SAP ABAP Data Element - Index W, page 26
Data Element - W
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
3 WWP_MAX_COUNT_TYPE Critical Number of Entries in Worklist WWP_MAX_COUNT_TYPE INT4 
6 WWP_SHOW_ALL_HITS Indicator: Display All Hits Immediately CHAR1_X CHAR 
7 WWP_SHOW_INFO_TYPE Indicator: Display Master Data Symbol CHAR1_X CHAR 
8 WWP_SHOW_LINK_TYPE Indicator: Display Link Symbol CHAR1_X CHAR 
9 WWP_SHOW_MAIL_TYPE Indicator: Display E-Mail Symbol CHAR1_X CHAR 
10 WWP_SHOW_PIC_TYPE Indicator: Display Graphics CHAR1_X CHAR 
11 WWP_SHOW_TYPE Indicator: Display Selection Parameters in Worklist CHAR1_X CHAR 
12 WWP_STATUS_TYPE Status in Planning Workbench WWP_STATUS_TYPE CHAR 
14 WWSDATU1 Date valid on / from DATUM DATS 
15 WWSENDBTN Send Pushbutton TEXT10 CHAR 
16 WWSMP Characteristics Profile XFELD CHAR 
17 WWSSA Generic Material XFELD CHAR 
18 WWSWG Material Group XFELD CHAR 
19 WWSWH Material group hierarchy level XFELD CHAR 
20 WWS_KLTYP Merchandize management system class type CHAR1 CHAR 
21 WWS_SICHT MMS view of collective material CHAR1 CHAR 
22 WWTXT Name of Working Week (Planned Working Time Infotype) TEXT30 CHAR 
23 WWWACT Internet action ID WWWACTID CHAR 
24 WWWCNT Counter for fields/rows of an internal table SYBIN4 INT4 
25 WWWCOLOR Color of a table field WWWCOLOR CHAR 
26 WWWDIR Directory on WWW server TEXT58 CHAR 
27 WWWFONT Font in an HTML table SYCHAR64K CHAR 
28 WWWJUST Field content alignment (see HTML <td> tag) SYCHAR16 CHAR 
29 WWWOBJID User ID in Internet user master WWWOBJID CHAR 
30 WWWOBJTYPE User type in Internet user master WWWOBJTYPE CHAR 
31 WWWPASS Password for Internet user WWWPWD CHAR 
32 WWWSET Flag indicating whether attribute is wanted or not (SPACE) SYCHAR01 CHAR 
33 WWWSHUFFFB WWW: Name of function module that returns shuffler content CHAR255 CHAR 
34 WWWVERSION Version of Web Repository Object SYNUM05 NUMC 
35 WWWZORTN Logical target location number for WWW data WWWZORTN CHAR 
37 WYTSC_PVGUID Claim item guid SYSUUID RAW 
38 WZAEHL Characteristic value counter NUM3 NUMC 
39 WZAHL Agency Business: Customer Terms of Payment WZAHL CHAR 
40 WZAHLK Settlement request: vendor payment terms WZAHLK CHAR 
41 WZBD1PD Cash discount percentage 1 customer PRZ23 DEC 
42 WZBD1TD Cash Discount Period for Customer ZBDXT DEC 
43 WZBD2PD Cash Discount Percentage 2 Customer PRZ23 DEC 
44 WZBD2TD Cash discount period 2 customer ZBDXT DEC 
45 WZBD3TD Deadline for Customer Net Condition ZBDXT DEC 
46 WZDATE 1st payment date (Infotype Recurring Payments/Deductions) CHAR10 CHAR 
47 WZDAT_KK Date of doubtful entry/individual value adjustment DATUM DATS 
48 WZEIT Total replenishment lead time (in workdays) DEC3 DEC 
49 WZEITC Total replenishment lead time in days WZEITC NUMC 
50 WZEIT_BI Total replenishment lead time (BTCI) CHAR3 CHAR 
51 WZFBD Copy Payment Data from Remuneration List to Billing Docs XFELD CHAR 
52 WZFBDT Bill of Exchange Due Date DATUM DATS 
53 WZFLG Display end of total replenishment lead time XFELD CHAR 
54 WZFXXX9 Fixed Value in Report Currency WERTV9 CURR 
55 WZGBS_KK Total of items entered as doubtful WRTV7 CURR 
56 WZGXXX Total value in target currency (CO report currency trans.) WERTV8 CURR 
57 WZGXXX9 Total Value in Report Currency WERTV9 CURR 
58 WZINM Agency business: Method of calculation interest, profit sim. SZBMETH CHAR 
59 WZKKO_KK Adjustment Account for Doubtful Receivables SAKNR CHAR 
60 WZKON_KK G/L account number of doubtful entry account SAKNR CHAR 
61 WZKRL Agency Business: Customer Credit Limit Check XFELD CHAR 
62 WZKRLK Pooled payment: vendor credit limit check XFELD CHAR 
63 WZKUR Determine payment exchange rate WZKUR CHAR 
64 WZKZ1 Processing Type of Capital Formation Record WZKZ1 CHAR 
65 WZKZZ Indicator: Continued Payment w/o Payment Amount CHAR1 CHAR 
66 WZLSCHSP Payment Method as Split Criterion for Lists XFELD CHAR 
67 WZLSC_OLD Outdated: Payment method - do NOT use!!! ZLSCH CHAR 
