SAP ABAP Data Element - Index V, page 20
Data Element - V
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 VVXPBDRK Push Button - Log Print Parameter CHAR01 CHAR 
2 VVXPBONL Push button - Online execution CHAR01 CHAR 
3 VVXPBPAV Push Button - Document Print Parameter CHAR01 CHAR 
4 VVXPBPLN Push button - Schedule CHAR01 CHAR 
5 VVXPBSFT Push button - Execute immediately CHAR01 CHAR 
6 VVXPCSFT Push button - Execute immediately CHAR01 CHAR 
7 VVXPFAD Path entry for UNIX file DÜVA interface CHAR044 CHAR 
8 VVXPLZ Address: Postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
9 VVXPORTB Portfolio name TEXT30 CHAR 
10 VVXPROFIL Planning profile TEXT40 CHAR 
11 VVXPROFL Settlement profile for costs TEXT30 CHAR 
12 VVXPROT Log indicator BAV Statutory Reporting KENZX CHAR 
13 VVXPROZGRD Increase: Reason for difference CHAR15 CHAR 
14 VVXR5_91_1 Indicator R5/91, appendix 1 VVXR5_91_1 CHAR 
15 VVXR5_91_2 Indicator R5/91, appendix 1 KENZX CHAR 
16 VVXR5_91_3 Indicator R5/91, appendix 3 KENZX CHAR 
17 VVXRABLGRU Text for rejection reason CHAR64 CHAR 
18 VVXRACOMMIT Approval reservation (text) CHAR60K CHAR 
19 VVXRAREJECT Reason for rejection of a rent adjustment (text) CHAR60K CHAR 
20 VVXRBASDT Radio button - Automatic search date CHAR01 CHAR 
21 VVXRBBTC Radio button - Batch execution CHAR01 CHAR 
22 VVXRBDAR Radio Button - Loan Selection CHAR01 CHAR 
23 VVXRBESDT Radio button - Explicit search date CHAR01 CHAR 
24 VVXRBFSEL Radio button - Function selection CHAR01 CHAR 
25 VVXRBONL Radio button - Online Execution CHAR01 CHAR 
26 VVXRBORD Radio button - File selection CHAR01 CHAR 
27 VVXRBPDT Radio button - Rollover date CHAR01 CHAR 
28 VVXRBPLN Radio button - Schedule CHAR01 CHAR 
29 VVXRBREG Radio button - Register selection CHAR01 CHAR 
30 VVXRBSFT Radio button - Execute immediately CHAR01 CHAR 
31 VVXRBUT1 Radio Button Number 1 KENZX CHAR 
32 VVXRBZDT Radio Button - Rollover Date at End of Fixed Interest Period CHAR01 CHAR 
33 VVXRCMD UNIX command which controls remote execution VVXCMD CHAR 
34 VVXRD Indicator: Select data XFELD CHAR 
35 VVXRDAT General heading - Date parameter CHAR01 CHAR 
36 VVXRDRK General heading - Print parameters CHAR01 CHAR 
37 VVXRDSTRU R.Overwritten Document Structure CHAR01 CHAR 
38 VVXREACTIVE Real Estate Management Active RKACT CHAR 
39 VVXREGF Register overview general heading CHAR01 CHAR 
40 VVXREGIF Register information basic header CHAR01 CHAR 
41 VVXREGIO Name of federal state VVXREGIO CHAR 
42 VVXRENT_CAT IPD: Rent category (only for usage type apartment > 50%) XLBEZ CHAR 
43 VVXRESTV General heading for distribution of remaining loans CHAR01 CHAR 
44 VVXRES_TYPE IPD: Type of resid. object (only for usage type apart.> 50%) XLBEZ CHAR 
45 VVXRET_TYP IPD: Type of retail trade object XLBEZ CHAR 
46 VVXRFUNC General heading - Function overview CHAR01 CHAR 
47 VVXRKUEGRU Text for rejection reason CHAR64 CHAR 
48 VVXRMET General heading - Table CHAR01 CHAR 
49 VVXROLTYP Name of role category TEXT20 CHAR 
50 VVXRORD General heading - Main file CHAR01 CHAR 
51 VVXRPRT General heading - Log print parameters CHAR01 CHAR 
52 VVXRRUN General heading - Execution parameters CHAR01 CHAR 
53 VVXSABNST Text for inspection status XLBEZ CHAR 
54 VVXSBEA Processing indicator of loan text field CHAR20 CHAR 
55 VVXSBUT Select button CHAR01 CHAR 
56 VVXSELARTL Selection type description XMBEZ CHAR 
58 VVXSICHNR Collateral security identification TEXT10 CHAR 
59 VVXSKUEART Text for notice type CHAR64 CHAR 
60 VVXSNUNRK Rental unit usage type short name XKBEZ CHAR 
61 VVXSNUNRM Rental unit usage type long name XMBEZ CHAR 
62 VVXSORT Sorting text XTEXT10 CHAR 
64 VVXSPEZBER Description of calculation meth. for rent adjust. via points AS4TEXT CHAR 
65 VVXSPRSRCP Description of language of available texts SPTXT16 CHAR 
66 VVXSTANDNR Number of garage / parking space VVXSTANDNR CHAR 
