SAP ABAP Data Element - Index W, page 27
Data Element - W
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 W_FPG_TERM Product group filter CHAR1 CHAR 
2 W_FRBNR Ext. Doc. No. of Application Calling Up Sales Price Calc. W_FRBNR CHAR 
3 W_FSAIS Subsequent season SAISO CHAR 
4 W_FSTAT Status of assortment owner assignment FLAG CHAR 
5 W_FUMF_TERM Description "Features" CHAR1 CHAR 
6 W_FUNCT_A Funct module: Exit "Listing all assortments" FUNCNAME CHAR 
7 W_FUNCT_AL Interface Integrated Mat. Maint. - Assortments, SAP Retail FUNCNAME CHAR 
8 W_FUNCT_AU FM: Quota determination for alloc. tbl (strategy) FUNCNAME CHAR 
9 W_FUNCT_FO FM: Subsequent processing in material discontinuation FUNCNAME CHAR 
10 W_FUNCT_GH User exit for freely-definable listing checks in sales order FUNCNAME CHAR 
11 W_FUNCT_LP Exit to allow user-specific listing check (in the order) FUNCNAME CHAR 
12 W_FUNCT_SE - obsolete - FUNCNAME CHAR 
13 W_FUNC_AT Function for comparing characteristics and values FUNCNAME CHAR 
14 W_FUNC_C Exit: listing acc. classifying char., mat. <-> astmt owner FUNCNAME CHAR 
15 W_FUNC_EPF Function for determining purch.price value for struct. mats. FUNCNAME CHAR 
16 W_FUNC_L Exit: listing according to layout in assortment owner FUNCNAME CHAR 
17 W_FUNC_M Exit: Listing via manual module assignment FUNCNAME CHAR 
18 W_FUNC_NL FM: fine control of subsequent listing FUNCNAME CHAR 
19 W_FUNC_P Exit: listing a/c to assortment owner-material group master FUNCNAME CHAR 
20 W_FUNC_VPF Function module for determining sales prices of strct. mats. FUNCNAME CHAR 
21 W_GEFKL Dangerous goods class CHAR4 CHAR 
22 W_GENLI Execute generation if listing check error detected FLAG CHAR 
23 W_GERWRT Market-basket price calc.: total gross revenue for basket WERT13N CURR 
24 W_GESAMT Total no. of materials in module INT2 INT2 
25 W_GEWART Weight material ID FLAG CHAR 
26 W_GMNG Delivered quantity CHAR17 CHAR 
27 W_GROUP_TYPE Type of Grouping for Plants to Reference Plants W_GROUP_TYPE CHAR 
28 W_GRPRF Characteristic value assignment profile W_GRPRF CHAR 
29 W_GRPRF_SP Ordering/delivery block, if no external value supplied XFELD CHAR 
30 W_GRPTXT Description of the Application Area DDTEXT CHAR 
31 W_GRP_TERM Description of dynpro border "Groups" CHAR1 CHAR 
32 W_GRUKZ Season grouping indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
33 W_GSYMB Graphic symbol CHAR40 CHAR 
34 W_GUELT_TERM Description "Validity Start Date in Sales Pricing" CHAR1 CHAR 
36 W_GUMWRT Market-basket price calc.: total sales (value) of basket WERT13N CURR 
37 W_GVB_TERM Deescription "Central customer block" CHAR1 CHAR 
38 W_GV_TERM Description: Business transaction CHAR1 CHAR 
39 W_HERKU Origin of Pricing Document W_ARCH CHAR 
40 W_HIGH Upper value of RANGE TEXT30 CHAR 
41 W_HKAFI Restrictions on background calculation XFELD CHAR 
42 W_IGN_ANNOUNC Do not take account of the announcement status of the item FLAG CHAR 
43 W_INCO1_CLLCT SAP Store order entry: incoterms for collection INCO1 CHAR 
44 W_INCO1_DLV SAP Store order entry: incoterms for delivery INCO1 CHAR 
45 W_INEXC Range category W_INEXC CHAR 
46 W_INFLF Information for vendor about structure XFELD CHAR 
47 W_INIAM Sales price calculations: key date for initial price DATUM DATS 
48 W_INIAM_KALP Sales Pricing: Key Date of the Original Price DATUM DATS 
49 W_INIPR Sales Price Calculation: Initial Price WERTV6 CURR 
50 W_INIPR_BAPI Sales Price Calculation: Original Price for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
51 W_INT1 Counter for assortment grade breakdown WINT_1 INT1 
52 W_INVEN Indicator: Inventory data is to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
53 W_KABVP Pricing levels with specific sales prices only XFELD CHAR 
54 W_KACTV_KALP Sales Pricing: Authorization for Sales Price Condition Type ACTIV_AUTH CHAR 
55 W_KAG_TERM "Condition type groups" description CHAR1 CHAR 
56 W_KALKE Activation type for sales prices KALKE CHAR 
57 W_KALKR Reference record for price calculation is used XFELD CHAR 
58 W_KALVG Document schema for determining calculation schema KALVG CHAR 