68 WZLSPL Reset Payment Block During Remuneration List Run XFELD CHAR 
69 WZLSPR Payment block for payment recipient ZAHLS CHAR 
70 WZNUM Production statistics: Classific. of industry branches WZ93 CHAR8 CHAR 
71 WZOCU Currency of customs values for import procg in foreign trade WAERS CUKY 
72 WZOLL Customs val. in doc.currency in imp.procg for foreign trade GRWRT CURR 
76 WZRE_BADI_OWNER BAdI implementation owner WZRE_BADI_OWNER INT1 
81 WZRE_CRED_MEMO_DEF AB: Credit Memo Default for eSOA Services XFELD CHAR 
82 WZRE_CUST_OR_VEND_FOR_COND Customer or vendor side for conditions in a settlement WZRE_CUST_OR_VEND_FOR_COND CHAR 
83 WZRE_DATA_CONTAINER Data container   RSTR 
84 WZRE_DEFAULT_ID AB: ID for Default Data in eSOA-Services WZRE_PROXY_CUST_ID CHAR 
86 WZRE_DET_ORG_DATA_DYN AB: determine organizational data dynamically XFELD CHAR 
87 WZRE_DOC_NO Generic document number WZRE_DOC_NO CHAR 
88 WZRE_EXT_COND_TYPE External description of a condition (Source for mapping)   CHAR 
89 WZRE_EXT_DOC_NO External document number WZRE_DOC_NO CHAR 
90 WZRE_EXT_DOC_NO2 External document number WZRE_DOC_NO CHAR 
91 WZRE_EXT_ITEM_NO External item number WZRE_ITEM_NO NUMC 
92 WZRE_EXT_ITEM_NO2 External item number 2 WZRE_ITEM_NO NUMC 
93 WZRE_EXT_PARTNER External Partner   STRG 
94 WZRE_EXT_PARTNER_FUNCTION External Partner Function   STRG 
95 WZRE_EXT_PARTNER_TYPE External Partner Type   STRG 
96 WZRE_EXT_POST_DESCR External posting description   CHAR 
98 WZRE_EXT_TEXT_ID External Text Identificator   STRG 
100 WZRE_IDENT_SCHEME AB: Identification Scheme for eSOA-Services WZRE_PROXY_CUST_ID CHAR 
101 WZRE_IDNT_SCHEME_DEF AB: Default Identification Scheme XFELD CHAR 
102 WZRE_IDNT_SCHEME_TXT AB: Text for Identification Scheme WZRE_PROXY_CUST_TXT CHAR 
103 WZRE_INVOICE_DEF AB: Invoice Default for eSOA Services XFELD CHAR 
104 WZRE_ITEM_NO Generic item number WZRE_ITEM_NO NUMC 
105 WZRE_KALSM Calculation Procedure KALSM CHAR 
106 WZRE_KALSM_D Debtor: Calculation Procedure KALSM CHAR 
107 WZRE_KAPPL Condition Application WZRE_KAPPL CHAR 
108 WZRE_LEVEL Business scenario level   CHAR 
109 WZRE_OWN_GLN_FOR_R3OBJ AB: determination of GLN for the own company from R3 object XFELD CHAR 
110 WZRE_OWN_INTERNAL_PTY_ID AB: Internal Identifier of Own Company   CHAR 
111 WZRE_OWN_SCHEME_AGENCY_ID AB: ID of own Company for ID identification   CHAR 
112 WZRE_OWN_STANDARD_PTY_ID AB: Standard Identifier of Own Company   CHAR 
113 WZRE_PROXY_MAP_GRP AB: ID for Proxy Mapping Group in eSOA-Services WZRE_PROXY_CUST_ID CHAR 
114 WZRE_PRX_MAP_DOC_TYPE AB: Document category for proxy mapping WZRE_PRX_MAP_DOC_TYPE CHAR 
116 WZRE_REF_FIELD_FOR_DOC_FLOW Document Flow Reference Field FDNAME CHAR 
117 WZRE_RULE Item calculation rule   CHAR 
118 WZRE_SCENARIO Business scenario   CHAR 
119 WZRE_SIDE Sales or Purchasing Side WZRE_SIDE CHAR 
121 WZRE_STD_PTY_SCHEME_AGENCY_ID AB: ID of an Org. for Standardized Partner Identification   CHAR 
123 WZSBT Interest amount in foreign currency WRTV7 CURR 
124 WZTAZ Waiting period in days for payment I DEC4 DEC 
125 WZTER End of replenishment lead time DATUM DATS 
126 WZTERMD Terms of Payment Key for Customer ZTERM CHAR 
127 WZTERMSP Terms of payment as splitting criterion for lists XFELD CHAR 
128 WZTRZ Waiting period in days for payment II DEC4 DEC 
129 WZTSZ Waiting period in days for payment DEC3 DEC 
130 WZTWE Checking period for missing parts at goods receipts WZTWE NUMC 
131 WZUBB Valuated stock receipts value WERT15 CURR 
132 WZUBS_KK Transfer total of doubtful entry WRTV7 CURR 
133 WZUBT2_KK Transfer amt of doubtful entry in parallel currency 2 WRTV7 CURR 
134 WZUBT3_KK Transfer amt of doubtful entry in parallel currency 3 WRTV7 CURR 
135 WZUBTH_KK Transfer Amount of Doubtful Entry in Local Currency WRTV7 CURR 
136 WZUBT_KK Posted Amount for Doubtful Entry in Transaction Currency WRTV7 CURR 
