancellation of Reserves for Imminent Loss Allowed KKA_YES_NO CHAR 
342 AUFL_RUE Cancellation of Reserves for Unrealized Costs Allowed KKA_YES_NO CHAR 
343 AUFME Allocation Unit MEINS UNIT 
344 AUFMELDART Audit Report Type for Edition AUFMELDART CHAR 
345 AUFME_ISO Allocation table unit of measure in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
346 AUFMI Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Order ISO-Code CHAR3 CHAR 
347 AUFMO Split monthly quantities XFELD CHAR 
348 AUFMUSTER Model Order Number AUFNR CHAR 
349 AUFNA Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Ordering Party Name CHAR35 CHAR 
350 AUFNAZ_KZ IS-H: Indicator, Whether Adm. Notification Is to Be Made XFELD CHAR 
351 AUFNG Posted revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
352 AUFNG_ALTD Revaluation of cum.ord.dep.posted(Legacy Data Transf. FI-AA) CHAR16 CHAR 
353 AUFNL Proportional revaluation of annual ordinary dep. ANLKWERT CURR 
354 AUFNL_ALTD Prop. revaluation of accum. depreciation current year CHAR15 CHAR 
355 AUFNM Manual revaluation of cumulative ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
356 AUFNP Planned revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
357 AUFNR Order Number AUFNR CHAR 
358 AUFNRALT Order Number of Old Device AUFNR CHAR 
359 AUFNRNEU Order Number of New Device AUFNR CHAR 
360 AUFNR_AVO Order Template for Copying a Settlement Rule AUFNR CHAR 
361 AUFNR_EXT External Representation for Order CHAR12 CHAR 
362 AUFNR_FROM Order No. Original network AUFNR CHAR 
363 AUFNR_H Order number historical AUFNR_H CHAR 
364 AUFNR_NEU Order Number AUFNR CHAR 
365 AUFNR_ONLY Select only orders that have already been planned? XFELD CHAR 
366 AUFNR_P Partner Order Number AUFNR CHAR 
367 AUFNR_PM Order Number of a Maintenance Order AUFNR CHAR 
368 AUFNR_R3 Order number AUFNR CHAR 
370 AUFNSTNR Lowest order status AUFSTNR NUMC 
371 AUFNV Proportional cum. revaluation on ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
372 AUFNV_ALTD Prop. revaluation of accum. depreciation from prev. years CHAR15 CHAR 
373 AUFNZ Revaluation to be posted on cum. ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
374 AUFN_ANZ IS-H: Admission Notif. to Be Printed in Standard Form Print ISH01 CHAR 
375 AUFOBLIGO Order commitments WERTV8 CURR 
376 AUFOR Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Ordering Party City CHAR35 CHAR 
377 AUFORG Organizational Plan Unit AUFORG CHAR 
378 AUFORGEIN Organizational Plan Unit AUFORGEIN CHAR 
379 AUFORGEIN1 Higher Level Organizational Unit AUFORGEIN CHAR 
380 AUFPDAT1 Planned release date DATUM DATS 
381 AUFPDAT2 Planned completion date DATUM DATS 
382 AUFPDAT3 Planned closing date DATUM DATS 
383 AUFPHAS0 Phase "Order created" XFELD CHAR 
384 AUFPHAS1 Phase "Order released" XFELD CHAR 
385 AUFPHAS2 Phase "order completed" XFELD CHAR 
386 AUFPHAS3 Phase "order closed" XFELD CHAR 
388 AUFPLNNUM Counter AUFNR/PLNUM-assembly INT4 INT4 
389 AUFPL_BI Plan no. for order operations: batch input field CHAR10 CHAR 
390 AUFPL_CH Task List Number for Operations in Order AUFPL NUMC 