59 W_KAMNG Market-basket price calc.: corrected (expected) sales qty MENG10 QUAN 
60 W_KANL_TERM Customer creation CHAR1 CHAR 
61 W_KAP_TERM Describes "capacity behavior" CHAR1 CHAR 
62 W_KASNAM Cashier name CHAR35 CHAR 
64 W_KAU_TERM Description for group box "Business data" CHAR1 CHAR 
65 W_KAVTL Exclude Pricing for Selected Distribution Chains XFELD CHAR 
66 W_KA_TERM Description: Department classification CHAR1 CHAR 
67 W_KBDNR Cashier number PERNR NUMC 
68 W_KBIST Means of payment actual amount WERTV10 CURR 
69 W_KBKAB Validity of Pricing Document Item DATUM DATS 
70 W_KBSOL Means of payment target amount WERTV10 CURR 
71 W_KDFSA Indicator " Use Key Date Also for Seasonal Articles" XFELD CHAR 
72 W_KDNEG Negative till difference WERTV10 CURR 
73 W_KDPOS Positive till difference WERTV10 CURR 
74 W_KEY_TERM Description of field name "Key" CHAR1 CHAR 
75 W_KFAKT_GR Calculation factor for size interval DEC05 DEC 
76 W_KKENN Condition type identification W_KKENN CHAR 
77 W_KK_TERM Catalog code CHAR1 CHAR 
79 W_KLA_TERM Short text for "Classification" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
80 W_KMEANT Unit of measure for display size in product catalog MEINS UNIT 
81 W_KM_TERM Customer management CHAR1 CHAR 
82 W_KOBOG Group of condition types/tables for purchasing conditions CHAR4 CHAR 
83 W_KOBVK Group of condition types/tables for sales price conditions CHAR4 CHAR 
84 W_KOM_TERM Short text for screen box "Communication" CHAR1 CHAR 
85 W_KOSTL Cost center KOSTL CHAR 
86 W_KRL_TERM Description "Picking relevance of delivery" CHAR1 CHAR 
87 W_KSKRS POS controller W_KSKRS NUMC 
88 W_KSTT_TERM Copy control for texts CHAR1 CHAR 
89 W_KT1_TERM Description for "Cost object 1" CHAR1 CHAR 
90 W_KT2_TERM Cost object 2 CHAR1 CHAR 
91 W_KT3_TERM Cost object 3 CHAR1 CHAR 
92 W_KUBOT Customer rebate indicator description CHAR20 CHAR 
94 W_KUNNR_VLG SAP Retail Store: Template customer KUNNR CHAR 
95 W_KVORG Procedure in sales price calculations W_VKPVOR CHAR 
96 W_KWDEC_KALP Sales Pricing: Decimal Places of Pricing Currency CURRDEC INT1 
97 W_KW_TERM Description "Classification plant" CHAR1 CHAR 
98 W_KZADDI Indicator: additionals are assigned XFELD CHAR 
99 W_KZBAT Indicator: item with allocation material XFELD CHAR 
100 W_KZFSA ID: variants of generic material chosen by selection FLAG CHAR 
101 W_KZPOS Indicator: first item CHAR1 CHAR 
102 W_K_MATNR Material number for an assignment (BOM / generic material) MATNR CHAR 
103 W_LAGER ID in IS-R: warehouse procurement only (from DC) FLAG CHAR 
104 W_LAYOUT Layout of label CHAR4 CHAR 
105 W_LAY_FLAG Rule when "No layout assigned to material/plant" FLAG CHAR 
106 W_LBONI Vendor rebate indicator AKTKN CHAR 
107 W_LCHECK Check Against Listing Rules/Listing Conditions W_LCHECK CHAR 
108 W_LFDNR Serial period number NUM4 NUMC 
109 W_LFPOS Item Number of the GR Document CHAR4 CHAR 
110 W_LG1_TERM Countries per country group TEXT30 CHAR 
111 W_LIF2S Sales Price Calculations: Internal Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
112 W_LIFDAT Delivery Date Promotion DATUM DATS 
113 W_LIFIX_BGINT Sales Price Calculation: Group of Plants in the ALV W_LIFIX_KEYFIELD_DISPLAY_MODE CHAR 
114 W_LIFIX_PLTYP Sales Price Calculation: Price List Type in the ALV W_LIFIX_KEYFIELD_DISPLAY_MODE CHAR 
115 W_LIFIX_VKORG Price Calculation: Indicate Sales Organization in the ALV W_LIFIX_KEYFIELD_DISPLAY_MODE CHAR 
116 W_LIFIX_VTWEG Price Calculation: Distribution Channel in the ALV W_LIFIX_KEYFIELD_DISPLAY_MODE CHAR 
117 W_LIFIX_WERKS Sales price calculation: Indicate plant in the ALV W_LIFIX_KEYFIELD_DISPLAY_MODE CHAR 
118 W_LIFNR Vendor number LIFNR CHAR 
119 W_LIFNR_VKPSEL Sales Price Calculations: External Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
120 W_LIFOK_KALP Sales Pricing: Indicator for Successful Source Determination XFELD CHAR 
121 W_LIFTY Vendor Category - Retail LIFTY CHAR 
122 W_LIFZE Agency business: Payee LIFNR CHAR 
123 W_LIGEN Listing generation status LIGEN CHAR 
124 W_LIKON Create listing conditions yes/no FLAG CHAR 
125 W_LISKZ_KALP Sales Pricing: 'Display Pricing Item in Pricing Table' XFELD CHAR 