137 WZUDT_KK Transfer date of doubtful entry DATUM DATS 
138 WZUG Future value of goods receipts that is valid for MRP WERT15 CURR 
139 WZUGA Value of goods receipts BCOWERT13V CURR 
140 WZUINV Value of goods receipt from invoice verification/revaluation WERT15 CURR 
141 WZUSK Value of Additional Account Assignment CHAR24 CHAR 
142 WZUSPL Assignment as Splitting Criterion for Remuneration Lists XFELD CHAR 
143 WZVXXX9 Variable Value in Report Currency WERTV9 CURR 
144 WZYKL1 Maintenance cycle WZYKL CHAR 
145 WZYKL2 Duration of maintenance package cycle (performance) WZYKL CHAR 
147 WZ_CHKTABLE Flag for checktable BOOLE CHAR 
148 WZ_DATATYPE DataType of the field BDT_WZ_DATATYPE CHAR 
149 WZ_LENGTH Field Length NUMC4 NUMC 
150 WZ_MOREL Mobile Relevant BOOLE CHAR 
152 WZ_RTREL R/3 Relevant BOOLE CHAR 
153 WZ_SRHLP Flag for Search Help BOOLE CHAR 
154 W_AAK_TERM Description for screen frame "Automatically accepted..." CHAR1 CHAR 
155 W_AART_TERM Description "gap analysis" CHAR1 CHAR 
156 W_AB1_TERM Description: Saving list fields in master conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
157 W_ABBFN Next figure number (serial no.) NUMC3 NUMC 
158 W_ABBKZ MB pr. calc.: indicator "perform sales qty determination" XFELD CHAR 
159 W_ABBNR Illustration no. on product catalog page W_ABBNR CHAR 
160 W_ABEKM Announcement date of the promotion DATUM DATS 
161 W_ABL_TERM Description of screen "Process control" CHAR1 CHAR 
162 W_ABTKZ Indicator: enhance department AKTKN CHAR 
163 W_ABVD_TERM Sales data CHAR1 CHAR 
164 W_ABWM Percentage Variance Between Actual and Planned Sales Qty PROZV8 DEC 
165 W_ABWW Percentage Variance Between Actual and Planned Sales PROZV8 DEC 
166 W_AB_REGEL Rule for adjustment of promotion quantities W_AB_REGEL CHAR 
167 W_ACCEPT The entry was accepted by manual selection FLAG CHAR 
168 W_ACTIM Discontinuation: No./days before person in charge informed W_ACTIM NUMC 
169 W_ACTIV No. of successful price activations INT1 INT1 
170 W_ACTMGW Average Weekly Actual Sales Quantity MENG13V QUAN 
171 W_ACTUMW Average Weekly Actual Sales WERT CURR 
172 W_ADATEN Indicator: enhance promotion data AKTKN CHAR 
173 W_ADDEL Additional deleted CHAR1 CHAR 
174 W_ADDIT Indicator: enhance additionals AKTKN CHAR 
175 W_ADGEN Additionals maintained CHAR1 CHAR 
176 W_AENDB Send change to plant XFELD CHAR 
177 W_AENDG Changes allowed XFELD CHAR 
178 W_AENDV Send change to DC XFELD CHAR 
179 W_AENDX Send change XFELD CHAR 
180 W_AENKZ_KALP Sales Pricing: Indicator for Change to a Pricing Item XFELD CHAR 
181 W_AEWRT MB price calc.: gross rev. corr. sales qty w/ current net SP WERT13N CURR 
182 W_AE_CD_SD Change code for assortment changes from integr. mat. main. CHAR01 CHAR 
183 W_AFIWE Split at goods receipt in stores XFELD CHAR 
184 W_AFNAM MB Price Calc.: Name of Function Module for Sales Qty Detrmn FUNCNAME CHAR 
185 W_AKART Promotion Type W_AKART CHAR 
186 W_AKAST Allocation table status of the promotion AKAST CHAR 
187 W_AKBSP Item status, listing LISTSH CHAR 
188 W_AKBST Listing Status of the Promotion AKBST CHAR 
189 W_AKFST Promotion, store group status AKVST CHAR 
190 W_AKNBF No. of module-plant group assignments INT2 INT2 
191 W_AKNBS No. assigned listing modules INT2 INT2 
192 W_AKNFG Promotion: no. of plant groups INT2 INT2 
193 W_AKNPO No. of items with allocation qty > 0 INT2 INT2 
194 W_AKNTH Promotion, no. of themes INT2 INT2 
195 W_AKNTX No. of foreign language texts INT2 INT2 
196 W_AKNWM No. of product catalogs in promotion INT2 INT2 
197 W_AKPOS Promotion Item Number NUMC6 NUMC 
198 W_AKPROT Flag: Create flow trace (log) FLAG CHAR 
199 W_AKPWM No. product catalogs with this promotion item INT1 INT1 
200 W_AKTART Activation type for sales prices AKTART CHAR 
201 W_AKTARTH Activation type for sales prices AKTARTH CHAR 
202 W_AKTEST Indicator: Test run FLAG CHAR 
203 W_AKTHE Promotion theme THEMA CHAR 
