SAP ABAP Data Element - Index W, page 28
Data Element - W
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 W_RP_RRM_PROFILE Pricing: Profile for RRM Interface CHAR4 CHAR 
3 W_RP_RRM_PURCHPRICES_OUTBOUND RRM Interface: Indicator for Purchasing Price Exports XFELD CHAR 
4 W_RP_RRM_SALESAGG_FOR_SITES RRM Interface: Aggregation of Sales Data Using Plants XFELD CHAR 
5 W_RP_RRM_SALESDATA_OUTBOUND RRM Interface: Indicator for Sales History Export XFELD CHAR 
7 W_RP_RRM_SDATA_VAL_INDICATOR RRM Interface: Selection Indicator for Sales History Validty W_RP_RRM_SDATA_VAL_INDICATOR CHAR 
8 W_RP_RRM_SITES_INDICATOR RRM Interface: Selection Indicator for Groups of Plants CHAR1 CHAR 
9 W_RR_TERM Description "Calculation rules" CHAR1 CHAR 
10 W_RS_ALLGVB_TERM Description for general default CHAR1 CHAR 
11 W_RS_ANZEIG_TERM "Display" Description CHAR1 CHAR 
12 W_RS_AUS_BEST_TERM Description "Stock Types Selection" CHAR1 CHAR 
13 W_RS_AVD_TERM Description "General sales data" CHAR1 CHAR 
14 W_RS_BEWART_TERM Description "Movement type" CHAR1 CHAR 
15 W_RS_BEZEI_2_TERM Description "Other Desctriptions" CHAR1 CHAR 
16 W_RS_BEZ_TERM Description CHAR1 CHAR 
17 W_RS_DATAUFB_TERM Description "Data Formatting" CHAR1 CHAR 
18 W_RS_KEY_TERM Description of field name "Key" CHAR1 CHAR 
19 W_RS_LSCH_TERM Description "Country Schema" CHAR1 CHAR 
20 W_RS_REG_TERM Description "Rules" CHAR1 CHAR 
21 W_RS_SELECT_TERM Description "Further Selection for Document Creation" CHAR1 CHAR 
22 W_RS_SELEKTION_TERM Description "Other Selections" CHAR1 CHAR 
23 W_RS_STEUEK Description "Customer Determination Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
24 W_RS_STEUEW Description "Plant Determination Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
25 W_RS_STEU_DIA_TERM Description "Dialog Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
26 W_RS_STEU_MDE_TERM Description "PDC Procedure Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
27 W_RS_STEU_MDE_ZUS_TERM Description "Other Fields for PDC Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
28 W_RS_STEU_TERM Description "Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
29 W_RS_STE_TERM Description for dynpro border "Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
30 W_RS_STWE_TERM Description "Goods_Receipt_Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
31 W_RS_VGLD_TERM Description "Remuneration List Date" CHAR1 CHAR 
32 W_RS_VGLE_TERM Description "Remuneration List Recipient" CHAR1 CHAR 
33 W_RS_VGLK_TERM Description "Remuneration List Condition" CHAR1 CHAR 
34 W_RS_ZFELD Description of "Assigned Fields" Pushbutton CHAR1 CHAR 
35 W_RS_ZUS_TERM Description "Extras" CHAR1 CHAR 
36 W_RUDAB Reply date plant DATUM DATS 
37 W_RUDAT Latest date for replying to promotion announcement DATUM DATS 
38 W_RUDAV Reply date DC DATUM DATS 
39 W_RUDAX Reply date DATUM DATS 
40 W_RUDTE Last date for replying to promotion (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
41 W_RUEAR Return type description (from domain) DDTEXT CHAR 
42 W_RUECKNV Return Agreement W_RUECKNV CHAR 
43 W_RUSTB Status of reply to announcement - plant XFELD CHAR 
44 W_RUSTV Status of reply to announcement - DC XFELD CHAR 
45 W_RVKPF_TERM Description: Reference for sales price determination CHAR1 CHAR 
46 W_RVP_TERM Description for "Reference for SP determination" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
47 W_RWRKC Market-basket price calculation: explicit reference plant WERKS CHAR 
48 W_SAB_TERM Description "Adjustment control for document generation" CHAR1 CHAR 