67 VVXSTATUS Status for XPRA RFVIXIS0, real estate key conversion VVXSTATUS CHAR 
68 VVXSTBISK For RUs with several storeys: Top storey of RU VVXSTOCKK CHAR 
69 VVXSTCKB Top floor of building VVXSTOCKK CHAR 
70 VVXSTDORT Regional location XTEXT35 CHAR 
71 VVXSTEXT Select Button Heading CHAR02 CHAR 
72 VVXSTOCKK Short name of floor VVXSTOCKK CHAR 
73 VVXSTOCKK2 Floor (short text) VVXSTOCKK CHAR 
75 VVXSTOCKW Floor (text) CHAR15 CHAR 
76 VVXSTRASMC IS-IS: Street in upper case characters for matchcode search CHAR16 CHAR 
77 VVXSTRASSE Address: Street/house number TEXT35 CHAR 
78 VVXSTTXTIN Status: Set by system CHAR40 CHAR 
79 VVXSTXTEXT Status: Set by user CHAR40 CHAR 
80 VVXSUMME Totals text CHAR01 CHAR 
81 VVXTABELLE Incoming payments: Table name of application spec. structure VVXTABELLE CHAR 
82 VVXTEILNME Name of participating rental units XTEXT50 CHAR 
83 VVXTERMIN Forward trading - Yes/No XFELD CHAR 
84 VVXTEXT Incoming payments: Evaluation criterion name XTEXT30 CHAR 
85 VVXTEXT15 Release data short text XTEXT15 CHAR 
86 VVXTEXT50 Release data long text XTEXT50 CHAR 
87 VVXTEXT78 Text Field for Additional Descriptions VVXTEXT78 CHAR 
88 VVXTEXTAE Name of settlement unit XTEXT50 CHAR 
89 VVXTILG Effective Interest Rate CHAR01 CHAR 
90 VVXTILGV Repayment settlement CHAR01 CHAR 
91 VVXTLG Indicator for repayment lists (regulatory reporting) KENZX CHAR 
92 VVXTRENN Separator in download lists VVXTEXT1 CHAR 
93 VVXTRENNMV Separator for the individual parts of the RA number CHAR1 CHAR 
94 VVXTREU *** Internal usage *** KENZX CHAR 
95 VVXTREU1 Trustee inflow/outflow list indicator VVXTREU1 CHAR 
96 VVXTWERT Incoming payments: Table value for indirect procedure VVXTWERT CHAR 
97 VVXTXT40 User-defined text 40 characters CHAR40 CHAR 
98 VVXTXTV Word processing connected VVXTXTV CHAR 
99 VVXUNART Main usage type XTEXT35 CHAR 
100 VVXUNTERNUTZUNGSART Unternutzungsart Langtext TEXT35 CHAR 
101 VVXUNUTZA Indicator: leading asset XFELD CHAR 
102 VVXUSEBM Consider construction measure for CH rent adjustment? XFELD CHAR 
103 VVXUSER M/Text user for system VVXUSER CHAR 
104 VVXVALUMET IPD: Valuation method XMBEZ CHAR 
105 VVXVAR700 Text field variable up to 700 VVXVAR700 LCHR 
106 VVXVAR900 Text variable up to 900 characters VVXVAR900 LCHR 
107 VVXVARIA Variants general heading CHAR01 CHAR 
108 VVXVARNAME Field name in BAV reports CHAR20 CHAR 
109 VVXVARTEXT Variable name CHAR004 CHAR 
110 VVXVARTEXTL Variable description (long text) XMBEZ CHAR 
111 VVXVARTEXTS Variable description (short text) XKBEZ CHAR 
112 VVXVERF Organization procedure text TEXT10 CHAR 
113 VVXVERKEHR BE transport connections (text) CHAR50 CHAR 
115 VVXVERSWRT Insurance value type TEXT25 CHAR 
116 VVXVERWOBJ Management contract: Real estate object under management TEXT60 CHAR 
117 VVXVFART_EW Verfahrensart im Einheitswertbescheid VVXTEXT30 CHAR 
118 VVXVGLBEST Comparative accommodation ID XLBEZ CHAR 
119 VVXVLG Reference general heading CHAR01 CHAR 
120 VVXVNAME Variable Name and Column Headers for Regulatory Reporting CHAR60 CHAR 
121 VVXVORBK Predefined operating costs settlement variant CHAR50 CHAR 
122 VVXVORHK Predefined heating expenses settlement variant CHAR50 CHAR 
123 VVXVSTBER Input tax indicator for input tax correction postings MWSKZ CHAR 
124 VVXVWEVENT Name of event for administration contract TEXT30 CHAR 
125 VVXVWTEXT Management contract description XMBEZ CHAR 
126 VVXWASSER Type of water main connection (text) CHAR15 CHAR 
127 VVXWBSDR Name of level of priority for AEC XMBEZ CHAR 
128 VVXWBSPERS AEC Special groups of people - Description XMBEZ CHAR 
129 VVXWERT Value or reference field for modification CHAR20 CHAR 
130 VVXWETEXT Text for Business Entity XMBEZ CHAR 
131 VVXXAUSTKL Represent. list of rents: Fixture/fitting category CHAR15 CHAR 
132 VVXXLAGK Representative rent list location class (text) CHAR15 CHAR 