204 W_AKTHEMA Promotion theme THEMA CHAR 
205 W_AKTHETX Promotion theme description TEXT20 CHAR 
206 W_AKTST Promotion theme status AKVST CHAR 
207 W_AKTYP Promotion Category AKTTY CHAR 
208 W_AKT_SDL Entry belongs to the distr. chain currently being processed FLAG CHAR 
209 W_AKT_TERM Description of promotions CHAR1 CHAR 
210 W_AKVST Processing status of the promotion AKVST CHAR 
211 W_AKWST Promotion product catalog status AKVST CHAR 
212 W_AK_VTL User exit for flexible quantity distribution, promo. order FUNCNAME CHAR 
213 W_ALBIS End of promotion listing (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
214 W_ALIBI End of promotion listing DATUM DATS 
215 W_ALIVO Start of promotion listing DATUM DATS 
216 W_ALLGVB_TERM Description for general default CHAR1 CHAR 
217 W_ALL_VSA Treat all variants of generic material same FLAG CHAR 
218 W_ALL_VZ Auto. List All Supp. Plants/DC in Assortment Owner Assignmnt XFELD CHAR 
219 W_ALVON Begin of promotion listing (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
220 W_AMDZT Logon time DEC17_5 DEC 
221 W_ANZART Number of materials in an assortment module proposal INT4 INT4 
222 W_ANZBON Number of transactions (till receipts) DEC9 DEC 
223 W_ANZCON Number of conditions DEC3 DEC 
224 W_ANZCOND Number of conditions from sales as per receipt/aggregated BCSP6 DEC 
225 W_ANZMA Display mode: Display all screens XFELD CHAR 
226 W_ANZME Display mode: display errors only XFELD CHAR 
227 W_ANZMN Display mode: no display XFELD CHAR 
228 W_ANZPOS Number of items from sales as per receipts/aggregated sales BCSP6 DEC 
229 W_ARK_TERM Description for group box "Automatic invoice reduction" CHAR1 CHAR 
230 W_ARTBEZ Promotion type description TEXT20 CHAR 
231 W_ARTPO Material item no. in ad. med. - IS-R NUMC6 NUMC 
232 W_ART_EX ID "Object already exists" FLAG CHAR 
233 W_ASCAR Indicator: enhance assortment AKTKN CHAR 
234 W_ASE_TERM "Material selection" description CHAR1 CHAR 
235 W_ASSCODE Assignment code interface assortment->integrated mat. main. CHAR1 CHAR 
236 W_ASTAT Status assignment promotion XFELD CHAR 
237 W_ASTBEZ Promotion processing status description DDTEXT CHAR 
238 W_ASTRA Retail Promotion: Allocation Strategy ASTRA CHAR 
239 W_AST_TERM General control CHAR1 CHAR 
240 W_ATHBEZ Promotion theme description TEXT20 CHAR 
241 W_ATNPO Number of promo materials in generated allocation tables INT2 INT2 
242 W_ATTYPT Description of material category CHAR60 CHAR 
243 W_ATWRT Characteristic value ATWRT CHAR 
244 W_ATYBEZ Promotion category description TEXT20 CHAR 
245 W_AUFAR Allocation Table Type AUFAR CHAR 
246 W_AUFME Promotion plan: Material allocation table quantity MENGE QUAN 
247 W_AUFSG Warehouse markup WERTV6 CURR 
248 W_AUFSG_BAPI Markup in Sales Price Calculation BAPICURR DEC 
249 W_AUF_TERM Description for "Format" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
250 W_AUGEN Allocation table creation status AKAST CHAR 
251 W_AUKOM Automatic picking XFELD CHAR 
252 W_AUSLI Discontinue material CHAR1 CHAR 
253 W_AUTHC_SPR Pricing: Indicator 'Check Authorization for Sales Price' XFELD CHAR 
254 W_AUT_LVF Auto-Conversion Procedure with WRF6 Change/Assrtmt. Classif. XFELD CHAR 
255 W_AUWRT MB price calc.: sales (value) for sales qty w/ curr. SP WERT13N CURR 
256 W_AVB_TERM Short text for screen box "for sales areas entered" CHAR1 CHAR 
257 W_AVD_TERM Description "General sales data" CHAR1 CHAR 
258 W_AVKBI End of promotion sales - IS-R DATUM DATS 
259 W_AVKVO Start of promotion sales DATUM DATS 
260 W_AVM_TERM Description "Alternative methods of calculating quantities" CHAR1 CHAR 
261 W_AVZWE Split at GR in DC XFELD CHAR 
262 W_AWEFI Goods receipt promotional merchandise in plant DATUM DATS 
263 W_AWEPL Receipt of promotional merchandise in plant (external disp.) CHAR10 CHAR 
264 W_AWMPO Promotion product catalog item - IS-R NUMC4 NUMC 
265 W_AZABB Number of terminations BCSP4 DEC 