49 W_SACO_DATAB Start of a Time Interval with the Same Sales Conditions DATUM DATS 
50 W_SACO_DATBI End of a Time Interval with the Same Sales Conditions DATUM DATS 
51 W_SACO_KBETR_PROMO Promotion Condition Amount or Percentage WERTV6 CURR 
52 W_SACO_KMEIN_PROMO Promotion Condition Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
53 W_SACO_KOTABNR_PROMO Condition Table for Promotion KOTABNR NUMC 
54 W_SACO_KPEIN_PROMO Promotion Condition Price Unit KPEIN DEC 
55 W_SACO_KSCHL_PROMO Promotion condition type KSCHL CHAR 
56 W_SACO_WAERS_PROMO Promotion Currency WAERS CUKY 
57 W_SADAT Latest Order Date DATUM DATS 
58 W_SADTE Latest order date (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
59 W_SAIAA Variance from start of season (days) IS-R NUMC NUMC 
60 W_SAIAE Variance from end of season (days) IS-R NUMC NUMC 
61 W_SAKNR G/L account number SAKNR CHAR 
62 W_SART Assortment type MTART CHAR 
63 W_SART_TERN General material CHAR1 CHAR 
64 W_SBDAT Latest order date with vendor DATUM DATS 
65 W_SCALR_SPR Pricing: Indicator 'Read Scaled Conditions' XFELD CHAR 
66 W_SCHEMA_TERM Description "Sales Pricing Schema Determination" CHAR1 CHAR 
67 W_SDDEL Indicator: delivery to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
68 W_SDINV Indicator: billing document to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
69 W_SDORD Indicator: order to be enhanced AKTKN CHAR 
70 W_SEIAT Display size MENGE QUAN 
71 W_SEIBI To catalog page NUMC4 NUMC 
72 W_SEITE Product catalog page NUMC4 NUMC 
73 W_SEIVO From catalog page NUMC4 NUMC 
74 W_SELBOX_KEY SAP Retail Store: Key for selection in selection box W_SELBOX_KEY CHAR 
75 W_SELDAT Selection date DATS DATS 
76 W_SELECTED SAP Retail Store: Default Input for Dropdown Box XFELD CHAR 
77 W_SERNR BOM Explosion Number CHAR25 CHAR 
78 W_SERVGRD IS-R service level W_SERVGRD CHAR 
79 W_SERVV Service agreement for a retail material W_SERVV CHAR 
80 W_SFSAI Status of material master data of subsequent season CHAR1 CHAR 
81 W_SKOPF Assortment module header CHAR18 CHAR 
82 W_SLDAT Latest delivery date DATUM DATS 
83 W_SLDTE Latest delivery date (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
84 W_SMV_TERM Description "Merchandise Distribution control" CHAR1 CHAR 
85 W_SOLL Display target time from Incentive Wages XFELD CHAR 
86 W_SONU Assortment user CHAR10 CHAR 
87 W_SONUT Category of assortment user W_SONUT CHAR 
88 W_SON_TERM Description for dynpro border "Misc." CHAR1 CHAR 
89 W_SORAT Weekly Inventory Turnover PROZV8 DEC 
90 W_SORBR Assortment length VQUOT NUMC 
91 W_SORTK Assortment Module WSORTK CHAR 
92 W_SORTSTAT Assortment status W_SORTSTAT CHAR 
93 W_SORTX Description for assortment module TEXT40U CHAR 
94 W_SOTR_GRP Assortment group KLASSE CHAR 
95 W_SOTYP Assortment Category W_SOTYP CHAR 
96 W_SO_LSTVF Listing procedures defined for the assortment LSTFL CHAR 
97 W_SPABR Gross warehouse margin WERTV6 CURR 
98 W_SPABR_BAPI Margin (gross) in Sales Price Calculation BAPICURR DEC 
99 W_SPANE Net warehouse margin WERTV6 CURR 
100 W_SPANE_BAPI Margin (net) in Sales Price Calculation BAPICURR DEC 
101 W_SPANS Status of the retail margin displayed SPANS CHAR 
102 W_SPC_BADI_ERROR_MIXED_PP_QUAN 'Error Preassigning Weighting Factors' Indicator XFELD CHAR 
103 W_SPC_BADI_EXCLUDE_CALC_ITEM Ind. 'Exclude Pricing Item from Further Structure' XFELD CHAR 
104 W_SPC_BADI_NO_POSTING_AT_ALL Indicator: Do Not Update Conditions or Document Index XFELD CHAR 
105 W_SPC_COND_DATBI_MIN Pricing: Minimum Validity of Condition DATUM DATS 
106 W_SPC_CURR_CONV_CHECK Structure Pricing Doc. from Cond.: Include Curr. Conversion XFELD CHAR 