133 VVXZAHLTXT Text for monthly payment/payment per quarter TEXT30 CHAR 
134 VVXZLSCH Payment method CHAR30 CHAR 
135 VVXZUAB Indicator for in-/outflow lists (regulatory reporting) KENZX CHAR 
136 VVXZUSCHLAG Type of costs surcharge for service charge settlement AS4TEXT CHAR 
137 VVXZUSPPRT Subsidizer CHAR35 CHAR 
138 VVXZUSTTXT Description of condition of a real estate object XTEXT50 CHAR 
139 VVX_R97_03 Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 3 and 4 VVX_R97_03 CHAR 
140 VVX_R97_05 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 5 VVX_R97_05 CHAR 
141 VVX_R97_06 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 6 - Collateral VVX_R97_06 CHAR 
142 VVX_R97_08 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 8 VVX_R97_08 CHAR 
143 VVX_R97_10 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 10 VVX_R97_10 CHAR 
144 VVYAUFBAU Year of reconstruction DATUM DATS 
145 VVYAUFBAU2 Year: reconstruction DATUM DATS 
146 VVYAUFBAUBI Year of Reconstruction CHAR10 CHAR 
147 VVYBAUGT Building part year of construction GJAHR NUMC 
149 VVYBAUJAH2 Year: construction year DATUM DATS 
151 VVYBAUJAHRBI Construction Year CHAR10 CHAR 
152 VVYEAR_CONSTRUCT IPD: Constr.year or moderniz. (being modernized = '8888') GJAHR NUMC 
153 VVYEIDVER Year of affidavit GJAHR NUMC 
154 VVYEINKO Annual net income GJAHR NUMC 
155 VVYGRND Year of formation of a company GJAHR NUMC 
156 VVYKONKURS Year of bankruptcy proceedings GJAHR NUMC 
157 VVYLKAPERH Year of last capital increase GJAHR NUMC 
158 VVYLMOD Year of last modernization GJAHR NUMC 
159 VVYMODERN Year of modernization DATUM DATS 
160 VVYMODERN2 Year: modernization DATUM DATS 
161 VVYMODERNBI Year of Modernization CHAR10 CHAR 
162 VVYUMSJ Sales year GJAHR NUMC 
163 VVYUMSJAHR Reported Sales Year GJAHR NUMC 
164 VVYZWANG Year of foreclosure GJAHR NUMC 
165 VVZAHLSDEB Management contract: Block ind. for payment (customer) ZAHLS CHAR 
166 VVZAHLSKRE Management contract: Block ind. for payment (vendor) ZAHLS CHAR 
167 VVZART Target object type VVZART CHAR 
168 VVZBMETH Interest calculation method for real estate VVZBMETH NUMC 
169 VVZBTBEZ Name of processing category CHAR21 CHAR 
170 VVZBUKRS Assigned company code BUKRS CHAR 
171 VVZEBKUEB Incoming payment: cross company code rental agrmnt selection XFLAG CHAR 
172 VVZEDTART Incoming payment list: Date type NUMC01 NUMC 
173 VVZEDTBEG Incoming payment list: Start date for items DDAT DATS 
174 VVZEDTEND Incoming payment list: End date for items DDAT DATS 
175 VVZEHKONT Interim account for incoming payments SAKNR CHAR 
176 VVZEILENR Laufende Nummer INT4 INT4 
178 VVZEITPKT Error in program CHAR20 CHAR 
179 VVZFBJAHR Base year for due date calculation GJAHR NUMC 
180 VVZFBMOJA Reorganization until due month/year NUM6 NUMC 
181 VVZFBMONAT Base month for due date calculation NUM2 NUMC 
182 VVZGRPF Grundpfandrechte Grundbuch Abt 3 Zinssatz DEC3_2 DEC 
183 VVZGRUSCH Land charge interest rate DEC3_7 DEC 
184 VVZGRUSCH_BI Grundschuld Zinssatz CHAR11 CHAR 
185 VVZHOARTEX Advance payment for external fee type VVZHOARTEX NUMC 
186 VVZINSEN Total interest for contract WERTV8_TR CURR 
187 VVZLSCH Payment method VVZLSCH CHAR 
188 VVZLSCHDEB Payment method for postings to customer accounts ZLSCH CHAR 
189 VVZLSCHKRE Payment method for postings to vendor accounts ZLSCH CHAR 
190 VVZLSCHTEXT Name of Payment Method in Language of the Country TEXT30 CHAR 
191 VVZLSCH_VOR Default for Payment Method (Debit Memo) Lease-Out ZLSCH CHAR 
192 VVZLSPR_VOR Proposal for Lease-Out Payment Block ZAHLS CHAR 
193 VVZNBPANZ Loans: Payment Postprocessing - Display all Items CHAR1 CHAR 
194 VVZNEBENL Additional service interest rate DEC3_7 DEC 
195 VVZOBJ Target object TEXT13 CHAR 
196 VVZREFI Refinancing interest rate for preemptions DECV3_7 DEC 
197 VVZSCHLMV Rental agreement payment method ZLSCH CHAR 
198 VVZSICH Indicator that other collateral is available JANEI CHAR 