266 W_AZABS Number of times till has been emptied (cash removals) BCSP4 DEC 
267 W_AZBON Number of transactions from sales as per till receipts BCSP6 DEC 
268 W_AZBRT Number of reports BCSP4 DEC 
269 W_AZBST Number of canceled transactions (till receipts) BCSP4 DEC 
270 W_AZFAV Number of failed logon attempts BCSP4 DEC 
271 W_AZKSB Number of times till drawer was opened BCSP4 DEC 
272 W_AZSCA Number of materials scanned BCSP4 DEC 
273 W_AZSST Number of immediate cancellations BCSP4 DEC 
274 W_AZSUL Number of checks over limit BCSP4 DEC 
275 W_AZUMS Number of transaction items (till receipts) BCSP6 DEC 
276 W_AZWGV Number of material group sales BCSP4 DEC 
277 W_AZZST Number of line cancelations BCSP4 DEC 
278 W_BAUST Module description TEXT40 CHAR 
279 W_BAU_ZAHL - obsolete - No. of modules that have resulted in listing NUMC3 NUMC 
280 W_BBKUM Cumulated Open Order Quantity MENG13V QUAN 
281 W_BBYCP Bonus buy assigned to a coupon BBYNR CHAR 
282 W_BDIFF_KALP Sales Pricing: Stock Value Difference MENG13V QUAN 
283 W_BDT_LS Desired Start Date of a Service RI_DATUM DATS 
284 W_BEDAT Order date with vendor DATUM DATS 
285 W_BEDEB Detailed status of promotion announcement - plant BEDEB CHAR 
286 W_BEDET Detailed status of promotion announcement ABAST CHAR 
287 W_BEDEV Detailed status of promotion announcement - DC ABAST CHAR 
288 W_BEDEX Detailed status of promotion announcement ABAST CHAR 
289 W_BEDGR Requirement group KLASSE CHAR 
290 W_BEDTE Date on which order placed with vendor (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
291 W_BEGEB Generation status of announcement - plant BEKST CHAR 
292 W_BEGEN Announcement generation status AKVST CHAR 
293 W_BEGEV Announcement status - DC BEKST CHAR 
294 W_BEKAN Announcement allowed XFELD CHAR 
295 W_BEKAUSGABE Issue promotion announcement immediately FLAG CHAR 
296 W_BEKREP Repeat printout of promotion announcement FLAG CHAR 
297 W_BEKSTAT Display promotion announcement statistics FLAG CHAR 
298 W_BEKTB Announcement category - plant AAVIT CHAR 
299 W_BEKTV Announcement category - distribution center AAVIT CHAR 
300 W_BEKTY Promotion announcement category AAVIT CHAR 
301 W_BER_TERM Description of screen border "Authorizations" CHAR1 CHAR 
302 W_BESTB Confirmation can be carried out for plant XFELD CHAR 
303 W_BESTG Confirmation allowed XFELD CHAR 
304 W_BESTM Corrected/confirmed allocation quantity for a promotion item MENG13 QUAN 
305 W_BESTT Describes status of promotion announcement CHAR60 CHAR 
306 W_BESTV Confirmation can be carried out for DC XFELD CHAR 
307 W_BESTX Send confirmation XFELD CHAR 
308 W_BEST_TERM Description "Purchase orders for additionals" CHAR1 CHAR 
309 W_BETRAG Amount by which the values are to be increased or reduced DEC10_3 DEC 
310 W_BETYT Description of Promotion Announcement Category CHAR60 CHAR 
311 W_BEVRK_KALP Sales Pricing: Sales Unit for Supplying Organizational Level MEINS UNIT 
312 W_BEWART_TERM Description "Movement type" CHAR1 CHAR 
313 W_BEZ2_TERM Description CHAR1 CHAR 
314 W_BEZ3_TERM Description CHAR1 CHAR 
315 W_BEZ4_TERM Purchasing (text for pushbutton) CHAR15 CHAR 
316 W_BEZ5_TERM Goods movement (text for pushbutton) CHAR15 CHAR 
317 W_BEZ6_TERM Delivery (text for pushbutton) CHAR15 CHAR 
318 W_BEZ7_TERM Description CHAR1 CHAR 
319 W_BEZIRK Sales district BZIRK CHAR 
320 W_BEZ_OFFE Supply source open / arbitrary (warehouse and/or 3rd party) FLAG CHAR 
321 W_BEZ_TERM Description TEXT20 CHAR 
322 W_BIGTICK Big ticket code FLAG CHAR 
323 W_BILDN Archive screen no. CHAR40 CHAR 
324 W_BINFW Not applicable AKTKN CHAR 
325 W_BIWCP Not applicable AKTKN CHAR 
326 W_BKKZ Indicator: Coupon is assigned to bonus buy FLAG CHAR 
327 W_BKLAS Default valuation class for value-only material BKLAS CHAR 
328 W_BMEST Confirmed quantity changed XFELD CHAR 
329 W_BNKUMS Bank business volume WERTV10 CURR 
330 W_BNV_TERM Order number management CHAR1 CHAR 