126 W_LISKZ_VKP Sales Pricing Control: Display Pricing Table XFELD CHAR 
127 W_LISTED Material already listed in assortment XFELD CHAR 
128 W_LI_FCODE Result code, listing condition CHAR1 CHAR 
129 W_LI_URS Listing cause (where does assortment item originate) W_LI_URS CHAR 
130 W_LLERG Display results from Incentive Wages XFELD CHAR 
131 W_LOEVM_KALP Sales Pricing: Indicator 'Delete Pricing Item' XFELD CHAR 
132 W_LOGME Main logistics unit (IS-R) MEINS UNIT 
133 W_LOW Lower value of range TEXT30 CHAR 
134 W_LPD_DISP List of Pricing Documents: Display W_LPD_DISP CHAR 
135 W_LPD_KZDISP List of Pricing Documents: Display XFELD CHAR 
136 W_LP_MAT Rule for "No assortment grade specified for the material" XFELD CHAR 
137 W_LP_WAGRU Rule when "no astmt grade in mat. group-astmt. owner master" XFELD CHAR 
138 W_LSCH_TERM Description "Country schema" CHAR1 CHAR 
139 W_LSTDVERF Standard procedure (default) FLAG CHAR 
140 W_LSTFL Listing procedure, store or other assortment owners LSTFL CHAR 
141 W_LSTUFE Del. lev, warehouse proc. W_LSTUFE CHAR 
142 W_LSTVZ Listing procedure for distribution centers LSTFL CHAR 
143 W_LST_TERM Short text for screen box "Logistics control" CHAR1 CHAR 
144 W_LV_BERGR Authorization to use listing procedure BEGRU CHAR 
145 W_LV_NLIF List in DC only if warehouse procurement is possible XFELD CHAR 
146 W_LV_WRF1 The listing procedure defined for the assortm. is to be used XFELD CHAR 
147 W_MAHIT Margin Loss WERT CURR 
148 W_MAHIT2 Actual Margin Losses WERT CURR 
150 W_MAHNG Reminder allowed XFELD CHAR 
151 W_MATKL Material group IS-R MATKL CHAR 
152 W_MAXT_DC Listing time in DC should cover listing times in all stores XFELD CHAR 
153 W_MBV_TERM Description "Possible processing methods" CHAR1 CHAR 
154 W_MCPER Number of Previous Periods for Analysis Period MCPER NUMC 
155 W_MDATEN Indicator: enhance material data AKTKN CHAR 
156 W_MDAUFSG Markup in Sales Price Calculation WERTV6 CURR 
157 W_MDPER Markdown period in calendar days INT2 INT2 
158 W_MDPLTYP Markdown Planning: Price List PLTYP CHAR 
159 W_MDPRZ Markdown planning: percentage of initial sales price PROZV8 DEC 
160 W_MDQTE Depreciation Quota PROZV8 DEC 
161 W_MDROS Sales within a price phase as percentage of overall season PROZV8 DEC 
162 W_MDSPABR Margin (gross) in Sales Price Calculation WERTV6 CURR 
163 W_MDSPANE Margin (net) in Sales Price Calculation WERTV6 CURR 
164 W_MDSPKNR Plant-Based Customer no. for Suggested Sales Price KUNNR CHAR 
165 W_MDSPPLT Price List of Default Sales Price PLTYP CHAR 
166 W_MDSPVKO Sales Organization for Suggested Sales Price VKORG CHAR 
167 W_MDSPVTW Distribution Channel for Suggested Sales Price VTWEG CHAR 
168 W_MDWRT Markdown value WERT CURR 
170 W_MEAUF Allocation table unit MEINS UNIT 
171 W_MEBME Sales unit MEINS UNIT 
172 W_MEBME_ISO Sales unit in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
173 W_MEINS Base unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
174 W_MELAK Logistics unit, promotion plan MEINS UNIT 
175 W_MELOG Logistics unit MEINS UNIT 
176 W_MELRA Logistics units, reference promotion MEINS UNIT 
177 W_MENG13 Quantity, length 13 MENG13 QUAN 
178 W_MEPOS Sub-item for units of measure NUMC2 NUMC 
179 W_MESAT Unit of measure: page share MEINS UNIT 
180 W_MFART Markdown Type in Markdown Planning MFART CHAR 
181 W_MFCNR Document no. of markdown plan MFCNR CHAR 
182 W_MF_TERM Description "Notification form" CHAR1 CHAR 
183 W_MIAMG Minimum order qty for promotional material MENGE QUAN 
184 W_MITLEERG Empties Bill of Material FLAG CHAR 
185 W_MIT_BAUS Working without modules and listing conditions FLAG CHAR 
186 W_MMINV Indicator: material movements to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
187 W_MMPUR Indicator: purchase order is to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
188 W_MPRNR Markdown rule MPRNR CHAR 
189 W_MPROT Write log for material segments which cannot be generated XFELD CHAR 
190 W_MPROT_N Enter unprocessable log entry again XFELD CHAR 
191 W_MPROT_T Retention period of log records for missing segs. in system NUMC4 NUMC 