199 VVZSPZE Blocking reason for incoming payment postprocessing ZAHLS CHAR 
200 VVZUBETR Subsidy/allowance amount WERTV7 CURR 
201 VVZUBETR2 Subsidy/allowance amount DEC9_2 DEC 
202 VVZUBET_BI Subsidy/allowance amount CHAR13 CHAR 
203 VVZUBVNR Bestand und Zuschreibungen CHAR80 CHAR 
204 VVZUGABGD Inflow/outflow date DATUM DATS 
206 VVZUGRD Zuschreibung zu anderen Grundstücken CHAR80 CHAR 
207 VVZULBAUH Permitted building height VVZULBAUH QUAN 
208 VVZULBAUH_BI Permitted Building Height CHAR5 CHAR 
209 VVZUSAA_A Appreciations unplanned depreciations (display curency) ANLKWERT CURR 
210 VVZUSATX Price notation VVZUSATX CHAR 
211 VVZUSBEW Other Flows for Order CHAR1 CHAR 
212 VVZUSBEWC Other flow for warrant separation CHAR1 CHAR 
213 VVZUSBEWE Other flow for warrant separation CHAR1 CHAR 
214 VVZUSBEWO Other flow for warrant separation CHAR1 CHAR 
215 VVZUSCHR Zuschreibung CHAR1 CHAR 
216 VVZUSP Subsidies available, indicator JANE CHAR 
217 VVZUSSA_A Appreciation special depreciation (display currency) ANLKWERT CURR 
219 VVZVE Previous insurance at another SPI XFELD CHAR 
220 VVZVRHYEFF Int.sttlmnt frequency for effective int.rate months NUMC03 NUMC 
221 VV_ADR_LO2 Partner: Building CHAR20 CHAR 
222 VV_ADR_LOC Partner: Building CHAR20 CHAR 
223 VV_ADR_LOC2 Partner: Building CHAR20 CHAR 
224 VV_ALTME Alternative unit of measure for stock unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
225 VV_ALTME_ISO Alternative unit of measure for stock unit ISO ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
226 VV_ANTEIL_DI Flurstück: Anteil Zähler/Nenner (Direct Input) CHAR6 CHAR 
227 VV_APPLN Application number = Price list components APPKZ NUMC 
228 VV_AUGDT Requested Clearing Date DATS DATS 
229 VV_BELNR Document number of the packed item VBELN CHAR 
230 VV_BESTQ Target stock category after posting change BESTQ CHAR 
231 VV_BOERSE Boerse für Meldewesen Österreich CHAR5 CHAR 
232 VV_CRLF Record end indicator CR/LF Hex '0D' HEX01 RAW 
233 VV_EIGENT Flurstück: Eigentümernummer VV_EIGENT CHAR 
234 VV_EMZ_DI Flurstück: Ertragsmeßzahl (Direct Input) CHAR5 CHAR 
235 VV_EXT_NKR External number range interval for HU number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
236 VV_FEINS_DI Flurstück: Flächeneinheit (Direct Input) CHAR3 CHAR 
237 VV_FLOOR Partner: Storey CHAR10 CHAR 
238 VV_GENR_DI Flurstück: Gebäudenummer (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
239 VV_GROSSE_KAT_DI Flurstück: Fläche (Direct Input) CHAR18 CHAR 
240 VV_GUELTIG_B_DI Flurstück: gültig bis (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
241 VV_GUELTIG_V_DI Flurstück: gültig von (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
242 VV_INT_NKR Number range interval for internal number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
243 VV_JAHRAB_DI Flurstück: Gültig ab/bis Jahr (Direct Input) CHAR4 CHAR 
244 VV_JPA_ANL Create partner data - legal person JAUSW CHAR 
245 VV_KANSW_DI Flurstück: kum. Anschaff.-und Herstell.kosten (Direct Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
246 VV_KBK_PID Partner Id of sec.deposit bank in rntl agrmnt CHAR15 CHAR 
247 VV_LFDNR_DI Flurstück: laufende Nummer (Direct Input) CHAR3 CHAR 
248 VV_LGMNG Total quantity to be packed in base unit of measure MENSH QUAN 
249 VV_LGORT Storage location to which stock is to be transferred LGORT CHAR 
250 VV_MENGE Current Quantity To Be Packed MENG13 QUAN 
251 VV_NPA_ANL Create partner data - natural person JAUSW CHAR 
252 VV_NRVRG Type of external handling unit number assignment VV_NRVGR CHAR 
253 VV_N_SEITE Form feed yes - no? XFELD CHAR 
254 VV_OBJNR_DI Flurstück: Objektnummer (Direct Input) CHAR10 CHAR 
255 VV_PARTID_DI Flurstück: PartnerID (Direct Input) CHAR3 CHAR 
256 VV_POSNR Item number POSNR NUMC 
257 VV_P_MAT Partner's Material Number (Customer/Vendor) CHAR35 CHAR 