331 W_BONKZ_KALP Sales Pricing: Indicator - Is Final Price Net or Gross Price XFELD CHAR 
332 W_BONNR Transaction number (till receipt) W_BONNR NUMC 
333 W_BONPOS No. of material items per transaction (till receipt) DEC9_3 DEC 
334 W_BSM_TERM Description "Generic material processing" CHAR1 CHAR 
335 W_BSQOT Ratio of canceled transactions (till receipts) PRZ32V DEC 
336 W_BSTAT Promotion module status (from domain W_SSTAT) CHAR20 CHAR 
337 W_BSTHT Ordering aid category CHAR1 CHAR 
338 W_BSTMG Order quantity for Store WB CHAR14 CHAR 
339 W_BSTYP Module category description (from domain BAUSTYP) CHAR30 CHAR 
340 W_BST_TERM Description for "Document control" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
341 W_BTBEZ Promotion announcement category description TEXT40 CHAR 
342 W_BUDATC Posting date: condition DATUM DATS 
343 W_BUDATK Posting date: cashier DATUM DATS 
344 W_BUDATZ Posting date payment method DATUM DATS 
345 W_BUDGT Budget for materials in advertising medium WERT CURR 
346 W_BWARTSE_TERM Name "Movement Type for Store Engine Only" CHAR1 CHAR 
347 W_BWART_AUS Movement Type of Mat. Doc. That is Allowed (303) BWART CHAR 
348 W_BWART_EINL SAP Retail Store: Mvmnt Type f. Putaway from Stock Transfers BWART CHAR 
349 W_BWART_ERF SAP Retail Store: GR Movement Type for Reference Document BWART CHAR 
350 W_BWART_KOS_LIE Movement Type for Free-of-Charge Delivery (StoreEngine Only) BWART CHAR 
351 W_BWART_RUE SAP Retail Store: Mvmnt Type GR Return Delivery f. Ref. Doc. BWART CHAR 
352 W_BWART_RUE_O SAP Retail Store: Mvmnt Type Return Delivery w/o Ref. Doc. BWART CHAR 
353 W_BWART_SPERR MovementType for Release in Blocked Stock (StoreEngine Only) BWART CHAR 
354 W_BWART_STO SAP Retail Store: Movement Type Reverse GR for Ref. Document BWART CHAR 
355 W_BWART_UML SAP Retail Store: Movement Type GR for Stock Transfer Del. BWART CHAR 
356 W_BWART_ZUS SAP Retail Store: Movement Type for Posting Additional Items BWART CHAR 
357 W_BWART_ZUS_KZ Permissibility of Additional Items Indicator XFELD CHAR 
358 W_BWT_DEFA BWTAR is defualt BWTAR in T149 for rel. USETYP * FLAG CHAR 
359 W_BWT_USET Default use of valuation type * CHAR1 CHAR 
360 W_BZ1_TERM Screen box title "Description" CHAR1 CHAR 
361 W_BZQFI Supply Source Determination Status BZQFA CHAR 
362 W_BZQKZ Indicates that the DC is assigned during supply source det. CHAR1 CHAR 
363 W_BZT_LS Desired Start Time of a Service UHRZT TIMS 
364 W_CC_RELEVANT Relevant for Condition-Contract-Specific Price Determination XFELD CHAR 
365 W_CHANGEDOCU Identifies whether change documents should be created XFELD CHAR 
366 W_CHAR1 General character 1 - field for interface definition CHAR1 CHAR 
367 W_CHECKS111 Indicator "Check Change Pointers Against Table S111" XFELD CHAR 
368 W_CLASS Class Number KLASSE CHAR 
369 W_CLASS_AS Only assortment classification is taken into account XFELD CHAR 
370 W_CLINT Internal class number CLINT NUMC 
371 W_CMUIV Weighted stock margin for all price phases WERTV6 CURR 
372 W_CODC1 Classif. code CHAR no. 1 CHAR3 CHAR 
373 W_COLOR Color in W interface W_COLOR CHAR 
374 W_COMWO_VKP Sales Pricing: Indicator 'Save Cost Estimates on Call' XFELD CHAR 
375 W_CONDID Condition Type Identification CHAR20 CHAR 
376 W_CONDS_INPUT SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Entry of Price Possible XFELD CHAR 
377 W_CONTTAX Flag: Tax Contained in Sales (Receipt) W_CONTTAX CHAR 
378 W_CON_TERM Short text for "Conditions" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
379 W_COPY_RELEVANT Relevant for Mapping Logistics Docs to Agency Business XFELD CHAR 
380 W_CPREORG Indicator: reorganize change pointers after processing XFELD CHAR 
381 W_CREDATE Date on Which the Change Pointer was Generated DATUM DATS 
382 W_CSTOBJ Retail IACs: Customizing object W_CSTOBJ CHAR 
383 W_CSTOBJ_2 SAP Retail Store Customizing Object   CHAR 
384 W_CSTSCM Retail IACs: Customizing or Grouping Schema W_CSTSCM CHAR 