107 W_SPC_LFIELD_POSTING_FLAG Sales Pricing: Indicator 'Post List Field/List Field Posted' XFELD CHAR 
108 W_SPC_LIFEL_POSTING Sales Price Calculation: List Field with Posting Control LIFELD CHAR 
109 W_SPC_NEW_CONDRECORD Indicator "Execute New Cost Estimate for Old Conditions" XFELD CHAR 
110 W_SPC_NODOC_FOR_OLD_COND Pricing: "No Pricing Document for Old Conditions" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
111 W_SPC_PDOC_MAX Pricing: Number of Pricing Documents for Temporary Storage   NUMC 
112 W_SPC_POST_KAPPL Sales Pricing: Application of the Condition Type for Posting KAPPL CHAR 
113 W_SPC_POST_KSCHL Sales Price Calculation: Condition Type for Posting KSCHA CHAR 
114 W_SPC_POST_MKAPPL SP: Application for Main Condition Type (Post Cond. Spplmts) KAPPL CHAR 
115 W_SPC_POST_MKSCHL SP: Main Condition Type for Posting Condition Supplements KSCHA CHAR 
116 W_SPC_SUPPL_COND_ORIGIN SP: Origin of Condition Supplements for Basic Purchase Price W_SPC_SUPPL_COND_ORIGIN CHAR 
117 W_SPC_VALIDFROM_KEYDATE Pricing: Key Date for "Old" Conditions in Document Structure DATUM DATS 
118 W_SPC_WEWU_NEW_VENDOR Euro Conversion Calculations: "Redetermine Vendor" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
119 W_SPDAB Promotion blocked on DATUM DATS 
120 W_SPDAT Date on which promotion material is blocked for promotion DATUM DATS 
121 W_SPDTE Blocking date for promotional material (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
122 W_SPGRT Item blocking reason text DDTEXT CHAR 
123 W_SPGRU Reason for promotion block SPGRU CHAR 
124 W_SPKNR Plant-Based Customer no. for Suggested Sales Price KUNNR CHAR 
125 W_SPOSMG Quantity of item in the assortment module MENG13V QUAN 
126 W_SPOSNR Item number of material in module LFDNR10 NUMC 
127 W_SPPLT Price List of Default Sales Price PLTYP CHAR 
128 W_SPVKO Sales Organization for Suggested Sales Price VKORG CHAR 
129 W_SPVTW Distribution Channel for Suggested Sales Price VTWEG CHAR 
130 W_SPWRK Plant for Suggested Sales Price WERKS CHAR 
131 W_SPWRT Gross margin WERT CURR 
132 W_SPWRT2 Actual Gross Margin WERT CURR 
134 W_SP_FIL Assortment assignment (profile modules) ASORT CHAR 
135 W_SRATE Scanning ratio PRZ32V DEC 
136 W_SRETO Status of return to vendor CHAR1 CHAR 
137 W_SR_TERM Description: Control replies CHAR1 CHAR 
138 W_SSC_TERM Short text for screen box "Interface control" CHAR1 CHAR 
139 W_SSQOT Immediate cancellation ratio PRZ32V DEC 
140 W_SSTAT Status (active/inactive) XFELD CHAR 
141 W_STAND_ME Measurement Unit of Warranty Counter Reading MSEH6 CHAR 
142 W_STAND_MSI SI Unit of Warranty Counter Reading MEINS UNIT 
143 W_STAND_WE Current Warranty Counter Reading FLTP_INOUT CHAR 
144 W_START_ME Measurement Unit for Warranty Start Counter MSEH6 CHAR 
145 W_START_MSI SI Unit of Warranty Start Counter MEINS UNIT 
146 W_START_WE Warranty Counter Start Input/Output FLTP_INOUT CHAR 
147 W_STATLIS Status of the assortment module (active/inactive) XFELD CHAR 
148 W_STATT Header allocation table status text DDTEXT CHAR 
149 W_STATUS Status of Material in Promotion/Plant CHAR40 CHAR 
150 W_STBEK Promotion announcement status BEKST CHAR 
151 W_STBEKD Detailed status of promotion announcement ABAST CHAR 
152 W_STBET Header/item: processing status description CHAR20 CHAR 
153 W_STDV_AUF Std lstg proc. for allocation processes FLAG CHAR 
154 W_STDV_LAYOUT Standard listing procedure for the layout workbench FLAG CHAR 
155 W_STDV_PRM Std Lstng procedure for promotions FLAG CHAR 
156 W_STEU_AH Name "Control of Parameters for Article Hierarchy" CHAR1 CHAR 