192 W_MPROZ1_TERM Description "Percentage" CHAR1 CHAR 
193 W_MPROZ_TEWRM Description "Percentage" CHAR1 CHAR 
194 W_MRK_SEL ID "Object is selected" FLAG CHAR 
195 W_MSG_FLAG Indicates information or error message for this line XFELD CHAR 
196 W_M_VKORG Sales organization that has triggered listing processing VKORG CHAR 
197 W_M_VTWEG Distribution channel that has triggered listing VTWEG CHAR 
198 W_NACHR_TERM Description "Messages" CHAR1 CHAR 
199 W_NACHSM Message Schema KALSM CHAR 
200 W_NAC_TERM Description for "Message control" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
201 W_NARTS No. of blocked materials INT2 INT2 
202 W_NARTZ Number of materials assigned to theme INT2 INT2 
203 W_NBPOS No. of modules with this material as an item INT2 INT2 
204 W_NBSZO No. of plant group to module assignments INT2 INT2 
205 W_NDF_TERM Description for group box "Lower limit" CHAR1 CHAR 
206 W_NDISP Replenishment indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
207 W_NEG_SORT Negation of assortment item or materials FLAG CHAR 
208 W_NEKKO No. of purchase prices maintained via price calcul. (KONP) INT2 INT2 
209 W_NEXTBEK Next event expected in promotion announcement W_NEXTBEK CHAR 
210 W_NF_TERM Message determination description CHAR1 CHAR 
211 W_NKRA_TERM Create number range CHAR1 CHAR 
212 W_NLSAI Listing follow-up time in days after end of season ANZTA NUMC 
213 W_NLVKF Follow-up time after end of sales ANZTA NUMC 
214 W_NOEKP_VKP SP: Basic Purchase Price Not Ready for Input in Pricing Tab. XFELD CHAR 
215 W_NOLIF_VKP Sls Pricing: Indicator 'Vendor and POrg Not Ready for Input' XFELD CHAR 
216 W_NORMP Standard sales price PREIS CURR 
217 W_NOSTA_VKP Sls Pricing: Indicator 'No Status Display in Pricing Table' XFELD CHAR 
218 W_NOUN_ART Listing for material, but not for Un XFELD CHAR 
219 W_NOVRK_VKP SP: Ind. 'Sales Unit in Pricing Table Not Ready for Input' XFELD CHAR 
220 W_NUK_TERM Short text for "Number ranges" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
221 W_NUMB_DLVS SAP Store Order: Number of delivery schedules/deliveries NUMC4 NUMC 
222 W_NVKKO No. of sales prices maintained via price calculation (KONP) INT2 INT2 
223 W_NVKP Standard sales price PREIS CURR 
224 W_NVKP_BAPI Standard Sales Price BAPICURR DEC 
225 W_NVKP_WALE Standard sales price at plant level PREIS CURR 
226 W_NVSAI Sales follow-up time after end of season ANZTA NUMC 
227 W_OBJTYP Object Type CHAR1 CHAR 
228 W_OBJ_K Object is assortment owner assortment CHAR1 CHAR 
229 W_OBJ_TERM Short text for "Objects" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
230 W_OBS_FR POS Outbound: Analysis Period From DATUM DATS 
231 W_OBS_TO POS Outbound: Analysis Period To DATUM DATS 
232 W_OBTYP Object Type CHAR1 CHAR 
233 W_ODATEN Indicator: enhance plant data AKTKN CHAR 
234 W_OFFICE Sales office (booking) FTPD_OFFICE_ID CHAR 
235 W_OK_FLAG Copy when selected XFELD CHAR 
236 W_ORG_TERM Description of dynpro border "org levels" CHAR1 CHAR 
237 W_OS_AADOC Display further documents XFELD CHAR 
238 W_OS_ADOC1 Display additional documents on list screens XFELD CHAR 
239 W_OS_ADOC2 Display additional documents on details screens XFELD CHAR 
240 W_OS_ANAME Display material description XFELD CHAR 
241 W_OS_ANMBR Display material number XFELD CHAR 
242 W_OS_ATITL Display product heading from catalog XFELD CHAR 
243 W_OS_CCINS Payment cards: Card type "SET" CCINS CHAR 
244 W_OS_CIDEN Customer ID number W_OS_CIDEN CHAR 
245 W_OS_CMSCM Customer management profile W_CSTSCM CHAR 
246 W_OS_CNTRYSCM Country schema for customer addresses W_CSTSCM CHAR 
247 W_OS_CODPR Payment method payer cash on delivery KUNNR CHAR 
248 W_OS_COSEN Allow consumer maintenance XFELD CHAR 
249 W_OS_CPDEN Allow one-time customer management XFELD CHAR 
250 W_OS_CPD_NO One-time customer processing, OTC customer number KUNNR CHAR 
251 W_OS_GAPFM Display From price for generic material XFELD CHAR 
252 W_OS_GAPTP Display To price for generic material XFELD CHAR 
253 W_OS_GATH1 Threshold value for several selection boxes INT1 INT1 
254 W_OS_GATH2 Threshold value for switching variant selection method INT1 INT1 