385 W_CURVP Sales price currency WAERS CUKY 
386 W_CURVP_ISO Currency of sales price in ISO code ISOCD CHAR 
387 W_DAG_TERM Description "Default block/rejection reason" CHAR1 CHAR 
388 W_DART_TERM Double document analysis CHAR1 CHAR 
389 W_DATAB Starting date of sales price in a price phase DATS DATS 
390 W_DATUM_AM Valid On (Key Date) DATUM DATS 
391 W_DATUM_DELTA Warranty Delta Date DATUM DATS 
392 W_DATUM_ENDE Warranty Counter End Date DATUM DATS 
393 W_DATUM_STAND Date of Current Warranty Counter Reading DATUM DATS 
394 W_DATUM_START Warranty Counter Start Date DATUM DATS 
395 W_DATUM_TERM Description "Data Scope" CHAR1 CHAR 
396 W_DAT_FND Creation date / creation of object DATUM DATS 
397 W_DAT_LAE Date of last change DATUM DATS 
398 W_DEAL Sales deal CHAR10 CHAR 
399 W_DEF_STRU Default for structure object W_DEF_STRU CHAR 
400 W_DELTA_ME Warranty Counter Start Measurement Unit MSEH6 CHAR 
401 W_DELTA_MSI SI Unit of Delta Warranty Counter MEINS UNIT 
402 W_DELTA_WE Warranty Counter Delta Value FLTP_INOUT CHAR 
403 W_DELWINDP Indicator "Delete Change Pointers from the WIND table" XFELD CHAR 
404 W_DE_TERM Description: Default units CHAR1 CHAR 
405 W_DFARTST_TERM Description "Default Values for Article Master Maintenance" CHAR1 CHAR 
406 W_DFBELM_TERM Description "Default Values for Doc. Quantities in Pricing" CHAR1 CHAR 
407 W_DIFF Display difference (documented time - working time) XFELD CHAR 
408 W_DLV_CHAN SAP Store order entry: delivery channel W_DLV_CHAN CHAR 
409 W_DLV_CLLCT Indicates delivery/ collection CHAR01 CHAR 
410 W_DREFW Market-basket price calc.: default assgnmt of ref. plants XFELD CHAR 
411 W_DRETO Date of return to vendor DATS DATS 
412 W_DSBON Average no. of materials per transaction (till receipt) DEC6_2 DEC 
413 W_DSE_TERM Description "Data selection" CHAR1 CHAR 
414 W_DUE_TERM Description: data transfer CHAR1 CHAR 
415 W_DUMLA Date of stock transfer to DC DATS DATS 
416 W_DUMMY1 Dummy element 1 POS (10 characters) CHAR6 CHAR 
417 W_DUMMY2 Dummy element 2 POS (10 characters) CHAR4 CHAR 
418 W_DUMMY3 Dummy element 3 POS (10 characters) CHAR4 CHAR 
419 W_DUMMY4 Dummy element 4 POS (10 characters) CHAR10 CHAR 
420 W_DUMMY5 Dummy element 5 POS (10 characters) CHAR10 CHAR 
421 W_DU_TERM Description: data transfer CHAR1 CHAR 
422 W_EACTV_KALP Sales Pricing: Autorization for the Purchasing Organization ACTIV_AUTH CHAR 
423 W_EADIV MB price calc.: indicator "different current final prices" XFELD CHAR 
424 W_EAMNG Market-basket price calc.: expected sales quantity MENG10 QUAN 
425 W_EDATEN Indicator: Enhance purchasing data AKTKN CHAR 
426 W_EF_TERM Description: Entry format CHAR1 CHAR 
427 W_EIN_BSTX PO text (start) with vendor specifications TEXT40 CHAR 
428 W_EKAPP_KALP Sales Pricing: Application for Purchasing Pricing XFELD CHAR 
429 W_EKDAB Purchase price conditions valid from DATUM DATS 
430 W_EKDBI Purchase price conditions valid to DATUM DATS 
431 W_EKDIV Market-basket price calc.: "Different pur. prices" indicator XFELD CHAR 
432 W_EKDTB Purchase price conditions valid to (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
433 W_EKDTV Purchase price conditions valid from (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
434 W_EKERV Promotion: Purchase price determination sequence EKERV CHAR 
435 W_EKGEN Purchase price generation status EKKPS CHAR 
436 W_EKGRP Purchasing Group - Promotion Header EKGRP CHAR 
437 W_EKINP_KALP SP: Indicator for Ready-for-Input Status of Purchase Fields CHAR1 CHAR 
438 W_EKKME Sales price calculations: sales unit basic purchase price MEINS UNIT 
439 W_EKKON Create purchase price condition records XFELD CHAR 
440 W_EKKPE SP calculations: condition pricing unit of basic pur. price KPEIN DEC 
441 W_EKKPS Maintenance status of purchase price conditions EKKPS CHAR 
442 W_EKKPSH Purchase price activation status at promotion header level PREISSH CHAR 
