SAP ABAP Data Element - Index A, page 24
Data Element - A
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 ANSTO Indicator: Reversal of Registrations on Data Medium XFELD CHAR 
2 ANSTP Attendance cat. ABSTP CHAR 
3 ANSTRS38TCOMM Runtime Analysis: Short descript for a performance data file CHAR_LG_60 CHAR 
4 ANSTSE30CPUCNT Runtime analysis: Number of processors CHAR3 CHAR 
5 ANSTSE30FAGG Runtime Analysis: Measurement Type (aggregated, ...) TEXT30 CHAR 
6 ANSTSE30FCATCH Runtime Analysis: Performance file name CHAR8 CHAR 
7 ANSTSE30FMODUS Runtime Analysis: Session Type (Local, Parallel) TEXT30 CHAR 
8 ANSTSE30FNAME Runtime Analysis: File Name TEXT70 CHAR 
9 ANSTSE30FREL Runtime Analysis: Release SYCHAR04 CHAR 
10 ANSTSE30FSIZE Runtime Analysis: Performance file size in KB U_INT_4 INT4 
11 ANSTSE30FSTATE Runtime analysis: Status of performance file TEXT40 CHAR 
12 ANSTSE30FUSER Runtime Analysis: Performance file created by SYCHAR12 CHAR 
13 ANSTSE30FUSERA Runtime Analysis: User name SYCHAR12 CHAR 
14 ANSTSE30FVERS Runtime Analysis: Version of performanc CHAR1 CHAR 
15 ANSTSE30L1DOWN ABAP Runtime Analysis: Measure Called Functionality FLAG CHAR 
16 ANSTSE30L3KB RT Analysis Measurement Type: Max. Size of Measurement File U_INT_4 INT4 
17 ANSTSE30OBJTYP Runtime Analysis: Type of Objected Measured CHAR4 CHAR 
18 ANSTSE30OKCNTX Runtime Analysis: With Contexts FLAG CHAR 
19 ANSTSE30OKDBOP Runtime Analysis: With Database-Level Operations FLAG CHAR 
20 ANSTSE30SESTIM Runtime Analysis: Start Time Stamp for a Running Measurement   INT4 
21 ANSTU Proportion of Full Standard Working Time -PSG- ANSTU CHAR 
22 ANSTX Work Contract Text TEXT15 CHAR 
23 ANSTYP_RE IS-M: Address Type of Bill-To Party Address ERSTADR CHAR 
24 ANSTYP_WE IS-M: Address Type for Ship-To Party Address ERSTADR CHAR 
25 ANST_APPLICATION_NAME ANST: Name of the Applica   STRG 
28 ANST_CHAR100 Char 100 on lowercase ANST_CHAR100 CHAR 
29 ANST_CHECK View object type XFELD CHAR 
35 ANST_E2ET_RT_OBJ_NAME BPCA: Object name   CHAR 
36 ANST_E2ET_RT_TAB_HAS_KEY BPCA: if table has keys FLAG CHAR 
37 ANST_FIELD_EXIT Analize field exits ANST_YESNO CHAR 
39 ANST_MAX_OBJECTS Max object number for notes search ANST_MAX_OBJECTS INT2 
42 ANST_ROBJECTS Analize Repair Objects ANST_YESNO CHAR 
44 ANST_TRACE_ENQ_KEY BPCA Primary Key for Shared Lock in SQL/Buffer Trace CHAR40 CHAR 
45 ANST_TRAN_VARIANT Analize Transaction Variants ANST_YESNO CHAR 
50 ANSUM Total income from settlements WERTV10 CURR 
51 ANSVH Work Contract ANSVH CHAR 
52 ANSVX Work Contract - Other Employers ANSVX CHAR 
53 ANSWB Replenishment Controlled Independently By Supply Source XFELD CHAR 
54 ANSWER Alternative reply for dialog query AUSWAHL CHAR 
55 ANSWERS Possible answers in a popup dialog ANSWERS CHAR 
56 ANSWL Transactions for the year affecting asset values ANLKWERT CURR 
57 ANSWRT Asset acquisition value ANLKWERT CURR 
58 ANSWT Acquisition Value WERT CURR 
59 ANSWTC17 Acquisition Value: IBIP Character Structure CHAR17 CHAR 
60 ANSW_BALA_KK Customer's Reply Received XFELD CHAR 
61 ANSW_BEW Transactions on the acquisition value ANLKWERT CURR 
62 ANSW_GJA Cumulative acquisition value at fiscal year start ANLKWERT CURR 
63 ANSW_GJE Acquisition value at fiscal year end ANLKWERT CURR 
64 ANSW_LFD Current acquisition value ANLKWERT CURR 
65 ANSW_LFDG Cumulative acquisition value at FY start (w/o ANLKWERT CURR 
66 ANSW_LFDP Cumulative acquisition value at FY start (w/o ANLKWERT CURR 
67 ANTAG Number of days in display format for days NUM03 NUMC 
68 ANTAN Aerial connection ANTAN CHAR 
69 ANTAR Application type for tax (Spain) SUBTY CHAR 
70 ANTAUFW Proportional appreciation TEXT7 CHAR 