258 VV_REF_EIGENT_DI Flurstück: Ref. auf zugeordn. Zei. VIFEIGENT (Direct Input) CHAR4 CHAR 
259 VV_REOBJTEXT Texts for RE Object Types DDTEXT CHAR 
260 VV_RET Record end indicator RET Hex '0A' HEX01 RAW 
261 VV_RFVIEPCD_BOX_INFO 'X': Items to be Cleared XFELD CHAR 
262 VV_RFVIEPCD_LIGHTS_INFO Status of Line Items for Selected Contracts CHAR1 CHAR 
263 VV_ROOM_NR Partner: Room number CHAR10 CHAR 
264 VV_SGENR_DI Flurstück: Gebäudenummer (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
265 VV_SGRNR_DI Flurstück: Grundstücksnummer (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
266 VV_SMENR_DI Flurstück: Mieteinheit (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
267 VV_STEP_ONE Include Items with Same Credit/Debit Amount XFELD CHAR 
268 VV_STEP_TWO Totals of Debit and Credit Position are Cleared XFELD CHAR 
269 VV_STEP_ZERO Only Take Account of Total Balance = 0 for each Contract XFELD CHAR 
270 VV_STICHTAG_DI Flurstück: Stichtag (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
271 VV_STORN_F IS-H: Cancellation Indicator for Case-Related IR XFELD CHAR 
272 VV_SWENR_DI Flurstück: Wirtschftseinheit (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
273 VV_VERTRAG_V_DI Flurstück: Vertrag vom (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
274 VV_WAERS_DI Flurstück: Währungsschlüssel (Direct Input) CHAR5 CHAR 
275 VV_WEART_DI Flurstück: Art der Wirtschaftseinheit (Direct Input) CHAR2 CHAR 
276 VV_WIRT_UEBERGANG_DI Flurstück: wirtschaftl. Übergang (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
277 VWABSCH Used in settlement structure XFELD CHAR 
278 VWAER Sales currency WAERS CUKY 
279 VWAER_D Sales currency BAPICURR DEC 
280 VWAGA Employer contribution TEXT02 CHAR 
281 VWANK Indicator: Mark CF XFELD CHAR 
282 VWBEST Unrestricted-use stock CHAR01 CHAR 
283 VWBEZW List dependencies where class is used XFELD CHAR 
284 VWBUK_KK Default Value for Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
285 VWBWHRKZ Ind. whether security purchase amount in portfolio currency JANE CHAR 
286 VWCUR12 Value in Original Transaction Currency (Document Currency) WERTV12 CURR 
287 VWDAT Pointer to administrative data VWDAT NUMC 
288 VWDAT_VEDA Requested cancellation date DATUM DATS 
289 VWDEVAL Date of position valuation DATUM DATS 
290 VWERK From plant WERKS CHAR 
291 VWERKS Suppl. Pension - Public Sector: Search String for Pers. Area VCHAR4 CHAR 
292 VWERT Variable VWERT CHAR 
293 VWERT_VK Comparison Value for a Table Query CHAR70 CHAR 
294 VWEZW IS-H: Purpose of Preapproved Insurance/Default Values VERWE CHAR 
295 VWEZW_EB Payment Notes CHAR65 CHAR 
297 VWHWHRKZ Ind. whether purchase amount available in local currency JANE CHAR 
298 VWIEDE Suppl. Pension - Public Service (G): Rehire Indicator VWIEDE CHAR 
299 VWINIT Ind.: initialize consumption values XFELD CHAR 
300 VWJAHR Planned replacement year JAHR NUMC 
301 VWKFIG Use in Configurations XFELD CHAR 
302 VWKONF List configurable objects where class is used XFELD CHAR 
303 VWKURSKZ Indicator whether security price was found JANE CHAR 
304 VWLOB Current number of capital formation contract SUBTY CHAR 
305 VWLSO Capital Formation Variant VWLSO CHAR 
306 VWLTX Text for Capital Formation Variant TEXT20 CHAR 
307 VWLVA Capital Formation Types P014_VWLVA CHAR 
308 VWMAXSTAT Maximum status of securities order VWMAXSTAT CHAR 
309 VWMOD Modifier for determining earliest recalculation date CHAR2 CHAR 
310 VWMSA Several records in time interval XFELD CHAR 
311 VWNZA_KK Create Where-Used List For Line Items VWNZA_KK CHAR 
312 VWOID Different ID for SPI (Obsolete with ZVMP) VZVID CHAR 
313 VWPAK Packages used - maintenance plan header CHAR32 CHAR 
314 VWPLA Can Be Used in Task Lists XFELD CHAR 
315 VWPOS Item usage VWPOS CHAR 
316 VWPROF List of configuration profiles where class is used XFELD CHAR 
317 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_CURR Value of free attribute(currency) WAERS CUKY 