157 W_STE_TERM Description for dynpro border "Control" CHAR1 CHAR 
158 W_STLIS Promotion listing status CHAR1 CHAR 
159 W_STLIT Header Listing status text DDTEXT CHAR 
160 W_STLITP Name of Listing Status for Promotion Item DDTEXT CHAR 
161 W_STRECKE ID: Third-party procurement only (from external supplier) FLAG CHAR 
162 W_STRECKE_AKTIV SAP Store: Order entry, Third-party direct delivery required XFELD CHAR 
163 W_STRNR Indicator: enhance structured material AKTKN CHAR 
164 W_STRULI List as component of a structured material W_STRULI CHAR 
165 W_STRU_MUL More than 1 listing via structure or single material XFELD CHAR 
166 W_STRU_URS Entry is component of a structure MATNR CHAR 
167 W_STWE_TERM Description "Goods receipt control" CHAR1 CHAR 
168 W_STWMN Indicates statistical prod. catalog FLAG CHAR 
169 W_STYPB Module type BAUSTYP CHAR 
170 W_SUBRC Subroutines for return code EK08R_RC NUMC 
171 W_SU_TERM Description: system support CHAR1 CHAR 
172 W_SVB_TERM Description "Sales document control" CHAR1 CHAR 
173 W_SWBD_TERM Description "Selection values for stock data" CHAR1 CHAR 
174 W_SWUD_TERM Description "Selection values for sales volume" CHAR1 CHAR 
175 W_SZUOB Assortment object W_SZUOB CHAR 
176 W_S_EXCLU Existence of Exclusion Listing Conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
177 W_S_KOPRO All material groups can be listed - even if there are errors XFELD CHAR 
178 W_S_LAYPR Listing check: only use layout defined for the assortment XFELD CHAR 
179 W_S_RANGF Ranking for assortment assignment W_S_RANGF CHAR 
180 W_S_STATUS Status of assortment W_S_STATUS CHAR 
181 W_TABIX Pointer to an entry in an internal table W_TABIX INT4 
182 W_TABNAME Name of table containing Customizing data AS4TAB CHAR 
183 W_TABXM Total no. entries in internal table NUMC6 NUMC 
184 W_TABXP First item in step loop per page NUMC6 NUMC 
185 W_TAKVST Subsequent processing status of whole promotion CHAR40 CHAR 
187 W_TBEKM Status text for promotion announcement DDTEXT CHAR 
188 W_TBEKST2 Text Status of New Promotion Announcement DDTEXT CHAR 
189 W_TBZQFI Text on status of supply source determination DDTEXT CHAR 
190 W_TEKST Status description for purchase price activation DDTEXT CHAR 
191 W_TESTRUN "Run Program in Test Mode Only" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
192 W_TEXT001 Help field: text 001 for screen 1000 material group TEXT20 CHAR 
193 W_TEXT002 Help field: text 002 for screen 1000 material group TEXT20 CHAR 
194 W_TEXT003 Help field: text 003 for screen 1000 material group TEXT20 CHAR 
195 W_TEXT004 Help field: text 004 for screen 1000 material group TEXT25 CHAR 
196 W_TEXT005 Text element "other source data" TEXT20 CHAR 
197 W_TEXT006 Text Field "Assignment to Hierarchy" CHAR20 CHAR 
198 W_TEXT007 Text field for material groups screen TXT20 CHAR 
199 W_TGBIS End of season: day/month DATEN CHAR 
200 W_TGVON Start of season: day/month DATEN CHAR 
201 W_THIRD_PTY Indicates direct delivery XFELD CHAR 
202 W_TIMECODE Time assignment code, interface astmts -> int. mat. maint. CHAR1 CHAR 
203 W_TIMEOUT Validity lies outside the selection period XFELD CHAR 
204 W_TIM_TERM Description for dynpro border "Validity" CHAR1 CHAR 
205 W_TIS_REF_PROMO Text Indicator: Higher-Level Promotion DDTEXT CHAR 
206 W_TITEL_2 Text for title, length 40 CHAR40 CHAR 
207 W_TRA_TERM Description for group box "Transaction flow" CHAR1 CHAR 
208 W_TREELEVEL Tree Hierarchy Level CHAR1 CHAR 
209 W_TR_TERM Data transport: sales price calculation CHAR1 CHAR 
210 W_TSF_TERM Descrp.: Technical control data for follow-on doc.generation CHAR1 CHAR 