255 W_OS_KUNNR Template customer KUNNR CHAR 
256 W_OS_LERLY Early registration XFELD CHAR 
257 W_OS_NCREG No customer registration XFELD CHAR 
258 W_OS_NOPRC Indicator without prices XFELD CHAR 
259 W_OS_NORIN Internal number range for SET process NUMKR CHAR 
260 W_OS_ORSCM Profile for quotation and order control W_CSTSCM CHAR 
261 W_OS_OSTORE Online store W_OS_OSTORE CHAR 
262 W_OS_PCDES RFC destination for product catalog data RFCDEST CHAR 
263 W_OS_PCOLY For use as product catalog only XFELD CHAR 
264 W_OS_PCTLG Product catalog WMINR CHAR 
265 W_OS_PCVAR Product catalog variant WMVAR CHAR 
266 W_OS_PLSIZ Number of products displayed per page in product list INT4 INT4 
267 W_OS_PPSCM Product presentation profile W_CSTSCM CHAR 
268 W_OS_PSAD1 Supplementary search criterion 1 XFELD CHAR 
269 W_OS_PSAD2 Supplementary search criterion 2 XFELD CHAR 
270 W_OS_PSAD3 Supplementary search criterion 3 XFELD CHAR 
271 W_OS_PSAD4 Supplementary search criterion 4 XFELD CHAR 
272 W_OS_PSAD5 Supplementary search criterion 5 XFELD CHAR 
273 W_OS_PSANM Material description as search criterion XFELD CHAR 
274 W_OS_PSANR Material number as search criterion XFELD CHAR 
275 W_OS_PSASH Cross-shop search XFELD CHAR 
276 W_OS_PSATL Catalog heading as search criterion XFELD CHAR 
277 W_OS_PSDES RFC destination for alternative search RFCDEST CHAR 
278 W_OS_PSDSC Long text as search criterion XFELD CHAR 
279 W_OS_PSFMO Function module for alternative product search FUNCNAME CHAR 
280 W_OS_PSHUB Upper limit for number of hits in product search INT4 INT4 
281 W_OS_PSPRC Price as search criterion XFELD CHAR 
282 W_OS_PSSHO Product search in shop overview XFELD CHAR 
283 W_OS_PYCCD Payment Method: Credit Card XFELD CHAR 
284 W_OS_PYCCD_SET Payment Method: Credit Card with SET XFELD CHAR 
285 W_OS_PYCOD Payment method: Cash on delivery XFELD CHAR 
286 W_OS_PYINV Payment method: By invoice XFELD CHAR 
287 W_OS_QUOTA Create quotation XFELD CHAR 
288 W_OS_REGION With regions XFELD CHAR 
289 W_OS_RQDAT Enter required delivery date XFELD CHAR 
290 W_OS_RQMAX Maximum allowed requested delivery time in days DEC4 DEC 
291 W_OS_SODES RFC destination for orders RFCDEST CHAR 
292 W_OS_SOTYP Order type AUART CHAR 
294 W_OS_TREX0 Display expanded product group hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
295 W_OS_TREXA Displayed dynamically expandable product group hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
296 W_OS_TREXB Read product group hierarchy step-by-step XFELD CHAR 
297 W_OS_TREXP Display product group hierarchy W_OS_TREXP CHAR 
298 W_OS_TRFDE RFC destination for reading filter criteria RFCDEST CHAR 
299 W_OS_TRFFM Name of function module for reading filter criteria FUNCNAME CHAR 
300 W_OS_URLIPC Configuration Engine: URL of the IPC CHAR0128 CHAR 
301 W_OS_VKBUR Sales office VKBUR CHAR 
302 W_PABBM Planned Sales Qty. of Promotion Material in Sales Units MENGE QUAN 
303 W_PABBM_OFFER_DSC Planned sales qty in sales units of material in discnt offer MENGE QUAN 
304 W_PABBM_OFFER_PRC Planned sales qty in sales units for material in price offer MENGE QUAN 
305 W_PABLM Planned Sales Qty of Promotion Material in Logistics Units MENGE QUAN 
306 W_PAKKZ MB price calc.: indicator "perform price activation" XFELD CHAR 
307 W_PANFM Planned initial stock - qty in sales units MENGE QUAN 
308 W_PANFM2 Planned initial stock MENGV13 QUAN 
309 W_PARAM Parameter name of RANGE defined TEXT8 CHAR 
310 W_PARA_DISPATCHER_TIMEOUT Timeout Dispatcher After Last Task (Seconds) W_PARA_DISPATCHER_TIMEOUT INT4 
313 W_PARA_SERVER_GROUP Server Group for Parallel Processing RZLLI_ACN CHAR 
315 W_PARA_VARIANT Parallel processing variant W_PARA_VARIANT CHAR 
316 W_PARA_VARIANT_TEXT Name of Parallel Processing Variant W_PARA_TEXT60 CHAR 
317 W_PARKZ Price type indicator (gross, net) W_PARKZ CHAR 
318 W_PAR_TERM Description of dynpro border "Parameters" CHAR1 CHAR 
319 W_PAUFME Planned allocation quantity for promotion item for a plant MENG13 QUAN 
320 W_PAYDIR Direction of payment type (outbound/inbound) W_PAYDIR CHAR 
321 W_PA_TERM Description "Price activation" CHAR1 CHAR 