71 ANTBT_VK Prorated Amount ANTBT_VK CURR 
72 ANTBW Trans. type post prop. values BWASL CHAR 
73 ANTDT IS-H: Date of Response to Request RI_DATUM DATS 
74 ANTEI In-house production percentage PRZ32 DEC 
75 ANTEIL Proportion of real depreciation area in derived dep.area NUM01 NUMC 
76 ANTEILKUE IS-H: Coverage Rate (in Percent) NUM03 NUMC 
77 ANTEI_ALTD Prop. in-house production (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR6 CHAR 
78 ANTEL Ratio of the corrected value to the original value (CV:OV) DECV2_2 DEC 
79 ANTEL_BI Relationship of corrected value to original value (BTCI) CHAR5 CHAR 
80 ANTIDEP IS-H: Psychopharmakotherapie: Antidepressiva XFELD CHAR 
81 ANTIDUMP Anti-dumping amount WERTV8 CURR 
82 ANTIEPI IS-H: Psychopharmakotherapie: Antiepileptika XFELD CHAR 
83 ANTIPARK IS-H: Psychopharmakotherapie: Antiparkinsonmittel XFELD CHAR 
84 ANTI_VK Anti-Racket BOOLE CHAR 
85 ANTKZ Proportional Family Reduction NUMC3 NUMC 
86 ANTLF Maximum number of partial deliveries allowed per item ANTLF DEC 
87 ANTLF_BI Maximum no.of permitted part.deliveries/item (batch input) CHAR1 CHAR 
88 ANTLF_DI Maximum Number of Permitted Part Deliveries per Item (DI) CHAR1 CHAR 
89 ANTOT Total Imputed Times   CHAR 
90 ANTPR_VK Portion as Percent ANTPR_VK DEC 
91 ANTRAGSKZ IS-H: Request Indicator (Request, Reminder, etc.) ANTRAGSKZ CHAR 
92 ANTRF Minimum application period FRIST NUMC 
93 ANTRG Travel Request or Trip Approved (Indicator) ANTRG CHAR 
94 ANTRG_TXT Travel Request or Trip Approved - Long Text TEXT20 CHAR 
95 ANTWORTART Type of confirmation ANTWORTART CHAR 
96 ANTWRTB Proportional accumulated depreciation TEXT15 CHAR 
97 ANTWT Prop. value type ANTWT NUMC 
98 ANTWT_TXT Type of adjustment to accumulated depr. TEXT60 CHAR 
99 ANTXT BOM usage text TEXT30 CHAR 
100 ANTXT40 Name TEXT40 CHAR 
101 ANTYP Employee category P001_ANTYP CHAR 
102 ANT_AAFA Proportional unplanned depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
103 ANT_BCKLG Prop. revaluation of depreciation (backlog) ANLKWERT CURR 
104 ANT_EIGP Dispatched ops as proportion of all ops for a selected cap. INT1 INT1 
105 ANT_EINZT Operating time as prop.of total time for evaluation INT1 INT1 
106 ANT_ITPRT Indicator: test print of iteration matrix X CHAR 
107 ANT_MAFA Proportional depreciation reducing the acquisition value ANLKWERT CURR 
108 ANT_MLOOP Maximum number of iteration steps NUM2 NUMC 
109 ANT_NAFA Proportional ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
110 ANT_SAFA Proportional special depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
111 ANT_VOR Ops in pool as proportion of all ops for a selected capacity INT1 INT1 
112 ANT_WBW Proportional appreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
113 ANUEP Number of Overnight Stays for Per-Diem Settlement ANUEP DEC 
114 ANUPD Indicator: Type of change to table ANUPD CHAR 
115 ANUZT Time when the record was created UZEIT TIMS 
116 ANW65 Legal Right to Future Pension Payments at Age 65 ANWBT CURR 
117 ANWAK Current Legal Right to Future Pension Payments ANWBT CURR 
118 ANWAR Attendance type TEXT25 CHAR 
119 ANWAU End of Supplementary Pension DATUM DATS 
120 ANWBER Application area ANWBER CHAR 
121 ANWBERT Application area ANWBERT CHAR 
122 ANWBTR Request amount: Transaction currency BTRA_BETRG CURR 
123 ANWBW Attendance valuation ASB VBLAK CHAR 
124 ANWDG ATP Server: Calling application ANWDG CHAR 
125 ANWDP Number of working days per period FKTAG DEC 
126 ANWEI Start of Supplementary Pension DATUM DATS 
127 ANWEN IS-H: Logical Application ANWEN CHAR 
128 ANWENDERSTATUSSPERRE Indicator for user status block SELKZ CHAR 
129 ANWER Recruitment request NUM8 NUMC 