211 W_TSPST Description of the Status of the Displayed Gross Margin DDTEXT CHAR 
212 W_TST_TERM Short text for screen box "Technical control" CHAR1 CHAR 
213 W_TS_TERM Description: Technical control data CHAR1 CHAR 
214 W_TVKST Status description for sales price activation DDTEXT CHAR 
215 W_TVZKST Text for status of DC transfer price activation DDTEXT CHAR 
216 W_TXTLKZ Indicator: Long text exists XFELD CHAR 
217 W_TYPE_CSTOBJ IACs Retail: Type of Customizing object W_TYPE_CSTOBJ CHAR 
218 W_TYPE_FLAG (SOLMAN App.Log) Flag for Message Type 'W' UFFLAG CHAR 
219 W_TYPINT Local module for the inclusion of (automat.) relistings FLAG CHAR 
220 W_T_REB_STATUS Text for Discount Status CHAR60 CHAR 
221 W_UMABS Cash removed WERTV10 CURR 
222 W_UMAEP MB price calc.: percent. change in sales (chnge/curr sales) WERTV6 CURR 
223 W_UMART Sales type (sales/returns/empties) CHAR1 CHAR 
224 W_UMBSH Conversion of structure to ordering aids XFELD CHAR 
225 W_UMLAG Transfer material to season warehouse CHAR1 CHAR 
226 W_UMLMG Qty to Be Transferred at End of Season MENGE QUAN 
227 W_UMSATZ Receipt Sales Volume WERTV10 CURR 
228 W_UMSBON Average sales per transaction (till receipt) WERTV9 CURR 
229 W_UMSEP Sales transactions (till receipts) at cost WERTV10 CURR 
230 W_UMSMAC Sales margin excluding manufacturers' coupons PRZ32V DEC 
231 W_UMSMAM Sales margin with tax PRZ32V DEC 
232 W_UMSMAO Sales margin PRZ32V DEC 
233 W_UMSMNG Transaction sales - quantity in base unit of measure MENGV15_3 QUAN 
234 W_UMSTAX Receipt for Sales Tax WERTV10 CURR 
235 W_UMSVPC Retail price from sales without manufacturer's coupons WERTV10 CURR 
236 W_UMSVPM Retail price w/tax from sales as per receipts/aggreg.sales WERTV10 CURR 
237 W_UMSVPO Rtl price from sales as per receipts/aggreg.sales WERTV10 CURR 
238 W_UMWRT MB pr. calc.: bus.vol.(val.) for corr. sls qty and fin. pr. WERT13N CURR 
239 W_UNGUL Code for invalid listing conditions in SAP Retail W_UNGUL INT1 
240 W_UNGULT invalid XFELD CHAR 
241 W_UPOSN Sub-item number for item number NUMC6 NUMC 
242 W_UPSTAT Item status of retail revaluation document XFELD CHAR 
243 W_URSAC_BS Module that has caused the listing WSORTK CHAR 
244 W_URSAC_LI Listing source (transaction / function environment) W_URSAC_LI CHAR 
245 W_URVKP ID for original sales price FLAG CHAR 
246 W_VAANZ No. of materials/units of measure in comparative promotion NUMC6 NUMC 
247 W_VABGP Transfer price, distribution center PREIS CURR 
248 W_VACTV_KALP Sales Pricing: Authorization for Pricing ACTIV_AUTH CHAR 
249 W_VAMGE No. of log. units in comparative promotion MENGE QUAN 
250 W_VAUEN Comparative promotion: sales delivered price(net/net) WERT CURR 
251 W_VAUEP Sales volume at purchase price for comparative promotion WERT CURR 
252 W_VAUVP Sales volume of comparative promotion at sales prices WERT CURR 
253 W_VA_TERM Description "Distribution algorithms" CHAR1 CHAR 
254 W_VBBDC Create a batch input session XFELD CHAR 
255 W_VBEKB Lead time, announcement of promotion start ANZTA NUMC 
256 W_VBUDI Direct initiation of batch input update XFELD CHAR 
257 W_VBUMA Update mode: asynchronous update XFELD CHAR 
258 W_VBUMS Update mode: synchrous update XFELD CHAR 
259 W_VELE_KZ SAP Retail Store: Display Ship. Units in Delivery Indicator XFIELD CHAR 
260 W_VERKORG Sales organization VKORG CHAR 
261 W_VERTWEG Distribution channel VTWEG CHAR 
262 W_VGART Business transaction /goods movement SAP Retail Store W_SELBOX_KEY CHAR 
263 W_VGLAK Comparative promotion WAKTION CHAR 
264 W_VKBIS On Sale To Consumers To CHAR10 CHAR 
265 W_VKDAB On Sale to Consumers From DATUM DATS 