322 W_PCMV Remaining profit margin WERT CURR 
323 W_PCVON (Changed) Purchasing Condition Valid On DATUM DATS 
324 W_PC_ABETR Promotion condition amount or percentage WERTV6 CURR 
325 W_PC_ALECRE Indication for creation via ALE XFELD CHAR 
326 W_PC_ATBNR Material order number W_PC_ATBNR CHAR 
327 W_PC_BESTC Product catalog: Copy PO text XFELD CHAR 
328 W_PC_CCNRA Number range for catalog ID NUMKR CHAR 
329 W_PC_CCOBL Indicator for catalog ID required entry field XFELD CHAR 
330 W_PC_CCODE Catalog code W_PC_CCODE CHAR 
331 W_PC_CCOND Copy Condition CHAR3 CHAR 
332 W_PC_CCREP Reaction if catalog code is repeated W_PC_CCREP CHAR 
333 W_PC_CHARS Indicator, create IDocs for characteristics XFELD CHAR 
334 W_PC_CLASS Indicator, create IDocs for classes XFELD CHAR 
335 W_PC_CLSIF Indicator, create IDocs for classification XFELD CHAR 
336 W_PC_CONFG Configurable material XFELD CHAR 
337 W_PC_CPRNO Do not set test / change pointer to completed XFELD CHAR 
338 W_PC_CUISO Condition unit of measure in ISO format ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
339 W_PC_DATTO Final date for selection of change pointers DATUM DATS 
340 W_PC_DCISO Display currency in ISO format ISOCD CHAR 
341 W_PC_DEBIT Indicator, create IDoc for reference customer XFELD CHAR 
342 W_PC_GAWOV Indicator, allow generic article without variant XFELD CHAR 
343 W_PC_GRUNC Product catalog: Copy basic data text XFELD CHAR 
344 W_PC_IVERC Product catalog: Copy internal comment XFELD CHAR 
345 W_PC_KBETR Condition amount or percentage WERTV6 CURR 
346 W_PC_LCOPY Copy long text from material text W_PC_LCOPY CHAR 
347 W_PC_MAT_P Indicator, create IDocs for materials XFELD CHAR 
348 W_PC_MAT_V Indicator, create IDocs for materials of variants XFELD CHAR 
349 W_PC_MAXOB Number of objects that can be sent in an IDoc INT3 NUMC 
350 W_PC_MVKEC Product catalog: Copy sales text XFELD CHAR 
351 W_PC_NRRAN External layout number range for ALE inbound CHAR2 CHAR 
352 W_PC_ONCHG Indicator, PO number changeable XFELD CHAR 
353 W_PC_ONFMT Order number format W_PC_ONFMT CHAR 
354 W_PC_ONSEP Order number separator symbol CHAR1 CHAR 
355 W_PC_ONUSE Use PO number XFELD CHAR 
356 W_PC_OPTION Option analogous to ranges table W_PC_OPTION CHAR 
357 W_PC_ORGSY Original System LOGSYS CHAR 
358 W_PC_PCTYP Product Catalog Type W_PC_PCTYP CHAR 
359 W_PC_PROM Assignable to Promotion XFELD CHAR 
360 W_PC_PRUEC Product catalog: Copy inspection text XFELD CHAR 
361 W_PC_REQCO Indicator, send layout area item in full XFELD CHAR 
362 W_PC_SIGN Sign analogous to ranges table W_PC_SIGN CHAR 
363 W_PC_TCOPY Copy heading from material short text XFELD CHAR 
364 W_PC_USISO Unit of measure for shares of product catalog in ISO format ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
365 W_PDANZ Detailed Promotion Plan, Number of Materials NUMC6 NUMC 
366 W_PDF_TERM Description for group box "Upper limit" CHAR1 CHAR 
367 W_PDIFF Trnsctn price diff. between R/3 -> and sales price at POS WERTV10 CURR 
368 W_PDITEMS Doc/Index Compilation: No. of Items per Pricing Document   NUMC 
369 W_PDMGE Detailed promotion plan, no. of logistics units MENGE QUAN 
370 W_PDUEN Planned sales qty at delivered price (net/net) WERT CURR 
371 W_PDUEP Detailed promotion plan, sales volume at purchase price WERT CURR 
372 W_PDULO Detailed Promotion Plan Lost Sales WERT CURR 
373 W_PDUNP Detailed Promotion Plan Invoiced Sales at Standard SP WERT CURR 
374 W_PDURE Detailed Promotion Plan Gross Revenue WERT CURR 
375 W_PDUVP Detailed Promotion Plan Sales Volume at Promo. Sales Price WERT CURR 
376 W_PERF_TERM Description "Performance in Material Master Formatting" CHAR1 CHAR 
377 W_PERKZ Period Indicator for Pricing W_PERKZ CHAR 
378 W_PFLKN Assortment Priority PFLKS CHAR 
379 W_PFOLGE Sequence control for linked listing check results XFELD CHAR 
380 W_PLANZ Promotion plan, no. of materials NUMC6 NUMC 
381 W_PLEKN Basic purchase price: net/net - promotion item PREIS CURR 
382 W_PLEKN_BAPI Purchase price (net/net) BAPICURR DEC 
383 W_PLEKP Purchase price for promotion item PREIS CURR 