130 ANWES Attendance indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
132 ANWKO Attendance Quota Type ANWKO NUMC 
133 ANWMT Member Number of Supplementary Pension CHAR15 CHAR 
134 ANWN2_KK Application ANWN2_KK CHAR 
135 ANWND_021A Application for Additional Form ANWND_021A CHAR 
136 ANWND_021F Fast Entry: Application ANWND_021F CHAR 
137 ANWND_021M Application ANWND_021M CHAR 
138 ANWND_AD Account Determination: Application ANWND_AD CHAR 
139 ANWND_EBF Account determination: app -- fixed value for bank statement ANWND_EBF CHAR 
140 ANWND_EBKO Application using bank data storage ANWND_EBKO CHAR 
141 ANWND_KK Screen Variants: Application ANWND_KK CHAR 
142 ANWND_KM Account Assignment Model: Application CHAR1 CHAR 
143 ANWND_NBNK Application for number range CHAR10 CHAR 
144 ANWOC Number of weeks in display format for weeks NUM03 NUMC 
145 ANWRG Attendance type grouping for determining daily WS variants ABWRG NUMC 
146 ANWST Key Date for Legal Right to Future Pension Payments DATUM DATS 
147 ANWUE Excess Pension for Legal Right to Future Pension Payments ANWBT CURR 
148 ANWVL Reference BOM usage STLAN CHAR 
149 ANWVO Legal Right to Future Pension Payments Brought Forward ANWBT CURR 
150 ANWVS Pension Type SUBTY CHAR 
151 ANW_BPROT Use of environment log ANW_BPROT CHAR 
152 ANYCP All Company Code Pairs CHAR1_X CHAR 
153 ANYTG Financial doc. procg: No. of days for submitt. docs to bank NUM03 NUMC 
155 ANYUS All Users CHAR1_X CHAR 
156 ANZ Number of time-dependent depreciation areas DEC03 DEC 
157 ANZ05 Five-digit number DECV3_2 DEC 
158 ANZ34 Number of hours DEC3_4 DEC 
159 ANZ5_4 Number of hours in time balance ANZ5_4 DEC 
160 ANZA4_49B Number of Document Numbers in Record Type 4 NUM02 NUMC 
161 ANZA6_49B Number of Document Numbers in Record Type 6 NUM02 NUMC 
162 ANZAB Release code ANZFR CHAR 
163 ANZABL Number of meter reading results ANZAHLOBJ INT4 
164 ANZABLAU Number of prepared meter reading orders ANZAHL6 DEC 
165 ANZABLER Number of entered meter reading results ANZAHL6 DEC 
166 ANZABOIST Actual Number of Standard Subscription Items STMENGE DEC 
167 ANZABOISTS IS-M: Full Subscriptions Terminated from Sales Promotion STMENGE DEC 
168 ANZABOISTX IS-M: Terminated Subscriptions from Sales Promotion STMENGE DEC 
169 ANZABOPLN Number of Planned Standard Subscription Items STMENGE DEC 
170 ANZABS Number of sections per page NUMC2 NUMC 
171 ANZABSL Number of Budget Billing Amounts ANZABSL NUMC 
172 ANZAG Indicator: display issues CHAR1 CHAR 
173 ANZAG_KK Number of cleared items NUM06 NUMC 
174 ANZAH Number of Records DEC4 DEC 
175 ANZAHL BGC-PC File End Record/Number of Records in File CHAR004 CHAR 
176 ANZAHL1 Number reserve 1 room or sim. RU real estate DEC3 DEC 
177 ANZAHL2 Number reserve 2 rooms or sim. RU real estate DEC3 DEC 
178 ANZAHL3 Number reserve 3 rooms or sim. RU real estate DEC3 DEC 
179 ANZAHLAB Reference number in months DEC5 DEC 
180 ANZAHLFA Number of Incorrect Storage Bins NUM04 NUMC 
181 ANZAHLI Number of conditions ANZKON INT4 
182 ANZAHLKZ Down payment request CHAR1_X CHAR 
183 ANZAHLPL Number of Checked Storage Bins NUM04 NUMC 
184 ANZAHLPO Number of free items DEC5 DEC 
185 ANZAHLRI Number of Storage Bins That Area OK NUM04 NUMC 
186 ANZAHL_2ST_CA Number of Payment Dates   NUMC 
187 ANZAHL_ALV Number for ALV   DEC 
188 ANZAHL_CA Number of Payment Dates   INT1 
189 ANZAHL_EL Number of elements/objects/entries NUM06 NUMC 
190 ANZAHL_EL_BPCT Filter: Minimum Number of Cust. Contacts/Max. Number Lines NUM06 NUMC 
191 ANZAHL_REC No. of records DEC4 DEC 
192 ANZAL Total Down Payments in Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
193 ANZAL_49C Number of Checks NUM4 NUMC 