391 AUFPL_FROM Original network number for activities in order AUFPL NUMC 
392 AUFPL_NCH No. identifying the network to which the successor belongs MDNUM NUMC 
393 AUFPL_VOR No. identifying the network to which the predecessor belongs MDNUM NUMC 
394 AUFPS Order item number CHAR2 CHAR 
395 AUFPS_BI Number of order item: batch input field CHAR4 CHAR 
396 AUFREFNR Reference order number AUFNR CHAR 
397 AUFRELKZ Set "Release immediately" indicator XFELD CHAR 
398 AUFRM_KZ Allocation table, reply indicator AUFRM_KZ CHAR 
399 AUFRUF Call at program time point 'FUSSZEILE_NEU' XFELD CHAR 
400 AUFSA Markup (absolute) in sales price calculation WERTV6 CURR 
401 AUFSAKNR G/L account for basic settlement SAKNR CHAR 
402 AUFSD Customer blocked for orders KAUFS CHAR 
403 AUFSD_V Customer order block (sales area) KAUFS CHAR 
404 AUFSD_X Central order block for customer KAUFS CHAR 
405 AUFSELKZ Selection indicator determining which alloc tbl is read AUFSELKZ CHAR 
406 AUFSEQNR Sequence number SQNR NUMC 
407 AUFSETNM Allocation set SETNR CHAR 
408 AUFSETZEN Switch for restart in full screen XFELD CHAR 
409 AUFSG Actual Markup in Sales Price Calculation WERTV6 CURR 
410 AUFSG_BAPI Markup in Sales Price Calculation for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
411 AUFSOWRK Location plant WERKS CHAR 
412 AUFSP Indicator for order block KAUFS CHAR 
413 AUFSPSET Group of disallowed transactions VOGRP CHAR 
414 AUFSP_VK Recording Record Item AUFSP_VK NUMC 
415 AUFST Order level AUFST NUMC 
416 AUFSTDAT Date of last status change DATUM DATS 
417 AUFSTKZ Identifier for statistical order XFELD CHAR 
418 AUFSTONR Status number AUFSTNR NUMC 
420 AUFST_BI Order level CHAR2 CHAR 
421 AUFSUBSC Number of the Group Box (Subscreen) in the Order Layout AUFSUBSC CHAR 
422 AUFSW IS-H: Date of First Contact TEXT40 CHAR 
423 AUFTA Order type in capacity planning AUFTA CHAR 
424 AUFTEXT Description TEXT40 CHAR 
425 AUFTG Order group for capacity planning AUFTG CHAR 
426 AUFTIME IS-M: Order Deadline Time UZEIT TIMS 
427 AUFTL Splitting Indicator AUFTL CHAR 
428 AUFTL11 Share of Costs AUFTL11 DEC 
429 AUFTL_BST Method of Apportionment for Capitalized Costs AUFTL_BST CHAR 
430 AUFTL_KDU Method of Apportionment for Cost of Sales AUFTL_KDU CHAR 
431 AUFTL_PRO Method of Apportionment for Reserves for Cost of Complaints AUFTL_PRO CHAR 
432 AUFTL_RUE Method of Apportionment for Reserves for Unrealized Costs AUFTL_RUE CHAR 
433 AUFTL_VRL Method of Apportionment for Reserves for Immiment Loss AUFTL_VRL CHAR 
434 AUFTM MRP element: order quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
435 AUFTR Order Management Active RKAC2 CHAR 
437 AUFTRANF Residual order plan WERTV8 CURR 
438 AUFTRANFOC Residual Order Plan in Object Currency WERTV8 CURR 
439 AUFTRDAT IS-HCM: Date when Order Created SYDATS DATS 
440 AUFTRGEBER User requesting the T2L2D entry SYCHAR12 CHAR 
441 AUFTRTIM IS-HCM Time of request creation SYTIME TIMS 
442 AUFTRUSR User who Created Dispatch Order (USER ID) USNAM CHAR 
443 AUFTRWRT Order Value CHAR20 CHAR 
444 AUFTR_SET Name of the order set SETNAME CHAR 
445 AUFTV Split already exists CHAR1 CHAR 