385 W_PLEKP_WALE Basic purchase price (gross) per plant/material PREIS CURR 
386 W_PLIFZ Planned delivery time for promotional goods DEC3 DEC 
387 W_PLMGE Promotion plan, no. logistics units MENGE QUAN 
388 W_PLTYP Price list type: promotion header PLTYP CHAR 
389 W_PLUEN Planned sales qty for promo at delivered price (net/net) WERT CURR 
390 W_PLUEP Promotion plan, sales at purchase price WERT CURR 
391 W_PLULO Promotion Plan Invoiced Lost Sales WERT CURR 
392 W_PLUMI Condition causes inclusion ( ) or exclusion (X) FLAG CHAR 
393 W_PLUNP Promotion Plan Invoiced Sales at Standard Sales Prices WERT CURR 
394 W_PLURE Promotion Plan Gross Revenue WERT CURR 
395 W_PLUVP Promotion Plan Sales Volume at Promo. Sales Prices WERT CURR 
396 W_PLVKP Sales price for promotion item PREIS CURR 
397 W_PLVKP_BAPI Sales price (gross) BAPICURR DEC 
398 W_PMDIV MBPricing: Different Pricing Reference Materials Indicator XFELD CHAR 
399 W_PMEST Planned quantity changed XFELD CHAR 
400 W_PMNGU Planned allocation quantity for an allocation table item MENG13 QUAN 
401 W_POSNR Item number NUMC6 NUMC 
402 W_POSST Item number, promotion plan/customer NUMC6 NUMC 
403 W_POS_DS No data should be sent to assortment user POS systems XFELD CHAR 
404 W_POS_TERM Description for screen box "POS outbound processing" CHAR1 CHAR 
405 W_PPDIFF_BAPI Increment for Price Point Range BAPICURR DEC 
406 W_PPDIV MB price calc.: indicator "different planned final prices" XFELD CHAR 
407 W_PPVKORG Sales Organization for Price Point Rounding VKORG CHAR 
408 W_PPVTWEG Distribution channel for price point rounding VTWEG CHAR 
409 W_PP_HIGHLIMIT_BAPI Last Price of a Price Point Area for BAPI BAPICURR DEC 
410 W_PP_LOWLIMIT_BAPI First Price of a Price Point Area for BAPI BAPICURR DEC 
411 W_PRCOK Sales Pricing: "Procurement Data Read" indicator XFELD CHAR 
412 W_PRDIF Prices are not always identical CHAR1 CHAR 
413 W_PREIS_INFO_TERM Price Information CHAR1 CHAR 
414 W_PRERR_SPR Pricing: Process Pricing Error Messages XFELD CHAR 
415 W_PRES2 Remaining stock in pieces MENGV13 QUAN 
416 W_PRESM Planned Remaining Stock - Quantity MENGE QUAN 
417 W_PRESM2 Planned Remaining Quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
418 W_PRESW Planned Remaining Stock (Value) WERT CURR 
419 W_PRESW_BAPI Planned Remaining Stock - Value BAPICURR DEC 
420 W_PRICE Indicator: price revaluations to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
421 W_PROF_TERM Description "Profile" CHAR1 CHAR 
422 W_PROTOKOLL Indicator "Issue Log for Program" XFELD CHAR 
423 W_PROZ Sales Price Calculation: (general) percentage-based factor WERTV6 CURR 
424 W_PROZENT Price markup/markdown as a percentage PROZENT052 DEC 
425 W_PROZ_BAPI Sales price calculation: (General) percentage for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
426 W_PRO_TERM Description for "Processes" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
427 W_PRSNL Price reduction WERTV10 CURR 
428 W_PRSNLS Price reduction from sales as per receipts/aggregated sales WERTV10 CURR 
429 W_PRVBT Commission amount, sales WERTV10 CURR 
430 W_PR_TERM Description "Checks" CHAR1 CHAR 
431 W_PSALA Written-off sales volume, value at sales price WERT CURR 
432 W_PSALC Planned sales at purchase price WERT CURR 
433 W_PSALC_BAPI Planned Sales at Purchase Price BAPICURR DEC 
434 W_PSALM Planned sales quantity in sales unit MENGE QUAN 
435 W_PSALMW Planned Weekly Sales Quantity MENGE QUAN 
436 W_PSALP Planned sales at delivered price/net/net purchase price WERT CURR 
437 W_PSALW Planned sales at retail price WERT CURR 
438 W_PSALWW Planned Weekly Invoiced Sales at Final Sales Prices WERT CURR 
439 W_PSALW_BAPI Planned Sales at Retail Price BAPICURR DEC 
440 W_PSTA Direct input: field MBEW-PSTAT (maintenance status) PSTAT CHAR 
441 W_PSTYP_EINZBEST SAP Store: Item cateogry of purchasing document (single PO) PSTYP CHAR 
442 W_PSTYP_STRECKE SAP Store: Item category of purchasing document(direct del.) PSTYP CHAR 
443 W_PSTYP_UB SAP Store: Item category of purchasing doc. (stock transfer) PSTYP CHAR 
444 W_PTY_TERM Short text for screen box "Item category" CHAR1 CHAR 