194 ANZAM Number of materials with exception messages NUM06 NUMC 
195 ANZAN Z1: Number of Enclosures on Payment Transfer Medium TEXT10 CHAR 
196 ANZAP Display ATP quantity XFELD CHAR 
197 ANZART Register display type ANZART CHAR 
198 ANZAS Number of hours DEC3_2 DEC 
199 ANZAT Number of Workdays DEC1_2 DEC 
200 ANZAUF Maximum number of sales orders per condition record ANZAUF NUMC 
201 ANZAUSD IS-M: Number of Employees in External Sales Force JANZMANUM DEC 
202 ANZAUSD_CHAR IS-M: Number of Employees in External Sales Force CHAR5 CHAR 
203 ANZAUSP No. of Char. Value Records for an Object of the Class ANZAUSP NUMC 
204 ANZAW_FBWE Number of bills of exchange that were presented at a bank ANZA_FBWE CHAR 
205 ANZA_GJA Down Payments at Fiscal Year Start ANLKWERT CURR 
206 ANZA_GJE Down Payments at Fiscal Year End ANLKWERT CURR 
207 ANZBE Number of Foreign Payments (Netherlands) NUM4 NUMC 
208 ANZBEGR Number of welcome letters already created ANZAHL2 NUMC 
209 ANZBEST Number of move-in/out confirmations already created ANZAHL2 NUMC 
210 ANZBLKFREE Number of separated free data blocks   INT4 
211 ANZBLOCK Display Block for Variable Lists LISTOBJEKT CHAR 
212 ANZBL_UKSD Number of Documents Entered Online (Control Total) PACK3 DEC 
213 ANZBL_UKSV Number of Updated Documents (Control Total) PACK3 DEC 
214 ANZBP Number of posting periods ANZBP NUMC 
215 ANZBST Indicator: Contains More Than One Purchase Order XFELD CHAR 
216 ANZBT Down Payment Amount WERTV8 CURR 
217 ANZBT_AV Amount Posted (Gross or Net) WRTV7 CURR 
218 ANZBT_F05L Amount Posted in Display Currency WRTV7 CURR 
219 ANZBUND IS-M: Number of Postal Packs ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
220 ANZBUNDE Number of Postal Packs in a Drop-Off INT2 INT2 
221 ANZBUND_PL IS-M: No.Postal Packs in Indicator for Applied Packing Level ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
222 ANZBV Number of order proposals per period NUMC3 NUMC 
223 ANZBW Number of movements in storage type INT4 INT4 
224 ANZBZ_F05A Number of Line Items in the Document NUM03 NUMC 
225 ANZCA Calculation of Default Value for Number Field ANZCA CHAR 
226 ANZCH Number of changes to function module calls per program NUM04 NUMC 
227 ANZCL Number of required jobs DEC5 DEC 
228 ANZCO Legal Control: Quantity update indicator XFELD CHAR 
229 ANZDAYS Number of days ANZ INT4 
230 ANZDF Number of executions NUM3 NUMC 
231 ANZDI Number of Different Assigned Values NUM5 NUMC 
232 ANZDL Display MRP result XFELD CHAR 
233 ANZDP Numbers of materials with dump NUM06 NUMC 
234 ANZDTOK_KK Display data for document overview CHAR61 CHAR 
235 ANZDT_F05L Display Data of the Line Items TEXT62 CHAR 
236 ANZDT_KK Display data for document overview CHAR61 CHAR 
237 ANZDT_KORR Number of Date Specifications Required NUM01 NUMC 
238 ANZDZ Number of Decimal Places ANZDZ INT2 
239 ANZDZC Number of Decimal Places CHAR2 CHAR 
240 ANZE Display Edited Objects CHAR1_X CHAR 
241 ANZEB No. of levels in initial graphic of general plng. hierarchy ANZEB NUMC 
242 ANZEDIDD Number of data records EDI_NUMBER NUMC 
243 ANZEF Final release ANZFR CHAR 
244 ANZEI Number of lines in address ANZEI DEC 
245 ANZEIGENAUSST Ad Mix in Carrying Issue for a Delivery ANZEIGENAUSST NUMC 
246 ANZEIGE_ALL Display texts during transfer TXPFL CHAR 
247 ANZEIGE_DYNP Text display in popup at transfer FLAG CHAR 
249 ANZEIGE_TEC Text display during transfer in text edit control FLAG CHAR 
250 ANZEINZ Number of individual devices in a heating installation ANZEINZ INT4 
251 ANZENTRY No. of entries found CHAR3 CHAR 
252 ANZEP Length of event period (number of time splits) ANZEP INT4 