266 W_VKDAT Sales Date Promotion DATUM DATS 
267 W_VKDBI On Sale To Consumers To DATUM DATS 
268 W_VKDIV Market basket price calc.: indicator diff. final prices XFELD CHAR 
269 W_VKFNR Salesperson number PERNR NUMC 
270 W_VKGEN Sales price generation status VKKPS CHAR 
271 W_VKKON Create sales price condition records XFELD CHAR 
272 W_VKKPS Maintenance status of sales price conditions VKKPS CHAR 
273 W_VKKPSH Price activation status PREISSH CHAR 
274 W_VKMNG Transaction sales - quantity in sales unit MENGV15_3 QUAN 
275 W_VKNEHU Gross sales price (retail)/original price WERT11 CURR 
276 W_VKNGHU Net sales price (wholesale)/original price WERT11 CURR 
277 W_VKONB Validity of purch. cond. lead time before promotion start ANZTA NUMC 
278 W_VKONE Follow-on time of purchasing conditions after promotion end ANZTA NUMC 
279 W_VKORG Sales organization in distribution chain, IS-R VKORG CHAR 
280 W_VKORG_HEADER Sales Organization: Promotion Header VKORG CHAR 
281 W_VKOTABA_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Table for the Current Sales Price KOTABNR NUMC 
282 W_VKOTABN_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Table for the Sales Price KOTABNR NUMC 
283 W_VKPBW_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Value for the Sales Price (Gross) WERTV7 CURR 
284 W_VKPKA MB price calc.: indicator "perform sales price calculation" XFELD CHAR 
285 W_VKPNN Sales price (net) WERTV6 CURR 
286 W_VKPNN_BAPI Sales Price (Net) BAPICURR DEC 
287 W_VKPNW_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Value for the Sales Price (Net) WERTV7 CURR 
288 W_VKPVTL_TERM Description "Sales Pricing Distribution Chain or Price List" CHAR1 CHAR 
289 W_VKP_FLAG Check existing sales price when listing FLAG CHAR 
290 W_VKP_ZERO Zero sales prices accepted FLAG CHAR 
291 W_VKRAB_TERM "Sales Discount" Description CHAR1 CHAR 
292 W_VKSAN_KALP Sales Pricing: Valuated Stock at Final Price WERT13N CURR 
293 W_VKSCA_KALP SP Calculation: Condition Type for Current Sales Price KSCHL CHAR 
294 W_VKSCH_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Type for the Sales Price KSCHL CHAR 
295 W_VKSTD Hour of sale W_VKSTD NUMC 
296 W_VKUNB Indicates revaluation at retail in the case of neg. stocks W_VKUNB CHAR 
297 W_VKVON On sale to consumers from (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
298 W_VK_AKTIV_AB Sales prices active from DATS DATS 
299 W_VK_AKTIV_BI Sales price active to DATS DATS 
300 W_VLFKZ_DEF SAP Store: category of default supplying plant VLFKZ CHAR 
301 W_VLGNR Customer no. of reference plant KUNNR CHAR 
302 W_VLISB Leadtime listing ANZTA NUMC 
303 W_VLISE Listing follow-up time ANZTA NUMC 
304 W_VLSAI Listing lead time before start of season ANZTA NUMC 
305 W_VLTYP_TX Description of distribution chain category CHAR20 CHAR 
306 W_VLVKF Lead time - start of sales ANZTA NUMC 
307 W_VORG Transaction for SAP Retail Store GR W_VORG CHAR 
308 W_VORPR Sales Pricing: Suggested Price WERTV6 CURR 
309 W_VORPR_BAPI Sales Price Calculation: Suggested Price for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
310 W_VORZEI Plus/minus sign for increase/reduction VORZEI CHAR 
311 W_VOR_TERM Description for screen box "Reference" CHAR1 CHAR 
312 W_VPDIV MB price calculation: indicator "different suggested prices" XFELD CHAR 
313 W_VREGE Allocation rule for promotion materials CHAR10 CHAR 
314 W_VRKME_ISO Sales unit ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
316 W_VSBED_CLLCT SAP Store Order entry: Shipping condition for collection VSBED CHAR 
317 W_VSBED_DLV SAPStore Order entry: Shipping condition for delivery VSBED CHAR 