446 AUFTYP Order category AUFTYP NUMC 
447 AUFTYPE Order Category: 01 - Delivery, 02 - Removal, 03 - Replacemt CHAR2 CHAR 
448 AUFTYPPCA Order categories relevant for Profit Center Accounting AUFTYPPCA NUMC 
449 AUFT_BERCK Include Orders XFELD CHAR 
450 AUFT_MATNR Material No.of Material Produced by Product.Order (product) MATNR CHAR 
452 AUFT_WIPEL Can Orders for Project or Sales Order Have WIP? AUFT_WIPEL CHAR 
454 AUFUSER1 Applicant's telephone number AUFUSER1 CHAR 
455 AUFUSER2 Person Responsible AUFUSER2 CHAR 
456 AUFUSER3 Telephone number of person in charge AUFUSER3 CHAR 
457 AUFUSER4 Estimated total costs of order AUFUSER4 CURR 
458 AUFUSER4BAPI Estimated Overall Costs of the Order for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
459 AUFUSER5 Application date AUFUSER5 DATS 
460 AUFUSER6 Department AUFUSER6 CHAR 
463 AUFUSER9 Identifier for work permit issued AUFUSER9 CHAR 
464 AUFVH ID Allocation table XFELD CHAR 
465 AUFVOSET Group of allowed transactions VOGRP CHAR 
466 AUFVR Source number for order CHAR10 CHAR 
467 AUFWAERS Order Currency WAERS CUKY 
468 AUFWB Revaluation posted on replacement value ANLKWERT CURR 
469 AUFWB_ALTD Posted reval. of replacement value(Legacy Data Trans. FI-AA) CHAR16 CHAR 
470 AUFWG Order path AUFWG NUMC 
471 AUFWG_BI Order path CHAR2 CHAR 
472 AUFWL Proportional revaluation for the year on replacement value ANLKWERT CURR 
473 AUFWL_ALTD Prop. revaluation of replacement value current year CHAR15 CHAR 
474 AUFWM Manual revaluation on replacement value ANLKWERT CURR 
475 AUFWP Planned revaluation on replacement value ANLKWERT CURR 
476 AUFWTG Revaluation AUFWTG NUMC 
477 AUFWTX Description of revaluation TXT50 CHAR 
478 AUFWV Proportional cumulative revaluation on replacement value ANLKWERT CURR 
479 AUFWV_ALTD Prop. revaluation of replacement value from previous years CHAR15 CHAR 
480 AUFWZ Revaluation on replacement value to be posted ANLKWERT CURR 
481 AUFW_ANT Proportional revaluation ANLKWERT CURR 
482 AUFW_GEB Revaluation posted ANLKWERT CURR 
483 AUFW_GEP Planned revaluation ANLKWERT CURR 
484 AUFW_GJA Cumulative revaluation at fiscal year start ANLKWERT CURR 
485 AUFW_GJE Revaluation at fiscal year end ANLKWERT CURR 
486 AUFW_LFD Current revaluation ANLKWERT CURR 
487 AUFW_LFDG Revaluation from the current year (with posted values) ANLKWERT CURR 
488 AUFW_LFDP Revaluation for the current year (with planned values) ANLKWERT CURR 
489 AUFZA Overhead type AUFZA CHAR 
490 AUFZD Date as from when the payment history was recorded DATUM DATS 
491 AUFZSCHL Overhead key CHAR6 CHAR 
492 AUFZTD Length of waiting time in calendar days TSTRDURAG DEC 
493 AUFZTT Length of stay in days DIFZT DEC 
494 AUF_DTXT Tab Page Title AUF_DTXT CHAR 
495 AUF_FROM_VK Recording Active from DATS DATS 
496 AUF_KAL Use FC for Interval: Order Creation to Planned Meter Reading KENNZX CHAR 
497 AUF_MATNR Material No.of Material Produced by Product.Order (product) MATNR CHAR 
498 AUF_NETNR Order/Network number AUFNR CHAR 
499 AUF_PLKNZ Maintenance order planning indicator AUF_PLKNZ CHAR 
500 AUF_SHIFT Indicator: Shift order/network XFELD CHAR