318 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_DATE Value of free attribute(date) VWP_ATTRIBUTE_DATE DATS 
319 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_LONG Value of free attribute(Char 20) VWP_ATTRIBUTE_LONG CHAR 
320 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_SHORT Value of free attribute(char 5) VWP_ATTRIBUTE_SHORT CHAR 
322 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_TEXT Text for attribute value TEXT20 CHAR 
323 VWP_ATTR_CURR Value of the Free Attribute (Currency) WAERS CUKY 
324 VWP_ATTR_DATE Value of the Free Attribute (Date) VWP_ATTR_DATE DATS 
325 VWP_ATTR_LONG Value of the Free Attribute (20 Characters) VWP_ATTR_LONG CHAR 
326 VWP_ATTR_SHORT Value of the Free Attribute (5 Characters) VWP_ATTR_SHORT CHAR 
327 VWP_ATTR_SUFFIX Identifier of the Free Attribute VWP_ATTR_SUFFIX CHAR 
328 VWP_ATTR_TEXT Text for Attribute Value TEXT20 CHAR 
329 VWP_DEFAULT Default TabName FLAG CHAR 
330 VWP_TBNAME TAB Name in Security Master Data Screen TEXT10 CHAR 
331 VWP_TEXT10 Text(10 Characters) TEXT10 CHAR 
332 VWP_TEXT40 Text(40 Characters) TEXT40 CHAR 
333 VWSAZ Control record type VWSAZ NUMC 
334 VWSRT Sort field for control record NUM02 NUMC 
335 VWSTA Status of Control Record VWSTA NUMC 
336 VWSTL Can Be Used in Bills of Material XFELD CHAR 
337 VWSTX Text for control record type TEXT20 CHAR 
338 VWTEXT Description of the usage key TEXT30 CHAR 
339 VWTNR Administration Number   CHAR 
340 VWTZL Internal comment TEXT40 CHAR 
341 VWVER Tolerance value for displacement in the future NUM02 NUMC 
342 VWVOR Tolerance value for bringing forward receipt elements NUM02 NUMC 
343 VWWSBSTAR Stock type CHAR1 CHAR 
344 VWWSBTYFEX Default document category, store order, external procurement VWWSBTYPEX CHAR 
345 VWWSBTYFIN Default document category, store order, int. procurement VWWSBTYPVO CHAR 
346 VWWSBTYNEX Default document category, replenishment, ext. procurement VWWSBTYPEX CHAR 
347 VWWSBTYNIN Default document category, replenishment, int. procurement VWWSBTYPVO CHAR 
348 VWWSBTYP DRS document category for double document check VWWSBTYP CHAR 
349 VWWSBTYPVO Default doc. category, store order inbound - replenishment VWWSBTYPVO CHAR 
350 VWWSCHARG Batch number CHAR15 CHAR 
351 VWWSDDATE Date of Entry of Count Data (Check Double Postings) CHAR8 CHAR 
352 VWWSDLFART Default delivery type LFART CHAR 
353 VWWSDNAME Name of person responsible in store (check double posting) CHAR20 CHAR 
354 VWWSDTIME Time at which count data was entered (check double posting) CHAR6 CHAR 
355 VWWSELIFN Account number of the vendor CHAR15 CHAR 
356 VWWSERFME Unit of Entry CHAR3 CHAR 
357 VWWSERFMG Quantity in unit of entry CHAR20 CHAR 
358 VWWSEXVKP External Sales Price CHAR20 CHAR 
359 VWWSEXVKW External sales value CHAR20 CHAR 
360 VWWSGIDAT Planned date for inventory count CHAR8 CHAR 
362 VWWSIBLNR Physical inventory document CHAR20 CHAR 
364 VWWSKWART Indicates that value-only material is to be inventoried CHAR1 CHAR 
365 VWWSLGORT Storage Location CHAR10 CHAR 
366 VWWSMEPRUE Check units of measure sent XFLAG CHAR 
367 VWWSSOBKZ Special Stock Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
368 VWWSWAERS Currency code CHAR4 CHAR 
369 VWWSXBLNI Reference number for physical inventory CHAR35 CHAR 
370 VWWSXNULL Indicator: zero count CHAR1 CHAR 
371 VWWSZEILE Line number CHAR9 CHAR 
372 VWWS_FLAG_BASE_UOM Unit of Measure is Base Unit of Measure for the Material VWWS_UNIT_FLAG CHAR 
373 VWWS_FLAG_PO_UNIT Unit of Measure is the Order Unit of the Material VWWS_UNIT_FLAG CHAR 
374 VWWS_FLAG_SALES_UNIT Unit of Measure is the Sales Unit of the Material VWWS_UNIT_FLAG CHAR 
375 VWWS_FLAG_SHORT_TEXT Indicator: LINE Field Contains Short Text for the Order Item   CHAR 
376 VWWS_FORMAT Text Format   CHAR 
377 VWWS_ITEM_SHORT_TEXT Short Text for Item in Sales Order   CHAR 