318 W_VSW_TERM Description "Default values" CHAR1 CHAR 
319 W_VTART Promotion: distribution type ARTVT CHAR 
320 W_VTART_TX Distribution type description CHAR20 CHAR 
321 W_VTLCU Currency of distribution chain WAERS CUKY 
322 W_VTLSP Distribution chain check FLAG CHAR 
323 W_VTLWA MB pr. calc.: indic. "select all plants for a dist. chain" XFELD CHAR 
324 W_VTWEG Distribution channel in distribution chain, IS-R VTWEG CHAR 
325 W_VTWEG_HEADER Distribution Channel: Promotion Header VTWEG CHAR 
326 W_VUMNE SP calc.: denominator for converting sls unit to BUn UMBSZ DEC 
327 W_VUMZA SP calc.: numerator for converting sales unit to BUn UMBSZ DEC 
328 W_VVAKY_KALP Sales Pricing: Variable Key for the Sales Price VAKEY CHAR 
329 W_VVSAI Sales lead time in days before start of season ANZTA NUMC 
330 W_VWDEC_KALP Sales Pricing: Decimal Places of Sales Currency CURRDEC INT1 
331 W_VWEFI Lead time goods receipt in store before start of promotion ANZTA NUMC 
332 W_VZEPE Price unit Transfer price DC DEC5 DEC 
333 W_VZKOM Only list individual materials with supplying plant XFELD CHAR 
334 W_VZKON Create DC condition records XFELD CHAR 
335 W_VZKPS Maintenance status of DC conditions VZKPS CHAR 
336 W_VZWERK Plant number for vendor number of DC WERKS CHAR 
337 W_VZ_TERM Short text for "Distribution center" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
338 W_WAEEK Purchase price currency WAERS CUKY 
339 W_WAEEK_ISO Purchasing currency in ISO code ISOCD CHAR 
340 W_WAELA Currency current promotion - planning WAERS CUKY 
341 W_WAELA_ISO Planned sales currency in ISO code ISOCD CHAR 
342 W_WAERA Currency, reference promotion WAERS CUKY 
343 W_WAERS_TERM Description "currency" CHAR1 CHAR 
344 W_WAUFR Allocation rule for market-basket price calculation W_WAUFR CHAR 
345 W_WBMKZ Indicator: enhance product catalog AKTKN CHAR 
346 W_WCODE Main. code item transfer assortments -> int. mat. maint. CHAR1 CHAR 
347 W_WCODE_IA Transfer code, Listing <-> Integrated Material Maintenance W_WCODE_IA CHAR 
348 W_WERK Customer no. for plant KUNNR CHAR 
349 W_WERKS Retail plant WERKS CHAR 
350 W_WERTA_KALP Sales Pricing: Indicator - Article is Value-Only Article XFELD CHAR 
351 W_WER_TERM Describes timeslot group CHAR1 CHAR 
352 W_WFTASK Workflow Task CHAR1_X CHAR 
353 W_WFUNK_TERM Description "Other functionality" CHAR1 CHAR 
354 W_WISO_ACC_1_TIME_SRC Include One-Time Customers in Search XFELD CHAR 
355 W_WISO_ACTION_ON_RETURN SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Action When Exiting BADI W_WISO_CHAR02 CHAR 
356 W_WISO_ACTIVITY SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Operating Mode in Doc. Dialog W_WISO_ACTIVITY CHAR 
357 W_WISO_CHAR01 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Character 1 W_WISO_CHAR01 CHAR 
358 W_WISO_CHAR256 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Character 254 W_WISO_CHAR256 CHAR 
359 W_WISO_CHAR80 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Character 80 W_WISO_CHAR80 CHAR 
360 W_WISO_DESCR80 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Text 80 Characters W_WISO_CHAR80 CHAR 
361 W_WISO_HANDLE SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Handle for an Object W_WISO_HANDLE CHAR 
362 W_WISO_HANDLE_POSEX SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Handle Sales Document Item POSEX CHAR 
363 W_WISO_MAT_IDENTIFIER SAP Retail Store: Sales Order: Material Identification Cat. W_WISO_MAT_IDENTIFIER CHAR 
364 W_WISO_MAT_ID_INPUT SAP Retail Store: Store Order: Material Identifier W_WISO_MAT_ID_INPUT CHAR 