253 ANZEP_VK No. of Line Items for each Document NUMC3 NUMC 
254 ANZEP_VK_DI No. of Line Items for each Document CHAR03 CHAR 
255 ANZER Number of Payments Created ANZXX DEC 
256 ANZERG Number of meter reading results per meter reading ANZAHLENT DEC 
257 ANZERL_FPM Number of Completed Payments (Payment Medium Created) INT4 INT4 
258 ANZERR Termination of processing when given no. of errors reached DEC5 DEC 
259 ANZERR_VK No. of Documents with Errors INT4 INT4 
260 ANZERZ_FPM Number of Created Payments INT4 INT4 
261 ANZES Number of memo records to be created NUMC3 NUMC 
262 ANZES_EB Number of memo records from the bank statement NUM5 NUMC 
263 ANZES_EBS Number of checks (external check entry interface) NUM5 NUMC 
264 ANZET Number of Publication Dates ANZET DEC 
265 ANZETKALK Costing-Based Number of Publication Days ANZET DEC 
266 ANZETPROBE Number of Publication Days for Trial or Free Item STMENGE DEC 
267 ANZETXT Text for display type TEXT30 CHAR 
268 ANZEVTAG IS-M: Maximum Number of Days for Change in Retail Order STMENGE DEC 
269 ANZEVU Number of utility companies ANZEVU NUMC 
270 ANZEW_FBWE Number of Bills of Exchange Imported ANZA_FBWE CHAR 
271 ANZEX Number of Materials with Termination NUM06 NUMC 
273 ANZFAELL Number of bud. bill. amts dependent on budget billing cycle ANZFAELL CHAR 
274 ANZFAKT_VK Number of Transfer Documents for Each Currency NUM10 NUMC 
275 ANZFB Release status TEXT30 CHAR 
276 ANZFD Number of workdays per period FKDAY DEC 
277 ANZFI Number of Plants ANZFI NUMC 
278 ANZFIL Number of branches supported by an installionr company ANZFIL NUMC 
279 ANZFKP Number of billing items DEC5 DEC 
280 ANZFKP_IV Number of billing items (inter-company billing) DEC5 DEC 
281 ANZFKP_IV_NE Number of ICB Items in Provisional or Differential Invoice DEC5 DEC 
282 ANZFKP_NE Number of Billing Items in Provisional or Differential Inv. DEC5 DEC 
283 ANZFLD Display field flag CHAR1 CHAR 
284 ANZFLG Flag to display field in report FLAG CHAR 
285 ANZFM Release options TEXT30 CHAR 
286 ANZFO Number of forms INT4 INT4 
287 ANZFORM Number of forms in sequence NUM1 NUMC 
288 ANZFO_KK Number of Check Forms Created   INT4 
289 ANZFR Releases to Date ANZFR CHAR 
290 ANZFV Release prerequisite ANZFR CHAR 
291 ANZF_I_VK Number of Transfer Documents for Each Currency INT4 INT4 
292 ANZGB Number of Payments Posted ANZXX DEC 
293 ANZGEBINDE Number of Containers for a Drop-Off for Postal Shipping INT2 INT2 
294 ANZGERVB Number of devices for which MR orders were created ANZGERVB DEC 
295 ANZGF Indicator: Display field XFELD CHAR 
296 ANZGI Number of indexes read in collective processing TABIX INT4 
297 ANZGL Number of Similar Packaging Materials ANZGL INT4 
298 ANZGL5 Number of similar shipping units (5 digits) NUMC5 NUMC 
299 ANZGL_VET LIS: Number of shipping unit groups in shipment ANZGL INT4 
300 ANZGP Number of items read in collective processing TABIX INT4 
301 ANZGR Display group ANZGR CHAR 
302 ANZGROSSBD IS-M: Number of Large Postal Packs per Issue ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
303 ANZGUTS IS-M: Number of Individual Coupons NUMC03 NUMC 
304 ANZH2 Number DEC3_2 DEC 
305 ANZH4 Number field DEC5_2 DEC 
306 ANZHB Number of Credit Postings NUM08 NUMC 
307 ANZHC Number of effective public holidays NUM5 NUMC 
309 ANZHL_ABSDIFF Absolute Difference of Number PRANZHL DEC 
310 ANZHL_BSET Number of Accompanying G/L Account Items INT4 INT4 
311 ANZHL_REF Number in the Comparison Period PRANZHL DEC 
312 ANZHL_RELDIFF Percentage Difference of Number PY_PERCENTAGE DEC 
313 ANZHL_S Number of INT4_NOS INT4 
314 ANZHR Number of planned hours DEC3_2 DEC 
315 ANZHS Template for number fields ANZHS CHAR 