443 W_EKMEI_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Unit for Basic Purchase Price WAERS CUKY 
444 W_EKOTABN_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Table for the Basic Purchase Price KOTABNR NUMC 
445 W_EKPEI_KALP Sls Pricing: Condition Pricing Unit for Basic Purchase Price WAERS CUKY 
446 W_EKPGR_BAPI Purchase Price (Basic Price) BAPICURR DEC 
447 W_EKPNN Purchase price (net/net) WERTV6 CURR 
448 W_EKPNW_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Value for Purchase Price (net/net) WERTV7 CURR 
449 W_EKSCH_KALP Sales Pricing: Condition Type for the Basic Purchase Price KSCHL CHAR 
450 W_EKUMN Denominator for converting PP condition unit to order unit UMBSZ DEC 
451 W_EKUMZ Numerator for converting condition unit PP to order unit UMBSZ DEC 
452 W_EKWAE SP calculation: currency condition record basic purch. price WAERS CUKY 
453 W_EKWRS_KALP Purchase Pricing: Basic Purchase Price Currency WAERS CUKY 
454 W_EKWRT Market-basket price calc.: purch. value of corrected sls qty WERT13N CURR 
455 W_EKWVK Purchase price in sales price currency and sales unit WERTV6 CURR 
456 W_EKWVK_BAPI Purchase Price in Sales Price Currency and Sales Unit BAPICURR DEC 
457 W_EMPFIN_TERM Description "Recipient Determination" CHAR1 CHAR 
458 W_ENDE_ME Measurement Unit of Warranty Counter Reading MSEH6 CHAR 
459 W_ENDE_MSI SI Unit of Warranty End Counter MEINS UNIT 
460 W_ENDE_WE Warranty Counter End Reading FLTP_INOUT CHAR 
461 W_ENDKZ Season wind-up indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
462 W_ENDPR Final price BAPICURR DEC 
464 W_EPRGR Price Point Group, Promotion Item EPRGR CHAR 
465 W_ERAEN Market-basket price calc.: absolute change in gross revenue WERT13N CURR 
466 W_ERAEP Market-basket price calc.: percentage chnge in gross revenue WERTV6 CURR 
467 W_ERAPPL Application that Created the Promotion W_ERAPPL CHAR 
468 W_ERFMG Quantity in unit of entry CHAR14 CHAR 
469 W_ERWRT MB price calc.: gross rev. (val.) for corr. sales quantity WERT13N CURR 
470 W_ETIAG IS-R Labeling: material grouping (deactivated in 4.0) ETIAG CHAR 
471 W_ETIARGRP Labeling material grouping CHAR10 CHAR 
472 W_ETIAU Labeling party CHAR2 CHAR 
473 W_ETIZL No. labels when created NUMC5 NUMC 
474 W_ETIZU Surcharge in % if labels are created NUMC3 NUMC 
475 W_EVAKY_KALP Sales Pricing: Variable Key for the Basic Purchase Price VAKEY CHAR 
476 W_EXTLI External vendor LIFNR CHAR 
477 W_EXVKP_KALP Sales Pricing: Indicator - Final Price Entered Externally XFELD CHAR 
478 W_EZEITC Entry time conditions UZEIT TIMS 
479 W_EZEITK Entry time: cashier UZEIT TIMS 
480 W_EZEITZ Entry time: payment method UZEIT TIMS 
481 W_FADAT Earliest Order Date DATUM DATS 
482 W_FADTE Earliest Order Date CHAR10 CHAR 
483 W_FBDAT Earliest order date with vendor DATUM DATS 
484 W_FBDE_TERM Description "Function module for data export" CHAR1 CHAR 
485 W_FBS_TERM Description: next screen control CHAR1 CHAR 
486 W_FEHLER No. of faulty materials INT2 INT2 
487 W_FILGR Plant grouping, sales promotion KLASSE CHAR 
488 W_FILGRT Name of Plant Group TEXT40 CHAR 
489 W_FILPO Store grouping - item - IS-R NUMC6 NUMC 
490 W_FILTYP Assortment category is store and not DC XFELD CHAR 
491 W_FIL_TERM Short text for "Store" screen box CHAR1 CHAR 
492 W_FIRKZ_KALP Sls Pricing: Indicator for First Structure of a Pricing Item XFELD CHAR 
493 W_FKT_TERM Description of dynpro border "Functions" CHAR1 CHAR 
494 W_FK_TERM Description: store communication CHAR1 CHAR 
495 W_FLAG Indicator if statistical ratio describes a currency W_FLAG CHAR 
496 W_FLAG_STRD SAP Store: Indicates standard customizing schema XFELD CHAR 
497 W_FLDAT Earliest delivery date DATUM DATS 
498 W_FLDTE Earliest delivery date (external display) CHAR10 CHAR 
499 W_FLG_EX Indicates that there are more lines/data to follow FLAG CHAR 
500 W_FOLNR Subsequent no. for plant-specific DC records NUMC2 NUMC