378 VWWS_LANGU_ISO ISO 639 Language Key   CHAR 
379 VWWS_LINE Text Line   CHAR 
380 VWWS_LINE_CNT Line Number   CHAR 
381 VWWS_ORDER_ITEM Item number in sales order VWWS_ORDER_ITEM CHAR 
382 VWWS_PDC_DATE Entry Date of the Count With a PDC Unit   CHAR 
383 VWWS_PDC_TIME Entry Time of the Count With a PDC Device   CHAR 
387 VWWS_UNIT_CODE Unit of Measure (External SAP Code in Store Language) VWWS_UNIT CHAR 
389 VYEAR Acquisition year of the asset (manually changeable) GJAHR NUMC 
390 VYEAR_ALTD Vintage year depreciation area (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CJAHR CHAR 
391 VZAAFA +/- Sign for unplanned depreciation VORZW CHAR 
392 VZAHL Counter DEC8 DEC 
393 VZAKT_KK Total Amount of Arrears Surcharge Assigned WRTV7 CURR 
394 VZANR Percentage Imputation Previous Employment Period PROZE DEC 
395 VZANSW +/- Sign for acquisition value VORZW CHAR 
396 VZART_056 Interest Calculation Type VZART_056 CHAR 
397 VZAWMA +/- Sign for transfer of reserves(acquis.val.reducing dep.) VORZW CHAR 
398 VZA_GUBRT IS-M/AM: LIS Order SAShare SVol Gross Total Credit Memo WERTV10 CURR 
399 VZA_GUNET IS-M/AM: LIS Order SAShare SVol Net Total Credit Memo WERTV10 CURR 
400 VZA_KZWI1 IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST1 Total WERTV9 CURR 
401 VZA_KZWI1G IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST1 Tital Credit Memo WERTV9 CURR 
402 VZA_KZWI2 IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVOl. ST2 Total WERTV9 CURR 
403 VZA_KZWI2G IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol. ST2 Total Credit Memo WERTV9 CURR 
404 VZA_KZWI3 IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST3 Total WERTV9 CURR 
405 VZA_KZWI3G IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST3 Total Credit Memo WERTV9 CURR 
406 VZA_KZWI4 IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST4 Total WERTV9 CURR 
407 VZA_KZWI4G IS-M: LIS order SAgtAssShare SVol ST4 Total credit memo WERTV9 CURR 
408 VZA_KZWI5 IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVolume ST5 Total WERTV9 CURR 
409 VZA_KZWI5G IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST5 Total Credit Memo WERTV9 CURR 
410 VZA_KZWI6 IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVolume ST6 Total WERTV9 CURR 
411 VZA_KZWI6G IS-M: LIS order SAShare SVol ST6 Total Credit Memo WERTV9 CURR 
412 VZA_UMBRT IS-M/AM: LIS Order SAShare SVol Gross Total WERTV10 CURR 
413 VZA_UMNET IS-M/AM: LIS Order SA Share SVol Net Total WERTV10 CURR 
414 VZBEP1 Work field for determining ISR check digit DEC02 DEC 
415 VZBEP2 Work field for determining ISR check digit CHAR1 CHAR 
416 VZBEP3 Work field for determining ISR check digit CHAR20 CHAR 
417 VZBEP4 Work field for determining ISR check digit CHAR20 CHAR 
418 VZBEP5 ISR Check Field CHAR33 CHAR 
419 VZBEP6 ISR Number Field CHAR1 CHAR 
420 VZBEP7 ISR Number Field CHAR2 CHAR 
421 VZBEP8 ISR Number Field CHAR2 CHAR 
422 VZBETR Amount Field for the ISR CHAR13 CHAR 
423 VZBEW Sign (+/-) of Material Posting VZBEW CHAR 
424 VZBEWT Sign (+/-) of Material Posting SIGN_CL CHAR 
425 VZBIS_KK Calculate Interest To DATUM DATS 
427 VZEIE_VEDA Time unit of lead time KDZEH CHAR 
428 VZEIGEMTUMER Owner Name for Rent Invoice CHAR40 CHAR 
429 VZEIT_VEDA Lead time for cancellation prevention activities NUM3 NUMC 
430 VZEKORG Purchasing organization of distribution center EKORG CHAR 
431 VZENT Distribution center (as customer) KUNNR CHAR 
432 VZENT_SPLT Criterium for splitting "Distribution center"(alloc tbl FDG) XFELD CHAR 
433 VZERP1 Determine the check digit for the ISR procedure CHAR53 CHAR 
434 VZERP2 Check digit determination CHAR33 CHAR 
435 VZFAKT Factor for determining the POR check digit NUM01 NUMC 
436 VZGTX Days in arrears TEXT14 CHAR 
437 VZICO_KK Display Additional Payment Amount Agreements   CHAR 
438 VZINDA +/- Sign for revaluation of ordinary depreciation VORZW CHAR 