316 ANZHV_VET LIS: Number of main shpg units in shipment ANZGL INT4 
317 ANZI Number of the current execution NUM3 NUMC 
318 ANZID Number of IDocs created INT4 INT4 
319 ANZIN Number of infotypes DEC2 DEC 
320 ANZINTRT Number of Additional Interest Installments ANZINTRT NUMC 
321 ANZIV Max. no. of items to be included NUMC NUMC 
322 ANZKA Only display capacity categories relevant to scheduling CHAR1 CHAR 
323 ANZKAP Number of capacities required INT1 INT1 
324 ANZKB Indicator: display requirements XFELD CHAR 
325 ANZKC Number of Children NUM3 NUMC 
326 ANZKD Number of Children DEC03 DEC 
327 ANZKF Indicator: display requirements XFELD CHAR 
328 ANZKI Number of children for basic pay DEC03 DEC 
329 ANZKL Duration of training course DEC3 DEC 
330 ANZKLAS Number of classes for classification CHAR1 CHAR 
331 ANZKLEINBD IS-M: Number of Small Postal Packs per Issue ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
332 ANZKONT Selected Customers/Vendors QFANZAHL4 INT4 
333 ANZKONTEN Accounts to be printed per page PAGECNT NUMC 
334 ANZKO_F05A Number of Accounts Specified in Addition NUM02 NUMC 
335 ANZKO_KK G/L account for down payments SAKNR CHAR 
336 ANZKSTLIST Actual Number of Free Items STMENGE DEC 
337 ANZKSTLPLN Planned Number of Free Items STMENGE DEC 
338 ANZKT Number of calendar days DEC1_2 DEC 
339 ANZLE Number (Infotype Additional Payments) CHAR10 CHAR 
340 ANZLEIT IS-M: Number of Applied Bundling Levels per Issue ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
341 ANZLF Indicator: Display listing errors XFELD CHAR 
342 ANZLFP Number of delivery items DEC5 DEC 
343 ANZLFS Indicator: Contains More Than One Delivery Note XFELD CHAR 
344 ANZLGP No.of credit memo lists DEC5 DEC 
345 ANZLI Number of deliveries/ closed purchase orders ANZTA NUMC 
346 ANZLIF Number of vendor errors NUMC6 NUMC 
347 ANZLM Number of materials that were planned NUM06 NUMC 
348 ANZLOZ Number Of Lines In Log NUM6 NUMC 
349 ANZLP Number of delivery items created in collective processing TABIX INT4 
350 ANZLRP No.of invoice lists DEC5 DEC 
351 ANZLS Display material list XFELD CHAR 
352 ANZLSM Indicator: More Than One Item with Different Del. Note. Qty XFELD CHAR 
353 ANZLT Number of Load Carriers ANZLT NUMC 
354 ANZLW Number (Infotype Recurring Payments/Deductions) CHAR10 CHAR 
355 ANZMA Number of selected materials NUMC6 NUMC 
356 ANZMAT Indicator: Contains More Than One Material XFELD CHAR 
357 ANZMIT IS-M: Number of Retail Employees JANZMA NUMC 
358 ANZMIT_CHAR IS-M: Number of Retail Employees CHAR5 CHAR 
359 ANZMONABRE IS-M: No.Months for Sett./Retroactive Acctg - One-Time Comm. ISPMNG2 QUAN 
360 ANZMONTHS Number of months ANZ INT4 
361 ANZMO_KK Number of months ANZMO_KK NUMC 
362 ANZMP Number of master schedule items NUMC6 NUMC 
363 ANZMPOS Number of maintenance items in the maintenance plan WPPOS NUMC 
364 ANZMS Number of employees ANZMA DEC 
365 ANZMS_BI Number of employees (Batch-input) CHAR5 CHAR 
366 ANZMT Number of materials that were planned NUM06 NUMC 
367 ANZMW_F05L Tax Amount in Display Currency WRTV7 CURR 
368 ANZN1 Number of generated features NUM3 NUMC 
369 ANZN2 Number of features that cannot be generated NUM3 NUMC 
370 ANZN3 Number of features that cannot be locked NUM3 NUMC 
371 ANZN4 Number of features already generated NUM3 NUMC 
372 ANZNE No. of materials for planning run in total planning horizon NUMC6 NUMC 
373 ANZNK Number of decimal places ANZNK INT1 
374 ANZNO Number of days after Easter ANZNO DEC 
375 ANZNR Number of objects on loan DEC4 DEC 
376 ANZNT No. of materials for planning in planning horizon NUMC6 NUMC 
377 ANZOB Number of objects to be checked during the next run ANZOB INT4 