445 W_PUMEN Promotion plan: sales volume at purchase price (net/net) WERT CURR 
446 W_PUMEP Promotion plan: mat. sales at PP in sales currency WERT CURR 
447 W_PUMEP_BAPI Material Sales at Purchase Price in Sales Currency BAPICURR DEC 
448 W_PUMLO Promotion Plan Invoiced Lost Sales Material WERT CURR 
449 W_PUMNP Promotion Plan Material Invoiced Sales at Stand.Sales Prices WERT CURR 
450 W_PUMRE Promotion Plan Gross Revenue Material WERT CURR 
451 W_PUMVP Promotion Plan Mat. Sales Vol. at Promo. Sales Price WERT CURR 
452 W_PUMVP_BAPI Material Sales at Sales Price BAPICURR DEC 
453 W_PUSH001 Help field: pushbutton text "maintain" TEXT10 CHAR 
454 W_PUSH002 Help field: pushbutton text "display" TEXT10 CHAR 
455 W_PUSH003 Help field: pushbutton text "delete" TEXT10 CHAR 
456 W_PUSH004 Help Text: Pushbutton Text "Assign" TEXT10 CHAR 
457 W_PUSH005 Help Text: Pushbutton Text "Assign" TEXT10 CHAR 
458 W_PUSH006 Help field for pushbutton text "Revenue account assignment" TEXT20 CHAR 
459 W_RABATE Purchasing arrangement CHAR10 CHAR 
460 W_RACKJOB Vendor number of a rack jobber LIFNR CHAR 
461 W_REASS_1 Material replen. extern. only with one-off order FLAG CHAR 
462 W_REASS_2 Material repl. intern. only with one-off order FLAG CHAR 
463 W_REASS_FI Material externally replenishable at store level FLAG CHAR 
464 W_REASS_FV Material replenishable internally from DC FLAG CHAR 
465 W_REASS_J Material replenishable as desired FLAG CHAR 
466 W_REASS_N Material cannot be reordered / one-off order FLAG CHAR 
467 W_REASS_VZ Material replenishable externally at DC level FLAG CHAR 
468 W_REASS_X Material replenishment restricted FLAG CHAR 
469 W_REAS_WO Material replenishable via: external vendor/DC/store W_REAS_WO CHAR 
470 W_REFRS Indicator "Delete global tables in function group" XFELD CHAR 
471 W_REFWA MB price calc.: indicator "adopt ref. plant relationships" XFELD CHAR 
472 W_REFWC Market-basket price calc.: ref. plant for SP calculations WERKS CHAR 
473 W_REFWM Market-basket price calc.: reference plant for sales qty WERKS CHAR 
474 W_REGZT Register time DEC17_5 DEC 
475 W_REG_TERM Description for dynpro border "Rules" CHAR1 CHAR 
476 W_REPRUE Indicator "enrich invoice verification data" AKTKN CHAR 
477 W_RESKZ Reserve stock for promotion period FLAG CHAR 
478 W_RESTIME Residence Time: Time When Assortment Module is Invalid W_ACTIM NUMC 
479 W_REST_KZ SAP Retail Store GR: Remaining Quantity Displayed Indicator XFELD CHAR 
480 W_RFCDST Logical RFC Destination RFCDEST CHAR 
481 W_RF_TERM Description "Sequence" CHAR1 CHAR 
482 W_RGART Return type for promotional material RGART CHAR 
483 W_RIS_TERM Description "Retail Information System (RIS)" CHAR1 CHAR 
484 W_RLIFWK ID for supplying plant only FLAG CHAR 
485 W_ROTPR Reduced-from price WERT11 CURR 
486 W_ROUND Indicator: Round Down in Price Adjustment in Promotion FLAG CHAR 
487 W_ROUNDOFF Indicator: Always Round Down Prices in Markdown Plan FLAG CHAR 
488 W_RPC_NO_CONDITIONS Indicator: No Conditions in Sales Price Calculation W_RPC_NO_CONDITIONS CHAR 
489 W_RP_CHECK_DIFF_UOM "Check for Different Unit of Measure" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
490 W_RP_CONDS_IN_BLOCK Pricing Docs Layout: No. of Conditions in Processing Block   NUMC 
491 W_RP_CONDS_WITHOUT_PDOC Pricing Docs Layout: No. of Conditions Without Pricing Doc.   NUMC 
492 W_RP_RRM_CATEGORY_INDICATOR RRM Interface: Article Category Selection Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
493 W_RP_RRM_FLD_TURNQ RRM Profile: Info Structure Field/BW Query for Bus.Vol.Qty FDNAME CHAR 
494 W_RP_RRM_FLD_TURNV RRM Profile: Info Structure Field/BW Query for Bus.Vol.Value FDNAME CHAR 
495 W_RP_RRM_LOG_CREATE RRM Interface: Indicator Application Log Creation XFELD CHAR 
496 W_RP_RRM_MD_OUTBOUND RRM Interface: Indicator for Master Data Export XFELD CHAR 
498 W_RP_RRM_PERIOD_NUMBER RRM Interface: Number of Periods for Sales History NUMC03 NUMC 
499 W_RP_RRM_PPD_TYPE RRM Profile: Type of Purchasing Price Determination W_RP_RRM_PPD_TYPE CHAR 
500 W_RP_RRM_PRICEPOINT_OUTBOUND RRM Interface: Indicator for Price Point Export XFELD CHAR