439 VZINDW +/- Sign for revaluation VORZW CHAR 
440 VZINF Variable Assignment Information CHAR20 CHAR 
441 VZINSAUSW Transfer interest on arrears XFELD CHAR 
442 VZINS_KK Surcharge for Late Payment WRTV7 CURR 
443 VZINVZ +/- Sign for investment grants VORZW CHAR 
444 VZJSAL +/- Sign for year-to-date balance VORZW CHAR 
445 VZKODZ Coding line CHAR53 CHAR 
446 VZK_NEW_AKT_VK Enhanced AAAI Storage XFELD CHAR 
447 VZLIF Supplier (distribution center or vendor) CHAR10 CHAR 
448 VZLSPR Payment Lock Key ZAHLS CHAR 
449 VZMANUAEND IS-M: Sales Agent Assignment was Changed Indicator XFELD CHAR 
450 VZNAFA +/- Sign for ordinary depreciation VORZW CHAR 
451 VZNXX Average arrears with payments without cash discount taken WRTV2 DEC 
452 VZPOPR Item check for dunning notices NUM01 NUMC 
453 VZPROD Product for determining the check digit NUM02 NUMC 
454 VZREFN Reference number for the payment order CHAR27 CHAR 
455 VZREST +/- Sign for net book value VORZW CHAR 
456 VZRESU Result from determination of check digit NUM04 NUMC 
457 VZSAFA +/- Sign for special depreciation VORZW CHAR 
458 VZSEL_KK Selection Field for Payment Amount Agreements   CHAR 
459 VZSKZ Interest calculation indicator VZSKZ CHAR 
460 VZSKZEX Interest calculation indicator or account number CHAR10 CHAR 
461 VZSKZN New interest calculation indicator CHAR10 CHAR 
462 VZSKZ_047A Interest calculation indicator for calc. of dunning interest VZSKZ CHAR 
463 VZSKZ_F107 Discounting Indicator VZSKZ CHAR 
464 VZSPART Division of distribution center SPART CHAR 
465 VZSUML Additional Contribution Amount/Contribution from 2002 XFELD CHAR 
466 VZSXX Average arrears with cash discount payments WRTV2 DEC 
467 VZTAG Imputable Days for Previous Employment Period NUM05 NUMC 
468 VZTAG_DOPR Graphics for Days in Arrears XFELD CHAR 
469 VZTAS Days in arrears at key date VZTAG DEC 
470 VZTE01 Test field for the POR NUM04 NUMC 
471 VZTE02 Test field for the POR NUM04 NUMC 
472 VZTEIL Participant number CHAR11 CHAR 
473 VZTEXT Interest calculation indicator name TXT20 CHAR 
474 VZUJAH Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Inflow Year VZUJAH NUMC 
475 VZUSL Surcharge factor for cost in percent DEC3_2 DEC 
476 VZUST Ind.: proposal from classification - restricted-use batch XFELD CHAR 
477 VZVEVV Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Prev. Insurance VZVEVV CHAR 
478 VZVID SPI ID (Obsolete with ZVMP) VZVID CHAR 
479 VZVKORG Sales organization of distribution center VKORG CHAR 
480 VZVOD Default: Compulsory supplementary ins.for civil service CHAR1 CHAR 
481 VZVTWEG Distribution channel of distribution center VTWEG CHAR 
482 VZWAKZ Internal field for the data transfer in the program CHAR33 CHAR 
483 VZWANB Internal field for the data transfer in the program CHAR26 CHAR 
484 VZWBG Indicates how processing method in DC is determined VZWBG CHAR 
485 VZWORK POR help field CHAR26 CHAR 
486 VZWRK Distribution center as plant WERKS CHAR 
487 VZWVER Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Second Insurance VZWVER CHAR 
488 VZYKE_VEDA Time unit of renewal cycle MEINS UNIT 
489 VZYKL_VEDA Renewal cycle NUM3 NUMC 
490 VZZAHL Work field in POR procedure NUM01 NUMC 
491 VZZINS +/- Sign for interest VORZW CHAR 
492 VZZKH_KK Revenue Account for Surcharges for Late Payment SAKNR CHAR 
493 VZZKS_KK Expense Account for Surcharges for Late Payment SAKNR CHAR 
494 VZZLT Distribution center text TEXT30 CHAR 
495 VZZWBE Interim amount CHAR12 CHAR 
496 VZZWSU Subtotal when determining the check digit NUM04 NUMC 
497 VZ_CALLED_BY Initiator Identification (Correction Record Proc. Reschedul) CHAR003 CHAR 
498 VZ_DOCTYPE Document category of documents processed in rescheduling VZ_DOCTYPE CHAR 
499 VZ_GUBRT IS-M/AM: LIS Order SA SVol Gross Total Credit Memo WERTV10 CURR 
500 VZ_GUNET IS-M/AM: LIS Order SA SVol Net Total Credit Memo WERTV10 CURR