378 ANZOD_KK Number of tax items NUM06 NUMC 
379 ANZOK_KK Number of general ledger items NUM06 NUMC 
380 ANZOK_VK No. of Transferred Docs INT4 INT4 
381 ANZOP IS-H: Number of Surgeries Occasioned by Dept. Main Diagnosis NUM02 NUMC 
382 ANZOPG_KK Number of repetition groups NUM03 NUMC 
383 ANZOPW_KK Number Of Repetition Items NUM03 NUMC 
384 ANZOPZ_KK Number of sub-items NUM03 NUMC 
385 ANZOP_KK Number of business partner items NUM06 NUMC 
386 ANZPA Total number of shipping units in the shipment CHAR15 CHAR 
387 ANZPAK1 Number of MaintPackages in the MaintStrategy NUM2 NUMC 
388 ANZPAK2 Number of MaintPackages in the MaintStrategy (peformance) NUM2 NUMC 
389 ANZPER Number of periods for trend analysis INT4 INT4 
390 ANZPG_F05A Number of Selected Items PACK4 DEC 
391 ANZPG_F110 Number of Payments Proposed NUM06 NUMC 
392 ANZPG_FKB4 Number of selected items NUM05 NUMC 
393 ANZPK Total number of packages in delivery ANZPK NUMC 
394 ANZPKTMOVE Number of Full Bundles to be Moved STMENGE DEC 
395 ANZPK_CALC Total number of packages in delivery INT4 INT4 
396 ANZPM Number of months of consumption used as a reference DEC5 DEC 
397 ANZPO Number of Line Items INT4 INT4 
398 ANZPOS Display item field allocation NUM2 NUMC 
399 ANZPOS_BI Number of items in a document in BTCI INDEX5 INT2 
400 ANZPOS_RFKA10 Number of Selected Items NUM05 NUMC 
401 ANZPO_042Z Maximum Number of Items on a Form NUM02 NUMC 
402 ANZPO_F05A Number of Items Displayed NUM07 NUMC 
403 ANZPO_F110 Number of Line Items Displayed NUM06 NUMC 
404 ANZPO_F150 Nunmber of items in the account PACK3 DEC 
405 ANZPO_F42B No.of Items with the Same No.of Days in Arrears PACK4 DEC 
406 ANZPO_FBZP Number of Lines on the Data Medium ANZPO_FBZP NUMC 
407 ANZPO_FKB4 Number of items displayed NUM05 NUMC 
408 ANZPO_KK Number of items NUM06 NUMC 
409 ANZPO_MWST Number of Line Items for this Tax Code DEC5 DEC 
410 ANZPO_PAY Number of information lines on payment medium form NUMC3 NUMC 
411 ANZPR Number of forecast periods PERAN DEC 
412 ANZPROBIST Actual Number of Trial Items STMENGE DEC 
413 ANZPROBPLN Number of Planned Trial Items STMENGE DEC 
414 ANZPROGPER Nr.forecasting perids for plan/actual compar./threshold val. NUM2 NUMC 
415 ANZPR_BI Number of forecast periods (BTCI) CHAR03 CHAR 
416 ANZPS Number of Selected Items NUM03 NUMC 
417 ANZPS_06 Number of Selected Items NUM06 NUMC 
418 ANZPS_TOTAL_06 Number of items NUM06 NUMC 
419 ANZPT Number of days of consumption used as a reference DEC5 DEC 
420 ANZPU Number of Points MENG13 QUAN 
421 ANZPU_AP Number of points per purchase order item MENG15 QUAN 
422 ANZPU_BI Number of points (BTCI) CHAR17 CHAR 
423 ANZPVS IS-M: Number of Postal Distribution Units ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
424 ANZPVS_LP IS-M: Number of Airmail Postal Distrib. Units per Issue ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
425 ANZPVS_PL IS-M: Number of Postal Dist.Units per Applied Bundling Level ISP_ANZAHL INT4 
426 ANZPW Number of weeks of consumption used as a reference DEC5 DEC 
427 ANZQTAP Number of confirmed transfer order items DEC5 DEC 
428 ANZRATE_CRD No. of Installments ANZRATE_KK NUMC 
429 ANZRATE_KK Number of Installments - Specification for Creating Inst.Pln ANZRATE_KK NUMC 
430 ANZRA_KK Multiple Alternative Payment Recipients? XFELD CHAR 
431 ANZRE Rules for display of goods movements ANZRE CHAR 
432 ANZREL Display Relevant XFELD CHAR 
433 ANZRE_VK No. of Calculation Units NUMC3 NUMC 
434 ANZRO_021F Fast Entry: Number of Lines NUM01 NUMC 
435 ANZRO_KK Screen variants: Display number of lines possible/used NUM01 NUMC 
436 ANZRP No. of materials with reset planning data indicator NUMC6 NUMC 