365 W_WISO_PRICE_ITM_SUM SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Item Value WERTV8 CURR 
366 W_WISO_PRICE_SUM SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Value of Sales Document WERTV8 CURR 
367 W_WISO_PROG_USAGE SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Usage, Intended Purpose W_WISO_CHAR02 CHAR 
368 W_WISO_RADIO_KEY SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Key Value Radio Button W_WISO_CHAR02 CHAR 
369 W_WISO_SCREEN SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Main Screen or Subscreen W_WISO_CHAR02 CHAR 
370 W_WISO_SC_ATTRIBUTE SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Field Attribute W_WISO_CHAR01 CHAR 
371 W_WKART Market-basket pricing type W_WKART CHAR 
372 W_WKBEZ Plant description TEXT30 CHAR 
373 W_WKFIL Location IR-S (plant / customer no.) WERKS CHAR 
374 W_WKKALEB Market-basket price calculation: level for price activation XFELD CHAR 
375 W_WKKNRA Document number of reference market-basket price calculation WKKNR CHAR 
376 W_WKKST Processing status of market-basket price calculation WKKST CHAR 
377 W_WKMPO Market-basket price calculation material item number NUMC5 NUMC 
378 W_WKPOS Market-basket price calculation item number NUMC6 NUMC 
379 W_WLD_TERM Requested delivery date CHAR1 CHAR 
380 W_WMEST Requested qty changed XFELD CHAR 
381 W_WMMAT Material for Catalog Variant MATNR CHAR 
382 W_WMNPO No. of material-to-prod. catalog assignments INT2 INT2 
383 W_WMTYP Product catalog / activities category (prod. cat; services) MTART CHAR 
384 W_WOCHE Week, 2-character NUM2 NUMC 
385 W_WRABB Value of terminations WERTV10 CURR 
386 W_WRBST Value of canceled transactions (till receipts) WERTV10 CURR 
387 W_WRSCA Value of scanned material WERTV10 CURR 
388 W_WRSST Value of immediate cancellations WERTV10 CURR 
389 W_WRSUL Value of checks over the limit WERTV10 CURR 
391 W_WRWGV Value of material group sales WERTV10 CURR 
392 W_WRZST Value of cancelled lines WERTV10 CURR 
393 W_WWAER Display Currency for Market-Basket Price Calculation WAERS CUKY 
395 W_X_PRICE_ORIGIN Indicator: Display Price Origin Information XFELD CHAR 
396 W_ZAHLART Payment method as condition KSCHL CHAR 
397 W_ZART_TERM Payment method CHAR1 CHAR 
398 W_ZA_TERM Description: Times for workload calculation CHAR1 CHAR 
399 W_ZEIT Goods issue time W_ZEIT TIMS 
400 W_ZFIBS Managed as a single material when stores order XFELD CHAR 
401 W_ZGRD Display result CHAR1 CHAR 
402 W_ZG_TERM Description: Target parameters CHAR1 CHAR 
403 W_ZIS_TERM Access info system CHAR1 CHAR 
404 W_ZLUEX User exit for splitting types FUNCNAME CHAR 
405 W_ZMUMS Means of payment sales from sales as per receipts/aggr.sales WERTV10 CURR 
406 W_ZREFW Market-basket price calc.: indicator "assign ref. plants" XFELD CHAR 
407 W_ZS1_TERM Description: time slot, day 1 CHAR1 CHAR 
408 W_ZS2_TERM Description: time slot day 2 CHAR1 CHAR 
409 W_ZSN_TERM Description: Time slot number CHAR1 CHAR 
410 W_ZSQOT Ratio of canceled lines PRZ32V DEC 
411 W_ZSTAT Status of assignment to assortments XFELD CHAR 
412 W_ZS_TERM Description: time slot CHAR1 CHAR 
413 W_ZUORDTYP Assignment of a promotion module to a store or store group W_ZUORDTYP CHAR 
414 W_ZUO_TERM Short text for screen box "Assignments" CHAR1 CHAR 
415 W_ZUPOS Item module plant-group assignment NUMC3 NUMC 
416 W_ZUSEINST_TERM "Additional Settings" Description CHAR1 CHAR 
417 W_ZUSF1 Additional field CHAR2 CHAR 
418 W_ZVZBS Managed as a single material when DCs order XFELD CHAR 
419 W_ZV_TERM Description: central warehouse/distribution center CHAR1 CHAR 
420 W_Z_USER Number of assortment users per assortment NUMC5 NUMC