437 ANZRPO Number of selected invoice items NUMC6 NUMC 
438 ANZRPV No. of invoice verification attempts NUMC3 NUMC 
439 ANZRS No. of materials with BOM explosion NUMC6 NUMC 
440 ANZS Number of executions (target) NUM3 NUMC 
441 ANZSAM Indicator: Contains More Than One Generic Material XFELD CHAR 
442 ANZSAT Termination of processing after given no. of records DEC5 DEC 
443 ANZSB Number of Debit Postings NUM08 NUMC 
444 ANZSCHICHT Number of shifts in a day NUM01 NUMC 
445 ANZSEG No. of segments NUMC6 NUMC 
446 ANZSEITEN Number of Pages in Issue NUM8 NUMC 
447 ANZSER Number of Serial Numbers/Pieces of Equipment to be Created CK_INT4 INT4 
448 ANZSER1 Number of Serial Numbers Created CK_INT4 INT4 
449 ANZSERGES Number of serial numbers/pieces of equipment to be created CK_INT4 INT4 
450 ANZSERN Number of Containers CK_INT4 INT4 
451 ANZSERN_RM Confirmed Number of Containers CK_INT4 INT4 
452 ANZSH Number of Reversal Credit Postings NUM08 NUMC 
453 ANZSM Number of Characteristics ANZSM NUMC 
454 ANZSN Number of serial numbers INT4 INT4 
455 ANZSNC Number of serial numbers NUMC10 NUMC 
456 ANZSN_C Number of Serial Numbers ANZSN_C CHAR 
457 ANZSO_F05L Debit Document Total WERTV9 CURR 
458 ANZSP Number of special periods ANZSP NUMC 
459 ANZSPALTEN IS-M: Ad Spec Width (1/1000ths of a Column) GROESSETMM NUMC 
460 ANZSP_EB Number of collective items NUM5 NUMC 
462 ANZSS Number of Reversal Debit Postings NUM08 NUMC 
463 ANZST Number of Characters ANZST INT2 
464 ANZSTC Number of Characters CHAR2 CHAR 
465 ANZST_F05A Number of Display Pages PACK2 DEC 
466 ANZST_F05L Text for the Document Status TEXT40 CHAR 
467 ANZSUB Number of contracts in budget billing plan NUMC04 NUMC 
468 ANZTA Number of Days ANZTA NUMC 
469 ANZTAG IS-M: Number of Days for Which Deposit Is Retained ANZTAG NUMC 
470 ANZTAGE Number of days DECV4 DEC 
471 ANZTAGEGPP IS-M: No. Days BP Assgmt to be Maintained Retroactively ANZTA NUMC 
472 ANZTAGE_SEL IS-M: Number of Days to be Selected NUMC02 NUMC 
473 ANZTAGFS Number of days until follow-up action ANZTA NUMC 
474 ANZTAP Number of transfer order items DEC5 DEC 
475 ANZTA_F150 Number of table entries PACK3 DEC 
476 ANZTE Data Access for Tax Check: PU12 Number of Tab. Entries NUMC6 NUMC 
477 ANZTERM Number of Business Event Dates DEC02 DEC 
478 ANZTEXT Display Text Instead of Content ANZTXT CHAR 
479 ANZTG Number of forecast periods split into daily requirements DEC03 DEC 
480 ANZTG_042V Number of Days to Value Date NUM03 NUMC 
481 ANZTG_AV Number of Days until Deletion of Payment Advice NUM02 NUMC 
482 ANZTG_EB Days after which Dunning Block Is Deleted NUM02 NUMC 
483 ANZTG_KK Number of days to value date NUM03 NUMC 
484 ANZTJ Number of Days in the Year NUM03 NUMC 
485 ANZTM Number of Days in the Month NUM03 NUMC 
486 ANZTRAN_BI Number of transactions per session for BTCI INDEX5 INT2 
487 ANZTRIG Number of prepared billing triggers ANZAHL6 DEC 
488 ANZTX Number of persons booked: pushbutton TEXT15 CHAR 
489 ANZUB Indicator: Correction of Group Registrations Summarized XFELD CHAR 
490 ANZUG Number of future receipts ANZAHL DEC 
491 ANZUKZ Indicator: Assignments Exist XFELD CHAR 
492 ANZUM Maximum number of incorrect material master records DEC5 DEC 
493 ANZUNF Number of unsolved errors NUMC6 NUMC 
494 ANZUNTNR Number of subnumbers at which the main number is totalled ANZUNTNR NUMC 
495 ANZUO Selection indicator for displaying assignments ANZUO CHAR 
496 ANZUOR Number of Assignments NUM5 NUMC 
498 ANZVA_F05A Display Variant for Selected Items CHAR3 CHAR 
499 ANZVA_FKB4 Line layout for the selected items CHAR3 CHAR 
500 ANZVA_FKZ0_KK Line Layout for Payment Items CHAR3 CHAR